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    Personally, I believe that all models for a given system that were released as part of an army should be given rules pretty much in perpetuity. They don't need new sculpts or new full army books (battletomes), but given the nature of this hobby and the fact that models themselves last forever and become little works of art for those who paint them, I just don't accept them leaving the system. Along with this there needs to be a clear, loud statement from GW that says something like "These are the current, valid, 100% legit rules for these models in the current rules set. Don't try to age-shame people for using them." They then need to work with tournaments to let them know, clearly, that they consider these rules 100% compatible with the 10 armies that are sold in stores and they have zero reason to disallow them from their events. Frankly, I don't even care if they new rules for an army are less involved than those for a New Hotness army or if they were even to say "use this as that" for some things (for instance, how hard is it for Tomb Guard to be a direct analog to Grave Guard???). Just create a situation where your most loyal and long-term customers can feel like they are not getting tossed by the wayside when new stuff comes. Incidentally, this approach would help them get new gamers in. Instead of hearing "Yeah kid, enjoy your Daughters of Khaine while they last, because in a few years they will be invalidated" and thus deterring the purchase of a $700 army, you would hear "Heck yeah! Get those Daughters of Khaine. You'll have a force to last a hobby lifetime. Sure, you're eventually going to be tempted to buy like 16 other armies too, but your first love will stick by you has you date the new girls, too. Heck, with allies and such, maybe your Daughters and the next army can play with you on the table at the same time!" Win, win. Win. Bottom line: Telling people that their once-legit models are no longer welcome is _always_ a bad idea.
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    The problem is that a new player could buy a faction they like the look of but not realise they are old (e.g. Darkling Covens), and then, not long later, *poof* they're gone. Entering a shop for the first time now, there is nothing to tell someone if a white box unit is older or newer than any other. Hell, even the terrible Zombies are white boxed now. Squattings should be avoided at all costs IMHO. Being a TK guy (seriously GW, why?), I gave GW one more chance by going all-in with BCR. Move the goalposts again by squatting BCR, and I'm done. I don't want to spend my whole hobby wondering and worrying if my faction is new enough be allowed to exist, and having the Sword of Damocles over it is really demotivating painting-wise. Finally, as I mentioned on the other thread, squattings spook other players. For example, if, say, Wanderers were cut, Dispossessed (etc.) players might suddenly get very nervous.
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    You! Take your logic and reasonableness and shove it! This is the rumor thread! Logic isn't allowed here! We only deal in wild slavering passion filled speculation!?
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    Dear people, that was a joke. Not a good one I admit, but was still a joke ?
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    Played against Nighthaunt again. Aqshy was realm and Relocation orb was the battleplan. I finished setting up first with 6 drops and had him go first. He moved up. Terrain was in the way of both setup areas, making setup a bit difficult. A building hindered the nighthaunts advance a little, but he was able to manage it. He failed a charge with a buffed unit and didn't reroll it. (afterwards he said he should have, I agree). On my turn I moved up with all my hero phase movement(got 1 rampaging). I then gave +2 to hit for my 20 ardboys and cast +1 damage for their weapons as well. I failed to cast 2 spells but suceeded on Fireball and the +1 to damage to weapons as said. Waagh'd for +5 attacks. (3 CP+1 from Aetherquartz and I rolled one 6 in combat phase=+5 attacks) Moved up more in the movement phase, putting the ardboys at 3" and most of the other units in charging distance. My goregruntas didnt get in (bad roll). Wiped 2 units and should have had a 3rd with the 20 ardboys. 152 attacks +2/+3/-/ 2 damage from those 20 ardboys. We called it after that. I brought the following list.
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    Sorry for such a long delay. Took a long time to get this redone for the AoS 2.0 format and a lot of points changed. Here's the new files with all the points incorporated from AoS 2.0 including the new General's Handbook. It also includes updates from all of the latest Battletomes up to Beasts of Chaos. If there are any issues in here, please let me know. Still working on a quick 2 page ruleset for Skirmish. Once I have that done I'll post it for feedback. AoS2_Forgotten_Heroes_v1.1.pdf
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    And finally here are some pics on the day! Don't have a proper set up yet for taking nice photos of something so big. Really pleased with this as my first piece of terrain.
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    I'm going to offer a counter point that the point of this thread is to discuss BoC options. I don't think its helpful to couch unit assessment in vaguely positive terms like 'it could work for you but'. I know I certainly wouldn't read or be involved in the thread if that was the overall gist. If the unit isn't a good unit then it deserves to be named as such - in part to help highlight those concerns and percolate good feedback up. Also there are people who come here to help make buying choices and I know I'd rather get honest advice if I'm deciding on how to spend my money. Ultimately I don't think its fair to label people 'salty' or say they make 'cringe worthy' statements when they're offering valid (and generally well founded) criticism of the book. As I've stated multiple times the book is overall a hit I think but I don't think Bullgors are a tremendously useful unit in that context. People are allowed (and should be encouraged) to have a variety of opinions on various units and I don't think should feel compelled to be silent or play to a falsely positive narrative if that doesn't fit their view point. We cannot. The only allies you can take must have the 'Slaves to Darkness' keyword. We cannot ally with Skin Wolves or the Preytron - GW doesn't really design their ally system around FWs rules. I have a friend who plays LoA (and I have a small LoA collection myself) so it can be very frustrating.
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    “Don’t go looking for snakes. You might find them.” Ancient proverb from the World That Was ~ “My most-loved children, made by me and made of me.” “Blessed of Hekate in form and ever loyal in temper.” “The serpents in the garden, the pricking thorn in the flower.” “My children, my warriors.” “That bear such bitter fruit upon cruel boughs.” ~
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    I designed and commissioned this piece of furniture for my "warhammer room" recently. I stole the gaming lip idea from card tables and from the "Table of Ultimate Gaming" but decided to go with a design I thought was a little more aesthetic for our home! I went to the warhammer citadel this weekend in Grapvine, Texas (flew down there for the warhammer new player expo) and saw that they had a few "Table of Ultimate Gaming" setup, and I'm glad I went with a furniture maker because the wood quality on those tables is less than I'd imagined when considering it. We used an Alder for the wood and had stained two different colors. I made it 42" tall so I wouldn't have to bend too much (I have a bad back), which is really tall. My wife might need a stepping stool! Other than that, there's not much else to change- the table surface fits the 6x4 play mats perfectly! I'll be getting a bunch of terrain for it soon, but in the meantime (besides, of course, showing it off), I wanted to see other people's gaming tables- whether it's fine woodworking, cool terrain, modeled ground etc to help give me some ideas or just to stare at!
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    In the matched play rules only one instance of and endless spell can be on the feild at a time. So if your opponent casts cogs you cannot.
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    I always forget all this cunning tactical preplanning and just hurl ghosts at people once its all on the table
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    Hi All! A new war band finished and photographed, and another finished (but unphotographed). Most of the people I play regularly with are astounded with how much I get done. Which to me seems ridiculous, because it feels like I never get anything done. I suppose I can't complain too much, because I am completing a new war band about every 8-10 days. I guess that's pretty good considering I'm doing quite a bit more than the "threecolorsandawash" approach. Without further adiue, here are the Farstriders: Almerec: Swiftblade: Farstrider: As you can see, I went with a Celestial Vindicator scheme. This painting process is pretty much what I've been doing since since I opted to do the first warband (Steelheart's Champions) in demi-metal. The main difference here is that I've gone with a four-source zenith lighting, with two mains (being warm light) and two secondary lights (being cool lights). Which without technical jargon, that just means Every piece of armor has two highlights; one that's very bright and turquoise, and second, less bright highlight that is a more balanced blue. I've also painted the pauldrons and headpieces as white marble. Because metal isn't heavy enough to carry around on your head; it's gotta be rock. The other difference is that with these guys is that I went with a "flare" pattern on the armor. Usually when I paint armor, I'll go with a zenial highlight, with a "banding" pattern where the highlights run side-to-side instead of up-and-down. This time you can see flaring on the legs and arm bracers. The effect is super cool, I'm just glad I only have to paint 3 and not an entire army. I'm currently cleaning the sprue for the Tzneetch war band, and I'll be taking pictures of the finished Zarbag's gits as soon as I get around to it. In the meantime, Happy painting all. -F
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    So my club in the SF Bay Area has a tradition of an invite-only mini-tournament called The Battle for the Christmas Ham. It's a 3 game, booze soaked, gift giving tournament, traditionally with silly rules and low levels of play. The Overall Award is an actual Christmas Ham. This will be the first year of reviving the tradition since AoS dropped, as our club was hit pretty hard by the death of 8th and it's taken us some time to rebuild. Anyway, the tournament will be taking place in The Realm of Christmas, so I figured I'd share the backstory and realm rules, in case anyone else wanted to play some games in Solstyr! Note: I'm not looking for notes or critiques. I realize the rules are inherently unbalanced. That's the point!
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    2x Reavers, 2x Allopex, 1 thralls and Lotann plus Soulreaver ? seriuosly bow: 1x Eel, 1 Eidolon, 2 Reavers, 1 Allopex (my guess) for DoK: Cauldron, 2 Melusai, 2 Witches, 1-2 Khinerai
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    We had a meeting this week. We are all excited. We have five referees ready to go. We have the tables and terrain ready to go. We have three food trucks ready to be on site. We have the players signed up and fees paid. We're not going to promote through GW right now because its a waste of time, as you said they only focus on the big events. This is our pilot event.
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    Well there is also a very easy way in painting clanrats which I found when a college sold my his brayherd army. He himself used the leather brown spray from army painter, and only painted the clothes Armour and boneparts. its rather easy and 10of those miniatures will take about 1hour of your time. they will also look great on the table. sam goes for clanrats spraying them with the brown color will finish the skin tone literally of. The only thing now to do is to paint the clothes, Armour and weapons in the clout you want them to have, and wash the whole model with agrax earth shade, and your model is now ready to be brought on the table. i didn’t try it out on clanrats yet but on my Bestigors/Gors and ungors it looks great. and having painted 10miniature per hour, is something i really enjoy, more time for me to paint my beloved Stormvermins stormfiends and hero’s etc. ps: that picture her is an example of how I painted one of my Bestigors
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    As promised, here are some pictures of my armies on parade board as I made it. First up the board itself. Styrofoam in a wooden frame. I'll make 5 more of these eventually so I can play some games with my tree! Here is me figuring out how it would work conceptually with some spare normal foam Starting to print the entrance building, designing the door frame. Balcony window frame doodad The entrance building taking shape. A mix of plasticard, textured and plain. Cut out the main shape of the tree and recessed my entrance building into the ground. Carved the tree into shape and then added an apoxie sculpt layer that I moulded into bark using icing moulds and silicon sculpting tools. Was much more difficult than I thought! I then sculpted little hills for the cannon placements with remaining foam and polyfiillad them in place. I used rocks from the garden to line the tree. I then cut little tiles out of plasticard and laid them in a patio pattern I googled, to make the road. This picture is it then primed. As part of the build I made my own washes. The one in the middle is agrax earthsahde and the one on the right is my own, except I now have 2 litres of it! Google Luke's APS wash tutorial for a guide. After painting and dry brushing the tree and ground I started to build the platforms and began placing leaves and moss everywhere. Painting dioramas is so much harder than minis because you can't reach things!
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    In the final days of the Age of Chaos, a fleet of skyfaring vessels, early ancestors of the Kharadron, crashed into the Forest. The few who survived were helped by the fledgling Gharuki and treated like kings. A few eventually repaired their crafts and left for the skys, but there were a few who remained, grateful to their forest brothers. The Endrinmasters shared all that they knew with the Gharuki and they now have a sizeable fleet of of gyrocraft and airborn fighters. Eschewing tradition these Duardin live high in the canopy of the forest and send out squadrons to scour the continent to assist all that they can, remembering how their people were chased from their homeland.
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    Big update time! I have been working on these guys for several months now, painstakingly painting longbeards at only 10 points a pop! Reintroducing, the Gharuki Forest Duardin! During the Age of Chaos, the Duardin of the Chamonite Continent of Agrellia were almost hunted to extinction. A small portion of them retreated into the depths of the gargantuan Gharuki Forest. So deep and dark was this wood that the roaming bands of Khorne and Tzeentch neglected to delve too far inside. As the Duardin hid they took solace in the solidity of the ground, building their community around the roots of the leviathan copperheart oaks. Over time they began to revere the trees and their civilization ventured upwards. Now, in the Age of Sigmar their huge city sprawls from miles underground up to the forest canopy itself. They refer to themselves now as the 'The Gharuki' The Gharuki are now a diverse mixture old and new, tradition and change, engineering and druidism. Their society is divided into four main factions. First amongst these are... Steeped in tradition and stoic to the last, the root guard are the conventional military wing of Gharuki Society. Preferring to live under the trees than around them, these Duardin are a superb warriors and immovable defenders. Their armour is crafted from the vibrant inner bark of the Copperhearts, as strong as steel and much more flexible. They vigilantly patrol the forest floor and have fought off any force that dares to trespass.
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    Hi everyone. I’m the guy who won the Osaka GT last weekend with a Barak-Mhornar list. I’ve been lurking this thread for a long time and it’s given me loads of ideas, so to give something back I thought I could post a little about my experiences at the tournament. Apologies in advance for the massive post! The event itself was fantastic - very well organised, with amazing tables and prize support. Impressive since it was the first AoS tournament in Japan as far as I know. Shoutout to Champi and his team for a job well done. There were twenty-two players, which will hopefully rise for next year. The vibe was friendly and relaxed, and it was fantastic to just hang out and chat with a bunch of great like-minded people. If you fancy a holiday in Japan, I recommend timing it to coincide with next year’s tournament in September 2019! As for the rules, it was basically everything. All the Realm of Battle stuff, including the realm rules and all the extra realm spells. As a KO player, I was worried about this ahead of time, but as it turned out, I was basically able to ignore all those spells apart from when my opponent was casting them. One less thing to think about for me! There were also plenty of official terrain pieces, for which the warscrolls were used. My list was posted earlier in the thread, but here it is again for reference: This is my first AoS army and I’ve not been playing too long so I’m not actually that experienced a player. In my practice games, I was mainly playing a Death list that I just can’t beat, along with a Nurgle list, so I was expecting to get smashed to be honest. I probably won more games of AoS at the tournament than I had in total up to that point! So take any insight from me with a hefty pinch or two of salt (but hopefully not the usual Kharadron kind!). A quick explanation of some of my choices: I went with the Navigator as my general for the 3-up save as it’d be a blow to lose the Opportunistic Privateers ability early on. That was also the thinking behind his artefact. A 4-up mortal wound save sounds good, but for some reason he was never targeted early doors and never had a single mortal wound to save! I took the block of thirty Arkanaut Company because I felt it was the best way to get a strong ranged threat. With the rerolls to hit from the general and a buff from the Aether-Khemist, they can put a serious dent in just about anything. With their twenty-four inch range, they can sit back and force the opponent into having to make a decision on how to deal with them. They were often screened with at least one of the other smaller units of Company. To be honest, Brokk is mainly there because he looks cool, though he does often distract from the real threat, the Endrinriggers. Plus he’s fast, no slouch in combat and can give out the first turn run and charge, which is great coupled with Barak-Mhornar’s first turn run and shoot. The Endrinriggers did a lot of damage over the five games. I often got them stuck into a key threat early and they would generally delete or at least severely weaken it before their inevitable demise. I’d usually put the Khemist buff on them first turn if they were going to be in the thick of it. The two grapnels didn’t do much at all, apart from possibly altering the way my opponents positioned due to the threat of them. I don’t actually think I used them once. They were all I had painted, and I probably would’ve swapped them out for two more saws if I could have. The Ironclad was a great blocker to protect the Arkanaut Company. I’d often jam it in the middle of the board, which often held up the opponent’s units long enough for me to kill them or at least take objectives. I would have loved to take a second Khemist. Buffing the Company and the Riggers in the same turn would be strong, but I just couldn’t find the points. I’ll try and keep the descriptions of each game brief. I didn’t take notes and it was a full-on weekend, so I might be misremembering some things, particularly after Saturday night’s refreshments... Game One vs Nighthaunt Border War in Chamon (Rust Plague) I’d never played against Nighthaunt before and expected them to be really hard to kill. Turns out weight of fire does the trick against rend-ignoring ghosties (the Arkanaut Company pistols especially did major work). My opponent had Lady Olynder, a group of Chainrasps, two units of Hexwraiths, two units of six Spirit Hosts, four Tomb Banshees, a unit of eight Myrmourn Banshees and a Mourngul. Just after my opponent’s first turn. I gave my opponent the first turn. He brought his two units of Spirit Haunts and several Tomb Banshees from off the board to threaten my big unit of Arkanaut Company, which was positioned behind the Ironclad. The only place he could put the Mourngul was in my right-hand corner of the board. The two units of Hexwraiths took the two middle objectives. Although I usually put Brokk and the Endrinriggers on the boat to start, I didn’t this time because I was worried about his deepstriking units zoning them out. He put his Myrmourn Banshees nine inches from the Riggers. And by some miracle, the only charge he got off was the Myrmourn. If the Spirit Hosts and the Mourngul had made their charges, the match might have gone very differently. Huge slice of luck, that. The Myrmourn did a little damage, but then the Endrinriggers and Brokk slaughtered them. In my first turn, the Riggers and Brokk went to contest the centre objective to my right. They killed most of the Hexwraiths there and managed to take that objective. The Arkanaut Company wiped out one unit of six Spirit Hosts. I then got the double turn - another stroke of luck - and got the second unit too. The Thunderers moved away from the Mourngul so he didn’t do much until the third turn, when he smashed Brokk in one combat. By then, the Riggers had run off to contest the Nighthaunts’ back objective. I managed to kill Lady Olynder and then my opponent had so few things left - and not enough VPs - that it was just a case of mop-up from there. I’d also like to mention that my opponent had come all the way from New York - most impressive! Result: Major Victory Brokk about to die. Game Two vs Nighthaunt Total Commitment in Aqshy (Geysers of Boiling Blood) Nighthaunt again! This time, my opponent brought three of the big heroes, Olynder, Kurdoss and Reikenor, along with a Spirit Torment and a Guardian of Souls. For troops, he’d brought two blocks of Grimghast Reapers, a block of Bladegheist Revenants and a unit of three Spirit Hosts. I deployed the Thunderers on the objective to my left, most of my force to the right and Brokk and the Riggers in the centre. He had Kurdoss and a big unit in the centre, and one other big unit on either flank. Sorry, but I don’t remember which was placed where. I gave my opponent the first turn. Since the scenario forbids the use of reserves, he had everything on the board, which proved a massive disadvantage to him. He moved up and then I basically shot the unit on my right flank to pieces with the big block of Company, one other unit and the Ironclad. The last unit was out of range behind a hill, securing the objective. The Riggers got buffed by the Khemist and raced with Brokk towards the block of spooks on my left flank. I just ignored the big block in the centre as they weren’t threatening any objectives. The riggers and Brokk got some ranged damage off but they couldn’t charge because I’d foolishly forgotten to use Brokk’s command ability. The luck was still with me as I got the first turn in the second round. I wiped out most of the things on both flanks, including Reikenor, and got the Riggers on the far-left objective. At that point it was basically game over, and my opponent conceded soon after. I wish I’d remembered to take photos because the Nighthaunt army was really nicely painted in a cool black-red scheme. Result: Major Victory Game Three vs Beastclaw Take and Hold in Shyish (Life Leeching) This was a hard Battleplan for my opponent as he’d need at least five models on each of the two objectives to get the major victory. A pretty tall order when his army consisted of fifteen models in total... As in my first two matches, I gave the opponent first turn. I’d deployed quite far back so he couldn’t quite reach me. In my first turn, I shot off one of his three big models and nearly killed his general. Brokk killed a Yhetee or two but the Riggers failed their charge. I got the second turn (again!). I used Who Strikes First, Strikes Hardest to clear the Yhetees so Brokk could shoot and then charge the last big model, which was lurking nearby. The Endrinriggers and Brokk managed to kill it, but not before the Arkanaut Company had finished off the general. After that, Brokk and the Riggers both got crushed but the damage had been done and my opponent conceded. It can’t have been fun being shot off like that but he (like my second opponent) was very gracious in defeat, and fun to play the whole time. Result: Major Victory Game Four vs Idoneth Deepkin Three Places of Power in Hyish (No effect) I was really worried about this one against the Deepkin. Not being able to choose our ranged targets really hinders us. And my opponent was a really strong, sharp player. Again, I got properly lucky on priority rolls. I think I won every single one. The Deepkin army had three of the two types of eel, the casty Eidolon, Volturnos, a Tidecaster, a Soulscryer, ten Namarti Thralls and a Leviadon. My opponent deployed most of his force (except for his defensive eels and the shark) quite far back. This made me decide to take the first turn. I rushed the Khemist onto my leftmost objective. Brokk took the one in the middle, and I ignored the one on the right, which was only covered by the Thunderers. I used Brokk’s command ability to allow the Riggers to charge but I think they failed it (this was Sunday morningso I don’t recall exactly...). I didn’t do much damage that turn, but I had got control of two of the objectives and jammed the Riggers and the Ironclad in a position that would make it hard for my opponent to wrest at least the left-hand side objective back in the next turn. In my opponent’s turn, the Eidolon got moved into range of Brokk by some spell or something. It used one of the realm spells, Banishment, to hurl Brokk off the central objective. I chose the far right-hand side of the board as his destination, with the idea that he could take the objective over there in the next turn. The Deepkin player got the Thralls and the shark into the Riggers. Something charged the Ironclad - maybe the eels? (Again, not sure on this.) A little damage was done on each side. In the second battleround, I took first turn again. The Riggers were still in range of the Khemist’s buff so I used that and then Who Strikes First, Strikes Hardest on them to clear out the Thralls. The shark and one of the smaller heroes then got shot to pieces, which allowed me to charge the Riggers into the other small Idoneth hero. It was right next to the Leviadon and Volturnos so it was a bit of a suicide run, but well worth it to limit the number of models that could score objectives. The offensive eels also got shot off in that turn or maybe in turn three (I think - this match is the least clear in my memory, sorry!) so my opponent only had the Eidolon, Volturnos and the Leviadon left. Brokk also ran onto the right-hand objective in this turn, and because it was smack-bang next to a Citadel Wood, the Eidolon couldn’t couldn’t see Brokk to use Banishment on him in his next turn. After that, I was lucky yet again to get the third turn priority roll. This enabled me to get another five points on the board. It also meant I was only in combat for the Idoneth’s third battleround blitz for his turn and not mine, which was great. What remained of the Idoneth army absolutely shredded my little sky pirates in his third turn, including the Khemist and the Navigator, but I was basically too far ahead on Victory Points by this point. (Also, Brokk survived with one wound left after tussling with the Eidolon so he could pick up points in the next turn. If he hadn’t, it would have been closer.) It was a tough, well-fought match. I really thought the Deepkin were going to make a comeback at the end, and I needed a lot of luck to carry this one. Result: Major Victory Game Five vs Maggotkin of Nurgle Knife to the Heart in Ghur (No effect) The luck ran out here, a bit. My opponent had the Glottkin, four other Nurgle heroes including the tentacled one that can deepstrike in itself and one other unit in the first battleround, five units of five Blightkings and the battalion that gives said Blightkings rend -1. I should also note that we didn’t use any beasts for this (it was optional and not many people brought one, myself included). My opponent outdropped me and chose to go first. There was a Citadel Wood right in the centre of the board, so that provided cover for most of his advancing forces. On my turn, I shot off a unit of Blightkings (it may have taken two turns, not totally sure). The Endrinriggers missed their charge and then got smashed in the next round. This was the only match they didn’t kill much in. My shooting took out quite a few of the units of Blightkings as they advanced. By the end of the third turn, the Ironclad had exploded but most of the Blightkings were gone. There were only about five minutes left, and he had killed 900 points worth of my units to the 860 I’d destroyed of his. My opponent won the roll-off and we called it there, agreeing that if we were able to play it through, it was likely he’d do some serious damage with the Glottkin and his other advancing heroes, but not enough to get the major. This was a well-fought match against a great opponent. I was knackered by this point but enjoyed the game nonetheless. Result: Minor Loss And that was that! I ended up going 4-1 and that was just enough to win the tournament. I was definitely very fortunate at key points, but the list worked well for me and I had five very enjoyable games against some great opponents. I do think KO aren’t the strongest army right now, and you need a chunk of luck to do well, but it is possible to, in a smallish tournament at least. I hope this wasn’t too arduous a read - it ended up way longer than I’d intended. I wish I’d taken more photos, but for anyone who’d like to see my army, most of it is on my Instagram, soka_paint Thanks for reading!
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    It's the middle of winter down here so it's been hard to find time to get some good images but here is some of my progress. I've finished up a Navigator to help get rid of all those pesky new spells and a Knight Venator to ally in. I'm also pretty close to finishing a Gunhauler. I want to attend a tourney in October with my Kharadron so I'm gonna try get them up to 2k. That will probably mean getting my Ironclad done and another unit of Arkanauts to get my third battleline (the biggest disappoint for me in GH18 was that they didn't make another unit conditional battleline, purely from a collection point of view, having to run three identical units is lame). There has also been the little matter of Soul Wars so I have started painting up a ghost army as well. It's fun painting something a completely different style. EDIT: Better photos