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    Hi everyone, Recently had a flurry of activity, and I've finished off a scratch built chaos temple based around Tesco Halloween skulls from last October, plus finally began to go back and document my ongoing gamesmastered narrative campaign from the start. Here's a few pictures, as with my last big terrain project I'll do an article on construction in the next few days (check out HERE if you're interested) ? Mark (IG: @hippy_hammer)
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    Re: the prices in Australia, I moved here from the UK a few years ago and I can tell you that while most things are expensive here (and wages are higher), nothing I have encountered gets close to the GW markup. Some things are actually cheaper (for example I bought a Qashqai that was cheaper here than in the UK...despite being imported from the UK). To move beyoned anecdotal examples, the concept that things generally don't cost exactly the same in each territory when you multiply out the exchage rates is known to economists as Purchase Power Parity (PPP). This is tracked by the OECD and as you can see from the following link, the average for the past 5 years is GBP 1 = AUD 2.091: https://data.oecd.org/conversion/purchasing-power-parities-ppp.htm So the typical product that costs GBP 100.00 would cost AUD 209.10 For example the Contemptor Dread with two weapons, which comes in at GBP 56.00, wouldc ome out at AUD 117.09 The actual price charged is AUD 150.00 So the FW price increase goes well beyond any concept of "everything costs more in Australia". Beyond that, there are a few things to consider: - This is a pure export, shipped from their existing warehouses, so there are no local market costs to take into account other than the cost of shipping (which is charged separately). Therefore any price increase is purely going straight to their bottom line above and beyond what they get for selling to their customers in their home market, which is where I think a lot of the sour taste comes from. - Even when FW charged the actual price at the actual exchange rate, they were making a significant additional markup. Reason being their UK prices include VAT, but you do not pay VAT on exports. So they were effectively increasing their prices by 17.5% and pocketing the difference. The new, additional price increase for overseas markets is in addition to that extra markup. At the end of the day it's up to FW as a business to set their prices, and up to us as customers to buy it or not buy it. But I do think it's fair and valid part of that discussion to recognise that overseas customers are being asked to pay over the odds.
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    More easier answer. The ability specifies a friendly SERAPHON unit. Bloat toads don’t have Seraphon tag keyword or an actual warscroll so they are not capable of using this ability
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    Wow, what a silly rule. In my area the mere suggestion of banning FW gets raised eye brows. Here you talk to your opponents before the game and clarify any house rulings so to speak. If I went to play and a store owner said to pack up my rogue idol but the ironjawz are fine I'd just leave and never go back/support that particular store.
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    Ok so I didn't get the Ballista painted yet and probably won't be end of the month, but I did get a squad of evocators done! I'm mixing up my evocator and sequitor kits from Soul Wars and the regular squad boxes as soul wars has repeated sculpts:
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    Boom. Done, but for my stretch goal. They aren't perfect, but they'll do. Pictures are a kinda dark ?
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    Team England AoS - ETC 2019 Novi Sad - Mission Statement Hello All! Thanks for stopping by, if you’re here i can only assume you found this because you’re interested in either playing or supporting Team England at the ETC in 2019. This document aims to give a little bit of an insight into what the ETC is, and hopefully answers some questions you may have. What is the ETC (European Team Championship)? Simply put, the ETC is (probably) the largest tabletop wargames tournament in Europe. Teams from across the world, not just Europe (i know, it’s confusing, stick with me!) come together to compete for the right to be the best country at their specific system. The ETC currently includes Warhammer 40,000, The Ninth Age and Flames of War as its main systems. AoS was ran as a side event this year and due to timings with 2nd edition release had a low turnout, which hopefully will be remedied for next year. Please be aware that the ETC and the current running 6 Nations events are seperate, Tony Moore is still the captain for Six Nations. Where and When is the ETC The ETC 2019 will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia. Provisional dates at the moment are August 9th-11th, but the team will be at the venue at least one day earlier to prepare. What makes an AoS Team? Teams of 6 players currently form an AoS Team, although this may be increasing to 8 to match the other systems. Teams include a Captain (that’s me!) and his/her players, and usually a coach to assist with the general goings on during a round. Captains can either be “playing” or “non-playing.” Why are you the Captain? I have volunteered myself as the first England AoS ETC captain for a few reasons listed below. I want to have an active role in building the AoS scene at the ETC, from forming the tournament pack to generally how the AoS event is ran. Currently AoS is a “side-event” at the ETC, and i really want to prove that it can become a main event. I want to set the building blocks in place for future years by establishing parameters for how the team and captain is selected going forwards. This will form a document that will be adhered to in order to maintain transparency and fairness for future years. I have had numerous years ETC experience as a player, a selector and a coach. I know what makes a good team and also how the dynamic differs from a normal event. If the event remains as a 6 player team, i will be taking the role of “Non-Playing Captain.” This is because i want to ensure the best 6 candidates for the team have a chance to go and compete on the table, i do not want people to think i’ve done this to guarantee a spot on the team myself. If the event does increase to 8 players teams, I may put myself forward for selection as normal, but this will not guarantee me a spot on the team as per the next question How will the team be selected? In order to maintain a transparent and fair approach to selecting the team, i will be appointing 4 other members from various parts of the community to form a “Selection Committee.” The SC will review all applicants to the team and vote to determine the best team that could be formed. The SC for this year are as follows; Myself Chris Tomlin Nigel Chorlton Ady McWalter Paul Buckler I’m really grateful to the guys for helping out with the selection, they have a great deal of knowledge about the game, the tournament scene and the players themselves, and i think between the 5 of us we’ll be able to select the team to win the ETC! Please be aware that rankings and tournament results are by no means the only measure that will be used for team selection. The idea is that we send over the strongest team that we can, but each one of you will be an ambassador for your country on and off the table, so conduct at events and other things may also be used to help determine whether or not you make the team. Army flexibility is also a great measuring stick for an ETC player, as you may be required to play an army that you haven’t played with much, if as a team, we decide it is the strongest list we can take. Applications will open up sometime during September, with a view to finalising the team before the end of the year. What will being on the team involve? My aim for the team is to win the ETC, and to do this we will need to be as prepared as we can be. As a player on the team you will be expected to be active in discussions with the team about various things such as army lists, match-up discussions and general AoS discussions. These will take place on a seperate forum solely for the team. The ETC also carries a fairly heavy financial commitment, this could involve buying a new army, but will always include entry to the event, flights to Serbia and hotel costs, as well as spending money for the time away. I normally budget around £1,000 for the event. What is the aim for the team? My aim as captain for Team England 2019 is none other than to win the ETC. But in doing so, maintain an extremely high standard of sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the hobby. We are not win at all costs gamers, and i want to make sure we show that on the big stage! Thanks for taking the time to read this, applications for the team will open up later in the year! If anyone has any questions, please get in touch! Thanks Tom
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    Hi everyone, As mentioned in the title I'm obviously french, which comes up with many grammar and orthograph mistakes… Please apologize my poor syntax ! I've mostly painted (and poorly played) W40k and WFB about ten years ago, when I had the patience and money to paint disparate pieces rather than collect an army. With my studies being finished, I'm jumping back into the hobby and AOS.After some research time, I've finally bought the Blades of the Blood Queen box : I love the Neferata and Morghasts miniatures, and it allows me to build a 1000pt army with a huge money discount. I have little spare time, but have done quite a few miniatures yet ! I'm eager to make some battles in the Lyon store once the army is finished... This forum gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration for further projects, as well as motivating me to end the current one. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to look and share !
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    It Thought I'd document my slooow road to getting my Nighthaunt completed. It's one of too many armies I have that remain in various stages of completion and I am hoping it'll be my first fully realized completed (from the hobby perspective) army in, yes, 20+ years of gaming. First up is my initial test model for the color scheme. Still a WIP, but stealing liberally from @RuneBrush's color scheme here. It hit my interest in doing red and purple in combination on the models. First attempt at getting that ethereal purple he has on his Lord model...might have not thinned enough or been too heavy-handed...did do a bit of hilighting/drybrushing with lighter purple after the fact...back to the drawing board.
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    The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Aqshy. The Badfangs are Bonesplitterz orruks from the dry and windswept Uzmorgarg plains in the wilds of Aqshy. They will be hunting down Endless Spells at Realm's Edge in a Skirmish campaign, planned to start in late Autumn this year. ⬹⦽⤔ Wurrgog Prophet Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw Loaded up with the most potent and powerful of the magic bones his tribe has found, Hogrog has set out into the Realms, leading the Badfangs to hunt down the wild magic of Endless Spells. He has been empowered by the revelation that they are made of the essence of Gorkamorka, and their power can be captured and harvested, just like the power contained within other monsters' bones and teeth. Wardokk Krogdak Krogdak is Hogrog's acolyte, attendant and advisor. He is as mad as an angry Maw-Krusha and leads one of Hogrog's Morboyz mobs. Krogdak is adept at the grimdokk dance, and able to reattach severed limbs and knit flesh-wounds back together. He has patched-up more mangled Orruks than he can count (which sounds a lot less impressive than it actually is). ⬹⦽⤔ I plan on a Skirmish warband of a Wurrgog Prophet, 2 Wardokks, 3 Savage Orruks with Chompa and Shield, 10 Savage Orruk Morboys with Chompa and Toof Shiv, 3 Savage Orruk Arrerboys with Stinga Bows and Chompa, and 2 Savage Orruks with a Big Stabber. I may add a few Forest Goblins I have in my bitz boxes, just for a bit of variety.
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    @BluesPixie really like your lore and the details on your map. I hope to hear more of your tale. I'll keep the thread going with another map I made from my story: The Bloodlands- North of Jaskviny and south of the Frostwoods, the lowlands have changed names enough times to confound the minds of the Collegiate Arcanum. Its original name lost to time, as are its people. Khorne’s Blood Storm erased nearly all evidence that civilization once dwelled in the lowlands. The scarred husks of settlements scattered across the area are but a reminder of what has been lost. From the ruins of the lowland’s, the Bloodbound staged their conquest of Zarcosia. They devastated the duardin kingdom in the Frattura Mountains, burned the southern kingdoms of Jaskviny and Astakos to ash, and terrorized the people of the Gastiger Highlands in the west. With reinforcements pouring in through the realmgate at Carnage Hold, The Bloodlands became a paradise for Khorne’s worshippers. However, the intervention of Nurgle and the defiance of the aelfs of the Frostwoods held the Blades of Khorne. While endless fighting ensued for centuries, the Blood Warriors could never deliver a fatal blow to their enemies. Eventually, their momentum was halted. By the time the Age of Sigmar arrived, Khorne’s forces had grown lackadaisical, bored from the senseless fighting that had grown stale. Then the Ironjawz showed up and gave the chaos warriors more than they could handle. In a series of grand battles, Da Bloodbreaka Clan overpowered the Khorne Bloodbound. When Gorfang da Immortal slew Deathbringer Kalrak Bloodmarked at the Battle of Crystal Fields, Khorne’s grip across Zarcosia was shattered. After several more defeats, the remaining forces would bunker down in Carnage Hold where a sea of Greenskins besieges them to this day. Besides skirmishes with Nurgle’s forces and aelfs from the Frostwoods, the orruks unquestionably rule the Bloodlands. With enemies all around, the orruks enjoy the paradise that their enemies once embraced. However, the various kingdoms of Zarcosia are regaining strength and are starting to challenge the orruks for control of the lowlands. They are a pivotal region in Zarcosia because its highway connects several kingdoms together and offers rare resources that most civilizations desire. Once again, the Bloodlands will earn its namesake. Ishumir- one of the few cities to survive Khorne’s onslaught, Ishumir stands proud but its people are scarred permanently. After the boiling of the Parched Sea and the formation of The Kasprow Slop, Ishumir was besieged everyday by the Bloodbound. Countless lives were lost in the defense of the city, but through their tenacity and wit, they persevered. Even with Khorne’s hold slipping on Zarcosia, Ishumir remains vigilant. Its people have become rugged, quick to act over contemplation, preferring savage grit over graceful movement. The coming of the orruks has allowed its forces to leave their island to rediscover the ruined landscapes of the Bloodlands. However, their allies in the Frostwoods, whom without their aid would have seen Ishumir fall, have fallen silent. No messages have been received nor scouts returned from their travels. Carnage Hold- the long-lost capital of the former lowlands is the site of Khorne’s last bastion on Zarcosia. Protecting a realmgate connected to the Realm of Chaos, daemons and mortals launched thousands of assaults across the continent during the Blood Storm. They constructed the Kasprow Slop across the Parched Sea to try to burn down Ishumir, but after centuries of besieging the city, they failed. Now, reinforcements from the Blood God’s realm are sent straight to battle outside the bastion’s walls. Since the Battle of Crystal Fields, orruks have rampaged across the Bloodlands, claiming much of Khrone’s former territory. The peninsula where Carnage Hold stands is a living battlefield as orruks fight Blood Warriors for the sake of a good fight. The fighting has gone on so long that the orruks have built a town on the mounds of ****** at the base of the peninsula. The Khorne Warriors can smell Mount Dung from their battlements, but the scent of blood is always stronger. Despite the precipitous situation, the Bloodbound rejoice in an endless battle where there are stakes to be had. Control of the Bloodlands is not out of Khorne's reach just yet. Mount Dung- while the Bloodlands are forever stained red from Khorne's Bloodstorm, green is the color that now dominates these lands. After Da Bloodbreaka Clan smashed aside Khorne's armies, greenskins poured into the Bloodlands from all over. Gorfang's boyz control the southern entrance to the Frattura Mountains at the Ruins of Mingol Krum, but the rest of the region is controlled by dozens of warring clans. The largest concentration resides at Mount Dung, a war camp or town settled on the poop mounds of the orruks. It is situated at the base of a peninsula where Khorne's followers endure in Carnage Hold. The fields between the camp and hold are scarred battlefields where war rages constantly. Even at Mount Dung , fights break out between rivals. Nevertheless, the orruks here have found a paradise and will continue besieging Carnage Hold until nothing but ruins remains. Grolack’s Manor- with Khorne’s victory almost assured during the Blood Storm, it was the timely intervention of Nurgle’s forces that halted their momentum. From his mansion on the northern peaks of The Frattura Mountains, The Harbinger Grolack unleashed his blight upon the lowlands. It was slow, but eventually, Nurgle’s feculent life spread in the west. Fighting for control of the Bloodlands was fierce, but Khorne was pushed back for a time. Grolack then turned his focus west to the Lighting Arcanum in the Grastiger Hgihlands. His thirst for the tower’s raw energy would be his undoing as he was killed during one of several battle fought against the Arcanum’s defenders. Daemon Prince Zighdan now leads Nurgle’s forces from Grolack’s Manor. He almost achieved daemonhood after defeating the Stormcast Eternals during their initial push into the Bloodlands. However, at the zenith of his triumph, Da Bloodbreaka Clan would deliver a terrible defeat, drawing the ire from Grandfather Nurgle, and forcing Zighdan to start from scratch. His forces contemplate their next move as the Bloodlands once more descends into war. The Grand Bulwark- standing at the entrance to Jaskviny, the Grand Bulwark has done its job in halting all adversaries from entering its lands for centuries. It could not protect the city of Dustbarrow, which was razed to its foundations, but the massive battlements withstood the worst that Khorne’s forces could throw at it. Its thick walls and massive gate rivaled the towers of Azyr’s cityscapes. The gate remain closed under the isolation orders of the Strakoten leaders. Rumors abound of the fate of its people, but the gate denies all entry, even the eyes of Sigmar. The Last Watch- for years, the battlemages and soldiers of The Lightning Arcanum defended the Grastiger Highlands along the southern foothills that border the Bloodlands. After the arrival of the Stormcast Eternals, the forces of Order began to push back. Together, they drove eastwards into the Bloodlands, establishing an outpost upon the western cliffs. From The Last Watch, humans, duardin, aelf and Stormcast fight to reclaim the lowlands from the forces of Chaos. While the orruks and khorne warriors battle in the east, the immediate threat comes from Nurgle’s forces from Grolack’s Manor. The diseased host has tried to take The Lightning Arcanum on multiple occasions, but now its defenders look to take the fight back to them.
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    Got to work on my cogfort factory table over the weekend. Pvc fittings and some boxes look great.
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    There goes my bet for the upcoming Nova's studio preview. A new edition of Mordheim. Period.
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    Yes, you can still deploy as single drop, even if setting up in different places.
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    There’s this, which may be what they mean?
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    I always took the philosophy behind GHB factions as: "we want to continue this faction into AoS, but are not doing so before the next GHB". Nighthaunt was the first GHB army to get a proper update at the same time as the next GHB, now Beastmen have theirs, and Slaanesh may well get something soon too. This suggests that GHB allegiances were more of a buffer to tide some factions over until they get around to them, so I wouldn't give up hope if you play a GHB army.
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    Bloodstoker and bloodsecrator done completing my august pledge. Next month should be fun as i try and squeeze in some adeptus titanicus along with my blades of khorne
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    My awesome story involves a game against Seraphon. It's the end of the fourth turn and I am behind in objective points. The only way to win the game is to capture an objective on the other side of the table currently controlled by 10 saurus warriors. Closest model to the objective is my Cabbage which is a mere 38 (!) inch away. It is my turn so I roll for mighty destroyers scoring two successes, one for the megaboss general and one for the nearby warchanter. I give both the extra movement buffs to the maw crusha then also move him his normal movement for a total of 24 inch. Now he is only 14 inch away. from the objective. In charge phase he charges a forgotten nearby skink unit with only 3 models, destroying it promptly with destructive bulk and activating on the rampage. Now he has to pull off a final 10 inch charge to reach the saurus warriors guarding the objective. He succeeds on the charge, kills all the saurus and wins me the game after covering the distance of 38 inch in a single turn in the most epic upset ever experienced in our group. That stunt is his finest hour to this day. Here it is him celebrating his victory: WAAAAAAGH
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    I don't see this happening unless they announce more LoN-style anthology battletomes or rewrites to battletomes. GW does not usually sell models without selling the rules for those in some way, and new editions are a prime opportunity to rewrite a battletome (even if it barely changes) and then sell it again. That is easy money that I don't expect GW to ignore and they rarely ever have.
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    @Barnie25 The Knight Incantor is a much better pickup In my opinion for several reasons. That right there saves you 40 points. Everything else is either good or "fine if that's your thing" except the Palladors. If I take something that's 200 points and not battleline its gonna be Evocators. Or you could take Fulminators with the points you saved taking a Knight Wizard instead of the Lord. I usually take 3 or 4 heroes at 2k so you should be fine on a 4x4 playing 1000 points with only two. @Prexxus As far as I know to use Garviel you need the Hammers of Sigmar stormhost to be declared or his ability won't work. That means you have to take their trait and artefact too which are fine I guess but they need to go on your non Garviel hero.
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    Dem top tables treat you well then!!! Great to meet you properly though see ya at the next one
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    Alright then, I'll write something up. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures, so sorry if this winds up overly dry and wordy! I also didn't take notes or anything, so some of this may not quite be accurate. The event was five 2000 point games, randomly determined missions from the GHB and corebook, realm of battle rules were not used but Malign Sorcery artefacts/endless spells were permitted. My list was exactly the same as I took to the third GT heat at Warhammer World in June, so obviously it was an army written with only the AoS 1 rules in mind and I wanted to see how it would perform in the world of AoS 2, whether it was still viable at all or if I'd have to cook up something wholly new for the GT final later in the year. Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (General, Devoted Disciples, Blessing of Khaine, Amulet of Dark Fire) Hag Queen (Sacrament of Blood) Hag Queen (Catechism of Murder) 30x Witch Aelves (Sacrificial Knives) 10x Witch Aelves (Sacrificial Knives) 10x Sisters of Slaughter (Bladed Bucklers) 15x Blood Sisters 5x Heartrenders 5x Heartrenders I've had a fair amount of practice with this list (though none at all in AoS 2), I mostly like it cos it's something of a 'highlight reel' of the DoK, with a little bit of everything, I've found it to be quite flexible and a lot of fun to play. Morathi could perhaps be swapped out for some other stuff (especially now that arcane bolt is far less reliable), but she is my favourite model in the game and as the big centerpiece kit for the DoK it seems rude not to bring her, and she can be used as a decent distraction or tarpit, plus two +1 unbinds is nothing to sniff at with the increased 30" range. Hagg Nar temple can give a deceptive resilience to an otherwise fragile force, and I've definitely had opponents caught up when triple 5+ saves mean they kill only a few Witch Aelves when they were hoping for a rout, hence Blessing of Khaine on the cauldron. Catechism is used almost solely on the Blood Sisters, the Witches rarely need it, whilst Sacrament is often essential in round 2 when you need something to be re-rolling hits for a decisive combat. Game 1 - Daughters of Khaine (Khailebron Temple) - Duality of Death The first game draws were put up a few days in advance, along with the lists, so I had plenty of time to sweat over facing this scary looking list, I was hoping not to get a DoK mirror cos I don't have much experience fighting against them and, of course, my strengths are also their strengths! Bloodwrack Medusa (General, Mistress of Illusion, Mindrazor) Bloodwrack Medusa (Shadow Stone, Mindrazor) Hag Queen (Catechism of Murder) Hag Queen (Sacrament of Blood) Hag Queen (Martyr's Sacrifice) 20x Blood Sisters 5x Blood Sisters 5x Blood Sisters 30x Witch Aelves (Sacrificial Knives) 5x Heartrenders 6x Morsarr Guard Chronomantic Cogs One advantage of the mirror match, of course, is that you don't need to spend so long asking each other what all your weird gimmicks are! As such I was well aware of how scary Blood Sisters could be, and they had a lot more of them than I did! The allied Morsarr guard are the more offensive version of the Idoneth eel cavalry, which are also pretty dangerous as well as being very fast, and the redundancy with the heroes is a good choice here too, with an extra Hag Queen to keep a spare Witch Brew on hand, and two valuable casters to keep Mindrazor available. I was concerned about the Khailebron command trait getting me outmaneuvered (obviously the -1 to hit from shooting didn't mean much), but I had a couple of advantages in the fact that my cauldron would help to sponge some damage (both via its auras and the fact that +1 bravery helps prevent double damage from Mindrazor on most of my units) and that Morathi is basically cheating in this mission. I had less drops and took the first turn, though with Hagg Nar you do want to cluster around the cauldron somewhat, with such large units there's still room to spread out over a broad spread of the board and still keep a viable formation. I took first so that my opponent couldn't Mistress of Illusion to block me from objectives, and so I could sip Witchbrews in case they went for a first turn cog charge. I transformed Morathi and flew her onto one objective in front of the bulk of my opponent's army (25 Blood Sisters, both Medusa, the Witches and 2 Hags), moving my witches up just enough so that they'd be able to counterattack next turn if they sent anything to engage with her. On the other flank I didn't have any heroes capable of grabbing the objective turn 1, and they had the eels, 5 Blood Sisters and a Hag lurking to threaten any advances in that direction. My army moved up cautiously, just a few inches, enough to risk a round 2 charge if I got priority whilst hopefully being more or less safe from taking too much damage. With Morathi on one objective my opponent either had to commit to taking her off of it as quick as possible (2 rounds minimum) or get something onto the other objective on the first turn and hope knock her off before the end of the game. In the first turn the ran up on the unclaimed objective but the Hag didn't get enough movement to make it on this turn, they did not engage with Morathi either, wary of my Witches waiting to back her up. I scored the initative for round 2 and was able to make some big moves, Sacrament and Blessing on the Witches, plus Witchbrew, gave them re-rolls on basically everything, and a command point 6" run let's them move up on the big squad of snakes, I don't mind throwing away the Witches if I can knock enough Blood Sisters out of the game. My own Blood Sisters get Catechism and move towards the Morsarr Guard, it's a pretty long charge but with the eels big movement they'd be free to charge me in their own turn anyway, and you certainly don't want that with that statline! Morathi shuffled a bit on the objective and actually managed to explode a Hag Queen with her shooting attack, probably the first and only time that will ever work. The Witches smash into the Blood Sisters, taking out one a five model squad and half of the larger squad, my own Blood Sisters make their charge into the eels too, taking a little damage from their attacks before wiping out the Morsarr Guard thanks to a lucky battleshock roll. The witches take some casualties from the Blood Sisters, but Blessing of Khaine keeps them above 20 models. My opponent moves their Witches out in a long line in order to hit my own Witches, my Cauldron and a Hag Queen, whilst on the other side of the board their Hag Queen moves onto the objective, 5 Blood Sisters moving to shield her from the 10 Witches I had lurking in the vicinity. Not moving to engage Morathi with something at this point probably cost the game as it would take some doing to shift her at this point, and if she sat there till round 5 that would be 15 points in my pocket whereas they had only started scoring in this turn. In either this round or the next my opponent dropped Khinerai around their objective to help shield their Hag Queen from my Blood Sisters, I can't quite recall when that happened. My oppponent's Witches charged in to support the embattled Blood Sisters, but they did so by lining up along my conga line back to the cauldron, when the Blood Sisters swung first I was able to removed casualties to greatly diminish the number of Witches that would get to attack, my Hag Queen even managed to survive whilst the Cauldron proved that it was more than just a support unit by smashing through a fair few Witches. I can't quite recall who won the roll for round 3, I think it was my opponent and I still had a Witch or two keeping their Sisters and Witches stuck in combat, though they were promptly finished off by the two Medusa. On the other flank my little 10-model Witch squad got cut down by five Blood Sisters, whilst in the combat phase my now-rerolling Cauldron cut through what was left of their 30-model Witch squad. In my turn it was just mopping up, Morathi failed to death stare a Medusa, I brought the Khinerai down to pick off some of the screening models protecting the Hag Queen so that my Blood Sisters could get a clean charge, and buffed up my Cauldron to send it careening into the remainder of the large Blood Sister Squad and the heroes nearby to keep them from going anywhere. Once I had manged to kill of the objective-scoring Hag Queen and two Medusa we called the game there, with Morathi still on full wounds there was no way to comeback. A pretty much perfect start to the event, really, with a major victory and a tabled opponent, I got lucky with the mission objective favouring my army, and I feel my opponent perhaps played a little too cautiously with their bruiser units (though my winning priority in turn 2 certainly didn't help them out either). If it were me I would probably be tempted to take Ishlaen Guard in place of the Morsarr, DoK already have so much killing potential that something fast and tanky seems like a good fit, and they would have been able to hold up the Blood Sisters for another turn most likely. Game 2 - Phoenix Temple - Translocation Orb Game 2 was an old world, WHFB elf-off against a very pretty Phoenix Temple force in a battleplan I'd never played before. Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix (General, Doppelganger Cloak) Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix Avantis Firestrike 30x Phoenix Guard 10x Phoenix Guard 10x Phoenix Guard Everblaze Comet An Translocation Orb the objective is worth more points if you score it in the second turn of a round, which is a tough factor for an army like mine which ideally wants to be hitting hard and hitting first. My opponent gave me the first turn in round 1 and I had to make do, setting up buffs and advancing cagily, just enough to score my 1 point. In retrospect I maybe should have committed more fully to stop it being scored back, but then things would've gotten all snarled up in the middle and it would be difficult to grab the orb in later turns. In any case in my opponents turn Aventis cast the comet which did a few mortal wounds and buffed the saves of the phoenixes, one phoenix swooping round to knock out my small Witch squad whilst some Phoenix Guard took the objective. The objective then moved itself further behind my opponent's lines, this would be something of a recurring theme, I won the initiative roll and felt that I had to take the first turn to at least try and break through, I failed to take out the closest phoenix as Morathi couldn't cast Mindrazor on the Blood Sisters, but I did score the objective if nothing else, only to have it taken back by 30 Phoenix Guard in the subsequent turn. I won priority again and the objective moved even further away, my command ability from the cauldron allowed the remaining Blood Sisters to finish off the phoenix, and a small Phoenix Guard squad that had joined the affray, and freed them up to threaten the big Temple Guard block whilst I sent the Witches towards the Anointed General, dropping Khinerai onto the objective. I dropped the enemy general down to 2 wounds and chewed through a respectable chunk of Phoenix Guard, but in my opponent's turn there were still enough left to take back the objective, at which point it was 9 - 3 and I had no chance of recovery no matter where the orb moved (no points for guessing that it continued to move in the worst possible direction regardless). So by round 4 I had set upon just scoring as many kill points as possible, and my opponent on trying to limit how much stuff I could kill, by the end of round 5 I at least had the consolation victory of having wiped out my opponent's army, but that's not how you win games! Translocation orb is a fun mission, but I don't think it's much good for tournament play, a little too random maybe, perhaps I just need to practice it more but it did feel like I was stuck in a bit of a loop with chasing after the objective and being unable to keep it for long enough to make a difference, I suppose that's my karmic retribution for cheesing Duality of Death with Morathi in game 1, though my opponent was a very good player outside of that, and they certainly had the skill to keep me where they wanted me until it was past the point of recovery, we both had our share of bad luck and they were better able to make the best of it and score a well-deserved win. Game 3 - Stormcast Eternals (Tempest Lords) - Total Conquest The new Stormcast book has some pretty scary options in it, big blocks of Sequitors can be as difficult to crack as Stardrakes whilst also being able to actually outnumber on objectives and hit back in a fight, and the ballistas can do some real work too, fortunately this list did not have too much of the stuff I was scared of. Lord-Arcanum on Dracoline (General) Knight Incantor Lord-Castellant (Patrician's Helm) Lord-Relictor (Whatever Lightning Chariot is called now) Knight Heraldor 3x Evocators on Dracolines 5x Judicators 6x Castigators 10x Evocators 5x Sequitors 5x Sequitors 10x Skinks Total Conquest is one of the older missions which has been cleaned up a bit for the new GHB, which is for the best cos the old deployment map was a nightmare. Also the objectives don't move around all over the place, which is nice. I had choice of first turn and gave it to my opponent, there's not much point in scoring early objectives in this battleplan if they're just going to get taken right back off you cos they're worth double points if you take them from your opponent, and with Hagg Nar I wasn't going to be making any big moves in the first turn while there was still stuff in the Celestial Realm. The two Sequitor squads moved onto the lower left objective, my Sisters of Slaughter skulking nearby, whilst the Skinks, Dracolines and Heraldor deployed in the narrow, 3" deployment zone near the top right objective, the Castellent, Relictor and Evocators sat on their home objective whilst the Arcanum was set up far enough forwards to use her dispel scroll if needed. All of the shooting units deployed in a convenient gap behind my forces and focused their fire on Morathi, knocking a couple of wounds off her. The Dracolines moved up with the Heraldor and pounced on my small Witch Elf unit with predictable results, the Relictor teleported himself into the woods at the center of the board and called lightning down on my Witches. In my turn I transformed Morathi and sent her off to tie up the shooting units for a turn or two, the Knight-Incantor used her scroll to block Mindrazor on the Blood Sisters, who I advanced on the Lord-Arcanum and his Dracolines. Morathi whiffed almost all of her attacks and the Blood Sisters killed all but one Dracoline. I won the turn 2 initiative roll, using the Orgy of Slaughter command ability to free up the Blood Sisters before sending them up to take out the Skinks on the top right objective. The Witches missed out on most of their buffs except for Witchbrew and Blessing of Khaine, but I sent them up to try and take out the Relictor anyway. Morathi ate some more Castigators, the Blood Sisters decimated the skinks and scored the objective whilst the Relictor survived on one wound. In my opponent's turn the Relictor teleported to safety close to my home objective but failed to heal himself, the Heraldor attempted a long-range retreat and charge to take out a Hag Queen, but couldn't quite make it, the Witches killed the Knight-Incantor and Morathi finished off the archers. I won turn 3 initiative as well and was sitting in a pretty comfortable position, I buffed up the Witches and sent them command point 6" sprinting across the board as a throwaway assault on the camping Evocators, the Blood Sisters following behind to serve as a second wave in a later turn whilst Morathi pounced on the wounded Relictor. I killed half of the Evocators off and enough Witches survived the retaliatory attacks to score the objective, and when my opponent could not finish off the rest of the Witch squad in their own turn they called the game. Another major win, and another near table-ing. Game 4 - Idoneth Deepkin (Ionrach Enclave) - Shifting Objectives I've never played Idoneth before now, and I'd never played this battleplan before either, I was certainly grateful that it was not the 18-24 outflanking eels list, cos my arms really does not have a good counter to that! Volturnos, High King of the Deep Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Storm (Cloud of Midnight) Tidecaller (Steed of Tides) 10x Namarti Thralls 10x Namarti Reavers 6x Morsarr Guard 6x Ishlaen Guard 5x Sisters of the Thorn 5x Tree-Revenants Geminids of Uhl-Gysh It's a list with a pretty clear strategy, wait till turn 3, burn all your command points on buffing the eels and Eidolon and then use superior movement to make a great big mess, this was tough because I also want to be using turn 3 to start making a great big mess! This battleplan is played length-ways along the board, so the Idoneth's greater movement would be advantageous, and it's also one of the few missions that has objectives within 6" of a board edge, favouring the teleporting of the Tree-Revenants. The first couple of turns were very cagey, with minor skirmishes on the edges of the battlefield as we prepared for that vital turn 3, sending small portions of our armies off to claim the objectives, I managed to kill the teleporting Tidecaller with a small squad of Witches, and lost most of the Sisters of Slaughter to Reaver volley fire (Though they did manage to cut through all of the Reavers and some of the Revenants in return). I won the priority for turn 3 and opted to go first in order to limit the amount of time High Tide would be useful for, moving back a little to try and force failed charges. At this point I made what could be categorised as a 'big mistake', some might (correctly) say game losing, I dropped the Khinerai down between our lines intending to force the eels to end their movement prematurely and giving them a longer charge as a result, but I mis-measured and left enough space that they could instead charge over and hit the back of the Khinerai, then killing the harpies off with weaker activations and allow the eels to pile wholly into the Witches, which got all of them killed in short order. A really dumb mistake which put me on the back foot for the rest of the game. But I wasn't out of it just yet, I won turn 4 and powered up the Blood Sisters with everything I could muster and used them to decimate the Morsarr Guard, the Eidolon used the Cloud of Midnight to escape their fury but the eels were cut down easily. In my opponents turn 4 the Eidolon and Volturnos retreated to charge the few remaining Sisters of Slaughter and score the objective whilst the Ishlaen Guard tried to screen off the top-most objective from my snakes. I won initiative in turn 5 too, and I still even had a slim chance to win the whole thing. Morathi transformed, using her gaze to kill the Tree-Revenant pipes and prevent anymore shenanigans there, before heading to engage the Eidolon and Volturnos in search of kill points. The snakes got all the buffs again and cut through all of the Ishlaen Guard and Sisters of the Thorn without breaking a sweat. The top most objective remained the primary one for the third turn in a row, if my Cauldron could make a re-rollable 8" charge into the Thralls guarding it I would be able to pile into range, kill off the weak infantry and secure a major victory, but alas the highest I could roll was a 7. And Morathi didn't even manage to kill off the Eidolon to ease my sorrows either! Despite making a pretty major mistake this was still a close game right to the end, and a lot of fun to boot. The random objectives were, again, a little frustrating, if the primary objective had been in any other position than the one it was in either of the last two turns I could have turned things around. Ah well, I'll have to settle with murdering most of the opposing army instead. Game 5 - Chaos - Focal Points The last game of the event, always a tired affair, and down at table 9 there was no hope of trophies for either of us so we were free to take things a little slower. Archaon Everchosen Harbinger of Decay Lord of Blights Lord of Blights(?) Lord of Slaanesh (Gryph-Feather Charm) 40x Marauders 40x Marauders 20x Marauders Chaos Spawn Prismatic Pallisade Plaguetouched Warband You know it, you love it, it's the Plaguetouched Warband. I've never actually played against it before now, but I was aware of vaguely how it functioned on account of its infamy. This battleplan is kinda fun, I like it well enough, really anything where the objectives don't move around is good by me! With a two-drop list my opponent took the first turn, popped all their command buffs and sent Archaon and the Slaanesh Lord hurtling forwards, hunting for Morathi's head, fortunately the Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse failed his charge, allowing me to pounce him with a bunch of Witches in my turn. The large Marauder blobs moved up too, threatening to outnumber my held objective in the next turn. My witches didn't have their to hit re-rolls available yet, and I failed Mindrazor, but some fortunate Damned terrain helped to mitigate for the negative to hit modifiers present, and this was one of the few times putting Catechism on Witches was worthwhile, allowing them to smash Archaon down to just below half wounds in the first turn, Blessing of Khaine keeping them relatively safe from retaliation. My opponent won priority and charged my screening Witches and Sisters with the Marauders, claiming one objective and closing in on the other, several of the support heroes charged in to aid Archaon, who was dragged down by Witches (who did now have re-rolls to hit) in the combat phase, though their numbers were severely depleted. In my turn Orgy of Slaughter again proved invaluable, letting them rip apart the Slaanesh Lord and Harbinger of Decay, though unfortunately one Lord of Blights remained alive to lock them in place, leaving the Maruaders on the left unopposed except for my Cauldron. On the right the Blood Sisters began to chop into the Marauders, but at -2 to hit and with no re-rolls yet there was only so much they could do. I won the turn 3 priority as well, freeing up the Witches to aid on the left flank, the Khinerai descending to threaten objectives whilst the now re-rolling snakes were able to mulch most of the Marauders, at this point it was basically done and the game was called shortly after, one last major win and another near table-ing for the final game of the day. --- And that was that, lots of fun at a nice venue. My list still seems to work pretty well in the new era of AoS 2, potentially I could drop one Khinerai squad for a command point or endless spell, the command point would be valuable against certain first turn alpha-strike lists as I do have a limited amount of screening drops, but I'd rather have actual models than non-physical command points really! I need to change up my relic, I think I got to roll, like, three saves on the Amulet of Dark Fire all tournament (and I'm pretty sure I failed all of them anyway), I don't have Malign Sorcery but one of those would probably work better (Gryph-Feather Charm, maybe?) or even just the one that adds an extra Khainite Prayer so I can squeeze Crimson Rejuvenation in there. Tactics-wise I think the list is solid, even if it takes a big hit just a handful of Witches or Blood Sisters with the right buffs can carve a real mess out of your opponents plans, and you can put pressure on to keep your support units safe. I did not lose any of my heroes in any of the games I played, the only wounds my Queens suffered were due to feedback from their own prayers or splash damage from the Everblaze Comet.
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    The key theme to FEC is deranged cannibals believing themselves to be noble warriors. The Batteltome only seems to equate that with traditional Knights and such, but expanding on the core theme, that probably shouldn't always be the case. Maybe I'm not 100% up on my Realmslore, but I would assume there are plenty of realms/regions that never had that sort of 'Knights of the Round Table' culture. Could ghouls on Ghur actually see themselves more as noble tribesmen or something? Seems possible. I went with Chamon, because we happened to have that first Realm Gate book, and I like the Bretonnian idea of revering a Lady. The tragic character of Celemnis fit the theme and SCE were the 'good guys' during her time. Looking at the background to Aqshy, this Orb Infernia region looks pretty cool. http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Orb_Infernia During the Age of Myth it was a proud sky kingdom. A rich world of miners and artisans. Orb Infernia seems to be in ruin now, but I would think that an FEC army here would think itself to be what ever martial force was in place back during the glory years. I'm doubting it was knights on horseback, but the area seems ripe for imagination. How did the citizens get around? Sky ships? Wings made of some contraption or another? Maybe go heavy on Flayers due to the FEC force being the guardians of this once regal sky kingdom? (Deadwatch is a great battalion) This region also looks ripe for conflicts with Chaos (deamon princes of all four chaos gods) and Order (slann). This is all just an initial idea. There are plenty of other areas to go into. Hallowheart. Maybe do something related to the rain of stars that fell from the sky ruining many chaos cities. Do the ghouls living in those ruins think they're Star Children? What about a group of nutters who think they're a fyreslayer lodge? Ghouls with mohawks!
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    Follow up on my contract....The Doombull is ready And more to come...