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    Moonclan.............that is all ?
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    I think I found out a secret.... *massive spoiler alert* Sigmar is about 2500 years old. There you go, now you know the Age of Sigmar.
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    The voices told me GW will be taking all the old dwarf models away from anyone who enters their stores, secretly rummaging around people's attics and sending large hairy bailiffs around to everyone's houses to hoard all the stunty models. They'll then rebrand them, and release Battletome: Repossessed.
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    Thought I would post some pics of my current project - a Stormcast Eternals army in the Hallowed Knights colours with a vanguard hunter theme. I loved the look of the Hunters and it's nice that they've become a bit more reasonably costed in the new addition, but really this choice was all about the look and the concept. I've kept conversions on the subtle side, with the main one's being use of the old Knights of the White Wolf empire knightly orders sprue for head swaps and more fur cloaks. The main colours are - airbrushed Vallejo Metal Color steel + duraluminium for the armor - Metal Color gold with Game color sepia ink for the gold trim - stegadon scale green + sotek green for the "blue" details - game color Scarlet Red as the main pop color Since buying the Vanguard Brotherhood box set at the start of the year, I've chugged my way though: - Lord Relictor - 3 Vanguard Palladors - 2 x 5 Vanguard Hunters - 10 Liberators - 3 Raptors with Longstrike - 3 gryph hounds - 3 aetherwings On the painting table I still have a Lord Aquilor, Neave Blacktalon, 5 Retributors and 3 Prosecutors primed and waiting to go. Future additions may or may not include awesome warrior mages riding battle cats!
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    I'm a big fan of the screaming bell/plague furnace, and struggle to bring them into my lists, but my biggest "pet model" has to be the Skaven Warlord. Tend to be the last model standing just because I go above and beyond to keep him safe. Hiding him in houses and such.
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    Gitmob Grot Shaman - 80 Grot Wolf Chariot - 40 Grot Wolf Chariot - 40 Grot Wolf Chariot - 40 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 Snotling Pumpwagon x3 - 180 2000pts
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    You have LLV saying Moonclan. What more do you need? He has so far been one of the most reliable and prolific AoS rumour-mongers. Anyway. @LLV is there something else you could tell us about the Moonclan release without getting you into trouble?
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    I raise you true stupid! Allegiance: DestructionLeadersOrruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)Fungoid Cave-Shaman (80)Battleline40 x Orruks (280)- Pair of Choppas40 x Orruks (280)- Pair of Choppas40 x Orruks (280)- Pair of ChoppasEndless SpellsAethervoid Pendulum (40)Balewind Vortex (40)Chronomantic Cogs (60)Emerald Lifeswarm (60)Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (40)Malevolent Maelstrom (20)Prismatic Palisade (30)Purple Sun of Shyish (100)Quicksilver Swords (20)Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws (40)Soulsnare Shackles (20)Suffocating Gravetide (30)The Burning Head (40)Umbral Spellportal (60)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 148
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    While pottering around in my time machine I happened to pass a games workshop store of the Year 2025. It will look similar to a modern GW, except that the revitalised spin off games will prove to be so popular that they will occupy as much shelf space as Sigmar and 40k, in much the same way that Lord of the Rings once did. They will attempt to cash in on the success of Total War Warhammer a few years too late, by bringing out a set of premium boxed games set in the World that Was. These allow you to reenact key moments from the video game at 10mm scale. Unfortunately this product line will coincide with the release of Total War: Age of Sigmar. Seven years from now there will be 233 separate order factions, most of which are Aelves. Meanwhile destruction only has three more models, all of them squigs. Somewhat off topic, but I also checked out the Grim Darkness of the Far Future while I was at it, and can confirm that most hive worlds of the 41st millenium have GW shops. However by that time the hobby has merged back into historical wargaming, as Warhammer enthusiasts reenact battles set in the wartorn 21st century. Go figure.
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    No better place on the forum to put him as he's a pretty Free City-ish model, here's the Realm Walker for Warhammer Achievements that I spent a couple of hours cobbling together out of spare stuff this afternoon: Realm Walkers are a custom warscroll broadly described in the event pack as Azyrian explorer/cartographer types armed with magic staffs. I think this guy meets the requirements and largely matches the theme of my army (he'll likely end up as a Cogsmith or Runelord after the event). Missing are the Celestant-Prime's Cometstrike Sceptre as the top of his staff (if anyone's got one spare, PM me ) and a greenstuffed Chaos Warrior-Style furry mound topping his cloak.
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    Some poor photos of my army in the display cabinet.
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    I heard (From a handsome fellow bearing a strange likeness to myself) that the very next faction release will actually be a Battletome: Terrain. Lead by king Balewind (who they revert back to a terrain piece), all the terrain pieces gain movement and attack characteristics, while retaining their special and garrison rules as long as they have allegiance: terrain. My mother also told me that Forgeworld would support this range by releasing a terrain piece the size of a gametable, which allows friendly and enemy models to walk ontop of it, but can contest several objectives at once. This is all true, and reliable information.
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    they used to all the time before they went corporate. On their other model lines there were always comedy names and theme take offs from popular film and TV references of the time. (slambo for instance) and lots of references to staff as well- Mad Mullah Ak'Land's (after Tony Ackland) death commandoes. Nick Lund actually put the face of manager he never got on with on a chaos dwarf cannon he had scultped, which never saw release before he went to work for grenadier. The cannon became known as the ****** cannon, or the Ass Cannon to our American friends. They were the part of the LE range. Wizard with chainsword above Wizard with sub machine gun Dwarf with inferiority complex Sanity clause Space santa Chaos Toilet Inconvenienced dwarf Some of the models you'll recognise as having become part of mainstream model lines in the years following. the Amazon was actually the Amazon Gothique from the cover of a white dwarf, and often reffered to as the kinky chaosette - she came in a blister with the warlock and I have them both still with that original packaging, together with my LE9 thrud. I also still have my power armoured trooper (incorrectly labelled in the link as power armoured marine) and also my LE1 and LE2 space orc and space marine. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Limited_Editions_(Citadel)
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    I don't remember the exact numbers, but I have an approximate memory of what I calculated. Against a 4+ save unit you will deal roughly 7,5 wound damage on average on the top of my head for a unit of 3 palladors, this is both shooting and getting a charge of, about 2 W of that 7.5 Is shooting. So a good 4 wounds per 100 points spent *if you get all in combat*. This is where their strength lies. They have great mobility and decent damage output. Great for getting a turn 1 charge off or sneaking behind enemy lines with an aquilor. As for raptors. Long strike does about 2 damage unbuffed per 100p spent. Hurricane about 2.4 I believe with the +3 att after deep strike, making them slightly more powerful than empowered castigators and even ballistas which at 18 inch range do about 2,22 damage. Hurricane cannot move after that though, which limits them, but Aquilor can fix that. In my opinions hurricane raptors are great to deepstrike and shoot for that matter, but kind of a 1 trick pony. Realistically speaking though, a unit of sequitors gives you about 5 damage per 100 points spent per combat and enhanced weapons and evokers about 6 wound per 100 points spent. With the celestial realm being great for close deployment, you could do similar stuff with those units now, but only have a ~29ish% chance to get a charge of... And they cannot be empowered by evokes until the next turn either. in short: vanguard stuff is great to get a fast turn 1 semi consistent damage output. Newer stuff has to wait a turn before getting useful (barring the ballista and castigators). Unmoved hurricane deal more damage on average it seems, but castigators can have 2 rend, which is useful. The issue with castigated she remains being unable to empower them the turn they come down from the celestial realm and the command ability of the arcanum isn't enough. I forgot to add.... soulstrike brotherhood (is that the name?) if you aren't running aquilor, gives about 2 to 2,2 damage per 100 points spent adding everything up, but gives an extra artifact and command point. Not the greatest either since you need to deploy 1 of your hunter units which nerfs that 2 damage further.
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    I got to see a sneak peak of Battletome: Aleguzzler Gargants this week when I was at a friend's house who has a mate of a mate he knows down the pub that knows these things. I had a flick through, lore is interesting, but a bit mental. It's the allegience abilities and artefacts that bring it to life, though. I'll summarise below: ALLEGIENCE ABILITIES Aleguzzler Gargants stride in to battle equipped with weapons of war, and copious amounts of ale and mead. Throughout a battle, Gargants will become progressively more inebriated, which is represented by army-wide abilities that change at the start of each two battlerounds. Battlerounds 1 & 2: Party Time Ecstatic about a bloody good knees-up, a gaggle of Aleguzzler Gargants will march enthusiastically into the fray, cheering noisily and generally disturbing the peace. For the duration of the first battleround, add 2 to the Movement characteristic and charge rolls for all Aleguzzler Gargants in the army. Battlerounds 3 & 4: ******ed After having deployed and depleted almost all the ale and mead on the battlefield, Aleguzzler Gargants will begin to descend into drunken aggression. Chests will be poked, unreasonable shouts of "Oi, watchoo lookin' at?!" will echo across the battlefield, and general destruction will ensue. For the duration of Battlerounds 3 and 4, add 1 to the attacks characteristic of all Aleguzzler Gargants on the battlefield. Additionally, an Aleguzzler Gargant counts as 10 models for the purposes of calculating which player holds any objectives as they drunkenly argue over who the shiny thing belongs to. Battleround 5+: Absolutely Spandangled Surviving Gargants are, by the later stages of the battle, utterly smashed. They are in a state that ranges from horizontal on top of a local tavern, to upright and urinating all over the foe (or objective). Sometimes Gargants will profess their undying love for each other (or the enemy), and other times they'll be so hungry they become particularly deadly. For the duration of Battleround 5, roll a D6 at the beginning of each phase of the player's turn for each Aleguzzler Gargant on the battlefield. On a roll of a 5+, apply the effect(s) listed below, reflecting the rapidly changing mood and temperament of the heavily inebriated creatures. Hero Phase: "Oh, come on - you lot ain't so bad after all!" Overwhelmed with affection for something, the Gargant's spirits are lifted. Immediately heal D6 wounds. Movement Phase: "Hgnn!" Tripping over its own feet, the Gargant staggers destructively, flattening everything around it. All units, friend or foe, within 3" of a staggering Gargant suffer D3 Mortal Wounds. Shooting Phase: "I'm gonna bloody swamp meself!" In dire need of bladder relief, the Gargant, now so drunk it is unaware of its surroundings, exposes itself for the world to see. The foul liquid that follows is toxic to say the least. Pick a unit within 9". That unit immediately suffers D3 Mortal Wounds. Charge Phase: "You want some?! I'll give it yer!" The Gargant becomes so unreasonably aggressive that it loses all control. If the charge roll is successful but was a double, the Gargant lands on the enemy unit in a flurry of fists and terrible un-coordinated violence. The Gargant may not attack normally in the Fight Phase, but instead immediately inflicts D6 Mortal Wounds on each enemy unit within 3". This effect replaces Drunken Stagger. Fight Phase: "I'm bloomin' starving!" In a state of severe munchies, the Gargant starts collecting snacks for the walk home. After making a successful Stuff 'Em in Me Bag! roll, keep rolling until the ability fails to roll double the model's wound characteristic, or until there are no enemy models within 3".
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    I finally have a moment and wanted to respond to these point by point. I want to be clear that my post was specifically geared toward thinking about Prince Vhordrai and what place he might have in a Legions list, not geared towards discussing any possible permutation of Legions stuff and certainly not Nagash himself as I think we already agree that putting V and Nagash in the same list is a mistake. 1. A totally fair point. I finally got my copy of the new GHB and I see what you mean about the specific battleplans. 2+3. It's not a question of which army is more defensive. It's a question of whether you can dislodge a defensive army that can get to the objectives before you do. It's possible that these armies won't show up in the meta at all, but one has to at least consider the possibility of things like: One drop Sylvaneth army that can basically guarantee the first turn (we will never be one drop) and drop their entire army on top of the objectives on turn 1. Clearly this doesn't apply to every battleplan, but there are plenty of battleplans where this approach will be very effective. Such an army can be built with an absolute buttload of dryads that are -1 to hit (-2 if their treelord stomps go off) with a 4+ (3+ in cover) save rerolling 1's, supported by behemoth wizards with crazy healing capabilities, and the ability to summon more dryads. Nagash is a real help here in that he can just eat those behemoths with Hand of Dust, but again I'm not really talking about Nagash lists. A tunnel-based vulkite spam Fyreslayers list. I'm somewhat more dubious about this kind of list, but chugging through 90+ vulkites is not an easy task. The idea here being that having an offensive powerhouse unit that can concentrate damage in a small space and pick of key support heroes regardless of lens (like V can) could be very useful in these situations. Maybe I'm underestimating how much work skeletons and grimghasts can do. 4. Yeah, I run skellies and grims plus VHD in every list too, Nagash or no XD won't get any argument from me there.... 5. I think maybe you are missing what I'm trying to articulate. It's not that an army fits into one of those niches itself, its that a particular dynamic is created by the relative composition of your list and your opponent's list. To use an analogy from Magic, one of the key skills in that game is to be able to recognize what your role is in a given matchup. If you are playing a midrange deck and your opponent is playing control, then you are in the aggro "role" for that game. Your opponent is highly favored in the long game, so you have to try to make sure that the game doesn't go long. Meanwhile, that same deck against a suicide aggro deck takes on the control role. They are going to be attacking you, and you have the stronger lategame so you are trying to make sure the game goes long. A more interesting example is in semi-mirror match between a creature based aggro deck and a burn based aggro deck. In such a matchup the burn deck will often end up taking on the control role, although it's possible that in certain combinations of opening hand either deck might end up in the control role vs the aggro role. Knowing what role you are in is absolutely critical in that if you judge incorrectly, you are likely to make play decisions that will drastically reduce your chance of winning even if they seem better at the time. If you are in a control role, trading resources for damage is a terrible idea, but trading resources for time is great. In the aggro role, the values are exactly the opposite. While I don't think things are quite this clear-cut in Warhammer, relative army composition in the context of a specific battleplan will still create role-based dynamics where either your role is to weather your opponent's attack long enough to win or your role is to push your opponent off the objectives. Other things like offensive vs. defensive efficiency and ranged firepower affect these dynamics as well, of course. Just to give some simple examples: You are playing against a Seraphon player with a very heavy investment in summoning, but your army is faster and you can reliably get an advantage in objectives on turn 1. Your opponent will likely put an extra 1000 points of models on the board in the next two turns. Consider two possibilities: your army is fast and deals a lot of damage, but is defensively inefficient OR your army is very defensively efficient and even 3000 points of Seraphon would likely take at least two turns to dislodge you. These two scenarios create vastly different role dynamics. In the first situation, you are highly incentivized to push forward and try to destroy or at least heavily limit the opponent's summoning as soon as possible. If you sit back and score while your opponent builds up, they will be able to overwhelm you quickly. In the other scenario, the onus is on your opponent to attack you as early as possible because if they wait until they have that extra advantage from the summoning, they will no longer have enough time left to realistically take back the advantage in VP. Your opponent is playing a low-drops pure alpha strike list. No matter what you are playing (unless you have fewer drops and are also an alpha strike list), the game dynamic is going to put you on the defensive and you will likely win if you can weather your opponent's initial onslaught. A smaller scale example: you currently hold an advantage in terms of objectives. You are given the choice to attack in such a way that you sacrifice some models at the cost of causing damage to your opponent. Even if the attack is relatively efficient, it may be a mistake to do so simply because the onus is on your opponent to destroy you to get you off the objectives. Simply trading models with the opponent at this point is not good for you. I hope that makes sense.
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    So destruction may be a bit neglected and only have a handful of competitive builds . But we still have a lot of fun things in the faction so why not try to see how absurd we can get when making armies? I'll start first!: Gulliver's Travels Allegiance: Destruction Gitmob Grot Shaman (80) - General - Artifact: ??? - Trait: who cares! 20 x Gitmob Grots (100) 20 x Gitmob Grots (100) 20 x Gitmob Grots (100) Bonegrinder Gargant (400) Bonegrinder Gargant (400) Bonegrinder Gargant (400) Bonegrinder Gargant (400) Quicksilver Swords (20) Total: 2000 / 2000 So the whole idea here is to fill the list completely with the biggest and smallest things possible. I don't know if you will win a ton of games, but imagine facing off against 4 Bonegrinder Gargants! Ok, so who is next with a dumb idea?!
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    Let's lighten things up a bit. What's the one model or unit you just love despite all things? Do you have an auto-include unit/model? Maybe it's a unit that has bad rules but you just can't help but run it. Maybe it's not "obviously the best" thing but it has an interesting interaction you enjoy. Maybe you just LOVE the sculpt so you're going to run it in every list. Heck, maybe you're really proud of the paint job you did on that one grot so it's always the last one you take off. In other words, what's your pet unit? No one is wrong in this thread. Pure subjectivity and fun reign.
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    Shake hands with your opponent. Agree on a game. Let your opponent set up their entire army while you sit there with an empty field. Allegiance: Eshin LEADERS Skaven Assassin (100) - General - Weeping Blades Skaven Assassin (100) - Weeping Blades Skaven Assassin (100) - Weeping Blades Skaven Assassin (100) - Weeping Blades Skaven Assassin (100) - Weeping Blades Warpgnaw Verminlord (320) UNITS 20 x Gutter Runners (200) 20 x Gutter Runners (200) 20 x Gutter Runners (200) 30 x Night Runners (300) 40 x Clanrats (200) -Rusty Spear 1 x Warp Grinder Weapon Team (80) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 168
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    10 x 40 Clanrats V E R M I N T I D E
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    I still prefer Kudross, especially over Grimhailer, both model wise, and rule wise. In fact, I just finished building him this morning, and he now sits upon my desk, waiting to be painted. Rulewise, I simply prefer him over the other two, simply because he fills a gap that I think Nighthaunt are sorely missing: That being a dedicated heavy assault hero. My plan for him mostly involves him being a designated hero hunter, going in to snipe key enemy units or their general after deep striking them in, or after pinning them down with a soul cage and chainrasps. Make no mistake, his function is definetly not the same as Grimhailers, but his use is very much needed. He helps deny enemy command points, which in my opinion, only get scarcer the longer the game goes on, since people will most likely start the game with multiple and dwindle as the game goes on. Secondly, he gives us access to more rending attacks, something that Nighthaunt desperately need; with -3 being only accessable to the Black Coach, and -2 being only on heros, Mymourns and Chainghasts, Kudross helps supplement that weakness. Plus, if he does get you that free CP, he basically gets that charge re-roll for free. My only real question is if he has to be on the field to activate his ability. Now, in Comparison, Reiknor is a differeny beast entirely. Its no question that he has a good place as a magical support unit, that can be where he needs to be and do a pinch of wounds when needed. His sniping ability is also a neat trick. He is simply a great utility piece. But at the same time, I feel like he's gonna have problems being effectual outside of the magic phase, and even with that +3, he'll still have issues with getting spells off against those that can truly counter him. Not to mention, that at best, he's still only getting a single spell a turn.His movement's usefulness is a bit reduced by having our Spiritual summons happen at the beginning of the phase and our deepstrike. As for why we don't seem him in competative lists? Well, for starters, it could be that we don't have the full range of models out. Nighthaunt is still being released at this very moment, and we haven't even begun to cement how a "proper" Nighthaunt list is going to look. We don't even have the FAQs for it yet, let alone the actual miniature for the whole army. I think that both Grimhailer and Kudross are very good units, and both will find their place in lists.
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    There is more to it than that. The most obvious hint is the cave shaman. The first two heralds both got armies based off them. The guy who painted said he was asked to redefine the look for the range. Why do that if they are not going to make more minis? We have several rumour engines including the spores and the sword. Finally we have @LLV, the most reliable source of rumors around these days. Of course there are no guarantees and even if they do come, we might not see them till next year.
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    A purpose in life is admirable, but your purpose should not become your life, at the expense of all that you are.” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. ~ “I am as a cup, ancient and cracked but still of use and purpose. Every passing year sees me filled to the brim and spilling over.” “I no longer remember how much I have lost, or what I have lost. I know only perpetuity.” “Come, friend; bare your breast to my spear, stretch your neck out to meet my blade.” “Let me give you the peace that I cannot have for myself.” ~
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    I painted the full unit but blinged the leader and swapped axe and shield round. Kit bash was very simple - the cloak is from the chaos chariot set and axe is from skull reapers.
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    may I ask again? I'm thinking about palladors and raptors. How are they in the AoS 2 and Stormcast 2.0? Are they worth it?
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    I originally put mine on the 40mm he came with, but made the controversial (at the time) leap to switch to a 50mm as shown.
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    Its kinda ironic. The faction with the most units and variety is essentially pigeon holed into only a few builds due to the massive gutting of battalions. SCE have more battalions then most factions combined yet all but 3ish are useless. The Gavriel clone list problem is the same problem that almost all of the smaller factions have. Look at Fyreslayers, Tzeentch, Ironjawz to name a few. All required to take clone lists due to no other options. Nighthaunt though...those spooky bois are going strong with multiple competitive build ideas
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    As mentioned, he's basically one of the best hammers available for our army. Beyond that he's also a total swiss army knife. He brings a lore spell. Mobility. Practically guaranteed board-wide reach for unbinding. A solid command ability. He's even pretty defensive. I like to toss an Ethereal Amulet from Shyish Realm Artefacts on him and watch him become an actual monster to deal with. I think 3 VLoZD is excessive because at that point you're almost stopping yourself from leaning into some of the strengths of Death but my friend runs a "Double Dragon" List as Legions of Night and it's quite potent. Sometimes you just want a giant monster to actually be a giant monster. The VLoZD is as advertised. You pay the points. You get a badass on the board. That seems understated but it's actually a good thing when you think a model is one thing and it actually is.
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    Hey everyone! Still waiting on bits in the mail to finish my warband. I think I've finished Brightshield though, yay! I added more highlights to hair, gown and magic effects. If you think I've missed something, or have a suggestion, please let me know
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    what about setting up a balwind vortex trough the portals? "If successfully cast, set up a Balewind Vortex model within 1" of the caster and more than 3" from any enemy models, and then place the caster on the upper platform." beam me up scotty
  32. 2 points
    Even as a primarly chaos player, hitting that overly abused ****** on a balewind makes me smile. That's the Chaos dwarf version of "Dance as if Nobody's watching" "Shoot like your Fireglaives roll 6's Charge like your hooves get d3, And always Whip that Ogor." -Basic Chaos Dwarf mantra
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    Got some work done on my Celestant Prime. Lots more work needs to be done, including getting the base a lot more tiles coming out of the ground or floating around.
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    Mine would be my mawcrusha. I liked the models so much I bought it even though I dont play destruction. I converted it so I can put a slaughterpriest on it but it usually just sits on my fridge. I spent a lot of time and care painting it so it's one of my best painted models.
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    The Forge World Keeper of Secrets; she's arguably overcosted and it's often considered better to take two normal ones, but she was so difficult to build that I'm going to use her whether she's worth it or not. One use per leg spike, at least!
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    Going further with my Vordrhai and also started the lord on nightmare steed
  37. 2 points
    I wish we could get a combined skaven alliance book like Legions of Nagash but for our rat boys.
  38. 2 points
    I feel like, for his points, he's just too slow and not tanky. 7 wounds unrendable but he wants to be up in the enemy generals face. Thats a dangerous place to be. Reikenor on the other hand can do a guaranteed mortal to any MODEL within 12". Thats very powerful againt horde units that have 1 wound models with flag bearers or champions. He flies 14" without running! (INSANE) He costs less points. He can unbind spells (more important than ever), and Wraithstorm is no slouch. Reaped Like Corn alongside 6's to hit are double mortals. (INSANE) But most important, he doesn't require being in the enemy generals face to get the most out of him.
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    Working more on my endless spells and theming them to various subfactions of my army! I used a lighter to make the plastic slightly bendy on the soulsnare shackles, just so they don't all line up in a straight line anymore. Hope you like it!
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    With 2nd edition Age of Sigmar’s announcement I finally felt like it was the perfect time to get into it. It had peeked my interest for a year or two, but had never fully committed to an army since my attention was seeming to be drawn all over the place. However, the new Nighthaunt range finally made something click. It was a faction that would be supported with a battletome, was easily accessible for a reasonable price, and most importantly the new models were sooooooo good. Despite this, I am still holding out hope for a dark oath faction as human type armies (free people, imperial guard) have always appealed to me and the two models released for that line are some of my favorite GW has done. So, with that said, I have gotten a head start on the project with 6 Spirit Hosts. Super fun to paint, but a pain to put together. The theme for my army is a Nighaunt faction lead by a former noble resurrected by Nagash to reclaim his kingdom in the Realm of Life. Once I get my hands on the core book and all the amazing background that is packed in it I will really fill out this forces backstory, but for now that’s the basis of what I’m working with. I’m super excited to finally get into AOS, as my friends have enjoyed it for awhile and now with 2.0 there has been no better time! Hope you guys stick around as I document this forces journey into the Mortal Realms. The Spirit Hosts: There had always been a cold thickness to the air surrounding the villages that edged the Noble’s kingdoms. Despite the vast beauty of the forest that ran through his lands, the Noble had heard tales of outskirtvillages hearing whispers of long dead relatives whose souls had not come to the peaceful rest they sought. Time passed and the whispers went unanswered, becoming a story village elders told children if they venture to far into the forest. However, in his new life as one of Nagash’s many servants, the noble came to see how real these whispers were. His forces raised these spirits, pulling them back into the reality they once knew, in an ethereal form nothing like the body they once had. They still seek that peace, an eternal rest in the Land of the Dead, but the Noble has raised them in Nagash’s name.
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    The rock lobber list is actually slightly scary, especially because you can encircle the lobbers with grots as a speedbump.
  43. 1 point
    we have releases today, I'm sure we'll see new preorders tomorrow or next Sunday for some of the remaining units to be released
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    @LLV already proved to be reliable.
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    I’ll have a couple of battle reports up on our channel next week featuring my new FEC list
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    I am really hoping that he gets rereleased in a legacy release. Now that I was able to order a couple copies of Gorbad Ironclaw Throgg remains one of the models that I really feel bad for missing out on.
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    I won't rule out that being a thing. GW might decide to move Moonclan more into the fungoid & Squig territory if/when they get a full battletome. I find it interesting that Age of Sigmar is commonly referred to as being really unique and new, but honestly if you look at most of what they have done it has extremely heavy leanings on things from Warhammer's past. They have dug up some really old stuff and then took it to 11. If there is a theme for a lot of the Age of Sigmar releases so far to me it would be just going all-out on specific past themes. The only thing that is fairly unique & new is Stormcast. Most everything else so far is an older concept that they took to much more of an extreme than before. Following that pattern I was not surprised to see the Fungoid Shaman because he represents that sort of thing for Moonclan. I would not at all be surprised to see GW take the core themes of Night Goblins and just run with it. That would probably lead you to explore 2 concepts very heavily - fungus & squigs. Night Goblin lore has always heavily involved the consumption of mushrooms. The armies were generally drunk on Fungus beer in the background for most editions of fantasy. Fanatics are tweaked out on Madcap Mushrooms - which is the Night Goblin equivalent of PCP. The shaman cultivate mushrooms of various types and imbibe it during battle. And then there are the variety of murderous squigs that they prod out into battle. Squigs seem the most obvious immediate choice for new units & models. The mushroom emphasis could come in a variety of ways. They could make units of mutated mushroom monsters, more fungoid squigs, or goblins that ate a type of mushroom that causes them to mutate. Or they could go with the fungus cultivation angle and have some heroes that gather mushrooms and then use them to buff nearby units. Something that functions sort of like prayers but represents handing out different fungus. It could even cause mortal wounds to grot units in addition to granting a buff to represent that they are poisonous. I think it would be interesting to have a force whose buff mechanisms damage themselves. It would seem thematically fitting for Night Goblins and be a decent trade-off for some strong buffs. I like your idea, but I think that Mushrooms are still firmly in Moonclan theme right now and I don't expect for them to show up anywhere but there.
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    I honestly am not sure how the army will end up. I suspect I'll have a Phoenix Temple army and a Stormcast army that is all fully interchangeable and may well be usable as an Order army (if I paint the generic battleline). As mentioned, the ally changes are my least favourite thing about the new edition. I think they tend to only stop thematic/fun choices as none of the strong builds out there make use of multiple allied units....I'm pretty sure at this moment in time it's purely to stop Ballista spam (pretty much the only example anyone can give). Bit of a shame, but oh well, we'll just have to adapt with the times. No drama really. Thanks for your comments on the army. I actually think you're spot on. I am of course happy with the overall paint level, especially how consistent it is (big thing for me), but it is definitely not anywhere near my best level. My Ironjawz are technically much better, however because of the things you've listed such as theme, colour, basing, conversions etc, I think this army will stand out and command a decent amount of attention, almost regardless of the actual painting level. Thanks man. I am happy with the way the 3 Phoenixes came together as at the start of the project I did some incredibly rough drawings of the poses I wanted to go for and thankfully have been able to get them all to work. Be sure to share some pics of yours when complete. Cheers bro, thanks for the kinds words. Glad you like the army and can be somewhat inspired by it....go pick yourself up Phoenix Guard...NOW! Thanks! You've completely understood the aesthetic I was going for with the Osgiliath ruins there. It really helps tell a story for the army doesn't it? Also in keeping with the title of the topic. In other news, the project continues as I have purchased a High Aelf Skycutter which I will be using for my Aetherlab at RAW 2018 (a narrative event later this year). Can't wait to model and paint that. So watch this space, not done yet!! Thanks for the replies, Chris
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    The icy touch of death is ever increasing in size! Now with more wars and more souls... Can't wait for that black coach to be released and the dreadblade harrows... I so love those new horses.
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