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    My gaming room is done. All miniatures moved in there. There is even a little space left for more...
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    Aaaand done- thanks to a bit of free time this week. thought I’d throw in a few pictures of the rest of the army for context- part of my larger fire aelf army, these guys represent the legions of the fire aelf empire, spreading across the mortal realms and putting any settlements they find under their “protection” from the forces of chaos. Currently I use a unit of drakespawn and a sorceress painted in traditional dark elf colours to round out the army. I’m hoping soon to convert/paint another sorceress specifically for the army, and maybe a medusa if I can get hold of one. Maybe for a future pledge.
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    The lights in the house have gone out and it's full of grots!
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    I do not think I will reach the goal of 30 swordmasters, but the month isnt done yet. All that is left on this batch are the faces (which I have base coated and shaded), the gems and bases. The lone miniature has his face (minus pupils) finished. I am hoping everything on them but the bases is completed by tomorrow. I have been experimenting with the agrellan badland technical paint. Pretty interesting stuff. Not sure I have come up with a look/colour I like just yet. I did make the rookie mistake of fully gluing them to the bases. So they won't look as good as they could. I am awaiting the flying stand base in the mail to finish the phoenix. I have lost the one it came with. As this has been the first time attempting this challenge, I want to congratulate all of you fine painters for achieving your monthly goals. This has been more difficult to acconplish than I originally thought. Thankfully the plan for next month will be easy.
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    So, i was poking around on the community site, hoping for a new post and I noticed the filenames of the big holiday image that now has a goblin... https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/vtrhevGloomspike_snowy_banner_DAY-03-.jpg https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/nrfDAY-03_-OUT-.mp4 so a couple of things. 1. it is a daily thing and we are day 3. 2. gloomspike. What significance does that have? Googling, i found this reference: https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/warhammer-fantasy-a-dynasty-of-dynamic-alcoholism.13745/page-2588 " the deadly Blackvenom forest goblin tribe has been seen riding their horrifying giant spiders south, while still further east the Gloomspike forest goblins of the Forest of Gloom have been doing the same " but really not much at all. is the term gloomspike really related to Spiderfang? Anyone else have anything?
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    UPDATE: Pledge Complete! First time I've done one of these to completion. (I only said I might do some plastic stuff!) Finished my 2 Tyrants and my Firebelly. Such awesome models. My tremor has gotten pretty bad so I kinda just paint with washes now and I think it looks pretty good, in that I can live with how they look. They will probably receive some touching up but for now the only other thing to do is to put some lahmian medium over the tattoos, which were done in micron pen. Got a box of Ogors to do, but just waiting on the Ironguts and Leadbelchers I got for cheap off eBay. Seems like Xmas is making them late. (Shipped on Monday 2nd class, still not here lol)
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    Think i am done for the year. Managed to get Durthu done in time for the Winter War Beast competition but the sword was a bit rushed. Happy with how it came together tho.
  8. 4 points
    This doesn't make sense to me. The Gargant is to easy to kill because you're working as a team and essentially ignoring the part where only 1 player wins. The rules seem pretty good if you consider 1 person wins. If everyone is trying to be the "winner" then the game would play much differently than you describe. I completely agree that the gargant would be way to easy to take down by working as a team and trying to win as a team. If you're doing it that way then yes you'd need to modify the rules somehow. I for one think the idea of trying to balance fighting the gargant enough that he dies while also considering how much glory your opponents are gaining and trying to gain more than them sounds incredibly fun and strategic. Fighting as a team and calling it a "win" for everyone if thebgiant dies just sounds boring using that ruleset.
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    It’s actually grown a bit but this is the last muster of my Nurgle army, it’s just ticked past 7000 and I believe there’s a few Nurgley goodies under the chrimbo tree as well. I don’t think i’ll ever stop adding to the army, it’s always fun and a forgiving hobby project... if I make a mistake I can just blob on some Nurgle’s rot.
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    That's all done in washes? F me, that's amazing!
  12. 3 points
    Grungni is back in the lore. He appears in the Eight Lamentations novels. The duardin seem to know about him, since he has a bunch as his buddies and servants. He is out there doing stuff, though he isn't necessarily 100% aligned with Sigmar (pretty sure he is on Sigmar's side, but disagrees on how to handle things)
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    It was a crutch holding us back. I seriously don't get why khorne players are so whiny. When they nerfed sayl ya'll screamed that khorne was dead. When they fixed secrators y'all cried enough to drown a giant. When GW came out with malign sorcery there were declarations that khorne players should pack up and go home because we don't have wizards. When the points for letters and murderhost went up there was more wailing than at a banshee's choir recital and now this. I mean come on I don't think even KO players cry this much and they have much more reason to.
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    I tell you what, it's clearly not on the cards at all, but just looking at those Christmas scene pictures if they did want to reinvent Gobbos for Aos as something more interesting than just mini, put upon, orcs then turning back the clock and leaning heavily into the traditional folklore of goblins as mischievous, malicious, magical sprites would be fantastic.
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    I am on to part 2 of my pledge - the soul render. First holiday painting and got the base coats down on him. Tonight I'll need to do some small touch ups as it was a bit of a wine fuelled painting session and then on to washes.
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    Yeah I think that was me and my Bloodtoofs and I essentially forfeited the last game against Byron with his double phoenix list on Blood and Glory battleplan. I got screwed so badly by my game 4 opponent, he was playing nighthaunt and had wiped almost everything off the board with +11 attacks. He then says "I'm screwed and we only have 15mins left do you want to call it there" which I took as him conceding, he then refused to give me the 2k kill points only letting me have 700. This then dumped me against the hardest of hard counters on the battleplan which favoured him so hard. Byron and I talked it out, I showed him how I would get my secondary with no effort then we agreed to not bother playing it out. I'd been going since 6am Friday and he had a 3 hour drive home. I made so many mistakes throughout that tournament, should have easily gone 3/5 Shoved that list below I'll sling it up here since I don't think it's worthy of an THWG write up. The list is the weirdfist I linked previously, I'll put it here for reference. So initial comments and thoughts behind the list. List separates into 2 parts, the Hammer and the Anvil. The Hammer is your 2 Cabbages, they are setup to be tanky in order to compensate for the lack of support they will receive. Cabbages can act either separately or independently, essentially as 2 blocks of shock cavalry. The Anvil is your Weirdfist. Your Weirdnob should balewind up in the middle of 30 Ardboys, becoming a proper turtle with no space for anything to get within 3" of your weirdnob. The goregruntas then act as two units of medium cavalry which hang around just on the edge of 10" for the weirdfist. Anyone with even a basic dabbling into a total war esque game should recognise the setup which has been formed here as a classic battleline/force. Infantry block, medium cavalry, super heavy cavalry, the only thing missing is the archer block which is what your weirdnob is there for. The first bit is mostly the concept behind the list, how it's supposed to work in theory and how each part of it fits into the overall structure. From this point on it's going to be a mix of experience with the list and just general tips/thoughts or personal opinions. Deployment You have a couple of goals in the pregame phase. If you can get arcane terrain you do it. This takes priority over literally everything else, it makes your weirdnob so much better it's unbelievable. Choke points, line of sight and terrain are all key for you, this is because your weirdnob doesn't actually need LoS to kill stuff. If you can get your weirdnob setup in terrain do it. This brings it up to a 3+ save with -1 to hit from shooting, making it surprisingly tanky. Ideally you want your weirdfist setup on or near an objective. The goal is to have it turtle hard, if an objective is sat in the turtle it's free points. This then leaves you with a two of goals in how you deploy and your aim for deployment. Deploy in order to get your weirdfist in the most ideal position you can, if that means no balewind turn 1 that's fine but you must have cast it on turn 2 at least. Deploy in order to protect your Cabbages from alphastrike charges. Often the best way to do this is to use the huge amount of space your GG's take to create pockets for them. Much as I sucked super hard in this game it does serve as a reasonable example of what I mean with regards to setup. Notice that while my line is very extended the entire weirdfist is within 10" of my weirdnob AND I managed to get him next to the mystical terrain. I would have preferred that I got him in it but as my opponent had no shooting it was more important to protect him from alphastrikes, something I almost ****** up because apparently durthu has a 3" attack range. (yey for trees blocking pile-in movements and shooting) Game tips Your cabbages can operate together if it's advantageous. Seems obvious, I continually forget. Target Priority. Much as it's tempting to stomp that durthu in your face don't assume you will get a second stomp and instead take the freebe on your opponents 4-6 wound backline buff pieces. Had I done that in this game I would have been in a far stronger position. In my game 5 I did just this and deleted 2 Knight Venators before they could do anything crippling him against my cabbages. Do not underestimate Green Puke. Honestly this spell won me my game 3 on it's own. As a base spell it's garbage, with a weirdfist+balewind it's disgusting and casts on a 8+ not a 10+. You have very good odds to get +12" from your weirdfist with the average being 18", add on your 6" from the balewind and it's now 24+2d6" range. Since it's a line spell 1" wide you can potentially hit most of your opponents army with D3+3 mortal wounds, it's horrific. If I had used Greenpuke instead of Foot turn 1 against the sylvaneth both his backline heroes would have died to it essentially winning me the game then and there. Don't be afraid to deploy over 30" away from the opponents wizards, especially not if you can take Turn 1. As an extension, don't be afraid to take turn 1. Combined with good deployment it can and will win you games. I messed up my deployment game 4 because I didn't consider the 30" unbinding range, this allowed him to use his instant free unbind to save him from the turn 1 paintrain. As the game develops you might want to separate your GG's from the weirdfist. Honestly this is why I went for 2 units of GG's despite the 20 points spare. In the early game you can have your GG's positioned so they tail out from 9" away from the weirdnob, because of their high movement speed you can then easily push them up to support your cabbages or contest an objective. Sure this means subsequently you won't get the weirdfist bonus for them but that's your next hero phase and you are potentially getting 3 rounds of combat from them in exchange. Remember you actually have 30 Ardboys. This is another one of those "no duh" but it needs to be reiterated. Your weirdfist can and should move if the need arrives, it costs you the balewind but dispelling it is free for you. 30 Ardboys are not inconsequential for most armies to try and go through. In the game linked above you can see that Durthu spent 4 full rounds of combat slogging through them and STILL didn't wipe them. It's 60 wounds and 30 bodies you can shove around the board to seize an objective if needed. List Building So this is where the are the most questions raised as really I haven't had chance to fine tune it and there is a fair bit of flexibility. The first most important thing to note is the point @Skumbaagh raised. There is a very easy swap which trades a Cabbage for a Rogue Idol and Chronomatic Cogs. There are Pros and Cons to this which I wont go into. Possibly just a better version of my list but will play differently in a couple of regards. Ignoring this we end up with 2 areas which are flexible, Artefacts and Units. Artefacts. Since I played the list the Doppelganger cloak has been nerfed, this is probably neutral for the list since it denies it to our opponents while opening up our own artefact choices. From a purely personal perspective I still love the idea of Gildenbane, it lets you dump on all the other annoying artefacts around, anyone who has had to deal with a VLoZD with ethereal can empathise here. With this iteration I went for a defensive setup but honestly there are a bunch of different ways you could play it. Units. As previously noted my list has 20 points spare. There is actually a ton of stuff you can do with those 20 points, most basic being Quicksilver Swords/Soulsnare Shackles, I didn't bother with this as they don't benefit from the weirdfist which means it's one less spell cast in the early stages of the game. You could also go for 4 units of Ardboys, this secures your +2 casting bonus even more and puts another 7 bodies on the field, it does however make the GG push far less of an impactful decision. Lastly would be to go 10x10 Ardboys and 5 Brutes with 2h. This is probably the most risky option, it makes the loss of your +2 far easier for your opponent to achieve. On the other hand they now have to deal with an Ardboy line with Brutes swinging over the top of them. Conclusion This is essentially all my thoughts/experiences with the list. Not much else to say as unlike my Bloodtoofs I haven't spent a bunch of time refining it.
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    If dispossessed don’t get something eventually I will cry. If they happen to get the revamp I’m hoping for I will buy the collectors edition battle tome, a regular battletome and any accessories they add along their release. I know I’m just one person but I have a deep love for my dwarfs. Also as others have said doesn’t detract from me wanting/owning some of the new AoS only factions. I think it would be good idea anyway to have some more grounded factions that people who aren’t entirely convinced on the over the top setting can get into.
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    Once the rage...or should that be Wrath...had subsided it looked kind cool. Couple of glue + fingerprint marks that I hope the paint will cover from trying to get her dress to line up.
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    I found it very different. The Fiends, which reminded me a lot of a Stonehorn in assembly, I did all 3 of in about 45mins total...the Enrapturess on the other hand probably took about that long on her own
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    Entered the Winter themed painting comp at Warhammer World. No way I'll win, but it's nice to have it in a cabinet!
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    That's the exact feeling I'm getting with the art though! It is probably just how they have incorporated them in to the art to make it 'christmasy' but the goblins poking out the tree and hiding in the house feels like they are up to no good! This would be amazing if they went this route for the fluff though, rather than, like you say, bullied mini orcs. The shadespire defiantly had more of a magical feel to them though- the captured sprite as a lantern gave them a more dark fantasy feel, akin to the dark crystal or labyrinth goblins. Still, even they don't go the folklore path, it's an easy fix for the collector! A good bits box and some imaginative colour schemes and its all good!
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    I'm usually pretty good about not buying into hype. I've done it a couple of times and been let down so now I make a conscious decision to buy stuff long after it's been released and I've had plenty of time to think about it (and often choose not too) But the moonclan reveal has caught me off guard and has me hooked with every aesthetic I've ever enjoyed about this game. It's like a 90s symphonic black metal album cover! It even matches my current Moonclan colour scheme! As a skirmish only player, I still have the habit of buying up full size armies, as I love painting and I love having a supply of parts for other conversions. But this battletome could be the one thing that makes me ditch skirmish and try out full size armies (Something I moved over to 6mm to do, as it's cheaper and looks amazing even in smaller spaces) I've enjoyed every AoS release this year so far, some less, some more. But this one is going to be the best yet!
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    See a detailed description and some more pics in the blogpost. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1753-the-lord-ordinator/
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    Picked up my box a few hours ago, got lunch, came home and put Warhammer Weekly on for background noise before getting stuck in. The Fiend kit is brutal... For comparison; I didn't really find the Exalted Chariot in the SC! box too challenging, but these things... It's taken me an hour to assemble one. 😅
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    I been running a Gore Pilgrims, 30 Bloodletters and Wrath Bloodthirster and Bloodstoker to buff them. Changed the last points around a bit, couple of Khorgoraths, Skullreapers to get max out of Killing Frenzy if Bloodletters go down early. I'm getting ready to go to my first turnament in the new year and Bloodletters can no longer do the job I build my list around. So trying to decide what to go for. Lots of mentions of Council of Blood, I could do Wrath, Insensate Rage (with Ghyrstrike) and Skarbrand and Gore Pilgrims. 2 drops is nice, but not sure how you actually make it work against big units. Bloodthirster don't hit that hard and die easy. I was wondering if this list could work: Allegiance: ChaosMortal Realm: UlguLeadersWrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster (320)- General- Trait: Immense Power - Artefact: Mark of the slayer Daemon Prince of Khorne (160)- Artefact: Sword of Judgement Bloodsecrator (140)Slaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzySlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Bronzed FleshSlaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrathhammer (100)- Blood Blessing: Bronzed FleshBattleline10 x Blood Warriors (200)- Goreaxe & Gorefist- 1x Goreglaives10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver Blades10 x Blood Warriors (200)- Goreaxes- 1x GoreglaivesUnits5 x Skullreapers (170)- Daemonblades5 x Wrathmongers (180)BattalionsGore Pilgrims (200)Total: 1940 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 125 2x10 Blood Warrriors with Bronzed Flesh and backed up with Skullreapers and Wrathmongers against hordes. 2 big and fast monsters with artifacts for those battleplans. Wrathmongers and Deamon Prince with Sword of Judgement against monster list. 3 Slaughterpriest with rerolls for mortal wounds or pulling of objectives. Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster maybe with Doppelganger Cloak instead so I can trow it forward, most games only really get a use out of it a couple of times anyway, so not sure nerf makes me drop it.
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    Finished the lord on manticore, now half way through a unit of warriors. I have changed the blades on the warriors to make them feel more slanesh. Neaely done
  28. 2 points
    Yes, and it’s a lot of fun. Played two player game, but I suspect it’s more fun with 3 or 4. Because it’s co-op, but really an excuse for bastardry.
  29. 1 point
    Does anyone else have this issue? What I mean is wanting to have a unique army that others aren't playing? I started this game with stormcasts (and space marines in 40k) because of starter sets and then expanded from there. They have been great for learning to play and to paint but every other table at any store I play at has the same armies. I want to start new armies and feel like I keep leaning toward factions not that I really enjoy the look or love of, but the fact I never see them. For example, I'll spend all week getting pumped about a particular faction, reading all the lore, planning a paint scheme, writing lists...then I get to to the store and someone is playing that faction...I completely lose interest. What is wrong with me? I have the same issue in video games. If anyone else has this problem, how did you overcome it?
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    Let me disagree. I invite you to the Dispossessed page, Order. We have an healty debate, down there, on the matter 🤗
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    Runelords, they get to be mounted on the anvils of doom.
  33. 1 point
    I've done some more on mine but I'll never finish it all now before 28th. Working on my Space Wolf Kill Team. It's not AoS so I won't post a load of it. 1 and a half done, 4 to go. Primaris only, don't care about competitive.
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    I think stacking buff is a problem best taken on a army/unit level and not a game wide level. Deepkin stacking +1 attack on units turn 3 and going first is the point of the army... they were made with this in mind. That said they win off turn 1 and 2 not turn 3, as bad turn 1's and turn 2's mean you can't attack what you need to with what you need to on turn 3. I'd rather them be balanced on points with stacking then have the stack ability removed. Even more so as it has ALOT of restriction such as need to be the general and it only work on a single turn of the game. I think stacking should be like free summoning. It's okay when done in a controlled way and we factor that into the armies pts cost and rules. Free summoning hasn't ruined the meta currently, in fact only 2 free summoning armies do well and that tzeentch and nurgle, and no one is really pointing at free summoning as to why they are doing well. I say we fix the pts on units, and add limitations to keep any stacking well in hand. Again i think deepkin shows great limitation as it's specific to only the general and only working during turn 3, thats enough of a limit on a stack ability so from there we should adjust with pts. Some abilites like the nurgle one have or should be made once per phase i due to not having enough limits. To remove stack on same abilities limits design space, while to do what the OP says to do just makes half the stuff in the game completely useless.
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    Well my main goal for 2019 will be to finish of, painting my 2000p boc army (and maybe some skaven models). as a secondary objective, I’ll be aiming to add another 13’000 to my skaven collection. although that might need more than just a year. for a third and possible objective (rather than the second one) I’ll be aiming to rebase my skaven army.
  37. 1 point
    I just want the AoS Skirmish to be more like Kill Team. So in essence modified activation order, command points and tactics cards. Some kind of lightweight campaign system is a bonus, even if I myself would probably mostly just play one-shot games.
  38. 1 point
    Pledge Complete! Garrek’s Reavers ready to join the Goretide!
  39. 1 point
    Well I personally feel there aren't enough ****** and phalluses all over the model.
  40. 1 point
    It's one list as fas as I know, a real while ago and it wasn't any mayor event as far as I know. Really I can't say these changes are based on anything except for a general 'don't care as it's 2 years old' additude that became WBF's downfall. To me it's no coincedence that new armies matter and old ones do not. It's an old habbit of GW that got me out of WBF to begin with. It's a whole lot worse when you go from a single unit that had acces to 5+/4+ to Mortal wound versus 6+ to Mortal wound with no cost change. A 5 wound 160 point character with a 4+ is a hard pill to swallow. Fleshhounds get 1 shooting attack extra, it's funny that it's there, but it doesn't really matter. Lastly Bloodcrushers got a 2+ D3 Mortal wound impact hit, better as they used to be, still however have just 1 attack per rider. Grand result, effectively two units became more expensive, one practically stayed the same and one got a tiny bit better. To me it's just clear that they don't care about this army anymore. Skullcrushers still are just Mortal, Khorne Lord on Juggernaut is still just Mortal, Khorne Lord with Fleshhound is still just Mortal. Compair that to Chaos undivided, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh you see how much it matters that GW actually puts effort into some armies. It's starting to become a fallacy.
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    Have you ever read the section on open or narrative? Do you really think that would have helped the situation? They were brand new players - they have no concept of what 'even' even roughly looks like. Just because there are 3 ways to play doesn't fix awful imbalance, if anything open and narrative can exacerbate it because they lack any frame of reference to put the game together. I mean most narrative events still use matched play rules for God's sake.
  42. 1 point
    This is an example of them playing to win, not playing for fun (although both are possible if both players have the same goal). If they had the goal of fun in mind the solution would have been to either have the DoK player bring less points or have KO bring more points (if points are being used). Alternatively the KO player could have been allowed to bring back 1-2 units as reinforcements from the sky (fluffy too), etc. Or they could have played sans allegiance abilities and try that out. There are ways to balance fun casual games out with crying to GW to fix stuff. That being said I believe DoK is way overpowered and that this is done intentionally by GW to sell models.
  43. 1 point
    Any Total Warhammer fans? Heres my TWW Anvil of Doom. Wip. Im just excited to post it. Still needs touch ups and highlights. The other thronebearers are unpainted still. This is the center piece for my Old World/AoS/TWW hybrid army.
  44. 1 point
    Don't get too crazy now!
  45. 1 point
    Skaven Assassin + Gildbane Skaven Assassin deploys at the top of any combat phase 1'' away from a friendly unit of 5 or models of 1 wound each (your horde unit, probably clanrats). Gildbane negates any other artifacts within 3'' of him. If an opponent rushes your front lines with their 'nuke' hero with another artifact combo mentioned in this forum, you pop this little trick. Suddenly a tanky hero isn't tanky, and Schword of Judgement weilding heroes are now the ones being judged. The coolest part is that you can deploy the assassin in such a way that he's behind your clanrats and outside of the enemy heroes melee range to prevent retaliation. The Assassin also has bonuses against enemy heroes, so he's got that going for him, which is nice.
  46. 1 point
    I'm starting to get tired of the lack of fluff surrounding Dispossessed. I don't like the free cities. I would rather Dispossessed live alone instead of living in cities with Aelves. I miss WHFB dwarf lore. Now they are just builders of Stormcast portable toilets. It honestly feels like Free Cities are just a place for GW to dump non-battletome armies somewhere in the lore. All the battletome factions get to be out doing crazy stuff while we are stuck as occupations in a city. I want more structure to the lore. Having everything be "your dudes, make your own lore" can only go so far when there is so little to work with. The realms are just so large. I am so very fearful that we will never get a battletome and will be left as we are or we will be combined into a Free Peoples battletome which I find to be equally disastrous. Sorry if I brought people down, I am just experiencing another doom laden manic phase.
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    thanks. I was looking for a picture with 6ed and 8ed warriors next to each other but your paint job is great nonetheless. I've looked through your paint log for more good stuff and found it😊 Maybe this should go in order serpentis topic but how is your list performing? I mean will I be eventually able to get working (better or worse) dark elf list that is not DoK?
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    Conversions. Even a little bit helps you be a unique snowflake. For instance I'm currently working on two units, hexwraiths and Grimghast Reapers. My Hexwraiths are taken from the Dreadblade steeds with Reaper riders. My grimghasts will have the sweet helmeted skull from the Dreads (not a fan of the blindfolds) and I'll be swapping the scythes blades for Glaives from the glaivewraith stalkers. Simple but enough to stand out from the crowd a bit.
  49. 1 point
    Hey guys! The Stormcast production has slowed down as I am working on tutorial videos, and my next army projects. But I did give my Castellan a new pet: Moving on, my new project I decided to go for is an underdog I’m hoping will claim some new... allegiance abilities, command traits and new units sometime in the future: EVERCHOSEN. thanks for looking and please, if you enjoyed my first video tutorial please don’t hesitate to support my patreon page to help us make more of them for more different techniques and approaches. https://www.patreon.com/Oscarlars
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    Combine the name generator with this city/town generator and you're set: https://watabou.itch.io/medieval-fantasy-city-generator
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