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    Reading these responses, I think you guys didn't do your homework. The podcast Legends of the Painty Men already explained why AoS humans are so similar to the old WFB Empire. Allow me to enlighten everyone! Before he was a god, Sigmar was a normal human who founded the Empire. He died but was later reborn in Karl Franz's body to save the world-that-was from Chaos. He obviously failed and the Mortal Realms were born. Now Sigmar is sad that all his old friends died so he makes the current batch of humans dress like his dead friends, eat sausages, and call each other Hans to make himself feel better. They don't have to do all this, of course. They can always go hug it out with those Bloodreavers outside the Realmgate if they like... 😁
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    So I am working on my balewind vortex and I,decided to FEC it up. So this is where I am at. One coat of wash on the vortex portion but no blood effect yet.
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    Can't wait for Darkoath. What a long wait this has been...
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    Staying within the auras is easy and complicated at the same time: -Easy because your heroes can fly and have a decent move + they can run as they won't be in combat (generally. If they do, you're screwed anyways). -Complicated because as you said they are wholly within 12" generally speaking. Only the KoS on Steed has 18". I believe the wholly within 12" is because the entire army is designed and played as glasscannon. So it "suits" well with the philosophy... Now, that being said: clearly 12" is difficult to get, specially when you want to make a line of your unit, to get objectives/lock multiple units, etc... Yes. But still, the Mourngul can find some relative effectiveness in some lists: A native -1 to hit debuff. And if you play it with Lady Olynder's spell (an additional -1 to hit), your Mourngul can lock quite some units, actually: -2 to hit, decent amount of wounds, 4+ can't be modified, can heal itself, etc... The pts cost of it is still "meeeeh" but he has a totally different utility and playstyle than the Coach. Though, I played the Coach last weekend, and it surprised me with the amount of dmg he can put. I didn't think he would be that tanky/hitting hard/such mobility; although I never got further than lvl 2 in 4 turns lol. I still prefer the 20 man blob of Bladegheists though. For me it is Keyword related. Both Knight of Shrouds. Every year they update the pts cost of every armies through the General's handbook. And within the year, they update some rules via FAQ and erratas. Some of the rules are strong, and when they get FAQed, generally they get nerfed a little (or a lot). And the other way around can work too. You are limited to 20 Bladegheists in a unit. But still, I believe the KoS on foot can do some work: General, ruler of the spirit hosts, -1 to hit as he will stay inside the blob and will have a 5++ fnp. Can bring in d3 models. The units of Bladegheists can be a real nuisance for the opponent. Can the KoS keep up with the retreat and charge though? Dunno. Why not. I'd prefer casting Olynder's spell on the unit targeted by the Bladegheists, and use the +1 to hit command ability of the KoS on a unit of Reapers, honestly. Except the fact that the VL can't take any artefact, I kinda like it versus a DoK: Multiple to hit debuff can hurt them quite a bit. I believe you made a mistake in the list: Shroudguard is with Bladegheists Revenants units. Otherwise: You don't have enough tanky units to be the anvil and enough hard hitting units to be the hammer. To be the anvil: You can use the chainrasp hordes, with the shademist on them, it might work, even I am not really sold out on them. But a -1 to hit debuff source can be really nice as well (like geminids endless spell by removing one dreadblade harrow)... but that's personal! And you definitely need to regroup your 2*10 Reapers in a 1*20 Reapers unit. Hexwraiths, I am doubtful, but why not
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    Hey there, Iam going to start this thread posting my progress on painting and building an dark wood elf army and some other minis just to learn or variety. While being in the hobby for about 4 years iam more the painter than player and realy like the artistic part of it. So for my "project", it will be longterm due to not having that much time and the time i spent converting and painting single miniatutes. So i start the thread with the first finished mini and one which is ready to prime. Hang on. Wildhunter and an pathfinder The next pictures will be the bday present to my gf. One of the first more showcase models i painted. Dave
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    It's not strictly needed, but the reason I took it was: - Extra CP to multibang the extra shots / run into position - Summoning included in the Batallion is worth on average >200 points per game* - Extra artefact - One-drop gives you a coin flip chance against Sylvaneth which would otherwise be impossible to shift - Bravery bonus (not a reason to take it, but a small added bonus) *Assuming you lose all your units...which you won't in most games. But with the CP that is very useful in this build, it effectively only costs 60 points for the second Batallion, so it's very likely to work out as being points efficient. With the other benefits, it starts to look like a good deal.
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    I know Ben Johnson is painting Slaanesh right now, he posted a Chariot on Twitter today - so I suspect they’re out sooner rather than later. He usually is sort of a bell ringer for what battletome is getting an update with his hobby.
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    They confirmed one week preorder so my info on two weeks turned out to be nonsense... Also personal opinion is that the Shadowspear box is a bit of a con. Easy to build monopose models, fixed weapon options (bad ones), questions around whether the unit sizes will be viable in matched play (obliterators) and no hardback rulebook. For £105 that seems like a bad deal. If I were interested I'd wait for the inevitable multipart kits for CSM.
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    Day three of the Steamforged Cogfort paintjob, with the rear smoke stack now attached and in its more vibrant colours I'm happy with the look, but should it be weathered down to the grimy colours of the lower stacks or kept suitably vibrant at the peak?
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    I played two skaven, blades of khorne, ironjaws and daughters..... List worked fine its mainly about positioning and sacrifices.... The two games I lost was on a turn 2 priority to the guy who came second with skaven and to the daughters player who came like 10th because I needed a 4+ on a run, I rolled a one and didn't position my Fungoid well enough the previous turn to get him range to make an auto 6. Fungoid is the most important part of the list
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    Khorne is confirmed next We'll also see Slaves to Darkness and Slaanesh some time this year Then we will probably also get battletomes (with endless spells, maybe terrain, maybe a new hero) for every faction on the ageofsigmar.com website
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    @Bradipo322 pretty sure they both say ‘required’ not ‘included’
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    Afternoon chaps - thanks for all your comments about the King-In-Horns, very much appreciated. @DeathCat147 - haha, insert reply made elsewhere ;) Also, painting news! Well, not news as such but more of an update - a few hours work the other night and all of a sudden the throne part is looking like this: Only a few small details on the branches to do and the snow to add to the base and its all done, leaving only the King himself to paint. I'll probably do another quick "build and paint" post at some point about him as there's a few little touches I'm pretty proud of in terms of visual story-telling and all that jazz. But there's not much left to do there at all. Hopefully the bits I ordered for my Durthu stand-in will arrive soon, as well as the Nightvault warband becoming available and I'll be able to get the last few things done. Then it'll be time for a little break doing some Inq28 and Blackstone Fortress while deciding on the next AoS project. Its still going to be something chunky and armoured, I'm just not sure what flavour yet. More soon folks, Knave
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    Hmm does a greenish FEC Army work ?
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    So not a brilliant result at 0-5 unfortunately with a lower than I'd have liked kill points result. so TL:DR is that I probably could've won one or two games if I'd just reverted to skink summon and teleport but got a bit pre-occupied with summoning razordons and wanting the dread saurian to teleport and do the job by killing instead. Honestly that's the way i'd rather always play it, but I'll temper it with sensible options a bit more again from now on. I used to do that, got too hung up on starting army doing all the business. It can't till we get an update. But i'll still play this list over starting with skinks any day. It's what I like putting out on the board for a start. Game by Game breakdown in the spoiler, didn't want to clog the page for anyone not wanting to read it.
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    Meddlers of Morathi Northwest of the shattered keep of Nacht'Tor, lies vast deserts that seem to stretch on forever. Unknown clattering legions of deathrattle kings march eternally to war with each other and outside forces alike. This blasted waste is home to many small realm gates much like the Harrowmark to the fallen keep's south east. From one of them marched a contingent of the murder god's children. The orating priests roll a massive relic topped with a macabre idol of their god. Why these meddlers enter the domain of the Black Duke is unknown to the fleeting awareness of the spectral garrison, but regardless an enemy army marches toward their ward. A contingent of flickering Einhundert drift from the gates of the dark keep to face the unknown aelves. Leading the spectral column is the tattered banner of the long gone Holsstok's, and below it the dark continanance of the former captain Shargul Raulth, underlit by the eerie green lantern of the company's battle wizard Tyr Vaanse. Though only a quarter of the Einhundert are sent to the waste to deal with the aelves, several handfuls of spectral men-at-arms of the House are drawn up in their wake. The garrison of Nacht'Tor will not let this trespass go without answer. BATTLE REPORT Ulgu Coven of Witches Slaughter Queen on Cauldron + Iron Crown Haq Queen on Foot Bloodwrack Medusa x20 Witch Aelves x10 Sisters of Slaughter First File of Blades of the Einhundert Kurdoss Valentian (Captain Shargul) Guardian of Souls (Company Wizard Tyr Vaanse) + Wychlight Lantern x20 Bladegeist Revenants x10 Chainrasps x10 Chainrasps Mission: Open War Cards, 3 Objectives, one in middle, one in each deployment zones. If anyone ever holds all three they win immediately, otherwise most held at the end of Battle Round 5 wins. All directions will be from the point of view of the Einhundert for the battle report. We also seem to have both forgotten our command traits entirely. The Einhundert swept into the pass as the witch coven began their attempt to make the crossing. Drawing his long blade, the dark captain thrust it forward with a silent command. Not even the whipping banner made a sound as the First File of Blade surged past him to close the gap. As the witches heads came up to register the sweeping charge of spectral blade masters, the shadows on the right flank swirl and from gathering mist also charge in the ghostly men-at-arms of the lost house of Holsstok. Several of the aelven women were cut down in the suddenness of the charge, never even drawing their blades. The others shout praises to Khaine draw their blades to meet the onrushing charge of blade masters. The dark steel blades of the Einhundert sent aelf weapons flying from hands as they cut down the witches by the handfuls in the initial rush. Still, the fervor of the witches empowered their own strikes, shattering spectral forms leaving nothing where they had been. Raising a chalice of the slain, an aelf priest rallied her sisters to hold the line. Daughters of Khaine lost twelve of their number in the initial charge. The Chainrasps arriving from the underworld made a Wave of Terror and managed to put a single wound on the Cauldron, and cut down three Sisters of Slaughter. Their second fight killed only another. The blender blades of Sisters and Witches struck extremely well and knocked out a lot of ghosts. Another note, the Captain (Kurdoss) managed to steal the DoK command point on the first turn, keeping the Cauldron from using it's command ability to kill the Chainrasps in the hero phase to get free. Instead, Sisters of Slaughter and Cauldron remain engaged by a handful of Chainrasps. Bahaha All of the witches were slain, eleven Bladegeists survive the counter attack of the witches and the melee attentions of the Haq Queen. I also lost four more bladegeists to battleshock leaving seven standing. Only three Chainrasps survived the cauldron striking them, and the last dreadwarden stood his ground until he was eventually pulled down by the Sisters of Slaughter. The game was decided on battle round three. Wrath of the Gods caused a MW to the last Bladegeist banishing the last rank and file of the Einhundert. The Cauldron would charge Captain Shargul's command causing only 1 wound. The captain piled on the damage, doing 8 damage to the Cauldron all told. Company mage Tyr, who is also a blademaster of the Einhundert was able to bring down another two of the most skilled Sisters of Slaughter and pull one of the Cauldron's riders from her relic before being shattered by the animated idol of Khaine. As Captain Shargul and his command began to move up the steps of the relic shrine, eyes intent on the high priestess... the sweeping fire wreathed blade of the avatar of Khaine cut all three of the command in half with one strike. Victory Daughters of Khaine. Lessons Learned Letting my bladegeists outrun my Guardian of Souls means I didn't even benefit from the lantern buff to wounding. I forgot to even have a command trait. Guardian of Souls with +2 to cast (Wychlight Lantern + Open War Twist) succeeded in casting zero spells. No returned models, no healing the Captain (Kurdoss) Stealing CP is amazing and seriously threw the DoK into disarray early in the game. Bladegeists never fail to perform. They wiped out x20 Witch Aelves and the Bloodwrack Medusa without any support. Had the Guardian been able to revive them, and if i had used Ruler of the Spirit Hosts... they could have still been swinging and finishing the game in the favor of the Nighthaunt. Sometimes the dice are sadness. Kurdoss' mace is -really- swingy. I got 2d6 damage past the Cauldron's armor save, and did 3 wounds, that roll of a 1 and a 2 was extremely upsetting. Cauldron had 4 wounds left, if it had fallen mopping up the last Sisters of Slaughter and the Hag Queen would have been nearly in the bag. Points of Order I could have won the game on turn 1. My initial charge gained me control of his objective, the Captain had control of the middle objective, and I had x2 Chainrasp units in the underworld. All i had to do was bring in one unit in my own backfield and I would have controlled all three, ending the game immediately. However we were both wanting to play the game for fun. Just figured I would acknowledge that to cut off that feedback I might get. Plans Delayed Pushing herself up from where she had been splayed by a blow from an ancient trumpet, the high priestess snatches up her dagger and surveys the battlefield. Dozens of corpses of her sisters lay sprawled in the dead earth of the miserable wastes of Shyish. Her two best fighters slumped staring in death on the steps of her shrine. Only five of her coven remained, herself included. As her own rage simmered, she could hear the bubble and hiss from inside the now inanimate avatar standing over her. Thank the Lord Khaine for his protection and favor, but now her expedition was derailed. Stooping, she picks up the fallen spear she had attempted to wield against the lead geist who had moved like a blur up her alter to confront her in person. Her eyes go to the perpetual dusk of Shyish, frustration tainting her victory.
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    Just purchased two tickets see you all their in July!
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    I think it's worth remembering that Settra isn't some demi-god with powers beyond comprehension. He's a King, and a damn good tactician. That's why I always loved him in the lore - the picture of this defiant king standing against the risen god of Nagash with only his chariot and a sword. That's what we love about Settra, to imagine him somehow withstanding the end of the world through "lore armor" denies what made him awesome. If he ends up as a Stormcast it would be from his hatred of Chaos and Death, both traits that Sigmar admires. Him ending up as a Stormcast makes a ton of sense.
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    Do they ever electrocute you?
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    I'm praying all the gods chaos, gobos, whatever, that we won't have any time soon another dual army box. Before Carrion empire, I was waiting quietly some news about the StD/Darkoath to complete my big boxes (battleforce). Then carrion Empire is anounced. I was just a little interested by the stormfiends and some warp machine. But not more like that. ...I ended up with 2 new full armies, FEC and Skaven. This box was so good with... SOoooooooooooooo good battletomes. I have some debts for 3 generations now, 4 jobs, no life. Please GW, don't do this again.
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    I could be wrong, I just think Freeguild should and will have a new aesthetic. To be it's own thing and not just the "Empire in the Age of Sigmar". No more codpieces and pantaloons please. And new minor races.
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    Your spot on with your comments. The solution is making a battletome using the ideas as presented in Firestorm (Order Battletome: Free Cities)
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    Allies can't take artifacts, and dosent get the nighthaunt alliance traits, like DS/wave of terror : (Vampire Lord) Sadly mourngul is really bad for the price since it have been nerfed down into oblivion, you could take 1 and then take a black coach instead. When Olynder dies you lose some Nighthaunt traits like deathless spirits since allied heroes does not count. I think without any type of ressurect like GoS those 30 grims and 3 units of rasps will be mush quite quickly. GoS and ST is good support and aura buff heroes to consider. Remember also, Olynder is scary and they will try to kill her asap and with only 7 wounds she will likely die fast to ranged or spells, and you'll be left without your commander and you have no other nighthaunt hero. Belive me I've used her lots
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    Applied a little paint and here's a better idea of how he'll look