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    So, because I'm that kind of person, I've thrown together a spreadsheet showing the damage potential, damage per point and durability of Nh units. You can toggle (hopefully) all the in-faction buffs on and off, alter the unit sizes, and so on. Figured it would be useful for you lot, so here it is. Nighthaunt number crunching It's locked for editing so download a copy to play around with it. Give me a shout if anything is wrong! Worth noting that by default I have all self buffs turned on. Edit: Thought I'd add some take home points... Reapers are bonkers. A unit puts out 30 wounds with just their own buff. A unit of chainrasps are however identical in terms of points per wound, until you factor in rend. A full unit of Bladeghiests, assuming they get their rerolls, actually average almost the exact same damage output as reapers over 2 turns of combat (toggle +1atk for charging on and off). So if the enemy retreats they're doing better, and since they're 40pts cheaper they do more damage per point. Banshees are best vs only the really high save stuff, and only if they have their attacks buff off. Though if the enemy has reroll saves they would pull ahead sooner. Harridans are just behind reapers in terms of points per wounds and notably aren't reliant on a self-buff. Glaivewraiths are just behind them. Poor spirit hosts and hexwraiths (though I haven't factored in their movement MWs) are terrible in terms of points per wound - they pay a real premium for MWs and resurrection efficiency. Same for chainghasts, even factoring in the shooting, unless you get in against an absolute ton of models. Hordes, then reapers, then hosts are our most durable units per point. Chainghasts, then banshees are the least.
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    For me, narrative is what happens off the table. Choosing what models to buy (especially this!) and/or what models out of my large collection to build, deciding how to build and paint, doing conversions, coming up with basing schemes. Then, and only then, do I build the best list I can manage, constrained by the mostly narrative/aesthetic purchasing and painting choices already made. And then I play to the best of my ability on the table (but sometimes the mood takes me and I make an ill-advised charge for silly reasons - I'm not a robot!). But I still end up a mid-table chump (in a general sense, defeating poor players and losing to good ones), because I pretty much never base buying or painting on what's good. And so I end up with Arrowboy-less Bonesplitters at the height of the pre-nerf Kunnin Rukk, and boxes and boxes of Skywardens rather than Endrinriggers, and a for-the-love-of-god-why Spiderfang army that I painted for... reasons(?).
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    Hello Everyone! First off, I know that there has been a lot of competitive vs narrative discussions as of late and some of them have been quite heated. It has been clear through all of these that there is a wide range of different play styles, different attitudes and creative ideas. So just to be clear, this is not intended to be combative and I hope that anyone posting in this thread takes engages with an open mind and spirit. The False Dichotomy I wanted to discuss what I believe the be a major false dichotomy in (some of) our discussions about Age of Sigmar and the hobby in general. Often we see things being lumped into 'competitive' or 'narrative', whether that be rules, games or players. Because of these simple categories, exclusive and conflicting ideas get swept up into these boxes and people end up being at odds with each other. Competitive is often used as a synonym for "Strict Rule Adherence", "Matched Play", "Tournament Play", "Balanced", "Fair" and "Challenging" and of course the multiple meanings of the word competitive itself. However there are already lots of inconsistencies here that can lead to confusion. Matched play can often be the easiest, quickest way to have a no fuss casual game. Lots of fiercely competitive people will go nowhere near the tournament scene, and conversely some people who couldn't care less whether they win or lose will love tournaments. Some competitive styles of play are designed to minimise the in-game challenge by winning in the list building phase and eliminating scenario variance, and some of the most difficult challenges someone can give themselves are with house rules. Narrative is often used as a synonym for "Casual", "Rules Agnostic", "Imbalanced", "Lore adherence", "Narrative Play", "Open Play", "Fluffy", "Easy" and even "Uncompetitive". Again lots of these things can conflict with each other. The games that have given me some of the greatest challenges have been house-ruled custom-scenarios. Some custom scenarios have nothing to do with the lore or make any narrative sense. Narrative games can be tweaked and replayed, swapping sides to achieve a game balance not obtainable in broad matched play tournament setting. Some of the greatest stories told by a game can happen in a tournament game with no narrative intent at all. I believe that there is a great deal of confusion and animosity caused by the way we use these words and our attempts to box up a broad and colourful hobby. I would be hard pressed to define what a "competitive player" is, or go into a match saying whether it is or isn't narrative. The only thing of any certainty is knowing which game type you are playing "open", "narrative" or "matched", but none of those game types are synonymous with "Challenging", "Casual" or "Competitive". I hope that thinking deeper about the terms, what they may or may not mean to different people, can lead to a better experience of the game. Share your Experience! In an attempt to distinguish this thread from other discussions, I want to encourage people to share their experiences that you feel buck the trend of some of these labels and highlight the breadth of the hobby. One of my best examples to highlight what I mean is actually from 40k, between Orks and Space Marines (apologies!), but the message is the same so please substitute for orruks and stormcast eternals (Iff we were talking the base greenskinz, it would probably be quite accurate). My ork force does not contain the amount of troops required to play a powerful list, and while I work on my dwarves I am not going to expand it further. So in my weekly games with my friend his marines would end up defeating me with very little problem. We even swapped armies a couple of times to deliver the same result. So we set up a campaign where he chose a set list of 3000pts of marines, and that would be the forces he could chose from for the rest of the campaign. Once something is dead it is dead forever. I on the other hand had a defined 600pts of HQs and then whatever I wanted to bring for each match. The games would be 1000pts, and my challenge? To defeat his entire force in 5 games. Suddenly everything is more interesting. He had the most fun in building his list, everything was much more challenging having to plan for multiple games, with reserve characters , troops etc. Each game became more monumental, losing a character could have long lasting effects. My tactics changed completely to take out strategic targets that impact more than just this single game. We are having our 5th game soon and this time he can only field 800pts of figures, in what be my best chance yet to clinch it. So please share your experiences? What narrative or custom games gave you the most competitive experience? What matched play/tournament style games told an epic story? Thanks for reading if you made it this far!
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    Not to doubt your personal experiences, but they don't mesh with mine. I can't say I'm competitive in the same way as, for instance, Dead Scribe, but I sure as heck do want to win each and every game I play. But. When I lose, I almost always still enjoy the game. The times I don't either have to do with my opponent being a tool or my most frustrating thing in gaming (making a perfect plan that works 215 out of 216 times, and getting that 216th option). My preference is, by far, to win, but losing doesn't negate the fun. I think your choice of how you presented it is, no shade to you, a representation of just exactly why we have this problem or conflict. By saying competitive players only enjoy winning and that non-competitive players are the ones playing for fun, you are reinforcing a negative mindset and a false separation. All Warhammer players - all of them - are playing for fun. Also, I'd wager that nearly all Warhammer players (all other things being fair and equal) would prefer a win over a loss, even in a Narrative or unbalanced game. We're all having fun and at least hoping for the win. We just emphasize different aspects of the experience along the way.
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    So like GW releases a "5 year anniversary Edition" of some minis prepainted but their standard model of gray sticks around?That could be a fine compromise for those willing to pay. That's me and Tzeentch. He's actually my favorite Chaos god. I really hate the "just as planned," Xanatos Gambit, deus ex machina sort of writing he's prone to but at his core, he's a thinkin' man, mage guy and I dig it. The universal truth for me when I was getting into the game was that I was going to play a spell casting army and I was going to play an army that I could win with. Tzeentch checked the boxes and were the absolute, unquestionable best when I decided to pick up AoS. Don't get me wrong, they have some sick models. Lord of Change is pretty cool. I really dig the Gaunt Summoner for its Del Toro vibe and Changeling is straight up rad. If only the rest of the entire army could just look like Ogroid Thaumaturge instead of stupid bird men and undulating blobs of depression. It killed any desire I had to play Tzeentch when I saw the models. Anyway, I'm exceedingly happy with Death. I sort of jumped in on them before they "got gud" (i.e. the Legions of Nagash Battletome came out) and was promptly rewarded for my hubris. In the end I picked them because I wanted to play Castlevania the army on the table. I was going to find a way to be better than my opponents regardless. We spend 90% of our time looking at and thinking about our armies. It's very important you're happy with how it looks. I love to win but I can only win once or twice a week in LGS "practice games" (because every game, even narrative is practice when you're me) and maybe once a month at a big tournament. I mentioned the high of winning earlier... that can sustain me a long time. 90% of the time though? Nnnngh, there's a diminishing return. The more you push around an army that looks like a pile of ******, the more hollow victories become. At least for me. In all games, I think there's a puzzle of personality for competitive players. This is not unlike casuals and hobbyists. Something gets you into your game on that army or that character. A lot of times it's happenstance. A lot of times it's some subconscious draw. Certain players, the best in the world, will gravitate toward one list over another initially. In MTG, I was always the control player with a combo finish (a lot of grixis basically) because that's how I liked to play the game. I wanted to tell you no and then turn on my heel and win so I'd make the best deck that did that. In Street Fighter, I am (well, was) the rushdown player because when I was a kid I picked "the Red Ryu" since red was my favorite color. That warped how I played that game series the rest of my life. I'm sorry, person, your character is "too fair." I'm going to wait for your fair character to make a mistake and then punish you to death. My Soul Calibur days it was Nightmare (well Sigfried, Nightmare, then Sigfried)... a, big punish guy, with deceptive speed... so Nurgle basically on that last one. Ken is probably Daughters of Khaine except DOK is more of the instant aggressor than Ken is. Oh, wow, what a fun for only me discussion that would be. Note to self: Make later thread about Magic Decks or Fighter Game characters as AOS Lists... Back to the point, AOS is three dimensional and I don't mean the models. The experience itself is multifaceted, a step above other games. I can't play an army I hate no matter how much it wins for instance. Similarly, I struggle to run certain units (like spirit hosts an edition ago) if I don't like them. I will handicap myself if I hate the model (or figure out a way to bash it up to be awesome) and just assume I can overcome my handicap. Skeletons were a little plain so I fixed them the way Steam fixes things... silly hats. That's sort of the brilliance of AOS. We talk about the barrier of entry to table top games. Rarely do we talk about the angle of entry. There are a lot of different ways to get into the game.
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    @Chris Tomlin is going to do it but guessing real life has gotten in the way. Just be patient and it'll appear at some point
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    @mastercrafted Yeah it is, I probably would have taken blade of endless bloodshed too just to compound on getting more tithe. Probably not super competetive but could be fun. I usually find, with my lists, that I get enough blood tithe points, but maybe getting enough a turn sooner would be great. Yeah just take a few min units of reavers and put them infront of your scary stuff. I don't even expect mine to get to swing, they are chaff/screens and blood tithe. If their gore gruntas or whatever smashes into 10 reavers instead of a good unit it's such a win for you. Next turn just hit them with something that'll hurt them on your terms after they've killed th reavers and gotten you a blood tithe point. Yesterday I played a Dark feast list and just had a bunch of reavers, a warshrine and some skullcrushers behind 'em. But reavers just melt, but those that lived long enough to swing did it with 4 attacks each with either rerolls to hit or +1 to hit. But I had one unit of 20 and that just instantly felt like a mistake, 14 died before they got to swing If that was just two units of 10 there would actually have been less dead reavers, and another blood tithe for me. I've played 3 games with BoK in 2nd Ed, and by turn three I've had between 6-8 blood tithe points. I usually just drop a bunch of bloodletters on an objective and take the lead. I've played with Skarbrand once and he died almost instantly. But he did kill a unit of 5 stormcast paladins in one go (that's 15 wounds on a 4+ save), so when he gets to swing it's hilariously lethal
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    And I hope that they PRINT ON THEM the version of the tome with the mention "including all rules up to THIS date dd/mm/YYYY" They could also add few BLANK pages at the end for the owner can add some note/FAQ etc...
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    For a number of weeks I’ve been building up my first AoS army since leaving the game at the end of 8th and this week got the last set of toys bought and built (not fully painted yet but working on that). Chuffed the lists was built I got in touch with a mate of mine to arrange a game so I could pick the rules up and see how the list felt. My list is quite an elite LoN list with the dynamic duo of Nagash and Arkhan running around; my mate brought a FEC list with 2 Zombie Dragons, and 3 big blocks of Ghouls. We set up with him deploying outside of dusty mirror range. I won the roll off and decided to go first. Not sure what I was doing as most things were out of range I popped the mirrors off and decided to Curse of Years his Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon through the mirror to drop its wounds some. To both our surprise my first ever Curse of Years went all the way down to 1+ , take it off. Pretty chuffed we joked about beginners luck and the fact that I was seriously considering dropping Arkhan for 20 Grimghasts as I felt I was missing mass attacks with only 30 Chainrasps and 4 Morghasts and the dynamic duo. Next turn I Dusted the remaining Zombie Dragon through the mirrors and got a double cast off on Curse of Years on a block of 40 Ghouls. The first attempt went as it statistically should causing 3 mortal wounds. The second casting though again went all the way down to 1+ , take them off. What are the chances?! Next turn I popped mirrors and Curse of Year’d his unit of 30 Ghouls, got to 1+, take them off, then following turn I Curse of Year’d his unit of 15ish Ghouls, got to 1+, take them off. My mate was tabled. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Curse of Years single handily won the game. Is Curse of Broken? It can be game changing but I think the answer is no, I instead broke maths. Getting off a full Curse of Years once is about a 1/7 chance so getting it on 4 out of 5 castings in one game is about a 1/2000 chance! (I think). This game was bonkers and I’m looking forward to my next game as I have no idea what my list can really do and of course being disappointed by Curse of Years for the rest of my life as I don’t think that’s ever happening again :(
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    Thanks for the advice! I seriously wish I could get my hands on a Skull Cracker.... I also think they would be quite smashy. My thinking with the Cogs is to ensure a second round charge and to give myself a chance at a 1st turn charge, but your put is well taken,. The battalion is definitely a good idea. I was a little worried about my wound count, so I think if I bought that list I would play test it a lot and see what I liked better, the bonus from the battalion or the extra fat.
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    Had a tournament practice game last night (who finished deployment gets +1 to go first, no roll off for turns, no endless spells or realm artifacts) against seraphim. Played knife to the heart. He had Slaan Banner Saurus Battalion of big dinos with rerolls consisting of 2 bastiladons with Crystal's 3 kroxigors Engine of gods A razordon and handlers 3 units of 10 skinks 2 units of 5 chameleon skinks I had Waystone pathfinders Nomad prince Spell weaver 2 waywatchers 1 waystrider 30 glade guard 3 units of 10 sisters of the watch 5 wild riders 5 sisters of the thorn. I took the first turn killed some skinks (took 1 unit out completly) and put 6 wounds on a bastiladon. Put my wild riders near my back objective with 10 sisters. His first turn he built up summon points, failed to teleport, summoned 20 skinks from the engine, shot both bastiladons at my glade guard and took out 14 (yay). I spent a cp to hold with the glade guard. Turn two I summoned back 3 glade guard, put shield of thorns on a sister unit, popped reroll ones and -1 to hit. I sent a unit of sisters up behind his lines. Pushed my wild riders onto my objective. I shot the bodkins and waywatchers at the Krox and killed 1 (yay) and put a wound on his slaan, managed to put down 10 summoned skinks and 6 more ran. I charged some skinks with my waystrider and killed 3 before they popped away instead of fighting. His turn he got all the summon points and summoned up a old blood on carnisaur and put it 9 away from the sisters behind his lines. He moved his squad of skinks off his objective and moved all his big dinos over, he also moved up his krox to threaten my waywatchers. Shooting killed more glade guard. He failed his carnisaur charge (even with a reroll and +1) skinks charged waystrider, krox charged waywatcher. Big lot of nothing in combat. My third turn I shot his krox in the hero phase and moved a waywatcher behind his lines 3" away from my sister unit. Who moved and ran 5" (changed to a 6" with on the double) and auto won the game. Talking with him after (after some ribbing about not being able to beat wanderers) he admitted to being to greedy and forgetting that I can realm wander. Also failing a charge with his carnisaur and doing nothing with his razordon helped massively. Was a fun game, and my shooting did give him abit of a touch up, bastiladons are crazy good, killing a slaan is harder then it looks, still love my sisters and waywatchers.
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    Hi Guys. I am new to this forum and new the Legion. Before I sell all my organs to buy an army, could you give me some feedback? I have two styles of list that i've been working on. One is a mobile, melee force and the other is a infantry, midboard control with magic and shooting. I'm hoping to get some feedback on both from current players of Legion becuase they both require a large $$ investment and it will be a long time before I could buy both. First up is the mobile assualt list. I am going for competitive and tournament worthy. All CC is welcomed! LEADERS Shar'tor the Executioner (220) Bull Centaur Taur'ruk (160) Bull Centaur Taur'ruk (160) Bull Centaur Taur'ruk (160) Daemonsmith (100) UNITS 3 x Bull Centaur Renders (180) 3 x Bull Centaur Renders (180) 3 x Bull Centaur Renders (180) 3 x Bull Centaur Renders (180) WAR MACHINES Magma Cannon (140) Magma Cannon (140) Magma Cannon (140) ENDLESS SPELLS Chronomantic Cogs (60) TOTAL: 2000/2000 The 4th Renders could also be either a 4th Magma Cannon or 4th Bull Centaur Taur'ruk in my mind, but I wanted more troops/wounds.
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    If I was going to do it I would take probably 4/5 units of 10 and then use them to screen. Push them right up the board as far as possible so that armies which hit really hard run into a giant speed bump, then ideally let them have priority turn 2 so that you get the endless spells move first and they waste their turn trying to get through the Ardboys. At that point you can probably bring back 2-4 units on YOUR turn 2 and fish for the double yourself. Hell it's a bit of a funky list but this would be a laugh at least
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    @relic456I think a comparative list/discussion of other games is pretty useful for new players now that you mention it. There is a lot of overlap between all the nerdly vices these days. You have a lot of people coming over to AOS because of Total Warhammer alone. These are people that play video games as their first love and then show up to this new, kind of expansive game. MTG and other Table Top Games have their obvious overlap but still lack a common parlance beyond some very basic terminology (the beat down, the control, etc). As for Reikenor. His model is one of those just... great centerpieces. This is the sort of centerpiece model you build an entire army just to include. The exact subject of this thread is in play here for me. I'm not likely to shift off Grand Host and go full Nighthaunt any time soon. I was SO PUMPED when they erratad us to include some new Nighthaunt units because I knew I got tools to keep with the creep. A lot of the Death players are including chainrasps and grimghasts and I think that's overall the right choice (especially GGR who bring necessary mobility and are a solid hammer without giving up army synergies). My core army list has just about 400 points of "flex space." This is where I can toss in some grimghasts as I get them assembled... then I look over at Reikenor. This bag has the audacity to look this awesome. How dare he? I have no interest in going full Nighthaunt where he synergizes the best and really becomes an auto-include. But it would just be sooooo easy... Minus 1 vamp lord + 1 Reikenor allied. Those other 40 points? I haven't really been liking geminids anyway... I'm so tempted to do the suboptimal thing because how awesome he looks alone. I'm justifying a lack of optimization, "well, he does do this thing and..." My competitive side is directly at odds with my awesome side.
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    I don't think so Storm would be broken with spellcasting ability, I've recently played some games with Aspect of the Storm and it performs a lot - you can give him ignroing rend cloak from reclis and he is quite reliable source of damage with his ability to retreat and charge with 12'' fly move and 4A and 3+ (with re-rolls of 1) and 2+ (with re-rolls of 1) and -2 rend Damage 3 + few other attacks. He is hard to master but I think along with Tides and his awesome ability he's worth his point. On the other hand Aspect of the Sea is quite useless, as 2-3 Tidecasters will get the job done with magic almost as well, and they are easier to hide, the only think that Aspect of the Sea does well is casting but I wouldn't pay 240 points for re-roll of 1 casting roll. In nutshell you can field units that will fill Asepct of the Sea role quite easily, Aspect of the Storm is quite unique - as sure you got Morssar but they can be locked up in combat and their damage output is gone, Aspect of the Storm thanks to his ability and not losing any damage output when wounded is different animal (especially with ingoring rend item.)
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    Had the game. Aside from being dispirited by some absolutely appalling dice, I have two main takeaways: 1) The Spirit of Durthu is ******. 2) I am bad at this game.
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    Went to Blackout last weekend. 94 people (give or take) 5 games, 2000pts (tm) matched play with realm spells, command abilities and effects in play (the later seemed to be cherry picked to be the notsocontroversial ones). When aos 2 was announced I decided to change to khorne daemons instead of mortals and for the last two months I have been clipping scraping glueing spraying and painting almost non stop List: Bloodthirster of unfettered fury (BUF) (immense power & deathdealer) Bloodsecrator Murderhost: Bloodthrone (armour of scorn) (converted to be being pulled by a jugger with the massive gnashing maw bit as the juggers head and gave herald one of the bloodthirster heads crown. Intending this to be crimson crown, but then thought to go with something a bit more survivable) 2 x 30 bloodletters 6 x 5 fleshhounds (converted gryph hounds- scraped off all icons of sigmar, added two khorne tassle'y things, one to each side of their harness and 5 spikes to their collars). Took 30 extra bloodletters and a herald to summon from. Chose not to take brazen rune! Reason being id only have the bloodsecrator who could take it. The new battleplans have missions that need a hero with an artifact on them to claim and didnt want to be risking not having a banner planted to move him up the board onto an objective. G1 shifting objectives Vs DoK Morathi, slaughter queen on cauldron, medusa, 2 hag queens, 2x30 witch aelves, 10 sisters of slaughter, 2x5 heartrenders First time playing with a murderhost- all been theoryhammer up until this point. Deployed first. Took first turn. Horrified at how quick you can motor up the board with a murderhost. 2d6, 2d6, move, charge and then pile in. Hit the wall of witch aelves, bounced off after causing minimal damage letters/hounds got murderised in return but I lay claim to the objectives. Dok spent a command point on a double pile-in during their turn. Which made a massive dent in my remaining troops. T2 Primary objective changed to be in the middle where he now had the majority of his force + morathi. Then his Heart renders dropped in. The end was nigh. Result- loss G2 places of arcane power Vs moonclan Cave shaman, 3 shamans, 60 grots, 40 grots, 15 cave squigs, squig gobba, mangler squig, colossal squig, 3 fanatics, some herders Took first turn, sent flesh hounds forward to make a screen just infront of his battleline but didnt charge. Bloodthirster and blood throne took two objectives. Sent a blob of bloodletters to threaten the third. Managed to get to the end of t3 still holding objectives. At which point Id wont on points. We played out for kill points, it was fun and bloody. Afterwards opponent said probably played too cautiously, waiting for a gap to open up to send the collosal squig through. It didnt happen in time. Result- victory G3 scorched earth Vs tzeentch Changling, blue scribes, LoC, shaman on disc, 3x10 pinks, 10 tzaangor, 2x10 blues, Most exciting game of scorched earth ive ever played! Looked over opponents list then completely forgot about accounting for the changling when I deployed. Changling appeared by my left objective after setup. I mentally kick myself as bloodsecrator wasnt going to move, bloodthrone needed to keep up with the advance and the bloodthirster was on the far right flank. T1 wasted a move sending the bloodthirster back into the middle of the board. Murderhosted up the board and engaged his lines in the middle and on the right. Killed some blue's, a couple of tzaangor and some pinks. Not enough to take an objective. In return he zapped stuff with his tzeentchy spells. revealed the changling and summoned some brimstones + used destiny dice to charge into the fleshhounds on my left objective. [Hindsight- after checking the tzeentch errata i literally have no idea how he got 10 fatepoints to summon. I count max of 8, not including the things I dispelled with the fleshhounds. hey ho] He couldnt burn it R1 but he went straight for burning it it R2 and promptly rolled 1pt. The fleshhounds killed the changeling and the brimstones over the next few rounds of combat, so made up some killpoints but the objective was gone. T2 i claimed his objective on the right. He cast the chains spell to stop me advancing to his middle objective. Which i wasnt too bothered about, I was only intending on sitting on his objective and then burning it as late in the game as i could. T3/4 He had to run/charge his tzaangor onto his right objective to reclaim from my bloodletters & doggos. He made a cautious move towards my middle objective with the LoC, scribes and shaman. Armour of scorn on the bloodthrone paid off in dividents as I made some good clutch saves to keep it alive. It sped around his advance, summoned 5 bloodletters who sneakily claimed his middle objective. Burnt it for 1pt. His shaman charged my middle objective. Bloodsecrator died at some point to a combo of shooting/magic/combat. My Bloodthirster charged the tzaangor on his right objective. Some good rolling wiped them out. Objective back to being mine. My T5 Bloodthirster ran as far as possible back towards my right objective, I summoned a herald, who summoned some blood letters. 6 models protecting my last objective. His turn 5, i was up 3 points. He moved his shaman on disc 16", summoned another unit of brimstones and used destiny dice to guarantee a charge onto the objective. Ultimately I couldnt kill enough to stop him claiming the objective. He burnt it, rolled a 5, scored 3. Draw on points. He took it on kill points. Result - minor loss Bought some of the 32mm cloud style cluster movement trays from the firestorm shop. Enough for 60 models. Joked that if I went past a 24hr tesco on the way to the hotel id buy some glue and rubber bands. As it happens I did, so I did. 100% would recommend these if you have lots of models to push about. So much so, that I bought another 60 on sunday. G4 total commitment Vs grand host Vampire lord, arkhan, vlozd, 2 necromancers, 30 grave guard, 2x5 direwolves, Mortis engine Took first turn. Hurtled forwards with two blocks of bloodletters one towards each corner objective. Left side stayed out of range of the zombie dragon, and outnumbered the direwolves. Fleshhounds followed up to support. Two key moments decided the game - 1 bad movement with bloodletters on the right. Should have gone really wide around to the right and hit dire wolves from flank to avoid grave guard butchering me. I didnt, and to compound it I rolled a 4 to charge. Should have rerolled it, but didnt. Couldnt veer enough to wrap around the dire wolves. Would have probably been better just not charging in and being out of position for his T1 rather than squaring up to the graveguard. After combat, he had killed 27 bloodletters. - 2 BUF vs vlozd. Fluffed first combat round with BUF. 7 dice, 4 hits, 3 wound, he saved them all. To be fair he didnt roll particularly well striking back either- I think I 'only' took 8 wounds in total. Next turn I kicked out 10 damage, but he finished me off. At the end of my turn 3 it was 15-3 on points and i had a handful of depleted fleshhound units left. Vlozd took my left objective. Grave guard mowed down the middle of the board. arkhan took my right objective by magicing off a summoned unit of bloodletters. By the end of his turn 3 it was 15-10 and I had nothing left to challenge him with. 15-17, 15-24.. Result- loss G5 border war Vs KO Admiril, 2xkhemist, 3x10 arkanauts 2x9 endrinriggers, ironclad Not the zilfin list- something pirate-y with rrs to hit and a couple of use one per game abilities. T1 had a full unit of bloodletters shot off + a couple of fleshhound units. In return I moved up, claimed objectives. Bloodthirster charged the ironclad, had to use a command point to reroll the charge. Took a torpedo hit (forgot about that bit) but still rolled like a champ and did 18 wounds. That was the only kill I would get. Bloodletters on the left failed their charge and werent in range to use a command point for a reroll. T2 KO endrinriggers charged in and finished the job taking only minor casualties in return. Tabled. Result- loss Probably need to do some homework here. Figure out what the optimum distance to maintain is. Being able to move + have a good chance of a successful charge vs being in range of various weapons to be shot at. Self assessment: this weekend I wasnt even adequate In hindsight- Caught out by not having a bloodsecrator. So use to to having +3 to run/charge on a key unit each turn. Sorely missed. Also range of banner only 18. Need to recalibrate ive become a bit complacent with the gorepilgrims bonus range. Forgot about BuFs stampy ground ability completely. His lash only caused 1 damage all weekend and didnt manage to drag anything into combat. BuF nowhere near as versatile as WoK. Missed the run + charge & rr hits vs Heros/monsters. Guaranteed mortals from breath attack, better range on the other shooting attack +2 to dispel, ill take that too! Occurred to me that if you go first as an alpha strike the risk of being double turned back has gone down from 50:50 to 40:60 (give or take c2%). Overall I felt a lot out of practice and would have liked to have spent more time looking at battleplans than painting and wished id had at least one practice game with the list instead of going in cold. Thinking about how to go about doublestacking two units of bloodletters so you can counter pile in with a second wave Or with fleshhounds on the edges to pin a unit in place for their turn 1/2. Summoning: need to take a spare bloodthirster Revising list to: Wok bloodthirster (immense power + deathdealer) Bloodsecrator Murderhost Bloodmaster/herald (ulgu: betrayers crown) 2 x 30 bloodletters 6 x 5 fleshhounds 2000pts exactly
  19. 1 point
    I might add them at some point. To be honest though there's few you take for their combat prowess so I slacked off on doing them initially :p. It takes exactly the same amount of damage caused to remove a full unit of each - 72. Because they're cheaper this makes the horde more points efficient in terms of durability. If you're putting mystic shield on, it actually doesn't change anything since the horde gets more rerolls, but the reapers pass the rerolls easier. Added a column in the spreadsheet showing damage to kill the unit anyway.
  20. 1 point
    Played a Order list with a fun little ally combo. Tenebrael Shard + Sword of Judgement. Yeah, thats it. On 4+ he can teleport into combat anywhere on the table. He then gets +1 to hit if he does and has 6 attacks. So thats 6 attacks that do D6 mortal wounds on 5+ against heroes and monsters. Talk about a cheap Sniper. Can kill anything, sure you should only count on him taking out a regular hero. But if your opponent brings something like Alarielle you give it a go. You probably take her down a bracket or 2 and if you get great rolls its: "hey Alarielle, bye Alarielle". Not bad for 120 points and a artifact slot.
  21. 1 point
    If the base has a similar design and you did not miraculously change your paint style (highlight techniques, broad style, things you pretty much do subconsciously) I highly doubt it. In my opinion, this new trend should die out asap. It's just unnecessarily restrictive and for the 'feel' an all-painted restriction was sufficient. I mean, this question itself leads to the worse case imaginable. You are thinking of restricting your artistic freedom because of an arbitrary event. What if I have multiple chaos armies that I have painted with different bases and want to play an undivided list? There is a reason no one ever enforces paint schemes from battletomes.
  22. 1 point
    I'm about 1/3rd the way through Soul Wars (which covers the events of the Necroquake). Without giving away too many spoilers (it's a seriously good book), I'd say that one thing that is portrayed is that Nagash is no longer mortal. He doesn't feel in the way a mortal does - none of the Gods do in fact. He has some frustration that a third-party meddled and his calculation didn't go as he'd planned, but that's more frustration that he didn't spot them until too late. But he's a pragmatic God - what's done is done and he'll work with the results - it's certainly a win from his point of view, early on in the book there's a great scene with the Chaos Gods.
  23. 1 point
    @Ravinsild i view my reavers as nothing more than blood tithe atm, stick a few buffs on and fling them in there. Watch them die, collect the tithe, and fling another one in. I'm currently only taking blood warriors cos they look awesome, and i have a them. If i started again, id probably just go with chaos warriors
  24. 1 point
    I like it but some colourfull details will help it. I’d say finish the model and post again
  25. 1 point
    Thanks! Update: knight incantor and my first leader for an upcoming escalation league
  26. 1 point
    @AngoraDemon So there I was, watching your battle report, and as soon as I saw that Cabbage charge your Bloodsecrator I just skipped ahead to see how things turned out... only to see it suspiciously absent and your Bloodsecrator still standing. "Wait, WHAT?! Rewind!" "I thought that was the turning point for you" "It was!" "And then it wasn't."
  27. 1 point
    I second Callis and Toll. The story starts with City of Secrets, but you could jump straight in with The Silver Shard too which is what I did. Though Silver Shard was so good I'll probably go back to City of Secrets
  28. 1 point
    @Kirjava13 you have loads of potential but it's not yet built, I have a few bits waiting to get built as well, BC, Kurdoss, but I have even more waiting to get painted ?. If you go with just built units I'd go: Torment (general/spirit ruler/midnight tome/shademist) , GoS (soul cage), Reikenor (reaping scythe), 20 x chainghasts, 20 grimghasts, 3 spirit hosts. Without the bladegheists as well as the grims, cogs could be waste of points. The torment can revive D3 models, which can make spirit hosts really tough to get through.
  29. 1 point
    Because you don't need points to play, maybe? I was fine with my TK in AoS when it first hit the shelves, and I am fine with them today.
  30. 1 point
    Eh, it will still get insta-gibbed by mortal wounds. If you're going for durability, Legion of Sacrament has a better minus to hit relic that applies to shooting. -1 @8" or less, and -2 beyond that. A 3+ save in this game isn't worth completely re-gaming your list to take advantage of relics... but did you mean 2+? He already has a 3+ save. The VLoZD is simply not durable enough to wade into melee and really honestly expect to live very long. His melee has to be targeted, which isn't super difficult because we have a large amount of screening units. In reality he isn't strong enough to build a list around, but is a solid component.
  31. 1 point
    I did consider it, but i went with slaughterborn to try and make the most of the blade of endless bloodshed. Only netted me 1 blood tithe in the end so possibly not worth it. I'm having a mad idea of trying a couple of slaughterpriests with blood sacrifice, and a cheap "blood bank" unit for even more blood tithe.
  32. 1 point
    Yep and if you do not want to magnetize right away, just simply use small dabs of plastic glue (not super glue) for the 2 hands, the head, and the maw. that way, you can get to playing quicker with less effort, and later on when you are ready to try a different config. the pieces will break off easily and you can magnetize.
  33. 1 point
    Either GUO Bell and blade or Rotigus. Sword is worthless IMO because after rolling for hits/wounds, you're looking at 1 save at best and ultimately it just doesn't play to the GUO's strengths. You can also quite easily magnetise it as I have, but I've only played it bell and blade so far!
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  35. 1 point
    I've got the three foot heroes built for the Ironjawz, with 10 (or 2x5) Brutes built soon. Then 6 (or 2x3) Gore-gruntas will take me to 1000 points. After that, 20 'Ardboyz, and even more Brutes! For the Nighthaunts, I have 11(!) heroes ready to go already along with some Chainrasps and Stalkers, and have two boxes of Banshees to do next. I'm not sure after that, but it seems likely I'll need more Chainrasps and it seems most people think the Reapers are an auto-include, so...
  36. 1 point
    I think that one of the best tools forums give us is to give our perspective. So long as we are polite and not verbally attacking individuals, letting others know what interests you in the hobby / game is important. It lets us see the game through other players' eyes. It also communicates to the developers of the game what trends may be important enough to look at.
  37. 1 point
    As someone who, for yersa, has never really learned to paint - I'd personally HATE that. I think part of the game is learning new skills; its appreciating that you can learn to assemble and to paint and putting your identity on the model. I think the hobby part - for all its pains - is still part of the game. You can bypass it by spending more on custom painters if you want; but you can't leave it out. I'd hate to see it go pre-painted, it would just take too much from the game itself and the hobby and the rich potential variety. Personally if I were skilled at painting and saw that the club was running all grey armies I'd sit down and work out how I could change that. Run painting nights; teach others how to paint; help them paint up a few models to show how they can paint their own scheme - encourage them and be pro-active in getting them to paint up their stuff. A lto of the time unpainted armies speaks of a lack of skill, understanding, confidence and self-learning resources for people. Give them that and they can rise to paint! I also love that as a very geek heavy hobby with lots of science and geeky people in it - the painting and hobby aspect UTTERLY crushes that daft notion that "science people can't be creative and creative people can't be sciencey." It also, to my mind, shows how poor a lot of art teachers are when students who can't do art learn how to paint warhammer models to a good to high level!
  38. 1 point
    Sometimes they are better. Sometimes they wreck communities though if they try to enforce that everyone follows the lore. The guy that runs our group doesn't talk about lore at all. He built our community by running great tournaments and attracting tournament players and by organizing commission painters to paint the majority of our stuff since most people in our group have no hobby interest. One thing I'd love to see GW do is put out prepainted models like they do with xwing. Would remove grey plastic armies and those that wanted to paint them better would do so just like they do in the xwing community.
  39. 1 point
    I think the best thing about the game we play is the pure cinematic expereince we get and I don't think that escapes any player. Two 2000 point painted armies on the table will always trigger our nerd senses and make us think of what is going on the table. Regardless of what type of game I'm playing, I love to imagine a Lord of Change ripping a tear in reality and pouring our warpflame, or cackling pink horrors taunting my enemy etc. I think it's almost hard to get caught up in the visual expereince the game provides.
  40. 1 point
    That would be a tough tournament! No running, next game 6" range, next game 3 monsters eating your heroes. Mental.
  41. 1 point
    I really love tables filled with terrain, from my perspective it adds a lot to the game play and prevents one huge fight in the middle (we play 4x4 most of the time, so less space). I always put a lot of terrain on the Battlefield, my opponent can then adjust the terrain features, so both are happy. But i‘m not a tournament player, just love epic fights on a epic battlefields ?So I spent quite a lot of money on terrain (Main Source: https://m.facebook.com/der-Müller-tabletop-wargaming-terrain-scratchbuilts-170500416342058/?__tn__=%2Cg) attached some AoS&40k games ok my table.
  42. 1 point
    The siege rules that they give us are very watered down. One of our guys has a siege book from games workshop from like twenty years ago that is pretty cool. I know at our club they were going to do a siege weekend with those.
  43. 1 point
    Will do, I won 4 lost 1 and i finished 11th overall out of just under 100. Will hopefully get round to doing a write up of it but in the mean time my list was as below: ClanStain-Blackout.pdf
  44. 1 point
    So I have 4000pts of Sisters, 6000pts of T'au, 2000pts of Deepkin (and growing), my Bray/Warherds I'm moving on is around 4000pts and my Slaanesh Daemons are around 2000pts.
  45. 1 point
    This is literally perfect handling of terrain IMO and I'm glad to see that Ben won. Sounds like my kind of guy - plays hard and paints hard too (for the record I absolutely do not paint hard but I love aesthetically good-looking pieces)
  46. 1 point
    The tournaments a friend of mine runs locally use random prize support to completely separate winning from rewards. That is intended to encourage a more casual approach to the tournaments and has worked well so far.
  47. 1 point
    The gryph-hound rules were changed for AoS2 (what you quoted) and its very likely those games were AoS1 (only 1 gryph hound, cant run 1 now), in addition the poster didnt know the rules either and hadnt actually played against the person in question, so we are on 2nd hand info about what actually happened at least. If the person is interpreting rules incorrectly then yes they need put straight, but what it really needs is someone to actually ensure the rules are interpreted correctly by an independent, which in a tournament (even a small store one) should be the TO.
  48. 1 point
    There are two things in this sentense, that were definitly wrong. First, the Warning Cry of the Gryph-Hound does only work against Reserves that are set-up within 10" of the Gryph-Hound (not by moving into the range) and second, the warscroll got changed, and only Stormcast Eternals can shoot with the Warning Cry (also Gryph Hounds are now units of 6 (only in combination with a Lord Castellant or Lord Veritant Gryph-Hounds of 1 are possible) .
  49. 1 point
    I don't think you can use the 'protective volley' ability to shoot out of combat, because you cannot shoot out of combat in the shooting phase and you treat them 'as if it were the shooting phase'. I personally like the idea that we abandoned Alarielle and have since been rejected by her and the Sylvaneth. My Wanderers general is a primadonna/narcissist/womanizer/hunter/fur-trader/carnivor, so of course the hippy/vegan/plant-people that control the realm would try to chase him away. Luckily, the Wanderers know how to navigate around all of nature's hostilities. "Yo Alarielle! I only came here to trap some of your Fey Steeds so that my woman can ride them! Thanks for the venison! I hope you lose some weight soon! See ya later!" -Governor Trojanoak to Alarielle, seconds before fleeing from 'The Battle of the Birch Trees'
  50. 1 point
    I am actually coming to GW because I rage quit Malifaux and Deadzone. I sold all of my stuff and bought 9 total armies across 40k and AoS for me and my family to play. We love it.
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