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    Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but looks like the warscroll downloads on the GW site for Beasts of Chaos have been updated to the new format and presumably with the new rules. Edit: Timber! on the Chaos Gargant is significantly different from its old iteration, the roll-off winner chooses a point within 3" of the gargant and all units within 2" of that point take d3 MWs. Chaos Spawn got a new warscroll, has both the Slaves to Darkness keyword AND Beasts of Chaos now. Tuskgor Chariot is now +1 Attacks on the charge instead of re-rolling failed hits, its spear got +1 to hit, and the axe has the Despoiler ability from the preview Chimera got an extra Attack on each weapon profile, and an extra 2 on its Claws Cockatrice Talons now are 4 Attacks instead of d6 (8 instead of 2d6 on the charge) Tzaangors now have the Beasts of Chaos and Brayherd keywords in addition to all the others Tzaangor Skyfires/Enlightened don't have Preternatural Enhancement anymore, it's an ability on the Tzaangor Shaman now, is now wholly within 12" instead of within 9" Tzaangor Skyfires Judgement from Afar is now on unmodified hits of 6 (sorry Tzeentch) Tzaangor Enlightened have 3 spear attacks now Tzaangor Shamans can drink their elixir at any point in the hero phase now instead of at the start Tzaangor Shaman's Boon of Mutation now adds a model to an existing unit instead of making a new one Shields that gave +1 Save in the combat phase now seem to be against any melee weapons, regardless of phase Razorgors aren't forced to charge if they're within 12" anymore, no longer gain +1 to Hit when they charge, instead unmodified hits of 6 on the charge deal an extra MW Great Bray-Shaman wounds on 3's now, and their movement aura is wholly within 12" now instead of within 8" Jabberslythe doesn't have a monster degradation table, has a move of 12", Spurting Bile Blood only does 1 MW now instead of d3, his Slythey Tongue now does d3 damage instead of 1 Centigors got an extra attack profile for their Clawed Forelimbs and an extra 2" of movement (now 14") Dragon Ogor Shaggoth doesn't have a monster degradation table, has 8" move Dragon Ogors got 2 more attacks with paired weapons and now hit on 3's but don't reroll 1's to hit, Draconic Crusher hits on 3's now, can now re-roll 1's to hit with any weapon if within 12" of a Shaggoth Doombull has a 4+ Save now (probably since there's no shield option anymore)
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    Finished the grimghasts! There is a family picture
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    Morning all, I played a great game of Warhammer last night vs @Bueno and his Wolves of Ghur (Khorne) army. Both our armies share a similar colour palette, with snow basing and an almost identical blue used on the cloth in our armies. We were able to play on a snowy FAT mat with appropriate terrain and it just looked pretty great, so I thought I'd share some pics. They were taken on my phone and aren't focussed overly well, so don't really show the armies off to their best tbh, but it gives you a nice idea of the battle! Also, you can check out Ben's thread here and have a proper look at this lovely army; https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/6646-wolves-of-ghur-and-many-other-aos-projects-1st-post-updated-to-contents-page/?tab=comments#comment-58326 Enjoy, Chris
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    My opinions on endess spells in Matched Play: Great - Lots of usage in many different lists, easy to use Aethervoid Pendulum, Chronomatic Cogs, Geminids of Ugh-Gyish, Everblaze Comet, Mortalis Terminexus Good - Situational but still powerful Balewind Vortex, Purple Sun of Shyish, Quicksilver Swords, Umbral Spellportal, Okay - Situational but not very powerful, difficult to use properly, or outclassed by other spells, or just a little too expensive Emerald Lifeswarm, Prismatic Palisade, Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws, The Burning Head, Soulsnare Shackles, CelestianVortex, Dais Arcanum, Shyish Reaper Bad - Not very good, or hard to make it work Malevolent Maelstrom, Suffocating Gravetide, Vault of Souls My favourite way of using the Endless Spells is open play games where ever wizard knows how to cast every spell.
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    So the challenge is to have both the base and the model evoke Ghur but you also need contrast between the base and model or the miniature can get lost in it's own base. Like if you have the same colour on both. I think the scrubland suggestion is good, as well as an African savana type terrain. Since that kind of a base is going to have lots of green and off green on it (as well as tans and whatever) then what about a dark reddish brown for the tree parts? You don't need to paint those horizontal lines (unless you really want to) because the various bits of bones and skulls and whatnot that you mentioned will be the ideal place for that sort of bone colour. For the spirit looking guys, I think if you went for the classic bluish white like how they show to paint some of the nighthaunt stuff on the Warhammer TV videos should work well. So that's one option. The other option is a desaturated high contrast style with very dark browns but very light edge highlighting and strong dark recess shades on all the bark. The bones should be very dirty yet white along the edges. Miniatures by Vikingpainting (not mine) The dead and stark look with dirty bone will contrast really well with a vibrant base with tufts and whatnot. Notice the limited colour palette on those miniatures. There are only a handful of different colours on the miniature, but it looks great. For whatever scheme you end up with, keep any green on either the miniature or the base drab. Like a military green. The other one (base in the case of the picture above) should get the vibrant and truer greens. This will make sure the green on the model doesn't melt into the base and look indistinct.
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    Hi guys, thanks for the great info here! I'd like to share my batrep with you. Had a 2000-pt game vs Seraphon today, I used Seeker allegiance and the exalted one with the flying cloak and 6" pile-in move as a warlord. I don't have much experience in AoS (I've played Slaanesh in 40k for years tho) so there's a few critical mistakes in my tactics, which hit me hard in the end. The Seraphon player also knew the weak point of Slaanesh army so he exploited a huge amount of mortal wounds against me - including those horrible meteors! Nevertheless, I'm pretty satisfied with our new mechanic of summoning. By the turn 3 I could gather 30+ depravity points, summoning a KoS to make game change. I also brought out the exalted one and daemon prince for the first time, both of which were MUCH better than my expectation. I'm supposed to have two more games with the same list tomorrow so you'll see the results soon. And question. I read in this thread that mortal wounds don't make a depravity point anymore. Can anyone please give me the specific reference for this errata? (maybe Q&A? but I cannot find it by myself)
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    I'm still doing a goat dance based on the last two previews. I've been looking through my bitz box as each character needs their spawn form in case I roll a 2+ when they die. I'm not the biggest fan of the spawn kit so I might have to put some bitz on a reaper bones miniatures or something. Maybe a tentacle thing where each tentacle ends in a gor head or something.
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    Uh so nothings my last month. *Probably* get 9 Sequitors done this month though. This lady's nearly done, although the black hair is too shiny and looks like she has an oil slick on her head now
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    Maybe have a look at some natural photos for inspiration? I'm thinking scrubland - trees holding on at the edge of their natural habitat because they've been pushed out by invading species. Something like the attached photo. You could get a base effect by using some sand and textured paint (maybe arma dust, drybrushed with Ush Bone?) and a lot of yellowish/dry coloured static grass? You can get that off ebay (https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/123018935535?chn=ps&var=423455217678 https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/122601960437?chn=ps&var=423013209712 https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/123018935535?chn=ps&var=423455217678) - I use model railway tufts for my bases, and one tuft can be cut into two or four which is more than adequate for several models. You could even throw some cacti into the mix: https://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=off&rlz=1C1CHBD_en-GBGB798GB798&biw=1396&bih=644&tbm=shop&ei=W-GbW-y4O-XMgAbsvJiYAw&q=cacti+model+railway&oq=cacti+model+railway&gs_l=psy-ab.3...95226.97711.0.97940. That would also give you a matching yellowish, faintly unhealthy coloured leaves, and bleached/dry wood scheme for your sylvaneth which could look quite cool.
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    Looks like an awesome game Here is the FAQ for the mortal wounds and depravity:
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    I play skirmish quite often and we usually play around 30 points. With a demanding job and two kids hobbytime in general is limited and the amount of renown most of the time resembles the amount of minutes played. Three scenarios are pretty much balanced, while the other three are better suited for campaign telling. That is actually mentioned in the book itself and in the review I`ve made a while ago: https://www.chaosbunker.de/en/2018/07/28/review-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-skirmish/#more-20635 Seriously, what you get is totally up to what kind of a hobbyist you are. If you like narrative and enjoy having a characterful warband, you can do that with ease. For example: ORDER: Freeguild General on Foot (20), Liberator Prime (4), Longbeard Old Guard (2), Freeguild Archer Marksman (2) , Freeguild Guard (2). TOTAL: (30) DEATH: Necromancer (22), Skeleton Champion (2), Skeleton (2), Skeleton (2), Skeleton (2). TOTAL: (30). As you can see, one setup is harder than the other. If you see and know this - it`s up to you to make the game better. Simply tweak the setup a bit, so your opponent has fun too. Narratively both setups offer a small story just by their look: the order warband is on a holy mission, the Liberator is the bodyguard, the Duardin the faithful companion and the Marskman and the Guard are the Generals best men. The Necromancer warband could be a youn Heinrich Kemmler, making his first steps as a Necromancer (just to show that playing in the World That Was is great for skirmish).
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    Cog towers! Ordered some laser cut wood gears that ill be putting all over the fort. I love these towers. They rotate around the base platform so the units will turn with it and still gets the gear-turning effect. Ill add some kind low walls to them later. Also they add space without costing any play space. This kinda makes me want to try KillTeam just to use this as the board.
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    Let's say it's wednesday in France… ? Finished it this morning.
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    I once thought you were a nice guy Chris... once.
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    Guardian of souls is ready the unleash death or bring back chainrasp hehe And bonus pic for the work on the bones but it look like dry brush which it's kinda annoying Cheers, Anamnesis
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    Bottle suggested an inspirational art thread, so here it is. The art should be fantastical, as this thread is meant to give people an idea of the things that could exist in the "Age of Sigmar" setting. (disclaimer, I own none of this art, all art belongs each respective artist who made it and shared it online)
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    Hi Guys, its @Ben here making a quick edit. This has been asked a few times recently and I think it could potentially be a great thread for returning players. The old Ulthan forums were massive so had a ton of fans lets make this a great resource for the High Elf’s ————————————————-————- Hi Guys, Have recently dived back in. I have a functioning Seraphon force which is great, but my true love is high elves. (Have almost finished rebasing 4000 points) and have a prince Imrik on the way. I'm looking to either join or create a functioning high elf chat group. From what I can see, Ulthuan is relatively dead in relation to AoS and there aren't many other forums/groups dedicated. Any pointers or any interest from anyone else here? Best, James
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    Event Title: Justice Series GT Event Author: JustPlay-Ritchie Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 03/30/2019 12:00 AM to 03/31/2019 12:00 AM The Justice Series GT The Justice Series GT is a 2-day, 64 player event run by JustPlayGames in Liverpool, aka Ian and Ritchie from the JustSaying Age of Sigmar Podcast. The Justice Series of Age of Sigmar tournaments have been running in Liverpool for over 12 months and we thought that it was high time we ran a major event. Ticket Details Tickets can be purchased from our website – click this link! Tickets cost £50 and there are 64 places available for this event. Saturday Night Social We will be holding a "lock in" on the Saturday night after the main event at our store JustPlay located just a 5 min walk from the venue. With space to relax play games but most of all enjoy some beers on us and a meal served from by our chef from our new kitchen and its all FREE! Fill in our form HERE to check out the menu options and order your meal. Venue and Location The event will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Centre, located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. It's directly opposite the national rail station (Lime Street) and with weekend parking for just £6 per day, it is extremely well suited for travellers. Likewise, if you stay in another area of the city centre or elsewhere in Liverpool the transport links and parking are ideal for hassle-free access. Facilities The well-equipped conference suite has a bar and restaurant where you can eat and drink, as well as being situated directly on top of a food court and shopping centre with a McDonalds, KFC, Subway, healthy options, chinese buffet, multiple coffee shops and more besides! Due to this easy availability we've decided not to include food with the event, so that you can choose what you'd like to eat. Tables & Terrain All of our tables feature premium neoprene gaming mats and a great mix of high-quality official and custom terrain. We want to offer a premium experience for attendees, and if you take a look at these pictures, I’m sure you’ll agree that our tables are going to look fantastic! Awards We’ve partnered with Lambda Design to produce some awesome custom trophies for this event – here’s a sneak peak of some of them, follow us on Twitter @justplaygamesuk, Twitter hashtag #jsgt and Instagram justplay_liverpool for more sneak peaks and pics! There will be awards and prizes for: Gaming The top ranked players at the event of the event will receive the following awards: 1 st Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy and £100 JustPlay Store Credit 2 nd Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit 3 rd Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy Best General in Grand Alliance (Swiss Top 3 Excluded): Custom Justplay Trophy Painting & Hobby The painting and hobby awards section of the Justice GT will feature: Best in Show, the best painted army as selected and judged by our expert judging panel! • 1st Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit • 2nd Place: Winners’ Certificate and £25 JustPlay Store Credit • 3rd Place: Winners’ Certificate and £10 JustPlay Store Credit Coolest Army, the most awesome army as voted for by the players! • Custom JustPlay Trophy and £25 JustPlay Store Credit Results from the event will be submitted to the Pro Painted rankings! Favourite Opponent At the end of round 5 each player will be asked to the opponent that they thought was the most fun to play against over the weekend. This maybe because of a hilarious interaction during the game, a really fun opponent or just a fantastically close game of Age of Sigmar – the criteria is up to you, and this is NOT a sportsmanship vote, but a vote for the game and opponent that you enjoyed the most! The player with the most votes will receive a Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit! You can download the full rules pack at this Link! We'll be putting out more information as we go about the event, including talking about it on the podcast and getting plenty of pictures up on Twitter! So go ahead and book your tickets Click this Link! Signups and List Submission After purchasing a ticket, sign up and submit your lists on tabletop.to here. All lists must be submitted by the 27/03/19, 11:59pm. Check out our guide below on the format we require your list in and how to signup and submit. If you require any assistance with list submission, please contact us (see contact details at end of document). Interesting lists will be discussed on the JustSaying Podcast! Look forward to seeing you there, Ian and Ritchie Justice Series GT
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    Hello to everyone! In this period i'm happy to be able to play a lot, i'll put here some lists with i managed to win most games (i play against most armies, from stormcast eternals to nightant) The baddest matches for my slave to darkness army is and always be the sylvaneth (i play against a very good player) Feel free to use them and let me know what do you think of them, this is the first , let me know what do you think of it Allegiance: Slaves To DarknessMortal Realm: UlguLeadersChaos Lord On Manticore (250)- General- Blade & Lance- Trait: Master of Deception - Artefact: Mark of the All-favoured Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)Chaos Sorcerer Lord On Manticore (200)- Artefact: Sword of Judgement - Mark of Chaos: TzeentchExalted Hero Of Chaos (80)- Mark of Chaos: KhorneBattleline1 x Chaos Chariots (80)- Greatblades- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch10 x Chaos Knights (320)- Chaos Glaives- Mark of Chaos: Khorne30 x Chaos Warriors (480)- Halberd & Shield- Mark of Chaos: KhorneUnits10 x Chaos Chosen (280)- Mark of Chaos: KhorneBattalionsGodsworn Champions of Ruin (170)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 153
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    Yes as long as it has the appropriate keyword (in that case the keyword destruction)
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    I think it has been said they upped the points to 160 which was to be expected. Now he is strong still and you wanna get him in combat anyway as the profile does not get worst.
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    I think that's just an early conceptual take on what later ended up being the Fungoid Cave Shaman
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    So did we just came one tiny step closer to a moonclan release?
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    Certainly situational, but I have been enjoying them with my moonclan lists. Their +2 to cast makes the spells go off pretty reliably. Also expands the spell options for armies without their own lore. I have had some decent damage output from swords, pendulum and ravenaks. Swords are cheap and can chip away at stuff, with high luck potential. Pendulum has some ability to prevent it coming back at you and some okay damage. Also as mentioned can restrict movement. Ravenaks has a very large base and can do some blocking and chip away at stuff. Not sure if worth 40pts or not though. Only used in one game and it was quite effective, but haven't tested enough to be certain on it. I like the model, painted it green to go with the grots. Next up I plan to paint palisades and then geminids, they seem fun. The geminid debuffs look like they should be solid. On a whole, I really like what they add to the game. I'm not a competitive player though, so I can't say much on that front.
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    So it's dawned on my with this example: why I'm not a good warhammer player. I prefer the old Bloodgreed to the new one. I like the synergy and the planning and then the extra attacks. Discovering the extra +1 to wound from a Plague Priest you could get in a Chaos Allegiance warherd-dominated army made me glow with pride for a week. If I were offered the choice, that's the Bloodgreed I'd pick. Even though I know that it is objectively worse than the new Mortal Wound one, and will do less damage. I'd still pick it. And that's why I'm not a good player. Hahaha. It's a microcosm of all the choices I make.
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    Not really news or anything but WarCom release some Moonclan Grot Shaman concept art
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    For the people who like the Celestant Prime, don't forget he can be included in any stormhost. A Celestant Prime attacking in hero phase with the Anvils of Heldenhammer command ability can be a real pain for your opponent if he wasn't able to snipe him after his arrival. And he synergize very well with the command trait of Anvils, resulting in a -3 for the bravery of everyone around both of them. Hammers of sigmar give him a 6++ (actually very cool with Aventis, who can have TWO 6++, while the tauralon can rock THREE 6++ save) , and knight excelsior give him some regen after beating up a unit.
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    Agreed, they cost elite army dollars but have horde army points. A bit samey for hobbyists and tedious to play+nerfed for competitive folks, fyreslayers are in a bit of a spot. Similar barrier to entry exists for DoK, but they have excellent variety and overpowered rules helping them out. I don't think it's the most current models necessarily, look how high BoC is, I think it's support that drives these to a large degree. Dispossessed is an exception, possibly because of Total War? They're a stubborn bunch in any case ?
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    Or leave nothing on your end that is of high value or risk. Then if the spell comes back it at least can't do anything.
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    There's also the fact that whoever goes second in a turn gets first move of endless spells on the battlefield. Endless spells have made taking the double not quite the no brainer it once was. It's not game breaking but considering that they give your opponent another decision to make is good in my opinion, seeing as it can potentially lead to them making the wrong choice.
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    I'm half tempted to run a blob of them with bows and just camp around the herdstone shooting and dying to summon Bullgors.. So we can get 2-4 summon points per turn, but surely there will be an artefact or trait to boost this? Also the Slaanesh battalion sounds too awesome: The Slaanesh one is called "Depraved Drove".. it lets you re-roll charge rolls within 12" of the enemy, and enemies must re-roll successful attacks against your heroes... I really hope vanilla BoC get some good battalions, my main worry with marks is BoC getting relegated to just propping up the god armies..
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    They cannot re-activate a unit. You want to out-number their pile-ins when using doppelganger cloak, if possible. Isolate a unit with your big hero (VLoZD) and swarm another.
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    This is a fantastic thread! Thanks to everyone sharing their experiences so far. I am struggling with the 20-man sequitor unit. I have played two games with it and I have found that getting the entire set of buffs on them all at once was daunting. It essentially clumped the half of my army together in one spot (940 points). For reference I was attempting to keep the unit under: Staunch Defender - 9" wholly within Soul Energy - 9" wholly within Warding lantern - 18" wholly within Empower - 12" wholly within I have a hunch that the 20-man version of the sequitor unit is probably better served without every single buff on it. I'd like to try thinning down the sequitors to 10-man. I could go 5-wide with the entire front row using the upgraded weapons, and it would move around a lot better than the maxed unit. I have also struggled to reposition the unit using the heraldor because the evocators, lord-arcanum, and lord-castellan are blocking them in from behind. Could anyone share their successes with the big unit? Did you give them every buff you had? Or did you let their 40 wounds and built-in re-rolls do the work?
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    His role is a massive shiny new toy I spent time pinning and gluing and want to get on the table as quickly as possible The main tabletop reason for using him is basically the Yhetee pile in. Most turns you should be able to engineer it that you hit first with one of your combat units, keep him out of range then hit first with him too. Maybe even cheekily over the top of a Palisade if you use that, with the 3" range. It's debatable whether or not he's better than 9x Yhetees (might be a good discussion topic for your show @James S?), but I'm looking forward to finding out. Yeah you could neatly swap out 140pt Butcher + 140pt Leadbelchers + 60pt Gorger + 60pt Endless Spells = 400pt second block of Ogors. Which is essentially what @James S came up with. I might give something like that a try next. I do think you can justify multiple Butchers in the list because you have multiple legitimate targets for the +1 to hit (Ironguts, Ogors, maybe the Tyrant if he's been debuffed). So even if you double-pop the Cauldron there is good use for it. I like multiple Butchers so you have a reasonable chance of getting the result you need, but even then I usually pump out a heap of mortal wounds turn 1 when nobody is nearby, then switch to rolling 1s when they are up in range! That diciness (similar to the Big Name) is one of the things I'd like to see tidied up if and when we get some attention as a faction. This made me chuckle I don't disagree! I'll let you guys know how it goes. Maybe not many photos though, my Gutbusters are mostly unpainted (the shame!). I think finishing them will be next on the agenda after I finish up my Star Wars Legion stuff.
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    I've listed about 150 to go on ebay this Sunday, you're already making me miss them ? Am holding myself to (max) 3 armies for each system (if you count anything Dead and all flavours of Elves/Aelves as one army each...), needs doing unfortunately.
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    Giving this more thought, it can get ridiculous if we can use this battalion as part of the Hosts (using our allegiance abilities and command traits). If we can give the hero Allure of Slaanesh and some Hellstrider support (minimal investment). This turns an opponent who would have 3+ to hit into one who would have 5+ to hit rerolling, which is about a 11% chance of each attack hitting. A hero who can't be hit means a hero that can survive a long time for depravity points.
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    found it back : WarhammerTVNick :The Slaanesh one is called "Depraved Drove".. it lets you re-roll charge rolls within 12" of the enemy, and enemies must re-roll successful attacks against your heroes...
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    Definitely not, the Endless Spells are models on the battlefield and you can only ignore models while moving if you have Fly. As per pg. 53 of Malign Sorcery "...it is treated as a friendly model by all armies for any other rules purposes." and pg. 4 of the Core Rules "Whenever you move a model...but cannot be moved across other models or their bases..."
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    The majority of my gaming has been skirmish since it came out. We tend to do it with Open War cards. As well as adapting scenarios from pretty much anywhere. I've probably played through the six scenario campaign a dozen times now. They work. Malign Portents and Sorcery don't add much, but it's a bit and I was getting those books anyway. Some area effecting magic and dishing out of mortal wounds should likely be skipped or limited in some form. Applying a rule of 3 where you can only dish out 3 mortal wounds in a single turn works. Any beyond that just become normal wounding hits with no rend that the model saves against.
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    I've enjoyed the meme of Aventis Firestrike constantly casting, dispelling and recasting the Everblaze Comet throughout my tournament games with Phoenix Temple
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    Also, don't forget this applies to when they fallback out of combat, or move. So you can run past a unit you are not going to engage, cause mortal wounds to them, and then charge someone else. Likewise, they only need to pass over a single model as it is counted based on how many Hexwraiths and not how many enemy models. I saw someone saying that makes it less good, but it is a sliding scale. If you have only 5 Hexwraiths and you are trying to jump over a horde of 40 enemy models... only rolling 5 dice sucks. But if you are like me and have 15 Hexwraiths, and you are just clipping the edge of a single enemy model in a larger unit as you run past... I get to roll 15 dice looking for 5+ to cause mortal wounds on the run before I even decide where to charge. This allows me to potentially cripple units or heroes before I commit the charge of my Hexwraiths giving more options tactically than if it took place on the charge for instance. Especially with the Pendant, you can really make use of this rule. You can assume 2-3 Mortal Wounds in your calculations, and I have often gotten 5-6 Mortal Wounds. That can literally mean the plain removal of foot heroes in the movement phase, or more often, reducing behemoths down their damage charts before combat ensues. The Spectral Hunters rule working in the Movement phase is what makes it tactically useful. Likewise I think Hexwraiths become -more- efficient the more Hexwraiths you have, and while I am only one anecdote I have not lost a single game in which my massed Hexwraith blob made up the core of my force. This is not to say Hexwraiths are the best unit or even hold a candle to Grimghasts, but I have 20 Hexwraiths from my AoS1.0 Nighthaunt days, plus 18 Spirit Hosts from when I didn't have all the new options. I want to keep getting use out of them, and perhaps I have a bit more experience with these 'old' Nighthaunt units that a lot of the new Nighthaunt recruits who showed up with the new models and new rules.
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    When I read something that says "treated as a single model" I'm inclined to take it seriously as a rule. Like a find and replace or x=5. But as you say, this straight-up makes certain interactions strange. 1) Agree 2) The crew isn't a model, all of them are one model, so if you get within .5" of any of it, that's a successful charge. 3) Yes, same as #2. 4) As written, they are treated as one model, and so you pile in with all three of them at once, and you would measure melee range from whichever one you want: it's one model even though it's three. If just the ballista is in range, you can still attack with the swords, because it's treated as one model. Yes, this is weird because clearly the men have the swords, but 'treated as a single model' means just that. You don't measure archaon's sword from his hand, you measure from his base - same concept. 5) You should move all three at once, and treat the crew position the same way you would treat rotating a model, because it's a single model. 6) If a 'slay a model outright' ability works, they'd all be removed, etc. It's a fine idea for a rule, but clearly it's weird. However I don't think any of this is exploitative in any way.
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    @Dead Scribe I think it also has a lot to do with your own mindset. I would say that narrative gamers also often have a very different mindset compared to " normal gamers". From reading your posts and how you rate the suggestions from the player in your group I would guess that you maybe don't really understand the mindset behind narrative gaming and that maybe the whole concept of playing a game and not focus on winning might seem odd to you. But in the end narrative gaming really is not about winning, but about roleplaying. You win a narrative game by creating an exciting story for both players. I can only recommend you to give the suggestions of the friend in your group a try, because it can be sooo much fun. In the end most narrative gamers often all have tried competitive gaming, but not many competitive gamers have tried narrative gaming. Narrative gaming can also mean that you change the conditions in the middle of the battle if the battle is too one-sided. I often did a twist in some narrative battles if the battle got too one-sided to make the battle even again. Narrative gaming gives you the ability to be creative. I think it is very important to emphasize that hardcore narrative gaming isn't about winning. If you already approach a narrative game by thinking about a way to beat your opponent or how to best defeat your opponent in the fastest way possible, you might be approaching narrative gaming in a wrong way. I would also argue that narrative gaming requires a lot of talking during the match. But instead of talking about rules or argueing about if you are close enough to a model, you argue with your gaming partner what could be fun or what makes sense from a lore perspective. For example: From a competitive standpoint it maybe doesn't make sense to charge all your units directly into the enemies. But maybe if your army is a very angry and wild Orruk tribe, they will do things which might not be viable competitively, but make sense from a narrative standpoint. Another scenario could be a small warband (consisting of 500 points) facing a huge army (2000 points). There is no way the 500 point army can defeat the 2000 point army. But maybe the objective of this small army could be that one unit has to escape to the edge of the battlefield, so that he can call for reinforcements, while the others die gloriously in battle. I would advise you to just try narrative play and be open about it. Your friend seems to have a little bit of an understanding what the gist of narrative gaming is about. Let him set something up and then just let it happen to you. ? But you have to put the competitive mindset aside and open your mind. ?
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    To answer your question, my club meets tonight for gaming and I'm totally going to just put Painty Men on in the background while I play, whether he likes it or not. Subscription By Force! By The Way, Willow is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time, suck it.
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    Hector spectacularly loses that fight in the Illiad.
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    Final detailing still to do on the skin to try and get chemical burns looks going on but he's now progressed onto a larger base to accomodate the longer size of the model and had some detailling filled out on both the base and the model. Also a shot of all (2) of the models painted so far.
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    Yeesh, I just wrote a wall of text laying out the specifics of this before accidentally hitting the function keys and wiping it all..... maybe the gods of AOS wished to spare you my extending number crunching blather! So the short and sweet version is: You almost always want to use Guard with Militia weapons because it gives them a ranged attack along with their melee attack. This will more than double their damage output because even beyond shooting phases, every model in the unit can shoot through themselves again, even when the line is tied up in melee. While the opponent is trying to pile in enough to get more units hitting you can keep tight and model drain for the front after attacks and still unload everyone shooting as well. Additionally, I love 40 units but I don't count on them getting there at full force, but that's no sweat because as you know the Guard get a +1 to hit for the 20 models, +2 for 30, and the blanket +1 to hit for the battalion your Guard will be able to shoot 2's or 3's to hit at 14 inches. 14 inches being that sweet spot of getting to peppered the ****** out of them before they can close, or charge (majority) and even then they trigger the sweet death of great company's 'lend support' fire.  And of course these numbers are before we used any command points, items or spells.. These guys can be brutal shooters with very small effort. While the sword and shield are initially tempting, it's a trap because it halfs your potentially damage output and the save bonuses only apply to melee combat, making it hardly worth the trade.  Your giving away over half your possible Damage output for a small save buff that applies to less than half the save you will need to make over the course of a match. Same goes for the Halberd, your giving away over half your possible inciting chances (hits) for a small increase (16-25%) on the back end after you halfed the chances to get there. If the Halberds had the spear's range it would be a closer call. But now? nope. Shield is sweet, no doubt. But Guard are going to die plan and simple and in droves no matter what once they engage. So with the match-view the best outcome is to put out the most buff, command, and spell buffed damage at twice the rate and 14 inch range before that happens because you will only be getting 33% of a 16% payback from the shield. Not a good exchange. Hope that helps, gotta go!
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    It was more the bill footing If I’m making an army I’m always making two do my partner has something to play. Started playing with some paint on the king:
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