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  1. 8 points
    A few pics of my Hobby room down in Dorset. Recently revamped it this year, adding the modular bases for the boards. Its an old double garage converted to a games room, but you can do similar with those self build cabins you can buy to go in the garden (My brother @Ninja_Badger_Rich has done this) Plenty of space for 4 gaming tables, or a hobby area plus models on shelves.
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    I've studied social media dynamics for a decade now for the Department of Defense, commercial, and non-profit clients, focusing on manipulation, false information, anonymity, and persuasion dynamics, along with the biases and special-interest siloing that accompanies them. We see these negative trends infecting our worldwide society to cause hate, fear, and divide us. For all of us who swim in these social media waters, we are encouraged to shape our own responses by these frequently bad examples of human behavior. Part of it is rooted in anonyminity, because when we're masked by a fake name we aren't accountable for words we'd never say to people we actually know. It's cowardice to talk tough or mean or angrily when hiding behind a mask, saying things you'd never say to another's face. Part of this destructive dynamic is also reinforced by anger and negativity since this is currently the coin of the realm (you know of what I speak), and we see those examples giving us permission to exhibit behaviors we were once socialized to abhor. These trends won't go away anytime soon, but evidence suggests that folks are getting wise to the joke, and it's actually on us for not speaking out to remove it from our social fabric. For Ben's community, it behooves us to realize that acceptable social behavior is a choice, and not a destructive dynamic we're trapped into. Hobbies are designed to take us to a happy place, away from the awful things we hear around us. When you bring that negativity into a special place like this, it's like walking into our living room with manure on your shoes. Please wipe them before you come in.
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    Yeah, points and to a lesser extent, battlefield rolls. I think Beasts of chaos battlefield rolls could stand to be loosened up to make the marked battalions out of faction actually function. I think non-battleline ungor raiders was clearly a conscious decision by the design team (to say nothing of the fact that they remain quite popular despite not being battleline). If I were focusing on 7 changes that would better balance the core of the book, they would be: Gors to 70/180 Bestigors to 130/300 Bullgors to 130/450 Chariots to 50/180 Warhounds to 60/150 Enlightened on Disc to 160 pts Skyfires to 160 pts GW doesn't want to use the odd points for some reason, but these changes would open up a lot of list building space without pushing units to too cheap or expensive.
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  5. 5 points
    "I am scissors. Paper is fine. Rock needs a nerf."
  6. 4 points
    Finished up my herdstone! Hope you guys like it.
  7. 4 points
    IGrotbag Scuttlers vs Undead Pirates box set summer 2019. You heard it here first.
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    Of course. Game 1 was against Mixed Chaos, a combo of Skaven, Chaos Dwarf artillery and some cheeky Enlightened. Quite a good match up for my list, as I get to re roll hits and wounds against them of 1. Plus it was in the realm of fire, 30 Dryads with inferno blades are quite good! Ended up tabling him. Game 2 was against a nice version of DoK, who were not Hag Narr, but the one with plus one to hit when they charge. I got a bit lucky turn 1 here. Alarielle's shooting attack did 3 wounds to Morathi before she transformed, as well as making an 8" charge with some dryads to wipe some Witch Aelves. First few turns all the dice rolls went my way, and he had terrible luck. Made it an easy win and another tabling. Game 3 was against Mixed Order. Really mixed bunch, Phoenix, Morathi, some Fyreslayers, Arknaughts. I benefited quite a bit from it being total commitment, which meant he had to start the fyreslayers and heartrenders on the board. I gambled on one side of the board and managed to slowly grind him out, but it was an incredibly close game. My Phoenix went up against his and ended up dying first, but Alarielle came in at the end and helped claim his objective one last time to just swing me over the edge. Incredibly close game. Game 4 was against another Mixed Order list, and on stream. Chris Myhill, who was playing them, I know quite well and have played round his house a few times. He's an exceptional player, so I knew it'd be tough. I managed to bunker up quite nicely turn 1, and he whiffed a bit with his griffon in his turn. I let him have the double, which was a gamble. It almost backfired when his Dragonlord managed to sneak into Alarielle. I managed to make some good saves and some of his attacks whiffed, at which point I was able to hit back, mainly through spells through Alarielle, where she killed the Dragonlord and did a lot of damage to the Griffin. Chris played it out and I never felt I had won it until I did, but the defensive nature of the list, and the speed it has end game, helped me win. Game 5 was against Stormcast, also on stream. My only loss of the weekend. Big sequitor blocks came at me and pinned me in my defensive set up. I focused far too much on killing his sequitors, which I did, but as a result lost sight of the fact I could auto lose turn 3. I had left myself out of position, Craig noticed it once he had won the roll off, and duly made a fool of me on live stream! 5 great games and good opponents. The lists speed is great. It lacks high rend, but the mortal wound damage through spells and alarielle tends to make up for it. Plus it's just very good at scenario play.
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    Doing some endless spells to sorta match the nurgle theme Might add another colour to the tips, a bit of nearly rainbow flame.
  10. 3 points
    Totally agree with this. If Gutbusters aren't getting any help in the form of a battletome or allegiance abilities then they totally should get a points decrease to help compensate.
  11. 3 points
    My Moonclan has been for far too long waiting for that on the shelf. dem boyz are coming back. Time to rebase and back to the painting table!
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    Playing a tournament tomorrow, i would play this, taking the big wurgog mask on a Weirnob, and probably either the mystic war paint or +1 save or wurgog (but probably warpaint). Current meta have very low shooting, so it's much easier to screen your support character (and helped with look out sir). Also with stacking of Command, you can just burn 3 CP in T2 to double arrowboys efficiency (each 5-6 generate 3 extra attack). A single volley do 50+ damage, and you can do it twice. In t1 with the Ruk and Fungoid, you can cover an average of 17'' with both run, and still charge 9''. Agains low damage output army like Death you can pin them will you grap objective/shoot them to dead. (Just need to stay further than 30'' from Nagash). Tricky matchup is Idoneth with their ability they can protect their important units Allegiance: BonesplitterzSavage Big Boss (120)- Granite ChoppasWurrgog Prophet (140)Maniak Weirdnob (120)Maniak Weirdnob (120)Fungoid Cave-Shaman (80)- General- Allies30 x Savage Orruks (300)30 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (420)5 x Savage Boarboyz (100)5 x Savage Boarboyz (100)6 x Savage Big Stabbas (300)Kunnin' Rukk (200)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 80 / 400Wounds: 202
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    Has anybody realised that a Knight-Venator from the Hallow Knights in Plague Garden also claims to be the last prince of Ekran? I'd even say he seems to share some of the traits, (especially in his pride for his martial skills).
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    Thank you all again for your input. It's been great to have some more insight on how doing this might be perceived. This is what I've gathered so far: Proxy is the wrong word for my intentions. I'm angling more for conversions that count as something. Most people are fine with emergency proxy use, and not as a recurring theme. It should not happen in tournaments (although I don't intend to play in them). It should be done with effort to make it a compelling part of an army and not an out-of-place standin, especially with respect to the opponent and the army they worked hard to complete. It should ideally be converted to truly show off its symbolic nature and not just painted in a particular scheme. It needs to be a cool addition and conversation piece, not a confusing source for debate. Jesus christ, 10 Chainrasps are 40 USD. I've ordered some teensy hobby chains and 25mm bases to swap from the old squares. I will eventually try my hand at green stuff modelling and see if I can't make some manacles, too. Should I create a prototype chainrat, paint it, and gather your thoughts? Thanks again. Addendum: When it comes to the difference in model sizes, I figure the way to approach it is to place an original model in the stead of the standin to determine things like line of sight. I don't imagine this will make for a common issue, though.
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    So new to Warhammer and to Painting miniatures in general but I have been enjoying myself so much I have even started to help paint my girlfriends flesh-eater courts army anyway here are the pics My first carnosaur was so much fun to paint and as you can see I have a gold and blue theme All in it has taken me about 3 weeks to paint and I have some more to post soon as I have a completed Old blood on foot and Skink star Priest Troglodon was also really fun to paint Flesh eater courts for my girlfriend
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    My points values were basically Big Boss - 120 - rerollable decent saves, more wounds than Moonclan bigbosses on foot for the same cost? Yeah give that badboy a points boost. Arachnarok + Shaman - keep at 280. It feels fine for the points cost as it is. It's pricey, but not ridiculously OP. Arachnarok with nothing on it - 200 (since other grot shamans are 80) Arachnarok with Flinger - 260. Lobba's are 100, the Flinger isn't anywhere as good as a Lobba, but a downward point change would still make them a meaningful choice rather than Shaman's all day everyday. Spider Riders - 90/480 to make them in line with Grot Wolf Riders. Wolf Riders move faster, have better saves, pile in better and the riders themselves hit harder on the charge, Spider Riders have rend on 6's. My thoughts were assuming that warscrolls don't change.
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    Well, I wasn't actually saying that the darkoath were the new marauders although that's exactly how it read! what I was trying to get at was that GW back at the birth of AoS made it clear that the old world factions were resigned to history and as such not getting any more updates or new models. However, I took that to mean the old world armies themselves (Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen, Dark Elves et. al). We've seen that the new factions have emerged and sucked in those old model lines with a rebox and a rename - witch elves become daughter of Khaine etc. They said that the new factions would be getting the new models, so don't expect to get a new chaos chosen for your Warriors of Chaos compendium for example. Nor did I ever expect that the chaos warriors would get a model overhaul and still be called chaos warriors for example, but they might be a new Doomsworn warrior or whatever for the Slaves to darkness faction. In the same way that I never saw "new" chaos marauder sculpts coming out and being called chaos marauders. Perhaps it would have been better to say that the Darkoath are the barbarian marauder tribes of the Age of Sigmar in the same way that the Chaos Marauders (khurgan, hung etc) were the barbarian marauder tribes of the old world. Its also easy to forget for new players that the old model lines by AoS standards are quite static - as mentioned in the Warriors post a few pages back, yet you need to remember that they had to rank up side by side on square bases - AoS gives the designers so much more design freedom in this respect, which is a great thing as we know that so many of the early AoS release models were date stamped from back in fantasy, and thus were waiting in the wings for a very long time. They would have never made it to a fantasy table top as ranking them up would have been a nightmare unless the base size changed. I probably still haven't really made what I was trying to get at any clearer.. oh well!
  18. 3 points
    While I appreciate GW engaging the community, I don't know that there's a whole lot to be gained by going wide with soliciting random opinions. At the end of the day, it shouldn't be too hard to create an objective system for points costing. I have actually been fiddling around with a spreadsheet recently to see if I could create a formula that would produce consistent and reasonable points values for units. I haven't spent a lot of time or effort on it yet, but I was very quickly able to get a decent basis going. It considers attacks, range, rend, saves, wounds, movement, fly, spell casting, command abilities and a few basic special abilities. I bashed it against a bunch of Death units and these were the results: Black Knights: 119 points (vs 120) Skeleton Warriors: 80 points (vs 80) Grave Guard: 66 points (vs 80) Grimghast Reapers: 160 points (vs 140) Morghasts: 196 points (vs 220) Dire Wolves: 73 points (vs 60) Hexwraiths: 157 points (vs 160) Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon: 455 points (vs 440) Nagash: 799 points (vs 800) Vargheists: 176 points (vs 160) Necromancer: 70 points (vs 110) Wight King: 80 points (vs 120) Of the list, only the results for the Necro and Wight King are obviously really borked. The Vargheist result is surprising. I think most would agree that Grave Guard are over-costed, Grimghasts under-costed and Dire Wolves too. One consistent formula calculated all of these values. The fact that there's so much similarity with actual point values suggests the GW has some kind of method to their madness. Wouldn't it be better to improve the method, rather than just wade through a tidal wave of opinions?
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    Make ironjaws not suck, that is all.
  20. 3 points
    This will be the Freebooters’ Skyship.
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    Just to add the two cents from the other side of the spectrum. GW is so in control of leaks there are close to none rumours. But when something is their, it sparks conversation. And those are far more interesting in my mind. For example the remark someone made about GW focussing on new instead of replacing old kits, came from the conversation about the chaos warriors and knights models because of a rumour about Darkoath. Which in turn also sparked an interesting conversation about where it all would fit with the next expand is being confirmed destruction and wrath & blood fitting in somewhere in there as well. Again, to each their own, but if I wanted only a prediction of what’s to come without the reactions of others... I’ll just read the community page 😅
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    Hey guys. Thanks for the feedback. The weather isn't ideal for priming at the moment but the Maggotkin force is finally built. I decided to repose the wings on the Drones and built a third unit of Blightkings. Also here is some of the Tzeentch force. I haven't decided what to use for heads on the Knights yet but I'll try to build the rest of the army this month and next. Best, Plokoone
  24. 2 points
    Buttt do give us allegiance abilities 😂
  25. 2 points
    I agree, most costs seem alright. Untilllll you add allegiance abilities. So there’s not much sensible to be said about that maybe if we KNOW nothing is coming maybe drop everything Regarding the ironblaster, it’s a bit weird it’s one of the few things that can threaten your opponents backfield (together with gorgers), that should make it so worthwhile but it’s so wiffy everything else is better at their respective jobs but then again... I really like the model 😂
  26. 2 points
    Not a rumour, or a wishlist,... or news. Rather a whats next?. Slaanesh redone is a given, and theres been talks of darkoath/everchosen getting some attention, which would mean all 4 and divided would have their fill. Moonclan are comeing around next. So whats the next big thing going from there? I don’t want to lead this with wishlist or just speculation, but releases tend to follow the trend of going with the fluff and if Slaanesh is so intrinsically linked with the light and dark aelves could we safley say that Malerion and maybe tyrion/ teclis would follow not far behind. If Moraathi and Alarielle are the bnchmark then the rest of aelven of Pantheon can be nothing but great. Things have slowed down a fair bit for AoS after Nighthaunt, which is fair because it’s been a great year so far for releases. Very excited to see what 2019 brings.
  27. 2 points
    The direction this discussion usually goes: (Person with the worst abuses of proxies/counts-as in mind): Proxies? No thanks. (Person with the mildest/best cases in mind): Proxies? No problem. (Reality): Case by case - usually fine/unnoticed, sometimes the experience is improved, sometimes the experience is worsened.
  28. 2 points
    I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised at how the community is handling this. Everything I’ve seen has been pretty positive and supportive of the decision - when soes that ever happen!? Internet high-fives for everyone! Just for being cool.
  29. 2 points
    All finished and army ready for 1750 point tournament
  30. 2 points
    Similar to Dispossessed. You can make them as cheap as you want but a ludicrously big horde wont make up for their mediocre warscrolls and lack of mobility.
  31. 2 points
    Interesting a lot of IDK players seem to be giving the same feedback; that it's a shame to have so many possible options but eels outshine them all. My big feedback: 1) Lotann, what is the point of this guy? Fantastic model, totally useless rules. All he does is give a small bravery buff with an extreme range restriction and a way for Nemarti to reroll hits of 1 with an extreme range restriction. He's even worse because there are so many other ways to reroll hit rolls of 1 in the army. I think 3 enclaves give hit rerolls? Nautilar reroll all failed if they were charged, Fuethan reroll 1s on turn 2 and 4 and Briomdar (?) reroll if they charged. He can't cast spells, use artefacts and doesn't have a command ability. He is literally pointless. Which I could understand for a really old model in a huge range, but for a brand new kit and a named character it's criminal. He needs a rework and I doubt we'll get that, but I asked for him to reduced to 50 points. 2) Both types of eels are too good, we all know this. At the same time their warscrolls are pretty cool rule wise and we need to be careful not to put them at the point where they drop out of usage. They should fill the elites slot. 20 Point rise for both. 3) Reavers and Thralls are both basically unplayable at a decent level currently. I actually believe that thralls are fairly good if you could get them to the point where they suit the role of cheap glass cannon horde infantry, once they get into combat you can put some really great damage output. This is slightly hampered by their base size, I think they are very similar to Bloodletters in terms of damage output and survivability. As such I suggest 120 points with a 30 unit costing 300 points. This would reward those who go for the horde approach with a point reduction that makes up for the fact they are likely to struggle to get all into combat + suffer bravery losses. Reavers are fine warscroll wise, but even at their best range they are only putting out around 3.5 wounds through a 4+ save. If you want a ranged unit you're much better bringing in a variety of allied units. 100 points / 270 points for a discount. 4) Allopex are just lackluster for their points cost. It upsets me that their only rule is a reroll to charges. I personally believe they are similar to Khorgorath's which are much cheaper. 120 points. 5) Eidolons are both over costed. They are similar to greater daemons who are significantly cheaper across the board. AotSea suffers especially from not having any innate bonuses to casting coupled with a short range on spells. Very easy to shut down a 440 point model with one much cheaper than might have access to a 1+ or 2+ to unbind. 380 for Storm 400 for Sea. 6) Soulscryer is probably too cheap because of the power of Deepstrike. Allows you to keep your best guys off the board, drop them down with a charge bonus and then go to town with the eel spam. 140 points for deepstrike tax. 7) Battlions the deepkin battlions are all bad. Royal council is hypothetically cool, but requires such a degree of set up to make it undesirable. I.e having to take the soulscryer but not being able to use him for the reason you would take a soulscryer. I suggested 100 point reduction to all battlions.
  32. 2 points
    Thanks to be honest I never thought i would be any good but I absolutely love painting Miniatures and will start practicing more and more its s much fun
  33. 2 points
    Well I’m late to the party.. Still working on my shaman. More detail and remaking the staff. Still a lot of work to be done
  34. 2 points
    As this FAQ is framed, the way it defines proxies, I am in 100% agreement with it. I think the intent here is not to stifle creativity but to maintain the way Warhammer transports you off to tell stories in the Mortal Realms. So, for me if someone went to the effort to paint up ghost Skaven, maybe even making some green stuff manacles and said these are Chainrasps, these would not be proxies, they would be conversions. They wouldn't be covered by the rule above in my opinion. If you asked me for my permission anyway I would say hell yes!
  35. 2 points
    I think, other than my already mentioned base-sized bits of paper, I'm also not happy with the same model standing in for two different things. Like, say, someone using Liberators as stand ins for both Sequitors and Evocators (and maybe even a unit of actual Liberators!). One at a time, buddy.
  36. 2 points
    You could run 3 units of 3 spirit hosts, but you wont do much, if anything except for making wooOooO sounds when you move them
  37. 2 points
    Balance is a pain. I play Street Fighter amongst other fighting games, and it never pleases everyone. I did post my thoughts on FB (and Twitter) for what it's worth, but I don't think it'll even be considered because of the factions I play. Anyway: Drakespawn Knights - no points drops, but need to hit harder. Not even Eel hard, but something. Scourgerunner/Drakespawn Chariots - both considered weak choices and battalion taxes. No point drops needed if the stat-line gets something. Corsairs - stateline buff, again no points reduction. No one wants to paint 100 of them (40, 40, 20/10, 10). Synergy with Fleemaster good, but you don't have the CPs to keep using the command ability. Maybe there's something around redoing this ability? Lots of Fleetmasters really suits and I think Corsairs really belong in the Mortal Realms. Dark Riders - why aren't these Order battleline? Shadowblades are a waste of time, but at least you'd ally in an Assassin. These are a waste of the excellent dual build kit. Serious wishlist territory: Sorceress on Drakespawn for Order Serpentis or Darkling Coven (I'd prefer former, thematically. The model is gone though, however it so suits the Serpentis theme battle sorceress and add much needed none-ally magic to them) 100/120 pts depending on Warscroll Dreadlord on Drakespawn for Order Serpentis. If you don't do anything for the Knights, at least let us buff them somehow beyond Do Not Disappoint Me. 100 points max, or if he's a combat monster with a greatblade, a bit more. You could then take more Knights and 1 less dragon if you wanted. Dreadlord for Darkling Coven. A fighter leader wouldn't go amiss at all and would be awesome amongst Black Guard or Executioners. Some kind of synergy beyond Battalions. Free Cities is OK, but a bit more flavour would be much appreciated. Truthfully, I know there's no desire from GW. I should be grateful that the new aelves kick serious face, but I just don't love them like I do Serpentis, Privateers and Covens... I'll keep buying Corsairs, Knights etc until Malerion's aelves land, I promise, just make these guys a bit tougher in the face of MW, rend and Endless Spells!
  38. 2 points
    I hope GW understands that everyone plays gorepilgrims not becsuse it's that good but rather because other BoK are poor. Don't increase points on the batallion or slaughterpriests. Decrease the others.
  39. 2 points
    I don’t know why they did not use a survey instead of Facebook. Isn’t Facebook a thing for « old » people now?
  40. 2 points
    Personally, I would just like to see the next GHB promote and encourage small point games along with the normal 2000 points. Would also like to see warbands get a revised and updated ruleset, but I have a feeling that will be a separate boxset in 2019.
  41. 2 points
    Afternoon folks Another quick update today as I'm up to my armpits in grey plastic at the moment - the last stretch of the first 3k of the Court is about to start, with the last 10 Spites, 3 Hunters, a Branchwych, Drycha and Durthu to build and paint. So 16 models and about 1080pts left. The counts-as Durthu should be fun to do, if a little mental... Currently on the painting slate is the Harvest Maiden and a single ghul, for the Denizens of the Grey Marches series. On the building slate however is a whole bunch of stuff: That's a whole bunch of Crone-touched stuff. Another three Hunters - really happy with the champion with the heart-fruit in hand - they all need a few last details added and greenstuffing around the wastes, as well as the bases being completed. Probably wont show much more of them until they are done. The other 4 chaps are the rest of the first unit of Crone-touched Treekin at a very early stage - they've got a treekin left arm added, heads in place and rooty bits added to chest hollows. Still loads to do on them like trimming Spite arms to fit, adding branches, leaves and roots as well as bark texture to their backs, and sorting their bases out. Still enjoying how they look, but I think I'll be mixing them into the existing regular Spites for games etc just to break up the look of the units. GW did an outstanding job on the Nighthaunt range and it's been great to find excuses and ways to use some of them in the Court. Still tempted to find a way to use Lady Olynder for something too.. Back again soon, Knave
  42. 2 points
    Yup! Actually I just finished mine, just need some touch-ups... I added a second dragon skull, put some pelts, a gutgouger and a shield, and choose a very badass looking head... actually he has a “second version” of him, riding a stonehorn, but this one is a more complex conversion, because you need to reposition the legs for him to sit on the saddle... hope you enjoy! cheers AJ
  43. 2 points
    I was given these by the owner of my local game store, I am assuming the package was damaged or something was missing. Well I hate leaving gifted models unpainted so I finally sat down and painted these. I stuck with the standard scheme I usually do, heavy on the checks! It is standard across all of the destruction forces I have done and will hopefully tie them together if I ever decide to use them in a mixed force.
  44. 2 points
    Minor progress on the thirster. Really thought i would have him done by now, but i probably got at least another week to go
  45. 2 points
    Update; Ive been assigned a team mate so we've had the opportunity to theory craft our lists. He is bringing a very shooty skaven list with lots of jezzails, warp fire throwers and an Arch Warlock with some endless spells. It can put out a ton of mortal wounds in the magic and shooting phase but will die to a stiff breeze in melee. With that in mind I'm going to run the following; Allegiance: KhorneWrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster (320)- General- Trait: Immense Power - Artefact: Deathdealer Bloodstoker (80)Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver Blades10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver Blades5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Chaos Glaives5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Chaos GlaivesTotal: 1000 / 1000 The game plan is basically to kamikaze the bloodthirster into their lines first turn to give them something to worry about while shooting them to pieces. Then the two units of knights follow up with buffs from the lord and blood stoker and backed up by the warp fire throwers. The reavers are just there to screen the jezzails. If we pick our shooting targets carefully such that we delete small units and heroes I should be generating heaps of blood tithe much earlier than usual which will mean lots of daemons by the end of the game :-) I'll most likely put up a tournament review of our 3 games after the event for anyone who is interested.
  46. 2 points
    For the the love of whatever god you follow.... Can we please go back to rumours ????? 700 out of 706 page are not rumour related at all. This is a rumour thread for kitten sake. We already have a wishlisting one in existence.
  47. 2 points
    I completely understand and sympathize with your struggle (so to speak) with this. I, too, have had to tackle the issue. I solved it by giving in. I just buy it all, secure in the knowledge that as long as I have miniatures that remain unpainted, I cannot die. I am immortal.
  48. 1 point
    All lists are on the main page: http://www.daboyzgt.com/fantasy/
  49. 1 point
    I agree. If it's literally only about points, then for a big swathe of models you won't fix their balance by making them cheaper. The question may as well have been "how much more should a Hag Queen cost" because unless it's a more modern army, the points aren't necessarily the issue. Edit: I should be clear. I understood the question as it was, gave good reasoning and it is something for the team to address if they feel appropriate. If nothing happens, it's still my decision to play with older models and I won't be chucking my toys out of the pram. I just still feel part of the particular range I'm interested in stands toe to toe miniature wise with some modern stuff easily. I just don't think a horde army is the way a Corsair based force is, which is the only thing that can happen by reducing cost. Who wants to wait for me to move 100 25mm bases! 😂
  50. 1 point
    Alright! If it doesn't scare you too much, 60 moonclan grots is one of the most solid battleline units you'll ever come across. They have a 4+ save versus shooting, making them surprisingly durable, and their nets are such a strong tool that'll have your opponent's -elite- units fail miserably, and does a really good job of protecting key targets in close combat such as grot warbosses by simply standing next to them This also means that if a net model stands next to an enemy model attacking a river troll or collosal squig, the minus to hit from the trolls/squig will stack to a -2. (Versus the squig/troll specifically) I'll elaborate a bit on the nets, because they're -incredibly- strong when used right; Think of them like shields instead of nets, and deploy them accordingly. 9/10 times you'll want to deploy your models like this; (Grot) (Net) (Grot) (Net) (Grot) (Net) (Grot) (Net) (Grot) (Net) (Grot) (Net) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) (Grot) By spreading out the nets, you spread their coverage, as they'll only affect nearby -models-, which you can push to mean "Everything that can hit you are close enough to be affected by the nets" by positioning them correctly Mind that they have a 2" Inch attack range, so you can be quite liberal when they start piling in and your formation starts warping. I don't think you -need- more than a single unit full of 60 moonclan grots, as I've never experienced the unit dying. Their large numbers mean their bravery is also quite high (4+6 from the start, then 4+5 once they've taken a single casualty) (Since you get +1 bravery per 10 models) - So don't feel compelled to go "full horde" if you remain pure moonclan. Personally I run a mixed destruction right now, and my second blob consists of 60 gitmob grots with bows, who are well protected by the moonclan grots tl;dr: A 60 grot blob of moonclan grots will serve you extremely well. Think of them as a deceptively durable tank unit, and don't run them headlong into something that can actually massacre them, and you will never lose it Any scenario where your opponent runs his stuff headlong into the net-covered side of it, you've achieved a positive outcome.
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