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    Looks like Sylvaneth will be getting some new minis. I am pretty sure this solves two rumour engine pictures. Here are the rumour engine pics for comparison. It makes you wonder what other new kits might be in the box.
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    So last saturday about 5 in the afternoon I did it I finally reached a fully painted 2000pt army. I gotta say this was a personal goal I have been wanting to do ever since I was a teenager and now 15-20 years later I finally did it. Specially during my teen years but also as an adult have I started painting at least 10 different armies, but until now I have never completed one not even close. So to be honest I kinda expected a crowd giving me a standing ovation, maybe a small brassband playing: ‘we are the champions’ while someone important held a speach for me but non of that happend. Though my wife to be gave me a: “oh thats nice”, when I ran screaming with my t-shirt over my head and victory signs in the air in circles in our livingroom celebrating like some famous athtlete who just won the superbowlchampionsleaguesomethingsomething. Anyway so while I wait for Nike to contact me on some sponsor deals I thought it would be fun to hear from those of you who like me are grown ups with kids/jobs/lives that allows for very little time to paint, how long does it take you to paint an army, how do you fight the evergrowing feeling of hopelessness when batchpainting large units? Whats the fastest you have painting for a descent result? and serioulsly Nike Ive already got the slogan for you. ’You can paint it’ TM. 😉
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    Finally! My patience has paid off, my dad’s dad who works at GW sent me this.
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    People often refer to the Stormcast as the AOS posterboys, and they are, but this serves a purpose. Every story needs a protagonist, every product needs a visual aid. Stormcast serve as both. Sigmar and his Stormcast are the principle anchor that keeps all of the rest of the Mortal Realms together, just as the Empire was in Warhammer. It provides a centre from which to understand everything and holds everything together. The story of Sigmar is very relatable Western pagan myth; Zeus/Odin, chief of the Gods try to keep disparate personalities together and survive their scheming while watching over/judging free people. Most epics also have a human protagonist doing the same; Ned Stark in GOT, Gandalf in LOTR etc. If the centre of AOS was Teclis or Gorkamorka or any other deity other than Sigmar, it wouldn't work, because it would be too much work to make those non-human characters relatable. Teclis or Morathi wouldn't be able to be themselves if they were the focus of most of the fiction because they would either have to becone more human and sympathetic and thus lose their personality, or their alien nature would be too off-putting and complicated for the majority of the audience to go along with them as the centre of anything. The Stormcast are Sigmar's manifestation, so in a game where he is the lead they're going to crop up very frequently. The Stormcast themselves are designed to be an easy archetype to elaborate on because they're principally a means to tell the story while being relatable. You have Stormcast roman legions, Stormcast riding dragons, Stormcast wizards, Stormcast with dog birds, Stormcast medieval warrior monks, Stormcast scouts, all in the same army, all recognisably different while being the same. They reflect the diversity and fantasy of the Mortal Realms in a way you couldn't communicate with any other faction while still being recognisably what they are. Basically because they're Human and we understand how Human cultures work. As the Mortal Realms are fleshed out the SC will always be there to help illustrate its character. It's easy to imagine an aesthetic for pretty much any environment or context for the Stormcast to fit in, because they can borrow from pretty much any human civilization in history or in fiction and people will read the shorthand. Much harder to do that with fantasy races, because the second they depart from their fantasy context people get thrown. Most peoplec want orcs to be orcy, elves to be aloof and secluded , dwarves to live in mountains or be obsessed with gold and craftmanship etc. Not everyone of course, myself included. But if you're building a fantasy IP ignoring the expectations of the overwhelming majority of your audience is folly. There are multiple fantasy liscenses, books, games etc that have tried to focus on a non-human protagonist. By Games Workshop’s standards all of them would have been a crushing failure. On top of all that, SC hit the hobby sweet spot of being easy to paint to a basic degree for beginners while still providing a canvas for expert painters, being easy to learn but difficult to master on the tabletop, of looking great in a unit of 5 or a unit if 20 meaning you don't need millions of them etc. Theres a lot more to it than "They just sell because they're supported better". GW didn’t just pick a random number out of a hat and go “yeah those will be our guys”. They designed a faction specifically to communicate what AOS is as a product and as a fiction. AOS success is in a large part due to how well the Stormcast communicate this. You can always make the argument that whoever the posterboys are will sell best, but it would take far more work to make that Idoneth or Undead or anyone else who isn't essentially human. And now that Stormcast have so effectively established themselves as a successful ambassador for AOS as a product and a fiction, that's not going to change.
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    Malal, the chaos god of people that have been into this hobby too long and like to moan about how things aren't as good as they used to be in 1986
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    Hey guys, I’m the DOK player that lost that game haha. i had never played a top player with seraphon, and my god is that army freaking strong. It was also Sam and I’s First time playing relocation orb which was funny. Sam played a very good game and picked up on everything I did wrong (mainly turn rolls). I thought you only scored 3 points if you held the objective twice in a row. So when turn two priority arrived and the objective came to my backfield I thought I should assert my dominance in board control. I dropped khinerais around the objective to stop teleports and went in for the kill on the evocators and ripperdactyls. when he got bottom of turn and rolled a 5 on his teleport I knew it was going to be game. By the time we finished turn 2 we had 45 minutes left and I knew I was toast. I certainly wish we could have gone to turn 5, but both of our movement phases took a long time. Simply because positioning was so important. The dice rolls were pretty fast even though we both were rerolling hits, wounds and saves. as for the objective on turn 1 on that picture it does look like it’s a bit off center and it would have made a pretty huge difference since he got the objective by 1 model. When you’re playing the game you don’t realize that. to get back on topic, seraphon is an absolute beast of an army. Being able to summon 20 skinks per turn is bananas. The bastiladon with full rerolls hits wounds and saves? Ignoring rend entirely! Saving mortals on a 4+ that’s absolutely amazing! In any case congrats to Sam and his run, it’s not an easy list to play.
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    I kinda love that the description for the forge is essentially a lot of $5 words saying "FFS nerds, it's magic, it magically appears, now get the ****** over it and enjoy the game"
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    There has been a lot of talk about the new terrain pieces in the rumour thread and I thought it was worth breaking it out into its own topic. From my point of view I think the terrain pieces are fantastic. I remember when the lizardmen and Brettonian box came out. I was really compelled by the idea of the lizards living in Lustria, so I decided to make my own pyramid. Despite the simplicity of the build, the results were terrible. It looked nothing like the terrain piece in my imagination. For a long time GW rarely made any terrain at all that wasn't empire themed. Now we have a wide variety of terrain kits represent any number of factions. The loonshrine and the new forge in particular are fantastic looking models. I don't have a fyreslayers army (yet) but I am definitely going to pick up the forge as a terrain piece. The controversy around these pieces seems to be their rules. The first thing I would say is that GW has finally found a way to make terrain kits sell. If these pieces didn't have rules few people would buy them and GW would probably make far fewer of them. Ultimately though the biggest complaint is that the kits break immersion. I genuinely find it difficult to understand this point if view. Almost every aspect of this game is abstracted to some extent. Look at scale. If we scale up a 6 by 4 table we get something that is about 70 metres across. A Duardin with a 4 inch move can move less than 10 metres without getting tired. A real gunpowder cannon could fire hundreds of metres. A medieval longbow could easily shoot 200 metres. So we can assume that an aos battlefield is abstracted in terms of scale. We take turns moving so the game is abstracted in terms of time. Every army has one basing scheme. My ironclad is flying over the same broken pillar for ever, so the game is abstracted visually. So why is a scenery piece so hard to imagine? For me I don't imagine that the FEC carry a throne around with them. I do imagine that they would find a high place on the battlefield and use it as a throne. The throne model is a representation of one of those places. Real armies brought whole towns along with them on campaign. Is it so hard to imagine that fyreslayers bring the equipment and materials to build a forge along with them especially as hammering hot gold into their flesh I'd such a key part of their identity? It is has been suggested that there are situations were the scenery doesn't fit thematically; raids, being ambushed etc but that is not how we actually play Aos. Armies deploy opposite each in a traditional manner, arriving on the battlefield in drips and drabs before agreeing to take turns hitting each other. So is terrain the immersion breaking tipping point for you and if so, why this and not anything else?
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    Morathi (High oracle Form) Finish
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    Hey guys, My name is Chai Tzola, and I have been playing Warhammer competitively for a while. I usually go to events in the U.S and try my hardest to finish in the top 10. Now that I have introduced myself, I would like to talk to you guys about losing, and becoming a better player. We all have this moment in our games when you see the victory slip through your fingers. It can be a deployment error, realizing that taking the double turn was a mistake. whiffing a big dice roll, or even not putting enough models near an objective. You see your mistake during your opponent's turn, you hope the opponent doesn't notice, but you're at a tournament so he or she does and you're toast. Well, you're toast now, your army is crumbling, your general was out of position, you miss that charge and you start holding your head thinking where did it all fall apart? You're losing and there's no chance for you to come back into the rankings of the tournament. Tough cookie... The first time I got whacked like that was at Nova, I was playing a very good list and lost the game in the first five minutes. I won't bore you with the details, but trust me, there was no way for me to make it happen. That frustrated me, I stopped caring and didn't score my secondary objectives and took the L and that was it. Had I scored any of my secondaries I would have ended 3rd. To be fair at that point I wasn't a fun opponent, being a little mopey which isn't cool. Warhammer is a hobby and its mostly all just for fun. I know that for me it's a little more, I spend hours and hours of building and painting and then attempt to play the same army again and again to get a feel for it. Which leads you to be a bit sore when losing a game, that's something I changed after Nova for a few reasons. You don't learn anything from a win, and you don't make changes to your gameplay. When you lose however, you can question where it went wrong, and maybe even see how your army list isn't adequate. That will make you a better player and also a pleasant player to play with. I know this is pretty obvious to most of you, but it's a good reminder So to get the topic started, what's your favorite loss and what did you learn from it?
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    via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 All existing AoS factions will get battle tomes this year similar to the Skavens vs Flesh eaters AoS will be seeing very constant updates through the rest of 2019 Free people are getting a big AoS update on the near horizon. This has been long in the works and will update the range.
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    Can you feel it? Something has changed...The dark prince's bonds are slipping. When the blood good bellowed his wrath across the realms Slaneesh heard only love. When Sigmar's chosen spilled the blood of innocents, the God of Excess drank deep. And when Nagash's schemes nearly shattered the realm, so too did he sunder the chains of my Lord. All love Slaneesh, all worship Saneesh, all serve Slaneesh
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    So, here my first finished pathfinder. Turned out pretty well. The next will be with more contrast in the skin and i also will take more time for the TMM, but iam still in the learning phase so its okish. Maybe ill add some blood but that will be it. And here what iam up to building. An Wild Hunter Kindred on Elk, an Melusai conversion with Spear in the one Hand and Blade in the other, a shield on the Back and lets see what other bits i find worth attaching.
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    Hello there! Some time ago I decided to build a pretty unique force, with no model left unconverted and, in many cases, pretty much scratchbuilt from whatever bits were fitting. Army fluff is, in short, that they are descendands of Azyrite Aelf force isolated in realm of beasts for generations, changed by their surroundings, harsh life and lack of any support. Now they're less cultured, more savage and brutal than their ancestors and make their life hunting monsters that are the one thing they have in abundance, adorning themsleves with their hides and other trophies. Still, they guard their fortress, as ordered hundered of years ago and await the return of Sigmar and his warriors to serve once again, holding violent thunderstorms of their land in reverence and taming those creatures they view as noble and connected to the thunder god. How it looks as of now (including the spoiler-bases for things currently in progress ;)) And some close ups: Spireguard Reavers (on properly monstrous horses, thanks be to weird dark steed design ;)) Shadow Warriors More to come soon ; )
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    Fingers crossed when DoK or Malerion's mob get their turn for some terrain we get to see a bloody giant great big massive 'Altar of Total Immersion' Just before battle Aelven Sorceresses begin to dance and chant blasphemous rites and summon forth the mists of Ulgu. Slowly the diaphanous vapours coalesce into the shape of a colossal, seemingly unmovable and ridiculously out of place, stone fist, one solitary finger raised in defiance at the moaning enemy forces.
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    Since Fantasy 6th ED I've been playing and somewhere around early introduction of 8th ED I lost complete interest in the game itself. I have to admit I always like to play with some competitive mindset however I always prefer to play allrounders list (basically taking a few good units and round it off with less optimal but interesting units) so when you pick up a battle its most likely to be interesting. With the new introduction of AOS I was as most of us sceptical but with the expansion of the new universe and the removal of "jokes" I was hooked again. Then came AOS 2 and I was pumped (I have both Death and Stormcast so perfect match), now more than half a year later I'm losing interest again. I tried to identify this loss of interest and came to the conclusion that the following factors played a role in it: 1. The imbalance between armies but also within armies (very clear with stormcast old vs new). Before I could pick up any game I knew it would be an interesting bloody battle (with few exceptions), now if you use AOS 1 vs AOS 2 books its not even a game anymore. Just placement of models and removing them. I've tried the new stormcast chamber vs an old book and it was ridiculous. Also tried to play my old stormcast vs new stormcast, same result. Somehow reminds me of the broken books in Fantasy making tournaments a dying event. 2. The crazy mortal wound mechanic, where at first mw where rare and only available to the most powerful heros or units. If your unit does not have any mw output your not competing anymore. It's so boring to play with and against it, there's zero tactics behind mw just roll dice and remove models. What happened to rend? why is this interesting mechanic so limited to -1 (usually), if armor saves where such an issue why not increase rend. Again this is starting to remind me of the terrible magic phase in 8th ED. 3. Free terrain, I've always disliked the Sylvaneth mechanic of terrain spamming. Guess what now most new armies can do it. Every time I play against free terrain I hate it, it usually gives unfair advantages and sometimes even starts dishing out mw... see point 2. Also in most situations it doesn't even make sense, somehow in every battle the same terrain piece pops up for some reason. Perhaps AOS 2 has to grow on me like AOS 1 did, but for now it feels like much less interesting game then it was before. How are you feeling about the development of AOS?
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    I want to use this thread to track my little Sand project, long brewing. It will mostly be conversions and one off sculpts, but in some cases... conversion parts that I had cast up. Here are the test miniatures which I'm quite happy with. Human archers. These are my own metal torsos and legs, with GW plastic heads and arms. I'm not going for a straight up araby style army... but it's an influence. I really enjoy designing costumes and weapons from scratch so I hope to make all sorts of unique stuff. Whenever I do a project like this it's two armies I design... so it will be Humans and some Stormcast vs Khorne mortals and demons. I plan on doing some Khorne warrior conversions with these same metal torsos (painted red and black).
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    Hi guys, I painted everything you see in the trailer minus the heroes, which I helped kitbash I painted over 800 skaven for this, let me know if you have questions!
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    I can let immersion wash over me, it's a deliberate lifestyle. I choose to enjoy things. If I want to see where immersion breaks when it comes to terrain, a portable forge or an impromptu skeletal throne is not where it breaks. I grew up in a boreal forest in northern Canada: non-paved gravel roads, constant danger of bears, nearest neighbours miles away. Actual non-civilization, or at least as close as it gets. You don't see a perfectly defined 20 foot diameter copse of densely packed trees in the middle of an open field, with a couple glacial erratics nearby, and a guard tower, and a straight section of fence that was designed neither to keep something in nor to keep something out, and maybe a 20 foot diameter pond and a "hill" with a maximum elevation change of 10-15 feet. All of them with radically different ground cover/foliage, none of which matches the open field they are scattered around. I can look at that frankly ridiculous table, and say "ah, it's a fine day to hammer some war, let the dice rolling begin". Add a golden forge, and I do not suddenly shift to "alas, this otherwise perfect depiction of a reasonable battlefield has been sullied and I am now too sad to hammer".
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    A couple of things I have noted that keep coming up in this thread that Tom and Vince talked about in their last Warhammer Weekly Adepticon preview episode two nights ago (I do recommend checking these guys out, their weekly show has really grown on me and they have a lot of good info): - first off, that piece of scenery/Forbidden Power - they mentioned that Forbidden Power has to do with the mythos of Sigmar just prior to gating off Azyr and the subsequent age of Chaos. Sigmar went across the realms and took artifacts of immense power and sealed them away in the vaults so the Ruinous Powers could not get a hold of them. The Necroquake has shaken those "locks". This piece of scenery is apparently one of these "locks" and any army can take control of it thus supposedly unlocking the Vaults/Forbidden Power. At least that is what I got of their summary from the panel which of course was vague enough to leave a lot of room to fill in the blanks at a later date but give us a tease of what is to come (i.e. a bit more than just Malign Sorcery 2.0). Forbidden Power is also supposed to advance the overall Soul Wars narrative. - Warcry is going to be something like Necromunda meets Kill Team for AOS. The kits ARE multi-build, this question was asked. All factions WILL be usable in Warcry. They are NOT pre-built warbands, you will be able to use your existing models. It WILL be supported on the level of Kill Team and is a new IP they want to flourish. - Slaanesh is getting a dual release for both AoS and 40K. It was listed under Realm of Chaos on their Community Page but they previewed the cover of the Tome for AOS. They said there IS more to come. What we saw is predominantly demon-kin so would work for both systems (although the demon-prince looks very hand to hand vs shooty, there may be optional builds). We may very well see mortals and additional models prior to actual release. - They said outright in the panel that they are going to attempt to bring EVERY faction they can up to AOS 2.0 levels. Some will be fast and furious for the time being with a book, endless spells/runes/prayers, and a piece of scenery. This appears to be the norm of release now so it will not change anytime soon. There will be some armies getting more and some all-new armies making their appearance in the Mortal Realms for the first time. It IS going to be a HUGE year for AOS. Also, regarding Stormcast. They opened the panel by saying their huge reveal was.... a new Stormcast Chamber. Which apparently was met with a room of absolute silence. They moved on with a "just kidding" so they are aware of the "online vocal crew". I am not sure if any of you are watching the new Stormcast pod-casts but they offer up a wealth of information on how GW actually goes about designing and planning their projects. I see a ton of speculation in this thread that could have some clear light shown on it by watching these. The latest featuring the godfather of the Warhammer design world, John Blanche puts a pin in exactly how Age of Sigmar came to be. He is asked point blank, how did design on AOS start.. He said with Stormcast. They were looking for an equivalent of Space Marines with the various Chapters that could be the basis of their new game. He spent "ages" working on designs for Stormcasts and the entire game is based around them and how they could port other things from the World that Was into this new setting. That is the basis. They did their work well. Stormcast are very cool and by packaging them into every release I have 2600 points of them and I have not bought a single stand-alone model. I have not painted them yet nor plan to for some time as I have a lot of what I deem "cooler armies" to work on first but I have no beefs with the SCE and as Phil Kelly stated in an earlier episode of Stormcast, that the Age of Sigmar story is really their story so they will continue to be a focal point until the end of the Mortal Realms.
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    People are saying that hyping up a new battletome is annoying*, but I just want to say, I would find a new faction a lot less interesting than a KO battletome rewrite. Just saying Edit: hyping up a battletome more than a faction, new battletomes are usually exciting. Spoiled brats
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    Now upto 1500 points of my Ironweld Arsenal expansion painted and ready to hit the table for playesting, missing a few grass tufts on the last of the stalkers bases but otherwise table ready!
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    They fall down somewhat on the models but Fyreslayers might well have the greatest concentration of excellent art that doesn't date to WHFB, probably because of Kevin Chin's interest. The increased focus on the strange ritualistic aspects of their culture - the priesthood, the initiations, the religious accoutrements - is a good call, gets them away from the battlefield despite being a cult of religious mercenaries. Frankly the world could always do with more illustrations of battleworn dwarves having a pensive post-battle smoke amidst the carnage. It's good subject matter.
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    Haha. You can make "benefit" so broad it's awesome. My allied unit is in melee combat. My wizard casts a spell from my spell lore that does D3 MW to the unit they are fighting against. Hooray, my ally benefits from that! Oh wait, they can't benefit, boo, no MWs. I use my allegiance ability free movement to shuffle one of my units onto an objective. I get some objective points and win the battle! Hooray, my allied units benefit from winning the match! Oh wait, they can't. Boo I guess I lose.
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    #shame #embarrassed #whippedbyslaanesh
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    Idoneth endless spell - Teclis's Bendy Snorkel.
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    Personally, I see GW's pattern of doing a -much- better job with the rules nowadays than a year or two ago. They've finally settled on what they want Age of Sigmar to "feel like" rules wise, and I think it is all the better for it. Golden days ahead Our enjoyment of the game locally has increased a lot since GHB2, and it keeps getting better. Edit: I'll be honest. I don't see the issue people are having with the supposed faction inbalance. If it bothers you so much, switch factions, if you don't want to do that then make your faction work. I played Skaven for years without a tome, and stubbornly forced myself to work with that.* *As usual, Beastclaw players get a free pass on this one I see you! Nothing is invincible. Anything can be beaten. The mortal wound spam with no counter-play argument is also a bit flat. With the exception of some spellcasting spellportal shenanigans, everything in the game has a counter-play. tl;dr: Try to solve the problem rather than defeating yourself on its perceived advantage.
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    Looking For that sarcasm text prompt still. We are never going to see a 50% win rate on all armies. It is not only unfeasable it’s ridiculously shortsighted. This win rate doesn’t take into any account of how good the players using the armies are. Better players will get better win rates Irregardless of the army they are playing. This does not take into any account of what kind of games were played. We’re there realm rules and artifacts from Malign Scorcery? What were the battleplans? Was it kill based or objectives? Was it a spam of certain models or variety? Use some thinking process. Numbers don’t mean Sigmar’s Farts unless you understand what went behind those numbers outside of who won.
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    Not to get bogged down in semantics (he said, as he bogged down with semantics), if you changed your post from "always" to "often", it becomes objectively true.
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    I found them! Look at the back of an American Dollar Bill! What do you see? A Pyramid! Who lives in pyramids? Tomb Kings! The All-Seeing Eye! Magic! Tomb Kings use magic. If you count the bottom number of bricks there are 13 of them. 13 is an unlucky number, the Tomb Kings were very unlucky to not be included in Sigmar. The dollar is US. The United States won independence from England. England is where Games Workshop is based. The Tomb Kings will win independence from Nagash! It all makes sense now! I know there are more clues hiding! Excuse me. I’m off to steal the Declaration of Independence.
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    I think the problem with the mortal wound spam is that makes "elite units" and Behemots with high saves kinda pointless. A Hag Naar witch elf has a better odd of surviving a Mortal wound (1 in 6) than a Leviadon (0 chance), who has a great save of 3. Saves are becaming pointless, even tho it is probably taken in account for models point cost. On the other hand we have a lot of "save after save" against mortal wounds on frail units/armies. I think AoS need a severe reduction on Mortal Wound abilties so saves will be relevant again.
  34. 13 points
    Insect like adornment 🤔
  35. 12 points
    I'll be honest I was expecting something like Dracoth sized salamander cavalry for Fyreslayers whenever they were redone to add some diversity to the range and give them some fast moving units but hey ho. It's natural that in the mad rush to get lots of army books out some of them will have slightly lacklustre additions BUT if you want a silver lining think of it this way, there's nothing stopping them going back and adding bits and pieces into armies once this rush is over. Big push this year to get the BTs up to date with allegiances, traits, spells, terrain etc, so at least on a mechanical level all (or a very healthy %) of factions feel 'competitive' or 'balanced' or just 'cared for', then once that's done you can always add in new units at your leisure, especially as we'll have Underworlds, Warcry and maybe some board/boxed games through which they can release new models here and there. Might be utterly fanciful but you never know. I like the look of the Forbidden Powers models, they have that slight cartoony look to them that a lot of the terrain/endless spells have but still I think they're cool, very Shyish looking so far which makes sense but maybe more to come. So all cool. Slaanesh models are great, Keeper of Secrets is one of those buy whatever you collect models, great looking thing. Anyway as for the new paint...
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    Hi everyone I have been sitting on these for almost two years (after getting great advice from death forums on what to get) and had time off work due to injury and toon a serious painting notion. Glad to say after 15 years into the hobby for the first time I have a fully painted and based army. Feels really strange haha 😅 Got a chance to spray my Mortarch so that's my treat before I check out some cool new nighthaunt stuff to add.
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    Mollox's Menagerie. I put wings on him so I can use him as a Daemon Prince of Nurgle in my army.
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    This thread needs more rumour representation
  40. 12 points
    Settled on a scheme and have finished the first five Namarti Thralls from the Realm of Fire. Found a Battleforce box at the FLGS, so there's a lot of building in my future...
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    I think you may need to drop the Anonymous part of that group name 😉 #tombkingthursday +++ MOD HAT +++ Can we have a little bit less Tomb King / Bretonian discussion please - already been done to death* and not really a rumour * ba-dum-ching
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    I honestly think we need to have a ban on the phrase 'Tomb Kings' in this thread. I get it, you want them to come back, but convincing yourself that every new thing is a 100% confirmed sign of their glorious return is just silly, and it ends up filling up this thread with nonsense. I mean, people are at the point where a release that GW have confirmed multiple times is a campaign expansion, not a new army is in their eyes undoubtedly a whole new Tomb Kings release based on some slightly Egyptian looking art design. That's directly ignoring the main facts we do know in order to push a fantasy. I know this thread by its nature isn't exactly the most rigorous or serious thing ever, but to me there's little difference between all these TK posts and deliberate trolling.
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    Can't believe we're at 4 pages now discussing a little picture of some coins and a pot. Incroyable... No wonder most editorial websites that cater to this hobby are so ****** awful & borderline illiterate, to quote Roger Mellie "Why bother feeding the pigs cherries when they are happy with ******?" Anyway on further reflection it's clearly the base for a new centrepiece model Halfling warlord who will lead the revamped Ogor army when they get a Battletome.
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    This is a minor thing, but I don't get why GW is so in love with this idea of mounts/monsters being intelligent, equal allies rather than beasts. All the Stormcast creatures have the same thing. I think as a one off thing it's fine (makes sense for a Star Drake, for example) but it gets a bit silly when everyone has it, and the Idoneth Deepkin's practice of just taming animals like we do in the real world is presented as weird and a bit evil. Maybe just me but I think the image of a group of Fyreslayers trying to capture a Magmadroth, bringing it down with giant chains as it spews lava everywhere, is a bit cooler than them sitting down for tea to negotiate how long it's willing to let little naked men ride on its back for.
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    Hey guys, Longtime lurker here, making my first post. First of all, the amount of salt here is incredible, the only thing higher than that is the amount of people who deem Khorne bad now while misquoting the new rules, just confirming they have not read the book yet (some people trying to defend the book with made up rules also though, to be fair). Also some of the topics keep re-surging all the time, as people are lazy to read I.E. it has been confirmed few pages back that Wrathmongers are not going to get FAQed and it is intended, yet some people spread it like a gospel that the current state is temporary. Now to the point, I have played on Saturday in a 1500pts tournament in which I finished 2nd (1 major win, 2 minor) and I will write a little summary of the games below for anybody interested. Here is the list I played with: Allegiance: Khorne - Slaughterhost: The Goretide Leaders Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (280) Bloodsecrator (140) - General - Trait: Hew the Foe - Artefact: Thronebreaker's Torc Bloodstoker (80) Slaughterpriest (100) Slaughterpriest (100) Exalted Deathbringer with Impaling Spear (80) - Artefact: Gorecleaver Battleline 10 x Blood Warriors (200) - Goreaxes - 1x Goreglaives 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Reaver Blades 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Reaver Blades Units 5 x Skullreapers (180) - Goreslick Blades Battalions Gore Pilgrims (140) Endless Spells Wrath-Axe (60) Total: 1500 / 1500 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 96 1. game was againts Kharadron overseers, Fire realm (run with 6 and charges 10+ are d3 mortals) and 4 objectives in corners, since round 3 major win for holding all of them, round 5 a win while holding 3. Opponent played with 3x10 Arkanauts, 2x10 Endrinrigers 1x5 Thunderers and 2 Aether-khemists. Decided to let him go first, he had some incredible lucky shooting and managed to snipe my Bloodsecrator, Bloodstoker and 1 Slaughterpriest in the first round and I thought that the game was finished right there. Luckily I managed to run pretty far without taking any damage from realm, won a double turn and got in fight. One wing 5 skullreapers managed to chew through 5 Thunderers and most of the Endrinrigers supported by one Khemist, there was really no center of the battlefield on my side of table, on his there was 10 Arkanauts which got decimated by the Wraith-axe. Right wing was basically IRBT and 10 reavers againts the rest of his army + summoned Flesh hounds for the 3 Blood tithes I had for my heroes. BT came in clutch exploding on 1 6, hitting both Arkanauts, Endrinrigers and Khemist in process, with the rest of the attacks went to Endrinrigers, Hounds took care of the rest of the Arkanauts and after battleshock he was left with 3 Endrinrigers and Khemist with 1 wound left. After his part of the round he was left with 3 Endrinrigers and one Khemist on the side of the now dead Skullreapers and that was it. We called the game right there, as I would most likely kill the rest by round 4. Warriros and Deathbringer never really got into fight, my second priest just summoned the Wraith Axe and buffed reapers. - Not much I can say about this game, as it is with heavy melee vs heavy range armies, whoever wins the second round won the game. -BT swing to 4 units was basically what decided the game, as their poor bravery kicked in -Skullreapers output was really devastating againts the Endrinrigers and Thunderers, around 5 MW + 14-15 attacks got through, its just great you dont need to collect skulls anymore and get the full power on round 1 2. Game was againts Fyreslayers, Realm of Metal I believe (-1 save for being behind cover when chosen by enemy). 5 objectives in a star formation, controlling opposing corners was worth 3, individualy 1 and center one for 2. Opponent played something like 30 Vulkite Berzerkers, 10 Vulkite Berzerks with Shield,1 Runefather on Magmadroth, 10 Hearthguard Berzerks, Battlesmith, Runesmith. He chose to go first, moved up for objectives and deployed 30 Berzerkers right behind me, which I was counting on, prepared a pretty thin line for him so not much could get to battle at once, and had my Skullreapers and BT in the back ready for them. This is where the game got kinda RNG skewed because I rolled 4 6 with my BR on them and they lost good 13-14 dwarfs with regular attacks, he managed to get only like 5 or 6 dwarfs in to fight with Skullreapers and managed to do 2 wounds to them, then they just sealed the deal by killing another 7-8 dwarfs. Meanwhile in the middle warriors took the middle point and limiting the number of unites he could get around the point. He won second turn and marched his Hearthguards on the warriors, however they were holding their ground really good and survived the double attack while packing a punch back, due to the terrain + altar and the way my warrriors stood he was unable to get the Magmadroth in fight, so with Bronzed flash and support from two priests and Wraith-axe and Deathbringer and Bloodsecrator they actually won the fight in the end with I believe 3 guys surviving and taking the point back. While his other 10 Berzerkers with shields were stuck in fight with Reavers on the other flank who kept them locked in it. We sadly had to end the game there due to time (it took us long time to set up, plus he were not familiar with new Khorne and I was not with Fyreslayers) so the killpoints decided the game, but I believe I would have tabled him in the upcoming turn or two, as all I lost was 7 warriors in total and one unit of Reavers. -BT was clear MVP of this game, evaporating the 30 berzerks basically took all the tooth and claw from the dwarf and he was just left there in the middle with no backup plan. -This time the Goretide ability of rerolling 1s for wounds for warriors and reavers actually kicked in and was very helpful, rerolling both 1s for hits and wounds increases the number of attacks you can squeez in by a lot and was super easy to activate it due to 5 objectives in the play -Deathbringer got to swing in once killing a few Hearthguards, the -2 rend with gorecleaver is very good and basically our only solid option of -2 rend with BT. However got piled back by the Hearthguards managing to evaporate him in single strike, proving once again that 4+ save and 5 wounds is nothing -The way I could have setup the Altar in this scenario was just too damn good, managed to create a chokepoint and also managed to hide Secrator behind it while making Priests stick around it very easily. 3. game was againts FEC, -1 to bravery to Stormcast by realm, 3 objectives in the middle verticaly while 1 of the being worth 3 points for the round. Opponend played really heavy Courtier/Flayers list with 2x6 Flayers, 1x3 Flayers and 2 Batheroes (Im really not familiar with the FEC, sorry), summoning Varghulf and 3 Crypt Horrors. Boy, oh boy arent the new FEC annoying. I started by creating a line and just moving forward, fullbuffing Skullreapers and stationing them wholy withing forest, thinking they will be the key to plowing the Flyers down fully so they cannot get the models back. Reapers went on sides without any support while the rest went down the middle. Also managed to summon Axe which I parked next to BT, so he had two sides covered (second one by terrain), towards the side he had 6 and 3 units of Flayers so he cannot YOLO the BT. Yeah, well, on his turn he moved by his stupid 14" and yoloed the skullreapers without giving them a chance to strike back at all with the double attack also killing Stoker who was hiding behind them. 5+ rolls on MW back proved to be pretty unforgiving at times. Summoned Horrors were taking care of one of the reavers without any support, the other reavers got taken care of by Varghulf and the 6 Flayers. This is where the Axe proved extremely good and I believe it was the only reason I managed to get back. The 4+ hit on Flayers debuffed to 5+ proved to crucial and the damage output was also great, striking two Flayers units AND due to the big body also blocking one whole side of the BT so only two flayers could get in at time protected my BT from getting annihilated on the first turn. Lucky for me the 3 point objective jumped to middle, which was the only one I was controlling. Opponent won a double turn, returned two Flayers models I managed to kill with counterattacks and proceeded with the swift killing he was delivering on the round one. His 6+3 Flayers got in combat with Bloodsecrator, BT, one Slaughterpriest and Deathbringer. However both units had to be withing the Axe now and whiffed most of his attacks because of the -1 to hit, I believe each of the models suffered 1 wound exactly. His other 6 flayers+Varghulf from the bottom were trying to get to the BT from the otherside, however the Warriors were in the way so he had to deal with them first. And oh boy did they deliver being the Anvil of Khorne. The unit with Bronzed flesh whistaned all their double attack pummeling and managed to in return kill one with No Respite and another with classic attacks., due to the 3 rr1, 4, rr1 attacks with Goreaxes+Goretide just being so great. BT however whiffed his attack completely, proving the 4+ rr1 on hit is his biggest weakness. Deathbringer managed to deliver some beating, but the priest and secrator not much, in total killing and damaging 1 flayer in each unit. In my turn I managed to do some extra wounds with Blood boils and Axe, however I had all the units except of one Priest in combat so there was not so much moving. I decided to summon 3 Bloodcrushers to get them in the fight ASAP as there were only 3 warriors left, luckily they managed to charge and do 3 MW on the charge. I activated BT first and Carnage it was, rolled 2 6, dealing 8 MW to all three Flayers unit and Varghulf, leaving a model or two here and there, which were no issues clearing up with the rest of the force. Again, time was up due to army introductions again, victory points were a draw, but I won on killpoints as I killed all his 6+6+3 Flayers and Varghulf. Wont do my observations from this game and will just do all of them together: -Wraith-axe just proved to be super godly, deciding one game for me by itself, managed to summon it every game with the rerolls atleast once -Slaughterpriests, played one by the altar for rerolls on Judgements, one with Secrator due to Gore Pilgrims -Gore Pilgrims were fine, but I just thing Slaughterborn now will be much better, the extra 8" did not make a big difference as you still cant reach the other flanks -Altar rerolls are crucial, the -1 to cast will not have effect 90% of time due to it being in your deploy zone, heavily dependent on scenario being played -BT proved that he can be the big bad hammer we need even without any daemon support or synergy, having the key roll for me in all three games -Reavers are still bad, Goretide rr1 to wounds increase their damage output a little, but still nothing relevant and I will rather take Hounds next time -Never actually used the Goretide command ability, the only time I would have would be the 1st game vs Kharadron where there was fire realm, meaning I would be taking 2d3 MW on my warriors -Skullreapers are still great, whipped + killing frenzy makes them way too killy for 180pts, no longer need to get the skulls rolling to get the rerolls is just great and I will gladly sacriface it for the way they are now... the only thing I dont like is the loss of rend, I would rather have 4+/3+/-1/1 than 3+/3+/0/1 -Goretide+Goreaxes is just great on warriors, I will next time however try Gorefists, as I had no time to change them before the tournament this time -Deathbringer is great with gorecleave now, delivering some sneaky punishment, but is very squishy and I will probably not use him next time and will rather put Ghyrstrike on BT or something Sorry for the big wall of text, hopefully my observations will be helpful to some here who actually sees the potential in the new book.
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    +++ Mod Hat On +++ @Revan123 - Just a nudge but just remember that this forum is here for people to enjoy themselves and talk about the hobby. Having just gone through the last few posts you have added to the forum, it's quite clear you aren't happy with the new book and seem to be determined that others shouldn't be happy. Can you stop this now. There is nothing wrong with expressing that you aren't happy with it in a constructive way but there are limits to this. Continually going on about the same thing, isn't nice to read and will stop people visiting this topic. If you have nothing else to add, don't
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    Correct. Vince and I will do a live after-preview Warhammer Weekly where discuss all of the reveals. I anticipate we'll see a video on with some more info on Forbidden Power, probably with some shots of the new Endless Spells or any other models it comes with, as well a book cover shots for KO and Sylvaneth (alongside their new Shadespire models). For Warcry, I wonder if they might not have a bunch of demotables set up like they did with Shadespire a couple years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if they reveal 2 more of the Warbands as well. Oh, and we'll probably see our first real glimpse at Sisters of Battle models.
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    If you look closely you can also see that one reason there is such a high win rate is because there are not as many people playing those armies either compared to Stormcast and other more popular armies. LoN is kind of the only offshoot that has a great deal of players and the highest 5-0 wins. Idoneth and DoK were just about half as many or less as there were Stormcast players. The army is strong but it’s also greatly the skill of the players who are playing DoK and Idoneth. Though if we want to complain about pure win rates. LOOK AT PHOENIX TEMPLE. OMG IT’S GOT A 72% WINRATE!!! Someone nerf them fast. Even though I know for fact most of that was one guy playing it, if not all him. And that is the prime shut your mouth example right here. Those numbers only mean that is what the best general took for games.
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    Hi all ! Thank you very much for your comments, I'm glad to read them Today I would like to show you my entire unit of Stormbushes ended !! I'm happy with the final result. I hope you will like it too. But first, let me show you my last warrior completed : And now the family pictures : Hope you will like this unit Cheers !
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    Eh, I'd say "many" is stretching the truth quite a bit. I saw very few people stridently against or doubting a combined Skaven book, and Gloomspite was speculated to be a combined book well before it was announced. The only really surprise there was the Spiderfang, which wasn't that much of a stretch and still predicted by many people. A combined Dwarf tome just sounds like a cop-out, honestly. Fyreslayers and Kharadron are brand new armies with awesome models and very divergent concepts, not scattered remnants of old model ranges dying to be swept under the umbrella of much older models and less defined lore. It would also totally fail to address the actual needs of both armies. Fyreslayers need new models and more fleshed out lore almost more than they need a new battletome, Kharadron have a great model range and lore, and just need a complete book re-write. Also, a generic Dwarf hold terrain piece for Fyreslayer and Kharadron armies? And presumably equally generic endless spell equivalents for both instead of cool fire effects for Fyreslayers and high tech machines for KO? Meh. I won't say it's impossible, but I do think it's unlikely, and as someone who collects both Fyreslayers and KO savagely disappointing if true.
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