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    It's clear mate. Let it go
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    Please no... As a game Fantasy has generally been in a better state than 40k for most editions due to having a more elegant and robust set of army creation restrictions. The current mess that 40k is in can be traced almost completely to the army construction system (yet again). I think the army composition guidelines in AoS are quite good and I don't see any issue with certain select armies bending those rules in certain ways. It is ok, and even advantageous, to have specific exceptions. The problems happen when exceptions become the norm.
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    So I played my first game with the new tome. 1400pts due to my opponent playing my limited collection KO an #noproxy2019 is a thing in our group. So just like I always ask people to share their finding i'll do the same. Just in case it helps We played starstike. - Due to som every improbable rolls for terrain, we randomised two long wall sections end to end. This meant a section of the battlefield was walled off but the objectives could land behind it, and one did. So I used a Gnawhole to have a quick movement option to get there. But.... even then the penalty of only sending 1 unit was to much for me. I just grabbed it with Gutter Runners. Any tips on the teleportation let me know. But I want my units supported, so only a unit, or the Hero is to risky. - The Screaming bell is a tank when supported by 40 clanrats. He charged him with 6 Endrinriggers. But by leaving the smallest gap for my bell to move forward, I also limited his attacks. The bravery buff is great, had pretty decent rolls on the bell. Spells are tricky though. Thought Cracked Call against 4" dwarfs would be good, took splinter to take out the special weapons... but it was very unimpressive, will experiment further though. - Stormvermin are just not the elites that they should be. Brought 20, charged 10 arkanauts and tagged in a Gunhauler... Gunhauler dropped a delaying bomb. They killed one, lost the to hit bonus, only killed 4 + 3 wounds on the Gunhauler. Granted forgot to the Clawlords Command ability, so that's on me. - Don't forget the shooting on the Rat Ogres, did suprising Damage. Mispositioned them so only two saw combat, They did alright, no Master Moulder there to buff them sadly. - Gutter runners are still amazing. Didn't fire a shot but still won me the game, easy! - Assassin that can pop up everywhere is great. - The flee and charge is the best, best, best asset we have. You Just cant be contained by an more elite army. - A wounded Gnawlord with the +3 attacks ability can do some great damage... unless you roll like this 😂
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    I made some pictures while building 5 of these newly "bred" Dire Wolves, though it's not really a tutorial. And since i'm no sculptor, i actually don't know how to exactly describe every step on the sculpting, so i just hope you guys get an idea while viewing the pictures. First cut the headpieces as shown and trim off any excess plastic. Drill two small holes both into the "neck" and the new head, glue a paperclip (or any other suitable wire) into the neck's hole. Clip off the paperclip as shown. Testfit the head onto the "pin", but don't glue it! Take a small ball of GS and press it onto the pin. Now put the headpiece onto the pin too. Use a moistened tool (i'm using a small spatula) and spread the GS between neck and head. Trim off any excess GS and try to create a furry texture by dragging your tool firmly in direction of the hairline from the neckpiece. Repeat this step until there are no more flat surfaces, but keep your tool moistened! After priming, it looks almost as if the Wolves were intended that way.
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    Erupting from the sands, glowing eyes sucking in the souls of all who meet their gaze. The Sepulchral Stalkers of Ahomtep work as his eyes and ears across the Endless Deserts. A vanguard force who’s abilities to sink beneath the sands help hide their movements and give them the ability to spring an ambush against any unsuspecting or ill prepared interlopers.
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    Actually there is a lot of info directly from the horses mouth about the changes to GW. The is a long interview with Laurie Goulding about the changes to black library which directly impacted aos as the original plan was fir black library to do all the fluff. There is also a long interview with James Hewitt about his time at GW. Even the most recent storm 'cast' with Pete Foley talks about the development of the three ways to play and Gw's changing approach. The preamble in the financial report also tells you a lot about the changing priorities of the company. There is no more talk about being proud of not doing market research for example.
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    Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Core Rules, Designers’ Commentary, Page 8 Q: If I add units to my army after a battle has started, and my army has an allegiance ability that adds a keyword to the units in the army, is that keyword received by eligible units I add to my army after the battle has begun? For example, if I have a Stormcast Eternals army and use the Stormhosts rule to give all Stormcast Eternals units in the army the Hammers of Sigmar keyword, would any new Stormcast Eternals units that I add to my army get the keyword? By the same token, if an allegiance ability has a spell lore that grants a spell to Wizards in an army, do Wizards that I add to the army that have the appropriate allegiance gain a spell? A: Yes to all questions.
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    Finally done painting this army! 1 Dankhold Trogboss 2 Fumgoid Cave Shamans 3 units of 9 Rockgut Troggoths Loonshrine Mork’s Mighty Mushroom 🍄 2k
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    Yes, what World Tree said. The FAQ is simply clarifying that you do not make a separate attack for each Warpfire Projector he's armed with. You only make ONE attack for all the projectors, and the number of projectors determines the "strength" of that attack. So, if armed with 1 projector, you make ONE attack at one target, and roll 1 dice for each model within 8" in the target unit. If armed with 2 projectors, you make ONE attack at one target, and roll 2 dice for each model within 8" in the target unit. If armed with 3 projectors, you make ONE attack at one target, and roll 3 dice for each model within 8" in the target unit. If armed with 4 projectors, you make ONE attack at one target, and roll 4 dice for each model within 8" in the target unit. That's the same as any "multiple weapon" profile (Plague Monk's paired blades, for example). It's one weapon profile with a set number of attacks, and having multiples is represented by a special rule– re-rolling hits in the case of the paired blades, or in the case of Boneripper, rolling more dice for having more projectors.
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    First model for March ready for tabletop, there are some minor touchups around the face and flag I'd like to do when the rest of the army is to tabletop standard but pretty happy with him as he stands. Cogstrider Lancer for Ironweld Arsenal (Fantome)
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    Which is still not a thing... I’m sorry to say so far nobody has given a single reference to a rule that supports this hope. Meanwhile page 242 of the core rule book specifically limits allies to those indicated in the ally chart, and that the newest source is leading. That source is page 128 of the Skaven Battletome. Which has no mention of allying in Skaventide being an option for an SKAVENTIDE army. So please everybody who keeps this idea alive. What are your sources? It’s crustal clear unless there is a source that contradicts the above core rules.
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    I see more people outraged at the 'complainer boogeyman' than anything else. People are allowed to dislike things.
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    Only a small tournament so, only 3 games, but I placed (Including army votes/favourite games) 4th/16 My biggest takeaways are- A) ****** grimghast (But that's not just our problem) B) Karadron if given an inch in this matchup will wreck our drakes, I maintain if not for the realm rule I wouldn't have won. Another FEC player took first place with 3W 0L with something along the lines of- no court- Feast Day delusion AGKoTG ArchRegent Crypt Ghoul courtier Crypt Haunter Courtier (General) 40 ghouls 40 Ghouls 9 Horrors He faced- Nurgle, LEgions of Nagash (Grimghast + dire wolves) and SCE (Gavriel +9" charge strat) I apologise for formatting and background, I have no clue what has happened here.
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    Then many of us are going to live like forever!
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    Haven't painted in a few days but instead spent time assembling 40 grots and 3 rockgut troggoths. Gonna finish the Troggboss, hopefully on monday or tuesday. Need to pick a theme for their bases. 🤔
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    Nerdrage keeps your cardiosystem healthy... 🤪👍
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    Hey all, as always I’ve done my usual thing of compiling all the Age of Sigmar FAQs and Designer Commentary into one book-marked and text searchable PDF. The most recent additions are: Flesh-Eater Courts (Errata and Designer Commentary) Legions of Nagash (Errata and Designer Commentary) Grand Alliance Chaos (Errata) Skaven (Errata and Designer Commentary) You... Continue Reading → The post Age of Sigmar FAQs (March 2019) appeared first on AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar. View the full article
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    Quick wip of my chaos Troll Characters, some new facial work on Ghrandukker u’Raak Throgg. A bit more work on my Chaos Troll Hag, Hela Gutsplakka, daughter of Throgg. And lastly my Troll prince and Favoured scion of Throgg. Raaknar Throggson. And Also some new Trolls, the for now called “Chaos Cave Trolls”. Exceptionally poisonous and dimwitted, the most primitive of trolls (cant even use a club!) Blind troglodytes that move around their foul tunnels through smell, sound and touch.
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    Had a practice game with that list tonight, the starseer proved useful first turn when the dread saurian rolled a 2 to teleport. What didn't help was me rolling a 7 after that, forgetting I had the +1 charge configuration, and +1 from stoke rage from aqyshy, So my dread couldn't road block further up the field a bunch of beasts of chaos dragon ogres, and got wiped by three units after, I held out pretty well after that but a loss in the end. Just got to remember those buffs when it matters adn that could've been alot different if dread saurian had taken a unit out. Real test starts in a few hours.
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    I don't want to point any fingers, but I think Total Commitment coming up more often that it would statistically should be considered backdoor Comp. I disagree with Mr Joe quite often, but I feel (and have always felt) the same about comp as he does (and very publicly always has). There are arbitrarily declared "acceptable" and "unacceptable" ways to ROFLstomp an opponent, and the acceptable ways are untouched while the unacceptable ways are ground up into paste. There's nothing more fun or even less time consuming about being mowed down by Witch Elves than by Savage Orruk Arrowboys, and yet one of those is a lot more likely than the other to be effectively eliminated from contention by houserules, restricted composition, or even deliberate battleplan/realm selection.
  21. 2 points
    I can't believe that this is so hard to understand. Are people channeling their inner that guys here? Do these guys seriously believe, that GW would release a modell, that would roll 4*4 dice per enemy modell in 8" of target unit and inflict a mortal wound for every 4+? And the wording in the scroll is very clear too. In the weapon profile you have 8" and a big line of "see below", so you are reading what it says under his abilities, which is letting no room for interpretation. Things like: "do not use the normal attack sequence" and "roll X dice for each model in the target unit". And it's not the first time in AoS, that a unit has a weapon, that works like that and where you don't use your normal attack sequence. I think some people got way to excited reading this warscroll and creaming themselves.
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    No its simple (once you finally realise what it means). Thanquol can have X Warpfire Projectors (max 4) For Warpfire Projectors attacks you roll X dice FAQ clarifies you dont get X attacks with Warpfire Projectors, so its not X attacks rolling X dice. EDIT; essentially its the same as having a model with the option for paired weapons, you dont now get 2 attacks with the weapons, the weapon ability tells you what you get, often re-rolls or something.
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    Evening all! I haven't really been sharing my recent painting progress on this forum (something I need to rectify), however I recently completed a project that I felt compelled to share with you guys. Basically, I had a client who wanted me to paint his Ironjawz army to match the colour scheme of my very own Black Sunz clan. This took a lot of time but was great fun to do. My own army was started before Stomhost Silver existed, so I have not used that colour on it whatsoever. This is a shame as its the perfect top colour for chipped metal and it really bought this version of the army to life. The basing is also different as it had to match my client's Beastclaw Raiders - because of this, I also painted the Gruntas in a pale scheme as per the GW Mournfang Pack. Anyway, I won't go on forever, check out the pics and let me know what you think. If you're at Heat One this weekend, this army is being played (by its owner), I'll be there as well, but will be using my Phoenix Temple (I know, boo!). Enjoy, Chris
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    More finished stuff. Finally gathered the courage to start on yet another horde unit...
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    Still steaming on through painting my Ironweld conversions my Iron Duke Coghauler (Hero class Steamtank) and minimum unit size 10 Pressure Rifles are completed for table. With just 3 Cogstrider lancers and 10 more pressure rifles to paint before I start on the Cogfort they'll be ready to play by April for anyone willing to help with some test games at Warhammer world
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    So this happened this weekend. Dragon took out those Blood Knights but then got charged by another 5, the VLoZD, & 2 Vamp Lords. Popped the Orb of Enchantment and then proceeded to kill the Dragon.
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    Better pictures of some of the recent additions and some brand spanking new ones:
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  29. 2 points
    Aaalmost done but I have to stop there before I mess up badly 😅
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    More pictures! Ecstatic to have this big beast of a project in the books. All and all I used 7 different kits, and had a blast with it. Now on to some more snakes ?!
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    HI! Welcome back to my blog- since the previous entry I have successfully set up my machine and run a few files off- in fact I now have enough parts for about 25 acolytes and 3 jezzails and more on the way! For a first time 3d printer experience, the machine has been pretty smooth so far, with only a few failed parts...although it is both messy and unpleasant to clean due to the toxic resin, so I am learning a lot about gloves, masks and special filtration to keep myself from ending up looking like a plague monk! It has been interesting to correctly match to the torsos, which has involved many test prints to check scale and position of parts. However, allowing for the fact that some trimming will always be needed, I think I am at the best result I can achieve. The next stage will be to assemble some complete kits and get paint on to see how they look, then produce enough for the full army! Oh, and maybe make a skryre techno vortex spell pylon whilst I am at it...
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    Hey there, as part of my newly awakened interest in Legions of Nagash i started building up some more units. In addition to my 40 skelly block i wanted some smaller units to fill out the battleline slots and -as we all loyal servants of Nagash know- which unit would be more suitable for this purpose as our fellow doggies. But since i don't really like the heads of the current Dire Wolf models but wanted to retain the fleshy/undead body, i got myself some heads from the "ancient" plastic Dire Wolves and tried my humble greenstuff skills on a hybrid testmodel. I'm really pleased with the outcome, but i have to add some minor GS to point out the ears a tad more. What do you think? Yay or nay?
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    Wow, thats a heck of an improvement, great result.
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    Under Kirby they tried to take the whole "we are a model company first" to extreme lengths when they launched AoS since, at launch, it basically had no formal rules. There were jovial rules and no points. Basically they were hoping for a boutique line of models that would sell on its own. That did sort of work; it got a LOT of attention but the result was that whilst there was a market for that it was rather small compared to their gaming market; meanwhile their gaming market had a huge outcry - hence why AoS had a full head over heels change into 1.0 and further into the 2.0. If anything 2.0 is basically the 1.0 release GW should have done years ago when AoS launched and, whilst it still would have had the whole "you blew up the old world and changed bases" elements it would at least have still been more receptive to the wargame market. The Seraphon book is in stock in the UK; the overseas units might have to wait for shipments form China to reach the UK and then be distributed out. Though it could also be that if GW are releasing a new tome "soon" they could be holding off on doing another print run of something that they are going to be dropping. It's hard to tell but certainly if there's a new book on the semi-near horizon they won't want to make big investments in stock that won't shift (remembering that as soon as they announce any formal hint of a release the old Battletome sales will dry up fast
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    I'm a Pyrestarter, twisted Pyrestarter!! Looks really cool, will certainly pout it in the diary and start working on the wife for time off. Got to go Brownie points to earn!
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    24 shoots hitting on 3+ rerolling 1s, wounding on 3+ rerolling 1s, -2 D3). From a 28" range (changed it too 3+ to hit, because I don't see getting it down to 2+). Equals 15,84 + 2,64 = 18,47 hits. 12,47 + 2,03 = 14,5 wounds. Let's say it's against a 4 up like most heroes have. 12,05 *D3 damage = 14,10 damage For 80pts less you have 20 thunderers. Not battleline, but a lot of extra special rules to help out*. 61 shots at 3+ 4+ -1 rend 1 Damage with the same Khemist and rerolling 1s for Zilflin against the same save. Equals 40,26+6,71 = 46,87 hits. 23,44 + 3,91 = 27,35 wounds. After save equals 18,05 damage Please do check my math because that isn't my strong suite. But to recap. I do think thunderers will be better for less points, don't need the targets to be HEROES or MONSTERS. But, and it's a big but, Arkanauts performance won't drop until after 28 deaths, is battleline and a serious amount of bodies for objectives. So both have their place but taking both will put you 880 points down. Add two Khemists, 1200 + 2x10 arkanauts = 1440. Leaves 560 points for a ship, or endrinriggers for a counter charge. *With this I mean re-roll battleshock, retreat and drillbill... not the weird waterfall special weapons.
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    Finally played with my trolls in a small 750 point battle. Things i learned... Rock trolls and hordes dont mix...i think we know this but they need to get to armoured or big guys...hordes bring them down too easy and their armour piercing is wasted... Fellwater are appealing...i see why some go with them over rock trolls. I think both have their use but fellwayer feel easier to use. Trolls are fragile. Lots of points for few wounds and soft saves...the rockguts can get on a roll with the 5+ but still have to be wary of high attack opponents. I went offensive on my trollboss (mightyblow and ghyrestrike). Getting double turned got him killed as he didnt get to regenerate. I think I will try a little more defensive next time. I think he is best against a monster...they get weaker and he doesnt....and dishing out 9-12 wounds a turn ( i could have rolled better) he makes things die. Pure troll is hard...you dont hold objectives well and you arent as tough as you want them to be. That said, they were super fun and i think with some squig or goblin screens and some magic i will be able to do better. Also need to pick your battles....they are more finesse then they feel they should be.. Im stepping up to 1000 and the hag joins the army...looling forward to it...
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    Wow! This is awesome! Ive been completely unmotivated ... but ... I’ll join you in that pledge. I will paint one model for March. Stretch goal is to assemble the Mistweaver from WHQ silver tower.
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    Wait what... i can have a great unclean one in my pestilens army but not clan rats...???...
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    I would like to add a sketchy Battle Report to the List: Had a game against two Friends who brought me into Warhammer - One was Playing Khorne, the other Clan Skryre. Apologies if it becomes too incoherent. As an aside: It was my first time playing the Waystone Pathfinder Battalion and we may have got the deployment rules wrong. In the description it says: "(...)instead of setting up the Units in this Batalion on the battlefield you can place them to one side. In your first Movement Phase set up all of these Units wholly within 6" of the edges of the Battlefield and more than 9" from any enemy Models. (...)" Now my Interpretation always was that I could only place all the Battalion's Units to one side of the Battlefield and I was always confused that it read "edges" rather than edge - because I was under the impression to choose just one edge in my first Movement Phase. Maybe not having English as Native Language is a factor in that misunderstanding. Anyway my friends said that I would be able to theoretically deploy wholly within 6" of all the edges of the Battlefield - more on that later. The Unit Composition My 2380 Points vs their 1200 Points Khorne Mix and 1260 Skryre Army My Units: (I'll spare you the composition of my opponents Armies) Prince (Viridiscent Shawl) Waywatcher (General, Stalker of the Hidden Paths) Spellweaver Waystrider (Forget me Not) Wayfinder Dragon Noble on Steed (Shield and enchanted Polearm) (Allies) Eldritch Council Archmage on Foot (Allies) 30 Glade Guard 20 SotW 10 SotW 20 Eternal Guard 5 Sisters of the Thorn 5 Sisters of the Thorn Waystone Pathfinders Quicksilver Swords We played the Treasure Hunt Scenario from the Open War Cards (each player sets up 3 Treasure Markers in their own deployment Zone and is allowed to roll at the beginning of each of their phases (on a 6 the Treasure is found -all other markers are removed- and the Winner is whoever holds the treasure at the end of the 5th battleround.) I deployed my Archmage on one Objective in Cover Then followed the Dragonnoble on Steed between the two other Markers I let my opponents just deploy the rest of their army and said that my battalion would come in in my Movement Phase, because I just wanted to see what they would do. Three Skaven jezzails blocked all the edges at their Backside - and together with a Warplighning Cannon they had some good firing archs to threaten me later on. Khorne Guy just deployed evreything upfront, Bloodthrone, Slaughterpriest, 30 Bloodletters, 3 Skullcrushers and 1 Khorgorath on one Flank and 2x5 Bloodwarriors, 3 Mighty Skullcrushers on the Other. Meanwhile 10 Skryre Acolytes secured their center, 3 Stormfiends with Missile Weapons deployed just behind the Bloodcrushers, Warlock Bombardier and the Archwarlock general in the center, Warlock Engineer grouped with the Stormfiends. Now my Deployment - everything was too spread out in hindsight, but I wanted to roll 3 times in my first Turn to potentially dig up the Treasure in my Territory and deal some damage. Needless to say I didn't roll a 6 ^^ I deployed 20 SotW Within Range of the Bloodletters and Bloodthrone (which was in Cover), 10 SotW (in Cover beside them), Waywatcher, Waystrider, Wayfinder for support next to them. Prince and the Block of 20 EG deployed between the two markers next to the Dragon Noble. Then a Unit of SotT to assist the EG later on. Now it gets dumb: Spellweaver and 5 SotT and GG deployed on the other edge to potentially secure my third "Treasure Site" - (they were mostly useless the whole time) 1st Turn: I had a Hero Phase thanks to my Allied Heroes and the Archmage failed to cast the Quicksilver Swords. I advanced my Dragon Noble to later charge the 30 strong Bloodletter Unit, GG wandered to safety because I was afraid of 3 Mighty Skullcrushers (I had deployed poorly ) Then I focused my heroes fire to kill of the Salughterpriest who hid in cover (his Prayers are scary) - first threat eliminated The Heroes also put one Wound on a Khorgorath 10 squad and 20 squad of SotW killed the Bloodthrone and most of the 30 Bloodletters Then The Dragon Noble wanted to finish the Bloodletters but failed his 9" charged even with a reroll. Their Turn: The treasure is found in the midst of Chaos territory....great^^ Skaven Hero cast the Skaven Endless Spell which creates 3 Warplightning Vortexes (this thing has a casting range of 24" or something!) : this did 9 Mortal Wounds in total to the Waywatcher, NP, Waysrider, EG and the 10 SotW (but no heroes died "yet") .... (Spellweaver and Archmage were both out of Position .. Dragon noble was Obliterated by Warlock Bombardier and 1 Jezzail Squad Remaining Bloodletters charged the 20 SotW and the Overwatch still did not finish them off. Bloodcrushers and Khorgorath advanced but both failed their charge Meanwhile the other flank was just outmaneuvering , cause I had run both my Spellweaver and Archmage towards the main fighting before Skaven Stormfiend with mortar killed 2 or 3 SotW out of the Big Unit, I won the roll off and could finish off the Bloodcrushers who were just within 12" for the Protective Volley, Lord of the Deepwood Host and the Waywatchers Command ability go off - I managed to dispell the Warplightning Vortex with my Archmage who finally had arrived on the main fighting scene. Due to fighting with the Bloodletters the 20 Man unit of SotW was just a tiny bit out of position to profit from my Stalker of the hidden paths trait. EG advance forming a nice crescent moon around my Wounded heroes and Archers, SotT advance as well, (Shield of Thorns failed btw) My Heroes shoot at the Stormfiends and Khorgorath but fail to finish anything off. My memory gets hazy - anyhow the Warplightning Cannon kills my Waywatcher - now I have lost the Bonus of his Command ability and the Jezzails pick of one Hero after the other and inflict casualties on my Units with their superior range - but I have to advance. Nomad Prince still lives at this point though. However - the Stormfiends with ranged Weapons are buffed and just obliterate my EG ( 1 Fiend with a Ratling Gun Killing 17) the others whitle down my SotW and SotT. then Khorgorath and Fiends Charge - killing my 2 Wound Wayfidner and the Rest of the EG. Prince whiffs his attacks against the Khorgorath later and is Eaten. We call it off at this point. I failed to get off any Spells save 1 Elemental Shield which did nothing, Quicksilver Swords either didn't go off or were dispelled. I did not intend to do a write up at all - but somehow I found the leisure and was tempted, thanks for the read
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    Time for a new project. Aiming to nail down a colour and basing scheme for my Idoneth so: Goals 5 x Namarti Thralls Stretch 5 x Namarti Thralls
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    So, I am here, BBQ sauce on my miniatures... Let's get to the point! So I got the Malign Sorcery pack (and what a pack!) And I was painting umbral spellportals (ignoring the guide that comes with the pack) and well, some liberator gold got into the portal itself, and I don't know which would be the best way to remove liberator gold (or cover it) without affecting the rest of the mini. Hope you like them though! I am new at the painting miniatures hobby!
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    Seven of the Twenty pressure rifles done, aiming to have the full 20 done in the next week
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    You know I kind of just noticed this, I'm sure others pointed it out but I like to chime in. I'm glad that Thanquol and Lord Skreech don't have to be the General if they want to use their command ability. Really frees up list building when you want to include them compared to some other special characters. Then again suppose it is quite fluffy anyways. Thanquol being quite possibly the most devious grey seer in the entire realms that you'd have to be a bit crazy to make him the leader (or at least the "official" leader!)
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    Fast times at Sigmar High here. He’s HEEEEEERRRREEEEE —— —— AHOMTEP THE GOLDEN VULTURE OF VENGEANCE, HIGH KING OF THE CARRION ISLES, AND EMPEROR OF THE HIGH WINDS. It’s done - it’s done - it’s done! Time to go celebrate!
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    Speaking of conversions ? Got my boat and bird together. Couldn’t help myself after a long week of house painting. Wanted to feel like I’m making progress on this project. Got a due date coming fast ? and after that I won’t be able to get too much painting done! I’m very happy with the pose. Got it a lot more inline than I expected. I was worried it was going to be all janked up. I was just fooling around trying to find a landing spot for the bird and found a nice spot that had lots of contact points for glue. It just so happened to create a nice fluid line, giving it a more natural sense of movement. Here’s hoping the gorilla holds on well! Only Ahomtep himself to finish up!
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