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    Only if that eyepatch turns out to be on the wrong eye
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    Dear people, that was a joke. Not a good one I admit, but was still a joke ?
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    Played against Nighthaunt again. Aqshy was realm and Relocation orb was the battleplan. I finished setting up first with 6 drops and had him go first. He moved up. Terrain was in the way of both setup areas, making setup a bit difficult. A building hindered the nighthaunts advance a little, but he was able to manage it. He failed a charge with a buffed unit and didn't reroll it. (afterwards he said he should have, I agree). On my turn I moved up with all my hero phase movement(got 1 rampaging). I then gave +2 to hit for my 20 ardboys and cast +1 damage for their weapons as well. I failed to cast 2 spells but suceeded on Fireball and the +1 to damage to weapons as said. Waagh'd for +5 attacks. (3 CP+1 from Aetherquartz and I rolled one 6 in combat phase=+5 attacks) Moved up more in the movement phase, putting the ardboys at 3" and most of the other units in charging distance. My goregruntas didnt get in (bad roll). Wiped 2 units and should have had a 3rd with the 20 ardboys. 152 attacks +2/+3/-/ 2 damage from those 20 ardboys. We called it after that. I brought the following list.
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    And finally here are some pics on the day! Don't have a proper set up yet for taking nice photos of something so big. Really pleased with this as my first piece of terrain.
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    A few suggestions, some ******, some crapper... 1) Firstly, just maybe there's no fixing needed and not everything needs to be part of some all encompassing cosmic game. Orks and Ogres just exist in the wilds, plains and mountains and do what they do. Sometimes they accidentally stumble into big universe shaking events but they're just semi-nomadic tribes that fight and eat and fight and eat and whilst they can be a threat to isolated settlements they're not an existential problem. They're fun to play and that's all that matters, no one needs a trilogy of orc books filled with painful sub cockney noises. 2) As you say some great Waagh, it's old but gold. Maybe one that threatens to overrun the Free Cities of Ghur. Seems the most obvious but also doesn't really move them forward, so depends on how much that matters to you. When we were discussing what to do with the various destruction factions a bit ago I was talking about some kind of Ogor Khan arising, and that might be more interesting than just a big Ork chief I guess and leaves the more flavourful sub factions to do their own thing. 3) Or don't stress their big role in the universe but still each faction more of a purpose and them a defined enemy. Then things like Beastclaw are cool and thematic, and just interesting to be in the background I'd say. It falls back on old fantasy tropes but for Grots the obvious one here would be something like Dwarfs setting out to reclaim their mountain strongholds which during the age of chaos have now been taken over by Moonclan tribes or something like that. You could easily create a good narrative campaign out of it that could also throw some light on the various Duardin factions too. I could imagine a cool Dispossessed or KO vs. Moonclan box set, with a campaign focussed on underground cave fighting. Then with Orks the levelling up that IronJawz have experienced from centuries of fighting chaos continues and as well as getting bigger and meaner they get smarter, still very orky but less comedy, dumb brutes. At the same time push Bonesplitterz in the other direction, make them more and more religious, wilder and weirder, lots of big beasts to ride and control. Send them on a quest, a green jihad, to reunite Gork & Mork which naturally brings them into conflict with someone. OR... What could be more thematic of Destruction than CIVIL WAR with Bonesplitterz angry that IronJawz are getting too hooomany what with their fancy armour and the like. So evolved orcs vs savage orcs in a battle for the soul of orcdom.
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    There is nothing wrong with destruction in the lore, they are all the followers of Gorkamorka and their worship of him manifest in different ways. Gorkamorka will get his time in the light most likely after Nagash. I also think we should not create head-canon, as it might spread. We don't need another " Malerion fused with dead dragon" situation. By the way, Malerion did NOT fuse with his dead dragon, people.(I still encounter this)
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    Now don't get me wrong here, I love my IronJawz but to be honest, the destruction part of the "lore" simply breaks down to "this lot like to fight coz it's fun". It's not exactly a deep and meaningful interaction and necessary to any plot. As long as that is the only thing that defines a "destruction" army then they will always be unnecessary to the lore. By definition they have no grand design, no goals and no meaningful interaction with those that do other than to slow them down a bit by accident maybe. I often wondered why they are not simply folded into the existing Chaos powers. Khorne if the focus is on pure fighting and gaining power from it, Slaanesh if the focus is more on the pleasure gained from fighting without real purpose. Supposedly Khorne cares not from where the blood flows so why is he picky about not having Orruk followers and only having Human ones? Slaanesh is supposed to be all about excess so an entire race that exists only to wage war sounds like they should be excessive enough to warrant inclusion. Ogors for example are supposed to always be hungry and kill and eat anything, another Slaanesh excess if you ask me. If they are to remain a distinct entity then they simply need a better reason to exist. They need to care enough about something to take an active part in the lore and help shape the story line.
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    Not played with my Beasts in my Slaanesh list yet. I can see some merit in Ungor Raiders as a screen with some shooting and a character for a cheap Depraved Drove at the very least. The +1 CP and artefact certainly can be useful for us!
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    So, I liked the idea of brutal beast spirits+big boss cp+warboss cp on a unit of morboys. It worked brilliantly when it needed to. The "tough nut" plight was a massive one. I was absolutely useless against the 4 VLOZD, only killing 5 Dire Wolves before being tabled, and equally as useless against the Deepkin defensive eels. The lack of rend was DEFINITELY noticeable. I finished the entire tournament with just south of 3000 kill points which turned my tie for 4th place into an 8th place finish. I was basically an immovable object once I got on to objectives in most games, with the exception of the two in which I was tabled. Overall I'd say it was a very good experience for me as a general because it forced me to take an objective based approach over my usual aggro style. Now that I've learned how to play a bit more tactically, I think that with some tweaking, the list can be really potent.
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    No need to fix just needs more. The stuff in the BCR, Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz Battletomes is really good and allows for much more depth for characters from those factions. Fury of Gork is good and the other appearances from Destruction in Black Libary stuff are good there’s just not enough of them. Orruks, Grots and Ogors are much more intelligent and nuanced than their WFB counterparts Destruction is quite a useful plot device as well as a balancing factor, if one of the factions gets too powerful the forces of destruction are going to become much more interested in them. For expanding their narrative I think they should continue along the line of the Orks with them having a destinct culture by be quite alien from humans.
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    Some people like "we like to fight for the lulz" armies, while others prefer armies with more complex aims and methods. I would suppose the people who have loved the bish-bosh Orc-type vibe for decades will continue to do so, and those that prefer the political intrigues of Aelven or human societies can simply choose not to do an Orc, Ogre, Beastmen, FEC (etc.) army, rather than trying to make every faction fit their narrow perception of what is "right"
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    I'd argue almost all math/theory hammer that is worth looking at has taken this into account given that AoS is a game of synergy. Sure some people just do the math in a pure vacuum but most of the time you'll see a slate of samples including various combinations of the buffs available to the unit. I think people sometimes get wrapped up in thinking that people who analyze units, engage in math hammer, and the like either don't test what they're talking about or are somehow ignoring other more random elements of the game and that simply isn't true. Obviously math and theory aren't the only tools you use to develop and list and an opinion on an army/units but they are part of it. I know that I could roll all 1s one day and my opponent all 6s, but that isn't an excuse (for me) to fall back on emotional reasoning (such as man my opponent had a good run of saves, really wish I had rend -2 instead of one). I'm also not suggesting everyone needs to play this way - different strokes for different folks (as I've talked about many times). Theory hammer and math hammer are just another tool in your tool kit to help you make good unit evaluations and build stronger lists. If you love Bullgors and they work for then have at it - but the counter is this, don't expect me to take your small sample size of success with the unit and alter my own data on them. I use Bullgors as an example here since they've been discussed quite a bit for a few pages. Gors are also an interesting example of this, I had success with 30 Gors over Ungors but in my tests using Ungors they have performed better at the desired role.
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    The Raptors and Aetherwings are extremely powerful still. Longstrikes are still one of the premier character snipers in the game (especially if you can get rerolls or extra shooting), and Hurricanes got a huge buff with the "set up != move" ruling and better Scions rule. Dropping down 6 Hurricanes with some birds to block for them is a very strong option. Palladors are, imo, a very reasonable choice now. At 200 they're quite cheap for "heavy cavalry" (they're our lightest cavalry, but heavy compared to most armies), and can be strong mobile support for mounted heroes and just good troubleshooters. A unit of 6 with a Staunch Aquilor can be a really mobile, hard to shift fighting force. Hunters are... well they're better now at 120 Battleline, but they're just not great. C grade unit overall. There are certainly some matchups where they can be quite powerful - if you're going against something with squishy Wizards or artillery crew hanging out in the back, they can threaten flanks and be real pests, but there are often better ways to deal with those problems. There doesn't seem to be a role they fill better than other options, sadly. Edit: That said, they're pretty good for low point games. Aquilor + some Hunters + random Vanguard stuff can be a real terror at the 1000 point or lower level where opponents don't have good screening or all their tools, since the Hunters are reasonable at both melee and ranged.
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    @Skreech Verminking are you implying that clanrats are not the perfect unit? Tsk tsk tsk...
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    Got it. Thanks for the information!
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  18. 1 point
    @Tropical Ghost General Looks great! This was my plan as well so great to see that the final result work!! Awesome!! You get two riders!!?
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    Don't use boiling water! Warm (not hot) water in a bucket for 10 minutes is fine. Stay away from extreme heat with pressurized cans!
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    Wow well your skills in rolling 5s must really be good
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    Lots of kings on terrorgheist or zombiedragon... kinda like this:
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    Death: - A new updated range for soulblight. Horribly outdated, and $120 for resin blood knights is insane. - New zombies, perhaps linked to the soulblight as fodder thralls. - Unfortunately, much as I want this side of Death explored it's going to be a long time I imagine. Considering the faction just got LoN and nighthaunts. Destruction: - New Moonclan, really just keep the grots and fanatics and retire the rest. Give them the DoK treatment. Hopefully don't make them too silly, still quite partial to the night goblin aesthetic. - Clean up for ogors. Range is quite good, and plastic, so maybe just a new box of toys and a book - Beastclaw just need a new book and plastic yeti's. Maybe some other creature to add some choice. End the skinny yeti's, you must be this thick to ride the BCR Train. - Just some destruction lore in general. Need some schemers and colourful characters to feel like more then just a big green mob.
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    I went 3-2 about a month ago down here in NZ with a Kop list. 3x Dokks Wurrgog Big Boss Allied Warboss with Waaagh Banner 2x30 morboys 2x5 maniak boarboys Spell Portal Soulsnare Shackles Kop + Drakkfoot My two losses were to the nation's #1 player (4xVLOZD list) and the #12 player in the country (Deepkin list filled with eels and both aspects). There is definite potential in the Kop/Drakkfoot combo.
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    In the matched play rules only one instance of and endless spell can be on the feild at a time. So if your opponent casts cogs you cannot.
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    Ongoing progress on Ming the soulscyer. I hope to finish him this week
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    After lurking for a while it is about time I shared my progress so far: Steelheart's Champions Garrek's reavers Sepulchral guard Ironskulls boyz The chosen axes And upcoming (in no particular order): Cursebreakers Thorns of the Briar Queen Magore's Fiends Eyes of the Nine.
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    I always forget all this cunning tactical preplanning and just hurl ghosts at people once its all on the table
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    Sorry I did misquote you - here is exactly what you said. You said 'sub optimal' was a cringe term and you didn't say whining you instead said 'b*tching' and then accused people of complaining. So yes I did misquote your exact words but clearly not your intent. Ultimately my point still stands - this thread is for discussing, honestly and clearly, Beasts of Chaos. Some of our units are objectively poor and its OK to say that. If someone wants to make the statement that they find a unit garbage that is their prerogative and a chance to discuss the opinion. Attack the opinion, not the language used to deliver it. Also Bullgors ARE a bad unit - from a competitive view point they under perform when compared to other similar units internal to the book. That is a statement of fact. That said I'm done. I made the point I intended to make. Back to more actual BoC discussion and less 'tone of the thread' discussion.
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    welp thats kinda perfect show on how realy powerful a single storm cast eternal would be as normal human can barely raise the hallow version of the hammer once or twice while storm cast eternal uses non hallow version with one hand with out trying this is the sigmars chosen on display folks.
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    The only exception to the Battleline rule...for some bizarre reason is Tzaangors. They are Battleline for GA: Chaos (thus Battleline in Tzeentch), but NOT Battleline in BoC unless you take a Tzaangor Shaman general.
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    Well don’t . Worry my friend, slaaneshmas is coming soon?
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    I still hope that Slannta Claus brings us a new Seraphon Battletome for Skinkmas and a Seraphon box with it. Not likely to happen though.
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    The death box is Nagash plus 30 bladeghast reapers and a ticket to aos grand tournament 2019. We're having fun now right?
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    This is a dope table. I use gamemat.eu table which can fold up and is super useful.
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    Shaggy, I got the idea from Blood of Kittens. He used a giant instead of a cygor..
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    This Deepkin box is almost everything I didn't want to see in a BF. Good, money saved.
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    My point being that as the number of bonus attacks goes up the relative difference decreases. When you then factor in the huge amount of random survivability which is floating around at the moment and our relative ability to outfight armies like dok or deepkin is very limited. Also the 5+ armour save isn't a usable number at the moment. None of the things which are going to smash us really care about that kind of thing. If we remove The save altogether, so wych aelves, Is the ardboys damage table. It's slightly better than 27 wounds which is 23 after their 6++ Brutes are averaging 35 which equates to around 29 after the 6++ Compare this to the no extra attacks ardboy are 7.5 wounds vs 10.5 from brutes. The 4 extra attacks is a 23% wound rate increase for the brutes while with no extra attacks it's a 40% increase. Point being that as you add on more extra attacks the relative difference between the two goes down. This is only aggravated when you consider the potential lost along with wound lost. At 12 wounds lost the brutes are now crippled while the ardboys have 40% of the unit still alive. Given the vast amount of ways we are going to get chipped I find the survivability difference makes way more of an impact than the damage potential. Imo destruction as it stands atm is an objective based allegiance not a combat one. There are to many factions which roll over us with ease.
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    nice job! really like your scheme! Also would you mind sharing wich clors you took for the icy base? thx a lot!
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    Those are positively badass! --- I finally got my Boyz done! I guess instead of Ironskull, my boss' name should be Copper'ead These were on a hiatus since the end of July, but I thought that I'd get them finished in honor of Orktober. Really happy with how they came up! The recipes for orange and skin came from Tale of Painters' Amy, big thanks to her for sharing!
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    As promised, here are some pictures of my armies on parade board as I made it. First up the board itself. Styrofoam in a wooden frame. I'll make 5 more of these eventually so I can play some games with my tree! Here is me figuring out how it would work conceptually with some spare normal foam Starting to print the entrance building, designing the door frame. Balcony window frame doodad The entrance building taking shape. A mix of plasticard, textured and plain. Cut out the main shape of the tree and recessed my entrance building into the ground. Carved the tree into shape and then added an apoxie sculpt layer that I moulded into bark using icing moulds and silicon sculpting tools. Was much more difficult than I thought! I then sculpted little hills for the cannon placements with remaining foam and polyfiillad them in place. I used rocks from the garden to line the tree. I then cut little tiles out of plasticard and laid them in a patio pattern I googled, to make the road. This picture is it then primed. As part of the build I made my own washes. The one in the middle is agrax earthsahde and the one on the right is my own, except I now have 2 litres of it! Google Luke's APS wash tutorial for a guide. After painting and dry brushing the tree and ground I started to build the platforms and began placing leaves and moss everywhere. Painting dioramas is so much harder than minis because you can't reach things!
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    Hello everyone, I just had a quick question, not sure if this is the best place for it but here goes. So I just recently got into the game, the aesthetic of steampunk zeppelin sky pirate dwarves in power armor was quite appealing in that regard. I managed to but a lot off of a buddy (battleforce box, one box of company, Brokk, and a gyrocopter). Question is what's the best way to build them, I cant decide of the start collecting box is better as a means of rounding out the force or go bigger with an ironclad. Also mandatory pics, C&C always appreciated.
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    In the final days of the Age of Chaos, a fleet of skyfaring vessels, early ancestors of the Kharadron, crashed into the Forest. The few who survived were helped by the fledgling Gharuki and treated like kings. A few eventually repaired their crafts and left for the skys, but there were a few who remained, grateful to their forest brothers. The Endrinmasters shared all that they knew with the Gharuki and they now have a sizeable fleet of of gyrocraft and airborn fighters. Eschewing tradition these Duardin live high in the canopy of the forest and send out squadrons to scour the continent to assist all that they can, remembering how their people were chased from their homeland.
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    *In the voice of Vince when he's being supes srs* "I will say this...thanks, Tom!"
  49. 1 point
    Hey guys! I made an account too! (This is Andrew from Legends of The Painty Men). I'm glad you guys are into our dumb antics!
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    Unless your a Brettonian or tomb King. Best before 2015 expiry date pretty much now.
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