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    The best way to guess what is coming this year is to compare with last year. Last year aos got 1 starter set with core book, 1 expansion with minis, 1 campaign book with minis, 7 battletomes, 4 major waves of minis and one smaller wave of minis, and a bunch of underworlds stuff. 40k had 10 or so codexes, but only 3 big waves of minis. They also had 3 campaign boxes, 1 campaign book with minis, 3 major boxed games and a mountain of kill team stuff Specialist games released two big boxed games and assorted smaller releases. 2018 was definitely the year of the big boxed game. 11 big boxes and a handful of smaller games like space marine adventures. It will be interesting to see if 2019 follows suit. We already have one with carrion empire. Looking at 2019 we will definitely see fewer codexes. With most of the codexes done it suggests the rules and background team would have note time to work on aos battletomes. I can't believe we will have so many boxed games this year so there will probably be more standard book plus minis releases than last year. With black legion, primaris 2, sisters and Slaanesh alk but confirmed and gsc already finished I would expect 40k to get more big releases this year. So maybe 6 40k and 4 aos. So gloomspite, slaves to Darkness Slaanesh and one more big release. We may get one or two Dok sized releases too but not much more than that. So my predictions for 2019 are : major releases: gloomspite slaves to Darkness Slaanesh one mystery book book, terrain and endless spells only: Skaven FEC Seraphon fyreslayers slyvaneth Ko Ironjawz (this might be a Dok style release or even the fourth big release) there's a good chance we will get one or two more campaign boxes like carrion empire.
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    Hello everybody, Big day for me today because I have decided to post my starting army on this forum after looking all of yours for long time. I hope you will like my work, I saw fantastic miniatures on this forum and I hope mine will be at the level. Please forgive my english, it's not my native language My army took place in the city of Azhya, Realm of Ghyran, the idea was to make some stormcasts mutated by the magic winds of the realm of life after their numerous resurrections, I'm still WIP on some miniatures and this is just the start. Here they are : And a group picture with bases remaded for my branchwych and my champion : Hope you will like them !! Bye for now ! I will be bacq
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    🤨 Er, no they weren't. If anything they became the complete opposite, with certain armies becoming more "one trick" or playstyle focused over time. When Warhammer first debuted as a mass fantasy battlegame (with an RPG/narrative focus and GMed games advised) for people to use their collections of Citadel Miniatures in, the first army lists were pretty samey affairs divided by race, with each list having access to combat characters, heroes, troops, elite troops and cavalry, all of which could be armed with missile weapons, generic monsters and in the case of most lists an artillery piece, all only really separated by a basic statline. It was as the setting and it's inhabitants began to become more fleshed, that some armies slowly began to narrow their focus and settle into a gameplay niche -Dwarfs losing cavalry and then wizards, Chaos losing access to missile troops, and Bretonnia becoming cavalry charge focused and losing (then regaining) artillery being the easiest examples. Yes, you could obviously argue that with the setting's development and expansion you were greeted with a greater variety of units, but not playstyles or battlefield roles (let's face it, White Lions, Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard are all High Elf elite melee infantry armed with double handed weapons). There have even been instances of entire swathes of units and options being dropped from an army list because they didn't fit with the people at the top's vision of the setting, the most notable probably being the launch of 6th edition when halflings, Empire War Wagons, Kislevites, Imperial Dwarfs, Imperial and Orc and Goblin Ogres, Forest Goblins and Spider Riders, and Wood Elf chariots all went bye-bye (though to be fair many of these remained available to their parent armies as Dogs of War if you didn't mind giving up a rare choice for them). It's interesting that you use Skaven as an example - Skaven were the first instance of a fully fleshed out army being added to the game, and having developed less organically than the others (not starting out as a Tolkien/historical/fantasy trope pastiche) have kept much of their original structure and MO. When Skaven first deubted they were a cowardly horde army, with lots of powerful special weapons prone to going wrong, and included Grey Seers, Warlords, Warlock Engineers, Assassins, Stormvermin, Clanrats, Slaves, Warpfire Throwers (RIP 😟), Poisoned Wind Globadiers, Plague Monks, Moulder Beastmasters, Giant Rats, Rat Ogres and the generic monsters everyone got - that's a bigger selection of troops than most new AoS armies get on launch, and really your core Skaven, with every new unit monster or hero subsequently introduced being a variation on one of the originals.
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    yeah I look at it as AoS is roughly about [adjective][noun] factions. so flying dwarves, fungoid goblins, gym bunny orcs, swimming elves, etc etc. I mean it's a very loose idea and breaks down with a bit of scrutiny but I think squint and it just about makes some sense and gets them away from staid fantasy tropes. it's why I thought Dispossessed were in a tricky place as they're very much just the Dwarfiest Dwarves that ever did Dwarf. If they do reinvent them, I think, it would be cool to really lean in on the elemental 'earth' quality (as opposed to their fire and air cousins (and the hitherto unseen nautilus captaining Deep Sea Duardin). in fact I thought you could really go to town on the idea that Dwarves slowly turn to stone/earth if they use magic, but rather than being a terrible fate like befalls the Chaos Dwarves, it's actually a natural evolution, just it was never fully understood so instead magic became a taboo amongst them. So rather than becoming petrified statues, the very few Dwarf magic users who work in harmony with, and can master, magic actually achieve the true Duardin's final form, that of living rock. could be a way of introducing one or two thematically friendly wizards into the army and open up possibilities for rune laden living statues as big centre piece models. I have an idea about how to pull it all together but as ever ThIS iS The RUmoUR THreaD so I'll shut my dirty mouth.
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    There are rat swarms in this photo, to the right of the very rat swarm-esque Endless Spell, so looks like they're still in
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    Playing BCR against slow footslogging stormcasts in 1250 pts games was banned by the Geneva Convention, you monster I'm still having PTSD of that time when my army alpha striked and killed nearly all of a BCR army before the frostlord on stonehorn retaliated by killing every single one of my stormcast alone.
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    Here is a still wip (but nearly finished ) conversion of my wurrgog prophet for my bonesplitterz army, I want to add a little more fur to the lion head to better integrate it with the rest of the pelt, have to sculpt finger to the foot, fill a little gap between the hands and the vambrace, and more or less this is all. Hope you will like
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    I like Skaven, but who says they *deserve* more than one combo faction? I get your point about combining dwarfs and elves back together, but I don't quite fully agree. Remember that these factions originally started from a more combined place. It is also worth remembering that AoS has very much been a work in progress and GW seems to have pivoted more than once during the game's short lifespan into their current model. Fyreslayers were in the original release wave which as @Overread described seems like it was meant as smaller splash releases. You can put some other armies such as Ironjawz into that bucket as well. Other armies were designed as similar splash-releases but using already existing Warhammer Fantasy ranges to fill out more faction ranges - such as Flesh Eater Courts, Clan Pestilens, Beastclaw Raiders, Bonesplitterz, etc. The whole time they started iterating what the concept of a Battletome exactly is and then began adapting new releases to that. For some of those they reused old kits and made some new ones (Sylvaneth & Daughters of Khaine), made entirely new full armies (Nighthaunt, Idoneth Deepkin), for others they started trying to knit back together disparate factions (Legions of Nagash, Beasts of Chaos), and then they started doing a hybrid of new releases & consolidation (Gloomspite). They have steadily improved in regards to the state of releases, but the whole game is still very much a work-in-progress. I really enjoy this game right now, but when you take the entire whole state of the game it is still a mess. In a perfect universe they could fully explore every interesting nuance of all of the factions. But that is not the world we occupy. I feel that the best thing for GW to do is to put some brakes on releasing brand new factions into the game and get the current factions into a better state. The early factions were not fully fleshed out and they should probably do that. They massively split up the stuff carried over from Warhammer Fantasy and that no longer seems to fit the vision for the game - so they should fix those factions also. Then other factions have books that are not functioning well or not updated to the current template for Battletomes and they should probably fix that. And then once they get these things nailed down they can work to drop a ton of new stuff into the game or expand existing factions. This is just my opinion, but I am really tired of the sloppy state of the game factions as a whole and I am very glad to see GW issuing these umbrella style books to correct that sooner rather than later. If GW can roll allegiances up into these umbrella books (like putting Pestilens into the new Skaven book) then there is nothing stopping them from breaking them out at a later date. But when GW manages to address issues with multiple allegiances in a single book we should be collectively glad to see that they are improving larger chunks of the game at a quicker pace rather than getting upset that they are not deep-diving into what we individually think they should.
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    Quick, someone take a photo with potato and post it on the internet. Then we will have new post on WH community site in 15 minutes!
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    We've tried to strike a balance in what we present to people. Take the simple task of visiting a shop. Some cities in the Age of Sigmar have a currency (glimmerings), some use bartering, some use favours (like the swathling system). In the book we present a few options for this. If you want to feel more "in-world" you can engage in bartering and trade in favours when in a place that doesn't have a currency. A lot of people find this fun and it makes the world feel more real. On the other hand, we present rules for basic currency. Both of these systems can be used together, but if you and your players aren't interested in engaging with the mechanics and roleplay of bartering and just want to buy a big pointy sword to stab someone with, you can just hand-wave it and use coins. The most important thing is how it feels, and I think that will be different for each player. Our goal is to present all of the information and tools that people need and to allow them to play the game their way
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    you know what, if consolidation is the way forward then call me crazy but I reckon they could go one further with that and lump all vaguely related factions into groups. I'm just knocking ideas around here but maybe call them, Big Leagues, or Super Unions or even Grand Alliances.
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    @Jamopower I think opposite releasing new stuff for existing armies is easy money and much welcome addition for any player. Take Idoneth they can easily use Kraken alike Monster ridden by some kind of hero. I think its great move to refresh factions in future with releases like : - 1-2 dual kits whatever they are hero,infantry - endless Spells - Battletome
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    I would also class Sylvaneth as elves, which makes three (or tree?). The repacked Island of Blood box that they sold very cheaply some time ago, would indicate that they indeed had quite much of unsold stock around. On the other hand I have understood that high elves were one of the most popular armies of old Fantasy. One thing to keep in mind is that I believe all of the 40k codexes have now been updated and they pushed them out few books per month last year or two, so getting a lot of Battletomes this year with no new models besides the Made in China stuff should be pretty much given.
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    There is a warp fire thrower in art that they show off from the new battle tome. I wouldn’t worry about it. If scryre acolytes are still in I doubt the book will lose anything but rat swarms. Rat swarms are conspicuously absent from the Moulder army shot they show off. Now I would not be super surprised if they streamline the ranged weapon teams to all have the same stats and profile and just be called something like “Scryre Weapon Team” so that people can use whatever model they want wether warpfire thrower, rattling gun, or mortar
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    Lol Gamers : we want stuff! Gw: here's stuff! Gamers : we hate it! GW: YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN IT YET Gamers: ... Gamers : we want stuff!
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    This is pure speculation, but unless I missed something in the preview or elsewhere, I doubt the current rules for horror & flayer courtier generals making their respective units battleline will remain in the game. Courts having their own particular battleline units is almost certainly a replacement for that model, rather than in addition to it. Basically, I still think battleline flayers will be an option, but I expect they'll be a court-based option mutually exclusive with battleline monsters rather than a hero based option that can be used in concert with them. Otherwise, this preview looks about like what I expected, including pretty much confirming that we aren't seeing any more new models. Certainly not new models for courtiers, since both the resin varghulf and the 'paint the unit champ a different color and throw the rest of the box away' horror courtier are shown in pictures in the article. So it still looks like they're still stretching an overly thin model range, one that in its original context was never meant to stand on its own, pretty far in order to justify calling it an independent faction. Of course, that doesn't mean the result can't stand up. There just isn't a lot of slack is all. For big, robust factions, the designers can drop the ball on 2/3 of the units and still bumble into a viable battletome with at least some variety of build options, but with these mini factions pretty much every unit needs to be on point or they end up as highly predictable cookie-cutter lists at best. I'm more hopeful for FEC 2.0 than I'm probably sounding here. There's certainly some potential, and lore/personality wise FEC is one of the coolest factions in AoS, even without meaningful named heroes to drive their presence in the overall game narrative. 2.0 summoning rules were favorable to them, and if they aren't nerfed too hard in this book there will probably be at least *something* viable there. And that "I don't need no stinkin' necromancers" command ability is certainly a doosie, if sadly probably confirmation that we won't be seeing the summonable keyword added to any FEC units, so there's little to no synergy from allies to help prop up the lacking native range of models & units. What I do see I mostly like, even if it's maybe not enough to completely overcome my dislike for what I don't see. I'm certainly crossing my fingers for this book, if not holding my breath.
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    I was excited before the preview, but now I have to say I am officially pumped. I have not been this jazzed about an army book in quite some time. This guy has for tooooo long gone hungry, NOW IT'S TIME TO EAT.
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    I've got some bad news for you. It's about to get a lot worse. A lucky Ballista, Evocators or even Sequitors are usually our best damage dealers.
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    It is basically the problem that they created when they split Warhammer Fantasy factions into a ton of mini-factions for AoS on release and then also created entire new factions and model ranges. They now appear to be working to reforge a lot of those micro-factions back up into broader groupings because the game was a difficult to support mess with the amount of fracturing that they did. My feeling is that this consolidation is a very good thing and we should be careful about advocating that they effectively reverse course. I understand everyone's desire to have their personal favorite forces have more attention and in-depth focus. I'm right there with everyone. If I had my way every grot and orc subfaction would have a full dedicated model range and army book. I would then create more grot and orc armies such as steampunk grot sky-pirates. But it is probably a good thing I am not in charge because I am not sure those actions would improve the long-term health of the game as a whole.
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    After Starstrike, my favorite is Scorched Earth. After it was fixed to stop the turn one burning objectives issue, I have really come to enjoy this one. With all the movement shenanigans AOS armies have, this scenario provides a great decision tension with the hold/burn objective choice. I have had many a game decided on me having burned or not burned an objective when the other choice in hindsight turned out better. Also I think this one has a good narrative side as well, as you can come up with numerous easy narrative stories that revolve around two armies fighting over some resources that can be destroyed.
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    The thing is small model variety armies are not as interesting in many ways. They lack the variety to make them chop and change in big ways and the model diversity to keep them as interesting medium to long term. Skaven or Goblins have way more choices and variety; Stormcast too. There are loads of ways to build and vary teh army which mechnically and visually changes them. Daughters of Khaine or, even worse, Fyreslayers basically rely on so few models that there's a far more limited practical pool of choices. Fyreslayers are even more hampered because they are visually very similar. So you can end up with neat armies, but ones where the players burn out faster. Meanwhile payers of Goblins or Skaven or other bigger armies are more likely to stick with them and keep investing. That siad most of the armies we are worried about are newer and smaller forces. GW has years to add things to them or even mash them with another army whilst retaining the lore. Daughters of Khaine could absorb the Darkling Covens; whilst Fyreslayers could the Disspossessed.
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    I love it, amazing conversion. I have to say though, i do get an ironjawz feel out of it, but perhaps it’s because of the lack of the beast mask. All in all a great conversion. Did you use Gordraks head? Also i like the little beastclaw touch there. I want to do some Prophet and Wardokk conversions myself sometime. Thinking of something like these:
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    Storm of Magic Buzzing things annoyed the orruks as they stumbled around in the steaming jungle. The air was full of crackling green lightning that arced uncomfortably across their skin every time they touched anything. The sky above was a worrying shade of turquoise and weird shaped clouds roiled and billowed all around the horizon. The Cleavermaws muttered to each other and pointed, describing the evolving phenomenon using deeply technical, but completely wrong, magical terminology. "Looks ta me like we're gonna be awash wiv maleficium pentaclisation any minute now." said one, eyeing a particularly ominous cloud. "Aye." said another "and probably a deal of thaumaturgistical undertow an'all." Their shipmates nodded sagely. Kaptain Mogrum sighed and tried not to listen to them. After the disaster trying to bind Terpsichore's Terror the Cleavermaws and the Shadowflames were scattered across the Wilds of Keromuru, at Realm's Edge of Ghyran. Kaptain Mogrum tried to gather his crew and summoned some serious firepower from the ship Snaplock Harald arrived hefting a cannon from the ship's battery! A good number of the Cleavermaws managed to locate each other and bunched up around the Captain. But the destabilisation and subsequent explosion on the Malevolent Maelstrom had unleashed a Storm of Magic on the Keromuru region! The Shadowflames had fared less well; they were scattered far and wide. The Cleavermaws spotted Laelanyel the Mistweaver Saih, trying to hide among some rocks that glimmered with eldritch energies. Kaptain Mogrum and Snaplock Harald crossed the little river with Mr Sludga and Double Barrel. Mr Deadwood, Oiler Tunn and Weatherly Deg were not far ahead of them. Laelanyel, the Mistweaver Saih, found herself beset by Deadwood and Tunn. But she opened a glimmering Mirror Pool... And disappeared into it! Then reappeared amongst a clump of trees a hundred yards away! Bosun Higgs joined the kaptain and his group. Ledger Nud was jumped by a fyreslayer, but the Kaptain's Clerk had a few tricks under his wig! Snaplock Harald levelled his cannon and tried to blast a Slayer who was creeping up behind the crew, but his powder was damp from the humid jungle air and the gun went of with a dull thump, rather than the usual deafening boom. The Slayer counted his lucky stars and hid behind a ruin! Liberty Snik fell but... Ledger Nud just tutted and finished the entry in the ship's log as the Slayer lay at his feet. While it took the combined assault of Double Barrel, Oiler Tunn and Mr Deadwood to bring down another Slayer! The orruk pirates chased after the Mistweaver Saih, once they realised where she was. Snaplock Harald moved to get a better shot at the cowering Slayer but the duardin took a risk and charged the ogor from a very long way off. And made it! The approaching pirates made Laelanyel nervous and she tried to open another Mirror Pool, but the raging Storm of Magic unstabilised her spell and it wracked her with arcane energies! Aef-Grimnir The Runefather stood between Laelanyel and the orruks. His Latchkey Grandaxe laid waste to them. Harald's cannon rang like a bell when he smacked the speedy Slayer round the head with it! ~ 🕱 ~ This was "Clash at Dawn" Skirmish Battleplan with the "Storm of Magic" Open War twist card. The Cleavermaws managed to edge into a minor victory by just breaking the Shadowflames.
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    Thing is having 5 Aelf factions that are all small armies with very niche focuses within them runs the risk that you will get many who only play 1 of those 5. This means that GW has to release something new/updated for each of the 5 every so often to keep those gamers interested. Long term you can end up losing playesr because an army hasn't seen an update in years because you've got another 40 armies in the same game. Now if you have a single big army with focuses within it then you've got only 1 army to release an update for. Even if the new model is niche within the army there's a greater chance that more of your fans will buy it. Plus they dont' get that "I've been ignored" attitude as fast. So now you've got fewer armies, with diversity within them and a greater chance of players buying more models and changing their tactics. Gits and Skaven show this perfectly. You could have 5 or 6 Clan armies each with their own book and rules. However a Pestilens player might only play Pestilens. They've less encouragment to start other Skaven forces because of the allies limits. If they want to go Clan Skyre its not a slow evolution its a full "new army" approach. However put them in one book and now even though there's only 1 new model it counts for all the Clans; there's more chance that a Pestilens player will steadily add more and more skyre or Moulder and then widen their collection. Mechanically you end up with roughly the same; you still have themed armies on the tabletop, but behind the scenes you've got far more encouragement and potential to have more money spent on factions and fewer factions in general to update. This means more regular updates for each army, that means happier more content gamers and more purchases. It's basically win win for all involved.
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    It;s weird how somebody can agree with you in such an opposing manner, haha 😂Read what I was replying to, and see that I agree that it's a good thing to keep it in one tome. Just not the argument that the power ranking of the chaos gods in the lore should have any influence on the discussions As to your comment about 'they don't seem to be an unique snowflake' (with all the connotations of that phrase). Seem is the keyword there. GW controls the story, the background of each clan is unique enough and GW could easily expand on it if needed. In units with Pestilence and Skryre you have a bigger roster than Ironjaws for an extreme example. but compare it to AoS releases like DoK, ID, KO. DoK 15 scrolls, 6 boxes. ID, 16 scrolls 11 boxes. KO 12 sets. Pestilence currently has 7 sets and Skryre 12. With two unique playstyles in the grand Alliance. Add two multi purpose and your are easily equal to that. If the differences in the your examples mean there is enough there for unique rosters and playstyles. Absolutely the game would be better with them as different factions, as they would function as different armies just share a root in the lore. all in all, still like the umbrella tome but with a little effort it could have been separate tomes. Just like spider riders could have been a separate faction/tome with a little effort. (just an example closer to your heart I guess )
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    What if the new Fyreslayer hero for their possible update is Gotrek?
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    Imo people are expecting too much from the LVO reveal. My bet would be we see the remaining shadespire warbands and a teaser of the next aos release but nothing definitive. Like some form of teaser video without showing any models. Gloomspite gitz was a pretty big release after all, and we'd just have skaven and fec dropping. I'd expect much more in the 40k side of things as they're due for a new release.
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    However you have to read the wording carefully. The distinctive difference is "reroll failed saves" or "reroll saves". Rend is useful against those that reroll failed saves, because you don't apply the rend first. Those that can reroll their saves can choose to reroll those that passed but will fail after the rend kicks in.
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    Meargh, early wip of the first Fimir in the army.
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    And thats where you should start reading the rules. The warscroll of the wyldwood says, that it consists of 3 citadel woods, that have to be put up within 1" of each other. If you make a line out of three elements, the two elements on the side are not within 1" of each other and therefor this is an illegal set up. The woods have to be set up in a triangle shape, a three-pointed star or a |= like clump, or with less then two elements. Between the different wyldwoods there has to be more then a 1" gap, so with some space between the wood edge and the tree you shold have some room to wiggle through with at least medium sized behemoths. So, for a line of 6 bases he has to summon at least 3 woods. The first one geta there from the start, so you know one point of the line before setup, so you can maybe dodge it a bit. The second is most likely a spell, so try to be ready to dispell "Verdant Blessing", normally on a branchwraith. The third probably comes from an Acorn of the Ages, and the wood has to begin within 5" of the hero wearing the artifact. As Sylvaneth is a 1 drop army, you know where the line will be, and where you have to unbind before you set up your second unit. It should be possible to get yourself some space if you set up accordingly.
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    +++MOD HAT+++ Think we've taken this discussion as far as we can now so locking this thread. Not particularly impressed with the tone of some members, in future please think about how you express your opinion and how it can come across in a typed medium.
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    Nope. Not at all. lol Go back and read my old comments so that you can better acquaint yourself with what I've been saying instead of mischaracterizing it. I got what I wanted in a new combined army book. I would have been satisfied with just that. What I didn't want was lazy, reused old sculpts in the form of new endless spells and terrain pieces. I agree there is little point to continue a conversation with you until you familiarize yourself with what I've actually been saying and until you give yourself time to cool off.
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    After working really hard at it all weekend my pledge is actually done! Now I can crack on with my Stretch and try and get the Warshirne done at least. I’ve already started work on a Herdstone as well as an extra stretch.
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    Wont Skaven be like one of the biggest armies once all the clans are brought together with only LoN and SCE having more units? You guys have so much to choose from its nuts. Also what the hell is wrong with re using a rat model or a bell. Like damn they are all the same army. Rats look the same. Maybe they make multiple bells and braziers that look the same... like not every streetlamp looks different either...
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    John, John, John, John, John, John, John, John, John, John and John
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    Because nobody should suffer failcast in their army. Not exactly a novel idea, but I might have a deeper bitz box than most. Kairos's book really sells it, I think.
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    Greedy? Im Just a simple terrifying Verminlord, who feels pity for all those left alone rats. 😉
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    Yeah, I understand your point about the power-levels of the various gods. But, I am viewing it more from the point of view of the company fleshing out the model ranges within the grand alliance category system they created. GW seems to be driving AoS development in tandem with the story they are trying to tell for the Mortal Realms. This is somewhat new compared to what they did in the past for 40k or Fantasy. To your point, they very well could take a minor faction within the universe and make a ton of separate model ranges and army books for that faction. That is precisely what they did for 40k with Space Marines. Those are all very tiny forces when it comes to the galaxy at large (1000 guys per chapter - yet the Imperium spans pretty much the entire milky-way galaxy...). If we went with the largest and most powerful forces got the most army books then probably 3/4+ of the codexes for 40k would be variations of Imperial Guard & Orks (if we go off the background). So yeah, I get your point for that. I probably did not express my thoughts well enough. If GW makes 1 book for each chaos faction, but then makes 2-5 for Skaven, then Skaven would obviously overshadow the rest of the Grand Alliance. I don't think they want that to happen. The same thing goes for any faction really. In addition, I think they need to consider the broader impact of how many books they add to the game and the sales impact of how they split up or consolidate any of the races/allegiances. The more books they add to the game, the more complex the game state becomes, the harder it is to try to test and balance (lets ignore how successful they historically are at this), and the more resources it requires from them to properly support all of those armies with future releases. I personally would prefer if the game consisted of a smaller number of umbrella books that could be refreshed every ~2 years than a very broad selection of books that lead them back to the 4-10 years between updates timeline we used to have. But that is simply my opinion and preference. And considering they are a business they most likely have to consider the sales impact of how narrow or broad they make any of these releases. Could they have released a separate book and full model range for Moonclan & Spiderfang? Sure they could have. Can they make a full range for every Skaven clan? Sure they can. But what is the purchasing habits of the fans of those ranges and the broader audience appeal? Is there a point where splitting the faction up effectively just cannibalizes sales of other sister ranges? I expect that there probably is (I'm not sure where that threshold lies). If they made the effort to create a full separate model line for every clan, and a full book, how much sales would that generate beyond simply creating a single tome that houses all of those clans? Would it be enough to justify the additional development & production costs? I don't know, but I expect that is something they have to consider. I do believe there is a point where they would simply fracture the Skaven (or any faction) player base and run into diminishing returns. There are undoubtedly a few greedy rats people who would hoard collect all of it, such as @Skreech Verminking, but I don't expect they would be the majority. It is probably better for GW's bottom line if they spread the updates out across a broader swathe of the playerbase than focus on a single niche. The single niche focus that they did with 40k Space Marines for the last ~20 years has come back to bite them now and is probably the primary factor for the push to replace standard space marines with Primaris (they ran into a market saturation of their own making).
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    My biggest concern about AoS is that they won't release models for factions after their initial launch. That it would be more profitable to release a new army than revisit one for new kits. I am really hoping we see some models for aos launch factions just to disprove that.
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    Into the skaven release again i think we will see new sculpt for eshin soon. There weren't showed in any photo or picture right now. Also the deathrunner from ST could be included in an eshin revamp. Really hope GW will do something for night runners, they look awful and old
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    Darkoath Chieftain is available: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/darkoath-chieftain
  44. 2 points
    @Aryann I think that's more because most old world races started out 30 years ago or so. So when they started they were one trick faction focused armies. Over time as GW added more models the number of tools and themes each army had increased over and over again. Skaven are a prime example of an army that has steadily grown and grown in variety and diversity through its range. Idoneth are brand shiny new, they have a very tight theme and focus because of how new they are and its much easier to create a solid identity with a strict theme. Give it 10 years and perhaps we'll see those themes broaden or deepen. they could add ship and land forces to Idoneth representing them pushing further in land with invasions and wars; or they could add huge sea serpents and beasties of the sea and build on the core theme.
  45. 2 points
    At least they wouldn't get low quality endless spells.🤣
  46. 2 points
    On Sunday I dug out some ebay rescues from last year and rebased them so my aim for Feb is to at least get a speed painting methods for the clan rats hammered out. 60 rebased so far which should do me fine for 1k (my current aim) but even if it's not the 120 clanrate swarm it's still a lot of rodents so getting the technique down will matter.
  47. 2 points
    We play in a world full of high fantasy magic where random shipwrecks and flying sea turtles randomly show up and a magic comet hits the ground and turns into a big moon shaped mountain with a cave under with goblins pouring out and you can not imagine a way a cannibal army with bones and gore all around them can build a bone throne on a ruin. Again this just does not make sense. I get that you don’t like it and think it was poor design but that does not make it not fit in the world.
  48. 2 points
    Challenge accepted. 240clanrats and 1packmaster. have fun killing all my clanrats while they are camping on the objectives edit: fear the Vermintide, Yes-yes
  49. 2 points
    This is Venandi, hunter of souls and wielder of the jadewound thorn
  50. 2 points
    I’m surprised no one else has said this yet. If you can get one of the Old Nagash models it has my vote. It’s kinda a classic for being such a bad sculpt honestly.
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