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    This thread is a great example of why I think you should buy Sigmar models you love for the model's sake and would enjoy using more than buying models for rules. Buying something because it's stupidly good at the current moment and you want to crush opponents is a recipe for heartbreak. Anyone that didn't expect a big hit from the nerf bat hasn't been paying attention to how GW does things. The Jabberslythe is still fine, people are overreacting in this thread. It's just no longer a must-add to certain lists "have the same thing with 2 hellstorm rocket batteries that I used with ordinator and bless weapon deleting 60 wound units by casualties+bravery in a single turn that now just catch dust on the shelf"... no one is forcing you to keep them on the shelf. Not being able to insta-delete stuff with Lord Ordinator shenanigans isnt stopping you from playing them. Bringing units that you know aren't amazing in the current meta but know you'll have fun with their models and rules is pretty liberating
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    Brettonians vs Tomb Kings j/k I would like to see realm-themed box sets. Each set could contain two factions that are likely to cohabit that realm, and maybe a couple small pieces of thematic scatter terrain or objective markers based on each realm's realmstone type. An example could be a Ghur box containing a mixed BoC force and a destruction force (iron jaws, moonclan, beastclaw raiders, etc). Included terrain could be something along the lines of the skeletal remains of godbeasts embedded in the rocky outcroppings of a barren wasteland. Kharadron Overlords vs Disciples of Tzeentch in Chamon. Daughters of Khaine vs Slaanesh in Ulgu. You get the idea: realm-themed box sets.
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    Hey all, Warscroll Builder has been updated with the Beasts of Chaos faction. Let me know if I missed anything! Here is the first list I'll be running: Allegiance: Beasts Of Chaos- Greatfray: DarkwalkersMortal Realm: GhurLeadersDoombull (120)- General- Trait: Nomadic Leader - Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm Great Bray Shaman (100)- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Titanic FuryGreat Bray Shaman (100)- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Wild RampageTzaangor Shaman (180)- Artefact: Desolate Shard - Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Vicious StranglethornsBattleline3 x Bullgors (160)- Axes & Bullshields3 x Bullgors (160)- Axes & Bullshields10 x Ungors (60)- Mauls & Half-ShieldsUnits10 x Bestigors (120)10 x Bestigors (120)10 x Bestigors (120)1 x Tuskgor Chariots (60)5 x Centigors (80)5 x Centigors (80)BehemothsChimera (240)BattalionsBrass Despoilers (190)Endless SpellsChronomantic Cogs (60)Total: 1950 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2 ... and some re-based Bestigors too!
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    You heard him, Throw away your non competitive stormcast Modells and start a Skaven army today. ?
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    Is anyone saying Bulls are straight up better than Dragon Ogors? Dragon ogors are way faster (both base movement and D6" per turn) and are cheaper. Minotaurs hit harder, and have a bonus to charge which is relevant for ambushing. The unit that's arguably is straight up better than either bullgors or dragon ogors is bestigors.
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    That's the chance you take buying into a model widely considered overpowered. It deserved the nerfs and was pretty much expected to get them. At least you didn't dump $150 into skyfires. They really took a drubbing.
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    I was wondering if more experienced people could please take a look at my first ever attempt at kitbash/ conversion/ using green stuff. I have tried to make some acolytes. would these be excepted in a GW tournament or not? I have entered my first ever at the end of November. If they will not be excepted I had better buy the actual models. Thanks in advance!
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    Just stop, please. You bring nothing to this thread, all yours "Play skaven" posts sounds like a mix between a bad joke and an insult. This is a serious conversation and you keep being the jester of the situation. I'm talking for me and myself only, but this is bad etiquette "in real life" let alone on the internet, where people get triggered very easily. Why do you keep mocking us (Stormcast players)? Why are you being such a ****** (bad person)?
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    I'm not sure what an "Idiocracy" is but I imagine people who live in them are probably the sort of people who expect a Games company who are making unprecedented masses of profits off toy soldiers and simple rules to play with them to suddenly change their Buisness model to suit a minority of people who are overly serious about it
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    Took Jek and Munch's glamour shot today.
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    Pretty sure after 'Collect, Build, Paint, Play', arguing over the minutiae of rules is the 5th pillar of Warhammer.
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    Hi I will post here my work on Chaos army, mostly Slaves to the Darkness, but i plan to put some gods flavour in it First of all group shot: There we have: Lord on Manticore Sorcerer Lord 30 Warriors 15 Knights 3 Varanguards 1 (of 2) Charriots As an addition we have: Kitbash Lord And kitbash Hellcannon: First fully painted model is my Lord on Manticore: I don't have a lot of time to work on this army, but I hope this thread will keep me motivated
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    So, I had an idea for an army, basically it's just as many monsters as I can get. I'm gonna use all sorts of monsters from multiple grand alliances (meaning it's mostly an open play army) but it's gonna mostly be an Order army. The main idea is that it's a bunch of Empire soldier deserters who have decided to go hunt big game in the wilds of Ghur. So i'll be replacing all the riders/passengers with some wild looking Empire dudes There's a bit of backstory and character in my head, just have to try to put it into words... Another part will be painting all the animals like Australian animals, it's something I haven't seen before and as an Aussie I thought it would be a fun idea, also it'll teach me how to paint colours I don't normally use. So anyway onto the pictures (Sorry for the average pictures, these are the first one I've taken with my new phone) Some gryphhounds Kookaburra, Magpie, Cockatoo. These guys were my test/proof of concept models. A Stegadon Still needs quite a bit of GS to de-Seraphon the markings on the howdah. He's gonna be painted like a frill-necked lizard. I also made a test passenger for it. There's obviously going to be a lot of 'counts-as' in this army, His gun will count as a skink spear Also the start of a spider Probably gonna use an empire cannon as a web flinger on this guy, still need to figure out how though. He's gonna be painted like a red=backed spider So, That's what I have so far... Thoughts?
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    I've been experimenting with spells from the lore of the Storm, the lore of Invigoration and the endless spells specific to the Stormcast. I've come away with some impressions and I'd like to leave this thread as a guide to new players as well as a springboard for some conversation from current SE players. Lore of the Storm- very much a hit or miss lore, this lore is all about dealing mortal wounds and not always in a satisfying fashion. Lightning Blast- A fine little spell that's quite reliable on your lesser caster heroes who don't have the "prime electrids" ability. Its cheap and it has UNLIMITED range! Starfall- this is a bad spell, it's cheap to cast but basically works like a shotgun arcane bolt (which sounds cooler than it is). The range is very limiting at 12", the 6" bubble is nice but you still need to roll 4+ per unit to hit them and its only 1 wound per unit. Thundershock- A personal favorite of mine, though it's not guaranteed to have an effect even if you successfully cast it. dealing mortal wounds is just icing on the cake, you really take this for the -1 debuff which is always huge, its like have another relictor thunderstorm prayer that can hit multiple units. Azyrite Halo- Another reliable pick for me, combos very well with our shield bearing units for which we are spoiled. Put on a unit of sequitors channeling into their shields for maximum value. Throwing back mortals on an unmodified 6 is really solid in most combats you will find yourself in. Chain Lightening- basically a better Starfall with 2 higher casting value. You get twice the range, better targeting bubble in my opinion and you're doing better damage right away if it goes off. I think the damage could be better for its cost but its not a terrible pick. Stormcaller- a bad spell, it has a high cost and is too conditional. every enemy unit gets rolled for which is nice but you need a 6+ to hit them for d3 MW. Think about how many times you've rolled 12 or more die and come up with ZERO 6's. Its too random and unreliable. If it was on a 5+ would be the only way I would consider taking it. Lore of Invigoration- your combat multipliers and a sold lore for a few reasons not least of which is that your evocators can pick a spell from here. Terrifying Aspect- it's ok, but you've got so many better options. Celestial Blades- better option #1. flexible and cheap with good range, you will never regret taking it. Plus 1 to wound is always great, will make your liberators actually kill stuff. Speed of Lightning- an excellent pick on Evocators, their one weakness is to rending attacks and the best way to avoid that is to getting into combat at the right time with the right enemies. This spell makes that happen, my evocators win me games alone with this spell, get into combat when they can be chosen first and make sure it happens that turn. Endless Spells- two spells that are just fine and one that's quite an investment but potentially very potent if used intelligently. Celestian Vortex- it's ok except against chaos where it's amazing. has an added benefit of reducing missile weapon accuracy so it can be used as a screen if you plan right. Dias Arcanum- a strange one who's effect doesn't match it's own lore. needs to be used by a 5 wound wizard, gives them plus 1 to save, 12" flying move and an additional unbinding pretty useful even if you don't need the extra unbind. Everblaze Comet-a pretty cool spell with a cool model. can be cast without line of sight and outside unbinding range. has an immediate mortal wound output that punishes close knit armies. acts as area denial because it continues to pump out mortal wounds over time and disrupts enemy casting attempt making the cast on a -1. the only negative thing you can say about this endless spell is that it's not a steal for points. you pay for it but if you are clever with it you can really mess with your enemy.
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    I have just finished putting the last touches onto my Not-quite-battletome (I cant source art) for the Suneater Tribes ogors, designed to play radically differently to Gutbusters is has a full compliment of 17 warscrolls, 4 battallions including some nice mixed destruction ones, prayers, spells and relics galore along with a smattering of background written by yours truly. If anyone wants to look it over, play with it or generally use in in any way I would be honoured. For me this is the final product of a long time and alot of hard work but I'm happy with the end result. It is light at 52 pages total without major breaks for artwork throughout, but I'm proud of the end result PlayersCompanion.pdf
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    Personally, I don't think you need tournament results to have your opinion respected. However, it seems like every time someone posts good results here, the immediate response is a slew of excuses why it doesn't really count, or how it would never work at a "real tournament", because apparently a real tournament only has hard netlists in the top 20, and anything else is a joke. At some point, people are going to have to realize that the results do actually matter in these discussions, especially when it consistent from one event to the next.
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    So all the people throwing shade on this guy that they probably dont know, aka the 3 guys above me, what are your tournament results?? Show us all what major event you have played in and hit the top? To be honest no one is going to listen to your negative and insulting posts over someone who went, played and did well with their army. Enjoy your echo chamber, because that's all this thread is.
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    Tricky choice, if your up against high damage opponents the barrow armor can work (still not great...). Together with the axe and its 6+ slaying rule you have a decent hero killer. Who lost his horse on the way to battle... the sword guy has the better save, rides a horse and at a wound roll of 6+ does d3 dmg, which might work better against 2hp enemies and for sure against 1hp models. I personally prefer sword dude, but I field Krell wrath of the 90s
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    And this time he flys in a cloak of fire as he chases the all winter
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    Updated Mushroomclan Grots vs updated Skyre Skaven. 200 minis in one box. Insane nature vs insane technology.
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    I was the one that finished 65th but I was on table 8 in round three but lost 16-14 in Total Commitment and then 14-13 in Total Conquest. My last game I was soundly beaten but that was to the Nighthaunt list that finished 33rd. I wouldn't read too much into it. Neither of us had played many games before the tournament.
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    Reroll happen before ANY other modifiers. So you can only reroll any actual 1s even if the 2s or even 3s became a 1 after the rend is applied.
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    This is the best thread ever. No really, I mean it! Reading these posts makes me feel better about my self, truly, because now I see that other people spend way more money on toy soldiers than I have done. ?
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    Course that is because there is more space marine factions and models than any other army as well. Be neat to have a DoK vs Seekers box. The last stand box as they try to fight of the demons from freeing Slaanesh.
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    Here we go, so, that's a report from a 2000 points game involving not 1, not 2 but 3 Gyrobombers. We played Starstrike (Cometstrike ? The one where in turn 2 and 3 comets come down and become objectives) and my list was: Grudge that reroll 1 to hit vs 4+ armor saves (I'm very sorry but english isn't my first lenguage and i don?t know the right translation to abilities etc.) Warden King -resilient-ancestral pickaxe Runelord x3 30 Hammerers 20 Ironbreakers 20 Longbeards 10 Warriors (to allow 3 ally units and screen) 20 Irondrakes 3 Gyrobombers (divided in 3 units as the matched play rules want) He had 3 units of chaos Knights, one big-15 man chosen units, 15 chaso warriors, 2 charriots, a chaos lord on manticore, a chaos lord on demonic mount, a sorcerer lord and a...slambo? Dunno about that one. I deployed very slowly (i mean placing single units or less relevant one to see his drop) trying to fool him to overdeploy on the right side but the 10 knights on the left scared me, he was very concerned about my Irondrakes. Turn 1: I let him had the first turn, he could not charge me in any scenario, so he advanced in order to secure a turn2 charge, i tried to position the longbeards and ironbreakers to absorb the hit, on the right side i repositioned my warriors, hammerers and a poor Gyrocopter to absorb the hit and let the Hammerers countercharge. Turn 2: That's the beginning of turn 2, the comet struck on the left and i started to move the Gyrobombers in that direction, he was very unlucky with charges and only 5 knights reached my ironbreakers on the left, the five in the middle charged my longbeards but turn 2 ended there, he got control of the objective. STD 2-0 Dispossessed Turn 3: He got the double turn, charged the Daemon prince OVER my longbeards, engaging the Irondrakes ( ? ), the chariot on the extreme left charged from behind (ending in 3" of the Irondrakes. Not a lucky shooting game), the Manticore and chaos warriors reached my warriors on the right side; the middle charriot was blocked by my BRAVE Gyrobomber, setting up a very good countercharge from my hammerers. I menaged to free the Irondrakes from the prince bombing mortal wound on him with the Gyrobombers but they was still engaged by the chariot. The comets struck on the enemy left side and on my right side (under my hammerers). STD 8-3 Dispossessed Turn 4: The melee was hell, at this point! Left: The Ironbreakers got the -1 rend from a Runelord and with the help of the Warden king command ability singlehandedly removed the 5 knights from the table and claimed the objective. Middle: Longbeards stood theyr ground against 5 knights and 10 chosen (thay hit hard but the longbeards gave me the one turn i needed), behind them the Irondrakes were engaged by the chariot, i decided to pickaxe them with the Warden King to setup a turn 5 steal on the enemy objective (was guarded only by the chaos lord on demonic mount, sheer number on the 9" charge could win me that). Right: Oh boys. The hammerers ran on the enemy! -1 rend from the Runelord and they removed the charriot and all the chaos warriors from the table, engaging the Chimaera. STD 10- 11 Dispossessed The end of turn 4. Turn 5: He won the roll and tried to claim the Ironbreakers objective but failed, so he called it there. Dispossessed Major victory! (Yes, we did the Hammerers battle, they killed the beast ? ) I hope you enjoyed the report, even tho my english is pretty bad. That was a list to try the Gyrobombers and my impression is that being in 3 different units they're not worth it. In a future where is possible to bring them in one unit maybe yes. 3 was way too many, i think 2 is the right number, the mobility thay have with the mortal wounds is pretty good and gave me a lot of options! One of them was used to screen hammerers, one to prevent a movement on the right from the chosen and one to be annoying on the right...the ranged weapon is average, the 4+ to mortal wound spiky.
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    I suppose it's worse but 140 points for a speed bump that works better than gors and hits harder seems kind of nice to me. I'd summon one just to see what it can do.
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    My $0.02 on the stormcast spells Great Everblaze Comet - Even at 100 points this is a phenomenal inclusion and should be considered in every Stormcast list. Azyrite Halo - I like to call this spell "the spikey speedbump". A surprisingly good support spell. You can use it on a large blob of Sequitors or Liberators with Castellant Lantern, or just a small squad of 5 dudes in a chokepoint, or even on a Stardrake to make it reflect even more damage. Great against armies that have tons of attacks, like Skeletons, Idoneth Thralls, and Witch Elves. Remember that you roll all saves BEFORE you allocate wounds, so even if your unit is wiped out you can still do some mortal wounds back. Celestial Blades - Simple, but very good. Easy to cast. Stick it on blob of Evocators, a big unit of Dracolines or Dracoths, or even just a unit of 10+ Sequitors. Stacks well with Empower, especially easy to use if you have multiple units of Evocators. Good Chain Lightning - Cast it after Arcane Bolt to deal 2d3 to one target, and there's even a chance it will splash and deal some extra damage. Cast value 7 is the only thing stopping this from being in the Great tier. Lightning Blast - When you really want to kill a screening unit, sometimes that extra D3 after Prime Electrids is what you need to get it done. Celestial Vortex - With a 21" threat range and a huge base, this guy really disrupts enemy movement. People generally don't waste their spells trying to remove it because it's not a huge threat. It can sometimes deal significant damage, especially when you stack it with Quicksilver Swords for extra fun against a CHAOS meta. It also provides some protection against an enemy double turn. Okay Stormcaller - Cast value 7, chance of complete failure. Only really useful on the first turn of the game when nothing is in range of your other spells and you already cast Comet, but you could instead be casting support spells like Azyrite Halo, Celestial Blades, and Empower. Dais Arcanum - Stacks with cover and Staunch Defender, works really well with Mystic Shield. An extra unbind on an Incantor is really good because it gives you additional flexibility on when to use your dispel scroll. Not a bad effect, just underwhelming for 40p. Why can't the Lord-Arcanum ride this??? Bad Starfall - Medium range, low damage, chance of failure. I'll pass. Thundershock - Short range, low damage, and only a 50% chance to activate. -1 Hit is quite good but the situation where this is useful is not reliable enough. No thanks. Terrifying Aspect - Good in a Bravery bomb list, I guess? Speed of Lightning - Vexillor provides the same benefit (although at 120pt) and you can use a command ability to reroll charges. Can't use it on deep strike units. Gavriel lists don't use a hero phase reroll spell. Dracolines can already reroll charges natively. Which list can use this?
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    After a loooong break mucking around with moonclan and stormcast and a couple of commissions, I'm firmly back into Ironjawz mode! Just completed my first 5 brutes for my 10 man hacka unit! Waaagh!!!
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    Well even with the cut of the mortal wound output a jabberslythe could do, doesnt really mean that it is bad. if I were you I would charge him into the biggest and meanest block your foe has (like 40Stormvermin, Brutes, a unit of snake girls or 30witches) you now that his rule says that every wound inflicted by an attack will do a mortal wound on a 4+. 30wiches or Stormvermins etc. Will definitely kill your jabberslythe, and mostly with an extra 30-80wounds overkill. This would mean that you now have the chance of rolling 30-80 dice which all do a mortal wound on a 4+ back. well that elite unit which just attacked you will probably be dead or very badly wounded. i would say that even with his mortal wound cut, he will be massively great, since there is no other monster or big thing, that costs almost no points and can do tons of damage at exactly the time when he dies.
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    I could give a $h1t less if he goes up in points or not. He is a wizard and I prefer to have wizards that have useful spells to cast. The Fungoid does not. In order to get good use out of him as a wizard you have to have some other method to access spells - either realm spells or pay for endless spells. I don’t buy that he would have to go up in cost if Moonclan got a spell lore. But if he did it would not bother me that much as long as he had access to useful spells. As it stands now I usually take the standard shaman instead. And regardless, all I was saying previously was that I am hoping the rules for the shaman from the Underworlds warband will be good and to me he will be a welcome addition.
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    I am 3-1 since my post of doom. Thanks all for the pep talk and strats! Don't give up!
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    The Realm of Ghur. The Flame-Blooded. From the writings of Herr Jaeger. To the north of Kislavia lies a seemingly endless rocky steppe. Across it roam vast herds of grazing beasts and packs of predators such as the Ursus and the Urserine. Some of Kislavia's more nomadic tribes, such as the Kalisha, will often journey here to hunt for meat and furs. The fauna are not the only danger here. The Flame-Blooded are not so much a tribe, but a religion. They consist of a number of scattered groups. Some are bonded by blood, others by friendship. What truly unites the Flame-Blooded is the hardship they endure. Icy winds and freezing temperatures batter them, weathering their flesh and numbing their nerves. Each group or band is led by a powerful, especially tough individual. The individual preaches in the name of Khorrire, the Lord of Fire and Battle. The religion of Korrire revolves around fire that consumes material to release blessed warmth and fire that powers one's spirit and allows them to endure the dangers of Ghur's tundra. Fire is a dangerous element, and battle is one of the most certain ways in which to stir both material fire and spiritual fire to warm the believers of Khorrire. The Flame-Blooded are therefore a fairly aggressive people and often incite battle in the name of their God and in order to bring warmth to their ice-cold homeland. The Flame-Blooded's warlike nature and beliefs often reminded me of the followers of the Chaos Blood God. Indeed a number of the trinkets and markings the Flame-Blooded adorned themselves with were similar in style to the marks of the Blood God. The Slaughterpriest, wielding the fire the tribe worships. Its been a long time since I tried Object Source Lighting, but I think it came out alright in the end. Ten Bloodreavers made from a variety of parts. They are meant to look like feral/barbaric versions of my Freeguilders. Most of them are assembled using the Flagellant kit as it has feral robe wearers. The Champion. Each champion in the army will carry fire as a symbol of their strength. Only the strongest are trusted to carry their god's gift. Horn Blower that was created in the style of my Freeguilders. The Icon Bearer, also in the style of my Freeguilders. The Icon is a Khorne version of the Freeguilder banner. Well, that's it for this post! Hope you like them. I have a few more Flame-Blooded of Khorne to paint, so hopefully those don't take too long!
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    Not sure why anyone would argue unit coherency when it clearly states they are separate units. The Nighthaunt are useful but the SCE seem far too expensive at 300 points.
  36. 2 points
    Go up to 30 ardboys with 10 for triumph tbh. Another 10 shields gives you a disgusting tarpit which you can just throw across the board and force your opponent to engage into. It also puts raw wounds onto the board which is one of the megas weaknesses. Last but not least is it gives you an amazing to use the ironjawz cannon on. Proc the move on them, run and make it a 6 for 1 cp. That's 11" move with the bloodtoofs. If you can then proc a second and run again you are moving between 13" and 18" iron fist onto that and you have now just pushed 30 ardboys at least 25" across the board in your hero phase. There's also some ambiguity in the wording of the run rules. Specifically it specifies that the increased move characteristic is for "this movement phase" so it doesn't actually specify it falling off at the end of your hero phase. Personally I think it should bit you can make the case for the run move lasting till the end of the move phase. That would mean with a run in your move phase you are now going 4+6+2d6+3 on top of whatever you did in the hero phase. Theoretical maximum is 11"+18"+25" for 54" movement.... Good job there gw! Edit: this list. Has a respectable 147 wounds LeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (440)Orruk Warchanter (80)Orruk Warchanter (80)Battleline30 x Orruk Ardboys (450)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)BattalionsIronfist (180)Bloodtoofs (120)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 146
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    Thanks all. Some wip of another project. And a picture of my orc squad from golden demon.
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    So, my idea is a Mal-themed chaos faction with a mixture of daemon and mortal units. I still haven't really decided on the allegiance abilities, but here is what i have so far: Let the tyrants fall: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 when attacking an Order or Chaos unit. Strength from Ruin: Every round from 1 to 5, gain a new ability. 1. Uncontrolled frenzy: Re-roll charge rolls of 2-4. 2. Break Hammerhal: When you make a hit roll of 6+ in melee combat, you can instantly make another attack using the same weapon. 3. Unbreakable Will: When a model suffers a wound, roll a D6. On a 6+, the unit ignores the wound. 4. Chant of Anarchy: All enemy models within 3" from any friendly models add d3 to all Bravery tests. 5. Take no Prisoners: All friendly units can run and charge o the same turn. The army style will be about Killing Heroes and mostly based around flexibility. Here is what my ideas are for units: Lord of Anarchy-Combat hero, stronger in one on one fights against heroes. Lord of Anarchy on Winged Steed-Combat hero, stronger in one on one fights against heroes, rides o a giant flying frost-breathing wolf. Lore Burner-Standard wizard, unique spell controls an enemy unit for 1 turn on a 9+.
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    For many years I've waited for GW to give us a beast heavy fantasy army - Wood elves never lived up to it! Oddly right now Stormcast are about the best with all their mystical mounts and allies - however because of how broad and big stormcast are most of their mounts are equally as big and thus rather oversized for mounts for other races. Looking forward to seeing what you make with this army !
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    Skaven vs Duardins (disposesseds) Or skaven vs Moonclan grots. it probably will never happen, but it would be a great way of showing how much those faction hated or hate each other.
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    Here's a fun list I've been toying around in my head with. I don't have models ready or command traits/artifacts picked out but I'd like to give it a go at some point. Allegiance: NighthauntLeadersGuardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- GeneralSpirit Torment (120)Spirit Torment (120)Battleline10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)Units4 x Chainghasts (160)4 x Chainghasts (160)4 x Chainghasts (160)BehemothsMourngul (300)Mourngul (300)Mourngul (300)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 99
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    For those interested in tournament results, these are the placings from Facehammer GT this weekend. 33rd, 65th, 77th and 88th out of 88. ? I have said before and will keep saying it, that once our opponent's know our army's tricks that we are a mid-tier army and the results from recent tournaments are proving this, but I've had other ghost players in other forums/online groups saying that this is just negative thinking, but the results coming out are prove of this, it's not negative thinking, it's straight up fact. I am still 100% committed to my bedsheets, but I hold no illusions that they'll be a hitting the top table again anytime soon, especially on a regular basis. ? Top spots at Facehammer from 1st to 10th, were Daughters of Khaine Destruction Slyvaneth Blades of Khorne Phoenix Temple Legion of Blood Bonesplitterz Stormcast Eternals Daughters of Khaine Legion of Sacrament I don't know what the various lists were yet, will post them if I find them. In other tournament news I came 10th out of 12 in a local 1k tournament a few weekends ago, but that's definitely more from bad play than anything else ?.
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    Sorry for slightly derailing the conversation here. After experimenting with no wizard in my bloodtoofs I'm far more comfortable with not taking a weirdnob. On that train of thought I was playing around with a brutish cunning double cabbage list and ended up with this. Allegiance: IronjawzMortal Realm: AqshyLeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (440)- General- Trait: Brutish Cunning - Artefact: Ignax's Scales Orruk Warchanter (80)- Artefact: The Boss Skewer Orruk Warchanter (80)Battleline5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)20 x Orruk Ardboys (320)BattalionsBrute Fist (180)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 141 Sadly I'm short on the brutes to run it but the idea is pretty obviously to try and get your opponent tied down with the ardboys then swing in with the brutes. It gives us a lot of potential for mw output before the combat phase.
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    That's how I would set it up but it may depend on the terrain and opponent etc. Don't forget you can use the darkwalkers command ability to deep strike a unit anywhere on the map (outside 9" of the enemy)
  45. 1 point
    If you used scions on 6 units, whille having 5 on the table - you cheated Otherwise it's great to hear that you got a victory after getting alpha striked and with such a low body count
  46. 1 point
    I made a thread talking about Stormcast spells, I didn't want to clog up this thread with my breakdown. Pop on over and let me know what you think.
  47. 1 point
    Looks pretty cool.... Except: Harby doesn't get a spell. Give him the witherstave.
  48. 1 point
    Hi everybody ! I new here so I hope this is the good place for posting this. I'm curently working a lot on an AoS28 warband inspired by "The Witcher" univers. Here is the background : The Elder Blood warband / (Witcher28) "In the Dark corners of the mortal realms, where the distant light of Sigmar is an hopeless dream of salvation, humanity trive among the horors unleashed by the dark Gods.. A cabal of alchemyst, witch-doctors and sorcerers known as the Elder Blood decided to fight back with monster of their own. Their terrific dedication give birth to a carnival of abominations and mutants. Some of those proved hightly effectives to hunt down chaos creatures, as other joined the rank of those things the cabal was seeking to destroy in the first place. Despite those frequent and desastrous "infortunate events", the cabal obsessional research continue and eventualy came up with the Witchers. Human "volounter" mutated by dark magic, alchemy and some say demonic possession. Trained to study and kill the beasts unleashed by Chaos into the realms. Both living weapon and damned souls. Of course the "protection" of the cabal is never free and the services of their infernal menagerie or agent often exceed the cost of life itself in those dark countries. The Elder Blood cabal is said to possesse enclaves in several realms, each competing of ingeniousness and twisted creativity in their mad research for the ultimat weapon against darkness. It remain to be seen if the cabal still work toward the same goals as they use to do and if this work will leave those dark parts of the worlds as better places or even sinistre ones.. " And the first models.. Eskelan Grim, The Butcher of Wolvenheim : And the WIP of the "Lady of Blackwoods" : Here we are hope you'll like more pictures of Eskelan on our blog : http://armeedeschauves.blogspot.com/2018/09/aos28-witcher28-warband-partie-1.html?m=1 and instagram acount : #Nebriuson See you ! Malchy
  49. 1 point
    seen that, was hilarious, the ironjaw bloodbath i was promised turned out to be a dragon ball fight with units teleporting everywhere
  50. 1 point
    And some more not-so-great pictures for you! This week saw a pretty decent amount of work being put into my Grimghast Reapers. The bases have been washed and drybrushed. The scythe handles have been highlighted. The bodies (both purple spirit and red poncho/cowl) have been highlighted up as far as I'm going to take them and been given a matt varnish from the airbrush (which has removed all of the patchy satin bits you occasionally get from washing). And finally I've got the silver highlights on half of them So I've got the remaining silver highlights to do (30 Reapers plus a Spirit of Torment and Guardian of Souls). Brown rust/verdigris patches to apply. Skulls on the bases (only half a dozen or so) and the grey stone work. Airbrush the edges of the base (black and then steel legion drab to match) and then the flame on the guardian of souls. And finally apply some snow effect over the bases. Depending on how things go I might be able to get that lot done this evening/tomorrow evening, but regardless they'll be sorted by the end of the week. I've made the decision not to field the Myrmourn Banshees, Chainghast or Chainrasp for Blackout, which is probably a bit of a saving grace. Part of me is also tempted to paint them up as part of a pure Nighthaunt army, but themed to a realm - but that's for another day
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