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    My studio desk is always full of various projects in different states of progress. Out of all of them my favorite is definitely my “Araby” stuff. I see them more as isolationists. Valuing knowledge above all. Waging war when absolutely necessary. While “human” citizens are a thing, they would make heavy use of elemental forces. Depending, I could definitely see them in Hyish, due to the realms prominence for all things “higher” & naturally arabesques and mathematics yada yada. Ulgu could also be good, shrouding their society from outsiders and using more maligned elements. Really the only thing keeping me from getting things done is my own indecisiveness and complex projects. This is partly why I hop around on projects so it gives me time to reflect on decisions, work out the kinks and not force things. Which is why I still haven’t finished my egret beastman shaman after all these years haha Here is an example of my very much wip djinn..
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    After a very long hiatus due to a lot of things including hectic work im finally back to painting minis again, bought a box or two of rats and heres where im at after a couple days of hectic painting, absolutely love the models so far. The banner is a work in progress, still not sure about it. Opinions and tips more than appreciated! My first goal is to finally get a playable army together at 1000pts, then expand from there.
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    My big idea would be a Beastmen-army with a wild mix of different kinds of beastmen. Not only goats, rams and cows but also varying dogs, felines, birds, insects, reptiles, fish and so on. With the Tzaangors there is already a nice addition, but for my vision I need much much more. To be honest I am probably just too lazy for this project.
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    To be fair, that was purely fan-generated hype and speculation. And it never made a lot of sense that GW would do a massive, game changing event so soon after Soul Wars. Personally I’m thinking the seminar will preview a new battletome, the rest (if there is any) of Slaanesh, Looncurse and some more Warcry. And an army reveal video that doesn’t actually reveal anything.
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    Not as much progress as I wanted but the wings are done.
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    Threat saturation and throwing tons of dice is what makes Khorne strong. Everything we have can fight, including our support heroes. Yes, a Slaughterpriest with the Bloodbathed Axe might not be AS fighty as say a buffed up Mighty Lord, but when you have the same Slaughterpriest attack 5 times, different story! I wouldn't think there's a specific formula that be used as a general guideline since each Slaughterhost builds differently, and then each battalion in each Slaughterhost would build differently. As for unit roles, this is what I see: Bloodreavers Chaff killers. First wave in a Goretide list. Screening unit for Slaughterpriests/Bloodsecrator. Blood Sacrifice unit. Glass cannon role. Blood Warriors Good against everything When buffed accordingly, can throw out an absurd amount of attacks Weakest against units that can re-roll armor saves (*stares at Sequitors*), as that negates the power of throwing out a lot of wounds. Gorefists are best against fighting units with 4+ or better armor. Dual Goreaxes are best against fighting chaff units, or units with lots of wounds but low armor (like FEC Flayers). Great unit to shift someone off an objective. Hammer/Anvil unit role depending on the matchup. Skullreapers Good against everything Best against units that Blood Warriors are weak against Can also handle hordes, again, through sheer volume of attacks Superb second wave unit, also great unit to shift someone off an objective. Don't need buffs as much as Bloodreavers/Blood Warriors but get exponentially scarier the more buffs they get. Essentially Mortal equivalent to Bloodletters, but are not battleline. Wrathmongers Good against everything Best against high armor units with the -1 Rend and again, sheer volume of attacks Third wave unit since you want to extend the attack buff duration as long as possible. Great unit to shift someone off an objective. Buffwise, only really want Killing Frenzy, as 2's to hit with that many attacks is incredibly scary. Mighty Skullcrushers Interesting hybrid between hammer and anvil unit. Hammer on the charge with unit of 6+ models due to the d3 mortals on 2+ after charge move. 5 wounds with 3+ save is what makes them an anvil. Bronzed Flesh just makes them a stupid anvil. Throw out a lot of attacks per model, especially when buffed. Ensorcelled Axes are best against low armor units. Bloodglaives best against all other targets due to the Rend, but will badly need Killing Frenzy. Best used as a second wave unit to ensure the charge. Flesh Hounds Chaff killers. Can also grab early objectives. Good screening unit for Daemon heavy lists. Great Blood Tithe unit that you'll also get work out of. Don't need many buffs with their high base amount of attacks. Excellent summoning unit for 3 Blood Tithe. Get a lot out of Leave None Alive Reapers of Vengeance command ability. Bloodletters Glass cannon unit for Daemons. Really need extra attack buffs. Excellent against everything but best against units with 4+ armor or that can re-roll armor saves. Shine a lot when under Lord of the Blood Hunt from the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster command ability to fish for 6's to hit. Amazing under Leave None Alive Reapers of Vengeance command ability. Best when in units of 20+ to get the native +1 to hit from Murderous Tide. Take both banners when in this size! Bloodcrushers Lean more towards hammer unit compared to Skullcrushers. Also cheaper than Skullcrushers. Also need extra attacks to get the most out of the Hellblades. Also want Killing Frenzy. Probably best in Bloodlords as the command ability there will keep them around a bit longer.
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    Are there a couple of mortals in that group?
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    Can i get your guys feed back on this list? Ive played 3 games with it, beating gut busters and Lon then getting smashed by sylvaneth. 1950 points, 3 drops, 2 battalions, starting command points on turn 1 is 4 Bloodsecrator (Darkfeast) 40man bloodreavers 10man bloodreavers 10 man blood reavers Bloodstoker Slaughterpriest (Tyrants of blood) Wok blood thirster Skarbrand Insensate rage bloodthirster Tribe reapers of vengeance From aquishy giving thermal rider cloak to bloodsecrator for plus 4 movement and fly Crown artifact allowing wok thirster to let him use command ability for free once per combat phase Then mandatory reapers artifact on insensate rage thirster Prayer sacrifice one that gives blood tithe points. Getting to 5 or six command points turn 2 then getting 3 thirsters stuck in combat spending 2 command points using wok command ability 3 times cuz once was free from Crown allowing all 3 to reroll all failed hits. Then spending 3 more points for a total of 5 allowing all to fight twice on a row 1 after each other. This leaves 1 command point to spend on whatever seen fit........sometimes making sure 40 man screen avoids battleshock sometimes makingbsure screen moves 16 inch after being whipped to ge5 into position, sometimes rerolling a charge..... I did 80 plus mortal wounds with it over the course of the game vs death........was simply amazing. Though ibwas rolling 6s for days. Anyway just wanted to hear your guys thoughts about the crazy glass cannon ive come up with. Even if its not top tier.....it's a blast when all the combos work and its total carnage everywhere. At least you know it makes khorne happy.
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    Really excited that the Fest seminar's are up! We've quite a decent amount of AoS content in there (I want to do them all!). On the subject of the Warcry seminar I'd advise caution* - it's a seminar with two of the 'Eavy Metal painters about how they came up with some of the colour schemes and thoughts behind it, it's not going to be a "this is how you paint warband X". It does imply though that we'll have at least seen what the factions are by then though (even if that's not until the preview). What I think is interesting is the seminar on paints - heavily suggesting that the 50 Shades of Grey is actually an expansion/change to the paint range (hopefully accommodating many of the old Forge World paints). * does my best Treguard voice
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    So basically what you are saying is don't choose army based on what you like or what playstyle attracts you. Instead, specifically, choose one of very few armies which can 1 drop because of a horrible mechanic which creates bad play experiences? That only shows how bad of a mechanic it is. It isn't a solution.
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    I think this is exactly right. The "balance" we should strive for is not an equal chance of all lists winning an event. It should be players can pick up the models they like and be able to actually "play" the game in a meaningful way. "Poor balance" imo occurs when the game is constructed in such a way that I can look at an army list and say "that army is garbage (Or my army is so drastically superior that every other army that is not my own is garbage), your chances of beating me are zero, and not only will you not win you won't touch my army or score any objective points." "Good balance" imo is something where I would read a list and say "that's an interesting list you have there, doesn't seem optimized and I should have the edge with my optimized list, but if i'm not careful I could lose this game"
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    I mostly just care about whether people can pick the army they choose, build a fairly standard army with stuff that appeals to them, and then have a fun game against most opponents. That strategy does not have to lead to winning, but you should not get completely tabled early or else be totally ineffective. At the end of the day this is a game that is meant to be fun for the players and that should be the primary measurement. A poor example is back in 6th edition 40k. My friend and I decided to play a game and we both made semi-decent lists using a lot of stuff we liked in the army. I played Orks (and have since Rogue Trader) and he was playing Tau. This was when the Riptide first came out and of course he wanted to use it because it is a giant stompy robot. I can't fault anyone for that line of thinking. I took a relatively standard ork list with a bunch of guys and some specialists & vehicles mixed in. The result was that I basically ran an army ineffectually straight into a wood-chipper. It was one of the most pointless and un-fun games I have played and my opponent thought much the same despite winning. I put my army back into the closet for the rest of that edition. If I had run that list into a competitive tournament net-list that would be one thing. But when it's just two people playing for fun and selecting units with "rule of cool" as their primary motivation then a game system should not lead to such lop-sided experiences.
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    Welcome to my army building thread. I am new to this forum and only recently started with Age of Sigmar since I mostly painted and played LotR and WH40k before. Age of Sigmar it is and because of its unlimited nature I decided to forge my own narrative for this army. Located at the Sea of Bones in the Real of Ghur, lies the Free Port Elui. It is said to have been founded by Teclis himself during the Age of Myth, but few of its current inhabitants even know who that name refers to and fewer still believe in this origin myth. What is certain is that it has been razed several times throughout the ages by the roaming tribes and beasts of Ghur. Its glorious days are far gone and large parts of the city have been abandoned to be devoured by the stinging sands of the surrounding desert wasteland. In fact, through shrinking population, climate change, relentless Orruk raids and chaotic corruption the mere existence of Port Elui has been on the line. That changed when shortly after Sigmar's sally from the gates of Azyr an Aelven temple has been established within a few miles of the city. Led by a mysterious woman, the warrior maids offered protection against the brutish dangers of Ghur, in exchange for nothing but the hunting rights in the surrounding lands and a portion of the marketplace where they proceeded to stage gladiatorial fights against each other and the vile beasts they captured on their hunting expeditions. I am going to continue adding more information about the background as the painting process progresses. As you can guess it is going to be a Daughters of Khaine army, though I decided to pick some allies for them and embed them in the narrative. Here are the Dark Riders of the city's Thieves Guild. We shall learn more about them later on. That's all for now. Among other things this thread will hopefully serve as a motivation for me, as I am a very slow painter. Let me know what you think so far and thank you in advance for any helpful criticism.
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    Yeah, I myself just got some Bloodletters and I am excited to try them out! I also need a Skullmaster and Bloodmaster in my life, but I'll have to wait for a bit. I have yet to use Flesh Hounds but I want to give them a go. For the most part I have real life experience with Mortals. I hope to get at least 1 2k point game in this weekend so I post up my results and thoughts. I'll try to take pictures at the end of every single battle round, and stuff too.
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    Nice list and games! I think your dice must have been worse then you calmly mention vs Khorne game 1. 4 bloodthirsters is fairly much a dream matchup for KO as they’re terrible points to wounds on 4+ saves no shrugs can’t get look out sir and whips have been nerfed (a salty also Khorne player here as one of my too many armies). In the thunderers coming out of a ship I just always recommend multiple 5 man squads these days. As you get 12 shots per 5 you get nearly as many shots without needing a khemist and all the advantages of MSU (multiple mortal wounds vs chargers, ability to only lose 5 models at a time if properly staggered If you have even 20 in an ironclad with Khemist it’s 62 shots where as 25 in the same ironclad coming from the sky MSU is 60 shots but 60 points cheaper (Not including the Khemist shots though! Although as you talk about earlier his 10” range can be very limiting). #voteMSU
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    @S133arcanite no problem man! I remembered you from the ironweld project @Melcavuk did a couple weeks back and you had some great ideas then. I've found the big three of the night haunt to be great conversion material(my archregent for my FEC is made from Kurdross).
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    I haven't got any pictures so far, but I've got a nighthaunt army that do, on occasion, sail the eight seas: "In Ulgu, I've heard tell of an island hundreds of miles wide and long, inhabited by the forsaken' souls of an entire empire o' mortals. Every inch of it is unhallowed ground, and the dead do not rest easy there. It is surrounded by mountains an' cliffs so high that the sun never rises, and huge fortress-cemetaries are found at every turn. They call it: Tenebrus. It is said that a god lives there, who gave his name to the isles, powerful enough to challenge even Nagash, should he ever awaken from his deific slumber. This god holds sway over the ghosties that live upon that acursed rock, and he commands night and shadow. I believe that this 'Tenebrus' could hold great potency o'er the entire realm of Ulgu, should only a few of us pirates set foot 'ere. If all o' us anchored there, well... We would have to fight off the ghosties firs', though..."
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    That one already exists. https://www.games-workshop.com/es-ES/Lord-of-Slaanesh-on-Daemonic-Mount
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    An article is up on Warhammer Community about Slaanesh in the Mortal Realms: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/18/apr-18-slaanesh-in-the-mortal-realmsgw-homepage-post-3/
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    I also am a simple man, this is how I discovered there’s a cap on reactions for a day. Really pleased to see how many other people love Tomb Kings as well! I love those newer kits and would love to see them back in production. I asked for Katophranes for Underworld as a reworking of Tomb Kings. Feel like with the lore they’ve developed they could slot into that story easily.
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    Absolutely not - you should never be able to take a thrown together list and be able to compete reliably against someone who has a well built list. Balance is both players being able to build well built lists out of their respective pools of options. List building is a skill and an important part of the fun of the hobby for many people and removing it turns the game into something I (and I suspect others) I want nothing to do with.
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    Although the Protectors of the Candle are responsible for maintaining order and security in Port Stellis, it hasn't always been their only duty. When the town was still young, the Protectors of the Candle operated both inside and outside the city walls. Groups of soldiers patrolled the wild land around the Port Stellis and had to hunt down the marauding beasts they found in their path. But the task quickly turned out to be complicated: Ulgu's mists and illusions misled several patrols, some of which disappeared forever, while the wandering creatures were sometimes far too formidable to be killed by a simple group of patrollers. Since that time, the Protectors of the Candle have stopped making patrolling rounds outside, focusing on security and order inside the city. There are still some lone hunters and loose members of the Candle, who roam in the wilderness. Most of them of them are antisocial and reject the comfort of the city. Apart from those, the Stormcast Eternals are now the ones in charge of patrolling outside the city and slaying the mist monsters. However, the watchtowers built by the Protectors of the Candle are still there. There are a dozen of them, usually located at one or two leagues away from the city. Some are still in good condition while others are dilapidated due to lack of maintenance. Nowadays they are mainly used by hunters and travellers who seek temporary shelter. And lastly, an amusing anecdote: although the Protectors of the Candle no longer patrol beyond the walls, they have never officially given up on this mission. This means that the city watch can at any time order soldiers to patrol the hostile wilderness of Ulgu. In fact, Commander Isilde Brumehaut sometimes uses this excuse to punish troublemakers in her ranks: unruly soldiers are ordered to go up in one of the watchtowers outside the city, under the pretext of strange activities in the area in question. This is obviously a false reason because strange things happen all the time in the Shadow Realm. That said, the prospect of spending an entire week, shivering in the cold and hearing strange whispers, inside a solitary tower surrounded by thick haunted fog is usually enough to discipline any hard-headed soldier.
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    You could also just kitbash him, but the maneater model fits really well. There is no 'correct' model for the Ghyrant, as I like to call him.
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    I really like these ideas. I think there are some changes that can be made with just a small update of the existing warscrolls. Let tyrants choose their Great Name (for the cost of them being unique in an army). Let the Butcher cauldron work like a prayer that works on a 2+, roll of 1 inflicts one mortal wound, you can choose the result. Down To The Iron Guts becomes a once per battle ability (I really hate that trigger). These changes alone would make Gutbusters way better.
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    I have build my own model with parts of the Sisters of the Watch, Sisters of Thorn (in my case legs of the Skycutter crew and the cloak of the Eternal Guard. But this was also for an army that is completly build on models looking like Sisters of the Watch and Sisters of Thorn. In case of the latest version of the Handmaiden I have the feeling that it looks quite different to most of the Wanderer models.
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    No.... just no... Balance should be “I take thought out list and it has a chance to win against most other armies.” No one should be able to think they can run an army of whatever they want and have an equal chance of wining as someone who carefully put together their list. It kills 3/4 of the strategy of the game if you remove the reason for lost building
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    When the season 2 warbands were revealed I was super-excited about the Sylvaneth one, but, honestly they just don't do it for me models wise like I thought they would. HOWEVER! I never expected to be excited about the Dwarves and I am! They look great and seem like they'll have an interesting playstyle.
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    Hang on... you've just had the LVO and Adepticon! I know what you mean but it's great that GW are supporting such big events and you get to see some cool stuff first as well. It's certainly looking like that. I spoke to the paint wizard at GW last year at the Age of Sigmar Open Day and he really knows his stuff. I think we will see Slaanesh over the next few weeks, so I would say just before or on Warhammer Fest. I think Warcry will be around July as the summer release (so boxed game and the warbands over the summer --- Looking at the Seminars that are on show, it looks like it's going to be a very interesting reveal day (plus there are some good things on show) - https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/WHFest2019_SeminarsDownload.pdf I would say if anybody is going, ignore the reveal seminars (you will see those on the community site), but go to the others. For example, the Age of Sigmar Rules seminar on Saturday should be good and would give people a chance to give some constructive feedback but I would recommend waiting to hear what the folks say first about the design process. It's all well steamrollering in with your ideas but there may be a reason why GW do it a certain way
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    Well, there is only a handfull of options to counter Savage Strike, whille normal king you only need to charge with something killy. Also pretty much any top tier army have comparable damage dealers. And I don't see how 740 points 2 spells to cast combo killing entire units in one phase is a problem
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    Another updated region map of my personal continent in Ghur THE JHOKULANDS Legend speaks of a mighty God-Beast named Jhokul. He was thought to be the size of a continent that traversed Ghur in a time before the Age of Myth. Wherever Jhokul went, destruction was followed by rebirth, as worn-out lands were pummeled and reworked into prosperous, thriving environments. The God-Beast would eventually encounter Gorkamorka and combat the belligerent god for three days. Mountains were tossed and regions were smashed, but the orruk god was victorious. He decapitated the God-Beast and planted its head as a trophy atop the eventual continent of Zarcosia. In time, mortals would settle across the Jhokulands and give homage to their giver. This lands was once gorgeous paradise until the time of “Jhokul’s Awakening.” A cataclysmic earthquake ruptured a massive underground volcano system that sank part of the southern highlands into the earth. The southeast would become covered in burning ash and eventually be known as the Scalding Valley. While the northern coast also suffered, becoming a winter wasteland from the eruption, the shifting mountains rose the surviving lower highlands further upwards, creating a hospitable plateau dubbed Jhokul’s gift. The dawi of Karak Varf and humans of Malegeth both share the fertile upland as their own, but the encroaching Darkoath Tribes have threatened to seize control from them. Following the Necroquake, the western bulwark was destroyed, opening the way for chaos tribes to ravage small farming communities and lay claim to a portion of the land. Malegeth has been assaulted several times, but has managed to stand firm, for now. Within the Scalding Valley, everything fights to stay alive, but there is wealth to be had here. Rare minerals and diamonds are scattered above and below the black mountains, while hunters search for the reptilian beasts that roam the land. Tucked away from the dangers of the valley is Fjordfire, an aelven city hidden by illusional mists and defended by the martial prowess of the Eldritch Council, Order Draconis and Phoenix Temple. The Phoenix Temple holds the Jhokulands in particular homage, for the land of fire and ice is sacred to the followers of the Ur-Phoenix and provides vision to the warriors of rebirth. Recruits and veterans alike journey across the valley and to the Glacial Jungles to retrieve feathers of frost and fire phoenixes. Prior to the Necroquake, the aelves received new rivals in the valley. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Brass Despoilers of the Beasts of Chaos arrived and claimed the volcano of the Savage Morass. They launched a terrible raid that destroyed Etosis and despoiled sections of the Frostwoods and the Grastiger Highlands. Meanwhile, Fyreslayers of Runeson Jarokk formed the Brokfyord Lodge, a new home for the disenfranchised ninth son of his insouciant Runefather. With a knack for finding ur-gold, Jarokk and his Fyreslayers battle back the dangers of the Scalding Valley to find new glories and riches. The fight for survival in Zarcosia is best displayed in the northern wastelands of the Jhokulands. It was here where Jhokul’s last children perished, their sibling rivalry finally coming to a head that saw a climactic clash of monsters that ended Jhokul’s line forever. Their skeletal remains provide shelter and reprieve for the Darkoath and Orruk tribes who fight daily across the frozen lands. They are ignorant to the true power that lies inside the Temple of Jhokul. Considered a delopidated relic of the past, it was constructed by a cult of mortal followers and is believed to hold the last vestiges of Jhokul’s power deep within. A curse has been set upon the temple and its guards do everything they can to protect their prize. Searching for such knowledge are a host of Stormcasts of the Astral Templars’ Sacrosanct Chamber. They established a base on a nearby bluff to examine the region, but the constant attacks by Greenskins and Darkoath tribes has stalled their research. In the northwest, the Necroquake caused part of the ice shelf to break apart. Now the Shattered Coast has become a battleground for rival tribespeople who must be willing to die for the slim ice shelfs they call home. They must contend with sea creatures from below, the random-but-powerful elements of nature, and the tempting offers of the Chaos Gods. Most dangerous of all is the threat hidden within the Eye of Jhokul. The icy mountain holds a realmgate controlled by Archaon’s forces. Those tribesmen who wish to prove themselves must survive the trek to the mountain, and only then must they earn admittance to the fortress before they are shown a hint of respect. Jhokuland lore says the Eye acts as a conduit to revitalize the land, but chaos’ control has altered the mountain, causing it to sink into the land. Four passes connect the Jhokulands with the neighboring kingdoms of the Grastiger Highlands and the Frostwoods. The humans of the western pass erected a natural barrier, the Arskon Bluffs, to prevent any tribes from raiding further south. The duardin control the main highway between Jhokul’s Gift and the eastern parts of the Grastiger Highlands. The Etosis Pass, once firmly controlled by the Aelves of the Frostwoods, is now contested with the Beasts of Chaos. Finally, the eastern pass is blocked off after the Necroquake created the Molten River, a constant stream of lava blocking all land travel along the coastal route.
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    Had a game against Dirty Gits Gloomspite Vs Skaven: Random mission: Total Commitment My List (skaven): My Friends List (Gloomespite): Deployment: Ghetto map: Left flank middle Right Flank Boss Mangler Mangler Squig Boingrot bounderz ---------------------- Stabbas (w/fanatics) Loonboss+Sporesplatta Stabbas+squigs Gnawhole 40clanrats Warpseer 40clanrats ---------------------------------- 40clan rats warbringer/clawlord/greatseer/Screaming bells 40clanrats Gnawhole Gnawhole Skaven First turn: First turn I planned to focus my turns on breaking the right flank and stalling the left flank, and it went great. Bell summons a deciever who teleports in from of the squigs. Vortex lands on whole Right Flank, failing to kill spore platta's, and kills the right loonboss on my friend's first turn. and nicks both stabba units. Vermintide moves infront of stabba (fanatics). Double death frenzy went off on middle most clan rats. Moved everything up, and ran the clan rats up to try to catch the fanatics. Deciever kills the squigs. Warpseer moves up with gravetide to block the left mounted squig force. Grey seer teleports to help warpseer on the left flank. Grot first turn: Left flank all charges warpseer. Boingrot's are slowed by grave tide, and so only 4 can make base contact to fight. Warpseer is taken down to 6 wounds after all is said and done. Fanatics release, afraid my rats might kill his stabbas on my turn, and they kill 28 rats who double death frenzy to kill the fanatics back. Deciever lives through stabba and sporesplatte onslot. 2-2 Ghetto map: Stabbas vermintide Vortex Sporesplatta Stabbas Boss Mangler /Mangler Squig/Boingrot bounderz 12 clan rats Deciever Gnawhole Warpseer Gravetide warbringer/clawlord/greatseer/Screaming bells 40clanrats Warpseer 40clanrats 40clanrats Gnawhole Gnawhole round 2: Grots second turn: Grots get the double!! Though they are all stuck in combat and get no movement phase. Middle most stabbas try to get around remaining clan rats who are still double death frenzied, but fail and don't charge. Vortex finish off my deciever and sporesplatta's, but keeps the stabba's from moving up and getting into charge range. Bossmangler brings the warpseer down to 2 wounds, and he runs from combat, and onto my forward gnawhole. Skaven second turn: Dispel grave tide, then cast it and pendulum. When combines with the orb from the warpseer and warp-gale from the grey seer i bring the boss mangler down to 1 wound remaining and the borth mangler and bounder take a beating from the pendulum. Clanrat on left flank move up to cover the warpseer who is now orbless. Single deathfrenzy on right most clan rats take out of the right most stabba unit, 4-7 We roll and i get 2nd turn, but i move the pendulum to kill the mangler boss, and the mangler squig. With not enough on the table, and myself already in the lead we call the game there. Thoughts: Really digging the investment in endless spells and in the double death frenzy. The ability to shift threats around is quite nice, and the endless spells slowing down enemy movement dramaticly is nuts when combined with the mass of clan rats. The Spell do all the damage really. That game the only none spell damage with warpseer and deceiver melee attacks that didn't do much, and the the right most stabba unit was killed with melee attacks. Debating dropping the warbringer? Thoughts? But i don't know that the death frenzy is consistent enough or strong enough on the clan rats with just a single caster using the ability. As it stands the bell/warbring/Claw lord/80clan rats are a 26" long wall that can punch back. While the warbringer and 80 Clan rats are a less punchy wall that is made more durable with endless spells.
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    So to pose an idea for people arguing about IGUG vs current vs alternate activation. What if I posed a different alternative to turn taking. Initiative alternating activations. anyone who played X-wing might know where I am about to go with this for a tldr. Go back to initiative values, each individual unit has a value that corresponds to how fast and easy to react to the changing battlefield each unit is. In the Hero phase the higher number goes first (representing the ability of the hero to react and get in the first spell or commands) in case of potential ties players roll to see who goes first each turn. Then in the movement phase with this all units starting with the lowest (slowest like common foot soldiers and hordes) initiative and going up from there having each unit make their moves before starting the next rank. Letting the chaff make their initial blocking moves and positioning while the elite and heroes can react after seeing the changing battlefield progress. Shooting and combat return to the High to Low initiative letting heroes and elite units get their combats I first as you would expect a quick and strong soldier to do. I could see arising abilities that allow a unit to fight sooner or later from a hero ability or even switch places with a different unit when needed.
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    Correct, and a max size unit of Raptors with Longstrike crossbows that get to shoot twice per turn. That unit shooting 4 times in a row tends to do the most damage. It is pretty common for them to pump out 40+ wounds on their own during a double turn. It is a 500pt unit but that is still a lot of damage coming from a unit with 30" range. He also sometimes allies in Drycha if he feels he is likely to face giant horde units. In our last game drycha killed about 60 models during the double turn herself. (For those who don't know, she has a shooting attack where you roll a D6 for each model in an enemy unit within 10", every 3+ is a MW. 50% of the time, she gets to re-roll 1s for that). Thus on average, a 40 model unit turns into a 4 man unit from a single shooting phase from her. I mainly play Slaanesh and Tomb Kings. When up against my Slaanesh, he knows how fast I can move and just deploys slightly out of my longest potential charge on turn 1. (which is usually well within range of his shooting). Thus the earliest I can threaten him is on my turn 2. He makes a point of sending MWs at my heroes to deny me depravity while the normal shooting attacks go into all my units which fold like paper. For Tomb Kings (I know they are pretty weak relatively speaking), he knows my only real threat that can quickly threaten him are necro knights so he just focuses them down first and then starts picking away at everything else which he knows will take at least a turn or two to get through his battleline which forms a nice chaffe line. Now one weakness he has is that his drop count isn't super low. Unfortunately, though, neither of my armies have access to much in the way of battalions right now. I think the Slaanesh book will change a lot for me. That said, even when he is forced to go first, it isn't game breaking for him, he just doesn't get the opportunity to auto-win with a double turn.
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    Wait what did they change about DoK? 😜
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    Thanks a lot. I've tried to do an explanation on how I do shoulderpads for larger miniatures. 1) I basically start by cutting out and bending a thin piece of plasticard, glueing it in with the help of a couple of blobs of greenstuff. The greenstuff is enough to hold it for now. 2) I then mix up my favourite 2:1 mix of milliput and green stuff (seriously - try it - your sculpting will improve SO much. ) and slobbered it all over the plasticard. I got the basic shape done by using my fingers and clay shapers, but don't worry about it - it will get better in the next step. 3) Once this is completely dry, I remove the shoulder pad from the miniature (easily done by carefully prying the green stuff off) and start shaping and refining it by filing, scraping and sanding with sand paper. I left this one a little rough on purpose, but it's pretty easy to get it completely smooth, with 400 grit sand paper. 4) Once it is smooth, and I am happy with the shape, I start destroying it, as described on this picture: Lastly I glue it back on; by doing it as a separate piece, it looks like an actual piece of armour, and not a cartoon. Still needs the leather strap thats holding it done.
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    A good point to make is if you are having that kind of trouble with shooting you need more terrain. That generally will solve about 90% of getting shot off the table turn 1-2. The other 10% is deep striking Stormcast bolt-throwers which is a little harder to deal with.
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    Most armies in AoS can't alpha strike that hard. Alpha Strike is more of a 40k problem where most weapons are in range turn 1. The vast majority of armies in AoS don't actually do much on turn 1 and even such. I've been playing Warhammer (40k and WHFB and now AoS) for almost 25 years. I have never once felt alpha strike was as destructive as the double turn has been consistently in my experience. Not to say powerful alpha strikes are not a problem but double turns feel like solving a minor problem with a major problem. Its like letting a tiger loose in your house to kill a mouse. That said, the double turn issue is only magnified further due to the choice to go first. If going first was a fair roll off then each player has to deploy with the potential of either going first or second but when one player can deploy knowing they will be going second that already gives a huge advantage even if they don't get the double turn. Its like lighting your house on fire (double turn), then tossing a grenade in for good measure. (lower drop choose turn order) Side note: I do feel teleport mechanics are far too common in AoS which contributes to alpha strike problems and can often mitigate or completely offset the tactics of movement and deployment. I'd argue a BETTER solution to alpha strike would be giving the player who is going second a "pre game" turn where they can't move or do anything offensive but can cast buffs and defensive spells and use command abilities. This would represent armies showing up to a battle already buffed and would help mitigate alpha strikes by making you less vulnerable)
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    Not sure, it's hard to free up the points to pump both units. Even with just one you would lose the Wrathmongers + something else or other choices. Maybe it's a good point to talk about list building or at least how I approach it, would fit nicely with the Blood Warrior and "screen" discussion that popped up recently. There are some metrics thrown around which form the basics for every meaningful evaluation like ppm (points per model) or effective health. They have value but they have to be translated to some degree. In Magic the Gathering there is the concept of hidden or alternative card text, like a creature that does 2 damage when entering the battlefield and has 2/1 stats for 2 mana would often translate into deal 4 damage to your opponent, deal 2 and remove a card from your opponents hand or deal 2 and kill a creature. For tabletops there is something similar and at the same time completely different, the question about how likely it is that a unit does use everything you paid for. Which cannot be math-hammered in any meaningful way (at least not in a way that is always true). Example, when I bring a unit of Blood Warriors, I pay for their offensive abilities, their defensive abilities and stuff that falls in neither of those categories. If such a unit is neither being hit or actually attacks I wasted points for stuff that was not used. If this happens a lot of times this unit can be described as "fat" of the list. That's pretty much why we use the cheapest units with the biggest footprint possible for screens, because we don't want to waste points (there are some other things that are important here, like you often actually want your screen to be wiped out to make room for your counterattack and so on, this is why Blood Warriors are godawful screens, a more fitting term for Chaos Warriors and the like would be "holders" as they tend to stand on key places and try to just survive). The same principle applies to unit sizes and the question how many of those models will actually be active. For a unit of 30 Blood Warriors, with a reasonable amount of scenery on the table, this number will be rather low and one has to ask himself if this is really a good idea. Same applies to models with 40mm bases, which are especially unwieldy. I highly doubt that a 10 man unit of Skullreapers will actually have a high activity among models. You could argue that the additional models makes the unit more resilient and you are surely in the right with that one but if at the end of the battle there are always 5+ models alive, you probably paid good points for low gain -> fat (More of X doesn't always translate into better for purpose Y). In my games up till now, 5 felt like a good number as about 2 Skullreaper models per unit (or none) survived the battles with no units to fight in close proximity. That being said, 10 might still be better in some cases. So why even bother with big blobs when most of the models have a low activity rating? Because blobs are usually about surviving stuff and defensive capabilities (low ppm with high wound/effective wounds count). Some of them are capable of damage but that might not be their selling point (e.g. Nurgle Marauders or Chainrasps) or the unit has low effective wounds but also low ppm. In this case you add models too keep the potential count of active models high enough that it actually matters when close combat happens (Bloodletter come to mind). Problem with all of this, that there is no clear line or ultimate truth (parking 30 Blood Warriors on a objective might be really good) but questioning unit choices and purpose of things you bring to the table can make a list significant better. Just adding units with good stats or comparing unit A with unit B without considering context or purpose is usually not enough. The concept of "razor's edge" from sports is oddly fitting for list building and revisions. You want to cut as much fat as possible but you don't want (but might) cut things that are actually important for the system to work properly (e.g. a runner cutting so much body fat that they actually collapse instead of having a peak performance). I feel like I'm writing without actually getting to the point and taking a nose dive into rambling but maybe the gist of it comes across. TLDR: don't pay points for things that are not used (defensive capabilities, offensive capabilities) consider the logistics of the table/battlefield remind yourself that models that tend to be not active are wasted points (considering units meant for fighting) exception to the previous point: units with low wound count or defensive capabilities that need additional models to reach combat in a meaningful size any unit needs to have a purpose and do "something" otherwise it's obsolete reevaluate units and try to identify "fat" in your list nothing is really set in stone but evaluation is always useful (with metrics and consideration of context)
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    Ummm... It hasn't happened yet!
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    Ha! You picked the ONLY army that needs special consideration but even there, not really. You did nail the issue though. It potentially changes "nothing" while changing a ton at the same time. Isn't that the kind of rule change that we need? Something that at worst is the same and at best can completely change how initiative is handled in a much more tactical way? As you said, at very worst it's the same (and really only with idoneth). However, it's not really the same because now your opponent knows for sure you're throwing all 5 dice. They can guarantee themselves every first turn except the third if they want. Also, it's a nice buff to idoneth who rely THE MOST on a favorable initiative roll. Try it in a game mate! This wasn't my idea, so I can't claim credit. However, I've played 10 games (as of last night) using this, including with idoneth, and it's a really fun mechanic. I am SUPER anti house rules so it hurts me a little every time, but it really makes the experience more enjoyable.
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    Great post. While would agree that complete balance isn't possible in a game as large as either 40K or AoS I think that some sort of near balance between armies is preferable and if possible even some in-army balance between units. Sure a unit can a slightly less effective and thus not end up in net lists.. but the difference shouldn't be as large that you're almost wasting points when picking a unit.
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    As a TK guy, I was wondering if anyone knows any of those Russians that are said influence the outcome of elections everywhere. Asking for a friend...
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    Mentioned Stormcast/Space Marine fatigue. Dispossessed Battletome! Could they please make the Asyr army builder (which otherwise is pretty great) accurate? Too many bugs! The latest pitched battle profiles should be accessible for free through the Asyr app and/or the website (and reviewed / updated every 6 months). Witch Hunter entourage for WU The double turn introduces doubt about what will happen in future turns, which is tactically interesting. The problem (for me at least, and apparently for at least a few others from reading this thread) is that it's too all or nothing. The only obvious way I can think of to tone it down without removing the extra doubt entirely it's to move to an alternating unit activation system. That would be a pretty big upheaval though. Can't see it happening anytime soon.
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    I'm fortunate enough to have the fundings to translate most of my wild ideas into reality. Lately its been: Ironweld Arsenal as full battletome focused on industry, clockwork and engineers. Complete with custom made battletome, cogfort, battle card and currently in the process of being playtested before posting the full realised tome online for others. Suneater Ogors as above, priest based destruction faction of Ogors and Grots worshiping the Suneater aspect of Gorkamorka seeking to purge the realms of civilization. And now onto a roving mammoth tribes aspect of Khorne, not psychotic but worshipping him as an ancestor spirit of war, focused on blood sacrafice to further the tribes but as ritual respecting those sacraficed and honouring that which they have given.
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    My SpellWeaver conversion. Planing on having her skin greenish to make her look like a Nymph/Faerie. Gave myself a small challenge of making female versions of the Wanderers Heroes without buying any new miniatures. Intend to also make a Waywatcher and a Nomad Princess!
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    1) Swords are better, but Hammers are cooler, personal opinion. You're correct in that most people use them because the easy-build kits use them, and it doesn't really matter. The difference in damage is fairly negligible, as most of the punch in the unit comes from the Grandhammers. 2) Grandstaves are better against most targets, and allow you to fight in two ranks. If you take anything above the minimum, Grandstaves are recommended if nothing for the reach alone. Both are fine, though, since you get the Jazz Hands no matter which option you choose. 3) Yes and no. They are a solid choice, but most lists either run pure minimum Battleline (3x5 Liberators) or go heavy on Sequitors since they're very good for their points. Judicators are in an odd spot due to their price and the fact that their role is kind of hazy - Raptors and Ballistas shoot better, for the most part, and Liberators and Sequitors hold objectives better - but they're far from bad. If you want to use them, use them. They're not the killiest units in the game, but they are a Battleline unit that can participate in damage while holding side objectives and can occasionally pop off and deal solid damage to an important model. 4) Not cheesy at all, since you'd be so heavy into shooting that you don't really have room for much else. There will be armies that you table because they can't make it to you before dying, but there'd also be armies that just get to you and kill you since you have no models to hold objectives/screen with. Maybe there's a build there that loads up on Libs/allied Skinks, but just those 12 models together isn't really that broken. 5) If you mean the Gryph-Charger that comes in Soul Wars, yes he's extremely viable. If you mean the big Tauralon (which isn't a Griffon but looks like one), then... yes kinda but not really. He's a solid support unit with double casting and some reasonable melee potential, but you'd be better off taking the Gryph-Charger version instead and using those 100 points elsewhere. It's not bad, but not excellent. Both are fairly similar. Core is Stardrake with Staunch Defender + Castellant and then things to support. Relictor and Heraldor are good Support units, as is an Incantor for dispels. You might want bodies like 20 Sequitors, or beta-charge units like Evocators/Fulminators. Unkillable Stardrake lists will take Ignax's Scales and then focus on using the really hard to kill Stardrake to lock down poritions of the board while the rest of the army cleans up. This will often take the form of holding back the Stardrake, and then charging it into a threat in such a way that you lock it down for multiple turns or until he can get assistance from Fulmis/Evos to kill the unit. You may also invest more in debuffs/buffs to keep it alive, such as a Life Battlemage who can heal and give an extra shrug save, or multiple Relictors to pop out multiple -1Hit debuffs. Punch Yourself Stardrake is a variant where you take Smouldering Helm (or similar) as the Artifact and then stack Save buffs and Azyrite Halo to force the opponent to blow themselves up. This variant will often result in as many MWs reflected onto the opponent as attacks they made - I once had a mid-sized unit of skeletons force 12 saves and then take 17MWs back. With this build, you play much more aggressively with the Stardrake, forcing the opponent to attack it as much as possible. Your Stardrake often dies with this sort of build, especially against opponents with lots of MW output, but it generally deals far more damage than the previous version. Here's a general list for the former: Stardrake - Staunch Defender, Ignax's Scales, Keen Clawed Castellant Heraldor Incantor Liberators Liberators Liberators Fulminators Fulminators Skinks Skinks Skinks Everblaze Comet Geminids of Uhl-Gysh 2000/2000 Here's a possible list for the latter: Stardrake - Staunch Defender, Smouldering Helm, Keen Clawed Castellant Heraldor Incantor - Azyrite Halo Liberators Liberators Liberators Evocators x10 Sequitors x20 2000/2000 They're similar, but play differently on the table. The former wants to zone out with the throwaway units, and then hard engage with the Stardrake and Fulmis only once the opponent has committed to a position, moving out as a spearhead (or splitting off one of the three units depending). The second one wants to move up the board as a singular force, getting the Sequitors and Stardrake stuck in asap, so they might deal early damage and then sweep in with Heraldor + Evocators for the cleanup. I personally play a bit more cautious with my Stardrake games, so I play something similar to the first one a lot, but I could see either doing well at an event. The main difference in any case is what you charge and how, and how the support units work together on the table.
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    Going to take a shot in the dark here as I didn't take the time to read everyone elses feed back before I posted so feel free to pull back my gutplate and let it snap back real hard if I say anything stupid! I would like to raise a point around strategy games, especially RTS games and how unit management, field strategy, terrain tactics, and formation (that is a big one!) strategy plays directly against your point here; • Primarily card games are not comparable here; a card can not move, and is not based around probability (i.e. 1 in 6 chance of getting a 2 on a 1d6 roll to make that sweet sweet play) as opposed to fixed numerical values and options being spontaneously thrown into your plays at hand - if this were the case then instead of making all of these different attacking, hitting, and saving throws it would run more similar to "put all of your army into a hat, each turn draw a random unit card. These are your options for this turn. this is how much damage they will cause based on what our statblock tells you. Your only way to improve your outcome is to select units with larger stat blocks and more obscene abilities and pray to RNGsus that you can pull it out before you die" • in strategy games there is usually a large feature of assymetrical balance; more or less that each party doesn't need to follow the same rules as long as they perform within the same fundamental core rules and have a similar level of potential and probability based on their design purpose; it's as simple or as complicated as it wants to be - Rock > scissors > paper , Cav > Infantry > Archers, etc - byrules, traits, triggers, and other abilities and functions outside of statistics can make this much much more sophisticated I can go on about this for a while but think about it like this; Balance; In that while all armies, factions, or player choices may not have the same execution or allow for an identical approach to the same exact situations (i.e. an army of gutbusters will have a much harder time engaging an enemy using a missile focused army than if they just charged forth and got stuck in) the choices, factions, and armies should in all scenarios have the same weight and when weighed against eachother as options should neither leverage for or against the opposing choice as a whole, but have more weight in different situations than in others, and have an equal amount of ability to force their opponent to play into their advantage, or be able to adapt by adopting a different approach to the same playoff - the more accessible these options are to each player, the fairer the game is by not weighing down on certain choices this is just my impression though, take it with a grain of salt
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    Thanks! I'll probably have to build some more reavers so I hope they won't lose this dynamic feel in larger horde. Cloaks are a mix of fur and scaly skins press-molded from green stuff and put onto glade rider plastic cloaks, some ornaments from random fitting bits added on top of that. Also! Here's a new thing, still work in progress but I just need to share it because it's turning out very well. First of the griffon riders! As Dawnspire griffon is very much monopose I slightly converted every griffon to avoid them looking identical. This one had a faceswap with skycutter hawk (identical size, surprisingly) and repositioned legs. Rider, the first of the wardens, is the fanciest of the bunch, with Corsair leader helmet and Dark Rider cloak with tattered hides over it. Lance is from drakespawn knight - some wicked barbs fitting a more savage monster-hunter. The griffon itself has white gyrfalcon inspired colours - I see their homeland as this cold, rocky coast with harsh winters, so arctic bird fits well into this. Taming a wild griffon, considered Thundergod's most sacred animal is a greatest achievement a hunter can aspire to (with great eagle holding a place not far behind) so every rider is an inspiring sight, clad in best armour tribe's artificers can make, and usually holding a high ranked leadership position. Two more riders are not far behind this one, but will be shown only after I finish all three ; )
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    Well, this has been a while; I've been busy with my Squig army for the Gloomspite Gitz, and I needed a break from the little blue guys. I took a small detour and made some reinforcements for my Nurgle army. I've only used a Harbinger of Decay as a general, and for some reason I haven't considered the Great Unclean One as a general. After looking at his warscroll, he seems really cool and brings a whole new thing to the army (one of the things I really like about AoS is the way a general can change an armys synergy), so I decided to try him out. Last january, the new plastic GUO arrived. A buddy had given me a recast version of the FW GUO some time ago, and while I really like the quiet menacing look he has, I like the new dynamic pose of the plastic GUO even more, so I got one, and started to go to town. I gave him the classic iconic sword and flail (mostly because it looks cool), but while building him, I was wondering where to put the dark green I use for the armour of my Nurgle army, so I got the idea to make him a gladiator style shoulder pad. It'l obviously get scratched, dinged and rotted up later, but the basic idea is there. Also, for some reason I felt compelled to have a tree with bells growing out of his left shoulder - I'll try to come up with some fluff to explain it. Please note the adorable nurgling posing on the branch. The other addition to my army is a Gnarlmaw. While it has some pretty cool rules, the real bonus, I think, is the way it gives extra contagion points. So I needed one. However, I wasn't really a fan of the model as is. The branches seemed to weedy to my, and I felt GW missed a chance to make a REALLY creepy tree. I started experimenting with some spare wyldwood trees, and once it got glued together and greenstuffed, I like it much better than the standard. I'm still deciding whether or not it needs the bells. A few shots of some the army, since Dropbox removed the links:
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