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    Sure, except not really. The FAQs almost always are where the big, army crippling changes occur even though everyone does say that's not true. FAQs and battletomes. GHB mostly deals with points and while I used to be very pro "points are all we need" I have completely changed my tone. I think points can make small changes only. They're a "final tweak" best left in very small increments. Even more so there is a practicality standpoint. Saurus knights are terrrible. What if they were 20 points? Well.....they'd still be terrible, you just have more. And that is a really bad premise to the game. So innate baddness is to be overcome by numbers? Every time? In some situations sure. But thematically, do we think 10 Skinks are reasonable along side 600 knights? Seems dumb. And I don't want to paint them. As for the GHB, unless it incorporates Malign Sorcery, artifacts, realms, and realm spells, the GHB this year will be the least impactful rules wise as it's ever been. It helps armies without battletomes, but what those armys need is battletomes, not an updated GHB.
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    The warscroll pdfs are still active, even if the shop page itself was turned off. I keep a list of those links on here: http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/List_of_Warhammer:_Age_of_Sigmar_units Every link, including Gitmobs, should be working still. EDIT: Feel free to nab them. It's always good to have backups.
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    I do agree with this! Its not a Troggoth list if your battleline aint Troggoths
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    Re: #1-#5 above: 1) After six games across two 1 day'ers, it has felt difficult, as expected, to compete with only 20 Dryads. No shock there. 2) Same with the non-one-drop, but all of the losses have been close so far, except the game vs Gorefist, but that game was principally lost on my poor deployment. A non-one-drop seems clearly less forgiving to mistakes, especially in deployment, with more potential for the unexpected. You can find yourself in situations where you can't even get a second or third Wyldwood on the table, due to enemy units getting in your face before you've had a turn, or failing to cast Verdant without Ranu's, etc. 3) Celestant-Prime wasn't that useful over the weekend, but those were my first three games with him. More experience needed. With that said, I was skeptical about his value on paper, especially at 340. If you drop him round 1 to use the comet, I don't know if he'll do enough over the game for his points. If you hold him until round 2, he's still capable of flubbing 5 attacks at 3's to hit, especially with the considerable # of to-hit debuffs in the game. And if you're waiting to strike with him in round 3, that might be too late in the game to make a difference, especially since you'll be playing 340pts down for two rounds. And as everyone knows, with a 3+ save and only 8 wounds, he dies incredibly easily. 4) Unfortunately, Kurnoth Bows didn't do much over the weekend either. I was rolling consistently poor for them. The Wyldwood LoS-blocking wasn't much of an issue, however. It was just the usual frustration with their 4+ to hit that Sylvaneth players have been experiencing over the last couple years, especially now that Look Out, Sir! turns that 4+ into a 5+. I still kind of like the idea of taking 3 of them in a list with Alarielle, so you have the ability to summon 3 more when you need targeted ranged damage (e.g., vs a Tzeentch caster-heavy list). At the same time, it can feel like you're playing 200pts down when they consistently do nothing, and you'd often much rather have 20 Dryads on the board. 5) Drycha's Flitterfuries were solid in the 1 day'er last August, but a little less valuable this weekend. In game 1 vs Khorne, though, they were outstanding, as she never died and continually pinged off a couple mortal wounds on multiple units/heroes each round. It's hard to know how she would've fared in game 2, since my deployment lost that game from the start. And in game 3 vs Nighthaunt, their heroes were too far spread out for Flitterfuries to have much impact. She was consistent on one front, though: She was both worthless in combat and sad/embittered the entire weekend, outside of one round, just before she was about to die to a bunch of pigs. I'd like to try out Squirmlings at a 1 day'er, although it would've only had relevance vs Nighthaunt this weekend. Maybe if you can keep her screened by lots of Dryads, which are then fighting a blob unit, you can have Drycha's Squirmlings in close enough range to do a lot of mortal wounds to that unit. In general, I'm increasingly skeptical about Drycha's value at the moment. Since she dies quite easily and tends to do nothing in combat, you're spending 280pts on her as a 10-wound Wizard and for her Flitterfuries or Squirmlings. If you could actually choose which one she uses each game, she would be more interesting, but since you can only take one for an entire event, you'll often have matchups where she has the wrong one. I'll follow up re: #6-#7 above.
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    The main issue is the frequency at which rules are clarified (twice or thrice a year??) which comes with too long waiting times. the reworking of awful Warscrolls (once a year at best?) and the fixing of internal Point-cost imbalance (once a year? Coming this June/Juli) it‘s just too few fixes while issues stay for half a year or more. We‘d need quicker big adjustments of points, clarifications and Warscrolls every 2,5 months or so. a simple FAQ won‘t do it, sth. Like a small „chapter approved“ would do the trick.
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    Attended the 1 day'er Realm of Rad yesterday (22 players) with my friend Scott Sproul (who won Best Painted!). It was hosted by Edmond Unplugged, a brilliant FLGS in Edmond, Oklahoma (serving pizza, beer, etc.), and organized by Ben Cornelius of the Lords of the Realms podcast. Thanks so much to them for a fun event! Similar to Siegeworld last Aug, I just wanted to attend with a learning, experimental mindset, in particular to learn more about: How well can Sylvaneth compete without a one drop and with 20 Dryads (+ no Dryad summoning) Alarielle and how to play her (6 games in after getting her a couple months ago) Celestant-Prime's potential value in a Sylvaneth list Kurnoth Bows' present value and in-game realities of playing them with 6+ Citadel Wood bases reducing LoS Whether Drycha is worth it, e.g., whether Flitterfuries can provide enough value (or to do Squirmlings), especially with Wyldwoods blocking LoS How to deploy Sylvaneth non-one-drop in certain matchups How to build a competitive non-one-drop list, with low model count, capable of going 4-1 Played Khorne Council of Blood, Ironjawz Gorefist, and Nighthaunt with a lot of bodies and mix of units. We didn't use realm rules, except below in (). My list (at the event, each caster could take a spell from your battletome, or instead, a spell from your realm of choice, but not both): Alarielle w/ Regrowth Drycha w/ Spellshroud Branchwraith w/ Acorn + Verdant Celestant-Prime 10 Dryads 10 Dryads 5 Spites 3 Kurnoth Bows 3 Kurnoth Swords Prismatic Palisade Game 1, Khorne, Scorched Earth: This one went well. His Bloodthirsters were on his middle and left side, without a lot of support for his middle and right side objectives beyond Flesh Hounds. He should've given me first turn, though, for a chance at the double, as a double from Council of Blood is scary, especially vs low model count. I used teleporting to keep away from him, doing as much ranged damage as possible with Alarielle, 2x3 Kurnoth Bows (Alarielle summoned 1x3), Drycha's Flitterfuries, and the Prime's comet. The Prime dropped early to kill the Flesh Hounds on his right side objective and help chip away in general with his comet. His dice were horrific all game, though. Some of the worst I've seen. Game 2, Ironjawz, Places of Arcane Power: This was the first time facing Gorefist. He he had a supercharged version with 18 Gore-Gruntas, along with starting the game with 4 CP, so 5 CP in round one. His list was excellent. Had a number of cool elements, including Aetherquartz Brooch to try and keep generating extra CP for boosting his Waaaagh!. His army was the very definition of a mobile anvil, designed to keep you pinned in your deployment while his heroes score on objectives. That's what happened, although I made two mistakes that lost the game in deployment, one rather obvious and one a little less so: 1) I was playing pretty casually and not thinking about how hard Gore-Gruntas could hit with the potential to stack so many CP, along with the realities of Smashing and Bashing. In light of that, my key pieces should've been more than 4" behind my screening 2x10 Dryads and 5 Spites. He went first, so that would've meant he would just wipe out the Dryads and Spites, and then face Alarielle, Drycha, 3 Kurnoth Swords, and 3 Kurnoth Bows, along with Alarielle summoning 3 more Kurnoth Swords within 9" of her and 9" from the Gore-Gruntas for an 8+ charge (Warsinger). Alarielle's CA would've gone off as well for RR'ing wounds, and his Waaaagh! would not have been nearly as scary outside of his first initial turn. I think it still would've been a tough game, though, because of the second deployment mistake. 2) Not only didn't I put the key pieces more than 4" away from the screens, I didn't leave enough space to summon Wyldwoods. He had 15 pigs immediately in my face, piling in and taking up lots of space with their big asses (er, bases), so it was impossible to get a launchpad Wyldwood down to get units out of my deployment in order to start threatening objectives. Here's what probably would've been better: stretching my 25-model screen along the deployment line, and then leaving plenty of open space behind them for placing the Acorn Wyldwood, with Alarielle and other key pieces well-off the deployment line and out of the way from where the Acorn Wyldwood would drop. Another issue was I kept failing the Branchwraith's Verdant on a 6+. Not having both Acorn and Ranu's (for a 4+ on Verdant) can greatly hurt our mobility. Despite my oops on deployment, thank you to Tim for the enjoyable game! Game 3, Nighthaunt, Relocation Orb: This game was against a new player, so with the loss in round 2, I just wanted to see how well the list could (or couldn't!) chew through Nighthaunt rather than worrying about the mission. He had a handful of heroes, 3x20 Chainrasp, 20 Reapers, 12 Banshees, and a Black Coach. The obvious stand out was Dryads: -1 to hit + 2 attacks a model makes them ideal vs Nighthaunt. The thought of 20 in cover with a 3+ save (or 4+ vs -1 rend), putting out up to 41 attacks.... The popularity of Nighthaunt is another strong case for the Dryad spam we've been seeing since GHB17. As expected, Kurnoth Swords were pretty good vs Nighthaunt. Alarielle, Kurnoth Bows, and Drycha were underwhelming. Alarielle was hurt, as you'd expect, by the Nighthaunt's common 4+ ignoring rend save. The Celestant-Prime is also negated vs Nighthaunt for the same reason. His comet can help, in principle, but Nighthaunt players are pretty incentivized to spread out their heroes, tying them to different units, based on the buffing role they play in the game. If we had gone 5 rounds, I probably would've chewed through most of the army. Nighthaunt seem pretty tough, though. They have a lot of the right elements to compete on top tables: bodies, mobility, resiliency/healing, damage output, etc. This post is getting along, so I'll follow up with another one shortly. Had a blast at the event, though, and learned a lot. Thanks to my opponents for three fun games! Was also grateful to receive Favorite Opponent/Game!
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    ill throw my 2 cents in here, specifically regarding Malign Sorcorery artefacts and realm spells. i have a feeling about how theses came to be in the first place. i think someone went "how can we update all these old battletomes/armies without battletomes to give them spells and artefacts without having to release a ton of battletomes?" unfortunately the way it was impilmented means that the already good armies also got access to them when they didnt need the extras, and unfortunately its those armies that are 'breaking' the artefacts and realm spells and triggering the erratas to nerf them. if it wasnt armies like Legions of Nagash, Nighthaunt, Daughters of Khaine, Stormcast, Idoneth Deepkin etc using these items, they would never have been touched by faqs/erratas. someone mentioned human restraint earlier? thats the problem with the game and why things are 'broken' its the community that 'breaks' these things by using them/comboing them in ways the game designers never intended. its been stated over the years that the gw writers etc play fun friendly narrative games rather than competitive win at all costs type of games, and as such its that style they write the rules for. in regards to balance. i would like to believe that the powercreep between battletomes is accidental, as in they just come up with new concepts (like originally battletomes didnt have allegeince abillities, then they started giving armies spell lores and prayers etc) but arent updated the older books. unfortunately i dont believe that to be true. ive seen it too many times where the newest book has something intentionally to counter the powercreep of the last book and so on. additionally i feel like the armies use a internal 'tier' system which gw doesnt acknowlegde. and if an army ends up doing better than the tier they intended then they sort of punish that army by knocking it down. my issue with nerfs is that they happen way too late that really, by the time they nerf something AND increase the points, everyone stopped using it about 3 months prior
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    People are saying Eels are overpowered? I'd ask you to point me in their directions so that I can see it with my own eyes, but live and let live (On a completely unrelated note, old Kroak on a balewind, now -that's- overpowered!) *ahem* Anyway! Volturnos is fine - can be very strong, but his utility is situational, and is therefore easily played around. Same with Eels. Depending on the variation of Eels, they'll either hit really hard (nice Volturnos synergy there), or ignore rend on the charge -- But they kind of fall apart on the "Okay, but then what?" part of that strength. Maybe people don't protect their key pieces enough, vastly missposition their heroes, or something, I don't know, but there's really not much to worry about there. People used to (I will fight them!) complain a lot about Gautfyre Skorch (Skryre) as well - failing to realize that it was a terrible battalion with such obvious counterplay that the Skryre player would just lose the match on turn one if it was employed. (Unless you were playing BCR, *Cough*) - BUT I DIGRESS! (psst! look at Grimwrath Berserker in Fyreslayers. 80 points powerhouse right there. You're safe as long as that guy is around) Point being, a lot of people don't understand how to counter things, and it becomes an issue of "this is broken, fix it" instead of "this is strong, how do I shut it down?" - But those are a vocal minority, and not at all a determining factor of what will get changed in future eratas. Coincidentally, this would also be the type of players that believes that Age of Sigmar is a game without strategy or tactical prowess, but I'm stereotyping, and that's a thing that sometimes happens
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    It’s worth mentioning that TGA is a happy place, whilst I understand that sometimes passions get the better of us all opinions are equally valid edit: except my spelling, which has now been corrected
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    To avoid derailing the Rumours thread too much, I was wondering what other box sets make sense - both in terms of potential storyline adversaries and a smattering of new model releases. This seems to be have been "a thing" for GW since the Daemons of Nurgle release, but we didn't know it at the time. Although Skryre buck the trend somewhat - as they have such a large and dated range - it generally seems to lean more into factions where an additional/replacement kit or two could really make a difference, such as FEC and various god-aligned chaos daemons. Therefore, factions like Seraphon, Soulblight/LoB, Clan Eshin and the remaining Clan Skryre are probably best saved for a Nighthaunt/Moonclan-style mega-release. The factions where this kind of mini-release seems most applicable to me are...: - BCR: cats (replace) + Yhetees (replace) + Frostlord on Mournfang (new) - Dispossessed*: Centrepiece urgently needed (new Anvil of Doom or golem-thing?) - Wanderers*: Centrepiece urgently needed (new Forest Dragon?) - Clan Pestilens: Censer Bearers (replace) + Plague Priest (replace) - Ironjawz: No replacements, but a couple of new kits. - Fyreslayers: No replacements, but a couple of new kits. Something more fire-related, like the Kdaai Fireborn, would really help them sell their gimmick better. Tomb Kings*: As a crazy left-field thought, imagine if a few of the discontinued plastic Tomb Kings kits (i.e. sphinx, snakes, tomb guard) suddenly ended up on one side of a new box, with a new plastic character and plastic ushabti. That would be mental. * Assuming GW plans to to support these factions in some way. Anyway, personally I would go for... (1) Ironjawz vs. BCR: They could be presented as being two competing forces, but could also be combined as a single Braggoth's-style army. Personally, I'd make this more of a cat-dominated Skal BCR, rather than the usual Start Collecting monster mash. or... (2) Fyreslayers vs. BCR: Would provide a nice juxtaposition, and the "Fire and Ice" name/gimmick kind of writes itself.
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    You say the Grudge book is full?! That’s another Grudge!
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    Another problem leading to ambiguity here is that Orruk Brute warscroll doesn't actually say no more than 1 in 5 Orruk Brutes in your warband can be armed with a massive gore-choppa it says 1 in every 5 models may instead be armed with a massive gore-choppa To me this is suggestive that you need to have 5 models before you get a gore choppa. But it's definitely ambiguous, and it was ambiguous in the old skirmish, so it's not great that this still remains an issue. Sort it out WD team! do it! Do it now!
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    Very happy about this round of reveals. The Skaven vs. FEC boxed set and announcement of more to come is very good news, not just for players of those factions, but also as a clear indicator that armies composed of older models and those that got a 1st edition Battletome can see further support in relatively close time. Two heroes being the only new models probably means the box is very close to being released (I think at least the preorder is this month). It will be interesting to see how far out the Skaven and FEC Battletomes are from the boxed set. Going by the experience with Forgebane and Tooth and Claw we can see that the closer an army release is to such a boxed set, the less new miniatures come with it. Necron and Space Wolves books came right behind their boxed sets and got no further new miniatures. Knights came relatively close after Forgebane and got a few kits. GSC are a fair bit after their box and evidently get a lot. So I wonder if it will be again one army with no further new miniatures and one expanded or both get only the tome,spells, terrain treatment or both get expansions. If only one gets further new kits, I'd bet its FEC. They just have not enough kits and options compared to all other armies and there is no Death faction left they could really be folded in with, Gloomspite style. If there is further kits for FEC, then I think we will finally see Ushoran in miniature form. He is a big part of their lore and all but stated to still be around. Also, GW can't seem to release factions for AoS without them having some form of "Top Dog" special Character and for FEC it could be no other. Skaven on the other hand, could theoretically just be reintegrated into a single faction and have a pretty solid standing, though everyone always wants new models and I really couldn't see such a major player getting nothing new at all. I think at this point it is worth looking back at which factions got allegiance abilities in the GHB 2017. When that book was released GW said these where the armies slated for further attention. Since then Nighthaunt got a major army release, Soulblight where integrated with LoN (but kept their own allegiance) and Brayherds where turned back into BoC with that tome. Slaves to Darkness are looking at an update with Darkoath and GW has all but confirmed Slaanesh for this year. And now we get a FEC vs Skryre with GW saying there is more to come (which at least means Battletome). This leaves Ironjaws and Fyreslayers (whom we have gotten rumors might see a second wave), Seraphon and Pestilenz for 1st edition armies and on the legacy faction side Dispossessed, Free Peoples, Wanderers and Darkling Covens. This makes the four legacy armies very interesting. I think Slyvaneth are looking at a second wave (there have been a few rumors and the Shadespire warband includes new types of tree revenants), in which case Wanders could rejoin them. I could also see Free Peoples and Disposessed (with maybe a few mortal human stragglers) being released in one Battletome spearheaded (just as Moonclan spearhead Gloomspite) by the Ironweld Arsenal, who got a lot of Lore Attention and seem to be the main mortal army of the Free Cities. But I could also see free peoples coming absolutely last, as a combination of all Order factions not covered elsewhere (would be last so as not to spoil who joins Tyrion and Malerion). This leaves the Darkling Covens. I think nobody would be surprised if they have been working for Malerion all along, though they may not make up the heart of his factions release. Depending on how much GW reshuffles factions, we might see all remaining faction covered by a Battletome much sooner than we think (I was thinking it'd take them a decade). Death is already completely covered (particularly after a second FEC Volume), though I could see legions broken apart into Soulblight and Necromantic Hosts later down the line. And if all Skaven are covered in one Tome, Chaos will be completely covered by the end of the year (provided Everchosen/Slaves/Darkoath pick up stragglers like Slaughtbrute, Demon Prince and Soul Grinder). Ironjawz might pick up a few other Destruction factions, as might Grotback Skuttlers if they ever happen. Looking back at all this, it seems easier to predict what will have to wait a while longer than what will come in about the next one and a half years. Everything is pointing at Ogres and Elves of Tyrion being the furthest out. Seraphon and Skaven may also have a long wait ahead (provided they get a terrain plus endless Spells Battletome). It does not look to promising for Death factions beyond FEC anytime soon (considering I expected no new Death in 2019 at all, that is still not to bad). That said, GW has never been easy to predict´and with them cranking up their pace more and more it is only becoming harder. I am sure I will turn out to be hilariously wrong on at least one thing.
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    "We know they've had their big push towards more copyrightable models," Actually I wouldn't say we've seen that in the least. Idoneth are not the first undersea army and several others have had huge undersea turtle beasties of various kinds (heck Reaper Bones has a turtle dragon too). Meanwhile look at Daughters of Khaine where most of the new stuff is quite generic. Medusa and succubus/harpy style winged models. Then look at goblins; nothing there is vastly different from designs or concepts GW used in the past, and the trolls have a very 80s inspired design. I don't think GW is in the least changing lines to be more protected in terms of visual design. Heck I'm not even sure how that would work since GW can't copyright the concept of a model, only its specific design which has always been protected anyway no matter the design. All they've changed is their naming culture to terms that are non-standard in an attempt to protect them; however that's mostly a marketing move so that 3rd parties are a bit more limited on how they can advertise their products, but it won't stop them making alternatives. Nothing would stop any model company making a winged female with a spear or hand scythe and bladed shield. I think its simple that GW is revising their lines and armies and some things are being lost and some are being updated. It's just a bigger change right now because they are relaunching whole armies not just revamping existing ones with a few new models. AoS is letting them drop some design paths. Or it might be that they are not dropping them, just removing and replacing with something else (something else which might not come for many months - ergo GW is playing the long game plan not the short term). There's nothing in goblins riding on spiders that makes them any more copyright protected than riding on wolves or slugs or snakes or anything else for that matter
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    Sounds great, I love realm themed armies as it invites new take on a faction and inspires others. Day one progress for the Red Kaptain is nearing an end, mostly because waiting for varnish to dry seems like a night long task. But here is the rider getting some colours atleast
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    Just won a small 16 man tournament today with the following. Was quite fun. For the first time i was lost with what to do with my tithe points, summoning or moving/dispelling/attacking. Wrath of Khorne - general Immense power BT of Insensensate Gyrstrike 2 priest with +1 to hit prayer 1 Secrator 1 Stocker withe the dispell rune 1x5 Warriors 2X10 Reavers 5 Wrathmongers 4 Khorgoraths (good but debatable-replaced my previous 30 Bloodletters) Gorepilgrimofcourse Went 3-0 against Tzeentch-tzaangors, a Stardrake-fulminator and Alarielle&friends, collecting skulls. Wasn't a cakewalk in any way. Each battle was hard-won and borderline lost. BFTBG!
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    Actually, sod those extra cp’s, put in that spider Cauldron spell and the hag gets access to the Grot spell lore 👌🏻
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    Awesome report Gwendar, really great read and thanks! Looking at the lists, i really thought you had em covered! If the cannons had a decent day, or you got the double turn as you said, it would have been messy for IJ. Like the list a lot, good idea bringing in some more meatshields.
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    Considering new skaven lore, Skurvy and Volkn would be incorporated into the Grand Clans (Verminus and Skryre respectively) as sub-clans. And I agree with @Skreech Verminking - unending hordes of Clanrats are essence of skaven nature (same goes for mutated beasts rushed by Packmasters).
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    yes very true, however just to point out that unfortunately some of the op spam lists are actually narritive as well (eel spam for deepkin or snakes for daughters of khaine for example)
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    For a 1000 point force we can have 3 fellwater troggs, 3 rockgut troggs, a troggoth hag, and a dankhold troggboss....I'm sold so count me in.
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    On the back of the January White Dwarf there is a photo of some Stormcasts models from the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost (notably all of the named characters) under the title "Next month - the Tome Celestial: the Hammerhands", maybe are they the ones that will be expanded? It's not like Hammers of Sigmar needs more stuff (and I play them a lot so belive me).
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    Theres a ton of anecdotal statements here frankly. As for the BCR and Kharadrons they were OP out the gate and then AOS2 changed design philosophy away from the two, thats literally it. Bcr - Low model count beast faction, now cant hold objectives due to the new system. KO - All about shooting in a game where shooting is easier to shut down.
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    If you think blood reavers and skullcrushers are underpowered you need to see a psychologist. As for units being buffed by FAQ; bloodcrushers (flat out rewrite in wrath & rapture), evocators (ability to cast lore of invorgation spells), necromancer (undead minions changed to work on any summonable unit instead of just skeletons and zombies), the entirety of legions of nagash (addition of nighthaunt units), skarbrand (nothing stops total carnage. Ever.), thunder quake starhost (choose which buff you get in the charge phase instead of the combat phase. It's a buff because one of the options is reroll charges), astrolith bearer (generates summoning points and doesn't have to plant the standard to give the buffs), blades of khorne (addition of summoning table), the God marked battalions from beasts of chaos not be counted as allies in God marked armies (ie brass despoilers can use the blades of khorne rules), and in light of all the debuffing that gloomspite gitz and legions of nagash do I'd argue that the bloodletter change to unmodified 6s dealing mortals on top of normal damage is a buff not a nerf.
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    These Of what? Units that are never used because they're underpowered or units that we're "overpowered" that we're FAQed? This is the problem. Debuffing is just the opposite side of the same coin. People complain and GW debuffs units that are "so broken it ruins the game" and destroy entire factions. Then, after a few small changes (almost ALWAYS buffs and additions caused by battletomes or huge game changes), those "so broken units" are forgotten and the faction could have been fine as it was. Balance should be the focus for the rules team. A scale that reads 5 on one side and 2 on the other can be righted in more than one way. As it is, they just take 3 from the side with 5. Occasionally they take 4. I think if we just changed the way we approached thingsFAQs could balance and not hurt collections. We Could get away from "tat unitz Brken!!!!" and say "Hey, my horses need to do d3, not 1 on the charge".
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    You can definitly bring a gargant for 160 points. But you need a model with the HERO keyword and 3 models minimum in a warband. So gargant 160 + grot Shaman 80 + moonclan Grot 6. (Unless points change with the new Gitmob Gitz release) would be happy to play it. Really fun for a one of game. Can you swarm the giant. But for objectives based matched play... will be a challenge for the gargant player.
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    @Honk, @discoking Castellans falls into a weird limbo, it's only keyword is death, which makes taking it a bit nebulous. Similar things with just the death keyword like the sepulchral guard for example can only be taken in GAD but i don't know if such a restriction applies to battalions.
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    maybe this chaos hero can be AoS compatible... I hope so (just get rid of the pistol belt) Prety sure that I'll use him (after getting rid of sci fi thingies) as a StD chaos wizzard
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    Neither army is likely to tempt me to buy it, but I am excited about the possibilities (Skaven and FEC have some of the more unique lore). Hopefully the factions get a new battletome and a smattering of new models, as well as the obligatory endless spells and terrain. My guesses: A two-model piece of FEC terrain. One half is the 'Royal Marquee', a regal tent outpost for a lord's hunting party with wealthy amenities. Then you have its true form: a 'Carrion Cave' where the ghouls pile up the bones of victims. I think it's likely that GW will realize that the delusion is the best part of the FEC lore, and so represent it on the tabletop. This could take the form of an endless spell, perhaps, or: A new Vargulf kit. I know, there are other finecast models that need replacing, but the vargulf is hideous and a new kit could have added customization alt-version possibilities. Plus, as these are among the more magically potent characters aside from Kings, you could have a Morathi-like dual model for the projected delusion and the actual beast. Perhaps you release a pack of Bretonnian style heroes as stand-in option for infantry heroes, it could introduce a fun new mechanic to the army (though best leave it at a few heroes: nobody wants to paint two armies for one). An Arborash Ushoran model (got those mixed up). Not strictly essential, as death has a good ratio of named characters, but would be nice. As for the Skaven, I have one major desire: explain WTF Thanquol is doing in the mortal realms! Or, pull the plug and turn that model into a generic Hero or new, coincidentally similar named hero. If there's to be a combined Skaven release, then Moulder and Eshin need the most updates. I'd, of course, love to see some Skaven sky pirate ships but I wonder what the scope of the release will be. I think we'll be lucky to see a new Rat Ogor kit and some new Night Runners. But perhaps I'm wrong. If the Skaven terrain isn't realmstone of some sort, I'll kiss a Crypt Horror.
  30. 1 point
    This looks amazing but I don't think it necessarily means there will be new models for Skaven or FEC other than a battletome and endless spells.
  31. 1 point
    i deleted all the goblin related rumors , there were plenty, i probably missed to remove something else ***probably the armor from a goblin loonboss or squig rider on the second line
  32. 1 point
    For anyone who wants cheaper paints there is a paint comparison chart by somebody called Redgrimm on Github: https://redgrimm.github.io/paint-conversion/index.html It only deals with the bigger brands (eg Citadel, Vallejo, P3 & Army Painter) and there are a few colours missing from the chart (i.e P3 Eldrich) but it’s a good place to start. These are the best known brands but there are others out there (eg Warcolours) and new ones are popping up all the time, Vince Venturella did a great review of Creature Caster paint. If you really know what you want you can get equivalent colours in better ranges cheaper. Same with spray paint if you REALLY want to you can use the appropriate mass market primers (Halfords, Rustoleum, Krylon etc etc) or if you shell for an airbrush you can use Vallejo airbrush PU primer which is the best value primer IMHO. GW's shades, glazes and technical paints are great but you get better value and higher quality metalcs elsewhere (Vallejo metal colour) but their other paints in my experience generally interchangeable with Vallejo and P3.
  33. 1 point
    Finally an old book is getting a 2.0! Though I admit I was not expecting FEC. With Skaven you'd think they would have gone with Fyreslayers or something. Heres hoping they get rid of their awful Battleline conditions!
  34. 1 point
    https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/AoS_Gloomspite_Gitz_WSCards_Webspinner Shaman.pdf shaman from aracnarok spider!
  35. 1 point
    I mixed old and new and it really doesn't look weird at all IMO, especially if you do it in large units of 40. You can also use the extra heads, spear arms and shields with the old bodies to better blend them in. I mixed 10 new with 30 old, using 5-6 new heads and 5-6 new spears on the old ones. I put new shields in all of them, as this is the key to make them appear uniform.
  36. 1 point
    He's now a solid 80 point grot wizard option. The 4++ is massive even with the loss of the -1 while the extra cp on a 4+ is so giant it's unreal, from a pure points perspective a cp is worth 50points, his won't be worth quite that much since you don't start with it turn 1. That said you can expect at least 2 in a game, so his 4+ CP is worth at least 50 points. That means the model/spells only need to be worth 30points in order for him to be worth taking. So then the question is, is he worth 30 points
  37. 1 point
    well looking at everything so far, This army has loads of way to dish out MW at their enemies. out of the current armies out there, their MW output is probably one of the highest
  38. 1 point
    its quite amusing to see whats in the squigs mouths! a centipede is in one and a grot in another
  39. 1 point
    Glue mermaid grots on them? 🤣😉 theyd look fabulous with long flowing hair!
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  41. 1 point
    Hey, sorry to double post but I really wanna show the half squad of eels I've painted since New Years. Going for dhom-hain so the armor should be sufficiently green, and as these are my first idoneth models painted I feel quite happy about them! Some spots I could touch up, but outside of that I feel they are table top ready! (these photos are a lot crappier than I first thought...)
  42. 1 point
    I finished my modular hills (from last month) and made progress on my ruins. For my hills, some of them were a bit too shiny from the last coat of diluted PVA glue I put on them, so I tried using a matte varnish to tone it down, and couldn't tell a difference in them. So they are done now. My ruins have had the drywall putty/filler/spackle/joint compound spread over the foamboard, and then some pebbles and sand glued in for ground grit. I also spray primed them black since I took the below picture, so they are solid black now.
  43. 1 point
    Well, actually I'm close to 8000 models at the moment. This is how it looks like: My largest army are my Bretonnians (which you can imagine from my nickname). They are about 30k points. I took this picture 5 years ago.
  44. 1 point
    Nice, when I first read the thread title "5000+ Owner's Club" I thought: "5000+ models? Ok, check!" 😂 But as it's "only" 5000+ points armies you mean, I quickly counted that and came to 20 armies I have with at least 5000+ points each. 😉 For most of my armies I don't have pictures that show the complete current army. It just takes too much time to take a photo of really large armies. It takes some hours just to arrange every model on the table, take the photo and put them back in the display cabinet. But luckily I just made a new picture of my Slaves to Darkness army this week, which is one my largest armies and has about 16.500 points at the moment (this includes points for battalions).
  45. 1 point
    Another note on the one drop battalion and its usefulness. Remember that if you have a 1 drop battalion it doesn't mean you need to drop it all at once. If your opponent has 8 drops for example you could still drop 6 units down to see their positioning and for your 7th drop put down the rest of the battalion to give you 2nd turn without being outdeployed.
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    I've sadly had no time to do anything more towards our campaign, real life has had the whole house hold tied up for weeks. I did steal five minutes here and there to get my Barn painted (In the classic blue roof scheme. I'm going to use the old guide to make some home made ones too!) and finished off another couple of wall sections from the manor set. Rebased the first couple of my giant rats as well, to match my plague monks. I have brought a ridiculous amount of parts for new skirmish forces though and looking forward to having January to work on them (and an actual nights sleep!)
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    Hey guys, So, fresh from Blood and Glory at the weekend, wanted to share the list I used. Had moderate success, 3 wins (Skryre, Sormcast, KO) and 2 losses (Sylvaneth and Stormcast) so all in all Pestilens did me proud! Allegiance: PestilensMortal Realm: AqshyLeadersVerminlord Corruptor (220)- General- Trait: Master of Rot and Ruin - Artefact: Thermalrider Cloak Plague Furnace (180)Plague Furnace (180)Plague Priest with Plague Censer(80)Packmaster (60)- Herding Whip & Blade- AlliesArch Warlock (140)- AlliesBattleline20 x Plague Monks (140)- Foetid Blades20 x Plague Monks (140)- Foetid Blades20 x Plague Monks (140)- Foetid Blades20 x Plague Monks (140)- Foetid Blades20 x Plague Monks (140)- Foetid BladesUnits4 x Rat Ogors (200)- AlliesWar MachinesPlagueclaw (160)Endless SpellsBalewind Vortex (40)Aethervoid Pendulum (40)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 400 / 400Wounds: 172 Winners - Monks: Killed lots and died lots. Rabid Fever was the MVP blessing of the weekend, no one came off unscathed from battle. Rat Ogors: All the damage, also gave my opponents something to think about. Verminlord: Having the extra movement and the fly keyword from the cloak, he bounced around the board causing trouble. Other notable mentions go out to the Arch Warlock (on a balewind he weathered some nasty offense) and the Plagueclaw Catapult (got 12 wounds off in one turn against KO, the look on the guys face...) Losers - Plague Priest: Just didn't get much out of him, felt a bystander in most matches Aethervoid Pendulum: Didn't do much at all considering dropping the spells and the priest for another Catapult to offer additional threat until the Monks can make it into combat.... Or dropping the Priest and Pendulum, upgrade a block of 20 monks to a block of 40 and adding shackles.... Gonna be fun to try either way
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    Haha, yes, I'm surprised they are not more popular, they still fit in the game wonderful and it would be great too (finally) see a pump wagon made in a plastic kit with tons of customisation, I'm surprised not more people are asking for them! I still have another 20 or so bases left to paint up! I finished a river troll for my skirmish warband just before armies on parade a couple of weeks ago, but sadly things got in the way of entering, but I do gain another bunch of fully painted models, so it's not like it was wasted time! My warband is not far off having a couple of completed, AoS sized units! I might have to make that final push to finish off another bunch of grots! I was pleased to finally paint the troll up though, he was brought, built and given a base about 20 years ago now and has sadly sat in his unfinished state since that day. I adore his snotling chum, who is clearly having a good laugh at 'the one that got away', but he needs to watch out, as laughing at a troll too much can leave you looking like lunch! Also finished off a not very fancy or difficulty conversion of a mountain Grot and another base of snotlings. The mountain grot just needs to be pinned to the base as he's still on blutac (I was toying with doing a different basing style for the mountain grots, but decided against it as I want to be able to mix and match between them seamlessly) I will probably go back and add another couple of layers of water effects to the trolls base, quite a bit of it managed to escape through a pin hole gap that formed after pouring. It looks ok, but one side it far higher than the other. I brought some much better tape and intend to at least even the level of the water out.
  49. 1 point
    I actually prefer 1000 points, they go faster, and many of the breaking things don't occur in 1K points I find. I've played some 500 point games as well, they are fun with multiple people.
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    Oerl was staring sullenly at the realm gate. His skin marked by lashes and his face bruised. Internally he was seething with rage but externally he looked as calm as a bear fishing for trout. At least that’s how he imagined himself.‘That infernal Realmgate be damned’ Oerl thought to himself. It seemed to be mocking him, with it’s ordinary stonework. A stupid, overgrown, ancient, crumbling, uninspired, basic, piece of rock in the middle of a burned forest. Everyone knew it was useless and broken even though they had been charged to protect it. But less than three months ago it had lit up and the ‘nameless one’ had stepped through. He knew it to be impossible yet he had seen it with his own eyes. It was like the warrior had stepped straight out of the ancient paintings. Of course nobody had believed his warnings. He had run screaming and babbling into the town. Panicked he had rung the gong of war. His explanation had been met with scorn and ridicule. Frustrated Oerl had lashed out but foolishly against Bran, a brute of a man and second in chief. His retaliation had been animalistic in it’s savagery. Oerl grimaced to himself, ‘It was no more than I deserved’ he whispered. Lost in thought he played with the beginnings of fur that started to grow from the scars on his shoulders, it was the one thing that confused him the most. Only the fiercest warriors of his tribe were blessed in this manner. ‘Why me?’ Oerl sniffed. There was something in the air… magic!? Shifting his focus back to the Realmgate he could see the ancient runes starting to glow a deep, dark red while tendrils of smoke started to drift from between the rocks. ‘Finally!’ ,Oerl thought, this was his chance to redeem himself. He slowly drew his axe and lifted his shield. Flexing his muscles he awaited to see what would come through the Realmgate. Crouched down with his hair on end, his whole body at the ready, he waited. He waited until his calves burned and the sun started to go down but he would be patient. Although the fog coming from the Realmgate thickened he could see nothing coming through. ‘Nothing!’ he seethed to himself. Nobody would believe him if he didn’t have a trophy to prove…. wait! What was that sound? He could hear a flute playing a strangely soothing song, soon followed by a fair haired man striding from the mystical fog. He was a graceful man, wearing little armour but carrying an immense shield with a matching spear. Right, this was Oerl’s chance! But before he could advance more men came through the Realmgate. All wearing bronze armour with big plumes on their helmets. Every man far taller than he was. They were clearly seasoned fighters and nothing was to be won by charging these men alone. ‘Even the most fierce beasts knew when to attack alone and when they needed their pack’ Oerl told himself. Suddenly, his hairs back on end Oerl realised he had left his guard down, so enraptured had he become with the music. ‘Perfect, aren’t they’ the Nameless One whispered in his ear. Well the first squad is finally finished! A concept I thought of the first time a saw the mortal Slaanesh models more than 15 years ago finally has come to fruition. I'm quite happy with the results but very very happy I started this project and finally getting some momentum. I will be adding a freehand logo on all the shields before I varnish them but that can wait. (mostly waiting on inspiration). I have so many possible conversion ideas, storylines and additions flying through my head... I just can't wait to start them all but first up 7 more Daemonettes to finish the 10 girl squad and i'm close to finishing the chariot. After that I will be adding to the court of the 'Nameless one' with two more heroes for a clean 1000p army.
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