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    Hey TGA people! I wanted to let you all know of a big project two friends and I have been working on for a while now- a new gaming venue in central London called Bad Moon Cafe. Situated on Great Dover Street- 6 minutes from Borough and 10 minutes from London Bridge, we wanted to make it the best place to play Warhammer in London. Our priority was the tables- we've had 15 custom gaming tables made, with a dice tray, bag storage and space for books and armies either side, with a lip around the mat and fully painted and matching terrain for each table. There's 5ft of space between each table row, guaranteeing enough space to move around or sit down. Have a look at a render of the table and photos of the terrain setup we've made: We really want to build a community around the store. We'll be organising monthly one-day tournaments for Age of Sigmar and 40k as well as larger annual 2-day tournaments. We want the monthly tournaments to be friendly and enjoyable first and foremost, and the annual tournaments to be as fair and balanced as we can be (I'm an avid listener to @JustPlay-Ritchie and @ianob's excellent Just Playing podcast so will endeavor to follow their example of tournament organising!). We're opening on the 15th and all weekend we're having some special offers on our stock and food! I'll be sharing some photos of the venue itself soon- just finishing up on site for a couple more days! In the meantime, here's another CG render of the space as it will look: Please come down and find me! (I'll be playing Nurgle or standing around in a staff shirt!) Hugh at Bad Moon Cafe
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    So I keep pledging here then not following though... Got a big game coming up next month though and I want to play my first ever game with all painted models so hopefully that will get my motivated. As such, my pledge this month is to finish my Treelord Ancient (mostly done) and then paint 4-5 Kurnoth Hunters.
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    If you need something to be done, you need to define goals that can be completed in the timeframe that you can focus. If you cant handle painting one army as a single goal, I cant, then you need to make several goals. Goals need to be motivating and what is motivating is personal for everyone. I often try to add some extra "rules" to make it more interesting beside the main goal. Also, structure you jumping between projects, so even If you do lots of different things make sure that they actually achieve something…. if you need that, otherwise ofc just paint for the fun of it. Here are some goals (not all) Ive had during the fall: Paint tzeentch models from silver tower How: Only using Scale 75 paints. Not use red and grey. Why: Want to find out if I like to paint tzeentch, want to find out if I like Scale 75, use colors I normally not use. Effect: Stopped after doing 3 acolytes and 5 different horros, goal was achived at that time. I decided to start a Tzeentch army, I found that Scale 75 was very nice and bought more paints from them and decided to use them as my main paint also for my Stormcast side project. Also decided that they looked so different from Vallejo that I will generally not use them for my mixed order. Paint one unit of Tree revenants How: As fast as possible in army colors already defined. Why: So I have a legal 1000 Sylvaneth point army (lacked battleline) for smaller games and also so I could test gnarlroot wargrove for mixed order in tournaments (had the rest already painted). Effect: Found that I needed one more defined army color so I updated my army color scheme (I write things down in a onenote file otherwise I will forget). Played several 1000 point games, tested gnarlroot and decided It needed a lot more playtesting to be usable for me so I went with my normal setup for my next tournament and switched back to that "build" for last test games. Paint 20 arkanuts How: One test model, repeat until happy, and then in batches, one batch should be at least 8 models (I have 8 paint handles) Why: So I could use them in my next tournament, so I can test bigger batch painting (usally paint 2-3 models) to see if its more effectíve for me. Effect: Used them in my next tournament and learned what worked for me in batch painting. I do not of course write down or formalize it like this, but in reality I usually form something like that in my mind. When I don’t, nothing really gets done. I try to have goals that are very clear to me. If I just want to paint something to have something to paint I usually try to have a goal to test something new (Ive painted models only using washes for example). I also try to set up personal rules like: * Only use unpainted models if you have no other choice. If you can field an army with painted models instead, do that. * Only allowed exception is for testing before tournaments, then proxies are also allowed. * All unpainted models should be undercoated. * I will probably also use unpainted models for summoning (new feture for me with tzeentch). * If use unpainted models, next game (within reason ofc) more models should be painted than last. So when I returned to warhammer and AOS after several years playing other games I played with a lot of unpainted models, I wanted to try the game at 2000 points to make sure that I liked it. It took a couple of months to get everything painted but every game had new models painted. I also needed a tournament to get the final motivation for the last push. Now I have almost 4000 points of mixed order so the only times I have used unpainted models after my first tournament is when I really really need to test something. After skinks disappeared as battleline I had to do some experiments and use unpainted archers as marksmen and even proxied arkanuats (with the same archers) to check what I could do with the battleline slot. My side projects I don’t field unpainted since I can always choose to play with my painted mixed order instead. Those rules are really motivational, for me, to get the painting done and will also affect how I can create goals.
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    Darkoath chieftan finished. Seeing as wrath and rapture isnt coming as soon as i thought, i might have time to squeeze in some other stuff this month
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    I like the idea that (much like real life humans) races (or sub factions or what ever) can be all shades of dubious. I've always liked the idea of evil high elves or neutral dark elves.
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    Personally I hope GW won't reunify the aelves, or at least that they won't re-do them the way they were in WHFB (high elves/dark elves/wood elves). I was getting tired of the classic warhammer elves and I like the way they shook those armies and made new sub-factions out of them. I also prefer when my dark elves are a little less dark (especially the scourge privateers): I prefer them as morally dubious characters instead of the outright psychopaths and sadistic murderers they were in the World-that-was. Therefore I really hope that the Daughters of Khaine will be the closest faction to the original druchiis and that the other "dark elf" factions (privateers, shadowblade, serpentis) will become a bit lighter (or "grayer" if you will) compared to their previous incarnations. The same goes for the high elves: I hope they will be updated to be a little less noble and haughty than they were in WHFB with their spotless white robes. All in all, I don't mind a unified aelf battletome, as long as GW get innovative and don't write them to be the exact same type of elves as they were before. For example, a battletome that would mix a bit of both dark elves and high elves (like Order Draconix + Order Serpentis being various knighthood orders working in the same army) would be cooler in my opinion. PS: sorry, I went a bit off-topic.
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    Do not forget that GW is also putting some snippets of other potential future factions. For example the Golemkind mentioned in the Core book and if I’m not wrong in at least another book. It is not unlikely in the future we will see brand new factions we never heard before. This does not exclude rebranding ex WHFB armies, like DoK. And even the supper battletome loke LoN... I think was the best battletome in quite some time, don’t you agree? Just wish there was one coming for Free Peoples with humans, aelves and duardins!!
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    @Rhivan, @Orsino, @Arnied3thanks for the lovely comments. Done a bit more Tuesday, but didn't get time last night. Wanted the dragon done for Friday because I'm keen to paint some 40k and do other projects.
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    If you think about it, there are 5 High elf subfactions. Lets assume Tyrion and Teclis come up with the Angelic Aelfs and Malerion comes with his. Lets say both this factions use older models as a base. There will still be a crapload of High elf to go around. To me the obvious choice to group then up in a BT. Those old school aelfs have been fending for thenselfs without aid of their gods. Lorewise, the possible treat of Slaneesh escaping and coming after Aelf souls, you would think they would organize thenselfs for the upcomming battles. I dont belive in the long run GW will keep this policy of small "suport" factions.
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    Hey there fellow Dawi! I'm proud to say I had my article posted up on Honest Wargamer about the KO. I posted a link if anyone is interested and I hope it helps anyone looking for list options. https://thehonestwargamer.com/aos-list-rundowns/cannonballs-class-on-sky-dwarven-demolition/
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    Far as I'm aware FW has yet to really revise their AoS line and focus. They clearly need to revise their listings and adjust things and release some new models too. I know last year GW said that FW was now using a dedicated AoS team and that they were going to address the fact that FW makes very little for AoS (and fantasy before that). So I'm hoping that in 2019 we start to see this. I would be great to get more mythical beasts, warriors, heroes and wandering realm monsters from FW! And yes they did say they wanted to revise their own army listings -creatures like the myerworm are ideal for armies like Idoneth and Scourge; whilst other beasties are ideal to be shared around too. Hopefully they can do a few inter-alliance monsters and not tie everything to one specific alliance.
  12. 2 points
    Unrelated, but I believe GW did mention that they where planning to allow Idoneath deepkin to be able to take the Merwyrm monster from Forgeworld into their army before AoS 2 came out but that never came to fruition in the end.
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    Yeah, blocks of 40 skeletons for staying power, 30 grimghast and a vampire lord for offense l, and Arkhan for magic supremacy. Its solid. I think nobody plays the corpse cart because its 80 points for +1 to cast. Sounds good, but you have to stay by it to get the bonus, and it's generally more useful to have another unit of doggies or endless spells to fling around. You're already getting +1 to cast through the allegiance ability, and a lot of the spells you want to get off are fairly easy to roll since the value is low. If there is one that is higher, have Arkhan do it with his +3 to cast. I like pinions on the vampire lord, and overwhelming dread is great on the necromancer. Only thing I'm not sold on is amaranthine orb on Arkhan. The damage potential is massive (with the potential to completely whiff as well), but he typically wants to be towards the back, behind the wall of skeletons slinging and dispelling spells with his bonuses. I personally give him debuff spells like fading vigour or spectral prison for this reason.
  14. 2 points
    Well, you could always say that your Grey Seer is trying to protect himself against old merry skaven tradition "Blade-in-the-back".
  15. 2 points
    Hours is still pretty quick! I think my record has been a day and a half for a Sorcerer of Tzeentch, most characters will take a weekend for me for a regular sized one
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    Most of the people who are playing Ironjawz are using 2-3 mawkrushers and gore gruntas in the tournaments with an occasional brute or ardboyz unit. Once in a while you’ll see an Ironjawz army place in the top 10. Personally, I use a Megaboss on foot, a weirdnob, 2 warchanters, 2 units of 20 Brutes with 4 gore choppas each, and a unit of three gruntas. It’s a horrible list tactically, but I just love the Brute models. Megaboss on foot is an awesome model as well. I’m just hoping for a points reduction in the GH19.
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    Minor correction, Namarti do have souls they just burn out at a far faster rate than normal. They use other souls as fuel for their own rather than as replacement.
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    My update: Made good progress tonight on my Hunters. Maybe 50% done. Feeling the pressure for Durthu tho....
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    It was both really. The souls harvested from Slaanesh's belly are twisted by his corrupting force. Morathi escaped with body and soul, but her body was twisted into her huge form with snake tail and wings. She uses illusion magic to appear almost aelfen and normal. That's why when the Idoneth were made they were twisted and damaged too. Khinari and Melusai, whilst twisted in Morathi's image, are also damaged by the warp which is part why they take a twisted form. Morathi guides it, but the damage is already there from Slaanesh.
  20. 2 points
    By that logic Slyvaneth and Legion of Blood are also a bit like Daughters of Khaine... Troggoths too if you count the Troggoths Hags as their leaders. Darkling Covens have a pretty different feel Daughters of Khaine in the lore and majority of models (only the Sorceresses are similar due to originally being the same army). They offer no allegiance but to the personal whims of their Sorceress lords who mind control the rest and thus don't really make any sense in any other army unless they make the Sorceresses swear allegiance to another faction. I personally think both the light aelves and dark aelves with be mostly new armies with maybe a very limited selection of old models. The lore is clear about them being a new generation of aelves solely devoted to their relevant creator as opposed to those lucky enough to somehow find their way into the Mortal Realms.
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    I never got a chance to play AoS 1E, so I never got used to teleporting any units in the proper positions whenever I wanted to. From my perspective, being able to do that would have let me bully my opponents indefinitely - I would have been able to teleport out of every combat I got into on the edges, shuttle my forces easily around the whole table edge, and by using Stalker of the Hidden Ways and the Wending Wand, I could pretty easily get everything I needed to where I needed to. It would have been super no fun for my opponents, I think, never being able to catch anything. Anyway, outside of losing that functionality, I've been able to do some great stuff with the tools available. Stalker of the Hidden Paths lets you shuttle a key unit into a good position in the beginning of the game so they can get solid shooting, and shuttle important units to new positions across the board so they can get out of harm's way or get to a good shooting spot. I haven't used the Wending Wand, but running a ranged hero out into a good position along a board edge and porting a needed unit to them in the later turns of the game seems really appealing. I try to use my teleport to help me isolate, damage and hopefully eliminate units that would otherwise not be accessible to me, or that my opponents are trying to protect, or that really need additional firepower. It usually lets me surprise people and shoot units off the table unexpectedly. My opponents have to play around it, and often can't afford to hang back to screen my teleporting out, and it still lets me get units right near them. It also means that if they don't hang back on their objectives, I can teleport and take them, which has actually helped me win most of my games. Most armies are faced with a choice of moving to take me out and abandoning their objectives, or holding them for several turns while I maneuver and prepare to hit one very hard in the later turns by focus fire and teleporting. I haven't faced a full blitz army, and I'm sure we'll do really terribly against them, but that's kind of to be expected - that particular meta is so dominant that most everything loses to it. I'm looking forward to playing more opponents and different armies so I can keep trying things, but so far I've found our mobility options to be really useful.
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    Hello! Some update, i've finished 3 Savage Ironjawz (no base yet) in these days! Much fun to paint because i tried various war paint both on armor and face/skull. They will be the Megaboss' elite warriors. Hope you like them, let me know your thoughts! (click on for larger pics)
  23. 2 points
    I completely understand and sympathize with your struggle (so to speak) with this. I, too, have had to tackle the issue. I solved it by giving in. I just buy it all, secure in the knowledge that as long as I have miniatures that remain unpainted, I cannot die. I am immortal.
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    I started knocking out some thunder wolf riding cavalry, but the riders I was using didn’t look right, so I stopped. Wolves are done, just need to work out how I’m doing the riders. Really didn’t want to waste a Saturday, so I knocked out the only other thing I had assembled on my desk, rather than wait on glue and green stuff to dry. Ive been putting this guy off for a while. Mostly because he’s kinda got a giraffe neck if you catch him from the wrong angle. Humans and orc models don’t fit together particularly well... planning to use this as a Slaughterpriest, should I ever actually play a game. Sourced a small number of gor axes, so marauders are underway again. Really need to sort out some Blood Warriors soon, given that gore pilgrims seems like the only playable battalion.
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    @hughwyethLooks absolutely incredible! Will there be any full length (5 X 2000 points games) tournaments going on? If so I would definitely drive down!
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    I could see that, kinda like how a Tzeentch sorcerer used a crystal golem army to defend himself on a Great Worm city he conquered. I imagine other stuff like that will fit Destruction eventually, Cogmen, Steppe Khanates(fire worshippers & gargant warriors), the two species of Merfolk mentioned by the Deepkin tome, the reptile race of Sankrit with their empire in Ghur and a good deal of other mentions. No end of possibilities there. (with hopefully some God-beast focused factions one day) Also agreed on LoN being a great tome. Hopefully we'll see more of that to bind together the sub-factions. A Free Cities one would be a day-one pre-order for me.
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    @PUFNSTUF https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/age_of_sigmar_malign_portents_errata_en-1.pdf So it can be our general, it just can't have an Artefact or Command Trait. We do take some hits in regards to no 4+ IJ move and no Ironclad etc. but for that list I don't think it needs it.
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    I would argue that the Lord Arcanum on Gryphcharger is a strong pick. He has great mobility (ride the winds, even better with windrunner), prevents 1 lethal damage every turn, has stronger arcane bolt and is decent in combat thanks to mount attacks. The warlord trait on Sequitors is amazing, too. He is a lot of points though and if taken just for battleline sequitors, i concur, it's a bit much. That said my 1k list: Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals - Mortal Realm: Hysh - Stormhost: Hammers of Sigmar LEADERS Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger (240) - General - Command Trait : We Cannot Fail - Artefact : God-forged Blade - Spell : Azyrite Halo - Mount Trait : Wind Runner Lord-Castellant (100) Knight-Incantor (140) UNITS 5 x Sequitors (120) - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3 x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Sequitors (120) - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3 x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Evocators (200) 3 x Castigators (80) TOTAL: 1000/1000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 59 LEADERS: 3/4 BATTLELINES: 2 (2+) BEHEMOTHS: 0/2 ARTILLERY: 0/2 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ALLIES: 0/200 Similar to aetherwings, few opponents go after a single gryphhound, so the good boy can go score alongside the Castigators. While theor shooting may be subpar for the price, they are strong enough in melee to not get pushed around by weak runners. And they happened to fill the points nicely
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    I believe boc can compete with the fish-things
  30. 1 point
    In the core rules it says one of the possible origins of the Shadowblades is that they were a gift to Sigmar from Malerion, so if they do go down that route they could be rolled into Malerions aelves.
  31. 1 point
    Sweet, thanks for all the feedback. Gonna be busy with painting and modelling the next couple of months 😉
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    You may struggle to get a decent answer as it varies between different events. On most of the event packs I've read, allegiance abilities are specific to the army in question. In your Nagash case, the rule actually limit Endless Legions to armies that are "Grand Host of Nagash", which is a keyword a Nighthaunt partner's army wouldn't have. Generally abilities on warscrolls do transfer over - so Spirit Hosts in a grand host list would gain benefits from a Guardian of Souls and you could cast spells from Nagash onto your partner's units. However it does vary from event to event, I played a doubles game earlier in the year and warscroll abilities didn't convey onto your partners army.
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    Excellent project. Love your work and really enjoyed reading the whole thread. Best of luck with the contract!
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    What do you think would be the centerpiece model for the rumored Darkoath release? We have Archaon already, but perhaps we can see a new large Be'lakor? Something akin to this:
  35. 1 point
    Try not freak out, try not freak out! OMG i am freaking out, give me a High Aelves BT GW!! Let me gather my little guys so they can be together! Detail form the photo: Swordmasters are Eldritch Council and the other unit is Phoenix Guard from Phoenix Temple, so we got 2 subfactions on it. OMG OMG OMG
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    Well nagash will go a long way to help prevent you from being steamrolled. I actually think there is potential for the first cohort to be pretty strong, but it hasn't really been used much since the save shenanigans people were using was squashed with the FAQ. A big issue I see with your list is that it's quite slow, and you have one hero. Granted, nagash is one of the single most powerful heroes in the game, but he can only be in one place at a time, and hes made even better with the inclusion of other heroes. A necromancer is pretty much mandatory for his incredible spell, and can act as a caddy for nagash to get access to another spell on the deathmages list. As for your speed issue, how do you feel about black knights? You can keep the feeling of an elite army with similar aesthetic, but have a unit with a different function. As for endless spells, spellportal is near mandatory for nagash so he can reach out and touch someone with the hand of dust. Just the threat of that will mess with your opponent's plans. I also like to fit in the geminids, as death loves to debuff the enemy into uselessness. With a little restructuring, you could end up with something like Nagash Necromancer 2 halberd archai 30 grave guard 5 grave guard 10 black knights Spellportal Geminids Soulsnare shackles Its 1990 points, and you will feel the lack of screening units, but has a bit more utility than the 3 blocks of 15 guard. A block of 20 or so skeletons would go a long way towards making sure you get to attack what you want with your guard but it doesn't really fit what you say you're going for. At least with 2 drops, you're likely getting to decide who goes first, and can deploy/plan accordingly.
  37. 1 point
    I play most of my games at 1000, my lists change a lot just to mix things up, but my core is usually: Aspiring Deathbringer, Bloodsecrator, Bloodmaster or Daemon Prince, 30 Bloodletters, 10 Bloodreavers. Units like the Daemon Prince do really well for me as there isn't much that can stand up to him at those lower point levels. I always enjoy running Wrathmongers but at 1k there aren't as many monsters around to use them properly.
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    Ghosteater is one of the Chaos baddies in the book. He’s Beastlord who can literally eat the soul of an enemy and it lives on in him, they then impart knowledge and wisdom to him that makes him a threat well beyond what a normal Beastlord can manage.
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    Lucky you if you have it only AoS related. I have attention deficit across multiple games/rule-sets (each one with multiple factions/armies, usually) 😅 To me, what worked best is imposing myself the "don't buy (or build/paint) a model if its not for a game and faction you're currently playing. No exceptions" rule. This has saved me a lot of money and stopped the growth of the "bins of shame" (Ikea bins where I store/forget unopened model packs). It's more than a year that I stick to this rule and up to now has worked nicely. Some slips occoured, ofcourse (I still have to work toward the "no exceptions" part), but overall I'm satisfied by the results. Also, this motivates me in playing more, and the more I play (with mostly-painted armies) the more I enjoy gaming and the more I'm motivated in painting more. So the more I paint, the more I motivated in playing, the more I play, the more I'm motivated in painting.
  40. 1 point
    At least right now they are still rumors. And probably will still be rumors until we get a FAQ or GHB 2019. I think it's pure speculation at this point. I think we all know that Gnoblars are what really need a FAQ. I mean, that Sharp Stuff they throw is just too powerful. 😁
  41. 1 point
    There's a few things you can do in this scenario: 1) Khorne has probably the best anti-Behemoth unit in the game with Wrathmongers. Use his own model against him! 2) Tie it up with Chaff. You have cheap units like Blood Reavers that can bog it down and generate you Blood Tithes at the same time. While you have your Slaughter Priests tucked in behind chucking Blood Boils at it. 3) Can I ask what points level you were playing at? A Behemoth at a low points level game can definitely make things seem imbalanced, but it gets better as the game scales up. You will be able to fit in more screening units and play the objectives game. 4) Bring one of your own. Your Bloodthirsters are pretty killy for example. 5) Skull Reapers with stacking +1s to Hit will mulch it.
  42. 1 point
    What I've heard is that will be the day you have the book in your hands. 2nd hand info so take it or leave it, but I'm optimistic
  43. 1 point
    There’s an amount of doubling up here, and for that, I’m sorry. a friend with a decent camera took some photos of the army in the cabinet, and I’m very happy. Hopefully this will be the last dump before I start my next plog. It’s a little more old school than this project. I’m a sucker for guys that live in forests, so wood elves were an easy choice for the next army.
  44. 1 point
    More god of war art, the ancients and the trolls were some of my favourite in game bosses, some of the unused concept art is spectacular and inspiring and proving a great resource for three of my current projects. Love Norse myth, so rich and plentiful.
  45. 1 point
    Has anyone tried running plague monks with warp grinder weapons teams and popping up anywhere on the board outside 9”? Seems cool, not sure if it’ll work. Ordered a few weapons teams to convert and try for myself.
  46. 1 point
    I got you all. This is a kind of Brain vs heart fight. I love those minis. But I have to choose. What I did: I like the SCE. I love death range. So, I took almost all SCE (almost) that way, I'm loaded with many builds with this army. I love death: I have now most of death and most of Nighthaunt. I can do many, really MANY builds with death. (all of this in a 1.5year) Now my brain is talking to my heart: build your minis, paint them all, you have 2 (with NH means 3) huges armies. Enjoy. Heart: That is true but... Brain: enjoy man, enjoy! This is the story of half full half empty, look at what you already have! Since then, no more buy of AoS and this, without regret or wanting to buy anything, even if I love certain minis (sylvaneth, orcs, BoC DoK....). I know that I have something to enjoy for a loooooooooooooooong time even if they stop everything. An I know that even if they change the game system, I have something to play with. I am actually doing the same for 40k. Beeing a customer of GW for 30 ears, I know it is the right choice.
  47. 1 point
  48. 1 point
    I've started painting the Skaven this week. I'm intending to take them to Grand Clash II at Warhammer World at the end of April. I've also been working on a secret (related) project that I'll unveil nearer the time.
  49. 1 point
    Gore Gruntas finished! They are all 3 different because i try new ways to make the tribal paint and the black armor... and finally i think i find the best result,! The boss scheme is the one i prefer, i change the blue tone to a more icy ones... it means i must adjust everyone sooner or later, but better not to think about it .
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    Hi all! Had a bit of an 'outhere' idea and would love your opinion on it (yes. I know it's 'my hobby' and I should 'do what I like' but I'm just asking...) So, I'm a average to good painter with not a look time to paint (full time job and part time study) - I'm therefore looking for a quick and easy but nice looking force. My idea - background On the Isle of Ghuur, in the middle of the Sea of Tempests lies a great and mighty temple to Sigmar. No one knows when, how or why this temple was built but two things they do know - that deep within is enough wealth to make the mightiest Kings of the world-that-was feel but paupers and that those who attempt to liberate this treasure are never seen again Funnily enough, no one at all is ever seen on that island - save for rows upon rows of gargantuan statues lining the passage ways and entrances to the temple, mighty warriors with human sized shields, archers atop the temple looking out in eternal vigilance and giant dragons ridden by stern faced generals... My idea - the application So, I'd be looking at making an army of living statues - building the stormcast as is with a few scratches and chips here and there and probably some little greenstuff vines and the like. Then painted as rough stone with mossy areas. Finally a red osl glow in any 'eye' sockets... Bases will be lush and verdant with flowers and grass So, honest opinions please! Will it look lazy or effective?
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