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    This is why I asked it to be stopped. It’s wasnt rumour mongering. It was baiting and trolling.
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    My nurgle armies are led by two squabbling Great Unclean One brothers. One is Bho’Od’Jee Gutterbutter, an unusually serious and stern GUO that prefers to wage war with only his daemon followers, preferring to put his foes to the dirt with a vast, rust encrusted sword. The other is Mondo Excrementus, the Lord of Lurgy, the Duke of Puke, the Ayatollah of E-ah-Bola, a grand standing, French Duke of a GUO, who prefers the company of his mortal followers and basking in their awe and adoration. He rings his bell when ever he goes to war, and his herald announces his every step, so that all may bask in his glory.
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    This is same absurd response we were getting when we called the whole thing fishy and wrong. People are so desperate about rumours that they do not want to be told they are false. I simple cannot follow that logic. To me, the first thing you should check about a rumour is whether it is believable.
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    To be fair, a poster who openly flaunts his or her disregard for an NDA is probably someone who is at odds with the basic principles of this site, and proper societal behavior as a whole. Please note, I'm not saying the NDA person is evil or that we, as a group, didn't appreciate the info. I'm just saying what with that user name, I'm not at all surprised he/she was asked to stop. (Personal note: I've signed many NDAs in my time. I've wanted very much to break them. Integrity demanded that I didn't. There's a special place in the Realm of Chaos for people who betray trust.)
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    I don't get you here Sete. Everyone interested in AOS should be investigating AOS rumors, because we love rumors and are interested in them, and don't want to be lied to ? Ben, like some of us, probably just wanted to check the accuracy of a totally new and unknown poster. Saying otherwise would just mean you just take everything you hear without any salt or critical mind. In the end, NDAbreaker lied to us, which is pretty bad IMO. You should be thankful someone debunked his fake rumors, not salty over it.
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    Next army picture ready: My Blades of Khorne at 10000+ points featuring my own interpretation of Vorgaroth!
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    Yeah i agree. This is ridiculous. I have never seen a hockey forum where they aren't allowed to talk hockey. This happens when side owners are concerned about their couple of pennies they make. But having advertisement banners that link to cheap knock off dice for Age of Sigmar is perfectly fine. It's always like that. A page made from fans for fans gets offered 4$ per month and then turns into a circus.
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    @Sception I dunno what else to tell you then, man. If you’re determined to debunk every argument in their favour with hypotheticals and what ifs, we’re just going to go in circles. I guess that, putting real life ahead of theorycraft, I finished 10th at Facehammer with 30 of them, won a highly competitive one-dayer with them, and didn’t lose a single game in practice against a team including two UK masters players. They work, they’re good, try them!
  9. 3 points
    Is everyone in GW pocket these days? Well if rumours can't be discussed on a forum what's the point? Thanks for the rumours NDA, and godspeed you handsome devil. Beige is great if you want to be invisible.
  10. 3 points
    I have managed to finish the last few remaining details on the Alarielle late last night:
  11. 2 points
    Looks like a lot of people have a death wish. Badum tish.
  12. 2 points
    No, the battalion doesn't have keyword bold in it which means it's only units with that exact name. Same as with ardboys and ironskullz.
  13. 2 points
    On the flip side, it never hurts to put most of the inane discussion in one place.
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    Considering that people have lost jobs over rumours in the past its not totally surprising if someone is spreading a significant number all at once. It's rare that we'd get a years worth of releases in one big rumour go - normally one gets a bit here or a bit there of what might be coming; even then the shifting schedule and department differences makes for some degree of confusion. There might also be more we don't know, also lets not forget thus far not a single rumour has been proven or disproved.
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    Isn’t all too often the truth of many armies? Keywords and few options force it for newer armies while we have other issues. They should try killing two birds with one stone. More Warscroll Battalions. More mobility for Fell Bats, let Bat Swarms effect shooting with proximity the targeted unit, make Black Knights more punchy on the charge, something zombie-zombie for deathwalkers, etc. If anything it could work for experimenting on future warscroll changes.
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    The Future of the Masters I love warhammer. I love the community. I love getting together with my mates and playing games, I love meeting new people and having this wonderful hobby in common. I love to see the wide and varied communities from all around the world doing amazing things to do with Warhammer. Tournament gaming is a massive part of this. The ETC is a fantastic example of what is possible, but so are events like Adepticon, Cancon, Gencon, UK Games Expo and even our own UK events like Blood and Glory, SCGT, Facehammer GT, BOBO, Blood tithe and all the way down the local stores running club nights and weekend one dayers. The Masters has always been my way of celebrating the game, and giving a thank you to the community for supporting my podcast, events and hobby. I have a vision for the Masters where it is an amazing weekend of warhammer, with the top players from all across the world getting together to celebrate the game and find the champion. Events like the Crossfit Games and the League of Legends worlds show that amazing and huge live events, for the niche topics can be possible, and if there is enough interest it can be made to happen. If this is the dream of an Age of Sigmar Masters event, what does it look like next year? A full on spectator event in front of a live audience! A knockout tournament where the entrants are seeded by their rankings position, with the final game played between the last players standing to see who takes the title of Age of Sigmar Master! The champion will be crowned in front of a live audience. Next year I will be running the Masters alongside the Bad Dice GT in the summer of 2020. The Masters event itself will be switching from a Swiss style 2 day tournament to a single day 4 round knockout event with the final taking place on the Saturday evening of the infront of a live audience. We have the venue booked already with a theatre hall and tiered seating that can seat the entire field from the GT plus spectators. We have a local company who we can work with to supply huge screens and media walls, and of course the option to live stream the whole event. The current rankings season is going to run for the next 18 months for this season to allow for the date change of the masters. (yes this means that Jan-June event will occur twice in this season, but going forwards will settle back down into a routine) This means the rankings season that started 10th December 2018, will run until the summer of 2020, roughly an extra 6 months. This should put us in line with the traditional GHB and game system updates for future years. The details for this are still in progress, and plans can be made and ironed out over the next 12-18 months. At this stage all that is set in stone is that in 2020 the event is moving to the summer and running alongside the Bad Dice GT. So how can it be the best it can be? I'm looking for feedback, ideas and support from the community to make this the best event possible. I have ideas but I am sure there are things that can be done I haven't even considered and I would love for the entire community to pull together to get behind this. Please let me know what you think, and what you could suggest that might make this the worlds greatest Warhammer Event!
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    Hi all, I am new here and this is my first post, so I hope I am posting in the right place. I have been following this thread for quite some time now and I wanted to point out something I find stunning. During the ET (did not read the books, only some summaries) Lileath sends Araloth into a pocket dimension she created for him to become the new Asuryan and start the Warhammer cycle anew. However things take a bad turn and it remains unclear what happens with this place. Well recently I discovered this blog: https://www.strengthhammer.net/2018/05/tin-foil-hat-hysh-and-haven-of-lileath.html The author argues that Lileath's hidden world might indeed have survived and became the base for Hysh. Adding to that there recently was the following conversation on FB : I do not know how to embed this in here, but the staff answered quote "Well, we haven't revealed all just yet..." The more I think about this theory the more likely it seems to me. Hope you found that bit interesting. Regards
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    Allegiance: Gloomspite GitzLoonboss on Giant Cave Squig (110)- General- Moon-cutta- Trait: Fight Another Day Madcap Shaman (80)- Artefact: Moonface Mommet - Lore of the Moonclans: The Hand of Gork6 x Squig Herd (70)6 x Squig Herd (70)6 x Squig Herd (70)Bonegrinder Gargant (400)Bonegrinder Gargant (400)Bonegrinder Gargant (400)Bonegrinder Gargant (400)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 110
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    Fair enough, I am sorry if I took for the wrong sort of answer. I do believe there is lots more reasons to believe Ben, not mainly because of being owner of the site, but because he is reporting on a fact (him investigating) and not on hot air (rumours, when not backed). Fyreslayer-Skaven-FEC-Darkoath and Slaanesh sounds believable for 2019. I sure hope we get a couple of surprises though.
  21. 1 point
    Aegis Warsaint Lord Celestant of the War Saints and friend. Space Dragon3 by Adam Riley, on Flickr Marek One Arm marek one-arm by Adam Riley, on Flickr Lord Thresh (with unfinished base) Mounted thresh by Adam Riley, on Flickr
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    But I gotta ask, why is the site owner "investigating" into the rumours? Not the first time we got fake rumours about anything, certainly not the last, and soon enough he would be proven right or wrong. And we did get around talking about rumours. I'm with Hollow Hills here. These days "rumour" sites just repost WHC news and do previews of the stuff they get for signing an NDA. So yeah sorry if I take rumours and this kind of "investigations" with a pinch of salt. I'm glad the rumours are allegedly fake, it means Darkoath might come sooner, and I was sure sylvaneth will get a ranged unit and an updated tome this year. But yeah it's Ben site and he can do whatever, even if I don't agree with how things are run around here.
  23. 1 point
    Less about money they make, more about the money they will lose if they get sued for hosting information which GW deem commercially sensitive. Its perfectly understandable.
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    Did this town mayor also have tiny hands and a speech impediment, by any chance?
  25. 1 point
    Or how Skaven weren't getting anything beyond Carrion Empire until it was pointed out that the Carrion Empire announcement promised more news for Skaven soon.
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  27. 1 point
    May be a controversial choice, but Theddra Skull-scryer from the Godsworn Hunt makes me cringe. She looks like she should be on a Motley Crue album cover.
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    These look awesome, what is the actual recipe on the Squigs? The colour is great
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    I would recommend getting the Age of Sigmar Legends Omnibus 1 because within it you get the Skaven Pestilens story as well as stories for two other major armies for the same price as just getting Pestilens on its own. Skaven Pestilens is an ideal read to get into Skaven in the Age of Sigmar setting. You might want to keep the GW website handy just to check what units look like (the books are pretty good at calling things exactly what they are, but it can help to have quick glance at the store to give you a mental image of what the various things are). It was the book I jumped in on and it worked out a great read and very easy to get into with a casual level of understanding of Warhammer. At present that's about the best for the Realms; most of the rest of the Skaven books are from the Old World setting. Though a bonus is that many of the traits of Skaven remain unchanged and indeed of all the races they've probably had about the least amount of change save for the fact that their Great Horned One has become a formal Chaos God (in the past they were just creatures of Chaos and the Great Horned One was just all powerful)
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    No idea whether the rumours are true or not, but I don't understand why the site owner needs to stop them being posted. Well... I do but I better not go back to my old conspiracy theories...
  31. 1 point
    It’s somewhat telling that they haven’t updated Skirmish on Warscroll Builder, or even mentioned that they are going to update it.
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    For me it boils down to rivets, seams, and propulsion. KO, as duradin probably are the top of the tech limit. And to me their aether bubbles are really just an IP protected form of sails or hot air balloons. Yes they have pressure suits but all of the gear that powers it is visible on the outside. In 40k it isn't visible. Space Marine armor just moves. Humans aren't gonna out-tech the duradin. And Sigmar will just magic it instead of tech it. I think your walker conversion is ace. It still has wood components, has good amounts of plates and rivets (a "unrefined" tech, its not all smooth and pressure sealed). I haven't looked at your blog in a while but I think some of your infantry bases for conversions rubbed people the wrong way because they don't have those exterior fittings/joinings on the armor/helemts or the guns look way to clean.
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    I didn’t finish everything in my pledge but I have made good progress this month. Completed my first miniature of 2019 & I will be using him at a one day event next weekend.
  34. 1 point
    Sorry.. yeah it has Gore Pilgrims. After re-sehuffling, I found a list I'm dead set on BT Insensate Rate Secrator Stoker 3 x Priests 2 x 20 Reavers 2 x 10 Warriors 1 x 10 Skullreapers Pilgrims.. I cannot wait to paint this!
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    Okay.... just to steer this back on course now.... At the moment we have the following rumours (in no order, from no particular source and I'm going to miss some stuff) New models for Skaven and a bumper Battletome combining them into one book (new models 100% due to Carrion Feast Box) New Models for Flesh Eater Courts and Battletome (new models 100% due to Carrion Feast Box) Seraphon Battletome (March/April 2019) Darkoath Release (Summer 2019) Slaanesh Release (ooh err missus ) Gutbusters Battletome Duardin Battletome Light Aelves I think that's it. Now just food for thought but I suspect some of these may become White Dwarf rules that end up in the General's Handbook later this year and may never ever get a full release. If I was GW, that's the way I would tackle some of the older factions now and concentrate on new things but time will tell. I never ever thought we would see a AOS 2 last year and was proven wrong, so what do I know! Now looking at how GW drop titbits for us to consume in our rumour gullets, one thing we can do is look at some events coming up where they could do some announcements. The LVO (Las Vegas Open) is next weekend but I don't think GW are going this year as it looks like the LVO are doing their own coverage via Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/frontlinegaming_tv) but there will be Hobby Seminars with Chris Peach (https://docs.google.com/document/d/16K8di83_jE_9--z0yq1wHgi0Y8Le2m0tXBFDfWrXBsI/edit). Also it looks like there won't be a big Adepticon presence this year either. So looking at the Warhammer World Calendar (https://s20889.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2018-public-calendar-16.01.19.pdf), there seems to be a few TBAs but I don't think we will see any 'proper' open day type events until May or June (Plus UK Games Expo if they are doing a seminar). I still suspect we will see things drop out via Facebook and Youtube though
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    Let's see. From what i heard the Battletome will be Seraphon and beyond The last Chambers of Stormcast It will focus on the only untouched Stormcast chambers left. The Kitchen-Helper, the Stardrake-Keeper and the Palace-Janitors. The new model kits come with different version of shovels to pick up poop. Beside that they look exactly like every other Stormcast with armor and everything. The only Seraphon related topic will be a conversation of Stormcast-Kitchenhelper listening to a conversation between 2 Stormcast Janitors where they talk about one of them has seen a Skink from more than 600 feet distance. What details can you offer ?
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    You mean beside the already known ? - 2 new Stormcast Books and 47 new models before Seraphon -Seraphon March - 1 new Stormcast Book and 3 new chambers including 73 new model each - Slaves of Darkness in Summer - 1 new Starter Box Stormcast vs Stormcast "Chamber Wars". Between 321 to 478 new models are rumored. Internal sources say it could be higher. - Slaneesh around October - 1 new Starter Box Stormcast vs Stormcast "Chambers united". Low count of new units around 150 are expected. - Before Christmas Light Aelves vs Shadow Aelves Starterbox will be released. Starterbox "Battle of light and Darkness" includes 210 new Stormcast models and 2 Citadel Trees. One with black and grey paint bundle, the other one with white and yellow bundle. No new Aelves are included. Beside that we have just unconfirmed rumours for 2020. But they already leaked there will be 6 major Stormcast releases. Sources within GW confirmed their target is to push that number to 12 plus 24 smaller releases around 180 new models each. There are also some future plans to build a recycling factory in every major city for people to bring the Stormcast half from every future Starter Box. There was a public complaint from Ebay and Kijiji. Everytime a Starter Box came out so far the Ebay and Kijiji Servers couldn't handle the load of all the offers for the Stormcast half of the Starter Box.
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    Here the daemon prince for example
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    The entire Alef range, the whole lot of em, unless there’s a dying casualty one I’ve missed because that one would be ok 😈
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    @Ndabreaker Whats the word on Tomb Kings? Are they next year or the year after?
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    !!!! . . . Wait a minute.... Uh oh
  43. 1 point
    @rosa @azmarus Hi guys I also made my own Branchwraith by converting from a Spellweaver and some spare parts. Not painted yet but its on the plan for this year!
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    My Maggotkin of Nurgle at 7300 points:
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    So been thinking about Allies a bit. Really what Bonesplitterz lack is damage in general - no Rend or Multidamage on anything other than Heroes or Big Stabbaz (some incidental I suppose but not really "build around"). Mortal Wounds are also pretty few and far between, again basically just some spells and Big Stabbaz. Allies can help alleviate the burden on that one unit and our relatively squishy foot Heroes, as well as bring some variety. Just gonna put down some thoughts, let me know if you agree/disagree: Aleguzzler Gargant: Not extremely impactful, but at only 160 it's a cheap Monster so can proc the Morboyz +1 to hit once it dies, and brings some good rend and multidamage attacks, which we don't get outside Big Stabbas. Two actually isn't bad as a couple Distraction Carnifex (need to think of a new term for that in AoS). Mangler +/- Loonboss: The new Gloomspite hotness, very punchy Monster (so good for Duality ), throws out lots of multidamage rend attacks, averages out to being pretty fast, etc. The Loonboss for +60 points adds some damage and can buff himself, and helps in 3PoP, but depends on the points you have left. Arachnarok Spider: IMO the only two worth considering are the Shaman and the Skitterstrand. Skitterstrand is a natural Reserve unit that can threaten flanks pretty easily, though without innate rerolls to charges you're relying on that 9+. Shaman is only 40 points more, gives you a Wizard Hero (good for 3PoP/DoD/PoAP), and some extra damage. The Shaman's spell only buffs himself, but 2 cast Heroes are great for Realm Spells and Endless Spells. In fact, you could consider one of the Gloomspite Endless Spells to go along with him - the Scuttletide is easier to cast from him, makes a wall, and deals an average of 2MWs every time it goes off. I think a Shaman + Scuttletide combo is a pretty solid addition. Rogue Idol: Buffs our dudes, brings damage, brings MWs, is pretty hard to take down. Solid addition, if expensive, not much to it. Troggoth Hag: A reasonable Wizard - Debuffing spell, can hurt with Unbinds, good damage. It's a bit expensive for what it does, and I don't think it's much more threatening than other options in the list, but it ticks all the boxes I discussed at the beginning so it is worth considering.. Squig Gobba: I'll go ahead and say that I don't think this is the best ally we can take. But Destruction in general is really lacking in ranged options, so a 30" multidamage threat is something that you can't really get anywhere else, so it could be a big boon if you want to soften targets before reaching them. Orruk Warboss on Wyvern: Seen it noted a few times, and for good reason. Good attacks and buffs melee units. 240 is a bit steep but seems pretty well worth it. Orruk Wierdnob Shaman: Foot of Gork is really good. It's even better when you get +2 to cast standing next to Arrerboyz or Boyz. This guy can bring good damage output, especially if you slap him on a Balewind or use Spellportals. Fungoid Cave Shaman: So this guy isn't all that exciting. He doesn't bring the damage I talked about above, but for only 90 points, you get a Wizard who generates an extra 2.5 CP per game on average, which is extremely good for an army that need Inspiring Presence and really wants to reroll charge distances. A really solid addition if you find yourself hungering for CP. Boingrot Bounderz: You can get 20 in a 2k game. While they're squishier than our own Cavalry, they do MWs on the charge and have a bunch of Rend attacks, so they actually make our Boars look pretty tame in comparison, as crazy as that is. You could actually make a pretty interesting Cavalry army with Boarboyz/Maniaks as your Battleline and these guys allied in. Brutes: You can get 10 in a 2k game. A big brick of these guys is a nice addition to run alongside our hordes, comparing to 8 Big Stabbaz. The Brutes will put out the weight of dice with Rend, though, which is a niche that our army doesn't really fill. Fellwater Troggoths: Much like Brutes, they compare to Big Stabbaz, trading quality of attacks for volume and in this case, durability and shooting as well. It never hurts to diversify your units, which is something that our army can struggle with. Overall there's some really good options, and I think Bonesplitterz need to explore them in order to stay competitive. Our strength is in bodies and chip attacks, with only a bit of actual oomph damage. Taking advantage of Allies and/or Endless Spells to add more punch to our lists I think is paramount to keeping up going forward. I personally think a Shaman on Arachnarok is a solid choice - more casting, good damage, and a big distraction piece ticks a lot of boxes that we want to have in our army. For 30 points, adding in a Scuttletide gives some board control and extra chip MWs, which you can never discount the power of.
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    The Mushloonz in the Harrowmark Far from any village in an unusually damp and dark corner of the Harrowmark, is the Dankwood. Home to the Mushloonz and a dozen other Gloomspite tribes it is overrun by mushrooms, troggoths, giant spiders and grots. The area is riddled with labyrinthine networks of caves and maze-like winding paths through the trees with impenetrable walls of tangled branches and thorny brambles. Cobwebs and clumps of mushrooms are commonplace and daylight rarely penetrates the forest canopy. - 🍄 - I have finished the six grots Viktor gave me, and the extra (converted) Shaman and Squig from my bits box. Noggit (a Madcap Shaman) and Maw (a big Cave Squig). Stog (Shoota Grot Boss), Snok and Ruk Skur, Dort (Gonger) and Zeg. The Mushloonz search the woods of the Harrowmark for interesting fungus. The warband so far: This is something I made waaay back, for Warhammer 8th edition, as a marker to show that a Mysterious Wood counted as a "Fungus Forest". I'm really happy to be using it again as an objective marker for Age of Sigmar Skirmish games!
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    Hi mates, with your directly or indirectly help I take my decission. I'll make my army with GHoN alligment. My choice incluid Manfred as mortarch (I have just one to assemble right now, in future I will buy other two because I love it) 10 blood knights(with dragon blades model), 30 skelly, 20 grave guard, 10 black knight, 20 wolves (I use just 10-15 I supuse) 4 morghast, 6 vargheist, 1 Wight king (the blade one) and dragon zombie... After all this, I take a million of skelly because I don't like zombies. But I still with a doubt. I have one coven throne/mortis engine/bloodseeker/ model... What is the best option with GHoN / Legion of night?? Of course I still wanna all your tips but, grave guard is a must in, because is my favorite model... 20-30 and I think it's not enough hahaha Thank you mates
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