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    Reading these responses, I think you guys didn't do your homework. The podcast Legends of the Painty Men already explained why AoS humans are so similar to the old WFB Empire. Allow me to enlighten everyone! Before he was a god, Sigmar was a normal human who founded the Empire. He died but was later reborn in Karl Franz's body to save the world-that-was from Chaos. He obviously failed and the Mortal Realms were born. Now Sigmar is sad that all his old friends died so he makes the current batch of humans dress like his dead friends, eat sausages, and call each other Hans to make himself feel better. They don't have to do all this, of course. They can always go hug it out with those Bloodreavers outside the Realmgate if they like... 😁
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    I too am 100% certain it’s something without the means to prove that it is making the concept of 100% surety utterly meaningless Since when was being confident or pretty sure of something abandoned for absolute but completely undemonstrable certainty? When did the odds of looking at a picture and guessing what it was require such a declaration of impassioned conviction? I missed the memo when the stakes got raised beyond “hey looks like this, guess we’ll find out 👍🏻“
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    So I have returned back through the gnaw hole after my own trip to Heat 1 with the list I posted up a few days ago, for those of you who missed it here is it again: Warlock engineer, overseer of destruction Grey Seer, Snoutgrovel robes, Plague Screaming Bell, Howling warpgale Vermin lord warbringer X3 X40 clanrats x20 clanrats x40 plague monks, twin blades x3 rattling guns x10 gutter runners Gonna do a quick summary of my games and then a reflection on my list and what I may change going forward. Game one I was playing Russ Veal with a scream bomb FEC blisterkin army at shifting objectives. Turns out playing a Masters player at a game I hadn't played much since September is not a great preparation for game 1. I deployed most of my army reasnobly far back so as not to get wiped off the board first turn. This meant he took the objectives early but I hadn't taken any harm before my turn. I moved up and did some serious damage with the ratling guns but crucially forgot about running with my units until I it was too late (really not played AoS for a while). I then failed charges with my plague monks and warbringer meaning I could finish of some of the units like I had planned. I managed to get the double turn but due to me forgetting to run in the prior turn couldn't get on the objectives/charge with most of my units. In his go he then screamed about 100 rats of the table in 1 go and after losing the next turn roll of I couldn't reover from their. In summary if I had of played this game at the end of the event it may have gone a lot better for me but learned how brutal the rattlings guns can be. game 2 played a really nice guy called Matthew with a great looking legion of Nagash army with Nefarrata, 2 big scaries of zombie dragons, 40 skellies, x2 units of 5 wolves and a necromancer. We were playing places of arcane power, he took first turn an immediately moved his 2 dragons and necromancer on to the objectives. I take 2 off him by the end of turn 2 with the verminlord and ratling guns wiping out one of the zombie dragon and the screaming bell and clanrats taking the other off the necromancer. meanwhile some plague monks and gutter runner where trying to kill the other zombie dragon who had the 3+ ignore modifiers save. End of turn 3 saw me take out the other zombie dragon once a clanrat unit joined the fray and take that objective, however my screaming bell that was on full wounds at the time got wounded by nefferatta and then rolled a 6 and dies instantly. We ran out of time a turn later with it unlikely anyone was going to shift either off the objectives. I ended uo losing 11-10 although would have most likely won it if we had 1 more turn. Great game, cool army. Got one of my most sporting and best army votes. Game 3 was against josh with trees, with Ariel, drycha, the named treeman, treeman ancient and some dryads and funkier looking dryads. We were playing the startstrike (?). First turn his drycha popped up behind me and killed 36 plague monks with he shooting attack which was horrific, but the ratling guns turned around a blew her off the board in return. I positioned stuff round the board with my superior numbers and quantity of units. Irritatingly all the objective landed in the middle where his units where. The rest of the game was spent trying to keep his army contained while getting enough number on the objectives to deny him points and win me points. Was a close game but saw through with the win in the end. Josh got my other best army and most sporting vote. Later learned him and Matt from my other game had actually came down together. Day 2 opened with a game against storm casts in the better part of valour. His list had the big guy on dragon, a tooty horn guy, another hero or 2 who did some buffs, 20 sequitors, 10evocators, gryph hound. Felt good about the game going into it as I had a good numbers advantage, I managed however to miss the part about burning objectives and so what I though would be a easy turn 2 where I just moved and collected his objectives turned into a game of just defending 2 of my objectives (he managed to burn 1 of mine, not realise that he could). I managed to hold out then inflict massive damage on his sequitors and evocators (don't see all the fuss about these guys with skaven). At the end of the game ended up seeing out the win in relative comfort. Last game was also against trees with a similar list to last time, can remember the scenario but it was 4 objectives, 2 in the middle worth 2, home one worth 1 and enemy one worth 4. I had learnt my lesson from last game and managed to stop ariel and drycha doing much damage. In the end my superior numbers got me through in relative ease despite losing all of the roll offs. Overall once I remembered how to play this game again and got used to the army thought I worked quite well. I felt like I am missing some long range fire power that I used to get from the mortars so will probably jig it around to get a catapult or 2 in their. Ratling guns were more impressive than I thought they would be as well. The warbringer was somewhat underwhelming, may have used him badly but never really got much benefit out of him beyond his stats as a vermin lord. So may just put the warpseer in next just for the survivability. Although didn't really need command points much throughout the whole event. Will probably go into more detail and a revised list later, but in the end finished 37th and qualified for the final if I want to go so have many more month to practice and refine.
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    I think Shadowspear firmly cemented that GW "dual box" sets are great for people getting into the hobby and looking to start new armies or expand existing ones. The focus (and hobby) isn't 100% about having the most lethally competitive army going and more about having a really nice looking army that's fun to play with/against. We had it with Soul Wars too, although positively this box at least appears to contain units that aren't undersized. Ultimately though the decision on what you pick up is down to you, gone are the days when we pick up every big box release because it's amazing value* and we want all of the models! * Amazing value is also relative - if you only want one special character from a big box, it's very expensive. If you want the models from one side and have a friend who wants the rest, it's amazing value
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    Last part of last months pledge/first part of this months is done. So glad these eels are done as I have been working on them for weeks and they had become a serious monkey on my back. There are some parts which could be tidier but I just had to stop on them. I do have the bases to finish and then it is on to part two - Nitchs squad.
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    Remember that plume that was TOTALLY Empire that turned out to be a hero in Combat Arena? The maggot armpit that was UNDOUPTEDLY Nurgle that turned out to be an expansion for Blackstone Fortress? Or the pincer that was 100% Slaanesh that we now know belongs to CSM? There's days, whatever the Rumour Engine is, my first guess is random mini in new boxed game. It spares my poor heart.
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    Unrelated to anything, is there a way to mute posts in the rumour thread with keywords of the sort "no longer available in the GW online store"? Hahahahahaha
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    It's disappointing since the price hike to $160 is relativity recent for starter boxes compared to Start Collecting boxes. and a few of those were further softened by including hardcover rule books(Dark Imperium, Soul Wars, Pellenor Fields), so the non-starter sets at $160, or even the couple at $150 already felt like price hikes compared to where they were when the Start Collecting boxes dropped. I was already on the fence about the Shadowspear box at $160, and $175 is right out I think. I've already shied away from the two player boxes at the $160 price points as the value without a book is usually diluted by not really wanting both side. Some people with say something along the lines of "split a box" while not considering that's probably not a realistic option for most people ans suggestions to buy the whole box and flip the rest on ebay are even dumber. I think the biggest problem is that people often create and link between love for a product and blind loyalty to a company(and companies are aware of that and exploit it whenever possible) and think the companies goal of maximum profits has to be their goal too and thus have to be okay with price hikes. It's okay to like a company's products and still realize that the consumer/producer paradigm is essential an antagonistic one with consumer and producer on opposite side. When a company says "times are tough we're raising pricing" and "we just recorded yet another quarter of record profits" in the about the same breath, it's probably okay to question their motives. I know I've found my hobby budget dispersed in more non-GW directions lately. My Nighthaunt army while a decent size(thought half if it was pre-2.0, so lots of hexwraiths and spirit hosts) was meant to be bigger, but I was waiting for standalone chainrasps and when they dropped a 10-man snap fit kit for $45, that was a pretty abrupt record scratch stop to that army. Yeah I could have added more stuff without the chainrasps, but that kind of soured me on buy more for the army in general. Not getting the Shadowspear box means I probably won't buy a black legion army. I've got starter boxes for two other games that are cheaper and have more miniatures that are as good as GW, and in the case of the Dark Sword miniatures in the Song of Ice and Fire box, maybe better. They're certainly better sculpts than the awful out dated orc sculpts that were packaged into the Pelenor Fields box for $160. Maybe I'm just not a big enough fan boy to get warm and fuzzy feelings when GW keeps announcing record quarters. Unfortuntatly I'm a Warhammer fan, not a Games Workshop fan.
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    That rumour engine could be the basis for an extremely greedy Slaaneshi unit. I hope so, there are so many ways to represent pleasure and excess, an opulently wealthy, gold-obsessed unit would be a welcome addition.
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    I play 5 black knights because I haven't another minis🤷‍♂️ I still buying minis, but I prefer paint everything before buying the next. Edit: I wrote 'painting' but I meant buying
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    As someone with a vested interested in the Human civilizations of the Realms (My Ironweld Project) I'm a huge advocate of free peoples/free guild with aesthetics beyond the original empire appearance. Moving into a more diverse look of humanity in the Realms would be a great way to add more depth (given the sheer number of Aelven factions both arrived and rumoured it makes sense that humanity could look equally diverse). I lack the attachment to the old empire aesthetic as I never played in the old world so I understand that some players are retiscent to see it go, but I'd prefer factions of humanity to dial their culture to 11 (Insectoid armoured barbarians, Industrial steampunk, overly ornate religious zealots etc) rather than the current cod piece lines.
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    So I am working on my balewind vortex and I,decided to FEC it up. So this is where I am at. One coat of wash on the vortex portion but no blood effect yet.
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    Can't wait for Darkoath. What a long wait this has been...
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    Staying within the auras is easy and complicated at the same time: -Easy because your heroes can fly and have a decent move + they can run as they won't be in combat (generally. If they do, you're screwed anyways). -Complicated because as you said they are wholly within 12" generally speaking. Only the KoS on Steed has 18". I believe the wholly within 12" is because the entire army is designed and played as glasscannon. So it "suits" well with the philosophy... Now, that being said: clearly 12" is difficult to get, specially when you want to make a line of your unit, to get objectives/lock multiple units, etc... Yes. But still, the Mourngul can find some relative effectiveness in some lists: A native -1 to hit debuff. And if you play it with Lady Olynder's spell (an additional -1 to hit), your Mourngul can lock quite some units, actually: -2 to hit, decent amount of wounds, 4+ can't be modified, can heal itself, etc... The pts cost of it is still "meeeeh" but he has a totally different utility and playstyle than the Coach. Though, I played the Coach last weekend, and it surprised me with the amount of dmg he can put. I didn't think he would be that tanky/hitting hard/such mobility; although I never got further than lvl 2 in 4 turns lol. I still prefer the 20 man blob of Bladegheists though. For me it is Keyword related. Both Knight of Shrouds. Every year they update the pts cost of every armies through the General's handbook. And within the year, they update some rules via FAQ and erratas. Some of the rules are strong, and when they get FAQed, generally they get nerfed a little (or a lot). And the other way around can work too. You are limited to 20 Bladegheists in a unit. But still, I believe the KoS on foot can do some work: General, ruler of the spirit hosts, -1 to hit as he will stay inside the blob and will have a 5++ fnp. Can bring in d3 models. The units of Bladegheists can be a real nuisance for the opponent. Can the KoS keep up with the retreat and charge though? Dunno. Why not. I'd prefer casting Olynder's spell on the unit targeted by the Bladegheists, and use the +1 to hit command ability of the KoS on a unit of Reapers, honestly. Except the fact that the VL can't take any artefact, I kinda like it versus a DoK: Multiple to hit debuff can hurt them quite a bit. I believe you made a mistake in the list: Shroudguard is with Bladegheists Revenants units. Otherwise: You don't have enough tanky units to be the anvil and enough hard hitting units to be the hammer. To be the anvil: You can use the chainrasp hordes, with the shademist on them, it might work, even I am not really sold out on them. But a -1 to hit debuff source can be really nice as well (like geminids endless spell by removing one dreadblade harrow)... but that's personal! And you definitely need to regroup your 2*10 Reapers in a 1*20 Reapers unit. Hexwraiths, I am doubtful, but why not
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    Hey there, Iam going to start this thread posting my progress on painting and building an dark wood elf army and some other minis just to learn or variety. While being in the hobby for about 4 years iam more the painter than player and realy like the artistic part of it. So for my "project", it will be longterm due to not having that much time and the time i spent converting and painting single miniatutes. So i start the thread with the first finished mini and one which is ready to prime. Hang on. Wildhunter and an pathfinder The next pictures will be the bday present to my gf. One of the first more showcase models i painted. Dave
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    But when its the UK site where they are listed as "no longer available" then its cause for concern, esp when the art for them already shows them on round bases so its not a removal for a repack unless they are redoing all the artwork for the box - which you'd expect to happen only if a big release for them were just around the corner. Heck Skaven Clanrats weren't reboxed until the launch week.
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    There used to be that function but it’s since been removed from the Online store That 100% just means there’s a new one coming though don’t worry
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    But based on that logic, we would have thought the Bloodbound and Stormcast Eternals in the original starter set were the same army because they used the same thorny vine thing on the bases. I don’t think we can make anything close to accurate guesses from these rumour engine shots and we definitely can’t say anything is 100%..... unless you have other info?
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    Gold usually means that Dwarfs and Ogers aren’t too far away, so should this Rumour be related in anyway with aos, I would bet my money on either dispossesseds or Gutbusters. (although disspossesseds were hinted a lot in the last few battletomes)
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    Did some blisterkin flesh eaters! Just 6 more and a Terrorgheist to go
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    I've done it to make a ratling gun before. A small hobby saw is your friend. Not like the metal is steel or mithril or anything.
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    It's the return of the Ogor Overtyrant of course.....or I guess anything that likes treasure. It doesn't have to be specifically tied to Idoneth, especially for base features probably reused.
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    The skaven articles well is somewhat interesting to read although nothing really worth knowing. Instead the article of the arrival Fromm Abaddon just seems way more interesting especially those new guns the havocs are carrying. I can firmly taste that new conversion project for a rattling gun😛
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    I see coins - gold coins. It can only mean one of one things DRAGON!
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    The Light Aelves and Shadow Aelves mentions in the rule book and several battletomes (e.g. Idoneth Deepkin) make them a pretty solid part of the setting, so I think the chances of them getting proper army releases is pretty high. That said, IMO most people are assuming they'll come much sooner than they actually will. Their lore is all about planting potential seeds for the future of AOS, not teasing upcoming stuff. The obvious thing GW's building to story-wise is Slaanesh breaking free, and the two new Aelf factions emerging to fight him. But that feels like a major campaign and a big moment for the setting, so I think it's a way off - like 2020 at the earliest - to give the Soul Wars storyline a chance to go somewhere first. Of course, I could be totally wrong, but that's how I read it all!
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    I play 1k exclusively so I’ll just tell you my list I’ve used with a bit of playtesting (although I will say it’s not Uber competitive, I think a mounted king would go a long way at this level I just don’t wanna drop anything for it haha, gristle gore may be the best bet for small games but they have no objective grabbing power so mobile hordes may beat them if they can deal enough damage. I think the best courts right now is blisterskin but I haven s used either in lists tailored to them so idk how they actually perform i run archregent w/plus 2 cast and dispell trait and relic combo spell: blood feast (for extra ghoul replacement as I don’t spam ghasts) varghulf (for a cheap rending beast, also with feast day and the arch regents spell he does work) 40 ghouls (this with feast day will break anything without a 2 up rerollable save lol, this and chalice plus blood feast allows me to keep control on one flank very easily) 20 ghouls (this is our second mob, I use them to fill out my 40 mob when nescessary by blocking charges when chalice is up, can be survivable against things that aren’t Uber Death Stars) barricade (this helps my lack of mobility, also with this and plus two to cast and dispell the magic phase is mine vs most opponents) chalice (keeps my ghouls healthy and the varghulf likes it too when injured! I like this with the varghulf compared to a monster for multiple reasons A)no damage table B)is a hero so always in range of the command ability therefore I can ALWAYS strike twice if needed and that’s a great boon at times) again a mounted king is still better but he’s also 400 points, I’m thinking of trying this list with mounted king (same spells and stuff) and two units of ghouls (probably a 40 man and a 10 man to nab chalice, and maybe grab blisterskin and summon a flayer unit for warmachine hunting but it’s eh until I test it) If I was gonna be competitive I would recommend (for like the 5th time this post I know you just want to hear ghoul hordes lol) blisterskin and flayers with the grim garland and cogs since it’s honestly our best looking list to me lol, I do like my ghouls tho! summoning is always a choice depending on what I’m up against. Against things like squig spam the flayer screams are JUICY but normally if it’s armour I grab flayers or varghulf for taste (varghulf most of the time honestly but becuase I like a big monster who can bring in ghouls) and sometimes if I’m feeling cheeky on a back line objective I’ll grab 20 ghouls and stuff a barricade somewhere to keep enemies off em so to be clear with hordes, 30 ghouls in a squad perform well, 20 and below can be lack lustre... chalice is a must and if running our ghouls then blood feast is you best spell honestly (although the flying spell and blisterskin can be fun to teleport 40 ghouls somewhere, bonus points if cogs makes the charge! Also feast day is the only delusion period... we already have trouble with damage running only ghouls only increases this problem (although large units with plus d3 attacks per model do well, all non buffed won’t...) the only thing I would run is again blisterskin (fast ghouls are nice, and the 4 up cp a turn is basically a 50 percent feast day) I know you asked for multiple lists but I really can’t give you random lists not knowing the armies you fight on a regular basis, maybe you battle msu and small units of ghouls would be helpful for swamping multiple opponents. Maybe you play against Death Stars and ghoul hordes need a buffer of 10 ghouls to make counter charges becuase a squad of 40 might be wiped out. The list I put above is the one I’ve gotten the most successful from against averages magic armies doing medium damage (ogors and stormcast with defence in mind) and with low points that changes the “meta” possibke chnages to the above list could be : giving the varghulf magic thru the trait in order to get both endless spells off, running a unit of 30 and grabbing cogs. Going with pendulum and barricade for full board control, running two ghasts instead of a varghulf or even more if the second unit of ghouls is dropped to 10.
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    During a post-league day long latter-championship I ran Grand Host of Nagash against a Khorne Demon army. A unit of four Morghasts with spirit halberds killed a Blood Thirster on the charge. Followed by the next turn charging and deleting 20+ Bloodletters. It was a good battle, Nagash was pleased. My advice would be to read 4Chans page on the army. While the site isn’t always accurate they cover allot. From my experience be ready for him to mess up Arkham’s magic. Two well spent blood tithe points during a league match shut down a crucial spell and ultimately lost me the battle. Juggle your CA Blood Knight verses Lord of Bones. Re-rolls on the Grims are often nice but rolling three dice on a large block of Grave Guard is disgusting. That is if you can make proper contact and have enough numbers left. Shenanigen’s is always an option where the King (with the crown) is your general and suddenly all your Grave Guard start with three attacks before getting a fourth, two Deathless minion saves is good for a laugh. I personally prefer nerfing their “to wound” rolls instead. The Black Knights and Skelletons are going to be cheap Blood Tithe points. If he wants those points make sure they are earned off his slain units and not yours.
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    Some mistakes were made 😉😂
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    It's not strictly needed, but the reason I took it was: - Extra CP to multibang the extra shots / run into position - Summoning included in the Batallion is worth on average >200 points per game* - Extra artefact - One-drop gives you a coin flip chance against Sylvaneth which would otherwise be impossible to shift - Bravery bonus (not a reason to take it, but a small added bonus) *Assuming you lose all your units...which you won't in most games. But with the CP that is very useful in this build, it effectively only costs 60 points for the second Batallion, so it's very likely to work out as being points efficient. With the other benefits, it starts to look like a good deal.
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    I know Ben Johnson is painting Slaanesh right now, he posted a Chariot on Twitter today - so I suspect they’re out sooner rather than later. He usually is sort of a bell ringer for what battletome is getting an update with his hobby.
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    They confirmed one week preorder so my info on two weeks turned out to be nonsense... Also personal opinion is that the Shadowspear box is a bit of a con. Easy to build monopose models, fixed weapon options (bad ones), questions around whether the unit sizes will be viable in matched play (obliterators) and no hardback rulebook. For £105 that seems like a bad deal. If I were interested I'd wait for the inevitable multipart kits for CSM.
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    Day three of the Steamforged Cogfort paintjob, with the rear smoke stack now attached and in its more vibrant colours I'm happy with the look, but should it be weathered down to the grimy colours of the lower stacks or kept suitably vibrant at the peak?
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    I played two skaven, blades of khorne, ironjaws and daughters..... List worked fine its mainly about positioning and sacrifices.... The two games I lost was on a turn 2 priority to the guy who came second with skaven and to the daughters player who came like 10th because I needed a 4+ on a run, I rolled a one and didn't position my Fungoid well enough the previous turn to get him range to make an auto 6. Fungoid is the most important part of the list
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    Khorne is confirmed next We'll also see Slaves to Darkness and Slaanesh some time this year Then we will probably also get battletomes (with endless spells, maybe terrain, maybe a new hero) for every faction on the ageofsigmar.com website
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    @Bradipo322 pretty sure they both say ‘required’ not ‘included’
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    Afternoon chaps - thanks for all your comments about the King-In-Horns, very much appreciated. @DeathCat147 - haha, insert reply made elsewhere ;) Also, painting news! Well, not news as such but more of an update - a few hours work the other night and all of a sudden the throne part is looking like this: Only a few small details on the branches to do and the snow to add to the base and its all done, leaving only the King himself to paint. I'll probably do another quick "build and paint" post at some point about him as there's a few little touches I'm pretty proud of in terms of visual story-telling and all that jazz. But there's not much left to do there at all. Hopefully the bits I ordered for my Durthu stand-in will arrive soon, as well as the Nightvault warband becoming available and I'll be able to get the last few things done. Then it'll be time for a little break doing some Inq28 and Blackstone Fortress while deciding on the next AoS project. Its still going to be something chunky and armoured, I'm just not sure what flavour yet. More soon folks, Knave
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    Hmm does a greenish FEC Army work ?
  38. 2 points
    So not a brilliant result at 0-5 unfortunately with a lower than I'd have liked kill points result. so TL:DR is that I probably could've won one or two games if I'd just reverted to skink summon and teleport but got a bit pre-occupied with summoning razordons and wanting the dread saurian to teleport and do the job by killing instead. Honestly that's the way i'd rather always play it, but I'll temper it with sensible options a bit more again from now on. I used to do that, got too hung up on starting army doing all the business. It can't till we get an update. But i'll still play this list over starting with skinks any day. It's what I like putting out on the board for a start. Game by Game breakdown in the spoiler, didn't want to clog the page for anyone not wanting to read it.
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  40. 1 point
    In case anyone's interested went 3 wins at the gt heat 1 with this. Tbh should probably swap arkhan and the hosts for 20 readers and a small hero but don't want to push that many models around. Allegiance: DeathMortal Realm: HyshArkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament (320)- AlliesDreadblade Harrow (100)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts - Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch Reikenor the Grimhailer (180)Spirit Torment (120)- Artefact: Midnight Tome Spirit Torment (120)20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)20 x Chainrasp Horde (160)15 x Bladegheist Revenants (270)15 x Bladegheist Revenants (270)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)Shroudguard (110)Chronomantic Cogs (60)
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    For me you are missing spells (come on it Tzeentch! ^^), so 1 or 2 additional casters (Shaman, Ogroid, Magister, Herald...) or 1 caster that throws 2 spells (the LoC fills the spot) For the Tzaangor you want as many great blades as you can, same for mutant and you need 1 shield, the rest is pair of blades. In this list you try to do a bit of everything and i am afraid you wont achieve much. You have some spells, some close, some tankiness. I pick the enligtened on disc every day over the chaos knights. You need to choose at 1000 points. One way is to go with 2*10 pinks and kill them yourselves with endless spells in order to farm blues and flood the bord and take objectives. For that having a fast flying wizard can be nice. Another way is to go full close. 6 or 9 enlightened on disc and you fill the battle lines with what fits (kairic, chaos warriors or tzaangors) These are good ways to start and upgrade to 2000. If you want to play TS, you can totally reuse the Tzaangors. They are actually a pretty good troop unit by 30 with the savage blades, you have several ways tu buff them and they have a bonus to run and charge.
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    Meddlers of Morathi Northwest of the shattered keep of Nacht'Tor, lies vast deserts that seem to stretch on forever. Unknown clattering legions of deathrattle kings march eternally to war with each other and outside forces alike. This blasted waste is home to many small realm gates much like the Harrowmark to the fallen keep's south east. From one of them marched a contingent of the murder god's children. The orating priests roll a massive relic topped with a macabre idol of their god. Why these meddlers enter the domain of the Black Duke is unknown to the fleeting awareness of the spectral garrison, but regardless an enemy army marches toward their ward. A contingent of flickering Einhundert drift from the gates of the dark keep to face the unknown aelves. Leading the spectral column is the tattered banner of the long gone Holsstok's, and below it the dark continanance of the former captain Shargul Raulth, underlit by the eerie green lantern of the company's battle wizard Tyr Vaanse. Though only a quarter of the Einhundert are sent to the waste to deal with the aelves, several handfuls of spectral men-at-arms of the House are drawn up in their wake. The garrison of Nacht'Tor will not let this trespass go without answer. BATTLE REPORT Ulgu Coven of Witches Slaughter Queen on Cauldron + Iron Crown Haq Queen on Foot Bloodwrack Medusa x20 Witch Aelves x10 Sisters of Slaughter First File of Blades of the Einhundert Kurdoss Valentian (Captain Shargul) Guardian of Souls (Company Wizard Tyr Vaanse) + Wychlight Lantern x20 Bladegeist Revenants x10 Chainrasps x10 Chainrasps Mission: Open War Cards, 3 Objectives, one in middle, one in each deployment zones. If anyone ever holds all three they win immediately, otherwise most held at the end of Battle Round 5 wins. All directions will be from the point of view of the Einhundert for the battle report. We also seem to have both forgotten our command traits entirely. The Einhundert swept into the pass as the witch coven began their attempt to make the crossing. Drawing his long blade, the dark captain thrust it forward with a silent command. Not even the whipping banner made a sound as the First File of Blade surged past him to close the gap. As the witches heads came up to register the sweeping charge of spectral blade masters, the shadows on the right flank swirl and from gathering mist also charge in the ghostly men-at-arms of the lost house of Holsstok. Several of the aelven women were cut down in the suddenness of the charge, never even drawing their blades. The others shout praises to Khaine draw their blades to meet the onrushing charge of blade masters. The dark steel blades of the Einhundert sent aelf weapons flying from hands as they cut down the witches by the handfuls in the initial rush. Still, the fervor of the witches empowered their own strikes, shattering spectral forms leaving nothing where they had been. Raising a chalice of the slain, an aelf priest rallied her sisters to hold the line. Daughters of Khaine lost twelve of their number in the initial charge. The Chainrasps arriving from the underworld made a Wave of Terror and managed to put a single wound on the Cauldron, and cut down three Sisters of Slaughter. Their second fight killed only another. The blender blades of Sisters and Witches struck extremely well and knocked out a lot of ghosts. Another note, the Captain (Kurdoss) managed to steal the DoK command point on the first turn, keeping the Cauldron from using it's command ability to kill the Chainrasps in the hero phase to get free. Instead, Sisters of Slaughter and Cauldron remain engaged by a handful of Chainrasps. Bahaha All of the witches were slain, eleven Bladegeists survive the counter attack of the witches and the melee attentions of the Haq Queen. I also lost four more bladegeists to battleshock leaving seven standing. Only three Chainrasps survived the cauldron striking them, and the last dreadwarden stood his ground until he was eventually pulled down by the Sisters of Slaughter. The game was decided on battle round three. Wrath of the Gods caused a MW to the last Bladegeist banishing the last rank and file of the Einhundert. The Cauldron would charge Captain Shargul's command causing only 1 wound. The captain piled on the damage, doing 8 damage to the Cauldron all told. Company mage Tyr, who is also a blademaster of the Einhundert was able to bring down another two of the most skilled Sisters of Slaughter and pull one of the Cauldron's riders from her relic before being shattered by the animated idol of Khaine. As Captain Shargul and his command began to move up the steps of the relic shrine, eyes intent on the high priestess... the sweeping fire wreathed blade of the avatar of Khaine cut all three of the command in half with one strike. Victory Daughters of Khaine. Lessons Learned Letting my bladegeists outrun my Guardian of Souls means I didn't even benefit from the lantern buff to wounding. I forgot to even have a command trait. Guardian of Souls with +2 to cast (Wychlight Lantern + Open War Twist) succeeded in casting zero spells. No returned models, no healing the Captain (Kurdoss) Stealing CP is amazing and seriously threw the DoK into disarray early in the game. Bladegeists never fail to perform. They wiped out x20 Witch Aelves and the Bloodwrack Medusa without any support. Had the Guardian been able to revive them, and if i had used Ruler of the Spirit Hosts... they could have still been swinging and finishing the game in the favor of the Nighthaunt. Sometimes the dice are sadness. Kurdoss' mace is -really- swingy. I got 2d6 damage past the Cauldron's armor save, and did 3 wounds, that roll of a 1 and a 2 was extremely upsetting. Cauldron had 4 wounds left, if it had fallen mopping up the last Sisters of Slaughter and the Hag Queen would have been nearly in the bag. Points of Order I could have won the game on turn 1. My initial charge gained me control of his objective, the Captain had control of the middle objective, and I had x2 Chainrasp units in the underworld. All i had to do was bring in one unit in my own backfield and I would have controlled all three, ending the game immediately. However we were both wanting to play the game for fun. Just figured I would acknowledge that to cut off that feedback I might get. Plans Delayed Pushing herself up from where she had been splayed by a blow from an ancient trumpet, the high priestess snatches up her dagger and surveys the battlefield. Dozens of corpses of her sisters lay sprawled in the dead earth of the miserable wastes of Shyish. Her two best fighters slumped staring in death on the steps of her shrine. Only five of her coven remained, herself included. As her own rage simmered, she could hear the bubble and hiss from inside the now inanimate avatar standing over her. Thank the Lord Khaine for his protection and favor, but now her expedition was derailed. Stooping, she picks up the fallen spear she had attempted to wield against the lead geist who had moved like a blur up her alter to confront her in person. Her eyes go to the perpetual dusk of Shyish, frustration tainting her victory.
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    Just purchased two tickets see you all their in July!
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    I think it's worth remembering that Settra isn't some demi-god with powers beyond comprehension. He's a King, and a damn good tactician. That's why I always loved him in the lore - the picture of this defiant king standing against the risen god of Nagash with only his chariot and a sword. That's what we love about Settra, to imagine him somehow withstanding the end of the world through "lore armor" denies what made him awesome. If he ends up as a Stormcast it would be from his hatred of Chaos and Death, both traits that Sigmar admires. Him ending up as a Stormcast makes a ton of sense.
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    Do they ever electrocute you?
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    I'm praying all the gods chaos, gobos, whatever, that we won't have any time soon another dual army box. Before Carrion empire, I was waiting quietly some news about the StD/Darkoath to complete my big boxes (battleforce). Then carrion Empire is anounced. I was just a little interested by the stormfiends and some warp machine. But not more like that. ...I ended up with 2 new full armies, FEC and Skaven. This box was so good with... SOoooooooooooooo good battletomes. I have some debts for 3 generations now, 4 jobs, no life. Please GW, don't do this again.
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    I could be wrong, I just think Freeguild should and will have a new aesthetic. To be it's own thing and not just the "Empire in the Age of Sigmar". No more codpieces and pantaloons please. And new minor races.
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    You buy the models, nothing else. Rules change all the time. There is not and never has been a single model sold by GW that has been advertised as “competitive” or good at the game. That’s maybe an expectation of some players but it’s one they have created on the basis of their own aspirations, not something that was ever advertised or listed as being part of the product. Nor have GW ever claimed that AOS or indeed of any of their systems are a balanced game, that all factions are equally as good as each other or that all factions will receive the same level of investment in respect to rules, models etc. It’s manifestly the case that balance and equal treatment of factions is not their priority and they haven’t ever said it is. If it is one’s priority to only collect a “competitive” faction within an imbalanced rules system then said person needs to do their research as to what those factions are before investing, while also understanding that it might change with the release of new rules or factions regardless. Again, you’re buying only models, not a gurantee to an army that functions effectively or even the same way over time. The rules and the game are organic; if one is looking for consistency while that’s understandable it’s not how the game and it’s development works, and given GW’s history, you’re betting against the house of you think it will for AOS.
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    Allies can't take artifacts, and dosent get the nighthaunt alliance traits, like DS/wave of terror : (Vampire Lord) Sadly mourngul is really bad for the price since it have been nerfed down into oblivion, you could take 1 and then take a black coach instead. When Olynder dies you lose some Nighthaunt traits like deathless spirits since allied heroes does not count. I think without any type of ressurect like GoS those 30 grims and 3 units of rasps will be mush quite quickly. GoS and ST is good support and aura buff heroes to consider. Remember also, Olynder is scary and they will try to kill her asap and with only 7 wounds she will likely die fast to ranged or spells, and you'll be left without your commander and you have no other nighthaunt hero. Belive me I've used her lots
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    I think a boss on squig to get the +3 to movement and some squig herds would fit in nicely with trolls. Gives you some models to hold objectives and screen your trolls from scary charges...yet still effective on their own. Havent done a full list yet...
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