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    Morning everyone. Ive spoken with NDABreaker and unfortunately it’s someone having his own little fun and wishlisting. I’m going to clear this up into its own thread. EDIT: I posted this before reading the thread. So let me be clear. I meassaged the poster and before he got back to me he came here to say he was being silenced. I then explained that the site software can track the devices used to make posts, showing 2 accounts posting from the same phone and his tune changed I know who the poster is but I’m not going to share his name so let’s leave it as that for the record, I love rumours, I also love wishlists but let’s not confuse the two
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    This is why I asked it to be stopped. It’s wasnt rumour mongering. It was baiting and trolling.
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    Well that's not the point. Read Ben's post last page ; he just investigated on NDAbreaker and discovered he was fake. There was never any consideration of GW suing TGA... @Kurrilino Ben made this website. Thanks to him we have a rumor thread, posters like LLV coming here, etc. And please, show me an occurence of admin or a mod coming to the rumor thread (that they allowed to reach like 800+ pages) and try to silence someone ? The never, ever, did that.. Your overreaction is out of place. Honestly I am very disappointed by the posters who unilaterally believed a new, unknown poster's accusations of being "silenced" without asking for more informations... That's not the spirit of this forum at all. But I guess we're on the internet.
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    Hi guys - a bit more on the Gloomspite Gitz project. I've always liked the idea and concept of Giants and I wanted to include at least one in my Gloomspite army - but I had to do something with it, both being a compulsive converter, and wanting it to fit into the Mushroom theme better. It didn't take long before I began to get this idea of mushrooms infecting a living creature (a bit akin to that horrible fungus thing ants can contract), and an idea of the model began to form. I took the most mindless head from the gargant kit, reposed the legs to make them look more zombie-stagger-like, and attached a bunch of mushrooms to his body and back (including the top of his head, them coming out of his brain - ew!) Being completely Shroom-Zombified (totally a word), he needed a grot minder, giving him orders, and his own little lookout barrel. I'm really digging the vibe of this guy. Also, 3 more trolls, with some minor conversions and swaps.
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    So TGA has a rumor thread and you get asked to stop sharing rumors... wonderful judgment by the mods.
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    Those Gutbusters rumours really motivated me to work on and expand my Ogor army. Now that it turns out it was not true, strangely, I haven't lost any of that motivation. It made me realise what really was the army for me. The thought that someday we might get a lovingly written (or just plain written) battletome will keep me going. In conclusion: gw give fatties
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    So ehm if NDA is silenced for bringing rumours to the rumour thread I guess subjects are pretty open now... So whats it gonna be Pats or Rams? Ever think Trump will get his wall? Btw. Whos your favourite Jersey Shore character? Never liked the color beige how do you guys feel about it?
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    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Okay, can we please have less of the pitchforks and torches please. There is no grand conspiracy or this forum being in GW's pocket. If you think how long this topic has been active, mods have only gotten involved when: You say something nasty about somebody You post pictures which aren't official ones (this is purely because those sorts of pictures usually make the models look not as good) At the end of the day, Rumours are rumours. Some are true and some are not true. However, the issue in this case is when somebody who is a member of this forum creates another account to post up 'rumours'. This is bad as it can mislead people about things just so somebody gets a kick out of the 'excitement' being generated. +++ Mod Hat Off +++ So stepping back on the Rumour Train.... Stuff we know: Flesh Eaters vs Skaven is coming (Carrion Feast) There will 'probably' be a Flesh Eater Battletome and Skaven Battletome over next 12 months Darkoath are probably coming Slaanesh stirs With the Horus Heresy Weekender happening this weekend, we may see some tidbits pop out but I would expect more stuff over next month or two PS - @Greasygeek, Pats all the way!
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    My nurgle armies are led by two squabbling Great Unclean One brothers. One is Bho’Od’Jee Gutterbutter, an unusually serious and stern GUO that prefers to wage war with only his daemon followers, preferring to put his foes to the dirt with a vast, rust encrusted sword. The other is Mondo Excrementus, the Lord of Lurgy, the Duke of Puke, the Ayatollah of E-ah-Bola, a grand standing, French Duke of a GUO, who prefers the company of his mortal followers and basking in their awe and adoration. He rings his bell when ever he goes to war, and his herald announces his every step, so that all may bask in his glory.
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    I just hope the FEC get some new models. They really need to flesh-out that range some.
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    This is same absurd response we were getting when we called the whole thing fishy and wrong. People are so desperate about rumours that they do not want to be told they are false. I simple cannot follow that logic. To me, the first thing you should check about a rumour is whether it is believable.
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    Just to note for those who don't know but checking the IP address of a poster on most forums takes around 5 to 10 seconds to perform and the software will likely have the ability to search and compare the IP address of all other members of the site to compare. Ergo the investigation likely took not more than "hey this guy likely has an alternate account" and about three or four mouse clicks. It was likely sparked by the person changing the rumours and coming up with so many all at once - I don't think we've ever before had a years worth of GW's release schedule revealed; so that in itself likely sparked the fire that made mods take a little bit of a closer look. In the end a user trolling the site was identified and their alternate account removed and their primary likely now flagged for watching; good things for the community and we are back to twiddling our thumbs waiting for more rumours.
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    Yeah that dude can take the L, I said I was of skeptical of some of the things he said and he tried to come at me. Talking about " the only reason you disagree is because you just don't like the things I have said"
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    Terrible paint-job but one of the first I did but anyway this is Vox Necrosyrtes aka The Vulture and his legion of the damned, The Vulture’s Wake. Vox Necrosyrtes being very bad Latin for the ‘the voice that pulls the dead’. Quick summary of his backstory, wizard who lived just outside of a small town in Shyish, was generally tolerated but distrusted and left alone. Over the years as generations passed and he remained experimenting in his tower he became more of a figure of fear, a bogeyman for town kids who nicknamed him the Vulture after his resemblance, both physical (his big collar and bald head) & behavioural (rumoured to drag away the dead for nefarious reasons) to the great bone picking birds of the desert. (incidentally that’s where I got his true name from as the hooded vulture’s Latin name is necrosyrtes monachus). so anyway finally the town mayor needing to distract from his disastrous plan to build a wall around the town and rumours of collusion with an enemy state decides to make a scapegoat of old Vox and sends his troops to arrest him on trumped up charges. Vox is actually a fairly friendly necromancer, as they come if entirely insane, just wanting to experiment in peace and learn the secrets of death. He’s out in the desert communing with the spirit (host) of his mentor when the nervous troops arrive and in a panic butcher his assistant and servants. when he does come back to find the loutish soldiers despoiling his desmense he goes ape-****** and blasts them with a withering gale of raw Shyishian magic stripping the very flesh from their bones and condemning them to an unlife of servitude. Rousing his newly acquired Skeleton warband, now known as The Vulture’s Wake (a wake being the collective noun for vultures, describing how they follow in his path and the obvious funerary aspect - just in case I haven’t tortured language enough already) he marches on the town, driven mad in anger he orders his ‘men’ to devastate it. The town mayor is pulled from his chambers and cast low before our hero, deflensed and has his clattering, chattering bones hoisted up onto the town’s tattered banner to forever recite a litany if his sins and warn all who would challenge the wizard in future (I plan to redo the standard bearer and add some mayoral accoutrements to the bones atop the standard). Now Vox travels through the wilderness each unfortunate town or village he comes across swelling his warbands numbers, each barrow and gravesite defiled releasing the spirits within to turn their chill gaze on the living. etc etc. Terrible pics as well as dodgy paint jobs but all I have on me right now. ——————- wasnt really a quick summary was it... I did skip a load though so be thankful for that, I could have started the story with Vox as a small orphan child growing up on the streets of... 😴😴😴
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    To be fair, a poster who openly flaunts his or her disregard for an NDA is probably someone who is at odds with the basic principles of this site, and proper societal behavior as a whole. Please note, I'm not saying the NDA person is evil or that we, as a group, didn't appreciate the info. I'm just saying what with that user name, I'm not at all surprised he/she was asked to stop. (Personal note: I've signed many NDAs in my time. I've wanted very much to break them. Integrity demanded that I didn't. There's a special place in the Realm of Chaos for people who betray trust.)
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    Rules make no sense. Its a rumor thread where rumormongers get banned, we cant post leaked images, whats the point? Oooo sure am happy about [latest warhammer community post] isn't [mod-approved topic] quite interesting, eh wot? (stormcast, human or not?! Fantasy was better than AoS, dwarfs>elves, wololololololo!)
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    Hi guys - I wanted to show off an idea for my Squig Army. I've always liked the idea and concept of Giants and I wanted to include at least one in my Gloomspite army - but I had to do something with it, both being a compulsive converter, and wanting it to fit into the Mushroom theme better. It didn't take long before I began to get this idea of mushrooms infecting a living creature (a bit akin to that horrible fungus thing ants can contract), and an idea of the model began to form. I took the most mindless head from the gargant kit, reposed the legs to make them look more zombie-stagger-like, and attached a bunch of mushrooms to his body and back (including the top of his head, them coming out of his brain - ew!) Being completely Shroom-Zombified (totally a word), he needed a grot minder, giving him orders, and his own little lookout barrel. I'm really digging the vibe of this guy.
  21. 4 points
    I wouldn't really put much weight behind this website, I don't think they put much effort into this part. Doesn't have "gloomspite" for example, just "grots" By asking you to stop (or banning you) he's really done nothing but lend credence to your rumors... Thanks again for sharing...
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    Las Vegas Open next weekend so don't think we have to wait too long for the next patch of releases/rumours...
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    I don't get you here Sete. Everyone interested in AOS should be investigating AOS rumors, because we love rumors and are interested in them, and don't want to be lied to ? Ben, like some of us, probably just wanted to check the accuracy of a totally new and unknown poster. Saying otherwise would just mean you just take everything you hear without any salt or critical mind. In the end, NDAbreaker lied to us, which is pretty bad IMO. You should be thankful someone debunked his fake rumors, not salty over it.
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    Next army picture ready: My Blades of Khorne at 10000+ points featuring my own interpretation of Vorgaroth!
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    I believed he was being silenced because I have an unfounded paranoia that fansites are all covering for GW. That said the rumours did sound dodgy... I think what we can all learn from this is that deepkin endless spells are back on the wishlist baby.
  26. 3 points
    Lord Sepsis, and the Order of Ruination.
  27. 3 points
    Yeah i agree. This is ridiculous. I have never seen a hockey forum where they aren't allowed to talk hockey. This happens when side owners are concerned about their couple of pennies they make. But having advertisement banners that link to cheap knock off dice for Age of Sigmar is perfectly fine. It's always like that. A page made from fans for fans gets offered 4$ per month and then turns into a circus.
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    @Sception I dunno what else to tell you then, man. If you’re determined to debunk every argument in their favour with hypotheticals and what ifs, we’re just going to go in circles. I guess that, putting real life ahead of theorycraft, I finished 10th at Facehammer with 30 of them, won a highly competitive one-dayer with them, and didn’t lose a single game in practice against a team including two UK masters players. They work, they’re good, try them!
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    I agree, news and rumors should just be news & facts no: ”real” rumors images wish listing theories or even discussions about why no rumors. not sure where n&r section is supposed to go now. Back to lurking
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    Is everyone in GW pocket these days? Well if rumours can't be discussed on a forum what's the point? Thanks for the rumours NDA, and godspeed you handsome devil. Beige is great if you want to be invisible.
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  32. 3 points
    Probably because I now bought two white dwarfs I got a genuine theory though. In Stormcast episode 1, the video cast by warhammerTV, they had one of their senior rules writers on. He talked about how he got the chance as a game designer with the first version of blood bowl that featured in the white dwarf. He spoke at length about how he learned and that you cannot be a rules designer I theory but only be one by actually publishing your ideas and letting the world test them to breaking. I thought the Skirmish rules were his, mr Bracken, first rules in the role of Lead. They hired Bottle, creator of Hinterlands, another creator that needs to test his skills, a combo tome. I think they might be preparing the companies rules division for some new blood and just need space for them to test things. Again just my perception, but can’t help but connect that interview with new rules designers suddenly being center stage with their first creations.
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    I have managed to finish the last few remaining details on the Alarielle late last night:
  34. 3 points
    Woohoo! First unit done! 70 points! Only 1930 points to go! 😉
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    Codex Black Legion will come in March, but a lot of the new units will have <legion> keyword so will work for the other guys too. Expect Ynnari to get a model release with their own range, so they aren't just using a mix of dark eldar and craftworlds. Will that be this year? Don't know. Sisters of Battle are obviously coming. I also expect more primaris at somepoint. To be honest 2019 will be fairly light on aos I think, I think we will get a campaign book like malign portents and more boxes in the style of carrion empire. Maybe a soul wars related campaign in Chamon?
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    Looks like a lot of people have a death wish. Badum tish.
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    The old Empire was 16th century fantasy, and it had this sucker running around. From what I've read the freeguild and ironweld of AOS are a bit more advanced than their old world ancestors. To echo some others, the tech shouldn't be too streamlined and should ideally be somewhat quirky.
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    No, the battalion doesn't have keyword bold in it which means it's only units with that exact name. Same as with ardboys and ironskullz.
  39. 2 points
    On the flip side, it never hurts to put most of the inane discussion in one place.
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    Is there any point to this thread if rumors are not supposed to be posted or discussed? I say close it before we get more pages of inane discussion like the last page and a half.
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    My Arch-Warlock is called Skurrilious Maus. Brave, heroic, powerful: these are all words used by him (and pretty much only him) to describe himself. Genuinely clever and a competent inventor, he is nevertheless nowhere near the genius he believes himself to be, but persists in a sort of scavenger hunt across the realms, hoping to find something he can use to unlock the secrets of Blōmafyrn, the Broken World... Then they'll see... They'll all see!
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    I guess we're all just free to make up our own rumours willy-nilly now then... I hear on the grapevine that... pffff. I can't think of anything funny. Just sort of rolling my eyes at the pointlessness of this thread.
  43. 2 points
    I present to all for you... THE EXALTED KEEPER OF SECRETS! I've been working on her for 2 weeks. It was a gift from a friend, and when i noticed terrible mold slips and bad job, my GW store owner notified me it's actually China-cast, but being the nice guy that he was, he taught me what I needed to do to paint it, and work with it. The hair is green stuffed by me, the armys had to be pinned and greenstuffed at the joined, the sword is warped and I tried pretty hard to get it as straight as I could, the base is random elf bits and a freebie stormcast painted up in what will be my stormcast colors. I meant for her to have icy blue claws to match the sword, but the claws broke while trying to put them on, so I went with her having an icy touch.
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    Considering that people have lost jobs over rumours in the past its not totally surprising if someone is spreading a significant number all at once. It's rare that we'd get a years worth of releases in one big rumour go - normally one gets a bit here or a bit there of what might be coming; even then the shifting schedule and department differences makes for some degree of confusion. There might also be more we don't know, also lets not forget thus far not a single rumour has been proven or disproved.
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    Isn’t all too often the truth of many armies? Keywords and few options force it for newer armies while we have other issues. They should try killing two birds with one stone. More Warscroll Battalions. More mobility for Fell Bats, let Bat Swarms effect shooting with proximity the targeted unit, make Black Knights more punchy on the charge, something zombie-zombie for deathwalkers, etc. If anything it could work for experimenting on future warscroll changes.
  46. 2 points
    After completing my pledge, I veered off slightly on my stretch goals and did some experimenting. Speed painted the Blood Reevers from Shadespire to test glazing over brown zenithal pre-shading (and realised I did some terrible / non-existent gap filling around a year ago...), five Chainghast to try reverse Zenithal (didn't get enough contrast, but great models...) and tried some NMM on a Blood Warriors axe.
  47. 2 points
    Only got half my pledge done this month, this unit of Flagellant Ghouls. Was a busy month and things got away from me. Honestly without the motivation of this this thread I would have not even gotten these done. So a big thank you to all those who contribute, it helps keep the hobby juices flowing.
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    For me orchestral game music is by far and away the best. Often looped and extended. Any of Jeremy Soule's stuff (he composes the Elder Scrolls music) is great for mortal Chaos, Stormcast, Duardin & Aelves. For DoK the Witcher 3's battle music especially "The Song of the Sword-Dancer", "Steel for Humans" & "Silver for monsters" but "Eyes of the Wolf" "Hunt Or Be Hunted" and "Cloak and Dagger" work too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAGm9MTyRJ8 For the Deepkin: Legend of Zelda Water Temple. The remixes are better though. For Daemons and Undead the music of the Dark Souls games. For Orruks and Ogres, I like the music to Witcher 3 again but Skyrim's soundtrack works too And for the realms and cities of Order: Zelda Breath of the Wild and Twilight Princess music.
  49. 2 points
    I had yesterday my first game with my slaves since over 8 Months. And it was a blast! Short background: I started around a year ago with StD to play AoS. We had a local campain back there and even a small local tournament at out local gw. But I noticed quite fast that my StD are lacking some heavy punching power against a lot of armies. I had at this point a Lord on Manticore, 30 Warriors, Chariot and Knights + Sorcerer as my army, which even was enough to get 2 wins at out local tournament I mentioned. But after the campaign ended I noticed quite fast that in a lot of match ups I was simply not able to do anything due to the lack of shooting or rend. So I decided to jump on the God-Train and mixed quite a lot of Khorne into my StD, playing also Khorne Alligience since that time. I did get some Choosen and a Lord on Pony in the meantime, but mostly relied on a Slaughterpriest and the other Khorne-Buff Heroes. Yesterday I played a 2k Game against a friend who started pretty new into AoS a month ago. Perfect situation to play my "lackluster" army. I played to fun, keeping the Alligience-StD table as a main priority without loosing focus on mission Objective (The sixt one from GHB with the 3 stars coming down). And this ended in an game I enjoyed like long time not more. I took as many heroes as I could and tried to let them finish his beasts and heroes so they may ascend or at least gain a bit of their gods attention. It ended up in some weird activation patterns ("Yeah, I could kill your troglodon easy with my knights, but I won´t so my Lord can attempt it on the next turn again"), facepalms ("What the...wait a second...I need to kill your Hero with a Combat Weapon? No Magic? How is this supposed to please Tzwwntch anyway? Nevermind, I guess my Sorcerer Killstealed that Troglodon") and generaly a lot of fun ("My Lord kills your general and....wait, he failed all hits? Damn...yeah, sure, activate him...how many saves?...ugh....I have rerolls...but I guess my Lord is a Spawn now"). So, overall, I ended playing the army in the intended way: Seeking Chaos glory whilst slaying my foes. I even won due to objectives (6x5 Warriors is damn handy for Objective Missions) and will play them more, even before the rumoured Darkoath drops
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    Xorg the Spiker clicked and hissed to himself as he scuttled through the Dankwood. The poison-bottles in the basket lashed to his back clinked together as his swaying gait moved them around. His bare feet pattered over the gloomy forest floor, between gnarled tree roots and clusters of fungus. Thin beams of pallid moonlight managed to break through the tangled bowers overhead and illuminated the winding pathways. Shrouds of thick cobwebs hung from the branches and nameless things squirmed and writhed in the shadows. It felt like home! He had heard rumours of a growing lurklair in the midst of this dark corner of the forest, and that a Fungoid Cave Shaman was gathering a warband. A gathering of Gloomspite Gitz meant one thing to him: customers! - 🍄 - Some close-in shots of details. I struggled with the glass bottles as I looked at a lot of very, very good still-life paintings that included wine bottles during my art degree. So my expectation of what a glass bottle should look like is probably unrealistic at 28mm scale! I tried something different with his skin this time: Elysian Green basecoat, lightly dry-brushed with Pallid Wych Flesh, then washed with Athonian Camoshade. So quick and easy: It ends up looking exactly the same as the Gitz I painted with a lot more steps!
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