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    I understand people wishing for new models to existing, older lines. That's normal. 'Loving' people losing rules and potential collections is, quite frankly, one of the most absurd things I've ever read even by GW White Knight standards. But this is TGA I suppose. People will rub their hands with glee at anything WHFB being removed as punishment for it's fanbase's defiance at AoS' launch. It really is one of the most stupid, toxic things that pervades a place that claims to try it's damnedest to weed out such elements.
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    No it isnt. My first AoS product ever was Spire of Dawn, my wife gave me. I liked the product line and in AoS 1.0 it was very competitive and fun, so i kept buying and waiting for my time in the Sun. We became weaker and weaker with new rules, but hey, Skaven only got a book this year! When the cities book was anounced we felt a lot of joy, and now we got squashed. Sorry if the discussion doesnt matter to you, but it does for some of us.
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    Firstly, I have seen how gut punched people feel when they find their army is no longer supported. I have sympathy for all who have been left disappointed too. My perspective on it though is that GW releases loads of new models every year. Eventually, there is only so much stock you can sustain. Way back in the late nineties GW stopped selling every lead model they had every made. It was actually threatening to drag them under. When Age of Sigmar was initially released we knew this type of cull was on the cards. Cities of Sigmar has clearly bought the issue to a head and some hard decisions have been made. GW never made any promises that what we collect would be around for ever. At least now we know. Personally, I will always keep and play games with my painted armies. I am thankful for the now quite exclusive units that I was able to collect and enjoy. P.S. I hope I haven't been disrespectful to those who are disappointed, totally not my intention.
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    Warriors and thunderers are a bit off the current scale of duardins (even compared to Longbeards, Irondrakes etc) same with the chaps in cannon and organ gun. Unforged I hope to be reboxed, renamed and reworked from the ground up. I love those minis and I own a bouch of them BUT things have to go forward, for the health of the game.
  5. 7 points
    And that doesnt mean much considering we never had suport to begin with! That is the whole point! People with classic armies have been waiting 4 years for support, get the book anounced and finally..... their models removed. One more year of broken up subfactions with no traits, artifacts and proper rules isnt a perk, it only means you wont be supported for another year before beeing dumped.
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    Well, this is a sorry development. I can't say that I'm entirely surprised. Most of the stuff I expected to be cut has been, even if its been a bit worse than my expectations. Fortunately I think I've managed to get all of the models I wanted to complete my armies, so I'm effectively "safe". I've been through this before with Tomb Kings, and then goblins, so at least I'm used to it by now! I was really looking forward to getting a cities of Sigmar battletome, but a bit less so now. I think instead my next project is going to be "Cities against Sigmar" I like the idea of a rag tag collection of Dwarven, and Aelven armies united in the face of Azyrite oppression. I imagine them being hunted across the realms by battalions of Knights Excelsior, sworn to wipe out all cultural diversity from their tyranical God King's realm. Desperate last stands, and heroic sieges will abound as they fight to the last man to help all of their civilians flee into hiding. I'll see if I can do it using the rules in the new book, if not I might try to write up some homebrew rules for the stuff that is going to legends. Either way, Down with the God King! Let the Rebellion begin!
  7. 6 points
    The thing is, when AoS first came out, this was fine because it was so freeform. You could have an army of undead, elves and daemons if you wanted to and it was one of the things I really liked about the game over the restrictive nature of fantasy battle. The problem is that since then we've moved back to the more restrictive army book format and needing battleline troops and the like with limited configurations and the customers have proven they are willing to pay for GW's poor planning/mistakes in re releases of army books in short time periods. I've no issue with stuff cycling if an army is really just a small battalion or unit you can slot in anywhere but as it stands it's some form of commitment that is starting to feel very much one way. I'll keep saying it, but the rules should be free and army books should be collectable art/fluff books and it would feel a whole lot less than some attempt at a p2w mobile game. The funny thing is in a way it's not entirely GW's fault. I have no issue using my Lion Guard or Silver Helms as something else and i've said for a while that people should just use the Dark Elf rules with High Elf models since there is a lot of redundancy there in some ways (although clearly the High Elf models are better :p). Many issues comes from players demanding stuff needs to be official and thinking they're going to get robbed of some game because the silhouette of a model isn't identical to the proper model when in reality it's going to make very little difference.
  8. 6 points
    To be fair you could use the same argument for AoS. The cost of a full army is the same (sometimes more) than an old Fantasy army and the AoS rules were equally bad to begin with and the armies are just as unbalanced now as they ever were in Fantasy. They could have solved everything wrong with Fantasy by rolling it back to 6th edition and introducing a Generals Handbook to fix points costs and rules every year.
  9. 5 points
    This isn't true at all. The AoS team has just normalized this for you guys to the point that you think it is acceptable and the status quo. If they ever sold something under the "AoS" box, they should have kept supporting it until the game of "AoS" is no longer supported. I could point you to several wargames that do not do this greedy bs, trying to get you to buy the latest thing if you want to feel "safe".
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    If they had done this at launch, sure. They did not. They strung people along for four years, hinting at them in lore, and now phase out their armies.
  11. 5 points
    All the heroes outside of the Nomad Prince were resin or metal, so it's a no-brainer that they'd get rid of them as soon as they could - GW's experiment with keeping their metal molds usable with a proprietary resin was pretty much a flop - Finecast was a massive fiasco in terms of quality and probably cost them a good deal of money. (I've not got the monetary figures but I do know that there were massive issues with bubbling, bending from heat, being malformed or poorly molded, etc.) They have likely sold through most of their existing stock, so it's time to retire them. It's a shame, as some of them are actually nice sculpts (I own most of them in metal, which is awful to paint but oh well), but GW is capable of creating even better miniatures now that they don't rely entirely on hand-molding their minis. I'm not upset about the loss of GG models either, because they are runty compared to most other AoS models, and we could end up with much nicer aelven archers out of the deal - which would be a net win for the game - us older players could use our GG as counts-as and newer players could buy the new models. Also, I am 100% into buying any satyr/centaur aelves they make, I love the overall look and would love to field units of them - even if #2 from the right looks really, really derpy.
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    They should have done this when AoS was released tbh. Stringing people with legacy armies along for 3-4 years before doing the squatting now is a bit unfair. So much for transparency I guess.
  13. 5 points
    It's taken abit of a backseat so I can finish my Lord discordant, but my next aos project for my spiderfangs. After this, it's a waiting game for cities of sigmar and see what comes with the kurnothi from underworlds
  14. 4 points
    I kind of feel sorry for the poor high elf loremaster. It must be embarassing to still be in stock when everything else has sold out in minutes!
  15. 4 points
    100% agree with you. Im sorry if i gonna get many dislikes of aos fanboys,but for me ALL new aos models are horrible and hurt to my eyes. For me a fantasy theme are dispossesed,high elfs etc,not bald and blind elfs that seems vampires or undeads riding uglys sea creatures per example. People like this?fine,but for many of us is horrible but we had the option of buy dispossesed or high elfs to play aos. I started 3 years ago with stormcast that i dislike but they were cheap to buy and start to play. Then one year later when i loved the game started my real army,a order army of dispossesed, gyrocopters,dragonlord, archmague and some fyreslayer. It was a very hard choice due to the fear of those armys being removed,but gw told us many times that nothing was going to be removed after bretons and tk and also they reboxed every dispossesed box and released the tempest eye box so impulled the trigger. Now i have spent around 400€ in my full new army that gw sell in their store that is the same that if i would have bougth idoneths or any new aos army. But what i got??????3 years of non competitive army waiting for a battletome that was promised. Then we dont get a dispossesed tome,only a 1\7 of a tome and the 40% of our army is deleted? Wtf????????? I am a new player who spent the same money than every other player but i am screwed now only due to how retards are gw? If they were going to deleted dispossesed and high elfs then why they told us they werent to deleted more armys?or why they didnt deleted them together to tk or bretonians? Sorry if people dont like this rant or fell bad for call ugly the new aos armys,but i hope people can realize my point of view: a new player that loved aos, but didnt liked new aos armys,that spent the same money that those new army boys to get my full supported by gw store army(dispossesed with high elfs) and now the 50% of my army is umplayable and feel so down that i only think of sell every model and dont play aos anymore
  16. 4 points
    I was going to reply in a certain way but it's not worth the ban. This is way beyond the worst case scenario I had in mind.
  17. 4 points
    Well thanks GW, I won't need the Cities of Sigmar book after all it seems. At this point i'd have rather they just had axed High Elves at the same time as Brets and Tomb Kings instead of this giant mess they've made of the army that largely got me into fantasy to begin with.
  18. 4 points
    So if this list you guys keeps posting actually comes to pass......well, I'm moving tommorow morning, but before I pack up the liquor stock I'm going to have a shot in memory of all the fun, the excitement, and the great ideas those models created. Memory eternal, decade and one half of Warhammer minis. Memory eternal.
  19. 4 points
    ETA: Edited another person's screenshot, still looks meh
  20. 3 points
    Not sure if it's been said, but I'm pretty sure the most screwed over faction is Soulblight
  21. 3 points
    One thing I will say is that players of all armies/factions are capable of being deeply hurt. As a TK guy, I read so many messages about "whiny TK players" post removal, as if it was the psyche of TK players, specifically - rather than the fact that we happened to be the ones who were clobbered - that caused the reaction. The common denominator is getting squatted, and any army's playerbase would basically react the same. There was nothing particularly special about the TK player base in our reaction.
  22. 3 points
    I try to give my UB a lion/africa theme
  23. 3 points
    Not everybody is a rich. I've got friends who can only afford 1 box of minis every couple of months. If you're building a 2000 point army then that can easily take a year or two to get everything you need. Imagine spending all your hobby money on an army that GW just squated overnight.
  24. 3 points
    Probably because there is a lot of love, time and money spent for our plastics minis. Things can get personnal in that case. But that's true, let's wait a little bit more and see what might happen...
  25. 3 points
    The problem is its very clear that GW has changed their AoS plans several times in the background. The Malign Portents theory might have been valid at one point and then changed into something else. Those Untamed Beasts from Warcry might have started life as generic Marauder replacements or even the Darkoath Warband. Being digital sculpts they could easily have changed weapon heads to be more bestial/bone based and removed the shoes etc....
  26. 3 points
    I doubt they will give them more generic sounding names, since that's specifically what they've been avoiding in the long term. LEXICANUM I would also like to say that I've managed to find backups of the product descriptions for the entire range of Greenskinz faction and half of Gitmobs. Sadly I wasn't able to find backups for Nasty Skulkers, Rock Lobber, Doom Diver Catapult, Spear Chukka, Snotling and Snotling Pump Wagon. Later today I will have to check if all the shop images are stored in the Lexicanum.
  27. 3 points
    Theres the Orruk issue that has been here for months now. "Ironjawz are the biggest Orruks" "Bonesplitterz are the crazy Orruks" Ok so....whats a normal Orruk?
  28. 3 points
    I'm now making some enemies here but got to be honest - I LOVE that last move of GW. Seriously. I know some of you feel let down but on the other hand, how long have those minis been available to buy? 10 years? It's no surprise that products disappear and are replaced by newer ones. You had lot of time to have joy with those minis. Some factions might be abandoned which might make you sad or angry. If I were to guess - Free Peoples and Dispossessed. Some will be reimagined or updated which imho is great. I'm thinking all the elves. Your minis had their time and still can give joy. As your collection and in games. Maybe only tournaments will be a no go. Maybe you will actually like where GW is taking your army.
  29. 3 points
    Guys, I think you need to stop panicking and prematurely selling off your collections. The Cannon and Organ Gun is "last chance to buy", but were recently added into a mercenary company in GHB19. In my opinion this means they are only getting reboxed to be sold in stores too, since they were only available in the white mail order packaging. The same goes for Quarrelers / Thunderers and Warriors - they still have their old WFB packaging. High Elves / Sky Wardens have the identical issue, not sure if they will be kept around or discontinued for the sake of the new hinted Hyish "light elves". Last chance to buy could mean they are emptying their stock of the old 16 man (duardin) boxes. Could also mean we finally get 20 modell boxes for those. Many of the discontinued Empire character models are resin, they probably will throw those out for newer character models with a more AoS-style appearance (like the new announced Ogre Tyrant). The Unforged however could very well be retired without a new replacement, since the Slayer guys got their own entire Army and can be allied into certain cities anyway. As some wrote previously, lets wait and see what we get. If they are gone for good, we can still grumble then.
  30. 3 points
    Taking a moment to look at what's left for Cities of Sigmar, just as a thought exercise: Dispossessed: 1. Warden King 2. Rune Master 3. Longbeards 4. Ironbreakers 5. IronDrakes 6. Hammerers Elves: 1. Sorceress 2. Black Ark Fleetmaster 3. Assassin 4. Nomad Prince 5. Frost Phoenix 6. Fire Phoenix 7. Dreadlord on Black Dragon 8. Sorceress on Black Dragon 9. Black Ark Corsairs 10. Drakespawn 11. Dark Riders 12. Bleakswords 13. Dreadspears 14. Dark Shards 15. Wild Riders 16. Sisters of the Thorn 17. Scourgerunner Chariot 18. Drakespawn Chariot 19. Sisters of the Watch 20. Shadow Warriors 21. Kharibdys 22. Hydra 23. Wild Wood Rangers 24. Eternal Guard 25. Excecutioners 26. Black Guard Free People: 1. General 2. Cogsmith 3. Battle Wizard 4. Battlemage on Griffon 5. Hurricanum 6. Luminark 7. General on Griffon 8. Crossbowmen 9. Guard 10. Helblaster 11. Handgunners 12. Rocket Battery 13. Pistoliers 14. Outriders 15. Greatswords 16. Gyrocopter 17. Gyrobomber 18. Demigriff Knights 19. Steamtank 20. Flaggelants 52 unit listings, slightly more warscrolls than that due to some added variations, but basically a book about the same size as Stormcast.
  31. 3 points
    I love how @Malakree measures the value of everything in Rockguts. Its like a new currency
  32. 3 points
    The "handful of models discontinued" was a bit of an understatement.
  33. 3 points
    Yo, all the heroes outside the Nomad Prince are Finecast, which is, was, and has been pretty rubbish in terms of quality, and probably cost GW more money than they saved trying to preserve the expensive metal molds. They seem to have finally sold their stock from like 10 years ago, and now it's time to move on to the modern levels of quality they are capable of creating with plastics. I own most of the WE heroes in metal and I completely understand them wanting to let them go - they don't really match the style of the newer models and they certainly don't match the story they are trying to tell. The GG kit's scale is smaller than most other aelves, and frankly the kit is pretty static in terms of posing. GW can do a lot better now that units don't rank up on little squares, and I don't fault them from retiring all the old kits that were sculpted specifically to rank up. If anything, we'll probably be getting better archer kits for the free cities later on - and there's good money they'll be aelves, because no one bows better. Ultimately, as someone who owns an awful lot of old metal WE models, I'm actually happy to see the remaining metal go - what player, new to the hobby, is going to want to buy 15 year old metal models when they could buy much more dynamic models in plastic? Most of what drives the sadness for replacing kits is nostalgia and a feeling like you can't use old things for some reason. I currently use my old metal Wardancers as counts-as WWR, my Wild Riders are the old metal ones, I use the old Waywatcher metal minis as my SotW, and my heroes are all metal - including my NP, which is the old Wood Elf with Spear and Sword hero with the cool antler hood. It's okay that new players get newer things - you can still use the old ones to represent the new units and models, and if anything it will add interest to your army and spark conversation rather than be some sort of detriment. As hobby players, we should be using as many old models as we can to represent our armies, especially if we put lots of time into converting, painting and basing them. You should be able to use your old models to represent new things, is what I'm saying, and the new Free Cities book will give you ample opportunity to do so. For now, it's time to get creative with what we can use our models for in the future, so that they can continue to see the table and be enjoyed by everyone.
  34. 3 points
    Upset isn't even the word, such a kick in the teeth. People will try and put a positive spin on this and/or play it down by trying to claim it's "justified" but i'd be very interested to see the amount of models you actually have. Won't be making any purchases for a long while, wouldn't have bought Warcry if I knew this was going to happen either.
  35. 3 points
    Exactly. I would be sad if he's gone, such a beautiful model. Useless on the battlefield but really a stand out between all the other "rank and file" style models. Anyhow, as I said, no looking back.🍻
  36. 3 points
    Feeling genuinely sad. Rest noble highborn princes and princesses, you were too good for this world.
  37. 3 points
    The thing that strikes me as strange about this is that the decisions seem largely about metal/finecast and model count in the box rather than the actual role of the units. As it is, a lot of the things are getting squatted are things that would actually add an interesting dimension to Cities, and a lot of the things that remain are really redundant. I hope that this means we will see some significant warscroll re-writes. Aside from that, I think that there is one very big silver lining that is largely getting ignored. If a lot of these warscrolls are going away, it will increase the justification for using the models that you prefer as "counts as". For example, when Quarrelers and Thunderers were their own thing, it was a bit questionable to take them to a tournament and say that they are Freeguild Crossbows or Handgunners. Now I don't think there is any excuse not to allow it.
  38. 3 points
    I don't think anyone would fault you for playing with really short "freeguild" guard after this.
  39. 3 points
  40. 3 points
    It's so people will buy blood knights 🧛‍♂️
  41. 2 points
    The story could easily be: beasts of chaos overrun sylvaneth war grove, branchwraith escapes, calls in the kurnothi, but the story is all told through her eyes? Hence she’s on the cover.
  42. 2 points
    I'd go one step further and say we allow people to use their old models in Cities armies as "proxies." Let Thunderers be Guild Gunners. Let Swordmasters be Greatswords. I say we band together and give people the chance to use their armies without having to resort to outdated, soon to be legacy rules.
  43. 2 points
    I mean several of the kits they are getting rid of like the Skycutter and mounted general are fantastic plastic kits from the end of 8th edition, barely older than the ET kits like Nagash, and certainly MUCH newer than the ENTIRE Skaven range, or most of DEATH. Meanwhile several much older and uglier kits are being left around for cities. These models are going: Click to choose files And these are staying:
  44. 2 points
    Wonder if we are going to see some of the similar warscrolls across races consolidated and made non race specific. Like Thunderers and free guild hand gunner merge under a new scroll called Free cities hand gunners which can be any race. The same could happen with Quarrelers and free guild crossbows and a bunch more.
  45. 2 points
    The fact that the cannon is in a legal matched-play merc company make it possible that's going to be replaced by a new sculpt. IMHO. But again what's the point in this premature rage/speculation? Lets wait a couple of days.
  46. 2 points
    Not worth it. If those minis were selling good GW would never remove them. That's why they are being removed OR REPLACED (we don't know that yet) by fresh versions matching new direction of certain army. I's not the end of the word if Glade Guard will be replaced by Kurnothi archers. Same goes for Light and Shadow Aelves and maybe every other army that is suffering from unit removal. What I'm loving is not making people uncertain of their collections or leaving them behind. I'm loving that GW is not lazy with introducing old armies the new way. In my opinion they were with DoK where there was 50% old minis vs 50% new. This time around I expect that Wanderers, Light and Shadow Aelves will be more like 20% old vs 80% new. Making those armies fresh, up to date. However GW should have given far more time for people who wanted to comlete their collections with current minis. Like 6 months of time.
  47. 2 points
    They must be scrapping all the fluff as well. No longer will Tempest's Eye be guarded by the spireguard etc. It's all a bit of a joke really, why even bother mentioning these things in the first place if GW were planning on cutting them out?
  48. 2 points
    There are always models that used to be sold. Is it reasonable to expect GW to stock every single model they've ever produced? The communication on this has been very poor, no argument there.
  49. 2 points
    So mathematically with no other effects the two are perfectly balanced for any number of attack increases. 2" range gives you 50% increase in attacks while the stabbas 4+ gives you a 50% increase in hits. The "When played perfectly" is because netters already have a 2" range, as @PlasticCraic pointed out" this means that you can use the stabbas, getting your 50% increase in hits from them, but also get the 9 netters in at 2" which mean that you are only losing 11 attacks from the spears rather than 20. This makes the stabbas just better because the spears are now only granting a 23% increase in attacks (less if you take any casualties). When you have a -1 to hit on you spears are a 23% increase in attacks but stabbas are a 100% increase in hits so they are strictly better. At -2 to hit stabbas don't provide any hit increase so the 23% increase from spears is better. Again this is is irrelevant of attack buff increases as the increases are % so they just scale up. It's true at 1 attack per gobbo and 50 attacks per gobbo.
  50. 2 points
    Thought I'd share how I'm doing my Orky flesh in case it gives others some ideas: Forgive any amounts of potato this brings, I took quick pictures with my phone while I worked and then cropped them down later. So some background: I wanted to have an easy side project while I work on my #Everchosen entry that I could make large amounts of progress with in a short amount of time, and this turned into me working on a Feral Orks army that will also be playable as a Bonesplitterz army in AoS. The thing is that the Contrast paint definitely has a layer of depth in the color, but I wanted a higher quality result that helps pull the highlight and shadow further than the paint can do on it's own over a flat primer coat. This lead to me treating the paint more like a heavy glaze and doing a bit of prep work on the base coat to get the effect I wanted. I started with a base coat of Mechanicus Standard Grey out of a rattlecan, followed by a layer of Grey Seer applied from a 45 degree angle to the top of the model and finally a straight down shot of Corax White to hit the highest points. Here's a bottom shot to try and illustrate the way the paint creates a gradient of shadows to highlights. The first step washed out the model's texture so I gave the model an all over wash of Nuln Oil, keeping it thin so it wouldn't pool on the high points. To pick out the high points I did a directional drybrush of Pallid Wych Flesh, only flicking the brush over the model in a downward direction to hit the highest points and leave the recesses darkened so the texture has more contrast. This was followed by giving the model a coat of Munitorium Varnish to smooth the texture of the model and give the Contrast paints a smooth surface to move over. This was followed by a layer of Ork Flesh, applied starting at the high points and working down to prevent it from pooling at the top of the model. You can see the recess shading is more pronounced, in part due to how the higher points are a much lighter color where the dry-brushing picked the texture out. A back shot to show how the color gradient from the successive layers of primer create a natural shading effect that simulates shadow being cast by the Ork's upper body onto his legs. Another low shot to show how the Ork flesh looks over the torso, and how the wash helped give the recesses some extra contrast for the darker flesh color. A Wurrgog Prophet model done at the same time in the same way. Due to how recessed his body is under his cloak his skin is darker than the Savage Warboss model, but this fits the natural shadow his body would have. Final example is a Wardokk. His more exposed skin shows off the way the highlights have helped create more texture for his skin by pushing the contrast over the other high points, allowing us to look like we spent more time layering green than we actual did. I hope this helps some people who are trying to get a little bit higher quality result out of their Contrast paints while keeping the whole project from becoming too much of a time sink.
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