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    I have a really cool idea for something we can all get together and do as a community on these forums but I need everyones help to make it happen. Introducing the Battle of The Grand Alliance's Over the next few weeks we can all head over to our chosen subforum and crowdsource the best and most unbeatable army list imaginable for each of the 4 Grand Alliances. Chaos, Death, Destruction and Order. Once your chosen alliance has its champion, the lists can be played against each other by members of the community from all around the world and the battle reports posted back to these forums. After all the games have taken place, and the use has settled, one Alliance shall rule supreme and be rewarded with a make-over of that forum section. This will take a great effort and co-ordination but as we have lardy seen with the amazing process hosted on these forums so far, anything is possible when the community gets together. How Will It Work? I have some ideas, but essentially its up to the community. I want to take the next week to discuss and tweek how this will pan out and set up a set of rules of engagement. As a group we can post ideas in here and grow this to something that can be a lot of fun to be involved with. Building the lists What I'm hoping to see from this is some in-depth discussions around the pros and cons of various builds and why they should be selected as a champion. This will be a meaty topic for veterans to sink their teeth into and educational for newer players that want an insight into the intricacies of list building. All this will be open on the forums so spying and counter intelligence might take place! Your Alliance will have to build a list knowing that all your tactics and plans are known to all, and you will know all your opponents plans too. With a generous timeline we could even see lists being play tested and reported back on. Doing Battle. I don't yet know how to resolve a winner, 4 Armies. 6 Games. 3 points for a major win. But we could also look at having each match-up duplicated and taking the average result if it is played out multiple times around the world. The Winner The winner will be the hobby, and the community who get involved. But one Alliance will rise above and be crowned the champion. I will have a treat in store for that forum section on these boards. I have created the Alliance threads already and they are pinned and locked in each section. Next weekend we will unlock them all and kick things off. Until then lest work on the rules. thanks, Ben
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    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've painted for a huge part of my life, and one of my favourite things is following people's project logs and getting inspired by what others have done. Here's my attempt at a project log for a freeguild army. Hopefully I can keep adding to it, as well as inspiring others! First some fluff. The Realm of Ghur. Eastern Reaches. From the writings of Herr Jaeger. Towards the east of Ghur lies a region of deserts. They are greatly affected by the unstable magic of other realms, an effect I termed Realm-Bleed during my travels. The northerly desert is an icy, stone-strewn tundra where little thrives. The magic of Shyish bleeds into the northernmost edge of this tundra, ensuring that which does survive the sparse wilderness is truly hardy and fearsome to face in combat. The southern desert is a sandy region where waves of dunes ripple across the horizon. This desert is hot, and the further south one travels, the greater the effects of Aqshy Realm-Bleed. The two deserts are split by a strip where, against all odds, life thrives. This tropical oasis features a vast lake and rivers that feed farmlands before reaching the Eastern Sea. To the north and south of the bountiful lands are the Twin Jewels of the Deserts - Kislavia and Ajier. Kislavia is the city that lies to the north of the oasis. Its people are rugged and used to fighting the cold. They are experienced hunters and have tamed a number of the fearsome beasts that inhabit the northern tundra. While the majority of the population live in the city of Kislavia, there are a number of nomadic tribes that roam the wasteland for food, as well as dangers in the form of monsters and enemies. The tribes can be distinguished by the colours of the tassels their carry. Some tribes specialise in archery, others in trade, while a rare few focus on taming the wild creatures of the tundra. In times of war the tribes will band together to protect Kislavia. These occasions see a formidable force of spearmen, archers, handgunners and beast-riders marching in unison. These dangerous times even see marble-clad remnants of Sigmar's Stormcast and the reclusive Rieklings, or Ice Goblins, join the tribes of Korgoria to protect their lands. This army came from a desire to come back to Warhammer Fantasy. I wanted to create a freeguild army that decended from the empire. I searched my miniatures for suitable candidates and came across a number of miniatures I had bought to one day create a Kislevite Army. The miniatures are plastic Steppe Warriors from Fireforge. They are detailed and include a range of weapon options which covers the spearmen and archer needs for my army, The first miniatures I finished were five test archers, five test spearmen and a converted model to represent a general. What's that you say? Enough with the text? Ok then. No more rambling and onto the pictures! The Freeguild Guard fend off enemies with their shields. The Freeguild General preparing to draw his blade! The Freeguild Archers let off a volley! The Archer Champion surveys his men. 'Not bad,' he thinks. "They are overrunning us!" screams his second. Test scheme for marble-clad stormcast. Quite happy with it, and it was not terribly time-consuming! Win-win! Next up I'm finishing off the remaining archers and their pet hawk! Things to look forward to in the future include bear-ish riders and the elusive Rieklings! Hope you like them!
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    Tom Loyn just took out POMPEY PILLAGE with his Destruction army. 5/5 wins. 21 out of 30 secondaries too.
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    Last week I went to Blackout in Cardiff using the Braggoth's Beasthammer battalion . I'm a big fan of it and have used it for a while but this was the first time I've taken it to a tournament . This was my list: I'm not the most experienced in AoS so something I can just charge forward with appeals to me! This will be brief round ups of what I can remember rather than indepth reports as my memory is awful . Game 1 v Nurgle Shifting Objectives With 4 drops I had the choice of who started (as I ended up doing in every game) so I went second . His army was made up of 2 big units of plague bearers ,1 GUO a unit of blight kings and a couple of different characters . He ran everything forward to get near the objectives with the GUO just behind . I managed to cas the cogs then moved everything forward hoping to charge . All the charges went off with the mournfang and gore gruntas getting into the plague bearers and the Frostlord getting into the GUO . The hunter , frost sabres and butcher covered the objectives . I popped the double attacks this turn and killed both units and the GUO . Just a case of mopping up the rest after that and the objectives weren't threatened all game . Major Win Game 2 v khorne Places of Arcane Power This was against the mortal Khorne dudes , who I've only played once before and I have a vivid memory of my frostlord killing himself because these buggers! I wasn't sure how best to go about this battle so just went first and tried to charge everything in . Only the frostlord made it and did a fair bit of damage in his centre but got Reality Bladed off by his general . I hung on for a while but couldn't do any substantial damage to his army before it wiped me out . I've thought about this battle the most since the event as I think I could've done a lot better . I think If I'd put the heroes on the objectives and bubble wrapped them with everything else then I could've done a lot better . Oh well , Major Loss Game 3 v Gutbusters Scorched Earth This was something a little bi more familiar . This was an army of a big unit of 12 ogors , a unit of 6 and 1 of 3 . Troll hag , Tyrant and a butcher (i think). I took first turn and charged everything in , the frost lord went to my left to take out the unit of 3 and the MF and GG into the other units of ogors . What followed was the biggest mistake I made over the weekend . I forgot to take the bonus attack which could've crippled them a lot more but a combination of heat and being tired I totally forgot . So it turned into a big scrap on his side of the table which he eventually won and took my objectives . I might've been able to still win after forgetting the attacks but mu head had gone by then! Major Loss Game 4 v Nighthaunt Total Commitment This was so one sided it was untrue . He had a lot of the usual suspects , most of the characters , the new units and a load of spirit hosts . He had to deploy everything on the table so went heavy on my right so I was able to clear everything on my left easily and swept over to take the rest . He wasn't helped by his awful saving rolls and it all fell apart Major Win Game 5 v Nurgle Border war So just before this battle I'd heard that I was leading the kill points for Destruction so I was hoping for an army to play against that was easy to kill , so of course I drew Nurgle! This was very different to the Nurgle in my first game . There was a lot of blight kings and marauders . I decided to not bother with the mission and just go for kills but I wasn't hopeful . It turned out as I expected and I just couldn't break stuff down enough and he had a crazy amount of saves . Major Loss So after all that I came 71st , which was a little bit disappointing but at least I know where I went wrong . I still love this army and look forward to more games with it .
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    Cultists. Going to have to play with the bases but they look good otherwise.
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    Here they come: dispossessed! My Warden king: The cogsmith The runelord The drakes Some "classics" thunderers More to come ?
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    Thanks! I’ve been incredibly happy with how they’ve been coming out. It’s also been fun seeing where I was as a painter years ago compared to now. It’s taking more time than just rebasing, but it’s been well worth it so far. Just gonna take awhile to get through my 8000 or so points of old O&G!? White primer, Fire Dragon Bright, Fuegan orange shade, reclaim highlights with Fire Dragon and clean up shadows with Troll Slayer (if needed), then final highlight with P3 Heartfire, then a shade of Casandora Yellow to tighten everything up. Finished up my warboss! Took a couple quick snaps at the painting table. I always loved the new Skarsnik model but am not a fan of the new Gobbla. Fortunately, I love (and had) the old version. So I combined the two and got a warboss with great cave squig that I love!
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    No problem, I was worried people would read my comment as mean when honestly we should be happy we have a battleline unit that is crazy good offensively either way haha. I did a bunch of math on various opponents and buffs with the Monks and both of their loadouts when I first started AoS, if I remember I'll upload it when I get home tonight or tomorrow
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    I would love a RTS game like Dawn of War or battle or Middle Earth 2 with campaign mode and skimish mode. Having a fortress and buildings specific to recruiting armies and heroes or upgrades, resources and defences. I usually prefer that type of RTS to the total war games.
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    Work begins! I had to do up his base before gluing him on to paint, so that I could get to everything on the base.
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    And some hammerers The Ironbreakers A gyrocopter/gyrobomber lightly converted Note that the bases (end the colors) are the same that the ones on my freeguild army. this way they can be use together. Otherwise, you may have noticed that the quality of the painting is "light": I've painted all these miniatures very quicly for I'am recently a (very proud) father of a 3 weeks old son, so I've not the same painting time than before ?
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    Painting. Gaming. List building Tweeting listening to podcasts watching you tube Club Nights chatting with mates. running events Give me another 5 hours a day and I will play your video games!!!!!!!
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    Gladly. I'm posting by.phone at the moment but I will post them once I'm at my computer. I've written a few add on house rules for stuff in AOS and I've tried to always make the modular so that you can either use the whole thing religiously or cherry pick the best bits. But it covers: Castle and fortifications profiles. Siege engines + defence weaponry war scrolls. Ladders and wall climbing. And more
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    This guy was inspired by the Order of the Fly, I use him as my Harbinger of Decay. Since this picture was taken, I've added shoulder armor and started painting him.
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    Squigs are done! Although I’m a bit frustrated as I seem to have misplaced one. ? Like the shaman, the rebasing turned into a complete fixup, bringing them up to a better level of quality. I’m quite happy with them! Next up is a batch of 10 herders to lead the motley mob of pumpkins.
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    The event itself was flawlessly run by Paul and the Pirates and I really liked the event pack The secondaries meant you could still have something to play for if you were up against it and made it easy to establish placements
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    I strongly agree! ? I love the "space marine touch". With this body armour, I'm not afraid of stormcast anymore! By the way, the scepter (The wild boar) is from a celtic standard bearer from foundry miniature.
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    I would want a video game based on Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. Probably similar to Dragon Age where you have a party of 4 that you can switch between but I'd like it to control more like Darksiders, with the fast action and intuitive controls. Thats the AoS game I would want to play.
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    One day you are thinking about getting into this cool new game. The next you are making sketch-up plans of your house to optimise hobby storage space. ?????
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    Be careful of what you wish for ?. I can already see in my head Kharadron skyport mobile game: "Alright, let's build a new ship! Oh it looks like you're running low on aether coins mate. Wait 24h for our ships to return with more coins or buy aether coins for only 1.99 dollars for 100 coins! Or buy the Grungni-Bundle for best value, only 59.99!"
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    @Ravinsild said stuff I feel for you! When i started playing aos it was impossible to get a 2000pt game. The club i went to wanted to run 1000pts games to let new people play without a big barrier to entry and then ran a couple of big 4-8 player games with 750 pts each (4 teams of 2x750pts). First 2k game I played was at a tournament. Eye opener! If youre playing people who are gold tier, make sure you debrief with them afterwards! Ask what you should have done differently. If youre not learning from a loss, youve probably wasted a game. Always ask your opponent what their effective range is. Whats the max distance they can move + shoot. Or move + charge. Its not a crime to castle up or deploy on your back board edge. Imo playing khorne at 1k / 1.5k and 2k or more than 2k are completely different experiences. Very much reliant on buffing characters to supercharge units. Characters are a big investment in a small game, and battallions should probably be out of the question. You can only really choose one or two types of buff giving you a very one dimensional army. Allegience ability relies on killing units. Smaller games, fewer units, less potential tithe points. However, big games above 2k crazy good for bloodtithe points. Rather than trying out every list/battalion to see what is the best, figure out which units you enjoy the most and have a playstyle you like and stick with them until you know them inside out. Agreed with @mastercrafted Reavers are just ablative fodder. Their blood isnt fit for drinking, merely spilling. The biggest decisions with them should revolve around: A) Do i place a unit behind them to counter pile-in when they get charged and die or do I place my unit more than 3" away? (For example if you know someone can double pilein, or if you are going to be charged by two killer units or if you think shooting/magic will remove the reavers before combat. B) If the unit behind the reavers piles in after they die, will it still be in range of any buffing characters come the start of my next hero phase? C) If they get charged, will the opponents unit be within 16" of a slaughterpriest? Just because the reavers rolled a 6 to run doesnt mean you should pelt them forward the full distance. you could totally setup reavers as range finders for bloodboil.
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    My other Runic Druid Lord has seen some paint now too.
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    Thanks for the comments! I see that you guys liked the ghost sea horses a lot. At first I thought that the cheap plastic tails would look plainly weird and out of place, but once painted the minis they blended really nicely with the horses. Phew! @Black Waltz the banshee model is just one of the Coven Throne vampires with a daemonette head. Yes, the kit comes with three banshees, but I'm planning to add those to the bloodseeker palanquin and my future mortis engine. Talking about the palanquin, it's finished! I still had no background for the vampire lady, but I can tell you that she logs where the best blood samples are in a vast map that's always with her. (As I lack of such painting skill, the map as painted by lanadanollora in instagram, maybe you've seen his nurgle circus army in warhammer community)