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    The two factions rumored to get new models and rules between now and June / July are Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunts. Nighthaunts : They should get at least a new "infantry" unit (the Hangmen ghosts) and a new Black Coach. Probably a new Battletome too to go with that, and maybe more units (Heroes / Monsters) if it is a proper army release (see below). Source : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/03/22/breaking-news-major-revealsgw-homepage-post-1/ The Black Coach is in the video. It also was rumored here or on Dakka Dakka a few months ago. The Hangmen is on the Shadespire card. Shadespire models usually comes from Battleline or equivalent infantry units. Stormcast Eternals : The "Wizcasts" also comes from the Shadespire card, whose artwork seems to match this much better one (Soul Wars cover, out July IIRC : which happens to be unreleased Wizard-looking Stormcasts fighting against Nighthaunts) : They were rumored here before Adepticon from, notably, Moonstone and LLV. This short story : https://malignportents.com/story/the-price-of-apotheosis/ also gives a description of a magic-wielding Stormcast with a stave, guarding an anvil and using lightning (see the Shadespire card SCE logo - also the top of the staff and that rumor engine with a Stormcast pauldron with an anvil, and the novel description. The Nighthaunts logo also fits the Knight of Shrouds model base) : Indeed, but all Shadespire models are from baseline units from AOS, so we can reasonably assume that will still be the case here. And of course, I mixed the gheist-caller, who obviously is just necromancer with a magical objet, with the "Chest-ghost", who's able to capture Stormcast souls, from this story : https://malignportents.com/story/lightning-in-a-bottle/ I think it may be a new unit (monster or heroes) for Nighthaunt. My advice regarding your purchase, @Spiny Norman, is to wait June / July, or Warhammer fest in 2 weeks if we are lucky, to see where those new Death releases will lead us.
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    May plans: 1. Repair the (traded for) Mighty Khorne Lord. 2. Base him and his skirmish warband (Bloodwarrior and 3 Bloodreavers). 3. Paint them. 4. Rebase Shadespire Garrek's Reavers warband. 5. Paint Garrek's Reavers. 6. Strip some more of my traded for miniatures. Stretch goals: 1. Paint stripped miniatures.
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    Hey 2nd Month Here! I Already Started so May Be I Can fulfill My pledge for This Month: 10 plagueBearers 10 Plague Horrors (nurgley Pink Horrors) 1 feculent gnarlmaw Bonus 3 Plague drones
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    I'm back on the AoS train (having been less than successful on what I was planning on doing ) Very simple for May, with thanks to @Chrisdanish for picking up the remaining models I required: Assemble & paint 4 x Morghast Archai Stretch goals are: Assemble 10 x Grave Guard Paint 20 x Grave Guard Finish converting new Vampire
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    I pledge to paint my Khorne marked chaos warshrine and 10 blood reavers. This gives me more options for 2k mortal Khorne lists. I expect this is about 3 weeks painting so Stretch goals would be I have about 40 minis that need basing. So some of them would be good. Some chaos heroes, so one or two of the following Gaunt Summoner Slaughter priest Exalted death bringer Aspiring death bringer Should the mood take me then I may paint some stormcast allies for my sons army (and future allies for my idoneth). It's a lot and I will be happy w shrine and reavers.
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    Fyreslayers, as you've no doubt noticed, suffer from being one of - if not the - most expensive non-classic army ranges. They were released in that weird No Man's Land between the reigns of the two CEOs which is why ten Vulkite Berserkers cost £35 despite ten Namariti costing £30. They're a kind-of-failed experiment in seeing if people would shell out absurd amounts of money for an infantry-heavy army, thus why we ended up with stuff like the Magmadroth just being sold alongside Vulkites in the Start Collecting(!) boxes for the same price as it cost standalone. They also seem to be another kind-of-failed experiment to see if mini-armies would work well, similar to how most of the classic armies were siphoned off into half a dozen different armies with often less than ten or so models. So what you end up with is a very expensive army with very little to it beyond 'naked dwarf infantry and 1-3 lizard centrepieces'. What every Fyreslayer player has to ask themselves is, do you want to paint up 30-90 of almost identical models? Even if you're not going for a hyper competitive WAAC list, 95% of your army is going to be naked Dwarf infantry. It seems like a really obvious question you'd already have sussed out, but I was sure I was going to roll with Fyreslayers until I realised just how tedious the whole thing would be, and this is somebody who played Imperial Guard for 14+ years. The reason I ask this is because, as you say, Fyreslayers are expensive and the last thing you want is to shell out all of that money to then realise "Oh... now I have to do all this." I love Fyreslayer lore, I love the playstyle, I really dig the aesthetic, but personally I'm waiting for the range and options to be expanded. Just a thought.
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    Illness prevented me from fulfilling much from my last pledge, so only managed 2 Fulminators and some Azyrite ruins This month it is looking like mostly Idoneth Deepkin. Initially I'm saying Lotann and 10 Namarti thralls but could add to this once I've been to Warhammer Fest
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    Woot! bloodbowl bases from GW in. Finished 20 ardboys and contract. Yay! 2500 pts of green headache on the way. Cutting it a bit thin but this was a worldwide bonanza with bases made from home, China, Spain and the uk. On some good criticism, I picked up some flock and wash to spice up the bases.
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    I've basecoated 10 drakespawn knights and a chariot. I want to get the drakespawn painted, and complete the 5 knights from a unit that I already have the drakespawn finished from. Stretch: get all the knights done. Optional (ie I need a break from lizards): Lokhir Fellheart or Sorceress on a Drakespawn.
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    Ok so it’s my first time signing up to a pledge For this month I’ll start small with hopefully painting my Storm of Sigmar starter. 3x Liberators 2x Retributors 3x Blood warriors 5x Blood reavers Stretch goals would be; Base BoK half of 2 player starter or Build SC Khorne Bloodbound.
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    Spirit Hosts are either really efficient or inefficient depending on who you put them up against. If they're tarpitting big rend units and they don't have -1 to hit, you're winning the value war, so you should pull ahead in the rest of the battle. If your hosts are stuck against -1 attack debuffs or enemy infantry with rend (-), then they will die faster than they will kill, so that's where they're not efficient. The gravesites may not rez models often, but they can still heal up damaged hosts. I think the main argument here is spirit hosts vs. hexwraiths and when to pick one over another. Spirit hosts should be battleline, but since they're not it makes the decision easier. Hexwraiths are easier to bring back with DI, are faster, and have decent attacks some 6+ mortal wound attempts. Overall slightly more damage to units without a great save - but spirit hosts are better vs units with high save. I think it revolves a lot more around what your strategy is going to be on every mission. Hexwraiths are fast and can still fly, so now you have a very strategic unit that uses mobility, damage, and durability to win objectives. So I think it's more of an overall army composition think. Are your units arriving in waves? How do hexwraiths affect that-which wave do they arrive? Or do you need objective holders that mostly stand in place? Hosts are more efficient for that job, but are they really if hexwraiths are easier to reanimate? What's your plan with summoning units from gravesites? Hosts get more value from this because they are slow. Well now you need a hero to reliably move up and summon hosts out of the grave, etc... Lots of decisions but that's why I think GW did a good job making them both good units but not auto-include skyfire/kurnoth hunter level units.
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    So March and April were almost complete write-offs. In May I am determined to get some stuff done. With that in mind, my goals are: - finish painting Shadespire Skaven. - finish my Clan Skryre muster I wanted to get done for the Malign Portents event. - build the Daughters of Khaine Blood Coven box. Stretch goals: - finish painting Shadespire Orruks. - start painting the afore-mentioned Blood Coven box .
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    Due to 40K and illness only got these done this month.
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    Looking ahead I will not be doing the last months volume ? i have a few little projects I can work on. Budget still is unrelenting but I have a box of 10 shadow warriors, 10 spider riders, or some duardin warriors , miners and a couple of characters still undone. Plus a high warden on a griphon if I get carried away. I will also be converting my old Dark Angel army to my Guardians of the Covenant colours but that for another forum. My real interest is my first true AoS army which will be stormcast and vanguard together. As I need to buy it all, that will take more time. Just put a bid on a lord Relictor as I love the model and the fluff. That will start the slippery slope of a new army ?
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    Hey, another report from my games. First game was against funny but quite potent SCE list with Ordinator, Steam Tank and Stardrake. We were playing Total Conquest, so a map great for Idoneth. He was a bit unlucky, but in the end I've secured major with good lead. The Morrsarr were star of the game, killing Prime, 10 Liberators and the tank in the end. I left the Stardrake alone and he took only 6 Ishlaen and Venator in 5 turns. Did I ever mention the cover tide is fantastic on the fifth round? It is. Second game - Kroak plus monster batallion. He was so f* lucky... I was leading in Duality for the two turns, scoring 5 to 0, then in one turn he casted so many spells I lost all my heroes, so we called it a game and went out to eat. Hard matchup, despite his amazing rolls. The last game was the repeat of the KO game I had two days ago. Nothing to say here, really... Disturblingly easy matchup, so I've finished second with Kroak winning the whole day. Final thoughts. Aspect of the Sea, while POTENTIALY amazing just doesn't pay for himself. Volturnos is a must - spell protection, extra wound is more important than polearm in combat. One big unit of Morrsarr, 6 or 9 is a must and it MUST strike first and wipe a unit, while Ishlaen can tank opponents activation. I will definitely tweak my list acordlingly.
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    Blood Sisters ready And Family photo
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  18. 2 points
    Well, this transaltion someone did on reddit may help: Shadespire: The Mirrored City - Shadespire. Throughout the realm of death, this name is just a tremble on the lips of those foolish enough to utter it. Once upon a time, this city was a glittering metropolis whose tall towers and palaces of glass jutted out into the gloomy skies of the underworld. But today only empty ruins are left of her and her name brings disaster to anyone who says so. Because Shadespire is a place of damnation, a shadow in the wasteland, in which the howling of miserable souls echoes. The inhabitants of Shadespire are condemned to perpetuate this purgatory forever, as punishment for their crimes against the god of death. Their offenses weighed so heavily that Nagash's curse was of cruel and corrupted craftsmanship, for he turned everything that was once praised in the city into a twisted reflection. In the mist-shrouded streets lurks every kind of terror death holds, and darkness has spread in every heart. But there are still those who venture into the ruins. Former free-lance soldier Seguin Reynar goes to Shadespire to seek his fortune and he is not alone. As Sigmar's heroes seek their way through this confused nightmare, the hordes of chaos revel in its madness. But whether they follow the duty or the lure of ancient treasures, they all expect the same fate. This place is a hell of madness and monsters, and for those who enter it, there is no turning back. The Tainted Heart - Chamon is in agony. An enigmatic rot has seized the kingdom and withered the oases in its deserts under the touch of the plague god Nurgle. Where life once flourished, the land suffocates under pathological growths. The stench of decaying souls, torn by the illness imposed on them by Nurgle's will, wafts through the gleaming dunes, and the tentative tendrils of decay continue to reach out. The plague is met by Talorcan and Esselt, two witch hunters of the Order of Azyr. The serious, thoughtful Talorcan is as famous within the Brotherhood as a tracker as the merciless sword arm of his beloved Esselt. On the bloody trail of a cultist, the witch hunters encounter a massacre, after which they no longer have mercy in the fight against the disease that captures their home kingdom - until they have to face their greatest challenge. In the face of the unthinkable, the fight quickly becomes the test of their faith, and Talorcan and Esselt can only rely on one thing: each other. Scourge of Fate - Archaon, the Eternally Chosen One, is the most powerful and dreaded warrior of the Dark Gods. Even warlords of unbelievable cruelty, who have already led countless campaigns full of suffering and massacres, want to fight at his side. These Knights of Corruption are known as the Varangarde. Although the blood of conquered lands drips from the Blade of Atavar the Black Pilgrim, he must first prove worthy to ascend into the Fifth Circle of the Varangarde. Now he has his final task: to hunt down and kill a legendary hero of the forces of order, as a prophecy states that he is to liberate the mortal realms from the stranglehold of chaos. But when a betrayal occurs in the heart of the Varant Tower, Archaon's huge fortress, Atavar realizes that the chosen one of Sigmar is not the only threat to Archaon's reign that he must eliminate. For Atavar, there will only be victory or total annihilation. He is a warrior of the Varangarde and no enemy of the Three Eyed King will escape his sword.
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    Wow. I haven't updated this for far too long. Here is my completed Ironclad. This was a daunting project to work on but I am very happy with the result. It was my favourite Gw model until I saw that rediculous turtle. Guess I know what my next big project will be.
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    a bit late to the party but my oberyn is done Hope you like him as much as i do Cheers Anamnesis
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    When I got the Juan diaz mounted daemonettes they were metal. I think made to order are metal mini’s
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    I mean, GW must not want my money that bad then... But yea it's dumb
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    With white dwarf usually covering preorders up to the week it is highly likely that the Harlequins book will come alongside the shark and Eels. That leaves an interesting space at the end of may. Are we going to see them go straight into Imperial Knights or might we get the magic supplement for AoS?
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    Leviadon next week: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/04/29/the-leviadon-emerges-legends-return-and-the-deathwatch-strike/
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    I agree that the chained wraith might be the hottest contestant for an upcoming unit, since he does something with serious repercussions for the setting and he follows the theme of Nighthaunt featuring popular and common ghost archetypes. So far Nighthaunt feature the almost enitirely discorperated cartoonish ghost (spirit host), Banshees, a ringwraith, as the Knight of Shrouds not only has a strong visual resemblance, but even fullfills a similar role in the hosts of Nagash (I think the ringwraiths where also compelled traitors?), haunted carriages and the Grim Reaper archetypes. If we where to count the Mortis Engine, Ferrymen of the Dead would also be on that list. And Forgeworlds Mournghoul seems to draw heavily on the Wendigo. Hanged men, as shown in the Shadespire teaser, are also not exactly rare in ghost stories. The manacled and shackled Wraith I think is best known from the ghost of Marley (at least in many adaptions, I do not recall if it is like that in the original) from Dickens Christmas Carrol of all things, though he shows up in many other places. This makes me think there are other classic contenders. I would put my bets on the Duhallan/Headless Horsemen and ghost dog/black shugg archetypes. More out there contenders I can think of are Haunted Scarecrows, posessed suits of Knight Armor, child ghosts and spirits of the drowned. The full reservoir of ghost tales offers of course nearly limitless possibilities. Add that most archetypes have many variations and GW has already been doing multiple variations of the Grim Reaper, with a foot unit version of the Wraith/Grim Reaper type already featured in the art, we might be looking at a pretty extensive release with lots of room for further expansion. I think what I like best about Nighthaunt is that they draw on such strong and established archetypes and yet represent something not actually done very often in traditional fantasy. While almost all fantasy I know uses these archetypes in one way or another, they either appear alone, are part of a non-ghost force or just show up as rather passive obstacles. Hosts of the incorporeal Undead as a proactive army of their own that actually meet other forces in battle are actually something of a rarity. This should allow GW to make the faction their own and unique to AoS as a fantasy setting while also providing an army that tells anyone who looks at it at a glance what it does and is all about.
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    All of those are really good points! I'm an Imperial Guard player as well and painting this army can be tedious. There are not a lot of conversion opportunities and the infantry is rather samey. The hereos are fun to paint though! One thing I've done to relieve the the painting tedium is to change up skin tones and hair color. I keep the metallics and cloth the same but you can fun with lots of different hair colors and patterns. I have only one orange haired dwarf because I don't I don't care the color. But reds, greys, whites, browns, blacks, and blondes abound. Mine are still mostly "naked people" color but I've seen some lovely "fire elemental" skin tones too.
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    Alrighty! So 5 games later & the legion of sacrament helped me secure 3rd out of 50 people with 4 wins & 1 loss in the final game for 1st place 4/5 secondaries & full soft scores which was nice! ill go into more detail as i have more time but game 1 - Starstrike vs stormcast castallent , double relictor, heraldor, 3 x 5 judicators, 6 long strikes, 4 fulminators, 3 spear & trident prosecutors - Major win Game 2 - Battle for the pass vs Grand host of Nagash nagash, necro, 40 skellies, 10 wolves, bat swarms, 10 grave guard, 4 archai - major win game 3 - duality of death vs Maggotkin (blight cyst) lord of blight, harbringer of decay, festus, rotigus, gutrot, 10 kings, 10 kings, 5 kings, 10 marauders major win game 4 - total conquest vs Daughters of khaine - morathi, medusa, cauldron, hag queen, 30 witches, 20 witches, 2x 5 flying chicks, 10 melee snakes - major win game 5 - scorched earth - nurgle daemons - GUO (bell & knife) festus, D prince, 6 drones, 6 drones, 30 plague bearers, 10 marauders - major loss (14-12) made mistakes in my last game but lessons learnt & keen to try tweak the list & see how we go
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    i feel the army is mobile enough to pick targets that dont have the buff
  29. 1 point
    I think the Gaunt Summoner is the best value, because he's the cheapest of the elite mages (2+ spells per phase). 90 points for a Bray Shaman to simply act as a Mystic Shield caddy seems wasteful to me. Plus the Gaunt Summoner's signature spell is very very powerful. I've got a Skryre Arch-Warlock and Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith in my Chaos Grand Allegiance lists, but they're of no use to you.
  30. 1 point
    I went to a 1 day event last month where beastclaw raiders won. It was 4 games at 1000pts. His list was: Huskard on stonehorn 4 mournefang 2 mournfang and I think 2*3 yhetees. When I spoke with the guy his strategy was to charge the 4 mournfang and his huskard at the same time, triggering the mournfang to attack out of sequence using line breakers. He tabled or came close to tabling most of his opponents. Hope that helps!
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    So I got my King model today and yowza it's smaller than I thought, Like, I was planning on getting a fish tank decoration for the base, but it's too small even for that without being grossly over the edge! that and there really is no way kitbash easily from what I have seen, and you are locked in to using either volturnous or the King as soon as you get to the head. If I wasnt waiting for bits I could have made the guy in a few hours, but unlike my vamp's I plan on taking my time. alsooooo, anyone know of any cool color changing painting techniques? like chaning depending on the angle of viewing?
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    Wargaming without the social aspects is a total waste of time imo. Find a new group asap.
  33. 1 point
    Hello Janice, I am Sevastus of accounting. Have you seen Zachariah? Oh, so he's gone to a scheduled hunt with some business partners? Thanks. Please, don't forget tomorrow is the anual company witch hunt.
  34. 1 point
    I would love an extra 24hrs... everyday preferably
  35. 1 point
    Arghhhh. I'm goin gto have to decide later but basically 2 boxes for £80 sounds good to me and then I can always turn the other two engines i to other skaven weaponry when i branch out to other skaven. I'm not competitive but I hesr AoS is a lot better than 40k and any mix of units have a good chance to win vs none super competitive build.
  36. 1 point
    I'll start off! Last month wasn't successful as I'd like, but I ended up with some nice terrain! This month let's see what can be done to remedy that: Goals: Build Magore's Fiends & Skaven Packmaster and 10 rats Complete painting of WHQ Doomseeker Paint a major either adversary or hero for whq (Horror of Tzeentch, Magister, Bloodsecrator) OR Shadespire Warband Stretch: Kairic Acolytes (3 primed) Prime 10 bloodreavers Prime 5 Putrid Blightkings
  37. 1 point
    Cool, thanks for the feedback. I really hope to outmaneuver Nurgle. The good (and hair ruffling) thing for LoN is indeed the wide model range. But tbh....it's not particulary cheap to get into it, modelwise.
  38. 1 point
    Still plugging away. Second Morgast has been started, there's more done on the first I haven't taken a pic of yet. In addition, finished up the spirit hosts (a little tidying and bases). Additionally have gotten a way into a Konrad Von C I had lying arounf, highlights, basing etc yet to be done. Couple more pics from another game, multiplayer. Legion did the business again.
  39. 1 point
    I am pretty new to AoS but been in 40k for a while. I wanted to share my recent work with you guys. I know it is pretty bad but it is what I can do with my old man eyes and these hams at the end of my arms. It took me forever to just add the eyes I don't know how you guys can do it. Hope you like them.
  40. 1 point
    Everyone is focusing on the Stormcast wizard, but I need that lightning gheist as a model immediately.
  41. 1 point
    finally some updates! I've been working on some 'basic' troops for my Slaaneshi elves force. I realised I didn't really have a lot of actual elves in the army. So I got a box of dreadspears and with some added greenstuff robes they look the part. These represent the guards for Thalion's city. Another unit I have been working on are these guys. I love the masks from the sisters of slaughter kit. I really like that design features heavily in the new daughters of Khaine. I'm imagining the ciry my army inhabits allowes other groups to live there. The daughters of Khaines' blood rituals make for a great attraction in a city devoted to pleasure, but their hatred of Slaanesh could complicate things if they find out that the godlike creature ruling over the city is actually a Slaaneshi daemon prince... more to come soon!
  42. 1 point
    I thought GW would reiterate on the Nordic theme again, but the more I think about it, the less likely it looks lorewise and also because of Beastclaws, who currently occupy the "tundra/ice" faction slot. And when it comes to wishlisting. I pray to Hashut for Legion of Azgorh battletome...
  43. 1 point
    Hey guys, longtime reader but finally joining the forum. Been playing IJ since day one and been a Green skin player since 5th edition WHFB. Anyway, to the topic... I think the easiest fix might be the simplest....could even be thrown into GH 2018 if GW were so kind... Anyway, the easiest and cleanest way I can think of without needing new models or updating the warscrolls is to give Ironjawz their own spell lore, "Gorkamorka prayers" for Warchanters, and maybe even a few new artifacts. Weirdnobs that choose a spell from Ironjawz lore can cast 2 spells per turn. Weirdnobs stay 120pts. The lore can shore up some major deficiencies, for example... Dead 'Ard Cast on 8+, 12" range, all Ironjawz units in range are dead 'ard. They ignore mortal wounds on 5+ until next hero phase. Tide of Destruction Cast on a 6+. Pick D3 Ironjawz units within 18" of caster. If a chosen unit makes a successful charge a single enemy unit within 1" suffers d3 mortal wounds. Hand of Gorkamorka Cast on 8+, remove 1 Ironjawz unit with 12" of shaman and place them within 24" of original spot but 9" away from enemy units. Chukkin choppas Shaman imbues Ironjawz weapons with boomerang-like abilities...if thrown the weapon returns to the weilder. Cast on a 7+. Ironjawz melee weapons can be used as a missile weapon in the next shooting phase except with 1 attack and 18" range but otherwise using stats per profile. For prayers I'm thinking a missile attack similar to foot of Gork that can't be dispelled. Fist of Mork Prayer succeeds on a 3+. A large green fist descends from sky to clobber enemies into the ground and there's nowhere to hide. Pick an enemy unit anywhere on battlefield and inflict d3 mortal wounds. On a 5+ Mork does it again and then the spell ends. Just some ideas but some pretty quick and easy ways to fix things without a complete overhaul or new models.
  44. 1 point
    The most likely next releases are a Slaanesh battletome and a new undivided/Everchosen book, which finally consolidates Slaves to Darkness with Archaon's goons. I doubt we'll see a completely new and unexpected army for chaos. There is already so much design-space with the existing/supported 5 types and it would be more reasonable adding to their roosters than going rogue. EDIT: totally forgot about Skaven, they might get a wrapper battletome for their whole faction as well
  45. 1 point
    It is and this is exactly what I have been warning folks about for the last couple years. If they are going to have rolling discontinuation with older factions, we can expect them to roll some "current" factions into compendium/discontinued status in the coming years, which severely limits my interest in building a majority of the armies in the game :-/ Not true.
  46. 1 point
    Just finish my first warband "the blind change" hope you like it (or dislike i don't know how it's work in this bizzaro dark age)
  47. 1 point
    So after a few weeks of painting I've finally been able to complete Spiteclaw's Swarm. This is the warband I'll be taking to the Grand Clash next week. I've not quite finished the project for them though, as I'm also building a display based for them! I'll post the full thing up when it's all completed.
  48. 1 point
    Unliving Avatars, Stormcast Eternals army of mysterious order crusading on the plains of Bubonicus Tundra.
  49. 1 point
    Finally letting go of my grumbling at the destruction of the old world and realizing the real potential of AoS
  50. 1 point
    The thing with any creative work is that I believe the best creations are unique in many ways possible. With this I also mean that I'd personally be more upset if Age of Sigmar was a vague reflection of Lord of the Rings instead of what it is now. I personally am not a huge fan of all written fiction on Age of Sigmar but also think that the game is so new that compairing it to other works of fiction isn't really fair nor contributing a good opinion on what is written. All I can say is that Games Workshop is not known for producing novels, Black Liberary is but to assume that all GW wants is to produce good fiction is just simply not the prime driving point behind the compagnies. Brick and mortar GW stores arn't filled with books afterall, they are filled with miniatures. I believe that Games Workshop uses its fiction to improve the game's experience and not to create so much narrative that the game has to follow it's 'rules'. To give another Lord of the Rings example; It's actually difficult to create a game for Lord of the Rings that is not about the 'Journey of the Ring'. For game-design this actually much more restrictive as some seem to realize. Because the path to deliver the Ring is set in stone. Frodo and fellowship will not suddenly be on the other end of the world. Age of Sigmar is a game that revolves around battle. Because of this all it's narrative is focused on that. To some extend this is very illogical because you cannot historically use examples of worlds that are in constant battle. As historic logic would dictate that there are no resources to do such a thing. So without doubt, Age of Sigmar will become a universe capable of doing such a thing, because it's what the game is about. This is also reflected in their models. They are very dynamic and prepaired for battle. We don't see miniatures sculpted as if they are resting, falling in love or building cities. Cool as it might me, that's currently not what the Age of Sigmar game is about. The same sort of discussion was also held on the narrative for The Ninth Age game, a game made for veteran fans of the old WFB content. They will focus on a more historical fantasy setting, a setting that more or less matches what players like about Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones for example. The prime reason I have an issue with that is that a lot of such fiction isn't really relevant for a game unless you can amulate that fiction. Having cities build and troops trained is a very cool part of fiction but useless for a game to me unless you can emulate that. - As an example; Skarr dies and returns; the game can emulate that, the same applies to Stormcast. - If AoS lore would go into detail about how castles and worlds are created I'd expect the game to allow you to emulate this, else such fiction is 'filler' stuff you read before the core of it; battle.
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