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    Let us take a moment to appreciate we have reached page 1337... ... ... Now that feels better, back to rumours.
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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the engagement with the depression subject. I appreciate everyone who took the time to reply. Edit: also, re: Kickstarter: it would be best not to back anything for the moment given the company's recent anti-union debacle.
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    Just got my Book and I'm going through stuff which I've spotted which hasn't really come up or which I got wrong previously or even just clarifying. Gordrakk gets the Ironjawz Warclan (Ironsunz etc) keyword if you choose a Warclan Warchanters have no Traits or Artefacts in the book outside Bloodtoofs/Choppas Traits. Live to Fight Command Trait lets you reroll wound rolls for the General and his mount. Bestial Charisma is once per Battleround so if you use it in your turn (and you have priority) you can't use it in your opponents turn. Weirdnob command traits are actually really good. Master of the Weird Command Trait gives +1 to dispell making it possibly the only one in the entire game atm. Armour of Gork is Melee weapons only. The Riptooth Fist is not! Weirdnob artefacts are actually really good. Get 'Em Beat is wholly within 12". Fixin' Beat and Killa Beat are not wholly within. (Great for healing Cabbages) Fixin' Beat says pick a model. So if the Unit is within 12" but the Model is not you can't heal that Unit. Brain-bursta and Mighty 'Eadbutt are strictly better versions of Arcane Bolt Da Blazin' Eyes could potentially hose down hordes if you do it right. Bash 'Em Ladz is +1 to wound not reroll wounds. Wrath of Gork is 2 dice per unit with 2 or more models. So 3 units will net you 5 MW on average. The Lore of the Weird is ordered by ascending casting value. (Random Observation) Ironsunz, Bloodtoofs and Da Choppas Artefacts are all "The first Warclan Keyword must take". If you don't put an artefact on a Keyword you don't have to take it. (ie. you can take your artefact on a Megaboss in a Da Choppas army and not be forced to take the Megaskull Staff) The Ironsunz Command Trait is Megaboss only. So a Weirdnob General can freely pick a Weirdnob Command Trait. Ironsunz and Bloodtoofs Command Abilities are any Hero not just the General. Ardfist summon is on anywhere on any board edge. Brutefist mortals are pick an enemy unit per model not per unit. This means you can split the Impact hits over multiple different enemy units. Ironfist Mighty Destroyers isn't Ironfist units only. So you could throw it on a Megaboss instead if you wanted. Weirdfist is Ardboys and Brute units only and Wholly Within 18" making it quite restrictive. All the Ironjawz Battalions unit requirements are not in Keyword Bold. So Ironskullz Boyz still don't go in a Battalion. Gordrakk gets an extra dice on his Destructive Bulk. He is just better in every way than a standard Megaboss. As stated above the Rip-toof Fist is any save roll, so it reflects wounds against Ranged attacks aswell. Expect this to be Errata'd. Cabbage Fists are now the only source of -2 Rend in the army. Everything wounds on a 3+ except the Tusks and Hooves from GG's. (Or their spears if they charge.) Warchanter is up to 6 attacks and now explodes on a 6 instead of an extra attack. Weirdnob is a flat 3 attacks. Actually pretty scary in melee now. Almost all the random damage is gone. Gore-grunta Charge is all enemy units within 3" of a model. So if you get 3 enemy units within 1" of a single GG model you roll a dice for each. Ardboys are only battleline in Ironjawz if they have 10 or more models. So a unit of 5 is NEVER battleline. Gordrakk and a Megaboss on Mawkrusha are exactly 1000 points together. Pretty long list. Some interesting things. There is a really Gruesome Weirdfist list if you tank up the weirdnob and have him as your general. Bursting with Power to make him 2 casts then take both Hand of Gork and Wrath of Gork. Throw in Shamanic Skullcape for +1 to cast, combine with a Balewind Vortex for the +6" casting range and second spell. Your Weirdnob can now Teleport then cast Wrath of Gork and THREE Green Puke spells at 6+2d6". That's a ton of potential mortal wounds and makes him functionally a 5 cast wizard with +1. SUCK IT ARKHAN!
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    They started listening to emo music, and wear black. Calling themselves Dark Riders, even. I can't even get within 12" of them or get disheartened...
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    *mumble and grumbling* Okay, I'm getting CoS this evening to look closely what it has to give. MAYBE, I said MAYBE, there is something to do do with our dawis, and I may enjoy it... A bit. I'll tell you later what comes to my mind. *rants in the distance* Or maybe I'll get disappointed... Again...
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    A blog entry which collects all the background and photos of my Freeguild Army. It will collect the posts from my painting log thread into a nice blog post! Towards the east of Ghur lies a region of deserts. They are greatly affected by the unstable magic of other realms, an effect I termed Realm-Bleed during my travels. The northerly desert is an icy, stone-strewn tundra where little thrives. The magic of Shyish bleeds into the northernmost edge of this tundra, ensuring that which does survive the sparse wilderness is truly hardy and fearsome to face in combat. The southern desert is a sandy region where waves of dunes ripple across the horizon. This desert is hot, and the further south one travels, the greater the effects of Aqshy Realm-Bleed. The two deserts are split by a strip where, against all odds, life thrives. This tropical oasis features a vast lake and rivers that feed farmlands before reaching the Eastern Sea. To the north and south of the bountiful lands are the Twin Jewels of the Deserts - Kislavia and Ajier. Kislavia is the city that lies to the north of the oasis. Its people are rugged and used to fighting the cold. They are experienced hunters and have tamed a number of the fearsome beasts that inhabit the northern tundra. While the majority of the population live in the city of Kislavia, there are a number of nomadic tribes that roam the wasteland for food, as well as dangers in the form of monsters and enemies. The tribes can be distinguished by the colours of the tassels their carry. Some tribes specialise in archery, others in trade, while a rare few focus on taming the wild creatures of the tundra. In times of war the tribes will band together to protect Kislavia. These occasions see a formidable force of spearmen, archers, handgunners and beast-riders marching in unison. These dangerous times even see marble-clad remnants of Sigmar's Stormcast and the reclusive Rieklings, or Ice Goblins, join the tribes of Korgoria to protect their lands. Tribesmen Freeguild General The Kalisha tribe is one of the main tribes that make up the Kislavia population. They live a nomadic lifestyle in the region surrounding the capital. They specialise in archery and hunting. Often they will hold archery competitions, both on foot and on horseback. The targets of these challenges range from small, speedy hares to larger beasts like thundertusks. The tribesmen can usually be identified by the pale tassels they wear on their helmets or their immaculately kept bows and quivers. The huntsmaster I met hunted alongside a large hawk who could spot a moving hare from a mile away. He was a stern drillmaster, and often surveyed his men to ensure they were operating perfectly. His right hand was missing its little finger, and, though its disappearence was never explained, I do believe his bad-tempered hawk was responsible. Kalisha Archers Kalisha Archers Closeup The Tradiki tribe are a gregarious tribe famed for its diplomatic ties and trading links. Rivalry does occur douring peacetime between the Tradiki and the Kaslisha, due to the former's desire for technological progress and development, and the latter's wish for traditional arms and rituals. Despite this, there have been numerous occasions where the tribes unite to fend off a greater threat. The Tradiki are identifiable by their ponchos and woollen gloves. They contribute sharpshooters specialising in the use of handguns to Kislavia's armies. Their technology is acquired through trade with Kislavia's Sky-Dawi Enclave. Tradiki Handgunners Handgunner Champion Handgunners Surveying Ammo-Runner In times of great danger the tribes of Kislavia will band together to defend their territory. In these cases specialists from each tribe form units, such as the Kalisha forming groups of archers and the Tradiki forming units of handgunners. Less experienced members of each tribe will join mixed groups of spearmen. These diverse units can even feature some of the braver Ice Goblins from the more civilised tribes that trade with the Tradiki. Spearmen from various tribes Champion Front ranks raise shields! Ice Goblin Allies, an unlikely source of allies that joins the Kislavian forces in times of great danger. The Ursaria tribe is the smallest of Kislavia's Great Tribes. However, it is one of, if not the most, influential tribes in the region. Its members are renowned for their taming of the greatest predators of Ghur's tundra. The tribe will bring its heavily armoured lancers and their ferocious Ursus mounts to battle in Kislavia's defense. A regiment of Ursus lancers is a truly terrifying sight, with both rider and mount working in unison due to their mutual respect. Ursus Lancers Ur-Sak Boris is the leader of the Ursaria tribe. He is easily spotted with his bright red robes and his pristine gold armour. Many legends have been created by the great warrior, his gleaming white blade - Fang - and his enormous mount Kariina. Kariina is a great urserine, a species related to the ursus. Urserines never stop growing, therefore their size is a great indictor of a specimen's age and exerience in battle. Kariina is huge, and those who are not wary of her will soon be crushed beneath her tremendous hooves or savage teeth. . Ur-Sak Boris on the great Karina.
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    Saw a few pages ago that someone mentioned - endless spells for Ossiarch Bonereapers “if they are happening”. i can 100 percent confirm that ossiarchs are getting endless spells, ogors are getting a mawpot and we will see a “astrolithic skyshrine” scnery set before Xmas.
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    I think the fluff is the least problem of Slaves to Darkness. Personally i still thing that GW struggles with their rules because one wrong move and you overpower a whole faction like Nurgle or Khorne. But if they remove marks and gods for StD, well then you don't need StD at all.
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    With some minor cleaning up on the edge of bases to do, and grass tufts due Monday this marks the 3 Midnight City Gyrocopters and this halfling pilots ready to hit the table
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    I was setting up all my models on my table, but I gave up after awhile when I realized how many bins I still had left. For reference I have 3 big bins and 4 small bins left on the left-hand side of the table. I've only put out 1 big bin and 2 small bins so far... I've been collecting roughly 12 armies (RIP greenskinz/gitmob) The last time I took an inventory I had around 1500models but I'm certain it's gone up since then. I love to collect and build models (slowly starting to get into painting though, maybe the grey tide will be fought back eventually?)
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    This remains a failure of planning and communication on gw’s part and it is not up to the customers to be satisfied by excuses. They could have informed us when they stopped production of those kits, or when they were planning to l, so that there would be more forewarning. It is not okay to absolve companies of every instance of mismanagement.
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    Been a while since I've done one of these contracts... For October I'll finish my He-man-inspired Untamed Beasts with a Rocktusk Prowler based on Beast-man.
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    You know what, pretty proud of this community! Serious issue being discussed with a lot of maturity. Well done lads!
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    Hey guys, I first posted a link to AoS Reminders 3 months ago. At the time, it only supported Sylvaneth and Seraphon. I got a lot of great feedback, and three months later, here's what I have to show for it. I'm now happy to announce that we now support the following armies: Armies Beastclaw Raiders Daughters Of Khaine Dispossessed Everchosen Flesh Eater Courts Fyreslayers Gloomspite Gitz Idoneth Deepkin Ironjawz Kharadron Overlords Khorne Legions Of Azgorh Legions Of Nagash Nighthaunt Nurgle Seraphon Skaven Slaanesh Slaves To Darkness Stormcast Eternals Sylvaneth Tamurkhans Horde Tzeentch Features Units Command Traits Artifacts Battalions Endless Spells Spells Realmscape Spells Realmscape Features Realmscape Artifacts Ability to select multiple allies Ability to hide certain rules I've been lucky enough to get a lot of help from some people here on TGA and over on Reddit. With 13,000 pageviews last month, this tool has taken off in a big way. The UI Selecting your army The generated reminders What's next? We're going to finish off adding spells for all armies. We are just missing FEC and Idoneth Deepkin at this point. We're going to add Grand Alliances for soup armies We're going to add Mercenaries We're going to add the ability to re-order phases and rules to suit your needs. Most importantly - What do you want to see?
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    Ok so different points. Locus of Diversion says a unit fights at the end of the phase. The Core Rules say "In the combat phase, the players take it in turn to pick units to fight with, starting with the player whose turn is taking place." The FAQ states "...and lastly you pile in and make attacks with units that make attacks at the end of the combat phase." It doesn't say you can't pick the unit to fight. It explicitly states it fights at the end of the phase after all other units have been picked to fight. From this we can see that "Pick" specifically refers to the action of alternating attacks. The Locus of Diversion expliitly DOES NOT say you cannot pick a unit to fight. Then we get to Smashing and Bashing. It says "...you can pick 1 friendly which has not yet fought in that combat phase and is within 3" of an enemy unit." Note the full stop here. "That unit fights immediately." It does not say "You may pick another unit to fight..." This is quite a bit of semantics but it's really important as it means that the picking a unit with S&B has nothing to do with the combat phase. Rather it's an ability Voice of Gork or Violent Fury, You choose a target, then that target gains an effect granted by the ability. Hence S&B acts completely independently to the rest of the combat phase and combat phase sequencing. That's logic chain 1. Now for Logic chain 2. From the Core rules Commentary. Q: Can a model that has an ability that allows it to pile in and attack when it dies still use the ability if the unit it is part of has to fight at the end of the combat phase? A: Yes. This establishes that an ability or rule which allows a unit to fight outside of the normal combat phase order can be used irrelevant of whether it has to fight at the end of the combat phase or not. Finally logic chain 3 Effect A says you can't fight till the end of the combat phase. Effect B says you fight immediately. I'm pretty sure that somewhere it says if two abilities directly contradict the one which was applied last takes priority. Can't find it atm though. Hence S&B is applied after Locus of Depravity so overrules it.
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    Looking at pictures I always thought Gorgers looked awful. Then I got a few as part of a lot and to me they looked a lot better in real life. Not great, but not as bad as I originally thought.
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    So thinking about a 2k list using the Great Whaagh allegiance while running pure Ironjawz: Gordrakk - Mean un mount trait 2x warchanters - 1 with the aetherquartz brooch. Get em beat and Fixem beat Weirdnob Shaman - general, 2 spells/2 casts trait, skullcape +1 to cast artefact Ironfist battalion 10 x brutes - boss of the ironfist 15 x ardboyz 5 x ardboyz (sit on obj) 3 x Gore gruntas - choppas 3 X Gore gruntas - choppas This is a 5 drop army, the idea is to let the opponent go first if possible. With Gordrakk and 2 warchanters you should be able to stack up 20 points minimum by turn 2, so everything has +1 hit and wound, 6++ and so on. Battalion help especially the Brute unit be much more dangerous and when they get +1 to everything, all hell is lose. In a great Whaagh you also need a battalion to take more than 1 warbeat for a warchanter. Merging the Gore Gruntas is an option as well, to make them easier to buff with a warchanter. Great hand and wrath of gork on the warchanter, with +1 to cast it is much more likely to get them of. Teleporting the 15 ardboyz for an offensive play with a warchanter buff is good, but placing the 5 guys on an objective right away can also be the right play. A lot of brute force here and I look forward to see if the 6++ save and +1 to hit and wound is better than having warclan command abilities and mighty destroyers + smashing and bashing. It is quite some handy tools being lost in favor of pure dice power, although the ironfist helps a little bit here.
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    I kinda agree both of you as games workshop kinda needs cities of sigmar to be released so soup tribe based tome for slaves can be success both sides want. plus we are all kinda looking on what malerion cooking on ulgu which means we need more fluff teased before the dark and angelic elves can be safely released
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    100% agree on the problem with getting the units back to where they are needed. We have a powerful alpha strike, but everything that comes after that is a huge problem. It get's even more problematic, if the opponent screens himself (easily accomplished) and you either waste your reserves on the flank shooting at unimportant targets, or you set them up them way back in your deployment zone, where they are equally useless for the next two battlerounds. Unless the opponent has a low modell count (BCR) who can't protect himself against ambushes, I've stopped setting up units in reserve. Instead I set up all slow moving modells in the centre, protected my rear with WR or SotT, gave my opponent the first turn, pray that enough units survive and then work on regaining map control. This is written with the Waystone Pathfinders in mind, I can only imagine said problem is even worse with Living City.
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    I'm in all vanilla Hammers of Sigmar. On the models i basecoat grey i hate it (like Sequitors) bit it's not too much gold to get through and more cloth, which is fun to paint to me. Liberators, basecoated with Retributor spray, are done super quick. Overall i am very pleased and like the scheme a lot. I do have several other projects though, one of which is 40k Eldar. They have a lot of different paint schemes within a single army, and i love my hobby ADD for when i'm bored with a scheme i can hop to another one or two for a few models and then come back.
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    I don't think warpstone was involved. I might check my old book later tonight! EDIT: @michu was right. The weakling ogre baby's (so with 'gangly limbs or without an Ogre's signature paunch' are thrown into a nearby cave by the butcher. So that sounds like the 'stunted births' are already somewhat on the way towards gorgers. In the tunnels below the mountains of mourn the tunnels are 'laced with the strange black or green-glowing rock tat contaminatis all it touches.' The Ogre spawn apparently ate even the most tainted of things. But also hide in crevices so are changed due to nearness and their contaminated diet. But indeed the right paintscheme makes the difference.
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    I dont understand the insistance on Phoenicium to be the "sacrifice" city. Didnt work on Firestorm, as if it had been rushed with its rules, and still doesnt work well now. It uses the thematic of the most resilient faction in the game but its perks comes at expense of getting killed, so your best bet is to take a lot of suicide units to boost your expensive ones, but at the same time, the OTHER perks involve Phoenix Spam, so it ends up in a hot mess. I mean, i would love if my old Phoenix Temple had those abilities in contrast of well, none. I got 3 Phoenixes and 60 Guards ready to rumble, but in the end of the day, the other city perks arew way better for a Phoenix army. Living city? Oh yes ninja Phoenixes! Hallowheart (even with few mages) for the juicy armor bonus and buffs? Yes please! All those traits are easier to pull off in a reliable way and incredibly good. And i dont want to be negative, by all means, if anyone can figure out a way to play Phoenicium in an effective way, i would love to learn those tactics because i love playing with my bird toys!
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    Eternal guard are battleline for all cities and generals in cities of sigmar. That's why it doesn't say they're battleline if your general is wanderers.
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    slabes of darkness kinda intresting tome as most of its contents are kinda either released via warcry or being released cities of sigmar( which slaves of sigmar being chaos equvalent) but I kinda see thr problem which is strong fluff to merge them.
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    v2.5.0 released! Added Favorite Faction feature Set your favorite faction on the Profile page. This faction will automatically be selected when you visit the site. This feature is not useful for Beastclaw Raiders players 🤣 It is useful for everyone else Added Google Analytics events to track errors and usage of this feature This is a subscribers-only feature UI Allegiance/battalion/unit side effect items are now automatically displayed in the selections For example, if you selected Hermdar (Lodge) for Fyreslayers previously, you would not see Tyrant Slayer artifact selected (but it would be listed in the Reminders section) This should cut down on confusion when adding allegiance abilities that grant certain artifacts/spells/etc Added a banner for subscribers whose subscription has expired Tells the user to resubscribe Fixed a bug where the "Cancel Subscription" modal didn't close after canceling the subscription Fixed a subtle bug where units with commas in their name and identical abilities would be displayed oddly in the Reminders Added new demos to the Subscribe page Also re-did the layout, hopefully it looks better now Project Maintenance Updated react, typescript, and other libraries Added support for recurring payments on the API side Rules and Armies Fixed a bug where certain Azyr imports would fail with complex unit names Updated Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz with information available online The battletomes are pre-ordered and should be arriving shortly! Added Da Great Waaagh It's essentially a placeholder at this point, will be fleshed out ASAP Added a fix for when Gotrek is imported and marked as an Ally from Warscroll Builder Fixed a Sneaky Snuffler typo Added more translations for Warscroll Builder imports
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    There is a third allegiance option "Da Big Waaagh!" which can be selected INSTEAD of Ironjawz or Bonesplitterz. Your allegiance ability becomes Waaagh! Points which stacks up giving you stacking passive bonuses as it increases. You also have the ability to spend varying amounts for one off bonuses. The following bonuses as things you can Don't get if you take this allegiance and not the Ironjawz, no matter how many points you build up. Smashing and Bashing Mighty Destroyers. That said there is a niche case where if you take an Ironfist technically you get a single use of Mighty Destroyers each turn from the Ironfist Boss.
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    What do you think about the Drakespawn and Scourgerunner chariots? The Scourgerunners seem ok for their points, but have a very strange rule where only one model in a unit can be upgraded, so they are best taken in singles. The Drakespawn seem quite nice on paper, but it would suck to get get counter charged with them. The MW's (and good looking models) make them seem very tempting to me though.
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    WTF are they standing on?! 😳
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    I was rootling in some old boxes of models looking for a Human wizard and came across two old metal Dwarf wizards from the days when Dwarves could be wizards. So I'm thinking I'll use them as Collegiate Arcane Wizards of short stature bowed down by the weight of their knowledge. They must be pretty old, judging from the paint job. Now I don't know whether to leave them as is as a reminder of times gone by or to give them an up-date.
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    Hear that sound of vast, slobbering gobs? It is the Loony Moonies! A rowdy warband of squigspecialists who prowl the Varanspire as they search for glass bottles! A fabled Unisquig and the hapless trapper, Snikka Pincha! Snikka Pincha never seems to be where his net is needed! Unisquig can hold his own, using his great horn to skewer any who are too slow to escape! On the left stands Flug Toerag, an armoured squig herder who has tends to finish battles trampled and battered, hiding beneath a scrappy twisted bush! He did survive one battle unscathed, by dragging a treasure into a tiny building and hiding inside from the enemy warband. Toothy the smily squig has an exceptionally friendly temperament, for a squig, whereas and Shroomy has an exceptionally grumpy temperament, for a squig. The Warband's big boss, Sir Big Git. A colossal coward who rides one of the most ferocious squigs around. He tries to lure his mount away from the fiercest combat using scented mushrooms tied to his lancetip. Bugbreath, however, is naturally drawn towards savage combat with the largest and most dangerous foes, much to his master's dismay. Big Git tends to cling on for dear life while his bestial mount tackles the deadliest enemy in the vicinity! Thankfully he has learned to cover every inch of himself with armour! The fairly brave (for a grot) Squire, Lil' Git and his faithful steed, Eye Eye. Together they have faced a fair number of foes who would leave his fellow grots quaking like a Jellyshroom Hope you like these guys! Next time I'll upload some pictures of one of my painted Chaos warbands!
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    Interesting to see GW being much more up front about phasing out their metal Sisters of Battle range. They've just announced the date they are stopping selling them, and the date after which they are ceasing production, and so stocks may start running out. Can we hope that they've learnt something from the disastrous (for us, if not them) Cities of Sigmar squattings?
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    I wouldn't say Legions of Nagash perfectly sorted out undead models. It has a number of problems, including too much redundancy (zombies, skeletons, & grave guard are all too similar in their abilities and battlefield role for all three to be viable simultaneously), a number of units that are just kind of bad, etc. A better & more fleshed out set of battalions could have helped there, but we got what we got. It was and is a very cool book, but it already feels very out of date. I for one do not expect bonereapers to be added to existing legions except as an allies. I think the devs are gunshy about that after what happened with Grimghasts, which honestly they maybe should be. Personally, I would have much rather seen grimchasts removed from the legions rather than the wave of points hikes for every unit ever fielded next to Nagash, but it is what it is. We might see a 'legion of the necropolis' with bonereapers and *some* legion stuff in it, similar to the legion of grief, but I'm not holding my breath. Guessing at future releases? Soulblight will likely see a separate release. If bonereapers go over well we might see a future expansion to them. Beyond that, though? They could still release a separate deathrattle book, but at this point I doubt it. Between old skeleton stuff being covered in the Legions book and any new skeleton stuff potentially competing with bonereapers it just doesn't seem likely. There are still some general undead concepts that could make for interesting factions - mortal worshippers of Nagash, non-human undead - maybe an undead elf faction if Nagash manages to sneak into the Slaanesh piñata party, a frankenstein style fleshy necromantic horror faction maybe - but hard to say if any particular idea is likely to be realized. It would be nice to see an actual expansion to FEC with some actual new units and models, but with the 2e non-expansion still quite recent it seems pretty clear we won't be getting that any time soon. In terms of wishlisting, what I'd *like* to see remains largely unchanged. I'd *like* to see the Legions broken up into smaller factions, then those smaller factions expanded, with a separate Deathlords book including Nagash, the Mortarchs, Morghasts, general Death alliance rules, and legion rules combining particular subfactions from other books. In my wishlist version of this the Morghasts themselves would be expanded into a faction of their own with smaller, flightless troop versions and other dread-abyssal style bone constructs, so that's basically just the Ossiarchs. So if I had my way we'd get: And as long as we're talking pie in the sky, not gonna happen pipe dreams, my dearest wish: Death Elves.
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    Mawtribes for Thanksgiving would be great!
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    I'll be going, it'll be my first proper 2 day AoS event, I'm not massively experienced but it should be a good laugh. The heresy event last year was really good and the AoS side looked good when I liked my head in there.
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    Hi guys, first time joining in on the thread. This month, I will attempt to paint: 20x Namarti Reavers 1x Soulrender And maybe 2x Akhelian Ishlean Guard We shall see!
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    I recently have fallen into the pit of Warcry. Fallen very deeply into the pit of Warcry. I'm going to try and post each of my newly painted warbands, and the terrain I've also completed. Behold the Seekers of the Sun! Led by the robed Saint Vushnor, a hapless human who has mastered the art of creating fire with a pair of twigs, these sun-worshipping Blisterskin roam the Varanspire wastes seeking a realmgate into the realm of fire. Saint Vushnor is an unfortunate Freeguild engineer whose comarades were overwhelmed in battle. He was thrown into simultaneous damnation and sainthood by accidentally firing his rifle at a friendly ammo cache. His army was obliterated, but the surviving ghouls dropped to their blistered knees to honour this master of flame. They shower him with gifts that Vushnor does not have to courage to reject. He does not have the courage to tell them the truth, nor does he have the skill to escape the vast horde attracted to his saintly image. I have painted up a couple of the other warbands and some scenery and will post pictures of them over the coming week. Hope you enjoy!
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    So I finished my first unit of Blightkings yesterday after a long break from painting stuff. Im very happy with how they came out and have two more units unpainted. Next I might work on a Verminlord Corruptor or a block of Plague Monks have to see what I'm feeling like. So here is the full unit of Kings These two are my favourite ones I did. I really love the helmets on these guys. And here is everything I have ready right now. 5 Monks, 5 Blightkings, Lord of Plagues and a Glottkin. The tree behind there is still a WIP but it will be a nice Gnarlmaw proxy
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    Here is the list I am going to build towards. MBMK - 460 Gruntas x6 - 320 Gruntas x3 - 160 Gruntas x3 - 160 Gorefist - 130 Warchanter - 110 Weirdnob Shaman - 110 Ardboyz x20 - 360 Brutes x5 - 140 Extra CP - 50 = 2k exact I can easily switch the Shaman for another Warchanter. 6 drops makes me sad.
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    Thanks man, the cities book has got me thinking more and more about these guys, so neglected! Main runelord conversion is only really added branchwych bits. Sylvaneth start collecting leaves sooo many good bits over.
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    Thanks man, I'm glad you like my Tanks
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    That was my first instinct, which is exactly how I know that it's wrong
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    I am ready as well! Would have loved to see a dedicated Wanderers Battletome, but I'm gonna make the best out of COS. My plan ist still to heavily focus on Wanderers (no Sylvaneth, no Stormcast, etc.) with some exceptions for Shadow Warriors and Dark Riders. Will use Glade Rider minis for the later
  43. 1 point
    Since I've gotten all the models to the same 3 colour base standard I've started on the detailing, beginning with the leather, and the beaks. Adds a splash of colour. I wouldn't normally paint an army in this whole batch kind of way, but I'm enjoying it for a change. Also not worrying too much about shading, blending or highlighting and just slapping down some drybrushing and splodgy blocking in is oddly freeing. Tempted to say its the most fun I've had painting an AOS army in a couple of years.
  44. 1 point
    To be honest I think that's how all such games work...maybe just buy new rulebook from someone who wants only miniatures?
  45. 1 point
    The full 10 of my Argent Order Justicars (Sisters of the Watch) now painted, based and moving trayed ready for Cities of Sigmar. And a snapshot of the current Witchhunting elements of the city for context #Ageofsigmar #PaintingWarhammer
  46. 1 point
    My Ylthari's Guardians - I have painted them few months ago. However, they are mostly part f my Sylvaneth army and I use them in Skirmish games.
  47. 1 point
    Last week I finished up my backlog of Skaven Clanrats, and they put my Skaventide army over 10,000 points! Including my Skaven-themed endless spells, 2 allied Cannons, and the Foulrain Congregation battalion, it adds up to 10,470. There are a LOT of Leaders/Heroes, but the Warscroll builder stops scaling at 2500 "Warhost" level.
  48. 1 point
    My Gloomspite Gitz at 8200 points:
  49. 1 point
    Here are my Nighthaunt at 5900 points:
  50. 1 point
    Update at last! I've been busy with work, and I also was unsure how to paint some of the Khornish miniatures so these guys were floundering about my desk for a long time! A second unit of Bloodreavers, featuring some Khornegor conversions! A Bloodsecrator bearing a flaming icon. He is pictured cracking open the ground to summon a wave of blood and skulls! Skullreapers! They've come out really dark in this picture. I struggled to choose a colour scheme for these and ended up rushing them to get them finished. They are not too bad in the end. Next project! An amber wizard for my Freeguild. I was mainly inspired by the artworks of collegiate arcana mages from the core rulebook. Those artworks have the mages really embodying their lore. I therefore tried to make this mage personify the savagery of Ghur magic. She'll be painted wearing bone armour, she wields a bladed staff and carries skulls on her totem at her back. The dreadlocks and fanged mouth also convey the same thematic appearance. She'll be standing on a giant skull fragment. Hope you enjoy this update! I hope I manage to get another update in sooner next time!
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