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  1. 7 points
    centaur chest. centaur side close to the aelf-body transition. that‘s just my opinion. =}
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    Just got to looking through those rumor engines, and the tithes discussion on what this death army will be. .... what if it's an expansion for a full, elite Morghast army?
  3. 4 points
    To be honest, the people that play Dispossessed, Elves and Free Peoples got some margin to be apreensive. Since AoS release about 4 years ago, a lot of us received no suport, no lore mentions, no artifacts, no traits, and a lot of models are not even packed on rounds bases. People are concerned and rightly so. Now what we got is a soup book that so far we got no knowledge of how it will play and the news that models will be cut. We get that doubt about "will it only gona be the Spire of Dawn models?", "are they gona cut that model i love because it is old?", "are they gona remove all resin?" "does the No longer avaiable really mean it is gone?" and so on. Ps: Good to remind that Glade Guard was tagged "No longer avaiable" in GW UK/Worldwide just to return a few weeks later. In my particular case, "Am i gona be able to finally field "High Elves" alone or will i be forced into buying Stormcasts for Battlelines and break the overall looks of my army with stuff i dont want?". Those things are a source of anxiety.
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    Basically nothing changed. FEC swapped places with Fyreslayers. LoN dropped slightly due to weird points increases. Skaven is still a mess with undercosted toolboxes of murder (greyseers alone blow my mind how that thing can be 120 pts two casts and warptoken to completely negate the range reduction of the vortex unbinding making the unbinding by an opponent very unlikely. Let alone plague monks and the verminlords). Fyreslayers units will never die. You have to tie them up before they sit on any points or its game over. This is even harder as they can deepstrike and not all factions can run spell spam or deal enough mortal wounds to shift them. Hedonites summoning is insanity and the damage output from a Keeper is closer to what I believe the baseline for all degrading behemoths should be to see play. DoK is DoK same issues. Same blender battleline that can run and charge and reroll everything and negate battleshock. Same coven still used exclusively for added toughness for your big block on a "glass cannon army". Same undercosted hag. FeC - Not as brainless win every combat as before. Our resident FEC players moan endlessly that they have to actually learn the game rather than just slam their general into any combat and autowin. 2 of them are already selling off their forces believing they are "ruined". The potential for 6 mortal wounds on the cheaper than zombie dragon gheist still makes me wonder who point costs things at GW. They must be an exceptional employee in other regards because the point costing is highly questionable. I still consider them very high tier and they have other forces that are powerful (feast day and blisterskin). These are the forces I consider on the "strong side" and even an inexperienced general with little tactical prowess will pull wins regularly with them. The combos are simple, strong (sometimes due to the interaction, sometimes due to the inherent power of the involved warscrolls) and do not require a lot of dynamic thought. And by this I mean that the combos do not require a lot of in game thinking about positioning, or placements or any of your opponents actions in general. Anyone in this "netdeck" era can look up the best interactions. Hell I see brand new players show up and proudly proclaim such and such combo. It seems clever but you google "best FEC combo" and bam there are every interaction/combo you need to see. What I consider difficult to pilot is when it requires significant skill to pull off said combos, which I do not consider many of the above to be.
  5. 3 points
    Sorry if i didnt put clear. The post is about the mot powerful factions and i said that the gh havent changued nothing about those most powerful factions. Excuse me if i wasnt clear,im with you that the gh buffed some factions,but those buffs havent changued tye god tier and that was my sentence
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    I agree with all of your criticism about Stormcast. They have a terrible book full of downright garbage battalions, lackluster stormhosts, and awful artefacts. Despite all that, the power of Anvilstrike can't be denied. When it is built and played properly it is so oppressively strong that there seems to be no counter. I'm 32-0 with Anvilstrike so far this year at tournaments, and the meta has been packed full of the "top tier" armies like LON, DOK, HOS, Skaven, and FEC. My Anvilstrike has no trouble beating Skaven, even before the point cost increases and WLV errata. Longstrikes outrange WLC and they have the advantage over Jezzails because they can be left in reserve and Stormcast teleport is more versatile than Gnawholes. I can't see how Skaven can beat that list. This has not been my experience at all. With just a handful (5-10) of Auric Hearthguard to soak wounds and the standard save bonuses, Fyreslayer heroes are very resilient against being sniped. Lots of people are using Forge Brethren battalion with Ignax's Scales to make a Magmadroth virtually unkillable, which makes battleplans like Duality of Death a breeze. There is nothing in the game that can beat HGB in melee - 30 poleaxes with 2 attacks each doing mortal wounds on hit6, fighting first, and fighting twice is insane damage output. Mobility and endless spell spam is their weakness but people are already starting to put in allies like Skywardens and Knight-Incantors to shore up those weaknesses. FEC are still good but the change to Savage Strike is a huge blow to their defenses. I think people are going to adapt and either switch to Royal Mordant + Blisterskin for megamove flayers or Feast Day with +2 cast and ethereal/cogs combo. I'm #2 on ITC, does that make my opinion more relevant to you?
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    Recap on probably aos related rumours
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    This is the rumor thread tho
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    It strikes me that the people who really want a few of these boxes to disappear are the same people who wanted Tomb Kings and Bretonnia removed from the GHB. I look forward to their disappointment.
  10. 2 points
    It's okay we have become accustomed to constant crushing disappointment.
  11. 2 points
    UPDATED LIST Full List: USA - Out of Stock - Wildwood Rangers/Eternal Guard - Executioners/ Black Guard - Free Guild General - Unforged - Flagelants - Warrior Priest (new) - Volkmar the Grim on War Altar of Sigmar (changed from No longer avaiable to Out of Stock) USA - No Longer Avaiable - White Lions - Dragon Noble - Glade Guard - Canon/Organ Gun UK - Out of Stock - Witch Hunter - Flagelants - Drakespawn Knights - Bleakswords/Drakspears/Darkshards - Warrior Priest (new) UK - No longer avaiable - White Lions - Free Guild General - Free Guild Archers Worldwide - Out of Stock - Witch Hunter - Flagelants - Drakespawn Knights - Bleakswords/Drakspears/Darkshards - Warrior Priest (new) Worldwide - No longer avaiable - White Lions - Free Guild General - Free Guild Archers
  12. 2 points
    The first one I see it more as a new Chaos Marauder sculpt. It looks a lot like this one : Though I agree, the second one could very well be a new centaur !
  13. 2 points
    "mutant shriveled man goblin face"? For real? It's just an aged woman? She looks kinda cool.
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    The Eight Points are a vast and twisted place. Some say that somewhere, folded in a knot of time and space, there is a crooked, half burnt inn, and inside a twin-tailed fish nailed to a shambling door. They say that if you go through that door, you’ll find yourself in the nightmare before time, the pandemonium city : Mordheim... I was thinking about the disappointment that a lot of people felt because they were expecting something closer to Mordheim. While I’m glad that we have a more streamlined ruleset, I wonder how hard it would be to homebrew some kind of hybrid? There are 6 warbands in the original mordheim rulebook : Human mercenaries (although with several flavors), witch hunters, sisters of sigmar, undead, skaven and possessed. I’m thinking that it could be cool to come up with profiles and aptitudes for these warbands, add a couple of D66 tables and maybe a bit more meat to the campaign system, and be able to enjoy the fresh rules with the old setting! what do you think, what would you like from such an expansion, what would you change? This is basically wishlisting at this stage but who knows, it might develop into something more
  15. 1 point
    Unfortunelly the sprues are mixed up, so they cant sell the sides in separate packages. So the options would be keep on printing it or removing the line. Is a shame indeed but you can use then with some creativity: -Swordmasters = Greatswords - Griffon = Put on larger base and use the empire warscroll. - Spireguard = Dreadspears - Reavers = Drak Riders/Pistoleers
  16. 1 point
    That would make sense for sure... Wow. Red Stormcast in WHU. All aggro and with less defense...
  17. 1 point
    Uh personally, not really. I know broadly why/how to do it but that's second hand from a much better player. So instead I'll link you to the podcast where it gets discussed/brought up. http://podcast.justplaygames.uk/5-0-at-bobo-gloomspite-gitz-list-tech-with-ritchie
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    It looks like a strong force on paper. If it's working for you I wouldn't change much. There's not much room to change things without it impacting how the list plays. I don' think you need extra rats. More is always better, but you have 100 already. I do think the extra CP may be a waste though with the Warpseer. If you don't use it in your opponents turn 1 there's a good chance you never will. For the points, I'd be tempted to take a 4th ratling gun. It will be spare to begin with, but will allow the lists 'gimmick' (Overseer of Destruction + Warpstone sparks) to work for longer. Even if they avoid incoming damage (unlikely) one will blow itself up in the first couple of shots so it would pay to have a spare, getting more life out of your command trait and allegiance ability.
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    Welcome, lords of Shyish! This is a handbook describing Legions of Nagash, and how they play on tabletop in AoS 2ed. The aim of this text is to help new people to sort out all the confusing options - allegiances, units not in the book, etc. I also provided an estimation of each option's efficiency based on personal expirience (other people may disagree with me). Each unit will be marked from 1 to 5, with numbers meaning the following: 5 – excellent 4 – good 3 – moderate 2 – weak 1 – really bad Abilities and traits First, all legions share a set of allegiance abilities and other features, some of them heavily influence tactics and playstyle of the faction. Bravery – All current Death units have a Bravery of 10 (very high), which makes them resistant to Battleshock and Bravery-targeting abilities. Note that any unit gains +1 Bravery for every 10 models in it when rolling for Battleshock. Summonable units – many units in the legions have the Summonable keyword. Such units can be healed and resurrected using necromancy of your heroes and gravesites. Other units will have harder time healing. Deathly invocation/Invigorating aura – these abilities are the source of healing for summonable units, and are used during hero phase. Each warscroll specifies the range and number of targets. For each target, you roll 1d3. 1-wound units just return that many slain models back to the unit. 2-wound units heal 1 wound if there was a wounded model in the unit, or return a slain model to the unit if you rolled 2 or 3 on your 1d3. 3-wound units heal 1 or 2 wounds (depending on your roll) if there was a wounded model in the unit, or return a slain model to the unit if you rolled a 3 on your 1d3. 4+ wound units just heal that many wounds if there was a wounded model in the unit (Bat Swarms are the only known 4+ wound summonable currently). The Unquiet Dead – before armies deploy, you can place 4 gravesite markers on the table (2 on your half, 2 anywhere else). They do 3 useful things: -Heal/reanimate your summonable units. The healing from different gravesites stack. This helps to win attrition wars greatly, and works even if all of your heroes has been slain. -Allow you to keep one or more units in reserve, deploying them later in the game from any gravesite with one of your heroes nearby. This helps deploying slow units (all undead infantry) closer to the enemy. It also helps threaten objectives, forcing your opponent to advance to the gravesite position (and likely allowing you to charge them easier) to stop you. And if they don’t, you can just occupy the objective. -You general can return your wholly destroyed summonable units back to the table from any gravesite. The most obvious way to use gravesite is to place them near objectives, since there will be a lot of action near them. Placing gravesites near each other also makes sense, because one unit can simultaneously receive healing from multiple gravesites. Deathless Minions – your heroes have 6” auras that allow Death units within to roll a dice for each wound taken. On a 6, the wound is ignored. Endless Legions – this is an additional command ability your general gains. It allows to return your completely destroyed summonable units back to the table from a gravesite. It costs 1 Command Point per use, just like all other command abilities, and can be used multiple times per hero phase. Overall, all these abilities make summonable units very durable, and good at attrition wars, especially while a friendly hero is nearby. Summonables ignore some wounds, they heal/reanimate each hero phase if at least 1 model is remaining, and if they are destroyed completely, your general can bring them back, spending CP. Other common abilities Banners – many legion units can unclude standard bearers. The banners all have the same ability: they lower Bravery of nearby enemies. This is more than useful since it stacks with other Braery debuffs available to Legions. Lowered Bravery not only makes enemy units fail Battleshock, losing additional models, but can also be exploited via Bravery-targeting abilities and spells that many Legion units and artifacts have. Musicians – many legion units can unclude musicians. After a Legion unit with a musician rolls for charge distance if the result is less than 6, you can charge 6”. This protects from failed charges on short distances. Shields – Shields of the dead provide a defence bonus against attack with no rend. Situational, but useful anyway. Many battleline units in the game have no rend (including elite choices like Blightkings and regular Stormcast Liberators). Allegiances When you compose an army list, you should choose an allegiance. There are 5 legion allegiances, and each gives you access to different traits and artifacts. Grand Host – Grave Guard and Morghast units become Battleline. Morghast units also gain +1 attack (especially useful for halberds). Also features an additional useful healing ability for summonables, Legions Innumerable. A good choice if you a going to use multiple summoning units (which is usually a good idea anyway), or if you like using only elite units. Legion of Sacrament – Gives wizards in this legion an additional +1 bonus to casting rolls. Also allows to return your completely destroyed units back from a gravesite without using CPs via The Master’s Teachings ability. A good choice if you want to focus your army around spellcasting heroes. Legion of Blood – Vampire Lords and Blood Knights get an additional attack (mounts get that bonus too). Also, all legion of Blood units reduce Bravery of nearby enemies (yes, that stacks with banners). A good choice if you want to have several Vampire Lords on Zombie Dragons in your army, or want to focus on attacking enemy Bravery. Legion of Night – Skeletal units gain defense bonus while they are on your table half. Also allows to place up to 3 units in an ambush, deploying them whenever you like near table edges (6"), potentially outflanking the enemy. A good choice if you want to have a lot of skeletal undead in your army, or if you like using ambushes. Units At last, we got to the meat (and bone?) of this handbook. In matched play, units are separated into different roles – Battleline, Leaders, Behemoths and War Machines. Some units have no role. There are restrictions in matched play that are tied to these roles. First, you must have a certain minimum number of Battleline units in your army, depending on the game size. Then, the maximum number of Leaders, Behemoths and War Machines you can have in your army is limited, also based on game size. Units with no role are not restricted. In this handbook, I decided to separate units by role, so that comparisons would make more sence. Battleline The backbone of your army, the basic units. Note that Grave Guard (and Morghast, with Nagash) become Battleline if you choose the Grand Host Allegiance. Dire Wolves – An efficient 70 pts undead puppies. They are very fast, have good defence (which is improved if a Corpse Cart is nearby), moderate offensive power. They can can quickly capture objectives or charge enemy backline. The downsides are: lack of musician/banner and small numbers (5 models per 70 pts), which can complicate capturing objectives held by infantry mobs. You get a discount if you hire 30 of them. Summonable. 4/5. Zombies – A cheaper alternative to undead wolves. Zombies have typical death infantry speed (very slow) and no defence at all. Their attack power is weak, but scales with numbers – 40 of them are much more powerful than 10. Too bad that the discount exists only for mobs of 60. Corpse cart nearby further buffs their attacks. Compared to wolves, zombies can actually take a banner. Also they are more numerous, so scoring is easier. Summonable. 2/5 if you take 10, 3/5 if you take more, or 4/5 in a list based on Bravery debuffs. Skeleton Warriors – Spooky scary skeletons! Slow as most undead infantry. In small numbers, subpar to Chainrasps both offensively and defensively, but a discounted unit of 40 is really scary, with 2 additional attack per skeleton, and spears for extra reach (allowing an extra row of them to strike). They also get an accuracy bonus when a death hero is within 18”, and you were going to have at least one hero near them anyway. They can take a banner and a musician. You can also use a block of 40 as a meat (bone?) shield, in which case equip them with swords, since you are not going to have many rows of them (meatshields work better when stretched in a thin line). Summonable. 3/5 if you take only 10, 4/5 if you take 40 with spears, 5/5 if you also choose Grand Host or Legion of Night allegiance – both have ways to buff skeletal units). Chainrasp Horde – The ghostly kind of battleline, and currently the best. They are faster than skeletons and zombies, and can fly. Their offence is good from the start, but doesn’t scale much with unit size increase. Their defense is good against weapons with rend (they are ethereal, as all other ghosts), and rend is a common thing, so it is a very good bonus. They lack banners and musicians, however. Summonable. 5/5, unless you really want more banners. Units with no role These units are neither required nor restricted, so you can have as much of them as you want. Since you are already spending some points on battleline, units with no role are expected to have some trait that puts them above your basic units. Morghast – These expensive elite monsters have two specialisations: Harbingers (bonus to charging distance) and Archai (armour that gives additional protection against mortal wounds). They are fast and flying. They dish out tons of armor-piercing damage (there are two weapon options: swords, which allow to do slightly more damage overall, and halbers, which have more rend). They have good defence and a bravery-reducing aura which stacks with banners. They, however, have a significant weakness: they are not Summonable, so there are little ways to heal them, and no way to resurrect. If you opponent knows this, he will focus on them, killing your expensive unit, and only then he will switch attention to you summonables. Still, they have their uses. Harbingers are effective as ambushers in Legion of Night lists, and Archai are good in the First Cohort battalion, where they act as bodyguards for Nagash. Any kind of Morghast can be used as a battleline in the Grand Host if Nagash is present, but summonable battleline will likely serve you better. 3/5, or 4/5 when used in Legion of Night or the First Cohort. Grave Guard – also known as wights, they are basically skeletons on steroids. While having the same speed, they have armor-piercing attacks (with a chance to do double damage) and heavier armour. They can also swap shields for two-handed blades, to increase their offence. They, however, cost much more than skeletons. Grave Guard are a bit weaker than Grimghast Reapers, but are still ok, especially in large numbers. Can be a viable battleline in the Grand host (if you like elite infantry). Summonable. 2/5 if you take only 5 of them, 3/5 if you take more, 4/5 if you also choose Grand Host or Legion of Night allegiance – both have ways to buff skeletal units). Black Knights – the mounted skeletons. Their steeds give them significant speed bonus over grave guard. They lack rend, but on charge they can outdamage dire wolves, with whom they can be compared. Armour is identical to Grave Guard, and comparable to the wolves. One of the ways to use them is to run a large unit. They will charge early in the game, do damage, and enemy will spend some efforts to kill them so that he can continue moving. If at least 1 survives, you can raise some back via gravesites, and your opponent will have hard times moving. If they are destroyed completely, bring them back using Endless Legions (using 1 CP), then repeat from the beginning. Summonable. 2/5, or 3/5 if you choose Grand Host or Legion of Night allegiance – both have ways to buff skeletal units). Corpse Carts – party wans. They are slow as zombies, their offensive is laughable, their defence its poor… But they are great support units, actually! They buff nearby zombies and dire wolves, and can be equipped with either a bell (which adds +1 to casting folls of friendly Death wizards and improves healing from Invocation on units near the cart) or a brazier (which debuffs enemy spellcasting and deals damage to nearby enemy wizards each turn, useful against Tzeentch armies, for example). 4/5, could be 5 but too easy to kill. Hexwraiths – the mounted ghosts. They are very fast and flying, have good offence (with rend and ability to do mortal wounds) and good ghostly defence (4+ save with ethereal). Somewhat overshadowed by Grimghasts, but still good. Summonable. 4/5. Spirit Hosts – the ghostly swarm. They are faster than standard infantry, and can fly. While their damage is somewhat low, it mostly comes as mortal wounds, so they can slowly grind through heavily-armoured enemies quite successfully, all the while being protected by typical ghostly defences (4+ save, ethereal). These things do guaranteered, unavoidable damage per turn. They are a personification of inevitable death. They may be a bit hard to reanimate due to having 3 wounds. Summonable. 4/5. Grimghast Reapers – currently one of the best units in the legions. This scythe-wielding ghosts are fast and flying, dish out a lot of rending attacks, are very effective in large units due to long weapon reach (2”, like the skeletons’ spears), and get a re-roll to hit against units with 5+ models (i.e. most infantry). Their typical ghostly defense makes then quite survivable. Take 30 of them for a discount, wreck your enemy. Reanimate any losses with gravesites and invocations, and even if they are completely destroyed, use Endless Legions! Summonable. 5/5, unless you a facing a lot of monsters/elite armies, like Beastclaw, in which case they become 4/5. Glavewraith Stalkers – horse-faced ghosts. Their speed and defense is ok, but offensive capabilities are very weak. Their only interesting feature is the ability to charge after retreating. Use it to your advantage, if you can. Summonable. 1/5, or 2/5 if you can find a use for their hit-and-run ability. Blood Knights – the vampiric cavalry. They are fast, have strong offence and good defense. But, like Morghast, they are not summonable, so no resurrecting for them. They are also quite expensive, even for elite cavalry. 2/5, or 3/5 in a Legion of Blood allegiance army as they gain bonus attack from it. Vargheists – the bestial vampires. They are fast and flying, and have good offence, especially against mass infantry. But their defense is weak, and they are not summonable, so they go down even faster than morghasts and blood knights. 2/5, or 3/5 if you choose Legion of Night, to allow them to act as ambushers, especially in a Nightfall pack battalion where they even gain a bonus attack. Bat Swarms – an utility unit, fast but weak. However, they can heal themselves in combat quite fast, and have an aura that debuffs enemy shooting. You can even heal them with gravesites/invocations, but cannot resurrect. You can have them fly towards enemy, or keep them in the grave and deploy them from a gravesite near enemy archers after one of your fast heroes gets close to it. Summonable. 3/5 if enemy has any shooting, or 4/5 if he is actually relying on ranged units. Fell Bats – they are a vampiric equivalent of black knights, faster and flying, but their defence is worse, and they need something dying near them to unlock their full potential. Summonable. 2/5, 3/5 if you can find a use for their fantastic speed. Behemoths There is a limited number of monsters you can take in your army, dependant on game size. Note that Leaders who are also Behemoths count against both limits. Terrorgheists – Fast and flying monsters, with good defence and scary melee abilty, capable of tearing large holes in the enemy with the Gaping Maw, and one of the few units in the faction with a ranged attack – 10”, in their case. The Death Shriek works better if you apply Bravery debuff on target enemy beforehand, which you can provide from multiple sources (and all of which stack): banners, Morghast units, a Deathmages spell (see below), Legion of Blood trait. Also terrorgheists explode into bats when killed. There is only one problem with them – they have no in-built healing, so you will have hard times keeping them alive. 3/5, or 4/5 if you can provide multiple Bravery debuffs. Zombie Dragons – Terrorgheists’ kin, they are very similar, except their ranged attack (dragon breath) works differently and has nothing to do with Bravery. The problem is also similar – lack of healing ability. Zombie Dragons are dramatically better when taken as mounts for vampire lords. 3/5. Mortis Engines – corpse carts on steriods. Where Terrorgheists are damage-dealers, Engines are support pieces, relatively cheap, but much less powerful in melee. They provides both a +1 to casting for Death Wizards, and -1 to casting of non-Death Wizards (both stack with Corpse Carts). They has a special ranged attack that is a Bravery-targeting Area of Effect. Finally, each Reliquary on each Engine can be opened once per game to deal mortal wounds to surrounding living units, and heal nearby undead. This is one of the few ways to heal wounds from non-summonable units, so do not overlook this. 3/5, or 4/5 if you can provide Bravery debuffs or have many non-summonable units, or when taken as a part of the Lords of Sacrament battalion, where it also provides bonuses to Arkhan and his necromancers. Leaders Leaders are very important in a Legions army, since they provide Deathless Minions aura, Deathly Invocations and various buffs, and many of them are spellcasters or powerful fighters, or even both. Note that there are infantry heroes, who a not expected to fight enemy alone, and big models with 10+ wounds who are better suited for that role. Also you can give any of you heroes an artifact (or several, if you are using battalions). Again, there is a limited number of leaders you can take in your army, depending on game size. Note that Behemoths who are also Leaders count against both limits. Necromancers – possibly best heroes in the Legions. They has enough speed to keep close to any advancing summonables except flying or cavalry units. Their typically squishy wizard defense is compensated by the Undead Minions ability, which gives them a chance to pass wounds inflicted to them to nearby summonables in the form of mortal wounds (and then try to resist them with Deathless minions). Necromancer’s Staff attack can add a bit of damage to the unit they shepherd, while staying away from first ranks. They can use Deathly Invocation. And they are, of course, wizards. Necromancers’ custom spell, Vanhel’s Dance Macabre, is a powerful buff, allowing any summonable unit to essentialy attack twice in close combat (however, your enemy will get a window to retaliate). They can even learn an additional spell from the Lore of the Deathmages (or Sorrow, in the Olynder’s legion), usually a good debuff. 4/5, or 5/5 if you are using summonable units that hit hard (like grimghast reapers) and/or using the Lords of Sacrament battalion, which allows every necromancer in it to cast 2 spells per turn! Vampire Lords – great support heroes. They are fast (choosing between a Nightmare steed or a Flying Horror ability), so are ideal for zapping to distant gravesites to allow units kept in the grave to emerge there. Lords are reasonably armored, and can heal themselves by drinking blood from their enemies and/or from their chalices. Their attacks are good, compared to other infantry heroes. Vampire Lords can use Deathly Invocation (with more range and targets than necromancers’), and are wizards, learning an additional spell from the Lore of the Vampires (or Sorrow, in the Olynder’s legion). But their most remarkable merit is the Blood Feast, a command ability that gives any Death unit +1 attack for each weapon. You can use it on multiple units if you have enough Command Points, but it doesn’t stack with itself. A Vampire Lord can turn a good melee unit into an excellent one. 4/5, or 5/5 if you are using large units that hit hard (like grimghast reapers). Vampire Lords on Zombie Dragons –they are like regular zombie dragons, but better at everything (while being somewhat more expensive). A combined model is much more than a sum of parts. A zombie dragon provides its rider with his fast flight, dragon breath and a great chunk of health. A vampire provides the dragon with a lot of bonuses in return: additional attacks (you can choose between his regular sword and a lance that is suited for charging), a shield that improves defense, vampiric healing (chalice on a dragon is fantastic), Deathly Invocation, and a great command ability (giving anybody, including himself, re-rolls to hit). Vampire lords are also wizards, and their access to the Lore of the Vampires (or Sorrow, in the Olynder’s legion) allow a degree of customization – you can choose a spell to make the duo even faster, or a damage-dealing orb, or even some extra healing at the expense of enemy units. Their inn-built spell, Blood Boil, is not horrible and can be used as an alternative to Arcane Bolt. One of the most useful set-ups is a vampire on a dragon in an army from Shyish, which gives him access to the Ethereal Amulet artifact (Malign Sorcery), making his 3+ save ethereal, as if he was a ghost. Combine that with Chronomantic Cogs endless spell to re-roll failed saves, and you a looking at something extremely resistant to regular damage (not mortal wounds, though), and can heal too. 5/5, one of the best units in the Legions. Coven Thrones – built on the same chassis as Mortis Engines, these flying chariots carry Vampire Queens and their Handmaidens to battle. Its role is similar to Spirit Hosts: to tie enemy in close combat, slowly grinding through them while resisting return blows. While lacking support abilities of a Mortis Engine and ethereal protection of the spirit hosts and having a modest offensive potential, Coven Thrones do have typical vampiric Deathly Invocation (12”, 3 targets), a command ability that is very useful for elites (Blood Knights, Grave Guard) and a spell that shapes their playstyle: Beguile. You can choose the most threatening enemy unit within 12” of your Throne (typically one that just killed your cannon fodder), Beguile it, than charge it with the Throne. If any of your other units were locked in combat with the beguiled target, they should have retreated in the movement phase. Then, the Throne slowly grinds through the beguiled unit (re-applying Beguile each turn and possibly healing via The Hunger), while the enemy cannot even strike back. Of course, this tactic is not failproof. You can fail the casting roll, or fail to overcome enemy Bravery, or your opponent can attack your Coven Throne with a different unit (including shooting). However, you can overcome these dangers by providing a casting roll bonus (Corpse Cart or otherwise), reduce target’s Bravery (multiple sources), and shielding the Throne with summonable chaff (Chainrasps, but this will not work against shooting). You can basically turn off the best enemy unit this way, and Scrying Pool even provides a once-per-game re-roll of any 1 dice to the Throne. 3/5, or 4/5 if you have both bonuses to cast and bravery debuffs in your list, or use the Throne to buff elite units. Bloodseeker Palanquins – they too are built on the same chassis as Mortis Engines, but work neither like Engines nor like Coven Thrones. Their offence is better than Coven Thrones, they have the same area attack as Engines, and they are wizards. Like most Death heroes, they have Deathly Invocation. They have two distinguishing traits. The first is called “A Fine Vintage”, it’s an aura that turns on when an enemy hero is slain nearby and gives a bonus attack to friendly vampiric units. The second is their unique spell, “Blood Siphon”, which deals good damage to heroes (with occasional spikes), helping to trigger the aura. A little tricky combo, but may work. 3/5, or 4/5 if you have a lot of Soulblight units to receive the buff. Wight Kings – skeletal warlords. They are similar, and inferior to Vampire Lords in almost every way while being only slightly cheaper. They have no inn-built healing ability, they attacks are weaker, and their +1 attack command ability works only for skeletal units. If you do not have a Vampire Lord in your roster, you’d better take him instead of a Wight king. However, if you take both, you can give skeletal units even more attacks (+2 from two command abilities for 2 Command Points). Useful for Grave Guard, especially in a Grand Host/Legion of Night list, where you have ways to buff skeletal units even further. 2/5, or 3/5 if you are using large units of Grave Guard in a Grand Host/Legion of Night list and you already have a Vampire Lord. Cairn Wraiths – cheap support heroes. They have adequate speed (and flight) and defence, few wounds, and good offence (with same re-rolls as grimghasts, Frightful touch like Spirit Hosts’, and enough reach to do it from the second row, avoiding counter-attacks). They provide the unit they accompany with Deathless minions, but not with Invocation or any command ability, sadly. 3/5. Tomb Banshees – more expensive than Cairn Wraiths, but still cheaper than Necromancers, Banshee have typical ghostly speed and defence, and modest melee power (good rend, but 1 attack only). However, they also possess an ability to attack at range, which is rarity in the faction. Their howls work similar to Terrorgheists’, so you will need to apply several sources of bravery debuffs to make them work. 3/5, or 4/5 if you can provide multiple Bravery debuffs. Knights of Shrouds - have typical ghostly speed and defence, and their offence is comparable to Vampire Lord’s (i.e. adequate). They can heal a bit when they kill enemy heroes. Their gimmick is their command ability – Spectral Overseer, which creates a 12” aura that gives ghostly units completely within +1 to hit rolls. This is useful for units like Hexwraiths and Grimghasts, but not so much for Spirit Hosts. Note that Frightful Touch triggers on unmodified rolls of 6, so the Spectral Overseer doesn’t improve it. 3/5, or 4/5 if you are using units like Hexwraiths or Grimghasts. Knighst of Shrouds on Ethereal Steeds – They are, essentially, a ghostly equivalent of Wight Kings. If you already have a large ghostly unit and a vampire lord to buff them in your roster, you can add a KoS on a steed to the mix to create the same “+2 attacks for 2 CPs” combo as with Grave Guard. However, ghostly units tend to be faster and more durable than Grave Guard, so the ghostly variant of the combo is more rewarding. Grimghast Reapers even have long reach, so much more of them will be able to attack in close combat! 2/5, or 3/5 if you are using large units of Nighthaunt and you already have a Vampire Lord. Guardians of Souls with Nightmare Lanterns – a great support hero for your ghostly units. While having typical ghostly speed, flight and ethereal defence, they are wizards, and bear lanterns that add +1 to wound rolls for ghost units wholly within 12”. This is useful even for Chainrasps, and a good buff for most other nighthaunts except Spirit Hosts, who prefer to work solo. Guardians with lanterns also know the Spectral Lure, a spell that heals and resurrects ghosts just like Deathly Invocations do – only that it has a range of 24”, and you roll d6 instead of d3. 3/5 if you have at least 1 good unit of Nighthaunt in your army. Spirit Torments – another type of ghostly support heroes. Their attacks are not bad, having Rend of -2. They have two support abilities: Nagash’s Bidding gives re-rolls for hit rolls of 1 to surrounding ghosts (and this is useful for any nighthaunt unit), and Captures Soul Energy heals and resurrects models in a single nighthaunt unit at the start of the Battleshock phase, provided that you managed to kill at least 3 enemies. Note that this ability can heal any nighthaunt, not just summonable (i.e. heroes and monsters can benefit too), and that killing Stormcasts allows you to maximize healing. 3/5 if you have any other Nighthaunt in your army. Lords Executioners – yet another kind of support hero. Executioners give nothing to their own troops (except Deathless minions, of course), but instead help allies to fight enemy heroes in two ways. First, they have good Rend and a chance to do triple damage, which can finish off wounded heroes. Second, they, at start of the combat phase, give an enemy Hero in close combat range -1 to hit, dramatically reducing accuracy. This works for any hero, even one riding a monster, or who is a monster himself. Even Archaon would be affected. This stacks with other minuses to hit, like spells or Mournghul aura. 3/5. Prince Vhordrai – a named vampire lord on a zombie dragon. His lance have a bonus attack and improved rend, his dragon’s breath deals mortal wounds instead of regular damage, and he knows Quickblood (good self-buff) instead of Blood Boil. He is also somewhat more expensive. The only tricky thing with him is his command ability, which is also different from regular Lord. It allows another death hero within 14” to either pile in and attack in your hero phase, or to cast an additional spell. Since Vhordrai can’t target himself, you need to pair him with some heavy hitter hero to make most out of this ability. That means a mortarch, a ghoul king on terrorgheist, or a regular vampire on a dragon. 5/5 if you pair him with someone adequate. Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament –a liche, he is mounted on a Dread Abyssal. His steed makes him faster than Fell Bats (ultrasonic almost). His defence is moderate, and, with not so many wounds and being high priority for your opponent, he can go from full wounds to zero in 1 turn, just like other Mortarchs (don’t forget thet they are protected but their own Deathless Minions aura). You should not really allow your Mortarchs to fight alone - they always need support. Since Arkhan is a dedicated wizard, he is underwhelming in melee – he does little to complement his steed’s attacks. But Abyssals have Rend -2, and are accompanied by spirits with Frightful touch, so even wizened old Arkhan can do something in melee. Which is good, because Abyssals devour souls of the slain, healing themselves. While Arkhan is not impressive in melee, he is a great spellcaster, surpassed only by Nagash. His staff gives great bonuses for both casting and unbinding, he can cast 2 spells per turn, and his trademark spell – Curse of Years – can potentially instantly slay a unit with any number of wounds, so sometimes you will win games by casting a single spell and annihilating the best enemy unit with it. This is by no means reliable, but potential is ever present. He can also take an additional spell from any of the 2 schools. Last, Arkhan features Deathly Invocation which allows to re-roll the 1d3 used for it (making raising things like Spirit Hosts easier), and a command ability that allows to increase spell range of nearby friendly wizards (extremely useful for some short-ranged spells). 3/5, since he lacks both durability and hitting power for a monster-riding hero. 4/5 in the Lords of Sacrament battalion, which gives a lot of bonuses to Arkhan and his fellow necromancers. Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Night – another Mortarch on an Abyssal. He is similar to Arkahn, yet works differently. His speed is same as the liche’s, which Mannfred, at least, can use since he actually wants to get into melee. The defence and health are also the same, so he can go down just as quickly – but at least Mannfred has his special armour, which protects him from the first wound taken each turn, making this Mortarch slightly more durable, combined with Feaster of Souls healing (not by much, but still). While he still needs support and won’t last long alone in melee, Mannfred, unlike Arkhan, can dish out a lot of damage in close combat. His own weapons allow him to make 6 attacks befitting a Vampire Lord, and then you also have mount attacks (Claws + Spirit host, just like Arkhan’s). What is more, Mannfred can greatly buff his 4 sword attacks by just casting a spell successfully (easy for him). His command ability, Vigour of Undeath, creates an aura that improves offence for elite Death units (similary to Coven Throne), including himself. Last, as a Mortarch he is a competent spellcaster (but not as good as Arkhan), with 2 spells per turn. He even gets +1 to next cast/unbind roll if you deal any wounds with his sword (which is buffed when you sucessfuly cast a spell, kind of a loop). His custom spell, Wind of Death, is an AoE that deals a little damage to enemy units around initial target. He can also take an additional spell from any of the 2 schools, increasing his versatility. Mannfred also can use Deathly Invocation. 3/5, since he lacks durability for a monster-riding hero. 4/5 in the Nightfall Pack battalion. Neferata, Mortarch of Blood – the final Mortarch on an Abyssal, similar to the other two but with her own quirks. She has the same speed and defense (i.e. fast, but not durable enough to survive under pressure). In melee, she is a little weaker than Mannfred, which is compensated by her ability to instantly kill some of the enemies wounded by her dagger. It won’t happen often, but when it will, it will be a sweet surprise for you (and bitter for your opponent). She heals faster than other mortarchs while she kills heroes. She naturally has a mighty Deathly Invocation. She is a wizard on the same level as Mannfred, but with no casting bonuses. She can have an extra spell from the Lores of the Dead, but her custom one, Dark Mist, is also extremely interesting, It is a buff that turns a unit into ghosts, gaining flight and ethereal defense. This is huge as she can give rend immunity to herself – or to Nagash, if you take them both. Her command ability, Twillight’s Allure, creates an aura that debuffs enemies with -1 to hit, which is also great, especially if combined with other accuracy debuffs. 4/5, since she is actually the most durable of the Abyssal Riders, and can actually play aggressively, and even try to solo if her retinue dies. Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead – the God of Death and Lord of Shyish, the Great Necromancer. This godly lich is the leader of all the Grand Alliance, and has his own legion – the Grand Host. He is one of the most expensive (point-wise) models in the game, but he is worth it. His speed is not terribly fast, but above average, and he can fly. He has large health pool, great defence, additional mortal wounds resistance (and he can even return mortal wounds back to attackers), and provides Deathless minions to himself too. Enemies will have hard times killing him in 1 turn (but this is not impossible). His healing is tricky – he can only restore his health using spells, or with a Mortis Engine pulse. On the attack side, he one of the best fighter in the legions, with great rend on his attacks, and a pet spirit host for additional mortal wounds. He even has a normal ranged attack – an extremely rare ability in the whole Grand Alliance. But his most remarkable feature is his spellcasting – he is the greatest wizard in the game, having +3 to both casting and dispelling and casting 8 spells per turn when in full health (and dispelling 8 enemy spells on their tun, too). Aside from the basic Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield, he knows 2 custom spells. The first, Soul Stealer, is long-ranged and attacks enemy Bravery and can deal 0, 1d3 or 1d6 mortal wounds (depending on how good did you roll against enemy Bravery), healing Nagash the same number of wounds. The second, Hand of Dust, is a touch spell that basically has 50% chance to instantly kill any model, be it a dragon, giant, carnosaur, Kharadron Ironclad, Stonehorn, etc. Furthermore, Nagash can learn 3 additional spells from the Lores of the Dead, so he can take additional sources of healing, powerful debuffs, speed buff, or damage-dealing spells in any combination. He also benefits tremendously from using spell lores from Malign Sorcery, so always insist to use rules for any mortal realm (Shyish, Aqshy and Ghyran seem to be the best for him, but others will do too). You can also pay for Endless Spells, both those from Malign Sorcery and Nighthaunt/Flesh-eaters battletomes (he can cast them too). Ones of the most useful are Umbral Spellportal (for making Hand of Dust a long-ranged spell) and Mortalis Terminexus for additional healing. Nagash’s command ability is not gamechanging, but still useful, slightly buffing accuracy and defense for all friendly undead, including himself (most useful for elite units), while also making them immune to battleshock (useful for large infantry mobs). His Deathly Invocation heals 5 units anywhere on the table, re-rolling the d3 just like Arkhan. In addition to all this, Nagash has his own battalion, The First Cohort, featuring himself, 3 units of skeletal undead, and a unit of Morghast bodyguards who can take wounds in his stead, making Nagash almost unkillable while they live. Archai are recommended, since their ebon armour will negate some of the wounds transferred from Nagash. One of his weaknesses is his cost – a single model for 850, he will leave you with fewer units to capture objectives, and he is not good at doing that himself. In some battleplans, this can cause you to loose the game despite suffering little losses, but in others, this won’t be important. Another one is the fact that his attacks and spells are designed to deal with elite heavy-armoured units, not numerous unarmoured ones. If your enemy will have something like 120 plague monks (in several squads), it will take Nagash forever to kill them all. 4/5, or 5/5 if you are using spell lores from Malign Sorcery. Allies While Legions are self-sufficient and need no allies to function, ghouls and ghosts offer some interesting options to consider. Flesh-Eater Courts – Ghoul kings of any kind have command abilities that create a new unit once per combat. You can get 1 Command point for 50 pts, so you can summon things like 100 pts ghoul unit, or even 170 pts Crypt Flayer pack for just 50 pts. And ghoul kings are also wizards who know descent spells. And there is even an Arch-Regent, and upgraded ghoul-king! The best variant for 2500 seems to be a King on a Terrorgheist, as he is self-sufficient, and a damage-dealer in his own right. Nighthaunt – while many nighthaunt units are native in the legions (and all are native in Legion of Grief), some can only be taken as allies. This includes named characters (who work fine in a Legions list), Bladegheist Revenants as a Grimghast alternative, Myrmourn Banshees (anti-magic), Chainghasts (shooting with good rend), the Briar Queen and goons (Shadespire warband, the Queen has a unique spell) and even a ghostly monster, Mourngul (Forgeworld model, has an awesome -1 to-hit aura, not bad in melee too). Batallions Batallions cost you points and require specific units. In return, they grant the units in them unique special rules, and also provide you an extra command point and an extra artifact. Deathmarch – makes skeletons faster. Units must be wholly within the designated radius from the Wight King to get the speed bonus, however. Can be combined with the Grand Host or Legion of Night allegiance – both have ways to buff skeletal units. Castellans of the Crimson Keep – allows Lord Vordrai and blood knights to enter play from a table edge while giving extra bonuses. The only trouble is the fact that blood knights are expensive point-wise. Use Legion of Blood to maximize their effectiveness. And even then, the battalion remains very expensive, and the fact that you must inform your opponent which table edge you choose greatly reduces this batallion's effectiveness. The First Cohort – allows Morghasts to be Nagash’s boduguard. This helps his survival (remember, he is not invincible), turning it from ok to exceptional. Take Archai, because their Ebon Armour helps them surviving the damage they take from bodyguarding. Remember that Morghasts gain a bonus attack while Nagash is leading. Court of Nulamia – provides minor bonuses to Neferata and her vampiric sidekicks. Seems to be too weak to make any difference. Nightfall pack – works like typical Legion of Night army, except it suggests using vargheists as ambushers (instead of Morghast Harbingers) and gives them an extra attack when charging, so they can actually kill a lot of enemies before dying themselves.. Lords of Sacrament – Arkhan and his necromancers can cast an additional spell each and gain cover while near their chosen Mortis Engine. Looks nice on paper, then you remember that Arkhan is too squishy and won’t live long against experienced opponent. Additional Legion Legion of Grief – Introduced in the Forbidden Power, it swaps Soulblight and Beasts of the Grave for Nighthaunt units unavailable to other legions (including Mortarch of Grief herself), units in this legion reduce enemy Bravery like in Legion of Blood, and wizards from it have access to a new spell lore (Lore of Sorrow) instead of the Lores of the Dead from LoN book.
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    True! So StD are coming I guess?
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    Well yesterday really felt like an uphill struggle. I got the stone parts done on the top section of the Mortis Enging on Monday, but decided I really ought to crack into applying the base colours on all the bases rather than continue with the Mortis Engine. I'm slightly grateful I did because this took me pretty much 11 hours to achieve. Dawnstone over a while undercoat requires two coats and I've well over 90 models... The target for this is still next Tuesday evening (which includes packing the army into cases) - not going to lie, it's going to be tight, especially considering I've lost Saturday as a hobby day. If I don't hang around too much, I should be able to apply the washes onto the bases and metallics this evening, allowing me to drybrush tomorrow. I can then spend Friday sorting out the top of the Mortis Engine and Sunday doing the Guardian of Souls, Necromancers and Skeleton shields. The edges of the base I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze in on Saturday when I get back (done using the airbrush, so it's just volume of models that'll slow me down). That also gives me Monday evening as a backup for when things go wrong and Tuesday to pack everything up.
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    Your epitome is going to be amazing. Hilarious to see the reflection and then the contrast with the ugly brute on the palanquin!
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    2 casters and 3 endless spells is definitely overkill. You can only ever cast 2 per turn anyway. I would drop both 2 of the 3, which should give you enough to buy 5x spite revenants or upgrade one of the tree revenants into dryads. Gives you a few more wounds. Alarielle will be devastating at such low points, but still doesn't give you many bodies for holding stuff. Not sure what your ally is bringing though
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    I don't think Kurnous was changed due to copyright, since his name was original. Malekith wasn't and wasn't inspired on mythology. I'm saying Anath because Kurnous Anath They have good characters, but agreed they are explored extremely little. Characters like Brokk, Olynder, Kurdoss and Arianka.
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    It's clearly because of copyright, otherwise they wouldn't have changed his name. If Nagash was called Anubis they'd probably have changed his name, just like they changed the very iconic Malekith into Malerion to avoid problems with Marvel (probably). As far as I know, Malekith is not an adaptation of any myth an purely a Marvel invention. Of course there's Horus in 40k, but given that in 40k everyone has names reminiscent (if not outright taken) from our world... they probably let that slide. Doesn't it seem like everyone escaped the death of the Old World? We've got already a big number of people who managed to escape being consumed, eaten or obliterated by either a Chaos god, Archaon, or the End of the World itself. Gods who should be dead are "alive", mortals who should have died have been rescued (or at least their soul has)... it's starting to feel like GW doesn't have a lot of ideas for new charismatic characters.
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    That cant f'n see picture cracked me up. Awesome job at the near victory!
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    On reddit someone showed off this image. Pretty darned similar.
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    5 toughness is all well and good, but the real problem to me would be their across the board Str 3. They are going to be hitting most things in the game 33% of the time, and sure those times will be 50/50 crit or regular dmg, but the regular dmg is mostly 1...which is pretty rough. An people are going to say "oh well they won't be good at killing but they'll be good at holding points." The reality of Warcry is that if you are good at killing you are good at both...since you don't need to spend actions to do anything else a guy who is good at killing can just spend 2-3 rounds doubling attacking and eventually delete all the ghosts to hold the point... I'm really not trying to be "that guy"...but GW just has no experience with an activation-based game like this and it shows. The more I learn about it (and based on two games I've played and watching about a dozen more) Warcry really seems like a big old dud. Which is sad because it had so much promise and I really, really wanted to like it. I actually think it could still be made into a good game with a little homebrew ingenuity...but I shouldn't feel like I need to fix a game with a $40 rulebook the day after it comes out. Maybe I'll come back to it in a year and see if they've ironed out any of the huge mistakes.
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    Here are pictures of my glottkin. I entered him in the emGW everchosen painting competition open category and grabbed a 1st in my store Hope you like!
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    My first finished Nightvault warband, Thorns of the Briar Queen.
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    Tonight's painting and some other stuff I built.
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    And Reikenor is done (bar the candles and base edge). Quite happy, although really looking forward to when everything is done and I can edge highlight him - should make a massive amount of difference! I've also worked out the colours to do the bases too, so at least know what I'm doing there on everything. I've also made a start on the actual Mortis Engine too, which for a while I didn't think I was going to get onto today. Hopefully a good run on it tomorrow should get that one done.
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    thanks @Infernalslayer and @VBS. If GW based the new KoS on that piece of art I would have bought it instantly. Although the new KoS is a great model the esthetic is not my cup of tea. I've been spending hours and hours on trying to get the model into a printable file. That means simplifying details, making the model ' watertight' and somehow creating something called ' wall thickness' . Which sounds simple enough, but is currently slowly driving me insane... Here is what the model looks like right now, you can see I deleted some stuff that I would have to add using green stuff later. But the horns, claws and fingers are still not printable😭
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    Glade Guard still avaliable in Spanish Webstore
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    Just wanted to share this picture of my rebased Bretonnian force: I even converted a Bretonnian Lord on Dragon to be used as a Dragonlord:
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    Before we freak out (i m already freaking out for the Noble), it is good to remind that months ago, Glade Guard was "no longer avaiable" for a couple weeks and then returned.
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    Ok so here is a concept/WIP for a 'counts as' contorted epitome for my nurgle army! Idea is a fallen king, allured by excess of wealth, opulence, and gluttony has fallen so deeply delusional through vanity that he is a slave to the dark prince and his own lust for acceptance and fame. Think Fat B4st4rd from Austin Powers, meets slaanesh (I'm dead sexy! Look at mah titties!). He has also drawn the attention of the plague god as a symbol of stagnation and slow yet gradual degradation and filth. The pungent aromas also very intoxicating to those servants of nurgle who follow behind him! Open to comments and criticism on the concept, execution, and theme/lore! And the answer is yes. I cut and placed individually about 1,344,856 tiny coin sized pieces of greenstuff!!! Took forever! I am going to fix the palanquin's lean toward the front, build up the sides to make sort of like a box instead of a flat plank, and add another layer to make it appear a bit more dense/ thicker to support his girth and wealth!
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    If you want to try LoG you would only need forbidden power. GHB19 if you want battleplans and general rules. List-wise the more "competitive" list is to spam as much cp as possible, so bravery bomb seems the weaker option. I don't like following the meta so im building a bravery bomb list. Anyway, myrmourn are great because the can dispel an endless spell (your own for example) and the damage they take can easily be healed from gravesites. Dreadblade as general is a good choice anyhow. I can attach my 2000p list of LoG bravery bomb. Not the most optimized list but I'm using the models i already have. LoG2000p.pdf
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    First three done barring some minor detailing and the base on number 3.
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    From what I can tell, it's essentially an AoS version of Necromunda 2017 with the ability to use many more models from outside the Warbands that are made for use with the game. A lot of people seem to be comparing it to Kill Team, but I'm honestly not seeing the similarities unless it's in game length. SG
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    Working on the first two of my Spire Runner Stormcast for Warcry, both aiming for a more gladiatorial, beast hunting vibe born of souls who perished in the shadow of the fortress. #Ageofsigmar #warcry
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    I have to admit that I love the cover, though I too would have preferred to lose the Stormcast and instead had human, duardin, and aelf standing side-by-side. But hey, I'll take what I can get.
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    The armies are all prebuild directly on the steamworkshop. I'll explain the whole game : So, For the gameplay, the game is a "sandbox" so the controls are designed to reproduce a realism at the level of manipulation. I mean that when you play a game, Tabletop simulator is like playing in real life but with your mouse and keyboard. So, at first is a little hard on the manip but after two games, I'm personally very skilled. The games are faster once you mastered the controls (especially if one plays an army with many models) and one is not mistaken for the measurements. Speaking of that, they have a tool built into the controls to measure distances. We simply draw a line and we have, in real time, the measurement of the line in inches. In addition, you can create many items in the game to facilitate actions. For example: a big wooden box that automatically calculates the dice results when thrown in or a ruler in inches for moves. Here is a battle report of a game on Tabletop simulator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnQURx6j3k0 To acquire the armies, it is necessary to browse the mods available for this game. On Steam, each game that can have mods has a "steamworkshop" section. This section brings together all community mods for the community. We can find there all the armies of AoS and 40k. For AoS the majority of the armies are done in 2D whereas for 40k we find 3D models extremely detailed ... The quality goes with the popularity I must believe .. It also includes 6'x4 'maps for playing our games. Here is the link for the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/286160/Tabletop_Simulator/ And the link for the workshop containing all the mods, so there's the place where you'll find your army : https://steamcommunity.com/app/286160/workshop/ Once in Tabletop simulator with the mods added, we create a game, we load the mods and we register the units in our objects. That way, we can add them to our future games. After all that, if you are interested and you buy the game, let me know! We can connect to a voice chat, introduce ourself and we can do a little game for learn the basic manipulations :). In addition, as I mentioned, the game is a "must" because in addition to being able to play AoS and 40k, you can find almost all existing boardgames on the planet! So this is an ideal platform to test games to see if they are worth the trouble we add them to our collection :)! There's a little video I just made for you all to make this all clear. My first language is french so I'm terribly sorry for the bad speaking and the nasty accent . If you want a more detailed video on the manipulations, stand up and tell me, I'll do one. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kz7RmVUCqUjiiytqnxxfbitXGFvBjALk/view?usp=sharing This is another one, maybe more clear than the first but with potato quality: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1x8d-Se9BefQcq-epyM6Dd0GHh4K7zd5d
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    Here's a WIP model for my Guard, what do you think about the color scheme?
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    First painted model. hope you like the scheme!
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    I'm guessing we wont get our teasers until after the confirmed tomes get theirs. I'll just settle for staring longingly at that tyrant, and hoping their might be a plastic butcher coming down the line
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