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    Narrator-- "It was not Sylvaneth"
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    This was probably because potato cam pictures of the tome and spells were leaked beforehand and then the delay happened so they were forced to address it since once something is leaked a release usually isn't that far behind, if there wasn't a leak we honestly wouldn't even know there was anything coming for Sylvaneth or that they was any kind of delay in releases for that matter.
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    Here's the latest updates for my wendigo army, including what I went with for bestigor conversions.
  4. 3 points
    So basically it comes down to the exact wordings of both abilities. Locus of diversion says "...fights at the end of the next combat phase." And "...would allow them to fight at the start of the next combat phase..." Smashing and bashing on the other hand says "...that has not yet fought in the combat phase can fight, instead of doing so later in the phase." So the only condition here is that the unit hasn't fought. Smashing and bashing doesn't care when in the combat phase you "should" activate, only that you haven't done so yet. As an example, if you use the hysh command ability to activate an ironjawz unit at the start of the combat phase then wipe a unit out. You can still trigger smashing and bashing despite the fact it's the start of the combat phase and nothing else should be able to activate in the start. Essentially smashing and bashing ignores and takes precedent over all other sequencing rules.
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    Dunno if this is helpful for others, but my awesome GF did a study of contrast over the two primers. I thought I would share. In each set, Wraithbone primer is the left model.
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    Skeleton warriors, zombies, grave guard and chainrasps have been competing about the same role. They all do the same job and the one picked is the moste cost efficent. It would be much cooler if the difference between the units where bigger. I want a discussion about these mentioned units and other legion of nagash units. LoN is a year and a half now and we might get a new book since we got the first collection book, we need to give GW good ideas My thaughts are: Zombies could for example be more tarpit focused. The abilety that when a hero or gravsite uses their healing ability, heal d6 instead off d3. Then the zombies would be uniqe in the way that they heal faster and can tarpit better. It would also be terrible to play against, so maby not, but it would be so fun! Grave guard could get some sort of guardian ability. Something like the Necromancers give wounds on a 4+, but instead take wounds from a hero within 3’ on a 4+. Then you could pick grave guard as a guard unit and eaven if skeleton wariors could tank and deal more damage per point, you would have a reason to pick them. I have not came to any good ideas for the other units yet so please help I have some inspiration from postes i have seen before on tga.
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    We don't know when it's being released and we don't know if they have their shipment yet. Also they didn't have to tell us anything about the delay, they never announced the sylvaneth release it was in response to a leak. If they were able to release it I imagine they would, I want to get my hands on the book as well but everything that's happened seems to be out of GW's control.
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    Armiger and castellan are conversions.
  9. 2 points
    True that, never discount the rule-of-cool. Yeah, a single Deamonette unit and a Keeper of Secrets will indeed wreck the zombie unit on a single 2+ roll after the charge phase. Cheaper. In my area a number of us have been playing since the 90s. We can play fun-fluffy or crazy-hard. The later has gotten me off zombies because the investments and limited options tactically. I just can’t bring myself to transition them to the round bases.
  10. 2 points
    Why not?!? Of course faction synergies and stuff have to be taken into account but otherwise...
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    I don't think that Grave Guard should be a Tarpid in the first place. Looking at the profile it should be more like a main damage dealer unit. With double handed weapon they basicly have the same roll as the living models with double handed weapons and with shields they have a quite elite profile still having rend only changing a better save against attacks without rend against worse to wound rolls.
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    Hi, following my first posting of 2 photos in the Troggoth discussion and encouraged by the kind likes given (thankyou), I have decided to post some more photos from the same batch. I enjoy looking at other's hobby so why not offer some of my own. I will try for a better set up with more lighting in the future, but this is my first attempt so I hope you bear with me.
  13. 2 points
    Most of the Battletomb:LoN are a trap, either to buy excessively into models that are no good or subvert people from building a good list. One thing about that book is it is all about force composition. More so than other army books. Manfred won’t excel in any battlefield roll and the vargheists will be an uphill battle to make them useful at their cost. They have some nominal value lurking behind skeletons and leaping over for added attacks. Too expensive to run just as skirmishers and we have better options.
  14. 2 points
    Hey guys, thought I'd post my very first 500 pts army of AoS ever. Ironjawz. Still need to base them though. I know the setup isn't totally optimal with new point changes but I really like the Shaman onwards to 1000 pts.
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    You're likely someone who'll get more out of the game's Narrative play style! Think of it this way: Matched Play is MMA. Narrative is Pro Wrestling. MMA is two people doing similarly structured, hyper optimised things with a focus on extreme efficiency and making life as not nice for the other person as humanly possible. Pro Wrestling is two dudes putting on a show. It is a social contract to get in a fake fight with someone you've maybe only just met, and to make it as entertaining as you possibly can. Does this mean Narrative play is fake? Heck yeah it does, Narrative Play is putting on a show, telling a story, just for the two of you, and for a show to truly become a Spectacle, it usually has to be worked. Being good at this kind of game is a skill unto itself. It entails pulling each other's punches, giving the other guy breathing room so you don't pull the AoS equivalent of stiffing him in the nose and having him bleed all over everything for the rest of the match. It involves an inherent degree of trust in your 'opponent' to do the same thing. It might also involve not being too obvious about doing these things lest you start making your opponent feel bad because it's obvious you're going easy! It's certainly not for everyone: most competitive minded people simply cannot comprehend the narrative approach when you try and sell it to em. But there's a pretty damn big subsection of the playerbase that can enjoy it, I suggest you go find em.
  16. 1 point
    Hi guys, Restarting a previously abandoned High Elf project for a slow grow. The general! Seawarden on foot. Used as the pennant version because they may be small but the model has a pennant on it while it has zero tridents. A biscuit tin of Highborn Spearmen! Still need to figure out a sheild emblem and get the shields done for the other ten.. also need to finish the command group for the second unit (they currently lack arms, heads, and paint) A biscuit tin of Highborn Archers! Actually the surprise success of the Highborn project- volley of arrows + Seawarden command ability + seawarden flag puts a lot of no rend wounds down range. A WIP bolt-thrower crew and bolt thrower- all ebay rescues with an incredible amount of paint on them- biostrip20 saves the day again. WIP Archmage on horseback. Reins greenstuffed into the hands. Going to go for black robes with red accents so the spellcaster stands out. probably going to go for a green glow from the outstretched hand. WIP Archmage on Dragon - still need to sort out the archmage but I think I'm going to go with the similar theme to the one on horseback. So let's see where this takes us! One of the core themes for the army is that at this stage in the AoS story the High Elves aren't the bright shining warriors mostly fighting from a position of strength, they are now utterly desperate and have been abandoned by their gods (Teclis and Tyrion didn't stick around when they were most needed). Any idea how to convey that desperation? Edit: Also here was the first rider version (planning to magnetise the riders), was going to be a Dragonlord but with this GHB he may have just morphed into Dreadlord.
  17. 1 point
    Like this idea! There are heaps of fun new builds for IJs now I love it! Unfortunately, with your tactic, Bash Em Lads only works for units wholly within 12” when they attack. Or have I read it wrong?
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    Despite GW being genuinely so much better the past few years, you can still figure out why they do things just by asking, what makes the most money for the company? If GW was everyone's friend with no regard for the business side, they would have released the digital version of the Sylvaneth battletome along with that delay announcement, or shortly thereafter when it became clear that late meant REAL late. But, I think its clear they believe that will impact the sales of the hardcopy, so they haven't. I would bet that whenever they do get the books and models in, it will get slotted into a previously open spot rather than double up or push another release. The Sylvaneth release is already late, why lose more money (from their perspective)? I don't blame them for this, they literally have a duty to shareholders that trumps many other considerations. But, I do think in general a slightly more cynical than the all-is-perfect-and-rosy attitude that GW's brilliant PR department has cultivated would be helpful when thinking about why they do what they do.
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    We were right https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/30/coming-soon-heresy-incarnate/ It's the anti-Duncan release - er Chaos Knights release next week. Also a new commissar and ogrin for Chaos said that they are sold only in that set "for now" hwich sounds like a second chaos wave of releases or even Traitor Guard release
  20. 1 point
    Atm, nothing in stormcasts is all that competitive tbh. We mostly have gimmick deepstrike lists and 'brake check' shooting lists. (A brake check list is a list that either you have the tools to deal with, and you win with little or no effort, or you don't and you get wiped off the table immediately'.
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    Not really needing to wait for a new book, the ships need to be run in either an escort wing or Mhornar as the plus and or re roll makes them far More reliable. Also yes it’s a cannon and that evokes cool mental images but they’re not really primary damage dealers. Arkanaut, riggers and gun wardens all buffed by khemist are KOs main damage output. Ships are more skirmish units / drop reduction.
  22. 1 point
    Other new warscrolls get all the bells and whistles without the effort of synergies or having a large block with few casualties. You do make a good point Honk. They can have a most excellent modified statline.
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    “Even at the death of things, there is hope. The essence of life is hope, and you are those seeds.” Blessed Loclaranam; the Man-Stag, King’s Reeve. (Arch-Revenant) The Child of the Godbeast (Spirit of Durthu) The Last Hope; Numenorin of Spring, Moralanith of Winter, Nilith of Autumn, Ilaranim of Summer (Ylthari’s Guardians) “The Darkwood Endures.” ~
  24. 1 point
    The point with the Rough Riders is, that you are still able to use them with the index rules. That is what basicly the Compendium Lists are standing for. The strangest thing I didn't noticed until someone told me, is that the Exil Aelfs Units have points in the Generals Handbook 2019, even though there Compendium List is not listed in the GW Shop (and only available when you know what the list looked like). Gitmob is really in a strange spot with this.
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    If you want Zombies to be a tarpit unit, why not give them a rule that makes any model they kill rise as a zombie on a 4+ instead of the standard death rules, perhaps even allowing them to go beyond their starting numbers. That would make them unique and fit the zombie feel.
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    Third game : Civil War! High Elves x High Elves! Kid is new to the hobby and still doesnt have behemoths. He loved elves as much as me so i gave him a lot of advice and was a chill game with a lot of lore and models chat. He was unlucky on the objective : grab the artifact in middle and move it around without getting the holder killed. I got initiative and frosty grabbed the ball. In an incredible display of my young apprentice, he actually managed to beat my Bird to 6 hps with his High Warden, Dragon Noble and Phoenix Guard he kept . He got Double turn and made my bird bald spots! Used the Dragon to block his pursuit while the wounded bird fled for his life! Spearmen jumped on to mess things up too. The Swordmasters were making a long isolation hope for the area i planed to take the Phoenix but it never got there or engaged any enemy. Overall we both had a great time and if gets dragons and Phoenix i would had a lot of trouble. Props to my adversary! Result : Major Victory!
  27. 1 point
    Second Game: Khorne 3 objectives. Whoever had majority by the end get major. Hold all 3 and win the game. This was a disaster. He placed his Skull Prayers on the middle, blocking my terrible Swordmaster conga line. No sucessfull spell castings, i decided to go for his heroes. Took 3 down but my forces were taking major losses and he flanked and killed my poor spearmen. I completly forgot about the objectives and in a really stupid way i lost because by turn 2 he conquered all 3. My adversary was really good and i royally screwed up soooo Loss!
  28. 1 point
    I don't know who we can use as allies but, either way, they can't have spell lore spells so the Abhorrant Archregent can't have Shroud of Terror. I would also use Dreadblade Harrow as your general because he can teleport to gravesites for summoning or next to an enemy units for bravery debuff. As a nighthaunt player i have had some nice games with a mourngul where he did some powerful impact but sadly most games he just gets focused hard by shooting or getting stuck in a battle with a other big monster(so no healing ) and just dies. So I'm swapping him out from my list for something better. I really like Reikenor the Grimhailer as a wizard due to him being able to get +3 to cast and making him good at casting one of the more important spells (slaanesh has for example really strong anti-magic, with rerolls and such) so he would more reliably cast Shroud of Terror (high casting value of 8.) and get away that horrorghast across the field. LoG is good at getting your unit back so you, in a way, want your units to go in, do alot of damage, die, and then get back at full strength. By that i think skeleton warriors are better because a big chainrasp horde takes too long to die and dont have that much damage with its 1" range. skeletons has the same attacks(in big numbers) and has the same to hit/wound (with a hero nearby) but has 2" range instead with spears. Hope this helped (I can't sleep and it's 4:30am... Better write some posts instead)
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    Just finished my Plague Sorcerer. I plan to sell copies of the model on ebay. If this is interesting and is not prohibited by the rules of the community, I will post a link to the lot later.
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    Thank you everybody for the likes for the photos, I'm glad you enjoyed them. It has encouraged me to post some more in the painting section ( I didn't want to clog up this thread ). I like looking at other's hobby and gaining inspiration from it, and felt it was time I made a contribution.
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    For those who can't get to a store there's also this "loot sharing" facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1710575492567307/?ref=group_browse It can be easier to pick things up there for a sensible price rather than the resellers on ebay who put them up at a premium (and even general sellers the items will jump up in price a lot through bidding)
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    By GW email: Join us at Warhammer World on the 20th of July! We've got a full day planned, with lots of things to see and do. It will also be the first chance you'll have to try out (and purchase!) Warcry, the fast-paced, skirmish-level game pitting bands of Chaos-worshipping warriors against each other. If they can buy it, I guess everyone will be able to buy in their own shop, or maybe is the first week of two preorders weeks.. So it depends if the preorder will be one or two weeks. If next week are chaos knights (40k) I hope that the 13th (as late) start previews on warhammer community.
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    I love the Prime. I think the if the Prime got a small points tweak he'd make quite a lot of lists. If you were to make the model itself far too tasty you'd see it allied into all Order lists which I guess isn't ideal. So any (significant) buffs would need to push the points above ally threshold. I've been running a very silly list with the Prime in a while now and I'm (still) painting up a Drakesworn Templar to either add to the list in place of dracoths and heraldor or to replace the LCoSD with (and maybe work toward the 6 Desolator idea): https://thehonestwargamer.com/aos-list-rundowns/dr-star-drakelove-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-celestant-prime/ The list falls into the "isn't super competitive but is fun & you can still place well" category.
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    Occasionally, a friend and I play a game where we write each other's lists going for the worst unit options based on models available. It's amazing how quickly you run out of poor units and are forced to give your opponent better and better ones. Have some parameters like, say, a minimum of 2 heroes or maximum of 2 of each warscroll for example and you're good to go. It can make for very interesting and challenging games - Ah, the Day my General was an Orruk Bully .
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    Just check the FAQ Q: Does the Celestant-Prime’s Retribution from On High Ability add 2 to the Attacks characteristic of Ghal Maraz for each turn that the Celestant-Prime remains in reserve? A: Yes.
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    Hey guys, just updated AoS Reminders with the latest GHB2019 rules for Ironjawz!
  37. 1 point
    Hey guys, we just added Dispossessed to the AoS Reminders App. If you haven't heard of/used AOS Reminders yet, give it a whirl - enter your army, traits, artifacts, etc, and it'll spit out a nicely printable list that you can take with you to tournaments. Very helpful for army with lots of stuff happening in each phase - like our favorite grumpy dwarves Please go through and check out the rules and make sure we have them right. Leave any issues here on TGA, or on Github here: https://github.com/daviseford/aos-reminders/issues PS I don't know if he posts here, but shout out to PixelTom on Github - he is totally responsible for adding this army! Let's all thank him for his hard work!
  38. 1 point
    Hey guys, just updated AoS Reminders with the latest GHB changes!
  39. 1 point
    Interesting point. I'll ask some folks and get back to you.
  40. 1 point
    It depends what army you play. The rules are pretty clear that that 6” - 6” -3” rule (as written) only applies to terrain summoned onto the board via an “allegiance ability”. The only two armies that currently summon terrain to table during the game are Sylvaneth and Maggotkin, and only one of those (maggotkin) actually summon terrain to the board via their allegiance ability. Sylvaneth have thier own restrictions based on summoning Wyldwoods to the board depending on the mechanic used. The allegiance summon already has the 6”-6”-3” rules built in, but all the other woods summoned onto the board (spell/warscroll ability/item) use a 1” 1” 1” rule. So it’s not really and issue for them. I will say, if T.O.’s scrap the terrain placement rules they should scrap the faction terrain portion of the rules as well. It doesn’t make sense to scrap half the rules an apply the other half, especially since the trouble with Maggotkin summoning trees virtually disappear since they can sub out 6 terrain pieces for their own trees. Indirectly: yes. In ones of the designers commentary, they answered a question asking if the Realmscape rules and Endless spells rules were considered part of the core game or optional. The answer they gave was something along the lines that points values for every unit across the game were written with every available rule to an army in mind, and if you don't play with them, the points value wont really reflect what the army can do. If that’s the case, then Maggotkin and Sylvaneth also have all the rules available to them written into their posts cost as well. Dryads are garbage outside of the woods, but great inside them. It doesn’t make sense that a unit like that should have single point costs and not factor in the disparity as a core mechanic of the army. The same goes for Maggotkin, they are very hard to kill but slow as ****. Trees are a part of both army’s core mechanics, it doesn’t make sense that GW would write the rules that way and not account for their terrain .
  41. 1 point
    It'd make a great "distraction carnifex" use it like a super chariot to get our cav and elite infantry out of grindy fights with hordes. The ranged attack is cool, but the lack of rend might be an issue vs anything but chaff/hordes
  42. 1 point
    @Absolution black I think at the moment it’s not as easy to give any final advice on meeting engagements since it’s still fresh and people still need to figure out what’s good and what’s bad. Also I neither own the GHB19 nor have played meeting engagement. That being said, I will still try to answer your questions: If you choose a Medusa (or Bloodwrack Shrine) as your general, Blood Sisters become battleline in addition to Witch Aelves and Sisters of Slaughter. So you can use all three to fill out your battleline requirements. I think both Witch Aelves as well as Sisters of Slaughter are viable, depending on the playstyle. I’d go with what you prefer visually. Normally Heartrenders are seen as the better choice of the two, since they are more reliable and versatile than the Lifetakers. Might be different for meeting engagements, though. If you go for the Medusa as the general without a Shrine keep in mind that she is very squishy. As InSaint pointed out that might not be as much of a problem in meeting engagements as in normal games, but still something to keep in mind imo. So going with InSaint’s first impressions as well as your preferred units I would probably start with something like this: Bloodwrack Medusa Hag Queen Hag Queen 5 Blood Sisters 5 Blood Sisters 10 Witch Aelves 10 Witch Aelves 5 Lifetakers 5 Lifetakers This should give you enough units to play around with and will bring you up to exactly 1000 pts. I have chosen Lifetakers over Heartrenders here, because they fit into the list very well point wise and seem to be better in meeting engagements. Keep in mind, that if you want to build up to 2000 pts. Heartrenders would probably be the better investment, if you don’t want to get both. @umpac There was a thread on that topic discussing the pros and cons of shields (https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/18324-daughters-of-khaine-witches-and-sisters/). If I remember correctly the consensus was that daggers are better for the alpha strikes, while shields are the better allround choice. I think both loadouts are viable and we see a mix of both in a lot of tournament armies. Ben Savva, who uses big units of Sisters of Slaughter to great success (and, according to his interview to The Honest Wargamer, also thinks they will surpass Witch Aelves in efficiency with the new GHB 😉) uses one unit of each. So I would say that’s not a bad place to start. @tomcabator15 As already pointed out I can’t give too much advice on meeting engagements. Maybe someone more experienced might help you out. For now I would probably look at InSaint's first impressions for what to take in your list.
  43. 1 point
    There’s a wide variety of people who play narrative, matched and open play - many play all 3. The beauty of AoS2 imo is that the difference rules-wise between them are so few that you can easily jump between them or mix them up without getting confused. While there’s been a lot of chat here about top tier competitive tournament players it’s worth considering that lots of people go to these events who don’t just always go for the top tier lists and happily enjoy seeing how far they can get with an unusual list. I always enjoy hearing their stories. On the flip side I know of lots of narrative players who aren’t into events but who love creating stories on their casual games. Whats great about the General’s Handbook is that the new content and ideas are so easily ported between all the different ways to play that it’s easy to mix and match to create truly unique games, however you want to enjoy them. (I wish GW could do that with their other game systems as well).
  44. 1 point
    I won! Ironbreaker line held firm and I just hosed everything with the flamethrowers and cannons Also, I highly recommend putting the Sword of Judgement on the Unforged when going against Chaos, the double D6 mortal wounds is wild. He took out 4 hellstriders in one hit
  45. 1 point
    Played 3 games over the weekend with the new GHB. I decided to go with more balanced lists, as I tend to gravitate to the skew battalions for competitive play (Gorefist, 'ardfist, ), and wanted to give the Megabattalions a fair shake. Lists: Not much of a difference between the two, the Ironsunz one obviously is a little more geared towards having an extremely scary MK in and outside the Waaagh! round. The Bloodtoofs is more geared for a traditional Waaagh! Bomb and keeping the MK in the back for an additional turn or two. Won all three games (Double Keeper Slaneesh, Mixed GG list: big units of bounderz and stabberz w/ supporting pieces, and finally a Blisterkin list ... I'm guessing he's preparing for the Gristlegore nerf in July.) Anyway, I had a few takeaways. 1: The 30 'ardboy pin w/ Ironsunz is extremely strong. I'm still experimenting with exactly how much I can safely engage, but in every game I was able to clear 2+ chaff screens and lock in a scary horde by piling barely within 3". 2: I still think it's necessary to put a MW save item on the MK. The offensive loadout I went with in the Ironsunz build was complete overkill, I don't think I even needed to swing w/ the fists or tail once. On the other hand, I was constantly worried about the MK going down to MW in each game I played with Ironsunz, and the lists I played against weren't even particularly geared for MW output. 3: As I anticipated, I used Mighty Destroyers once over the course of the three games, and overall think it's a slight nerf in the context of the way I play the game. The guaranteed movement is nice in some cases, but most of the lists I ran had an 80% to 90% chance of activating Mighty Destroyers once during the round. Going from an 80% chance but free, to a 100% chance but costing 1 cp is a slight nerf to me. I know I'm completing discounting the ability to pile-in and attack in the hero, but with Warchanter/Waaagh! having no effect in the hero phase extremely limits its offensive usage. All-in-All, it's still a great ability that can win you games but it's annoying siphoning resources away from Waaagh! Anyway, going to a local tournament next weekend and I'm thinking about bringing a 'ardfist list I've been working on. Haven't locked down the details, but I'm anticipating a bunch of Skaven/FEC players going out for one last round before the July FAQ. The only real solution I've found against them is just to send meat at them and hope they make a mistake... I'll need some luck.
  46. 1 point
    Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for the past month or so as I recently started an Ironjawz army and wanted some guidance. Just thought I'd post and congratulate @Mortaal for his army. I gotta say this is the best looking and best thematic IJ army I've ever seen. It really inspires me to finish painting mine. So far I have close to 500 points. I had a question though as you seemed to have bashed a few units with different getups which I find really cool. I notice that you did a mix between Gordrak and a MBoMK. Do you play him as Gordrak or as a MBoMK? I am wondering because I really like some features on both characters and would like to take "the best" setup but still play him as MBoMK. Anyways, if you could answer me that'd be great and thanks everyone for this excellent content. It's really motivating
  47. 1 point
    I would personally love if huge named characters like Archaon had a rule in their warscroll that their printed stats cannot be modified by other power/abilities. That way, as a designer, you could keep the warscroll very powerful on its own without worrying that it could be broken by certain interactions with other rules, and cost it accordingly. No -1 or +1 to attacks and rolls, just a very powerful warscroll that you would take to supplement your army. Sure, that would make it static and lose the fun of thinking up combos with certain miniatures and armies, but would also be more lore friendly for such huge demigod-level characters. Why would Archaon get whipped by a bloodstoker to fight harder, or be affected by the stench of mere fellwater troggoths? Ofcourse, that concept sounds ideal in my head but could be flawed as well, as most things warhammer
  48. 1 point
    “I bear more names than you have bones in your body. I am iron-toothed, gore-eyed, and winter-boned. I am forgotten and I am now returned.” Mother Aldwynter, the All-Crone ~ The Harvest Maiden, Sister of the Cold Nights (Branchwraith ~ Branchwych) Crone-Touched Daughters (Kurnoth Hunters with greatbows) Crone-Touched Children (Spite-revenants) Hag-poppets (Dryads) ~
  49. 1 point
    Finished the initial starting 2000 point army today by finishing off 4 more Drogors and the set of shackles. Took some garden party pics of the full starting 2K in the garden where the light is a bit better.
  50. 1 point
    After a week diverted by running a weekend of AOS for 36 players, I've gotten back on the painting wagon. That's the flesh based on all the drogors finally. An annoyingly lengthy stage. The metal is going to be just as annoyingly lengthy. Going to have to get a shift on in order to meet my BOBO deadline. Also had a practice game against Sylvaneth but didn't get any pics. Went down after he killed the three Shaggoths in a hero mission.
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