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    Underworlds Facebook page has some flavour text, looks like the Troggoth warband might be revealed tomorrow.
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    A wip painting log of things I'm working on for my narrative skirmish campaign. I've not had the time to do any more battle reports for it, but have still managed to work on several items (albeit rather slowly) for games we have planned later on. A handful of these are older photos from my instagram, but I have a ton of new stuff I'm working on, but wanted to keep a record of everything I paint for narrative as a permanent record. My battle report(s) can be found here: -------------------------------------------- The Winter Islands: Our narrative campaign is set on a group of islands that are all but cut off from the realms by huge oceans on all sides. Though many attempts to cross and navigate this have been made, none have ever succeeded, and up to the end of the realm gate war, not only left these islands cut off from the realms but also making the islands location in the realms unknown. Since the end of the realm gate wars however, Kharadron sky pirates have established several working gates, spread across the islands, finally allowing travel between the main realms and the islands. The islands hold many connections to the world-that-was, returning many old ideas and bringing them into the realms, not all of which are welcomed. Skagrot's Bad moon Grots: With the Orruks inability to prosper on the islands, the grot population exploded very quickly (the biggest threat to grots of course are being eaten, beaten or misplaced by orcs!) and allowed them to advance far quicker than their main realm counterparts. This has lead to two very distinct tribes being able to seize huge areas of control on the islands. The mountain and bad land Grots merged and became experts in the cog technology (as employed by the Empires freeguild engineers in their huge walking cities) and breeders of gargantuan wolves, whereas the moonclan grots advanced in mycology and the breeding of squigs. Skagrot of the Bad moon clan, foresaw a future of green- but only if he could join the two tribes under one banner. With the combined forces of Bad moon and Mek Grots, the resulting wave of green could sweep over the islands and onwards to the realms, cleansing them of the taint of the filthy thin skins, the humans. Though Skagrot has the command of many of the Mek grots and their wolf riders, he must first fight many wars before he is proven himself capable to take full control of the Mekanikan grots and with out their support he has no hope of over throwing the controlling bad moon shamans.
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    Hallo! I’ve been working on some Ironjawz for an upcoming tournament event at warhammer world and I thought I’d post them here for some feedback/advice. I’d love to hear some thoughts on the scheme I’ve chosen; I’m fairly happy with the basic colours but I’m concerned it might need some more spot colours to pop more. Please let me know what you think.
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    While that artwork doesn't really confirm any factions, I do find it interesting how frequently scourge privateers show up both in lore/books and various boxes (shadows over hammerhal, anvilgard box, this new game) . Would love to see them becoming actual faction one day. Their current models (as few as there are) are good looking so base for a proper faction is there. Only thing going kinda against them is the existence of Idoneth deepkin, after all both factions are seafaring people and both are employing/hunting various sea monsters.
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    I'm not sure if this is the right place for these news, but Wizkids announced a new boardgame set in the AoS world - "The Rise & Fall of Anvalor". https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/41667/warhammer-age-sigmar-board-game-coming-wizkids
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    Oh man, I hope they show the Troll Warband at Spiel. I'd love to see what the unrevealed models look like. I think a lot of the Moonclan coming next stuff comes from speculation more than solid information. I imagine a lot of this has to do with: 1). They have a Malign Portents model 2). They are the only W: UW faction with miniatures unique to W:UW (there are no other armored Squig herders in the game and GW commented that it is a peak of what the future of Moonclan will be in one of their community posts). 3). The troll shares a lot in common with the Fungoid Shaman, is accompanied by a flying Squig and many believe he belongs to Moonclan. He was also revealed before he was announced to be part of Warhammer Underworlds. 4). GW doesn't generally release miniatures that show future concepts well in advance of releases of that faction (the only real exception I can think of are the Malign Portents models and Silver Tower) as they don't want third parties making something similar ahead of time. As they have already shown two concepts that are definitely unique to Moonclan, and at least one (not counting the Squigs and what not) that very likely is. 5). Destruction has got very little since AoS has been created. So I think there is some basis to the speculation (I personally hope so). But again, really anything could happen.
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    By comparison to what? When I look at armies with a punch I look at DoK, Idoneth Eels, Murderhost, and similar builds. Our offensive output is acceptable and can hold its weight but they certainly don't punch like the true heavy hitters. I can tell you this, after about 20 games under my belt against a variety of lists, if you're expecting to win games via our offensive output you will be disappointed. You need to be able to score scenarios quickly and take an early lead and the best way to do that is exert strong board control. The offensive nature of our units only really serves to give us a chance to prevent our opponents from going through us too quickly (by giving us the tools to limit their attacks back). Our major strength is body count and movement, being able to press your opponent on turn one, to work on boxing him out and winning the zoning game is the key. If he goes first he gets that opportunity instead of me. 1 out of 18 or 1 out of 5? Sure in my 'roll up a game at the LGS' its one out of 18. At major events its pretty quickly becoming 1 out of 5. And the issue is at 1 out 5 its a major loss of opportunity to build with any level of Ambush in mind because that's one game where my 'gimmick' just doesn't work. Summoning is a fine way of 'ambushing' units advantageously but I can't see the benefit of ambushing vs just moving 6+3+(d6+1)+(2D6+1) a turn. Ambushing means you lose access to one of our actual most potent tools which is run and charge. If you ambush you're relying on 9" charges (or an unreliable cogs) whereas if you just take advantage of your naturally strong movement you can create much more manageable charges. I fully admit I view BoC in a competitive lens and have strong opinions on what does and doesn't work. But I've also played with the army quite a bit since release so I feel like I've got a pretty strong grasp on the stronger functional elements. I started out trying to work with Ambush as a viable method of play but the more I use it the more it feels like a trap option - summoning is the only ambush I need.
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    My take on the Spell Portal for the Harrowmark was very much inspired by theempyrean_'s versions on Instagram but I have tried to make it my own by using the colours and textures of the rest of my Harrowmark scenery collection. ~ ? ~ The crystalline spars of the Prismatic Palisade are formed of misery and despair, hardened into a barrier that bathes those on the battlefield in the gloomy light of Shyish. The desultory beams projected from this barrier confound the aim of all within sight of it. Knowing the impossibility of looking directly upon the Prismatic Palisade, a canny commander will position their forces in such a way as to shield them from the eyes of the enemy. ~ ? ~ This is a fairly quick and simple modification of the Palisade but I'm happy with the effect. ~ ? ~ The finished Endless Spells of the Harrowmark... so far!
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    Well technically they did release the human excelsior warpriest for silver tower. So its like about less then 1% of new models
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    Hi TGA. Back in feb i gave a shout out for help to this amazing community which ultimately resulted in me being told the many varied and wonderful ways that you would all like to support the site. The gist of this is that the site is getting very expensive to run (I’ve paid out over £3000 in the last 12 months) and as the community grows the costs are ever increasing. I previously wrote about this in detail so I won’t go into it all again, but the response was just amazing! Its taken me another 6+ months to get around to it, but over the next few weeks I will be introducing a 3 ways that will help cover the running costs of TGA. I’ll talk here about how we will be doing this, and why I have chosen each of them. Advertising. After thinking about this long and hard, I have decided that I WILL be including display ads on the site. I was initially very much against doing this as the last thing I want is for the site to look like many other places online where you get bombarded with Ads. However, if done right I think it can work very well. I will be finding advertisers that are relevant to our community and working with them to help their business, which in-turn will better the community. It will also be a way for to support the site without forcing anyone to pay. The amount of ads will be tiered. Guests will get lots, Registered members less. There will also be an option to ‘turn ads off’ by joining one of the premium membership groups, which leads me nicely onto the next bit… Premium Membership. Available right away is just a single membership group. I hope to expand this in future to offer higher and lower options for those that would like to give more and receive move value in return, and also for those who would like to support the site but are limited in what they can afford (or are willing) to pay. That is a further cost to get implemented so fo now we have a single membership group. TGA Members - £5 per month Fuzzy Feeling – a warm and comforting glow from knowing that you are actively contributing to TGA’s success Less Adverts - We reduce the adverts to members around TGA Unlimited Likes - Unrestricted amount of likes available per day (MOST REQUESTED FEATURE!) Club Badge – special forum badge to show you’re a proud supporter in your posts/profile Sign up here - https://www.tga.community/subscriptions/ Donations Donations are a simple and fuss free way of contributing. A one off payment, of any amount you like, however often you like. Donate here - https://www.tga.community/clients/donations/
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    So, I've been playing with an army that has garbage artefacts, Flesh Eater Courts, which encouraged me to find better artefacts from Malign Sorcery. After some experimenting I settled on a very tasty interaction that has been sweeping enemy units for a while now. It occurred to me that some players might not have the luxury or patience to test different artefacts, so I thought I ought to make a thread where everyone can share the pairings of heroes and artefacts that have proven their worth. It also occurred to me that a lot of people might have written off most of the artefacts in their books, choosing the tried and tested artefacts every game instead of taking a risk on a new one (looking at you Ethereal Amulet). This thread is for everyone to discuss specific interactions between warscrolls and artefacts that others may have overlooked. I feel as though my army has been significantly improved by this interaction, and that it has given me a whole new sub-strategy to explore every game. Here is my contribution: Crypt Haunter Courtier + Rune Blade (Chamon) A Crypt Haunter Courtier has a club that deals 3 damage, but has no rend. A Crypt Haunter Courtier can re-roll failed hits while within 15" of any Abhorrent Ghoul King, a hero which is an auto-include in any FEC army. A Rune Blade changes the rend characteristic of a given weapon to -3. With the warscroll having an in-built way to re-roll hits, this makes for a very powerful combination. A rend of -3 reduces a 4+ to absolutely nothing, making it entirely possible to kill heroes in one round of combat, something that the vanilla warscroll cannot do with any consistency. The army also has ways to allow the Courtier to re-roll wound rolls if playing alongside an Abhorrent Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon, which makes this artefact + hero even nastier. I hope this thread proves to be useful, and I am excited to see what other interactions the good people of this sub have discovered.
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    Our Battalions aren't good for the bonuses they provide (largely) - they're good because they allow us a ton of control over our drop count, grant us access to a valuable CP and another artifact. Effectively you've got to look at BoC Battalions as 200 points for running a 1-2 drop army, plus 1 CP, and plus one artifact - whatever they do on top of that is a bonus.
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    everyone loves pirates! just look at how many people are thirsty for a vampire/undead fleet too. just a shame that as it stands AoS isn't a great game to do those kind of factions proper justice. but you never know I'm holding out for GW, or a third party, to get back into the naval battle game. Scourge Privateers vs. Idoneth Deepkin (on giant crabs and kraken) vs. a Nurgle fleet (with pods of plague whale & giant hagfish) vs. a Vampire/Wraith fleet vs. Clan Skurvy Skaven pirats vs. the Ironweld Admirality vs. Kaptin Greenbeard & his barnacle encrusted orruks.
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    "Designed by Rustan Hakansson, who has design credits on Nations and Dungeon Rush, The Rise and Fall of Anvalor has players helping to build and defend the city with other factions, at least officially. Each player’s real goal is to gather the most influence in Anvalor and dominate the city, even if it means its ultimate fall. Players build city buildings to gather influence, and defeat enemies during attacks. The player with the most influence at the end of the game wins." Anyone here played Nations or Dungeon Rush? Wondering if they would give any hint to the gameplay etc etc.
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    So I finally managed to finish the cards for the Beasts of Chaos. I'm very sorry if you've been waiting for them these last few weeks.
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    Great idea for a thread! And you're right, there's definitely improvement with your latest model over the first one, though that was by no means bad either. I've got a similar story to your's, I started the hobby when I was around 11, continued for some years and then had a break for more than 10 years. I came back to the hobby last summer, so around 14 months ago. I've only recently gotten to the AoS/fantasy models, so most of these pics are of 40k models, but hopefully that's alright. One of my first models (I think the Space Marine Command Squad was the second box I bought, right after the paint set), a SM Captain (excuse the dust and the poor photo). I still have my first model as well, but sadly don't have a pic of him. Anyway, this was painted with paint right out the pot and no primer. Still, the paint doesn't really destroy any details and is mostly where it should be, so I'm still really proud of him! Some of the last models I painted before the break, two Ork Boyz. Still straight paint and no primer, but I had discovered drybrushing! And then the first models after the break: 5 Chaos Cultists (first one in the middle). And lastly my latest models, Ironskull's Boyz, finished last weekend. Most of my improvement comes from watching and reading a whole lot of tutorials on the internet, something which wasn't available in the early noughties. For example, the reason that my old bases were just painted was because I thought that I need to use Citadel flock and some weird type of glue called PVA glue (not an English native) for basing. Didn't have pocket money for those, so no basing Now that there's tutorials, and I've gotten a bit smarter, I know that I can use plain sand for basing, and that PVA glue is just ordinary white glue.
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    Definitely. Not trying to ****** off Empire players, but I honestly think the Landsknecht look doesn't fit AoS aesthetic. But I don't think GW will openly ditch them, neither.
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    Am I the only one who hopes that the old Landsknecht look of the Freeguild left over from the Old World Empire is eventually replaced by something more Mortal Realmly? But in such a way that the old minis can still be used? Maybe even side by side, like Cadians and Catachan minis? But on topic, I would bet money that there’s some Moonclan stuff in those teaser pics.
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    If anyone wants to see some pictures from the Skirmish game with @dewidiot and my thoughts on - check them out here. https://thesprueposse.wordpress.com/2018/10/24/aos-skirmish-game/
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    Well said. Very good points, but as you said its just speculation which is more than fair. I think what rattles my ribcage is when people say or interpret speculations as fact. Here's to hoping we get some spore-y troll on grot on squig action sooner than later!
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    the last new thing I heard rumor-wise was from last week Warhammer-weekly show where the new rumors where the Moonclan release was going to be the first new Grot army and going to be similar to the DoK release, going to have both a shroom theme and fairytale-like aspect, and some of the existing unit are changing names (Moonclan Shaman to Madcap Shaman). release date unknown. not exactly sure where they got these rumors though
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    DoK or Idoneth to me seem obvious. Maybe both. Nurgle - On one hand this is the pattern, Tzeench had battletome and then battleforce. On the other hand, Nurgle got blightwar, also featured in latest 40k starter set, A blood bowl team, and KT rogue trader. A battleforce box would be a lot of nurgle. Stormcast or Nighthaunt -hopefully the 3 starter sets, shadespire warbands, battletomes, and all the multipart kits were enough. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened though. Other armies, I look at what they have gotten in the last few years, if they've already got a box, probably not gonna get another, although most have something so it's possible we wrap around. Just going down all sufficiently sized factions (battletome / sc box / etc): Seraphon - Had the thunderbeast box, maybe a Saurus themed box would work KO - 2017 battleforce Sylvaneth - 2016 battleforce Fyreslayers - Good option Khorne - multiple SC boxes, 2016 Battleforce, not happening. Tzeentch - 2017 battleforce Slaves to Darkness - Had Deathtide box. Old models, suspected revamp w/Dark Oath, not likely? Slaneesh - Expected Box set coming, Battletome, new kits. Pattern for next year Battleforce. Skaven - Pestilens had a big box already. Other skaven possible, even though no battletome. Beasts of Chaos - Very possible LoN - 2017 battleforce FEC - Ghoulish Host box previously. BCR - Had Icewind Assault already. Ironjawz - 2016 Battleforce Moonclan - Most kits being replaced soon (probably) - Not a good candidate this year, but next year would fit pattern Bonesplitters - Good candidate? What big model though... GA Destruction - Could be interesting to have a mixed box..
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    I truly hope they don't do Sacrosanct or Nighthaunt. They have PILES of box sets already. 2 aelves might be weird, but DoK and Idoneth have sold super well. Nurgle is an easy include. The 4th is tricky. I'd love to see Destruction get one, but doubt it. And Death doesn't have many unique options that haven't been done (FEC or Nighthaunt...) But I would LOVE a complete blindside. A faction no one sees coming and gets people stoked (maybe too much...?) for a release. Moonclan had too much resin to fill out a box. I am iffy to repeat another Order or Chaos one, though Skaven would be solid. My choices would be... Idoneth (Thrall based) Daughters (not snake heavy to make witches cheaper) Nurgle (mortal heavy) Obviously Lion Rangers. (In actuality Skaven or Bonesplitters)
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    Nah, it's not a 1/5 loss at all. If it is, then you are playing overly reliant on one tool out of many, which is on you and not on the mechanic itself. Ambush is not a gimmick, it's a strategic tool. It allows you to play a denied flank while still threatening the side of the board where you have no presence if you wish. If your opponent doesn't guard that side of the board, you ambush there and score objectives. Otherwise, if your opponent overcommits to defending the ambush you bring the ambushers in on your strong flank to gain a numerical advantage. Ambush is a flexible tool to threaten board space, and forces your opponent to react to it. That is its main advantage. You can't do the same with normal deployment. As with any tool at your disposal, you can use it situationally. The only trap is the mental one of relying on it every game. And yes, charging Bestigors against the right target with one or two extra levels of rend are comparable to the units you mention, and Enlightened are fantastic as well.
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    Hoping to get some games in this weekend. Making a change in my tournament list. Dropping the six Leadbelchers for a unit of Guts and Grots. Dont feel like my shooty unit is pulling any weight, so gonna try something a little different. This is closer to my old tournament list which used a lot of Gut chaff to hold stuff up. Same idea, just more lunch with two big units of Ogors. Let me know what y'all think. Very aware I'll lose a unit of Grots turn 1. Ideally that sets up a counter-charge.
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    I can't see playing our army with the control provided by going first. There are certain scenarios against certain armies that we just lose if we don't have that choice. Our biggest strength as an army is board control and everything has to support that concept. The army doesn't hit hard enough or stay long enough to win games on brute strength - its a finesse-y horde army that requires you establish board control early and maintain it long enough to outscore your opponent while he decimates your units. For that reason alone I'll never play a non-battalion army - I go the Tzeentch route because it literally has no tax and allows you take nearly everything in the book. The Nurgle Battalion is a close second as far as flexibility is concerned. You can ambush with a battalion - not every unit needs to be deployed in ambush when you deploy the battalion. So I'd just build whichever battalion suits your needs and then deploy via ambush as makes sense. Honestly I don't have a ton of advice for building using Ambush because (as I've stated several times) with the possibility (and I'd argue certainty for many events) of total commitment seeing play I don't want to invest cost (opportunity or other) in planning for a tactic that may not be available to me. Ultimately I don't think Ambush plays to our strengths as an army at all - the army is incredibly fast from the deployment line and I think ambushing makes some charges harder that would likely be easier with just our base movement (I also don't rate Bullgors and Dragon Ogres worth fielding so keep that in mind with that assessment). But as to the rules query if you have 8 units in your battalion, nothing (that I am aware of) precludes you from deploying 4 in ambush with 4 on the table to counter balance.
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    so hope you guys liked my first analysis post, here I am back with part 2 or the list breakdown. Clanrats So my list (and any self respecting verminous list imo) has a lot of clanrats, x4 units of 40 to be exact. These guys are the there to form the basis of any of my plans and tactics. I have opted for them to be all armed with hand weapons as I prefer the consistent damage output as opposed to the 1 turn of extra attacks. I say one turn of extra attacks because once you have lost a few guys you start to lose the benefit of the spear completely and still suffer from the -1 to hit. These guys are the most tactically flexible unit in my army as they can give you a lot of board control options with their retreat 'n' charge and +2 on the run/ retreat distance means they can get where you want them pretty quickly. With this in mind I have recently developed a tactic with these guys to counter elite high damage output units. trick 1 If you take a unit of say 10 Blight nights, who have potential for considerable damage output vs clanrats (Using this as an example as it came up in one of my recent games) and you charge them at either end of their line you opponent will be unable to pile in with the unit to get more that 2 guys attacks. This is because they will need to pile in towards the closest enemy model, but doing so will break their coherency and now means would cost them half a unit of blight knights. The easiest way to do this is with 2 units (luckily we tend to have more than our opponent) and you do not need to even be engaged at both ends, although it makes it easier to pin the unit down. Also multiple clanrat units can do this to multiple enemy units meaning you can tie up the whole enemy army in positions that blunt their damage output. This tactic can be done with any unit really but the bonus with clanrats is that you an continually retreat and charge to make sure this lines up correctly even if you got charged first. The Clanrats best ability is the retreat and charge, I think most players who have used them effectively will probably have worked out the following trick but I thought I would include it anyway as I may do some things a bit differently. trick 2 So you have an objective on the other side of an enemy you want to get to? enemy unit in the way? no problem. If are engaged or engaged with an enemy unit and need to get past you have an 8" retreat move to get away round the back of the enemy. Remember each model can take what ever route it wants as long as the end within 1" of each other its fine so running round both sides of an enemy is viable. Once you have gotten away round the enemy you can either run to the objective or charge an enemy unit (lone wizards/warmachine for example) to then cover even greater distances. Command points can help with both of these. Also on a side note if you want to keep an enemy pinned down, a run move wont get you to the objective or you have not been able to get round the enemy because of the 3", you can re-charge the unit you are were in combat with an use the charge move to get yourself closer to the objective. This works better the bigger your unit as you can cover more distance. this trick always works better the closer you are to a gap or an edge of a unit to break round. Harder to do against large model count armies but things like the PWG help and often clanrats can take on other hordes pretty well in my experience. just to add clanrats their damage output can be really good through sheer weight of attack although anything with a good save with dramatically reduce their effectiveness. So I tend to assume a defensive strategy of damage limitation after the first round of combat hence some of the tricks I have employed. Poison wind Mortars Right PWM are one of the best and equally worst things in my army from experience. There will be games where they do ****** all and I am considering dropping them and then they will have a game where they decimate my opponent. As I mentioned in my last post one of the advantages of these guys comes from the fact that I can drop these early in deployment to see what my opponents doing and the lack of required line of sight and long range means they will still be able to shoot their targets. I like taking 4 of these guys for the simple reason it mean 1 of them should hit a wound each turn on average as well. But almost the nice thing is you will have a turn where more will hit and suddenly the damage output becomes scary for your opponent (especially hordes) While these guys are pretty versatile, killing big unit is where they shine. Improved to hit and a flat damage 6 out put means if 2 hit you will be taking large chunks out of enemy units. I have had games where the have kill 12+ plague bearers/skellies and more in 1 turn then caused even more to run away. I will always pretty much focus fire these guys to cause as much battle shock damage as possible on the big hordes. If there aren't any big unit to shoot the reliability becomes much lower but I tend to actually find targeting big heroes or monsters can go quite well. One lucky hit roll that ends up in 5/6 wounds can make these guys hit a lot less or vulnerable. when shooting non-hordes hope for the best expect the worst is my motto with these guys though. Another thing I have found myself doing with them late game is using them as a road bump or blocking moves. This works as they are cheap enough and expendable (like everything ? ) that I don't mind them dying. Also can use them as a unit for trick 1 to pin enemy units. Plague Monks So these guys are kinda just here to pack a little bit of punch in sheer volume of attacks, and the ability for rend or mortal wounds can be quite handy. Often deployed begin my clanrats I will use these guys mid game to charge in and support any weaknesses. Also I always go for dual blades as fielding them in small units means the extra range is rarely used, in addition how I sometimes use PCB (see trick 3) I have found the plague monks good at taking on monsters as the high number of attack in a small numbers and potential for rending/mortal wounds even when they die can help to bring these guys down. Even better if you use the scroll. Never expect these guys to survive the game, they are there to make the PCB better and to try and hurt something. Plague Censer Bearers The more I use these guys the more I appreciate their potential for damage output. Although the need to be within 13" of the plague monks at all time to be worth it. I will throw them in against anything I need to kill and always use them first in combat if they can be hit back. putting out up to 30 attack with re-rolls to hit while at rend -1 can hurt most things. They will then die next turn but who cares really, they are cheap. Trick 3 Another trick for you guys here especially if you can reliably get the charge. Deploy these guys in behind or in the middle of you other units so they are the 3 rank deep. This means that so long as you opponent doesn't have 2" range weapons then will be free to attack without fear of being hit back. may have to sacrifice the extra attack on the charge but adds some nice punch to clanrats or plague monks. I have been tempted to play around with the idea of putting more of these guys in my list to replicate trick 3 across several units to add some punch. Coming up with what to drop is the hard part. (also will now test them in smaller units as well ? ) Gutter Runners Consistently the unit that seemingly never does anything in my army before dying. they do however fulfil a good distraction roll and can put pressure on opponent objectives early on. Capable of taking down supporting characters they have their uses but cant be relied upon in this role and seem to run at first chance. Splitting these guys into smaller unit is definitely on my agenda now as they are best as distraction and 2 distraction are better than 1. Warlock Engineer/Grey seeer/Warlord The seer and the Warlock provides me with a nice bit of mortal wound output and is great at scaring those monsters/heroes or hordes respectively and give an bit of resitence to magic. The grey seer is the general and has cunning deceiver so he can stay far back trying to get command points while still being useful via spells and command abilities. The Warlord and that of all of my heroes though is to give enough coverage to , crown of command, inspire presence or other command abilities when need to. Keeping them behind you lines and away from harm is the most important part of your turns, as once you start running away keeping/claiming those objectives makes it much harder. Trick 4 Not so much a trick to be honest in game more list building but giving the warlord the artefact now means I have an additional model for claiming objectives in games that require a wizard or model with an artefact. I take him with clan shield as well seeing to make him as survivable as possible. If he does get stuck in combat remember to attack with him first for the chance to get out of there before he get killed. Verminlord Warbringer This Guy dies a lot, but that's because he looks big and scary, and to be honest he is. One of the only things in my army that really puts out that much damage on his own he can take most things on the charge. While may have some rend though its not amazing so can struggle vs really good amour. His command ability in the army can make 2 units of clanrats horrifically good, however I would still advise you save points unless you have excess for inspiring presence. Death frenzy can be quite a useful spell as well if you know a unit is going to take a charge from something scary and gives you flexability in choosing order of units to strike. Trick 5 Cast death frenzy on the Verminlord warbringer, charge him into something scary. Attack deal some damage, get killed, kill the thing back. Sometimes even doing this puts people off attacking him as facing another round of attacks from him is scary. Despite his power output this guy can be pretty good in support fulfilling a role like the other hero's but also will attract a lot of attention, attention than not being directed at the rest of your army so don't be surprised if he goes down quick. If the latter is the case see if he can take as much down with him as possible before he does, hence trick 5 being handy. Right I don't think I have missed anything in my army. Hope you guys appreciate my analysis and if you have any questions or think I am wrong let me know makes it feel like spending the time typing this was worth it ? Also if you want my opinions on anything else let me know, I may do a army in practice in a battle with pics analysis if I can get round to it as well if you guys want to see everything I talk about in this post and the last in actual practice.
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    Answer is they don't. Against that list of opponents you will be running the weakest of the armies, you can take wins against all of them but it will be an uphill battle with IJ. The only exception is if the SCE player goes sacrosanct, if he does that you will basically never beat him. Currently we are waiting/hoping for a LoN style tome that will update our warscrolls to a modern standard. Sorry to be a downer but I feel it's better to lay out the truth in it's harshest form so that you don't have unrealistic expectations. Most of us play IJ because of a love for the faction, those of us who actually want to place (@Chris Tomlin @Sangfroid) are playing other armies atm.
  30. 2 points
    This one of my Abohorant Ghoul Kings, Archbishop Eustathius. A leader of St. Simeon‘s Crusade he summons forth his loyal sergeant at arms to defend the faith.
  31. 2 points
    Saw the unit breakdown for this expansion and just got so excited. I mean how can you beat Deck Droppers (Fell Bats dropping zombie pirates), Rotting Leviathans (giant crabs with sunken pirate ships on their backs) and Queen Bess (a giant undead manned super cannon). This expansion just oozes flavor.
  32. 2 points
    I've played Nations quite a few times and it's very good. It is a historical-civilization building game that plays rather quickly and is considered one of the best by some of my fiends who mostly play board games. Each player has a board of a culture such as Egypt, Greece etc, and by buying cards that represent leaders, building, technology and monuments, tries to advance its position on War, Influence etc through periods of time. From the description of Anvalor, i guess that the gameplay would be different but perhaps some elements like card selection or that each faction has its own board to perform actions, will be featured here as well. I already sent this link to my boardgaming fiends and those that love Nations are excited about it (they are clueless about AoS or Warhammer in general). Guess we'll see though.
  33. 2 points
    Guys can someone maybe explain to me the wording of the Marauding Brayherd ? "Add 1 to charge rolls for friendly BRAYHERD units from this battalion that were set up on the battlefield during the same turn." I am not sure how to interpret this. Does this mean the units from this Battalion get +1 charge on the first/second turn they enter board (either normal deploy or Ambush) ? For normal deployment > other than Centigors and maybe Chariots, this doesnt seem that good for a one time +1 to charge, especially if you deployed on the board, since you will still be far away. I can see this being somewhat interesting if you deploy via Ambush, shortening that 9" to 8" can make a difference. This would be nice for Enlightened maybe, but again, not part of the battalion. But the lack of synergies is just bad. If you could use the Doombull with +2" to Charge Artifact, then yeah, I can see this being an interesting choice, and maybe running him as Allherd to get the command trait to synergize (would have to set him on the board though). Other than Chronomantic Cogs (which is not guaranteed you can pull off) cast from a Shaman who is on the board, so that your ambushers can get +3 I dont see much use for this battalion. Especially if its only 1 time thing. If the price was 80-100 pts, and without such strict unit restriction, then it could have been good. Or am I missing something ?
  34. 2 points
    Thanks to @Ollie Grimwood @Andy Bryan @RuneBrush @Jaze @nels1031 for subscribing already! And also for the donation!
  35. 2 points
    Queek! Queek is alive, you dead, Queek is the best.
  36. 2 points
    Yea, exactly right on the thought process of playing Gorefist. IMO regular Mawcrusher with the Aetherquartz/Prophet of Waaagh CP engine is just strictly better though. It allows you to throw Mirrored Cuirass on the MawKrusher which makes him way more survivable than Big G, allows you to space out your Waaagh! usage in case of effective screening (cheap screens across his entire army frontage w/ units more than 4" away), and you don't have any " Screen is too tough to kill moments" anymore because you can generate an extra 10+ extra attacks on the first turn.
  37. 2 points
    Its all fun and games untill Nagash bitchslaps Morathi down like he did in the age of myth.
  38. 2 points
    Da Blockjawz wuz rockin’ da taybul dis weekendz!!! Waaaaaaaagh!!!
  39. 2 points
    And if you don't mind conversions/proxies then you can stay away from finecast and make some casters out of the boyz kit. https://warbosskurgan.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-badfangs-bonesplitterz-of-aqshy.html
  40. 2 points
    Just wanted to jump into the summoning discussion since I've built my army around it and really love the mechanic. I split my focus between summoning and having an OK assault force of Khorgs, Juggerlord, and Blood Warriors (going to also try out Skarr because every time he dies it's a blood point). My three Slaughterpriests have Blood Sacrifice and so does the Chaos Warshrine I use. Everything else is MSU Reavers with two Chaos Spawn for hopefully more points when they die. Turn one in my last two games I managed to get four blood points. I use those to summon either Bloodletters or Heralds (depended on the mission). From there the blood starts really flowing. In my experience: if you have 8 blood points at the start of your hero phase, summon a Bloodthirster anywhere on the board and then build up blood in the rest of the phase. If you have less, get as many as you can and summon MSU Flesh Hounds and Bloodletters everywhere. Flooding the board with Flesh Hounds has done more for me than Bloodthirsters have because usually my Flesh Hounds make the charge when they arrive and their weight of attacks tends to whittle down the enemy while their two wounds each holds them still. The Flesh Hound footprint is also huge which makes it easy to zone areas of the map. I haven't done anything really crazy yet like chaining Heralds around the enemy and dropping Flesh Hounds to surround them, or had 8 points at the top of my hero phase to drop a Bloodthirster somewhere scary, but the more I play it the more I love it. Needless to say the dice can really ****** you over if you don't roll well, but when you roll average or above average you can really get crazy. And by going MSU you guarantee points as long as you charge headfirst into the enemy.
  41. 2 points
    Lord Celestant + Sword of Judgement +1 Attack command trait 4 command points. 6 attacks on the charge doing d6 mortals on a 2+ Best utilised with Skyborne Slayers to start him 5" from the enemy. And a triumph to reroll those pesky 1's!
  42. 2 points
    Used some epoxy resin glass finish with the nurgles rot paint to make a ‘filth pool’
  43. 2 points
    Dropping Ordinator + 3 Ballista has been working really well for me. They're swingy, sure, but it's one of the most efficient 440 points of pure shooting in the game. Not to mention, fairly durable for the points (especially if you can drop into cover). ---- ION, I went 4-1 this weekend with Anvilstrike. Really pleased with the results, the list feels very strong against a large variety of opponents. Anvils of the Heldenhammer Castellant (Deathly Aura) Heraldor Azyros (Soulthief) Relictor (Translocation) Libs Libs Libs Raptors with Longstrikes x9 Evocators x10 (Grandstaves, Speed of Lightning) Evocators x5 (Grandstaves, Speed of Lightning) Skinks Aetherwings 1950/2000 Game 1, played against Nurgle Daemons (GUO, Festus, Spoilpox, Lord of Afflictions, 5 Blightkings, 2x30 Plaguebearers, 6 Drones) on Total Conquest. He gave me first (which was a theme for a lot of the event, given I'm 12 drops), and with that I popped Festus and then whiffed into the Lord of Afflictions. I snagged my objective and the two neutral ones with Skinks and Scions. He moved up and charged my screening Libs and the big Evo unit with powered up Drones, dropping a couple Evos and a Lib, but not nearly as much as he needed to. I put the Lord of Afflictions to half by MWs alone, while my small Evo unit fought the Blightkings to a standstill. I won the roll off, used Heroes of Another Age on the big Evo unit and the Longstrikes to drop the Lord and Spoilpox respectively, and then used the Heraldor to retreat my Evos and charge them into a Plaguebearer unit, nuking it to half with a good roll. Also I was able to drop 5 Libs onto his home Objective, stealing it from the one GUO who was holding it. At this point, I had only lost some Libs and he lost half his troops and all but one Hero, but he played for a lucky objective snag, while I focused on denying him any points. Major win. Game 2, played against a mixed Chaos list on Focal Points. Lots of heroes with a few units to hold down the fort (Belakor, Valkia, Daemon Prince of Khorne, Khorne Juggerlord, Verminlord Deceiver, Wrathmongers, mix of troops). Unfortunately for him, my army is designed to snipe Heroes. He takes first, moves onto the middle objective and charges my 5 man Evo unit with Valkia. She kills one and a half, and then they smash her back because that's what Evos do. My turn, Longstrikes drop the Daemon Prince to 2 Wounds remaining in the Hero Phase, and then the Heraldor toots him to death while the Longstrikes shoot off the Juggerlord. Evos blast down some Marauders, while Skinks screen Be'lakor off of my objective. He wins priority, and jumps his Verminlord into my backfield. I stop that charge with Aetherwings. My turn, I shoot that guy to death (his -2 to be shot happens in the Shooting Phase, and Heroes of Another Age happens in the Hero Phase), and then drop Be'lakor with some Shooting and with Evo charges. He holds the objectives for a bit longer with his bodies doing retreat shenanigans, and the Wrathmongers fail to kill the Evos, but by turn 4 he's all but tabled. Major Win. Game 3, another Nurgle army, this time on Gift From The Heavens (GUO, Harbinger of Decay, Lord of Blights, Sorcerer, 2x10 Blight Kings, 2x5 Blight Kings, Blight Cyst). This is actually an army that I don't really like playing, since I can't really bop a unit of 10 Blight Kings that quickly if they have the Harbinger CA going for the 5+++. However, he gives me first turn, which was imo not the best play. I had set up my Longstrikes defensively (knowing how fast he can run + charge with the tree), but then Translocated them into range of his Harbinger and shot them with Heroes of Another Age. He dropped, and then I screened off my Longstrikes with Scions units and the small Evo block. Down his main defensive tool, he charged into my big blob of dudes in the middle of the table, killing a lot of Libs and most of the small Evo unit. He failed to get the double, which hurt, since I shot a chunk out of his Kings, and then charged and instagibbed the GUO with the big Evo unit (2 damage weapons with lots of rerolls + the MW spam is hard to live through). The meteor also dropped right behind the bulk of my force, meaning he had to go through ~12 Evos and 9 Longstrikes to get to it. After shutting down his Blight King charge with my Aetherwings and countercharging with the Evos while taking his meteor with my last Scion unit, he conceded. Major Win. Game 4 against Death (Nagash, Necromancer, Lord Executioner, 40 Skellies, 30 Grimghast Reapers, 2x10 Chainrasps, some Endless Spells) on Relocation Orb. I can't remember the other Realmscapes because they didn't matter, but this one did since it was Ulgu with the 18" range limitation, which really messed up my gameplan. He gave me first, which also was a real kick in the teeth because of the way Relocation Orb scores. Still, I managed to Translocate into range and pop his Necromancer on turn 1, shutting down a good amount of damage, while also getting a good number of models onto the Orb, including some Evos for the 20 count. I positioned my Aetherwings to stop the Reaper charge (those things are terrifying, btw), but he killed them with Spells and the Gaze of Nagash, so I ate 30 Reapers to the face. Needless to say, it did not go well. Still, he did not double me, and with my Evo counter charge I was able to take them down to 9 remaining... which when you're playing against a good Death player might as well not have been any damage at all. He regenned something like 12 of them and then scythed through (no pun intended) the rest of my army. Even though I denied him from getting it on T2, because he got 3 to my 2 and killed the lion's share of my army with Nagash unmolested, we just called it. Major Loss. Game 5 went against Dreadwood (Drycha, Treelord Ancient, Branchwitch, 6x Scythe Kurnoth Hunters, 4x5 Spite Revenants, 6 Morrsar Guard (allies) on Scorched Earth. He got all 3 of his Stratagems, which hurt, and I misdeployed, which also hurt. He managed to charge my 10 man Evo unit with the Hunters T1 thanks to taking first and using the 6" redeploy. I should have screened them better or at least had the Aetherwings better set up to shut down the charge, but it was my mistake and he wiped the unit to a man. He took one of my objectives for 4 total. My turn, I shot down the Hunters to about half, and dropped some Scions units to contest his objectives. I managed to outnumber on one of them, getting me 3. He got priority, and swung the Eels back to clear up his objective, but I was able to stop his second Hunter charge by tagging them with the Aetherwings, and he whiffed against them, only killing 1. He elected not to burn my Objective, knowing it would take me 2 turns to get over to it. On my turn, I cleared out the Hunters and Drycha (who had been threatening my Skink unit since early on), and hurt his Branchwychwith the Heraldor horn, using his own Woods against him. Then, as a stroke of luck, I got the double turn, allowing me to get my own objective back, finish of the Branchwych, and outnumber him on two of his objectives, burning them for 2 and 3 points. Then the game came down to some dodgy blocking of my own objectives and some lucky (or unlucky) run rolls, only letting him get one of my objectives. I eeked out the Major Win. Really fun games, and a list that I really enjoy playing. Great event overall!
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    I have a few ideas on some things they could tweak. Olynder; +1 to cast and dispell. Shes supposedly touched by Nagash and elevated and whatnot, and DeathPope is known best for his +3 to cast and dispell. Doesnt make sense Reik can cast spells better than our Lady. Reikenor; cast 2 spells. Let us actually get some mileage out of his improved casting, take Lifestealer and actually be able to heal his self harm periodically. If thats too strong perhaps 1 spell if he +3's, 2 if he +1's Change our Heal OR Rez to function like Invocation. Jesus. Slight point reduction to Revenants and Dreads (making them 2 wounds would be CATASTROPHIC unless they change our heal mechanic) Give Spirit Hosts and Hexwraiths either a slight cost reduction or a discount for full squads. Knight of Shrouds (on foot) +1 to hit aura free rather than a command point Shroudguard Battalion buff applies to the Leader model chosen as well Small terrain peices (or endless spell) that gives an extra d3 models revived when a unit is affected by Spectral Lure or STorment ability, or reroll armor saves. Dreadblade Harrows reworked. They need to BE something. Give them mortal wounds, or an aura, or an impact charge, or small squad size. Imagine them as 2 to 6 with 5 wnds being rezzed by Oly or RotSH Mourn cost reduced to 240
  45. 2 points
    Here's a little GW promo style video for my army The Wolves of Ghur, who are finally ready for RAW. Vid1.mp4
  46. 2 points
    Orruks iz da best... [Sorry someone had to do it]
  47. 1 point
    Exactly. I kinda tossed models and terrain as the same thing in my head, but yeah lol.
  48. 1 point
    I did not forget that you said this, I used it to underline my point. You’ve said you have no intention, essentially, of buying Games Workshop products. You don’t own and army and you aren’t planning on getting one, apparently. Therefore with no game knowledge, at all, you can theorycraft all day, but unfortunately the Kharadron Overlords actual real life book is almost completely irrelevant and outdated now. It’s been errata’d and nerfed and FAQ’d into a completely different book and it no longer functions, more or less. Its not that people don’t know how to play KO or what their strengths are, it’s that they’re universally agreed, even by KO players, that they’re in a really weak place. They don’t have the tools they need to succeed to get 1st place in a huge tournament where all the best armies and the best units those armies have to offer are presented. The worst part about it all is that nobody knows if or when they’ll be updated or helped. It’s hard to say if they’ll get new units or models to fill in the gaps they’re missing or new rules to shore up their weaknesses. It may never happen. Although everything changes. One day their book could get another visit and reduce all the nerfs they received. They used to be a strong army, even with all their weaknesses, but it’s because what they were strong in they were super strong in. That got toned down but nothing else was given to compensate.
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    Of course there's always Verminlord Corruptor + Sword of Judgment Verminlord Corruptor has 10 attacks with its single melee weapon which are pretty meek unbuffed (1 damage, no rend) (and as a result he's pretty reasonably pointed) Corruptor Rerolls misses to hit Lots of chances for 6+ to hit exploding for 1d6 mortal wounds from the Sword of Judgment Availability of plus 1 to hit in the Chaos Grand Allegiance make it even better. (and really he'd be a good option for any artifact that triggers on a hit)
  50. 1 point
    In the long run, you want to have every set, as they all have some cards you want to have. I personally would advice you to get the warband you like most first, followed by Magores Fiends and Farstriders, as they have some really good cards (Great Concussion is hell for every objective player). As there are so many cards out now, I think you should try to get some games in before buying another one or two expansions. You could have a quick browse on https://www.underworldsdb.com/ to get an impression of which cards are out there and in which expansion they are in, so you can get them in the order of your liking.
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