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    Skaventide Warscroll Changes All Clans Covered Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Presented here for you, by popular demand, is a total recap of the changed to all the Skaven scrolls laid out by Games Workshop. To the regular readers you will notice the Pestilens scrolls are in here despite already having been covered in a separate article. This is so anyone seeking a total guide doesn’t have to jump between the two. If you’re Pestilens supremacist or an enterprising Nurgle Maggotkin player perusing new options, go check out the separate article if you like. Now on to the meat of things. Masterclan Seeing a few significant changes to the head honchos, and most if not all of them good. Let’s get stuck in with the rulers of the Rat-Race. Grey Seer – increased to 120pts from 100 · Unique spell replaced with Wither, a powerful short range debuff. · Warpstone mechanic reworked to be more risk/reward. · Can cast 2 spells now. · Command ability has been removed. Finally the Grey Seer actually behaves like the erratic uber-caster he is meant to be. 2 spells is a great buff considering the Lore specifically for Grey Seers and the Warpstone mechanic is neat and thematic. Screaming Bell – Remained at 200pts · Confers battleshock immunity to nearby units. · Can’t move without being pushed now. · Same 2 spell buff as the Grey Seer on foot. · Peal of Doom reworked slightly. · Cracks Call range shortened. · Now has a 5+ ward save I was sold from the first point and this thing just gets better as you go down. Everything about the bell is neat and it’s thematic and most importantly, powerful. Verminlord Warpseer – Remained at 260pts · Doom Glaive damage is d3 instead of 3 but attacks 6 times instead of 4. · Now has a 5+ ward save. · Has the ability to accrue extra Command Points. · Command Ability now confers Battleshock Immunity. · Unique spell does d6 damage to target, rather than d3 or 3 to a flyer. · Received the new Verminlord bravery debuff effect. Another big winner, the Warpseer will find himself in a similar position to the Fungoid Cave Shaman, a powerful utility character that can farm command points and therefore get allied to everything that can take him ideally. Lord Skreech Vermining – Remained at 300pts · Same Doom Glaive change as Warpseer. · Thirteen Headed One mechanic reworked so all options are viable. · Now can cast 2 spells instead of one. · Verminlord bravery debuff effect added. · Thirteenth Dreaded Spell unchanged. My favorite Skaven character, Verminking received only a handful of changes specific to himself but they’re highly impactful. His access to 2 spells instead of 1 works well with his Knowledge of the Arcane rule to let him really lay the magical pain. Otherwise Skreech remains a reasonable option for Mixed Skaven, and a bit outclassed by the Warpseer for ally potential. Thanquol and Boneripper – Remained at 400pts · Warpflame mechanic changed to anti-horde focus. · Can mix and match whichever weapon options he wants per arm. · Command ability changed. · Received the Monster keyword. · Unique spell changed to anti-hero spell. · Arkhan the Black level casting buff from Staff of the Horned Rat. The cockroach of the Skaven clans, no amount of stepping on this little monster will ever keep him down. Thanquol emerges in the new book as one of the strongest named characters in the game with a swathe of devastating abilities that keep him strong in all phases of the game. Looking good, Prophet of the Horned One. Masterclan Verdict The Masterclan are looking fantastic after their changes. Im definitely convinced these guys are the undisputed masters of Blight City. There are two big Skaven players in NZ, myself and Mr Mitch Harty (twitter handle is bitch_party), and he’s always been a Thanquol man while I’ve been an adherent of Skreech Verminking. We both came out well from this but Mitch is definitely laughing his way to the bank. The Clans Verminus The soldiery of the rat clans, Verminus bring cheap chaff infantry and heavy hitting elites supported by small affordable leaders and the dread Verminlord Warbringer. Let’s dig in. Verminlord Warbringer – Decreased from 280pts to 260pts · Standard Doom Glaive change. · Verminlord bravery debuff added. · 5+ ward save added. · Punch Dagger has the chance to massively increase damage on a 6 to wound. · Receives combat bonuses for nearby rats rather than for charging. · Command ability is now wholly within. · Can now cast 2 spells. · Death Frenzy spell upgraded to target d3 units instead of just one. This guy saunters in and single-handedly makes Verminus Allegiance viable. We don’t even have the full picture and I can safely, SAFELY say this is a thing and this guy will lead it. Fantastic changes across the board that turn this lad from a brutal close combat sledgehammer to a powerful leader and support character… and a brutal close combat sledgehammer. Clawlord – Remains at 100pts (Renamed from Skaven Warlord) · Scurry Away mechanic replaces original retreat after fighting ability. · May only take the Warpforged weapon option now. · Command ability unchanged. Losing the other weapon options isn’t exactly a big deal as no one ran them anyway. Scurry Away isn’t as good as the old ability where he would fight then have a chance to run immediately after, but at least Scurry Away isn’t on a dice roll. In Verminus armies this guy can take a command trait along with every other Clawlord, so that should be quite interesting. Clanrats – Remains at 120/200pts · No longer receives combat buffs for being a large unit. · Shields now work against any damage rather than turning off against damage higher than 1. Changes to these guys are more in the Allegiance Abilities for the army than on their scroll. They still retreat and charge which is all anyone ever wanted from them anyway. Stay golden pony boy. Stormvermin – Remains at 140/500pts · Exact same shield change as Clanrats. · No longer get buffs for outnumbering their opponents. The changes to these are more in line with the fact that they are receiving so much else from the rest of the army with battleshock immunity, buffs to hit and wound and rerolls being thrown around hard and fast. Stormvermin are an expensive unit that require support to be good, but when they are supported there won’t be much this deadly utility unit can’t do. Clan Verminus Verdict A solid, well rounded series of warscrolls that are now believable as their own real, tactical force rather than just that time I took 1600pts of Clanrats and Warlords with 2 Screaming Bells allied to cheese a local store event. I look forward to seeing people crying on twitter as they realize how much detail their 89th Stormvermin actually has on the model. The Clans Pestilens My once and future army. My hard-cover Pestilens battletome was bought a week after their release, and it’s no secret my desire to play and win the army borders on the fanatical and unhealthy. I’ve annoyed many a person with constant deranged rants about why its fair the Plague Monk warscroll has more words than the Old Testament and I feel not just qualified but entitled to review and break down this section of the clans. Verminlord Corruptor – Increased to 260pts from 220pts · Unique Spell changed so that it does more damage, but no longer spreads. · Plaguereapers don’t reroll all their hits anymore but inflict mortal wounds on unmodified 6s to hit. · Plaguemaster now does AoE mortals around the Verminlord rather than tick off creatures that have already been hurt by it. · Received a 5+ ward save. · Received a passive bravery debuff to nearby enemies. · Command ability now grants rerolls rather than additional attacks. Big Cheese himself came out looking pretty good. Can’t help but feel that Plaguereaper change will have an FAQ saying he can’t take the Sword of Judgement on top of that ability so goodbye to that. His prior weaknesses (no rend, terrible survivability) have been fixed, and his strengths (two casts, high attack volume) made it through unscathed. Good changes, though I will miss his old unique spell even if it wasn’t exactly good. Plague Furnace – Remained at 180pts · Altar of the Horned Rat now just makes anything wholly within 13 inches ignore Battleshock. · The wrecking ball does far more damage but is a single target instead of AoE now. · The Plague Monk crew actually have attacks now. · It has the same ward save as the Verminlord Corruptor. · It has keywords that prevent it from receiving Look Out Sir now. Good lord GW the Plague Furnace didn’t actually need to be stronger. Yeah it can’t benefit from look out sir anymore, but they give it mini Crown of Conquest and a ward save? Like what? This thing only got better. Thank the Horned Rat I have 4. Plague Priest (Both Variants) – Remained at 80pts · Tumbled into one warscroll. · Gained the attack profiles of both original priests. · The Plague Tome once per game activation is gone. · Pestilent Prayers are all reworked (addressed at the bottom of the post) This was always going to happen. Plague Tome + Wither was one of the strongest combos in the Chaos grand alliance, and people were starting to wake up to it. A shame that they had to change him, but it makes sense why they did. A small price to pay for the rest of the changes, as Iskandar Khayon said in Black Legion, a sacrifice is only a sacrifice if it diminishes the giver. Plague Monks – Remained at 70/240pts · All once per game effects removed from command options. · Improved Rend on 6s and rats doing damage when they die left untouched. · Banner now causes 6s to wound to do double damage. · Doom Gong now boosts running and charge rolls. · Rerolls for two swords is still here, as is +1 attack for charging. The meat and bones of the army. This one was always going to get changed due to it being a troop unit with more rules than Kairos Fateweaver. But the changes are for the good… or so it seems. All the changes are really strong and benefit the unit. HOWEVER the warscroll specifies 1 in 20 for it’s command options, which likely means the minimum unit size has been upped to 20. Squashes a few of my tactics and will mean some changes. I will however roll with these changes and no doubt actually be better off with them (ideally). Plague Censer Bearers – Remained at 60pts · Aura of damage effect is slightly better. · They receive bonuses for being near monks at a slightly larger range now. I expected nothing and wasn’t disappointed. I was terrified these guys would be the recipient of random buffing that meant I would need to convert another 20 ****** Stormvermin into these, thanks for actually having my back there GW. Plagueclaw Catapult – Remains at 160pts · Receives artillery bonuses if there is 10 or more models in the unit, instead of more than 10. · Does a bravery debuff to victims. I was afraid this thing would get worse not because I use it (I have 3 fully panted to a high standard and they sit in a drawer somewhere) but because I’ve already ragged on it so hard, I wasn’t sure how I would somehow step that up. Pleased to say… that won’t be necessary. It’s slightly better. Changes to Pestilent Prayers and Noxious Prayers The original prayers on the warscrolls of the Plague Priest and Plague Furnace are now gone. They’ve been replaced with new effects that are fundamentally different with bizarre names. · Disease-Disease! (Formerly Wither): So instead of making it easier to wound the victim ala Wither, this is ow the Gaunt Summoner unique spell on a 6. Boo hiss. · Pestilence-Pestilence! (Formerly Plague Breath): It’s the same as before but the bubble is 3” not 2”. It also doesn’t affect Pestilens units, rather than Nurgle units. Neat. · Filth-Filth (Formerly Bless with Filth): Thank Christ it’s still the same. No changes here, and what a boon that is. · Rabid-Rabid! (Formerly Rabid Fever): Add 1 to the attacks of something nearby. So this is where they shoved the Verminlord command ability. I’ll forever miss the old one of this, my monks fighting after death is a MASSIVE part of my army’s reputation in NZ due to me taking 2 Furnaces and making sure it was always active. Pouring one out for you my lad. Clan Pestilens Verdict With widespread buffs to everything in the army and very few points increases, none of which could be called unjustified, Clan Pestilens is shaping up as the big winner of the clans so far. Saddle up lads, I will be your captain for this journey and the destination is, indeed, the podium. The Clans Skryre Blegh, really wanted to not do this one because of the sheer amount of reading and writing involved. I’ll save you some reading if you’re just here for Stormfiends: Yes, they got nerfed and no, nobody has any sympathy. Arch Warlock – Increased to 160pts from 140pts · Warpflame Gauntlet hits on a 2+ rather than being auto hit. · Can increase the damage of his melee weapon and spell at a risk. This could have gone a lot worse for Skryre players given the popularity of this lad. He’s still an excellent caster and his ability to take risk death to churn more damage is purely optional so really he plays the same as he did before. Also Skryre have their own whole table of spells for this guy to reap. 20pts isn’t much of an increase considering that. Warlock Engineer – Remained at 100pts · Slight rework to risk/reward spell mechanic. Almost entirely the same guy. As ever the devil is in the details and the devil here is Skryre’s new warp lore table. It will be interesting to see if other clans take him purely for that given his affordability. Stormfiends – Decreased from 290pts to 260pts · Can now only take squads of mixed weapons, what the box provides. · Warpflame reworked, see Thanquol and Boneripper. · 6+ triggers are now Unmodified 6 triggers. Damn Games Workshop, I’m not even sure if this was necessary. You could have just changed how warpflame works so a unit of only warpflame wouldn’t be hilariously devastating but sadly, new warpflame on a whole unit of these would be blatantly unfair. I’m hoping this leads to greater variety and interaction with Clan Skryre, but it will be a shame if people hang up their fiends for other options. Skryre Acolytes · Can run and shoot now. · Can’t shoot things they can’t see anymore. You were worthless cheap Skryre battleline before Acolytes and that is EXACTLY where you will remain unless the Skryre Battalion brings you fresh spice. No one would take these in mixed Skaven over Gutter Runners, and no one would play Skryre just to have these as battleline. Hopefully you catch this hard pass better than you throw globes. The Weapon Teams (Doomflayer 60pts, Warpgrinder 80pts, Warpflame 70pts, Ratling Gun 80pts) · All overload mechanics guarantee the death of the unit after its attacks are resolved now. · The drill comes up whenever you want but can inflict mortal wounds on the units tunnelling up. · Warpflamer changed to be in line with other warpflame weapons. The only one of these that will see any use outside of being mandatory for battalions is the drill, which now is a lot better given the risk of my 500pt unit of Stormvermin simply never surfacing isn’t a thing anymore. Warp Lightning Cannon – Remains at 180pts · Can double the dice for shooting at the risk of blowing the weapon up. · Now has 8 wounds instead of 6. Being able to choose to double the dice to fire the cannon is pretty awesome, even with the risk it entails. Just remember you have to choose to do it before rolling the power dice… pray you don’t roll a 6. Doomwheel – Increased from 120pts to 160pts · Can double it’s shooting attack at a risk. · Hurts every unit it roams over rather than just one. · Still a chance the enemy can move it instead of you. Look GW you made it better but you didn’t make it 40pts better. I was sold till I saw it can still run over and kill my own things on a bad dice roll and no matter how Skaven that may be, it gets a pass. Warplock Jezzails – Remained at 140pts · 6+ is now Unmodified 6 to hit. No real changes. Convert some up and drop them out a Gnawhole into shooting range. Not much else to say, they’re still good and they will see use. Clans Skryre Verdict Wow Skryre, you are tonight’s biggest loser. All I see here is a faction better suited to being allied than ran by itself. Acolytes are trash, Stormfiends require (shudder) actual skill now rather than just a silly battalion and some dice rolls and the weapon teams will just straight up disappear with one turn of bad luck. The only thing that can salvage this is a solid Allegiance ability and their spell lore to be really good. It’s thematic, but don’t expect pure Skryre on the top tables anymore. The Clans Moulder Ah Moulder, I’ve been looking forward to this. Every Skaven player (and every Skaven player reading this knows this to be true) wants Moulder to be good. And wit an Allegiance ability of their own and a new Battalion, this may not be far from the truth. Let’s see how they fare. Master Moulder – 100pts (New Warscroll) · Whole new unit. · Has the Packmaster whip ability. · Has a command ability that summons destroyed Moulder units to the table. · Powerful range of attacks. Games Workshop you magnificent ******. This with the Packmaster change is exactly what Moulder needed. A powerful support hero that can hold his own with a command ability tailored the clan he belongs to. 10/10, great work. Packmasters – Remained at 60pts, now per Packmaster due to being a unit. · Can now be taken in groups of up to 3. · Same whip effect as the Master Moulder. · Lost a few weapon options. Packmasters now come in… packs? Neat and fun, I like it. A neat and expendable option to roam the table following Ogors and Abominations while the Master Moulder does Master Moulder things. Rat Ogors – Remained at 100pts · 6+ changed to unmodified 6 to hit. · Attacks generate additional hits rather than additional attacks. Nothing significant changed, just rules tweaks for consistency. Hopefully see more use with buffs and their own allegiance rules. If I catch anyone taking these because they have a shooting attack their house is getting shot with a Plagueclaw. Giant Rats – Remained at 60/200pts · Horde bonus now increases weapon range rather than attack bonus. This change makes sense and it’s thematic, and I suppose it’s a good thing that we won’t be seeing Moulder armies with nothing but Giant Rats. That being said, they were always a quiet favourite of mine though I rarely if ever ran them. I see them still seeing a lot of use as an annoying battleshock immune objective camper. Rat Swarms – Decreased to 60pts from 110pts · Rules updated to be similar to restoring dead models to a unit. Was cutting the cost of this unit so dramatically potentially a disaster that will see Moulder players catapulting to the top tables as they drown us in 40mm bases covered in plastic rats they bought from their local Pestilens player? God I hope so. Hell-Pit Abomination – Remained at 220pts · Avalanche of Flesh attack similar to Slaanesh Chariots impact but has a 3” range over their 1” · Warpstone Spikes enable the model to have a chance to straight up ignore magic. Solid changes to a severely underutilized unit. A powerful centrepiece of any Moulder army, I will be shocked if there isn’t at least one in all the Moulder lists to come. Clans Moudler Verdict Damn Moudler, they tweak a few of your scrolls and give you one character and suddenly you’re a real army that poses a real threat. We haven’t even seen their allegiance abilities yet. We will watch your career with great interest, Moulder players. The Clans Eshin The sneakiest come last as ever, but no one will call them the least of the lot once they’ve read these changes. Verminlord Deceiver – Remained at 300pts · 5+ ward save added. · Verminlord bravery debuff added. · Can cast 2 spells instead of 1. · Skitterleap is no longer a global teleport and can’t target models with more than 12 wounds. Necessary changes. Deceiver enthusiasts should just be grateful they came out without a point increase. Further increased survivability ensures that this master assassin continues to do what he does best, assassinate. Deathmaster – Remained at 100pts (Renamed from Skaven Assassin) · Throwing stars pop into multiple hits on 6s. · Has a LOT more attacks with Fighting Claws. Largely the same old boy by a different name. He does his job a little better now and with so many attacks with his Fighting Claws, the smart Eshin player will close this guide and start digging through the Realm Artefacts. I recommend starting with Ulgu… Gutter Runners – Remained at 60/200pts · Throwing stars pop into multiple hits on 6s. They remain the once and future premium ally choice as far as Skaven units go. No changes made, no changes necessary. Stay awesome. Night Runners – Decreased from 100pts to 80/280pts · Throwing stars pop into multiple hits on 6s. · They make a 2d6 move now after deployment rather than just a free move. Same as Gutter Runners, the only change necessary was to stop them moving 20+ inches turn one. Otherwise they’re still what they were before, a niche option but a good one. Clans Eshin Verdict Without knowing the Allegiance Abilities of Clan Eshin I’d call these the least stand-alone army with no specific spell lore. They’re niche, but I may yet be proven wrong when the rules are shown. Jesus that was a lot of typing. Tell me your thoughts, yell at me, whine that Acolytes aren’t that bad (they are that bad, shut up). All feedback is welcome as always.
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    Hey there, Iam going to start this thread posting my progress on painting and building an dark wood elf army and some other minis just to learn or variety. While being in the hobby for about 4 years iam more the painter than player and realy like the artistic part of it. So for my "project", it will be longterm due to not having that much time and the time i spent converting and painting single miniatutes. So i start the thread with the first finished mini and one which is ready to prime. Hang on. Wildhunter and an pathfinder The next pictures will be the bday present to my gf. One of the first more showcase models i painted. Dave
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    Hello everybody, Big day for me today because I have decided to post my starting army on this forum after looking all of yours for long time. I hope you will like my work, I saw fantastic miniatures on this forum and I hope mine will be at the level. Please forgive my english, it's not my native language My army took place in the city of Azhya, Realm of Ghyran, the idea was to make some stormcasts mutated by the magic winds of the realm of life after their numerous resurrections, I'm still WIP on some miniatures and this is just the start. Here they are : And a group picture with bases remaded for my branchwych and my champion : Hope you will like them !! Bye for now ! I will be bacq
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    Pretty much finished this guy. Ran out of ink in my micron pen for the tattoos RIP. Also pics aren't the best sorry Let me know what you think: My converted butcher with cauldron. He likes to kill big beasties as tribute to the Great Maw using his knives and his trusty hooks and chains.
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    you have two different poses in the box (head up and head down). for my 3rd one I rearranged it a bit on a scenery piece, not so hard to do with a bit green stuff.
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    At the LVO the Big community survey 2019 was also announced. What we like, don't like, want... No different to us here 24/7! I got thinking about what I'd put down, depending on how the questions are laid out obviously. Overall I'm happy with what GW is doing, and the way we're having it fed to us, and I like the fact that they're listening to us as a community - sisters of battle etc. Sure their prices are quite salty, but as long as people pay them nothing will change there, and I can see that they're trying to expand out collections by making the combined faction vs faction boxes more common. I'm not a 40k player but I do have 40k models so couldn't really comment on that side of things. My AoS feedback though would be : 1) NEUTRAL (WISHLIST) Tie up the loose ends, bring everything into the fold - it would help not just my factions but all factions I'd like to see them take disposessed , free people and all the factions which still have a heavy foot in the old world and bring them fully into the Age of Sigmar, over and above feeding the new stuff for a while. Then we're all on the same playing field. They've binned off what they don't want - brets, Tomb Kings, so just tidy up the rest and close the door on the past. We've had it with the old Vampire counts armies split into its various undead, Beasts have got it after decades of patience, Slaves are going to get it soon, but I do feel for all those who stand in a position where they've not got something to call their own outside a grand alliance book. It would also give GW the chance to clean up house - remove finecast model lines and ancient sculpts. Everything released in 8th ed was sculpted with an AoS aesthetic so there is or was something on the cards i'm sure. 2) DISLIKE (NEGATIVE) I'm fed up of paying for everything twice - especially as I go and buy from my local GW store out of choice (for US players its a bit more difficult I know) So... I buy my GHB, and Blades of Khorne and Stormcast battletomes. Within Azyr I have no way of unlocking anything to do with any of them unless I buy the digital versions. So... I buy the digital versions and pay for it all again. I like my books, and would never by digital over a paper copy out of choice. I also choose to give GW full RRP rather than go independent and win myself 25 percent off - I use the store, I hang out there, play there - it's my way of paying for all that. Maybe if you bought in a GW store the till receipt could have a scannable code which unlocked the full digital version in the app - a way of saying thanks for buying full retail. OR - Could the books not have either a unique scannable code on them (dooable in the same way that limited edition numbers are printed onto the run) that unlocks the essentials within the Azyr App. Its then forever tied to your google or apple account, and has only one use, so on selling or trading the book on, the next guy doesn't get the benefit. In either example, a one hit thank you for buying the product new. 3) LIKE (POSITIVE) The new way of delivering story arcs and narrative content I thought that Malign Portents really took the AoS story line delivery out of the park. I loved the way it was done with the vignettes and short stories. More please. I think we have one over on the Vigilus campaign as our short stories led up all the way to the release of malign Portents. I hope that this new story arc coming will be just as good. over to you guys
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    Wishlist: 1) Bretonnians to be brought into AOS. 2) Dispossessed - Miners brought back with new models and rune golems. 3) Everything covered with a battletome including a Free Cities battletome. Negative: 1) Rules for various things spread across too many books. 2) Stormcast getting too much focus. Positive: 1) Community. 2) The new models on the whole look incredible. 3) Price in the UK is good value for money with the exception of the books.
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    Let's imagine they finish up with all the soup-tomes we think they will do. Enough of the product line, past and present, is covered to make the crumbs without tomes largely irrelevant. Will we still need Grand Alliances, even at a conceptual level? When every model belongs to a faction that can form a full army, and all allies are limited by faction keyword (unless you're doing Open or Narrative, but then you don't need composition rules anyway), what functions do Order or Destruction or Death or even Chaos serve? It's not particularly a lore role that these terms fill - Skaven and Grots have more in common than Dispossessed and Daughters of Khaine do. There is a lot of handwaving required to justify all the Order factions lumping together. "Legions of Nagash" is a particular lore-based group. "Death" is not. "Waaagh! Gordrakk" is a lore-based group. "Destruction" is not. Chaos would be the exception to this, of course, but even then all you'd really need are Chaos and Not-Chaos teams. It's not an army composition role - if you're making a Fyreslayers army, Maggotkin of Nurgle and Idoneth Deepkin are equally inaccessible to you as allies, unrelated to any GA keyword. There are a handful of easily updatable gameplay interactions (bonuses or penalties tied to particular GA keywords). I think that by 2020, the grand alliance keywords will be vestigial remnants, remaining on warscrolls simply because of inertia.
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    Yeah, he ran ghoul patrol here, but he also saw success earlier with different builds too. And I wouldn't say that he got lucky on opponents, because he faced a real mix of different armies to get to the top, including last year's winner. Between his results so far, and previous results, I feel it is safe to say that bill is a very skilled player getting the most out of a list he is quite familiar with.
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    In the meantime @Bill_S brought even more glory to FEC Wondering if there were any changes to the list?
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    It is dumb as rocks and while I'll work around it, I am not going to be reconciled to it any time soon. It should have been Clanrats as generic battleline, and then a Plague Priest (is there a higher level for Pestilens? I don't pay much attention to the sickos) unlocks Plague Monks; Arch Warlock unlocks Acolytes and/or Stormfriends; Deathrunner (RIP) unlocks Gutter Runners; Master Moulder unlocks Rat Ogors; Clawlord unlocks Stormvermin. Someone at GW has a head injury.
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    Besides Battlemasters, I actually started playing 40k in a very AoS-like fashion after I bought an old boardgame called Tyranid Attack when I was probably 10 years old. My best friend and I used the boardgame profiles for the minis in the game (changing the grid measurements to inches) and added in the stats for alternate forces in the back of the book where the marine player could swap out some of their scouts for Space Marines or Terminators. Then we just plonked the models on a table with some homemade terrain and had fun battles that were not in the least balanced, and the armies started getting larger as I ventured into buying the blisterpack metals. Used to do the same thing with Fantasy as a skirmish game by taking individual models from their Battle Masters unit trays and slotting them into spare bases, using HeroQuest dice, rules and stats (homemade when necessary) to field small warbands amongst model trees and terrain made from my father's train-set making materials. I fondly remember the fuse-lighter from the Great Cannon being used as my awesome Wizard, lol. Not my paintjob, but this figure:
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    As above my main suggestion would be to partition the store into Sigmar and Legends now, with any models not being carried forward ported into legends so people know there is limited time to get them before they are dropped and no longer supported
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    I think for me it would be: 1) Wishlist Exactly the same as you. I'd love to see everything in the game covered with a battletome. Additionally, I'd like everything battletome to have a proper Japanese version (I live in Japan). A lot of people at my local store want to play with factions but since they have no Japanese rules give up and just stick with what they already know (reducing army variety). People don't mind working their way slowly through and translating one book but more than one and they don't have the time. The new books have all be in Japanese too so i hope this continues. 2) dislike The limbo of support many units still exist in. I'm currently thinking of picking up some of the older models for a living city but given that they seemingly have no support and given gitmobz recent removal from the game I'm not sure I want to drop the money on them. A simple announcement of which models they are planning continued support for even if that support doesn't come for another 5 years or so would be great. Also, a bit related to that the sheer number of models still boxes with square bases. It's been long enough since fantasy battle ended and I honestly think it's incredibly insulting for them to continue selling boxes with the wrong parts that they expect us to pay extra for. Even if it's simply a case of "when you buy a box with square bases you get a bag of the correct number of round bases" I'd be happy. 3) Like Like you I loved Malign Portents short stories. I was so sad when they ended and would love to get something similar back. I'm also loving the conversion ideas they have had on Warhammer TV a s white dwarf recently. As someone with little conversion experience they are great for giving me ideas (I'd had never though of using the head of an axe as the crest on a helmet for tzeentchian knights for example)
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    The WLC has a flat save of 4+ now though, right? So it's a win overall. On-on with Acolytes. 15 so far... not sure how many more Stormvermin and Admech bits I have to make more! Need more gasmasks and backpacks and ghoul arms...
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    No, each grand alliance has an established identity, This is not going to change anytime soon. Destruction is Gorkamorka's alliance. Order builds civilzation and opposes Chaos( Death and Destruction), Chaos serve the dark gods and death is Nagash. You also don't seem to know much about the lore if you think Legions of Azorgh with Ironjaws would be Tier 1. You seem to be stuck in the old world.
  18. 3 points
    Back end of 4th, heavy into it from 5th through to the start of 7, as well as 6th Warhammer which I think was by far the best balance between character/games/models there has been I also played quite a bit of Mordheim, Warmaster (probably the best ruleset GW produced but sadly quite niche) and Fellowship of the Ring which had excellent skirmish rules not dissimilar to AOS. At around 7th GW seemed to lose a lot of its friendly neighbourhood hobbyist vibe and White Dwarf became a catalogue and I dropped out until AOS 1.5 or so. It was actually the things like Duncan’s vids, a return to Boardgames and more of a hobby focus in general that got me back in. I feel as though GW is probably in as good a place as it was when I started at this stage. I find the constant demands to make AOS something it isn’t, either a hyper competitive “balanced” system, or something in which all factions are equally treated as each other to be incredibly odd, as it is the asstmetrical character and tone and focus on narrative which has allowed GW to develop such a powerful and popular brand over the years and prevented it from becoming an also-ran or bankrupt. Many things have changed in the 20+ years I’ve followed Warhammer but the single consistent aspect has always been that Warhammer is a World first, and the models are simply a system of simulating the stories and protagonists within it. If you look at countless other fantasy offerings this is easily proven, plenty strive for more competitive or balanced or better rules systems but without the heart of Warhammer lore and models they don’t go anywhere. If Warhammer/AOS was just half assed Rat men and Evil Knights and vanilla Goblins etc who play well on the table but have no character it would have died a decade ago. Careful what you wish for.
  19. 3 points
    My wish (besides rules being good) is that Warcry starter box would be about the same kind of deal for terrain as the Kill Team starter. 😍
  20. 2 points
    Hi, I keep getting my AoS (see what I did there?) handed to me when playing against a local Sylvaneth player. The last couple of games he deployed his woods either on or right next to objectives. I lost first turn because of the battalion he plays, and once I got to my turn I was looking into the barrel of two wyldwoods on two different objectives. How would you handle an opponent thats firmly dug in and you have to fight him on his terms? In a 1k match he brought: Branchwraith Treelord Anchient Drycha Hamadreth Branchwych Tree revenants Dryads I'd like to know what you guys would bring to the table and how you'd counter the list
  21. 2 points
    Positives: The sculpts over the last two years have been gorgeous, now if only any of the armies I played got any (holding out hope for slaanesh if the new fiends are anything to go by) Retrofitting old armies (while khorne wouldn't have been so early on my list, it gives me hope) Lore galore, gimme more of this good ******! Free rules and warscrolls is a great move and i hope this is something that comes to 40k, throw in apps like battlescribe and then most players with less money to throw around can get in for the price of a few start collecting boxes. Neutral: Bit of a personal gripe but I feel there is a lack of named characters in the game, many armies don't have any while others lack affordable ones. Stormcast marine mentality, this isn't a negative yet but they are going the way of space marines with oversaturation, many models are falling out of use with SCE players I've spoken to and we'll end up with an army that makes up a massive amount of the player base like space marines do in 40k (if you count "variant" armies like space wolves and blood angels that have separate books) Release scheduling, we've had the darkoath warqueen for what? well over a year almost 2 now? And still no darkoath over the horizon, gloomspite also had a long wait but at least they got there due. I won't complain about cool new stuff but pulling left field releases like a khorne rework while Slaves to darkness players have been waiting for something promised a year ago just kinda stings. On the 40k side I play tau and emps children, and while i understand tau not getting any love, they're fine as is, we've certainly been left waiting on world eaters and emps children considering the precedent set by the thousand sons and deathguard codexes (here's hoping vigilus brings us some love) We could use more of the over the top AoS stuff, we've gotten a lot of cool stuff and I would like to see more things that can thrive in AoS that wouldn't have made it in WFB. Negatives: Pricing models and sales tactics, this may be the personal gripe of a broke college student but every army getting terrain and endless spells feels like scalping. While endless spells are optional, there is no benefit or alternative to not taking terrain, which means you have to shill out for one more kit if not multiple in the cases of some armies just to play. And these terrain pieces having such specific base shapes means it's a nightmare to proxy them if you want to be cheap or don't like the official sculpt. Low cost effective kits, many kits and box sets don't give you your moneys worth. The KO start collecting is a good example as it includes no battleline and the arkanaut box runs at around $50 CAD so that's a $150 investment just to meet the minimum battleline requirements. This can also be connected to my first point but I feel the cost of models like the Darkoath warqueen to be overpriced for a model with the size and stat profile of most $20 heroes, i can understand god-tier models like nagash and alariel being as pricey as they are but boxes like fulminators cost way too much and don't come bundled in a start collecting. And sigmar help the wallets of DoK and ID players who have no start collecting. Thankfully I play LoN and can get a mortarch, skeles and black knights for the cost of a singular mortarch. A lot of armies are stuck in limbo still and while this year seems to be the year those armies get rescued, while this is contradictory to one of my positive points I feel a little more could have been done to help older WFB armies than give SCE or Khorne even more stuff. Balance issues, while balance might not be GW's first priority, some units like the celestar ballista see a lot of overuse due to incredible cost efficiency and reliability. While every army should have staple units, those units shouldn't be able to reliably hit well above their weight in points... Rules and supplement swamp, we need an app that consistently updates with rules changes, FAQ's and supplements, I know GW wants to profit off of books but having rules spread across so many books, warscrolls and FAQ's is a problem. If an app existed that let you confirm physical purchases so that you could have a digital copy that was up to date with FAQ's as well as a free copy of the core rules and commonly used supplements like realms then things would be easier for everyone. I still don't know most of the realms spells and other stuff because I don't own the books, thankfully I've got friends with copies and my local tournaments provide printouts of every realm and FAQ being used.
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    I run the ardfist. You will never have 30 die and be ready to come back. I run 5x10. The most I ever got back is three units. It's not good if you can't get your warchanter to the other side of the board. The only map I had success on is starstrike. It is also good in the realm of shadow where you can bring the warchanter to the other side of the board before bringing the units back.
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    The following have all currently have up to date (AoS 2.0) books but don’t expect huge amounts of new models for them in the immediate future... DEATH Legions of Nagash Nighthaunt Flesh Eater Courts CHAOS Maggotkin of Nurgle Skaventide Beast of Chaos Blades of Khorne (new book announced coming soon) ORDER Stormcast Idoneth Deepkin Daughters of Khaine DESTRUCTION Gloomspite Gitz ——————————————— I think it’s almost certain the following will get new books this year or next at latest, at the very least they are ‘safe’... unless it’s a major release when they get their new books you might get new spells, terrain, a hero or two but their core model ranges exist. CHAOS Disciples of Tzeentch Something of Slaanesh (this will possibly a big release later this or next year with new models) Everchosen/Slaves to Darkness/Darkoath (again will probably be a big release with new models). DESTRUCTION Ironjawz Beastclaw Raiders/Ogors (possibly separate books but may get rolled together) ORDER Sylvaneth Kharadon Overlords Fyreslayers (possibly rolled in with Dispossessed) Seraphon ———————————— of the remaining I think Bonesplitterz are prob safe (worst case they get folded into some kind of combined Orruk army with Ironjawz). It’s the order ones are where it gets tricky. its generally assumed there will be 2 brand new Aelf armies released at some point in the next year or 2. the existing Aelf ones will either get folded into those or just as likely folded into some grand ‘Free Cities’ book with some combination of the Ironweld, Free Peoples, maybe some Duardin. So just tread carefully there. we’ll also probably get something random and vaguely unexpected (something for death maybe either an expanded Soulblight or DeathRattle or Deathwalkers) and something totally out of the blue. in terms of what is competitive though I’m sure others will be able to advise and it does change but LoN and DoK currently seem to be the beat sticks but this will change.
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    It's really poor design that you can't get clanrats as allies in skryre.
  25. 2 points
    DoK get on well with Stormcast mostly because DoK not only share a deep seated hatred of Chaos that boarders on fanatical, but that they are also very capable warriors. Also whilst they do a lot of killing its important to note that Khaines teachings do contain rules and restrictions on killing (although I believe Morathi has under-played these a little). So they are not quite the same as Khorne who is into killing anything that moves. DoK are rather caught up in the concept of survival of the fittest in its most basic and crude form - strong survive weak die/serve. So whilst Khorne might sweep in and slaughter whole villages for no reason, DoK would rather fight warriors. Of course in combat they get a bit hazy on who is and isn't a foe - there's a great short in the codex of a warrior noting his respect in battle only before a Witch Aelf turns and kills him. The Witch is both lost in bloodlust but also seeing that the enemy were not skilled nor strong enough so she turned on the next nearest target .
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    And the game will be called, wack the the rat😂” Edit: you know what I find funny. The Screaming bell seems to be still able to get onto a Balewindvortex. jai, Skaven even surpass Tzeentch in magic now!😂
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    I think about this a lot actually. Going into day 3 of LVO there are 2 SCE in the top 8. One army has 2 units of 5 Liberators in the battle line. The other player has stardrake, 2 units of 5 judicators and one unit of 5 liberators.
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    Order is actually much like a real world alliance than is typical to see in many fantasies. It's actually a very modern and mature take on fantasy alliances because you've got forces in there who really don't like each other or who have vastly different ideals and world views. You've even got some who hunt other order members (Idoneth). So you've got a lot of contention and not a perfect "we are good lets go do good stuff". It's more a "Here we are those who will build civilizations standing against the tides of death, chaos and destruction who would see all we build crumble into dust." It's like how in WW2 the Allies had the Soviets on their side against the ******. The Soviets had a vastly different world view, were not the nice happy allies and near the end of the war Allies were making alliances with German units and groups in a bid to resist a massive potential Soviet invasion push. Honestly if GW matures this setting as they are doing it could really become quite a powerful icon of lore and fantasy writing for a new age.
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    So I've just started a Path To Glory with several other players: it takes place in the Unhallowed Wastes of Ghyran, a rare section of tundra in the realm of life. There are about 8 warbands: Khorne- Chaos Lord on manticore, wrathmongers, chariot Tzeentch- Shaman, 20 tzaangors, 20 kairic, 3 enlightened Nighthaunt- Wight king, hexwraiths, cairn wraith, spirit hosts, 2 GP Beastclaw- Frostlord' LoN- Mannfred, dire wolves, varghiests LoS- Vhordrai, necromancer, skellies Spiderfang- Arachnorok, spider riders X20 StD- DP, warriors, sorcerer, 1 GP Mark o' Slaanesh Will post videos on youtube + here, tell us what you think, and i will introduce the narrative for each warband later S133arcaanite
  30. 2 points
    The Facehammer podcast had the same interpretation. All units need to be of the same clan in order to have the clan-specific battlelines. The only exception is the general, that can be Masterclan without breaking the battlelines. But actually, I don't think it makes such a difference... If you want Skryre with screen, you would have taken 40 clanrats (200pts) or 80 (400pts) as allies. Now if you still want screen, you can take 3*20 (360pts) or 40+2*20 (440pts) clanrats, go Skaventide, and still benefit from all the Skryre "allegiance" traits artifacts and else. Plus any other clan you fancy If you don't want this much screen, then unfortunately you don't have anything except acolytes or endless spells.
  31. 2 points
    Sorry for the page 1 necromancy, but I think people regularly make a lot of overly-strong statements in SCE threads that just don't bear out in reality. For example, the guy who came 33rd out of 200 (or whatever) at CanCon used 15 Libs and 2 units of Paladins in his list. He was one of the top 5 SCE Players at CanCon. He's not a national Master or anything either...
  32. 2 points
    You can tell by the way their skulls evaporate into blueish gas upon death. Useless.
  33. 2 points
    I like the look of a mixed death army, composed of all sorts of horrors of the night, led by a Vampire Count. For me its all aesthetics and theming.
  34. 2 points
    The heart of the current Stormcast power are the Sequitors and Evocators, so the fact that your list leans heavily on them means you should be just fine in most games. All your other pieces are pretty solid choices that see common play and should serve you well going forward. Overall a great start and welcome back to the hobby.
  35. 2 points
    hmm.. black hunger (ghoul king, cast:5) and ferocious hunger (archregent, cast:6) combined gives a unit +2-4 Attack characterisic until next hero phase +feeding frenzy melee mayhem.. 20 ghouls with bh & fh and ff will make 162 attack rolls (min) 202 attack rolls (avg) 242 attack rolls (max) 😲
  36. 2 points
    https://pastebin.com/JR869SLP I got tired of waiting for a writeup, this should have everything that isn't already on GW's site or in here (Points and model warscrolls)
  37. 2 points
    Exactly! Correcting my self though I can see that we can reach -3 BUT it require enemy target unit to: 1. be within 6” of a nighthaunt. 2. Target enemy unit has bern hit by the suffercating gravetide. 3. Target unit is within 6” of a Purple Sun. This is very unstable and highly unlikely sitation so banshees remain benched. I would have thought that ghosts was suppose to be scary. You know things that go bump in the night. Even Nurgle can easily build a -4 bravery debuff not counting the extra debuffs for the mentioned endless spells.
  38. 2 points
    Nice choice... the question is not easily answered. I‘m totally not into bedsheets, denying their existence since '93. Nagash or Vampires and with the beginning of AoS I got some troubles with reality checks, starting a FEC army. Totally your personal preference problem from a fluff/looks/traits perspective. Talking power levels, LoN all day every day. Not really sure what the new FEC book brings filthy cheese wise, but nothing obviously abuseable to my knowledge.
  39. 2 points
    There's always gain and loss with a tome/codex update. Sometimes its good to let the dust settle and see how things pan out. Might be that there's good reasons for these changes or that there are options you've not yet considered. Heck it might be that after mass playtesting GW could even be convinced to FAQ/Errata a change into the tome to "fix" the issue if it proves to be major enough (they are far more reactive to such things today).
  40. 2 points
    area denial : asingle 40mm base create a area of interdiction of 8" your opponent can't cross except if he fly or charge. Just run 3" in front og a big blob and look it having to take the other way around because of your single gryph-hound. If he charge your gryph hound, he will have to attack it first. If he doesnt.. the gryph-hound can attack, retreat in front of the ennemy unit but outside its reach. Rince and repeat. Or charge the edge of a blob while another big unit charge somewhere else, making pile-in more difficult. It make another very big area denial against deepstrike. Very cool in games where you don't have to "waste" a unit staying behind to prevent deepstrike in your a**. In low-points game, he is very useful for his big move+charge+move after attack. He can quickly flank the ennemy army, and your opponent may not always have enough units to use one to chase your gryph hound. And if he dedicate one to this, it's still a whole unit who had to go in the outsides of the board to chase a free model. If your opponent don't chase the gryph hound, he can grab or contest an objective. His single base also mean that few models can attack him, so his survival is better than it look. And, of course, near a gunline, he can scare some deepstrikes. Of course, against shooting, he is usually shot off before doing anything good. But against full melee army, he can be a real pain. I ended up 5th of a 1000 pts tournament with a weak list (no sacrosanct, only liberators, protectors, a castellant and a veritant) thanks only to the two gryph hound who are an enormous pain to deal with.
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    I think so too, I think it's save to say that the units from Wrath and Rapture will stay the same, as the set will still be sold when the BoK book is out. I hope Karanak gets a discount but wouldn't count on it. In addition I think that those Khorne Judgements could be anything haha. Ah yes, but they arn't a real army, just suits Beep boop
  42. 2 points
    Hamilcar: Champion of Chaos is out! https://www.blacklibrary.com/new-titles/featured/champion-of-chaos-ebook-cs-2018.html
  43. 2 points
    Detailed Flesh-Eater Courts and Skaven battletome video reviews for anyone so inclined:
  44. 2 points
    Upto five Weld Guard posed (two pending axe heads I'm waiting on to finish off the Halberds)
  45. 2 points
    I will straight up say that generally speaking I detest ally systems in most wargames because its often bolted on and tends to end up a mess. GW has actually done, what I think, is phenomenally well with AoS 2.0 in terms of allies and the Grand Alliance structure. I'm serious its really well thought out now in that you can run a Grand Alliance army or you can run with your ally block and yet still pure armies are dominating and viable. It's managed to allow a blending of a lot of factions through the lore without it breaking the gameplay nor army identity. It honestly impresses me and is something I hope GW keep going as it is without tinkering too much. I think that having an allies system that allows for allies without letting them dominate or break the balance is great. Grand Alliances might go away though or dissolve in time - eg Order could fragment and shatter. However right now I can't see them breaking up for a while.
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    About a week ago I stopped into a local game store (non GW) close to my house on the way home from picking my youngest daughter up from daycare (she is 3). I had special ordered some of the Gloomspite stuff in and had just got the time to go pick it up. This was her first time in a game store and she was wandering around picking up every box (from any game) and showing it to me and asking me to buy it. I was pretty excited when she grabbed the Battletech box set and said "Daddy, I think I need this one because I want robots". That's quite a proud father moment right there! But, I told her that I already have that at home and we came to get something else. I said I would let her carry the boxes if she would just put back these other things. She got excited right up until I handed her the box for the new Mangler Squig. She made a weird face and told me in a very serious tone "Daddy, I don't want this - it's not awesome". And just like that she managed to shatter the previous proud father moment and made me question whether I can continue to raise her. Any kid that does not like goblins cannot be a child of mine... Glad to say that she has since come to her senses (before I was forced to put her up for adoption) and now is really excited about the "big bouncy monsters".
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    Balthus stood on the crest of hill and looked down on to what was left of Vanarheim. The settlement had been founded just a few years earlier but had already become home to some 3000 souls. Had, he grimly reminded himself, for the town was now little more than a charred ruin, sparks of dark, arcane energy flickering between the smoking buildings below. Reaching out with his senses he could detect no trace of Vanarheim's inhabitants but as he opened his mind to the devastation wrought on the town the Lord Arcanum recoiled in horror, it was like nothing Balthus had felt before, primordial, chthonic. Vast protean shapes crowded his mind, blotting out the stars, the suns, all existence. A gold plated hand rested on his shoulder and a voice that echoed inside his head and boomed like the din of thunder pulled him back to reality. "My Lord," the Lord Arcanum gasped, looking up at the figure of his god. "What happened here? This was not the work of any force I've faced before." Sigmar's brow furrowed. "Walk with me Balthus," the god king intoned. "Long before the coming of the Everchosen, before I had conceived of your kind, when I first trod these realms they were a place of raw primal magic. We tamed them, eventually, you will have heard the stories of how the god beasts were brought to heel and the lands made fit for mortals, but there are some things we never spoke of, somethings that even a god cannot kill." "You do not speak of the dark gods though?" Balthus replied. "This, this felt different." "No," Sigmar sighed. "Terrible as they are the 4 are but a dark mirror of us, a mockery and a perversion of ourselves but this is something beyond that. There are more things in the mortal realms, Balthus, than written in your books. Forces too powerful to be controlled, just maybe contained. It took all we had, sacrifices uncounted and unremembered but at the end Grungi and I forged a prison of living lightning, the Storm Vaults, the greatest of our deeds and the most terrible" "Locked away forever, or so we thought, buried between the cracks in reality so that mortal life may have a chance," Sigmar stared impassively at the ruins. Balthus looked up at the face of his god, he was the storm made incarnate, the light in the heavens that led the way but for a moment that light seem diminished, the weight of ages finally taking its toll. "And this is their work?" Balthus asked, pointing to the devastated township. "What you felt down there is but an echo, a trace of what they were," the god-king replied. "With everything else we face I had hoped this day might never come but it would appear my brother's foolish actions have somehow opened a crack they can reach through, a channel through which to empower incautious minds with forbidden powers. Mark my words Balthus, what happened here is just the beginning, the start of what could be the ruination of us all." ------------------------------------ 🤔
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    This is definitely a skirmish game. Sam ‘hinterlands’ Pearson has been tweeting about it. Everyone has been speculating that he would do a new skirmish game since has was hired. It looks like this is it. If we look at the progression of complexity we have gorechosen, underworlds, killteam, Necromunda. I think this will sit between underworlds and killteam has in terms of complexity. It will be played on a board like both killteam and underworlds but will have measurement. There will be some kind of mechanic involving cards. I would like to see new warbands underworlds style but also rules for using your existing collection. It will have a short play time. I would like to see some cool rules for interactive scenery and multilayered environments. Some new scenery would be awesome. This is now my most anticipated release of the year. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I am just worried it won’t release until the autumn.
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    Hi all ! Thanks for your comment Tzaangor Management ! I'm glad that you like them. Here somme scenery step by step work for the city of Azhya : Then I made the first floor : Tell me what do you think Bye
  50. 2 points
    Cancon - I’ve Got Wood. Well what a weekend that was!!!! Onto Cancon - boy oh boy what an event. The largest AoS tournament ever. Congrats to Clint Herald and the team for organising and running such a complex event and to Rufio Symes andThe Honest Wargamer for their coverage and promotion. I’ve been playing (again) for 6 months and focused almost solely on Sylvaneth - because I was told they were a simple army with low model count ... yeah right !!! My first version was a true net list - I only had 6 weeks to learn the game, and build and paint the army. The list (Dreadwood) was well suited to team tournament but not so much individual. Nonetheless I took it to the Sydney GT and it went okay coming 7th? out of about 70. So I knew the list could work - but it had some Hard counters - as Matt Tyrrell exposed with his Death army. For the 2nd version I swapped out Drycha and went with an Allarielle / Ethereal Durthu combo to give me a ‘tanky’ Alpha strike but left the core the dame. I went to Brizhammer2 and managed to go 5-0 with it but it still had some glaring holes and I was fortunate I got good match ups. So onto Cancon and the meta had been evolving big time with more horde armies (beasts, Gloomspite, death) and the brutal Idoneth. I knew I had to beef up the battleline to give me a better late game esp against the horde and death armies. So I re-thought the list and created a ‘horde’ Dreadwood bybadding a unit of 30 Dryads and a unit of tree revenants. It had all the benefits of alpha but with a very solid ability to hold and contest objectives if the alpha didn’t work or if it wasn’t appropriate. The list was Allarielle - with Throne of Vines Durthu - Lord of Spites (re-roll first missed hit in all phases) 2 Branchwraiths with Acorn of the Ages/Re growth and Ranus Lamenteri/Verdant Blessing. 30 Dryads 4*5 Spites 5 Tree Revenants Geminids Batallions - Dreadwood Wargrove, Outcasts 1-drop army The tactics were: Allarielle / Durthu combo with Durthu taking wounds on Allarielle on a 4+ and then saving with ethereal save. Alpha strike for both if opponent made deployment mistakes AND if I got at least 2 stratagems at start of game. Durthu was relocated within 6 inches of opponent and then Allarielle makes a 16inch move B4 the turn. Then Allarielle - casts spells - usually start with throne of vines and then Geminids as it counters a potential double turn - if they take priority then Geminids goes right back through any unit I’m worried about hitting the duo. After that I cast either Mystic Shield on Durthu if I needed it or Metamorphosis. Then I’d pop Ghyrans wrath (the most valuable ability in Allarielles kit bag). Then raise either 20 dryads or 3 bow hunters depending on scenario. Allarielle then makes her next 16 inch move for first turn joining Durthu, What comes next is brutal - the Allarielle and Durthu alpha - if you let it. For instance, in game 4 it killed one alpha killed 60 ghouls, vargulf courtier, 9 wounds on a dragon, 6 on another (although I was able to use a rather filthy tactic with adjacent damned terrain). One of the most underestimated aspects of the alpha is the shooting. Allarielle has a single shot doing D6 and Durthu has 6 doing D3 - all with re-rolls to wound and Durthu re-roll 1 miss. Add in bow hunters and you can usually eliminate a fair portion or weaken key units. And then comes combat. Because of the ability to place woods you can usually work it so that Durthu get his +D3 attacks. 4-6 attacks, re-roll first missed hit, re-roll all wounds, -2 rend, doing 6 dmg 😮🥴. And then Allarielle. Apart from one notable occasion against the Master, Dave Kerr, she did the job. As to the branchwraiths - Pretty simple - raise a forest with Acorn and then cast raise dryads ona 7. The other (outside of 30 inches reach, raises a forest with its spell using Ranus (on a 4 or 5). Apart from 1 game I always had 3 forests at the end of T1. I tried to place The Acorn/Regrowth within 3 of a forest to then relocate within 18 of Allarielle or Durthu. From there it was a simple matter of bringing all units deployed off the board onto the board. I usually only had Allarielle, Durthu, Branchwraiths and The single tree revenants deployed pre game. After that - it was a matter of trying to keep the duo alive with her healing and Regrowth while using the 50-80 dryads contesting onjectives and threatening with the tree revenants. Spites are simple, but effective screens and blockers. So that’s the theory of the list. For the tournament itself - I did some practice games and lost my last 2 games but felt positive. I set a stretch goal of 5-1 and top 15 (and best Sylvaneth !!). I knew I’d need some luck as I haven’t played against popular and top tier armies - Daughters, Idoneth or Stormcast. Along with beasts, anything that can get behind my lines is a hard counter. As we saw in Dave Kerr’s final match at the masters the #1 target should usually be the Branchwraiths because their ability to raise dryads is essential as the (Dreadwood) list can be very soft. A quick summary of my games. G1 vs Steve Gibb Goblins (not Gloomspite). Steve is ex-WH player who was very successful and only recently re-started. His list was based on the models he had and he hadn’t played Sylvaneth. I explained it at the start and it ended up exactly as we thought it would with a lot of his army dead by T2. Looking forward to playing again when he can take advantage of the new book. Game 2 was against one of the world’s best Warmachine players, Ben Leeper , who had just started up AoS and took an awesome and hard Nurgle list. This game was brutal. Not pretty with him conceding after turn 1 after most of his army was dead for the ourposes of contesting objectives. Game 3 was against the current Master, Dave Kerr, with his Idoneth. First time I have played against them and I had little idea. I didn’t know the combos and I didn’t know how it played. And it showed! I deployed poorly and i probably shoukd have alphaed rather than rushing the objectives. However, I did actually have a good chance to make it very close, but it didn’t work out. On my T2, a full health Allarielle and 5 Tree Revenants charged 10 Thralls to gain his back scenario (worth 4?). I killed 4 ... then an 8 wound Durthu charged 4 eels in his own wood and Dave rolled three 6s from his 4 dice pre-combat volts, and then 3 more 6s from D3s doing 9 mortal wounds - killed him B4 he could swing !!! I am not sure what would have happened after that because Dave still (would) have had an eidolon and Volturnus and a unit of 10 Thralls left - but it would have been close. The quote an old 60s phrase ‘Shoulda, woulda, coulda’! I learnt a lot - I made a lot mistakes which i can hopefully learn from - learn the combos to help with target selection, learn the basics such as movement stats and become more familiar with unit rules. Looking forward to the next game and hopefully giving him a better one. Game 4 was another very short game against Anthony Quilty. Another first for me - playing a Flesh-Eater courts. Unfortunately this wasn’t a good game for either of us. After my first turn, i had killed or seriously wounded over 50% of his army and eliminated 80% of his models. He just didn’t have the answers to my Dreadwood Alpha. Not much of a game for him or me. Hopefully next time we can play with better match armies. Game 5 and up against good mate and fellow Canberra player - Tim Neal and his dominant Chaos Dwarves. Of the 6 scenarios there was one I absolutely didn’t want to play him - Knife to the Heart. With his shooting bunkernand troops he could more or less Guarantee a minor win if I engaged - he has 2 * 40 inch mortars with 1-2 shots each that don’t need LoS mortars. Needless to say - round 5 was Knife to the Heart on table 7 - damn !!! I could have just sat in corner and settled for a draw - but after having only 6 turns from my previous 3 games, I wanted to play !! I had a plan - Alpha to kill some 10-20 Foot troops and take 1 or 2 of the magma cannons and then teleport back to home base and heal and then go again and try and storm his objective. Tim deployed perfectly and I only managed 10 and then killed only 1 cannon (I should have comfortably Killed both but the dice gods deserted me). Then Tim’s went hot and Durthu died and Allarielle had to retreat to heal up. I then threw everything against Tim and he countered it very well by blocking my forest teleport options (including a sneaky use of Ogrids brimstone). I had one Chance but needed a 6 post teleport on 30 dryads for an instant win. I janked This once at Brizhammer vs Deano Matthews but not this time. Tim deployed perfectly, countered every move and controlled to board and got a well deserved minor win - and ended up 10th overall. For Game 6 I had the pleasure of playing Dan Doyle and his Khorne. I had never played against them so i asked for advice. Dan was great. “Just take the objectives, and don’t kill too much too soon as i don’t have the hitting power to contest the objectives if you’re in the wood”. As an ex Khorne mortal and beasts player in V7, the red mist descended and I totally disregarded his advice, went full agro a d started to feed the blood tithe very very quickly 😜. I used my 1 drop and movement teleporting to start to rack up objective points. My Alpha took of 6 Juggers and put a lot of wounds on his Shrine. However, I didn’t realize the power of the slaughter priests that did 12 mortals to Durthu in one turn and as a result Allarielle was exposed to the marauders that did 15 (of 16) wounds to Allarielle. While all this was happening I managed to consolidate around the key objectives. A pivotal moment was when Dan forgot totally to use his blood tithe to raise 20 bloodletters and pressure my back objective. Because of this the score ballooned out to ~14-5?. We had only got through 3 turns with 25 mins left and decided to end it there. We would have got through 4, but not 5 - so apologies to Dan. Another great game with lots of lessons again. My original stretch goal was to go 5-1 and get into the top 15. I managed to go 4 major wins, 1 minor loss and 1 major loss and picked up all 6 scenarios. Overall I canme 13th out of 200 and was top placed Sylvaneth army. So absolutely stoked. On the army - it’s being retired and sold (PM me If you’re interested :)). Now that I’ve learnt the game rules its time to explore the different play and army styles so I’m running with a host of different armies over the next 6 months that I’ve been able to either re/base or acquire. Ideally I can get my Khorne Beasts up and running B4 the Sydney tournament on the 15/16th Feb - although it might be a stretch. If not, I have a character light death armybthays intriguing me 🙂 Thanks all for comments on the army. Disappoint not to get a nomination - but understandable given the quality of the armies that were there.
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