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    +++ MOD HAT +++ In short, not here. Unless something has come out that I'm not aware of, all we know about the Sylvaneth release was it was delayed. For all we know, the shipping container may have been boarded by pirates or run aground. For all our sanity, let's keep TGA focused on a world of fantasy 🧙‍♂️
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    I would say this paint line has been pretty well received so far. But (as has always been the case with anything to do with painting), there are complainers or people scoffing at the idea.... And for no real valid reason imo. Airbrush paints are just pre-thinned, but they exist and get sold plenty for a reason (and I'm very happy they do). Washes can be made yourself too, should you so desire, but are still sold in a readily available package and this list can go on for a while. It's all about ease of use for the end user, and one other major point. This "new" formula being available to the masses is really good for one simple reason: consistency. And just for that reason alone, it's a win in my book. I've recently given a painting seminar to people in our LFGS who mainly play board games, but who wanted to give miniature painting a go. Even the most basic techniques like washes and drybrushes were already an eye-opener to them and now, they actually play some boardgames with painted models. Anything that lowers the entry barrier to painting, is a huge in in my book, regardless of perceived costs or ease by some hobby elitists. I really wish this product was available during that seminar... When I started in the hobby 20+ years ago, there was always TFG in the shop who didn't "just want to drybrush" his models, then he "didn't just want to dip or wash them".... Now, he probably doesn't want to "cheat" by "just airbrushing them" and soon, he'll "doesn't want to just contrast them". Ironically, the people I knew who were like that, often had a mountain of grey/metal/primer with a handful of models in them that could be considered mediocre at best as well. And I'm fully aware of being condescending to some people... But I don't give a flying f*** about being condescending towards people who are condescending themselves towards people trying to put in effort, but without wanting to master the art of paint/medium mixing.
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    I've been playing the game for 15 years now, from a young age of 11 to 26. I have never enjoyed painting, the hobby for me is playing, going to events, meeting people and making memories. I paint and I try to paint to a good standard as I know it enriches the game for me and my opponent. I will normally prime, basecoat, shade, drybursh and on special models like Drycha, Alarielle I'll go further. These contrast won't make me any more lazy, or make me make "less" effort, it'll just speed up the process I already do. One thing these contrast paints has highlighted to me is there is a LOT of condascending, gatekeeping elitist painters out there that have shown their true colours. Gatekeeping is gatekeeping and this hobby is for all of us, trying to shame people and say "God these paints are so lazy, I'd hate to play against a army painted with them, some people are ruining my hobby etc" is just ******. Everyones hobby is their own hobby, for some people painting is a craft and it's 90% of what the hobby revolves around. For people like me who paint their own armies despite not liking the process to enrich the game the hobby is not that, it's meeting people, making memories, attending events and all that entails. Let people enjoy their hobby and don't push your views onto people. Contrast paints will ultimately lead to more painted armies, will they be winning Golden Deamons or pressuring the pro painted rankings? No. Will it allow people who don't enjoy the process to paint their armies faster so they can enjoy what they best about the hobby? 100%, that in my eyes is a massive positive.
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    On another forum. This is for Age of Sigmar discussion and an escape or allow people to enjoy their hobby. Lots of things can and do directly effect the game and Games Workshop. This is not the forum to discuss them.
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    +++ MOD HAT ON +++ Very annoyed that I have had to hide some posts around global politics. This is not the forum to discuss such things. Keep it to Age of Sigmar
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    Well I feel the exact opposite about him. Whatever unit you transport must be wholly within 3” and then you have to loose one of the models too. So I honestly can’t think of one unit it really make sense to put on the boat.
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    Speaking of which, my tinfoilhatting for the next itération of AoS: - setting will be Ghur - grand alliance main opponent will be Destruction (After Chaos and Death) - New mechanics / battleplans with behemoths let loose on the battlefield (escaped from Stormvaults) #YouReadItHereFirst
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    Adding to Gaz' Point of TGA not being a place for political discussions i would just like to note that it is very very unlikely that some of these geopolitical issues have something to do with the delay of the Sylvaneth BT, it is way more likely that the supplier just used the wrong tax identification number or some very "standard" thing occured to this special shipping. But these things happen in global supply chains thousands of times every day, it is just very unlucky for us waiting desperately for new tree stuff.
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    This is one way to fix things. The better one however would be to simply add 2-3 units to both Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz. That would help with army building options and remaining unique themes for those armies. Simple as that. Don't tell me I'm expecting too much. If GW can release Stormcasts every year or a dozen of Warcry warbands then it can easily create just a few more models for existing factions.
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    Just got a big shipment of the Broken Toad mushroom bases in and am really impressed. Some of the best quality resin bases I have seen. Ready to get my squig army up and bouncing.
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    Hi, I have been slowly working on a pirate themed gutbuster army. Got some stuff finished now, hope you like it Blackbeard the tyrant His butcher lieutenant My Ogor unit leaders The eavy hitters The Island mercenary Got more finished but still need fotos from those, will tease some new units soon.
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    Well the fluff all that's good eh ... but we all know that the concept sketches and photos that's what we want to see eh? 1- Inspirations Pirates of the Caribbean, Vampire Coast, Chthuluu ... idoneths feeding on death and living in symbiosis with the creatures of the abyss, even taking their characteristics (pincers, tentacles, etc.). 2- The sketches Akhelian Leviadon (photos of the model not yet painted are at the end of the post if you're in a hurry) Base tyrannofex, the shipreck, guns and a crew of ogor and kitbashed namarti. I tried to keep as much of a semblance of realism in equipment and appearance as possible to reflect the original model. The cannons for ballistae, the claws for fins, the jaws for massive jaws and the giant conch for drum void. Morrsarr et Ishlaen Guard Morrsarr with Grimghast on fangmora, Ishlaen with bladegheist on Screamer. I found that the difference between the two types of unit was not significant enough, only the weapon could differentiate two units that do not have the same role at all, so I decided to fix it. The stingrays with a voltaic barrier made me think of electric torpedoes, so I took Screamers of Tzeentch. I had thought of some crab stuff too but I finally kept the idea for the Allopex. Allopex Exactly, speaking of Allopex. I am the only one not to have been returned by the banality of the shark ..? ok it's cool a shark, but it's a shark kind ... like white shark ... a straight shark, ok the figurine is beautiful, buuuuuuut ... So I said to myself "Hey, why not a crab giant humanoid with a Cannon-clamp, ridded by a crazy deepkin unchained to it? " Finally I have kitbashed everywhere ... photos soon, I still have a white basecoat to do before revealing the three boyz, that surpasses all my expectations. (they have relayed my Leviadon hermit-crab to 2nd rank in my heart.) Aspect of Mathlann Well, I am not satisfied with that guy result. I mean the model is cool ... The sketches were valid (octopus head with fangmora tail on the official model ... it was good, but my fluff having evolved (see previous post) meeeh I'm back to the sketch. So ... I'll come back later, but it might turn into kitbashing drycha and my allopex crabs. I will perhaps keep both ideas for both aspects ... to follow. 3- Teaser photo Okok... I stop teasing you... The "Leviadon"'s pictures:
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    Forbidden Power endless spells preview, with full warscrolls: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/15/forbidden-power-preview-the-endless-spellsgw-homepage-post-1/
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    I think if nighthaunt units was never allowed in a LoN army then more people would have played nighthaunt. And the win ratio would have gone up. I think the better players realized you can basically play nighthaunt with the best parts of Nagash and ROLL. Nighthaunt had a great deal in the starter box, and they are very easy to paint, lending themselves to beginners and less experienced players. Letting LoN armies play with nighthaunt, and more specifically, grimghast reapers...was a very dumb and short sighted decision. My theory is to drive sales of the Soul Wars box. But why play nighthaunt allegiance.. when for the ridiculous cost of 1 cp.. you can just bring back a full unit of already powerfully efficient ghosts by playing LoN? Because you are new/narrative minded and dont really care or know better.
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    It needs a bright primer. A very cool review that have been already posted: https://the-art-of-caesura.blogspot.com/2019/05/citadel-colour-contrast-paints-first.html I guess, as you can already do it with washes, you will be able to have very différent results if you tint your whitish undercoat with primary and secondary colours glazes. An easy example would be à green contrast paint over pale yellow, pale blue or pale green. I can't wait for deep down reviews and my own experimentations over zenithal and pré shading
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    I sold my 60 strong blob... I miss my 60 strong blob. Personally I think they're great and if they ever bring back their old Shambling Horde rule I'd be all over them again.
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    The Nurgle tome was 2.0 ready so we can probably strike that from the list, although they might revisit it later to add some endless spells and a character but as far as I know they're in an alright place at the moment. Actual plastic Chaos Dwarves would be amazing but I don't see it coming any time soon if ever, but I would be seriously tempted to spend ridiculous amount of money on them if they did. STD/Everchosen (I've got a feeling Darkoath is going to be the new name for the combined factions but who knows) and Tzeentch are the best bet.
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    Disclaimer : Uninteresting post. I tend to spend a lot of time painting models, and I am happy with any new product that can make the paint faster / easier. So I am looking forward to this new line. Will I buy everthing? No. There is still colours/materials that I will want to paint the old fashion way, but I will sure buy some for specific projects (my Hellboy KS ennemies come to mind) and specific colours (my guess is that I will love both whites, the black, and a leather one). But frankly, I am very surprised to see that there is a debate on this new line and that there is haters. You don't like this new way of painting ? Fine. Keep painting like you always did.
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    This is a tool for the tabletop gamer first and the hobby painter second. I have friends playing horde armies, like beasts and skaven who can't wait to just splatter clanrats and ungors in contrast paint, to get a decent tabletop result and save a LOT of time. Spare time is precious when you have a lot of responsibilities, kids etc. So getting your hordes up and looking decent and focus attention on centerpiece models is great. I would use this to just get the 40 man blob of skeletons done, but not to paint Nagash for example.
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    On the Darkoath release, I see one of two things happening. As the range is still quite big it will either be a new tome and maybe one/two new units like the last few tomes have been. If so it could be quite soon, or it will be awhile. Because realistically if they choose to replace marauders I’d assume they also would want new warriors of chaos. But that means changing the knights, chariots, chosen maybe the heroes to keep the same aesthetic as well
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    The people who are complaining about these new paints forming bad habits or holding back people from learning to paint better.... consider this. If I can paint 120 clan rats in 10 hours instead of 60 hours.... that's a lot of extra time to put into centerpiece models, painting classes, different techniques, experimentation and practice. I'm not going to become a better painter by just painting the same clan rat 120 times. I'll get better by painting different things, with different colours and different techniques. If this stuff can save significant time for all the mundane things, then that opens up a lot more time to become a better painter where it actually matters. I don't need to paint every single clan rat to a competition level. But I still need to paint them to play at a tournament or whatever. I'm a very slow painter. I think I paint pretty well, but horde armies give me nightmares. There's not enough hours in the day, days in the week and weeks in the year for me to get through that much painting. I'm actually going to do an experiment when these paints come out. I'm going to sit down, record and time how long it takes me to get 120 clan rats to a good tabletop standard using these new paints. It will test the time saving, and it will test how good the new paints look.
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    I'm sure StD/Darkoath/Everchosen is happening sometimes in 2019 (and that it's NOT Warcry, i.e. a distinct, Skirmish-focused IP, see above). Because : 1. It's an important army. At WHFest they said Archaon is preparing to fight back Sigmar and Nagash. The Darkoath get mentions in the fluff and new artworks since Malign Portents book and short stories, in AOS2 Core Book, and in new Battletomes (lastly Hedonites). Based on that, there should be a new Maraudeurs kit - i.e. the Darkoath, similar to the WHU Godsworn, the Warqueen and the Chieftain - (like we saw ghosts in MP lore and arts that ended up being Chainrasps) -, and a new Chaos Warriors / Chosen / Varanguard of foot kit (we even saw a close looking Rumor Engine). 2. The Darkoath (who have StD keyword) got the same treatment as Stormcast (Sacrosanct), Nighthaunt and Gloomspite Gitz : a Malign Portents Harbinger, a WHU Warbands, and the last three got a full army release and a new Battletome. StD will maybe get a smaller release (Barbarians, New Warriors, 1-2 Heroes, maybe a big kit like an AOSified Chaos Mammoth), and the current StD/Everchosen range (chariots, war-shrine, chimera, sorcerer and lord on foot and on manticore, chaos knights, marauders riders, Varanguard, Archaon and Gaunt Summoner) + scenery and endless spells of course. -- A few hints : https://malignportents.com/story/the-scent/ Hedonites Of Slaanesh Battletome, page 25.
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    I think it's the Starter Set indeed, so all in the box (the scenery are fine for AOS proper or even AOS Skirmish!). Also, one of the designer said that after the initial Chaos release, and with a new IP to explore, the game would likely expand (like Necromunda and Mordheim were focused on one area/theme, and then got expanded). And yeah, I understand the idea of wanting rules for almost everybody, but as I say, the way GW think their games, you'll have to choose between a rich world to explore in particular, alas with less options compared to the main game (like Necromunda), or a general rule system but with few depth in terms of new models / narrative / world building (like Kill Team). I prefer the first option even if I like both.
  24. 3 points
    No. Also your name is ChaosLord. To be serious, Warhammer Battle Skirmish was less flavorful in terms of models, narrative and setting than Mordheim, even if they shared a similar rule concept. In the same way, Kill Team is also less interesting than Necromunda in terms of models, fluff and setting (even if I prefer Kill Team's rules than Necromunda ones !) Of course, universal rules for a skirmish game that everybody can use are really cool, and more open to everybody. But the problem is that you have to balance openness and generality with, lets say, creativity and narrative focus : I do prefer to have boxes of new models in a interesting setting (be it Necromunda, Mordheim or Warcry), than general rules for all, but no new miniatures / no developing the existing lore / no exploring a certain theme and area of the setting. -- I also want to repost this, it looks so promising :
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    Just thought I'd pop up the couple of AoS entries I put into Golden Demon this weekend (there were three 40k items that are on my Twitter). No Demon for me this year, but I wasn't expecting it as nothing had been painted specifically for the event. First up, I somehow got a pin and made first cut with my Skullreapers To say I'm shocked is an understatement as they're just ones I grabbed off a shelf as I had a spare plinth... Next up is my Megaboss, which some of you have seen on here - I had a bit of a push and finished him off and sorted out a base. Sadly no pin, however being realistic the single miniature categories are super tough to get any form of placing in. As somebody who at the end of Saturday genuinely didn't think I was getting even a pin (no stickers on all five of my entries), so I was really chuffed to come away with 3 in total (Skullreapers, Stormlord Super Heavy Tank & Primaris Inceptor). I know that my brush skills have improved significantly over the last couple of months too, so hoping next year to do some specific entries. For anybody planning on entering one observation I made was that entries that had some kind of dioramic element (with a narrative) were making the first cut far more quickly than "gaming" miniatures. This is certainly something to consider for next year, probably creating a scenic base/environment alongside working on the actual entry.
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    They won't get my money for that scam.
  27. 2 points
    I think Mordheim is actually a pretty good model for Warcry. They both have robust storylines that you can't necessarily shoehorn every faction into. I think Warcry is going to be even more focused, for good or for ill.
  28. 2 points
    I find that the Underworlds warbands are fantastic for all sorts of experimentation. Add testing these paints to the list of things for which they are great.
  29. 2 points
    Oh, this is a very true possibility! I just enjoy the idea of a flying tree getting into an army’s face and refusing to die, forcing them to hack away at it or run away. No matter what though, I feel it will very likely do something to or with enemy bravery.
  30. 2 points
    We work with translation partners on all of our lines now. We should have German, Italian, French, and Spanish versions and are looking at getting more.
  31. 2 points
    Practically skelletons are better, but, IMO, if you invest into deadwalkers synergy you can get somewhere
  32. 2 points
    @pseudonyme - loved reading that. Thanks for sharing! The best thing since Agrax Earthshade!
  33. 2 points
    I try not to jump on board conspiracy theories (especially ones regarding GW's competence) but this feels like what happened. They wanted to give a huge group of people a reason to buy the starter so they took a unit that is clearly balanced for NH and allowed it in LoN. And in doing so they effectively offset every possible weakness of that unit and created a scenario where NH is better in LoN than on its own.
  34. 2 points
    im not sure why you would think that is great. everyone needs to put their bias aside in regards to armies having a 2nd tome whiles others dont even have 1. a lot of these updated tomes really needed new models/units added to them. Fyreslayers, Flesh-Eater Courts, Sylvaneth, Kharadron Overlords, Ironjawz all suffer from not having enough variety. these spells+terrain releases arent a good thing if they prevent the tomes who really need new stuff from getting it
  35. 2 points
    Ah yes that famously second tier and fine army Skaven
  36. 2 points
    It's for a better alpha strike.. teleport one big unit and buff it. Could be done with 6.. but I think going for the big hit is the idea.
  37. 2 points
    Would be a direct downgrade. The current system is an example of simplicity and elegance. Adding granularity in costing is overcomplexifing the game by a large margin. List correction are a nightmare in 40k. The only person made happy are list architects and rockinchair generals.
  38. 2 points
    Hm, after a Hero is a unit too (with one model), Sylvateth at least get the Arch Revenant and in case of Flesh-Eater Courts the Abhorrant Archregent was new. So basicly both get a new unit (that is not availlable at the moment, because the box set is sold out)
  39. 2 points
    You'd used a naughty word that hadn't been picked up by the profanity filter 😉 From the pieces I've seen I wouldn't say that the end effect isn't drastically different between the traditional method and contrast method. However the contrast method is significantly quicker. You're still going to need traditional methods to pick out details - if you want to. 100% this! At the end of the day, they're simply another item in our arsenal of tools, nobody is going to force you to use them.
  40. 2 points
    Finished a batch of ten bestigors yesterday! Or, well, nine bestigors and the Wargor Standard Bearer I converted, which is probably always going to be a bestigor standard bearer anyway. I painted them in a batch of ten, and it didn't go too slowly. I think I'll switch to batches around that size from now on, should get the rest of the rank and file ready a bit faster. I didn't give them all the same skin colour though - three got the standard Rhinox Hide treatment, four got Dryad Bark and the remaining three got a new tone, similar method as the fur on the Ghorgon (Dryad Bark, shaded with Abaddon Black, washed with Nuln Oil, layered with Stormvermin Fur, this time with fine highlights of Karak Stone). Really like how it came out, if I had known this method when I was making colour tests a year and a half ago I might have ended up with an Ulgu darkwalker herd... I've been using Runefang Steel as my (edge) highlight colour for steel, but I recently gave up on it and got Stormhost Silver instead. The ghorgon was the first model I tried it on, but there's not a lot of steel on it so it didn't make a huge difference, but on these guys it's really visible, and what a difference! Their weapons look much sharper and their armour is shinier than anything I've painted before! I don't think it's coming through very well on these pictures, but in person it's like night and day. I really recommend Stormhost Silver! The five bestigors I had painted previously had almost no bronze on them, but as I had discovered this new method for verdigris recently I wanted to use it more, so I gave them all bronze girdles. I could have painted the banner with my regular yellowish leather colour, but I wanted something slightly different, darker and redder. I ended up with Rhinox Hide, wetblended with Khorne Red for the midtone and Doombull Brown for the highlights. It gave me this kind of interesting burgundy colour, which I'm very happy with. Contrasts really well with the blue. I kept the yellow leather on the other side of the banner, though. Here's the musician I converted recently. These three got the new skin colour. It reads kind of like a dirty black, I think. Might try it on some gors to get a better feel for it, there's not exactly a lot of skin showing on these guys. That's it for now! Next on my painting table is a D&D character (converted from Steelheart, from WHU) which I'll probably post on my side project thread when it's done. I'm actually not sure what I'll paint next for my army... The herdstone? Ungors? Dragon ogres? Who knows, stay tuned to find out!
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    I am praying for our Nighthaunt heroes gaining the 1d3 model revive ability that the rest of the LoN heroes get in the Legion of Grief so I can play LoN and grave sites as effectively with spooks as I would with skelebobs.
  42. 2 points
    The chances that it's Settra is obviously close to zero for this one, however that doesn't mean he can't be in another Stormvault. GW could even spin a nice narrative around it. Something like: When Sigmar discovered the realms and assembled "his" pantheon of gods he found not just Nagash but also Settra. Obviously the super powered Nagash was going to be the god for the undead realms, however we all know Settras personality and so does Sigmar. Unyielding and full of hate for Nagash he would never stop waging war against the deathgod which all in all would've been a bad thing for the mortal realms. So the "best" solution for Sigmar was to lock and hide Settra away forever. Oh the irony of a Tomb King being locked away in what's basically a magical tomb ,., maybe it's even literally his tomb and Sigmar did it while Settra was asleep. Locate it in the great deserts of Hysh, the realm of light (remember that Settra was wielding a blade blessed by their sun god Ptra), far away from Nagashs influence and voíla.
  43. 2 points
    There are a lot of armies that can first-turn charge you these days - everything from FEC to Khorne to Slaanesh to Idoneth to DoK can get across the whole field and into your face in a single turn. As such, when I play Wanderers I've stopped going heavy ranged and started tanking up with a lot of WWR, because they are savage in combat, and do work on each turn. I like to bring units of GG too - one big for consistent damage (and flooding an objective) and another smaller one for support, along with a unit of SotW for reliable damage second-turn realm wandering onto the other side of the field to split my opponent's attention. I'm also a fan of WR, they are surprisingly resilient and tend to divert attention, and not slouches in combat on the charge either. I tend to ally in some Kurnoth for even more melee bite, but if you're committed to all elves everything, then really just pile on the WWR, they are a steal for their cost and they do great work. If you go really heavy into them, it honestly wouldn't hurt to bring a second NP to make sure they are getting the reroll-to-hit buff throughout the game. Honestly it's not a good idea to play any ranged-focused army at present, the game is too heavily skewed against it as a strategy in favor of having melee-only armies be viable (which is fine, but greatly diminishes the potency of many units that pay a premium for what amounts to less potency). If you do want to focus on shooting, I'd recommend getting as many 10-man units of EG as you can on the field and using them as roadblocks to keep your ranged units out of harm's way. You'll still want WWR (at least 20, I'd say) for the counter-charge, but this works pretty well.
  44. 2 points
    My god, actual stairs! I was genuinely worried that the knowledge and skill required to craft these technological wonders had been lost forever in the Age of Chaos. Seriously though Warcry is going to be a beast of a set, lets say two warbands of up to 10 unique models each, what appears to be 6 different chaos chickens and 6 daemons, plus the board and all the scenery. Damn... Can't wait, even if they somehow totally fluff the rules it's just going to be a great set for modelling.
  45. 2 points
    If I can prime with a brush why buy a spray can or an airbrush? If I can mix highlights with white or cream why buy lighter layer paints? If I can shade with thin paints why buy washes? The answer to all of these is simple - time, effort and consistency. It's the same with Contrast. I've done a couple of army projects now which have been 90%+ glazes over zenithal/white primer. Offer me a 6€ pot of pre-mixed glaze which would always have a perfectly consistent paint:medium ratio and save me having to mix up fresh batches and it's an auto buy. If that product means I get a consistent vibrant finish with just one coat that's even better. That's what Contrast seems to be offering.
  46. 2 points
    One other application could be to help define where highlights need to go - so you take a test model and apply say the black contrast paint. Once dry you've a pretty definitive guide on where to apply chunky and fine edge highlights. Would be great for people who are wanting to take their painting to the next level! The varnishes are there to protect - a few of us popped our test models into bags and not noticed any rub off (I carefully popped mine in the top to find it had bounced right to the bottom after a few hours in a car). However GW used it as an opportunity to improve the current varnish and add a new one and also acknowledged one area the new paints aren't as strong in. Firstly, you're completely entitled to your opinion, however as with any hobby released don't knock it until you've tried it! I was massively cynical about the GW dry paints until I tried them and had to eat a huge slice of humble pie and now use them fairly regularly. The new paint isn't a glaze (or more accurately a wash/shade/ink as a glaze shouldn't pool), it has different flow properties to using a regular medium and the coverage is significantly better. As I made clear in my post you can apply them on any undercoat - the two new colours add to the range (not replace) because GW knows that the Corax White can be "peeky" at times (that came from the chap who developed Corax White). It also adds in the long sought after warm white and cool white undercoat colours. The question of "are these revolutionary" - no (in my opinion). "Are these game changing" - for some yes, for others no. If you're already happy with how you paint and already have paints then there is absolutely no reason to pick any of these up. However for people looking to create a battle ready army - or even more so new hobbyists, these paints are going to be a fantastic way of painting. Ultimately as existing hobbyists, it's down to us to choose how we integrate this new range into our existing methods. I'm certainly not going to bin my existing collection and start painting everything using Contrast paints. However I will likely swap out how I do some items. I honestly am stunned by the result of Guilliman Flesh over Wrathbone. It produces the same effect that you would achieve with 20 minutes of blending three different flesh colours. Black Templar is another one that creates an end effect that would take a lot longer with regular paints and highlighting. I'm likely not going to be using this for painting a Golden Demon entry, but for a 2000 point army they're certainly going to speed things up for me. They don't (at least initially), however you can use them over a metallic undercoat to achieve a similar effect. The reason is the metallic pigments will mess around with the flow of the paint.
  47. 2 points
    It doesn’t though, direct quote “At the start of your hero phase, you receive one depravity point for each friendly Infernal Enrapturess that is on the battlefield and part of a Slaanesh army.” That is the ability word for word. This isn’t even a case of trying to game a poorly worded rule. To say I get 6 points for each of my 6 Enrapturess models is blatant cheating.
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