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    The Beastgrave fluff also talks an ancient, 4 eyed race of insect like beings called the "Silent Ones" I don't rate the chances of them being introduced as an army as particularly high, I think they're more the Katophrane equivalent for Ghur but if GW did want to introduce an insect race they've established background for it. As for Duardin, it's not just the alliance bit in the Fyreslayer tome, there's also a couple hints that Grugni is working on some kind of secret project, and possibly also trying to revive Valaya. Edit: It's been a while since I've looked at the Fyreslayer tome, so here's the passage I was thinking about: Rumors of Grugni's return spread throughout the duardin factions, from Fyreslayer lodges to the Kharadron's aerial domains, as well as the Dispossessed and Ironweld Arsenal garrisons in the free cities of the Mortal REalms. It is said that the patriarch of the duardin pantheon has returned from his self-imposed exile and founded a new stronghold hidden beneath the mountains of Chamon. There are those who whisper that, in solitude, the Forge God is crafting something wondrous that will reunify his scattered children. Reports differ on what this could be, from a new duardin bloodline to a great machine, or even a way to bring back the missing goddess of the hearth. Whether such claims are true or merely the result of too much strong liquor and hidden hopes remain unknown.
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    Waiting to see what happens with the new game certainly makes sense, but I would like to point out that the Old World as a setting isn't just limited to whatever this new game turns out to be. In this thread we've already had discussion about Mordheim, Warmaster, Dreadfleet, and various other extant games based on that setting. You could argue that those aren't really relevant to Age of Sigmar discussions, but since they are the history of the game this forum is about (both mechanically and lorewise), I think they are an important facet of what this forum is about. If anything GW's renewed interest in the Old World setting shows that they consider it an extension of the current game. This forum sometimes feels as though it lacks a proper space for "off topic" discussions, and as a result they end up springing up in Age of Sigmar related topics. Rather than trying to get things back on track everytime 40K or the old world comes up, why not have an area for "Other games" or Other GW games" in general, where that kind of discussion can go? This forum is a brilliant community, one of the best I've ever encountered in the tabletop gaming sphere, but it does sometimes feel a little too focused on its niche of that hobby.
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    I love Skirmish for narrative campaigning! My little group of players have so far played 4 AoS Skirmish campaigns. Only the last one (Spellbreakers) was played using AoS 2nd edition rules and the White Dwarf Skirmish update. I think I prefer the updated rules but the most enjoyable campaign for me was the one with the Malign Portents additions - the Portent Cards added an extra layer of spice that made the entire campaign spark for me. I do like the updated rules (especially dropping Renown in favour of standard AoS matched play points, and allowing virtually any model to be used). Our next Harrowmark campaign is planned with Warcry rules though (with a few mods) as we have all been thoroughly bewitched by them! I just pray that the Tome of Champions is everything I'm hoping for!
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    Big big news yes yes! Comes new clans for the swarm! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1158180/Total_War_WARHAMMER_II__The_Shadow__The_Blade/?fbclid=IwAR1NMOaZtxMihNfozBBwL5SdwN3-1RGaCn4QPTYsEoFI7Be0VDuUlgMQNOk Darkelves and Skaven are getting a content update for TW Warhammer 2! Malus Darkblade leads Hag Graef - for the Dark Elves, and Deathmaster Snikch leads Clan Eshin for the Skaven. Warpgrinders, mortars, eshin assassins! Scourgerunner chariots, bloodwrack medusa and blood alters! Lots of great new toys for the Mortal realms to shudder in fear from!
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    Hi guys, er... awright boyz, Creeping in from the Order side of the forum with a link to an interview I've just done with my friend Lawrence on the stunning Ironjawz army he recently unveiled at Warhammer Achivements this month, taking home the best army trophy, including his frankly staggering scratch build Rogue Idol: https://doublemisfire.blogspot.com/2019/11/city-spotlight-lawrences-sunz-of-rust.html
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    The black library writers are given a bit of leeway to make their own stuff up. As cool as some of those creations are, the vast majority of them won't become miniatures.
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    Oh man if you include novels as potential hints/set ups. We have so much more. my personal favourites in this moment are the race of giant intelligent hawks who’s princess gets the hots for Hamilcar. doubling down on grotbag scuttlers they now twice mentioned a group of ironjawz who thought ‘we can do this as well’. Or the Skryre Mountain flying villain. The race of mortals under the yoke of nurgle with the huntress who rides a big chittinous bug and shoots energy through her vambraces. All the while just flat out unimpressed by Neave Blacktalon. I also really like the lions of Odessa. But that’s also because it was the first audio book I listened to and really liked. But also how the mistweaver sail is discribed and behaves during the silver tower novel speaks to so much more. And I’m probably missing so much at this moment.
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    Eshin! Down with Monkey rats!
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    Over the years I've painted multiple undead armies, including several Tomb Kings forces. It's kinda my jam. Then they went away. Tomb Kings were crushed. Generic undead armies were ... well ... made 'meh.' Nighthaunts were cool but not really my giggidee. Flesh Eaters? Nah. Not really undead in my book. Now we have Bonereapers. Utter control. Cold calculation. Enforcing of a dominating will. Bones. Hell yes. This blog will journal my experience with the Ossiarch Bonereapers over the next few years. I encourage you to view it and share your thoughts. Critique is welcome! I've posted some photos in other threads, but I'll post them here as well. I'm experimenting with colors, but right now I'm leaning toward the red guys as my primary legion with the green and purple as support legions (lore to follow!). Anyway, here are some early shots. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you.
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    The new race of elves is just the embalmed remains of the old elves. Makes sense, actually. Deserts do have quite a bit of light, geometric patterns (also something Hyish was famous for) include pyramids, and after the first new elven race was not as he wanted, maybe just keep the next one in wrappings so as not to damage them. Like people that keep their equipment in protective foil for years. And honestly, we have spearmen, archers, horse archers, birds and chariots with elves as well as tomb kings, so what's the big difference?
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    I don’t think I could imagine a better modern update of the classic Monkey’s Paw tale than GW, after a prolonged campaign by fans of the original game, bringing out a new updated version of Mordheim.
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    Well on with test model for second goal, should be finished this week, then batch paint the rest now I've figured out colours and method
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    Do not forget korrupt dwarfs thay are mentions in bot Fyrsleyers (the lost clans) and in the new Ossiarch book helping chaos and Darkoath
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    It’s a wait and see. 😉 I imagine if it’s popular, we can see a subforum for it. As for the other stuff, mention it in the feedback forum and tag Ben in. If there is call for it, it could happen
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    The shinguard it's the original one from the slaughterpriest The pauldron is just the base but the idea is to recreate something like this: Tnk for ur appreciation If I can give ur gut a little help the only way to start doing bigger conversion involving pricey model well... It's just to buy them and try, and then have a lot of patience and doing the bigger piece in several step starting from the "skeleton" and building up one layer at a time. The mammoth head have been done in 4 layers.
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    Another little update, I've begin to work on the rider:
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    I like the double turn because it creates one of my favorite part of gaming, “risk management” and it creates for me a good environment for competition since it will help evaluate a skill I like to measure. But regardless of my preference, the double turn is extremely important part of the structure of the game and you would need a lot of changes if you removed it. With a traditional turn sequence you are basically choosing who would go first, every round, for the whole game. It would create a game that is more chesslike. Every turn would be like the setup, where you know exactly who can move and act next. Getting a double turn is not nearly as powerful as going first every single round… with rules we have now. If you will go first every round you can do A LOT more math, and you will have momentum that’s extremely valuable, and that would get exploited fast. That would for example change how scenarios can work, if you can do the math “I will always reach point X first” then the ones we have would basically not work. The price for all movement would need to change. Having a low move is a lot worse if the opponent is guaranteed to react to every move, and having a high move and rushing ahead involves a lot less risk if you know that you will not getting hit twice while the rest of the army catches up. Endless spells would need a complete rework. If you go first move restriction spells are A LOT better than if you go second and damage spells are A LOT better if you go second compared to first. You would also need to change how we decide who goes first… if it worked as today, going down to low drops to get the choice would mean an insane advantage. If it was just random you will basically do one roll that has a BOONKERS impact… so you would just change bad beat stories from “If I would not have lost the priority I would have”… too… actually the same “If I would not have lost the priority roll I would have”…. Can it be done, sure. Is it something that is done in a lot of games, yes it is. Could it be done and keeping the game we have, not really.
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    Such a great artifact. Wish Legions of Blood had better choices of Battalions to take the Orb and the Ethereal Amulet.
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    Would be an instant buy not only for me I think 🤤 Also a great way to introduce some new and variable battleline infantry for long-neglected AoS armies. Basically, all the classical Mordheim Warbands would fit into some AoS army as a long overdue addition of fresh models: Skaven, Empire, Vampires, Witch Hunters... See the pattern? Just like Warcry was for our Slaves fans.
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    Thank you! I don't think I will play the 6 of them at the same time because they might lack of spell options (LoG lore only has 3). But roleplay-wise I like the idea that they can lead a Nighthaunt army they just have summoned. See picture attached 😊. Actually I bought the "Collegiate Arcane Mystic Battle Wizards" box. I built the 4 models. I used the remaining bits from the box for assembling a 5th model. And took the opportunity to paint them together with the 'genuine' Necro (as a 6th model).
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    At the moment, no. This is basically because we’ve got to wait a while before we know what is going to happen with it. As we get closer to the release we may do something like that but this topic should be the place to chat about it.
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    The way it works is the Beastriders when taken as battleline lose the behemoth status. So you are still limited to 4 behemoths. The FAQ explains it best: https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/ So you can take 4 leaders as your 4 behemoths and fill the rest with Beastriders
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    Read the novella ‘Code of the Skies’... no spoilers but you’ll love it.
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    Yes! Blightkings do look great, I have 30 of them and not one of them looks the same. @Wennberg well I play a lot with blightkings and 10 blightkings with gutrot in opponents back and 10 blightkings with lord of afflictions/and or harbinger with rustfang and/or witherstave running blightcyst makes a lot of opponents nervous at the semi-competetive tournaments i attend. Unless you get that nastry -1 to hit, then it is bad luck.....however, where i play i notice less -1 to hit lists and my blightkings shine.
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    I've decided to go with resin bases instead of textured ones. I ordered them ($666 worth! Lol!), but they won't be here for a bit yet, so I'm in a bit of a holding pattern until they arrive. In the interim, I've done another very quick color scheme that mirrors what I did in an early TK army of mine. I won't be using it for my Bonereapers, but I thought I'd share it.
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    Neither the points nor abilities of the Bonereapers seem adjusted to factor in either their allegiance or terrain
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    So you want good looking models, but don't want to do anything about it? I mean, what's the hurry? Take your time. Most of you probably have other armies to play with. You won't regret painting your army well, but you'll almost certainly regret painting it bad. I know people are looking for instant gratification these days, and it shows even in our hobby, but it's sometimes good to have a bit of patience and honest work.
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    Btw, it's an awesome show. P.D: New Kharadron Hero. The Bounty Hunter 🤣🤣
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    I find it helpful to put some numbers on how big an impact the double turn actually has. I while ago, I took a look at the tournament games I had played over the past ~2 years (mostly local 1 day events, but a couple 2 days), and did some analysis on who won turn rolls and how that effected who won the game. It's not a huge sample size, but here's what I found: 36 games where I could remember who won the rolls. I won 18, drew 1, and lost 17 (51% win rate). I used Overlords in almost every game. In games where I won the turn 2 priority roll, I went 9-1-5 (63%) vs 9-12 (43%) when I lost the turn 2 roll. In games where I won the turn 3 roll, I went 9-4 (69%) vs when I lost the turn 3 roll 9-1-13 (41%). Cutting the data a little further (small sample caveat applies double here): In games where I won both priority rolls, I went 5-3 (63%), Won one roll & lost one roll, 8-1-3 (71%). Lost both rolls, 5-11 (31%). Based on those numbers, I would estimate that the turn 2 & turn 3 priority rolls are each worth between 10% and 15%. Meaning that if at the end of turn 1 you had a 50% chance of winning, and you won the turn 2 priority roll it would become about 63%. That is just based on my army of course. KO are probably more turn dependent than some other armies, due to the all the shooting. To me this is a big dice roll, but not something insane, where is you lose it the game is over. I don't actually think it's that out of line with the randomness in other games I've played (Fantasy, 9th age, Wild West Exodus). Fantasy especially felt like that sometimes, where there was huge randomness in how powerful you magic phase was, or when the whole game could swing dramatically on break & pursuit tests. I think removing the priority roll would cause a huge shift in the balance of power and cause some big issues with scenarios & rules. The main thing I worry about is that alpha striking on the top of turn 1 would become too powerful, since you could do it without any worry that you might get doubled back, and I don't think there is an easy solution to it. However, I would like to see some more mechanics that advantage the second player, like in shifting objectives. The easiest would be to make it so both players score objectives at the end of each game turn, not each player turn.
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    Nowhere. Gordrakk wants to attack Azyr (but Nagash and Archaon too, I guess, so....), more precisely he wants to duel Sigmar as per a short story on WarCom. To achieve that, he got a Godbeast skull and built a huge siege engine, which he wants to test on the Free City of Excelsis in Ghur (first teased in Forbidden Power and the aforementioned short story, confirmed in the Orruk Warclans battletome).
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    Nope. Not even close. It's a great mechanic upon which the scenarios, points, rules ... everything ... is built. It makes things exciting and allows for certain rules to be possible. It prevents many, many games from being over at deployment. It also creates some nice decisions and has fun elements like predatory spell movement, for instance. In the last game I played, my opponent and I realized that without the possibility of a double turn, it would be impossible to beat Kroak. That's just one example of how a rule in AoS (double turn) is making possible to play with legendary heroes without them being auto-win models. AoS is in such a great state right now, and the double turn - and all the possibilities it opens up, is a big part of why.
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    @Beastmaster @The Cranky Dwarf Yeah I’ve seen that the rules don’t really translate well, still I’m sure there’s some way to make it work, either as a more narrative project or by just playing crazy model choices instead of realistic forces. @Greyshadow this sounds like an awesome project! I hope you’ll post some pics. I think I have a similar approach to the hobby as yours. This year I’ce created a narrative about a small force of stormcast facing a ghost insurrection to get my girlfriend into wargaming. We tried a couple of rulesets since AoS was a bit too much for her, and we’ve settled on warcry. I’m also starting a more chaos focused warcry campaign with some relatives. My warband is done and I have a lot of terrain to get to once I have finished the chaotic beasts. Can’t wait to play a fully painted game on a complete table! I still keep an eye on skirmish, in case I can get some AoS friends. It’s definitely not a complete game but could be an interesting toolbox in my opinion...
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    Of late I've been reading a fair amount about the history of Warhammer, Games workshop and Citadel Miniatures recently, and its fascinating to see how the modern fantasy minis scene has come about. What I'd really like more information on though, is what came before Games Workshop. Clearly early Citadel got a big boost from D&D, and I'm aware of a few other brands which were around back then, such as Grenadier, Minifigs and Ral Partha, but they all seem to have really gotten going when D&D took off in the mid seventies, and its not clear what if anything was around before that. So what figures did people use to play chainmail? Were fantasy figures available before that, or did you just convert medieval figures from historical games? How did fantasy gaming, as we know it today, evolve out of historical wargames etc? If anyone knows of any good write ups of those early years, or a good source of history or commentary on the very early days of our hobby I'd be very interested to hear. I've found the Realm of Chaos blog (http://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.com/) to be a very useful resource in this regard, since it has a lot of interviews with various GW designers and modellers. However I've not delved much deeper into the Oldhammer scene, since I'm not quite sure where to start.
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    For me I think the biggest problem is the battleshock immunity. It just feels unnecessary. They could have just made it a command ability...
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    I'm not just saying they're broken. I'm saying they're a negative play experience. Mortek Guard are cheap enough that you can still have a good core of an army and be able to spam catapults (See edit above regarding KRIGSLUNTAN GT). 4 Stormcast Ballista is also an annoying list right? Even if it's not winning tournaments, it's super annoying to play against and no one likes having their heroes or cool big units shot off the board before you can even roll a single dice. Much the same as 12+ Skaven Jezzails or something like that. Objectives only matter when you don't get shot or magic'd off the board by turn 2.... or when the opponent doesn't have 40-80 battleshock immune troops to swarm objectives as well as the ability to do all of the above. Time will tell. I'm not here to argue. If it's a problem it will get a tweak eventually or some other power creep will happen and the cycle continues. We're just talking about what is and isn't fun and balanced. It's not hard to look at some of these OBR units, compare them to other things with similar roles and points values and see that they are above the curve for the most part. you're focusing on the wrong parts of my comments. 1 crawler is fine, 3+ crawlers is NPE. Mortek Guard and Harvesters are a far bigger problem in terms of overall balance than crawlers are.
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    I think my next try will be a list based around big stabba: something the like:
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    I haven't played against Gotrek. If he's camped on an objective you need in a situation like Knife to the Heart... that's going to be tough. Otherwise though, if the player is just trying to send Gotrek at you, I would just put chaff in front of him. In my usual list, I have two units of 10 Chainrasps and 2 units of 4 Stalkers (I run the Death Stalkers battalion). I'd be happy to sacrifice all four of those units if necessary to slow Gotrek's roll.
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    On spot. Undying units and killing your infantry heroes at range with a single unsaved wound. - S-O mUcH fUn! 👏🏼 I am painting mine up and then they go on eBay ^^ (Slaves to Darkness DOn‘t you dare to disappoint me!)
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    That's not really an accurate depiction though is it? In casual play you tailor to your opponent, and in my experience from my own life and as a red shirt. Casual play is about the race in experience and translating that experience into choosing the right units to buy in the model arms race. So I would say in casual gaming the opponent that learns the fastest usually quickly dominates in their group. So much so that can end up with completely mediocre factions dominating inside play groups. Groups usually die when the players stop learning how to play the game and try to learn how to beat that guy. Which is obviously doomed to failure. In tournament play if you aren't going to properly address your own structural weaknesses and respect that each faction presents a DIFFERENT problem for every match up in every scenerio then your aren't playing competitively really. The competitive mindset is about the process not the result. Which is why I didn't and still don't think HoS are a problem, the reasons they dominated were mostly meta-selection reasons not technical reasons like say DoK, or Grimghast spam. While OB durability might feel different, as in a "negative play experience" then say extreme msu builds, the objective is the same deny your opponent the freedom of the board.
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    I do. Point one, if your general isn't the Dreadblade Harrow, make it the general. Point 2. You want 3 of the objectives reasonably close together so that one unit can benefit from all three. This unit has been relegated as "extremely durable unit to soak threat targeting", for this role I reccomend 40 Chainrasps or 30 Grimghast Reapers, anything buffable with an ethereal save really. The other units in your army have been relegated to "bring back when dead". The fourth point goes behind the enemy army, 9 inches from the enemy table edge. This means that should they not commit forces to protecting this site, your general can instantly warp there and bring back a unit you threw into an aggressive fight earlier. Always be spending your units. Be as aggressive as you can. Your opponent isn't likely to be getting their stuff you kill back, but you will.
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    Highlight of a game yesterday, my unpainted wild rider on green dragon right before he got yeeted of the table
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    The old world is dead long live the old world. When people get back on their Brettonian horseys and crank up their screaming skull catapults I think many will realise how much they miss the old world. And I think AOS will find itself in big trouble. Look at The naked fire dwarfs and fish elves they have none of the history of the predecessors none of the great story lines. Malekith getting burned and living in agony for millenia only too realise woops. I am the phoenix king. I mean when AOS can pull off narrative like that I'll be pleased but it seems to still just be I'm god sigmar summon my new BIGGER storm cast chamber, nagash has made BIGGER bone men.
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    Fantastic! Always a pleasure seeing your work.
  44. 1 point
    Sorry for the delayed update, and that there's not much to it at the moment. I was going to paint last weekend, but then I got sick as a dog and couldn't really be bothered to do anything but sleep lol. I did build a Wild Drycha. I've made some progress on my Soulrender, which is definitely still WIP. I'm trying to figure out how I want to base the blue armor. I could use the regular silver highlights, or I could try something different like a neon green to kind of give it a more undersea feel. I also managed to get another Reaver past the basing stage, for seven in total, but the pics I took only include the six completely based so far. I hope to start painting again this weekend.
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    Seems overdue to have a dedicated Eshin thread. The new book bring with it more ways to kill-kill. I'm not an expert by any means, but here is my first bash at a list. Verminlord Warpseer: General (master of magic), Aetherquartz broach. Verminlord Deceiver Deathmaster: Warpweeper Stars Sniktalon Battalion: ( Deathmaster 3 * 40 Nightrunners 2 * 5 Gutter runners ) Warp Lightening Vortex Soulsnare Shackles 2000 points on the nose. The idea is to use magic and the hard to kill Warpseer (hopefully Skitterleaped into the heart of the enemy turn one) to lock down a large portion of the enemies army, so it take be taken apart piecemeal. Obvious combo of Sniktalon and Verminlord deceiver's command ability to get rerolls to hit and would for a large section of the army. Will probably struggle with very fast armies like beasts and Khorne who can quickly bring their forces to bear but should make a game of most matchups. Thoughts/comments welcomed.
  46. 1 point
    Anyone else thinking of a pure Eshin force?
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    Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva and The Rotmoons The Rotmoons were a band of swashbuckling orruk sky-pirates. They called themselves Privateers, and acted more like pirates, but they spent more of their time acting like explorers than either. They searched the ruins of the Realms for treasures and artefacts from the Age of Myth. Their Shaman, El Doctoro, considered himself an expert on that long-forgotten era and often pronounced, with great complacency and authority, what a found treasure was or its magical powers. He was occasionally correct but only occasionally. Their skyship, The Rotmoon, was recently wrecked (again!) in the forests of The Harrowmark. They made a deal with another orruk pirate crew, the Ogresuns; under Kaptain Salty Ogbad, to recover their cargo. But Ogbad fled with a small portion of the treasure after losing most of it to the Gilded Hand and the Ordeshal Host. The Rotmoons were reduced to looking for a ship to steal as a replacement. They hoped to cut-out one of the merchants that often call at the Wortbad skydock. Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss A dashing and swashbuckling Orc Pirate; young, capable and unusually quick-witted. He was popular with his crew as he got them out of many scrapes over the years but he was unpopular with the other captains of the Ironfang Fleet who saw him as an “upstart young pup”. He was unfortunately prone to shipwreck much more often than someone with his actual skill should be. El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman Surgeon, explorer, collector, drug addict (well, Magic Mushroom addict): El Doctoro was all of these to an extent. He often dropped hints that there is more to him than just “the shaman”. He wanted the crew of the Rotmoon to think he was mysterious and complex. Hammerhead (AKA Tiburón Martillo) - Ogor Maneater Dressed in the Rotmoons style Hammerhead wore a black cloak and breaches, an off-white ruff, a battered morion helmet engraved with an octopus design and silvered armour. He carried a handgun that he used like a pistol and he liked to twirl his huge cutlass in great swishing arcs. Dragante - Orruk Boss A hulking brute of an orruk with a hook for a hand and a bad attitude. He made sure the Boyz did exactly what they were told and bashed heads together when the crews' arguments (inevitably) turned into fights. The crew... Juan Dee Alchemist, seer, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher and advisor to The Rotmoons.
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    Oh, I've had a few. I've got a Gargant faction concept list posted in the Destruction Forums, and also did a short bit for an expanded Firebelly faction. I've been meaning to do a faction concept list for Sky Grots as well. But other ideas? Crystal Duardin: Based in Hysh, but found anywhere crystals and gemstones grow. Use crystals for everything - magic batteries, barrels for light rifles, force shields. The more crystals, the merrier. Nihil Cults: Death-aligned living humans who have devoted themselves to Nagash for various depressing reasons. Led by Necromancers, have in-faction Zombies, count on destroying the bodies at least twice.
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    On the grounds that Destruction shouldn't be limited to orruks, grots and ogors (damn, typing those words still makes me hurt inside), I have been dreaming of a humans/foul-tempered monstrous forest animals army, the general able to ride some brutish angry paleolithic deer, amber magic used as javelins, bear cavalry/heavy infantry (who gave the bears armour and halberds?!? Sweet baby Jesus, who?!?)... I have plans.
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    Prologue - The Perfect Storm The boyz were all having weird dreams and there were unnatural lights in the sky. Most nights none of the crew got any sleep and had the heebeegeebees about spectres that haunted their minds. The lack of sleep made the crew’s internal animosity worse than usual. The deck bosses had to crack down and split the watches as they fell to fighting and shouting and impaling each other with cutlasses far too often. There was something bad in the air, they said.Everyone could feel it; an aura of dread. As the nights grew longer, a dread solstice dawned, a season of discontent that grew to cast its pall over even the most vigorous soul. The crews in The Harrowmark called it the Wytch Time. Strange phenomena abounded, every traveller bearing a different tale - some told with shaking hands and wide eyes, others with morbid relish. Traders and explorers carried these ominous accounts through Realmgates to pastures new, only to find that those on the other side had disturbing stories of their own. ~ ? ~ The skies above the Harrowmark started producing more than just water when it rained. Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva and The Rotmoons found that the skulls falling from the stars had a strange amethyst aura around them. They assumed they must be part of the shattered moon's tears, and therefore valuable, so they started collecting them. As they moved through the village they saw that other warbands were trying to collect the glowing starfall too - a small band of Freeguild and a number of Nighthaunts. Kapitán de Leeva watched them as the two warbands spotted each other - there seemed to be a shared history between them. As soon as they realised who their opponents were they both attacked! Bold Rik approached the corner of Deathwatch Hall, where some abandoned gear caught his attention. While the Gilded Hand and the Ordeschal Host fought on the other side of the hall's walled garden. Kapitán de Leeva waited for Dragante to catch up with him, behind Fallow's End house. Then, doing their best to keep out of sight of the Freeguild marksman and the spirits they moved towards the centre of the village. A shooting star screamed down into the farmland at the edge of the forest and smashed into a field with an earthy thump. Percy Percy tramped through the pumpkin field and found the first starfall. He hurriedly loaded the strange bone fragments into his bag. The Skeleton Champion silently collected another starfall. The Whyte Lady moved closer to Kalyustar and his retainers while her Spirit Hosts held them up. The Rotmoons took their loot and slipped off into the darkness. The Witch Hunter was finally knocked down by the Spirit Hosts. Lucius, the Venithyan Marksman, bagged himself some starfall too. The Whyte Lady chased Kalyustar as he tried to withdraw - finally catching up with him outside the gates of Deathwatch Hall. It didn't go well for the Alchemist! This left the battlefield in the possession of the Nighthaunts, but the starfall almost evenly distributed, with the Rotmoons getting a slightly larger share! ~ ? ~ In the darkness of the inn's back room a single candle lit Kapitán da Leeva and El Doctoro the shaman, as they examined the star-fallen bones laid out on a battered table. The Death magic contained within them was palpable, in Shyish that alone was not unusual. But there was also something else, something stranger... El Doctoro fiddled with his red-lensed eyeglasses and pronounced with great complacency "Even an ill wind can fill our sails. We can make the most of the growing madness, whilst others' hope is replaced with paranoia and superstition."
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