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  1. 5 points
    Thanks to all those that have followed and those that have encouraged me. All done including 7 stands of Sylvaneth forests and display tray
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    Pretty sure after 'Collect, Build, Paint, Play', arguing over the minutiae of rules is the 5th pillar of Warhammer.
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    A small kitbash to help pull together my duardin and sylvaneth living city.
  4. 2 points
    I have just finished putting the last touches onto my Not-quite-battletome (I cant source art) for the Suneater Tribes ogors, designed to play radically differently to Gutbusters is has a full compliment of 17 warscrolls, 4 battallions including some nice mixed destruction ones, prayers, spells and relics galore along with a smattering of background written by yours truly. If anyone wants to look it over, play with it or generally use in in any way I would be honoured. For me this is the final product of a long time and alot of hard work but I'm happy with the end result. It is light at 52 pages total without major breaks for artwork throughout, but I'm proud of the end result PlayersCompanion.pdf
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    https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//aos_warscroll_thorns_of_the_briar_queen_en.pdf https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//aos_warscroll_stormsires_cursebreakers_en.pdf so unlike the first 'season' warbands looks like they're splitting up the warscrolls with the main 'wizard' characters separate from the others, though it does state that for matched play "These units must be taken as a set for a total of xxx points. Although taken as a set, each is a separate unit." which I guess if you like to be picky about these things raises a question about 'unit cohesion' between the hero character and the others). Anyway gives some more ideas as to how the other units will possibly operate.
  6. 2 points
    Hi! It's my first post here, but I've been lurking for some time This is my Lord, Efraim al'Frodeck (and rest of my plastic pile of shame)
  7. 2 points
    The Realm of Ghur. The Flame-Blooded. From the writings of Herr Jaeger. To the north of Kislavia lies a seemingly endless rocky steppe. Across it roam vast herds of grazing beasts and packs of predators such as the Ursus and the Urserine. Some of Kislavia's more nomadic tribes, such as the Kalisha, will often journey here to hunt for meat and furs. The fauna are not the only danger here. The Flame-Blooded are not so much a tribe, but a religion. They consist of a number of scattered groups. Some are bonded by blood, others by friendship. What truly unites the Flame-Blooded is the hardship they endure. Icy winds and freezing temperatures batter them, weathering their flesh and numbing their nerves. Each group or band is led by a powerful, especially tough individual. The individual preaches in the name of Khorrire, the Lord of Fire and Battle. The religion of Korrire revolves around fire that consumes material to release blessed warmth and fire that powers one's spirit and allows them to endure the dangers of Ghur's tundra. Fire is a dangerous element, and battle is one of the most certain ways in which to stir both material fire and spiritual fire to warm the believers of Khorrire. The Flame-Blooded are therefore a fairly aggressive people and often incite battle in the name of their God and in order to bring warmth to their ice-cold homeland. The Flame-Blooded's warlike nature and beliefs often reminded me of the followers of the Chaos Blood God. Indeed a number of the trinkets and markings the Flame-Blooded adorned themselves with were similar in style to the marks of the Blood God. The Slaughterpriest, wielding the fire the tribe worships. Its been a long time since I tried Object Source Lighting, but I think it came out alright in the end. Ten Bloodreavers made from a variety of parts. They are meant to look like feral/barbaric versions of my Freeguilders. Most of them are assembled using the Flagellant kit as it has feral robe wearers. The Champion. Each champion in the army will carry fire as a symbol of their strength. Only the strongest are trusted to carry their god's gift. Horn Blower that was created in the style of my Freeguilders. The Icon Bearer, also in the style of my Freeguilders. The Icon is a Khorne version of the Freeguilder banner. Well, that's it for this post! Hope you like them. I have a few more Flame-Blooded of Khorne to paint, so hopefully those don't take too long!
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    Well theres nothing wrong with fielding GA Chaos. Crown of Conquest is still a pretty neat item to have! I'd say the only model from your collection that might be the most ineffective in GA Chaos is the GUO. He's tanky for sure, but he generally is a support piece for nurgle hordes (especially plague drones). The Skaven Warlord generally likes to also pal around with verminous units.
  9. 2 points
    You count the total number of units deployed off the table regardless of how many drops. Battalions can still be deployed as a single drop even if the individual units are split between the table and the underworld. Nothing in the battalion rules suggests they need to be setup in the same location.
  10. 2 points
    Next, my "fight in a pub" themed dispossessed ? First, the waitress: The Grimwrath berzerker: The miners-longbeards with an old Bugman as a champion and the waitress, as a......eeeh...as a waitress
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    @Thenord Thank you very much. If you do I promise they would have a good home. Update on the Pestigpr Chariot, made my Razorgor replacment, fair amount still left to d9 though, and also need a second Razogor.
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    believe me, having the nurgle keyword can completely mess with the strategy of a nurgle/pestilens army, when they realize most of their spells or prayer will do NOTHING against you
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    Heres the art of their warband. Man I swear it looks like they're suppose to crash into a game of 40k Kill Team!
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    Finished this month pledge (1 Morghast, 5 Skeletons) ! Aiming for stretch for the last September week.
  15. 2 points
    Umbral Spellportal Finish ! all of my contact list this month was done!! ✌️
  16. 2 points
    I bought a couple of finecast models early on. A professional sculptor could not have reasonably fixed them. Among the worst products I have ever purchased, of any type. The fact that I was paying a premium for such a product seemed surreal. Out of principle, I will never buy another GW finecast product.
  17. 2 points
    Fast times at Sigmar High here. He’s HEEEEEERRRREEEEE —— —— AHOMTEP THE GOLDEN VULTURE OF VENGEANCE, HIGH KING OF THE CARRION ISLES, AND EMPEROR OF THE HIGH WINDS. It’s done - it’s done - it’s done! Time to go celebrate!
  18. 2 points
    Collecting for 33 years. Worked for GW for almost 12 years when we got 80% off retail and metal models at 4 cents per gram. Just bought a house with a finished basement and workshop. Three of the bedrooms are fully set up all the time as gaming rooms with 2-6 display cabinets full of models in each room. Workshop is converted to full 2-person painting and modeling studio. There is a rack of unopened blister packs hanging in that room. The utility room has 5 18"x36" shelves full of unopened boxes and 5 more with models packed base to base. The bar/lounge area has a dedicated Shadespire & Blood Bowl table and more display cabinets. The garage has ... more. I have more models than I'll even count or paint (which means I'm immortal!). I have an illness. And a gf who not only doesn't want me cured, but has been infected herself. I am a lost cause.
  19. 1 point
    After the photobcket fiasco ive been debating whether to rdit and upload stuff again or to let them wither. Instead I've decided to collate my Chaos conversions... one day to be painted, into one lg. I promise you it will be slow, it will be indecisive and a lot of the time it will remain silent, especially when something new and shiny catches my eye. Anyway first off an apology for double posting the content you might have previously seen, so I'll start with them. My two scratchbuilds/ bashes. First off the big bad man and rightful leader of my bare plastic/resin army. Ghrandukker u'Raak Throrgg, the Age of Sigmar styled Troll King.
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    I gave myself an ambitious target to convert, build and paint a complete 2k army (+50 dryads + 7 forests ...) in 6 weeks already for the sydney GT. All ready with a week to go. Can’t wait. Just gotta learn how to play
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    Not him but the Podcast is JustSaying, there's a link to the subforum for it in his signature. You can find a thread for every episode there or just look on the site.
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    So as July is over I'm right in time. What do you mean with September?
  23. 1 point
    With some careful converting they can look quite fitting with the dark prince or use the dark elf segway chariot bodies with chaos chariot bits and seekers. Has anyone looked at the Idolon of matalan and thought with a bit of work he'd make an amazing Slaanesh chaos lord?
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    @Killax I agree, but I'd still love a doombull general, just so I could paint him brass again! However, the bray shaman as an ally with the devolve spell is brilliant - that could work for us Khorne armies so well forcing the enemy to come to us - imagine dragging a horde of witch elves close enough to you to charge and pulling them far enough away from that cauldron of blood at the same time.
  25. 1 point
    Maybe it was about Blood Bowl Pestigors?
  26. 1 point
    They just need to add the Chaos deity keyword to all of the warscroll Battalions ... not just the models when using the Battalion rule. Because rules as written even if the units are all marked ... they are still in a Battalion that is an ally so they’re all counted as allies.
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    A good compromise could be if models in a battalion won't count as allies as long as they are marked, but the battalion cost itself comes off your ally points allowance. This would make everchosen battalions and marked BoC battalions usable within the god armies but still restrictive.
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    I've argued for a high quality ring binder / sleeve folder and a print on demand option, so that you can easily update your physical copy but not worry about the warscrolls so much. Make the battletome a background / fluff book and include the digital warscroll cards in the cost
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    beautiful thing is that you purchase the battalion and given they get the khorne keyword - your lovely doombull is general material. I'd converted several of my Khorgoraths with minotaur heads so I've inadvertently gained three bullgors more pleasing to the khorne image! ( I understand this will be addressed in FAQ's as being a thing - and rightly so, I've wanted my army to follow a huge bull for ages ever since I rolled one as my general back in Slaves to Darkness in 3rd ed Granted if you want the beasts specific abilities and traits in the book then I suppose they'll need to be Beasts allegiance ) Also, that battalion, once you've paid your three units of base tax lets you bring in a khorne marked shaggoth or bray shaman as well for magical shenanigans as well with his devolve spell. we suddenly have some very heavy ranged / speedy hitters to add to the army. The cygor will be a great addition to our khorne army - the 18" boulder attack, but most importantly the amount of anti magic he has going on when coupled with other sources we have - will make us very efficient at shutting down magic heavy phases. - Again.. rightly so.
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    Great question! I'm going to assume you're asking for those times when you lose the roll and have to place the first board. In general, the answer is going to depend on the following factors, regardless of your warband: What is your opponent's (likely) strategy? How vulnerable is your strategy to board placement? If you're playing Fiends, your own strategy is almost certainly going to be aggro, which is vulnerable to the following: Two boards matched up short side to short side (a.k.a. "the long board") Offset boards that minimize the number of friendly fighters you can get into battle in round 1 Spiteclaw's Swarm, Steelheart's Champions, and the Farstriders are more likely to go long; other aggro warbands are more likely to go with a strong offset. An opponent who wants to mix it up with you is a good bet to simply line up the long edges and start brawling. So! In general, I think you need to analyze the following eight scenarios for each board, regardless of which warband you're playing: Offset strong to the top left corner Offset strong to the top right corner Offset strong to the bottom left corner Offset strong to the bottom right corner Long board placement to the left Long board placement to the right Full long edges to the top Full long edges to the bottom As I mentioned earlier, certain warbands are likelier to aim for certain layouts than others, but stay on guard! I've played a lot of aggro builds and have gone for long board placement regularly because my opponent chose a board that created a very favorable position, because my warband had fighters and cards with multiple attacks, or both. I'm having a hard time inserting images into this post, so here's my short take: The Fallen Statue is the best board for Fiends. Of the six boards currently available, it's the least vulnerable to long placement in either direction or to strong offsets. It might not be your preferred board if your opponent aligns the long edges, but it still won't hurt you much. The three boards with blocked hexes are the absolute worst boards, and you shouldn't choose them first. Of these, The Staircase is probably the least vulnerable to long placement, but it is extremely vulnerable to strong offsets to one particular corner. The other two are very vulnerable to long placement, and you won't be too happy with the worst offsets, either. The Crypt isn't a bad board, per se, but it's worse than the Fallen Statue against an opponent who might make you go long. At its worst, the Fallen Statue will allow you to get two of your fighters into enemy territory and two into no-man's land, but the Crypt will only let you get one into enemy territory, one into no-man's land, and two into the last row of complete hexes on your side of the board. The Crypt might have a slight edge when it comes to the worst offsets, but if so, that edge is very slight. The Arcane Contraption—you know, the lethal hex board with the blue energy balls on it!—is quite interesting. Because most of the hexes are toward the board's edges, it's actually one of the best boards against long play and strong offsets alike. (Against opponents who are trying to score Bloodless, you can even send Riptooth through a lethal hex in round 1 to stop an opponent who might be holding Bloodless.) If this board has a vulnerability, it's that the starting hexes are spread away from each other, so if your opponent is likely to align the long edges as much as possible, your fighters might end up left on their own little islands. Also, well ... it has lethal hexes! This isn't a concern for Ghartok, but it might spell trouble for the rest of your warband if you aren't careful. So! There you have it. I almost always take The Fallen Statue whenever I place the first board with Reavers or Fiends; IMO, it's the least vulnerable board, which really limits any advantage your opponent can gain in return. I'm going to try out the Arcane Contraption board against some stall-heavy builds as well and see if it plays as well in practice as it does in theory. Hope this helps!
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    Go up to 30 ardboys with 10 for triumph tbh. Another 10 shields gives you a disgusting tarpit which you can just throw across the board and force your opponent to engage into. It also puts raw wounds onto the board which is one of the megas weaknesses. Last but not least is it gives you an amazing to use the ironjawz cannon on. Proc the move on them, run and make it a 6 for 1 cp. That's 11" move with the bloodtoofs. If you can then proc a second and run again you are moving between 13" and 18" iron fist onto that and you have now just pushed 30 ardboys at least 25" across the board in your hero phase. There's also some ambiguity in the wording of the run rules. Specifically it specifies that the increased move characteristic is for "this movement phase" so it doesn't actually specify it falling off at the end of your hero phase. Personally I think it should bit you can make the case for the run move lasting till the end of the move phase. That would mean with a run in your move phase you are now going 4+6+2d6+3 on top of whatever you did in the hero phase. Theoretical maximum is 11"+18"+25" for 54" movement.... Good job there gw! Edit: this list. Has a respectable 147 wounds LeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (440)Orruk Warchanter (80)Orruk Warchanter (80)Battleline30 x Orruk Ardboys (450)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)BattalionsIronfist (180)Bloodtoofs (120)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 146
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    As of right now, we are unsure of when we will have the next set of rules up. We have been working hard to put it together so that it works well in the new AoS2. We have made various play tests and some more tweaks yet to come but we should have it out very soon. Also, if not with the new version, there will be some nice developments on the full tome soon! If the stars align perfectly
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    Mierce Minis actually makes a very chaos-esque looking mammoth that is almost as big as the old FW model as an alternative option. Just would need to convert up a howdah: http://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_dkl_fmr_blr_mbs_701_000 One thing that does bug me about the warscroll for the Mammoth though is that the chaos lord on the throne isn't taken into account at all in the rules. This is supposed to be some grand ruler of marauders on top of his mighty beast and he doesn't even get attacks, let alone any sort of leadership. I'd have preferred the mammoth be 400pts with some attacks from the chaos lord, maybe the hero keyword, def a command ability. Alas though, its still good value for the pts.
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    Zombies aren't horrible but they are unfortunately outclassed by Dire Wolves, Skeletons and Chainrasp Hordes. Skeletons are nearly as tough and hit way harder while Chainrasp hordes are significantly tougher and also hit harder in most cases. This leaves a few cases for Zombies to really shine. I think they have decent value for what you pay so don't feel bad about running them in casual but if your goal is to min/max, zombies won't show up in the list.
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    Yeah, while they could pretty directly move models from metal to resin because the processes are more similar(I seem to recall reading that the reason some fincecast models were so bad is that they were using mostly worn out moulds that were used for metal previously), so they could do that switch without as much work, but injection molded plastic is such a different process. While I do prefer modern plastics, GW has gotten really good at plastic, I don't mind resin that much, especially if it's the later designed for resin miniatures(not essentially recasts of older metal miniatures) or ForgeWorld. It's one of those weird situations where all the awful things people say about Finecast and all the good things GW advertised about Finecast are both true. There are some models that have been really screwed up my Finecast, but at the same time, when they do come out good, they come out really really good. I will say that I really don't like metal though. Heavy, harder to clean up(need to do some serious filing of spurs and can't use a hobby knife), and they always chip when they fall over. I've never had a plastic or resin model chip.
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    Guys appolagies for dropping this in here. I'm looking for advice on debasing my blessed of nurgle. Since the release of AoS2 and base sizes having a prevelance with in the game I have to rebase the majority of my army. So I am looking for suggestions on a new style for the bases. Any and all suggestions will be considered. Something that is easily applicable to a whole army and will really add a wow factor! I've attatched pictures of some of the models so you can see the colours etc. Feel free to try using complementary colours or contrasting in your suggestions. Anything goes. However the winner (chosen by myself) will not only have there idea forever immortalised on my army (or untill new rules state otherwise ?) but there is a little prize as well up for grabs. Probably a blister pack, hobby supplies or brushes sorry if this kind of thing isn't allowed (feel free to drop me a message, I'm not trying to advertise anything here just reward other people's creative imagining) but if it is, thank you in advance and may the best idea win.
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    Well, the point wasn't about to be updated with a new battletome. What I was trying to say is that we are going to have new toys (nightvault band) before our update/ battletome/ new wave of minis/ whatever... Just be optimistic!!
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    Been a little while, not really painted much recently but decided to do an idoneth armies on parade this year. Completed the ship (pic on sep pledge) and used the deathworld killteam box to create some underwater type bases. I know people are very mixed in this scenery but it’s pretty much perfect for what I need, there is also a lot of stuff in there to easily give me enough for my parade board without having to think too much about it or create a more permenant board which is not practical to store. Any advice on maybe making them appear wetter? The idea is that the model is underwater rather than on top so don’t need a pool but wondered whether i should apply some form of gloss.
  42. 1 point
    The "Anvilstrike" list is 12 Longstrikes shooting twice per turn. Trying to use the Anvils CA on Evocators is a waste, its too easy to play around a slow melee unit. Hurricanes short range, poor accuracy, and low rend makes them a worse choice for the command ability than Longstrikes.
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    When I said about removing the warscrolls in books, and adding different content I meant like this. I love seeing stuff like this in books and would fully appreciate it in battletomes etc, concept ideas, work in progress towards sculpts.
  44. 1 point
    Saw an interesting post on the BoK facebook group. Basically, GW seem to be moving their rules writing towards having mortal wound effects being incurred on 'unmodified rolls of 6'. If this style of rule writing impacts BoK then we can expect bloodletters to no longer deal mortal wounds on 4's or lower, regardless of how many +to hit buffs they have applied. Assuming this does happen in the future, how do you think BoK will perform in the competitive meta?
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    I've got a local gaming shop that just discounted both games since they're sitting on so many.
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    Finished the grimghasts! There is a family picture
  47. 1 point
    Maybe take a look at allying in a Butcher for the cogs endless spell? May help you with your movement.
  48. 1 point
    Nice try, too bad for your opponent that didnt let you hit the proper unit but oh well ! The more you play, you ll get a better feeling of your army and will be able to make even better choices, really nice rep !
  49. 1 point
    I can't remember if I pledged or not. But I built soul wars and painted a test mini for my stormhost "the Azyrite Crusade".
  50. 1 point
    I've used a brass rod. To add some height, some thick basing was created. Plaster and an outcropping of a column (aquarium terrain) Drilled out a hole for the rod and stuck the darn fly about halfway up. Painted the rod black (mostly) so it wasn't the focus. Way sturdier than the plastic nubs. poor quality from its WIP stage pics below.
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