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    This is an idea that I had almost spontaneously, but have been working on over the past week or so off-and-on. It's taking a disparate, but previously-established, faction and bolstering it by a considerable margin to a full-fledged force, with its own strengths and weaknesses. I'm a bit more bark than I am bite, but I would love to see the Troggoths fleshed out similarly to this. This faction plays around with keywords, but it's not smart enough to do too much else. It gives the Troggoths a bunch of new models, and replaces the old ones. Fellwater Troggoths would keep their models, though I am concerned that there isn't actually enough variation in the Fellwater Box to let you make what I've described below. Troggoth Faction Focus: Changing and gaining keywords mid-battle to gain buffs and effects. Wizards can remove keywords on enemy models to deprive them of anything of that bonus. Big, tough models that keep on healing. Faction Aesthetic: The simplest of the simplest, Troggoths go to war dressed only in their loincloths and wielding their clubs. Many of them are just carrying large branches or big rocks because they are too dumb to wield better weapons. Their heroes, the Troggreats, fare little better; it’s not that they are stupid (they are, but not nearly as much as regular Troggoths), it’s that they just don’t care. Faction Agenda: Simple: Destroy. The Troggreats, smarter Troggoths, typically will look to better their standing, claiming wide swaths of territory, collection baubles, or do mercenary work for money, but they don’t have any greater goal in mind. They live simply, moment to moment, and can easily be caught up in Orruk Waaaghs and other hordes of Destruction. To those Troggoths who know what a god is, they see Gorkamorka as the Great Not-Dying, an incredibly primordial aspect of eternal permanence who can survive anything. Those that worship Gorkamorka in this aspect hold themselves above the cunning Grots or the brutal Orruks, and believe that Gorkamorka himself created them personally as ‘Da Best’. Troggreats: Troggreats are smarter Troggoths who typically become this through one of two ways: Eating enough of other races, or being formed that way naturally. As Troggoths are highly mutagenic and their body changes according to what they eat, a Troggoth who can manage to eat enough sapient beings changes to be smarter. They quickly figure this out, and many seek to eat more and more sapient beings to become smarter and smarter. Those who do not get slain by the heroes of other races often figure out that gathering an army of Troggoths to assist their goal would be for the best. However, Troggoths can be formed in their origins as moderately-intelligent individuals. These Troggreats do not need to eat sapient beings to gain their intelligence, but many are born with strange mutations, like more limbs or multiple heads. Innately curious, many take on strange paths in life, becoming odd, rare examples of the Troggoth kind. Pros Big, Tough, Elite Units, all the time. Army-wide Healing. Copious ranged attacks. Ability to play with keywords for advantages. Cons: Low Model Count. Dumb as a sack of rocks, incidentally - No deep-strike, no fancy magic tricks, no non-keyword buffing, and their only debuffing power, while quite good, only targets a unit’s Keywords. Very Short Ranged - 6 inches at best - means that you are slogging your way to front lines. Good luck. You’re grouping your heroes close to your units for the benefits; you don’t have a back line. Allegiance Abilities: Mutagenic Monsters: Allows you to change and add keywords on to your Troggoth Units, 1 base plus 1 for every hero in the army. Does not affect their abilities, but this will affect bonuses you can get due to command abilities. There is a list of Keywords you can give your troggoth units, and it is based per unit. Keywords are: Sourbreath, Rockgut, Fellwater, and Direbark. Ever-Healing: A ‘Summoning’ system that gives you Regenesis Points based off of damage that your Troggoth models do plus a bonus per round. With these Regenesis Points, you can bring back previously-killed models and even units! This even works with your hero models, though those are obviously more expensive. You cannot ‘summon’ anything that wasn’t in your army to begin with. Ascended Troggoth: If you have a Troggreat as your general, then they gain one of the keywords taken from ‘Mutagenic Monsters’. All non-hero units with that keyword become Battleline for your army. Units: Kit A: Great King Truple: Unique Troggreat Melee Hero: Big King Truple is a three-headed, three-armed Troggreat equipped with his own massive (and poorly-maintained) greatsword, unique among Troggoths, and another sword in his third arm. He’s not too prideful to vomit, either. Heals 2d3 during the hero phase. His greatsword is magical and meant to kill the unkillable; if it hits at least once, after to-wound and saves, it deals 1 mortal wound. As he is three-headed, and therefore thrice as smart, if he is ever charged, he attacks before his chargers, he always gets the ‘Look Out, Sir!’ bonus, and if you spend a command point with him as your general, on a roll of 6, it is refunded. His innate command ability selects 1 unit of Troggoths to pile-in and attack during the hero phase. Kit A: Troggoth King: Troggreat Melee Hero: A three-armed Troggreat wielding a Big Club and a Regular Club. He can also vomit on his enemies. Heals d3+1 during the hero phase. He gets a bonus depending on what Troggoth Type keyword he has; Sourbrath is +1 to hit in melee, Rockgut is +1 to wound in melee, Fellwater is +1 to hit in shooting, and Dreadbark is +1 to wound in shooting. His innate command ability makes target Troggoth unit heal d3. Kit B: Troggoth Shaman: Troggreat Magic Hero: A two-headed Troggreat wielding a long staff who can vomit on enemies. Heals d3 during the Hero phase. As a wizard, he can cast and unbind 1 spell a turn, and knows Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield, and his innate spell. His special ability is that, if he slays an enemy Wizard, then for the rest of the game, he gains +1 to cast and dispel, and this is cumulative. His innate spell targets an enemy unit, selects one keyword for that unit, and removes it for a turn; that unit cannot gain any benefits from having that keyword. Kit C : Troggreat Wanderer: Troggreat Melee Hero: An unmutated Troggreat wielding a fancy club and who can vomit. Can regenerate d3 in Hero phase. He likes the taste of heroes, and can reroll failed wound rolls against them. When he slays one, he instantly heals d3 wounds. Hero-killing Hero. Kit D : Ranktooth Menace: Sourbreath Troggreat Melee Hero: A Troggreat who’s better at clubbing than his dumber cousins, and vomits as standard. Can regenerate d3 in Hero phase. All Troggoths near to him gain a Bravery Bonus and (Keyword: Sourbreath) close to him gain +1 to hit in combat. Kit D : Stonehead Crusher: Rockgut Troggreat Melee Hero: A Troggreat who’s better at clubbing than his dumber cousins, and vomits as standard. Can regenerate d3 in Hero phase. Resists magic better, and (Keyword: Rockgut) close to him gain a bravery bonus and gain +1 to-wound in combat. Kit E: Siltbottom Mangler: Fellwater Troggreat Melee Hero: A Troggreat who’s better at clubbing than his dumber cousins, and vomits as standard. Can regenerate d3 in Hero phase. Enemy units within 3 inches of him suffer -1 to hit in the combat phase. (Keyword: Fellwater) close by gain a bravery bonus and +1 to-hit on their ranged attacks. Kit F: Dreadvine Strangler: Direbark Troggreat Melee Hero: A Troggreat who’s better at clubbing than his dumber cousins, and vomits as standard. Can regenerate d3 in Hero phase. Can reroll failed save rolls versus ranged attacks plus the Direwood Troggoth special ability. (Keyword: Direwood) gain a bravery bonus while close to them and can reroll 1 die on a failed Charge roll. Kit D : Sourbreath Troggoths: Sourbreath Melee Unit, Troggoth Battleline: Just as they were. Big dumb things that are common enough to be your battleline. Kit D : Rockgut Troggoths: Rockgut Melee Unit: Just as they were. Snub those wizards! Kit F: Fellwater Troggoths: Fellwater Melee Unit: Just as they were. Ain’t you a stinker? Kit F: Direbark Troggoths: Direbark Melee Unit: They’re like every other Troggoth Unit. Big, tough, smashy, with a vomit attack. They are covered with shade, and ranged attacks targeting them get -1 to hit. Kit G: Great Troggoth: Behemoth Monster: A titanic, ancient Troggoth that has not manage to become a Troggreat, or perhaps it’s a Troggreat unable to keep up a diet of sapient beings, or perhaps it’s just a Troggoth that ate a lot of big monsters. Either way, this big gangly monster attacks with its claws and bite and can vomit upon the enemy in a special manner. Its vomit picks a point a certain distance away (based on damage) and every enemy unit within 3 inches of that point takes d3 Mortal Wounds on a roll of 3+. It also regenerates 2d3 during the Hero phase. Furthermore, it is Ancient And Adaptable. It gets a bonus depending on what it was hit by last: Take damage from a spell, and spells have a chance to wash off of it. Take damage from a ranged attack, and it gets +1 inch to the range of its melee attacks. Take damage from a melee attack, and it can reroll saves of 1. Its damage profile tracks Speed, Number of Claw Attacks, and Vomit Range. Notes: Rockgut and Sourbreath Troggoths are given new models in a dual-kit with each other. Fellwater Troggoths do not get a new kit. The Troggoth-Type Heroes (Ranktooth, Stonehead, Siltbottom, and Dreadvine) come from the Troggoth-Type Kits, using a particular headsculpt and new details. This is akin to the Crypt Haunter / Crypt Flayer kits. Direwood Troggoths are new types of Troggoths found deep in forests; they are a new kit and another keyword. 7 Kits: A through G, 6 of which are completely new. Primordial Origins: A faction-flavoring ability, like that of Stormhosts, Temples, Greatfrays, etc. Give you access to unique abilities, but you must take them and whatever they bring along. Blood of the Great Troghemoth: This force comes from the body of the Great Troghemoth, presumably the first Troggoth of them all, really, really big, and so dumb he crushed kingdoms without realizing they were there. All your heros gain +1 to their wound characteristic. Your General must use this origin’s command trait. It is: Descendent of the Great Troghemoth: This model heals d3 wounds in the hero phase in addition to any other wounds healed, but it gains the Monster keyword. Kingslayers: This force sprouted from a great lineage of Troggoth Kings who led great hordes to slay might kings, picking up many discarded relics on the way. Your general gains 1 extra Special Bauble, regardless of whether or not they are a named character. However, you must use this origin’s Special Bauble as one of your Special Baubles. It is: Totem of Crowns: Reroll failed Battleshock tests for units within 6 inches of this hero. Greenskinz-Kin: This force is part of a large Troggoth movement that worships Gorkamorka fervently. Allies with ‘Orruk’ and ‘Grot’ keywords can benefit from Muagenic Monsters, and therefore Keyword Bonuses. If you have a wizard, they must choose this origin’s unique Primordial Lore spell. It is: Gift of the Great Not-Dying, which chooses any Destruction unit and heals them for d3+1. Skull-Carriers: This force worships the ‘Great Not-Dying’ reverently, and will even drag dead Troggoth bodies with them instead of eating them because of their belief. You may select 1 Troggoth Hero or Minimum-size Non-hero unit (no behemoths!) that are not part of your force and put them to the side. They do not count as points you’ve spent for your army, but you may select them to be targets of the Ever-Healing ability. One hero in your army must take this unique Special Bauble: Gilded Troggoth Skull: When your hero would be slain by an attack, after that attack is finished, the hero is not slain and regains d3 wounds. Command Traits: Your General gains one of these if they’re a hero. Slayer of Slayers: Reroll wound rolls of 1 versus Heros Monster-Eater: Reroll wound rolls of 1 versus Monsters Beast of Nature: This hero may ignore the effects of terrain that this hero is close to. Fearsome Face: Enemy units within 3 inches of this suffer -2 bravery Long-Legs: Gains +2 Movement Lightning-Quick: This hero’s weapons gain +1 attack each. Special Baubles: One hero of yours, plus one for every battalion you’ve got, can choose one of these to use. The Buried Sword: A magical sword, still buried in this troggoth’s body. Anyone who pulls it out will become king of an ancient kingdom - but the troggoth’s still using it. One troggoth unit within 3 inches of this hero automatically passes their battleshock test during the battleshock phase. Crystal Eyes: A number of shiny glass balls that just so happen to tell of the future. Attacks targeting this hero must reroll every 6 on the To-Hit. Gul’bach’s Arms: Arms from the legendary many-armed troggoth Gul’bach. They still reach out to crush and mangle. During your combat phase, after this model has attacked with every weapon, roll a die for every enemy unit within 3 inches; on a 3+ that unit suffers d3 mortal wounds. Noxious Bag: You don’t want to know what’s in here. Once per game, this hero can eat this bag (euuurgh....) and changes their Noxious Vomit ranged attack: It doubles the range, adds +1 to Hit and to Wound, and adds -1 to the rend. Fragment of the Great Bridge: A fragment taken from one of the largest bridges in the Mortal Realms. Reroll all successful To-Hit rolls on Shooting attacks targeting this Hero. The Iron Teeth: Your troggoth hero has replaced his teeth with iron and likes showing them to everybody. This gives him an addition attack, 1 attack, 4+ To-Hit, 4+ To-Wound, -1 Rend, 2 Damage. Primordial Lore: Each of your wizards may take 1 spell from this list to use in addition to their innate spells. Freakish Mutation: Target nearby friendly Troggoth Unit, and add 1 to 1 of that unit’s attacks for the rest of the turn. Blessing of the Great Not-Dying: All Troggoth units fully within 12 inches of the caster regain 1 wound. Acid Spray: Draw a line 6 inches away from the caster; every enemy unit that it passes over takes d3 Mortal Wounds on a 4+. Troggish Transformation: Target enemy unit. They heal d3 wounds, gain the Troggoth keyword until the end of your Hero phase, and you get to have them pile-in and attack one of their friendly units now. Breath of Gorkamorka: Target all enemy units within 3 inches of a point designated by this spell; target units each suffer a mortal wound, d3 mortal wounds on a roll of 4+. Troggoth Brains: Target enemy unit loses all keywords it has, and cannot gain benefits from having them. Battalions: For all your force-building goodness. Bridge Toll: 1 Ranktooth Menace + 2-4 units of Sourbreath Troggoths: Gain d3 Regenesis points at the start of the game, for use later with the ‘Ever-Healing’ Faction Ability. Crag Dwellers: 1 Stonehead Crusher + 2-4 units of Rockgut Troggoths: If units part of this battalion take wounds or mortal wounds as the result of a spell, they ignore those wounds on a 4+. River Raiders: 1 Siltbottom Mangele + 2-4 units of Fellwater Troggoths: Units part of this battalion may make a Shooting attack even if they have run, charged, or retreated. Deep Forest Rumors: 1 Dreadvine Strangler + 2-4 units Direbark Troggoths: Units part of this battalion cannot be the targets of spells, shooting attacks, or be charged on the first turn. The Great Troggoth Horde: 1 Troggoth King + 1 Troggoth Shaman + 1-3 ‘Bridge Toll’ + 0-2 ‘Crag Dwellers’ + 0-2 ‘River Raiders’ + 0-2 ‘Deep Forest Rumors’ + 0-1 Great Troggoths: Gain d6 Regenesis points at the start of the game, for use later with the ‘Ever-Healing’ Faction Ability. Mercenary Work: 1 Troggreat Wander +2-4 units of Sourbreath Troggoths: Sourbreath Troggoths part of this battalion lose (Keyword: Sourbreath), but all battalion units gain (Keyword: Trogs of War). This battalion may be included in any Destruction Force as allies, regardless of Ally restrictions.
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    Good news for the long term health of the game and war-games/roleplaying in general... https://www.economist.com/britain/2018/10/06/britons-are-increasingly-turning-to-tabletop-games-for-entertainment?fsrc=scn/tw/te/bl/ed/britonsareincreasinglyturningtotabletopgamesforentertainmentnewmodelarmies Who knows maybe post-Brexit the UK can transition to an entirely. plastic orc based economy, I mean it's as good as any other idea that's been floated so far.
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    I don't think so. I think they saw a destruction army doing well in the first half of 2016 and decided that this was unacceptable. Not the best army in the meta by any stretch, but people didn't like playing against it so it had to get some nerf. Then the teams split off and worked on GHB17 individually. My guess as to how it went: The main rules team knew the clear problem was artefacts giving mounts +1 to hit, so they decided that game-wide would no longer be allowed. This was a massive blow to BCR, and enough to balance them out fully without making the army trash. I think this team was right. BCR would be middle of the pack, maybe a touch lower, but still good for all game types. But then some other team that maybe works on individual armies also felt there needed to be a nerf, and so decided the clear problem was thundertusks stacking and stone skeleton was the most complained about ability. So, they made tusks too expensive and changed stone skeleton into complete garbage. In return they made mournfang cheaper, but this left the beastclaw allegiance with really nothing to do. Their allegiance abilities were already bad (and just about exclusively played as mixed destruction for this reason), but now their best guys were also bad. The painfully low army-wide wound count that stone skeleton helped to balance was now code-red. The real culprit for tusk stacking was blizzard-speaker getting +1 per tusk around. In a vacuum even 300 for a thundertusk that can't heal is hardly worth it, so crippling is his chart. Then some other guys working on GA decided that destruction's allegiance were too good, and really pushed players to ignore their faction for soup. This is correct, but their fix was the opposite of the right solution. Sure GA:D allegiance was good, but the root cause was that the destruction armies themselves had trash kits. Instead of update these they essentially just made all the choices sad. Then some other team felt that BCR's nightmare scenarios were all the ideal way to play AoS and needed to be pushed hard (obviously this wasn't on purpose, but it's how it panned out. Massive regiments and high-model auto-capturing battleplans, with a bigger emphasis on scoring points). This is the one where you might have a bit of a point. New players love the idea of low model count armies because they're cheap and look amazing. Obviously that shouldn't be the strongest way to play or they are pushing themselves out of a job, but does it have to be the weakest way to play? I don't think anyone took a few steps back and checked out the projected state of BCR after this meteor swarm of nerfs from all angles, and furthermore I don't think anyone in GW paid too much attention to BCR from then till now. If they did, they would note near total lack of representation with the worst win record and most bottom 5 finishes of any battletome army up until 2nd ed, without much improvement in the new edition. Whenever they thought about them it probably just brought up memories from 2 years ago about their guy getting shot by frost-wreathed ice and figured 'man that wasn't fun, I'm sure they're still scary'. Flash forward to 2018, I'd guess that there was maybe one game of beastclaw played by in-house testing for 2nd edition that featured FLoTT, Skal with some cats, and 27 yhetees. Now that the most expensive and worst looking models in the line were playable so people would buy them they dusted their hands off and said good game (but that's a tad cynical I admit). A brand new allegiance kit could fix everything - look what happened with Seraphon - but they didn't have one before, and I think they're loathe to make a book irrelevant by changing all the rules in it. Even if the book sucks, and is arguably irrelevant in its current state. If you try to fix this with points then people just steal a behemoth or two for GA:D and the actual faction continues collecting dust on a shelf. Which, with exactly one frostlord at 420 with ethereal amulet, is the case today. tldr answer: maybe slightly, but probably not too purposefully.
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    your opponent is really a douch!
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    And I hope they give each bloodlines different allegiances abilities and a really distinctive way to play each of them -Blood dragon for a super fighty, super elite force -Nosferatu for a magic heavy vampire coven with access to summonable units like zombies/skeletons -Lamia with a lot of debuffing and subtle magic to make your opponent cry while you set your trap in motion! -Von Carstein (they will surely give them another name, sadly) for an aristocratic vampire army that is a mix of every other one (little fighty prowess, some magic capabilities, some debuffing) -any other bloodlines they can think of! (shamanistic vampire! with blood voodoo or something) For new units, I hope we get -elite infantry vampires -new blood knights models! and make them tougher and killier! I want them to be the elite of the elite! super hard to shift and a nightmare to face in melee! (of course they should cost more in points for these buff!) -Living thrall for cheap infantry and board control (and a snack when your vamps are hungry! ahah!) ps: this let me think it could be a really cool rule! In your hero phase, do d3 MW to a thrall unit within 3'' of any vampire heroes and they heal same number of MW done! -fast attack vampire Knight units on hellstead (flying pegasus) -combat buffing vampire heroes (blood shaman!) -new heroes model for vampire lords! (I really want a new model for the winged vampire because I really don't like the look of the one we have now!) -Make vampire heroes sturdier and killier! in WFB they were the true nightmares in the army and your opponent was really afraid of them! -vampire assassins who use shadow magics to teleport around the battlefield to stalk their prey! -some kind of real shooty units! Vampire Stalkers or something who hunt with dire wolves and crossbows! (the undead don't shoot mentality starts to get old!) -new named character for each bloodline! -and a lot more! Soulblight was my favorite factions at the beginning of AoS and now there rules are so weak and old compare to the new ones, it's just better to play legion of blood instead
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    Lies, damned lies, and statistics. One of my favourite quotes (hence my reply) None of that actually relates to in game experiences or situations. Need a 10 models to run 14 to claim an objective? Eels stuck in combat with a guy on 1 wound, need a screen to block off your opponents move? Mathshammer and tables dont tell you any of these situations, plus many many more. So much focus on sub-optimal, etc etc. Honestly the worst part of the game for me. Get some folks enjoy it, power to you but rem, thats not even close to the game as a whole. No substitute for playing games with models and using them on the table. I put reavers in my list because they are my fav models in the range, had every expectation of them really not contributing. I would say in at least 25% of my games they have made a significant contribution, in some role or another. They actually won me my round 4 matchup at EGGS this year.
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    The former and they always know their warscroll prayer in addition to the picked blood blessing.
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    1) Wyldwoods don't cost any points (they used to but not anymore). 2) You can summon as many as you have hero phases. Ie. You get one chance per hero phase for having a Treelord Ancient alive (only one Treelord Ancient can activate the ability per turn). If you succeed on all your hero phases you can summon each time for a maximum of 5 in a normal game. (I believe this is in the Slyvaneth Designers commentary or FAQ) 3) You do not start with any on the board in a Living City army. The ability to place a Wyldwood on the board is part of the Sylvaneth allegiance abilities and requires you to be playing a Slyvaneth army to use. Hope this helps I'm also making a Living City army and play Slyvaneth too so I should be able to answer your questions.
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    Thought folks may be interested; I am getting roped into an impromptu GT this weekend and going to the Michigan GT. I wasn't planning on doing another event until Da Boyz so my other 2.0 lists aren't ready yet. With that being the case I'll be taking my FEC NOVA list again. Not sure what the missions are so it'll be interesting lol. One constant remains; I am sure I will fight Nagash all weekend ?.
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    It doesn’t fit the fluff at all. Have you read the Ironjawz Battletome or know anything about them? They’re a special kind of super Orruk formed from the Age of Chaos, spending eons doing nothing but fighting and getting bigga and stronga dan anyone else in da realms! Dey’s da biggest and da best! That’s why they’re an elite army. They’re literally better than all the other Orks and there aren’t that many of them comparatively. Ardboys are literally regular Orruk hanger-on wannabe’s that are regular Orks who do super crazy stuff to prove how brutal, metal and tough they are so they’ll get recognition and approval from actual Ironjawz. Regular greenskins are completely different. Ironjawz are not a Horde army fantasy, they’re the best of the best fantasy. Greenskins are Horde, Ironjawz are elite. Ironjawz are an army of all Warbosses and their warbosses are called mega bosses.
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    In Chamon, The Cloudsplitter brothers, Dolgrim and Dagrim lead the expedition for aether gold. They are accompanied by the Brilliant King(ironclad), Proven Ambition(frigate) and the Gunwolf(gunhauler) and their ever present guard of Arkanaughts, Thunderers and Endrinriggers. Hope you enjoy, I look forward to any feedback. I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out.
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    A good warscroll: an obvious strength and a obvious weakness. All in one package for an amount of points that represents their strength while neither be too low costed to be an auto-include nor too high costed that no one would pick it. Example of a bad Warscroll with explanation: Drakespawn Chariots: A lack of damage: with their few attacks and meager output due to either wounding or hitting on 4s with no Rend they have no killing power. Mortal wounds on a 6 when charging for Models within 1“ is unreliable and too restricted to be useful. A lack of tankiness: It has a huge Base so a lot of potential attacks can easily target the chariot. The 4+ save is okay. It has only 6 wounds. too high points: it‘s costs of 80pts is almost the cost of an Infantry unit of 10 Dreadspears which has more wounds, a better save and a higher damage potential (they hit easier). === no strengths + too high costs -> only weaknesses. The fix: Fix either one of the 3 categories completely or two of them slightly.
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    It was rare to not see Stormcast in or near the top 10 of every major event with the previous book. However it seems to me 9/10 times was due to Vanguard Wing. Now Stormcast seem to place more consistently in the middle of events. I honestly feel mostly Vanguard Wing and to a lesser extent Staunch Defender, did too much damage to the potential development of Stormcast for their new book. They were the two things mostly responsible for propping SCE up, and over inflating the the perception of the entire allegiances power. Gav is doing similar now on a smaller scale. Most of the Stormcast framework has always been meh at best (Paldadins, Liberators, Prosecutors, Decimators, Concussors, several heroes, pretty much the whole Vanguard chamber). Its just had access to obscene rules to prop it up.
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    They're the most successful company in the FTSE250 at the moment, I wouldn't be too concerned ?
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    Just to add my two cents to discussion. 1. Looking at the forum and tournament listing you seem to be right. Just below several other factions at the moments. Might be a shame if you bought Stormcast specifically to be top tier. But when the manufacturer is not only focussed on regularly updates but makes it an Unique Selling Point. Just chasing after the meta, the factions that are on top, you can only lose in the semi long term. That killer faction can be only tier 1.3 and therefore not what you bought it for. If 1.3 is not good enough, chasing the meta will be a very dissapointing road to travel. (definitely not saying you are by the way, but just something that came to mind while reading the last few posts). Edit: But where does a tier end and start? What percentage of placings, how many different builds. etc? 2. This is what I love about the faction system. Everything should have their strengths and weaknesses. Stormast shouldn't outnumber hordes, just like Skaven shouldn't be more elite than Ogors. (in general of course). If a player doesn't like that, AoS might not be for them. (chess is very balanced though ) This is how Stormcast should be for me. Elite, but with a lot of different potential areas of expertise. Fits the lore, fits their role as poster boys. But that is of course very personal.
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    Attack sequence ends on an unmodified roll of 1, i.e. before you add modifiers. So you never get to add the +5 to the hit roll to trigger the 6+.
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    On a topic of nothing... just wanna pop in to let everyone know that though I am not posting very often I still very much enjoy this forum, reading rumours and tactic tips as well as silly debates about lore and rules. So please do not delete my account as the latest couple of emails have indicated will happen if I do not post something soon. Will be sure to post random stuff in the future.
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    That's not how it works though. There isn't in the main rules a defined list of accepted phrases. There being other rules that cite ANY is irrelevant for the application of this rule. There are always going to be multiple ways to write any rule but A unit and ANY unit are functionally the same in that they generalise for all units with that banner and aren't specific to this exact unit It's only fuzzy if you're trying to fudge the rules to fit how you want them to. If you actually apply the rule as it is written there is no scope for stacking of multiple banners as you are within the range of a unit whether that is 1 unit or 3 which results in that condition being positive and 'switching on' the -1 to hit for that model. It's like the Keeper of Secrets and Exalted GD command abilities rules that cropped up earlier in the thread with claims they can stack when they can't because both rules clearly specify after a 1st attack they can attack a 2nd time. Using both abilities means a unit attacks for a 3rd time which breaks one of those rules and is effectively cheating. If one of them only stated that after attacking they could then attack an additional time then they could stack, but they don't, and so they can't. It feels like looking at the rules, seeing something that would be powerful and then trying to wriggle it in somehow by looking everywhere else than the rule itself. I quite like the Slaanesh Daemon Prince anyway. They should always be used with something else but the mark ability is really nice for messing up peoples day for just putting some wounds on a monster or softening up a unit that has charged something else. The fact it can fly means you can hide it behind something else like in a unit and it can pile in over models that are in the way to get stuck in and it means you're always attacking first or twice in a row or forcing your opponents combat choices in some way if they're taking it into account. I've run 2 in a tag team a bit which was fun (and annoying for my opponent).
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    I could see them keeping the name, I mean Mannfred's still a Von Carstein so it would make sense. I'm hoping they give us Abhorash since he's actually in AoS, probably won't happen but it would be awesome if it did. I'd guess Adhema from the novels could be a named character for them not sure if she'd go with either the Blood Dragon or Lahmian bloodlines if they did do characters for each bloodline though, probably Lahmian.
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    Cheers! Yeah Wrathmongers are just allround awesome and act as a backup Bloodsecrator plan also. Crimson Haze basically buffs everybody except them. So yes, if Skullreapers are near them (often behind) they too will recieve additional attacks. Bloodfury is the main selling point, you can choose what it attacks, including itself. So yeah Stonehorn, Archaon's etc. punching themselves. Heck even Skarband tries to knock himself out.
  22. 2 points
    You'd think that Chaos lords would be actively trying to avoid apotheosis as it seems to make them worse ? I doubt it'd happen, but I hope GW rethink AoS daemon princes. At the moment they seem pretty weak - not something that a lord would have to dominate countless civilisations for. Something like a 2+ to wound, more wounds, more attacks, a better save, or any combination of would make them feel much closer to what they're meant to represent. I like the axe, and I really want to use it for the rend, but 4+ to hit as never felt so much like 6+ to hit.
  23. 2 points
    I think you could keep the current rule of rerolling charges for the sharks, it requires them to have done damage with the shooting attacks and there are other ways to reroll charges so it isn't great as it is. Re: Overlords. I think they should have a bonus to save vs shooting, that represents how sturdy the ships are while melee combat would more represent crew vs borders so a 4+ makes sense. Also think they should have an ability to retreat and shoot. KO are far too weak in the current meta.
  24. 2 points
    The only problem is it's probably Kirby who has benefitted from this more than anyone, he issued a bucketload of shares to him and his partner before stepping down. Not sure if it's still the case but when Rountree took over Kirby was still with the company just not in charge. Rountree deserves a medal on top of whatever bonus he (must have?) received for turning GW around, business wise and community wise.
  25. 2 points
    This is exactly how I think Soulblight will be once they're fleshed out with a stand alone battletome and new units.
  26. 2 points
    I played my first game with non-S2D slaanesh tonight, 500pts: Daemon Princess The Masque A herald on seeker 10 daemonettes 5 hellstriders Vs stormcast: Lord Castellant 10 liberators 3 hurricane raptors 3 aetherwings I mis-played the hellstriders thinking they were better (9" bubble affecting units, not 6" affecting models), my daemon princess whiffed as usual (the model is cursed, i swear) and my opponent put the raptors on a rooftop covering her home objective, so i took a bit of a beating closing the gap. But the depravity engine really started kicking in on turn 3 when i ended up with enough DP to resummon almost all my casualties. We didn't finish as it was getting late, but i had fun and it was still anyones game. ?
  27. 2 points
    I would really like a ultra-elite army for death, like stormcast but even more elite, with vampires. Full black and stylized armor, badass swords and capes, vampiric powers. Each of those guys is supposed to be a murder machine. Nothing more badass than a army of 30-50 models killing an army twice to thrice it size
  28. 2 points
    So, here are the latest updates. I had the bits for quite some time now, but yesterday I actually built something again for my Lion Rangers. I made another 3 Lion Riders, so the unit has 6 models now. I brought the War Lions unit to 6 models and I built a Lion Tamer. Sadly I didn't painted anything. And I actually made my AoS 2.0 update for the Fanmade Battletome, bringing the layout to a more similar way and making some little point changes (mostly to the Changes in the Generals Handbook 2018), what makes my army actually 140 cheaper than before. Battletome Lion Rangers 2.0
  29. 2 points
    Could you provide a reference? Right now I have no access to the rule book itself, but only the online core rules. The only thing I can remember and verify with a reference is this FAQ-ruling from AOS1.0: "Q: How do abilities which trigger on ‘a roll of 6’ interact with modifiers? For example, if an ability states that it has an effect on ‘a wound roll of 6’ and the model has a modifier which adds 1 to their wound rolls, would a roll of 6 trigger that ability? A: Yes. In the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules, ‘a roll of 6’ is treated as being synonymous with ‘a roll of 6 or more’." (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Errata/warhammer_aos_rules_en.pdf, page 4)
  30. 2 points
    Best to check the FAQ... I meant the rules errata... no, it must have been in the designers commentary...maybe from the core rules...or the book? I might just get a rope...
  31. 2 points
    Awesome stuff! One prayer and one blood blessing per priest per turn then (range allowing) - i've been doing only 1 of either so this is a nice boost!
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    It's a bit later than planned but here's the lore for my Tree-Revenants. Next up, Alarielle herself! Also, a small note but I'm hoping to slowly build up an image of the overall forest through short stories so I'd appreciate feedback on them too if you have any. I appreciate I'm not necessarily the best writer in the world so I'd love to hear how I could improve. The Jade-Shrines of the Forest The song of the dryads floated through the trees to Cyclamen, the calm rhythm letting him know that things in the forest were as normal. Whilst not able to feel the heartsong that allowed his purewood-kin to communicate internally, Cyclamen and his fellow Tree-Revenants were more than capable of understanding it when the dryads gave it an external voice. Nodding to Impatiens, he gave the order to let the forest know that the Jade-Shrine they guarded was safe. Impatiens, the most musically inclined of his kin, starting playing the wind pipes he carried at all times, adding his melody to the song in order to communicate Cyclamen's order. A quick flurry of notes came drifting back, letting Cyclamen know his message had been received. Satisfied, Cyclamen turned back to the Jade-Shrine hidden within the great tree he and his kin were positioned around. The realmstone within shone with a dull green light as its pattern shifted as it cycled through various matters. Cyclamen noted with pride that the stone in the centre would need to be replaced soon, as he and his kin had guarded it long enough for it to bring life back to this once dead part of the forest. Vowing to never let such desolation return, he turned around and continued his long vigil, hidden from any would-be intruders by the rich colours of the flowers around him. So he remained, until shortly after the sun set. Cyclamen was just getting ready to rotate his kin to allow them to rest, when the ever-present song of forest changed. Picking up in tempo, the dryads announced intruders, coming in through the still-dead western edge of the Everblossom Glades. Given their proximity, Cyclamen ordered Impatiens to signal they would join the force already assembling to push them back, before quickly gathering most of his kin and setting off. The speed at which the Tree-Revenants moved through the thick forest would have astounded many, but for ones who were as much of the forest as they were it's inhabitants, the undergrowth of Athel Mirai was familiar and welcoming. All the while as they ran, the dryads kept them informed of the exact positioning of the intruders, as well as their numbers and perceived strength. Impatiens periodically sent a short burst of music back, informing the rest of the forest of where they were. At first, Cyclamen was unworried about the intrusion. Many minor warbands and travelling groups attempted to enter the forest, hoping it would keep them safe from the legions of chaos devotees and risen spirits that plagued the surrounding lands. Most fled after the first sign of resistance, preferring to return and find a boat to bypass the continent entirely, and based on the numbers communicated by the dryads this group seemed no different. It wasn't until the song started to tell of the first engagements with the enemy, as well as the enemies determination to move in a specific direction that the true threat became clear. The warriors, though few in number, appeared to be devotees of Khorne, grown strong from the incessant warring outside the forest. They thrived in the challenge the forest provided, and were slowly but surely carving a path towards another of the jade-shrines that had been discovered during a separate raid many weeks before. As veterans of the chaos intrusions, they seemed to be aware that the forest would fight back hardest when the shrines were threatened and in their attempts to bring glory to their god were heading straight towards it. Cyclamen led his kin to ever faster speeds through the forest, hoping to cut the intruders off before they made it to the shrine. As such, he almost ran straight into a great axe covered in sap as he struggled to stop himself upon bursting into the glade the Khorne worshippers found themselves in. Two of his kin were less lucky however, and were hacked down by great axes that cut their bark as if it werent there. Cylcamen jumped back to narrowly avoid a second blow aimed directly at his glowing heart-wood, and struck out with his protector glaive, slicing the arm of his assailant off with a swift blow. As his opponent roared in pain, he quickly glanced around to see the state of the battle. The warriors of the Everblossom Glades had gathered as soon as possible but the opponent's advance had been quick and many were still en route to join the fight. Of those that had already come, Cylcamen noticed many had wounds cut deep into their heartwood, and a good number lay on the ground unlikely to ever rise again. Knowing the shrine would likely be defiled if they did not manage to gather a strong defence, Cylcamen finished the roaring warrior in front of him and ordered his kin to disperse, so as to use their greater mobility to keep the enemy off guard and scare them from advancing beyond the glade. He himself ran forward, engaging two lesser armoured foes screaming in their blood frenzy. He quickly cut them down taking advantage of the longer reach of his weapon, as he saw his kin start to jump in and out of the edges of combat, slashing at foes and then vanishing into the trees before the foe could fight back. At first it seemed to be a great success, but as the fight continued the warriors they fought start to take on a more defensive position, covering one another from attack. Cylcamen and his kin had succeeded in holding the opponent back, but he knew that they had no chance of defeating the foe as his watched three of his kin cut down in succession as they attempted to strike at the Khornite warriors. The song was announcing that aid from the Moonlily Pools was near, but as the one that appeared to be the warriors leader start to whip his men to get back on the offensive, Cylcamen knew they would be too late if he didn't do anything. Roaring a challenge at the leader, he charged forth, cutting down three warriors whose back streaked blood from the whip their leader was viciously lashing at them with, albeit it taking a glance to his left arm covered in tough bark in the process. Roaring back, the leader turned to Cylcamen and struck out with his whip. Trusting to his instincts, Cylcamen dodged to the side, however he felt the sting of the barbed lashes catch the arm that had already been struck and he spun round to strike back with his glaive. Moving with surprising speed the large warrior gracefully sidestepped the blade, before quickly throwing all his weight straight into Cylcamen's side, throwing him off balance. The warrior stamped down with his foot, crushing Cylcamen's softer right arm and forcing him to drop his weapon. Bearing over him, the warrior roared a warcry and drew a gore covered serrated dagger from his belt. Raising his arms, the warrior made to stab down at Cyclamen's neck when a large etherial arrow slammed through his chest. Looking round with watery eyes, Cylcamen saw his saviour striding out of the woods. Aid had arrived and Cylcamen watched as the large hunter of the Moonlily Pools stood his ground, carefully felling after foe from afar who were now starting to break with their leader dead. As he fought, a shield wall of duardin clad in the heraldry of the Gardneri Halls formed around him, pushing back those that still attempted to fight. In the face of this new show of force, the last of the enemy broke and started to run. Running for the edge of the glade, they instead found they were running to their doom as a flurry of aelven arrows flew out from the cover of the canopy where an enclave of the Everblossom Glades resident aelves had quietly encircled the battle to cut off any escape. Trapped between two walls, the Khornite warriors threw themselves at the defenders one last time, but in the face of the combined arms of Athel Mirai their frenzied fighting stood little chance and they were cut down to a man. Satisfied he and his kin had played his part well, Cyclamen ordered his kin back to the forest to return to their own shrine, giving little more than a glance of acknowledge to the leaders of the warriors that had come to his aid.
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    With 3 weapons it can benefit well from extra attack buffs, and any to hit or to wound buffs would certainly help. I'm determined to keep taking it cos i love the model so much! I'm thinking having him near wrathmongers could be good, cos its easy to get him in their buff bubble and units that can wreck the soul grinder probably don't wanna be in combat with Wrathmongers
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    While Id say AoS2 point cost balance is really getting better with the GH, I will also say that some piece just arn't up to snuff for their cost.
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    Allopexes are the new Gunhaulers. There must be a warehouse stuffed full of these amazing, useless, unsold models somewhere. Coming soon, to a Start Collecting box near you...
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    Yeah I think a lot of people recall the GH16 days, especially towards the end it was dominated by soup lists (Moo Clan, Hurricanum Gunlines, Best of Chaos with the Letterbomb etc). It made sense to have good Mixed stuff in that book when 90% of the armies were using them because there were very few "modern" Battletomes around (by definition...it was only then that books started to include Allegiance goodies). Before the "Staunch Defender and Mirrorshield" era, a common inclusion for Stormcast was a Stardrake with Quicksilver Potion It looked like a proactive design choice at the launch of GH17 (and a good one imo) to move away from that to "proper" armies with their own Allegiances. There were a lot more true Battletome armies by that stage (and even more now), and the book launched with Allegiance abilities for a lot of the armies that either didn't have a Battletome (Dispossesed, Wanderers, Slaanesh) or had an old style one with no Allegiance Abilities (Seraphon, Ironjawz, FEC). That squared the circle and set the tone to a large extent, and I think that reverting to enhanced GA abilities would be a backwards step and an unneccesarry one. That being said there were a couple of things that this release structure didn't or couldn't solve, being: - Microfactions. The shattering of WHFB Armies into smaller factions was inconsistent (Seraphon completely escaped it, Maneaters...not so much) and comes from an AOS era when the vision for the game was drastically different to what we have now. It's not possible nor even desirable to have GA abilities, let alone a Battletome, for every microfaction out there. - Destruction. For some reason their GA abilities were taken away and replaced with nothing. The decision to freeze armies like Gutbusters and Moonclan out of GH17 and GH18, coupled with the absence of Battletome support for years on end and the removal of all their Batallions, is totally out of step with the treatment of all other GAs. I don't have a good explanation for this. However all of these things have solutions that we can already see playing out. 1) The Big Book. LON and now BOC have shown that GW can and will bring scattered armies back under an umbrella with modernised rules. This is a great boon to those armies. 2) GW Genius. Never underestimate GW's creativity in finding non-obvious solutions. The best example is Firestorm in my opinion...I think that GW would handle the launch differently given the chance, but the idea was superb. As has been pointed out in other threads, if we ever get a Battletome: Free Cities book, it could be a huge success. Bringing smaller and larger armies together horizontally rather than vertically is a true masterstroke, and as they already showed it can apply to other GAs in the form of a specific Waaagh for example. Similarly, I'm not in the least bit concerned that the Big Books box off a whole GA with no room for expansion. LON was swiftly followed by Nighthaunt for example, and there is always room to expand with out-of-leftfield factions. For example FEC have incredible lore and sit neatly outside of LON. Similarly with a Green Soup book you could still see Grot Sky Pirates and whole universe of amazing ideas that someone like me could never conceive of. 3) Patience. GW has not really supported the armies I'm most interested in for a couple of years now. I've blown off steam about it on Twitter (which helps!), but what am I actually worried about? Bonesplitterz can still compete at the pointy end, good players have been performing wonders with Moonclan, and Mixed Destro can still be devastating in the right hands. So in my own case it's probably moreso that I like buying shiny new stuff (don't we all), so I'd like more releases just so I have new stuff to buy, and being brutally honest a feeling of being treated badly - "it's just not fair". With regards to that latter point, it can be tempting to think that my armies are not getting the attention I feel they deserve because they lack advocates in the corridors of power at GW. My main armies are Ironjawz (obsolete Battletome, thrown far fewer bones with 2.0 than armies like Sylvaneth that already had more tools) and GSC in 40K (the only army in the game with no book either in their hands or imminent). Well, that little conspiracy theory doesn't hold a lot of water when you consider that Pete Foley's main armies are...Ironjawz and GSC! TLDR: The structures that GW have put in place are outstanding, they listen to feedback, and they will continue to innovate and keep making the game great in ways we wouldn't even think of. It'll be fine. It'll be better than fine.
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    Banishment (even post nerf) and that +1 damage buff would still be too good and need separate nerfs, but otherwise realm spells should be selected like faction spells (and instead of faction spells, a wizard should be able to choose one or the other, not both, just like realm artifacts are chosen instead of and not in addition to faction artefacts). And they should be based on your realm of origin, not the realm you're fighting in, both to add extra character to your army and so that you can choose them as part of list construction before selecting the realm for the game, and so that you can convert models to represent the specific spells they know if you wish to do so. Maybe give them a slight bonus if playing in the matching realm, like +1 to cast or something. Or at least the realm spell lores in malign sorcery should work like that. The one or two mostly minor spells that are part of the realm rules themselves can be left as is. I like the idea of wizards being able to pull some spells from the essence of whatever plane they're on, but every wizard knowing like 8 additional spells is just way too much. Even apart from balance issues for nagash, it causes a lot of slowdown in games with players who havent memorized all those spells, which maybe you could expect of tournament players, but given that the spells are part of a separately packaged supplement box its not fair to expect your opponent has ever even read the realm spell rules before in casual games.
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    Im looking into playing a dispossessed heavy list with a treelord under the living city rules and I have a few questions regarding wyldwoods. Does it cost points to include wyldwoods in my army? How many wyldwoods can I summon with the tree lord over the course of the game? Do I start the match with wyldwoods out on the field like sylvaneth players? Any information people can provide for me on this would be greatly apreciated. Also if you have a FAQ or document that supports the rules for anything related to my questions I would love to see those for reference. Thanks!
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    But it creates a soup problem whereby the game would lean too strong toward taking Grand Alliance armies. So suddenly all those Battletome armies would also start taking Grand Alliance builds. Grand Alliance is nice, but I prefer where its an option but not a balanced must have. This way factions retain a strong identity of self and can be fielded without diluting themselves taking allies from everyone else in a min-max madness. Honestly what's needed is jsut for GW to focus on AoS for a period of time like they have 40K. It' took them a year and a half and most of of 40K has an updated codex and several new armies and revamps. They can do the same for AoS 0 a year spent focusing and releasing Battletomes. It's actually something they can achieve now and have proven that they can do it. I'm sure GW also wants to do it - I'm sure that they want those models that are currently not selling to sell stronger and become established with fanbases and support and customers.
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    Despite being a totally different game and several editions obsolete and not actually being a big gamer, I still start with 2 troops and an HQ. It’s so ingrained. After that, I buy what I like the look of but generally try to cover a lot of different options. Ultimate goal is usually to have one of everything but I’m happy to skip any unit I don’t really like.
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    I agree with this, I think it's way too easy to dismiss Greenskinz as generic / Tolkien orcs which massively undersells GW's contribution to the trope. The Tolkien Orcs were not particularly large and muscled - the vision of the Green Hercules is absolutely GW's creation. Tolkien used the terms Orc and Goblin interchageably which emphatically is not the case in Warhammer. Or to look at it another way - there could never be a Legions of Nagash tome, because GW cannot copyright Skeletons or Zombies. Greenskinz are way more GW's own creation than either of those. Front and centre posterboys? Never again. But they certainly have their place as units within a larger faction.
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    I mostly buy stuff second hand 10-15 years ago, leave it to sit on a shelf for years, and then paint it today when it all of a sudden turns into a new faction. I am the WORST sort of customer for GW. In the last 4 years I've painted, what, 7 or 8 or more (?) huge armies, and purchased maybe 1/8 of the models new in plastic from GW. Less perhaps? They seriously need to weed me out of their ecosystem and replace me with someone who buys new stuff more often. LOL
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    I theorycraft about 700 lists for an army, ask advice, get pooped on for being a stupid noob casual and reduce it down to 20 or so lists and then buy all the plastic I need to fill those lists then consider paint schemes that are above my skill level and never get around to painting. I’ve done this with 3 armies so far and I have more planned for STD and BoC. I swear I’ll paint them all.... eventually. Probably.
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    How competitive you can potentially be depends on just how heavy you're thinking of investing in the PBKs. I've run between 20-30 PBK in lists and always felt that they earned their keep. Pros: They're fairly inexpensive, loads of wounds, SURPRISINGLY fast, potential to dish out absurd amounts of wounds (pre-saves) , great bravery, Nurgle battleline, and lots of mobility with small units Cons: struggle vs armor. They have weight of attacks, but against high saves, they struggle a bit. What @JonnyTheKing said is true, a -1 debuff and they're hurting. But that's just one unit. Almost any unit in game will suffer with a -1. Running them as large blobs (more than 10) is quite ponderous. 5-10 is ideal. 10 can hold up many times their points value, 5 can hold and threaten objectives. With feculant gnarlmaw and gutrot, they have a surprising amount of speed. What I enjoy most about blight kings, is that they are a phenomenal battleline. Once you have them, you can build the list how you want. For me, I love fast armored units and monsters. When they are struggling, the fatties come strolling in to rescue them. If you go very heavy PBK, I'd suggest the lord of blights or other buffing units for them. The blight battalion is ok, -1 rend is good, but the battalion is limiting on what you have to bring and what's left over. Good luck!
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    I'm still on the fence about Inferno (new and old) but those short novels I'm very into! I also like that there isn't a single Stormcast on the cover and hope that they might not have many if any in the stories themselves. Not that I hate Stormcast, but the current novels are very very full of them - it would be both refreshing and important to give strength to the other factions to have them stand on their own feet against the struggles and trials of the Mortal Realms.
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    Perhaps they should just rebalance all points across the board once a year? There's got to be some sort of handy book format they could adopt easily
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    It is not a matched play thing. Instead it is, as you mention, in the core rules. For the first battleround you have to remember the following part you did not include in your post: "[...]but if it is the first battle round, the player that finished setting up their army first chooses who has the first turn." (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Rulesheets/ENG_AoSSW_Rules_booklet_web.pdf, page3) A later FAQ cleared up this more or less ambiguous wording: "Q: Does the player that first finished setting up their army always choose who has the first turn in the first battle round, or is it only if the roll-off is a tie? A: The player that first finished setting up their army always chooses who has the first turn in the first battle round, unless specifically noted otherwise in the battleplan that is being used." (https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_Basesizes_en.pdf, page3) So, in the first battle round, whoever finished their deployment first chooses who has the first turn. In every other battleround, players roll off and the player who won the roll-off decides. In case of a tie the player who had the first turn in the previous battleround gets to choose. You get the following probabilities for "winning" the turn priority (-decision): 1st battleround: The Player who finishes deployment first: 100% The other guy: 0% All other battlerounds: The Player who had the first turn in the previous battleround: 58% The other guy: 42% I hope this helps . If there are any further questions, feel free to ask.
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    Oh boy, gonna have to break this down a bit: Order - New plastic kits for basic Human, Aelven and Duardin infantry with more of that sigmarite imagery theme wise - for the ironweld arsenal to go all out on the clockwork madness, integrated human and duardin crews, new steam tank, the return of the dreaded pigeon bomb? - more of those swanky Azyrite creatures! Death -wraithfleet/dreadfleet faction please - smaller elite vampire based faction, perhaps based on blood knight's and varghulfs - skeleton archers because more spooks Destruction - New plastic Ogor faction/update gutbusters. Ogors are too damn cool - skygoblins - an expansion into the more bestial side of destruction, more mad monsters/plastic yeti's etc Chaos - Skaven dammit! Give them a LoN style book and update everything that's forecast into new plastic kits! - darkoath/updated slaves to darkness - an undivided cultist faction with an almost cthulu esque aesthetic, robes, mutation and daemon summoning would be awesome! Generic - this one might be controversial but I think it might be a good point in AoS to finally retire some of the older lines to focus on newer and more exciting things, as much as I love loads of the old kits, their time in the sun is really coming to an end (imo) - Less focus on stormcast, as much as I love the poster boys (hallowed knights Ftw!) I think they should calm down on big releases for them so that other factions can be worked on, wouldn't mind getting a special release mini or hero character variant every now and then, but I'd hate to buy a new stormcast book every year - More narrative shenanigans! Updating skirmish and path to glory for Aos2 and making them even better would honestly complete my world, if they threw in more battleplans and something akin to 40ks power levels for regular games that would make it even better for me - a return of hope to the narrative background/fluff. As much as I love grimdark, what drew me into AoS was the theme of fighting back against despair and chaos, I feel like there should be more if a nudge in that direction again but still keeping a lot of the grimdark elements - Just for GW to keep doing a fantastic job, this game has quickly become my favourite tabletop game since its release, I don't think there hasn't been an army I wasn't excited for, even ones I don't play! It's a great game with a great setting and I bloody love it! ?
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    Finished a couple more warbands. Falling behind - I'll probably have to skip straight to Goblins!!
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