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    Hi guys. As this is my first post I thought I’d make it a doozy. I’ve been playing WH40k for 27 years and dipped my toes into WHFB back with the brettonian/lizard men set. Ive decided that now is the right time to leap into AoS. Most people who know me know that I can’t just do anything warhammer simply. I just can’t build straight out of the box, there has to be a theme and a reason for the theme. Ive always been interested in the idea of orcs, particularly savage orcs. I wanted to capture that savage image (I always saw it as a Native American tribal image) but how to do it differently? playing around with the kits and some GS gave me the breakthrough. How about a Native American/ Planet of the Apes look? Maybe it’d work...... I’m building towards a 2k list eventually and so far have 10 orcs finished, 5 in progress, an Ironjawz megaboss on maw krusha in progress and a finished troggoth. Now onto the pics. Well enough rambling. This GS fur isn’t going to sculpt itself!
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    I'll freely admit it: I have trouble sitting down and finishing an army. Even stuff I'm excited for starts to feel like a bit of a drag or I notice things in other armies and I drop the stuff I'm working on to build and paint models in other armies. It only gets worse when I start reading battletomes for various armies and start learning more about the various factions. Does anyone else fall into this problem? How do you keep yourself on track?
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    Done the bases as highlighted. (Except sprayed white and grey now!) Started the dragon, wings and a little bit of underbelly. I need one or two more highlights on the wing membranes, then finish underbelly (which will be the lightest of all the dragon) and then the scales. I'm imposing a no drybrush rule on this, just to push my painting skills.
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    So ! Let's go back to the Nighthaunts to have an army full of them. Still on the corebox and on the Endless Spell and had a lot of fun painting them :). Next some troops.
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    for me it's having a few small side-quests to spice things up. have to say I'm suffering a bit from night haunt fatigue and still got loads to paint so things like Underworlds Warbands are amazing at giving me something totally different to have a crack at, that's relatively contained and can be knocked through in a few days to a fortnight depending on time available. of course it means I've spent an absolute fortune on paint, but definitely keeps things fresh. got the Blackstone Fortress models, the Eyes of the Nine and Zarbags Gits all made up now ready for when I next get tired of ghosts. if they weren't there I think I'd just treat myself to a weird model that has nothing to do with my army or current paint schemes to just break up the monotony, keep it different every time and focus on individual pieces and you don't run the risk of suddenly starting a whole new army (at least for a few purchases).
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    This past weekend I ended up winning the Australian masters with stormcast. The missions for the event were unknown and randomly rolled up before each game out of the 18 available which made an impact on the overall list I ended up running. Essentially it was a toss up between the list below that I settled on, or a more main stream Gav/evo list. I'll explain my reasoning below. Anvils of heldenhammer arcanum on gryph- deathly aura castellant vexilor - pendent of the stormbringer ordinator - soul thief 10 sequitors 5 sequitors 5 sequitors 6 evocators on dracs 3 ballistas I settled on the dracs as they are a self sufficient unit, they reroll charges, neg bravery, put out a lot of damage and importantly move 12". I was definitely in two minds on which two lists to take but the descision came that if total commitment was drawn and I got put against a bad match up I'd straight away be behind. Turns out first mission random roll was total commitment. The other stormcast player with 20 seqs and 2 units of evos got matched against 3 guos and 60 plague bearers, the match I was dreading. He played very well and almost got the win, but the mortal wounds and resilience of nurgle pipped him in the final turn. I was pretty impressed with the list as a really good utility list. Ballistas were for the arkhans, nagashs and allarielles of the world. Cats with the lantern are very good and there speed really made a difference. My last 2 games were against sylvaneth which are very hard matchups, but I was able to capitalise on some mistakes and force the win.
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    1) Slow, defensive, can hit hard, good at sitting on close objectives 2) Good matchups: non battletome armies, other slow armies Bad matchups: the rest 3) Not necessarily and imo a grudge if you do so 4) Teir 2.5. Definitely not teir 1 with daughters and legions, teir 2 with nurgle and others you will struggle but can win against, teir 3 should easily be able to win Note none of this matters if the game modes has a bunch/moving objectives. You will lose.
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    Here are a couple more angles for the warbands:
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    Completely agree that it's a bit of a minefield as it currently stands. The format of the FAQs I find a bit of a pain too as you have them for every publication you're using (so potentially 4). Personally I'd love to see the format of the General's Handbook change and instead become 2 publications (sold together). One publication (staple bound and small) contains the most upto date version of the core rules (inc FAQs), realm rules and such like - basically everything you need to actually "play" during a game. The other publication contains the rest of it - stuff for list building, battleplans, campaigns etc. Combined with gaming aids (e.g. battleplans on quick reference cards) I think this would simplify the whole process. I do think that GW is becoming more aware of how cumbersome games are starting to become. In Blackstone Fortress, the rules have actually been split into separate booklets so it's super quick to find what you're looking for.
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    There is a bit of a problem I've noticed becoming larger in AoS, and that is how difficult it can be to get a full collection of the rules in one place. When AoS first began, all you needed was a 4 page rule book and your warscrolls, now to get a complete version of the rules you need the CRB (for realm rules and grand alliance rules), Malign Sorcery (for realm artefacts), the GHB (for updated points and some allegiance abilities), your army's own battletome (if it exists, for your allegiance abilities, battalion, and other specials), the FAQs (as they can have a major effect on everyone), and the Designer Commentary. Obviously, you don't need to use all of these rules, but they seem to be what is considered standard in matched play. My major issue isn't necessarily the number of rules, but rather how difficult it can be to navigate them. Don't get me wrong, I really like that the FAQs exist, but it's a pain in the butt to trawl through all of them to find out the answer to a niche question. This has lead to quite a few scenarios where either my opponent or myself have spent a good deal of time trying to search for a rule we *know* exists but have no evidence of. For example, I was in a tournament and used an ability which allowed me to pile in 6", and be chosen to pile in from up to 6" away. My opponent didn't think that was write (believing an FAQ had said you could never pile in from more than 3" away). I couldn't find the FAQ to support this and so we had to call a judge, which took a lot of time. I'm not here to be negative, though, I'm here to try and start a discussion as to whether other people have this issue and what can be done to aid it. I play a ttrpg called Pathfinder, which is rather renowned for its complex and excessive ruleset, but it is usually very easy to find and answer to a rules question due to all of the rules being searchable online. Perhaps AoS could benefit from this - some sort of repository where you could search all rulings attached to a keyword. E.g. 'pile in' may come up with a clarification on how pile ins work in relation to the closest enemy model, what pile in distances above 3" mean, and what can and can't move during a pile in. It would be an awful lot of work to compile, but I think this would make the game much smoother and also far easier to learn for newer players.
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    There is a surprising dearth of theory regarding Age of Sigmar. I’m not sure why that is exactly. There’s certainly a lot of effort spent on list building. There’s a lot of effort spent on finding combos and unlocking synergies. There’s time spent on “creating a plan.” There’s time invested on computation aimed at solving very specific problems (aka math-hammer). There’s even a good amount of discussion about actual tactics and tactical play. But there’s next to nothing about theory. I suspect that’s one of the reasons that some people think that AoS is a game without any strategic depth. I disagree. I think the depth is there. What’s missing is the theory (the concepts and the framework) that makes thinking and talking about it easier, more accessible and more fruitful. I’m going to use this blog to try and build some momentum on this topic. I don’t know right now how it will turn out. It could be that the naysayers are correct and the game lacks substance. Or it could be that this will help map out some uncharted conceptual space “beneath the surface” from which we players can engage each other and the game in productive new ways. The endeavor will kick off in earnest with the next post. For now, I’ll just lay down some definitions for anyone who might not be completely comfortable with what we mean when we talk about theory, and how theory relates with strategy, tactics and having a plan. Theory is about the creation of concepts that have explanatory power. These theoretical concepts provide a clarifying lens through which we can look at the game in a way that helps us to understand it better. Strategy is about deciding on the best use of the resources available to us in order to win. Tactics are about how we specifically do each action we make in order to maximize the benefit of each decision made. Or simply, we can say: theory explains, strategy evaluates, and tactics execute. Or even simpler: Why, what, how. Considered this way, it’s perhaps a bit easier to understand why theory is a neglected part of AoS discourse, and to understand the implication of this neglect. Imagine your typical newcomer to the game. They are drawn in by a specific faction, by its lore or its look. They have some fun painting and modeling, but don’t have much success on the table-top. So they plug into the community and ask for help. Here’s my current list, help me make it better. Lots of people chime in with advice that helps the newcomer solidify a better plan. Drop this unit, add that unit, take this artefact, combo this thing with that thing and you will be able to do this really cool thing. The newcomer gets a few more models, makes these changes, and enjoys a bit more success on the table. Soon they are back asking for more help: I can’t beat army X, help! Again the community jumps in, and now their advice is more tactical. Make sure you screen like this and deploy like that, etc. And again, the newcomer takes the advice and applies it and enjoys a bit more success. And then the meta shifts, new armies are released, and the process starts all over. The point here is that the player is getting better with each step. They are learning what to do, and how to do it. And the rate of change across the surface of the game has sufficient velocity that the sense of learning and improvement can seem to go on indefinitely. If we can keep iterating on what to do (through list design), and how to do it (through improving tactical play), why do would we ever need to step back and think about why we’re doing it? The hope with this blog is that by exploring the why we allow for less imitating and more innovating. We flush out a strategic depth that persists across armies, and battleplans, and other superficial game changes. We improve our gameplay by expanding from just learning how to make a good plan better, to being able to ascertain, at any point, whether a given plan is still optimal, or even viable, and to successfully pivot to a new plan, to make different choices, in the moment, in the context of what’s most important right now. That’s the strategic depth that lies below the surface. That’s what I’d like us to explore.
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    My second unit to paint were the 20 guards with sword and shield i had already assembled. On the 12th of march they looked like this: Obviously i removed the shields before painting. Subassembly is a thing now. Ten days later i had 20 of them nearly finished: For this 10 man units with champion, muscian and standardbearer i went with red clothbands. The other 10 got kinda purple ones. It took a my a while to bolster the ranks of each of the 2 units to 20 men. But here they are. The 5th... ...and the third swords of the Nordheim army. I really like how they turned out and at the moment they are the back of my army being present in every game. You can see the development in painting in this units. I often came back to these and added more detail. Someday i will redo these banners with something real fancy Here is one special dude of the 5th swords which i like the most: These 40 men are the only guards for now. And they have seen many battles. I hope i can add a lot of them soon. A block of 40 halberdiers sounds pretty promising
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    The first lore spotlight is complete so let us start off with the big guys himself. Lore Spotlight - Nagash Titles include: The Great Sorcerer, The Undying King, Nagash the Everliving, The Great Necromancer, The Black Priest, Lord of Shyish, God of Death, Supreme Lord of the Dead (he has a lot of titles so I am gonna stop here) Nagash was born in an ancient desert kingdom in the world that was. He was the first born son of the royal line. So buy tradition was given to the temple to spend the rest of his days. He quickly rose through the ranks becoming the High Priest. During his time in the priesthood he learned the intricacies of architecture and ritual, in addition to a thorough education. His primary responsibility was to construct a pyramid for his younger brother. It was at this time that he captured a group of elves who he forced to teach him their arcane secrets. This was a turning point in his life. He combined his knowledge of ritual with the elves arcane teachings. This combination created a whole new ways to harness the winds of magic and was thought to be the origins of all arcane arts to follow. This only grew greater when he discovered the arcane power of blood. Using this new power he killed the elves and overthrew his brother, claiming the throne for his own. Nagash was now the world's first and only Necromancer. He used his necromancy to conquer kingdoms and build arcane structures in his name, the most notable being the Black Pyramid. He created a group of liches and lesser necromancers, the most prominent of which was Arkhan the Black. These first minions were kept in check by a found potion, the Elixir of Life. Eventually Nagash was defeated by an alliance of kings and information gathered from a traitor in Nagash’s ranks. This was Nagash’s first defeat. With a burst of dark energy he fled north. Weakened but not broken, Nagash began to gather his power once again. He stopped feasting on blood to sustain him. He found something far more potent, magic in physical form, Warpstone. The green stone allowed Nagash to grow far more powerful than before. He conquered barbarian tribes and rose legions of undead soldiers. With this he dug down into a mountain rich in Warpstone, building his first city of the dead, Nagashizzar. Nagash was growing in power by the day. He discarded his weak body for one of iron and bone. The sorcerer was quite possibly one of the most powerful beings in the Old World at the time. Of course with power comes new enemies, ones who knew the right moment to strike. This moment came during Nagash’s greatest moment of victory. Conquering the lands that were denied to him centuries before and capturing their king, Alkadizzar. The devious rat folk, the Skaven freed Alkadizzar and gave him their most deadly weapon the Fellblade, a sword made of pure Warpstone. The mortal king struck down Nagash while he was performing his grand ritual to raise the dead across the globe. Nagash was broken once again, but he had transcended death. Pieces of his soul remained within artefacts of power. Items on his person that that became scattered, calling out to each other, preying on the weak willed and ambitious. One such item was his crown that fell into the hands of one Sigmar Heldenhammer during the early days of his empire. As Nagash grew in strength again, pulling himself together once more, he tempted the then very human Sigmar. The call of Nagash almost broke The Empire in its infancy. But the future god was not easily broken. Nagash duelled Sigmar after a swift and tactical campaign by the Lich. But Sigmar used Nagash’s pride against him, distracting the Undead Lord before smashing his hammer, Gal-Maraz down and shattering Nagash again. There were more occasions that Nagash would try to pry himself back together. But it was during the End Times that Nagash truly returned. During the End Times he reached the height of his power. He marked his first Mortarchs, became one with the wind of death and devoured his first gods. Despite his unbelievable power he was betrayed, causing the Old World to shatter and die. Time past, centuries, milenia or maybe even more. Nagash continued to exist. He was buried under a great, mountainous cairn until Sigmar freed him to join his pantheon. The freed Nagash set about instilling order in the realm of death, Shyish Nagash does not remember any events from before he was freed, but on occasion he feels the echoes of this life. He devoured countless other gods of death, in doing so he took on parts of their aspects into his own. Nagash had become Death itself, a true god. Nagash was no longer one being many. All are Nagash. Even his physical body is but an aspect of his greater self. Those who call upon him find that he appears in many forms. However, his favoured appearance mimics that of his former self from the Old World. Another echo from his past life. Nagash’s power grew and grew as time past. He instilled order upon his realm, bringing forth his Deathlords to enact his will. The most powerful on which are the Mortarchs, powerful begins that act with the Death God’s blessing. He built up a new Nagashizzar at the centre of the realm and raised constructs to expand his power. Nagash held Shyish in the palm of his hand and even claimed territories in other realms. Nagash suffered many betrayals and setbacks in his ultimate quest to defeat the Chaos Gods. But he weathered them all. Sigmar, one of his greatest allies betrayed him in the War of Underworld and Heavens. Weakening the God of Death, leaving him open to an attack from the Dark Gods. Weakened by not beaten Nagash retreated to his own underworld after a battle with the Everchosen of Chaos. Shyish was lost and Nagashizzar raised by the forces of the Dark Gods. Nagash rested, restoring his power over time. When he finally awoke he was met by yet another betrayal from Sigmar. His Stormcast beseech him for help. Souls stolen from Nagash sent to deliver him a message. Not only did Sigmar not come in person, but he sent souls taken from him was doubly insulting. The Undying King ended his rest here and took to his realm once more. Returning to Shyish he broke the Chaos interlopers. Slaughtering champions and servants alike. Nagashizzar was rebuilt on the broken bodies of His enemies. Nagash reclaimed much of Shyish, however Sigmar had placed a foothold in Nagash’s realm. Pesky cities protected from the Death God’s eire. So Nagash worked on his great plan. A plan to bring all into his embrace. To reclaim what was taken from him and to starve the Gods of Chaos. His plan was sabotaged by the hated Skaven. But it was a success, at least in part. This was the source of the Necroquake, unshackling magic throughout the realms. The quake rose the dead, but did not end the life of those affected. Thus an instant victory became a slow war for attrition. Fortunately, Nagash is patient and death comes for all. Where can you learn more? Outside of the Battletomes you can learn more about Nagash from the following books; The Undying King, Nagash: Time of Legends series (I highly recommend this one), God King (from the Sigmar Time of Legends series) and Soul Wars
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    Grab a mighty lord of khorne...gives you a chance to install kill the carnosaur if you damage it. do that once he'll keep his unit far away.
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    Perfectly normal and a pain at the same time, there's a few ways to deal with it once you realise its an issue (which is the first step) 1) Restrict budget/buying pattern. Often this is tied to buying new models and buying is a nice thing to do. The downside is that you can fast end up spreading yourself over too many boxes of unbuilt and unfinished models and build up a huge backlog very easily. Or if you can keep up with it you end up with a smattering of everything but no full army. So first step is to curtail the budget/buying pattern to control (not necessarily stop) the influx if new things. Ideas might be: a) To keep a calendar on your desk/wall in easy view and each time you buy something write it down and how much you spent. Whilst this is budget tracking you can use it to show what you've already built and it might help you keep track of your actual purchasing patterns. Eg you might find you're always buying on Friday evening after a trip to the pub and you come home, a little lighter headed and with less resistance to opportunistic buying. b) Increase your savings amount per month at a cost of reducing your free money each month. A simple method that can cut spending. c) Policies like "Ensure you reduce the number of boxes you own of unbuilt stuff within X period of time (eg 6 months). That doesn't stop buying, but again its about control and keeping on top of things. d) A shopping list! Yep plan out the next few hundred £/$ of purchases in advance. Then whenever you go to buy something else you've got your shopping list staring right at you. Include small as well as big purchases. e) You might keep a tally on a notepad. Each time you're REALLY tempted for something to buy add it to a list as if you've bought it. Look at the total and combine it with a count down toward saving for something expensive (That might be one big model or, say, a full 30 model unit comprising of 3 or 6 boxes of models in one go). 2) Focus. Writing army lists to aim for, writing your own story/lore. These are things that can help you focus. A blog tracking your progress, entering into a local event that requires X number of points of models to compete etc.... Basically look for ways to help you focus on one army and building that army up. It might even be something like getting a display case to put the army in and putting what you've got into it. Once you can see progress like that then each model you add stands out proud in the case on display. A big visual connection to your progress and to encourage more progress. 3) Find other ways to get a quick army interest "fix". Eg I find playing Total War Warhammer can ease that temptation to play a specific army. Sure its not the same, but it can sometimes let you enjoy that sudden pang for a certain army and aesthetic without buying into a whole army. In the end it sounds like your main worry is keeping focused and that your buying isn't, as yet, oustripping your ability to keep up with the building and painting. That's good, it means that you've only got to focus more so on your buying patterns and in restricting what you buy outside.
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    I tend to be very patient and methodical when things are going OK. However, when a model starts to go wrong, I tend to get more and more frustrated. At this point, I should put the brushes down and let the paint dry for covering the mistakes over when I am feeling more calm. However, this almost never happens, and the spiral inevitably ends with an intentionally ruined, or even smashed to pieces, miniature. I am a perfectionist with limited talent, which is a bad combination.
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    Hey Fulkes. Yeah I understand how you feel. I usually end up having a couple of units from different armies going. I try and only work on those until they're finished and then I allow myself to possibly work on something different. Right now I have some Maggottkin units going along with a unit of Myrmourn Banshees. If its a big unit or model, I usually work on that for a bit and slowly paint/build another unit when I start to get burned out. The struggle is real!
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    More Progress: another unit of brutes, this time with 2 handers, and another unit of gore gruntas. I went darker on the pigs fur this time, I'm going to try and change it up slightly on each batch so I can mix and match once I have all 12 done. I'm quickly approaching 1k points now. Next up I'll tackle 25 ardboyz to add to the 5 I did for path to glory and a warchater.
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    Plus i find fyreslayers very uninspired, both in image and lore; maybe that's just me but i love fantasy dwarves in every theme....just not them.
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    The battalion ability is 'ok' but as with the Tzeentch one has the advantage of being very flexible, thus you can put your entire force in it and almost always get choice of first turn. I'd say the best use of it is in an ambushing/alpha strike force, where those rerolled charges are worth their weight in gold, but a smart opponent will try and keep their artefacts away from the front for the first few turns. With this in mind I'd aim for a fast force with a decent ambush present, so you'll usually give the opponent first turn and the unenviable choice of castling up and giving you the initiative for the objectives game or charging forward and getting engaged on multiple fronts. Taking heros that get good value out of the extra artefact and command point is key. Never going to be most effective, but at least it's one of the cheaper ones
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    Heart of Winter, The Red Hours and Warqueen give a small snippet of insight into the factions in them (some more than others) but they're pretty limited considering they're so short. I don't think they were ever meant to advance the lore at all, they're cool little stories set in the realms involving a few characters from various factions with no huge world changing events, they could also be setting up these characters for more novels or appearances in the future (which I'm down for honestly). Then there's the Gotrek one which feels like it was written to tide us over until the next novel while also giving us a tiny bit of background on his companion Maleneth, really interested to see where this series goes because so far I'm really enjoying it. They're all great reads and I honestly think they'd be pretty good to give to someone with no knowledge of AoS to get them interested in the setting, especially The Red Hours.
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    Day 2 of NZ Masters tournament. Game 4 - vs Anvils Stormcast Mission was Three Places of Power. Opponent’s list was a lord aquillor and 9 Longstrike raptors. 2 knight encantors, a knight azyros, and an allied Phoenix. I took first turn and dropped my shooting in order to try to clear away his chaff. I got double turned at this point and he shot about half my on board army and relocated to the side of the board while also bringing down more chaff to protect his raptors. He captured all the objectives by second turn. I pushed forward and tried to get a double turn to stop him getting points on turn 3 but failed the roll. Turn 3 I dropped my army, captured 2 objectives. Won priority for turn 4 and killed his last 2 heroes. I screwed up allocating evocator lightning blasts to his raptors, allowing him to remove them from combat. I lost priority for turn 5 and he shot one of my characters off the objective, which caused me to lose. I had 2 things I could have done to win the game, but made poor decisions, which cost me. Game 5 - vs Idoneth Deepkin Star Strike. All eel list with two of the tall aspect characters (attack one and caster one) and volturnos. Not much to say. I dropped some shooting and killed 2 eels. He killed half of my on board close range shooting on the counter assault. I dropped my evocators and killed the aspect of the storm, lost priority for turn 3 and got tabled by Volturnos and eels. My prime dropped down in turn 3 and tried to take an objective, but died to 3 eels before getting to attack. Instantly lost the game at this point. We played it out for the hell of it. Tabled completely on turn 4. Sad game, haven’t been tabled that quickly in almost a year. I think I killed 6 eels and the storm total. Summary and Thoughts I placed 15th out of 20 overall. My opponents placed 20th, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, and 10th in that order, so I played some very tough opponents and at the start of the 2nd day had a shot at top 5 at least. I’m most sore against the loss to death, due to the fact that I feel getting to bring entire units back from the grave is not fair, because of how much of my army I have to sacrifice in order to kill them. It’s an unfair trade, and losing the game like that leaves me feeling a bit cheated. Concerning the Anvils shooting raptors list that I faced in the 4th game, it was a stronger list for the meta that we were in, and the game was an uphill battle from the start. I had to play an utterly perfect game to win, and he on the other hand just had to wait for one mistake. I concede that my list is therefore inferior to his, and this is at least one example of a shooting Stormcast list that’s better than using Gav bomb variants. The game against the eels was a hard counter to me. I think it’s possible that I would automatically lose every game I played against him. I have no tactical option to approach them as they are in cover on turn 1 and basically “gods” on turn 3. The only thing I could have done was just run away from him and made it hard to table me..? I don’t know what to say honestly. I’d say it feels broken to the point of absurdity, but he didn’t place well overall, so I’m inclined to think it’s just a “paper covers rock” scenario, and I basically would just automatically lose any tournament in which I faced that army with my particular list. Sucks. I have no thoughts towards improving my list at this point. I like the way it plays, and I was able to fight 3 people who’ve won tournaments to a standstill with it. It’s a good, strong list, but it’s not overpowering. I have to play a literally perfect game to win against good opponents with it, and frankly considering how easily my opponents bounced back from 1 or two small mistakes makes me feel even stronger than ever that Stormcast on the whole is a 2nd tier army with maybe 2 or 3 very specific top tier lists. I’m at a point where I feel I can confidently state this and that for me it is my truth. If I were to win a tournament with some variation of the army I’m playing, it would be a literal hurricane of luck and some divine intervention. In my gaming area, 50 percentile placement is going to be a “great achievement” and an impressive display of command-ship. The fact that the 3rd Stormcast player placed dead last with zero wins with a (my opinion) “generic, no gimmicks” list just cements my opinion that at their default setting Stormcast are probably below average, and there’s a tiny portion of lists in the pool that are making it look better than it is. I think it’s fair to say that they are an easy army to play at the novice level, but as you climb the ladder of skill play they start dragging behind, and it’s very difficult to overcome that hurdle, and I think that’s where a lot of the (valid, imo) complaints about Stormcast are coming from. Since I’m not going to change Stormhosts and I’m not going to abandon the play style that I’ve made my own, I feel that I’ve taken my army as far as it can go. I understand why a knight heraldor is so vital to making this army work and adding one - no, just copying Bobo’s list - would probably give me enough flexibility and “forgiveness” or “luck protection” to maybe eek into the less than 50% guaranteed bracket. But considering the competition and army types in my area, I don’t think it’s worth abandoning my enjoyment in pursuit of that “unicorn.” Concerning Gavriel. He’s too strong in my opinion, and I think his command ability should be limited to 1 point per phase. I think removing possibilities of failure from the game is bad for the game, and I saw many examples of this throughout the tournament from other armies. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t see the irony in feeling that way and having Gavriel as an option. However I think if you drop him down to 1 point only, it will literally half the number of truly viable competitive Stormcast lists, and that would just drag Stormcast as a whole down. I don’t like certain competitive lists relying on a single gimmick, in general, and I think it’s bad for the game as it takes away variety and individual freedom of choice (at least in that type of setting). Highlight of the tournament for me was beating the person who finished third (Sylvaneth player) in my 2nd matchup. As far as I’m concerned it was a near perfect game and essentially the most fun that could be had. A great and gracious opponent and a tough fight. Least favourite game was losing to death on a unit resurrection on the last turn of a game. Left me with ashes in my mouth. Pictures below.
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    The herald is a larger kit than I thought it would be.
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    https://thehonestwargamer.com/player-workbook/ I feel you might want to give this a read, it's essentially a whole workbook produced on gaming "theory" from deployment, to identifying your self as a player, to unit types etc.
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    Ok so I have played my first game with fully painted Deepkins and it was a blast as their playstyle is very different to DoK army lists that I have been very successful with. My list Dhoim Haim Volturnos Aspect of the Storm with Doppelganger Cloak Soulscryer Tidecaster with Steed of Tides 9 Morssar 6 Morssar 6 Ishalean I've played Scorched Earth against Plaugebeares heavy army (2x30 Plaguebearers, 2x20 Plague Monks, Guo, 2x20 Maruders, Furnace, Sorcerer, another hero) I won it by the end of 5 turn, I was happy to win scenario that was so objective based. Made one mistake that costed me Volturnos. Oh and I lost all five initiative rolls and still felt quite comfortable
  27. 1 point
    Welcome to my Painting Log! This log contains a lot of old pics as well as new. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if you have any. I work as a full time commission artist. If you're interested in any work done by me, do not hesitate to let me know and ask for pricing on your idea.
  28. 1 point
    Thanks for the info about the books, I did read the Red Hour is pretty well written so I’m looking forward to some reading his Christmas!!
  29. 1 point
    What does that have to do with anything Warhammer related??? She does all kinds of videos for all kinds of companies. Any paying gig, a youtube mercenary if you will. TBH I think that the videos she did for GW would have been done better by an employee / player with more passion/knowledge for the games. Not like the production quality warranted hiring a personality (half the time she's not even looking at the right camera)
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    @Tibus367 Alright, so going through everything, you really shouldn't be expecting much from your Bloodthrone. It is not a combat hero, and should be looking to support from the backline, not soloing enemy heroes/monsters. Limiting yourself to daemons alone puts you at a severe disadvantage, as far as small heroes go, as none of the bloodletter heroes are particularly good/threatening, and don't come with any command abilities. For this reason you should probably avoid the Skullmaster, since he brings nothing to the table that your other alternatives won't do better. A bloodthirster would be your best bet if you want a hero that can smash face, but isn't neccessarily mandatory with some tweaking to your setup. First off, bloodletters become better in units larger than 10 - receiving a +1 to hit in units of 20, which synergises with their mortal wounds output when they roll a 6+ to hit (triggering it on a 5+ instead) - Now, I'm not sure if Path to Glory allows you to increase the unit size (by taking 2x10 bloodletters and putting them in one unit, for example) - but the two of you might want to look into houseruling it so that you can if it turns out not to be the case, as that is going to limit your offensive capability a lot if you are only allowed to take them in units of 10. The Bloodcrushers are also a bit of a drawback for you, as they're listed in the elite slot, so they cost you two of your followers (20 potential bloodletters). The problem with this is that Bloodcrushers are there to compliment your main battleforce - except you don't actually have one, because your main battleforce consists of a single block of 10 bloodletters which will crumble against even the weakest of blows. So the problem is not that the Carnosaur hits too hard. It is that you don't have any staying power whatsoever - The Carnosaur just made it more obvious. So in an effort to fix that problem, something like this might do the trick; (510 points value) - Bloodthrone - 10 Bloodletters - 10 Bloodletters - Skullcannon OR (600 points value) - Bloodthrone - 10 Bloodletters - 10 Bloodletters - 10 Bloodletters - 10 Bloodletters (Alternatively 2x20, or even 1x40 bloodletters if the conclusion is reached that you can stack them up like that in Path to Glory) Once your warbands starts growing, you can bring in the Bloodcrushers to give your army some added mobility and flanking power, which is their main purpose. Your original list was valued at 490 points, but daemons are pointed with summoning in mind, so that point value does not reflect accurately when compared to a similar value of non-summonable units (In this case, the Carnosaur itself can not be summoned) - The Seraphon player's list is 480 points. Mind that he's supposed to have 20 skinks, not 10. As a final note; Age of Sigmar is a game meant for 1000 to 2000 points - So it will absolutely feel wonky and unbalanced when you're working around the minimal values. This is why Path to Glory is mostly a narrative thing, as you have to sort of handwave the very clear feeling of unbalance Keep that in mind, and focus on creating cool stories ,and you'll be good.
  31. 1 point
    Nice and easy pledge: 1) Paint ten Plaguebearers, 2) Base Lord of Blights, and 3) Paint Beast of Nurgle, Hoping to do more once my grading for the semester is done!
  32. 1 point
    @Lysandestolpe Holy ****** dude! This army is awesome!!!!
  33. 1 point
    I just like heavily armoured fantasy dwarves without horned helmets. Which is only runesmiths, Ironbreakers, Hammerers and longbeards. 😕
  34. 1 point
    I can see that. I mean my two other factions have pretty clear strengths with which to work with. Eldritch Council - Magic and Elite Infantry Spiderfang Grotz - Venom Mechanic and Behemoths.
  35. 1 point
    Very nice! I think these are still my favorite though: Idoneth Deepkin Bases SG
  36. 1 point
    Absolutely. I was happy with how every card performed except Countercharge. It tested well for me, but I only faced one ultra aggressive warband and I ended up discarding it in several games. I'll probably swap it out for Distraction in the future. https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,N98,N92,N317,L24,384,N543,373,N436,369,391,N529,331,273,336,N347,N303,292,316,N499,N340,282,N94,N96,374,N404,327,N105,N403,N486,243,414,N511
  37. 1 point
    Traveled to a tournament today, full 5 round, best of 3. I went 5-0 and picked up my first Shadeglass trophy! Several of my opponents complimented me on my play and said they'd never seen what goblins could really do, which made me happy. Maybe one of these days I'll face another Gitz player, that would be outstanding!
  38. 1 point
    Just got round to listening. Very insightful. You guys gave a few evil ideas to build some lists with. Also I had no idea you guys had a podcast. Nice to hear some fellow scousers on a podcast 😁.
  39. 1 point
    We don't need Chaos Stormcasts. Chaos Warriors, Blood warriors, Blight kings are that already. We also don't need Death Stormcasts.
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    So, I have very little time to paint here lately. And, I'll probably be finishing my 40K army in the near future. I was considering starting an Idoneth Deepkin army for AoS. I love the models for this army... especially the Leviadon. Anyway, while I know there are always good savings in the Start Collecting and the Battleforce boxes, is the Deepsurge Raiding Party box for the Idoneth really a good deal? I've done the list building, and it only gets you to 820 points which is shy of the 1000 points that seems to be the lowest baseline used in the AoS rulebook. The way I have found to remedy this is to, at some later date, buy Volturnos. Swap out the Tidecaster for Volturnos, and you hit 1000 points on the dot. I would rather build my entire army around Akhelians so that I could run Akhelian Guard as troops... essentially, I'd rather have a mounted army. That said, I can see the use in having some infantry as well. Anyway, all that said, is the box really a worthwhile value if I'm more-or-less going to be throwing away the Tidecaster to run Volturnos in its place? Or would it end up being about equal if I was to buy all of what comes in the Battleforce separately except for the Tidecaster and use that money for Volturnos instead. Also, as a final question, for Idoneth players, is this Battleforce box a good starting place for someone who would like to slowly get into Idoneth? Thanks SG
  44. 1 point
    Magore’s Fiends. This is your brain on Chaos.
  45. 1 point
    This might be an unpopular opinion, but i actually think they should keep the "three rulebook" (or at least 2 books) system, but definitely alter which content is in each: The ghb doesn't need open play or narrative rules or scenarios, as it primarily exists for matched play purposes. So the ghb becomes solely the matched play rulebook with points, allegiance updates, and generic wargear & spells. The core book is massive on fluff, so that's where the open play and narrative scenarios and rules should be in their entirety. The players that dig that stuff will buy it and the players that don't, don't need to. Supplemental books like malign sorcery, are awkward. It's basically a wargear book when you strip the fluff away, and it's probably the size of the skirmish supplement at that point too. The endless spells could easily be sold separately, and the wargear supplement could be added directly to the ghb or core campaign book depending on which player base it's aimed at. That's my opinion at least. 😅
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    And because I realise I never posted it here, here’s my step by step on making the scenic board. First time building a board, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. One disaster when pouring water effects, but aside from that, it behaved. I’ll definitely look into making more scenery in the future. Still got heaps and heaps of supplies left.
  47. 1 point
    I think Sigmar had a few of them in his pockets when he was flung into the void. So naturally he forged them into Mini Stormcast. Sure, they only have 1 wound and their stats are nerfed, but their crossbows are deadly and their forked-shaped tridents strike deep.
  48. 1 point
    Just finished this (Idoneth Deepkin) Octopus scene. Hoping it doesn't get banned 'cause of the naughty bits, but... there is only war, and these things happen in war. ? Comments welcome. ?? Thanks!
  49. 1 point
    The Octopus from Idoneth Deepkin is awesome on his own. Bottom half of scene hidden because it's NSFW. ;-) Work in progress.
  50. 1 point
    The horde is coming, @Soulsmith! But first; some more mixbreeds. Another 6 Ledbelcher Nobz including a bellower added. I haven't decided how I want to distinguish the leaders. A Stonehorn conversion on its way. This one is taking a long time for me to do. I'm usually considering myself a fast painter but this one is getting a lot of TLC. This is the shaman that "may" have been naughty with some chaos magic here. Finally posting my scratch built Rock Lobber with Orruk Crew. Two more are on the way but I need another 10 boyz to be able to have enough crew for them so it may be a while. BIG THANKS to @NoobhammerN8 for the 40k ork shoota arms I used to put this idea on the table! Don't forget to check out my Terrain log too. Biggest project I have ever taken on happening there. Thanks for looking! Waaagh! out.
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