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    My color scheme for Deepkins What do you think?
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    Its undeniably Chaos, but what faction/Universe? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/08/28/the-rumour-engine-24th-aug-2018/ NOVA is almost upon us, and with it, a very exciting Studio Preview seminar – until then, here’s another image from the Rumour Engine…
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    Boom. Done, but for my stretch goal. They aren't perfect, but they'll do. Pictures are a kinda dark ?
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    Endless Reinforcements* = an effing cool allegiance ability = more players = is a happy fanbase & more money for GW. Yes GW is a business is and has a focus on making money, that's obvious and perfectly fine. But let's not forget that the rules designers, the creatives are all fans of their own product so they want as cool as possible armies. Which in turn makes us players/hobbyist happy and makes the company money. It's all good. ( *maybe only happens when a unit is wiped, as some scenarios are. No extra models needed )
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    Just to clarify on the mechanics - it's covered under rerolls on Pg 1 of the core rules. You *always* apply rerolls before checking a dice roll for ability purposes.
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    Yes, you can still deploy as single drop, even if setting up in different places.
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    We decided to play the variant of the ritual battleplan that was played out a couple of times in White Dwarf this year, where the Aelves are stealing souls from one of Nagash’s Soul Siphon’s. Unfortunately I don’t have a game board like the one they used at Warhammer World so instead I used the ‘chained stones’ objective thing from the recent objectives set and placed it on top of a hill. The IDK started and the Leviadon headed for the centre of the board with the Soulscryer and 2 Tidecasters using him as cover. With the potential threat of units that had been set up in reserve popping up behind the Aelven battle lines, Volturnous and a unit of 6 Morsarr stayed behind. On the right flank a unit of 30 thralls and an Allopex advanced towards the opposing black coach. Nighhaunt began their turn by casting the Purple Sun and Quicksilver Swords and they headed down the centre of the battlefield. Lady Olynder and the chainrasp entered the fray and the ghostly horde descended upon the Idoneth. The ethereals decided to go first in battle round 2 and had to endure the Purple Sun crashing in to the Chainrasp horde who were locked in combat with some Namarti Reavers after a very lucky charge roll. This didn’t prevent the Aelves being wiped out in the preceding combat though. Olynder, Reiknor and the Black Coach went out wide to the left and after magic and yet another high charge roll easily wiped out the Shark. In their turn the Aelves responded with charges of their own despite it being so close to high tide. The Morsarr demolished the chainrasp whilst on the other flank the Thralls formed a meat shield for the soulscryer who was about to start his ritual. Magic had seen the unbinding of the dreaded Purple Sun as well as the death of the final Glaivewraith who had dared to charge the Leviadon. This left the giant turtle open to charge in to a tomb banshee and form another barrier to allow the ritual to take place. The Aelves won initiative in round 3 and opted to go first, everywhere the quicksilver swords went the emerald lifeswarm followed ensuring the Soulscryers’ safety. The ritual began and immediately 7 souls were stolen. The ensuing combat saw the Idoneth go first and again do a lot of damage as several units were wiped out. Another 7 souls were stolen at the beginning of the Nighthaunt’s turn and things were looking bleak for them as they had been decimated. However there was still hope on the left flank where Olynder, the Grimhailer and a black coach were still lurking – plus a gap had opened up where the Thralls had been gradually whittled away. It was now or never as the Black Coach hurtled towards the exposed Scryer. Yet again a 10 was rolled and this meant he could fight in the charge phase where a double 6 saw him defeat the Aelven priest and win the game.
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    Super peinture et j'aime aussi beaucoup tes socles (les "algues" rouges, ça claque) Ça devient très français ici ?
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    I'm on a roll now, so this month will be - Finish 4 blood warriors that i started Juggerlord Repaint 10 blood letters 1 Baleful realmgate And most importantly, avoiding getting off track! Stretch goal will be as much progress as i can on 5 Chaos Knights
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    Well those operate differently. With the newly named Unpredictable Destruction and an MSU style play you would probably lean too heavily on the one doombull and that's not the true horde style. It isn't uncommon to have Doombulls hitting and wounding on 2s already. How did you get a Chaos Sorcerer lord in a Warherd or Brayherd army? Sounds like generic chaos? In the Path to Glory supplement they were all under BoC and while not good I played them a bit (excuse to finish painting the Shaggoth). I have to admit, seeing BoC gives me hope for Wanderers, etc. GW figuring out if they write a book, players with armies will buy their stuff. Imagine that. I think chaos trolls are definitively gone. You are probably write for Flock of Doom and Call of the Wild. Granted,.. you could do it now? He would fit in AoS really well IMO. Not strictly the moonslieb lore but just that style of character and some Mortal Wound comet damage would be good. He would be awesome. There is a Pestigor in the Bloodbowl team and in 40k in the Death Guard codex there are fluff comments about them. A LOT of people did. GW has missed the boat on them for years They also became Monsters of Chaos and lost a keyword in the procress on top of what Frozenbeast said. Granted I own 15 and Ghorros and miss that army. Me too. Wanderers have 3 Heroes that change what can be BL and honestly,.. it just makes sense. You could in 6th.
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    Quick update ... work on the bling beetle has commenced. I’m surprised that the ‘hot mess’ is starting to come together okay. It’s at about 60% for the first cut (noting that I am just trying to ey a solid tabletop look and then add the quality after the tournament). i think I now have the paint scheme right on the rank and file. It looks a bit bland in the photo, but there are 4 blends - but hard to pick it up. I just like the black and dark lol my Dread Maw arrived roll today and I think it will work really well for the celestant prime
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    Gryph feather Charm doesn´t give Flying, "just" -1 to hit and +1 movement. But it´s still one of the "prime" defensive items for us (in my view).
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    Nowt wrong with blu tack! Used it to hold some of the leg panels on my knight on and picked up a demon with it At one point somebody at GW did say that was a wealth of further KO designs out there.
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    Further: Had a look into the Orb Infernia, so many options here - they could be from the Tzeentch Maze Continent (crystal bases) but still carry the Characteristics of Aqshy (red skin fiery temperament) and see themselves as a crusading army driving off the Lizard Emperor and the forces of Chaos. Love it. Thanks again
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    Beautiful my friend. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I have my FEC boxes sitting waiting for how I am going to theme them! Wish I had half the imagination that you did I'll phot up when I have my first Aqshy Ghoul created!
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    The blightkings and lord of plaques. The lord I painted long ago he doesn't look to great. Need to make the rest off the grp still
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    My third conversion a barbarian I always loved Conan and the Barbarian from heroquest and the original whq.
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    I did some math, one month ago and the difference between the same points of warriors and ironbreaker is not massive, defensive wise (the gap is at 0 rend and -1, tho). Warriors are way more offensive; from a competitive point i think warriors are better, still bringing ironbreakers is not an huge error! I just like them... Same with the Steam Tank, i bring it to the table cause i love the model and i try to make it as effective as possible!
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    Perhaps just a misty grey? Keeping it 'natural' in a sense. Love your work!
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    You can build a decent 2000point list with, what you have right now on skaven models. Oh by the way your hero’s are fine, both of them will have a purpose in your army. The grey seer preventing your units from fleeing and the warlord to buff them up like crazy ?.
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    Throw clanrats at your problems until they go away. Spears for blobs and swords for screens. If you don't want to be super competitive, just go rule of cool with 120+ clanrats supporting them and you should be fine.
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    Kenshin is right. You can field units with as many models as you have as per "Unit Size" paragraph on pg13 of core rules. In matched play, you have to pay for the rounded-up multiple of unit size; in this case, you would have to pay for 6 drones if you field a unit of 4, 5, or 6 drones. You cannot include under-strength units in battalions (pg15 core rules). So you CAN just play 5 drones in a unit, legally, but...you are throwing 66.67 points out the window. EDIT: And yes, a unit of 6 drones is very tanky and killy and fast/mobile. LoA is a good Daemon Hero to tag along, but I think Horticulous Slimux is comparable/better at the same amount of points. And a Verminlord Corruptor is the same amount of points as well. Chaos Lord of Daemonic Mount, Harbinger of Decay, and Daemon Prince are all cheaper while still fast enough to keep up. And a GUO with a Bell has always been the best choice in my book (always been fast enough to keep up in my experience) and provides the best support and people are often intimidated at the thought of trying to kill it. Give it Pestilent Breath and Endless Gift and it can wade through hordes of infantry alongside your flies.
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    @Barnie25 The Knight Incantor is a much better pickup In my opinion for several reasons. That right there saves you 40 points. Everything else is either good or "fine if that's your thing" except the Palladors. If I take something that's 200 points and not battleline its gonna be Evocators. Or you could take Fulminators with the points you saved taking a Knight Wizard instead of the Lord. I usually take 3 or 4 heroes at 2k so you should be fine on a 4x4 playing 1000 points with only two. @Prexxus As far as I know to use Garviel you need the Hammers of Sigmar stormhost to be declared or his ability won't work. That means you have to take their trait and artefact too which are fine I guess but they need to go on your non Garviel hero.
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    Just realised how long this is taking so will quickly summarise the last 2 games. Game 4 was against tony and his nagash vhordrai and vlozd lin shifting objectives tony made me go first so I put some chaff on the objectives to score 5 before he came and smashed them off the objective. I got the priority and sent the keeper in to nagash and a unit of daemonettes in to the other 2 characters and had all 3 units pile in and attack twice. I did 5 wounds to nagash and 3 to the vlozd. Tony then started wiping my army off and won the next priority to make it comfortable, I kept in the objective game for as long as possible but in the end tony had a well deserved tabling and I had scored 60 kps. Harsh game on a scenario that I felt I had an advantage for. Game 4 was against Mark and his clan skyre another army I haven’t faced in focal points I made the mistake of not asking him how close he can tunnel and was then promptly found out as all my hero’s were Killed by the storm fiends and warp fire throwers so I only had the Sorceror on foot left. My turn 1 I had managed to return the favour by killing 5 of the 6 stormfiends with 1 units of daemonettes whilst the others tore though 30 acolytes to put me 8 4 up. I won the priority and it was all over bar the killpoints as both units of daemonettes torn through everything within reach and absolutely brutal game but Mark was great fun to play and took the carnage in his stride as I racked up another 1960 kps. final results came and I had managed to place 5th out of 52 and achieved best in alliance as we,, as a painting nomination so was a good result all around. So the question can slaanesh win a tournament and gets that 5th win, in my mind no question about it we have the units available to do it and with our summoning the in game options to change things if needed. Cheers to boots468 for the company and nice to see another slaanesh player on the scene
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    Alright then, I'll write something up. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures, so sorry if this winds up overly dry and wordy! I also didn't take notes or anything, so some of this may not quite be accurate. The event was five 2000 point games, randomly determined missions from the GHB and corebook, realm of battle rules were not used but Malign Sorcery artefacts/endless spells were permitted. My list was exactly the same as I took to the third GT heat at Warhammer World in June, so obviously it was an army written with only the AoS 1 rules in mind and I wanted to see how it would perform in the world of AoS 2, whether it was still viable at all or if I'd have to cook up something wholly new for the GT final later in the year. Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (General, Devoted Disciples, Blessing of Khaine, Amulet of Dark Fire) Hag Queen (Sacrament of Blood) Hag Queen (Catechism of Murder) 30x Witch Aelves (Sacrificial Knives) 10x Witch Aelves (Sacrificial Knives) 10x Sisters of Slaughter (Bladed Bucklers) 15x Blood Sisters 5x Heartrenders 5x Heartrenders I've had a fair amount of practice with this list (though none at all in AoS 2), I mostly like it cos it's something of a 'highlight reel' of the DoK, with a little bit of everything, I've found it to be quite flexible and a lot of fun to play. Morathi could perhaps be swapped out for some other stuff (especially now that arcane bolt is far less reliable), but she is my favourite model in the game and as the big centerpiece kit for the DoK it seems rude not to bring her, and she can be used as a decent distraction or tarpit, plus two +1 unbinds is nothing to sniff at with the increased 30" range. Hagg Nar temple can give a deceptive resilience to an otherwise fragile force, and I've definitely had opponents caught up when triple 5+ saves mean they kill only a few Witch Aelves when they were hoping for a rout, hence Blessing of Khaine on the cauldron. Catechism is used almost solely on the Blood Sisters, the Witches rarely need it, whilst Sacrament is often essential in round 2 when you need something to be re-rolling hits for a decisive combat. Game 1 - Daughters of Khaine (Khailebron Temple) - Duality of Death The first game draws were put up a few days in advance, along with the lists, so I had plenty of time to sweat over facing this scary looking list, I was hoping not to get a DoK mirror cos I don't have much experience fighting against them and, of course, my strengths are also their strengths! Bloodwrack Medusa (General, Mistress of Illusion, Mindrazor) Bloodwrack Medusa (Shadow Stone, Mindrazor) Hag Queen (Catechism of Murder) Hag Queen (Sacrament of Blood) Hag Queen (Martyr's Sacrifice) 20x Blood Sisters 5x Blood Sisters 5x Blood Sisters 30x Witch Aelves (Sacrificial Knives) 5x Heartrenders 6x Morsarr Guard Chronomantic Cogs One advantage of the mirror match, of course, is that you don't need to spend so long asking each other what all your weird gimmicks are! As such I was well aware of how scary Blood Sisters could be, and they had a lot more of them than I did! The allied Morsarr guard are the more offensive version of the Idoneth eel cavalry, which are also pretty dangerous as well as being very fast, and the redundancy with the heroes is a good choice here too, with an extra Hag Queen to keep a spare Witch Brew on hand, and two valuable casters to keep Mindrazor available. I was concerned about the Khailebron command trait getting me outmaneuvered (obviously the -1 to hit from shooting didn't mean much), but I had a couple of advantages in the fact that my cauldron would help to sponge some damage (both via its auras and the fact that +1 bravery helps prevent double damage from Mindrazor on most of my units) and that Morathi is basically cheating in this mission. I had less drops and took the first turn, though with Hagg Nar you do want to cluster around the cauldron somewhat, with such large units there's still room to spread out over a broad spread of the board and still keep a viable formation. I took first so that my opponent couldn't Mistress of Illusion to block me from objectives, and so I could sip Witchbrews in case they went for a first turn cog charge. I transformed Morathi and flew her onto one objective in front of the bulk of my opponent's army (25 Blood Sisters, both Medusa, the Witches and 2 Hags), moving my witches up just enough so that they'd be able to counterattack next turn if they sent anything to engage with her. On the other flank I didn't have any heroes capable of grabbing the objective turn 1, and they had the eels, 5 Blood Sisters and a Hag lurking to threaten any advances in that direction. My army moved up cautiously, just a few inches, enough to risk a round 2 charge if I got priority whilst hopefully being more or less safe from taking too much damage. With Morathi on one objective my opponent either had to commit to taking her off of it as quick as possible (2 rounds minimum) or get something onto the other objective on the first turn and hope knock her off before the end of the game. In the first turn the ran up on the unclaimed objective but the Hag didn't get enough movement to make it on this turn, they did not engage with Morathi either, wary of my Witches waiting to back her up. I scored the initative for round 2 and was able to make some big moves, Sacrament and Blessing on the Witches, plus Witchbrew, gave them re-rolls on basically everything, and a command point 6" run let's them move up on the big squad of snakes, I don't mind throwing away the Witches if I can knock enough Blood Sisters out of the game. My own Blood Sisters get Catechism and move towards the Morsarr Guard, it's a pretty long charge but with the eels big movement they'd be free to charge me in their own turn anyway, and you certainly don't want that with that statline! Morathi shuffled a bit on the objective and actually managed to explode a Hag Queen with her shooting attack, probably the first and only time that will ever work. The Witches smash into the Blood Sisters, taking out one a five model squad and half of the larger squad, my own Blood Sisters make their charge into the eels too, taking a little damage from their attacks before wiping out the Morsarr Guard thanks to a lucky battleshock roll. The witches take some casualties from the Blood Sisters, but Blessing of Khaine keeps them above 20 models. My opponent moves their Witches out in a long line in order to hit my own Witches, my Cauldron and a Hag Queen, whilst on the other side of the board their Hag Queen moves onto the objective, 5 Blood Sisters moving to shield her from the 10 Witches I had lurking in the vicinity. Not moving to engage Morathi with something at this point probably cost the game as it would take some doing to shift her at this point, and if she sat there till round 5 that would be 15 points in my pocket whereas they had only started scoring in this turn. In either this round or the next my opponent dropped Khinerai around their objective to help shield their Hag Queen from my Blood Sisters, I can't quite recall when that happened. My oppponent's Witches charged in to support the embattled Blood Sisters, but they did so by lining up along my conga line back to the cauldron, when the Blood Sisters swung first I was able to removed casualties to greatly diminish the number of Witches that would get to attack, my Hag Queen even managed to survive whilst the Cauldron proved that it was more than just a support unit by smashing through a fair few Witches. I can't quite recall who won the roll for round 3, I think it was my opponent and I still had a Witch or two keeping their Sisters and Witches stuck in combat, though they were promptly finished off by the two Medusa. On the other flank my little 10-model Witch squad got cut down by five Blood Sisters, whilst in the combat phase my now-rerolling Cauldron cut through what was left of their 30-model Witch squad. In my turn it was just mopping up, Morathi failed to death stare a Medusa, I brought the Khinerai down to pick off some of the screening models protecting the Hag Queen so that my Blood Sisters could get a clean charge, and buffed up my Cauldron to send it careening into the remainder of the large Blood Sister Squad and the heroes nearby to keep them from going anywhere. Once I had manged to kill of the objective-scoring Hag Queen and two Medusa we called the game there, with Morathi still on full wounds there was no way to comeback. A pretty much perfect start to the event, really, with a major victory and a tabled opponent, I got lucky with the mission objective favouring my army, and I feel my opponent perhaps played a little too cautiously with their bruiser units (though my winning priority in turn 2 certainly didn't help them out either). If it were me I would probably be tempted to take Ishlaen Guard in place of the Morsarr, DoK already have so much killing potential that something fast and tanky seems like a good fit, and they would have been able to hold up the Blood Sisters for another turn most likely. Game 2 - Phoenix Temple - Translocation Orb Game 2 was an old world, WHFB elf-off against a very pretty Phoenix Temple force in a battleplan I'd never played before. Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix (General, Doppelganger Cloak) Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix Avantis Firestrike 30x Phoenix Guard 10x Phoenix Guard 10x Phoenix Guard Everblaze Comet An Translocation Orb the objective is worth more points if you score it in the second turn of a round, which is a tough factor for an army like mine which ideally wants to be hitting hard and hitting first. My opponent gave me the first turn in round 1 and I had to make do, setting up buffs and advancing cagily, just enough to score my 1 point. In retrospect I maybe should have committed more fully to stop it being scored back, but then things would've gotten all snarled up in the middle and it would be difficult to grab the orb in later turns. In any case in my opponents turn Aventis cast the comet which did a few mortal wounds and buffed the saves of the phoenixes, one phoenix swooping round to knock out my small Witch squad whilst some Phoenix Guard took the objective. The objective then moved itself further behind my opponent's lines, this would be something of a recurring theme, I won the initiative roll and felt that I had to take the first turn to at least try and break through, I failed to take out the closest phoenix as Morathi couldn't cast Mindrazor on the Blood Sisters, but I did score the objective if nothing else, only to have it taken back by 30 Phoenix Guard in the subsequent turn. I won priority again and the objective moved even further away, my command ability from the cauldron allowed the remaining Blood Sisters to finish off the phoenix, and a small Phoenix Guard squad that had joined the affray, and freed them up to threaten the big Temple Guard block whilst I sent the Witches towards the Anointed General, dropping Khinerai onto the objective. I dropped the enemy general down to 2 wounds and chewed through a respectable chunk of Phoenix Guard, but in my opponent's turn there were still enough left to take back the objective, at which point it was 9 - 3 and I had no chance of recovery no matter where the orb moved (no points for guessing that it continued to move in the worst possible direction regardless). So by round 4 I had set upon just scoring as many kill points as possible, and my opponent on trying to limit how much stuff I could kill, by the end of round 5 I at least had the consolation victory of having wiped out my opponent's army, but that's not how you win games! Translocation orb is a fun mission, but I don't think it's much good for tournament play, a little too random maybe, perhaps I just need to practice it more but it did feel like I was stuck in a bit of a loop with chasing after the objective and being unable to keep it for long enough to make a difference, I suppose that's my karmic retribution for cheesing Duality of Death with Morathi in game 1, though my opponent was a very good player outside of that, and they certainly had the skill to keep me where they wanted me until it was past the point of recovery, we both had our share of bad luck and they were better able to make the best of it and score a well-deserved win. Game 3 - Stormcast Eternals (Tempest Lords) - Total Conquest The new Stormcast book has some pretty scary options in it, big blocks of Sequitors can be as difficult to crack as Stardrakes whilst also being able to actually outnumber on objectives and hit back in a fight, and the ballistas can do some real work too, fortunately this list did not have too much of the stuff I was scared of. Lord-Arcanum on Dracoline (General) Knight Incantor Lord-Castellant (Patrician's Helm) Lord-Relictor (Whatever Lightning Chariot is called now) Knight Heraldor 3x Evocators on Dracolines 5x Judicators 6x Castigators 10x Evocators 5x Sequitors 5x Sequitors 10x Skinks Total Conquest is one of the older missions which has been cleaned up a bit for the new GHB, which is for the best cos the old deployment map was a nightmare. Also the objectives don't move around all over the place, which is nice. I had choice of first turn and gave it to my opponent, there's not much point in scoring early objectives in this battleplan if they're just going to get taken right back off you cos they're worth double points if you take them from your opponent, and with Hagg Nar I wasn't going to be making any big moves in the first turn while there was still stuff in the Celestial Realm. The two Sequitor squads moved onto the lower left objective, my Sisters of Slaughter skulking nearby, whilst the Skinks, Dracolines and Heraldor deployed in the narrow, 3" deployment zone near the top right objective, the Castellent, Relictor and Evocators sat on their home objective whilst the Arcanum was set up far enough forwards to use her dispel scroll if needed. All of the shooting units deployed in a convenient gap behind my forces and focused their fire on Morathi, knocking a couple of wounds off her. The Dracolines moved up with the Heraldor and pounced on my small Witch Elf unit with predictable results, the Relictor teleported himself into the woods at the center of the board and called lightning down on my Witches. In my turn I transformed Morathi and sent her off to tie up the shooting units for a turn or two, the Knight-Incantor used her scroll to block Mindrazor on the Blood Sisters, who I advanced on the Lord-Arcanum and his Dracolines. Morathi whiffed almost all of her attacks and the Blood Sisters killed all but one Dracoline. I won the turn 2 initiative roll, using the Orgy of Slaughter command ability to free up the Blood Sisters before sending them up to take out the Skinks on the top right objective. The Witches missed out on most of their buffs except for Witchbrew and Blessing of Khaine, but I sent them up to try and take out the Relictor anyway. Morathi ate some more Castigators, the Blood Sisters decimated the skinks and scored the objective whilst the Relictor survived on one wound. In my opponent's turn the Relictor teleported to safety close to my home objective but failed to heal himself, the Heraldor attempted a long-range retreat and charge to take out a Hag Queen, but couldn't quite make it, the Witches killed the Knight-Incantor and Morathi finished off the archers. I won turn 3 initiative as well and was sitting in a pretty comfortable position, I buffed up the Witches and sent them command point 6" sprinting across the board as a throwaway assault on the camping Evocators, the Blood Sisters following behind to serve as a second wave in a later turn whilst Morathi pounced on the wounded Relictor. I killed half of the Evocators off and enough Witches survived the retaliatory attacks to score the objective, and when my opponent could not finish off the rest of the Witch squad in their own turn they called the game. Another major win, and another near table-ing. Game 4 - Idoneth Deepkin (Ionrach Enclave) - Shifting Objectives I've never played Idoneth before now, and I'd never played this battleplan before either, I was certainly grateful that it was not the 18-24 outflanking eels list, cos my arms really does not have a good counter to that! Volturnos, High King of the Deep Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Storm (Cloud of Midnight) Tidecaller (Steed of Tides) 10x Namarti Thralls 10x Namarti Reavers 6x Morsarr Guard 6x Ishlaen Guard 5x Sisters of the Thorn 5x Tree-Revenants Geminids of Uhl-Gysh It's a list with a pretty clear strategy, wait till turn 3, burn all your command points on buffing the eels and Eidolon and then use superior movement to make a great big mess, this was tough because I also want to be using turn 3 to start making a great big mess! This battleplan is played length-ways along the board, so the Idoneth's greater movement would be advantageous, and it's also one of the few missions that has objectives within 6" of a board edge, favouring the teleporting of the Tree-Revenants. The first couple of turns were very cagey, with minor skirmishes on the edges of the battlefield as we prepared for that vital turn 3, sending small portions of our armies off to claim the objectives, I managed to kill the teleporting Tidecaller with a small squad of Witches, and lost most of the Sisters of Slaughter to Reaver volley fire (Though they did manage to cut through all of the Reavers and some of the Revenants in return). I won the priority for turn 3 and opted to go first in order to limit the amount of time High Tide would be useful for, moving back a little to try and force failed charges. At this point I made what could be categorised as a 'big mistake', some might (correctly) say game losing, I dropped the Khinerai down between our lines intending to force the eels to end their movement prematurely and giving them a longer charge as a result, but I mis-measured and left enough space that they could instead charge over and hit the back of the Khinerai, then killing the harpies off with weaker activations and allow the eels to pile wholly into the Witches, which got all of them killed in short order. A really dumb mistake which put me on the back foot for the rest of the game. But I wasn't out of it just yet, I won turn 4 and powered up the Blood Sisters with everything I could muster and used them to decimate the Morsarr Guard, the Eidolon used the Cloud of Midnight to escape their fury but the eels were cut down easily. In my opponents turn 4 the Eidolon and Volturnos retreated to charge the few remaining Sisters of Slaughter and score the objective whilst the Ishlaen Guard tried to screen off the top-most objective from my snakes. I won initiative in turn 5 too, and I still even had a slim chance to win the whole thing. Morathi transformed, using her gaze to kill the Tree-Revenant pipes and prevent anymore shenanigans there, before heading to engage the Eidolon and Volturnos in search of kill points. The snakes got all the buffs again and cut through all of the Ishlaen Guard and Sisters of the Thorn without breaking a sweat. The top most objective remained the primary one for the third turn in a row, if my Cauldron could make a re-rollable 8" charge into the Thralls guarding it I would be able to pile into range, kill off the weak infantry and secure a major victory, but alas the highest I could roll was a 7. And Morathi didn't even manage to kill off the Eidolon to ease my sorrows either! Despite making a pretty major mistake this was still a close game right to the end, and a lot of fun to boot. The random objectives were, again, a little frustrating, if the primary objective had been in any other position than the one it was in either of the last two turns I could have turned things around. Ah well, I'll have to settle with murdering most of the opposing army instead. Game 5 - Chaos - Focal Points The last game of the event, always a tired affair, and down at table 9 there was no hope of trophies for either of us so we were free to take things a little slower. Archaon Everchosen Harbinger of Decay Lord of Blights Lord of Blights(?) Lord of Slaanesh (Gryph-Feather Charm) 40x Marauders 40x Marauders 20x Marauders Chaos Spawn Prismatic Pallisade Plaguetouched Warband You know it, you love it, it's the Plaguetouched Warband. I've never actually played against it before now, but I was aware of vaguely how it functioned on account of its infamy. This battleplan is kinda fun, I like it well enough, really anything where the objectives don't move around is good by me! With a two-drop list my opponent took the first turn, popped all their command buffs and sent Archaon and the Slaanesh Lord hurtling forwards, hunting for Morathi's head, fortunately the Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse failed his charge, allowing me to pounce him with a bunch of Witches in my turn. The large Marauder blobs moved up too, threatening to outnumber my held objective in the next turn. My witches didn't have their to hit re-rolls available yet, and I failed Mindrazor, but some fortunate Damned terrain helped to mitigate for the negative to hit modifiers present, and this was one of the few times putting Catechism on Witches was worthwhile, allowing them to smash Archaon down to just below half wounds in the first turn, Blessing of Khaine keeping them relatively safe from retaliation. My opponent won priority and charged my screening Witches and Sisters with the Marauders, claiming one objective and closing in on the other, several of the support heroes charged in to aid Archaon, who was dragged down by Witches (who did now have re-rolls to hit) in the combat phase, though their numbers were severely depleted. In my turn Orgy of Slaughter again proved invaluable, letting them rip apart the Slaanesh Lord and Harbinger of Decay, though unfortunately one Lord of Blights remained alive to lock them in place, leaving the Maruaders on the left unopposed except for my Cauldron. On the right the Blood Sisters began to chop into the Marauders, but at -2 to hit and with no re-rolls yet there was only so much they could do. I won the turn 3 priority as well, freeing up the Witches to aid on the left flank, the Khinerai descending to threaten objectives whilst the now re-rolling snakes were able to mulch most of the Marauders, at this point it was basically done and the game was called shortly after, one last major win and another near table-ing for the final game of the day. --- And that was that, lots of fun at a nice venue. My list still seems to work pretty well in the new era of AoS 2, potentially I could drop one Khinerai squad for a command point or endless spell, the command point would be valuable against certain first turn alpha-strike lists as I do have a limited amount of screening drops, but I'd rather have actual models than non-physical command points really! I need to change up my relic, I think I got to roll, like, three saves on the Amulet of Dark Fire all tournament (and I'm pretty sure I failed all of them anyway), I don't have Malign Sorcery but one of those would probably work better (Gryph-Feather Charm, maybe?) or even just the one that adds an extra Khainite Prayer so I can squeeze Crimson Rejuvenation in there. Tactics-wise I think the list is solid, even if it takes a big hit just a handful of Witches or Blood Sisters with the right buffs can carve a real mess out of your opponents plans, and you can put pressure on to keep your support units safe. I did not lose any of my heroes in any of the games I played, the only wounds my Queens suffered were due to feedback from their own prayers or splash damage from the Everblaze Comet.
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    Bah. IMO there should be enough overlap between clans to put them in the same book. All the clans have giant rats, clanrats, warlords, stormvermin. I'd rather see a single book covering the clans generally, with each clan having a separate set of allegiance rules plus a few unique units & characters within that book. The current split is too much hassle.
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    All maps look smashing ? mine was made in cc3 with a little gimp aftertouch, so looks pretty oooold school haha, keep hearing about this inkarnate thingy, will update using it when I find the time! I'll post the campaign intro text from my blog below. The campaign is an open ended, games mastered narrative type affair, set in Ghyran. ---------------------------------------- The City of Umbhr Umbhr was founded as a client city to Hammerhal and though largely autonomous, its rulers owe allegiance and homage to the Twin-tailed City. Located far to the East in a land known as the Wylderlands, Umbhr acts as a forward operating base for recolonisation efforts and the control and exploitation of its dangerously untamed but realmstone-rich hinterlands (the purplish local manifestation of which is called Feystone). The city is governed by a high council comprised of the leading figures (known as Dynasts) from the primary racial communities; Aelves, Duardin & Free Peoples, mediated by Lord Celestant Eldenor of The Verdurous Legion stormhost. Positioned below these rulers are The Delegation; important leaders of factions, guilds and sects from across the city. The Verdurous Legion spent bitter decades fighting heroically against the pestilence of Nurgle during the War of Life on Ghyran, long before the founding of the Seeds of Hope. Though they gave great account of themselves, such was the overwhelming odds and twisted nature of the land that nearly every Stormcast gave their second life and suffered multiple reforgings before being thrust back into the fray once more. A quiet despair had begun to creep its tendrils through their ranks as each rebirth stripped away a little more of each warriors dwindling sense of self, undermining moral and threatening the survival of the host. It was at this time that the goddess Alarielle returned to Ghyran through the valiant efforts of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost. With the Everqueen reborn in a terrible martial aspect, she led vast hordes of Sylvaneth warriors to the aid of the beleaguered forces resisting the corrupted forces of the Grandfather and finally, the tide began to turn. It was in these final years of the war that the Legion were exposed directly to radiant aura of Alarielle; to this day each stormcast bears an unshakeable devotion and gratitude to the Goddess (whom they refer simply and reverently to as, "The Lady"), for it was through her divine intervention that each legionnaire did not wholly lose their humanity. The races have thus far lived in relative harmony, though away from the shadow of the God-King the utopian society of Azyrheim has begun to show cracks as the years have passed. Each of the racial groups are referred as the Kindreds and they have their own internal organisation and, increasingly, they inhabit different quarters of the city. Each Kindred has its own primary area of responsibility and activity; Duardin – civil/military engineering (including Feystone mining works), Free Peoples – agriculture and trade, Highborn Aelves – Lore keeping and magical research. In addition, each Kindred is also responsible for maintaining a military force in defence of the city and its hinterlands, some of which is in the form of conscripts to the Umbhrawardens. The Umbhrawardens are a non-sectarian ranger guild tasked with patrolling the fledgling road networks through the Wylds, protecting isolated mining & agricultural Wylderfolk communities from bandits and other more exotic denizens of the uncharted forests. Their ranks are drawn from the Duardin and Human Kindreds with support from the Stormhost garrison (the Aelven Kindred are tasked with the permanent garrisoning of the city defences and are largely exempt from Warden-service, though they can occasionally found amongst their ranks under special circumstances). Recent years have seen the high council commission a push to colonise the land far to the east of the city. These efforts were spearheaded by the Verdurous Legion who, during a gruelling two year campaign, smote their way through the recalcitrant tribes of man, orrruk and ogor infesting the forests. These diversions aside, the stormcast sought primarily to beat back those minions of Nugle which still lingered on after the Blight War. In this they were to all intents successful, and the Grandfathers pestilence has been largely exiled beyond the vast and foreboding Peaks of the Lost. In the wake of this period of slaughter, settlers and explorers were quickly despatched, while veteran Duardin engineers set to clearing land and extending the cobbled surfaces of the Wylderway road eastwards. Though the eastern Wylderway remains a dangerous frontier zone, many are the folk who flock here, keen to reap the rewards of the realmstone-rich hinterlands. The fortified town of Gillinbhad now stands as a trading hub and forward operating base from which Umbhrwarden patrols and stormcast retinues alike venture forth to provide a measure of protection to those who seek to make a livelihood in the forests. Another organisation, the Aelf controlled Guild of Remnants also now has a strong presence in the town, from where they seek to catalogue and exploit the large number of sites dating from the Age of Myth which can be found overgrown in the depths of the wilderness, by those with the skill and courage to do so.
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    My list would be 1. Ardboys 2. Bullgors 3. Squig hoppers 4. Orruk Warboss on Wyvern 5. Mauraders 6. Bloodwreak Medusa 7. Troggoths 8. Yeti 9. Maniak Weirdnob 10. Valkia the Bloody
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    I've always thought that ghb allegiance is the opposite of "kiss of death", in fact factions with no ghb allegiances (or any other tome) are the ones people should be concerned about. Obviously moonclan grots have been heavily hinted at and they have no allegiance prior to their up and coming btome but there are plenty of small meh factions that you just know are never gonna get their tome ever (looking at you greenskinz).
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    Also bear in mind that the allegiance is Brayherd. It looks like Beasts of Chaos will be a Legions of Nagash style umbrella allegiance.
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    this sort of stuff happens everywhere. for instance, you get tv's cheaper, probably plenty of other stuff cheaper also. even if you knock vat off thats still a £70 or so increase for no reason. quite often see stuff like $50 console games cost £50. the same TV in AUS $ is a 2000$ mark up. there's gotta be reasons EVERYTHING is marked up so much more than the basic £ to $ conversion
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    I’d take a look at some of the stuff that @WarbossKurgan has done. He has a fair amount of different infantry kitbash conversions and I have seen him use parts from all across the 40k and fantasy Greenskinz model ranges.
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    Skeletons in either units of 10 (as chaf) or units of 40 (as tarpits). Anything outside of that is pretty inefficient compared to the same pts in dire wolves. Graveguard are pretty bad unless you run them in max size units and take advantage of summoning. You need a Necromancer. Consider bringing Lady Olynder as an ally. She brings yet more -1 to hit and she loves all the LD debuffs your army brings. (Morghasts, Banners, Overwhelming Dread) I'd also consider bringing gravetide and/or Jaws to add more bravery debuff. Legion of Nagash is certainly the better choice. Imo LoB is only worth it if you are bringing a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon to really benefit from the legion trait. Nef doesn't get any benefit from it and Blood Knights are not very good. (Plus they are expensive, fragile fine cast models)
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    Nice one! Keep up the pace and good luck, have fun this weekend!
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    I agree with @Skreech Verminking. Stormvermin will slaughter anything they touch, but have to deal with the threat of getting wiped out before they get to it. Thanquol or tunneling both work towards fixing that. If you can get a 40 rat stormvermin unit into the enemy's main lines, the game should tilt heavily in your favour. Keyword being "if".
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    So, finally got round to updating my spreadsheet with our heroes. Here's a link to the latest version. Some observations: The Cairn Wraith is by far our most points efficient hero in terms of damage output, vs both units with no save or a really high save. Lord executioner's output is disappointing by comparison. The next tier consists of Kurdoss, the LE, Harrows and Reikenor. They each have pretty reasonable output, but looking at their total wound output aren't going to be soloing that much. That said, all of these outdo the Mourngul, point for point... On the charge the Harrow becomes second best (to the Wraith)! The ST is pretty decent given his high rend, and the GoS with maul outperforms the sword VS all but a 2+ save. Not that you really care about the GoS' damage output... The Wraith is also most durable for the points, with a comparable score to Bladegheists. Olynder and Kurdoss are the frailest units, per point, in the entire book.
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    Welcome to Age of Sigmar second edition people. Lets kick off the first blog post for this edition with how mixed skaven measures up thanks to the chages to Grand Alliance: Chaos rules. Allegiance Ability The GA: Chaos allegiance ability is nothing too overpowered, par the course for the Grand Alliances. "Unbridled Malice" is a slight rework of the old ability they had, in this edition you roll a dice for a unit when you select it to fight in the combat phase if that unit is within 12 inches of your general or 3 inches of a hero, and on the roll of a 6 they add one to all their hit rolls. I like this one (on the event anyone remembers to actually roll for it) because Skaven field a lot of heroes and a lot of units that really benefit from +1 to hit like Clanrats, Plague Monks and Gutter Runners, and I'll be adding this to my reminder sheet. Command Traits Dark Avenger - This grants +1 to hit against order units for the general. Not great really. Spiteful Duelist - Reroll one wound roll per combat for the general. Somehow worse than the above. Cunning Deciever - Roll a dice at the start of your turn, with a 5+ netting you a free command point. This is pretty cool to be honest, great for a pasive long range force like a heavy Skryre or a Moulder force that needs all the command points it can get. Lord of War - Pick a unit within 3 inches and roll a dice, on a 4+ it gets +1 to hit. Definitely neat, this one will usually not ever be a waste especially considering Unbridled Malice as a rule. Terrifying Pressence - Enemies within 3 inches of the general suffer -1 to bravery. Not awful, definitely not better than Lord of War or Cunning Deciever. Malicious Conqueror - Add 1 to all Unbridled Malice rolls made within 12 inches of the general. I like this one, and in my army that runs a heavy amount of minimum size Plague Monk units i'll be taking this every time. Artifacts I literally have no interest in covering 5 out of the 6 artifacts in this list because they're absolutely worthless. However one of them is a classic from the last two editions of the GHB, and it got one HELL of a remake. The Crown of Conquest - Friendly CHAOS units within 6 inches of the bearer don't need to test for battleshock. I'm sorry, what? How on earth did this get past the design team? Did they think the new coherence rule somehow would make this not completely broken? I'm switching from Pestilens Allegiance for this. That's how big a deal this is. This takes Strength in Numbers and kicks it out the door. This thing on a Plaguesmog Congregation Plague Furnace pushed by clanrats for the Look Out Sir rule? Totally broken. This is now a 12 wound model with -2 to hit it providing a 6 inch bubble of NO BATTLESHOCK. This is stupid. I basically wrote this entire blog post to cover this ridiculous artifact.
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    Snow spray on the base of a Frostheart Phoenix
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    Great. Amazon is a life saver. Looking forward to sharing my results.
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    A work in progress: Female Necromancer A small update today on what I’m working on, a female necromancer. Now I like to try and make my characters look unique, and I already had one pathetic male model in my army so adding the standard necromancer seemed a bit boring. The backstory I have so far is she was a nobleman's young daughter, who fell into necromancy when he died and she lost her inheritance to another nobleman. She attempted to bring him back, which went about as well as you can expect so she fled and ended up in the court of Countess Verde. The Countess recognised the power of this young women and guided her, promising her the blood kiss if she does well. So the model is made up of the legs of a dark elf sorceress and the body of a banshee. I think I have managed to join the body ok, cutting away the more elf-like influences and using some greenstuff to extend the robes. My only concern is I may have out the body too far forward, giving her an oversized behind. I showed my girlfriend, who has a similar problem, and she thinks it’s ok. She is, after all, wearing boots and a corset, such things do over exaggerate your figure. What do you all think so far?
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    Never forgive. Never forget. Never Mannfred. #MannfredTheBetrayer
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    All is forgiven son of Sigmar. Go forth and spread the AoS love.
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    - Darkoath will be undivided barbarians. - Demons will probably will be their own book with a new line of undivided demons as well as including all 4 god specific demon kin - all 4 Godds get thier own mixe (mortals and demons) book - slaves to darkness should evolve to an overarching battletome for the GA excluding skaven. - Beastmen probably has all beasts, with the option to expand certain subfactions - and everchosen might evolve in what was classicly known as Warriors of chaos, undivided and marked, hopefully with some new models.
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    1. Beast of Nurgle 2. Horticulus Slimux 3. Spoilpox 4. Sloppity bilepiper 5. Most Flesh Eater Courts 6. Most Death actually 7. Most Bonesplitterz
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