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    1 Dankhold Troggboss 300 1 Troggoth Hag 380 1 Mollog 170 6 Fellwater Trogs 320 6 Fellwater Trogs 320 3 Rockgut Trogs 160 3 Rockgut Trogs 160 1 Dankhold Trog 220 Troggoth Herd 180 1950/2000 Thats gonna be my force 🤘🏿
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    In my experience the reason you see FAQs "nerf" alot of things is generally for one of the following reasons: 1 - Players interpreted the ruling wrong, most of what comes in an FAQ is a clarification on the wording of the power, with loose wording we as players often have to interpret the precise meaning of a rule, sometimes our own desire for it to infact by the way that benefits us most blinds us to the more logical and actual reasoning behind it. By clarifying the rulings alot of players feel "nerfed" when actually it is how the rule was intended when first written. 2 - Unexpected Synergies, games designers arent gods, and players have an ability to run combinations that are harder to predict for games designers who may simply expect average and not bled competitive. In this players can find potent combinations that may tip otherwise balanced units into unintended power levels. Clarifying that these should not work can feel like a "nerf" but again, its usually an attempt to restore a unit to "as intended" 3- Broken units - yes sometimes games designers even mess up, a unit rapidly outclasses all equivalents both within its battletome and in the game in general. Whilst it would be nice if all other units were instead elevated to this level of potency you'd have a power creep escalation that was dramatic. Its far easier to tone one unit down than elevate every other unit in the game. This is the closest to a flat nerf but again, isnt a spiteful endevour but an attempt to level things out (though again, games designers can go too far the other way). Also narrative gamers are people too.
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    If an ability is underpowered, it can ruin a unit. If an ability is overpowered, it can ruin the whole game. I imagine buffing units just isn't a priority for the rules team.
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    I have been building a Troggoth army before we even heard about the Gloomspite tome and here is what I have painted so far. A Giant Fellwater Gargant and 6 Fellwater Troggoths I'm now painting my Troggoth hag and I still have 9 more Fellwater Troggoths waiting for paint! I know I'll be adding a Dankhold Troggboss and I will be playing the Troggherd battalion. Currently I'm toying with the idea of putting a Fellwater Troggoth on a Mawkrusher and playing it as Gordrakk for that nice 3d6 charge for the entire Troggherd Battalion!
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    Thats the price you pay to play something fun and thematic
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    You know when I think about discussing Troggoth lists I don't think "let me put ONE HUNDRED tiny goblins in my list" Let's get serious with the Troggoth lists here guys
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    Sure, except not really. The FAQs almost always are where the big, army crippling changes occur even though everyone does say that's not true. FAQs and battletomes. GHB mostly deals with points and while I used to be very pro "points are all we need" I have completely changed my tone. I think points can make small changes only. They're a "final tweak" best left in very small increments. Even more so there is a practicality standpoint. Saurus knights are terrrible. What if they were 20 points? Well.....they'd still be terrible, you just have more. And that is a really bad premise to the game. So innate baddness is to be overcome by numbers? Every time? In some situations sure. But thematically, do we think 10 Skinks are reasonable along side 600 knights? Seems dumb. And I don't want to paint them. As for the GHB, unless it incorporates Malign Sorcery, artifacts, realms, and realm spells, the GHB this year will be the least impactful rules wise as it's ever been. It helps armies without battletomes, but what those armys need is battletomes, not an updated GHB.
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    The warscroll pdfs are still active, even if the shop page itself was turned off. I keep a list of those links on here: http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/List_of_Warhammer:_Age_of_Sigmar_units Every link, including Gitmobs, should be working still. EDIT: Feel free to nab them. It's always good to have backups.
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    Honestly I‘d like if they released models for both factions simultaneously like the following: There‘s a small narrative event of a huge war which no one on the surface even notices. This event continues for 2-4 weeks, while they release a small story every week followed by a new unit. start: the new boxed set. week 1: both armies clash: New battleline unit for both and the new heroes (smaller support characters). week 2: 1-2 elites per Army are revealed week 3: reveal of one big kit each (varghulf vs rat ogres) week 4: A cavalry or other new unit for both + terrain piece out of which both armies swarm forth to carry their war to the surface. + Battletome.
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    I do agree with this! Its not a Troggoth list if your battleline aint Troggoths
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    Base colours and wash First drybrush layers done
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    Pretty happy with how the King himself is coming along, particularly proud of the skin
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    Three Stormfiends, a Doomwheels and a cannon in a skirmish game?
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    So couple of things to start with. My reason for this thread is simple, the Gloomspite Gitz thread is going to be ridiculously congested with at least 4 separate discussions going on. Anyone who has been following the Gloomspite thread knows that it's gained something like 10 pages in the past few days making it impossible to keep track of things. As a result I've decided to start this thread up in order to create a unique thread purely for the discussion of heavy Troggoth lists. Obviously they are still Gloomspite and can freely take from the allegiance so it's not quite it's own but I think it will help compartmentalise the discussions into much more managable areas. The second and most important reason is that for the first time we can now field a 100% Troggoth army and this needs to be celebrated! Ground Rules As this is a bit of a unique case for the destruction forums I'm going to layout a few basic things as to what sort of lists go here and what goes in the main Gloomspite thread. This thread is for Troggoth focused armies and the units/options available. Broader Gloomspite units can be included but treat them more like easy to obtain allies. Discussions of lists which don't have Dankhold Troggbosses as generals or all the Troggoth battleline are fine. As long as the list itself is trogg focused. if it's not at least 50% Troggoths it should probably be in the main Gloomspite thread. So what does all that mean, well here's a quick example to try and help you understand. With all of that said, I'm not going to be "enforcing" any of this it's more to make sure this isn't detracting from the primary Gloomspite thread, instead being reserved for the much more focused Dankhold style lists. So without further ado. Below are the points costs for the various Troggoth units. This means that the minimum size force for a pure Troggoth force is 780 leaving 1220 points spare Any questions etc. just ask.
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    The newest release teaser has perked my interest again so I’ve opted to build toward Gloomspite with my partner. She has started off simple with a colossal squig to paint up whilst in chipping away at converting my own tribe of Morks Toofy Gitz. Led by the Smilin Tyrant they originate from fungal marshland. in the process of repainting my Gobba and have converted a counts as Loonboss on Giant Squig along with my Arachnarok. All bases are WIP with miliput adding depth before I apply dirt and then paint the marshland
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    Hi, i’m a new AOS player. Some days ago i restarted painting my skaven miniatures after a hiatus of 5 years. I need some advice on how to build a good 1000/1500p list with the minis i have and eventually what can i add to them. I’d like to use a mixed skaven list or eventually only skryre. I have: -1 skaven warlord -2 warlock engineers -2 packmasters -80 clanrats -5 acolytes -3 stormfiends -1 Wind-mortar launcher -1 warpfire thrower -1 doomwheel -4 rat ogres What do you think?
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    Re: #1-#5 above: 1) After six games across two 1 day'ers, it has felt difficult, as expected, to compete with only 20 Dryads. No shock there. 2) Same with the non-one-drop, but all of the losses have been close so far, except the game vs Gorefist, but that game was principally lost on my poor deployment. A non-one-drop seems clearly less forgiving to mistakes, especially in deployment, with more potential for the unexpected. You can find yourself in situations where you can't even get a second or third Wyldwood on the table, due to enemy units getting in your face before you've had a turn, or failing to cast Verdant without Ranu's, etc. 3) Celestant-Prime wasn't that useful over the weekend, but those were my first three games with him. More experience needed. With that said, I was skeptical about his value on paper, especially at 340. If you drop him round 1 to use the comet, I don't know if he'll do enough over the game for his points. If you hold him until round 2, he's still capable of flubbing 5 attacks at 3's to hit, especially with the considerable # of to-hit debuffs in the game. And if you're waiting to strike with him in round 3, that might be too late in the game to make a difference, especially since you'll be playing 340pts down for two rounds. And as everyone knows, with a 3+ save and only 8 wounds, he dies incredibly easily. 4) Unfortunately, Kurnoth Bows didn't do much over the weekend either. I was rolling consistently poor for them. The Wyldwood LoS-blocking wasn't much of an issue, however. It was just the usual frustration with their 4+ to hit that Sylvaneth players have been experiencing over the last couple years, especially now that Look Out, Sir! turns that 4+ into a 5+. I still kind of like the idea of taking 3 of them in a list with Alarielle, so you have the ability to summon 3 more when you need targeted ranged damage (e.g., vs a Tzeentch caster-heavy list). At the same time, it can feel like you're playing 200pts down when they consistently do nothing, and you'd often much rather have 20 Dryads on the board. 5) Drycha's Flitterfuries were solid in the 1 day'er last August, but a little less valuable this weekend. In game 1 vs Khorne, though, they were outstanding, as she never died and continually pinged off a couple mortal wounds on multiple units/heroes each round. It's hard to know how she would've fared in game 2, since my deployment lost that game from the start. And in game 3 vs Nighthaunt, their heroes were too far spread out for Flitterfuries to have much impact. She was consistent on one front, though: She was both worthless in combat and sad/embittered the entire weekend, outside of one round, just before she was about to die to a bunch of pigs. I'd like to try out Squirmlings at a 1 day'er, although it would've only had relevance vs Nighthaunt this weekend. Maybe if you can keep her screened by lots of Dryads, which are then fighting a blob unit, you can have Drycha's Squirmlings in close enough range to do a lot of mortal wounds to that unit. In general, I'm increasingly skeptical about Drycha's value at the moment. Since she dies quite easily and tends to do nothing in combat, you're spending 280pts on her as a 10-wound Wizard and for her Flitterfuries or Squirmlings. If you could actually choose which one she uses each game, she would be more interesting, but since you can only take one for an entire event, you'll often have matchups where she has the wrong one. I'll follow up re: #6-#7 above.
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    The main issue is the frequency at which rules are clarified (twice or thrice a year??) which comes with too long waiting times. the reworking of awful Warscrolls (once a year at best?) and the fixing of internal Point-cost imbalance (once a year? Coming this June/Juli) it‘s just too few fixes while issues stay for half a year or more. We‘d need quicker big adjustments of points, clarifications and Warscrolls every 2,5 months or so. a simple FAQ won‘t do it, sth. Like a small „chapter approved“ would do the trick.
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    Attended the 1 day'er Realm of Rad yesterday (22 players) with my friend Scott Sproul (who won Best Painted!). It was hosted by Edmond Unplugged, a brilliant FLGS in Edmond, Oklahoma (serving pizza, beer, etc.), and organized by Ben Cornelius of the Lords of the Realms podcast. Thanks so much to them for a fun event! Similar to Siegeworld last Aug, I just wanted to attend with a learning, experimental mindset, in particular to learn more about: How well can Sylvaneth compete without a one drop and with 20 Dryads (+ no Dryad summoning) Alarielle and how to play her (6 games in after getting her a couple months ago) Celestant-Prime's potential value in a Sylvaneth list Kurnoth Bows' present value and in-game realities of playing them with 6+ Citadel Wood bases reducing LoS Whether Drycha is worth it, e.g., whether Flitterfuries can provide enough value (or to do Squirmlings), especially with Wyldwoods blocking LoS How to deploy Sylvaneth non-one-drop in certain matchups How to build a competitive non-one-drop list, with low model count, capable of going 4-1 Played Khorne Council of Blood, Ironjawz Gorefist, and Nighthaunt with a lot of bodies and mix of units. We didn't use realm rules, except below in (). My list (at the event, each caster could take a spell from your battletome, or instead, a spell from your realm of choice, but not both): Alarielle w/ Regrowth Drycha w/ Spellshroud Branchwraith w/ Acorn + Verdant Celestant-Prime 10 Dryads 10 Dryads 5 Spites 3 Kurnoth Bows 3 Kurnoth Swords Prismatic Palisade Game 1, Khorne, Scorched Earth: This one went well. His Bloodthirsters were on his middle and left side, without a lot of support for his middle and right side objectives beyond Flesh Hounds. He should've given me first turn, though, for a chance at the double, as a double from Council of Blood is scary, especially vs low model count. I used teleporting to keep away from him, doing as much ranged damage as possible with Alarielle, 2x3 Kurnoth Bows (Alarielle summoned 1x3), Drycha's Flitterfuries, and the Prime's comet. The Prime dropped early to kill the Flesh Hounds on his right side objective and help chip away in general with his comet. His dice were horrific all game, though. Some of the worst I've seen. Game 2, Ironjawz, Places of Arcane Power: This was the first time facing Gorefist. He he had a supercharged version with 18 Gore-Gruntas, along with starting the game with 4 CP, so 5 CP in round one. His list was excellent. Had a number of cool elements, including Aetherquartz Brooch to try and keep generating extra CP for boosting his Waaaagh!. His army was the very definition of a mobile anvil, designed to keep you pinned in your deployment while his heroes score on objectives. That's what happened, although I made two mistakes that lost the game in deployment, one rather obvious and one a little less so: 1) I was playing pretty casually and not thinking about how hard Gore-Gruntas could hit with the potential to stack so many CP, along with the realities of Smashing and Bashing. In light of that, my key pieces should've been more than 4" behind my screening 2x10 Dryads and 5 Spites. He went first, so that would've meant he would just wipe out the Dryads and Spites, and then face Alarielle, Drycha, 3 Kurnoth Swords, and 3 Kurnoth Bows, along with Alarielle summoning 3 more Kurnoth Swords within 9" of her and 9" from the Gore-Gruntas for an 8+ charge (Warsinger). Alarielle's CA would've gone off as well for RR'ing wounds, and his Waaaagh! would not have been nearly as scary outside of his first initial turn. I think it still would've been a tough game, though, because of the second deployment mistake. 2) Not only didn't I put the key pieces more than 4" away from the screens, I didn't leave enough space to summon Wyldwoods. He had 15 pigs immediately in my face, piling in and taking up lots of space with their big asses (er, bases), so it was impossible to get a launchpad Wyldwood down to get units out of my deployment in order to start threatening objectives. Here's what probably would've been better: stretching my 25-model screen along the deployment line, and then leaving plenty of open space behind them for placing the Acorn Wyldwood, with Alarielle and other key pieces well-off the deployment line and out of the way from where the Acorn Wyldwood would drop. Another issue was I kept failing the Branchwraith's Verdant on a 6+. Not having both Acorn and Ranu's (for a 4+ on Verdant) can greatly hurt our mobility. Despite my oops on deployment, thank you to Tim for the enjoyable game! Game 3, Nighthaunt, Relocation Orb: This game was against a new player, so with the loss in round 2, I just wanted to see how well the list could (or couldn't!) chew through Nighthaunt rather than worrying about the mission. He had a handful of heroes, 3x20 Chainrasp, 20 Reapers, 12 Banshees, and a Black Coach. The obvious stand out was Dryads: -1 to hit + 2 attacks a model makes them ideal vs Nighthaunt. The thought of 20 in cover with a 3+ save (or 4+ vs -1 rend), putting out up to 41 attacks.... The popularity of Nighthaunt is another strong case for the Dryad spam we've been seeing since GHB17. As expected, Kurnoth Swords were pretty good vs Nighthaunt. Alarielle, Kurnoth Bows, and Drycha were underwhelming. Alarielle was hurt, as you'd expect, by the Nighthaunt's common 4+ ignoring rend save. The Celestant-Prime is also negated vs Nighthaunt for the same reason. His comet can help, in principle, but Nighthaunt players are pretty incentivized to spread out their heroes, tying them to different units, based on the buffing role they play in the game. If we had gone 5 rounds, I probably would've chewed through most of the army. Nighthaunt seem pretty tough, though. They have a lot of the right elements to compete on top tables: bodies, mobility, resiliency/healing, damage output, etc. This post is getting along, so I'll follow up with another one shortly. Had a blast at the event, though, and learned a lot. Thanks to my opponents for three fun games! Was also grateful to receive Favorite Opponent/Game!
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    this was more articulate than what I wanted to say, so thank you! The army has good models but not too many good synergies. just looking at morrsarr, the buffs we have for them all require either perfect placement or good timing. We have a King to buff their hit rolls, but the buffs only last one turn and his bubble of re-rolling 1's can be hard to keep as everyone has to be within it, which means you're always one charge roll away for it to not affect you, and you can be out of place fairly easily (which is why Dhom-Hain is good in my opinion. No need to be so strict with bubbles on the charge) We have a mage, but she's on foot and her spells are short ranged debuffs that don't actually target you, meaning that you will struggle to use them half the time in an eel list as they engage the enemy up the field. We have a turtle that gives out cover saves, but cover doesn't help on the charge for morsarrs AND has the wholly within 12" rule so you can really be out of place again. plus, what we bring on the board is the only things we have through the entire game. looking at things like Bloodbound, Beasts of chaos and the new goblin stuff everyone can either refill a unit or bring new ones on the board. We cannot, and we are stuck with what we have. if eels become more expensive, we will have less on the board, and then we are at a huge disadvantage when facing armies that can just summon new dudes on the board for the hell of it.
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    Finished my first brute, he's an albino and will probably stay unique in my army, at some point I'll probably add battle damage to both this guy and the megaboss. His pale skin made the other ladz uneasy at first as everyone knows green is best, this fella overcame persecution with fierce savagery and a few good 'eadbutts. The ladz have noticed enemies cowering (more than usual) at the sight of this pale orruk as he charges their lines, leading them to believe it is a blessing from Mork.
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    ill throw my 2 cents in here, specifically regarding Malign Sorcorery artefacts and realm spells. i have a feeling about how theses came to be in the first place. i think someone went "how can we update all these old battletomes/armies without battletomes to give them spells and artefacts without having to release a ton of battletomes?" unfortunately the way it was impilmented means that the already good armies also got access to them when they didnt need the extras, and unfortunately its those armies that are 'breaking' the artefacts and realm spells and triggering the erratas to nerf them. if it wasnt armies like Legions of Nagash, Nighthaunt, Daughters of Khaine, Stormcast, Idoneth Deepkin etc using these items, they would never have been touched by faqs/erratas. someone mentioned human restraint earlier? thats the problem with the game and why things are 'broken' its the community that 'breaks' these things by using them/comboing them in ways the game designers never intended. its been stated over the years that the gw writers etc play fun friendly narrative games rather than competitive win at all costs type of games, and as such its that style they write the rules for. in regards to balance. i would like to believe that the powercreep between battletomes is accidental, as in they just come up with new concepts (like originally battletomes didnt have allegeince abillities, then they started giving armies spell lores and prayers etc) but arent updated the older books. unfortunately i dont believe that to be true. ive seen it too many times where the newest book has something intentionally to counter the powercreep of the last book and so on. additionally i feel like the armies use a internal 'tier' system which gw doesnt acknowlegde. and if an army ends up doing better than the tier they intended then they sort of punish that army by knocking it down. my issue with nerfs is that they happen way too late that really, by the time they nerf something AND increase the points, everyone stopped using it about 3 months prior
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    The real trick isn't finding people who want to contribute, but those who can contribute. Both in terms of actually getting them to spend time doing the article and also in terms of people having the skill to compose an article that is of sufficient quality that its worth putting up. Whilst sometimes anything is better than nothing, I'd argue that fewer well written articles are better than a lot of articles of which some are good, some are bad and some are just unintelligible. So it might well be worth having some level of neutral quality control. Repetition might also be an issue, but like many things sometimes the same article written differently appeals to a different group reading and often you'll find small differences in how the writers compose and focus their article so that there can be worthwhile content in both. The real issue is if you end up with 20 articles on "how to make a marine" or such. The other big issue is pacing. I think if Ben wants this to work then he's got to put the time in to contacting people who show interest and nudging them along to write things as well as continually badgering and advertising interest in more article writers and getting ideas for article subjects. A lot of schemes like this on forums can start out really great and then after a few months they are utterly dead. It takes at least one key person with an interest to keep it going and to push the others along a bit. Voluntary work can be started with great energy and enthusiasm, but "life" can get in the way of it and grind it to a halt just as fast.
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    The problem is human players. Self restraint goes a long way.
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    People are saying Eels are overpowered? I'd ask you to point me in their directions so that I can see it with my own eyes, but live and let live (On a completely unrelated note, old Kroak on a balewind, now -that's- overpowered!) *ahem* Anyway! Volturnos is fine - can be very strong, but his utility is situational, and is therefore easily played around. Same with Eels. Depending on the variation of Eels, they'll either hit really hard (nice Volturnos synergy there), or ignore rend on the charge -- But they kind of fall apart on the "Okay, but then what?" part of that strength. Maybe people don't protect their key pieces enough, vastly missposition their heroes, or something, I don't know, but there's really not much to worry about there. People used to (I will fight them!) complain a lot about Gautfyre Skorch (Skryre) as well - failing to realize that it was a terrible battalion with such obvious counterplay that the Skryre player would just lose the match on turn one if it was employed. (Unless you were playing BCR, *Cough*) - BUT I DIGRESS! (psst! look at Grimwrath Berserker in Fyreslayers. 80 points powerhouse right there. You're safe as long as that guy is around) Point being, a lot of people don't understand how to counter things, and it becomes an issue of "this is broken, fix it" instead of "this is strong, how do I shut it down?" - But those are a vocal minority, and not at all a determining factor of what will get changed in future eratas. Coincidentally, this would also be the type of players that believes that Age of Sigmar is a game without strategy or tactical prowess, but I'm stereotyping, and that's a thing that sometimes happens
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    If memory serves, Beastclaw Raiders were heavily abusing (or merrily chugging, if you will) the battle brew which at the time would buff both their rider and their mount, making them outrageously, table-wipingly strong (in context of what was around at the time). Combined with the way the Stonehorn damage halving worked at the time, this made them a pretty big problem. This caused GW to separate mounts from their riders when it came to command traits and artifacts. BCR more or less paved the way for the system we have today, or at the very least had a notable impact on it. I'm unsure how the Stormcast Extremis release played into that, so take that with a grain of salt. Regardless, it all happened a while after the battletome was released, making the battletome itself weak, since it wasn't balanced with that in mind. I do think Beastclaw deserves another take, but the nerfs were well founded at the time. Kharadrons upon release more or less -immediatedly- jumped on the stacking khemist + unspecificied number of cannons/mortars in a unit of thunderers bandwagon and pulled all the attention in the aethersphere onto the issue. Got promptly shut down. I don't have the rest of their changes embedded to memory, so feel free to add to it if there's other notable nerfs they received. The mentioned nerf was spot on, in any case. Don't remember the changeling one, and I'm very interested in knowing how it used to be! I'll note Skyfires in it's place. A healthy point adjustment, as it was way out of line. Sayl was straight up getting abused for his speed bonus He's still around, just not abusable to the same extent, which was the only reason you'd see him at all. An obscure character that had his rise and fall from fame. The age of Sayl will be remembered. Of the ones mentioned above, pretty much all of them were hit with the big nerfbat as a direct result of how blatantly abusable they were, and how much attention was pulled to it. Cause and effect. Outside of BCR, which had a very vocal opposition calling for nerfing (can you imagine a time where people actually conceded the match upon seeing Beastclaw Raiders on the other side? The legends are true), and Skyfires, who fell into the "unfun to play against" category, there wasn't all that much outrage (to my knowledge; correct me where I'm wrong, by all means). The game was pretty volatile at this point anyway, so weird, cheesy combinations (like Sayl) weren't game-breaking, but also not working as intended. Sayl throwing supersonic skaven hordes around isn't exactly thematic Kharadron and Beastclaw Raiders biggest problem is that their battletomes haven't aged well at all. The game is different now, and their intended playstyle is not working out for them. As for units, I absolutely agree with you. Plenty of units are weaker than they ought to be, or too expensive to bring at all. I'll be very happy the day I see a properly massed Saurian infantry on the opposing side, but I only see their much more useful skink cousins nowadays. Same with graveguard, sadly - but I'll not list out every one you mentioned. I agree with the general point you're making on the units, while I somewhat disagree with the battletome//army points. Agree that they're weak as a result of nerfs and such, disagree that it was unneccessary
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    Is this gonna be like when thousand sons got new models as corpses on space wolves models before getting actual ones lmao
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    And the Arachnarok just needs basing: Working on my Morgoraz the Spider King, he'll be running as a Scuttleboss in the new Battletome and I'm using his brood as a test bed for future small spider paintjobs. Really impressed with how posable the spiders are with minimal cuts and pinning given that its a kit a previously had neglected due to the stock poses all being remarkably similar. One spider is now complete with the base colours across the other two brood members. C&C welcome as always.
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    And we all know the true Empire in the Realm of Metal.
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    Over the past holiday I finished the Slaangors! It was so much fun to work on them. Somehow tha first one I made is still my favorite. I'd love to hear what you think of them. Picture time:
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    Stage one Mockup of Morgaraz the Spider King. Not a huge fan of the big boss on giant spider model and without new models coming to replace him in the new Gloomspite Battletome I found the need to build a decent replacement. The base should be the right size and with the pillar he has gained the added height. Current WIP lore is Morgaraz was chasing the Bad Moon through the fungal marshes on night, eyes turned skywards as he clamoured frantically over brush and through bog to try and pursue the malevolent god to earn his favour. Blind to the obstacles ahead of him Morgaraz fell quite unfavourably into the nest of an Arachnarok brood, quite unable to dwell on his misfortune the young Grot found himself wedged quite firmly into an arachnarok egg, the corrosive fluids within already withering his lower body. Whether ignorant to the intruder, or simply mistaking the part grot part egg as one of its own brood the Arachnarok did not deliver the swift demise that Morgaraz expected, instead day after day, night after night he felt himself withering away. It was then quite unexpected, as the brood began to hatch and the frenzied spiderlings began to clambour around the nest that Morgaraz too felt the egg beneath him tremour and shake. Erupting forth Morgaraz scrambled forth from the nest, his legs freed after weeks he ran for aslong and as far as he possibly could. It was only, given time to reflect that he glance down and found himself quite changed, below his waist his body was withered away, the fledgling spiderling too had suffered in the collision. Instead the two now existed, fused at the waste. Morgoraz was reborn, king of the Spiderlings.
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    Pusgoyle finished 🤩 not the best photos And I had some inspiration to paint 2 extra skin wolves to finish my trio
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    I've always had an undying love for greenskins, my first army was Orks for 40k 3rd edition, and when I got back into the hobby again with 8th ed Fantasy after a hiatus I collected an Orcs and Goblins army with heavy focus on Night Goblins. Now with GW having announced Gloomspite Gitz, I'm super stoked about starting a new Grot army for Age of Sigmar. I've always loved the Night Goblins/Moonclan the most, they're so characterful and mischievous and these new models are fantastic. So to get me prepared I went out and got the Zarbag's Gitz warband box to use as test models for the new army. I painted up this test model last night. First order of business was to figure out the colour of the robes, I want a colour scheme that is relatively quick and easy to paint as this is a horde army after all. I was thinking of various way of painting black (grey with black washes), but in the end I settled on dark blue robes. Both to do something a bit different from the studio paint scheme but also because blue is easier to paint than black. The recipe I went for is Kantor Blue, highlighted with Teclis Blue, then shaded with Drakenhof Nightshade followed by a highlight of Teclis and final highlight with Lothern Blue. Next up is probably the most important part of a greenskin army, namely the skin! I have a standard recipe I use for greenskin skin which is based on Deathworld Forest, but I wanted to try something new this time so I've based it on a recipe from a fellow on instagram called quarterpaint. It's Waagh Flesh followd by highlights of Skarnik Green and Cadia Flesh on noses, knuckles and lips. Then shaded with Athonian Camoshade with higlights of Skarnik Green mixed up to Ushabiti Bone. The flesh coloured parts are washed with Army Painter Red wash and then highlighted with Cadia Flesh and Whych Flesh. The rest of the model is quite standard, I try to limit the colour palette in my army schemes, I'm using yellow for details as is appropriate for moonclan . For me basing is a very important step of my armies, they help a lot with telling the story I envision for the army. I wanted my army to advance through a deep mossy forest to give them a dark fairy tale feel inspired by John Bauer, Paul Bonner and the forests around here in Sweden. The initial story I have in mind for the army is that they are emerging from the mountains they live in to seek out the bad moon. Nothing elaborate right now, but something to get my mind going. I'm using tufts from a german company called Mini Natur (fantastic stuff) and clump foliage that I pat down with watered down PVA glue. I'm very happy with how the test model turned out. Hopefully it will be relatively quick to paint on a large scale, but it feels doable. A nice thing about Moonclan Grots is that they don't have that much detail and different elements on them, it's mainly robes and skin. Next step of business is to finish the Zarbag's Gitz, I also need to figure out a colour scheme for the Squigs, which is important since I intend to have a large portion of them in the army. Until next time! Ps. saw this on my way to work today, a good sign!
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    Has anyone realized that when we get new FAQs, it's always making a unit or ability worse? With the exception of the fyreslayer shield throw, has anyone seen a unit that got considerably better after being FAQed? Turtle got 3 more shots so his shooting went from absolutely terrible to just plain terrible...um...blanking on any others off the bat that are a notable improvement. I'm sure that we can come up with a few, but the point is definitely there. I dread reading FAQs for my army and delight in reading them for others. This is a problem. I think we as a community need to encourage...snerfs? Or Unnerfs? Something that positively impacts poor units in ways that can deal with problematic units elsewhere. I know for balancing and general purposes, it's easier to make a large group of people happy by making a small group of people unhappy but I think it's a dangerous mindset. I don't blame GW. As a community, we absolutely support and push for it but I think going forward, we should spend more time discussing how to make unused units good and spend less time talking about making good units worse.
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    My Sylvaneth at 7700 points:
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    Guys, for me it’s so good to see they care about us. We will have a boxed set, with new character and a new Battletome (let’s hope!). I already have many things in my FEC army, I just want updated rules, I can wait a lot for them, it’s been two years since Sylvaneth and the “new” books, so another few months won’t make a difference. However, I think they will come sooner than expected...
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    @Nos and @Vextol you don‘t get what I mean: Comp. Players tend to use overtuned lists no matter if it‘s warranted for the type of event they‘re joining or not. It all revolves around min-max and they‘re usually unable to see this as a hobby Instead they see it as a chance TO WIN. Which works as Jack of RR1s put it: „You want to get off your Ugly before they can get off theirs“. A new player? Let‘s seal club him. a narrative event? Let‘s netlist. a friendly game? Eat my alphastrike combo. realm Artefacts? Only give me the ones which are over the tops. especially the comp. players I KNOW are so narrowminded concerning their way of playing that even conversations are a real pain since it‘s all about „what is powerful? If it‘s not you cannot use it. That unit is trash, don‘t use it!“ in all sincerity: Listbuilding in AoS is such a trivial task that building a strong list is freakin‘ simple. You don‘t even have much choice with most armies. I am myself a mixed player. I like to have a combo that WON‘T grant me an auto-win, and s list that features several different units instead of one hero and XY times the strongest unit. To get to the point: Narrative Players want balance as well. If every unit had a purpose (the right costs) no one could ever get seal clubbed. why we dislike spam lists? They‘re boring: you‘ve seen them a million times and there‘s just no variety. Sure it‘s the strongest list, but do you really need to win so badly you couldn‘t come up with your own creative list? As a side-Note: even our competetive players are fed up seeing Nagash and Miratji or Lady Olynder 24/7. but they still field them themselves since they „would miss out“ or have to „face them without having their own big bad boy“. They‘re limiting themselves with this stupid, boring imaginary arms-race. GW themselves don‘t claim AoS was a comp. game. Underworlds is their comp. game. I am writing this from experience so your local experience might vary vastly.
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    Fixing weak units with a point reduction is a surrender. GHB should be a place where poor units are reworked and get new warscrolls. Same with allegiance as it is now. Point reduction didn't work with Kharadrons and Ironjawz in the last ghb, they are still weak.
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    Let’s see her. non plastic models/unit that need do be redone: -Arch warlock -walrock engineer -acolytes -all weapon teams (5total) -gutterrunners -Skaven assassin Plastc models that need to be redone: -Rat ogres -Packmaster -nightrunners -plague monks -plague censer bearers giant rats (maybe) possiblitys of making multi build box sets: -nightrunners/gutterrunners -plague monks/plague censer bearers -rat ogres with packmasters -a boxset of 5weapon teams -Archwarlock/warlock engineer -acolytes/something new maybe -skaven assassin
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    Cutting new releases from WD makes a lot of sense, by the time its come out the internet has already spread all the news anyway and it only encourages leaks and screen captures to be spread around because its information the whole community wants. Plus, as they say, the community pages are already covering the releases well in advance of WD ever hitting the shelves. Shifting WD to being more a hobby magazine than a content advertising one is a very sensible and positive move.
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    I know everyone is hyped over our new model (and closer to a combination tome) but figured I would post a quick batrep I had today against Ironjawz. Skaven list Allegiance: SkryreMortal Realm: AqshyArch Warlock (140)- General- Trait: Cunning Deceiver- Artefact: Ignax's Scales Warlock Engineer (100)- Artefact: Vigordust Injector Warlock Engineer (100)3 x Stormfiends (290)3 x Stormfiends (290)3 x Stormfiends (290)40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty Blade- AlliesWarp Lightning Cannon (180)Warp Lightning Cannon (180)Clan Skryre (80)Arkhspark Voltik (70)Arkhspark Voltik (70)Total: 1990 / 2000 IJ List Allegiance: IronjawzMortal Realm: UlguOrruk Megaboss (140)- General- Trait: Prophet of the Waaagh! - Artefact: Dimensional Blade Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (440)- Boss Gore-hacka and Scrap-tooth- Artefact: Miasmatic Blade Orruk Warchanter (80)- Artefact: Sword of Judgement Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)10 x Orruk Ardboys (160)- 1x Pair of Choppas or Smashas- 5x Choppa or Smasha & Shields- 4x Big Choppas10 x Orruk Ardboys (160)- 1x Pair of Choppas or Smashas- 5x Choppa or Smasha & Shields- 4x Big Choppas5 x Orruk Brutes (180)- Pair of Brute Choppas5 x Orruk Brutes (180)- Pair of Brute Choppas3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Pig-iron ChoppasIronfist (180)Bloodtoofs (120)Chronomantic Cogs (60)Prismatic Palisade (30)Total: 1990 / 2000 Long deployment setup, Treasure hunter objective T1 He finishes setup first and elects me to go first. I get lucky and roll a 6 to get the objective in my zone right away. Rather uneventful first turn aside from getting his army into charge range but did actually manage a charge in with his Goregruntas on my Warpfire fiends, but they took some damage in the process. T2 He gets the double turn, I get ready for the green (orange?) tide of death charges with an army wide 4" extra charge distance with cogs. Maw-Krusha, Brutes #1, and both Ardboys make it into the Clanrat screen for the most part, with 10 Ardboys going after the cannon (but pulling Shock Gauntlet fiends in the process). Clanrat casualties were pretty severe with me losing ~34, but I did pull kills to prevent the Brutes from attacking. Kill all but 1 wound on the Gruntas and most of the Ardboys that charged into the cannon on the right. My turn, and I unleash the Cannons+spells to wipe out the Maw-Krusha and finish off the Ardboys. Unfortunately, both cannons rolled a 1-3 in their hero phase shooting and did 5 MW's to one and brought the other down to 2 wounds left. T3 Tie on the roll off so he wins and elects to bring in the Brutes. Long story short, they end up doing some damage on both Stormfiend units, losing 1 1/2 models each (those reroll all failed saves are brutal and GREATLY helped him out), but my counter attacks where not so successful and I barely do anything back. I decide to shoot in the hero phase with my gravely wounded Cannons which...got both of them killed. They did manage to kill the Warchanter and whittle down more Brutes in combination with spells and more Warpfire fiends killing most of the Ardboys. Still managing to hold the point, but I could see that I would need to bring in the Grinderfists quickly; Got the roll, not so lucky on the charge into the megaboss however. T4 Can't remember all the details for this round as we were a bit distracted by going-ons in the shop but a cliff-notes version: Brutes hurt, kill all but 1 Shock Gauntlet fiend. All 3 of my Wizards back into a corner closer to the objective as the left side is completely lost and start casting\shooting at the 1-2 remaining Brutes on the right side to finish them off for good. Grinderfists manage to reduce Megaboss to 1 wound, he swings back and kills 1 1/2 fiends. T5 He wins roll off, charges his 3 remaining Brutes into 2 Engineers to try to kill them off so he can win the Objective for having more in range...fortunately, He only kills 1, leaving me with 4 models in range to his 3. We decided to call it there, with a close Skaven Victory. Thoughts Overall, I'm very happy with this list. Now, this isn't the final version. I have another 40 Clanrats coming in which should give me a lot more board control and screen potential by sacrificing 1 unit of Fiends (probably the Shock Gauntlets, but unsure). This also lets me get the Arch-Warlock back on a BW which he really belongs on, especially with Ignax Scales. I've tried alternate takes on this using Jezzails instead, but I really never have luck out of them compared to my Cannons which I managed to roll two 1's on power rolls throughout the game. Let me know your thoughts everyone, thanks for reading. Trying to keep these short and sweet unlike my past ones.
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    Another problem leading to ambiguity here is that Orruk Brute warscroll doesn't actually say no more than 1 in 5 Orruk Brutes in your warband can be armed with a massive gore-choppa it says 1 in every 5 models may instead be armed with a massive gore-choppa To me this is suggestive that you need to have 5 models before you get a gore choppa. But it's definitely ambiguous, and it was ambiguous in the old skirmish, so it's not great that this still remains an issue. Sort it out WD team! do it! Do it now!
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    They are a bit more fragile and spindly than many other models. My Guardian of Souls is pretty prone to having his arm with the sword breaking. I get small weapon snaps from my Chainrasps as well. You also need to be pretty careful with Olynder. I would highly suggest looking into magnetizing the bases and using metal trays, like tablewar or manga racks from battlefoam, for transportation. Typical foam doesn't work well, as they break quite a bit more often. It was actually the driver to make me switch from foam to trays. The Trays are just better in every way. That being said, they tend to stay together fine for the most part. Several units I really have no problems with, like the Grimghasts and Bladegeists. I have to do some fixes every now and then, but it's not enough that I would consider not playing with them or anything. Having to fix models on the fly is nothing new, but you might have to do it a tad bit more with some of the Nighthaunts compared to other armies.
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    Warpstone fussed hype activated, impossible of stopping until the consumers dies of the black hunger.
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    Don't forget some things might well go away now and come back later. Goblins riding wolves and a wolf chariot could well return with new sculpts in the future. So they are not always dead - indeed GW has had just a rich history that many "new" things today are revamped old things or old ideas from the past. It can be a huge pain and it would be great of GW to give us a heads up what they are going to do with AoS in general, but I figure we won't get that. It would be phenomenal if they did it. Heck if they outright stated which Freeguild (as an example) were going to stay and which were going to leave/be upgraded I bet they'd see a surge in sales! Those building for 9th edition or older Warhammer editions would want to buy to get their armies finished, whilst those looking for a new faction might well start buying the stuff that is going to remain in advance of Battletome drop.
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    "We know they've had their big push towards more copyrightable models," Actually I wouldn't say we've seen that in the least. Idoneth are not the first undersea army and several others have had huge undersea turtle beasties of various kinds (heck Reaper Bones has a turtle dragon too). Meanwhile look at Daughters of Khaine where most of the new stuff is quite generic. Medusa and succubus/harpy style winged models. Then look at goblins; nothing there is vastly different from designs or concepts GW used in the past, and the trolls have a very 80s inspired design. I don't think GW is in the least changing lines to be more protected in terms of visual design. Heck I'm not even sure how that would work since GW can't copyright the concept of a model, only its specific design which has always been protected anyway no matter the design. All they've changed is their naming culture to terms that are non-standard in an attempt to protect them; however that's mostly a marketing move so that 3rd parties are a bit more limited on how they can advertise their products, but it won't stop them making alternatives. Nothing would stop any model company making a winged female with a spear or hand scythe and bladed shield. I think its simple that GW is revising their lines and armies and some things are being lost and some are being updated. It's just a bigger change right now because they are relaunching whole armies not just revamping existing ones with a few new models. AoS is letting them drop some design paths. Or it might be that they are not dropping them, just removing and replacing with something else (something else which might not come for many months - ergo GW is playing the long game plan not the short term). There's nothing in goblins riding on spiders that makes them any more copyright protected than riding on wolves or slugs or snakes or anything else for that matter
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    Sounds great, I love realm themed armies as it invites new take on a faction and inspires others. Day one progress for the Red Kaptain is nearing an end, mostly because waiting for varnish to dry seems like a night long task. But here is the rider getting some colours atleast
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    My rather insane workload for this year has finally come to an end but since the last parts were done over christmas and gotten rid off, I've found it hard to shake off the nervous energy I'd built up to get through the last hurdles! I've been unable to get myself to sit down at my desk and start painting, even though I've a) really wanted too and b) really needed too with all the dark elves that I've recently gotten! As I'm pretty much a narrative only skirmish player, the thought of painting a 'full size' AoS army fills me with dread (One of the main reasons I dropped out of WFB during both 7th and 8th ed was some of the insane unit sizes at this scale) but many of the recent releases have me so excited that I've decided to move out of my comfort zone and try some new things. Which has lead to a pile of miniatures I didn't have room for! So rather than waste my time when I couldn't bring myself to paint, I did that job I've been putting off all year and that filled me with dread- I reorganised as much of my hobby room as I could! Which has lead to the cleanest my desk has been since I moved in three years ago! It is so much less depressing to be able to work into the room now and actually sit down with out knocking the 100 or so paints scattered across the place and getting rid of most of the shame pile is a lot less threatening! I also put up (at least in a temporary manner!) my LED light strips that I brought last year! They still need soldering and permanently fixing to the shelf (something I can't do till the new year as we no longer seem to own an soldering iron) There is still a lot of clutter to get through in there, the top shelf is still covered in more miniatures shame and there are like 150 Dvds that need to be returned to their home, and the drawers still hold the nightmares of a thousand hobbyists! I was also sick of not having any more space for citadel paints (my paint drawers only fit a handful in compared to the 50 or so Vallejo I can get in each drawer) so, whilst not glamorous, I knocked up a paint rack out of card and hot glue. Its no prize winner, but like any good battle station, it's fully operational and cost next to nothing. I've also moved over to using a brand of make up brushes for both drybrushing and ink work. They are some of the best items I have ever purchased in the hobby! I brought one out of curiosity, thinking it would at least do for painting some terrain I had and it was so good that over the following weeks I brought a huge stock pile of them, as I'm pretty heavy handed and rough on dry brushes and expected to get through them pretty quick. Over a year later (and all the terrain in this log as well as some other bits have all been painted with the same one) and the brush is only on it's last legs now! Amazing value! I do have enough to probably last me to the end of my life with all the spares I brought! The only downside is they are double ended, and a massive pain to store so I knocked together a rack to hold them as well! Even less attractive than the paint rack but anything to stop them keep rolling off my desk! Sorry for such a boring (and long!) update. Hopefully this will encourage me to sit down and at least clear something from the shame pile at the very least!
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    I've played nothing but 1000pts since i started playing, as I started the game last year. Played with others that are in the same situation, and bigger boys that took pity on a new player. I will return the favour to noobs once I have 2000pts as it really sucks not being able to find a game when you're new.
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