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    A few notes from yesterday that might be of some small interest. - There was a rumour going around at about 1pm (one hour before the AoS preview) that the AoS preview had been cancelled. A couple of the GW staff on-site were asking another staffer about it - clearly this was not the case, although it's possible (if unlikely at that late stage) that the line-up had changed and something of note had to be pulled. - In the AoS rules seminar at 11am Jervis Johnson showed a screen grab of the points calculator they use. Not unexpectedly, it assigns a base score to the main statline (move, wounds, save, etc), then there's a tick box for whether a unit can fly, and other elements (number of models, weapons - and whether those cause normal wounds or MW, etc). The interesting part is that they have a list of warscroll abilities that are all given basic points costs (usually 20 or 40 to start with), so that a unit that has an ability which causes 1 MW on charging (for example) will have consistency for the value of that ability with another unit that has the same or similar ability. - Once the calculator has a basic points cost, that information goes to the playtesters to see if the values hold up in the context of synergies, etc. Any differences that come back are then also tracked, and the calculator updated constantly to iterate and refine. The point about the calculator I don't think is to do the work of setting points, but to provide as consistent basis as possible for the subject of balance. There are also other factors taken into account - base size, since it affects the amount of attacks; and one thing called "Puny" which takes into account whether a model has lower survivability (eg single model with 5 wounds) as it has a lower chance to use its abilities more (since it has less chance of lasting to later rounds). - In the AoS Lore seminar at 12pm Jes Bickham very briefly mentioned a reference to the evolution of the game with respect to endless spells, and mentioned the creation of 'named' endless spells in the lore - but possibly also a reference to what's coming up in Forbidden Power (possibly special versions of endless spells that are different in the way that named characters are different from unnamed characters?) - Another point made pretty clearly by Phil Kelly was that Destruction would have its focus. This was in the context of AoS1 being SC vs Chaos (and he said that Order vs Chaos would always be the spine of the evolving narrative, naturally); AoS2 being SC vs Death. So AoS3 may well be Order/SC vs Destruction. Not really a big surprise, but nice to understand some of the thinking. - Jes Bickham was also pretty strong on the point of Archaon coming back "in a big way" - not clear if this is a battletome, or just as part of the narrative evolution. Made me wonder if a STD faction might be led by Archaon... after all, WarCry is basically a big party to please the dude. Anyway, expect him to still play a big part in stuff. - If you're going to attend WH Fest and want to be in one of the main previews, get there very early. We arrived about 9:30am (30 mins before doors opened) and were queuing for over an hour (partly because they couldn't put swag into bags quick enough!) - by the time we got to the Info desk, all preview wristbands for the main systems were gone, though there were still some good ones (see above!) - There were good demos available for things like AoS champions - a good way to pass 20 mins, whether you know a game or not. As you'd expect, staff were all friendly and enthusiastic. - Oddly, the shop there carried pretty much everything you can buy, but nothing was priced... so you'd have to pick stuff up, go through the snaking queue system to the till before you knew how much it would cost. Apparently this wasn't planned... seems like a strange move, so I could believe it was an oversight. As well as the white boxes, there were also old WHFB boxes on the shelves there (square bases only!) - if they had prices and there were some discounts, I think they would have sold a lot more. I think those are the main points of note from what I saw, I'll add other stuff if I think of it. EDIT: Oh, and the Contrast paint looks good. Solid colour as with base paint, but difference in shade where it pools (but quite naturally). Doesn't cover larger, flat areas so well, but it's certainly a great way to get three colours onto a model in a much nicer-looking way than base alone. GW army painter I spoke to claimed that he definitely uses it for his work, which having seen the results I can believe - my expectation is that for now the colour range gives you a bunch of useful starting points, but it isn't exhaustive. So if you're looking for a middle red, blue, green, etc, it's great. But if your starting point needs to be different versions (eg Khorne Red instead of Mephiston, perhaps), then you might still want to go base + shade. Not sure if you can mix Contrast well with other Contrast paints, or other paints in the Base, shade, etc range.
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    The advertising for Warcry, in regards to being lumped in as an AoS update, is no different than what they did with Killteam. I get not being that excited if a dedicated AoS skirmish game does not interest you, but I also am willing to bet that A LOT of people are excited for it. In fact, given that it appears to be the spiritual successor for Mordheim I would not be surprised if this game makes quite a big splash. GW is smart to be heavily marketing it.
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    I'm very interested in the game itself. The miniatures are nice and all (I like some Iron Golems and some hoplite-guys) but the gaming is what gets me more excited, especially if it's a full skirmish experience. Assuming it keeps the core AoS-mechanics, I'm hoping for: Full warband customization: choose equipment and flexible roster to build the warband. I would hate it if they just locked everything behind template-like warbands like in Underworlds, or very little customization like AoS warscrolls. Let people build the models they want and like. This goes for both the Chaos warbands and the non-chaos ones. Introduce WH-skirmish/Mordheim mechanics: such as jumping/falling and stun/knockdown in combat. Maybe even critical strikes. It's super simple and would really help add some depth to the system. Currently, AoS-skirmish is very flat in that department. Obviously a cool campaign system, with casualty tables, character progress and lots and lots of scenarios! Eventually, adding an expansion allowing every faction to have "adapted" warband roster to the game. Not asking for new minis or repackage, but just being able to use a bunch of Dark Elves or whatever with supported rules. Only a few pages need... not asking much, right? With the two first points only, I'd be genuinely happy and fully support the game. Otherwise, yet another disappointment. Fingers crossed!
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    The skullfiend tribe feels a bit too specialized to me, like only taking it if you want to use the contents of the skulltake battalion. They're in an odd place. Was thinking of trying out an insensate rage thirster with the +2 attacks artifact from the skullfiends and maybe making him the general to hunt heroes. Theoretical list: My biggest problem with the list (besides feeling cheezy for all those reapers) is that it has no chaff. Whatever hits is going to more than likely hit the offensive arm of the army. Guarding skullreapers with bloodwarriors would be challenging just from the standpoint of their base size, never mind that they outnumber them in this list. The 10 man block is to deal with non slaanesh armies where a bigger hammer matters. Beyond that this is my standard castles around the wrathmongers for nice blendy action plan. The smaller castle will probably have both heroes to make up for the 10 man unit in the other. Also thought about switching the banner to mark of the destroyer on the deathbringer. Give him the spear for potential mortal wounds. I'd also like slaughterpriests in there, but most of the units don't need the boost from the priests. Plus I spent their points on the thirster. I can never decide on picking artifacts for my armies. They all seem okay, with no one that clearly shines above the rest. What are your thoughts on which artifacts are best for what? Cheers for any thoughts! It says that the locus and the ability neutralize each other, causing the unit/bearer to go normally. This isn't anything making them go first though. This is entirely dependent on another thirster going first that is a part of the battalion. Our thought process was two fold. 1: the rule says immediately afterwards, making it dependent on one going first, not the one being chosen to go next. 2: It's an ability that you have to pay for vs an innate ability. I feel like there is a precedent set by the artifacts trumping the idoneth's ability. Like I said though, other players might disagree. Definitely a discussion to have with your opponent before the game if you have the battalion. Besides that we just have to wait for the faq to sort out the questions about the locus and order of operations. There's a couple of armies/battalions that could use a clarification. Fair disclaimer: I rarely use bloodletters because I like to play mortals. Earlier on I believe that someone listed them as punchy battleline. You can definitely turn them into an alright hammer, but they would require careful management to keep them safe (5+ is squishy) and to keep them in bubbles of +1 attack (if you take a serious blob of them). Daemon heroes will also boost their accuracy. Battleshock is much less of an issue for them though, so you might be tempted to send them off on their own, but they need the support to shine as damage dealers. Otherwise bloodreavers are probably better for camping back at base. You'd have to ask our daemonic kin about whether msu or larger blobs are best though. Also, I dig the deathbringer. Rock on!
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    Well all is possible, it happened to me already. I started Nighthaunt and when LoN came out all summons were gone so I either had to buy more Nighthaunt (old models) or start LoN by buying the new battlelines and then Nighthaunt came out... as a result I have around 7000 points of death units usable in different contexts... so not impossible that does not happen again.
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    I would rather have new miniatures for several factions than Warcry. Also hate that they are pooling it on AoS. It isnt. Is a game in the mortal realms just like shadespire. There is still a few warbands to go so i do not expect much for REAL AoS anytime soon.
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    It is bulls*** that they are using a Warcry unit as the big "Age of Sigmar" preview of Warhammer Fest- meanwhile they haven't even bothered to reveal to us yet in what way this will even fit into Age of Sigmar. Big events like this with only one AoS reveal timeslot should be reserved for at least 1 pure BIG AoS reveal... If I had paid to be there, like some of the poor AoS fans did, I would be disappointed beyond words. Give the poor Slaves players some love already and reveal what your plan is for them.
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    More pictures from Dakka
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    I'm not sure, but I guess so because to me they looks quite similar, but maybe not as I have no confidence in art appreciation On city book you can at least see 2 free people, one knight (may be a general, I am not sure) on demi-gryph and one fire mage As far as I recall no information about date mentioned
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    They reassured that affirmation on the seminar. There is still at least 1 book for each GA this year.
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    Yes. It’s worth it. Add 5 more black knights, turn one charge buffed to the hilt is scary as hell.
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    Certainly. I acknowledged the benefits. My negative was focused on actually feeling bad for folks who may miss out on a level of joy. Then again, you can't miss what you've never had, so it's all good! 🙂
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    Showed these pictures to Phill Kelly at WarhammerFest whilst we were chatting about the AoS community, he thought they were amazing.
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    I think some people posted 1k armies in this thread. I posted some before but sadly I had no chance to test them yet. Just browse through the pages since last year september (some time after the ghb 2018) and the feedback of everyone on the units heroes and combos.
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    Forbidden Power next weekend: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/12/pre-order-preview-forbidden-powergw-homepage-post-2/
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    Last game before the new book Bastilladon inside of the herdstone -save range is much easier to kill I don't like the stockings on the KoS so I filed the line off and will be making the strap into another piece of jewelry, and then paint the whole leg as skin. Since the new KoS is so big I am making my old counts-as much bigger. The new one also comes with 2 sets of the claw arms, so he will be getting the big claws as well, either attached to the top of the shoulders or at the bottom of the torso like fulgrim. Once this layer of greenstuff is dry I will try adding detail and thickening the snake part up in proportion.
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    When I was at the open day back in Jan I was talking to one of the white dwarf guys who said that something is being done so chaos dwarfs can be used in AoS.
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    Not sure about the single battleline requirement, but I can imagine a restriction on the maximum point of any unit / warscroll to avoid block of 40 something and too powerful monsters.
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    Regarding the possibility of a new Death release, one thing I think that can be talked about is that it might have a very different look. Nighthaunt drew heavily on the design of the old Vampire Counts and looked very tattered overall. The Rumor Engine teasers pointing to Death look like they draw more heavily on the Endtimes era release (a.k.a. Deathlords) with the Nagash like Tendrils and a rather ornate Spine deco on the skythe. This points to something new, since it doesn't really mesh with the existing kits aside from Deathlords, which I can't see being retreaded as a Solo faction. That being said, nothing is pointing to more than one model at the moment, likely a new Mortarch with the Forbidden Power hints. So it could be nothing but an existing faction (and existing models-then likely Deathrattle, who are almost all modern plastic designs) split of with a new leader or a retread of LoN. That said, if it is a major size release with the more baroque style of Deathlords, I'm in trouble. That's pretty much what I wanted fro Death since I got into AoS and, but I am already set on Warcry (at least the models) and invested in Chaos right now.
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    In terms of renaming/relaunching old factions I’ve also assumed it was probably less to do with creating some unassailable copyrighted concepts and more a kind of brand SEO. After all as many have said for all the talk of AoS being about getting away from old fantasy tropes there’s nothing that super new and unique there. But, for example, change Dwarves to Duardin, Firelayers, Kharadron etc and (a) it just gives the new game a bit more of its own identity & (b) probably more importantly makes it so when you search online for them you get Age of Sigmar products and then related info first. Rather than say lots of results for Tolkien, D&D, real folklore, other games etc etc etc or most importantly other companies models with the same generic name. It doesn’t stop companies making models for your game but it means people will need to actively hunt them out and search for something like ‘Raging Hormones Massive Boob Elves for Nerds that Don’t know how to search for ****** online’ rather than just have them show up.
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    Premised the intermediate painter wants to have fully control of every painting step of his 150 Clanrats.
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    Well resumed @SlyRebirth, exactly my experience! Regarding the new death faction there were also rumours here earlier of a new Nagash book without Nighthaunt although my money would go into Deathrattle first to make the underworld warband finally usable and then Nagash without Nighthaunt or some sort of summon/alliance system different than the other factions
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    Looking amazing, love the aesthetic! I assume you'll be mixing hair colours in units, which will add to the unorganized look. I use similar hair colors to add diversity to big hordes, and it works very well. However, you might want to consider varying just a little bit further. Adding only a glaze or an extra highlight to a couple models could net you a few platinum or strawberry blondes for example. Overall, this plog makes me want to drop the organized uniforms of the freeguild and go for a full Ghurite army
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    They updated the Monstrous Arcanum 2 week ago, it's 360 pts now. Source: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/age_of_sigmar_monstrous_arcanum-1.pdf
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    Oh look a new branchwraith and a new wanderers unit. I know they're for bloodbowl obviously, but they would make for some pretty easy conversions.
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    Agree with your general consensus that it's certain build ideas that are problematic rather than the entire army. Flesh Eater Courts issue is that Gristlegore armies are almost entirely Behemoth's and has command tactics and allegiance abilities to allow 2 or 3 activiations per combat phase.
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    Thanks for the wright up, this is the information I wanted to know. So the models will need to be varnished? They have been very quite about that then, makes me wonder how well other paints will adhere to the new contrast paints if you can not handle the miniatures. I hate the look of varnished models so I have gone from buying the whole range to just getting a few.
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    It always breaks my heart to roll all those dice and just cause a minuscule amount of casualties... at low points the gkotg is brutal, but makes your list very one dimensional. I‘d throw in the AA, just to summon stuff, maybe a bunch of horrors (haunter, regent, 10 ghouls, 6 horrors-740pts) within a blisterskin, they will be crazy fast, but a feast day is a day of feasting.
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    I dunno, people have been developing stunning painting techniques for years despite drybrushing. I wouldn't worry that some how high end painters will suddenly disappear because there's a good paint for painting minis.
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    The new snake warband kinda annoys me slightly (going to proxy them for my slaanesh army), anyway I won't bring up that old argument. I could voice the double standards at people being disappointed with the AOS announcements in light of people being quite upset at the fact that there are no slaanesh mortals.
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    Anyone else notice that all these chaos factions are shoeless? I can make the exception for some of the more primal looking guys.. but for the ones well equipped with well crafted armor.. they skipped boots or sandals
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    “Leave too many loose ends and they will eventually knot themselves into a noose for your own neck.” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. ~ “There’s blood on your lies” “The scars open wide and there is nowhere for you to hide.” “The hunter’s moon is shining.” ~
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    Between this: ' the Splintered Fang show off new aspects of Chaos – there’s even an aelf amongst them!' And this: I'm sold!
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    Until it get's FAQ'd I believe the general consensus is you have to move into and out of it in the same move action. Bit harder to score with low movement warbands and you will generally end up in a risky position within 1 or 2 hexes of a lethal hex. Whereas if you were able to score it by ending on a lethal hex you would then be safe from being knocked backed or pushed into it again, which would make an already strong card even stronger.
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    They specifically said in the seminar it is for all three modes of play, it's a list of specific units that are narratively themed and balanced for.matched
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    If others purchase the contrast paint and are comfortable with it as a once and done solution, does it really matter? For some, the option to have a relatively quick painting process is enough. I can see it being beneficial for beginners and competitive players alike, as painted armies are often a requirement for tournament play. There are people in the hobby that already prefer a three color and it's done approach. Others commission their models to be painted. Some folks only focus on elites and send out battle lines for commission services. For some folks, painting is a chore and an added expense. While I am not one of them and enjoy improving on my own, having the option for speed is beneficial. Those that want to improve techniques after using contrast paints can and probably will do so. For others, just having colored models is enough. Different (brush) strokes for different folks.
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    It's more likely that the easier higher level of achievement that the paint allows one to reach will result in more people being more confident to actually paint and thus develop skills. I know many get fearful when it comes to paint because whilst you "can" strip models its a pain in the neck, never cleans them perfectly and isn't ideal. Plus it takes ages. So yeah many end up not painting or not painting much. A paint that allows people to get their army ready to go that fast - yeah I can see it encouraging them to keep painting, to paint more and get more models on the table but also improve hteir skills.
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    MAJOR disapointment on the AoS side, as there is nothing new for pure AoS player like myself. I'm not interested by warcry or underworld. Nothing about the StD. phhhh But maybe it is a good thing for me as a 40K player, collectiong chaos, primaris and admech, I'm super glad to see full new miniatures tanks dual kits (for admech!!!! come on!!!).
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    Free Guild Captain completed and assembled. Went with a bright colour scheme for the classic fantasy look, complete with green wheel on base (a nod to the dwarf war machines in 5th/6th edition FB, when I first discovered Warhammer). Learning alot, namely that NMM is really hard! Need to work on faces, and may repaint sword to regular metallics as it looks off next to the armour.
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    Small joke. I checked the names of the contrast paints and you know what - Snakebite Leather is back!
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    contrast video is up
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    While I agree that 30 hgb is pretty much impossible to kill, that is still not the same as impossible to deal with. First, 30 hgb is not 600p unit, It is 980p minimum (600 for unit, runefather 100, 140 for bsmith and 140 for lord of the lodge, not counting runemaster 'cause he will likely be mending the pizza oven). 980p for single unit (since the heroes don't do much by themselves) that has 4 move. What happens to hgb after someone throws one of those "half all your movement" spells at them or throws one of the many wall endless spells in their face? What happens to hgb when someone starts to "bubble wrap" them with cheap expendable units like clanrats (there's no need to charge the unit, just slow it down by placing units near it)? What happens to hgb when dok player sends morathi to fight them? All of these methods do one thing: Slow the unit down to crawl. Aos has only like 2 or so scenarios where hgb shine because there are so few objectives to hold, but they can't be in 2 places at the same time, you deal with hgb by not focusing on them. They are simply too slow to be dictating who fights who. If skaven player slows 1000p worth hgb with 360p worth of clanrats and some endless spell, that player can use the rest of his/her 1600p to deal with the rest of the fyreslayer forces. Not saying that 30hgb isn't underpriced or really really good (broken), but it is really easy to shut down single unit that has nothing else going for it than awesomu powar in melee and is really slow. And of course, armies with good snipers will blow those heroes protecting them out without any real problems. Finally, only real spell protection fs have is 50/50 banner that either works, or doesn't (not that it matters when wall endless spell forces you to slowly go around it).
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    Lol. It’s not unpleasant for me actually, providing the discussion doesn’t go around in circles and that we don’t start misrepresenting each other’s position to make ourselves look better. These type of discussions are usually pretty informative: tabletop wargaming is typically a very complicated affair. Not only are lots of rules to remember, but there are TONS of choices to make over the course of game. Those choices start the minute you pick up an army book and try to decide what units to take. The other issue is that while some of those choices are super obvious, (No, you probably dont want to get charged by the huge unit of stormcast retributors coming at you full-tilt) but others are not so obvious (you’re definitely going to get charged by something this turn, how do you make the charge you can’t avoid less devastating for you? Or, even better, how do you make your opponent regret charging you?). The other issue is we as humans are creatures of habit, which means if something works for you, you typically try to do that thing over and over and over. The problem with that is often we tend to do the same things even after they stop being as effective (because they are predictable, or your opponent learns how to counter them) because they’ve become habit, sometimes so much so we aren’t even aware that we’re doing them. This is why I feel it’s super important to know what every single unit in a Battletome does, what it’s good at, what it’s not good at and what role they fill on the battlefield. This begins with knowing your own army top-to-bottom front-to-back, and eventually ends with you learning what every unit in every other Battletome does. For example, my major loss at Adepticon was to a Legions of Nagash player who formerly played Sylvaneth; specifically the battalion I was playing: Dreadwood. Legions of Nagash had been released about a month before the tournament and I had absolutely 0 experience against playing against the army. He knew everything my army was capable of and I had no idea what to expect. I made a few key mistakes early on by trying to fight units I had no business fighting instead of using my spites as chaff to slow his advance. He wiped 17 drayds out of a unit of 30 with a bunch of skeletons. I was forced to retreat, regroup and spent the whole game on the back foot, trying to work out a strategy on the fly, against an unknown opponent, who had total knowledge of what my army could do. Ultimately, I fought him to a standstill and nearly managed a minor loss. But, thanks to a custom scenario for the tournament he managed to steal the last objective from me due to unit size (F*@%$&ing skeletons just don’t stay dead). He was able to outplay me because he knew his army and mine, and I only knew mine. The one thing I don’t want to do is dominate the debate ( I work from home, so I have time on my hands which means I usually respond more frequently than other members). So please feel free to jump in with points or questions or your own experience. The more minds on the problem means better solutions. The number of games you’ve played doesn’t matter, any observations are valuable .
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    More maps from the Northern Kingdoms of Zarcosia in the Realm of Beasts! The Barren Tundra- similar to a desert, the Barren Tundra offers little respite for any who wish to traverse it. For as long as books have recorded history, this region has never produced life, but that hasn't stopped mortals from fighting to exist against the environment. Vegetation is difficult across the tundra, making farming near impossible. Most flora includes low grass, wild berries, shrubs, hostile lichens, and thunderbrush. There are several ventures by the free people to turn this harsh landscape into a hospitable region. Some methods are beginning to progress, while others have failed with consequences. Many of the tundra’s oasis’ and water sources are safe to drink, but several, including Frostspite’s lake, are poisoned, or are known to drag a man into its shallows forever. Salt is the biggest trade commodity, but the meat from animals that dwell across the tundra is also in high demand. The northern cities of Lighthold and Westhollow are the most stable regions where the land is naturally healthy for crops, but this security puts them in harm’s way by those jealous of their fortune. While some people will risk the trip by land, sky-transportation is the preferred method of travel. Most havens of civilization require constant shipments of trade to survive, especially the eastern coastal villages along the Masonic Sea. There are also a handful of bluffs where the forces of Order fight for existence across the wasteland. In the west, the city of Thunder Mesa stands as a beacon of hope against the harsh environment. It is here where the Stormcasts of the Primal Sons constructed their Stormkeep, protecting the tundra people from the land itself, as well as from the Dragon Ogors and other beasts that scale down Thunderscorn Peaks. Further east lies the duardin of Grimaz Vlag. They excavate the largest salt mine across the land. Their skyport is vital for trade across the Tundra. And in the southwest is the lost bluff city of Boarglade, where rumors swell that its people were magically turned into pig people. Anything south of this bluff is considered inhospitable land that only the Grot Wolf Hordes of Noktra Pointyfang can endure. Littered across the Tundra are the remains of Godbeasts and gigantic creatures of old. Countless more still roam the Tundra, risking their own lives to eat anyone and anything to live another day. It falls to the warrior monks of Ancestor's Aerie who train to protect the towns and people across the Barren Tundra from the beast's savage hunger. Grimaz Vlag- The duardin of Grimaz Vlag stubbornly endure against the harsh environment of the Barren Tundra. Built into one of handfuls of bluffs across the desolate land, the city survives off subterranean wells that absorb water from the surface through special filters. Underground farms also provide the bulk of the food for its inhabitants thanks to shafts built throughout the bluff to allow sunlight to travel inside. Warden King Athranbor Bronzeforge protects the bluff from encroaching beasts and the Grot Wolf Hordes of Noktra PointyFang. Despite defending against several raids, the duardin have been unable to dislodge the grots from the southern oasis dubbed Noktra’s Drinking Hole. Grimaz Vlag also survives thanks to its fortified skyport that welcomes the gyrocopter fleets of the Ankor Volghar and the skyfleets of the Kharadron Overlords. Salt is the prominent resource mined across the Tundra, and Grimaz Vlag happens to hold some of the richest deposits. Hunters and traders usually stop here to acquire the salt to preserve their cadres of meat. Thunder Mesa- another civilization that was destroyed during the Age of Chaos, Greersce was a magnificent city that sat atop the largest bluff on the Barren Tundra. In the years after Chaos was driven back across Zarcosia, the Stormcasts of the Primal Sons chose this site to establish their Stormkeep and helped construct the free city of Thunder Mesa. Thanks to archaeological findings and the magics of the Mystspire wizards, the bluff is beginning to see life blossom. Farm are cropping up as land becomes fertile, and the citizens of the free city are starting to spread out across the fortified bluff. At the base of the cliffs lie the city’s port. The docks have been reinforced to survive the sharp waves that bite into the rock and wood, but shanty buildings and warehouses are still built to scale the cliff, creating a unique and haphazard trade district. From their Stormkeep, the Primal Sons try to tame the land and beasts, while defending the bluff from the Thunderscorn. Because of their presence, lightning storms are a common occurrence across the bluff, providing much-needed water to the blossoming vegetation. Frostspite- it’s easy for the people of Frostspite to feel trapped upon their bluff city. The Dragon Ogors of Thunderscorn Peaks present a constant danger, the lake below them is poisoned, and resources are hard to acquire. Nevertheless, the people endure the harsh realities. Frostspite is almost dependent on air-vessel trade, but there are areas around it that provide nourishment and tools. South of the bluffs are the skeletal remains of two grand beasts: Viermyth’s Rest and Zayndrio’s Demise. Both sites are good sides for hunters and trappers because they attract countless beasts of various species and needs. The western lakes possess accessible clean water, but the open grounds leave them vulnerable to attack. Thunderscorn Peak- home to the hundreds of Dragon Ogors who reside in the cliffs, peaks and crevices of the mountains. Remarkably, they ignored the call to Chaos, but remain a threat for the civilizations of Order. They will come down periodically to pillage and fight before retreating back to their mountain homes. Ancestor’s Aerie- tucked away on the lowest peak of Thunderscorn Peaks is a temple of aelves and humans who specialize in monster slaying. Dozens travel far and wide to gain acceptance into the school, but only a small number are ever accepted. Different classes journey to this sacred ground to learn how to bring down the monstrosities that terrorize the mortal realms. It is common to see Wildwood Rangers and Greatswords train side-by-side along with Executioners, Mercenaries, and even the warrior women of Morathi’s court. Overseen by Naero Giantslayer, the temple boasts no defenses save the trainees and masters inside. When monsters do attack, they are seen as training exercises for novices, where control and instinct are taught to defeat these monsters. It is also home to one of the oldest tomes in Zarcosia, the Uldigaroh, which tells how each of the Northern Kingdoms was founded. There is also a spell believed to control storms across the land, which explains why Dragon Ogor’s always attack the temple. Boarsglade- it was the furthest civilization in the Barren Tundra, for anything south became too inhospitable for the forces of Order. Sitting perfectly above the grazing fields of boars and gore gruntas, Boarsglade became a site for fine pork and livestock trade with the northern kingdoms. Yet in time, the bluff city became isolated from its sister cities. All land travel became too perilous, while sky ships never returned from the southern journey. The citizens realized too late that a sorcerer had cursed Boarsglade to become a tainted place. In the centuries onward, the citizens would devolve into pig-like beastmen and become resentful of their former allies across the tundra. Raids began at once across Thunder Mesa, Frostspite and Grimaz Vlag. Those unfortunate to be captured are brought back to Boarsglade to undergo the transformation, adding to the swine’s numbers. Lighthold- during the Age of Chaos, Auburndale, once the greatest city along the Exodus Expanse, was sacked by countless Darkoath marauders and raised to the ground. Trapped on the peninsula by the encroaching Dragon Ogors from Thunderscorn Peaks, refugees made their way to the hilled town of Lighthold. The people here managed to survive the Age of Chaos, but were practically trapped on the peninsula save for boat travel. Today, Lighthold enjoys prosperous trade with its neighbors on Thunder Mesa. The town also serves as a vital beacon for sea and air ships to avoid the treacherous fjord further in the bay. These signals are needed to combat the distracting call of The Silent City. The Silent City- it’s rumored the Silent City used to belong to people of high divinity and magical prowess who wanted to escape persecution and regulation from Auburndale authorities. It’s said their trifling in dangerous magic brought upon the city’s destruction. Others believe the city used to boast music so loud that the beasts of the Tundra could hear it in the far south. Such jealousy that they could not produce such beautiful sounds that they became jealous. It’s said that one day a hungry Godbeast came down from the mountains and devoured all sound from the city, hence its moniker. However its demise, The Silent City is now a cursed place. Despite being inland, a strange calling emanates into the sea, attracting captains and their vessels. If they do not break their trance, they are lost like the dozens before them along the deadly fjords inside the bay. Mystspire- seeking to turn the harsh environment of the Barren Tundra into a habitable landscape, sorcerers of the Eldritch Council and Collegiate Arcanum established Mystspire on the coast of the Masonic Sea. From this secluded peninsula, they can practice their craft on the nearby wasteland to see if they can harness magic and science to terraform the region. Thus far, they have been unsuccessful, but their efforts have drawn the interests of nobles, criminals and heretics across Zarcosia. However, their experiments have recently been halted so the town can defend itself against the threat that attacked Midovark. Mikovark- a thriving town upon the Masonic Sea, the aelfs and humans of Midovark prospered throughout the centuries of the Age of Chaos. Protected from the Grot Wolf Hordes by the Stubborn Foothills and from large naval assaults thanks to the nearby fjords, Midovark was well-insulated to protect and assist their neighbors through the decades of suffering. A place of learning and open ideas, it was even considered the pinnacle of life across the Barren Tundra at one point. Tragically, Midovark was all but destroyed by an unknown enemy. While much of Midovark’s buildings and treasures remain, an ocean-like mist clings to the streets and alleyways, barnacle clings to the sides of structures and wagons, ruins of ships lost long ago are strewn across the shore, and countless people lie unresponsive but living, as if their very souls were missing. Westhollow- the region is the only hospitable land where mortals can actually farm and live off of without magical assistance. Produce is the main export of Westhollow, and traders across the Exodus Expanse will always stop here to pick up fresh food for their parched communities. The region is not without its dangers. Bandits and Thunderscorn pillage and harass farmers and travelers alike, but dust cyclones are known to damage even the stoutest buildings in the area. It’s also believed the local pirates that terrorize the coast have a secret cove hidden nearby. Oscolas Rampart & Honor’s Watch- ages ago, these two outposts were connected through a cliff-side highway, ensuring the kingdoms of the Grastiger Highlands and Balitello had quick passage to aid one another. Now a thick forest covers all traces of this road, forcing travelers to use the valley road below. Both entrances to each kingdom are well defended, but the trade route between the fortifications is wrought with peril due to the nearby Thunderscorn and bandits in the foothills south of the Rampart. Light’s Horizon & Duskbay- small fishing villages based in natural bays just south of Honor’s Watch. The humans here provide shelter for travelers and sailors alike, so long as you are willing to barter goods or possessions for a warm bed. The villages were protected once by a western outpost, but it fell into a state of disrepair and would eventually be claimed by nature. Only through the Masonic Sea can both villages be reached. Sierveth’s Remains- the hulking remains of the Godwurm Sierveth can be seen for miles across the Barren Tundra. Legend tells that Sierveth ate whole townships as he crossed the Barren Tundra, and that much of the current landscape is thanks to the paths he made across the land. While mortals are grateful for his death long ago, his children still haunt the landscape, tunneling underground before striking from below the surface on an unsuspecting foe.
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    Free Guild Captain WIP, still a lot to do, but making progress. First ever attempt at NMM on the sword! Thought it came out ok, but definitely room to improve
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    Just thought I'd share my completed collection. Started painting the Nightvault Warbands about 6 weeks ago. I have limited painting time due to family and work so I'm pretty happy I managed to get these all finished, practically speed painting by the end. I have really enjoyed painting most of these, the sheer variety has kept it interesting. I will say that despite the bases being pretty cool, I wish they were all Shadespire themed rather than the world of the race they are from. I have my Shadespire terrain in there made from the Mausoleum, and the Nightvault ones too.
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    Hair done on all 30, tryed blonde, red, black and gray : C&c Welcomed
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    It's been a while since I did mine but I used a small drill and some magnets were the arms attached to the weapon. Because I didn't want to mess with the tubes on the stormfiend with close combat options i used bits of sprue to extend the grinder fists and shock gauntlets so the armor part of the arms didn't need to be magnetized.
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    Improtant information for AoSRPG - Seraphon characters (e.g. Skink Priest) were moved from Core Book to faction-specific book.
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