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    Here's hoping to more W&R information to follow!
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    I think it's more that the overwhelming community request is for big games. When AoS first came out (pre-points) and super fun at all game sizes, it was the community that pushed army sized battles rather than GW. I think GW were surprised with how well the Skirmish supplement was received within AoS - there is nearly always a game or two of skirmish being played at WHW whenever I've been up there and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Kill-Team/Hinterland/Mordheim release at some point! Where AoS suffers in my opinion for this type of game is lack of suitable terrain. I was looking at my old cardboard Mordheim scenery the other day and it provides mountains more cover and levels over the current scenery that's available. However I'm now starting to diverge away from rumours #skirmishjanuary!
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    Got a particularly Grimgor-looking Orruk Warboss put together
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    Hey all, finally I am in a new home and wanted to show you some Wanderers, although it is mostly converted models and not painted ones. At the Moment I am lacking in a bit of determination to commit myself to a paint scheme for the whole Army. As I am quite the inexperienced painter with a poor camera the models which got paint on them might look a bit .... poor for the lack of better wording. To some Models I have only applied the base coats, some others are painted over and over cause I was unable to decide. At first I was keen on Bronze and dark green, then switched to light green and yellow, then to a darker green and white and silver - all while testing and buying new colours on the way. Finally I tried a base-coat of Celestra Grey and Fenrisian or Russ Grey on the cloaks...... Anyway I am quite proud of my conversions so far. The Last Character Model is a mysterious Wayfinder - maybe Half-Deepkin? She certainly inspires all around her - a bit of backstory might also be added, these Wanderers are from Hysh after all which I find fascinating. Hopefully I will be able to provide updates from time to time, pictures of my Sisters of the Thorn will follow in due time. Currently I am pondering on the possibility to apply spots to the fur of the Fey Steeds.🤩
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    Hey TGA people! I wanted to let you all know of a big project two friends and I have been working on for a while now- a new gaming venue in central London called Bad Moon Cafe. Situated on Great Dover Street- 6 minutes from Borough and 10 minutes from London Bridge, we wanted to make it the best place to play Warhammer in London. Our priority was the tables- we've had 15 custom gaming tables made, with a dice tray, bag storage and space for books and armies either side, with a lip around the mat and fully painted and matching terrain for each table. There's 5ft of space between each table row, guaranteeing enough space to move around or sit down. Have a look at a render of the table and photos of the terrain setup we've made: We really want to build a community around the store. We'll be organising monthly one-day tournaments for Age of Sigmar and 40k as well as larger annual 2-day tournaments. We want the monthly tournaments to be friendly and enjoyable first and foremost, and the annual tournaments to be as fair and balanced as we can be (I'm an avid listener to @JustPlay-Ritchie and @ianob's excellent Just Playing podcast so will endeavor to follow their example of tournament organising!). We're opening on the 15th and all weekend we're having some special offers on our stock and food! I'll be sharing some photos of the venue itself soon- just finishing up on site for a couple more days! In the meantime, here's another CG render of the space as it will look: Please come down and find me! (I'll be playing Nurgle or standing around in a staff shirt!) Hugh at Bad Moon Cafe
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    What started out as a joke to my friends has become a thought I'm seriously considering. I often make fun of Tzeentch for looking glittery and having a silly pastel color palette. I'm finally about to start collecting BoC as my second AoS army (after months of deliberation and despite some protest). Phantasmagoria of Fate Battalion is where a lot of my theorycraft lists gravitate. I've still not ruled out a couple other options but assuming my theorycrafting is backed up by playtesting and I stick with Phantasmagoria and Tzeentch Beasts, I'm having a thought for the visual direction... My Little Pony. Beasts of Chaos. Good idea or best idea? Got any photos for inspiration? Bonus: My Little Pony Beastfolk might also work for the Slaanesh Battalion but would be... weirder.
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    Sure here's a very brief overview of the history https://www.thenaf.net/2017/05/tiers/ Tournaments can either choose to incentivize lower tiers by providing various bonuses to them (an approach used in the WFB world at times) or choose not to ('unadultered rules' blood bowl) really up to the TO. GW has taken back rules writing from the player base (though there may be input we're unaware of) so I don't know if they are using objective win rates to help guide the minor recent rules tweaks they have done in the BB 2016 era. They also used data from Cyanide (see below) for their BB 2016 rules set I believe. There are three large data sets I'm aware of 1. FUMBBL a longstanding free online platform to play Blood Bowl used by the Blood Bowl Rules Committee particularly to my understanding. Allowed creation of test team rules that they could watch how it plays. 2. NAF tournament results - almost all tournaments in the world submit standardized results to the NAF these can provide rankings of players and some fancy data for in depth analysis as below. https://www.thenaf.net/rankings/ 3. Cyanide which runs two (maybe 3 depending on how you count it) of online Blood Bowl in their proprietary software with many many many matches. There current season IIRC has 30,000 registered teams. That data is largely non public except when they choose to publish something. In the post BBRC era there is a lot of pretty nice statistical analysis still being done particularly off the NAF data set. Here is a 17 page multiyear thread (starts in 2013) with ongoing math analysis of tournament results. http://www.talkfantasyfootball.org/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=40863&start=240 Here's a nice overview :https://public.tableau.com/profile/mike.sann0638.davies#!/vizhome/NAFGames_0/RaceGridNumbers You can do some pretty cool things playing with the data set Mike who builds those analyses puts out various analyses as the mood strikes him (specific rules sets for example he published one just looking at games played under the rules set being used for the 2019 world championship) An overview of a lot of his recent publications is here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/mike.sann0638.davies#!/ That being said one interesting thing that's understood in Blood Bowl data analysis is that at different levels of Team Value (in the AoS world points) it's very clear some teams become much much better or much much worse. What hits a certain desired 'power goal' at the standard game level doesn't work as initially intended at higher levels. Because Blood Bowl has a team 'growth' system built into the rules set (for both league and to an extent tournament play) it's not unusual to have games at high Team Values.
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    I am currently building my army the oposite way: having a core army (StD) of chaos, which can align to whatever chaos god is super fun. So, I've bought my core army with the big boxes. With this, I can give them all the flavors I want by just adding (or not) the big monsters of chaos: I can play them all with only one army! A GUO, a lord of change, a khorne monster etc... I know that it is not super competitive but for the fun and for the collector that I am, it is priceless.
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    I think all wargames start small and get bigger. Just look at Warmachine for a more recent example. When it started it was a small tight skirmish game; now they've added larger modes to it and options to play with vast forces whilst the base army size has steadily gone up. IT also makes sense, the longer a game is out the more models they release for each army. Furthermore the larger most long term fans armies get. Even if they are not adding new types of unit they might be adding more of the same kind of favoured units. Basically as time passes people own more models and want to be able to use them on the table top. Balance wise the longer a game is out the more features and types of unit the developers are able to add. So after a while when you've got super heavies, air, deep striking, ranged, close combat, skirmish, specialist, psychic etc.... that's a lot of "questions" that an army can ask and need answers for. So at the building level there's pressure to want more models so that you can deal with more potential situations. Now some games resist it, Infinity resits it by being complicated and deep for each character; Malifaux does by its card system. However you can bet both game franchises might well add larger scale battles at some stage as people go form having a small team/gang of models to having a warhammer sized collection of them. Named characters often helps hold it back from exponential growth desires, but as soon as any generic warriors appear there's potential to form up into larger forces.
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    We will get a battletome trust me. Why did u guys think they split so many factions up? Its so they can have a steady flow of new factions for years and years to come. So dont worry lads!
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    That's our very own @bottle. I would not be surprised if Bottle was involved. I'm sure Bottle can't wait for January either!
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    Yes! And with all the +hit stacking he can do, every 4+ is d6 (assuming 10+ models) and generates the extra attack.
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    You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. Only points you've missed are that the VL is a wizard, so while it doesn't know spooky spell lore, it can still cast the basic 2, cast any endless spells and also unbind. And you missed that his command ability lasts until your next hero phase, so generally spend 1CP for two rounds of combat compared to KoSos who spends 2CP for two rounds of combat.
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    Sometimes, it’s all about board control... 2xgk, 4x courtier, 40/30/30/20 ghouls, Ghoulpatrol at 1940 bury them in bodies
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    It's been nearly a year since I've updated this thread. The outside world has needed my full attention in a big way this year and finding me time has been difficult. It took a long time to come to terms with needing glasses as well. Today I had some me time, and I decided that I'd start by doing some converting for the Disciples. I've said several times that I've often thought the chaos knights were one of the most boring models for me. I needed to dynamic them up a bit. I've also got a lovely mount for the chaos lord, but I'll save that for the now - suffice to say it befits his size. I decided I'd try on ten knights to see how I go. They're knight lowers chopped in with Wrathmonger upper torsos. It also gives me the lower torsos to use as Chosen. I was a little apprehensive at first, but they haven't worked out too badly. There's still lots of gap filling to do of course. Musician and Icon bearer - the horn has given way to drum sticks - on chains, and the drums are the bodies of the unworthy and their music their dying agonies and the roar of the hammer furnaces. The doomknight in the background - blessed with a third limb by his patron lord
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    I actively avoid plaguebearers (hate the models) and only use them when summoning. @swarmofseals crunched the math and found that Chaos Marauders outperform plaguebearers anyway. 200 points for 40 models on 25mm bases, meaning they can stack in combat. Throw Blades of Putrefaction on the little barbarians and they're a force to be reckoned with. Use a Lord of Blights to give them the plaguebearer Lord of Flies defense boost, or a Harbinger to give a 5+ save-after-save. Putrid Blightkings + Marauders is bestest list.
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    End of December's WD :
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    This game is all about tieing units up and flanking them. You never want to let your hammers get charged and take the full brunt of an assault, always tie the enemy up with cheap units and then flank from the side. The pile in rules are really the most critical rules in the game (can only pile in towards nearest enemy model)
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    Lucky you if you have it only AoS related. I have attention deficit across multiple games/rule-sets (each one with multiple factions/armies, usually) 😅 To me, what worked best is imposing myself the "don't buy (or build/paint) a model if its not for a game and faction you're currently playing. No exceptions" rule. This has saved me a lot of money and stopped the growth of the "bins of shame" (Ikea bins where I store/forget unopened model packs). It's more than a year that I stick to this rule and up to now has worked nicely. Some slips occoured, ofcourse (I still have to work toward the "no exceptions" part), but overall I'm satisfied by the results. Also, this motivates me in playing more, and the more I play (with mostly-painted armies) the more I enjoy gaming and the more I'm motivated in painting more. So the more I paint, the more I motivated in playing, the more I play, the more I'm motivated in painting.
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    That's some kind of beard comb. Finally female duardins!
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    @Sonnenspeer, my tip to you is to focus on the unfinished miniatures before you go back. Anything that's painted and based looks good on the table!
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    Update my contract : Building complete
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    Before in list this month's goals, here is how last month ended up: Assemble the full Speed Freeks set - nope, only got the buggies Assemble black coach - nope, still in box Take Cursebreakers from 'table top' to 'respectable' - nope Finish Gits - nope Paint three Endless Spells - nope Paint a minimum of 10 assorted Nighthaunt models - Yes! Got 19 done! Reach rank 14 in Hearthstone - Yes! Reached 13! 😁 On to this month: 3 endless spells 12 chainrasps Rank 15 That's it. More modest.
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    Perfectly normal and a pain at the same time, there's a few ways to deal with it once you realise its an issue (which is the first step) 1) Restrict budget/buying pattern. Often this is tied to buying new models and buying is a nice thing to do. The downside is that you can fast end up spreading yourself over too many boxes of unbuilt and unfinished models and build up a huge backlog very easily. Or if you can keep up with it you end up with a smattering of everything but no full army. So first step is to curtail the budget/buying pattern to control (not necessarily stop) the influx if new things. Ideas might be: a) To keep a calendar on your desk/wall in easy view and each time you buy something write it down and how much you spent. Whilst this is budget tracking you can use it to show what you've already built and it might help you keep track of your actual purchasing patterns. Eg you might find you're always buying on Friday evening after a trip to the pub and you come home, a little lighter headed and with less resistance to opportunistic buying. b) Increase your savings amount per month at a cost of reducing your free money each month. A simple method that can cut spending. c) Policies like "Ensure you reduce the number of boxes you own of unbuilt stuff within X period of time (eg 6 months). That doesn't stop buying, but again its about control and keeping on top of things. d) A shopping list! Yep plan out the next few hundred £/$ of purchases in advance. Then whenever you go to buy something else you've got your shopping list staring right at you. Include small as well as big purchases. e) You might keep a tally on a notepad. Each time you're REALLY tempted for something to buy add it to a list as if you've bought it. Look at the total and combine it with a count down toward saving for something expensive (That might be one big model or, say, a full 30 model unit comprising of 3 or 6 boxes of models in one go). 2) Focus. Writing army lists to aim for, writing your own story/lore. These are things that can help you focus. A blog tracking your progress, entering into a local event that requires X number of points of models to compete etc.... Basically look for ways to help you focus on one army and building that army up. It might even be something like getting a display case to put the army in and putting what you've got into it. Once you can see progress like that then each model you add stands out proud in the case on display. A big visual connection to your progress and to encourage more progress. 3) Find other ways to get a quick army interest "fix". Eg I find playing Total War Warhammer can ease that temptation to play a specific army. Sure its not the same, but it can sometimes let you enjoy that sudden pang for a certain army and aesthetic without buying into a whole army. In the end it sounds like your main worry is keeping focused and that your buying isn't, as yet, oustripping your ability to keep up with the building and painting. That's good, it means that you've only got to focus more so on your buying patterns and in restricting what you buy outside.
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    This battle report just came up on YouTube and it starts with a disclaimer that they totally got one rule VERY wrong, the Evocator's 'celestial lightning arc' ability. "after resolving this unit's attacks in the combat phase, pick one enemy unit within 3" of this unit and roll 2 dice for each model in this unit. For each roll of 4+, the enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound." Made me laugh as up until about 2 weeks ago I'd been playing it (just at home thankfully) the same as they did, that you roll 2 dice for every model in the enemy unit, making Evocators pretty much the most incredible horde killing unit I could imagine. A small unit of just a few of these bros would routinely do just 1 or 2 wounds in actual combat and then wipe massive blobs of skeletons and chainrasps off the face of the realms/kitchen table with their ability. Obviously it's a comically wrong reading of the, IMO not particularly clearly written, ability but done in complete good faith. So what's the most ridiculous power up you've awarded yourself in error and how long did it take you to realise your mistake?
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    Congratulations and good luck with the store! I will try and pop in during the new year
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    Honestly, Magores is one of the teams that if you just have their set plus the core, you can build a pretty good deck right off the bat. It may not win a tournament, but will get a good feel for how the group plays and have a decent game against most opponents. Heres an idea to run. I do something similar when im playing newer players and teaching https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,176,178,179,180,183,184,188,189,190,191,193,194,195,201,433,427,424,384,383,343,331,340,271,244,N506,N504,N505,N409,N310,N306,N446,N294,175,177
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    There is no underlying assumption about those things. They do not belong within the domain of what points refer to. We have all agreed that it is impossible for points to do so. You see the impossibility as a computational problem, and your answer is to go fuzzy, squint hard and guess. I see the impossibility as a conceptual problem borne from being slave to the notion that points = value, and therefore it exists only insofar as we are thinking about the problem incorrectly. It is akin to trying to solve a quantum mechanical problem with classical mechanics. It's impossible. But it's impossible because they are different languages, and the rely on different assumptions and different conceptual understanding. As soon as you recognize that it is not the job of classical mechanics to describe quantum phenomena, the problem disappears. You can insist that it should, and fudge a whole lot, but that is not a problem with the math, that's a problem with being stubborn and dogmatic. I have explained what balance is for me, in terms of value, a few times at least. Points by necessity can only speak about what's there. They can only speak of the unit. Value always has context, and must always speak beyond the unit. Balance in the pointing system occurs at the unit level. Balance in terms of value, in terms of an actual game state, does not. The game would be unbalanced if one strategy dominated all others. If Alpha Strike always won, if there was no reliable counter-play, then those armies best capable of playing Alpha Strike would always be advantaged, even in the abstract absent a definite game state. That would be an unbalanced meta. I don't think balance means that there should never be an advantage inherent in any initial game-state... there will always be good and bad match-ups. I also don't think it means that all armies and all strategies are equally viable across all metas... there will always be tiers. But the meta and the tiers are fluid, and change through time as things shift. As long as no one strategy is dominant, as long as multiple strategies and therefore multiple armies are viable, then the meta is balanced. And as long as the meta and tiers remain fluid, then the game is balanced.
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    Clash at Dawn is easy to play with multiple people.
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    Highly conditional yet still very average allegiance ability, no summoning, no deepstrike/ambushing movement shenanigans other than Sayl who has to bring Nightmaw and can be unbound, almost no mortal wound output or ranged attacks and the few units that can do damage (knights and chosen) are overcosted. Slaves are very far from competitive right now and are best used to supplement a chaos god aligned army.
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    I'd love to see that this is a preview of a brand new boxed skirmish game (Skirmish is the only AoS I play now) and I've been waiting on a full blown version. I'd be very surprised that they kept a full boxed version, akin to kill team, secret until now though. I would have thought they would have shown it off. There defiantly have been hints that is what they intended to do, but if this is really a skirmish release in January, I'd suspect we are getting nothing more than a rewrite of the small pamphlet rules. I'd love to be wrong though. Nothing would be better than going into the new year with a brand new skirmish game. (Wishlisting: I'd love to see them do an almost identical set to kill team but with the flavour of 6th Ed Skirmish. Include 10-20 models of a free guild unit and 10-20 models from destruction (make a nice change from chaos) and have the book filled with articles in the style of 6th ed skirmish, lots of conversions from basic models. Include a couple of sets of ruins (freeguild housing would be the dream, current ruins would be acceptable!) and a new mordheim-esque accessory sprue, plenty of weapons, barrels and chests. Oh, and rope!) A full blown skirmish set would increase sales of old kits (freeguild troops got snatched up when skirmish V1 came out!), give them a good excuse to do some mordheim made to orders and encourage sales of shadespire kits to the non-shadespire crowd.
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    It is possible, maybe even preferable, to play Rotbringers without Plaguebearers (in your starting list) 1. Rotbringer heroes generally only buff mortals, so plaguebearers are really just bad synergy 2. Blightkings are great (best) as units of 5. so taking 4x5 fills your battleline easily, and gives you plenty of board presence 3. You will get contagion points. Use this to summon plaguebearers. (yes you still need to own at least 20 in ANY Nurgle army, just for summoning). These groups of 5-10 plaguebearers are used to tie up enemy units (lock up archers or fast moving units for instance) or go after objectives. The only Daemon i play in my nurgle lists is Great Unclean One, because of his bell buff
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    As I'm new to the hobby and very slow with little spare time, it took the whole year to paint a 1000p ID army. And during that period of time my painting skill evolved and so did my painting scheme for that army. So I have to paint and base all the models again - its hart to motivate yourself to do that ... Still the goal to one day field a fully painted army keeps me going! :)
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    If your problem is that your painting is unfocused, rather than not painting at all, you are already doing better than most of the people I know in this hobby, so thats awesome I am quite passionate about this subject, because I believe this is a huge problem within the hobby. Very few people buy a box of minis thinking "I'll never finish these", they always buy them thinking "Ooh wouldn't X look cool if I did Y". But for some people I know, I can say with almost certainty whether it will happen or not, and that makes me sad. In the last year I have gotten pretty disciplined with my painting (I have painted everything I have bought in 2018, other than the unit I bought this week that I am currently painting), so here are some tips that have helped me. Keep a log of everything you buy and everything you complete. Not only is it strangely satisfying to make progress on a physical list, but it gives you an idea on how much you can complete in an average month and then don't buy more than that in any given month. Its fine and dandy getting a bit painted here and there, but if your purchase rate outstrips your completion rate then your backlog will always grow along with any related anxiety. Try limit yourself to only playing with painted models. To make this easier, give games like AoS Skirmish, kill team, shadespire and path to glory a go. If a warband is fully painted, even a small skirmish game is elevated to new levels. Too much of this hobby is focused on 2000pt matched games where every new army idea is 100 models that cost £500. A lot of people will struggle to complete that even once a year. Embrace grand alliances! The loose and large alliances in Age of Sigmar allow us to have a load of variety and bring disparate forces to the table. You will have a load of fun bringing a hodge-podge of alliance stuff that is more painted rather than an efficient mono-faction battalion of grey plastic. Gives you an opportunity to think of a story about why they are fighting together. As @RuneBrush said, use deadlines where you can. Enter things like painting competitions, path to glory campaigns and armies on parade. Nothing motivated me more to finish my dwarfs than having a looming armies on parade deadline. It was tough and got stressful at points, but I'm so glad I did it and got it finished. My main tip for the undisciplined gamer like me? Don't buy more than unit at a time. Ever. What about that battleforce thats a great deal? Don't buy it. What about shipping cost savings by getting everything at once? Not worth it. That huge endorphin rush you get by buying a bunch of models in one go will end quickly, and soon they'll just be another source of hobby anxiety as you stare at a huge backlog. By gettnig single units, You will actually spend less money and end up with more completed stuff. Last year I spent £700 on warhammer and ended up with £200 painted. This year I spent £400 on warhammer and painted £600 of it by focusing on single things. Hope that helps
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    I cannot recommend a good deadline for getting something finished and keeping focused. I don't mean a "I'd like to finish unit X by the end of next week", I mean a "I've got an event in three weeks and need those two units". It really helps to focus the mind on finishing one project - what you have to be careful of is burn out after that deadline passes. I've had it numerous times, you burn the midnight oil to get something finished and once done you fall into a hobby slump! One thing that's a variation of this that I've started to do, is to set a personal deadline a bit earlier than the actual deadline and plan the next project. For example, I've a Top SecretTM painting project I'm working on that has a deadline of the 4th Feb. I've set a personal deadline of 1st January and planning to finish off my Van Saar Necromunda Gang during January. This give me a bit of leeway if I don't get my project finished, but equally an incentive to get it done by the end of this year.
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    So ! Let's go back to the Nighthaunts to have an army full of them. Still on the corebox and on the Endless Spell and had a lot of fun painting them :). Next some troops.
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    Isn't that blasphemy?! 😅 I don't know about the Khorne SC!, but the Slaanesh one is amazingly versatile in what you can build out of it, and unlike most of the SC! boxes I've picked up since I started playing, none of the units are bad on the table (i swear some of those boxes exist solely to move models no one ever uses).
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    All the time! Usually, I am usually very focussed. I have a goal and a painting queue that I carefully manage. I work on no more than five models at a time and build and prep my next batch whilst waiting for washes to dry. I have started a new job and have busy family life so my progress is very slow at the moment, I have set a goal to paint a minimum of 40 mins per week. I do try and queue up what inspires me though. Skirmish is really great as it has made my painting queue far more interesting. I've gone from Silver Tower models to Tzeentch Chaos Warriors to a Freeguild General and then on to Azyrite Ruins this year. Gaming wise we want armies but the painting side is just better with lots of different projects. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, I think it probably happens to us all. Now wouldn't it be great to start a Kharadron army...
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    there is only one way to win, run forward hold the objective in such a way no enemy hero will ever be able to get there. best way in denying victory points for your foe, and loosing some friends might be the case too
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    I've started the actual dragon. Already done the rider and base, but I was scared of starting the dragon. It's not as bad as I feared, though yet to do the scales. No drybrush allowed this time, so I think this is gonna be a long one! Wings need a final highlight and some shading. Underbelly has had a basecoat. Posted elsewhere on here, but finished rider: And also to update, my pirate aelf army stuff:
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    Here are some pictures of how it goes together. The original Azyrite Ruins kit has three long wall sections and three shorter types with right handed connections. So these can be assembled in any of the nine permutations shown in the first picture. Clearly you only get one of each type in this set. This is basically three sprues worth of ruins. The taller pieces can be assembled by attaching a long and short wall together, as shown in the box art. and the floor pieces fit in quite neatly in this arrangement. I've not tried standing any heavy metal models on them, but they seem fairly stable for lightweight ones. You can then connect the two long pieces and the two short pieces, to make a very large building, and a smaller piece. The broken floor segment can be attached to the larger piece, so that the floor still fits in this combination. The smaller azyrite ruins pieces can also be attached to the double height wall segments, using a smaller piece to fill in the "gap" in the attachment. (The two adapters can also be put together to make a freestanding column. ) I think putting the smaller Azyrite ruin sprues in this kit makes a lot of sense, and makes it the much better of the two options. I'd still have lived to have had that longer single storey section that's shown on the box. Maybe one day! I've tried to keep the same basic colour scheme across all the sections, to make them interchangeable. Clearly some sections have ended up with slightly darker washes than others, so its not a perfect match, but these still basically look as though they belong together once you get them on the table, so I'm pretty happy with how its turned out over all.
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    Magore’s Fiends. This is your brain on Chaos.
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    Hi Ghark It seem that your Friend doesn't like you. Seraphon are really tough at 1500 p. And rypper/razzor/mtg + Slann are his best Units. You musst attack the rypper ( they are only good wen they attack) Bind razzor so the cant taget the unit he want An set your units around his Mtg/slann So he can not summon so easily( but he can teleport out) Good luck ^^
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    Wanted a Tabletop look for Magore's fiend and the farstriders. Spend more time on the gitz.
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    For this interested, I'm making a thread about my ongoing Living City army at the following link. It's all Slyvaneth for now but I'll be slowly adding aelves, duardin and Stormcast in the following months. Sneak peak of Alarielle, my most recent model.
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    Cheers, I've found AoS to be rich in potential projects to explore, plus these days the kits on offer are so detailed i can work through alot of ideas I would of otherwise struggled with. Bit more detailing done, and a bit of background for the Midian Enclave: Capitol: Delirium, the City of Dreamers. Background: Whilst fondly known as the City of Dreamers in more recent years the Midian capitol has taken on the less fortuitous name of Delirium. None can truly say what the city would look like were it not hidden at the depths of the perception altering waters of the Sea of Alchemy, though its architecture is clealry more ancient than the Idoneth that now occupy it. Thought to have once been a beautiful city on the Realmplate of Chamon it had long since slipped to the ocean floor, waiting in the depths seemingly for the Midians to discover it as they travelled into the realm. To the eyes of those under the influence of the great oceans alchemical illusion the city is a beautiful tapestry of white marble and gold, its towers stretching from the deepest depths of the ocean as though reaching to once day reach the surface and star upon the nights sky once more, its populace lead a seemingly blessed existance of the finest clothes and precious metals thrown from would be pilgrims into the sea from the lands above. Yet all this beauty and elegance cannot conceal the agony of their existance. To reside in Delirium is a raputerous chorus of pain and ecstasy, to walk its sunked roads is to bargain each day to balance the pain against joy that the lie imparts. For the Midians they accept this lie all too easily, their existance has been a torturous one since inception at once born of light and shadow yet truly neither, there are those in the Idoneth enclaves who feel the Midians have embraced the shadow all too readily, yet the Midians argue that the Sea imparts upon them something far more dangerous and rare, the hope of a life beyond suffering. OTHER CITIES AND OUTPOSTS: Euphoria, the Lunar Jewel- Major trading city sat at the edge of the Sea of Alchemy, once in every lunar cycle when Ulgu is in ascendancy the tide receeds from the shore, making Euphoria accessible to land nations for trade. They traffic in exotic materials, narcotics and livestock (more moral societies refer to the latter as slaves). Bliss, The Veil- Sitting on a rapidly eroding rocky edge above the vortex into Ulgu the population of Bliss are used to moving further and further into the city away from their receeding cliff edge. In centuries to come the hub of Bliss may well be lost entirely severing a much needed trade route with their kin in the realm of Shadows. Sirens Rest - Said to be the Namarati outpost that keeps vigilant gaze over the Realmplate of Chamon lest enemies come to seize their empire. The beauty of the Namarati maidens visible just beneath the oceans surface is said to have drawn many a ship into the reef in which their fortress has been made.
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