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  1. 8 points
    Finished my 80% of my army today wanted to share still 20 arkanauts to go brok and a navigator
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    I'll keep this short: -Reform the design team/process. It isn't working. There is a tremendous amount of content being pushed out but some of it is so imbalanced, so unfun, that I keep losing new and even veteran players to it. No playtesting is needed to see that a terrorgheist dealing 6mw on a hit roll is too strong, that depravity sets Slaanesh up for massive hero skew, that a sub-faction giving +1 to saves army-wide is game breaking, that the mortek crawler is unfun rules design. There is a lack of quality control that is reducing people's fun and costing GW sales. -The point of the game is to have fun. The double turn isn't. Discuss balance if you like, but it isn't fun. Get rid of it. -Assuming the above happens, change deployment to 'deploy first, go first' where the player going first puts down their entire army, allowing the player going second to mitigate their disadvantage via counter-deployment. It isn't perfect but it is better than now where people are taking battalions they don't like so they don't get screwed by turn choice. It is getting in the way of players enjoying the game.
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    I've been working on an Anvilgard force for a few months now. The concept behind the painting is to start with a white base and layer on washes and contrast paints to create a watercolor-ish palate. Overall, pretty happy with the results so far. Currently working toward 1,500 points.
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    I think everyone needs to move away from the idea that everything on the internet should be free. If this costs Ben money for us using it, we should be helping to pay, or else he's paying for us to enjoy the site and that's not ok. That's part of being a community. If we're happy to spend £500-800 on an army of plastic soldiers, £5 a month shouldn't be too much of a stretch. I'm sure adverts are annoying but I bet Ben would like to go on a holiday to the Caribbean rather than pay hundreds for us to natter about warhammer. yet he's doing it.
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    Spirit Torment done.. I am bit.in doubt if I will add some rust to chains and locks though
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    Out of interest what is their reasoning behind their stance. So far we've only your reasoning - which is mostly that it makes it much easier to just buy the best and use it. So the only real reason for the game to have wide imbalances is so that purchasing "to win" is very simple. This essentially means that you are actually arguing the exact same point that people who have invested in a weaker army are arguing for a more even balance field. Basically you and them are arguing for defence of your purchase choices. The only difference is you've bought one "that has the greatest statistical chance to win" and they "bought the army that they think looks cool". Neither of those purchase choices are wrong, however when both of those groups intend to play a competitive game; only one is going to have a higher statistical chance to win (ignoring all differences in player skill and assuming both bring a competently built army from that force). The argument that its bad for the game is because not everyone maths out the game to stat with and, as you've noted, many also buy armies that they visually like rather than purely based on maths. Yet both groups will play the game. Having a flatter field of balance won't actually invalidate your choice of buying the statistically best, it just makes the best less of an "I win" button. However it does mean that the statistically "weaker" forces are not vastly underpowered. It actually gives those players a greater and more even chance to win based on player skill (which in theory is the point of a competitive game) rather than purely the numbers GW assigned to the army. In the end it seems that both groups are arguing for the same thing - defence of their financial investment. The downside of the current state is that GW makes it much easier for one group over the other - the argument thus is that GW could do more to level the playing field. This defends the investments of a greater portion of the playerbase. That means better profits for GW because now everyone has reason to invest more into their own army; it means greater return on investment for a greater number of players since the maths is more even and investment into gaming and learning can result in an increased win and competitive rate for the players. With such a viewpoint the only group that loses out are those who are not as highly skilled (nor care to invest time into being so); but who bought a powerful army for the easy win. That group loses out because they will meet increased opponent skill as a greater factor rather than army choice. This is basically a null point for competitive environments because such a player will typically not place well in the competitive environments (because everyone is already bringing high performance armies so player skill comes back as the core deciding factor)
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    Think it's just a way of commemorating an d respecting an important day (Chinese New Year, year if the rat) to a massive developing market in the style of GW's imitable and highly marketable gentle whimsy
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    So after unpacking this preview I've decided that I rather like this re-imagining of the High Elves. Wardens: I love the look. They appear to be a wonderfully detailed kit, and importantly a not too over-the-top reboot of classic HIgh Elf spearmen. The faction needed these to be great (to allude to classic high elves) but not crazy wondrous and I feel like GW struck that balance perfectly. The Dawnrider Knights: Similar to the Spear men I really enjoy the look of the riders, though I wish the mounts of the Dawnriders were more fantastical/wondrous. As the reveal article said, Aelven cavalry has always been a big deal to their representations in the lore, and on the table. I think these miniatures are a spot on upgrade to the old Silverhelms, and Ellyrion Reaver miniature, but there is a problem with that. Those classic models were meant to be somewhat generic, to help them contrast with the Dragonprinces cavalry. I'm not sure how large this AOS factions release will be. I can image 2-4 heroes we haven't seen yet, a unit of archers, an elite foot unit. But The idea of all that plus a more elite cavalry unit seems unlikely to me. I worry that these dawnriders as the presumed main cavalry/potentially only cavalry of the faction for the time being, are not fantastical enough, both in terms of miniature design and ruleset. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm concerned that this "Aelven cavalry unit" won't be able to compete with other factions cavalry,riding monsters, and dracoths, and eels. LIght of Eltharion: This model is just about perfect in my opinion. Looks classically Elven, but has that weird high fantasy twist that has come to define Age of Sigmar. A light animated suit of armor is a cool concept and well executed here. Teclis & Celennar: This is one of the most Age of Sigmarfied Miniatures I have ever seen, and I think that is great. It combines the lore of the setting, with outlandish high fantasy concepts. If the Basic infantry and cavalry are meant to be more grounded, low fantasy echos of high elves, then they are contrasted beautifully by the Mage God Teclis, in all of his weird, arcane splendor. Celennar, Teclis' Mount/companion looks incredible and incredibly fun to paint. Teclis looks great as well, however, I'm disappointed that his miniature doesn't match the pose in his preview artwork, as that was incredible. That said, I don't think this is a bad miniature, It's simply that to my tastes, the artwork was flawless and the miniature, while excellent, cannot compare. In that light I almost wish we had seen the full model first before that reveal artwork. All told, I'm quite encouraged by what we have seen thus far and look forward to seeing the rest of this faction. If the unseen units are anything like the quality shown in these previewed miniatures, I think this faction could end up being superb.
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    It took me most of the day but I'm finally calling this finished. Neferata's handmaidens aren't the only coven to take to battle atop their thrones. Abel the Unwritten and his acolyte march forth, forbidden lore in hand, dragged by the bound spirits of those who once carved a home beneath Shyish’s brittle peaks.
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    Your example has one weak–point. Objectively the OBR models arent ugly. Thats just your opinion. I think they are the most creative undead models ever created. Is the army OP ruleswise? I doubt it, though I admit that they are a very strong, very straight forward army. To create a connection though is a far stretch imo. I think GW does their best in creating exciting armies with exciting rules fitting the models and the background. Sometimes those rules work a bit too good together, sometimes a little worse. Thats what Errata and GHBs are for to adjust. Also I think it would be the worst possible thing if the community could actively influence the design process. After all everyone has a different taste and most people are quite selfish and would just wish for their „main faction“ to be the best while making every effort they can to make other armies worse. (from a rules perspective) Dont get me started on the models... If you dont like some of the models dont buy them, but keep in mind that for every person that dislikes a specific model or army in general, there are many people that do like them. Its a good thing there is still quite a distance between designers and the community.
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    My issue with the double turn is that there really is no way to defend against it. Yes knowing it is going to happen or could happen provides tension - I get that. And that makes people happy, the tension, and also makes people feel that you have to be tactical and play around it. But here's the thing - there really is no good defense against it short of massive misplay by your opponent. There are so many things in this game that can devastate you in turn 1, from either ranged or charging / melee attacks, that there just is no way to castle against a double turn short of "screens", and "screens" only do so much. Not getting too close to your opponent because he may double turn you doesn't really matter when they could have just charged you turn 1 anyway with their special rules and long movement bonus rules. The double turn has in my case been an indicator of winner 4 out of 5 games roughly for the past two years. I don't find the double turn very tactical or strategic. I find it a heavy bludgeon that wins games for people without requiring a lot of effort, which honestly is why I think its so popular. I find it one of the least rewarding and tactical things about AOS. That being said, I won't disparage someone using the double turn for what it was engineered to do - win games for people. Thats why I guarantee my list keeps minimal drops to win the ability to choose to go second and control who gets the double turn. Now is double turn fun? Well winning is fun. So if I can win an easy game because I got to double turn you then sure. Double turn is fun.
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    "A NEW COMBINED DAEMONS ALLEGIANCE" ? Well, I thought they would do that when they first teased the book, but man I'm happy with this as it was my main army in WFB and in 40k I have to say I'm really looking forward for the rules (the Daemons allegiance and the Siege stuff) but mostly the fluff ! Time to paint some Daemons and that Dreadhold
  13. 3 points
    Wrath of the Everchosen and the two Underworlds warbands next weekend. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/01/26/pre-order-preview-new-beastgrave-warbands-and-the-wrath-of-the-everchosen/
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    Got another game in, my first ever against ossiarchs. Scenario was scorched earth. My opponent was playing petrifex triple catapult + Katakros, a few riders and basic troupes. I was playing an Urbaz escort wing with ironclad and an extra frigate, endrineers, arkanauts and a navigator and loondrinmaster. We stopped at turn 4, I had a 19/12 lead and he couldn’t get to my last objectives to burn them when I had already burned 3 of his. My takeouts : mobility on gunhaulers and balloons is so important to grab objectives urbaz and it’s extra gold was essential to my boats surviving the up to 12 shots from the catapults KOs largely have enough firepower to clear the objectives they set their sights upon (5 BO horse guys sitting in cover for example) our mobility actually greatly reduces the strength of other armies, as they HAVE to keep lots of units back on objectives never forget the extra wound healed on the ironclad and frigate, it can be the difference between flying high or not the navigator relic pistol is INSANELY good when accompanied by an ironclad loaded up with thunderers (especially if one of them still has a gold token to reroll wounds as well) katakros was way less scary than I thought
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    "Nottingham man discovers ONE WEIRD TRICK for basecoating, highlighting and shading miniatures with one think coat. Golden Daemon winners are shocked by what experts are calling 'The Miracle Paint' CLICK HERE before the FBI ban it!"
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    I totally get needing funds, but I really feel the google ads (or at least the placement of them) is ruining the forum. 😪 It looks bad, feels bad scrolling and the placement of them ruins the reading experience. How about contacting some of the really big players for sponsorship and banner ads (in the top)? I mean, TGA is easily the biggest AoS forum online (not counting social media) and it should be possible to get some sponsorship from some of the big online retail shops - or perhaps even GW themselves? Just a thought. Love the forum, love the community and attitude, and really appreciate the work, but really sad about the present look af google ads.
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    can I just add: a lot of people Buying GW stuff in my social circles don’t/rarely play. i don’t know how big that group is, I do know they don’t represent themselves online. At all. so good rules might increase sales in your social circles, and here on this forum, but it’s likely not the full story. My point being that making any judgement on the OP’s question is extremely hard to quantify. We don’t have sales data, not a way to quantify what a good, middle or bad model.
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    Element Games are my go-to. They ship fast and they sometimes put sweets in the packages that my wife loves to eat. It kind of softens the annoyance at me having bought more Ogres.
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    Changehost needs adjusted. The teleport should be more limited or the perhaps, the battalion should just not allow a teleport at all. Flamers could need something like a range reduction. Some kind of nerf to their shooting anyway. Or just a steep points hike. The Destiny Dice interaction with battleshock needs to change. As it is, using any kind of destiny dice to substitute a roll for a battleshock test auto passes it. An exception should be made to allow modifiers to apply to destiny diced battleshocks. Or just disallow those dice to be used on battleshock. Host Duplicitous is bullsh*t. Blanket prevent retreat is not okay. You get tagged by a horror unit, you're stuck with it forever unless you can chew through 50-150 wounds. And they probably cant fail battleshock either, because Destiny Dice. They just aren't fun to play against with these tournament builds.
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    They still haven't released all the Warcry stuff, actually. There's also yet another PA awakening book and a big pile of unreleased SoB models. All in all though, I think Seraphon will be out within the nest month. Luminith Realmlords I think will be out late March, given the lack of anything else announced to fill that slot. By then it will be adepticon and they'll announce Sons of Behemoth as the next big thing.
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    If you play a Chaos army (or want to start) this book is a must-have, detailing a new combined daemon allegiance. Included in the book are loads of new and exciting rules, as well as scenarios to represent some of the 13 unique sub-factions and wild battles of the epic war, with full campaign details if you want to recreate it yourself. You’ll also find updated rules for conducting sieges, plus using roaming monsters and even wandering endless spells in your games. Very interesting
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    I do agree that the rules could be more clear. But on the other hand, you dont get all the rules regarding Endless Spell from the Warscroll cards either. And to be fair, saying that an army specific model should point you to that armys battletome for all the rules regarding said model seems abit obvious, atleast to me. I guess the best way would be to e-mail GW faq team for clarification and/or talk it over with your opponent/TO before a game.
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    We know they are coming in spring so that is several months off already. I think they've done well in showing the style of the models they are going for plus a hint of the mythical content. It's given us a clear vision for "pointy aelves". They didn't show more because they've got months to string it out before launchday and they clearly don't want to show off everything in one go this early. Tempted, interested and curious is just where GW wants you. They don't yet need you into "take my money" stage because that's months off.
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    And yet many people say it IS fun. It's subjective. Keep it.
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    OK. So today I have played 2 games. one vs skaventide and one vs LoN My roster was: Squadron battalion 2 frigates with skycannon 2x10 arco 2x3 riggers with drillcannons and volleyguns 1x6 riggers with two drills 3x5 Thunderers with rifles and fumigator Gunhauler Navigator with flare pistol Alche with Zilfin artifact Endrinmaster with Ugli artifact (each 6+ tohit on heroes and monsters deal d6 mw) My oponent has: Tanquol Verminlord with spear Archwarlock 3x20 clanrats 1x40 monks 1 warpcannon 1 volleygun crew Vortex Ulgysh (2 orbs) On the first turn, I screen myself with thunderers and 3x6 riggers. He moves forward, blow up his own warpcannon, teleport Archwarlock and place vortex. I take one point and deal 23 mw to his Verminlord (he save 14 of them with two 5+ mw saves) and lose endrinmaster in a process. 1-5 at the end of turn 1 On turn two I take a double turn and kil everything but Tanquol, Archwarlock, 9 clanrats and volleygun. He kills my alche and some thunderers. 6-6 at the end of turn 2 On turn three I win Initiative and clean up the board a bit and he kill some of my guys in return. In the end, it was 11-10 for me On turn four I win Initiative again and kill Archwarlock, but deal some dmg to Tanquol (4 wounds left) 16-13 At the end of turn four, we decide that I probably will wipe him out. Win for KO My secon opponent was LoN player Nagash Necro 2x40 skeletons 1x20 graveguards Not much to say for this game. I kill Nagash first turn and wipe him out on turn 3. He basically made a mistake when screening from me and left 2 spots for the jump open.
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    Alarielle finished to lead her Living City and the Sylvaneth
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    Just use Bloodreavers and don‘t paint them in Khorne colors (+rebasing) Images
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    Agreed. It is an odd army in that the synergies are priced in (good design choice in a vacuum) but are mostly unreliable to source. I would even argue Archaon is slightly too expensive. Not egregiously, though. Marauders are perfectly priced. Slaves just struggle to kill things. The thing that irritates me are Chaos Knights hitting on 4+ (criminal) and Chaos Warriors having no rend on their normal attacks (understandable, somewhat, but annoying).
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    From the Slaanesh battletomes and the Forbidden Power books, we know there should be some kind of spirit coming with the Lumineth. We've already seen Celennar. With Whitefang's enlightening / ed riddles, we then know there should be other "spirits" (in forms of animal and not "Djinn" as I first thought). It would be AWESOME it that'd be Tyrion, Lord Of Lumination, on a eight legged multi horned kind of deer.............................
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    I just came to post this too! we are having some good recent results. LVO Top 8 knockout
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    No evidence what so ever for this line of thinking. We dont know what drives sales or even what sells. According to the "Best Sellers" portion of the UK website, AOS is in a terrible shape as there isnt one AOS product in there. Of course that isnt an accurate way to gauge anything but it's still more of an official source than completley uninforned speculation. Even within this community which is a tiny representation of GW's consumer base, the notion that poor selling models get buffs or one that sell well get nerfs would be controversial to say the least. Again there's no way to be sure on this without official data but all superficial and anecdotal evidence points to the fact that GW's biggest selling line are Space Marines who dont fit your criteria re balance and changes at all. GW are performing phenomenally year after year without doing any of that, I doubt they will see the need to change. Their current business manifesto dosent even mention their games, just miniatures: "We have a simple strategy at Games Workshop. We make the best fantasy miniatures in the world, to engage and inspire our customers, and to sell our products globally at a profit. We intend to do this forever. Our decisions are focused on long-term success, not short term gains." The first time their games are ven mentioned is within a context of their USP as a social and community experience. Nothing in there at balance or updates or anything: "We know that, for a niche like ours, people who are interested in collecting fantasy miniatures will choose the best quality and be prepared to pay what they are worth. The games are a key part of both our Hobby and our business model. Our games are played between people present in a room (a Games Workshop store, a club, a school), not with a screen. They are truly social and build a real sense of community and comradeship. This again makes good business sense." Whatever people on gaming sites think about the financial importance of gaming viability and having games which are balanced, updated, patched etc, GW's manifest lack of investment in it paired with a repeated increase in sales year on year suggests that to the people with the metrics the evidence is it dosent matter. Updates and balance are not mentioned once in their business plan. The fact is GW are not just a phenomenon within gaming but within business, they are one of the most successful FTSE 250 companies of the past decade, their high street presence and profit has increased where pretty much everyone else's has suffered, all this off the back of selling *toy soldiers*. Whatever any of us think is important for them to consider financially going forward, regardless of how obvious or self evident it might appear, is dwarfed by how good they are at making money off what they do. If they're not investing in updates and troop rule viability etc, it's not through ignorance, it's because at present it simply dosent matter to GW as a buisness, their focus is on making toys, at profit, worldwide, for people to enjoy as part of a social experience.
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    Tzeentch is quickly overtaking Petrifex elite for the spot of most hated army, but there is so many games being played this weekend, we’ll have some good data on if Petrifex is really as bad as people think. Like, I know it’s powerful but I think the initial win rates are slightly inflated due to being a completely new army, but people have had time to practice against OBR in general now.
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    Agreed. I really like the models. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I bought many thousands of points of them before reading their rules. Going back to old TK, I owned (still own) what has got to be a base minimum of 10,000 points of them as well. Even after their bad, bad rules came out, I kept buying more of them. I think I topped out at 18 ushabti with bows and about 24 with great blades. Actually, there are probably at least another 12 unassembled and unpainted in my bins. Just to describe my type of involvement with the gaming part of the hobby, I am someone who really wants to play more games, both at home and at events, but usually gets in about a game every two months and plays in about three events each year. Most of my gaming time is with a group, so we play Zombicide, Arcadia Quest, Mansions of Madness and the like more often than AoS or 40K. We had a solid run where we played Kill Team and Underworlds several times a week, but priorities have changed. My desire to win when I play is strong but not obsessive. I'll do my best, but I'll also go with the models I want. In some cases I'll even play hopeless armies (like TK in Warhammer where I lost a good 85% if my games but stuck with them anyway). Rules matter, but good ones or bad ones have far less to do with what I buy than the models or my theme ideas. And again, I really do want to play much more, including at events, but it doesn't work out that way, nor would I take "the current best army" to an event at the expense of enjoying what I see on my side of the table when I play.
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    Well, it finally happened. I just played against my friend's Hosts Duplicitous list by my request (he offered to play a different build). He's a really good AoS player, so he knows exactly what he's doing. We played shifting objectives with realm rules, realm spells, and all terrain features. I told him exactly how I intended to play my army because we're friends. So, he knew how to counter it, which he promptly proceeded to do. Somehow, he conceded after the top of round 2. It blew my mind. I need to test this list a few more times before I post the actual list itself. It is a bit wonky, and I've never seen anything like it before. I'm kind of proud of it myself. I'm not even worried about Eternal Conflagration as it would get devastated by my list. I really want to test it against a Petrifex Elite OBR list, though, as I designed the list to specifically be able to take on all three builds while holding its own against several other armies. Unfortunately, no one in my area plays OBR at the moment, although one player has considered switching from Skaven to OBR.
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    Seconding that changing thread pages is broken for me. Only ads load when I change pages. Of course the glitch is separate from the topic at hand, but still
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    I have to reload each page twice here now on my phone. First time I just get an ad, then reload to get the actual page of the thread. Anyway, wasnt there something about Grungni going into a depressed funk after everything that happened, and recently there was a blurb about him being reinvigorated and setting off to help his children? Or am I massively confusing things. Also I wouldn't read too much into the year of the rat thing. It's likely just memery or marketing tactics and not an indication of something.
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    Spread the word, or disease. Dealers choice.
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    And so it shall begin!!! yes-Yes!
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    Hey, maybe magnetise it. I just started mine and first test looks good.
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    Hi everyone, I thought I should update this old thread to post a note about the new ads that are appearing on the site. as suggested by the TGA community in a previous post (see above), the way the site will be funded is via a mixture of ads, subscribers and donations. We are at around £350-400 a month in running costs for the traffic we get and I can't fund this myself anymore. We have had an awesome amount of support from donations and subscribers and sponsors but it is still WAY below what the site is costing to keep up. In December I payed out: $330 USD to the site software hire and hosting £50 GBPish to mail chimp for the email service £25 GBP to Amazon AWS for the media hosting Income from the site was: 1 fantastic sponsor for the month. £100 Thank you MINI MAG TRAY! Donations in December - £0 Subscriptions in December - £40 The fact of the matter is that the AdSense ads have been up less than 12 hours at the time of typing and have produced £2.50 already. Over a full day, and over a year that's probably going to be £1500-2000. If ad Sense can bering in £5 a day then I will help towards the costs over the year. (annual costs expected to be £4-5000 in 2020) So over the weekend I am adding Ad Sense to the site. I set it up last night and some time in the night it got activated. This morning I twerked the amount of display ads and over the next few days i'll be able to set it up so Guests get a high amount. Logged in users get an average amount, and subscribers get no ads at all. some things to bear in mind - If you subscribe and support the site you get zero ads along with some other features like additions daily reactions, a golden profile and ability to customise your rank name. If you are a guest and not logged in you will reduce the amount of ads by logging in. If you are a store/creator/manufacturer and want to promote your stuff we can offer you ads on the site. it all goes to cover running costs, thanks!
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    I don’t mind the new ads a bit. They asked for donations, probably did not get enough, then put up some ads to cover their costs. I got no problem with that whatsoever.
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    Well, it's not like it's very expensive, and considering the time I spend reading posts here I see it as money well spent. Probably should have done it much sooner to be honest.
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    I subscribed. Solved the problem.
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    The website needs to revenue to stay up, so I'm not going to complain much.
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    I played in the Champions tournament today at LVO, and got absolutely destroyed (0-3 today). I had some really rough pairings, with my first match against the top ranked ITC player in AoS, and two OBR matchups afterwards. The first OBR matchup was nagash + petrifix, and the third round was petrifix + arkhan. Low moment of the matches was getting a stonehorn one shot by a mortek crawler at the top of 1. Any...general advice for me going forward? Feeling pretty bummed about finishing out my two games tomorrow. Here's my list: Allegiance: Ogor Mawtribes - Mawtribe: Boulderhead - Army Mission: Attrition Mortal Realm: Shyish Leaders Frostlord on Stonehorn (400) - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet - Mount Trait: Metalcruncher Frostlord on Stonehorn (400) - Artefact: Brand of the Svard - Mount Trait: Black Clatterhorn Butcher (140) - General - Cleaver - Trait: Lord of Beasts - Lore of Gutmagic: Blood Feast Battleline 12 x Ogor Gluttons (400) - Pairs of Clubs or Blades 4 x Ironguts (220) 4 x Ironguts (220) Units 2 x Leadbelchers (80) Battalions Butcher's Band (140) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 121
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    Sadly, the last 20 or so pages got lost in people complaining about how KO is a terrible book and totally underpowered. At the time that I posted that response, the thread was a lot more useful as people were still posting actual lists. However, just recently I was looking for ways to build out from the starting point of an Aether Wars box. Here were some of the ideas that I came up with: Option 1: Escort Wing This option is pretty good with the Aether Wars box, because you have the balloon hero, 6 balloons, and a gunhauler. An easy way to go to 2k points is to grab 2 start collectings, a frigate, and 2 more boxes of skywardens. This gives you this list: Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit Endrinmaster with Endrinharness (alternatively, navigator or khemist, but those would require another purchase) 10 Thunderers 3x 6 Skywardens 3x Gunhaulers Frigate Grundstock Escort Wing With the balloon hero as your general, your skywardens are all battleline and you can run whatever port you want. This is a 3 drop list, with everything but the hero's being in your battalion. Keep in mind, if you want your foot hero in a boat, he doesn't drop with the boat, you put your battalion down and then you garrison him in your boat of choice afterwards. Option 2: Iron Sky Attack Squadron Here, you need X frigates and a box of arknaught's per frigate. I would recommend starting off with 2 frigates and 2 boxes of arknaughts, and see how you like it from there. An easy 1000 point army would be this: 2x 100 point or less hero's (khemist/endrinmaster on foot/navigator) 2x frigates 2x 10 Arknaughts Iron Sky Attack Squadron From here, to get to 2k I would add in a 3rd frigate + arknaught company, and then your Endrinmaster w/ Dirigible suit + 2x 6 Endriggers. If you have a khemist as one of your hero's, then you can drop the other 100 point hero to add in your gunhauler as well. This would give you the following force: Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit Khemist 3x Frigates 3x 10 Arknaughts Gunhauler 2x 6 Endriggers Iron Sky Attack Squadron Option 3: Boat the Balloons This was more of a silly list to see how funny we could get with balloon boys while still maintaining the fly high mobility advantage. As you can see, this would require a lot of balloons (I wouldn't recommend this list unless you really, really love the balloon boys) For 920 points, we can have the following: Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit 2x Gunhaulers 2x 6 Endriggers For 1970 points, we can have the following: Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit 5x Gunhaulers 5x 6 Endriggers For either list, 1 gunhauler hauls around the general + 6 endriggers (7 can follow it when it flies high), and then you have as many other detachments of gunhauler + 6 endriggers as you want. Is this a good list? Probably not. But it does give you nearly unmatched mobility. Option 4: The Iron Fortress Here, we want an ironclad and 20 thunderers. Don't worry, that is only 990 points of our army right there... so we should insure our investment by following around with some endriggers and gunhaulers eh? How about this list: Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit Khemist Ironclad (endrinworks - can fly high with any number of models) 20x Thunderers (garrisoning the boat) 2x Gunhaulers 2x 6 Endriggers Here, we have endriggers that can heal our ironclad, thunderers to blast anything we want from inside it, and the gunhaulers give it a 6+ FNP. Note, we are going to be required to take a port that makes either the gunhaulers or thunderers battleline, or we have to drop the khemist for 10 arknaughts to sit around and hold back objectives, or we have to break up one or both squads of endriggers to 3 man units. Lets be clear here - none of these lists is going to let you go 5-0 in a tournament. It is questionable if there is a KO list that will. But all of these lists are ways that you can build on your aether wars box and build out a larger KO force. Additionally, you will note that many of the models are re-usable between these lists, so you wouldn't have to restart from scratch if you wanted to try a new list.
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    Ooh, fellow on reddit finished his Kharadrorkz complete with balloon squigs to proxy as Skyriggers. He gives some pointers in the comments but that's an excellent way for people to get inspired for their own Orruk Scrapfleets and Grotbags to get an early start to the skies.
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