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    Bit of a weird theory, but what if the harp's ruleset is based of Orpheus and his 'duel' with Cerberus. For those who don't know, Cerberus is a monstrous three headed hound in the underworld who was lulled to sleep by Orpheus - a man searching for his lost love - with a lyre. Perhaps the harp will have an ability to mimic this.
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    But didn't Malign Portents lead up to the necroquake... Which kickstarted aos 2.0 and created the AoS world that there is now, with endless magic roaming around? Thsts how I remember it now at least! I'm pretty certain the last Malign Portents story was the rats invading the pyramid which was literally followed on by Soul Wars. I don't see how a new edition with a new rulebook, a new story book and the start of endless spells models and the endless spells book could be seen as a let down? The only criticism I can see is that the more recent story books haven't followed on directly from Malign Portents/Soul Wars but that's because there's a million different stories to tell throughout the realms - I'm sure there will be a follow up to Soul Wars at some point.
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    Bling Skeletons! Gone are the half rusted broken iron armor. They go in with jewel encrusted gilded suits of gold and silver!
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    Magore’s Fiends. This is your brain on Chaos.
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    I'm currently working on a personal project to collect all of the core rules into one word doc so as to be able to edit it as I go. This and also my army specific rules. Each section will still have book name and page number so if playing at a table and someone calls you out on a non-GW printed doc, you at least cited your sources. I plan on posting it in this convo at some point for everyone. Hopefully everyone can edit it visually to their liking.
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    There is a bit of a problem I've noticed becoming larger in AoS, and that is how difficult it can be to get a full collection of the rules in one place. When AoS first began, all you needed was a 4 page rule book and your warscrolls, now to get a complete version of the rules you need the CRB (for realm rules and grand alliance rules), Malign Sorcery (for realm artefacts), the GHB (for updated points and some allegiance abilities), your army's own battletome (if it exists, for your allegiance abilities, battalion, and other specials), the FAQs (as they can have a major effect on everyone), and the Designer Commentary. Obviously, you don't need to use all of these rules, but they seem to be what is considered standard in matched play. My major issue isn't necessarily the number of rules, but rather how difficult it can be to navigate them. Don't get me wrong, I really like that the FAQs exist, but it's a pain in the butt to trawl through all of them to find out the answer to a niche question. This has lead to quite a few scenarios where either my opponent or myself have spent a good deal of time trying to search for a rule we *know* exists but have no evidence of. For example, I was in a tournament and used an ability which allowed me to pile in 6", and be chosen to pile in from up to 6" away. My opponent didn't think that was write (believing an FAQ had said you could never pile in from more than 3" away). I couldn't find the FAQ to support this and so we had to call a judge, which took a lot of time. I'm not here to be negative, though, I'm here to try and start a discussion as to whether other people have this issue and what can be done to aid it. I play a ttrpg called Pathfinder, which is rather renowned for its complex and excessive ruleset, but it is usually very easy to find and answer to a rules question due to all of the rules being searchable online. Perhaps AoS could benefit from this - some sort of repository where you could search all rulings attached to a keyword. E.g. 'pile in' may come up with a clarification on how pile ins work in relation to the closest enemy model, what pile in distances above 3" mean, and what can and can't move during a pile in. It would be an awful lot of work to compile, but I think this would make the game much smoother and also far easier to learn for newer players.
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    Straight up paying to pass the test, no. But some command abilities or other abilities can apply, it depends on the specific wording, it needs to reference battleshock tests not the battleshock phase.
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    Yeah, one of my regular local opponents plays fat nurgle dudes, I really am tempted to run hunters with scythes for my games with him, because those dudes are just too flabby to die and it's annoying. Being an immobile gunline or a teleporting gunline is kind of a rubbish niche, to be honest. I'd love to see our units be more on-table mobile, so we don't have to park on a place and shoot until we get overwhelmed. It's super important to have melee in AoS, not just as blockers but also to participate in one of the primary phases of the game, if only to do mop-up for your shooting units. We've got options for that, but currently Wanderers get rewarded too much for playing a bunkering force rather than a skirmishing/ambushing force. For real though, Rangers are wonderful for their cost, not only because of their stats but because they are on 25mm bases and they have 2" range. I've only got ten so far but I'm tempted to go up to 20 and create a serious melee threat unit that has the option to teleport right into my opponent's backfield and get choppy. I'm also a big fan of Dryads as fast, hard-hitting dudes. They are a great addition for extra melee bite. I've been allying them into my Wanderers since I've started playing and they've always done good work for me.
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    Afternoon folks, and apologies for the lack of updates over the last few days - had a lot on, as well as a few tech issues involving a new phone and other bits and pieces. Add in some IRL things and hobby progress has been slim recently. Having said that, I did finish up the assembly of the remaining 4 crone-touched treekin for the first unit of 5 last night, and promptly forgot to take any pictures of them before undercoating them this morning. Sigh. I have got some undercoated pics which will come as their reveal soon, but I apologise in advance. I've also gotten a little distracted by Inq28 and Blackstone Fortress, having picked up bits for both of them over the last week or so - while I have half-assembled two Inq28 characters so far (as seen on my Insta page) I haven't done much else and will be trying not to until the Court is done. Go away, Hobby Magpie. Also, inspired by the excellent conversion started by Nurgleswalker on his Insta page, I had a fiddle with some leftover bits and came up with this lovely little distraction: What is it? I don't know yet, but chances are it'll just be a background piece, possibly one of the Hounds of the Wild Hunt or something like that. Regardless of it not having a true function in the project other than looking cool, I'm actually really happy with how it looks. Needs the feet adding and all the bits actually cleaned up etc, but as proof of concept, yeah there's definitely something there. Also, this and the Harvest Maiden were the first few things shot on my new phone cam and its taking a bit of getting used to. It'd be ace if you could let me know how the pics look at your end in terms of quality etc. That's all from me for now, hopefully I'll be back soon with a proper update. Thanks for all your comments and enthusiasm, Knave
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    I know right ? Its like a huge cash cow. Make the minis and watch them sell out like hot bread on a Sunday morning ! I dont believe that with the relatively big success the BoC book garnered, with many new players starting the army from s scratch, GW is not planning on releasing some new stuff for us, even if its just updated models. I mean look at the old metal Khorngors, Pestigors and such, they got sold out rather fast, so the market certainly has the buying power and interest required for. Hope they wont be lazy and instead just plop another stupid copy-paste looking Stormcast subfaction (yes I honestly despise that faction and wast amount of models associated with it, with only few exceptions). +++MOD EDIT+++ Please think about what you type
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    Just for the record, the precis of the Soul Cage rule in the OP is not what appears in the Nighthaunt book. Here is the text from Nighthaunt (note the emphasis on the word fight): 'Soul Cage has a casting value of 6. If successfully cast, pick an enemy unit within 12" of the caster and visible to them. Until the start of your next hero phase, that unit cannot retreat. In addition, until the start of your next hero phase that unit cannot fight in the combat phase unless all other enemy units that are eligible to fight have already done so.' TLDR Soul cage says fight, not attack.
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    Luckily I only take 1 or none into my army. the hell pit abomination is the perfect target for your enemy shooting units. I have no glue why they shoot everything into that monster (must be that size) (since he lacks of so many things, like being good in. Combat etc.) but hey a 240(very pricey unit) to take so it’ll die turn 2 to shooting, only means that your true unit of elite warriors (in my case, Stormvermins:stormfiends) will survive and make the charge against the enemy showing him what it means to shoot the wrong unit till death.
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    It could be a music stand for a second sick musician like the harpist. Is this a version of Noise Marines infiltrating AOS?
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    What even is the difference between the designer's commentary and the FAQ? Why can't they just be consolidated into a single document?
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    And more distinct terms. Like I mentioned in my Flowchart thread, we have Commands Traits, Battle Traits, Command Abilities, Abilities, Allegiance Abilities, and two different used for Allegiance. (Not to mention Wounds and Mortal Wounds where one is not subsumed by the other.) There had to be more sensible terms to use to keep these concepts distinct.
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    You obviously struggled with reading the whole post. The campaign was great, but not producing a physical hardcopy of the the stories/art/campaign ending was the let down- Not everyone wants to spend their time reading ebooks or online only stories. For myself, I like to read an actual book. I don't want to spend all my time behind a device. All that time, money and effort in creating everything they did for it and then...nothing. They dropped it for the new edition which is such a waste of good content. Soul wars is the next chapter in the timeline of AoS, but the campaign deserved a 2nd books to show off the stories and progression. Would have also bridge the gap in the story line. The work was already done, they just need to get it collected into one volume. But this is getting right off the rumour track now.
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    I agree with you are explicitly saying, but I somewhat disagree with what I think your implied assertion is. Explaining why (and doing it well) is perhaps complicated. It shouldn't have to be complicated, but there is a surprising dearth of theory regarding aos. Theory is not the same thing as theory-crafting, of which there is some. Theory-crafting is a mathematical exercise, but theory is a conceptual one. Points are a mathematical problem. Value is a theoretical problem. I agree with you that it is impossible to solve the problem of value through points. But I would probably disagree with someone who said that it would be impossible to solve given a definite game-state. This leads me to a few (maybe provocative) points: It is possible to calculate value within a definite game-state It is therefore possible to calculate a discrete series of values across a discrete series of definite game states It is therefore possible to construct a generalized theory of value such that the problem presented by any specific game state is solvable Some such theories will be more accurate than others; the validity of any such theory can be tested in game through the application of derivative strategies, and judged based on results I started messing around with gunk originally because I was focused, not on the idea of "accuracy," but rather on the idea of "internal consistency." But in doing the actual work, and interacting with people around these forums about the work, I am starting to pay more attention to the question of accuracy. The original points system based on Wounds was absolutely consistent, but it definitely wasn't accurate in the sense you mean. Our current points system is definitely more accurate than Wounds, but much less consistent. I am starting to think hard about why it can't be both. To talk about that kind of thing well requires a theoretical framework so that concepts hang together in a consistent and inter-related way. It requires some agreed-upon levels of abstraction. A common set of concepts and key principles. Or else we just talk past each other, or in circles. I'm working through such a theory now, and will post somewhere in the forum or in the blogs, not because I think it is "right", but because I think it is fertile and it can start the kind of conversation I'd really like to have with many people here.
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    I agree, free stuff is bad and literally after a neat book, new models, free stories,.. total let down... O_O ffs
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    Sorry for the poor quality of light!
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    Must be Wikipedia of Chaos, Eight-pointed star edition
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    Not the best photography but painted this up for my friends Nighthaunt army, wish he'd left it in subassemblies
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    Cheers, I've found AoS to be rich in potential projects to explore, plus these days the kits on offer are so detailed i can work through alot of ideas I would of otherwise struggled with. Bit more detailing done, and a bit of background for the Midian Enclave: Capitol: Delirium, the City of Dreamers. Background: Whilst fondly known as the City of Dreamers in more recent years the Midian capitol has taken on the less fortuitous name of Delirium. None can truly say what the city would look like were it not hidden at the depths of the perception altering waters of the Sea of Alchemy, though its architecture is clealry more ancient than the Idoneth that now occupy it. Thought to have once been a beautiful city on the Realmplate of Chamon it had long since slipped to the ocean floor, waiting in the depths seemingly for the Midians to discover it as they travelled into the realm. To the eyes of those under the influence of the great oceans alchemical illusion the city is a beautiful tapestry of white marble and gold, its towers stretching from the deepest depths of the ocean as though reaching to once day reach the surface and star upon the nights sky once more, its populace lead a seemingly blessed existance of the finest clothes and precious metals thrown from would be pilgrims into the sea from the lands above. Yet all this beauty and elegance cannot conceal the agony of their existance. To reside in Delirium is a raputerous chorus of pain and ecstasy, to walk its sunked roads is to bargain each day to balance the pain against joy that the lie imparts. For the Midians they accept this lie all too easily, their existance has been a torturous one since inception at once born of light and shadow yet truly neither, there are those in the Idoneth enclaves who feel the Midians have embraced the shadow all too readily, yet the Midians argue that the Sea imparts upon them something far more dangerous and rare, the hope of a life beyond suffering. OTHER CITIES AND OUTPOSTS: Euphoria, the Lunar Jewel- Major trading city sat at the edge of the Sea of Alchemy, once in every lunar cycle when Ulgu is in ascendancy the tide receeds from the shore, making Euphoria accessible to land nations for trade. They traffic in exotic materials, narcotics and livestock (more moral societies refer to the latter as slaves). Bliss, The Veil- Sitting on a rapidly eroding rocky edge above the vortex into Ulgu the population of Bliss are used to moving further and further into the city away from their receeding cliff edge. In centuries to come the hub of Bliss may well be lost entirely severing a much needed trade route with their kin in the realm of Shadows. Sirens Rest - Said to be the Namarati outpost that keeps vigilant gaze over the Realmplate of Chamon lest enemies come to seize their empire. The beauty of the Namarati maidens visible just beneath the oceans surface is said to have drawn many a ship into the reef in which their fortress has been made.
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    Two years ago, I started collecting Sylvaneth and Blades of Khorne for AoS. Despite the fact that I play miniature games for more than 10 years, Sylvaneth are my first fully painted army (unlike some of my Warmachine stuff that has been sitting half-painted for years) - there's just a handful of models left to finish. I really like the look of the models and I had a lot of fun painting this army. During the next few weeks, I will post the pictures of my painted Sylvaneth models, as well as some of the stuff that I'm currently painting. So, let's kick this off with my Sylvaneth Wildwood:
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    Hello everyone. Meanwhile, I apologize for how I write, English is not my language. I look for tips for a 1000 pt stormcast list to take to a tournament. In this tournament we will be 9 players (there will be a lot of chaos) scenarios will be: blood and glory core book, duality of death gh, total commitment. this was my basic idea. Allegiance: Order Leaders Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger (240) - General - Trait: We Can not Fail - Artefact: God-forged Blade - Spell: Azyrite Halo - Mount Trait: Wind Runner Gavriel Sureheart (100) Battleline Units 5 x Evocators (200) - Lore of Invigoration: Celestial Blades 10 x Sequitors (240) - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Sequitors (120) - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3x Stormsmite Greatmaces War Machines Celestar Ballista (100) Total: 1000/2000 Extra Command Points: 20 Allies: 0/400 Wounds: 64 I'm not convinced of the ballista, maybe I could exchange it with a lord relictor. These are the miniatures I have: 24 sequitors of soul war. 2 lord arcanum on griph. 3 kinight incantor. 9 evoicator of soul war. 20 liberator with club and shield of the old set. heraldor 2 relictor vandus castellant celestant steelheart's champions Gavriel venator 3 prosecutors of the old set 3 vanguard raptors 3 celestar ballista 10 castigators. The proxi is not allowed in the tournament. help me play Sunday and my first tournament and the sixth or seventh game, even if I played 10 years at whfb.
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    I won't get the full unit done in November, but 5 thralls are done, I decided not to do the neck things except for the leader. Bases will be done when the full unit is completed.
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    I can hear Seraphon going "get in line!"😅 But in all seriousness I actually kind of doubt new BoC models would come for a long while, unless you count 40k chaos beastmen. BoC just aren't "important" to the grand scheme of things. I've mentioned this a while ago but any time in the fluff Beasts are in a battle, you could easily turn them into Slaves to Darkness Marauders and the end result would be the exact same. Dudes wearing no shirts smash things in the name of chaos. This Battletome imo was an "experiment" , more so than others like Bonesplitterz or Flesh Eaters (who at least have gotten a bit more of a fluff shift from original WFB). The fact that no one saw the BoC book coming (except for dead hard believers in the AoS 2.0 preview) speaks volume on GW's investment into BoC. Compare that to the 4 Harbingers in Malign Portents which also includes the new snazzy Shadespire warbands. Even the New Player magazine they created to help get people into AoS has no mentioning of BoC, meanwhile has a excerpt on Skaven (not just Clan Pestilens, Skaven as a whole). Unless theres some big campaign where Morghul or Kholek or "New Uberbeast McHorn Dude (TM)" show up, I'm not sure if BoC should expect anything for a good year or so. I know I made a Seraphon joke but I would put money on a Seraphon model (and book) update over a BoC update. Seriously they made this massive fluff change, made lizards into order daemons, made them very "important" (relatively) in the fluff as the nemesis to Chaos, but yet still have to make do with old 6th edition plastics (those saurus knights uuuuugh) and plenty of metal/resin sculpts. How they still lack a plastic slaan is astounding to me. (though Eldar also still have no plastic Avatar for...reasons) Of course that also being said I also suspect GW is trying to milk plastic sets for all their worth. So update things like saurus knights is probably out of the question. But they could at least finally update Kroxigors, especially with the Total War change. And dont get me wrong, I love Beasts! But I'm reading between the lines a lot and the entire release of the BoC Battletome to me says "low cost investment to push some of our existing products". Especially since they've been taking risks with atypical model releases with the likes of Kill Team Rogue Trader or Adeptus Titanicus.
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    Hi there! Your list looks quite strong by Bretonnian standards! My only concern is that you only have one viable objective grabbing hero. The Damsel has a 6+ save and 5 wounds.. So even though the Chronomantic Cogs are one of my favourites, you could consider dropping that, and the Damsel, to include another Enchantress. If you are determined to use endless spells, then maybe keep the cogs, add the Soulsnare Shackles and use a Noble Champion instead of the Damsel. I do realize the Knights will loose their re-roll so maybe Knights of the realm is another option (opting out of the Shackles to save those last 20 points). That Kickstarter sounds awesome! I, myself, have a long term project of making a converted Bretonnia army so I will definitely have to look into that. As for the King on Hippogryph, the obvious choice would be to use this guy: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Aventis-Firestrike-Magister-Of-Hammerhal-2018 I love that model! I’ve heard that some people dislike its face but since you would change that into an eagle head anyway, it doesn’t really pose a problem. Please keep us posted about any news on your project 😀 Sounds like it could turn out really cool!
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    Excellent stuff in here! Loved seeing the army grow and i can't wait to see Alariele completed!
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    I don’t think these abilities stack - neither gives you an additional attack, but instead each one allows you specifically to attack two times. So as I see it, whether you use one or both abilities, you get to attack twice.
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    No direct experience but within the context of Wanderers, I would think that the extra rend of Scythes would be particularly valuable.
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    Astral Templars get +1 to hit for all attacks against MONSTERS. Ballistas normally rapid fire hit on 5+ but can get +1 hit from Ordinator and +1 vs MONSTERS. With an Azyros in range of your target you can hit on 3+ rerolling 1s. With no other buffs, 4 Ballistas firing results in an average of 29 wounds at Rend-2, which is enough to kill any monster in the game (assuming average results). It costs 640 points to get that core together, but when you are taking down 400+ point targets every turn it quickly pays for itself. If your local meta has a lot of MONSTERS it is probably the best Stormcast list in the game. Common MONSTERS in the meta are Nagash, Seraphon dinosaurs, Morathi, Stardrake, Mortarch,s Zombie Dragons, Maw-Krushas, Great Unclean Ones, Bloodthirsters, Lord of Change, Magmadroths, Alarielle, Treelords, Durthu, Phoenixes, Gorgons... almost every army has some big target for you to cut down. Even if your enemy isn't using any MONSTERS you still have 4 ballistas with +1 to hit, which is pretty good! You can tear down enemy screens for your Evocators to get into melee against the right targets, or reliably snipe heroes even through Look Out Sir! - very valuable when dealing with linchpin heroes like a Slann Starmaster. The other great feature of the Astral Templars is the command trait that gives every unit on the table a free 6" move at the start of the game. Combined with Chronomantic Cogs and a Heraldor to run&charge, Evocators on foot can get a turn 1 charge after buffing themselves in the hero phase.
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    No question. Definitely not the same turn.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't "pushing people to buy" sound like the most sensible thing ever for them to do? As in, it would be criminally negligent to do otherwise? Regardless. Sign me up for something more contained, with an index, that is KEYWORD SEARCHABLE IN THE APP. Something where all the rules for something are in the same place, and not hidden in the bottom of a peripherally related paragraph in a different book.
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    So, a list I'm considering for when I finally get my shyish vampiric bretonnians going: Heroes: Enchantress - General - Strategic genius - Wraithbow Damsel on Peg Units: 8 x Knights Errant - Battleline 16 x Men at Arms - Battleline 5 x Grail Knights 5 x Grail Knights Spells: Chronomantic Cogs (haven't looked at many endless spells but I know this one is supposed to be good for helping get charges off) Pts: 1000/1000 The bright side of doing shyish is that if I run out of bret horses for the grail knights then dredblade harrow or black knight ones should do Also in case it interests anyone Anvil industries had their daughters of the burning rose line kickstartered earlier in the year and should be coming to their main store in the new year, basically female medieval armoured which might work for some female bret conversions. Also robed bodies for battle pilgrims (nuns). Once my kickstarter rewards arrive I shall try and get some photos to see how they match up! I'm hoping I might be able to make a nice Repanse de Lyonesse style bret lord out of one. Also if anyone has any recommendations for how I could kitbash a king on hippogriff I'd love to hear!
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    Completely agree that it's a bit of a minefield as it currently stands. The format of the FAQs I find a bit of a pain too as you have them for every publication you're using (so potentially 4). Personally I'd love to see the format of the General's Handbook change and instead become 2 publications (sold together). One publication (staple bound and small) contains the most upto date version of the core rules (inc FAQs), realm rules and such like - basically everything you need to actually "play" during a game. The other publication contains the rest of it - stuff for list building, battleplans, campaigns etc. Combined with gaming aids (e.g. battleplans on quick reference cards) I think this would simplify the whole process. I do think that GW is becoming more aware of how cumbersome games are starting to become. In Blackstone Fortress, the rules have actually been split into separate booklets so it's super quick to find what you're looking for.
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    1. So that he can still have the ability in non-Sylvaneth allegiance lists, i.e. mixed order or as an ally. 2. Yes. 3. Yes, I think so - would need to check wording though. 4. Yes, but would only get the cover bonus if the whole unit was in the woods. 5. Yes - make sure you tell your opponent that they are though. 6. Yes 7. Pretty much. Certainly how I play them but they can be adaptable to a certain extent to a few different playstyles.
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    The first part of this project I am going to work towards is the Slaughterborn Batallion. Sub-Project breakdown Each battalion sub-project will consist of four stages. The first stage is the minimum size battalion, which is the minimum number of units/models required to take the battalion warscroll. The second stage is a 1k list built around the battalion, this will have two variations the first using the battalion warscroll and the other adding extra models from and running without the battalion rules, to allow some gaming into the project as a reward for getting a few units completed. The third stage is the maximum number of units at minimum size, meeting this requirement adds bonus rules for a few of the battalions. The fourth and final stage is the battalion at my full size, this isn’t maxed out it’s just taking units above min sized in a way that I picture suiting the battalions function In the narrative. Between each stage I plan to have a short break and work on a unit for a different army or game. Stage One - Minimum Size Battalion The components required for this section are one unit of five Blood Warriors with gorefists , two units of five Skullreapers and an Exalted Deathbringer. This stage has a starting bonus for me as I have already painted up the required Exalted Deathbringer as my initial test model. Stage Two - 1k point lists To expand the minimum battalion to be playable I added will add a second unit of ten blood Warriors, with axes this time, and increase the size of the original unit to ten as well. I find that this battalion does not work very well in isolation, without a stronger general to support. My non-battalion list adds in a Slaughterpriest and Bloodstoker who help strenghen the list by filling in some holes, these extra hero’s should also help to give a short head start on the Dark Feast battalion later on. Stage Three - Maximum number of units Adding two additional Skullreaper units, one of each weapon option, and one more unit of blood warriors with gorefists, bringing the total number to three. This battalion does not get a bonus for maximum unit numbers, but as the personal guard of the Warhordes leader they need the to be numerous for their lords survival. Stage Four - Final battalion The list Exalted Deathbringer, with Impaling Spear 10 Blood Warriors with paired goreaxes 10 Blood Warriors with gorefists 30 Bloodwarriors with gorefists 5 Skullreapers with gore slick blades 20 Skullreapers with gore slick blades 5 Skullreapers with daemon blades 10 Skullreapers with daemon blades My idea for the end battalion is that it will provide units of varied sizes to cover a variety of centre field roles, smaller units to throw away and larger units to die down threats for a few turns or mow down weak hordes. Thats the outline of the plan, now it’s time to get paining.
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    I will say it is quite weird that many armies can run faster/farther than many units can shoot. Essentially, they are faster than a speeding arrow(bullet). I am not saying I wish for shooting to be better, just seems weird that max range is say 18" or so for a lot of ranged units but melee units are moving/running/charging just as far or farther.
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    Also interestingly or not, the date and time for that new instruction manual is 11/14/2018 10:40am...
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    Proof of purchase is quite common for GW to request. It's basically them covering themselves and stopping people just trading kits on ebay/secondhand and using the same "fault" to get multiple replacement parts. It also helps them track where errors are coming from in their retail chain which can then be logged and checked against their supply and stock system.
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    Early WIP of my first Slaughterpriest. Keeping on the theme of 'weird buddies who live in swamps' here. Kinda bog witch type guy. Base model of the Orruk Weirdnob Shaman, with a head from a Duardin, and a hand from the Wulfen kit. I really struggled with the proportions on this. Humanoids and Orruks don't fit together as well as I'd like. I've given him a dead chicken hat, to try to help with this. I've also been filing backpacks off of Wulfen, in an effort to make them look more feral than space marine-y. Those are pretty tough.
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    Its a lord of chaos, its allowed if this is the finished project throw it up on the completed projects thread
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    I've added some greenstuff plumage to my horrendously mutated magister of tzeench
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    Hello again AthlorianStoners - Awesome, thanks for the support Just a really quick update today - had a little play around last night after finishing off the bases with a second coat of Suitland Mud, and further to my belief that the Branchwych makes a better dryad than she does anything else, I had a little tweak of her and ended up with this: Much better champion for the dryad unit and she's now become one of my favourite models so far. That's it for now, I'm off to find a cheap Ogroid Thaumuturge and to order a load of bits. And get some undercoat. Sigh. Cheers, Knave
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    Afternoon everyone. I'm taking refuge from the vicissitudes of life and the frustrations of banks by posting here. It's my happy place. Melcavuk - Thanks buddy, happy to hear your interest is piqued. I've had a look at your death-themed Sylvaneth, they're looking pretty sweet and you've taken things in a very different direction to myself. Looking forward to seeing more of yours as well. Thundercake - Ha thanks man, I'm no draftsman by any means but I can manage a decent scrappy sketch every now and then. Hopefully the models themselves will match up. So, progress over the weekend was made. Admittedly I dodged a bullet first with the Daughters Of Khaine release news - the Druchii are my first Warhammer Love and I was all set to be magpied away by a shiny new Aelf release. Luckily the Daughters are the one aspect of the Druchii I've not really got much of an interest in, and the models, while nice, don't do a huge amount for me at the moment. Also, call me pernickety, but I don't remember Morathi being all about the Khainite side of life, in fat I remember her being vehemently opposed to it and having constant "Who's hotter" competitions with Hellebron. Be interesting to see if that's addressed at all. But anyway, back to the Darkwood Court. I've cracked on with the first couple of units from the list, namely the Dryads and the first Branchwych. Now, I'm somewhat torn on the Dryads - some times I really like them, other times I don't. I think if I had more than 10 to do, I'd be finding something else to use. But as it stands, I haven't got bored enough of them yet to want to replace them, and I think my planned almost monochromatic scheme should work nicely on them. Here's how things stand after some late night basing: The ace thing about only using 10 of the 16 Dryads in the SC box is that you get plenty of spare bits to spruce up bases. I've roughly coated the bases with Stirland Mud texture paint as well, not worrying too much about tidiness or coverage as it will in turn mostly be covered with snow effect. But they're looking decent, along with two spell/objective markers and Mother Aldwynter herself who I'm rather pleased with as looking very much like an old crone and not like an old necromancer guy anymore. Picking up some undercoat this week and will get cracking on the painting side soon. I also started on another character, based on the lovely Wulfrik model. Here he is in a very WIP state, only tacked together to check positioning: The hammer is a placeholder and will be swapped out for a sword, and the head might get changed for one with more hair, but I'm pretty happy with how he is looking so far. Lot of trimming, filing and greenstuff work to be done of course, but he's getting there. I've also been considering what to do for my second Branchwych - I'm not actually a fan of the regular model as it looks far too much like a Dryad to me, and I wanted a male Branchwych to lead my Tree-Revs. My initial thought was to just convert one out of the regular Tree-rev champion but I'm now leaning towards something a bit more impressive and tweaking the lovely Ogroid Thaumurturge into a stag-headed huge Celtic style forest champion. Which, when I say it like that, sounds pretty boss. ****** it, hobby brain. More to come soon folks, hope you like what you see. Knave
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    I know what you're thinking - "So what exactly is this all going to be about then?" At least, I hope its that and not just "oh, another boring story-project. Meh." Be gentle with me folks. In all seriousness, I am working on an actual army. I've kinda done a 180 on Age Of Sigmar over the last few years - when it came out I didn't buy into the look or feel of it at all. The Stormcast looked like swords-n-sorcery Astartes, the background and personalities of the Old World that I loved and had grown up with were all gone, and the new game seemed to be all about fielding the biggest monsters with little thought towards the theme or feel of an army. But. But. Over the last couple of years, the expansion of the ranges and the background have shown me a different point of view. It's a new setting, not an update, a new setting with a lot of loving nods to the old game. There's actually a hell of a lot more room and freedom to create our own stories and pocket-realms and so forth, and its constantly evolving. That's pretty damn cool. And GW are going great guns on the models themselves. Ok, so the Sigmarines and Khorne stuff leaves me cold (with the exception of the Vanguard Palladors because hello beautiful) but the Orruks are good, the Fyreslayers decent and the Sylvaneth ****** lovely. Even the Kharadon Overloads look pretty boss and I never thought I'd say that about dwarves. So I'm taking the plunge. And by plunge, I mean I spent an obscene amount on this little lot to get the hobby-ball rolling: Paints and tools yes, but also importantly - Sylvaneth. Yes, despite what the opener above might have suggested, I am doing a Sylvaneth force. Albeit with a twist. Now, I haven't played anything for a while, so I'm not fussed about the gaming side (although one of my Hobby Resolutions for this year is to play some AOS and Blood Bowl) but I love the Sylvaneth models and aesthetic. With the exception of the Dryads and the Branchwych model, I think every model is great. Course, I'm not going to end up using half of them but hey ho. I have got a plan of what I'm going to do in total and it is about 2000pts in Matched Play terms, but with a firm emphasis on story over game-winning potential. First up, I've got 10 Dryads, a Treelord, 5 Tree-Revs and 2 converted Branchwyches to get on with, which should keep me going for a month or two at least. Story and theme-wise, I don't want to give away too much yet, but the general idea of the project is based around a dying exiled Sylvaneth Grove stuck in the borderlands between the Realms of Life and Death. Cold, wintery, and snowbound dead forests populated with ghosts, forgotten spirits and old witches, with a deep hit of Russian and Slavic folklore. Basically, its the nightmare wood you were told never to go into as a child. Anyway, that's probably enough blather from me. I'll leave you with a few character sketches I'd knocked up while planning and a promise that once I finish the bases on the Dryads and the first Branchwych, I'll get some pics up. So probably over the weekend. Also, if you are on the Instagram, please come and say hello - knave_of_scribes is me and there's some early pics of stuff for the Darkwood Court up already. Comments and anything else you guys want to say are always gratefully received. Cheers all, Knave
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    After about a week and a bits work the Treelord Ancient is pretty much complete (or atleast TT standard) meaning I can move onto my Kurnoth hunters next. When the whole army is painted I may revisit the skulls to up the contrast more, and when my lightbox arrives I'll be able to get better photos but here he is: The fluff for the staff is that trees in Shyish are unable to raise new forests of their own magics, the realm of death does not buckle to the will of new life so easy. Instead their staves are carved from the still living remains of a Sylvaneth of Ghyran, its pulsing heart fuelling the staff and allowing the Shyish Lord to raise forests from it.
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