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  1. 7 points
    Have literally never seen prochuvi post anything that wasnt extremely negative, so can't say his opinion surprises me.
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    Someone's salty about not having giant steampunk airships and prosperous cities in the clouds.
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    Vulkites are at least equal to, or better than Ardboyz. Their offensive output is higher and they are at least as resistance as Ardboyz. Slingsshields bring them to an 4+ save and this can get improved easily trough various abilities. The units you mentioned are glass canons with low resistance and not comparable to a more defensive unit of Vulkite Berserkers. They are far from the "worst unit" in the game.
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    Gav Thorpe's book about genesis of Korghos Khul is up for pre-order! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/13/chaos-rises-in-the-mortal-realms/
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    Also notable-Doomseekers and Grimwrath Berserkers are not leaders, so they don't count towards your 6 cap.
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    From the GMG Video(if I got everything right): Vulkites 160 pts per 10 / 10 to 30 per unit / no discount Runefather 100 Runemaster 120 Runesmiter 120 Runeson 100 Battlesmith 140 Chosen Axes 200 complete Runefather on Magmadroth 280 Runesmiter on Magmadroth 260 Runeson on Magmadroth 240 Doomseeker 100 Herthguard Berserkers 120 per 5 / 5 to 30 per unit / 600 per full unit / battleline if Runefather is general Battalions in 140 to 160 range -------------------------------- Another review: ---------------- It seems to me that elite Fyreslayers might be playable. Either with the "alpha strike" Lodge or based on Magmadroths. It´s pretty nice because it means that you are not forced to get 100 naked models painted before your first battle.
  7. 4 points
    No. The reason is the designer simply didn't know the rules. This is the same designer who (at one of the bigger tournaments last year) didn't know the effects of the bloodsecrator banner and incorrectly ruled against the brazen rune range - even though it was in the FAQ at the time. Im glad it's been corrected, now we don't have to chat about the ugliest model in the army.
  8. 3 points
    Hearthguard, both Aurics and Berserkers are 120 points for 5. You get a discount at 30, which is why it's 600 and not 720. (I fully expect the horde discount to be axed in short order) Vulkites are 160 points for 10, and almost all heroes got their prices bumped 20-40 points. Battalions are a touch more expensive. Fyreslayers are quite a bit more expensive now than they used to be. Honestly though, even if you're trying to milk Berserkers, the best build is probably still good old Lords of the Lodge for the one blob of 30 that can attack twice. (1280 points to fill out the battalion, giving some space for battleline and additional hero support) Trippling down on Berserkers is simply unnecessary.
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    I don't agree with this at all. The new beserk Fury ability is extremely useful against all the units that strike first. Against a gkot, a unit of 20 vulkites may well die, but before they do, they will do an average of 12 wounds back. Give them sling Shields to do a couple of mortals, and charge them into a gkot and they have a very good chance of killing it. If you put them into the battalion that lets them auto run 6 and charge with plus one they make a great suicide squad. There are multiple ways to add one to save rolls, so against units that don't do mortals they make a great tar pit.
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    Hey everyone! I’m starting this thread to share the small narrative campaign I’m working on, mostly based on the Storm Strike boxset. I’ll post more about the setting and the models later but let me start by introducing my warband’s leader, Knight Incantor Carron, from the Order of the Crimson Sky : I have written a (very) short story to present him, here it is if anyone wants to read it. If you have any criticism on the writing or content please let me know, I need feedback and english isn't my native language Thank you for reading.
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    Alright, Warscroll review time: Vulkite Berserkers: Hit on 3s now, that's huge. Karl is +1 attack instead of plus damage, weaker but less of a hassle to roll out. Horn got changed to just +1 charge, that's kinda lame. Wording on Slingshields and paired axes basically the same. Verdict: Looking quite buff, actually! Streamlined but arguably stronger than ever, and more versatile now that you don't need blocks of 30 Doomseeker: He lost a point of Move, randomly. Weapon profiles are unchanged. (and pretty lame, but hey 6 attacks) Oathbound is the only ability he kep, no changes. In place of Runic Power and Goaded by Fury, he gets a flat +1 damage for the first wound he takes, and +2 damage for the second. Verdict: ??? Honestly man, I dunno. If for some reason he is wounded but not killed, he's a terror, otherwise he's fairly blah. Maybe with a good artifact you can do something with him. Battlesmith: Flat damage boost on his axe makes him no slouch in combat. His change to + saves has already been discussed, it's good. Multiple stacking sources of + saves is going to be a new Fyreslayer gimmick, and his old re-roll ability would have been OP for the new Fyreslayers. Death ability is unchanged Grimwrath Berserker: Oh boy, flat 2 damage and -2 rend. I already forgot your name, Doomseeker. FNP ability unchanged, Battle Fury is a flat 2+, And dead but not defeated is automatic. Streamlined and buffed pretty much across the board. This dude is scary. Runemaster: Brazier thing gets a weapon profile. It's basically the standard issue wizard staff, but still, melee buff Holy Seeker change is weird. Less of a disadvantage, still hard to take advantage of. Volcano's call is actually slightly nerfed, has to make a prayer roll, range changed from 20 to 18 and uses normal deadly terrain rules, so no more instant death. Verdict: Ehhhhhh I'm gonna call this one a whiff. He's not useless, and it helps that he'll always have prayers or minding the forge to fall back on, but he's still weird and gimmicky. Auric Hearthguard: + 3 range is nice, and Karl gives an extra range attack now, instead of the useless melee buff. Sworn Protectors has been replaced, they can protect nearby foot heroes but no longer get + 1 to hit. That's...hmmm Verdict: The HP buff and Range boost, and improved Rockbolts are all very good things, bodyguard for your all important priests is also useful, but they did definitely take an overall hit to range damage. RuneFather on Foot: 3+/3+ actually makes the Latchkey fearsome Staredown is unchanged Weapon Breaker is now just a single fish for a 6 at the end of combat, and only against heroes. It realistically will almost never happen Lodge Leader is now just a 12" bubble of + 1 charge. Meh Verdict: He needed the axe buff to be a credible melee threat, but everything else is arguably worse? Meh RuneFather on Magmadroth: Alright, Magmadroth stat changes are + 2 Wounds, and a bite attack 4+ 2+ -2 r d3 damage. Ok. Breath/tail attacks unchanged, except -3 range on breath. Magma Blood is now simply 4+/ 1 mortal wound for every melee wound allocated to it. Steadfast Advance is now just battleshock immunity in an 18" bubble, good change Runesmiter on Foot: Save nerfed from 4+ to 5+. No change to melee profile. Empowerment is a prayer and -2 range, magic tunneling is mostly the same. It now kills units if they don't appear by the 4th round, and you can set up the unit 12" from the Runesmiter if that's important somehow Verdict: Honestly probably the least changed hero, and gets a prayer now, so buffed Runesmiter on Magmadroth: Grand Ritual is now +1 saves ww 12" Verdict: Buffed, more for general usefulness and character options, but the new ritual is arguably better and overall utility is very high. Runeson on Foot: Waraxe still sucks. Javelin hits on 4 at range now, but 3+/3+ in melee. Javelin +2 dam works at both range and melee Explosive Rage replaced with Vying for Glory, reroll all hits if within 6" of another Runeson. With how bad he sucks at fighting, not much help. Unless it works on Magmadroths...checking that in a moment Dauntless Assault is now +1 wound rolls, 12 inch bubble, very very good Runeson on Magmadroth: Vying for Glory is indeed applicable on Magmadroth. So 2x Runesons on Droths is probably a must for Magmadroth heavy strategies. New Command Ability-Molton Battering Ram. One Droth, charge and on a 2+ do d6 mortal Wounds So basically Runeson has an actual niche now. On foot, use him to buff infantry, or take two Runesons on Magmadroths and go wild.
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    Hello there! EDITED FOR A FULL ARMY PHOTO (original post below ;)): Some time ago I decided to build a pretty unique force, with no model left unconverted and, in many cases, pretty much scratchbuilt from whatever bits were fitting. Army fluff is, in short, that they are descendands of Azyrite Aelf force isolated in realm of beasts for generations, changed by their surroundings, harsh life and lack of any support. Now they're less cultured, more savage and brutal than their ancestors and make their life hunting monsters that are the one thing they have in abundance, adorning themsleves with their hides and other trophies. Still, they guard their fortress, as ordered hundered of years ago and await the return of Sigmar and his warriors to serve once again, holding violent thunderstorms of their land in reverence and taming those creatures they view as noble and connected to the thunder god. And some close ups: Spireguard Reavers (on properly monstrous horses, thanks be to weird dark steed design ;)) Shadow Warriors More to come soon ; )
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    Today was a good day for painting- my runemaster is finished. Bonus shot of my whole army- roll on the new battletome! Edit: expanding my goal to include a runeson (rider version to swap into a magmadroth on occasion) and 5 hearthguard
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    Hey i havent been able to post i began the project for this quarters escalation league I had a dwarfs painted but they were all to the quality of back 5 or so years ago. So we’re redoing them! 30 irondrakes 10 longbeards 80 warriors 1 archmage on dragon 1 knight incantor. Might have to buy a more dwarfy one 2 runesmiths everblaze comet gemanids might switch those out for a cannon or something. i dont have pictures yet ill post progress when i get home. I am going tempests eye and will paint them to that. My dwarfs undivided did alright last league winding up with a 50% winrate. Kinda curious how mostly dwarfs will do.
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    If theres one thing I'm hoping happens tangentially related to khorne, its a buff to the slaughterbrute whenever they get updated! How is such a huge creature completely lacing rend -2! And it's giant mouth doesnt even have rend!
  16. 2 points
    I've run a software update. Can anyone having problems with this please let me know if it is still happening. thanks
  17. 2 points
    So I can happily confirm that blood sister chest plates (with a little bit of cutting for some legs like this) and heads fit very nicely on witch elf bodies to make some great looking squad champions! May try them on a spare hag I have too to make her look interesting.
  18. 2 points
    Don’t forget the wholly within range changes, we don’t want to get our Dok players too excited😜
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    As @Overread and @EccentricCircle said. Warhammer Community stated DoK was planned as one of the first 2.0 compatible tomes. And outside of endless spells and terrain they have everything all the other factions do. And honestly I don’t really see terrain or endless spells coming for a while if at all considering how powerful they are without them. Not to mention what kind of terrain would you even give a fast moving murderball? Technically our terrain moves with us anyways. (Cauldron or Avatar) They are quite strong without these that outside of a potential buff endless spell I don’t see much need for them. Especially if they cost the same as 10 witches or a Hag Queen I know which one I’d take.
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    The Idoneth General had intended a reckoning with the Northern Marauders who continued to plague his territorial waters, but his site of choice was an error that could cost him dearly. For the very magics that allowed his force to travel the aethersea inland had washed away a vast ring of salt, a seal which, unbeknownst to all save Clogg the unsanitary, had held back a carnival of daemons of the plague god. As the seal washed into the earth, the daemons had risen from the rich rotten loam of the plain. Their numbers were vast, too vast to tackle alone. Prince Ulthred had no great desire to side with the fish elves that had been haranguing his warships, but could ill afford a war on two fronts. His grievance with the Idoneth would have to wait, for his old nemesis Clogg and his daemon patron were the pressing concern now. A temporary truce was the only plausible option. The Great Unclean One Mondo Excrementus, his most filthiest, the king of rot, the duke of puke, the ayatollah of e-ah-bola, had arrived. His new pet had proved far more resourceful than his previous servant, and had found a way to lead the sea elves to break the seal of containment holding him back from the material planes. Once he had dealt with the peasants arrayed before him, Excrementus would spread the joy of Grandfather Nurgle far and wide! The Nurgle daemons have finally arrived, and took on a combined force of Idoneth and Barbarians in a huge 5,000 points a side war. Strategy was pretty moot (normal for me anyway) with the sheer amount of bodies so it basically became a huge meat grinder in the middle. My Nurgle maggot took on the marauder mammoth and three giants and held his own pretty well, and took out a giant in it’s death throes. The freed up Mammoth then charged my bilepiper who hilariously managed to slay the beast with his Jester stick. The Idoneth Turtle and Great Unclean One knocked some real lumps out of eachother, with the turtle managing to kill the big boy, but was unable to celebrate as it was soon taken down by some chaos warriors. The war was pretty devastating to everyone across the board but a well positioned shipwreck meant I couldn’t get Clogg and his Blightkings involved in any meaningful way and it made a telling difference and the Nurgle casualties started mounting up. The scenario we set was that once any army lost 50% of their units they would have to start taking bravery checks for their general or they bottle out of the battle. In turn four I passed, but by turn five I was facing a losing battle and mounting deaths so I called a retreat. We had toyed with the idea of the marauders and Idoneth turning on each other if Nurgle went first but by this point we had been playing for nine hours so decided to call it a night. A fairly tame post game this time, no dead heroes! But Mortvein’s lunatics we’re wiped out... I always forgot their bonus anway!
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    DoK are fully 2.0 ready as are Idoneth, the only two things that they are "missing" are terrain and endless spells; both of which can be added without GW needing to release a new Battletome for them. They just need warscroll cards and that's it they can run without any additional rules or features. GW can do this with their warscroll system and it means that they can add things without needing a new print run of books. DoK have all the alliance abilities and battalions they need. The only thing that would spark a new book would be a new rules edition and/or a very considerable wave of new models - such as Chaos just had for 40K. However DoK are doing really well at present and with other armies much more in need of updating in AoS I can't see DoK getting a massive model wave of the like that would make it attractive to print a new book. GW could even add a new hero or sculpt or unit and still not need a new book. Remember Terrain being a feature was sort of added in after 2.0 began its life; whilst Endless Spells have appeared fast and it is a little odd that both Idoneth and DoK don't have their's yet. It might be that GW tested the waters and reacted fast (as Endless Spells are produced overseas one assumes that they can be produced quicker than shifting around the in-house production side) and pushed them out after 2.0 launched for the other factions and DoK and Idoneth are just left lagging. I would not expect a new book for either race, not unless GW gives them at least 4 or 5 new units ontop of endless spells and terrain. Once you start adding a considerable amount like that then there can be more justification to rebalance some of the other models to make room for the new ones; as well as ensuring that the new has a place without displacing or competing with the old. It also makes the amount of new content significant enough to actually generate sales - esp considering that AoS Warscrolls are already freely displayed online. GW knows that they have to give gamers a reason for buying a new Battletome beyond just releasing one. Khorne is a bit of the exception in all this, but that's mostly because they got in early with 0.0 and 1.0 and the jump from 1.0 to 2.0 is significant enough to make it worth printing a new Tome for them.
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    I think there is some confusion going around. These 3 entries are only targeted at abilities that allow the SAME UNIT to attack again. Meaning, the interaction with Tyrants of Blood is the same as before. The purpose of those entries is to make sure that you cannot abuse multiple activations of Leave None Alive. or similar, on a single unit, i.e. if you attack with a unit it still activates all abilities but every extra activation after the first are forfeit due to the sequential order of attacks (if that extra activation requires the first attack as trigger). Additionally, these entries made sure that start/end of a phase are still part of that phase and not some kind of sub-phase. So you cannot attack multiple times "for the first time" within a given phase (I'm not sure if there was some cheese I missed or people REALLY wanted to argue that begin/end of a phase is not the phase itself...). E.g for Tyrants + Reapers . -> Bloodthirster A attacks for the first time, I used Leave None Alive 3 times on him -> Leave None Alive triggers 3x, Fierce Rivals once -> I can now choose what to resolve* -> my order Leave None Alive(1), Leave None Alive(2), Fierce Rivals(3), Leave None Alive(4) -> I get my second activation(1) -> I already attacked a second time now and therefore (2) is forfeit -> I activate another BT(3), while still being in the same time frame -> "countable number of steps/subsequences" -> the last Leave None Alive (4) is thrown away due to FAQ restrictions like (2) -> ... -> end of time frame The sequence can be different, depending on how I order things but the result is always the same number of activations. To be honest, I am convinced that there was an easier way to fix Leave None Alive and the first attack per phase than this, but I guess it is what it is for now. * These abilities happen at the same time. The "immediately" in their rule text means that they are of higher priority than others but two abilities with this wording still happen in the same time frame and we can always choose what to resolve first thanks to:
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    Hold on, I'll sort that one out for you. There's no evidence that there will be a new Daughters of Khaine battletome for years to come. There we go
  24. 2 points
    IIRC there is a section in the updated rules that shows bases sizes. It's how I found out Dispossesed heroes are on 32 mm bases and not 25 mm
  25. 2 points
    I don't get entirely what you are trying to say here. I take it you saying that players would be compelled to model for advantage making every model a standart bearer or musician just to remove the possibility of losing them? Because that doesn't really compell me. There are cases in AoS where I really feel the rules as written force players to build their units a certain way to not actively hamstring themselves and I agree those are an issue. But I really don't see this a case of that. All in all, since the controlling player is in charge of removing models, its pretty hard to loose your musician and standart bearer until the very end. Overall, compared to the gameplay advantage, the modelling or financial effort of doing this is disproportionate and I can only see the sort of player usually referred to as "that guy" doing so purely for the advantage. You know, the sort of player that isn't fun to play against no matter the rules. Most certainly I don't see anybody compelled to stick surplus musicians in their units purely for the rules benefit, bar the cases where there are multiple different options for banners/musicians, for which I've proposed a softer "fix" above. Whether it is mechanically daft is already discussed under your point 1). As to what is lore wise and visually daft, that is up to the individual player when it concerns their own army and collection and no one else. I see a lot of conversions, count-as, homebrew background, even some paintschemes and proposedly fluffy (non-competitive) army compositions I'd personally consider daft in one or both of these cathegories. But I sure as hell go railing against it or want GW to rewrite the rules to "fix" that. Because this is the players decision and I want that same freedom. I don't usually put more than one of each musician and standart bearer in my units. But I do have some ideas for mortal Slaanesh where I would want to go the route of putting an excess of musicians and banner bearers into a unit or two. Because I think in that particular case I'd consider it entirely appropiate for a deranged bacchanal horde and for me it would break up the tedium of regular horde building. The worlds of Warhammer being filled so to the brim with theatrics and lunacy, I would imagine there are other players who would want to do similar and the rules of AoS have supported that for a few years now. It seems strange to argue about this, it is not a huge issue by itself. But the general idea of restraining modelling options just to make the game more "tidy" to some sensibilities, seeing how the issue in question is not gamebreaking and will rarely if ever play a role in deciding a win or loss, just rubs me the wrong way. I am deeply rooted in the parts of the hobby of making the minis our own and I am always concerned when I see GW doing anything to move away from that.
  26. 2 points
    Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue and Heavy Violet! I love mixing them both and glazing/shading minis with them. i really like the muted, cold hue it gives a miniature. My Ghur-themed armies use these paints heavily to give them a very cold tundra appearance.
  27. 2 points
    8 of 15 daemons based! ****** the pics were dark, sorry!
  28. 2 points
    The grudgebound were victorious! 3-1 on objectives thanks to the reavers quick speed, who other wise did maybe 3 wounds between them the entire game. 4s and 4s is not good. Irondrakes are insanely good. I definitely need better speed allies though
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    Finished my first set of crypt horrors and a crypt infenal courtier. I went for a light pale skin to contrast with the grey ruin bases. I'm using autumnal colour tufts and leaves to set off the skin tone. I've also assembled my Varghulf Courtier, based on the Dweller in the Dark model for the Middle Earth game. I switched out the head for a courtier head, put him on a scenic resin base so he's more impressive on the table (big issue with FEC is figuring out the different between a horror/flayer, crypt haunter/crypt infernal and their respective courtiers, so all my courtiers and haunter/infenal models will be on bases that make them taller than the rest!) The Varghulf has a victim held in it's right hand- there will be huge amounts of gore coming from the torso, torn arms of the victim and claws of the varghulf, in a similar method to the gore for the crypt horrors. I've made some small progress on the base colours for the terrorgheist base too (plus here it is posed on the base!)
  30. 1 point
    It might not be OP. But it's more then decent! Animating it, is a pain. But that why it has an option for a ride I brought one a couple of games during the summer. In 1K it did do serious work.
  31. 1 point
    Hmm. 2x30 Hearthguard Berserkers=1200 Points 10x Hearthguard Berserkers=240 Points Runefather on Magmadroth= 280 Points Battlesmith=140 Points That's 1860 points for 3 units and two heroes. You can at best squeeze in one more hero. Probably a Runesmiter for 120 Points, bringing you 1980 I'm not saying that's not an army with some strong points, and I do think Hearthguard are underpriced, but I'm not really sold on that build. Overall, I'm just not worried about it. Next Generals Handbook comes out in a couple months, if Hearthguard are a big enough problem to cause an uproar they'll get tweaked in a hurry.
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    Hey guys i have a gt coming up and was thinking of this list, man idea is ghoul kings on foot suppon more ghouls, archregent summons ghoul courtier, then terrorghiests summon flayers, thoughts? Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts - Grand Court: Gristlegore Mortal Realm: Ulgu Leaders Abhorrant Archregent (200) - Lore of Madness: Monstrous Vigour Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (400) - General - Trait: Savage Strike - Artefact: Ghurish Mawshard - Lore of Madness: Blood Feast - Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (400) - Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak - Lore of Madness: Spectral Host - Mount Trait: Razor-clawed Abhorrant Ghoul King (140) - Lore of Madness: Miasmal Shroud Abhorrant Ghoul King (140) - Lore of Madness: Deranged Transformation Battleline 10 x Crypt Ghouls (100) 10 x Crypt Ghouls (100) 10 x Crypt Ghouls (100) Battalions Ghoul Patrol (180) Endless Spells Chalice of Ushoran (40) Chronomantic Cogs (60) Cadaverous Barricade (30) Total: 1890 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 3 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 77
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    Let's stop on "prosperous cities". KO could say to their Dispossessed cousins "Oh, you had a chance to ally with those Aelves, defeat that Chaos army and survive, but you chose to keep your world-that-was grudges and reject their alliance offer, basically dooming yourselves? Congatulations, you played yourselves.".
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    Yoooo guys i got a league for 1.500 points. What u think of this WarscrollBuilderList (1).pdf
  35. 1 point
    I am using Apoxie Sculpt. It´s quite cheaper then Green Stuff and works quite well with the Texture Rollers from Greenstuff World (althrough I would always use the roller with enough water to keep the Putty from getting sticky. It works best for me and I had no issues with bases so far. It doesn´t crack like Milliput does and doesn´t get that muddy when using with water.
  36. 1 point
    In regards to the existence and appearance of female Kharadron Overlords my learned friend may do well to consult the work of Robert Charles and his monograph 'Faith In Thunder'.(1) (1)Charles, R. "Faith In Thunder." Inferno! Volume 2: Ed. Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells. Black Library, Nottingham. (2019). 145-173 Print.
  37. 1 point
    25mm all the faction! Just for clarity
  38. 1 point
    Yeah thats fair. 140 would be ideal
  39. 1 point
    No this is not the conclusion to draw. The Question references a single unit. Let’s make that clear. Then it asks if that unit has an ability that allows it to fight after it has fought the first time, does it matter if it fought for the first time at the start, during, or at the end of the combat phase. The answer to this is no it does not matter. Then in the Answer they elaborate. Again this references only a single unit. If this unit has multiple abilities that let it fight again after it has fought the first time do you get to fight another time for each ability. So if a. Bloodthirster has two abilities had allowed it to fight again after the first time does it get to fight a second and a third time. And the answer is no, the BT only gets to fight twice. This Question and Answer does not have any application to the interaction between Tyrants of Blood and the CA Leave None Alive. The Tyrants ability lets BTs in the battalion fight for the first time after the first BT in the battalion has fought. The Command Ability from Reapers of Vengeance gives the ability to fight for a second time after the first time a Daemon unit has fought. The Q and A references a situation that does come up with this interaction. Also these example clearly reference fighting in that specific turn’s combat phase not all prior combat phases.
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    If they do, they bettermake a replacement instead of just kicking out the unit. I'd sorely miss the old boobsnake. Besides, though dated, it is still a stylish champion and one that, due to there not having been a lot of Slaanesh mortal miniatures since the RoC era ones went oop, been rather iconic to how Slaaneshi mortals look. There'd still be the generic Slaves Lord on Daemonic Steed to fall back to, but then such a move could forespell his eventual demise as well. I don't see a problem with the "as many as you want" approach to musicians and banner bearers. Bar the few cases where units can have different banners (which could be fixed by saying these units could contain only one type of banner) there is no mechanical reason to have more than one of either, but it does give players the option to do it anyway for their own option. I'm no fan of taking away options from players for so small a gain.
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    Five extra hexwraiths finished off this deathriders battalion really nicely!
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  43. 1 point
    I have a fix for the Seraphon spawning issue... Picture the scene... The vast templeship drifts through the inky Azyr void, the frost rimed ziggurat slowly following a millennia long orbit tracing ancient star-worn paths laid down in aeons past. Inside the ship slumbers, corridors of stone and gold bifurcate, splinter and rearrange themsleves into new shapes and patterns as upon his throne the ancient Slann star master Cuahutéemoc dreams. All is quiet, just the background hum as magic courses through the veins in the rock walls, the occasional primal sound emanating from the vast jungle that is spread out on the templeship's lowest levels. Silent, scarred Saurus stand guard at the spawning pools whilst a few hand picked Skink priests tend to the rituals that maintain the vast city sized structure's course through the heavens. You could lose yourself for days amongst the ever shifting maze of tunnels, corridors, bridges that stretch across yawning chasms but with careful patience Chiclub navigated the ever changing route to the Great Orrery with practised ease. The small Skink starpriest's claws broke the unearthly silence as they tapped out a regular rhythm on the black stone corridor. Flashes of azure energy pulsed through the stone walls etheric veins, illuminating his way but in truth Chiclub had made this journey a thousand times since his spawning and despite the starcraft's labyrinthine nature could find his way blindfolded if required. -------------------------- Fancy writing over lets power through this... so imagine that thanks to the energies unleashed by the necroquake an ambitious Tzeentchian magister Fluxus Capacitus has completed a ritual opening a portal inside the sacred space of the templeship from which a maddening legion of gibbering daemons erupts. Queue insane battle taking place inside the ship as hordes of capering pink and blue horrors, avian terrors, screaming creatures of the abyss rip through reality and straight into a load of obsidian club wielding dinosaurs. On a narrow bridge, suspended several hundred metres above the ship's jungle floor, that leads to the throne room a Lord of Change brutally leads the charge smashing his way through ranks of Saurus guards. Bathed in pink and blue eldritch energies, the cackling daemon discharges blasts of change magick, stripping leathery skin from bone, transmuting the stoic seraphon into metallic puddles. With a mighty roar a huge Carnosaur charges the greater daemon, it's mighty jaws snapping and fastening around the daemon's neck. Fast forward and the forces of Tzeentch has pushed on to the throne room and the LoC strides triumphantly towards the Slann, still seemingly dreaming upon his dais. But suddenly the Starmaster's eyes blink open and oh ******, IT IS ON. Epic battle just got MORE EPIC. Cue several pages detailing just how epic this battle is, like truly truly EPIC, come on you've got an imagination, magical nuclear war basically. -------------------------- hmmmm, this is taking me longer than expected, apologies to anyone stuck reading this, let's try and wrap it up... -------------------------- OK! So, end result the LoC lies a bloody pile of fizzing feathers and pulped daemon flesh, the Slann lies broken upon his throne, slowly breathing the final few breaths of a life that has lasted millennia, his attendant skink starpriest, staring on in horror as the light goes out in his eyes. With that the templeship lurches horribly and begins to fall from the heavens, a blazing falling star that rips its way through reality and visible to people in every realm. Falling through the realms the ship appears as a giant fireball tearing the night sky of Ghyran apart. Just before the templeship crashes into a diseased, Nurgle tainted jungle the Slann uses up the last of his spirit to slow the ship's fall, preventing an extinction level event, and instead the templeship crashes into the jungle, breaking into 2/3 giant pieces but generally maintaining its form. The next day the sun rises over the verdant landscape, the highest levels of the mighty templeship's pyramidal structures rise above the canopy. The few Seraphon survivors are at a loss, their slann master is dead, their star treading home now buried deep in the Ghyran soil, dead dinos litter the jungle alongside the bubbling remains of daemons, that thanks to the vast levels of arcane energy within the ship's walls have remained in the material world. Days & nights pass, the Skink starriest Chiclub tends to the remains of his slann master, preparing his body for death in a ritual no Skink has had to perform for 1000s of years. An ancient, dying race one step closer to total annihilation. Anyway to cut an extremely long story just a little bit shorter (sadLOL), the vast magick in the templeship interacts with the life giving energies of Ghyran and the mercurial change magick bound within the Tzeentchian daemons remains to cause something wonderful, and unexpected, to happen. The first full moon after the Slann's remains has been interred the spawning pools deep in the lower levels of the now jungle bound city begins to foam and bubble, a furious maelstrom of roiling energies erupt and from the pool emerges a young Slann, the first of their race to be born since the early days of the world that was. Unlike his elders who have lived for thousands of years bound by arcane patterns laid down in the stars, and who are tired, ancient creatures fighting a rear guard action this new slann is an impetuous, life filled being, the union of different magicks and forces, brought together. Throwing the stinking shattered body of the Lord of Change into the spawning pool, it reemerges as a new being, a giant iridescent feathered serpent, the legendary Quetzalcoatl which the young Slann takes for his mount. As the life giving properties of ghyran merge with the ancient slann spells, the new Seraphon spawned from the pool take on a more physical space than their star born peers, and from this remote jungle base a new kind of Seraphon empire begins to emerge. Where the ancient Slann were content to dream their schemes and follow paths and plans laid down at the dawn of creation, this new breed are ready to take the fight to the primordial enemy and play a more active role in the mortal realms. -------------------------- Bloody hell... This was supposed to just be a note. -------------------------- So basically, there are now a branch of Seraphon who are now physical imbued with the life magicks of Ghyran, and we get an amazing new centrepiece model of a slann riding a giant feathered serpent (incidentally the old WHFB rules for Coatl gave them an ability to change the landscape beneath them as they flew over, so there's the nod to it being a reborn lord of change). We'd also have an amazing setting, a ruined jungle magical city, for Warhammer Quest or Skirmish style games. I seriously cant believe I just wrote all that ****** nonsense. Please don't let any of my clients see this.
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    The Fires of the Piremoor Mogrum woke with a start and cracked his head on the ship's beams above his hammock as he sat up. He groaned loudly through gritted teeth and clutched his head. Neon-green flame raged from his eyes and scorched the timbers black. Flashes of his dream came back to him: Raging fires and flickering shadows. Green lightning sparks and glorious fights. The clash of steel and the cracking of bones. An intricately carved bone that contained immense power; Combined power from Shyish, Ulgu and Aqshy! The mask of that damned Mistweaver. He climbed out of his hammock and took a long drink of grog. The visions subsided but he was left with a strange feeling of certainty. He knew he had to have that scrimshawed bone and the power it would give him. ~ 🕱 ~ On deck he barked orders and Sludga and Deadwood gathered the crew aft. He stood on the quarter deck of the Cleavermaw as the skyship rolled gently in the breeze. Holding on to the rigging above him, he looked down into the waist of the ship. "Lads. I've seen a future where we start a fight." Mogrum said in a voice loud enough to be heard through a storm. "A fight so big that it spills over the very edge of Shyish and into Aqshy. I fight that we will win, and keep winning as it draws in hundred of fighters from other Realms too." Most of the orruk pirates grinned up at him and nodded but Liberty Snik piped-up "Was it prognostication or divination?" Mogrum blinked. "What?" Dogwatch Fug said "It can't of been divianation unless there was a chicken." and a few of the orruks near him started nodding or shaking their heads. Weatherly Deg shouted "Don't be daft. It was prophesy, obviously." At this the crowd broke down into general chatter amongst themselves, debating the various forms of the seer's art. Mr Sludga and Mr Deadwood started moving through the small crowd, trying to get them all to shut up but targeted application of kicks and punches. But by then it was too late, the crew was already lost to the argument (again) and soon there were weapons drawn and threats bawled. Then a thunderclap of emerald lightning split the air and tore through the mainsail. The crowd of orruks froze and looked up at the Kaptain. Arcs of energy crackled across his arms and hands. A green aurora glared out fro the blade and skulls atop his staff. The crowd of orruk pirates remembered themselves and fell silent again. ~ 🕱 ~ At the very edge of the ruins of the Temple of Khazla the Cleavermaws gathered among the glowing emberstones and broken temple obelisks. The pirates strode out of the Realmgate and crossed the ashen plains (only occasionally pausing to swat-out the fires that caught their clothes) toward the temple. The orruk pirates managed to get between the Shadowflames and the Realmgate and attempted to block their escape. They were going to take the scrimshawed bone from the Shadowflames and they were going to follow Mogrum on his vision of adventure and conquest! The Kaptain and his followers closed in on them from the left. While Snaplock Harald and Mr Sludga took the right-hand path. Laelanyel the Mistweaver Saih and her bodyguards advanced confidently. Mogrum attempted to cast a Foot of Gork several times, but the spell failed to materialise or Laelanyel unbound it every time ( and several of the crew muttered about the obvious power of the scrimshawed bone). The orruks charged! Snaplock Harald fired his ship's cannon but with little effect on the Slayers. Liberty Snik fell. The Kaptain's magic was unpredictable at best! Much to his frustration! The Slayers managed to bring down Mr Sludga and Oiler Tunn. And Mr Deadwood. Kaptain Mogrum joined the fray at last. Desperation pushing him to fall back into his old ways. Harald charged. Auric Runefather Aef-Grimnir brought down the Kaptain with his Latchkey Grandaxe! Harald smacked a Slayer - using his cannon as a huge club. Bosun Higgs took out another Slayer. Laelanyel disappeared into her Mirrorpool. The Mistweaver Saih left the Caengans to strip the orruks of their loot. The power of the scrimshawed bone was going to be hers to command. ~ 🕱 ~ This was Fragile Cargo from the Skirmish book. Viktor broke through my lines and scored a win. Viktor's tale of this adventure is here.
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    That is actually a very good idea. I'm stealing that for a future post. For now, I'd safely say some nighthaunts wouldn't go amiss 😉
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    I think this is true for a lot of people. Age of Sigmar has seen a huge influx of new players, many of whom have never played an RPG either, so its our chance to introduce a lot of new people to the hobby. We have a long roadmap for our product plan. There's so much scope in the Mortal Realms its difficult to decide what to focus on! Shortly after the corebook launches we'll have our Starter Set. Following that we'll have adventure books, campaign books, and then supplements to support those books. Plus character options, more monsters... there's a lot! We'll be doing a lot of PDF releases as well, so there will be a steady stream of content coming. We will absolutely maintain AoSRPG and WFRP. Obviously there is a huge bond link between WFRP and AoS, but they are different lines manages by different teams (though obviously we work together too!). In the same way that Age of Sigmar wouldn't affect our work on Lord of the Rings, it also won't affect WFRP. Those folks have a lot coming down the pipe! Tonally Age of Sigmar is heroic fantasy . While in WFRP you are scrounging for everything you get, in AoSRPG you'll already start as a hero. When speaking to people I always say that the question in Age of Sigmar isn't if you'll win, how much can you win and keep winning. You can defeat 3, 4, 5 or more foes but eventually you're going to be overwhelmed. To me there's also a huge element tragedy or sorrow to the setting, so we want to let players tell those personal stories. You will be taking on the role of heroes who are tasked with maintaining hope in a bleak world. How long can you keep going before it becomes too much? For monsters, and the rules in general, we are building a toolbox that GMs and players can use. You can plug in as much or as little as you want, but its built to allow you to create those permutations. As was mentioned, we could release half a dozen monster books if we wanted, so we need to ensure people have the tools they need to customise their game.
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    Only few fighters died although lot of them were taken out of action. A lot of fighters leveled up and got stronger and one gor even became a hero. The second game was even better, we played the Mortheim monster hunt scenario with a bone giant as monster. The beast of chaos aggressively attacked the 9 wounds bone giant monster and nearly killed it. But it was too strong and nearly took out 2 thirds of the warband. The last few wounds were taken down by shots of the Sylvaneth / Wanderers warband and the Vangiard Hunter. The remains of the bone giant were secured by the free people. Again only few henchman died, a lot of level up strengthened the warbands and the earnings also allowed to hire more troops. The Dammstadt event was closed out by Stormcast securing the Dammstadt ruined city. The AoS campaign also ended and resulted with a win for the Sylvaneth. I think I will adjust the rules by implementing more Mortheim like skill tables, but I am already quite happy.
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