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    So last saturday about 5 in the afternoon I did it I finally reached a fully painted 2000pt army. I gotta say this was a personal goal I have been wanting to do ever since I was a teenager and now 15-20 years later I finally did it. Specially during my teen years but also as an adult have I started painting at least 10 different armies, but until now I have never completed one not even close. So to be honest I kinda expected a crowd giving me a standing ovation, maybe a small brassband playing: ‘we are the champions’ while someone important held a speach for me but non of that happend. Though my wife to be gave me a: “oh thats nice”, when I ran screaming with my t-shirt over my head and victory signs in the air in circles in our livingroom celebrating like some famous athtlete who just won the superbowlchampionsleaguesomethingsomething. Anyway so while I wait for Nike to contact me on some sponsor deals I thought it would be fun to hear from those of you who like me are grown ups with kids/jobs/lives that allows for very little time to paint, how long does it take you to paint an army, how do you fight the evergrowing feeling of hopelessness when batchpainting large units? Whats the fastest you have painting for a descent result? and serioulsly Nike Ive already got the slogan for you. ’You can paint it’ TM. 😉
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    Community: Slaanesh is dead Gw: haha nope! Community: Fiends suck! Gw: Here you go!! Awesome Models great rules! Community: Herald suck! Gw: Here you go. Infernal Enrapturres The best looking Herald ever. Com: Plastic keeper! The model suck! GW: Yes Sir! Com: Bleh every other god have na named greater demon. GW: Fluff, model, and A giant spear of penetration Sir! Com: Stuff!!!!!! GW: Yes Sir!!!!!!! Daemon prince, masque, mirror twins. Com: Tournaments! Rules! balance!! GW: Spells and terrain for you Sir! Com: sooooo do we have mortals? GW: but...... Com: this realese suck! Army is unpleable... where are my Tomb Knights.... make damage control post!! People like this realese is 80% of all of the 2018 wish listing. And its awesome.
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    I guess it is an american thing to spell Colour, Color
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    Looks like Sylvaneth will be getting some new minis. I am pretty sure this solves two rumour engine pictures. Here are the rumour engine pics for comparison. It makes you wonder what other new kits might be in the box.
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    So yeah.. my guess is that probably very few people will see these images. However as promissed back in march here is the finished army. At the moment it has reached 2880pt about to be 3100pt once I finish my Harbingers. Next up is Kurdoss, a Coven Throne, a Cairn Wraith and at some point a Knight of Shroud on a steed.
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    Probably when @Thomas Lyons stops playing them - or at least stops being vocal about wanting stuff for them. Let's take a look at things that Tom publicly likes: Kharadron Overlords - myriad issues (no reason to restate them) that makes the current army a bit of a mess Moonclan - Tom sold the army he had and then GW immediately gave them a full revamp with the Gloomspite book. I extend a very heartfelt Thank You to Tom for disassociating himself with this army so that we could have this glorious book. Spiderfang - Gloomspite was a huge grots overhaul, but for the most part Spiderfang was ignored and got some basic quality of life improvements. Still considered by most to not really be competitive (hope someone proves everyone wrong). Why could you have not sold off all of these models as well Tom? Imagine what we could have now if you had done so... Fyreslayers - new book gave them nice modern rules, but absolutely nothing new for the range aside from terrain + endless spells Duardin - radio silence Daughters of Khaine - a good strong book, but Tom did not play them until after they released. They will probably be beaten flat by the nerf bat in the new GHB, not because they are too powerful but simply because Tom finished painting them. Swifthawk Agents - 😂... Warhammer Legends bound just because of how much Island of Blood models he bought. The moral of the story is to not pick an army Tom likes. He is the reason you can't have nice things. The best strategy for purchasing a new army is to send him a PM and ask him his honest opinion of an army and then to go with the ones he actively dislikes. Ignore this advice at your own peril!
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    These seem to be some kind of altered high elf runes RUNES What I could make out: Right to left: Garvir, Darkness, Gloom (mirrored) Horothoi, youth, Boundless Energy (makes sense due to the Penumbral Engine) Lacoi (as mentioned before), Might, Glory, Fear of Death Dassoir, Scrying, Sight, Forbidden Knowledge --- Or --- Lecai, Light Mobility of the Soul (this one is pure speculation) maybe Oriour, blood, birth the first one: Hard guess, this might be Tavlu, Mark of Hoeth, Misery In the right order (with a little interpretaion): Misery, Birth (Blood), forbidden knowledge, Fear of Death, Boundless Energy, Darkness Sound a little like the Nagashs story XD
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    none, which isn't an option on your survey
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    Finally! My patience has paid off, my dad’s dad who works at GW sent me this.
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    I've heard a rumor that people will be upset about point changes no matter what they are.
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    The spiders are finally done.
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    If my experience is anything to go by, said Easter egg would have been vetted, first by the editors, and then by lore guys at the editing stage. If it got through, then chances are that there are no plans for Settra's return as the leader of a faction of anti-Nagash undead. Too, the likelihood of getting such a faction anytime soon is infinitesimal, and even if it did happen, it's even less likely that it would bear any resemblance, lore-wise, to the Tomb Kings. At best, I could see them adapting some of the designs for potential Deathrattle releases down the line, if only to make the skeletons look more cohesive with Nagash and Arkhan the Black. (Also, some skeletal archers would be nice, just saying...) This isn't to say that it's impossible. I am not keyed in to the company, or privy to any discussions regarding this sort of thing. But it ain't likely at this stage. tldr; it could happen, but it probably won't.
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    People often refer to the Stormcast as the AOS posterboys, and they are, but this serves a purpose. Every story needs a protagonist, every product needs a visual aid. Stormcast serve as both. Sigmar and his Stormcast are the principle anchor that keeps all of the rest of the Mortal Realms together, just as the Empire was in Warhammer. It provides a centre from which to understand everything and holds everything together. The story of Sigmar is very relatable Western pagan myth; Zeus/Odin, chief of the Gods try to keep disparate personalities together and survive their scheming while watching over/judging free people. Most epics also have a human protagonist doing the same; Ned Stark in GOT, Gandalf in LOTR etc. If the centre of AOS was Teclis or Gorkamorka or any other deity other than Sigmar, it wouldn't work, because it would be too much work to make those non-human characters relatable. Teclis or Morathi wouldn't be able to be themselves if they were the focus of most of the fiction because they would either have to becone more human and sympathetic and thus lose their personality, or their alien nature would be too off-putting and complicated for the majority of the audience to go along with them as the centre of anything. The Stormcast are Sigmar's manifestation, so in a game where he is the lead they're going to crop up very frequently. The Stormcast themselves are designed to be an easy archetype to elaborate on because they're principally a means to tell the story while being relatable. You have Stormcast roman legions, Stormcast riding dragons, Stormcast wizards, Stormcast with dog birds, Stormcast medieval warrior monks, Stormcast scouts, all in the same army, all recognisably different while being the same. They reflect the diversity and fantasy of the Mortal Realms in a way you couldn't communicate with any other faction while still being recognisably what they are. Basically because they're Human and we understand how Human cultures work. As the Mortal Realms are fleshed out the SC will always be there to help illustrate its character. It's easy to imagine an aesthetic for pretty much any environment or context for the Stormcast to fit in, because they can borrow from pretty much any human civilization in history or in fiction and people will read the shorthand. Much harder to do that with fantasy races, because the second they depart from their fantasy context people get thrown. Most peoplec want orcs to be orcy, elves to be aloof and secluded , dwarves to live in mountains or be obsessed with gold and craftmanship etc. Not everyone of course, myself included. But if you're building a fantasy IP ignoring the expectations of the overwhelming majority of your audience is folly. There are multiple fantasy liscenses, books, games etc that have tried to focus on a non-human protagonist. By Games Workshop’s standards all of them would have been a crushing failure. On top of all that, SC hit the hobby sweet spot of being easy to paint to a basic degree for beginners while still providing a canvas for expert painters, being easy to learn but difficult to master on the tabletop, of looking great in a unit of 5 or a unit if 20 meaning you don't need millions of them etc. Theres a lot more to it than "They just sell because they're supported better". GW didn’t just pick a random number out of a hat and go “yeah those will be our guys”. They designed a faction specifically to communicate what AOS is as a product and as a fiction. AOS success is in a large part due to how well the Stormcast communicate this. You can always make the argument that whoever the posterboys are will sell best, but it would take far more work to make that Idoneth or Undead or anyone else who isn't essentially human. And now that Stormcast have so effectively established themselves as a successful ambassador for AOS as a product and a fiction, that's not going to change.
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    If you put Dispossessed on the walls of the city how can you expect to have a narrative? The city is going to hold. End of the campaign.
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    Back from Warhammer Fest and have managed to unpack and sort myself out. I was very intrigued by what the new paint was going to be and my original guess of base colours in can's and a dip system wasn't actually 100% off the mark! I attended the seminar talking about this too and it was super interesting (done by the chap who actually worked on developing these paints). The range was originally designed to replicate the base colour + shade of certain common citadel paint schemes - so the Ultramarines Blue Contrast paint will give a very similar effect to Macragge Blue + Drakenhoft Nightshade. The "highlight" effect was actually an added bonus! Despite it being advertised as "slap it on and watch the magic", you still need to control what you're doing. Poor brush control and letting it pool will make a model look just as bad as if you'd done the same with any paint! This is why the examples in the cabinet were a mixed baggage because somebody with good brush control and managing where the paint went gets a superior result to somebody who's flopped it everywhere. It's also worth noting that using this on large flat areas will have the same issues as washing a large flat area - they're designed to be used on miniatures with lots of details and texture. The paint range uses an entirely different base medium which appears to have a special mix of flow aid and retarder in (amongst other things). It's designed to go on "thick" but dry thin and as has been mentioned already does require a varnish to protect it else it risks being rubbed off during handling. A new varnish has been developed that should replicate the satin finish of the range and be more reliable than the current varnish (very much a case of each version of the varnish being better than the last). The new base medium is very fragile and you will lose the unique "Contrast" properties if you add water or something using a different base (e.g. Lahmian or a regular Citadel Colour paint). However the Contrast range are basically a high transparency paint so adding it to other paints or thinning it down with other mediums will turn it into glazes and similar. This is certainly where the 'Eavy Metal have been experimenting with it. It also acts very similar to the old "Tint" range if you add it to a metallic - so adding Blood Angels Red to Stormhost Silver will give you a red metallic. White undercoat is very tricky to create as there is only one pigment that can be used as a base (Titanium - well, technically there are two, but using Lead pigment is frowned upon). This means that in order to develop a white undercoat the way to make it more reliable is to add other pigments to it - the two new colours are (brown) White and (grey) White - they will also have colour matched Base pots released at the same time. The new Contrast paints will work over any undercoat, however for the intended effect you want to use a lighter colour (over black just look weird). I can see lots of people achieving some very clever effects over metallic undercoats. Size wise the new pots are a little bigger than the regular paint's (but smaller than Shade paints). The pot of Contrast Medium is the same size as a Shade paint (let's hope we also get Lahmian in that size too!) I did the following in the last five minutes of the event - trying to cram every colour I could get my hands on (they only had 10 available to play with). I was actually very surprised with how far the paint went, so don't feel you're going to need to purchase gallons of the stuff to paint an army. I took very little care over this and with a bit of highlighting wouldn't have an issue playing with or against an army done like this (though using all these colours may give you a migraine or nightmares). Even where the paint has pooled you've not actually lost much detail. Just to address a few comments It's not, they're just new undercoats with more brown/grey in than Corax white. Applying a zenithal highlight with a white should actually improve the effect you get with the Contrast paints however. Far too soon to see if this is actually the case. As somebody who does some competitive painting I feel they will become extra tool in our already impressive repertoire. I actually can't wait to start experimenting with using them in different ways and seeing what other people do. Sort of. A wash doesn't have the vibrancy of colour that the new paints have. I do think there is going to be a learning curve on improving control - when the original washes came out we had exactly the same issues with lack of control, people have now learned how to apply the right amount of wash in the right place which I expect will be the same for these paints. From a practical aspect they're certainly going to help people paint up those massive hordes. I thought the same too, but the new undercoats are basically just slightly different shade whites. They should be a lot more reliable too - part of the testing of the new sprays they had a kettle permanently boiling to increase the humidity of their spray booth. It should skip both the basecoating and washing steps - the piece above was quite genuinely painted in about five minutes using a medium wash brush!
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    Sounds like a really bad idea for game balance if im honest
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    I think this is obviously part of the brand new DEATH faction GW are releasing later this year made up of the skeletal remains of Slaanesh mortal followers.
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    We actually spell it "Gougle" on this side of the pond.
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    I'm really not getting the disappointment. I know that everyone is wanting some massive faction release to be announced with tons of new kits, and they specifically want it to be their faction of choice... but is that really the bar we are setting? Not every announcement is going to be a major new models release. I for one love the fact that GW is now willing to supplement their big faction releases with minor releases that are more focused on rules updates. It seems to me that people think this is an either/or thing, and that these rules updates are replacing major model-focused releases. They aren't. It used to be that we'd get a couple of faction releases with new kits per year at the very most. Let's look back at WHFB 8th edition: 2011- three factions 2012- two faction 2013- five factions 2014- two factions I'll note that I was not playing WHFB at this time so I don't know if these were all major releases with new kits, but I'll assume that they were. Over that four year span we are averaging three new releases per year. I also missed the first bit of AOS, so I can't speak to that, but let's look at the last couple of years: In 2017 we got a full faction release in KO (11 new kits), a faction update in Tzeentch (8? new kits), and a new subfaction in Stormcast Vanguard (5? new kits) along with a new battletome (Khorne) and a smattering of new models (Horticulus, Gavriel, and Naeve). 27 kits, 2 major releases, 1 minor release, 1 battletome. In 2018 we got a faction update in Nurgle (7 new kits), a faction update in Daughters of Khaine (3 new kits), a new faction in Nighthaunt (~16 new kits? more if you count alternate sculpts), a new subfaction in Sacrosanct (~9 new kits?), and a new faction in Idoneth Deepkin (12 new kits) plus two new battletomes (Legions of Nagash and Beasts of Chaos) and a smattering of individual releases (the 4 harbinger kits). 53 kits, 4 major releases, 1 minor release, and 2 battletomes. In 2019 so far we've gotten a faction update in Gloomspite Gitz (13 new kits), a faction update in Hedonites of Slaanesh (8 new kits), a faction update in Blades of Khorne (6 new kits), three new battletomes (Skaven, FEC, and Fyreslayers) which had a total of 8 new kits between them plus the arch-revenant. 36 new kits, 2 major releases, 1 minor release, 3 battletomes so far. I wouldn't even expect 2019 to compete with 2018 given that the game got a new edition in 2018, but so far it's keeping pace nicely. Even if you discount all of the faction terrain and endless spells sets, 2019 so far still has 24 new kits released as of mid May. That's only 3 kits short of the entirety of 2017. I don't know how many new kits got released with each new WHFB 8th edition faction push, but I doubt that the average is any more than 10. So that'd be about ~30 new kits a year, and I bet it's lower. We're getting just as many new kits as ever, and over the last two years we've been getting dramatically more new kits and have gotten these new battletome updates on top of that. None of this is even counting updates that are for other games that happen to be compatible with AOS -- so I'm not counting any of the Underworlds stuff or the Warcry stuff. In this context, I really just don't get the disappointment and negativity. GW is announcing awesome new stuff at an unprecedented pace and yet people complain that not every reveal is a 10 kit major faction release. If every reveal was a big release, then we'd only be seeing two or three reveals a year instead of the reveal every couple weeks that we've been getting in 2019. I certainly can't tell you guys how to feel, but I hope you understand the message that you are sending to GW. You want cake, and GW is giving you just as much cake as always, but now they are offering you ice cream between servings of cake and you are turning your nose up at it because it isn't more cake. That reaction isn't going to get you more cake, it's just going to discourage them from offering the ice cream. ______________________________________________________________ Phew, OK. All that being said, the new warband is not my cup of tea but the lore implications of a presumably chaos warband with a strong elf feel to are very interesting. I haven't used GW paints in ages, but this contrast stuff could possibly change that. I'm skeptical of the results that they are showing (could it really be that easy?) and will want to wait for some reviews by the community. If it lives up to the advertising though it could be a real game changer for batch painting. The thing I am most excited about by far is the announcement of the new 1k point rules pack. I know people are already dismissing this without even seeing what it contains. Personally, I'm constantly running into the problem of people not having enough for a 2k game or not having time for a 2k game. Unfortunately, in my experience small games suck. There are balance issues for sure, but more fundamentally the battleplans just don't work as well with lower points totals. While this new rules pack may not fix everything (heck, it may not fix anything), it's at least a real chance for a dramatic improvement in the gameplay quality of low points games. That would be absolutely massive for quality of life and for the hobby in general. A huge percentage of new players get introduced to the game at low points values. New players are less likely to have enough stuff for a 2k game, and things like slow grow leagues are really popular and great for introducing new players to the game. A good first impression is key to retaining these players, so any improvement to the quality of gameplay at low points values is going to have an outsized effect on new player retention. That is why I am really excited for this reveal. New models? Not my jam, but cool -- I'm sure others like them a lot! At least four new battletomes this year? REALLY cool -- especially given that it means a new Death tome. What could that end up being? New rules support for lower point value games? Now that is HYPE.
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    Malal, the chaos god of people that have been into this hobby too long and like to moan about how things aren't as good as they used to be in 1986
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    Hey guys, I’m the DOK player that lost that game haha. i had never played a top player with seraphon, and my god is that army freaking strong. It was also Sam and I’s First time playing relocation orb which was funny. Sam played a very good game and picked up on everything I did wrong (mainly turn rolls). I thought you only scored 3 points if you held the objective twice in a row. So when turn two priority arrived and the objective came to my backfield I thought I should assert my dominance in board control. I dropped khinerais around the objective to stop teleports and went in for the kill on the evocators and ripperdactyls. when he got bottom of turn and rolled a 5 on his teleport I knew it was going to be game. By the time we finished turn 2 we had 45 minutes left and I knew I was toast. I certainly wish we could have gone to turn 5, but both of our movement phases took a long time. Simply because positioning was so important. The dice rolls were pretty fast even though we both were rerolling hits, wounds and saves. as for the objective on turn 1 on that picture it does look like it’s a bit off center and it would have made a pretty huge difference since he got the objective by 1 model. When you’re playing the game you don’t realize that. to get back on topic, seraphon is an absolute beast of an army. Being able to summon 20 skinks per turn is bananas. The bastiladon with full rerolls hits wounds and saves? Ignoring rend entirely! Saving mortals on a 4+ that’s absolutely amazing! In any case congrats to Sam and his run, it’s not an easy list to play.
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    The article that everyone else wishes to see...
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    GHB 2019 narrative details for myself and the three other people who care: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/12/the-generals-handbook-2019-forging-a-narrativegw-homepage-post-2/
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    Hello everyone! As I’m sure many of you have, I’ve fallen to the temptations of the Dark Prince after having seen the gorgeous new Keeper which is coming soon. I’m looking to put together a small Slaaneshi army for tournament play. Although I’m a massive fan of the typical pale purples and greys of the studio army, I’d like to do something a bit different so that they stand out from the crowd (I’m sure there’s going to be a bunch of Slaanesh armies when the new book comes out). I’ve put together a scheme using dark brown skin tones with contrasting pinks, purples, gold and blues, and I’d really appreciate some feedback before I commit to it for the rest of my force. Do you think it’s too dark? I’d like them to pop and look good from a distance. Do you think any of the colours could be changed to make them more eye-catching? If anyone else has come up with any interesting schemes, I’d be really interested in you sharing them here too.
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    Hello there! Some time ago I decided to build a pretty unique force, with no model left unconverted and, in many cases, pretty much scratchbuilt from whatever bits were fitting. Army fluff is, in short, that they are descendands of Azyrite Aelf force isolated in realm of beasts for generations, changed by their surroundings, harsh life and lack of any support. Now they're less cultured, more savage and brutal than their ancestors and make their life hunting monsters that are the one thing they have in abundance, adorning themsleves with their hides and other trophies. Still, they guard their fortress, as ordered hundered of years ago and await the return of Sigmar and his warriors to serve once again, holding violent thunderstorms of their land in reverence and taming those creatures they view as noble and connected to the thunder god. How it looks as of now (including the spoiler-bases for things currently in progress ;)) And some close ups: Spireguard Reavers (on properly monstrous horses, thanks be to weird dark steed design ;)) Shadow Warriors More to come soon ; )
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    holy ******, calm down people! I mean we have 1, literally 1 whole paragraph to go, that you would have to stretch beyond belief to come even close to some of the conclusions that people are reaching for here... "We’ve looked at this expansion in previous seminars, but we’ve got even more to share with you today! First up, we’re excited to unveil the all-new mercenaries system. With Forbidden Power, you’ll be able to recruit renowned sell-swords to your cause regardless of Grand Alliance. So, for example, you could have a Chaos army and enlist some of the notoriously ur-gold hungry warriors of the Greyfyrd lodge…" How people can read this and think this means you'll randomly be bringing Greater Daemons into Daughters of Khaine lists staggers me. If you're really desperate to parse the text for hidden meanings (assuming it's not just some bloke writing what they think of as colourful copy rather the Voynich manuscript for toy soldiers) then things like "renowned sell-swords" should give some pause. That, to me, suggest specific named units, or at most it's like a battalion where maybe there's a command unit and then you get to pick from a few options. Maybe instead of being affected by allegiance abilities they might have their own special abilities that can be used by the 'leader' of the mercenaries. Who know but I very much doubt it's just going to be some big free-for-all. I'd say the example they give is also fairly useful as a guide, so you have an 'Order' race joining up with a 'Chaos' faction, narrative/fluff/lore is at the absolute core of this game, so they've picked what on the one hand is an extreme example but also one which is 'lore' friendly and has a basis in the existing fiction. That should at least give some indication that they're trying to do this in a way that makes sense, and again for that to work there will need to be some hard limits on what can be included and what goes with what. Hey maybe I'm completely wrong and we can look forward to Morathi, Nagash and Archaon all appearing on the same side but I would be amazed. I mean seeing as it's part of an expansion that features some kind of campaign it could also just be directly tied to that and be more narrative focused. Lets just wait and see.
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    God forbid they advertise their new game.
  29. 18 points
    Totally don't agree with most of this comment. There nothing to suggest a skill differential between the two players - indeed the op states that if Paladork does take a more optimal list, then they have evenish games. The op is therefore skilled enough to work out what optimised lists look like and to give his opponent a good game. The problem is instead that the op doesn't enjoy or want to play those types of games because they enjoy more narrative-led games. Paladork and their opponent want different things out the game and it seems like they can't both get what they want out of the same game. My advice: @Paladork, have a frank and open discussion about what you want from the game with your friend and see if you can find a compromise as suggested above. But do be aware that just because he wants to play in a different style from you (e.g. more competitively) that doesn't (necessarily) make him "that guy" - there are many different but equally valid ways of playing. If you cannot find a compromise that works for you both (or your opponent really is Tg) , then personally I would not persevere playing against that person. There's no point in playing games that you don't enjoy. I'm sure there will be other players you can find who enjoy your style of game, it might just take a bit more work to find them. If you're in or near a big city, it shouldn't be a problem.
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    Just want to say GW missed a huge opportunity with the naming of this box. It should have been called Twigs'n'Squigs.
  31. 18 points
    That Subvert spell can really mess up a LoN player's plans if it goes off. Also, fear not! I've found some amazing Slaanesh dice online:
  32. 18 points
    I kinda love that the description for the forge is essentially a lot of $5 words saying "FFS nerds, it's magic, it magically appears, now get the ****** over it and enjoy the game"
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    There has been a lot of talk about the new terrain pieces in the rumour thread and I thought it was worth breaking it out into its own topic. From my point of view I think the terrain pieces are fantastic. I remember when the lizardmen and Brettonian box came out. I was really compelled by the idea of the lizards living in Lustria, so I decided to make my own pyramid. Despite the simplicity of the build, the results were terrible. It looked nothing like the terrain piece in my imagination. For a long time GW rarely made any terrain at all that wasn't empire themed. Now we have a wide variety of terrain kits represent any number of factions. The loonshrine and the new forge in particular are fantastic looking models. I don't have a fyreslayers army (yet) but I am definitely going to pick up the forge as a terrain piece. The controversy around these pieces seems to be their rules. The first thing I would say is that GW has finally found a way to make terrain kits sell. If these pieces didn't have rules few people would buy them and GW would probably make far fewer of them. Ultimately though the biggest complaint is that the kits break immersion. I genuinely find it difficult to understand this point if view. Almost every aspect of this game is abstracted to some extent. Look at scale. If we scale up a 6 by 4 table we get something that is about 70 metres across. A Duardin with a 4 inch move can move less than 10 metres without getting tired. A real gunpowder cannon could fire hundreds of metres. A medieval longbow could easily shoot 200 metres. So we can assume that an aos battlefield is abstracted in terms of scale. We take turns moving so the game is abstracted in terms of time. Every army has one basing scheme. My ironclad is flying over the same broken pillar for ever, so the game is abstracted visually. So why is a scenery piece so hard to imagine? For me I don't imagine that the FEC carry a throne around with them. I do imagine that they would find a high place on the battlefield and use it as a throne. The throne model is a representation of one of those places. Real armies brought whole towns along with them on campaign. Is it so hard to imagine that fyreslayers bring the equipment and materials to build a forge along with them especially as hammering hot gold into their flesh I'd such a key part of their identity? It is has been suggested that there are situations were the scenery doesn't fit thematically; raids, being ambushed etc but that is not how we actually play Aos. Armies deploy opposite each in a traditional manner, arriving on the battlefield in drips and drabs before agreeing to take turns hitting each other. So is terrain the immersion breaking tipping point for you and if so, why this and not anything else?
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    I think its important to remember is that if Jack Armstrong needs to be nerfed, well, that is entirely GW's fault. Clearly GW doesn't know how to write rules and they don't playtest their games and their playtesters don't know how to play and they can't balance battletomes and their models are too expensive and the points are way off and they can't keep Jack Armstrong in check and they hate the swarming throngs of millions of Bretonnia players and they don't know how to run their tournaments and they don't care about Matched Play and they don't communicate with their fans and Open Play is just muckin' about and they killed my Tomb Kings and AoS has no fluff and they they retconned the Eye of Terror campaign and their last ad wasn't funny and their paints come in pots, not dropper bottles and everything is Kirby's fault and they nerfed my army and something about Thunderers and they hate my Grand Alliance and the Kunnin' Ruk isn't fun to play and they blew up the world and I burned my army and...and... ...that about covers it. Please let me know if I've forgotten anything! 😀
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    +++ MOD HAT +++ In short, not here. Unless something has come out that I'm not aware of, all we know about the Sylvaneth release was it was delayed. For all we know, the shipping container may have been boarded by pirates or run aground. For all our sanity, let's keep TGA focused on a world of fantasy 🧙‍♂️
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    Clearly you've e not been paying enough attention to White Dwarf, Stormcast or Warhammer community... So either you're being very snarky about GW for the sake of it or your simply aren't paying enough attention to the GW sources about how they and why they are approaching balancing the game. Either situation, you need to give it a rest. Moving swiftly on (please), I'm looking forward to Forbidden Power a lot. I enjoyed the first set of Realm Wars campaign books but hopefully this will be much better written in line with the rest of aos 2 0.. Also is it me, or does it feel like the spells were perhaps originally designed as Legions of Nagash spells?,either way I need that boatman for my skeletons!
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    Looncurse probably this week! It looks like they messed up a bit on the Community website and changed the main banner too soon. When you click on it, you get a 404 page. And THAT looks like a new hero, not 100% sure it's Sylvaneth though.
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    Smh you guys in here getting this hype stuff and complaining it's not enough while I'm over here licking the same ogor model from 2003 like:
  40. 17 points
    Morathi (High oracle Form) Finish
  41. 17 points
    So, here my first finished pathfinder. Turned out pretty well. The next will be with more contrast in the skin and i also will take more time for the TMM, but iam still in the learning phase so its okish. Maybe ill add some blood but that will be it. And here what iam up to building. An Wild Hunter Kindred on Elk, an Melusai conversion with Spear in the one Hand and Blade in the other, a shield on the Back and lets see what other bits i find worth attaching.
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    Hello everybody, Big day for me today because I have decided to post my starting army on this forum after looking all of yours for long time. I hope you will like my work, I saw fantastic miniatures on this forum and I hope mine will be at the level. Please forgive my english, it's not my native language My army took place in the city of Azhya, Realm of Ghyran, the idea was to make some stormcasts mutated by the magic winds of the realm of life after their numerous resurrections, I'm still WIP on some miniatures and this is just the start. Here they are : And a group picture with bases remaded for my branchwych and my champion : Hope you will like them !! Bye for now ! I will be bacq
  43. 16 points
    I don’t know: some of them look quit amazing, even for their age
  44. 16 points
    Here's pictures of my finished thirster (taken whilst assembling my next one 😝) Extremely happy with the result, I've put in a lot of work to achieve it. As the first large model I've ever painted, and I'm 15, I'm amazed at myself The orange came out lovely. After the first couple coats of troll slayer, I was getting worried. But after the second coat of fire dragon, a wash and careful highlights I'm very pleased. Decided to go with a very bright orange for the veins- lugganath 70- white 30. Makes them visible for sure. the line highlights on the wings here took... A long time. Looks ok thookh. Really happy with he gradient I managed with the horns, and I nailed eyes for once. I'm a bit eh on the weapon tbh. I painted this way as it's going to amberglaive/ghyrstike so I wanted a relic kind of feel. I'm happy with what I did with the teeth however, more gradient practice! Im very very happy with the base. It's not what I was going for, I wanted a kind of dried up river effect but I think I overdid the blood. Like usual:/. The corkboard banks I will definitely use in the rest of the army. Possibly with my mortal stuff I could get rid of the blood, say it is coming from the daemons, and add a small trickle of a stream? I don't know. It looks pretty nice though. Plenty of drybrush goes a long way. You can't see it too well in either photo of the base, but I'm really happy with the flames I did, and the kind of osl I tried with their glow. Drybrushing and more drybrushing! Does mean that those skulls in the recesses didn't get lit. Which is annoying. I might just wash them red? This will likely be my entry into the everchosen painting competition as well, into the youngbloods category because of my age- I might have a small chance! Hope you like it! Any good/bad feedback appreciated, it's what I need to improve.
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    After a detailed and exhaustive analysis of the size, shape and pattern of the scales, I can confidently say that this rumour engine pic belongs to something that has scales. I really hate the rumour engine.
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    Looncurse! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/28/coming-soon-looncurse/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=AoS&utm_content=AoSPreorderPreviewApr28
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    Hey guys, My name is Chai Tzola, and I have been playing Warhammer competitively for a while. I usually go to events in the U.S and try my hardest to finish in the top 10. Now that I have introduced myself, I would like to talk to you guys about losing, and becoming a better player. We all have this moment in our games when you see the victory slip through your fingers. It can be a deployment error, realizing that taking the double turn was a mistake. whiffing a big dice roll, or even not putting enough models near an objective. You see your mistake during your opponent's turn, you hope the opponent doesn't notice, but you're at a tournament so he or she does and you're toast. Well, you're toast now, your army is crumbling, your general was out of position, you miss that charge and you start holding your head thinking where did it all fall apart? You're losing and there's no chance for you to come back into the rankings of the tournament. Tough cookie... The first time I got whacked like that was at Nova, I was playing a very good list and lost the game in the first five minutes. I won't bore you with the details, but trust me, there was no way for me to make it happen. That frustrated me, I stopped caring and didn't score my secondary objectives and took the L and that was it. Had I scored any of my secondaries I would have ended 3rd. To be fair at that point I wasn't a fun opponent, being a little mopey which isn't cool. Warhammer is a hobby and its mostly all just for fun. I know that for me it's a little more, I spend hours and hours of building and painting and then attempt to play the same army again and again to get a feel for it. Which leads you to be a bit sore when losing a game, that's something I changed after Nova for a few reasons. You don't learn anything from a win, and you don't make changes to your gameplay. When you lose however, you can question where it went wrong, and maybe even see how your army list isn't adequate. That will make you a better player and also a pleasant player to play with. I know this is pretty obvious to most of you, but it's a good reminder So to get the topic started, what's your favorite loss and what did you learn from it?
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    via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 All existing AoS factions will get battle tomes this year similar to the Skavens vs Flesh eaters AoS will be seeing very constant updates through the rest of 2019 Free people are getting a big AoS update on the near horizon. This has been long in the works and will update the range.
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    Can you feel it? Something has changed...The dark prince's bonds are slipping. When the blood good bellowed his wrath across the realms Slaneesh heard only love. When Sigmar's chosen spilled the blood of innocents, the God of Excess drank deep. And when Nagash's schemes nearly shattered the realm, so too did he sunder the chains of my Lord. All love Slaneesh, all worship Saneesh, all serve Slaneesh
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    I want to use this thread to track my little Sand project, long brewing. It will mostly be conversions and one off sculpts, but in some cases... conversion parts that I had cast up. Here are the test miniatures which I'm quite happy with. Human archers. These are my own metal torsos and legs, with GW plastic heads and arms. I'm not going for a straight up araby style army... but it's an influence. I really enjoy designing costumes and weapons from scratch so I hope to make all sorts of unique stuff. Whenever I do a project like this it's two armies I design... so it will be Humans and some Stormcast vs Khorne mortals and demons. I plan on doing some Khorne warrior conversions with these same metal torsos (painted red and black).
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