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    sheesh... Mini Campaign comes out (MP) with months of free online stories around Death. The narrative of the core game focuses on death. Two new battletomes come out. One with a fully fleshed out new army. The main setting side game features more death narrative. How much more focus can there be? Do you folks already own every bit of AoS 2 and have it all painted up ready to play? Played through all the battle plans? Read all the tales? Sitting on your hands already waiting for more? Have all the FEC And Deathrattle models painted as well? No wonder GW closed their forums long ago...
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    Thanks mate, that's some high praise! but the idea was to speed paint them ? It is in fact crackle rock candy for the ice In the meantime, mister lord executionner is close to being finished, need to do the ropes and clean the transition between the axe and the ghost effect , really love this mini! Cheers, Anamnesis
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    Went to a tournament last week with wanderers and came in 7th out of 12. Had a great time with the army and was able to table a triple stonehorn with grots list. I think the glade guard bodkins saved my bacon with that match up. Then on another match I had to use all 40 bodkin shots to take out a 2+ reroll1 treelord ancient general. It got the job done but then I got run over by Allarielle and her one shot sniping of my nomad prince with her friggin spear. Glade guard were pretty good at blocking off objectives with just bodies once their bodkins were gone... so for now im still team glade guard.
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    This. Each to their own ofc, but I personally get irked by the fact that stupendous legendary heroes seem to tackle every two bit sheep rustling raid skirmish personally! 1500 points of scrawny freeguild enter a graveyard? Here comes Nagash!! A small band of orcs raid a village? Unleash the local peasantry's battery of cannon and warmachines. Just like the best fantasy novels, there is a skill to making the fantastical feel believable and "lived in".
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    All that beastmen news got me excited and gave me some inspiration to do more work on the Jabberslythe. Still have arms, second wings and a few bits of gs. Will also glue that 60mm base onto a larger base and blend it in. Very happy with him so far, not least because he’s the first flying creature in the army.
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    And the first unit is done! Finally.... Battle for azeroth did slow things a bit but not for long Let me know what you think Cheers Anamnesis
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    Morning all, Like the proverbial Phoenix, it's time for this thread to rise! As previously suggested, I have decided to revisit this army for AoS 2 with some new additions. Unfortunately the new allies rules within the game weigh heavily on this highly limited minor allegiance, so instead of stressing out and trying to find the "best" list, I thought I'd stick to the theme and hopefully keep the aesthetical value high. With the reduction to Phoenix Guard and me not being able to use all the allies I painted for the campaign, I had a LOT of points to fill when writing a 2,000pt army in AoS2....unfortunately, without painting more Phoenix Guard (which I fancied a break from, truth be told!) it turned out to be really hard to actually fill those points. In the end, I realised that I could use Endless Spells to help close the deficit. I instantly knew I wanted to use the Everblaze Comet as 1) it looks awesome, plus thematically is cool and b) it seemed pretty awesome in game! I then had to do a bit of researched into whether this would count as an allied unit, both in terms of numbers and also points. In the end I established it counts for neither. Whilst it has to be cast by Stormcast Eternals wizard, it is not a Stormcast unit or anything like that. You could put it in an Ironjawz army if you wanted...you'd just never be able to cast it haha! This made me feel kinda smug as it almost allows me to break the allies system which has plagued my armies since AoS 2 was revealed! I mulled over taking a Knight Incantor and 5 Evocators to accompany the Comet, only the Incantor would be able to cast it but it would still be a strong choice. As per above though, in the end I opted for aesthetical value and decided upon Aventis Firestrike, Magister of Hammerhal. It's a stunning model, but personally I wasn't keen on the head and decided to convert him to more suitably fit into my army. This was not an easy process and ended up being one of the longest and more in-depth conversions I've ever undertaken. I won't post any work in progress photos here, but if you visit the media section of my Twitter page (@the_black_sun) you can see some of my earlier attempts - I think I ordered just about every feathered head in the AoS range, cut them up and mocked them up with the Tauralon body. Some were cool, some were plain awful, but none were right...though I was close at one time (after cutting off the arms) to making the Tauralon much more avian (basically a chocobo). After putting the model to one side, not content with my work so far, I began assembling the Stormcast section of my Soul Wars box. It was at that point I realised that the Gryph Charger was basically the same size and pose as the Tauralon, sans wings or tail. So without much further thought I butchered the poor Gryph Charger for his head and arms. I instantly knew this was the correct choice....however the parts were not a perfect fit, so greenstuffing was required. I consider myself a good hobbyist, but really struggle with greenstuff and am constantly amazed at what some people can do with it. Anyway, I won't get into further detail, suffice to say I finally finished the model and undercoated it....only to find that my greenstuffing was as bad as I feared. I had to scrape a few bits off and start over. Again, this is all documented on Twitter. In the end I was able to basically extend the breastplate armour to form more of a collar which covered the neck join. I was able to get this nice and smooth and it basically fixed the thing. Phew...sorry, rambled on a bit more there. To be honest though, I don't really need to comment on the painting side of things at all. As with Lotann and the other non Phoenix Temple models I have painted in this scheme, everything is all pretty much predetermined as I have set rules in place for what colours go where in this army now. I was able to successfully (I think) port the Phoenix scheme onto the Tauralon and with the addition of the pattern on the forelimbs I think he came out pretty sweet. I may extend this patterning in the future, but kinda like the subtlety of it at present. Also, one of the coolest parts of the Tauralon kit is probably the basing stuff...unfortunately due to pre-established rules of this army, that wasn't going to fit so I went with my usual LotR ruins. Thankfully @Bueno was after the basing, so I was able to recuperate some of the models cost as well as ensuring we get to see those cool pieces used by someone else. Finally, I added the Everblaze Comet. Whilst seemingly at odds with the rest of my army (fire over snow), I think I have managed to introduce the odd flame here and there as almost a kind of spot "colour", so I think it works well. I added some of the basing pavement stuff to the base so it kept in fitting with the rest of the army and used the same colours for the flames. I was really happy with how this turned out actually and it was a lot of fun to paint. Got me pumped for more Endless Spells. I took the army to army to the Element Games Grand Slam this weekend and had a great time. Got 4 major wins in my first 4 games but fell short at the final hurdle so ended up in 6th place (52 players). I won Best Order player and also got 2nd Best Army, losing out (narrowly I believe) to @Percivael's stunning Nurgle army (which got my vote). Not bad all in all. But yeah, you don't care about any of that, you came here for the pics! Hopefully they are worth scrolling through all the above for!! With the conversion and change in paintjob, I felt my version of Aventis needed a slight rename, so here is Aventis Frost-strike, Grand Astrologian of Coerthas and Aide to Prince Xarca; Cheers for looking, Chris x
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    Hey everyone, I have only started playing AoS and 40k a few months ago, I have never had the chance to do so where I'm from cause there is no community, and was only able to pick up some stuff during a visit I had in Berlin a few months ago. Since then I've been fascinated by the game and got my wife hooked in, and now have a great playing buddy. However during my last visit to my home country, I tried to get my friends playing with me as a I have a few armies, and found it real tough to have everyone download the app and get the rules for the unit, and witnessed that it was easier for people to handle the new warscrolls like the ones that come with Storm Strike and Soul Wars, rather than the app and the book. I came upon the forum and found the posts by "RuneBrush" which I found very useful and went on a spree to create my own cards so that I can print them. But then I felt that I needed to do them in the same format like the printed ones from games workshop, so after a bit of tinkering I had this: But I felt that the chaos ones specifically needed to be themed accordingly, so I after a few days of tinkering here's what I got out: So given that I've been a silent reader for a while on this forum, and got so many great ideas "shout out to RuneBrush", and seeing that I haven't been active in any warhammer community at all since I started the hobby. I thought I'd share with you the templates in case anyone could get some use out of them, I have them all in PSD format, and they are not as easy to use as RuneBrush's great webapp, but it's the best I could do with my limited tools and poor photoshop skills, the chaos templates are a bit more refined, but the traditional ones might have some issues as I had to depend on some different sources and didn't give it that much attention after I was happy with my chaos design. I read around a bit and I believe I would be breaching copyrights if I shared actual warscrolls, and that it won't be a breach of any copyrights if I share only the templates and not the actual warscroll cards that I made, if I got this wrong and I'm in breach of any copy rights please let me know immediately so that I can take those off. Warscroll Templates.rar
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    The General of my Freeguild force. He rides his Great Urserine, Kariina. Rider is from Warlord Games Polish Winged Hussars, the Urserine is a converted Stonehorn with a resculpted face and the Urserine's armour are shields from the Fireforge Steppe Warriors box.

    © mcfishstick

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    As long as there was no new Blood Knights sculpt it wasn‘t the year of death ?
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    I think Order is a separate case, and it's not always helpful to look at releases from a Grand Alliance perspective. For example, Stormcast have had 4 releases, whereas Dispossessed have had 0, but they are both Order. Dispossessed players won't be satisfied by the Stormcast releases regardless of Grand Alliance, so it'd be unfair to complain about a Dispossessed release because of the number of Stormcast releases. This is especially the case for Order. I think it's best to look at things from a faction perspective. If a faction hasn't had a release for ages, then it would be nice to see something for it regardless of the releases in its Grand Alliance.
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    I'm not sad at all. Even if GW would not release anything at all for the remainder of the year, this has been an amazing year for AoS. Don't act too spoiled, now.
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    Biggest events are behind us. No big announcement for AoS White dwarf is focusing on lord of the ring and space wolves Sad for us AoS
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    Ah, not quite. S/he's being held in the Gloaming, somewhere between Ulgu and Hysh. Nice loophole, innit? Also, found the quote in the Core rules (p. 154):
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    or fishmen?! or Squads?! Chaosdwarfs?
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    @scrubyandwells I didn't realize you had a podcast as well. I'll add it to my AoS listening along with Garagehammer. Cheers!
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    Narrative gaming can not be defined by anything as simple as 'well, its X without the Y, but with more Z'. There are countless ways to play narrative AoS. Just a few examples would be: Playing with Highly competitive lists & rules but with games and match ups set around a story/theme Chucking everything on the table and having a royal rumble Simply giving your heroes and units names and recording their victories, even as far as to model trophies ignoring standard army composition to build a themed forced Creating a whole new race/force never before seen Playing fast and loose with the rules to tell a cinematic story, rather than be bogged down with rulebooks and dice rolls There are as many ways to play narrative as there are players. The way you play your narrative game may never be played that way by anyone again. You can go deep in to RPG style rules and have dice rolls and stats for every single little action or you can go so fast and loose with the rules that you decide what you would like to do and simple roll to see if it succeeds, making your stats up on the spot. I use the rule structure of the core rules but when I play I'm happy to drop rules and stats at a moments notice to keep the flow of the story going. I've no interest in pitting two equally matched forces against each other. When has there ever two equally matched forces in any war film- there always has to be an underdog! 99% of my game is all played out before the minis even hit the table, while at my painting desk. My current narrative campaign is the tale of the Mek Grots rise to power on the Winter Islands, three barren islands that are physically cut off from the 'main' realms, set against the back drop of the Empire Secundus- the insane plan of a Freeguild Count and inventor, who spent too many years collecting many dusty old tomes and relics from the old world and is now trying to recreate the lands and borders of the old empire states. His technological advancements lead to a creation of a Cog formation that can take a small mechanical cog device and use it to power a much, much larger copy of itself. This has lead from having cogforts, to gargantuan Cogstate cities that 'walk' the paths of trade routes of stationary state structures. Unknown to them, the skaven have spent many years stealing and recycling these cog formations that have been thrown out (they wear down quickly but are cheap and easy to replace) and have been creating their own megastructures, directly below these new states, ready to try their hand at conquest again. A side story of a small host of stormcast that have had to hire the services the Dark Kharadron and their warships to clear out a cult of death, which have situated themselves on an otherwise unreachable mountain range. The Dark Kharadron, with no real love for humans, are happy to be hired as the stormcast pay well and gives them the chance to test out their new mountain defence line against the local dragon population- many of which have ties to stormcast allies (Having the stormcast along side them means there will be no repercussion from the killing of these dragons, as the stormcast would be killed alongside them when the dragons attack) The wiping out of the deathcult will also give the overlords more human skulls for their collection, which also pleases them! Most of these story lines wouldn't be possible with matched play rules or points. Many of the larger battles will be so abstract that even the rules as they are will be of no good. I'm most looking forward too seeing all our dragons (finally!) painted and lined up ready to try out the aerial fight rules. I will probably even make some custom mountain terrain just for that game alone. To me, narrative gaming gives a whole lot more to the hobby than just painting up one force and fighting another equally balanced fighting force.
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    After my last game I remain firmly in team SoTW :) However regarding the Glade Guard vs. Sisters of the Watch: What Type of Models do you find more fun to assemble?
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    I personally don't like the Start Collecting boxes, neither of the two. The thunderstrike brotherhood includes 3 Paladins, but you play them in multiples of 5... In addition, the Liberators and the Paladins are okay, but Sequitors and Evocators have more or less taken over. Maybe you can split the Soul Wars box with someone or you can sell the parts of the box you don't like. This appears to me to be the better option.
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    Just about to start listening to the new episode while I paint! As far as "amped as **** " music goes for when you move your models, Sabaton is a solid pick: And let's edit in a bit of Arkona: It really is easier to get forgiveness than permission!
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    Re: competitive potential, Gnarlroot seems clearer than Dreadwood at the moment. Certain Gnarlroot builds appear to provide more tools. At the same time, I think a # of armies have builds that are closer to the 5-0 orbit than Sylvaneth, with Sylvaneth moving from solid 3-2 orbit to now solid 4-1 orbit, with greater potential for 5-0, but it's still going to be a tough row at mid-to-large-sized tournaments. Here's one route that's been in mind for a while, with a lot of potential for variation: Treelord Ancient Warsinger Ethereal Amulet Regrowth Drycha Hamadreth Flitterfuries Regrowth Branchwraith Ranu's Lamentiri Verdant Blessing Branchwych Acorn of the Ages Throne of Vines Spellweaver 10 Dryads 5 Tree-Revenants 5 Spite-Revenants 6 Kurnoth Scythes 3 Kurnoth Swords Gnarlroot/Household Chronomantic Cogs Quicksilver Swords Some variation options: Ancient: Gnarled Warrior + Ghyrstrike or Ignax's Scales instead of Warsinger + Ethereal Amulet Drycha: Squirmlings instead of Flitterfuries Branchwraith: Ranu's + Throne of Vines instead of Ranu's + Verdant Blessing Branchwych: Acorn + Verdant Blessing instead of Acorn + Throne of Vines Spellweaver: Swap in 10 more Dryads or Knight-Azyros for RR 1's to hit vs enemy units <> 10" of Azyros (to help Kurnoth, Ancient, Drycha) Kurnoth Scythes: Split into MSU Quicksilver Swords: Swap Soulsnare Shackles Multiple: Swap Spellweaver, 10 Dryads, and Quicksilver Swords for 5 Spite-Revenants and 20 Eternal Guard Multiple: Swap Spellweaver, 10 Dryads, and Quicksilver Swords for 5 Spite-Revenants and Loremaster Other options: Ishlaen Guard, Morrsarr Guard, Knight-Incantor + Everblaze Comet, Doomfire Warlocks I'll send thoughts soon re: why above looks like a solid competitive option for Sylvaneth, although it still seems closer to 4-1 orbit than 5-0.
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    Still haven't played Dreadwood but here's some theoryhammer thoughts. It seems like a build that needs a lot of actual practice to inform list choices. At the top, I think three common builds will have either 1) Alarielle and Durthu, 2) Alarielle and Drycha, or 3) Durthu and Drycha. In #2 and #3, you can also add Celestant Prime as a potential high-value betastrike/counterstrike. He seems less interesting as a round 1 alpha, though, since he'll only have 3 attacks. More on him later. It's tough to know which of those three starting points to choose. They have pluses and minuses. For Alarielle and Durthu: Two anti-horde pieces (on paper). Alarielle's three spells, which adds utility when Realm Spells are in effect. Alarielle's summoning, which adds utility ("Do I most need 20 Dryads, 3 Kurnoth X, or a Treelord in this matchup?"). Durthu with an artefact, raising his value (Ethereal Amulet, Ignax's Scales, Doppelganger Cloak, or Ghyrstrike are my top 4 for him). If Ghyrstrike, it would benefit from 1) having Cogs and a reliable way to cast it (i.e. not "relying" on a 7+), and 2) a reliable way to generate x2 Wyldwoods on round 1 in addition to the pre-deploy Wyldwood, so that you establish excellent coverage early for Durthu, Kurnoth, and other combat threats to Navigate Realmroot teleport + then have favorable odds for your teleport charges with Cogs + maybe Warsinger + CP RR. The ability to pull-off teleport charges reliably is part of what makes, e.g., certain Stormcast, Idoneth, and Nighthaunt builds strong right now. Sylvaneth have the same capacity. As mentioned in a prior post, at Siegeworld I was trying out Ethereal Amulet + Mystic Shield + Solemn Guardian on Durthu with Drycha within 6" to benefit from Solemn Guardian. It could've made a difference in a couple games at Siegeworld but I kept forgetting about the rule, having ran a Gnarlroot list for 2 years where it almost never came up. The set up, however, could have merit in Dreadwood with Alarielle and Durthu within 6" of each other for Solemn Guardian, where on a 4+ wounds on her would be re-allocated to Durthu with a 3+ ignore rend save + potentially RR 1's from Mystic Shield, especially since Alarielle has 6 more wounds than Drycha and 2D3 healing + 1D3 for other Sylvaneth units. At the same time, the combo could suffer from a common challenge with Alarielle and Durthu: ~50% of your army will be in one small area on the board. Ignax's Scales (4+ ignore vs mortal wounds) is also tempting on Durthu since he's often the target of enemy mortal wounds. Unfortunately, Solemn Guardian doesn't appear to work with mortal wounds (the rule only says "wounds," not "wounds or mortal wounds"). When thinking about the set of armies you may face at a tournament, Ethereal Amulet vs Ignax's Scales looks like six of one, half a dozen of the other, although the command trait Gnarled Warrior (ignore -1 rend) could be taken on Durthu as your general, which may swing the case in favor of Ignax's Scales, or toward another artefact like Ghyrstrike. Doppelganger Cloak is reasonably compelling, especially as part of a reliable teleport-strike with Cogs (+ potentially Warsinger) and another heavy hitter like Alarielle, Celestant Prime, or 6 Scythes, ensuring (in most instances) two hammer-unit activations before your opponent can strike either of them. At the same time, you're not only relying on Durthu to not whiff his 3+/3+ (assuming he isn't debuffed, which he may be since debuffs are somewhat common now), you're also relying on his base 3+ save + maybe you've skipped Warsinger to give him Gnarled Warrior, along with healing him via Alarielle and Regrowth. On paper, I like the potential of Doppelganger, since it puts more pressure on your opponent to kill Durthu, given the significance of always being able to ensure he can attack in combat before anyone attacks him, which gives you (in principle) an ongoing advantage in the activation game, which may increase your advantage in damage-delivered vs damage-received. Alarielle's command ability can help him as well (once per game, of course), along with Damned scenery or a Knight-Azyros (if you can find 100 points for him), to increase Durthu's to-hit and to-wound reliability. Big topic. More soon.
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    I would bet on a Nurgle box containing some Beasts. I'm guessing they are sitting on a ton of stock for those. They were a massive disappointment in looks and design, and were far too expensive. I had planned on getting 14 when I heard they were coming. Then I saw the models. Then I saw the price. I bought zero. So, if they bundle a few into a box with some other, more attractive, kits and put a deal price on it, I'll end up owning a few.
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    99% done on the mega boss part of my MBMK, so here's another crappy photo. Once I have the maw Krusha done and I actually feel like I've made some progress I'll sit down and try and take some proper photos
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    Lore wise, Dhorgar is the same horse Archaon always had. The Chaos Gods were getting worried about Archaon becoming too powerful so they each sent a champion after him. Archaon defeated the champions and Dhorgar ate them, sprouting a head for each. Slaneesh is busy, so did not send a champion against Archaon
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    Hobby shop- Hey when are you going to try Shadespire Me- Ha! Like when squigs fly?! touche. Point GW
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    So I've for my first 2k test of my Gnarlroot tonight, I'll be playing a buddy who plays Stormcast and is a fan of the fella who +3 to charge (Gabriel? Garvel?) sureheart as well as Evocatord and Sequitors so it should be a really good test. After a lot of juggling relics and artefacts and good advice from you guys this is what I've ended on. Allegiance - Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient - 300 Artefact - Ethereal Amulet Trait - Warsinger Deepword Lore - Regrowth Drycha Hamadreth - 280 Deepword Lore - Regrowth Branchwych - 80 Artefact - Acorn of the Ages Deepword Lore - Throne of Vines Branchwraith - 80 Artefact - Ranu's Lamentiri Deepword Lore - Verdant Blessing Dryads (30) - 270 Tree Revenants (5) - 80 Tree Revenants (5) - 80 Kurnoth Hunters (Scythes, 6) - 400 Kurnoth Hunters (Bows, 3) - 200 Household - 100 Gnarlroot Wargrove - 130. The list comes out at 2k on the head and there is definately things I think that may change on the lead up the christmas BOBO. I think a gryph feather charm on the TLA for a potential - 2 to hit AND ability to fly could be worth a shout. I could see having the 3 hunters with swords instead of bows potential as well. All in all I'm happy with the core of what I have. I have 3 games coming up this week, Stormcast this evening, Nagash tomorrow and Tzeentch on Friday. I'll keep you all updated
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    It was done the Warmachine was built. The great tarnished brass cannon jutted over its prow. A weapon which could vomit forth the pure energy of the Orruks to smash their foes. A pained whisper breathed out, “Please let me, die” “Hur, Hur no chance Artur” chuckled Olrog, “you get in my business you get the fangs Oomie, ‘sides turns out you’re mite more use to me alive than ded” The captured mage fell silent. Crucified to the machine he slumped into a defeated unconsciousness. Somehow he was a conductor of Waaagh energy. His body was like some lightning rod for the energy, drawing it into himself allowing it to be concentrated and used by one with the skill. It wasn’t complete though. Even with the vast energies provided by the WAAAGH and a pair of boys on the pump it couldn’t fly and fire the cannon. This simply wouldn’t do having the machine crash into the ground every time of fired would he both unsatisfactory and ultimately fatal. Gathering his command cadre Olrog put them to the task of solving this dilemma. “Why not just ram stuff?” provided the ever direct Bolg. This statement of direct brutality from the Megaboss earned nods and grunts of agreement from the assembled bosses. “Cos it’s really hard ramming flying stuff” said Olrog’ “‘sides you saw what those big shooty rats did to the lads, the Wagon would get well smacked up by that sort of fing before it even got close” “Aefermey” muttered the Shaman Gaztrukk. “Wot!” Snorted Olrog “Aefermey Boss. The Chief Ded Un Nagash has let off a big Wierd bomb there’s majik and stuff just lying around all over the place.” “Hold on!” Interrupted Blog “Int Nagash the Ded Un wot owes you money Boss?” “Yer you’re right Bolg but that’s gotta wait, Gaztrukk tell me more about these pools of majik.” “Well Boss it’s like I sed, there’s pools of if and if you mix it wi more majik stuff it’s ded powerful. There’s a bit of problem though” “Wot sort of problem” snarled the Warboss. “Weeelllllll’ Gaztrukk said as he pulled an item out from under his robes. “Wots that, some sort of lazy Squig?” “Nar it’s Quizbob, one of my trainees, or rather it woz eez a tater now” “A tater?” “Yeah it’s an edible root tuber, Oomies love em” “I know what a Tater is Gaztrukk, why is Quizbob wun?” “It’s the Aefermey Boss, that’s wot I’m sayin, it’s dangerous. Get it right an it’s well powerful, get wrong then poof, tater” “How’s that gonna help then if the Wagon crew keeps getting turned into taters?” “Well Boss I’ve gotta plan see, if you let me ave one of the Troggoths, one of the less stoopid ones. I’ll show im ow to chuck majik stuff together and rite down wot he uses an if it goes wrong he’ll grow back” “Nice” grinned Olrog “is there somewhere where there’s more of this Aefermey stuff?” “Yes Boss I know where there’s loads” “Well done Gaztrukk, we’ll get the boys over there and get some, an where there’s majik there’s gonna be Panzeez likely we can ave a bit of fun while we’re at it. You can ave Mag Wort he’s ded clever for a Troggoth he doesn’t eat rocks or nothin”
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    Small update since I've finally found how to paint the flames on my scheme! What do you think? Cheers Anamnesis
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    Well also if they were daemons...they would also get DR! That would really help them and their "please shoot me" sign!
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    Well, they just announced Beast of Chaos. Battletome is not even out yet ... What do you expect from GW? "Hey guys, don't buy BoC cause right after them there will be another new battletome! Save your money for that one!" It would have been a lil' bit weird, to be fair.
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    Hi, wanted to make a 1000 points list too, out of two start collecting: QG: Slaneesh Chaos Lord Battleline: 20 daemonettes 10 Chaos Warriors with mark of Slaneesh Others: 10 Seekers of Slaneesh Exalted Seeker Chariots x2 C&C welcome.
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    The beast really came together! The paint job looks excellent.
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    Technically the necroquake was the result of Skaven messing around Nagaash's pyramid. Though if his plan did went off without a hitch he probably would have made a big impact on the realm anyway
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    If you're looking for Age of Sigmar, Shadespire, 40K, Bloodbowl, Necromunda, the Hobbit, Malifaux or other games in London, then charge like a Bestigor down to the South London Legion any Wednesday afternoon. You can now find us here: Lansdowne Hotel  Carolyn House Lansdowne Road   Croydon, CR0 2AD @sthlondonlegion https://m.facebook.com/sthlondonlegion/ The new venue is between East Croydon and West Croydon Stations. It’s only 5 minutes from our previous home. It has a bar...? This week! #Goatmeta Aftermath of @Chris Tomlin ‘s #Blackout Excitement over Nightvault! A lot of excitement over AoS 2, Endless Spells, Realms. 40K Sector Campaign going strong Kill Team and scenery building Necromunda There will be the usual mixture of 2,000 point games going on. If you have a smaller force, then someone should be happy to give you an introductory or demo game as well. Last week: 7 of us went to #Blackout a few weeks ago - a 100 player AoS event! Simon Fro came 2nd with his Daughters of Khaine which was a great result. @Age of The Erstwood also did well. The Realm Rules (with some astute filtering) worked pretty well. We’ve sent some suggestion for tweaks and FAQs! For my part - I came a pitiful 89th with Fyreslayers and an Incantor. They feel wholly outclassed due to a combo of points increases, unhelpful rules changes (not shooting out of combat) and direct nerfs. John B came first at another Malifaux event at Dark Sphere with Leo coming 4th! Loads of players down last week across various systems! Legionary Ben Savva added another 4th place spot (third in a row) at BOBO with his Daughters (also shortlisted for best army). Simon and Marc had some good results too! The feedback from the event has been very positive! Taking the power stance to a new level Angus’s Brayherd vs Max’s Nurgle On the hobby front, people are building up new armies esp. Nighthaunt/SCE. I’m painting Pusgoyles, but also assembled my Stormcast and Idoneth armies. 40K Our sector based campaign is going strong. People have written compelling narratives for their forces and customised their forces. 6-8 forces are taking part, with a mixture of full sized, Skirmish and Kill Team games. I finally brought out the Termite against Alex’s Drukhari - failing Death Hex was pivotal. Got munched. People are meeting up Friday @Leonardas for even more games! Bloodbowl Rob Bradley managed a commanding victory over Matt’s Chaos Dwarves to take the trophy! Slipshod, the Rat Ogre, wondered why he was being taken to a tour of a smelter. The Skitz Skatz with their trophy. Sponsorship deals are flying in. Bloodbowl is such an amazing game! New players are very welcome! Shadespire Nightvault and magic coming soon! I played James's SCE last time with Fyreslayers. Good fun! The only way is up for me with my 18 games 14 Losses record. I’m loving the Fyreslayers compared to the Blood Reavers - much more my style. Excited about the new releases coming! Should be a perfect second game to fit around a main game in an evening. Or you can just play 4 games back to back . Malifaux Another fun game: Necromunda Simon Fro is leading the charge and starting a campaign soon. John’s Escher took on Matt’s Orlocks for a second time. Will be going strong this year and the level of support from GW (e.g. Squat Mercenary and Genestealer Cults in White Dwarf). I’m going Van Saar for variety. @Thanatos Ares @Leonardas @Bowlzee @Marc Wilson Give me a shout on the forum or post below and I can add you to our AoS WhatsApp chatroom (we broke 100,000 messages recently and counting - I swear fully half of it is John talking about Khorgoraths). The Hobbit Simon Fro attended ArdaCon for a tournament! New armies are coalescing. We’ve just started a Battle Companies Campaign! GW support is awesome here with the new box set and ruleset! 
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    Thanks for being a good sport about my gentle chiding over a Top 10 pet peeve. ?
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    Truth. Even on a vortex he's squishy as ****. With the ability for first turn charges from multiple units, he shouldn't be around long enough to be a real factor. Killed daemonettes can be replaced via summoning.
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    Hm. That sounds like some serious bad dice. I'd expect a lot of spell denial from magic heavy armies, i.e. Tzeentch, Seraphon, Aelves, etc, but IJ shouldn't have been able to stop all of your spells so.....? Maybe try dropping three of the drones- six are hard to get in on a single target anyway- and take a sorcerer. Maybe give him Muttergrub? Or if you really want to keep your artifact, take a bale wind for him so as to get the extra spell and +6" range. That would help a bit.
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    Hey now, I doubt slaanesh followers would pass up a big bunch of shrooms either.
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    As a skaven army player, I can confirm that retreating and capturing is valid in scenarios where the objective is open. Obviously you cannot retreat into 3" from the opponents guys.
  45. 1 point
    Yup! Used an online map creation tool called Inkarnate
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    Do people reckon this box will be Blightwar size? Any guesses at how many new models will be in the set (I'm guessing about 1-2 each)?
  47. 1 point
    They got the cover of Ravening Hordes tho
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    This army looks absolutely stunning! I love the colour scheme! How did you make the gold have such a pale colour? When I paint gold it always seems to turn out too reddish for my liking... And btw are those ruins you used for the phoenixes the LOTRs Osgiliath Ruins scenery? They look gorgeous. I think the pale colours really works out well!
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    As the Kastellan drew closer his witch sight began to make out the arcane warding that pervaded the place, and had sealed the ancient tomb shut. There was the symbol of rest. There the glyph of containment. Nine runes of binding glowed faintly around the dais that the tomb rested upon. Senechal Konstantine reached out to the traces of magic, seeking to discover their creator. The weaving of magic was subtle, but had an unmistakable flair. Their author was not a humble spell weaver, no there was power there. There was confidence, pride. The vampire drew his conscious back with a start. Neferata, Queen of Lies and Mortarch of Blood. Whatever lay at rest in this box, the Tyrant of Nulahmia herself had sealed away. The Kastellan proceeded up the onyx steps of the dais with caution, his muscles taunt in expectation. Finally he stood over the Iron-Bound coffin. What could have been so terrible that Neferata herself had seen fit to seal it away? Why would Arkhan want it released? Konstitine shook his head, it did not matter. Arkhan had commanded Konstintine would obey. The Kastellan gathered himself, and set to work unbinding the myriad spells. The vampire's brow furrowed, he felt his mind strain to the breaking point at the extreme difficulty in unweaving such a masterful tapestry of magic. Finally he could take no more, Konstintine stumbled and caught himself on the edge of the tomb. A chill jolted up his arm, Konstintine tried to recoil and found himself stuck in place. The air in the crypt began to move, slowly at first but soon whipped into a fierce gale. The howling wind sounded like the screams of damned souls. The seals Konstintine had been working so hard to dispel flared in strain and the tomb beneath him began to shudder. The Vampire pulled back with all of his unnatural might in a desperate attempt to free himself from whatever trap he had fallen into but he could not. Pain erupted up his arm as a shock of black lightning ripped up his trapped limb, burning the flesh away. Beneath Konstintine the tomb exploded in a blast of magical energy, flinging the wounded vampire across across the barrow. The Kastellan crashed against the rough stone wall with a groan, weakly raising his head to gaze upon the terror he had unleashed. Gazing down back at him, framed in the unnatural glow of wraith fire was a towing wight clad in tarnished baroque maroon and gold plate armor emblazoned with the symbols of death. Upon the wight's skull sat a massive horned helm with a bristling red plume. I am Krell. Lord of Undeath and Mortarch of Despair. The skull of this Krell did not move yet his commanding voice echoed throughout the barrow mound, originating from nowhere and seemingly sounding from every corner of existence. Konstintine scrambled to his feet, and simply stood, mouth agape at the thing in front of him. Krell. He had never heard of any Krell. Then again, he had never paid much attention at all to the hundreds of thousands of deathrattle empires that the wight kings rule over. And yet this Krell had named himself a Mortarch, no mere petty potentate, an equal to Konstintine's master, and to his jailer Queen Neferata herself. Such a thing seemed impossible. That this Krell could be amongst the vaunted Deathlords and for a right hand of Arkhan the most foremost of their number to know nothing of him... It made no sense. Finally sense returned to the bewildered vampire. Konstintine was wounded, exhausted and in no shape to duel with this Krell who may or may have been a mortarch, but whose aura of immense power was palpable in the air. With this in mind, the vampire knelt in the dirt before the massive skeleton. “Hail Krell,” he addressed the wight “Allow me to introduce myself, your lordship. I am Konstintine of House Tervyrn, Kastellan of the Knightly Order of the Blood Wolf. I am here on the orders of his holiness Arkhan, the Mortarch of the Sacrament.” I care little for you name. What is your purpose in releasing me? Speak. “I am afraid I do not know, your lordship. I know only that my master asked me to.” Take me to him, leech. “Pardon me?” Konstintine responded in surprise. Temporarily losing his veneer of polite obedience he stood definitely and sneered “One does not simply demand an audience with my master, wight.” The Kastellan realized his mistake immediately. The wind in the chamber began to howl again, wraith light blazed in Krell's eyes, black lightning cracked through the air blasting holes into the stone. The wight lifted a massive black bladed ax in one hand and began to walk towards Konstintine at a deathly slow pace. I am Krell the Lord of Undeath, and Mortarch of despair. I will be obeyed. Take me to Arkhan or I will destroy you and seek him out myself. “My apologies, your lordship. Please allow me to redeem myself.” Konstintine fell back to his knees “I can lead you to my master, your lordship. Please.” Krell's pace never faltered, the heavy clank of his antique plate heralded each deliberate step. “Your lordship, I swear to you, I will take you to Arkhan directly. Only I know of his location with any certainty, I beseech you, listen to me.” Krell continued his march all the way past the trembling Vampire and into the tunnel leading into the starless night. Come, miserable leech, lead me to Arkhan the Black. Konstintine sucked his teeth. Hate burned through every fiber of his being. Krell was too strong for him to duel outright, but perhaps he could lead the wight into ruin. Thus he is most the master when playing the slave. Yes. This is what he was doing. And it was a brave thing, surely, to plot and attempt the betrayal of such a mighty being. Yes. He was brave, and he was in control of the situation.
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    I have to say I'm having much more fun than i thought painting this nighthaunt, 10 chainrasp have theres bases drying and I've started on something else hehehe ? Really like the effect Cheers Anamnesis
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