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    Personally, I believe that all models for a given system that were released as part of an army should be given rules pretty much in perpetuity. They don't need new sculpts or new full army books (battletomes), but given the nature of this hobby and the fact that models themselves last forever and become little works of art for those who paint them, I just don't accept them leaving the system. Along with this there needs to be a clear, loud statement from GW that says something like "These are the current, valid, 100% legit rules for these models in the current rules set. Don't try to age-shame people for using them." They then need to work with tournaments to let them know, clearly, that they consider these rules 100% compatible with the 10 armies that are sold in stores and they have zero reason to disallow them from their events. Frankly, I don't even care if they new rules for an army are less involved than those for a New Hotness army or if they were even to say "use this as that" for some things (for instance, how hard is it for Tomb Guard to be a direct analog to Grave Guard???). Just create a situation where your most loyal and long-term customers can feel like they are not getting tossed by the wayside when new stuff comes. Incidentally, this approach would help them get new gamers in. Instead of hearing "Yeah kid, enjoy your Daughters of Khaine while they last, because in a few years they will be invalidated" and thus deterring the purchase of a $700 army, you would hear "Heck yeah! Get those Daughters of Khaine. You'll have a force to last a hobby lifetime. Sure, you're eventually going to be tempted to buy like 16 other armies too, but your first love will stick by you has you date the new girls, too. Heck, with allies and such, maybe your Daughters and the next army can play with you on the table at the same time!" Win, win. Win. Bottom line: Telling people that their once-legit models are no longer welcome is _always_ a bad idea.
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    The problem is that a new player could buy a faction they like the look of but not realise they are old (e.g. Darkling Covens), and then, not long later, *poof* they're gone. Entering a shop for the first time now, there is nothing to tell someone if a white box unit is older or newer than any other. Hell, even the terrible Zombies are white boxed now. Squattings should be avoided at all costs IMHO. Being a TK guy (seriously GW, why?), I gave GW one more chance by going all-in with BCR. Move the goalposts again by squatting BCR, and I'm done. I don't want to spend my whole hobby wondering and worrying if my faction is new enough be allowed to exist, and having the Sword of Damocles over it is really demotivating painting-wise. Finally, as I mentioned on the other thread, squattings spook other players. For example, if, say, Wanderers were cut, Dispossessed (etc.) players might suddenly get very nervous.
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    You! Take your logic and reasonableness and shove it! This is the rumor thread! Logic isn't allowed here! We only deal in wild slavering passion filled speculation!?
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    Dear people, that was a joke. Not a good one I admit, but was still a joke ?
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    Played against Nighthaunt again. Aqshy was realm and Relocation orb was the battleplan. I finished setting up first with 6 drops and had him go first. He moved up. Terrain was in the way of both setup areas, making setup a bit difficult. A building hindered the nighthaunts advance a little, but he was able to manage it. He failed a charge with a buffed unit and didn't reroll it. (afterwards he said he should have, I agree). On my turn I moved up with all my hero phase movement(got 1 rampaging). I then gave +2 to hit for my 20 ardboys and cast +1 damage for their weapons as well. I failed to cast 2 spells but suceeded on Fireball and the +1 to damage to weapons as said. Waagh'd for +5 attacks. (3 CP+1 from Aetherquartz and I rolled one 6 in combat phase=+5 attacks) Moved up more in the movement phase, putting the ardboys at 3" and most of the other units in charging distance. My goregruntas didnt get in (bad roll). Wiped 2 units and should have had a 3rd with the 20 ardboys. 152 attacks +2/+3/-/ 2 damage from those 20 ardboys. We called it after that. I brought the following list.
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    Sorry for such a long delay. Took a long time to get this redone for the AoS 2.0 format and a lot of points changed. Here's the new files with all the points incorporated from AoS 2.0 including the new General's Handbook. It also includes updates from all of the latest Battletomes up to Beasts of Chaos. If there are any issues in here, please let me know. Still working on a quick 2 page ruleset for Skirmish. Once I have that done I'll post it for feedback. AoS2_Forgotten_Heroes_v1.1.pdf
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    And finally here are some pics on the day! Don't have a proper set up yet for taking nice photos of something so big. Really pleased with this as my first piece of terrain.
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    I'm going to offer a counter point that the point of this thread is to discuss BoC options. I don't think its helpful to couch unit assessment in vaguely positive terms like 'it could work for you but'. I know I certainly wouldn't read or be involved in the thread if that was the overall gist. If the unit isn't a good unit then it deserves to be named as such - in part to help highlight those concerns and percolate good feedback up. Also there are people who come here to help make buying choices and I know I'd rather get honest advice if I'm deciding on how to spend my money. Ultimately I don't think its fair to label people 'salty' or say they make 'cringe worthy' statements when they're offering valid (and generally well founded) criticism of the book. As I've stated multiple times the book is overall a hit I think but I don't think Bullgors are a tremendously useful unit in that context. People are allowed (and should be encouraged) to have a variety of opinions on various units and I don't think should feel compelled to be silent or play to a falsely positive narrative if that doesn't fit their view point. We cannot. The only allies you can take must have the 'Slaves to Darkness' keyword. We cannot ally with Skin Wolves or the Preytron - GW doesn't really design their ally system around FWs rules. I have a friend who plays LoA (and I have a small LoA collection myself) so it can be very frustrating.
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    “Don’t go looking for snakes. You might find them.” Ancient proverb from the World That Was ~ “My most-loved children, made by me and made of me.” “Blessed of Hekate in form and ever loyal in temper.” “The serpents in the garden, the pricking thorn in the flower.” “My children, my warriors.” “That bear such bitter fruit upon cruel boughs.” ~
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    I designed and commissioned this piece of furniture for my "warhammer room" recently. I stole the gaming lip idea from card tables and from the "Table of Ultimate Gaming" but decided to go with a design I thought was a little more aesthetic for our home! I went to the warhammer citadel this weekend in Grapvine, Texas (flew down there for the warhammer new player expo) and saw that they had a few "Table of Ultimate Gaming" setup, and I'm glad I went with a furniture maker because the wood quality on those tables is less than I'd imagined when considering it. We used an Alder for the wood and had stained two different colors. I made it 42" tall so I wouldn't have to bend too much (I have a bad back), which is really tall. My wife might need a stepping stool! Other than that, there's not much else to change- the table surface fits the 6x4 play mats perfectly! I'll be getting a bunch of terrain for it soon, but in the meantime (besides, of course, showing it off), I wanted to see other people's gaming tables- whether it's fine woodworking, cool terrain, modeled ground etc to help give me some ideas or just to stare at!
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    It does. That is a Command Ability, which is something entirely different from a Command Trait (which is the bonus you select for your general to have as part of your allegiance rules). Should also be noted the the restrictions on Command Traits and Artifacts in relation to mounts, only applies to character mounts. Rank and file mounts can be affected by such things in the right circumstances. I don't think Destruction can do so, but Chaos can. Just something to keep in mind.
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    I went 3-2 about a month ago down here in NZ with a Kop list. 3x Dokks Wurrgog Big Boss Allied Warboss with Waaagh Banner 2x30 morboys 2x5 maniak boarboys Spell Portal Soulsnare Shackles Kop + Drakkfoot My two losses were to the nation's #1 player (4xVLOZD list) and the #12 player in the country (Deepkin list filled with eels and both aspects). There is definite potential in the Kop/Drakkfoot combo.
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    In the matched play rules only one instance of and endless spell can be on the feild at a time. So if your opponent casts cogs you cannot.
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    After lurking for a while it is about time I shared my progress so far: Steelheart's Champions Garrek's reavers Sepulchral guard Ironskulls boyz The chosen axes And upcoming (in no particular order): Cursebreakers Thorns of the Briar Queen Magore's Fiends Eyes of the Nine.
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    I can bring some food for the bbq ?
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    I always forget all this cunning tactical preplanning and just hurl ghosts at people once its all on the table
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    "After all other pieces of scenery are setup, but before the battle begins and players choose territory or set up their armies, you can place one Sylvaneth Wyldwood anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 1"from any other piece of scenery." (Sylvaneth Battletome. page 107) You get one Wyldwood (which consists of 1-3 Citadel Woods placed within 1" of each other). There are ways to get additional "starting" Wyldwoods, but they are unlocked by playing rather gigantic battalions. So if we are talking "normal", up to 2000 points game - there will always be exactly one Wyldwood you start with. All "one drop" battalions (the ones that say: may contain any number of additional Sylvaneth units) are valuable to us. Mainly because they let us grab the first turn against most opponent lists and therefore enable us to plant additional Wyldwoods on the board before the opponent floods it with their models (and thus restricting the room we have for the Wyldwoods). Secondly, all the "one drop" battalions provide us with 2 additional artifacts (and 2 command points). As I presented in my last post, taking Acorn of the Ages and Ranus Lamentiri lets you place 2 additional Wyldwoods in your first turn. With up to 3x3 Citadel Woods this will cover a huge area of the board and is (in my experience) enough Wyldwood for the rest of the game. You can absolutely play without a battalion, but you will face a bunch of problems regarding your Wyldwood play, of which some are: (1) You will lack artifacts to bring out Wyldwoods reliably (2) You have nearly no control wether you will go first or second (2.1) Some armies/opponents will deny your Wyldwoods if they get the first turn (2.2) You will have less control wether your wizard with Verdant Blessing is in unbinding range (3)(following from (1) and (2)) You will have a harder time getting onto objectives in the first turn I hope this does not sound too harsh. Maybe it is just my personal playstyle, but in my view Sylvaneth rely upon getting to the objectives fast while denying the opponent entrance to the same. As I am a newer player, I am open to other ideas and playstyles, though.
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    I must disagree as Gavespawn is pretty much all bonus - there isn't a bad option in it. If I have a complaint its that Gavespawn is so clearly better than the other 2 that it removes the option to choose (at least for competitive play). Its unreal that one of the 3 options just stands head and shoulders over the other two. The only reason to not take Gavespawn is to have a Shaggoth general (aka the only set of decent command traits in the book). I won't get back into the Battalion discussion - suffice to say I disagree with your assessment. Yes you may run it as BoC or BoK. If you choose to run it as BoK your Bullgors are not battleline (they're only battleline in a BoC army with a Doombull General). Your general would get his command trait from BoK. You are fine to run Gors as your battleline because as you stated they are just a battleline choice. As to how you would know that? Its stated in the matched play points section of the BoC book (the exact language is 'Battleline in a Beasts of Chaos army if general is a Doombull). This is correct, effectively you wouldn't be able to legally select any of those options. If you want to play BoK you should run something besides pure BoC or else you miss opportunities.
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    My point being that as the number of bonus attacks goes up the relative difference decreases. When you then factor in the huge amount of random survivability which is floating around at the moment and our relative ability to outfight armies like dok or deepkin is very limited. Also the 5+ armour save isn't a usable number at the moment. None of the things which are going to smash us really care about that kind of thing. If we remove The save altogether, so wych aelves, Is the ardboys damage table. It's slightly better than 27 wounds which is 23 after their 6++ Brutes are averaging 35 which equates to around 29 after the 6++ Compare this to the no extra attacks ardboy are 7.5 wounds vs 10.5 from brutes. The 4 extra attacks is a 23% wound rate increase for the brutes while with no extra attacks it's a 40% increase. Point being that as you add on more extra attacks the relative difference between the two goes down. This is only aggravated when you consider the potential lost along with wound lost. At 12 wounds lost the brutes are now crippled while the ardboys have 40% of the unit still alive. Given the vast amount of ways we are going to get chipped I find the survivability difference makes way more of an impact than the damage potential. Imo destruction as it stands atm is an objective based allegiance not a combat one. There are to many factions which roll over us with ease.
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    Is the ghosty parts just nikhalah oxide wash? What about the grey
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    I saw this thing at Dragonfall Con and felt you needed to become aware of it. Gutbusters of the Rising Sun. mournfang allies
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    In the final days of the Age of Chaos, a fleet of skyfaring vessels, early ancestors of the Kharadron, crashed into the Forest. The few who survived were helped by the fledgling Gharuki and treated like kings. A few eventually repaired their crafts and left for the skys, but there were a few who remained, grateful to their forest brothers. The Endrinmasters shared all that they knew with the Gharuki and they now have a sizeable fleet of of gyrocraft and airborn fighters. Eschewing tradition these Duardin live high in the canopy of the forest and send out squadrons to scour the continent to assist all that they can, remembering how their people were chased from their homeland.
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    Best to check the FAQ... I meant the rules errata... no, it must have been in the designers commentary...maybe from the core rules...or the book? I might just get a rope...
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    It's the middle of winter down here so it's been hard to find time to get some good images but here is some of my progress. I've finished up a Navigator to help get rid of all those pesky new spells and a Knight Venator to ally in. I'm also pretty close to finishing a Gunhauler. I want to attend a tourney in October with my Kharadron so I'm gonna try get them up to 2k. That will probably mean getting my Ironclad done and another unit of Arkanauts to get my third battleline (the biggest disappoint for me in GH18 was that they didn't make another unit conditional battleline, purely from a collection point of view, having to run three identical units is lame). There has also been the little matter of Soul Wars so I have started painting up a ghost army as well. It's fun painting something a completely different style. EDIT: Better photos