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  1. 7 points
    I somehow fail to see the conribution to an Age of Sigmar rumour forum here
  2. 7 points
    Whatever one may think about Games Workshop and the way they run their business, I don't think you can compare using a parody on some classic movies in your advertisements, with using another company's (competitor) ideas to make your own sculpts and sell them to the same audiance and market. Not saying that is what happened, but at least that is what GW says it wanted to prevent from happening at that time, I think
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    Heard a rumour on Twitter about what this Contrast™ is. Supposedly it'll be some kind of multi-tone paint that has shading and highlighting all on one layer. The source says the Iron Golems warband is painted with only one layer of this new paint. I'm not sure if I buy it myself, but it's at the least an interesting theory and I thought I'd share it.
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    I think his point is that AoS has such a refreshing diversity of releases. I know I genuinely get excited to see what the next AoS faction is, be it an updated Battletome or whole new army, just because everything is so different. Whilst Stormcast do receive plenty - more than they should in my opinion - at least it's a fair bet that not every other release will be for them, unlike 40k, where we're all but guaranteed to get a Marine release, followed by a Chaos release, followed by a Marine, and so on.
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    Yep. The actual example would be the DoK bucklers, if you do 100 attacks against them he resolves all the saves before allocating wounds. Day 1 at heat 2 Went 1-2 in some super close games with this as my list. Game 1 vs Classic Sacrament, round 5 he just claimed the major, if I'd remembered my rule for getting grots back he won on a minor instead. Amazing game had I succeed on a couple of key rolls or won a key priority I would have taken the game. Game 2 vs an unusual Khorne list, he got absolutely screwed by the dice and only having 2 heroes (6 and 5 wounds) to claim the objectives on places of arcane power. I'd won by my turn 3. Game 3 vs DoK with 60 wyches, had I won priority turn 2/3 I'd have won the game. As it was he took it but it was damn close. Some key rolls going both ways. Initial takeaways My god those 20 shootas make such a difference it's unreal, the extra line of chaff is just so good. Really makes the army work though I would like them all to be stabbas 😅 Madcaps are so bad it's unreal. I seriously hate them. Going to paint up spiker as a Webspinner and never use a madcap again. Would have loved to have mushroom vs the DoK, would have hosed them so hard my turn 1 since I went second and he was stacked up. Webspinner with Venomous Spiderlings would have been amazing for all 3 of my games. Squigly remains random. He's either amazing (he single stompedly won game 2 for me) Want another 20 stabbas, I think that's when the list is going to really come into it's own, 3 more rockguts as well for the true hammer. Loonskin is really good, my tech vs skaven has been irrelevant. Probably going back to Ghyrstrike or a better defensive artefact (Ignix or Gryphfeather) Overall really really happy with the list, definitely feeling like I have the tools and abilities to take down all the top armies. With a couple of tweaks mentioned I think I'll even be able to bring down the best armies! Loving the Gitz so much.
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    There are rumors AoS is catching up to 40k in its yearly sales. I think it’s obvious AoS is the better product at this point. A business does not support a failing or less successful product like this. It’s pretty clear AoS is becoming their a product while 40k is the b product. It also helps the creative freedom allowed in AoS is awesome. Right now AoS has more armies in it than 40k lol. 40k is so stagnant the grogs flip out if you try add any new lore or army they like the exact same thing being sold to them over and over and over again with minor updates. They treat 40k like it’s a sculpture that should never be messed with lol.
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    🙄 SMH I'm more hippie than most, but not only do I think it's acceptable, I think it's laudable. If you build a business over 40 years from three guys in the back of a van to thousands of employees across the globe, you have not only a right to defend it, but an obligation to those employees. Not that the size of your business is the key determinant. It's something you own and built, so no matter if you are a mom and pop cake maker or a billion dollar a year widget maker, you are entitled to protect what you have from those who would threaten it.
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    ...Are those... Legs?
  9. 4 points
    I used greenstuff and sculpted my own on the first ones I did when I was laying out the models and figuring out how to fit things together. Also grabbed some spares from eBay for 6$ with the torsos included to make things easier. Used bloodreaver heads on this recent set I’ve put together. I also custom made the vicious mutation claw to look different. Using the bone piece I cut from a leftover wrathmonger torso. I really like how these ones look personally. One more to finish off for these 5. Just a new box set essentially with minor alterations.
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    although its possible I’m wrong, I don’t think those are are our unique scenery piece, unless there’s more to it I’m not seeing. One tiny leg or not, they really don't fit the “over the top with a bunch of things on it” AoS aesthetic. The leaves on the tree are very clearly the same leaves from our current woods kit, and although the scale is decent, it just doesn’t look like it has a lot of detail. I mean look at the loonshrine fgs. Even the dwarf forge has runes and stuff all over it. Chaff wins games. As much as people hate it, knowing when to feed a relatively weak but mobile unit to an enemy whose intent on throwing his most powerful unit at you, can mean the difference between a win and a loss, or, a major loss and a draw (if it comes down to it). Tree-revenants (before the update) were hands down the best char fin the game, and now, they’re even better. A unit that can do 10 MW on the charge, or 30 wounds + 6MW if they activate first is not scary if they have to go through 5 t-revs that suddenly popped up in their previously clear charge path. If you check a few pages back, the new Arch-rev does a decent job at turning them into a commando unit. We don’t know what our items are like yet, but if you can get an arch-rev behind enemy lines, and give him a -hit item like briarsheath, and possible a warsinger command trait (if he’s the general) he’s decently survivable. 4+ save RR’1s, -2 hit vs shooting. Once he’s there, you can just pop a group of 10 revenants within 9” of an enemy, and charge all of them with +2 (from warsinger). Manage to get Cogs out, it’s +4 to charge. T-revs can even RR one charge dice almost guaranteeing a charge. Pop command ability, and that 160 pt unit of revs is doing 15 wounds vs a target with a 4+ save (not counting the Arch revenenants attacks. That’s enough to take most characters, warmachines and monsters off the table in one round of combat: FOR 160 POINTS. How much more commando can u get? Spite are nearly the same deal as T-revs in the sense that they are chaff. As somebody who plays dreadwood primarily they are excellent area denial and combat multipliers. If i’m using the TLA bunker ploy (Treelord ancient, with 30 dryads in front in a half circle in Wyldwood, I’ll have a two untis of 5 spites mixed in just out of combat and one behind guarding the rear. Anybody want to jump in from behind they have to clear the spites first, giving me an extra turn to figure out what I’m going to do about it. If they just opt for combat, They cant clear 30 drayds in a single turn, which means they’re stuck 3” from 2 spite groups. in the hero phase they get blasted with 2D6- bravery worth of MW (-1 bravery from the spites themselves to boot) then, combat, and then have to roll 2D6 for battleshock and discard the lowest. For armies that have 6 bravery or there about that can be a brutal turn. I’ve had whole stormcast units flee after crashing into that wall and having combat turn pear shaped. Not everything can be hunters or Drycha. Some stuff does combat well, but just because you cant throw 5 at star brand and take him off the table in 1 turn doesn’t means its a useless unit.
  11. 3 points
    So I played a game of aos against my friends Ironjaws today. My list consisted of: Heros:660p 1Verminlord Warbringer:260p(General; Brutal fury, Realm artefact Rune Blade (chamon)) 1Claword:100p(Devious adversary) 1Screaming bell:200p(Warpgale) 1warlock bombardier:100p(mmwp) Battleline:900p 2x40Clanratd:400p 1x40Stormvermins:500p others:400p 1x3Stormfiends:260p(warpfire, doom flayer, rattling guns) 2x1Warplfamer weapon teams:140p endless spell:40p Bell of doom:40p My opponents took: Heros: 1Megaboss:140p 2x1Megaboss on mawcrushers:880p(?) 1Warchanter:80p battleline: 10Brutes:360p 2x10Ardboy’z:340p Battaillon: Iron fist:(?) artefacts and commandtraits unsure of which he took. Having been tired of playing capture the flag (hold objectives) all the time we, choose to just fight till the bitter end. my opponent finished setting up first and decided to led me go first. and choose to take the first turn. he well just moved everything up a bit and flew both of his Mawcrushers to my right flank, unable to charge, his first turn ended and mine began. not knowing what I should do I decided to roll for the effects of my screaming bell, and well got a 10 which came in handy. afterwards I successfully casted Warpgale on my opponents second mawcrushers, which meant 1less thread to face. in hopes I might get the traitor thing known as Snitterak the clawlord to die, I casted dreaded deathfrenzy onto him and my Stormvermins and clanrats who were near my Warbringer, succeeding as well. My crazed warlock failed his first attempt to cast mmwp, but succeeded afterwards with the warpstone peace he consumed, onto my Stormfiends. in my movement phase everything ran up except for my Stormfiends, who where screamed at my warlock to shoot-kill later. beeing in range with both my rattling gun Stormfiend and the bombardier, I activated another warpstone spark and created 2Swiss cheesed Brutes who fell-shattered to pieces. I tried charging my Stormfiends but failed with a 4. The second turn began with my Opponent winning the role of and taking the first turn, where he charged my Stormfiends with his Brutes, and the rest of his army’s battleline into mine. sadly one of his mawcrushers needed an 22inch charge to make it (thanks. to Warpgale) and well stayed behind. the second one instead charged my Screaming bell dealing 5mprtal wounds which I failed to save. he then choose to fight with His mawcrushers first and killed a few clanrats, thanks to my debuff of -1 to hit. I chose to go next with My Stormvermins killing of one of his units of Ardboys, and losing 2Stormfiends leafing my rattling gun Stormfiend alive. In my second round, I succeded casting deathfrenzy again but sadly was only able to choose one unit and so my Clawlords was chosen to die horrible in the name of the great horned rat. warpgale failed and crack call took another 2Brutes to the pits of hell. in my movement phase I retreaded with my Stormvermins and clanrats, and I shoot the megaboss on foot to Swiss cheese overkill-slaying him with 10 damage going through. (Those rerolled are amazing from mmwp) Later I charged my clan and a Stormvermins back into the frey, killing of his remaining Brutes and Ardboys, which only left him his 3heros. We rolled of and he won the roll of, which he took the next turn as well. His movement was rather fast and so he charged his second mawcrushers into my 20left clanrats on the right flank,killing them of. in my Turn I moved my clawlord, Verminlord, Stormfiend and bombardier forward, and created an art filled with warpstone leaves bullet holes, killing of his wounded mawcrusher. My bombardier, who went mad with laughing at the dead corps, overloaded his doomrocket and for the first time hit his target, although I rolled poorly for damage and so he only did around 5wounds. My Verminlord who beloved his time has come charged the leftover mawcrushers, succeded with a ten and I activated all of my command abilities giving my Verminlord an extra attack and letting him reroll wound rolls of 1 and all failed to hit roles(since there where more then 13models near him) and he sliced the mawcrushers with his doomed tune blade in halve. My Opponent resigned, and we laughed, of my theory of how a Screaming bell could retread through the scurry away ability. So what can I say from this and the last battles I had. Well Stormfiends are great, the rattling gun killed most of my opponents heavy hitters, and although the rest died, having the possibility of having a specialist melee model and a Hordekiller in the same unit is fantastic. they are basically the perfect all round unit. Stormvermins are a great unit, although you have to really be protective and loosing them really hurts. Clanrats are still one of my favorite meathsield units and the screaming bell is fantastic, doing a -1to the hit role is basically the best protections against horde of which Aelves and other stuff. The flamers (weapon team) are still one of the best damage-dealing hordekillers. They never failed me, always killing of more than they are worth in points by themselves. The Verminlord warbringer, is probably one of the best melee fighters I have played or seen. His spell is one of my favorites. the Clawlord, is probably if rightfully used the perfect assassin. He cost only 100p and can take any hero with him to death when death-frenzied, which I would recommend you guys to do as often as possible.
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    Finished the initial starting 2000 point army today by finishing off 4 more Drogors and the set of shackles. Took some garden party pics of the full starting 2K in the garden where the light is a bit better.
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    "Nighthaunt?!?! Noooo GW, we (I speak for everyone) want new ideas, not just re-hashed WHFB trash... Fantasy sucked and is dead, people. Get over it..." 2 days later... "Oooh, look at that new Black Coach..."
  14. 3 points
    While it is a rumor and what not, if those Iron Golems were truly painted with one layer of the contrast paint, that is a truly impressive product. Sure, the Iron Golems pictured won't win a Golden Daemon, but if you can get those type of metallic and skin results with only a single layer of paint that is pretty awesome. If it is fairly straightforward to use it would allow just about everyone to get models painted to a good standard (provided they have a somewhat steady hand) with very little time investment. I consider myself a pretty good painter (not great by any means) but I would still be very interested in Contrast if those are the results it produces. It would speed up my glacially slow rate of painting immensely.
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    Truely those bald men and women are good citizens of imperium, I will give you that. Maybe that's because the whole Aos is generally new I guess
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    I'm gonna do something like this, but for my Vampire Lord on Nightmare (and the shadow will be blood, but still):
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    Trade mark law is the only one which has to be protected or they can lose the right. It makes sense to me what gw are doing. (I'm an IP specialist). Trade mark = protects brands or "badges of origin" Copyright = protects artistic work. Copyright protects the expression, not the idea though. Which is a whole thing in and of itself. Patents = inventions Designs = shape of products. Usually the shape of like a chair or phone etc. There is an overlap with copyright here. But designs usually are required when things are industrially applied (mass made). But judges will bend copyright often to cover this. Plant breeders rights = plant varieties
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    This month my pledge is 5 Auric Hearthguard and the fyreslayer endless sp.... I mean Magmic Invocations. After that I think I’ll be done with slayers, but my stretch goal will be to start on a gunhauler I have sitting waiting to be built. I was late posting the ens the end of my April target, but did finish off another 5 hearthguard in April. I also quickly threw some paint at a magma forge, seeing me through to this month (with the final touches going on today)
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    Finally finishing up my skullreaper conversions. Utilizing leftovers from the wrathmonger/skullreaper set. Legs and bits from bloodwarriors and some bloodreaver parts. I took some build process pics aswell. Still need to finish some gap filling and sculpting. But here is where they’re at. I sourced cheap parts locally on trades and such. But you can find the odd eBay lot with the bits you need aswell if shipping is worth it.
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    So yeah.. my guess is that probably very few people will see these images. However as promissed back in march here is the finished army. At the moment it has reached 2880pt about to be 3100pt once I finish my Harbingers. Next up is Kurdoss, a Coven Throne, a Cairn Wraith and at some point a Knight of Shroud on a steed.
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    Most of the Harrowmark is virtually impenetrable forest: Seemingly endless miles of dark, tangled, twisted and unnatural forest. It is a corrupted land: the dead trees are warped by dark-magic, skull-formed rock formations and other symbols and motifs of death are everywhere. Things live in these forests: malignant, spiteful things. It is a brave soul that ventures under the dark bowers, brave or foolish, as few who attempt to navigate the winding pathways ever emerge again. The forests are shaped by the death magic that permeates them and the forest spirits that dwell within are equally affected. The children of the Everqueen take root in even the most barren soil; fallow fields sown with bones and watered with tears, tangled darkwoods and rocky crags. The wyldwoods of the Harrowmark are so cluttered with the remains of the unnumbered dead that the Sylvaneth that dwell within them have become amalgamations of wood, bones, burial goods and grave-shrouds. They often have human (and other) skulls and bones tangled into their branches and limbs, they wear animal skulls as faces and their enchanted weapons appear to be made of the same soul-stuff as the spirits and magics of the realm. ~ 🙐 ~ Painting recipe: Chaos Black spray undercoat, zenithal Mechanicus Standard Grey spray basecoat, dry-brushed Ushabti Bone and washed with Nuln Oil. Bones: Ushabti Bone basecoat, washed with Agrax Earthshade, dry-brushed Ushabti Bone. Enchanted weapons and Spites: White Scar (Air, but brushed on) basecoat, washed with Nihilakh Oxide, dry-brushed White Scar, deeper shadows pin-washed with Coelia Greenshade, Edge highlighted White Scar (Air). Anethum, Branchwych with Bittergrub and Greenwood Scythe Gravethorne, Kurnoth Hunter with Scythe Leafshround, Kurnoth Hunter with Greatbow ~ 🙐 ~ There will probably be more of these tree-creatures soon! The Looncurse is coming, after all.
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    Hello all my fecund noxious friends! After sitting on this project forever I finally got around to making my own custom Harbinger. Hope you all like it. C&c appreciated, I'm still working on my sculpting skills and would love some comments on the cape. I look forward to getting some paint on this bad boy. More pictures to come!
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    Get rid of that “if” and we got ourselves two people saying the same thing. Must be true! Rumor time!
  24. 2 points
    The new huge chaos marine release, Cicatrix Maledictum lore, and Vigilus campaign strongly disagrees with your weird A is better than B now argument. Both systems are in great shape and are not competing with each other. As far as sylvaneth; I’d wager we’ll see something after Looncurse has been out for a week or two.
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    Oddly enough, that was my favorite thing in the reveal.
  26. 2 points
    I think it would be amazing if legacy armies were maintained indefinitely. Is it practical? Maybe not. But thats not really our concern as consumers. For folks jeering at the TKers and Bretts - One day your favorite army could be TK’ed and then you’ll get to enjoy the irony of watching someone else prattle about how you should get on with the times. Unless your stormcast I guess, in which case that probably means Age of Sigmar is over. I don’t personally have a stake in TK or Bretts being supported again, but I can empathize with their frustration.
  27. 2 points
    Yeah, @Neck-Romantic we aren't doing well and there is still a lot of blind ignorance in some ghost groups and gaming circles to the facts that we have one of (if not the) weakest of the newer books and are incredibly unlikely to see any drastic updates until everyone else has there own updates and new books. It's not in GW's interest for one of the their core box set armies to perform so badly and be so under represented, that is the only hope that we have for an fixes. But for all the doom and gloom, I am preferring where we are at the moment. Being so under the curve is forcing me to up my game, to look at new combos, find newer ways to overcome the obstacles that we face. As a staff member at my local GW (who is a very good player) repeatedly says 'Get good" and he's completely right. We can still win events and games, even if it is much harder for us that a lot of the other factions. And you learn so much more through defeat than you do through victory and tbh I've been learning more and more and have been improving more and more as a player. When I enter tournaments now I know that I have such a slim chance of getting anywhere near the top tables, but it takes the pressure off and makes the event a more enjoyable experience. To help put things into context a bit more, my regular DoK player, who regularly pummels me whenever we play. In the last few months I've played him 5-6 times and every time I do a little bit better. In the last game I almost won but the dice gods abandoned me, some attacks and saves were well below average, for example a spirit torment got a 10+ charge on a hag queen with only 2 wounds left and failed to cause a single hit with the WoT attacks and the regular combat attacks, but even with that sort of luck I actually managed to do some damage to him which I hadn't been able to before. I still got tabled, but only just due to mortal wounds bouncing back at me and taking the last 2 wounds off my last remaining model. It turns out that DoK player is currently 4-0 at the Warhammer World GT heat 2 going into their game 5, so I don't feel bad for the complete pounding that I've taken, as it's helped me to learn how to overcome a very strong army and a very strong player, as I know that had the dice not failed me that game, I could have potentially won as I would have removed his cauldron and his hag before turn 3.# So in summary, yes we suck currently in the meta at the moment and are unlikely to get any help that won't be the sort of help that also gives other armies a boost as well, but use that disadvantage as an opportunity to just get better at the game and become a better player, so that when we get a decent book, then you'll be able to stomp over everyone.
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  29. 2 points
    Had a couple of 1500 games yesterday (preparing a tournament) against a FEC with a deadwatch, 3X6 flayers, regent and 2 courtiers. I tested two lists : A blood hunt list, WOKBT, Karanak, 3X5 hounds + priest + 3 juggernauts + BTUF.+ axe judgement - Reapers of vengeance. This one was nice, mobile and the opponent couldnt cast a spell properly. but in the end, all the dammage was dependant on the BT and the command ability.. The +1 to wound heroes was nice. Expetialy with the flail to snipe thoses pesky courtiers. i won. The second list : no bloodhost. Aspiring DB, Secrator, 2 priests + 3X5 hounds +2X5 Reapers +1X5 wrathmongers + icon and axe+ 3 mighty skullcrushers. I won this one too but felt much happier this time. More drops = more BT points all the dammages where shared between more units and skullreapers with +3 attacks are amazing. I sent the Skullcrusher in suicide mode with +1 armor and the ennemy took hours to kill them, negating an entire unit. No bloodhost because there was no ability that i wished in thoses and i put the 5++ command trait on the deathbringer and gave the amazind D3 mortal wound banner on the bloodsecrator. I felt thoos was the right choice.
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    I had so much hope for 40k once. It seems like everyone gets what they want except xenos. None of the major wants were ever listened too for orks lol except the buggy. No truly new xenos factions either everything is a boring sub-faction release. Sigmar is getting interesting new factions left right and center. New Primaris lore destroyed my Deathwatch crew lore and with xenos so irrelevant to the setting I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Deathwatch will have to be redesigned to fight chaos more. It would take a holy miracle to get me to care about nu-40k again.
  31. 2 points
    It's certainly chaos flavoured, but I doubt the non-chaos warbands were an afterthought. People were quick to assume that it was only chaos based on the initial reveal. However, the time required to develop and playtest rules for the other warbands makes it unlikely they were an afterthought.
  32. 2 points
    You need to keep in mind that they are forced to do this. What a lot of people seem to forget is the fact that the copyright law works this way. If they don't shut them down (I don't know the story in this case) but if they don't defend their IP they loose it and can't defend themself if another company just steals the sculps. Also keep in mind they leave user-created content and parodies up and don't force them to delete the videos ecc.
  33. 2 points
    Best Ads EVER! Though Duncan is now a Spaniel!
  34. 2 points
    Nice!!! I got 3 boxes to build from, I intend to build 20 reapers and 10 mongers. What did you use for the back armor?
  35. 2 points
    The thing in the background is ‘something’ (I assume it will be some kind of Bone King, greater daemon of death that will lead the next Death faction they release) that was in some way tied to Nagash in the past and that Sigmar locked away in a Stormvault in the region of Stygxx aeons/a few years ago. With the Necroquake loosening reality Nagash has sent Olynder and her Nighthaunt forces to break out this ‘something’, and that’s the focus of the narrative campaign in the Forbidden Powers expansion. This picture is from the climactic battle of that campaign as the ‘something’ is breaking out of its cage/prison whilst the CP & Olynder throw down. With the mercenaries I’m assuming, and this is all assumption, there will be just a small selection of thematically appropriate options, maybe even explicitly named, structured forces (like battalions, so some options in numbers but available units is set) that you can take from just a couple of factions, a particular Fyreslayer lodge, a certain Ogor tribe, maybe a Corsair captain and his crew or a rogue necromancer/wight/liche and his deathly legions, that kind of thing, like the Nightmare Legion from the very old Regiments of Renown back in the 80s. One other thing from these new reveals a hell of a lot of manpower and time has gone into Warcry. So we’ve seen just 2 of the new warbands now and they’ve both had around 9 individual models. Times that by 6 and plus the extra furies and monsters and that’s a huge range of unique models. Just in terms of what it’s possible to design and manufacture no wonder Slaanesh mortals got put on the back burner.
  36. 2 points
    none, which isn't an option on your survey
  37. 1 point
    Hope we are not returning to era of: "Enlightened/Skyfires everywhere" At first glance it looks like it might have negative impact on matched play. Curious about the details, right now this is very clouded view we are having on this topic.
  38. 1 point
    Yeah but the posts go up at the same time still.
  39. 1 point
    @Bjornas June probably?
  40. 1 point
    A fair and balanced post, and a nice change from the pro-TK/anti-TK mudslinging.
  41. 1 point
    If those big trees have legs, maybe we'll be able to walk them around the board, instead of having to use tree-singing to do it, so that we can relocate our teleport locations. Otherwise, they'd basically be the gnawholes that skaven have, which would be pretty lame. 😜
  42. 1 point
    The Great Unclean One is a after save when you allocate wound to him. Since you allocate wound one at a time and you stop when the model die, they cant keep bouncing back when he is dead. Right ?
  43. 1 point
    20 person tournament outing today for my Guardians. I placed fourth with a 3-1 record including two mirror matches. Confirmed my opinions about Death From Afar and Strike Swiftly. Really struggled to score these so I think they're out. Two other Guardian decks were running Victory after Victory and Combination Strike which is certainly worth a try.
  44. 1 point
    No it wasn't. It was within 8" before, not 18". Plus I would hardly call rerolls to save change nerf, since it is one of many tools to stack save bonuses on units and there are other sources for rerolls of 1 to save (which are better now thanks to save stacking).
  45. 1 point
    Bretonnians didn't sell because they hadn't received a new model in about thirteen years prior to being squat'ed. Their Army Book was equally ancient. The metal kits also had the Blood Knight problem of being VERY expensive, even by GW standards. I still saw plenty of Bretonnian armies in my time, it's just over a decade had passed without Bretonnian players actually having anything to buy. Tomb Kings sold fine when they had an Army Book that wasn't utter rubbish. I sure saw more of them in WHFB's life time than I ever did Beastmen. If Stormcast didn't get a single new model for thirteen years, would you say the same thing if GW squat'ed them? How many people were playing Dark Eldar and Wood Elves until they received a range overhaul? Egyptian Skellingtons with things like Bone Giants and the other larger kits are more 'IP protectable' than Nagash's current range of generic zombies/skeletons/rotting wolves. Claiming that FEC are Bretonnians is like saying Deepkin are the new High Elves. Just because they slap a few 'generic medieval' sounding names on their units and the lore says they imagine themselves as thriving medieval kingdoms doesn't make them Bretonnia. Nobody who actually likes Bretonnian thinks "gee whizz I may have lost my heavy shock cavalry, the appearance of knights and peasants, units that're almost entirely on foot and now play as a summonable horde army, but the lore says they have noble courts so it's practically the same! I don't see people complaining about Slaves to Darkness despite being a 1:1 copy/paste from Warriors of Chaos. Darkoath are looking to be generic barbarians/marauders. Tomb Kings could be copy/pasted over to Age of Sigmar with very little effort and I'm sure if GW did that, the same people dying on the hill of "I never want to see them! WHFB bad!" would instantly change their tune if GW decided otherwise. Bretonnians are obviously never coming back, but I would still like to see them reimagined in some form, IE my Soulblight/Blood Knight post above.
  46. 1 point
    My Maggotkin of Nurgle at 7300 points:
  47. 1 point
    My Sylvaneth at 7700 points:
  48. 1 point
    Here are my Nighthaunt at 5900 points:
  49. 1 point
    Found some pics of a part of my army. (Sadly most of it is still unpainted😅😓) Will send a pic of all the minis when I’m back
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    I can add my Lizardmen / Seraphon army. I wasn't certain precisely how many points it was, as I've never fielded all of it! Working out the points total is complicated by the fact that I don't think that there is any one edition on warhammer in which you can actually use all the models! AoS doesn't have points for skink archers, or the Slann being carried by temple guards, let alone Citadel snakemen or cold ones being ridden by skinks! I've thus treated the snake men as Saurus Guard, and the Skink riders as Saurus ones, and used the most similar set of points for all the others. The result: 12410 points A few of the units are under strength, since not all of the models fit neatly into the AoS brackets (I didn't know I needed another kroxigor...) Anyone fancy a game? It might take a month or two to play, and I might need to deploy over most of my gaming table as the photo shows! Here's the full breakdown for the curious the list may not exactly match whats in the photo, but its the most complete lineup of them I have to hand, and I'm not setting them all up tonight.
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