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    I want more, we need man o war/dreadfleet/ battlefleet Gothic AoS Edition. With sea based ships and sky based ships. I love age of Sigmar.
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    The Beastgrave fluff also talks an ancient, 4 eyed race of insect like beings called the "Silent Ones" I don't rate the chances of them being introduced as an army as particularly high, I think they're more the Katophrane equivalent for Ghur but if GW did want to introduce an insect race they've established background for it. As for Duardin, it's not just the alliance bit in the Fyreslayer tome, there's also a couple hints that Grugni is working on some kind of secret project, and possibly also trying to revive Valaya. Edit: It's been a while since I've looked at the Fyreslayer tome, so here's the passage I was thinking about: Rumors of Grugni's return spread throughout the duardin factions, from Fyreslayer lodges to the Kharadron's aerial domains, as well as the Dispossessed and Ironweld Arsenal garrisons in the free cities of the Mortal REalms. It is said that the patriarch of the duardin pantheon has returned from his self-imposed exile and founded a new stronghold hidden beneath the mountains of Chamon. There are those who whisper that, in solitude, the Forge God is crafting something wondrous that will reunify his scattered children. Reports differ on what this could be, from a new duardin bloodline to a great machine, or even a way to bring back the missing goddess of the hearth. Whether such claims are true or merely the result of too much strong liquor and hidden hopes remain unknown.
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    Waiting to see what happens with the new game certainly makes sense, but I would like to point out that the Old World as a setting isn't just limited to whatever this new game turns out to be. In this thread we've already had discussion about Mordheim, Warmaster, Dreadfleet, and various other extant games based on that setting. You could argue that those aren't really relevant to Age of Sigmar discussions, but since they are the history of the game this forum is about (both mechanically and lorewise), I think they are an important facet of what this forum is about. If anything GW's renewed interest in the Old World setting shows that they consider it an extension of the current game. This forum sometimes feels as though it lacks a proper space for "off topic" discussions, and as a result they end up springing up in Age of Sigmar related topics. Rather than trying to get things back on track everytime 40K or the old world comes up, why not have an area for "Other games" or Other GW games" in general, where that kind of discussion can go? This forum is a brilliant community, one of the best I've ever encountered in the tabletop gaming sphere, but it does sometimes feel a little too focused on its niche of that hobby.
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    If you're looking for hints in the lore we have: Grotbag scuttlers- an airborne grot faction explicitly mentioned in the fluff several times. A strong candidate for a new release at some time. Missing Skaven great clans- only mentioned once. A combined Duardin army - only mentioned once. Light Aelves- talked around several times but never described in any detail. Shadow Aelves - same as Light Aelves. Kurnothi - not mentioned outside of underworlds, but obviously a good candidate for a release. Devoted of Sigmar- strangely absent from the cities of sigmar but in the October white dwarf Phil Kelly talks about huge armies of devoted of sigmar purifying the land with their blood. A prime candidate for the first new human faction. I haven't read some of the most recent battletomes yet so there may be some stuff I am missing.
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    The opening shot of the campaign. Sergeant Aulus (left) sounds a warning of ambush to Lieutenant Redgar Hull and his guard as they enter the ruined city. Hull pushes through the ambush to run down a skeletal horseman, allowing his men to escape.
  6. 3 points
    I love Skirmish for narrative campaigning! My little group of players have so far played 4 AoS Skirmish campaigns. Only the last one (Spellbreakers) was played using AoS 2nd edition rules and the White Dwarf Skirmish update. I think I prefer the updated rules but the most enjoyable campaign for me was the one with the Malign Portents additions - the Portent Cards added an extra layer of spice that made the entire campaign spark for me. I do like the updated rules (especially dropping Renown in favour of standard AoS matched play points, and allowing virtually any model to be used). Our next Harrowmark campaign is planned with Warcry rules though (with a few mods) as we have all been thoroughly bewitched by them! I just pray that the Tome of Champions is everything I'm hoping for!
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    It's Grey Seer primer,Space Wolf Grey contrast, Grey Seer dry brush, white db. I really liked trying a super white-ish bone, but in the end I just liked the warmer tones better. I can't wait for my bases to get here!!! I'll be able to rip these guys off their bases and give them new permanent homes.
  8. 3 points
    Big big news yes yes! Comes new clans for the swarm! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1158180/Total_War_WARHAMMER_II__The_Shadow__The_Blade/?fbclid=IwAR1NMOaZtxMihNfozBBwL5SdwN3-1RGaCn4QPTYsEoFI7Be0VDuUlgMQNOk Darkelves and Skaven are getting a content update for TW Warhammer 2! Malus Darkblade leads Hag Graef - for the Dark Elves, and Deathmaster Snikch leads Clan Eshin for the Skaven. Warpgrinders, mortars, eshin assassins! Scourgerunner chariots, bloodwrack medusa and blood alters! Lots of great new toys for the Mortal realms to shudder in fear from!
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    That's the thing though, they can make flexible kits. I think the current approach is perfectly fine for Underworlds and tbh most line infantry for AoS/40k but kits like the Necromunda gang boxes have a lot of versatility in loadout and personality, even with some duplication of broad poses (some are better than others). They don't have absolutely everything you might need for a campaign and the amount of suitable gear can be out of sync with what a player might prefer to use but they're wonderful kits. Now imagine a 10-person set of Mordheim mercenaries done in the same fashion. 5 broad body types, 20 heads (some plausibly Middenheim or Reiklander, etc), a mix of armour plates, half a dozen swords, the same for axes and daggers, maybe four spears/halberd/greatswords, some crossbows and blunderbusses, a pistol or three, a flaming torch... Just like the old Free Company kit, only better.
  10. 3 points
    That explains why Tyrion hasn't released them yet. Teclis: Come on brother, send them to fight. Tyrion: No! They're collectibles! They will lose value if unwrapped!
  11. 3 points
    Hi guys, er... awright boyz, Creeping in from the Order side of the forum with a link to an interview I've just done with my friend Lawrence on the stunning Ironjawz army he recently unveiled at Warhammer Achivements this month, taking home the best army trophy, including his frankly staggering scratch build Rogue Idol: https://doublemisfire.blogspot.com/2019/11/city-spotlight-lawrences-sunz-of-rust.html
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    Can you imagine... Mordheim where warband members are locked into particular weapon loadouts. Where only your leader can advance or change. Where the rules don't incentivise OTT complexity and ludicrous nonsense. Warcry and Kill Team are fun for what they are and Underworlds is fantastic but they're very, very different beasts. The Dave Gallagher art for Shadows Over Hammerhal shows they could still handle the aesthetics, more or less. I think Specialist Games could do it. Modern Necromunda keeps a lot of the old spirit of the game, right down to the frequently haphazard and sloppily written rules. Otherwise, yes, it would be a curse.
  13. 3 points
    After all that guy is called Illuminator... And is also a Necron. And we all know that Necrons are just Tomb Kings in space. And Half Life 3 is kinda confirmed. That leads to the only possible conclusion: Reaml of Light Tomb Kings Elven Giants confirmed
  14. 3 points
    The black library writers are given a bit of leeway to make their own stuff up. As cool as some of those creations are, the vast majority of them won't become miniatures.
  15. 3 points
    Oh man if you include novels as potential hints/set ups. We have so much more. my personal favourites in this moment are the race of giant intelligent hawks who’s princess gets the hots for Hamilcar. doubling down on grotbag scuttlers they now twice mentioned a group of ironjawz who thought ‘we can do this as well’. Or the Skryre Mountain flying villain. The race of mortals under the yoke of nurgle with the huntress who rides a big chittinous bug and shoots energy through her vambraces. All the while just flat out unimpressed by Neave Blacktalon. I also really like the lions of Odessa. But that’s also because it was the first audio book I listened to and really liked. But also how the mistweaver sail is discribed and behaves during the silver tower novel speaks to so much more. And I’m probably missing so much at this moment.
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    Eshin! Down with Monkey rats!
  17. 3 points
    Lets not forget Nippon, Cathay, Araby, Amazonians and several others were also well fleshed out in the Old World lore and yet we only saw Amazonians in Mordheim and Araby in Warmaster. GW has no problem seeding factions that might never come to be. In AoS they've also seeded for undersea Sylvaneth - nyads tending to coral forests, merpeople kingdoms and huge seaserpensts. I only think the two Aelf forces have more "chance" because they are tied to two current major Gods in the lore. I did think after the Slaanesh Tome and talk of the Aelves being allied that GW was going to potentially unit the AElves under a single banner and then add the light Aelves to that force as a special model or two (the saved from Slaanesh much like the Khinerai and Melusai for Daughters of Khaine). Cities of Sigmar was a surprise since the hints at a united dwarf front were also around. I also get the feeling that some of GW's seeds were original plans which then changed drastically over time.
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    Another thread on the double turn... Here are some basic opening statements: It is not "double turn" it is "priority roll". The importance of this distinction is that games can still play out as "I go you go" even with priority rolls If you automatically take the first turn every priority roll you win then you are not thinking strategically I am certain that 90% of people who complain about the "double turn" play like this EVERY battle round you should plan for the scenario where you go first next BR and the scenario where your opponent does - or otherwise play to force your opponent to take the turn/ give it away when it may not be optimal for them You can win this game even if you are tabled - I have won games with only 2 battleline models remaining. Double turn me all you want if I am winning on objectives. There are FIVE battle rounds in this game, not one, not two, FIVE. In any given game you are likely to have at least one double turn as is your opponent. The idea that a double turn is an auto-win or auto-lose is ludicrous in this context. I regularly (50% of the time) give away priority when I win it. Here are the reasons: My opponent is locked in combat/ otherwise held up and will not be able to do much with the turn I am otherwise locked up or held up and will not be able to do much with the turn I have gotten all my spells off so my army is fully buffed: giving away the turn I can guarantee the buffs are on for my opponent's turn rather than risking failing to cast them in the next Going second in any battle round that is not the fifth one is a flexible position to be in: you cannot be double turned from there but you can double turn them. Staying in second until you need the double turn is a strong move Note: this frequently means when I am given first turn in BR1 I then give my opponent the first turn in BR2 (if I win priority) (i.e. let myself be double-turned. NOTE: I DO NOT THEN LOSE THE ENTIRE GAME FROM THIS DECISION. I cannot emphasise this enough, GIVING AWAY A DOUBLE TURN DOES NOT LOSE ME THE GAME) Quite frankly I am astonished at the blanket statements other posters on this thread are making about gaining a double turn being an auto-win So how do you plan for it? Two scenarios, one where you went first in the previous BR, the other when you went second: Going first in BR: Here you know there is a sizeable chance your opponent will have two turns in a row. You need to plan your moves, spells, plays etc. to last through two turns. And (if you want to) make plays that force your opponent to give away/ take priority (depending on what you want) or that at least make your opponent pay if they pick to go first Cast and place endless spells strategically. Like a Purple Sun nicely placed to smack into their key support hero (for 2D6) and take them off if they give you second Screen your units Don't get greedy. Remember there are more turns beyond this one. Don't overreach for objectives/kills if they put your key units in dangerous positions Bluff. Make it look like you would be unable to make use of a turn if your opponent gives you first turn. (But actually do have a plan (ala Tzeentch)) Do what you can to make sure your buffs go off (arcane terrain, any abilities that allow rerolls to cast/prayer etc.) Going second in BR: this is always a more comfortable position to be in. You can play aggressive, but unless you really need to you shouldn't go all-out just in case you lose priority and your opponent has some easy plays to make back If you want the double: Make plays that make your opponent consider giving away the first turn next round: Cast endless spells near their support pieces that they HAVE to ensure don't move to their pieces. (again, i'd give away a turn if it meant I could move that purple sun away from my key support hero rather than risk losing them) Moves with less clear threat potential (e.g. make your opponent believe there is not much you could do with another turn) If you do not want the double: Bait: offer up a "juicy" target that your opponent will want to kill (especially if they are likely to overextend themself in order to do so) Try and arrange no/ an even number of endless spells Hope that helps those of you reading this thread who want to understand the dynamic a bit better.
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    And then everyone will use kavalos instead... Mortek Guard are not a problem. The specific combo of petrifex and mortek guard is what all this complaining here is about. Petrifex should just be reduce rend by 1 or keep the +1 save but only for models with 4+ wounds to fit their fluff. The command ability with +1 rend in melee should instead be something defensive, so 1 legion is not best but in defense and offense.
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    Over the years I've painted multiple undead armies, including several Tomb Kings forces. It's kinda my jam. Then they went away. Tomb Kings were crushed. Generic undead armies were ... well ... made 'meh.' Nighthaunts were cool but not really my giggidee. Flesh Eaters? Nah. Not really undead in my book. Now we have Bonereapers. Utter control. Cold calculation. Enforcing of a dominating will. Bones. Hell yes. This blog will journal my experience with the Ossiarch Bonereapers over the next few years. I encourage you to view it and share your thoughts. Critique is welcome! I've posted some photos in other threads, but I'll post them here as well. I'm experimenting with colors, but right now I'm leaning toward the red guys as my primary legion with the green and purple as support legions (lore to follow!). Anyway, here are some early shots. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you.
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    The full pdf is in the link. Same deal as my Ogor Mawtribes and Kharadron Overlords – but no background table, campaign, or allies this time, just the raw warband. Enjoy, and please give me any feedback you might have! Warcry–OssiarchBonereapers.pdf
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    Going back to Duardin rumors for a bit, it's been months since I read the new Fyreslayer tome, so I went and dug up the passage about Grugni I was thinking about: Rumors of Grugni's return spread throughout the duardin factions, from Fyreslayer lodges to the Kharadron's aerial domains, as well as the Dispossessed and Ironweld Arsenal garrisons in the free cities of the Mortal Realms. It is said that the patriarch of the duardin pantheon has returned from his self-imposed exile and founded a new stronghold hidden beneath the mountains of Chamon. There are those who whisper that, in solitude, the Forge God is crafting something wondrous that will reunify his scattered children. Reports differ on what this could be, from a new duardin bloodline to a great machine, or even a way to bring back the missing goddess of the hearth. Whether such claims are true or merely the result of too much strong liquor and hidden hopes remain unknown. One thing here that is interesting in retrospect is that it does place the Dispossessed/Ironweld in Free Cities, which is in line with their inclusion in Cities of Sigmar months later. It also emphasizes that Grugni is looking for a way to re-unify the race, which combined with the Triple Alliance bit also in the Fyreslayer tome I think reinforces that is eventually the plan. Note also that the emphasis looks to me that however he "unites" the dwarfs it will be with what is basically a new faction, one that might be machine based, or a new type of dwarf, or one focused on Valaya. I just hope the new faction rolls in the Dispossessed remnants, but I have the same feeling about Wanderers, High Aelves, Dark Aelves, ect. I think next year we'll probably get at least one new order army based on a legacy range, so that should be instructive in terms of setting expectations. If nothing else, It will be very interesting to see what hints we might get in the KO book next year.
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    The new race of elves is just the embalmed remains of the old elves. Makes sense, actually. Deserts do have quite a bit of light, geometric patterns (also something Hyish was famous for) include pyramids, and after the first new elven race was not as he wanted, maybe just keep the next one in wrappings so as not to damage them. Like people that keep their equipment in protective foil for years. And honestly, we have spearmen, archers, horse archers, birds and chariots with elves as well as tomb kings, so what's the big difference?
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    If you’re interested in the lore.... read the new novella: ‘code of the skies’. it has everything. Great villains, great protagonist, grudges, fiddling with the code, sky ships and swashbuckling. It’s awesomely written but above all it gives real insight in the culture
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    Perhaps, but it also shows, in case anyone was doubting it, that just giving it points doesn't automatically make things better. Personally I rather have people use free faction terrain that's a bit too strong than not using any faction terrain at all. At least it can't be spammed like other too strong units.
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    @Heijoshin I've just recently started a blog on this site to share my painting of the army. It probably won't go for as much speed as you are seeking, but I really am making a focused effort to go as quickly as I can since I'll be painting at least 10K. There's not much to see yet (waiting for my bases to arrive), but you can see a few ideas so far.
  27. 2 points
    Hey guys, just released v.2.7.5! Realm of Origin Added "Realm of Origin" - this will cut down on the number of artifacts in the dropdown @JohnSchramm Battlescribe and Warscroll Builder imports will now import the Realm of Origin as well Added a tag for prayers and marked a ton of existing prayers as such @exonian Prayers were previously marked as spells Individual unit/battalion/artifact/etc selections are now logged to Google Analytics UI Added a Redeem page Added a "Realm of Origin" dropdown selection Project Maintenance Updated bootstrap Updated react-auth0-spa Updated react-stripe-elements API Updated the API to handle Realm of Origin Misc Added 11/18 Ogor Mawtribes/Ossiarch Bonereapers FAQ @Zirhark Added even more Battlescribe/Azyr/Warscroll Builder fixes and tests Consolidated and cleaned up a ton of rules @exonian @JohnSchramm Added Vokmortian's Retinue and Kin-eater's Bully Boys battalions from the Feast of Bones box Updated Kharadron Overlords warscroll abilities @Redmongrel Added missing Greenskinz units @stures Added an "Export to XLSX" utility for The Honest Wargamer Not available in the UI Fixed a bug where certain Artifact/Unit combinations were not displayed correctly on generated PDF's
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    I don’t think I could imagine a better modern update of the classic Monkey’s Paw tale than GW, after a prolonged campaign by fans of the original game, bringing out a new updated version of Mordheim.
  29. 2 points
    That sounds like an indictment of the quality of the 40k terrain rules more than an inherent problem with terrain points costs. Points costs are far more likely to work as there are too many cases where them being free creates imbalance (as Krungharr pointed out in their Spiderfang Gloomspite example) The nexus having such extremely powerful placement/size/influence just drives home the point currently.
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    Yes! It has taken me nearly twelve months but I have painted up a Cities of Sigmar war band and a table of terrain (Shattered Dominion objectives, Azyrite Ruins, an abandoned camp site, treasure chests and am almost done with the Azyrite Townscape and Ophidian Archway). Our back story is that the Necroquake has triggered a magical resonance in a ruined city in the foothills of the mountains of Maraz in Ghur. Long range scouts from the Twin Tails regiment have a patrol in that area. They are met by a Lieutenant and body guard of Greatswords sent by the Collegiate Arcane to discover more. We plan to play through the original skirmish book campaign and have been policing ourselves to include models we think will give a good game. We had a great first game that ended in a nail bitingly close draw. We have been using skirmish as a way to learn the rules (as I am mainly a painter). Big advantage over Warcry is we can use whatever models we want and have found the double turn mechanic loads of fun. P.S. We didn't get any blobs as mentioned by @Beastmaster in our first game. The first Battleplans have mechanics to force you to spread out.
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  32. 2 points
    Well on with test model for second goal, should be finished this week, then batch paint the rest now I've figured out colours and method
  33. 1 point
    Do not forget korrupt dwarfs thay are mentions in bot Fyrsleyers (the lost clans) and in the new Ossiarch book helping chaos and Darkoath
  34. 1 point
    What’s the Shin guard from? And do you call that. A pauldron? 😅 great project, I wish I had the guts to custom build a mammoth.
  35. 1 point
    Another little update, I've begin to work on the rider:
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    I think you dont understand how this list work...
  37. 1 point
    The Reapers were basically made a long time ago and hidden in the catacombs that Nagash hid under the cities that Sigmar and Nagash built in the Realm of Death back when they were allies. Nagash basically provided endless skeletal slaves to build the vast cities, but at the same time hide these huge under ground structures to hide his Ossiarchs in. However Nagash is kinda nuts so having built this bone-mechanical super loyal army he didn't have anyone to lead it. So a few units, like the Morghasts got used; but otherwise the bulk of the Ossiarchs remained dormant. When Katakross got released from his prison Nagash put him in charge of the Ossiarchs because Katakros is basically the ideal general for Nagash. Katakros doesn't want to rule, he wants to be a general leading armies and Nagash lets him do just that in a great campaign to cleanse the lands of the dead of the living and to eventually carry that vision to the lands of the living too. Once Katakross is released the Reapers go into full force; rising up and marching forth.
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    I wants it. I wants multiple of it. Basically what Frostgrave sets bring: loads of options for weapons, heads, adventuring gear (like ropes, lanterns, torches, bags etc).
  39. 1 point
    At the moment, no. This is basically because we’ve got to wait a while before we know what is going to happen with it. As we get closer to the release we may do something like that but this topic should be the place to chat about it.
  40. 1 point
    True. But vast majority isn’t all also GW has a history of mentioning things in their own writing that never comes to pass at well. So who knows what might happen. If a black library novel inspires a cool model design it will happen I reckon.
  41. 1 point
    They are from Dragonforge. The owner is a great hobbyist who has been sculpting for decades. I've used his bases before and was pleased. There are a few sizes missing in the range I selected, and Jeff (the owner) told me he would sculpt up the needed ones. That's service! I encourage folks to check out his stuff. http://dragonforge.com/Painting service/for sale/base_sets/sci-fi/occult-7 apocalypse.htm
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    Neither the points nor abilities of the Bonereapers seem adjusted to factor in either their allegiance or terrain
  43. 1 point
    I know it's been mentioned, but I'd just like to re-emphasize this. A big chunk of armies have limited or no access to the obscene amounts of shooting or mortal wounds required for OBR. When you can't shoot the harvester out or kill it with spells, and you can't out fight the mortek, you're pretty much left with running away all game and trying to desperately get as many scenario points as possible before you're ground under. You can do your best to make a game of it but it's still going to feel bad at the end of the day. It's easy to tell people that they just need to get better at list building or strategy, but not everyone has access to the tools required to handle an army like OBR. If you need to take a nail out of a wall and all you have is a screwdriver, well, you can try but you're gonna have a bad time. To me that's where you have the negative play experiences. When you look back over your game and can tell there's nothing you could have done better or nothing you could have put into your list that would have helped.
  44. 1 point
    After having played against several bonereapers players and lists (~4 games now) I think the faction overall has its hits and its misses. The big offender is the cost of the basic infantry combined with Petrifax Elite (PE), at least on first games/read-through. There is almost no point in running the other boneglades because of bonuses from PE for the basic infantry (mortrek) which become fantastic for their points cost (the only possible exception here is crematorians. They may be capable for competitive play but the cheesier list with double harvesters for mass mortal bounce on death are FAQ'd out. I also overall I despise the wound bounce mechanic for strong combat rank and file as it is a negative play experience to kill opponents forces which is an integral part of exerting board control but I still feel this is a potentially slept on subfaction). Maybe I am missing some insane interaction in the other boneglades but so far they just seem very meh. This forces the use of long range spam (rare, rip KO) and/or mass mortal wound spam, which is rare as well, to try and soften them up. I considered spellcasting to deal mortals/debuff, however every single game I have played had Arkhan and the obelisk shutting out all spell based methods of damage. Even spells which on paper seem incredible for dealing with the reapers, such as vitriolic spray from Anvilguard, were unable to get through. So only lists with ridiculously potent casting like Hallowheart flamethrower or DoT Lord of Change can cast reliably against them? Not a good option. They are not particularly slow (which people really tried to sell as their weakness) so they can readily hit or setup on objectives where the re-rollable saves, healing and shrugs while ignoring all battleshock (seriously GW just needs to remove this mechanic if they are going to trivialize it and stop over-costing units for interacting with it) become the fecal icing on the dookie cake that is this subfaction. Very negative play experience to have units 1 combatted while only killing 2-4 mortrek in return which are resurrected the next turn. I feel the easiest way to defeat PE bonereapers is to just give up on trying to remove anything and just flood the board with very fast chaff to block up those units for multiple turns and score enough points to win while only removing models, which is a horribly boring play style for everyone involved. The catapults are obnoxious but can be tied up. Harvesters are no longer busted per wording so I will have to play more games to see if they are truly hard to deal with. Both are expensive points wise so I do not think they will be particularly problematic. I haven't seen stalkers or morghast yet either as they are appear to be flat out worse than mortrek spam. Katakros is expensive as hell and the playgroup OBR players did not seem eager to dump cash on such a points heavy model when Arkhan is around. Other than PE the faction seems almost on the weak side. Overall poor internal balance seems to make this tome a one trick pony. I hope to be proven wrong.
  45. 1 point
    I'm not just saying they're broken. I'm saying they're a negative play experience. Mortek Guard are cheap enough that you can still have a good core of an army and be able to spam catapults (See edit above regarding KRIGSLUNTAN GT). 4 Stormcast Ballista is also an annoying list right? Even if it's not winning tournaments, it's super annoying to play against and no one likes having their heroes or cool big units shot off the board before you can even roll a single dice. Much the same as 12+ Skaven Jezzails or something like that. Objectives only matter when you don't get shot or magic'd off the board by turn 2.... or when the opponent doesn't have 40-80 battleshock immune troops to swarm objectives as well as the ability to do all of the above. Time will tell. I'm not here to argue. If it's a problem it will get a tweak eventually or some other power creep will happen and the cycle continues. We're just talking about what is and isn't fun and balanced. It's not hard to look at some of these OBR units, compare them to other things with similar roles and points values and see that they are above the curve for the most part. you're focusing on the wrong parts of my comments. 1 crawler is fine, 3+ crawlers is NPE. Mortek Guard and Harvesters are a far bigger problem in terms of overall balance than crawlers are.
  46. 1 point
    I do. Point one, if your general isn't the Dreadblade Harrow, make it the general. Point 2. You want 3 of the objectives reasonably close together so that one unit can benefit from all three. This unit has been relegated as "extremely durable unit to soak threat targeting", for this role I reccomend 40 Chainrasps or 30 Grimghast Reapers, anything buffable with an ethereal save really. The other units in your army have been relegated to "bring back when dead". The fourth point goes behind the enemy army, 9 inches from the enemy table edge. This means that should they not commit forces to protecting this site, your general can instantly warp there and bring back a unit you threw into an aggressive fight earlier. Always be spending your units. Be as aggressive as you can. Your opponent isn't likely to be getting their stuff you kill back, but you will.
  47. 1 point
    What are the larger based model on the bottom left, the poses look amazing (well everything looks amazing!)
  48. 1 point
  49. 1 point
    Anyone else thinking of a pure Eshin force?
  50. 1 point
    Oh, I've had a few. I've got a Gargant faction concept list posted in the Destruction Forums, and also did a short bit for an expanded Firebelly faction. I've been meaning to do a faction concept list for Sky Grots as well. But other ideas? Crystal Duardin: Based in Hysh, but found anywhere crystals and gemstones grow. Use crystals for everything - magic batteries, barrels for light rifles, force shields. The more crystals, the merrier. Nihil Cults: Death-aligned living humans who have devoted themselves to Nagash for various depressing reasons. Led by Necromancers, have in-faction Zombies, count on destroying the bodies at least twice.
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