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  1. 7 points
    centaur chest. centaur side close to the aelf-body transition. that‘s just my opinion. =}
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    God forbid older women exist or are allowed to be badass 🤡
  3. 5 points
    Maybe more leather like this dude !
  4. 5 points
    Just got to looking through those rumor engines, and the tithes discussion on what this death army will be. .... what if it's an expansion for a full, elite Morghast army?
  5. 5 points
    Hasn't been long enough to tell much about the state of the meta. But there are two things I do know for certain: Skaven units are still grossly undercosted. Slaanesh's summoning is broken.
  6. 4 points
    To be honest, the people that play Dispossessed, Elves and Free Peoples got some margin to be apreensive. Since AoS release about 4 years ago, a lot of us received no suport, no lore mentions, no artifacts, no traits, and a lot of models are not even packed on rounds bases. People are concerned and rightly so. Now what we got is a soup book that so far we got no knowledge of how it will play and the news that models will be cut. We get that doubt about "will it only gona be the Spire of Dawn models?", "are they gona cut that model i love because it is old?", "are they gona remove all resin?" "does the No longer avaiable really mean it is gone?" and so on. Ps: Good to remind that Glade Guard was tagged "No longer avaiable" in GW UK/Worldwide just to return a few weeks later. In my particular case, "Am i gona be able to finally field "High Elves" alone or will i be forced into buying Stormcasts for Battlelines and break the overall looks of my army with stuff i dont want?". Those things are a source of anxiety.
  7. 4 points
    Give this a listen: Skaven, DoK, FEC, and Slaanesh are all contenders. KO, Fryeslayer, and others are on the rise. Death has been hammered http://podcast.justplaygames.uk/generals-handbook-2019-review-mega-episode
  8. 3 points
    Basically nothing changed. FEC swapped places with Fyreslayers. LoN dropped slightly due to weird points increases. Skaven is still a mess with undercosted toolboxes of murder (greyseers alone blow my mind how that thing can be 120 pts two casts and warptoken to completely negate the range reduction of the vortex unbinding making the unbinding by an opponent very unlikely. Let alone plague monks and the verminlords). Fyreslayers units will never die. You have to tie them up before they sit on any points or its game over. This is even harder as they can deepstrike and not all factions can run spell spam or deal enough mortal wounds to shift them. Hedonites summoning is insanity and the damage output from a Keeper is closer to what I believe the baseline for all degrading behemoths should be to see play. DoK is DoK same issues. Same blender battleline that can run and charge and reroll everything and negate battleshock. Same coven still used exclusively for added toughness for your big block on a "glass cannon army". Same undercosted hag. FeC - Not as brainless win every combat as before. Our resident FEC players moan endlessly that they have to actually learn the game rather than just slam their general into any combat and autowin. 2 of them are already selling off their forces believing they are "ruined". The potential for 6 mortal wounds on the cheaper than zombie dragon gheist still makes me wonder who point costs things at GW. They must be an exceptional employee in other regards because the point costing is highly questionable. I still consider them very high tier and they have other forces that are powerful (feast day and blisterskin). These are the forces I consider on the "strong side" and even an inexperienced general with little tactical prowess will pull wins regularly with them. The combos are simple, strong (sometimes due to the interaction, sometimes due to the inherent power of the involved warscrolls) and do not require a lot of dynamic thought. And by this I mean that the combos do not require a lot of in game thinking about positioning, or placements or any of your opponents actions in general. Anyone in this "netdeck" era can look up the best interactions. Hell I see brand new players show up and proudly proclaim such and such combo. It seems clever but you google "best FEC combo" and bam there are every interaction/combo you need to see. What I consider difficult to pilot is when it requires significant skill to pull off said combos, which I do not consider many of the above to be.
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    You should see a doctor about that passive aggressive attitude, it can't be good for you 🙄 I was #2 but I guess the ranking was updated since the last time I checked it. Either way, you seem to have missed my point entirely. The status of being "a tournament player" is meaningless because this discussion just people flinging their opinions at each other. Nobody is objectively right or wrong about this topic, and claiming an opinion is more meaningful because somebody plays at a tournament is silly.
  10. 3 points
    Might be a new wyvern boss too
  11. 3 points
    Sorry if i didnt put clear. The post is about the mot powerful factions and i said that the gh havent changued nothing about those most powerful factions. Excuse me if i wasnt clear,im with you that the gh buffed some factions,but those buffs havent changued tye god tier and that was my sentence
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    I wonder why they would be routinely anxious? It's not like they've regularly axed models and even entire ranges without warning before /s "No longer available online" is different than "temporarily", the best you can hope for is a rebox with those words. I don't. The proof is in the pudding, and they've removed things without any warning from the game as recently as this year. I don't take vague asides on warhammer community at face-value, because there often seems to be a major disconnect between what gets posted (accidentally and then edited or removed later) and what actually happens.
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    I agree with all of your criticism about Stormcast. They have a terrible book full of downright garbage battalions, lackluster stormhosts, and awful artefacts. Despite all that, the power of Anvilstrike can't be denied. When it is built and played properly it is so oppressively strong that there seems to be no counter. I'm 32-0 with Anvilstrike so far this year at tournaments, and the meta has been packed full of the "top tier" armies like LON, DOK, HOS, Skaven, and FEC. My Anvilstrike has no trouble beating Skaven, even before the point cost increases and WLV errata. Longstrikes outrange WLC and they have the advantage over Jezzails because they can be left in reserve and Stormcast teleport is more versatile than Gnawholes. I can't see how Skaven can beat that list. This has not been my experience at all. With just a handful (5-10) of Auric Hearthguard to soak wounds and the standard save bonuses, Fyreslayer heroes are very resilient against being sniped. Lots of people are using Forge Brethren battalion with Ignax's Scales to make a Magmadroth virtually unkillable, which makes battleplans like Duality of Death a breeze. There is nothing in the game that can beat HGB in melee - 30 poleaxes with 2 attacks each doing mortal wounds on hit6, fighting first, and fighting twice is insane damage output. Mobility and endless spell spam is their weakness but people are already starting to put in allies like Skywardens and Knight-Incantors to shore up those weaknesses. FEC are still good but the change to Savage Strike is a huge blow to their defenses. I think people are going to adapt and either switch to Royal Mordant + Blisterskin for megamove flayers or Feast Day with +2 cast and ethereal/cogs combo. I'm #2 on ITC, does that make my opinion more relevant to you?
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    lol @ the guy with seraphon as tier 1. I wish buddy.
  15. 3 points
    Or even Euro for every time somebody tries to get the conversation back to rumours! 😒😉
  16. 3 points
    Huh This might be your personal experience but SCE are tier 1.5 to 2, being something of a powerfuly but again one trick pony. No battalions (playable ones atleast), no special artifacts (or extra artifacts) or special synergy beyond Anvils Shoot twice. Every "complete" feeling army i build with SCE comes out to 2300ish points. It feels like a "decent warscroll" army. Skaven FeC and DoK are tier 1, the difference comes from good players vs bad. A good skaven player will ruin Anvil Strikes day. FEC Blisterskin lists are also now the better ones imo but a lot of people bought into GG and are sticking with it Edit: i saw the win rates for melee heavy and ballista heavy lists. Honestly i dont understand why they were nerfed given their win rates. My money is on people complaining and GW again doing no analysis beyond their FB survey to address the complaints over any serious balancing. IMO people are gonna complain again because if they thought the ballista was oppressive, having their main heroes shot off in a single round by longstrikes is gonna ****** a lot of people off. And then we can have EVERYTHING overcosted in SCE
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    You'd have a box of wich aelves!
  18. 3 points
    My $0.02 Skaven, LON, FEC, and DOK were knocked down significantly. Khorne is looking much better now with cheaper Skull Cannons and Bloodthirster, as well as the changes to meta-warping Gristlegore Savage Strike. Ironjawz, Tzeentch, and Seraphon were significantly improved. Everything else pretty much stayed the same. Stormcast deep strike builds (both melee + ballista drop) are much worse, but they still have double tap Longstrikes and Dracoths so they're relatively stronger than before. Slaanesh is a very strong army in the right meta but it gets bullied hard by shooting armies and armies that spam 1 wound models. Unfortunately the meta has lots of 1 wound models and armies that have multiwound models also tend to be the ones that shoot well. I think the current top tier armies are Stormcast (Anvilstrike), Fyreslayers (both Hermdar LOTL & Lofnir Forge Brethren), and Seraphon (Thunderquake), followed by Skaven, FEC, Slaanesh, and DOK. I'm still uncertain about Sylvaneth Feel free to disagree
  19. 3 points
    Recap on probably aos related rumours
  20. 3 points
    This is the rumor thread tho
  21. 3 points
  22. 3 points
    It strikes me that the people who really want a few of these boxes to disappear are the same people who wanted Tomb Kings and Bretonnia removed from the GHB. I look forward to their disappointment.
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    Clan Prepnik marched out of its aqshian farm to raid and plunder Idoneth Deepkin fishes... Was defeated and fled back to its farm quick-quick! I did a 2000-point battle against Idoneth Deepkin today. This was my army (one WLC missing in the picture): The list was: Including fresh recruits from Clan Skryre A warlock bombardier converted from a Spire of Dawn warpfire thrower kit: SPELLS, ALL THE SPELLS FOR BOULDRAK YES-YES And of course some humble farming rats devoted to Clan Prepnik The opponent was Idoneth Deepkin. His list was more of less the following: The Skaven troops are boxed in a metal box and the spells in a small shoe box. All 2000points in a backpack! THE BATTLE BEGINS The scenario is Shifting Objectives, the first main objective lands on the far right of the picture, and Idoneth gets the first turn Turn 1 - Fish The whole army runs for the objectives. They do some shooting and kill 2 clanrats on the far left, and 6 on the far right. End of turn, Idoneth controls all 3 objectifs and scores 5 points Turn 1 - The Mighty Skaven Horde of the Magnificient Grey Seer Bouldrak Grey Seer Bouldrak is ready to unleash some cunning tricks on the clueless fishes. The plan is to Skitterleap the Arch-Warlock against his will in the middle of a Akhelian Corps to dump a Balewind Vortex and Soulsnare Shackles before scurrying away through a Gnawhole. Grey Seer Bouldrak rolls a double 1 on Skitterleap. He manages to get on top of a Balewind Vortes though, which is next to useless. Shooting phase: An overcharged WLC deals 4 damage to the Eidolon (down to 12 life), but 4 damage to itself too. The other WLC damages an Allopex. Oh boy that Idoneth rule that only the closest unit can be targetted is complicating placement! The Stormfiends get boosted with Vigourdust Injector, Deranged Inventor and a Warpstone Spark and wipe an Allopex. Movement phase: Bouldrak can't let the objectives go away! He sends two units of clanrats to a certain death to claim some points! 20 clanrats charge the main objective to score 3 points, and 20 other clanrats charge the Eidolon to score 1 more point: End of turn: 4 points for me and 5 for the Idoneth. I get to start turn 2!!! The main objective remains the same (far right) --- Turn 2 - The Mighty Skaven Horde of the Magnificient Grey Seer Bouldrak Grey Seer Bouldrak is now ready to unleash the cunning combo of skitterleaping the Arch-Warlock on top of the main objective to lock the Akhelian Corp. Grey Seer Bouldrak fails miserably with a 1 and 2. Note to self: Consume warpstone tokens to make the combo work, even if it means dying! There is absolutely no spell to range. I can't cast anything besides a shield on the bombardier and a mystic shield. Shooting phase: Stormfiends receive vigordust, deranged inventor and a spark again. They send the Eidolon back to the very bottom of the abyss with 17 damage despite the save, the ward save, and the boat wreckage ward save. Sidenote: The Eidolon was named Alain Deleau (translation: Alain From the Water) due to his ressemblance to French actor Alain Delon A cannon cleans the other Allopex, making the left flank totally empty and the objective secure. On the far right, clanrats get wiped so the main objective goes back to the Idoneth. 1 more point for me. Total of 5 for me and 5 for Idoneth. Turn 2 - Fish The Idoneth leaves the central and right objectives (secured already) and rush Grey Seer Bouldrak on his vortex, the 20 clanrats in the center and the 15 Acolytes (who did not do anything since the beginning) Note to self: Use the acolytes! But the Stormfiends were better positioned so they received all the buffs. The Acolytes movement is cool (run and shoot) but it was not enough to threaten the Idoneth. Grey Seer Bouldrak dies escapes through a Gnawhole back to his farm 19 clanrats die! Not 20 but 19!!!! 3 Acolytes die. I decide to use the arch-warlock CP (left on the picture) to save the single clanrat instead of the Acolytes for some cunning plan!!! Wait-see! 4 points more for Idoneth, for a total of 9. I get to start the third turn! The objective again stays on the far right... --- Turn 3 - The Mighty Skaven Horde of the Magnificient Grey Seer Bouldrak The Arch-Warlock casts Warp Lightning Vortex on top of the Akhelian Corps, but it is too late in the game to make a large impact... Here comes the cunning plan! Which I realized later on that in fact it was not supposed to work... The single rat that was saved Turn 2 is 6'' from the gnawhole. The Arch-Warlock is 11'' from the Gnawhole. I spend another command point to run to the gnawhole, and teleports the single rat on top of the unattended main objective to score 3 points. But later on I realized this was not supposed to work because of the Gnawhole teleporting is for the beginning of the movement phase... My mistake Shooting phase: The stormfiends wipe the 20 thralls and the Souldrender. The WLC wipe 3 Ishlaen Guards. Looking good! I score 4 points for a total of 9. Turn 3 - Fish Idoneth has a Leviadon, a Tidecaster and 3 Ishlaen Guards left. The boosted Leviadon rushes the Stormfiends and kills 4 of them! Misery! With no hero nearby, the 2 other run away... The arch-warlock dies. The Tidecaster charges and kills the single clanrat that was securing the main objective. End of turn, 4 more points for the Idoneth, for a total of 13. I am left with 2 WLC, a warlock bombardier, and 6 Acolytes. We decide to stop there. The WLC don't have enough movement to secure objectives. The Acolytes are locked into combat with an Ishlaen Guard. There was no way I could win on points, even if I somehow got a triple turn and wiped the Idoneth player. Summary The battle was very close and tense. Each turn saw some big and important units being wiped on each side. Despite the double turn, Idoneth getting the first turn and the first 5 points really got me in a bad position. I had to do several suicide moves to catch up on points. My army lacks mobility. I don't feel the Acolytes and Gnawholes are enough. Gnawholes were locked by the Idoneth player anyway. On the other hand, Idoneth had plenty of mobility. I need to get either a Doomwheel or a Warp Grinder team. Stormfiends were absolute beasts! What really did the difference was their huge survivability. They managed to wipe an Eidolon, 2 Allopexes, 20 thralls and a Soulrender before losing a single model! As a consequence, I babysitted them heavily instead of the Acolytes, thereby making the Acolytes quite subpar. The problem with the Acolytes is that they cannot survive a charge. They can wipe a single unit but then have to pray for not being charged back by another unit nearby. On the other hand, the stormfiends can stay in the center and absorb the hits (as long as they can be immuned to battleshock). I'm considering adding 3 more stormfiends for a total of 9 and a warp grinder instead of the 15 acolytes. But I'm still hesitating... I need to take more risks with magic. Failing Skitterleap twice made my endless spells useless. Next time I will make the grey seer consume warp tokens to make sure the spell gets through. I feel it is crucial to at least have a chance to land a WLV or shackles early. I think I will have the opportunity to take revenge next week. Any idea about what to change in terms of units or strategy? Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the battle report. I don't get much opportunities to play unfortunately, as I live very far from any player group or GW shop. I spend much time theorycrafting and painting but not much actually playing. My strategy and placement still need improving... Cheers
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    This causes brain hurt, For a true analysis you would have to take out the scores of the top 10-15percent as they are better players and you will see people basically copying their lists and finish mid table you would also have to remove their wins from the opponents that they have beat records, also you would need to balance the the games and the factions, for example KO aren't that popular at the moment but you their was a sudden influx of KO players and they mostly matched up against khorne or slaanesh suddenly everyone would think them a higher tier than if they met constant match ups against SC anvils, Skaven, IDK. So you would need that an equal amount of factions playing against an equal amount of opposing factions with every faction represented with each allegiance type playing an equal amount of games. My opinion on the ghb it's pretty good, being a primary khorne daemon player happy with the points drop still unhappy with the new khorne book, as my whole army got nerfed and mortals got made better bloodletters and blood crushers mostly aren't worth the points but they're painted so they see the tabletop.
  25. 2 points
    And here are some pics I took of the rest of the army after getting best painted at a local (shhhh don’t tell anyone it was 40k ). The project is over now and I’ll try to do regular progress updates as I paint my warcry minis...
  26. 2 points
    Considering that AoS really doesn’t have a current functioning Skirmish game, if AoS gamers want a Skirmish game, it’ll take off. Yes, AoS Skirmish exists as well as Underworlds. But neither offer gameplay and/or decent balance like Warcry might (and hopefully will). Plus, you can use all your own models in Warcry if you want to play Order, Destruction, or Death. That’s a big positive for me. I’m really hoping that they allow other Chaos armies to be played in the near future. While Chaos is represented by the Warcry warbands, I can’t think of any reason (narrative or gameplay) why current chaos factions couldn’t be included as well. SG
  27. 2 points
    When Necromunda 2017 first came out, it was super popular here. But the release of Kill Team just ended all the campaigns and purchases. People wanted skirmish in the 40k universe and were simply settling for Necromunda. I'm not sure if that's universal, but I bet it's a pretty common thing. I have no idea how Warcry is going to shake out, but having tried the game and seen a number of games played, I think it's at least playable and solid. Who knows how long it will last as a product line and how many people will go on playing it for years. It's the sort of game I like and I especially like chaos stuff not associate with the 4 powers. I find the breakdown of chaos into 4 distinct powers with pairs of them being especially opposed and them cycling through prominence in a great game to be inherently orderly. Having all sorts of great daemons and minor powers and unknown dark gods worshipped by particular sects is far more chaotic than the known four equal power breakdown.
  28. 2 points
    I can only really comment on the armies I play with. -Tzeentch - Remains the Same. Point hikes on key endless spells have really hurt. Also note the Gaunt Summoner with Chaos familiars, which was in literally every list, was straight up dropped from matched play. However a few key points drops helped offset. Lists will likely change pretty dramtically but overall a net of zero. -Sylvaneth- Increase from low tier to mid tier. Though technically this is because of a new codex (and not a GHB update) the sylvaneth got better at everything they do. With the exception of Kurnoth Hunters, the power creep of the book was actually quite modest so hopefully this is indicative of future codex releases.
  29. 2 points
    It's okay we have become accustomed to constant crushing disappointment.
  30. 2 points
    UPDATED LIST Full List: USA - Out of Stock - Wildwood Rangers/Eternal Guard - Executioners/ Black Guard - Free Guild General - Unforged - Flagelants - Warrior Priest (new) - Volkmar the Grim on War Altar of Sigmar (changed from No longer avaiable to Out of Stock) USA - No Longer Avaiable - White Lions - Dragon Noble - Glade Guard - Canon/Organ Gun UK - Out of Stock - Witch Hunter - Flagelants - Drakespawn Knights - Bleakswords/Drakspears/Darkshards - Warrior Priest (new) UK - No longer avaiable - White Lions - Free Guild General - Free Guild Archers Worldwide - Out of Stock - Witch Hunter - Flagelants - Drakespawn Knights - Bleakswords/Drakspears/Darkshards - Warrior Priest (new) Worldwide - No longer avaiable - White Lions - Free Guild General - Free Guild Archers
  31. 2 points
    I was just seeking clarity. Hard to evaluate your 32-0 without understanding the context, 32-0 including 3 or 4 5 game majors is very different from 32-0 in a small pond.
  32. 2 points
    I have prepared a poster for you with all the DoK lists of ETC 2019, so it will be easier to compare. out of 8 lists we have: 4 lists with Claudron Guard (Witches+Lifetakers) 3 lists with Slaughter troupe (SoS+Heartrenders) 5 lists have Morathi every list makes use of the max. unitsize for point efficiency Leader section of all lists is very simliar (core: Slaughter Queen on Cauldron + 2 Hag Queens + Medusa) DoK ETC 2019 - all.pdf
  33. 2 points
    Hi everyone. I just finished reading the Warcry short story the iron promise, as it heavily features chaos dwarfs (or 1 at least). There is a very curious passage from the story however, where the chaos dwarf states that they "tricked a god into raising this mountain for us, and took his secrets"
  34. 2 points
    @JackStreicher thanks for the offer, might do that sometime. I finally managed to get the model prepared for a print. creating enough wall thickness was really tricky because in some areas the topology of the model was pretty messed up. I also had to simplify the model and deleted some details that were to hard to print, like teeth and the tendrils on his back. The also redid the cloth but I think I actually like how it turned out. There are also are 9 'escape holes' which I'll have to fix after printing. Now I have to wait until the print is done, hopefully it will come out right. Then I need to do some green stuff work to complete it. All in all he will cost me almost the same as the actual greater daemons, not counting the hours I spend on him (which is easily around 200 hours in total...) this is the model that I ordered as a print. While waiting for the print I'm painting some of my some knights and a chariot I build. I'll post some pics of those soon.
  35. 2 points
    It would make sense to me to have a wardancer like faction spun out of the wood elves like DoK was spun out of old dark elves (and everyone expects angel/light elves to be spun out of high elves). On the other hand I prefer to think its a goth elf wearing new rocks until there is hard evidence otherwise. We had that scaly tail rumour engine a while ago. What about a seraphon band - maybe that tail is a kroxigor with some skink buddies? I like the way you're thinking. We do have 1 official non-FW chaos dwarf in warcry incoming after all. Personally, I'd love to see some new dispossessed with characterful underworlds sculpts though, I know its a very worn out fantasy trope but I do like my dwarves old-fashioned, drunk and grumbling.
  36. 2 points
    The first one I see it more as a new Chaos Marauder sculpt. It looks a lot like this one : Though I agree, the second one could very well be a new centaur !
  37. 2 points
    To finish the month out, i decided to scratch build some terrain and kitbash a dollar store pirate into something presentable, then paint him using only cheap paints (with the exception of the mettalics)
  38. 2 points
    You're forgetting something. The Freeguild are all really scrappy little guys. Scrappiness equals +1 to their save. Never forget, every Freeguild soldier is someone Sigmar DIDN'T have to save while every Stormcast Eternal is someone who'd be dead if Sigmar had not saved them. 😤
  39. 2 points
    Am I late to the party? I'ma predict Dogs of War are going the way of the dodo! Also Necron Pariahs! 😉
  40. 2 points
    Man that is so true it hurts. You try to build a solid SCE army with enough tools to not start the game on the back foot and you always come up two or three units above points limit. It gets even worse at 1000 points, the army is basically unplayable at that point.
  41. 2 points
    So, Zarbag's Gitz (from Underworlds) come to 715 points if you count Zarbag as a Moonclan Boss, and drop the Fanatic. It looks like 1-2 Squig riders will give you some options for a 1k list... The Boinggrot Boss is a bit of a monster, with T5, fast movement and 2" reach on those attacks. Adding one to the Zarbag box (and demoting Zarbag to another Herder) takes you to 875 points. You could swap a goblin out for another Squig, keeping the number of models to purchase pretty low.
  42. 2 points
    I wish I had a pound for every time someone said 'Tomb Kings' on this thread!
  43. 2 points
    I really hope we get miniatures based of some of this character art. Its all been excellent, and female battle mages is something that has been lacking basically forever. An RPG really requires more variety of minis than the wargame has ever supported. Not every soulscryer is going to be exactly the same as every other, so it would be great if they could put out a "heroes of the realms" kit or two, which builds a variety of customisable models that work across factions. Something like the current Battlemages and freeguild/ aelven generals kits, but with more variety for the concepts it can protray maybe.
  44. 2 points
    "mutant shriveled man goblin face"? For real? It's just an aged woman? She looks kinda cool.
  45. 2 points
    With Number 6 finished my Warcry Stormcast are ready and waiting to join the battle. For clarity: Most are Vanguard Hunters unless carrying a giant crossbow I know Spears and Shields arent an option, they're done for cosmetic reasons only to give a unique and personal approach to Stormcast for my own personal theme
  46. 1 point
    As I added my pledge to the February thread I thought I would start recording my work here. So to start here are some of my WIP nurgle models:
  47. 1 point
    Well yesterday really felt like an uphill struggle. I got the stone parts done on the top section of the Mortis Enging on Monday, but decided I really ought to crack into applying the base colours on all the bases rather than continue with the Mortis Engine. I'm slightly grateful I did because this took me pretty much 11 hours to achieve. Dawnstone over a while undercoat requires two coats and I've well over 90 models... The target for this is still next Tuesday evening (which includes packing the army into cases) - not going to lie, it's going to be tight, especially considering I've lost Saturday as a hobby day. If I don't hang around too much, I should be able to apply the washes onto the bases and metallics this evening, allowing me to drybrush tomorrow. I can then spend Friday sorting out the top of the Mortis Engine and Sunday doing the Guardian of Souls, Necromancers and Skeleton shields. The edges of the base I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze in on Saturday when I get back (done using the airbrush, so it's just volume of models that'll slow me down). That also gives me Monday evening as a backup for when things go wrong and Tuesday to pack everything up.
  48. 1 point
    5 toughness is all well and good, but the real problem to me would be their across the board Str 3. They are going to be hitting most things in the game 33% of the time, and sure those times will be 50/50 crit or regular dmg, but the regular dmg is mostly 1...which is pretty rough. An people are going to say "oh well they won't be good at killing but they'll be good at holding points." The reality of Warcry is that if you are good at killing you are good at both...since you don't need to spend actions to do anything else a guy who is good at killing can just spend 2-3 rounds doubling attacking and eventually delete all the ghosts to hold the point... I'm really not trying to be "that guy"...but GW just has no experience with an activation-based game like this and it shows. The more I learn about it (and based on two games I've played and watching about a dozen more) Warcry really seems like a big old dud. Which is sad because it had so much promise and I really, really wanted to like it. I actually think it could still be made into a good game with a little homebrew ingenuity...but I shouldn't feel like I need to fix a game with a $40 rulebook the day after it comes out. Maybe I'll come back to it in a year and see if they've ironed out any of the huge mistakes.
  49. 1 point
    Seraphon are quite flexible in how they play, even if they're limited in terms of competitive options. I haven't seen them on the tabletop since GHB2019, so I can't really say specifically, but I'm guessing the primary 3 lists will still be: Skink Saurus focused Shadowstrike Engine of the Gods summoners The issue with playing against Seraphon is that while they're fantastic spellcasters, it's rare to see them really cast spells in turn 2-3 unless they're desperate or penned in. Two main ways of dealing with them: Just run a list with anti-horde capability, but you also want a fast, MSU army with a few small blobs of units you can scatter around to prevent them from teleporting and summoning. Go hard, go fast with lots of MW (Exalted Chariots are great for this) and give your Keeper of Secrets the Thermalrider Cloak from Aqshy in order to let it get into their backlines and smash the Slann (and any Engines of the Gods). Having an Infernal Enrapturess or two (summoned in, in all likelihood) helps a lot with keeping the casting to a minimum, too.
  50. 1 point
    Etsy has a whole bunch of people who make/3D print big mushrooms https://www.etsy.com/market/mushroom_terrain
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