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    Lies, damned lies, and statistics. One of my favourite quotes (hence my reply) None of that actually relates to in game experiences or situations. Need a 10 models to run 14 to claim an objective? Eels stuck in combat with a guy on 1 wound, need a screen to block off your opponents move? Mathshammer and tables dont tell you any of these situations, plus many many more. So much focus on sub-optimal, etc etc. Honestly the worst part of the game for me. Get some folks enjoy it, power to you but rem, thats not even close to the game as a whole. No substitute for playing games with models and using them on the table. I put reavers in my list because they are my fav models in the range, had every expectation of them really not contributing. I would say in at least 25% of my games they have made a significant contribution, in some role or another. They actually won me my round 4 matchup at EGGS this year.
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    It was rare to not see Stormcast in or near the top 10 of every major event with the previous book. However it seems to me 9/10 times was due to Vanguard Wing. Now Stormcast seem to place more consistently in the middle of events. I honestly feel mostly Vanguard Wing and to a lesser extent Staunch Defender, did too much damage to the potential development of Stormcast for their new book. They were the two things mostly responsible for propping SCE up, and over inflating the the perception of the entire allegiances power. Gav is doing similar now on a smaller scale. Most of the Stormcast framework has always been meh at best (Paldadins, Liberators, Prosecutors, Decimators, Concussors, several heroes, pretty much the whole Vanguard chamber). Its just had access to obscene rules to prop it up.
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    On a topic of nothing... just wanna pop in to let everyone know that though I am not posting very often I still very much enjoy this forum, reading rumours and tactic tips as well as silly debates about lore and rules. So please do not delete my account as the latest couple of emails have indicated will happen if I do not post something soon. Will be sure to post random stuff in the future.
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    I think you could keep the current rule of rerolling charges for the sharks, it requires them to have done damage with the shooting attacks and there are other ways to reroll charges so it isn't great as it is. Re: Overlords. I think they should have a bonus to save vs shooting, that represents how sturdy the ships are while melee combat would more represent crew vs borders so a 4+ makes sense. Also think they should have an ability to retreat and shoot. KO are far too weak in the current meta.
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    I would really like a ultra-elite army for death, like stormcast but even more elite, with vampires. Full black and stylized armor, badass swords and capes, vampiric powers. Each of those guys is supposed to be a murder machine. Nothing more badass than a army of 30-50 models killing an army twice to thrice it size
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    Allopexes are the new Gunhaulers. There must be a warehouse stuffed full of these amazing, useless, unsold models somewhere. Coming soon, to a Start Collecting box near you...
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    Yeah I think a lot of people recall the GH16 days, especially towards the end it was dominated by soup lists (Moo Clan, Hurricanum Gunlines, Best of Chaos with the Letterbomb etc). It made sense to have good Mixed stuff in that book when 90% of the armies were using them because there were very few "modern" Battletomes around (by definition...it was only then that books started to include Allegiance goodies). Before the "Staunch Defender and Mirrorshield" era, a common inclusion for Stormcast was a Stardrake with Quicksilver Potion It looked like a proactive design choice at the launch of GH17 (and a good one imo) to move away from that to "proper" armies with their own Allegiances. There were a lot more true Battletome armies by that stage (and even more now), and the book launched with Allegiance abilities for a lot of the armies that either didn't have a Battletome (Dispossesed, Wanderers, Slaanesh) or had an old style one with no Allegiance Abilities (Seraphon, Ironjawz, FEC). That squared the circle and set the tone to a large extent, and I think that reverting to enhanced GA abilities would be a backwards step and an unneccesarry one. That being said there were a couple of things that this release structure didn't or couldn't solve, being: - Microfactions. The shattering of WHFB Armies into smaller factions was inconsistent (Seraphon completely escaped it, Maneaters...not so much) and comes from an AOS era when the vision for the game was drastically different to what we have now. It's not possible nor even desirable to have GA abilities, let alone a Battletome, for every microfaction out there. - Destruction. For some reason their GA abilities were taken away and replaced with nothing. The decision to freeze armies like Gutbusters and Moonclan out of GH17 and GH18, coupled with the absence of Battletome support for years on end and the removal of all their Batallions, is totally out of step with the treatment of all other GAs. I don't have a good explanation for this. However all of these things have solutions that we can already see playing out. 1) The Big Book. LON and now BOC have shown that GW can and will bring scattered armies back under an umbrella with modernised rules. This is a great boon to those armies. 2) GW Genius. Never underestimate GW's creativity in finding non-obvious solutions. The best example is Firestorm in my opinion...I think that GW would handle the launch differently given the chance, but the idea was superb. As has been pointed out in other threads, if we ever get a Battletome: Free Cities book, it could be a huge success. Bringing smaller and larger armies together horizontally rather than vertically is a true masterstroke, and as they already showed it can apply to other GAs in the form of a specific Waaagh for example. Similarly, I'm not in the least bit concerned that the Big Books box off a whole GA with no room for expansion. LON was swiftly followed by Nighthaunt for example, and there is always room to expand with out-of-leftfield factions. For example FEC have incredible lore and sit neatly outside of LON. Similarly with a Green Soup book you could still see Grot Sky Pirates and whole universe of amazing ideas that someone like me could never conceive of. 3) Patience. GW has not really supported the armies I'm most interested in for a couple of years now. I've blown off steam about it on Twitter (which helps!), but what am I actually worried about? Bonesplitterz can still compete at the pointy end, good players have been performing wonders with Moonclan, and Mixed Destro can still be devastating in the right hands. So in my own case it's probably moreso that I like buying shiny new stuff (don't we all), so I'd like more releases just so I have new stuff to buy, and being brutally honest a feeling of being treated badly - "it's just not fair". With regards to that latter point, it can be tempting to think that my armies are not getting the attention I feel they deserve because they lack advocates in the corridors of power at GW. My main armies are Ironjawz (obsolete Battletome, thrown far fewer bones with 2.0 than armies like Sylvaneth that already had more tools) and GSC in 40K (the only army in the game with no book either in their hands or imminent). Well, that little conspiracy theory doesn't hold a lot of water when you consider that Pete Foley's main armies are...Ironjawz and GSC! TLDR: The structures that GW have put in place are outstanding, they listen to feedback, and they will continue to innovate and keep making the game great in ways we wouldn't even think of. It'll be fine. It'll be better than fine.
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    Despite being a totally different game and several editions obsolete and not actually being a big gamer, I still start with 2 troops and an HQ. It’s so ingrained. After that, I buy what I like the look of but generally try to cover a lot of different options. Ultimate goal is usually to have one of everything but I’m happy to skip any unit I don’t really like.
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    I theorycraft about 700 lists for an army, ask advice, get pooped on for being a stupid noob casual and reduce it down to 20 or so lists and then buy all the plastic I need to fill those lists then consider paint schemes that are above my skill level and never get around to painting. I’ve done this with 3 armies so far and I have more planned for STD and BoC. I swear I’ll paint them all.... eventually. Probably.
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    I'm still on the fence about Inferno (new and old) but those short novels I'm very into! I also like that there isn't a single Stormcast on the cover and hope that they might not have many if any in the stories themselves. Not that I hate Stormcast, but the current novels are very very full of them - it would be both refreshing and important to give strength to the other factions to have them stand on their own feet against the struggles and trials of the Mortal Realms.
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    As some of you may know I've been at this for a fairly long time now, converting and making news things is the main lure of the hobby for me and I'll fit games in around that. However there are times that I get stuck in the void between projects where I am starved of inspiration and desperately need something to spark off a chain of ideas that can form the basis for my themes. To do this I often start trawling around various blogs and websites in search of something that clicks into place, or wander the exhibit hall at warhammer world searching for a model, component or bit of scenery that I can build my own ideas around. I'm glad to say that this works 99% of the time, and since I have for years been an inspiration leech off of others works I figured its about time to pay some of that back into the community. Below are most of my conversions for the last two years, I've left off the Suneaters as they can be found in the rest of this blog, and the latest Idoneth because I have a live thread in the painting and modelling section for them. This isnt me saying "I'm so good at this, you must learn from me", its my way of paying back all those who have inspired me throughout the years that hopefully anyone searching for a glimmer of inspiration can see some of my old works and make a newer, better and more cohesive idea based off of them. I have explored maaaaaany army in the last two years, in part due to the rich tapestry that is the potential of age of sigmar and in part because my partner is overly supportive of my hobbies, I tend to avoid chaos as I like it more as a taint on an otherwise differently inclined faction rather than a thing as a whole but otherwise have explored most races (barring dwarves, cant get behind converting them for some reason). So thanks for reading, and feel free to browse what is a massive photo dump to follow, feel free to ask any questions and I hope if you're seeking inspiration there's something there to spark it.
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    Hi Guys, iam torn between two lists for the next club tournament (medium comp.). I wanted to bring a mortarch and cannot decide between those two lists (kind of favouring the mannfred Legion of Night list a bit) what do you guys think ? Which list would you prefer? List A: The Plan is do ambush with Mannfred, Vargheists and Harbringers, using a CP for the charge reroll and the Harbingers already have a good succesful charging chance Allegiance: Legion of Night LEADERS Mannfred Mortarch Of Night (420) - General - Lore of the Dead : Vile Transference (Vampires) Necromancer (110) - Artefact : Shard of Night - Lore of the Deathmages : Overwhelming Dread UNITS 40 x Skeleton Warriors (280) -Ancient Blades 2 x Morghast Harbingers (220) -Spirit Halberds 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 3 x Vargheists (160) TOTAL: 1250/1250 List B: staying wihtin Neferatas Debuff Circle and trying to charge with the Vampire Hammer. But kind of vulnerable by 1st Turn charges Allegiance: Legion of Blood LEADERS Neferata Mortarch Of Blood (400) - General - Lore of the Dead : Vile Transference (Vampires) Vampire Lord (140) - Artefact : Amulet of Screams - Lore of the Vampires : Amaranthine Orb UNITS 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Blood Knights (240) 5 x Blood Knights (240) 2 x Bat Swarms (80) ENDLESS SPELLS Quicksilver Swords (20) TOTAL: 1240/1250
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    Love this NIghthaunt army!!!!! Really shows the favor and depth that can be added to the army: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/10/11/nighthaunts-in-venice/
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    Best hope BCR has is being included in the rumored Ogor book that will merge Gutbusters and Firebellies.
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    It's actually quite clear in the core rules. If you fail to hit, attack sequence ends. An unmodified roll of 1 always fails. Rules on page 1 state "unmodified" means before modifiers, not without modifiers. There is a sequence. So the check on autofail occurs before modifiers. If you fail, the attack sequence ends. If the attack sequence has ended, you don't work out your modified hit roll. So you don't score the 6+.
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    Designer's commentary. First question under warscrolls. You use the most recently published version.
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    Disclaimer: I'm a enthusiastic person. For some reason when I talk about model, folks get the misconception I think they are great or the best. In the case of thralls I'm on record as saying they are pretty poor, and I stand by that. That said... Alright did a big think here on this. So first thralls. The best thing to do with thralls is to bring 2 or 3 soul scryers. Do something like an evocator bomb. Bring in a unit of 20-30 thralls. I think 30 is too much but not 100% on the logistics here. Have all your soul scryers point at the same target. Get plus 6 or 9" to your charge. Use that out flank deployment and the large charge range to make sure all the thralls actualy get into range to attack. Now the reaver question. @HollowHills is pretty right, but he's missing a component. Reavers are pretty poor math wise when compared to other ID units. However, the unit is a ranged unit and all ranged units match bad. Even longstrikes math pretty bad. In fact against a 4+ save reavers in triple tap range out math the pants off longstrikes. Even more so if you look at a two turn sequence of shooting starting from deployment. They actualy result in a tie for damage out put. 10 reavers vs 3 longsrrikes Reavers turn 1: move+shoot= 1.375 wounds vs 4+sav Reavers turn 2 run+shoot=3.875 wounds vs 4+ Total for reavers: 5.25wound/140pts Reaver 2 turn damage per pts: .0375 Long strike standing still and shooting twice: 3.22x2=6.44 vs 4+sav 6.44/180=.0358 Which means for the pts reavers come out ahead. And any turns into turn 3 the reavers start drastically pulling ahead as reavers are also well into melee range and can attack first. Reavers are also a 10 man squad meaning they hold ovjective. Reavers are also in arguably more durable. I think when stack against another good unit reavers can look rather compelling. That said long strike preform better against better saves, and that long consistant threat range is powerful. Most importantly about reavers however, thralls dont match up well in combat. Think about 140pts of thralls fighting anything because that's all you are gonna get. As you can only get 10 thrall in any reasonable combat (out side of multiple scryer assisted charges). Reavers fix this. Reavers can shoot into the unit you wish to charge providing so much needed support so thralls can actualy kill what they charge that turn. With all that I think the best none eel list is: Sample list: Morphan Tidecast general (whatever command trait you think is cool) Soulrender (llandras last lament) Soulrender Lotann Soulscryer Soulscryer 20xthralls 10x reavers 10x reavers 10xreavers 10x reavers Leviadon 1960/2000 (bring an endless spell?) Flip the tides, with reavers you want run turn 1 to make sure you get in range. Turtle provides that nice cover bonus to keep the reavers alive. Lotan hangs out with some reavers as that's his only decent use. Though I might drop in have favor of 2 cp for either morale, charge reroll, or auto run 6 for reavers. Thralls drop with soulf renders and scryers. The soulrenders much charge first and the thralls should charge behind surrounding the soulrenders. So if anything attacks the soulrenders they get stabbed by thralls. It also insures the soulrenders are in range to provide regen. The flipped tides means you get turn 2 attack first which is some very important protection against double turns. As soulrenders are useless in any sort of double turn situation. Also if possible I'd charge the reavers in turn 2 for that extra bit of damage. The turtle is abit bad, but honestly more reavers or thralls sont do anything. There just isn't enough space on the table for more reavers and thralls to be effective.
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    Uploaded an image of my black coach to show how huge it really is, even for one of the largest bases in the game it nearly takes twice the space if it was to fit. As you can see it is very difficult to do anything but charge corner of units, and piling in around it and such causes a issues. This can be easily used in competitive play to entirely deny it access with clever terrain usage.
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    Thanks for all the answer, saw the Blood & Glory announcement and recalled that someone mentioned Seminar at Spiel too, few pages ago. Wanted to confirm this. As with all previews, expect nothing, enjoy everything and your life will be less disappointing - in other words, as @Chikout wrote, manage your expectations.
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    They said there will be some reveals at Speil. Last year it was focused on specialist games and Shadespire. I think it is likely we will see that again this year. With 40k getting it's own November event at warhammer world, hopefully we will see a couple of things for AoS at blood and Glory. That said, we only saw one Aos mini and one Shadespire warband last year so it is probably wise to manage expectations.
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    I don't see why you can't stack it multiple times on a single unit? Usually command abilities that can't be stacked explicitly say so.
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    Last weekend I attended a pretty large scale (for Hungary at least) AoS event . There were plenty of house rules, the most notable were the limitations on mortal wounds and summoning. We also had unique homebrew scenarios and battleplans. 1500 points, units that were more than 500p were banned (no Alarielle for me), no more than 8 mw against one unit per phase. My list: Treelord Ancient (300)- General- Trait: Gift of Ghyran - Deepwood Spell: RegrowthDrycha Hamadreth (280) (with Flitterfuries because of the mw rules)- Deepwood Spell: RegrowthBranchwraith (80)- Artefact: Lens of Refraction - Deepwood Spell: Verdant Blessing20 x Dryads (200)10 x Dryads (100)5 x Tree-Revenants (80)3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200)- Scythes3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200)- GreatswordsAethervoid Pendulum (40)Quicksilver Swords (20) Spells of Chamon: Transmutation and Curse of Rust 1. Raid My first match was against a mortal Khorne army. (Mighty Lord, Bloodsecrator, 2 Slaughterpriests, Bloodstoker, 2 units of Blood Warriors, 1 unit of Bloodreavers and 3 Khorgoraths, pilgrim battalion) The battle plan was quite basic, with a defender and an attacker. Defender set up one objective in their own zone (12"x24"), and two outside of it. Every objective earned you 1 vp, killing an enemy unit was also 1 vp and offing the commander was 2p. Having 8 drops really helped get the first turn in all three of my games and going first here and getting the defender's side was a great boon. In the first turn I was able to deploy wyldwoods on two objectives. This made my tactics quite straightforward: split my forces in two and ignore the third objective completely. big unit of dryads with a unit of hunters went ahead and stalled the three buffed up Khorgoraths for four turns while the rest of my army was camping in the middle of the board duking it out with the rest of the enemy forces. Drycha's Flitterfuries and the Quicksilver Swords were incredibly useful in weakening and even killing most of the Khornate heroes. The Mighty Lord died to the swords turn two and the Bloodsecrator died to a lucky revenant charge from the back. The two priests boiled Drycha at the end of the game but by then she already did her part. Game ended with a major victory for me. MVP: unkillable dryads. 2. Resources Second match against Stormcast Eternals (Lord-Arcanum on gryph, Knight-Incantor, Ordinator, Castellant with doggo, 1 unit of judicators, 2 units of Liberators, Prosecutors with javelins, 2 Celestar Ballista and an Everblaze Comet) The plan was the following: Objective in the middle, start from one of the four corners. If the objective is controlled at the end of the turn set up a new one 3d6 inches from the previous using a scatter die. Game ends with the fifth turn, five objectives maximum on board. Started the game with growing a big wyldwood right in the middle of the map. My plan was to cover as much of the available space with woods to get cover from those annoying ballistas, which I did with great success. I teleported most of my army to the middle point turn one. My biggest mistake was the comet. I failed to unbind it and it landed in the middle of my whole army, and denied a pretty big chunk of forest from being used in the upcoming turns. I left it there as I was much more afraid of it landing again than I was afraid of the are denial. A handful of dryads died and all my heroes and hunters received some damage. On the second turn my luck started to turn as the new objective appeared on my side of the forest "wall" right on the edge of a newly set up wyldwood. This happened on the third and fourth turn as well which denied my opponent from scoring any points. Game ended with a major victory again. MVP: wyldwoods, not only they denied my opponents shooting phase but also killed a surprising amount of Liberators when they decided to charge into them out of frustration. 3. Siege Last match was against a Nighthaunt list (Guardian with lantern, Executioner, Knight of Shrouds on steed, Spirit Torment, 2 unist of Chainrasp Horde, a unit of Grimghast Reapers, a unit of Glaivewraith Stalkers, a unit of Myrmourn Banshees and a Mourngul) The plan: both armies started on one of the short sides of the table in the corners. On the far side was a stationary bunker manned by neutral Kharadron dwarfs. The bunker had +3 save and +5 mortal wound save, could shoot us at the start of the turn, and could be activated using a command point to shoot a volley on our opponent. No model or scenery could be set up in a 14" circle around it so no forests for me there. The bunker had 50 wounds and every wound you scored against the structure gave you one victory point and killing enemy units also awarded points. The Plan was to put a wyldwood as close as possible to the bunker and teleport for an early boost in movement and start earning victory points with my heavy hitters while the dryads stalled for time. This was a good idea until I saw my table. In my opinion one of the worst nightmares of a sylvaneth player is a scenery heavy table. In my case the half of the table with the bunker on it was littered with rocks, buildings and walls. The closest that I could place my woods was around 24-25". My opponent, unhindered by the scenery thanks to the fly ability ran across the table for an early charge and sneaked in a hefty amount of damage. by the time I got there, I had no time nor space to overtake him. It was a really interesting and fun battleplan to play. Game ended with a major loss. MVP: were the two hunter team. they not only scored some juicy points at the bunker but also cleared up some spooky ghosts for some sweet revenge. Thanks for reading through my experiences.
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    As of late I have been working on a Gargant centric army list Battletome, something that brings not only a low model count to the table but the ability to convert unique characterful models for every entry in the list. To do this I have taken the unique approach of multi stage customisation on each warscroll however in order to make sure it is understandable I'd appreciate if people could read through a feedback on what I have so far (This is the basic Gargant scroll, there will be different ones for characters. I havent worked out the ranged weapon list yet)
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    doesn't sound like an easy solution ? at present there's a healthy-ish mix of BT allegiance and grand alliance armies at competitive events, which suggests the balance is ok (death being it's own case really)
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    Again, the ships for the KO Warscrolls. +3 Save on the Ironclad is a must. No excuse why it shouldn't be. +4 on the Frigates. KO has a severe lack of dealing Mortal Wounds. Now that the Orks in 40K are rumored to have some kind of "crash" or "ram" mechanic for their vehicles, KO should be able to do the same. Maybe after charging, roll a dice, on 3+ (but lets be real, they'll make it 4+) deals 1 Mortal Wound. Basically it the Brokk Grungsson charge mechanic.
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    The Soul Grinder is expensive, but he scales very well with buffs, +1 to hit with Slaughterpriests is great as it effects his ranged attacks too. I played a bit with my unpainted one and can't wait to start painting him in the new year when my painting schedule clears up a bit.
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    I completely disagree. Over the last couple of years, "unfinished" armies who have has attention paid to them include Sylvaneth, Bonesplitterz, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Daughters of Khaine, Legions of Nagash, Beasts of Chaos and to a large extent Stormcast and Khorne because they were using GA abilities before that. I think the game would be in a much worse place if GW didn't pay attention to those unfinished armies, so I hope they continue to do so.
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    I'm not convinced for the need to pay attention to unfinished armies, and that's exactly what any force without a battletome is, unfinished. Of course they're going to struggle because they'll lack a strong allegiance ability, and often model synergy too. Not to mention may well be missing key model roles in their army style. Doesn't mean they should be made cheaper though, otherwise they'll become "well duh" ally choices.
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    Whenever i see a battle report of Dispossessed or see a list for a tournament i always see people only take the runic icon on units that have access to both that and the clan banner. Why not take both? As far as I can tell it says the units can take any number of standard bearers and you can do it for units like plague monks who have many banner options. Is it that most tournaments typically only let units take a single standard bearer or something? I'm a recent AoS player starting with dispossessed so I'm trying to figure out all the nuances of their army.
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    For me it's all about coming up with a theme. I usually buy the models but they sometimes set around for months as the theme I am going to use germinates in my brain. I usually do a few test models to hammer out my theme basing and color scheme. Then when I have the theme locked down I jump right in and paint like a madman. I am one of those guys that has to finish a project before I can move on. I might paint some other stuff to cleanse the old palette but I won't start another project until the current one has run its course.
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    The addictive kind. I only started in February and I already have a lifetime of models to catch up to painting as is. I've spent the equivalent of a decent used car already. I've commissioned custom furniture; I've spent over 2500 on terrain for that alone. Once my cabinet is completely full, I hope I'll stop adding more units and work on the ones I have, but I have a trip to the Warhammer EXPO coming up soon, and I think I can squeeze in a troggoth hag while I'm there. ?
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    When I decide to collect a faction I tend to be more interested in finding and painting the full variety of models, rather than trying to get enough repeated units to make a competitive army. I like to try to build all of the different variants of a kit, even if it wouldn't make sense to actually field them like that. I also like to get old models second hand when possible, as that adds a lot more variety to my collection. I'm a big fan of turn of the millennium style figures in particular. As such most of my collection are "display armies" rather than ones which would work well in an actual game. If I've collected a faction for any length of time I can usually throw together a 1000 point list, but that isn't as important an objective as painting, modeling, setting up cool dioramas, and having lots of minis to use for RPGs.
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    For the moment I'm focusing on being able to field all Seraphon. Not at ideal strength like 40/10/10 for Sun Claw Battalion but minimum strength at least. Once i've got all of that i'm going to make as many list variations as I can so I've played games and tournaments with it all as much as possible. That's going to be whilst I buy minimal of anything else at all, Then when I've cleared some stuff i'll likely start on a mixed army of one of the other alliances as I don't like any of the other ranges in full like seraphon. Beasts Of Chaos is the closest just because I can just ally in a bit of slaves to darkness to do what I was wanting for Chaos.
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    Hi, it’s great to see some people still playing the French talking army in aos. I still find them to be one of the best looking army’s which has ever existed in the Warhammer worlds. (including aos) (just after the skaven faction of course). its a shame that they aren’t produced anymore.
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    Please report immediately to your local inquisitioner for counseling... blamm
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    That Gotrek Grunisson Artwork looks very good, also shows slayers did and do look better in pants. I hope they release a model for h8m, but hope is the first step to dissapointment. The Elf is peculiar, a corsair, but not a dark one.
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    @Chris Tomlinvery true point and as its not monetized or anything I've no pressure to produce anything to any timescale. So what I'm more doing is fishing for ideas, might be someone suggests something that would be fun to write that I've not thought of or that might give me an idea for a further topic to address.
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    Gotrek's making his AoS debut next month in a new audio series staring Brian Blessed, originally announced in February: https://www.blacklibrary.com/coming-soon/november/gotrek-realmslayer-mp3.html Between sharing a cover with the AoS logo and CARRYING A BLOODY FIREARM it's very unlikely the green guy you mentioned is a Bretonnian. If the lady Scourge Privateer is written by Nick Horth, she's probably Arika Zenthe, the corsiar queen/mafia boss who featured in his Calis and Toll books, City of Secrets and The Silver Shard. Image of Gotrek and link to today's community site article announcing new novellas for anyone else is interested: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/10/10/new-novellas-to-collect-and-read/
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    It is not a matched play thing. Instead it is, as you mention, in the core rules. For the first battleround you have to remember the following part you did not include in your post: "[...]but if it is the first battle round, the player that finished setting up their army first chooses who has the first turn." (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Rulesheets/ENG_AoSSW_Rules_booklet_web.pdf, page3) A later FAQ cleared up this more or less ambiguous wording: "Q: Does the player that first finished setting up their army always choose who has the first turn in the first battle round, or is it only if the roll-off is a tie? A: The player that first finished setting up their army always chooses who has the first turn in the first battle round, unless specifically noted otherwise in the battleplan that is being used." (https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_Basesizes_en.pdf, page3) So, in the first battle round, whoever finished their deployment first chooses who has the first turn. In every other battleround, players roll off and the player who won the roll-off decides. In case of a tie the player who had the first turn in the previous battleround gets to choose. You get the following probabilities for "winning" the turn priority (-decision): 1st battleround: The Player who finishes deployment first: 100% The other guy: 0% All other battlerounds: The Player who had the first turn in the previous battleround: 58% The other guy: 42% I hope this helps . If there are any further questions, feel free to ask.
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    Because there's a fair few folks asking for non-Empire/Bretonnian 'normal humans', I'd like to point to Fireforge game's pretty excellent and GW-styled plastic human infantry. War of Sigmar did a brief post on them here: https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/3318 They're kind of low-ish fantasy and are more than a little bit inspired by the North in Game of Thrones but they fit the bill and would look great with a twin-tailed comet on the shields. Good archers, cavalry and zombies too.
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    I just want to thank you all who contributed to this thread. I asked for advice and was given more than I could have hoped for. As a result I created a cheat sheet before attending my annual tournament. The result good. I managed to finish all my games in time and even finished one hour earlier in three of five games.
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    you've checked out Kill Team, right?
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    Having just come away from a 2-day tournament, I suppose I have some more insight to add to this thread. I'm fairly of the opinion that SCE is basically a jack of all trades, for the most part, with the ability to hyper focus into an elite area at the cost of pretty much everything else. With heavy investment into Evocators and Gavriel, they can make a very aggressive assault list that has a very hard-hitting turn 1-smash. They also can make some hyper-aggressive shooting lists, which I personally feel is stronger than the assault approach. Considering the meta in my local area, I firmly believe a hyper-shooting list centered around Astral Templars would more or less destroy most of major top players in my area by a fairly wide margin. However, this army would be ludicrously expensive as well, as you'd have to buy multiple boxes of Vanguard-Raptors only for the birds in the boxes... The results might be worth it, however, if you purely were in it to win... Having said the above, and taking those two semi-broken lists out of the equation, I honestly feel SCE sits somewhere just below the top tier armies, and above the tier 2 armies. I'd say they are basically tier 1.3-ish or somewhere in there. Basically you can do very well, and occasionally might win a tournament with extreme luck and expert play, but in general you're starting out against some of the major enemy lists at a major disadvantage that is extremely difficult to overcome. The main problems with the list that I see, in general, is a lack of bodies to hold objectives, and a lack of sustained damage output. SCE can do a big alpha strike like no other list, but after that, they basically start diminishing in strength almost immediately, and I see many armies just fold them in half after their big power move, consistently. You have to make that big strike count, and if you can't do that, you almost auto-lose immediately. The army in this way feels inflexible, and it's difficult to generate multiple threats. Mobility is a big issue as well, and if you try to take units to fix this issue, your model count drops even lower. It just snowballs, and you feel hamstrung trying to fit everything in there. I have been thinking lately that the army desperately needs a unit of "horde" something just sitting on the table glutting up the deployment zone. I would either put in 40 skinks with clubs and spitters, or 30 sisters of slaughter with sacrificial knives. The reason for skinks would be to retreat from combat as soon as you get a chance and basically just be annoying. The reason for the SOS is the opposite. It would be to punish players who keep brushing up against your army and trying to stay 3" away in order to avoid contact. The SOS would just magnetize to anything that got close, and it would also chop up the weaker chaff stuff that is sent in to distract you. Regardless of what you use, I think this is the main thing that the book is missing, and there's unfortunately no option except to draw from the various order allies units. Since I've only been playing for a year, I can't really address the OP topic directly, in terms of whether or not SCE have "lost something", but I feel like I can safely say at this point that I feel they aren't top tier. Somewhere just right below it, yes, but I feel just plain outclassed when facing strong DoK and strong Death armies, and the lengths that I would have to go to in order to compete with those armies turns my stomach a bit, as my army would look like a joke on the table until the scions landed, at which point I would blow a hole in the enemy army in a single turn, and probably wipe most armies off the board by turn 2. That would be what I'd call a "Tier 1" army at that point, but it just feels like it's exposing the flaws in the game at that point, rather than being a "good general."
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    The Nurgle stuff is almost assembled with the exception of the drones and maybe a third unit of Blightkings so I thought I'd share the rest of it. I've thirty plaguebearers built as well but I didn't bother with a picture of them.
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    I've quickly amassed a pile of miniatures for AOS so need a blog to motivate and showcase them all. I'm not a gamer but I've sculpted and painted for well over 20 years now. This collection will be small warbands with a variety of allies tied together with certain themes and campaigns in mind. I have a collection of art books for magic the gathering which I'm using as inspiration for my colour schemes - no dark and dirty Blanchitsu stuff, this will be clean and colourful work... with the odd mud and blood splatter. To show you what I mean, here's my first Stormcast miniatures. Bases need some autumn foliage but they are pretty much finished. Next up, some Wildwood ranger allies and Stormcasts with big two handed mauls. These were quite labour intensive miniatures to paint but I'm happy with the end result. I did the base first so not to make a mess of the figures legs or robes. I like simple wet blending with bright colours which you can see with the blue and white here. The base theme for this warband is something akin to the realm of death, haunted ruined look. With brown leaves and dead grass (still to be added). I sculpted a few additional leaves here and there.
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    Sorry, I found it in the allegiance rules. Man, this game is convoluted as h*ck!
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    Hi, this is Zailcha, my herald of Slaanesh on big chariot. To make this model pop a bit and differentiate it from a "normal" exalted chariot, I did a few conversions. First, I added a mirror left over from the DoK cauldron of blood kit and topped it with an unused Slaanesh emblem from the daemonettes kit. And I added a few purple/pink acryclic gems here and there and the chariot. Gems and mirror seem like a good way to symbolise vanity. And secondly, I switched the normal herald mini with a Sorceress of Lust (from Avatars of War) that I converted a bit to equip her with the long barbed whips. More pictures there: https://legolemquireve.wordpress.com/2018/09/21/zailcha-emissaire-de-slaanesh/
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    Finished a couple more warbands. Falling behind - I'll probably have to skip straight to Goblins!!
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