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  1. 17 points
    That's OK. The pointy elves fans do not trouble over opinions of fans of some lesser beings. In fact, they probably don't even notice.
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    TFW your old step-father discovered your children don’t have eyes
  3. 14 points
    well the real news is that the Skitarri units are perfect Greywater fastness/ Freeguild conversions
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    "Wherever he goes, Brodd carries a huge granite pillar - both his symbol of rulership and his weapon in times of war" King Brodd miniature?
  6. 11 points
    These are the ones I found, did I miss any? Also these looks like they might be Lumineth related: Looking at the horns on Celennar they seem very similar in design as the rumour engine split horns above:
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    I just dont understand these kind of Feelings... The pace GW is spreading out awesome stuff is incredible.
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    Probably Teclis’s phone number for when it inevitably goes off wandering for days at a time and starts hassling other Aelven gods for snacks. ”Teclis, it’s Malerion. Your bloody cat’s here, again, chasing mum’s snakes. Please come collect it”
  10. 9 points
    I am actually pleased that regular horses are still a thing. You need some grounding for the weirdness to show through. Hell, I am going to change a significant percentage of my horses to be mechanical, which would not be unsettling if there weren't any horses around!
  11. 9 points
    Someone caught this on facebook.
  12. 7 points
    And there it is again. Right at the very moment the battletome and even a scenario piece is announced, people begin to fear for the future of the army. I don’t get the pessimism. One question to all those who fear there will be no Model updates for the existing armies in 2020: What else do you think they’ll do this year? 2.0 Battletomes are complete. Will they wriggle their thumps for the rest of the year? Or start 10 completely new armies? I don’t think so.
  13. 7 points
    Oh man, it’s so sad but I’m still buzzing about this chonky ZOAT lad. I really do like Blackstone Fortress as a game but the way they’ve used it to dig back into the lore, pull out a few very old classics and bring to the table little explored parts of the universe is just truly wonderful. The one thing I’ve always found jarring about 40k was the idea of this dull, strictly segregated universe. Makes sense game wise but, for all it’s brilliantly wild over the top nonsense, as an actual lived in universe it sometimes felt a little sterile. Using BSF as this kind of Mos Eisley haven of scum & villainy where the myriad races of the cosmos are actually represented and have to run up against one another is much more interesting. Hopefully their trawl through the Rogue Trader bestiary continues apace and at some point we get Warp Vampires, Catachan Face Eaters, Enslavers, Carnivorous Sand Clams, Jokaero, Ptera-Squirrels, Ymgrl Genestealers, Cthellean Cudbears, Groxes, Gyrinxes and, let’s us not forget, a HORSE. I’m torn as I really want them to come back to AoS with Quest and likewise use it to hurl loads of crazy models at us that wouldn’t immediately fit in a normal army release but then I want them to carry on with BSF and bring more high weirdness back to the war torn galaxy of the 41st millennium (or 42nd now, I forget). Astonishing to think the world is on the brink of total socio-political-environmental collapse and this is what’s getting my blood pumping, probably need to rethink my priorities but still a welcome break from the real life End Times I guess...
  14. 7 points
    I think that old rumour engine must be part of this release, because "wheat"... and the aelven swirls
  15. 7 points
    Well... quite a lot to digest. I’m very happy about the Aelves, they look good & should make people happy but they aren’t the totally wild kind of Old Testament style hundred winged, burning wheels with eyes insane geometric angels or Euclidean light constructs I’d wanted so right now looks like I can admire from afar and not hurt my wallet further. Eltharion model is really cool though so might grab that (cue it being in a battle box), what I can’t wait to see with that is how people paint it. The studio job is cool but you could really go to town on the idea the inside of that armour is full of burning light. Object source lighting for days... The Teclis model bit on the fence about, the big creature is great but not totally sold on his pose. I think doing him with one leg bent like in the illustration would have made him look more dynamic, still it’s certainly an eye catching piece so can’t wait to see it in the flesh and the conversions it inspires. Seraphon, shame for them just some terrain though it’s a cool model I’ll pick up for Warcry games. I reckon they’ll get something else just maybe not right away. Hopefully the book has some interesting ideas in it, love the art on the cover though. Nurgle Warband looks great, definitely picking that up. As for the rest the Ad Mech stuff is just beautiful, really been trying to keep my 40k purchases to just Kill Team stuff but might have to go in on that. Again can’t wait to see what people do with these as AoS conversions, I mean with almost hardly any work (probably not enough for some people) there’s your new Cities of Sigmar units. New Ghazkgull was expected and hopefully will be awesome. But holy ****** A ZOAT. After all the “is it an exodite model” or “is it a Seraphon” with that rumour engine and IT WAS A ZOAT. I’m sorry for people hoping for either but not really because, and I cannot stress this enough, IT’S A ZOAT. What a time to be alive!
  16. 7 points
    Can't ruin Eltharion worse than Gav Thorpe I guess
  17. 6 points
    I think I've figured out why the new Seraphon battletome cover doesn't match existing models exactly... it's not real. That's right, it's a fake battletome. In fact, Seraphon are get squatted and this is just an elaborate practical joke by GW to poke fun at lizard lovers one more time.
  18. 6 points
    *teleports behind you*
  19. 6 points
    Weebs get chucked in the pot
  20. 6 points
    I think I might go with something like this for my scheme.
  21. 6 points
    Maggotkin, DoK, LoN and Idoneth are not 2.0 battletomes. They are more like 1.5. LoN may not receive an update on the basis they are old kits which are being phased out. DoK are strong, but that as mostly due to things like their auras not being wholly within. Also a lot of the new kits that were made especially for DoK (looking at blood stalkers and khinerai with melee weapons) are basically unplayable. Idoneth are relatively strong, but highly restricted to using morsarr guard. The points decrease on sharks may have helped a bit, I'm experimenting, but many of the kits are terrible rules wise. Intended synergies, such as the soulrender and thralls, just don't work in practice. You also have old design choices such as volty and the leviadon triggering on 6+. Seeing as most lists run geminds these abilities are useless. Non-eel idoneth are probably a bottom tier army. Both DoK and Idoneth have terrible battalions that are fairly unplayable. I know that maggotkin are hurting a bit too. Their demons are really poor in particular. I'm not enough of an expert to give any insight. Even 2.0 Nighthaunt and Stormcast need some love. Legion of Grief has helped nighthaunt a bit, but all their units are basically better in LoN or grief than in their own tome. Stormcast, like it or not, are the poster children of aos. They too have a book with quite poor internal balance. Even their best lists are really struggling now. So personally I would be happy if they just kept updating new books. Buying a new rulebook every 2 years seems reasonable to be and the best way to stop armies becoming stagnent.
  22. 6 points
    I just want Saurus models that even vaguely resemble their art.
  23. 6 points
  24. 6 points
    I swear we could replace you with a D6 table of poorly thought-out bad takes or actively invented conspiracy theories and it would be about the same level of hysterical self-victimisation.
  25. 5 points
    This is one of the reasons why I don't like Grand Alliances. By default Order by encompassing every Non- Chaos, Dead or Gorkamorka follower, should have vastly more factions. But people feel the need to have some kind of parity between the Grand Alliances.
  26. 5 points
    With maritime I agree, however, the Old World high elves had maritime flavor, as they were somehow supposed to portray the British Empire of old. These new guys are as neo-classical as one could hope. They have greek helmets and plums and the cavalry resemple greek cataphracts with armoured horses and lances. I don't see any east asian influence other than the bonsai trees.
  27. 5 points
    Eltharion, in light reborn (literally)!
  28. 5 points
  29. 5 points
    They fit perfectly with the Skitarii IMO.
  30. 5 points
    That's something I'd really like them to address. I'm frustrated that making the named character your general feels like you're getting less bang for your buck, even though both the fluff and common sense make them the obvious choice. I wish they'd let you take an extra command point or two for loosing out on the trait you would have gotten otherwise. That would work both as a trade-off and thematically, because the named character would probably be considered a superior commander anyway.
  31. 5 points
    Here's hoping GW goes out of its way to distinguish their background/visual identity from the ogres. Bit concerned about the prospect of another faction of big thick dudes who like smashing and wear gut-plates, trousers and not much else. It would be good it they could bring in some of the tragedy or melancholy the WHFB giants had. Doesn't have to be literal sky-titans but it would be a distinctive theme. The quote from the WHFRP bestiary stuck with me: "Lost and done. Our empire is no more, lost in the sands, trampled by insects. Ours is the long slow fade to quiet. Ironic for we whose voices once shook the mountains’ roots. Not many left to mourn our passing now, not that you scurrying parasites would bother. Of course we turn to drink... or to the darkness in the North. Both are ways of forgetting what we’ve lost." Regardless I think it's safe to say that some of their background will be tied in to Gordrakk's upcoming attack on Excelsis. A siege is the perfect time to start showing off a new faction of giants.
  32. 4 points
    Now that you mention it, it's been fully 13 hours since we last heard anything from GW about these pointy elves. That's kind of a suspicious silence, isn't it? Feels like they're trying to downplay their importance... I dunno guys, can't prove anything but feels like they might be about to squat pointy elves.
  33. 4 points
    So I had some time to sleep on my ideas, and Teclis is on a seesaw going from terrible to awesome in my mind. I would have to see what he looks like in real life to see if I love him or not. so one of the things I just want to see now is what happens when an elven society isn’t falling apart at the seams like in most fantasies. I don’t want any more doom and gloom elven civilizations, I just want to see what happens when they are flourishing, powerful and hopeful dammit. This looks to be in the right direction, even if they are still standing on the ruins of their society in model form. i at least want to see what happens when their gods are able to walk and fight alongside them. Before the gods in the old world where esoteric and not all the way there till the end times. Now they can go to fight alongside at least one or two gods of their pantheon.
  34. 4 points
    I enjoy the Teclis model and I don't mind him floating beside the Sphinx creature. My only complaint is that he seems awkward and stiff, which as a former Dark Elf player fits my vision for the character pretty well.
  35. 4 points
    I bet there will be a new start collecting box seraphon like slaves of darkness with new saurus warriors, knights and hero on foot
  36. 4 points
    Really? I see ancient Greece in them. As all other aelven factions. And that Teclis! Beautiful.
  37. 4 points
    loving the lizard man stargate pyramid laser thing... all you need is a fleeing Indiana jones style johan running away from it. plastic slaan would have been nice.
  38. 4 points
    You will soon see why they are called that
  39. 4 points
  40. 4 points
    The Eltharion model is probably my favorite new model in a long time. And the Lumineth Realm-lords look like very classic elves haha, I bet a lot of WHFB would like the aesthetic
  41. 4 points
    Ah, I have such mixed feelings about this aspect of the game. On the one hand, these models look awesome on the tabletop and bring so much presence to the game. On the other hand, it really dilutes and diminishes what it means to be a "god" when you see them get beaten up by a bunch of goblins with sharpened sticks. (It also more than slightly annoys me that since those characters can't gain the General traits, armies are often led by some no-name rando while their actual god just hangs around like an oversized cheerleader.)
  42. 4 points
    honestly, I've come to the conclusion that Icegoat is some selfless lad who has offered himself as a sacrificial lamb by representing something so obnoxious and disliked that he brings the rest of the community closer together in our contempt.
  43. 4 points
    This wording is very clear (in English) that the ability to choose who goes first on the first turn is conditional upon a tie in the roll-off. The FAQ establishes that wasn’t ever GW’s intent, but the rule they actually wrote can’t logically mean anything else when applying English grammar. It’s a moot point now, however, and I personally prefer the FAQ’d version, as it gives some benefit to building low-drop lists.
  44. 3 points
    Couple thoughts. 1) I'm not a Seraphon player. I played Lizardmen in 5th edition when they were in the starter set but not since. I did, however, paint up a Seraphon start collecting set for a local store. Maybe it's because I've been around for a while, maybe it's because I still include older models in my regular hobby life, maybe it's because I occasionally dip into 3rd party/lower quality models, but I didn't really notice anything out of line with the Saurus (either mounted or on foot) compared to other armies. They were fun to paint, looked fine, and were just normal models. 2) There are things that are evidence of imminent squatting. Factions being phased out of the lore. Models going on Last Chance to Buy. That sort of thing. One thing that is NOT evidence of imminent squatting: the confirmed forthcoming release of a new battletome and new terrain piece. It's sort of related to an advertising algorithm anecdote: one time I mentioned on Facebook that I had just received some new business cards. I was then inundated with advertising for business cards for several days - at a time in my life where my need for new business cards had literally never been lower. It is the same sort of thing here. You are never farther away from a faction being squatted than in the period between a new book being announced and the arrival of that book.
  45. 3 points
    Loving Teclis' Sultan pants.
  46. 3 points
    Why would you do this to us?
  47. 3 points
    So, that truly was a reveal worthy of being called "massive" for once. Going through it bit by bit: Lumineth Realm Lords: More miniatures shown than I expected, I thought we'd see Tyrion and maybe up to two new basic units. So having one more hero shown than I expected to see at maximum. Auralan Wardens: They are flawlessly executed. About the only unexpected bits are the non-pointy helmets and properly braced spears. A very similar unit to Ossiarch Mortek Guard. If they are similarly priced I might see myself getting a small force. Interestingly, no banner or musician. Could foretell these being part of another easy to build SC? On the other hand, the cavalry do have a banner and not all AoS units get a full command squad. Not as dynamic as almost every new GW unit, but that is more appropiate for a disciplined spear phalanx, so that choice gets a thumbs up from me in this case. Vanari Dawnriders: For the riders, I can only repeat myself, unsurprising, but flawlessly executed. It's nice to see cavalry on regular horses again. Just as with the Chaos Knights, the proportions of the horses look of to me, maybe I'm just to used to miniature horses having huge heads from old WFB, but these heads look to small to my mind The Light of Eltharion: The surprise star. Again, Looks wonderfully done. I'm a bit surprised the GW team didn't paint it with OSR, but I'm sure we'll see plenty of that once it's released. I really like this sort of way to bring back old heroes, more as homage instead of just plucking the old guys into a new setting. Personally hope it's like the Spirit of Druthu or the Eidolon of Mathlann, actually a generic hero, but even as SC I like it much better than a mere revival. Teclis himself: I don't care for SCs, even if they are gods. Bit by bit, he's as wonderful a mini as his Lumineth. The pose is a bit odd, though I think of it more as him floating next to the beast rather than jumping of the back of his mount. That thing has no saddle and looks way to fancy to serve as steed and a super-magic god that can fly at will probably has more use of a bodyguard/advisor/familiar than a mount. Well, Community says Teclis is "riding of it", though as pictured he isn't and Community doesn't always have those sort of details right. Celennar: This thing is my favorite of the batch. The parallels to the Mindstealer Sphyranx are obvious and unsurprising, considering the Sphyranxes are renegade servants of Teclis according to the Battletome. Very happy the Sphyranx wasn't a "one and done". Sphynxes are among my favorite mythic beasties and something GW never really explored as actual creatures before, as the khemrian ones where great, but to far of the inspiration and undead constructs to boot. Even then, these actually do tie in in a way with the old Tomb King Sphynxes. Those where also representative of the pre-undeath Khemrian culture opposed to Nagash, which used not only the Lore of Death, but also the lore of Light. If Community is to be believed, there's more than one of these, so if I can get one in a list without that SC floating god and there's more options for the beast, well I think that right there is a big draw to the army. Love to see the mask on it as well. As I've said before, masks are really a big thing in AoS and with so much High Elf nostalgia in the line, it's nice to see something to tie it in with the themes of the Mortal Realms and this thing does that 100%. Looking Forward: Obviously there's a lot more to come, I guess about a Bonereaper sized release. We can obviously expect a battleline unit of marksmen. Some generic heroes are to be expected as well, mostly Mages I'd expect, but some sort of martial general wouldn't be a surprise either. Then I'd expect at least one type of elite melee infantry, it's something all GW Elves save Idoneth got so far. Add a reimagination of the Reaper bolt thrower and some more fantastic units and we might be looking at a range not only similar in size to Ossiarchs, but with a rather similar army composition as well. Ossiarchs are comparatively budget friendly and since I am still looking for a more "for play" army next to my "for converting" Chaos collection the Lumineth might just steal that spot from the Bonereapers. On to the other things: Mechanicus: I love the Mechanicus and these are no exception. That said, I'm a bit annoyed at how non-futuristic they look. For one I wish GW did more of the nightmarish biomechanical Admech of old 40k art and for another I really dislike seeing Admech used for AoS conversions without major modifications, which I'll now see more of. It's admittedly a matter of taste and I always think people should follow their own taste when converting, still, it is a bit of an annoyance. Seraphon: I think the lore will be interesting and that terrain piece looks awesome. Still I really feel with the Seraphon players hoping for new minis. Not only where a bunch of basic Seraphon troops never great miniatures to begin with (throws side eye at all Saurus non-character units). Not only are many dated and finecast. But most of all I think Seraphon really need to get updated to their new lore, specifically the advanced magitek part of them to really properly bring them into AoS. The Wurmspat: The two blightkings are as most Rotbringers and Deathguard. Very nice to have some new poses and bodies in a force with a rather limited pool of them and very well executed, but ultimately more of the same. The sorceress on the other hand brings a lot of sorely missing points to the game. For starters, it's the first really appealing mage sculpt for the current Nurgle look. Then it's a female mini for a range that really should have some females among their numbers. Then it's a female mini of a body type we haven't got from GW currently and one that looks easily modified for a number of other ranges, I can see here really shining in Dark Age of Sigmar and Inq28 circles. And last, it's a classic fantasy trope, the wicked crone hag, that I can't remember GW doing in a long,long time if ever (Necromancer works, but was intended as male and the troll hag doesn't count due to size). The Zoat: The real star for me, absolutely everything a modern Zoat should be. They really went 11/10 with the 80s scyfy/Rogue Trader designs on its equipment and managed to make it look as good as it can possibly get. I love and adore it and must have it. In my eyes it easily beats out even the Ambull and GSC in the revival of a forgotten (by the GW design team that is) 40k classic. Blackstone Fortress has really been a teasure trove so far and I hope it will remain so for a long time to come seeing how much ground there is yet to cover.
  48. 3 points
    The vanari riders have a dragon flag so I REALLY HOPE FOR A DRAGON please?
  49. 3 points
    Really impressed by these first few models, I for one like the more old school look of the poses and designs. Imo, AOS goes too far in terms of over the top designs. Love the sphinx, the babylonian vibe i get from it is really awesome.
  50. 3 points
    Who says it can't be? Looks like the perfect Solar (raygun) Engine Bastiladon to me.
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