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    Hey guys! Just back from Warhammer Fest today where I had some great fun getting stuck into the new paints. I went to the "Science of Paint" seminar, and they spoke all about these paints and what went into making them - some fun stories involving kettles in spray hoods and 12 Space Marine chapters... Anyway, I decided to compile all I learned (and experienced) here. Hope it is useful! https://the-art-of-caesura.blogspot.com/2019/05/citadel-colour-contrast-paints-first.html
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    A few notes from yesterday that might be of some small interest. - There was a rumour going around at about 1pm (one hour before the AoS preview) that the AoS preview had been cancelled. A couple of the GW staff on-site were asking another staffer about it - clearly this was not the case, although it's possible (if unlikely at that late stage) that the line-up had changed and something of note had to be pulled. - In the AoS rules seminar at 11am Jervis Johnson showed a screen grab of the points calculator they use. Not unexpectedly, it assigns a base score to the main statline (move, wounds, save, etc), then there's a tick box for whether a unit can fly, and other elements (number of models, weapons - and whether those cause normal wounds or MW, etc). The interesting part is that they have a list of warscroll abilities that are all given basic points costs (usually 20 or 40 to start with), so that a unit that has an ability which causes 1 MW on charging (for example) will have consistency for the value of that ability with another unit that has the same or similar ability. - Once the calculator has a basic points cost, that information goes to the playtesters to see if the values hold up in the context of synergies, etc. Any differences that come back are then also tracked, and the calculator updated constantly to iterate and refine. The point about the calculator I don't think is to do the work of setting points, but to provide as consistent basis as possible for the subject of balance. There are also other factors taken into account - base size, since it affects the amount of attacks; and one thing called "Puny" which takes into account whether a model has lower survivability (eg single model with 5 wounds) as it has a lower chance to use its abilities more (since it has less chance of lasting to later rounds). - In the AoS Lore seminar at 12pm Jes Bickham very briefly mentioned a reference to the evolution of the game with respect to endless spells, and mentioned the creation of 'named' endless spells in the lore - but possibly also a reference to what's coming up in Forbidden Power (possibly special versions of endless spells that are different in the way that named characters are different from unnamed characters?) - Another point made pretty clearly by Phil Kelly was that Destruction would have its focus. This was in the context of AoS1 being SC vs Chaos (and he said that Order vs Chaos would always be the spine of the evolving narrative, naturally); AoS2 being SC vs Death. So AoS3 may well be Order/SC vs Destruction. Not really a big surprise, but nice to understand some of the thinking. - Jes Bickham was also pretty strong on the point of Archaon coming back "in a big way" - not clear if this is a battletome, or just as part of the narrative evolution. Made me wonder if a STD faction might be led by Archaon... after all, WarCry is basically a big party to please the dude. Anyway, expect him to still play a big part in stuff. - If you're going to attend WH Fest and want to be in one of the main previews, get there very early. We arrived about 9:30am (30 mins before doors opened) and were queuing for over an hour (partly because they couldn't put swag into bags quick enough!) - by the time we got to the Info desk, all preview wristbands for the main systems were gone, though there were still some good ones (see above!) - There were good demos available for things like AoS champions - a good way to pass 20 mins, whether you know a game or not. As you'd expect, staff were all friendly and enthusiastic. - Oddly, the shop there carried pretty much everything you can buy, but nothing was priced... so you'd have to pick stuff up, go through the snaking queue system to the till before you knew how much it would cost. Apparently this wasn't planned... seems like a strange move, so I could believe it was an oversight. As well as the white boxes, there were also old WHFB boxes on the shelves there (square bases only!) - if they had prices and there were some discounts, I think they would have sold a lot more. I think those are the main points of note from what I saw, I'll add other stuff if I think of it. EDIT: Oh, and the Contrast paint looks good. Solid colour as with base paint, but difference in shade where it pools (but quite naturally). Doesn't cover larger, flat areas so well, but it's certainly a great way to get three colours onto a model in a much nicer-looking way than base alone. GW army painter I spoke to claimed that he definitely uses it for his work, which having seen the results I can believe - my expectation is that for now the colour range gives you a bunch of useful starting points, but it isn't exhaustive. So if you're looking for a middle red, blue, green, etc, it's great. But if your starting point needs to be different versions (eg Khorne Red instead of Mephiston, perhaps), then you might still want to go base + shade. Not sure if you can mix Contrast well with other Contrast paints, or other paints in the Base, shade, etc range.
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    The nice thing about the new warband, apart their two snakes leader, is that swarms are back! With the small snakes pet miniature at the bottom. Have more pictures if you can’t find them online. After the preview I was searching them and Ben Johnson chased me to point me towards them after an hour earlier he told me he can’t tell me if new miniatures were going to be displayed because the seminar was not finished yet 😂😂😂 Anyway my biggest complain is that I did 90 minutes of queue to get to the seminar tickets and find out all previews seminars were full. We then got few teasers for spin off games but nothing for the mainstream game. Compared to last year with Soul Wars you can imagine that as disappointing. Personally had lots of fun and clearly the new Contrast paint was the highlight with something like 50 maybe more spots to try the new paints constantly occupied and everyone pretty happy with the outcome. I just think 34 pots and 2 cans are gonna be a slow investment. Back to Warcry they didn’t say here but pictures show the creatures that they are going to fight (6 furies and 6 death chickens, internal nickname) so there will be some sort of AI, that looks exciting!! And their design concept outstanding:
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    I was at the fest today and used the paints quite extensively, my thoughts are as follows... In general I think it's a fantastic product. I work in a technical role for an ink manufacturer so the marketing stuff won't really wash (🙄 with me. Make no mistake, what these paints basically are are washes with more pigment, so when you put a red contrast paint over a white undercoat it won't just tint the white to a pink, it will make the whole thing red. One of the guys on the stand was trying to tell me certain things like don't use a palette, don't water it down, just throw down as much as you can in one go. If you do that you will get poor results, just like you would if you used washes like that. Interestingly, I also watched a demo with an 'Eavy Metal painter, where he demonstrated using the contrast paints over the current range as glazes and washes essentially. When it came to using the paints themselves, the range they had for use was somewhat limited and didn't necessarily fit the models provided, so I just tried to use the more interesting colours to get a feel for what they looked like. All colours are just one coat over the base primer, which is indeed one of the new contrast ones. Here are some pictures of the results I got... The flesh looks really great in my opinion. The blue is a really nice colour but looks a little sloppy in places. Probably my own fault. The black gives a pretty good grey to be honest, and I was really interested in these 3 brown colours for options of painting things like leather. I think they look good but maybe not much better than simply painting mournfang brown + agrax earthshade or similar. My favourite here was the glove colour which is called Gore Grunta Fur. This I thought was a pretty cool cloth colour. Example of a red and yellow. It's pretty obvious from the pictures above that they're not going to make your models look professional with a single coat, but I do think it'll be a fantastic tool to paint some things very quickly. Already I'm thinking about things I'd like to use them on like painting large numbers of grots, orcs, free people soldiers, sylvaneth etc. There were also some examples of finished models that had been supposedly painted exclusively with the contrast paint. All in all I think it's going to be a very useful product to add to the painters' arsenal and it'll help me paint quicker, particularly with units. I'm a little nervous on what the price is going to be but I guess time will tell...
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    I must admit I find a little strange that some AOS fans have no interest at all in Warcry. We know all the Warcry warbands will get AOS warscrolls. Due the nature of the kits, they will not be limited in the way the underworlds warscrolls are. There is no reason why they can’t all be min 8 models, max 24. Along with the beasts that’s at least 8 new warscrolls for AOS. The eventual slaves to Darkness book could end up being one of the most varied in the game. As for future books we should learn a lot when the ghb comes out. The previous book had 13 allegiance abilities in it. It would make sense to put abilities for armies that aren’t coming this year into the new book. If we do some very logical combinations like putting Devoted of sigmar into free peoples, there are 18 factions waiting for a book. 4 books plus 13 in the ghb leaves just one faction without anything new this year. If they do completely new factions this year there will be a couple more without anything but we should still see the majority of factions get something new this year. It will also be much easier to deduce what might be coming this year. If anyone is going to warhammer fest today, it might be worth asking the developers if they intend to do more allegiance abilities in the 2019 ghb. After being a bit disappointed about the reveals at first, I am now pretty happy with the state of things. Warcry is looking better and better. I’ve already get Archaon and a gaunt summoner painted up so using Warcry as a way into a slaves to Darkness army is pretty tempting. A lot of the biggest complaints about AOS 2 have been in regards to balance. A new ghb means new points and a new accompanying faq. Of the 13 aos2 books released so far 9 of them are pretty well balanced against each other. If gw can bring down the level of Lon, DoK, fec and skaven and tweak a few other things we could be in a very good place going forward. A new season of underworlds with another 8 warbands will leave that game in a very good place with the majority of factions represented. My only regrets about warhammer fest is that we haven’t heard more about the rules of forbidden power and Warcry. If anyone can dig a little info out of the devs today, that would be great.
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    I'm really not getting the disappointment. I know that everyone is wanting some massive faction release to be announced with tons of new kits, and they specifically want it to be their faction of choice... but is that really the bar we are setting? Not every announcement is going to be a major new models release. I for one love the fact that GW is now willing to supplement their big faction releases with minor releases that are more focused on rules updates. It seems to me that people think this is an either/or thing, and that these rules updates are replacing major model-focused releases. They aren't. It used to be that we'd get a couple of faction releases with new kits per year at the very most. Let's look back at WHFB 8th edition: 2011- three factions 2012- two faction 2013- five factions 2014- two factions I'll note that I was not playing WHFB at this time so I don't know if these were all major releases with new kits, but I'll assume that they were. Over that four year span we are averaging three new releases per year. I also missed the first bit of AOS, so I can't speak to that, but let's look at the last couple of years: In 2017 we got a full faction release in KO (11 new kits), a faction update in Tzeentch (8? new kits), and a new subfaction in Stormcast Vanguard (5? new kits) along with a new battletome (Khorne) and a smattering of new models (Horticulus, Gavriel, and Naeve). 27 kits, 2 major releases, 1 minor release, 1 battletome. In 2018 we got a faction update in Nurgle (7 new kits), a faction update in Daughters of Khaine (3 new kits), a new faction in Nighthaunt (~16 new kits? more if you count alternate sculpts), a new subfaction in Sacrosanct (~9 new kits?), and a new faction in Idoneth Deepkin (12 new kits) plus two new battletomes (Legions of Nagash and Beasts of Chaos) and a smattering of individual releases (the 4 harbinger kits). 53 kits, 4 major releases, 1 minor release, and 2 battletomes. In 2019 so far we've gotten a faction update in Gloomspite Gitz (13 new kits), a faction update in Hedonites of Slaanesh (8 new kits), a faction update in Blades of Khorne (6 new kits), three new battletomes (Skaven, FEC, and Fyreslayers) which had a total of 8 new kits between them plus the arch-revenant. 36 new kits, 2 major releases, 1 minor release, 3 battletomes so far. I wouldn't even expect 2019 to compete with 2018 given that the game got a new edition in 2018, but so far it's keeping pace nicely. Even if you discount all of the faction terrain and endless spells sets, 2019 so far still has 24 new kits released as of mid May. That's only 3 kits short of the entirety of 2017. I don't know how many new kits got released with each new WHFB 8th edition faction push, but I doubt that the average is any more than 10. So that'd be about ~30 new kits a year, and I bet it's lower. We're getting just as many new kits as ever, and over the last two years we've been getting dramatically more new kits and have gotten these new battletome updates on top of that. None of this is even counting updates that are for other games that happen to be compatible with AOS -- so I'm not counting any of the Underworlds stuff or the Warcry stuff. In this context, I really just don't get the disappointment and negativity. GW is announcing awesome new stuff at an unprecedented pace and yet people complain that not every reveal is a 10 kit major faction release. If every reveal was a big release, then we'd only be seeing two or three reveals a year instead of the reveal every couple weeks that we've been getting in 2019. I certainly can't tell you guys how to feel, but I hope you understand the message that you are sending to GW. You want cake, and GW is giving you just as much cake as always, but now they are offering you ice cream between servings of cake and you are turning your nose up at it because it isn't more cake. That reaction isn't going to get you more cake, it's just going to discourage them from offering the ice cream. ______________________________________________________________ Phew, OK. All that being said, the new warband is not my cup of tea but the lore implications of a presumably chaos warband with a strong elf feel to are very interesting. I haven't used GW paints in ages, but this contrast stuff could possibly change that. I'm skeptical of the results that they are showing (could it really be that easy?) and will want to wait for some reviews by the community. If it lives up to the advertising though it could be a real game changer for batch painting. The thing I am most excited about by far is the announcement of the new 1k point rules pack. I know people are already dismissing this without even seeing what it contains. Personally, I'm constantly running into the problem of people not having enough for a 2k game or not having time for a 2k game. Unfortunately, in my experience small games suck. There are balance issues for sure, but more fundamentally the battleplans just don't work as well with lower points totals. While this new rules pack may not fix everything (heck, it may not fix anything), it's at least a real chance for a dramatic improvement in the gameplay quality of low points games. That would be absolutely massive for quality of life and for the hobby in general. A huge percentage of new players get introduced to the game at low points values. New players are less likely to have enough stuff for a 2k game, and things like slow grow leagues are really popular and great for introducing new players to the game. A good first impression is key to retaining these players, so any improvement to the quality of gameplay at low points values is going to have an outsized effect on new player retention. That is why I am really excited for this reveal. New models? Not my jam, but cool -- I'm sure others like them a lot! At least four new battletomes this year? REALLY cool -- especially given that it means a new Death tome. What could that end up being? New rules support for lower point value games? Now that is HYPE.
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    Who on earth decided that this information belonged on a one page article and not as a reveal for warhammer fest? Its next week for crying out loud and would have done a lot for the crowds of people (me included) who felt AoS really got nothing. I can only assume they didn't want to be asked questions about it on sunday??
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    The advertising for Warcry, in regards to being lumped in as an AoS update, is no different than what they did with Killteam. I get not being that excited if a dedicated AoS skirmish game does not interest you, but I also am willing to bet that A LOT of people are excited for it. In fact, given that it appears to be the spiritual successor for Mordheim I would not be surprised if this game makes quite a big splash. GW is smart to be heavily marketing it.
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    While I can't necessarily blame anyone for worrying about how these products might change the hobby, I really don't think it's a useful, or really fair idea to think that it's bad for the hobby to cater to bad painters. I think I reject the idea that everyone interested in painting has to be invested in being a Very Good Painter. Like, yeah, what I'm doing might amount of a fancy colouring book, but people use colouring books for a ton of reasons, and very little of that is becoming a good illustrator. If this keeps people as bad painters, that's fine. I think it's more important for people to enjoy painting and their results over necessarily trying to make everyone invested in painting for competition or what have you.
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    In case anyone else was looking, I found a full colour list: Apothecary White Black Templar Space Wolves Grey Gryph-Charger Grey Basilicanum Grey Volupus Pink Blood Angels Red Flesh Tearers Red Magos Purple ShyishPurple Aethermatic Blue Leviadon Blue Ultramarines Blue Talassar Blue Terradon Turquoise Akhelian Green Dark Angels Green Militarum Green Iyanden Yellow Nazdreg Yellow Gryph-hound Orange Snakebite Leather Cygor Brown Guilliman Flesh Fyreslayer Flesh Darkoath Flesh Plaguebearer Flesh Ork Flesh Skeleton Horde Aggaros Dunes Creed Camo Gore-grunta Fur Wyldwood Warp Lightning
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    I'm very interested in the game itself. The miniatures are nice and all (I like some Iron Golems and some hoplite-guys) but the gaming is what gets me more excited, especially if it's a full skirmish experience. Assuming it keeps the core AoS-mechanics, I'm hoping for: Full warband customization: choose equipment and flexible roster to build the warband. I would hate it if they just locked everything behind template-like warbands like in Underworlds, or very little customization like AoS warscrolls. Let people build the models they want and like. This goes for both the Chaos warbands and the non-chaos ones. Introduce WH-skirmish/Mordheim mechanics: such as jumping/falling and stun/knockdown in combat. Maybe even critical strikes. It's super simple and would really help add some depth to the system. Currently, AoS-skirmish is very flat in that department. Obviously a cool campaign system, with casualty tables, character progress and lots and lots of scenarios! Eventually, adding an expansion allowing every faction to have "adapted" warband roster to the game. Not asking for new minis or repackage, but just being able to use a bunch of Dark Elves or whatever with supported rules. Only a few pages need... not asking much, right? With the two first points only, I'd be genuinely happy and fully support the game. Otherwise, yet another disappointment. Fingers crossed!
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    Technically you’re right. Here’s how the math breaks down: 3 Sword Hunters raw damage output (MW accounted for): ~14 wounds Vs a 5+ save: ~12 wounds Vs a 4+ save: ~10 wounds Vs a 3+ save: ~ 8 wounds Vs a 2+ save: ~6 wounds 3 Scythe Hunters raw damage output: ~9 wounds Vs a 5+ save: ~9 wounds Vs a 4+ save: ~ 7 wounds Vs a 3+ save: ~ 6 wounds All things being equal, sword hunters are superior in combat at equal numbers. But, like I said above, scythe hunters are valuable because they can be run in groups of 6 allowing every hunter in the unit to get attacks in. So lets assume all 6 scythes can get in combat, and only 4 of the sword hunters can (which is being generous). 4 Sword Hunters raw damage output (MW accounted for): ~18 wounds Vs a 5+ save: ~15 wounds Vs a 4+ save: ~13 wounds Vs a 3+ save: ~ 10 woundsVs a 2+ save: ~8 wounds6 Scythe Hunters raw damage output: ~17 woundsVs a 5+ save: ~17 woundsVs a 4+ save: ~ 14 woundsVs a 3+ save: ~ 11 wounds As you can see the damage output is pretty similar (scythes edge out swords by ~2 wounds) if we’re being generous and saying 4 of six swords can get into combat. I’ve run hunters both ways in several games (before the sword buff) and I can tell you from experience that when fighting in tight spaces it’s a very real possibility that you can only get 2 swords in combat (fighting around WW trees is a ******). The much more likely scenario is that you’ll only be able to get 3 swords in. Swords Hunters 3 across can’t attack in a second rank, while scythes can. in that case here’s the damage comparison: 3 Sword Hunters raw damage output (MW accounted for): ~14 wounds Vs a 5+ save: ~12 wounds Vs a 4+ save: ~10 wounds Vs a 3+ save: ~ 8 woundsVs a 2+ save: ~6 wounds 6 Scythe Hunters raw damage output: ~17 woundsVs a 5+ save: ~17 woundsVs a 4+ save: ~ 14 woundsVs a 3+ save: ~ 11 wounds Even at a 5+ save, scythes blow sword hunters out because they can all attack. “But Mirage!” (I hear you say), “What if i fight out in open and manage to get all my sword hunters in combat?” To that I say, “why the hell would you fight out in open?” You should never, ever, ever, fight out in open unless you absolutely 100% honest-to-god have to. Half of this army’s finesse is knowing how to use map choke points and WW placement to prevent your units from getting swarmed. You can easily handle a group of 30 wytch elves provided you can limit the amount of space they can fight in; a unit of 30 isn’t nearly as scary if only 5-7 can attack. Opening your frontage so you can maximize your group of 6 sword hunters attacks might give you a 1 round advantage, but doing extends your front line from being 4.5 inches wide with scythes, to being 9 inches wide. A front line that long usually means you’ll be eating multiple charges next turn. A double charge from 2 units of 30 Wytch elves, sporting 4 attacks apiece means 2 units throwing out 120 attacks per unit, (possibly with RR’s depending on buffs/turn) at 3+/4+ rend -1. Since your swords aren't in cover anymore (you moved out to maximize your attacks remember?) You’re now RR’ing on only a 5+, vs 40 wounds after hit/wound (per unit of 30), which means even if you clear 1 unit of 30, you’ll lose about 1/2 your squad in the next turn from the other unit of 30. Not to mention that you no longer benefit from LoS blocking WW and can now get shot/magicked/ect ect as well as being mobbed by a bunch of blood-crazed (pretty) murder-elves. Alpha strike is another creature entirely, because your goal is to take out key support units/heroes/elite combat troops before they can do anything about it. The last thing you want to do in that case is maximize your frontage, because you’re likely to pull units into combat that you don’t want to fight. Dreadwood alpha-strike needs to be very focused so that you only fight the thing you want to kill, and ideally kill it before it can hit you back. It doesn’t do you any good if you can’t get all your swords into combat, or if you get too ambitious and take the units on the right and left of it by piling in with 3” of them unintentionally. So you ambush, form your scythes into a 3x3 bullet, and hit the thing that needs to die and only the thing that needs to die. Ideally you’ll have picked a target that’s not too close to anything that can hit you back. Sometimes it is a viable strategy to “tag” an adjacent unit by piling in 1 hunter within 3”, specifically so it ties the enemy down preventing it from moving and then charging you next turn. Moving a single hunter just within 3” means every model in the tagged must pile in toward that model. They cannot move and then charge to maximize their attacks which means you eat maybe 2-3 wounds instead of taking none and getting swarmed in their next turn. But even if you use this tactic, you don’t want to attack the unit you tagged, because if your opponent removed casualties from the front, he’s no longer in combat and can move and swarm you next turn. Scythes don’t have to worry about this, because with 2” reach the unit will expend all it’s attacks on the alpha strike target. That sword hunter however has to attack the tagged unit, per the core rules, a unit that is in combat must attack if it is able to; it can’t reach the alpha target (1” reach, blocked by his squad) means he has to attack the other unit, which means it’s almost pointless to use this tactic and you’ll get swarmed next turn no matter what you do. TL:DR Dont get me wrong, swords are a lot better than they used to be (even though I occasionally played them the old way) but they are best in 3’s. Scythes are best in a unit of 6-9.
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    @JackStreicher from the community site “And we’re back for another day of reveals, sneak peeks and awesomeness!” So there may be something but I suspect if anything it will be more focused on things like Black Library and ancillary games. Still might be something held back, so you never know. ANYWAY... just to add fuel to the rampant fire of unsubstantiated new Death faction rumours that will inevitably lead to nothing except claims of being slapped in the face or sone other hyperbolic statement of distress... I give you a sketch of what is clearly, 100% guaranteed, the new Mortarch, Zombie Queen Crelis Arul, the Lady of All Flesh.
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    I'm almost scared to ask, but I can't help it: why do you hate lions?
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    I am really impressed with all of the new war bands. We know that most of the Mortal Realms are under the control of Chaos and with these models you kind of get the true post apocalyptic setting as it is realised in the background. Very hard for me to choose a favourite but these new snake ones might be it. I've gone from mildly interested in Warcry to quite excited to see what is in store.
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    Thought I would share my experience today playing a 3 game 2k tourney today at my local gaming store in London. Was really pleased to go 3 - 0 in the end with a second place finish. Was a generally strong field, with a couple of Sylvaneth lists, Legions of Nagash, Skaven and Stormcast all present. This is a list I’ve landed on partly through a combination of the models I own and a bit of play testing. It’s a Skullfiend mortals list based on Bloodforged battalion and a single Unfettered fury thirster. The List: Game 1 Starstrike Was drawn against my club-mate Josh - he was playing a Skaven army with some of the usual shenanigans of the Verminlord warpseer (4+ reroll, then 5+++/5+++), Warp vortex endless spell + 2 Lightning cannons, 3 jezzails and 100 clanrats.= Game 1 - turn 1 opponent hero phase I was quite worried about the WLC’s shooting and the slowing effect of the vortex, plus it was starstrike so I spread my army out across the whole board, with my faster units on the flanks. I didn’t think I’d be able to break his castle so I planned to play an objective game over wherever the middle objective ended up. Game basically boiled down to a fight over the center objective - and Josh didn’t really move his skaven castle up enough to really threaten the objective. He also threw his warpseer up unsupported to contest the middle - and although he took a lot of beating - the double fighting wrathmongers eventually knocked him down. Big moment of the game was the unfettered fury’s ability to stop a large clanrat blob from falling back in his movement phase -which stopped him from falling back and charging onto the objective. Game 2 - Take and Hold Opponent was Angelcore’s Adam - using Order Draconis with triple dragon lord - Quicksilver Potion, Dimensional blade and doppleganger cloak. 4 units of dragon blades in 10, 5, 5, 5. Game 2 Turn 1 start of opponent's movement I was really worried about the alpha potential of this list, I wanted to make sure he couldn’t go into my hammers without taking some casualties on the way - so I deployed in a screening formation with blood warriors and mongers out front - hiding my squishy heroes behind a convenient rock that happened to be on the board. I’d not played the dragonlord list - but I knew enough to know this was going to be a short but bloody affair! The game was essentially a huge bloodbath, when Adam decided to go hell for leather and charged down my throat turn 1. I’d moved conservatively in my turn 1 - and I’d tried to use the shrine + skulls to block off some space, But with such a huge move, I doubt it made a difference. A small sequencing error on Adam’s part allowed a unit of my wrathmongers to pile in and kill the dimensional blade dragonlord in his turn 1, which was a big swing in the trading game. The skullcrushers tanked the quicksilver dragon lord, only losing 2 and chunking him back in return. The blood warriors did what they do and died to a man! Even after all this, He would have won the game on the T3 priority roll due to the jankiness of this mission. As it was, I won that roll off - and sealed the game off. Game 2 - end of game Game 3 - Focal Points Playing against Jake who was running Harvestboon Sylvaneth with 2 x 30 Dryads, a Treelord Ancient with ethereal amulet and 6 Scythe Kurnoths, 3 swords Kurnoths and Cogs. Game 3 - opponent turn 2 combat phase I put my shrine in the middle to block off some wildwood space, and the board helped me out by having a nice spread of terrain to prevent the woods from going too crazy. He deployed knowing he would redeploy, and I spread out across the 2 deployment zone objectives with the crushers on one flank and the khorgies on the other. He did his turn 1 shenanigan spawned a load of woods and lobbed a unit of 30 dryads with -2 to hit on the central objective (native ability near woods and shyish realm spell). As he was nestled in the woods and I didn’t want to go in - I used blood bind to pull the unit of 30 forward so I had more frontage to charge him. I then three 2 units of mongers, the thirster and my skullcrushers into the unit of 30 with the crushers engaging a nearby treelord. The sheer weight of attacks and the thirster eventually ground the unit in the middle down quite quickly - despite the -2 to hit, and with bronzed flesh - the skullcrushers tanked the tree lord’s attacks and wore down and killed it on their own. Key moment was when he threw his kurnoths into the middle, and I was able to activate 6” pile in on the thirster to stay safe then pile in and attack the charging kurnoths. With -2 and no rerolls (due to charging) - he wasted them pretty effectively. By turn 4 I had won every fight and was pushing through to his backfield. Overall Overall - I am really happy with how this list performs and the new book in general. I feel like the new tome has freed us from the Gore Pilgrims servitude with a multitude of different builds that seem viable. Various war scroll tweaks have made the army so much more self-sufficient and not completely reliant on buffs to compete. A great day against 3 fantastic, and friendly opponents - and much blood (and sap) was spilt in Khornes name! MVP’s The Bloodforged wrathmongers always punch well above their 140 points. The double pile in is absolutely incredible and turns them into a real powerhouse unit with the sheer number of -1 rend saves they can push through for a unit with such a small footprint. Even the skullgrinder is a useful little model, especially with the +2 attack relic. The Bloodthirster of Unfettered fury, is so versatile, and a perfect carrier for crowncleaver, with 8 attacks, he’s truly a force to be reckoned with, and his shooting attack is also surprisingly effective and reliable. Biggest thing of all is the 6” pile in, which I’m finding is still catching people off guard, and lets him retreat and still fight - combined with FLY makes him one of my favourite units in the list. The Mighty Skullcrushers - I’ve usually found myself deploying them on a flank, where they can absolutely hold their own, and beat most things just by forcing huge numbers of saves on them. People are so scared on the mortal wound charge - that they usually try to engage them with something, only for their 3+ saves and 5 wounds to absorb the damage, and they grind through most units with 4+ or worse non rerolling saves. Thanks for reading - hope it was interesting!
  19. 3 points
    Oh yes! I Love the Greek style and I Hope they do even more of it.
  20. 3 points
    Putting then on Legends is as good as trowing then away considering they have no point values. Also, it is been what? 3 to 4 years of AoS and GW still sells High Elves, Dispossessed, Wanderers, Gutbusters and so on. So they better do something with it or lose consumers trust. The whole atitude of "this fits AoS but this doesnt and got to go" is really terrible overall. If you go to the Order foruns for example you will most of the time see the Dispossessed thread on top. They got no centerpiece, no new models but like a lot of people they chose those models and that army. Like everyone else, they are hobists and consumers that deserve atention.
  21. 2 points
    It wasn’t a casual comment, it was definitely stated in the seminar that there was still at least one time for each GA to come this year.
  22. 2 points
    I feel as though the GW layer approach has actually stunted my and many painters techniques by a considerable degree. From my perspective the focus on painting by numbers each component, edge highlights etc suggested that was where the craft lay. Whereas what I have learned from excellent mini painters, Golden Demon winners etc is that the principles between painting a figure in the GW style and painting something more unique and standout is far more related to your brush technique, materials, what you choose to emphasise etc. The best painters I know can paint something in 10 minutes and two colours and it will frequently look better than something someone else produced in 5 hours with 20 colours, shades etc. Because they’re actually painting, as an artist might, not covering a model in swatches. My own painting has massively improved as a result of trying to experiment away from the base shade layer approach. Fundamentally the craft in painting lies in how you use your brush and there is a considerable level of depth in that which GW never even begins to teach. I don’t want to say that any approach to a hobby is wrong, but there are certain ways of loading or holding your brush or applying it which is far more likely to obscure detail or leave tide marks or a rougher texture what have you. Not only do most people want to avoid these, but you can actually use them to your advantage too! It’s Like any craft involving fine motor skills, without having a firm grounding in these you will never be realising your full potential. And it frustrates me that GW don’t ever explain this. Im all in favour of the Contrast Paints as a gaming aid and in many ways it sounds as though they are the epitome of the GW Paint and Play approach. But I fully expect them to further trap people in a house style convention and focus more on painting helmets red, belts brown etc, one by one piece by piece etc. I think they will revolutionise the degree to which people can play with painted mini’s; but I think they will do little if anything to assist people wanting to invest in painting.
  23. 2 points
    The skullfiend tribe feels a bit too specialized to me, like only taking it if you want to use the contents of the skulltake battalion. They're in an odd place. Was thinking of trying out an insensate rage thirster with the +2 attacks artifact from the skullfiends and maybe making him the general to hunt heroes. Theoretical list: My biggest problem with the list (besides feeling cheezy for all those reapers) is that it has no chaff. Whatever hits is going to more than likely hit the offensive arm of the army. Guarding skullreapers with bloodwarriors would be challenging just from the standpoint of their base size, never mind that they outnumber them in this list. The 10 man block is to deal with non slaanesh armies where a bigger hammer matters. Beyond that this is my standard castles around the wrathmongers for nice blendy action plan. The smaller castle will probably have both heroes to make up for the 10 man unit in the other. Also thought about switching the banner to mark of the destroyer on the deathbringer. Give him the spear for potential mortal wounds. I'd also like slaughterpriests in there, but most of the units don't need the boost from the priests. Plus I spent their points on the thirster. I can never decide on picking artifacts for my armies. They all seem okay, with no one that clearly shines above the rest. What are your thoughts on which artifacts are best for what? Cheers for any thoughts! It says that the locus and the ability neutralize each other, causing the unit/bearer to go normally. This isn't anything making them go first though. This is entirely dependent on another thirster going first that is a part of the battalion. Our thought process was two fold. 1: the rule says immediately afterwards, making it dependent on one going first, not the one being chosen to go next. 2: It's an ability that you have to pay for vs an innate ability. I feel like there is a precedent set by the artifacts trumping the idoneth's ability. Like I said though, other players might disagree. Definitely a discussion to have with your opponent before the game if you have the battalion. Besides that we just have to wait for the faq to sort out the questions about the locus and order of operations. There's a couple of armies/battalions that could use a clarification. Fair disclaimer: I rarely use bloodletters because I like to play mortals. Earlier on I believe that someone listed them as punchy battleline. You can definitely turn them into an alright hammer, but they would require careful management to keep them safe (5+ is squishy) and to keep them in bubbles of +1 attack (if you take a serious blob of them). Daemon heroes will also boost their accuracy. Battleshock is much less of an issue for them though, so you might be tempted to send them off on their own, but they need the support to shine as damage dealers. Otherwise bloodreavers are probably better for camping back at base. You'd have to ask our daemonic kin about whether msu or larger blobs are best though. Also, I dig the deathbringer. Rock on!
  24. 2 points
    That's brilliant. Brillant I say ! Pictures from Garro on Facebook.
  25. 2 points
    Yeah, still a bit up in the air on what I'll do. I think at 2k I'm just going to have fun with it and go full Gristlegore w/ Menagerie... that said, it seems the better lists are doing Feast Day with ~60 Ghouls and 2 GKoTG or something along those lines. I may even give Deadwatch a try using only 12 Flayers. So many options for so few units. These new tomes really are incredible.
  26. 2 points
    Well all is possible, it happened to me already. I started Nighthaunt and when LoN came out all summons were gone so I either had to buy more Nighthaunt (old models) or start LoN by buying the new battlelines and then Nighthaunt came out... as a result I have around 7000 points of death units usable in different contexts... so not impossible that does not happen again.
  27. 2 points
    I'm excited for the other games that GW comes up with, Warcry being one of them. What I don't want to happen is for GW to lose sight on why we're all here; waiting for news on AoS. They keep combining other games in the AoS universe into their AoS "announcement slot". Ideally, they had another time when they could release this type of news, so that AoS players who are focused just on larger AoS battles could have something to look forward to at these events. I'm definitely biased in this regards though as I sit here eagerly awaiting some Slaves to Darkness news like a fiend, haha.
  28. 2 points
    New Death battletome is honestly the biggest reveal here because it almost certainly confirms a brand new death faction.
  29. 2 points
    Honestly I think the only reason we don't have the next Tome details is because Sylvanath is still not out and GW likely can't do anything till the container ship gets moving through customs again. The Battletomes, Endless Spells, Terrain and Cards are all overseas productions. So the basic core of every single BT that they are currently releasing comes from China so if its all stuck in importing GW has nothing to release. So I can appreciate them not saying "Ohh here' sa fancy new battletome that you also - cannot have - for a period of time we are unsure of. Better to leave us wanting Sylvanath only and then bring the next one out fast.
  30. 2 points
    I would rather have new miniatures for several factions than Warcry. Also hate that they are pooling it on AoS. It isnt. Is a game in the mortal realms just like shadespire. There is still a few warbands to go so i do not expect much for REAL AoS anytime soon.
  31. 2 points
    It is bulls*** that they are using a Warcry unit as the big "Age of Sigmar" preview of Warhammer Fest- meanwhile they haven't even bothered to reveal to us yet in what way this will even fit into Age of Sigmar. Big events like this with only one AoS reveal timeslot should be reserved for at least 1 pure BIG AoS reveal... If I had paid to be there, like some of the poor AoS fans did, I would be disappointed beyond words. Give the poor Slaves players some love already and reveal what your plan is for them.
  32. 2 points
    If the year which gave us: Daughters of Khaine Idoneth Stormcast riding pegasus hyenas and dragoncats Almost the entirety of Shadspire Gloomspite Skaven Flesh Eater Courts Sylvanath Slaaneshmass AoS 2.0 Endless Spells Khorne 2 full new armies - over half a dozen updated tomes - a splattering of new models - new game mechanics and more And gods know I've likely forgotten a few things from what's come out. If ALLL that is not even 1 year of suckage then freaking heck I hope GW gives us another year like that!
  33. 2 points
    More pictures from Dakka
  34. 2 points
    I can understand some people not wanting them to get a full release, as GW have a finite number or resources and making a new TK/Bret army would mean another army wasn't produced instead (i.e. it's a zero-sum-game for GW's attention). However, this could also apply to new army ideas that don't appeal to someone. What I can't fathom are those who passionately don't want just the webstore-only return of a few of the plastic kits (i.e. Necrosphinx, Necropolis Knights, etc.), a few bits of resin (i.e. Ushabti) and a few pages in the GHB. Are these kits worse than Fell Bats, Centigors, Saurus Knights, Vargulfs, Icefall Yhetees, Salamanders, Frost Sabres, Zombies, Gutter Runners (etc.)? I don't see what harm that does, and, if they are that offensive to someone, that person always has the option to not play them or play against this faction. I swear that some posters have a borderline fetish for other people's armies being obsoleted, and even push for further squattings (e.g. Dispossessed, Wanderers, etc.) on some threads and Facebook posts I've seen. I'm not sure if it's an anti-WHFB/grognard thing, or just some weird schadenfreude.
  35. 1 point
    By turn 2, I had 30 something depravity points (mostly from chewing through 6 bloodcrushers). I reckon, once I moved onto his heroes and took some damage myself, I'd have been swimming in depravity points.
  36. 1 point
    Showed these pictures to Phill Kelly at WarhammerFest whilst we were chatting about the AoS community, he thought they were amazing.
  37. 1 point
    Warcry gets better and better with each reveal. My only issue now is how am I going to afford all that 😂
  38. 1 point
    Lol, they have two kits aside from heroes. Buy some boars.
  39. 1 point
    Regarding the possibility of a new Death release, one thing I think that can be talked about is that it might have a very different look. Nighthaunt drew heavily on the design of the old Vampire Counts and looked very tattered overall. The Rumor Engine teasers pointing to Death look like they draw more heavily on the Endtimes era release (a.k.a. Deathlords) with the Nagash like Tendrils and a rather ornate Spine deco on the skythe. This points to something new, since it doesn't really mesh with the existing kits aside from Deathlords, which I can't see being retreaded as a Solo faction. That being said, nothing is pointing to more than one model at the moment, likely a new Mortarch with the Forbidden Power hints. So it could be nothing but an existing faction (and existing models-then likely Deathrattle, who are almost all modern plastic designs) split of with a new leader or a retread of LoN. That said, if it is a major size release with the more baroque style of Deathlords, I'm in trouble. That's pretty much what I wanted fro Death since I got into AoS and, but I am already set on Warcry (at least the models) and invested in Chaos right now.
  40. 1 point
    Interested in Bonespitterz because the models are so cool. The boars are particularly cute. What would a starting shopping list be? Around the 1kpts range. Not looking to go to tournaments but local group has a mix of fluffy through to competitive players. Thank you.
  41. 1 point
    I've got to say so far this new snake warband is my favourite, I really like the hoplite look with the scaled clothing and the aelf looks great, the dude with the snake I'm not too sure about but I imagine I'd like it a lot better if I was looking at it irl. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the other warbands are going to be like and finding out what realm they're from, really hope we see the warband with the eye icon next since I have no idea what the theme behind them could be.
  42. 1 point
    Oh look a new branchwraith and a new wanderers unit. I know they're for bloodbowl obviously, but they would make for some pretty easy conversions.
  43. 1 point
    Eh, if you have not tried zenithal priming you havem’t lived. I also hate black primer because my eyesight is poor, but the zenithal white makes everything clear and also allows you to place shadows correctly.
  44. 1 point
    I'm thinking the Ghyrlion will be a Beast-Bane Warrior Chamber Stormcast Team. Although I'd personally rather it was a wanderers team I suspect otherwise.
  45. 1 point
    “Leave too many loose ends and they will eventually knot themselves into a noose for your own neck.” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. ~ “There’s blood on your lies” “The scars open wide and there is nowhere for you to hide.” “The hunter’s moon is shining.” ~
  46. 1 point
    It's more likely that the easier higher level of achievement that the paint allows one to reach will result in more people being more confident to actually paint and thus develop skills. I know many get fearful when it comes to paint because whilst you "can" strip models its a pain in the neck, never cleans them perfectly and isn't ideal. Plus it takes ages. So yeah many end up not painting or not painting much. A paint that allows people to get their army ready to go that fast - yeah I can see it encouraging them to keep painting, to paint more and get more models on the table but also improve hteir skills.
  47. 1 point
    I see a lot of talk about anvils and hammers etc in lists, does everyone still use this terminology IRL? I feel like it’s a hangover from whfb, I find in my experience locally and at events there isn’t this varied list of unit roles. In most cases it’s just chaff and hammers, due to the nature of AoS objective play and the lack of composition rules anymore lists are being boiled down to the super Killy characters/monsters and the dross to claim. I wouldn’t really say the BoK book has an anvil unit, back in the day you could have a 25 man unit in full plate with sword and board and stubborn banner that would hold anything reasonable for 3 turns maybe more. These days the damage output is immense, buffs are free and spells have no drawback, everything is fighting at 150% all the time and more recently the amount of units/armies that can double pile in for one reason or another means it’s two rounds of combat. IMO the best chaff units at our disposal are fleshhounds and reavers, both are fast and cheap. They can claim objectives, block units and can attack enemy chaff. I prefer dogs for the weight of attacks. Kill units for me would be bloodthirsters and skullreapers. Thirsters have movement, good damage/mortal wound, single model, amongst other things on their side. Reapers also have good damage, BS immunity, more damage resilient etc. BoK have a lot of units with a lot of overlap, the new book copy paste job didn’t really help define units or give them more specific roles. The next GHB really needs to shake things up as all I’m seeing is 3 units of dirt cheap X and 4 units of super powerful Y. There is no incentive (in other armies) to take smaller units and support pieces are criminally underlooked. Example, imagine for a second the skull cannon wasn’t overcosted but it could actually do something impactful. 1 shot/D6 wounds off units of 30 or mega monsters is nothing, what about if it held a unit in place, or halved its movement, stopped it from charging, did battle shock on 3D6, or something. At the moment the state of the game is not on par with the models or lore.
  48. 1 point
    INSPIRATION CONDITIONS - see above As a way to keep this good thing going, I suggest to finally have a quick look at...
  49. 1 point
    More maps from the Northern Kingdoms of Zarcosia in the Realm of Beasts! The Barren Tundra- similar to a desert, the Barren Tundra offers little respite for any who wish to traverse it. For as long as books have recorded history, this region has never produced life, but that hasn't stopped mortals from fighting to exist against the environment. Vegetation is difficult across the tundra, making farming near impossible. Most flora includes low grass, wild berries, shrubs, hostile lichens, and thunderbrush. There are several ventures by the free people to turn this harsh landscape into a hospitable region. Some methods are beginning to progress, while others have failed with consequences. Many of the tundra’s oasis’ and water sources are safe to drink, but several, including Frostspite’s lake, are poisoned, or are known to drag a man into its shallows forever. Salt is the biggest trade commodity, but the meat from animals that dwell across the tundra is also in high demand. The northern cities of Lighthold and Westhollow are the most stable regions where the land is naturally healthy for crops, but this security puts them in harm’s way by those jealous of their fortune. While some people will risk the trip by land, sky-transportation is the preferred method of travel. Most havens of civilization require constant shipments of trade to survive, especially the eastern coastal villages along the Masonic Sea. There are also a handful of bluffs where the forces of Order fight for existence across the wasteland. In the west, the city of Thunder Mesa stands as a beacon of hope against the harsh environment. It is here where the Stormcasts of the Primal Sons constructed their Stormkeep, protecting the tundra people from the land itself, as well as from the Dragon Ogors and other beasts that scale down Thunderscorn Peaks. Further east lies the duardin of Grimaz Vlag. They excavate the largest salt mine across the land. Their skyport is vital for trade across the Tundra. And in the southwest is the lost bluff city of Boarglade, where rumors swell that its people were magically turned into pig people. Anything south of this bluff is considered inhospitable land that only the Grot Wolf Hordes of Noktra Pointyfang can endure. Littered across the Tundra are the remains of Godbeasts and gigantic creatures of old. Countless more still roam the Tundra, risking their own lives to eat anyone and anything to live another day. It falls to the warrior monks of Ancestor's Aerie who train to protect the towns and people across the Barren Tundra from the beast's savage hunger. Grimaz Vlag- The duardin of Grimaz Vlag stubbornly endure against the harsh environment of the Barren Tundra. Built into one of handfuls of bluffs across the desolate land, the city survives off subterranean wells that absorb water from the surface through special filters. Underground farms also provide the bulk of the food for its inhabitants thanks to shafts built throughout the bluff to allow sunlight to travel inside. Warden King Athranbor Bronzeforge protects the bluff from encroaching beasts and the Grot Wolf Hordes of Noktra PointyFang. Despite defending against several raids, the duardin have been unable to dislodge the grots from the southern oasis dubbed Noktra’s Drinking Hole. Grimaz Vlag also survives thanks to its fortified skyport that welcomes the gyrocopter fleets of the Ankor Volghar and the skyfleets of the Kharadron Overlords. Salt is the prominent resource mined across the Tundra, and Grimaz Vlag happens to hold some of the richest deposits. Hunters and traders usually stop here to acquire the salt to preserve their cadres of meat. Thunder Mesa- another civilization that was destroyed during the Age of Chaos, Greersce was a magnificent city that sat atop the largest bluff on the Barren Tundra. In the years after Chaos was driven back across Zarcosia, the Stormcasts of the Primal Sons chose this site to establish their Stormkeep and helped construct the free city of Thunder Mesa. Thanks to archaeological findings and the magics of the Mystspire wizards, the bluff is beginning to see life blossom. Farm are cropping up as land becomes fertile, and the citizens of the free city are starting to spread out across the fortified bluff. At the base of the cliffs lie the city’s port. The docks have been reinforced to survive the sharp waves that bite into the rock and wood, but shanty buildings and warehouses are still built to scale the cliff, creating a unique and haphazard trade district. From their Stormkeep, the Primal Sons try to tame the land and beasts, while defending the bluff from the Thunderscorn. Because of their presence, lightning storms are a common occurrence across the bluff, providing much-needed water to the blossoming vegetation. Frostspite- it’s easy for the people of Frostspite to feel trapped upon their bluff city. The Dragon Ogors of Thunderscorn Peaks present a constant danger, the lake below them is poisoned, and resources are hard to acquire. Nevertheless, the people endure the harsh realities. Frostspite is almost dependent on air-vessel trade, but there are areas around it that provide nourishment and tools. South of the bluffs are the skeletal remains of two grand beasts: Viermyth’s Rest and Zayndrio’s Demise. Both sites are good sides for hunters and trappers because they attract countless beasts of various species and needs. The western lakes possess accessible clean water, but the open grounds leave them vulnerable to attack. Thunderscorn Peak- home to the hundreds of Dragon Ogors who reside in the cliffs, peaks and crevices of the mountains. Remarkably, they ignored the call to Chaos, but remain a threat for the civilizations of Order. They will come down periodically to pillage and fight before retreating back to their mountain homes. Ancestor’s Aerie- tucked away on the lowest peak of Thunderscorn Peaks is a temple of aelves and humans who specialize in monster slaying. Dozens travel far and wide to gain acceptance into the school, but only a small number are ever accepted. Different classes journey to this sacred ground to learn how to bring down the monstrosities that terrorize the mortal realms. It is common to see Wildwood Rangers and Greatswords train side-by-side along with Executioners, Mercenaries, and even the warrior women of Morathi’s court. Overseen by Naero Giantslayer, the temple boasts no defenses save the trainees and masters inside. When monsters do attack, they are seen as training exercises for novices, where control and instinct are taught to defeat these monsters. It is also home to one of the oldest tomes in Zarcosia, the Uldigaroh, which tells how each of the Northern Kingdoms was founded. There is also a spell believed to control storms across the land, which explains why Dragon Ogor’s always attack the temple. Boarsglade- it was the furthest civilization in the Barren Tundra, for anything south became too inhospitable for the forces of Order. Sitting perfectly above the grazing fields of boars and gore gruntas, Boarsglade became a site for fine pork and livestock trade with the northern kingdoms. Yet in time, the bluff city became isolated from its sister cities. All land travel became too perilous, while sky ships never returned from the southern journey. The citizens realized too late that a sorcerer had cursed Boarsglade to become a tainted place. In the centuries onward, the citizens would devolve into pig-like beastmen and become resentful of their former allies across the tundra. Raids began at once across Thunder Mesa, Frostspite and Grimaz Vlag. Those unfortunate to be captured are brought back to Boarsglade to undergo the transformation, adding to the swine’s numbers. Lighthold- during the Age of Chaos, Auburndale, once the greatest city along the Exodus Expanse, was sacked by countless Darkoath marauders and raised to the ground. Trapped on the peninsula by the encroaching Dragon Ogors from Thunderscorn Peaks, refugees made their way to the hilled town of Lighthold. The people here managed to survive the Age of Chaos, but were practically trapped on the peninsula save for boat travel. Today, Lighthold enjoys prosperous trade with its neighbors on Thunder Mesa. The town also serves as a vital beacon for sea and air ships to avoid the treacherous fjord further in the bay. These signals are needed to combat the distracting call of The Silent City. The Silent City- it’s rumored the Silent City used to belong to people of high divinity and magical prowess who wanted to escape persecution and regulation from Auburndale authorities. It’s said their trifling in dangerous magic brought upon the city’s destruction. Others believe the city used to boast music so loud that the beasts of the Tundra could hear it in the far south. Such jealousy that they could not produce such beautiful sounds that they became jealous. It’s said that one day a hungry Godbeast came down from the mountains and devoured all sound from the city, hence its moniker. However its demise, The Silent City is now a cursed place. Despite being inland, a strange calling emanates into the sea, attracting captains and their vessels. If they do not break their trance, they are lost like the dozens before them along the deadly fjords inside the bay. Mystspire- seeking to turn the harsh environment of the Barren Tundra into a habitable landscape, sorcerers of the Eldritch Council and Collegiate Arcanum established Mystspire on the coast of the Masonic Sea. From this secluded peninsula, they can practice their craft on the nearby wasteland to see if they can harness magic and science to terraform the region. Thus far, they have been unsuccessful, but their efforts have drawn the interests of nobles, criminals and heretics across Zarcosia. However, their experiments have recently been halted so the town can defend itself against the threat that attacked Midovark. Mikovark- a thriving town upon the Masonic Sea, the aelfs and humans of Midovark prospered throughout the centuries of the Age of Chaos. Protected from the Grot Wolf Hordes by the Stubborn Foothills and from large naval assaults thanks to the nearby fjords, Midovark was well-insulated to protect and assist their neighbors through the decades of suffering. A place of learning and open ideas, it was even considered the pinnacle of life across the Barren Tundra at one point. Tragically, Midovark was all but destroyed by an unknown enemy. While much of Midovark’s buildings and treasures remain, an ocean-like mist clings to the streets and alleyways, barnacle clings to the sides of structures and wagons, ruins of ships lost long ago are strewn across the shore, and countless people lie unresponsive but living, as if their very souls were missing. Westhollow- the region is the only hospitable land where mortals can actually farm and live off of without magical assistance. Produce is the main export of Westhollow, and traders across the Exodus Expanse will always stop here to pick up fresh food for their parched communities. The region is not without its dangers. Bandits and Thunderscorn pillage and harass farmers and travelers alike, but dust cyclones are known to damage even the stoutest buildings in the area. It’s also believed the local pirates that terrorize the coast have a secret cove hidden nearby. Oscolas Rampart & Honor’s Watch- ages ago, these two outposts were connected through a cliff-side highway, ensuring the kingdoms of the Grastiger Highlands and Balitello had quick passage to aid one another. Now a thick forest covers all traces of this road, forcing travelers to use the valley road below. Both entrances to each kingdom are well defended, but the trade route between the fortifications is wrought with peril due to the nearby Thunderscorn and bandits in the foothills south of the Rampart. Light’s Horizon & Duskbay- small fishing villages based in natural bays just south of Honor’s Watch. The humans here provide shelter for travelers and sailors alike, so long as you are willing to barter goods or possessions for a warm bed. The villages were protected once by a western outpost, but it fell into a state of disrepair and would eventually be claimed by nature. Only through the Masonic Sea can both villages be reached. Sierveth’s Remains- the hulking remains of the Godwurm Sierveth can be seen for miles across the Barren Tundra. Legend tells that Sierveth ate whole townships as he crossed the Barren Tundra, and that much of the current landscape is thanks to the paths he made across the land. While mortals are grateful for his death long ago, his children still haunt the landscape, tunneling underground before striking from below the surface on an unsuspecting foe.
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    I think people need to understand, you don't need tomb Kings back to have an army with an Egyptian aesthetic, GW could very well release a skeleton army with some Egyptian themes( though they will look closer to what Nagash looks like) As for an army with chivalrous Knights, they can do that with the free peoples/devoted of Sigmar. New Knightly orders and Crusaders Etc.
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