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    Hey all, finally I am in a new home and wanted to show you some Wanderers, although it is mostly converted models and not painted ones. At the Moment I am lacking in a bit of determination to commit myself to a paint scheme for the whole Army. As I am quite the inexperienced painter with a poor camera the models which got paint on them might look a bit .... poor for the lack of better wording. To some Models I have only applied the base coats, some others are painted over and over cause I was unable to decide. At first I was keen on Bronze and dark green, then switched to light green and yellow, then to a darker green and white and silver - all while testing and buying new colours on the way. Finally I tried a base-coat of Celestra Grey and Fenrisian or Russ Grey on the cloaks...... Anyway I am quite proud of my conversions so far. The Last Character Model is a mysterious Wayfinder - maybe Half-Deepkin? She certainly inspires all around her - a bit of backstory might also be added, these Wanderers are from Hysh after all which I find fascinating. Hopefully I will be able to provide updates from time to time, pictures of my Sisters of the Thorn will follow in due time. Currently I am pondering on the possibility to apply spots to the fur of the Fey Steeds.🤩
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    That's some kind of beard comb. Finally female duardins!
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    @Sonnenspeer, my tip to you is to focus on the unfinished miniatures before you go back. Anything that's painted and based looks good on the table!
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    Update my contract : Building complete
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    Before in list this month's goals, here is how last month ended up: Assemble the full Speed Freeks set - nope, only got the buggies Assemble black coach - nope, still in box Take Cursebreakers from 'table top' to 'respectable' - nope Finish Gits - nope Paint three Endless Spells - nope Paint a minimum of 10 assorted Nighthaunt models - Yes! Got 19 done! Reach rank 14 in Hearthstone - Yes! Reached 13! 😁 On to this month: 3 endless spells 12 chainrasps Rank 15 That's it. More modest.
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    Perfectly normal and a pain at the same time, there's a few ways to deal with it once you realise its an issue (which is the first step) 1) Restrict budget/buying pattern. Often this is tied to buying new models and buying is a nice thing to do. The downside is that you can fast end up spreading yourself over too many boxes of unbuilt and unfinished models and build up a huge backlog very easily. Or if you can keep up with it you end up with a smattering of everything but no full army. So first step is to curtail the budget/buying pattern to control (not necessarily stop) the influx if new things. Ideas might be: a) To keep a calendar on your desk/wall in easy view and each time you buy something write it down and how much you spent. Whilst this is budget tracking you can use it to show what you've already built and it might help you keep track of your actual purchasing patterns. Eg you might find you're always buying on Friday evening after a trip to the pub and you come home, a little lighter headed and with less resistance to opportunistic buying. b) Increase your savings amount per month at a cost of reducing your free money each month. A simple method that can cut spending. c) Policies like "Ensure you reduce the number of boxes you own of unbuilt stuff within X period of time (eg 6 months). That doesn't stop buying, but again its about control and keeping on top of things. d) A shopping list! Yep plan out the next few hundred £/$ of purchases in advance. Then whenever you go to buy something else you've got your shopping list staring right at you. Include small as well as big purchases. e) You might keep a tally on a notepad. Each time you're REALLY tempted for something to buy add it to a list as if you've bought it. Look at the total and combine it with a count down toward saving for something expensive (That might be one big model or, say, a full 30 model unit comprising of 3 or 6 boxes of models in one go). 2) Focus. Writing army lists to aim for, writing your own story/lore. These are things that can help you focus. A blog tracking your progress, entering into a local event that requires X number of points of models to compete etc.... Basically look for ways to help you focus on one army and building that army up. It might even be something like getting a display case to put the army in and putting what you've got into it. Once you can see progress like that then each model you add stands out proud in the case on display. A big visual connection to your progress and to encourage more progress. 3) Find other ways to get a quick army interest "fix". Eg I find playing Total War Warhammer can ease that temptation to play a specific army. Sure its not the same, but it can sometimes let you enjoy that sudden pang for a certain army and aesthetic without buying into a whole army. In the end it sounds like your main worry is keeping focused and that your buying isn't, as yet, oustripping your ability to keep up with the building and painting. That's good, it means that you've only got to focus more so on your buying patterns and in restricting what you buy outside.
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    I'll freely admit it: I have trouble sitting down and finishing an army. Even stuff I'm excited for starts to feel like a bit of a drag or I notice things in other armies and I drop the stuff I'm working on to build and paint models in other armies. It only gets worse when I start reading battletomes for various armies and start learning more about the various factions. Does anyone else fall into this problem? How do you keep yourself on track?
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    This battle report just came up on YouTube and it starts with a disclaimer that they totally got one rule VERY wrong, the Evocator's 'celestial lightning arc' ability. "after resolving this unit's attacks in the combat phase, pick one enemy unit within 3" of this unit and roll 2 dice for each model in this unit. For each roll of 4+, the enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound." Made me laugh as up until about 2 weeks ago I'd been playing it (just at home thankfully) the same as they did, that you roll 2 dice for every model in the enemy unit, making Evocators pretty much the most incredible horde killing unit I could imagine. A small unit of just a few of these bros would routinely do just 1 or 2 wounds in actual combat and then wipe massive blobs of skeletons and chainrasps off the face of the realms/kitchen table with their ability. Obviously it's a comically wrong reading of the, IMO not particularly clearly written, ability but done in complete good faith. So what's the most ridiculous power up you've awarded yourself in error and how long did it take you to realise your mistake?
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    @Dead_DuardinI used GG as a group of 20 last game, their bonus to hit for unit size was lovely. After they use their Arcane Bodkins they are basically just a bit of bonus firepower, but that shooting turn does work every time. If you use the battalion, you can set them up exactly where they need to be and get that enhanced shooting off, so even if you lose dudes after that it's okay, I think. They are really there for that one round of shooting. If you don't have the battalion (at lower than 2000 points, for instance, which is what i've been playing), you have to set them up later so you get them in the right place and keep them from being in fire range, or use the general trait to teleport them all to where they need to go and get the shots off that way. I think my local meta is really shooting-lite, so I had no issues keeping the unit healthy, but if you face a lot of ranged attacks and spells 30 is probably just good to hedge your bets. @Gwendar I have 20 of the old metal ones and my goodness did they do work last game. I managed to string them 2x10 and scoot them into a positin to keep things off an objective and adopt defensive stance, and they held the line for like two and a half turns against a GUO (who rolled poorly) on one end and a Nurgle beastie on the other. I was genuinely surprised at how durable they were, until my opponent backed up the mortal wounds truck on them and obliterated them in like a turn haha (sad). Having used them in all my games so far, I think they bat far above their points value if they are doing what they are good at - being a somewhat mobile wall that simply does not yield. It's an important tool in the army, as we really need to keep things off our ranged units so they can do the heavy lifting in our army. They really need to get in position and hunker down, and they wilt like a dandelion on a hot sidewalk if mortal wounds come their way, but outside of that they are aces. As an aside, I used Kurnoth last game with scythes and tried to fight some Putrid Blightnights. It did not go well for me, even with them and Dryads going at it together. Those gross fat dudes are super rude and cut through them in a single gross fat round of combat. Not the best showing for my dudes, but I don't think they are a bad unit by any stretch - but it's clear that nothing in my army should go anywhere near blightknights and I should just shoot them off the table with SotW instead. 😛
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    So CrimBOBO is done and it was out of this world amazing, it was my first ever AoS event and I've never felt so welcome. Gnarlroot did me well but I learned I need more bodies on the table, so going forward to the Sheffield Slaughter I'm going to give Harvestboon a go with a more Dryad focus. That said, it's time to carry on with the hobby and for CrimBOBO I rushed my Wyldwoods as I forgot I had to do them. Now I have the time I'm going to go back over them so they're more cohesive and look nicer. I finished the first one and I'm pleased with the result, I think it looks cohesive with the army and is pleasing to look at. I hope you guys agree, let me know what you think
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    So ! Let's go back to the Nighthaunts to have an army full of them. Still on the corebox and on the Endless Spell and had a lot of fun painting them :). Next some troops.
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    I don't mean to keep harping on your point - not meaning this as a personal attack or anything - but what you are saying, I am just not convinced. I think your issue is that you are confusing the attitudes of players (local or otherwise), and what you THINK that GW is planning to do (maybe sorta someday), with the way the game actually is. Is the Index going away? At some point, hopefully. Will it be this edition? Maybe? They have said absolutely nothing on the subject, aside from reinforcing (multiple times) that Index stuff is allowed, even in Matched Play. Personally I don't think the Index will go away in 8th Edition. But what I believe doesn't really matter. The state of the game, currently, is that we have Codexes that do not reflect the army options available to players, new or old. We have Codex entries that do not show everything a specific unit can do (not going to lie - I have a massive problem with this). And we have a company who is unwilling to take a stand, and make a ruling about things like Index entries, base sizes, and unit options, essentially letting 40k 8th resemble the wild west of miniature gaming. I MUCH prefer the AoS situation right now. Sure there are old PDF armies still floating around, and the GHB is really necessary for some of the older Battletomes. I play Ironjawz myself (what can I say, I am an Orruk/Ork fan), and am very used to relying on the GHB for a bunch of my personal army's special rules. But at least I can look at a Warscroll, and find out the actual rules of a particular unit. At least there is a base size guide, and rules for using it in Matched Play. So yeah, I am not particularly swayed by your point that 40k is more clear and concise, with their army rules.
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    I've started the actual dragon. Already done the rider and base, but I was scared of starting the dragon. It's not as bad as I feared, though yet to do the scales. No drybrush allowed this time, so I think this is gonna be a long one! Wings need a final highlight and some shading. Underbelly has had a basecoat. Posted elsewhere on here, but finished rider: And also to update, my pirate aelf army stuff:
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    I'm not sure that it is a good idea to interpret rules by implication. The rules need to be interpreted based on the explicit wording given. The core book, in the section headed "Warscrolls" on page 238, states that "any extra attacks, hit rolls or wound rolls gained by the use of an ability cannot themselves generate extra attacks, hit rolls or wound rolls. This is explicit and is referring directly to the use of abilities. .According to the index, the core rules start on page 226 and end on 236 as the next heading is "Battleplan: First blood". The Warscroll section comes after this heading. In this case, this sets down rules on how to read and use warscrolls and are not part of the core rules. As such they cannot be overridden. Each ability that grants extra attacks on a roll of 6+ (or indeed through any other process) cannot override this rule unless there is explicit wording on the warscroll that says so. In this instance, there is no such wording. Indeed, every warscroll that has such an ability would by implication override this rule, which would lead to the question - to what does this rule refer? since it can automatically be overridden by all abilities it restricts.
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    Here are some pictures of how it goes together. The original Azyrite Ruins kit has three long wall sections and three shorter types with right handed connections. So these can be assembled in any of the nine permutations shown in the first picture. Clearly you only get one of each type in this set. This is basically three sprues worth of ruins. The taller pieces can be assembled by attaching a long and short wall together, as shown in the box art. and the floor pieces fit in quite neatly in this arrangement. I've not tried standing any heavy metal models on them, but they seem fairly stable for lightweight ones. You can then connect the two long pieces and the two short pieces, to make a very large building, and a smaller piece. The broken floor segment can be attached to the larger piece, so that the floor still fits in this combination. The smaller azyrite ruins pieces can also be attached to the double height wall segments, using a smaller piece to fill in the "gap" in the attachment. (The two adapters can also be put together to make a freestanding column. ) I think putting the smaller Azyrite ruin sprues in this kit makes a lot of sense, and makes it the much better of the two options. I'd still have lived to have had that longer single storey section that's shown on the box. Maybe one day! I've tried to keep the same basic colour scheme across all the sections, to make them interchangeable. Clearly some sections have ended up with slightly darker washes than others, so its not a perfect match, but these still basically look as though they belong together once you get them on the table, so I'm pretty happy with how its turned out over all.
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    Magore’s Fiends. This is your brain on Chaos.
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    I doubt GW knew in advance otherwise they'd have quickly changed all their website photos before it went on sale. Far better to just change the product then than to send out orders and get complaints back. GW could sell them in any combination they like so there's no reason for them to lie up front about what would be in the box. More likely one of a few things happened: 1) GW central changed an idea and for some reason that change did not get communicated to the full team. Either the change was to add or remove something and it only made it so far. Considering that photographs and instructions are likely made/designed in GW HQ chances are that department got the change, but the factory doing the packing didn't. A communication error that could be GW or factory or both 2) The factory put out the wrong packing and production instructions to their manufacturing side and as a result all the boxes were wrongly packed. A factory error. 3) GW likely didn't notice since the shipment was probably all sent over in one big container and by the time they cracked open boxes to sell the item was already shipped to distributors. 4) Much of hte GW terrain doesn't get much fanfare before launch, normally one post or a bit of a post and that is about it. It's just not a product line that GW bigs up as much unless its something big and impressive like a huge orbital cannon; or tied into a campaign that is going on. Whatever happened clearly something went wrong, though in the grand scheme of things its thankfully a minor error for gamers. For GW its a more major error that either highlights issues with their internal communications or issues with their overseas factory and if you've followed any Kickstarters the factories can be a nightmare in some countries. Often able to produce great masters and sample castings, but then really letting quality and packing slip when it come to actual mass production. So without any further info my money would be more on it being a 3rd party factory error than a GW central error (considering that, by and large, GW gets the right stuff in 99.9% of their own produced product)
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    OK, I play lizards a lot so here's some advice. Firstly read my earlier post about the mourngul, it needs hero support to be viable. I would drop 3 Spirit Hosts and take a spirit torment instead. It will give you a re-roll buff bubble. So lizards are gross with some of the missions but they need it because they aren't the strongest faction. There is nothing you can do about the teleporting shenanigans and them taking/burning objectives. In such a small points game you may need to split your rasps into 2 x 10 rather than 1 x 20. The more units you have the more that he'll have to split his shooting. Rippers are gross when they swoop, re-rolling everything with the toad and getting extra attacks that also get re-rolls. The only counter is screening with chaff units, like 10 unit rasps. If you don't give them effective targets to attack, they will have to waste it on your chaff instead. Some of the big dinos have silly ignore all rend saves and re-rollable saves, so best advice is to actually avoid targeting them unless you are certain that you can take it out. They are slow and can't fly so use the terrain to your advantage, because a 300pt model is scary but if it's unable to target you or do something worth while, it becomes a waste of points for your opponent. Keep as much in the underworlds as possible and take Cogs. Being able to take out the Slaan is the priority. Use dummy units to attack the Slaan bubble wrapped castle and create a fake attack and then spring a different attack on the Slaan. Use the possibility of a double turn to help lull them into this false attack technique, as your opponent will want to move the Slaan out of the potential danger and that's when you drop the mourngul and torment into space in the backlines and charge, using CP for a re-roll on the charge (but you need the torment in range as the hero to do this). Lastly, always play for the mission objective. As tempting as it can be to try and smash face, be reserved and play for the objectives. I wrote a post a few weeks ago detailing all of the 18 missions in AoS 2.0. Have a read (if you can find it) and see how you can adapt your army to the mission types.
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    It sounds like things are in hand with this, but I will pass it on to the people I know at GW. Sounds like a genuine mispack of a whole kit here!
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    Proof of purchase is quite common for GW to request. It's basically them covering themselves and stopping people just trading kits on ebay/secondhand and using the same "fault" to get multiple replacement parts. It also helps them track where errors are coming from in their retail chain which can then be logged and checked against their supply and stock system.
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    Hey guys! The Stormcast production has slowed down as I am working on tutorial videos, and my next army projects. But I did give my Castellan a new pet: Moving on, my new project I decided to go for is an underdog I’m hoping will claim some new... allegiance abilities, command traits and new units sometime in the future: EVERCHOSEN. thanks for looking and please, if you enjoyed my first video tutorial please don’t hesitate to support my patreon page to help us make more of them for more different techniques and approaches. https://www.patreon.com/Oscarlars
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    In case anyone was interested in seeing the winning list of James Bunting, the gentleman that won the Rising Sun GT
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    Just going to spew some mathhammer filth. Battleline comparisons on defensive and offensive efficiency. Defense - the numbers are points per effective wound vs rend -/1/2/mortal damage. I will be applying a 30% bonus to large units of plaguebearers to reflect the -hit ability that they have. The actual value of the bonus varies depending on the base to hit roll of the attack, but 30% is a reasonable middle-ground value. The bonus is greater against shooting, of course, but it doesn't exist at all vs attacks/spells that don't roll to hit... so take the numbers for Plaguebearers with a grain of salt. Note: the lower number is better. Raw defensive values: Defensive analysis: Offense - These numbers are calculated using my Weighted Damage Rating formula which allows you to compare offensive efficiency across units with different rend values. This is intended to be a ballpark estimate and the numbers will vary a little depending on how you weight the different rend values. I'm basically expecting 4+ and 5+ saves to be very common, 3+ and 6+ saves to be uncommon and 2+ and - saves to be rare. That gives me weights of 1.33 for rend 1, 1.66 for rend 2, and 2.16 for mortal wounds. The overall number reflects the number of weighted damage you get on average per point spent, so in this case the higher number is better. Also, note that I'm assuming all models can attack in these calculations. Obviously the actual practical efficiency of larger units will be lower than these charts reflect as you will probably have idle models, particularly for unit types with 1" range and bases larger than 25mm. Raw offensive values: Offensive Analysis Overall Conclusions Going purely on efficiency I don't see much reason to take Plaguebearers or Chaos Warriors as your battleline. Putrid Blightkings and Chaos Marauders are both just more efficient on defense and on offense. Marauders make ideal screens, while BKs are probably the best at actually tanking heavy damage. None of the units are really that good offensively, so I don't think relying on these particular units to play offense as well as defense will pay many dividends.
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    Cheers, I've found AoS to be rich in potential projects to explore, plus these days the kits on offer are so detailed i can work through alot of ideas I would of otherwise struggled with. Bit more detailing done, and a bit of background for the Midian Enclave: Capitol: Delirium, the City of Dreamers. Background: Whilst fondly known as the City of Dreamers in more recent years the Midian capitol has taken on the less fortuitous name of Delirium. None can truly say what the city would look like were it not hidden at the depths of the perception altering waters of the Sea of Alchemy, though its architecture is clealry more ancient than the Idoneth that now occupy it. Thought to have once been a beautiful city on the Realmplate of Chamon it had long since slipped to the ocean floor, waiting in the depths seemingly for the Midians to discover it as they travelled into the realm. To the eyes of those under the influence of the great oceans alchemical illusion the city is a beautiful tapestry of white marble and gold, its towers stretching from the deepest depths of the ocean as though reaching to once day reach the surface and star upon the nights sky once more, its populace lead a seemingly blessed existance of the finest clothes and precious metals thrown from would be pilgrims into the sea from the lands above. Yet all this beauty and elegance cannot conceal the agony of their existance. To reside in Delirium is a raputerous chorus of pain and ecstasy, to walk its sunked roads is to bargain each day to balance the pain against joy that the lie imparts. For the Midians they accept this lie all too easily, their existance has been a torturous one since inception at once born of light and shadow yet truly neither, there are those in the Idoneth enclaves who feel the Midians have embraced the shadow all too readily, yet the Midians argue that the Sea imparts upon them something far more dangerous and rare, the hope of a life beyond suffering. OTHER CITIES AND OUTPOSTS: Euphoria, the Lunar Jewel- Major trading city sat at the edge of the Sea of Alchemy, once in every lunar cycle when Ulgu is in ascendancy the tide receeds from the shore, making Euphoria accessible to land nations for trade. They traffic in exotic materials, narcotics and livestock (more moral societies refer to the latter as slaves). Bliss, The Veil- Sitting on a rapidly eroding rocky edge above the vortex into Ulgu the population of Bliss are used to moving further and further into the city away from their receeding cliff edge. In centuries to come the hub of Bliss may well be lost entirely severing a much needed trade route with their kin in the realm of Shadows. Sirens Rest - Said to be the Namarati outpost that keeps vigilant gaze over the Realmplate of Chamon lest enemies come to seize their empire. The beauty of the Namarati maidens visible just beneath the oceans surface is said to have drawn many a ship into the reef in which their fortress has been made.