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    I LOVE WARHAMMER It might be an obvious thing to say. But it’s true. It’s why I do what I do. It why spend a massive percentage of my disposable income on my hobby. It’s why any free time I have (admittedly less over the last few years) is spent painting, playing, list building, reading and chatting Warhammer. The love of Warhammer is why I have podcasted about it for 10 years. Its why I go to events, and also run them. Blood and Glory, Alliance, Destruction Derby and lots more. Loving Warhammer is why I started the Masters, and the rankings. Its why I have spent countless hours of my life chatting with people online from all around the world about almost anything related to warhammer. (That 7th Harpy is the most important, (Those that know, know) More importantly, I LOVE THE WARHAMMER COMMUNITY That’s why when I hang out with my friends, they are Warhammer friends. I drive to all around the UK to visit new places and meet new people to play warhammer with. I choose events because my mates are going. I been away from home to play games on 2 days out of the 6 we are away. I have been to the Ferrari museum at Modena, Italy with my Warhammer mates. I have sat in beer garden, of a closed bar, in a none discript city in Germany, in the middle of the day, listening to a long and bad story, about a terrible tasting spirit with a bunch of guys I have never met before in my life, and it was one of the most fun times i've had. Because they were Warhammer people. I have traveled to Chicago and spent 4 days in a hotel not even caring that i've never been to America before and might miss the chance to go sight seeing. I've had to run across a city in Switzerland to catch the last train at 1am because I was too busy talking to a bunch of Swedes and didn't know I was close to sleeping on the street outside the venue! One of my oddest traditions is eating ice creams on snowy Saturday mornings while walking the streets of Darnel and reminiscing about DeeDaars. I've laughed and laughed so hard that i thought I would be sick, at the stupidest things said on an evening at a Warhammer event. Again and again and again. With lots of people in lots of places. I have a hundred and more stories like this. All about the people who play warhammer. This is one of my wedding photos. Filled with Warhammer people. So just to be clear... I LOVE WARHAMMER AND THE PEOPLE WHO PLAY IT. THEY ARE MY PEOPLE. So when I see complaining about the thing I love it really brings me down. And when it’s relentless complaining over and over it puts me off wanting to spend time interacting with those people. Sometimes this means stop going to events, other times that means stop chatting on forums and posting on social media. It stops being fun. It actually stops me wanting to play any warhammer at all. And that is really sad. It's not just me that feels like this. I know this because I talk to hundreds of people in the community. When I started TGA a few years ago it was to create a like minded community online. A safe haven in the sea of haters about the changes to Warhammer. (Sound familiar?) A place for ‘Only The Faithful’ as it later became known. Its seems that recently people are forgetting this. You might notice that this post says 'I' quite a bit, well TGA is my happy place. I built it to celebrate everything awesome about Warhammer. The game, the hobby, the people. I want to come here and chat about Warhammer, see awesome paint jobs and learn about people’s latest victory’s on the table (or crushing defeats!) I want to hear about how the New to the hobby Dad and his 12 year old son who got him into the hobby are loving playing the game and can't wait to lean how the Dads Flesh eater courts can beat his sons Stormcast (Actual email I received from this forum.) I want to see the hobby blog from the guy who is just learning painting, and the latest Golden Deamon run from a veteran painter. I want to read about Chris Tomlin losing his mind over how bad, then how good then how bad Ironjawz are. I want to be blown away by the tactic and list combos posted in the depth of a 82 page Daughters of Khaine Thread that has had over 100000 views. What I don’t want to do is log in on a sunny bank holiday weekend and see 20 reports about bad attitudes, name calling and abusive behaviour. I understand that my hobby is not everyones hobby. Some people genuinely enjoy arguing and moaning online and if that’s your thing I wouldn’t dream of asking you to stop. But I will ask you to stop doing it here. I’ve asked this a few times in the past and the response is usually the same. ‘Bad Dice are GW fan boys. TGA is all rainbows and unicorns’ My reply to that is wholeheartedly YES! I wear my fanboy badge with pride and I love the Rainbows and Unicorns that we have cultivated here. You don’t see them often. There is a theory that “You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With” now I can’t say if this is true or not, but I do know that if you spend a lot of time listening to negative views and speaking with negative people then you end up becoming just like that yourself. The opposite is also true. Spend your days talking to people who are motivated and excited about the hobby and it’s infectious. Amazingly so. Going forwards I don’t want to be seeing relentless negativity, arguing, name calling and I’ll the other nonsense that has been going on recently. If someone was like this in person I would just stop talking to them. When people are like this on Twitter I mute or block them. Seeing as TGA is my happy place, and I am the boss here, it will be moderated and the people posting it will be asked to find another community to enjoy. From what I understand there are a few places online that thrive on just this outlook on the game. You will be very, very welcome there. If this angers you, remember Wheatons Law. Then ask yourself i you are falling foul of it. Its a simple reality check that everyone should do. For those that want a place to talk Warhammer and celebrate everything awesome about this hobby you are welcome to join me in my happy place. Age of Sigmar 2 is coming ad emotions are running really high at the moment. I would urge people to remember that all of this has happened before and will happen again. When Warhammer Fantasy change to Age of Sigmar the community continued. We got on with it, played warhammer and made great things happen. Off the back of that I would say that we are in the best times ever for a Warhammer player. When AoS2 lands, no matter how good or bad that turns out to be the players will continue to play. I cant wait to move this fantastic community forward into AoS2!
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    Hello Everyone, This post will be a mini-blog on the new band of Duardin that I am starting. I started collecting warhammer when I was 8 and then gave up when I was 13, with a small bin bag full of grey plastic that was subsequently thrown out by my mother. I decided to get back into things at the start of last year (aged 28). The first thing I bought was a box of dwarf warriors, which I painted up and fell back in love with the hobby. Since then I have been collecting 40k (more popular with my friends) but have been dying to expand my dwarf army and get into AoS. This community seems really friendly so I thought I would share my progress here. This is the first creative blog thingy that I have done. Since last year I had been writing bits of back story about a far flung continent in the realm of Chamon. It included ideas for several armies that I may eventually want to build. One such army is the Gharuki Duardin, who live deep inside a gargantuan forest. Their civilization is formed from many clans who fled their more traditional mountain dwellings as the forces of chaos swept through in the last age, forcing them to seek refuge in new and alien places. The forest they inhabit is comprised of copperheart oaks, thousands of feet tall and hundreds of feet wide. The canopy of the forest is thick, providing a comforting cavern-like habitat for the duardin. As well as carving extensive tunnel networks around the roots of these trees they have also built elaborate wooden towns and villages that climb the giant trunks. As well as providing a home these trees also have rich mineral veins that run through their hearts, a peculiarity owing to the realm of metal in which they grow. (NOTE: After coming up with this I then read the brilliant Spear of Shadows book by Josh Reynolds which contains a very similar forest once inhabited by dwarfs! Oh well, at the time I thought I was being clever ?) The forest has provided such a good home to these Duardin that they view the trees themselves as sacred and have an entire school of runesmiths who dedicate their life to tend to them. Each tree usually has one or two rootsmiths who carve protective and sustaining runes into their bark, make sure that that they are getting all the nutrients that they need and guard them against any overambitious kin who would build their homes in them without the proper care. About half way through the timeline of these particular dwarfs, an early Kharadron fleet crashed into the forest canopy with few survivors. Those that remained found help and sanctuary and decided to stay with the Gharuki and leave a life of profit that had brought them so much ruin. One particularly skilled endinmaster became very fond of his forest kin and did all that he could to share his technological knowledge with them. The Gharuki today have a vast and sophisticated force of gyrocopters and and other flying machines that they dock in the upper levels of the forest. They are no comparison for a kharadron force, but the canopy squadrons are impressive despite the lack of aether endrins. As well as the canopy squadrons, the Gharuki maintain a more conventional dispossessed force called the root guard. These more conventional grumblers tend to dwell in the lower parts of the forests and the root networks themselves. They tend to be older and a bit more cynical, often complaining of the ambition of duardin who are too eager to climb trees and fly about in silly mechanical contraptions. So what will these mean on the board? My plan is a mixed dispossessed / ironweld / kharadon army. I aim to make the dispossessed a little more tech-based than normal, and the kharadon a bit more traditional than normal. All while trying to keep a "forest" theme. Completed so far I have: 16 warriors, the first models I painted, back when I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in. They are green though, which is a start! A cogmsith and warden king that I have painted recently after much more practice. I have used these to experiment with a strong green colour scheme, and the warden king includes a small lantern conversion that I feel fits in with the deep dark forest idea. I hope to get more ambitious as I go along. The bases need improving, but I haven't quite settled on how they will look yet. They will almost certainly contain some sort of fallen leaves. I am now beginning on 2 units of 10 longbeards. The will have a similar green armour to my warden king. They will not have any elaborate conversions but I have designed a new shield for them all to bear. I've always wanted to do a custom dwarf shield that represented a particular clan. This shield is a 13mm across and will be printed using shapeways finest detail acrylic. I printed a test piece (slightly different design) and the detail is almost as good as GW plastic. Once my next test has arrived (design above) I will post pictures. I might have to spray it first, because the printed part is translucent and difficult to see. If all goes to plan I will the print something similar to the sprue below: Thanks for reading if you have made it this far. Hopefully this blog will keep me going and I hope I can be more active in this community ?.
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    Part of it is the fragmented nature of rumours and which bits of the process people have seen and when they know about it. GW switched about a year from little additions to ranges to renewing ranges, which means the pipeline behind that switched about 3-4 years ago. Rumours get spawned from concept art, not all of which is used, and there can be big differences between the art and the finished minis, test sculpts and prints (again not all of which are used, and I was expecting the Eldar Spirit Seer to come out ages ago, but the model got forgotten about when studio guys got moved around and it sat on someone's desk for 3 years) or when it finally gets to the design studio and they have to work out what the hell to do with the pile of models they've just been given, and then comes playtesting, box art, manufacturing, etc. Leaks trickle out from various points and get mixed in with channers making stuff up to wind people up. And then you get a bunch of chinese whispers or potato cam shots. I heard some squats rumours a couple of years before Kharadron Overlords, and discounted them because a) Squats and b) people keep seeing unreleased/limited release stuff from 2nd ed in peoples collections and getting excited. I got told about baby stealers being a big deal in the new GSC, but it turns out it's just a bunch of character models getting little buddies and there was a lot of chatter because genestealer familiars are as popular with the sculptors as Nurglings are. Similarly GW have only shown 25% ish of the new Chaos stuff and Blackstone was a soft preview of the range. Warcry I've known as Killteam but Aos since autumn last year, but I've not known the details regarding it as a) I'm not interested in AoS much, though 2.0 softened me a bit and I've played a bunch of Underworlds and think it's one of the best designed GW games in years and b) I was far more interested in the stuff coming out for KT and 40k. And 40k is going to hit us like a train this year. However Darkoath (which will include the StD range) has peaked my interest, as sixpack barbarians done with modern sculpting hit's the spot for me as an old fantasy player. I will definitely be getting into AoS Killteam. I was expecting Warcry at the back end of this year, and the LVO announcement to feature more of the Chaos stuff or maybe hints from the big 40k summer releases, but it's possible it's coming sooner. I've been told the leak seen is pretty much correct. Watching the trailer though you can pretty much educated guess half the background detail, and Stormcast vs Chaos is also a pretty easy guess from there. I know the Kill Team studio guys were pushing hard to get new minis assigned to them (and used the slow sales on the faction starters and commander sets to say that they needed something new) and now they've got the new format we've seen in the latest release of a more aggressively priced product with new models and more material (twice the missions per set for example). I had hoped they'd follow the new coke formula with Warcry, and will be disappointed if they don't. And Kill Team: Inquisition around Easter (though with White Dwarf losing the new release section the schedule is even more malleable now). Wade was incredibly pissed I a) knew about it and b) had mentioned it in public but to be honest I completely lose track of what Community have talked about, as I was sure they'd shown a bunch of stuff they haven't and I'm being a bit more circumspect now. But this month and next month features the last two Underworlds boxes for this season, Vigilus 2, a range refresh for Chaos in 40k with a giant pile of kits, Primaris Wave 2, one or two more AoS battletomes, possibly another Kill Team wave and then KT:Inquisition at the back with some Specialist stuff sprinkled in as well and that's just the next 6-8 weeks. There's a lot of 40k this year, a lot, and the release schedule is not slowing down with at least one big £95 ish box a month every month for one system or other, constantly slamming into our wallets.
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    rumour engine for darkoath witch/shaman
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    I have done some detective work using the power of computerized technology! As we can see there are blurry shapes. Now, if we enhance.. Oh yes! A clear shape of some snake-like creature, perhaps a centipede, or some kind of.. Wait! No! Get out of here! Wrong book! Wrong book!
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    I've heard a rumor that people will be upset about point changes no matter what they are.
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    Hello there! EDITED FOR A FULL ARMY PHOTO (original post below ;)): Some time ago I decided to build a pretty unique force, with no model left unconverted and, in many cases, pretty much scratchbuilt from whatever bits were fitting. Army fluff is, in short, that they are descendands of Azyrite Aelf force isolated in realm of beasts for generations, changed by their surroundings, harsh life and lack of any support. Now they're less cultured, more savage and brutal than their ancestors and make their life hunting monsters that are the one thing they have in abundance, adorning themsleves with their hides and other trophies. Still, they guard their fortress, as ordered hundered of years ago and await the return of Sigmar and his warriors to serve once again, holding violent thunderstorms of their land in reverence and taming those creatures they view as noble and connected to the thunder god. And some close ups: Spireguard Reavers (on properly monstrous horses, thanks be to weird dark steed design ;)) Shadow Warriors More to come soon ; )
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    So, here my first finished pathfinder. Turned out pretty well. The next will be with more contrast in the skin and i also will take more time for the TMM, but iam still in the learning phase so its okish. Maybe ill add some blood but that will be it. And here what iam up to building. An Wild Hunter Kindred on Elk, an Melusai conversion with Spear in the one Hand and Blade in the other, a shield on the Back and lets see what other bits i find worth attaching.
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    At the end of the day most Gloomspite Gitz armies are going to be heavily composed of some form of Grot units - so I fail to see the big issue with a single rule here. Grots are uniformly bad and only have the advantage of being cheap and plentiful. Squigs are fun but the epitome of a glass cannon unit. Trolls are much more durable, but they are traditionally expensive and have some sort of stupidity drawback (eating their magic items for example). Goblin armies traditionally have had a lot of stuff that was fun, but not very great on the table unless you can engineer favorable situations. They have generally always had a number of rules that can seem overly-strong or unfair when they work successfully and you are on the receiving end, but are usually not totally reliable and reside in an army that has a number of negatives to offset those. In addition, in the past the designers have specifically mentioned that Orcs & Goblins were designed as a gamblers style of army. Now, they may be moving away from that to a degree (we will have to see), but I don't get the feeling that Goblins will ever truly drop all of the gambler aspects. In the past there have been tons of "unfair" mechanics. There have been nets that reduce the strength of an enemy unit by -1 and can make big blocks of goblins absurdly durable. That seemed unfair to many of my opponents - except when my unit accidentally got tangled in it's own nets and was butchered. Or when my units failed animosity rolls and a battle plan completely fell apart. Then there were times when random-movement units such as Pump Wagons would crush enemy units with tons of impact attacks and did not allow charge reactions. But at the same time those things occasionally fell apart on their own, went the wrong way, failed to go far enough, or were flanked and destroyed with ease. Giants could kill characters instantly, win combats against units and rout them without the enemy being able to fight back at all, or jump up and down all over infantry and inflict horrendous damage. But they could also drunkenly just fall over. Trolls could bypass armor and devastate heavy units, but they could also just be stupid and stand still and not do anything at all. Doom Divers could reliably devastate monsters or characters better than almost any other warmachine in the game, but they also failed more spectacularly than other warmachines. Fanatics could cause horrific damage that was almost impossible to prevent, but they could also randomly spin around the battlefield and crash into your own stuff. For every game where these "unfair" things decimated my opponent and caused me to win I can recount a game where they all went horribly wrong and lost me the game. The most spectacular example that sticks with me to this day was a game in 5th edition with my Night Goblin army where a canny opponent exploited the fanatic rules and forced them to be released randomly at a time when I did not want to release them. One of the fanatics flew sideways out of my unit and crashed into my Giant - who was at full health. Poor rolling on my part (or amazing - your call) resulted in that Fanatic killing the Giant outright. The giant then proceeded to fall over on top of my Great Shaman - who happened to be my general. The shaman failed his initiative test to dodge out of the way and he was instantly killed. The death of my general caused an army-wide panic test which 80% of my army failed due to being goblins and no longer having a general. So in one clever move and a hilarious rube-goldberg chain reaction my opponent caused my entire army to rout. It was a total riot for both of us. Personally, I love it and would have it no other way.
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    If my experience is anything to go by, said Easter egg would have been vetted, first by the editors, and then by lore guys at the editing stage. If it got through, then chances are that there are no plans for Settra's return as the leader of a faction of anti-Nagash undead. Too, the likelihood of getting such a faction anytime soon is infinitesimal, and even if it did happen, it's even less likely that it would bear any resemblance, lore-wise, to the Tomb Kings. At best, I could see them adapting some of the designs for potential Deathrattle releases down the line, if only to make the skeletons look more cohesive with Nagash and Arkhan the Black. (Also, some skeletal archers would be nice, just saying...) This isn't to say that it's impossible. I am not keyed in to the company, or privy to any discussions regarding this sort of thing. But it ain't likely at this stage. tldr; it could happen, but it probably won't.
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    This thread really lost it somehow. Over the past two years we had several rumours told here by people and all were totally freakin about those, no one was annoyed that their army wasn't one amongst the rumored ones. I even "had" to join the forum because of the rumours about ironjawz 2nd wave and moonclan. People took rumours as something what they were: a rumour we could discuss about. Rumourmongers enjoyed immunity as we knew that it only were rumours and boy, the time frames were all over the place. But ever since GW activly steers what is comming to the surface and even invests several minutes of videocontent just about this topic, this thread went dry. Dry and salty. Now theres a typical, new rumour since ages in this thread we can discuss and dream about and people are calling him out, want to reveal his sources and being salty that their beloved factions are not part of those rumours or if they are, it's not the way they want them to be. It's really annoying that people who whine about their favorite faction moan the loadest about rumours because their beloved faction is not included in the rumour, so all other people need to know that their beloved faction is underpowered and they need a new book asap. Every dang time. I really hope those duardin finally receive something...
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    To use your own example when someone uses the "its just toy soldiers" comment its usually when someone is losing their mind over minor changers, rumours or sky is falling comments. Like you say its no different than football but to my mind that again is the equivalent to the guy playing a kickabout with some mates on a Sunday and acting like he's in the Premier League and like the world is crashing down because he feels "robbed" of a penalty or freekick he somehow felt he was deserved. "Its Just toy Soldiers" is a way of saying people should and often do have far more important things in their life to get worked up over rather than losing their mind over a hobby thats meant to be a relaxing distraction
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    All the people on Facebook asking for new Cities of Sigmar sculpts are missing the point of this army, IMHO. This army is designed to appeal to older gamers, converters, retro collectors and/or the general niche crowd. A model release would railroad the aesthetic so as to say "Cities of Sigmar is specifically this...", rather than "Cities of Sigmar can be, aesthetically speaking, pretty much whatever you want it to be". While one upside of new sculpts would be new warscrolls to convert your models to fit, I don't think we'll be hurting from a lack of warscrolls in this faction.
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    Back from Warhammer Fest and have managed to unpack and sort myself out. I was very intrigued by what the new paint was going to be and my original guess of base colours in can's and a dip system wasn't actually 100% off the mark! I attended the seminar talking about this too and it was super interesting (done by the chap who actually worked on developing these paints). The range was originally designed to replicate the base colour + shade of certain common citadel paint schemes - so the Ultramarines Blue Contrast paint will give a very similar effect to Macragge Blue + Drakenhoft Nightshade. The "highlight" effect was actually an added bonus! Despite it being advertised as "slap it on and watch the magic", you still need to control what you're doing. Poor brush control and letting it pool will make a model look just as bad as if you'd done the same with any paint! This is why the examples in the cabinet were a mixed baggage because somebody with good brush control and managing where the paint went gets a superior result to somebody who's flopped it everywhere. It's also worth noting that using this on large flat areas will have the same issues as washing a large flat area - they're designed to be used on miniatures with lots of details and texture. The paint range uses an entirely different base medium which appears to have a special mix of flow aid and retarder in (amongst other things). It's designed to go on "thick" but dry thin and as has been mentioned already does require a varnish to protect it else it risks being rubbed off during handling. A new varnish has been developed that should replicate the satin finish of the range and be more reliable than the current varnish (very much a case of each version of the varnish being better than the last). The new base medium is very fragile and you will lose the unique "Contrast" properties if you add water or something using a different base (e.g. Lahmian or a regular Citadel Colour paint). However the Contrast range are basically a high transparency paint so adding it to other paints or thinning it down with other mediums will turn it into glazes and similar. This is certainly where the 'Eavy Metal have been experimenting with it. It also acts very similar to the old "Tint" range if you add it to a metallic - so adding Blood Angels Red to Stormhost Silver will give you a red metallic. White undercoat is very tricky to create as there is only one pigment that can be used as a base (Titanium - well, technically there are two, but using Lead pigment is frowned upon). This means that in order to develop a white undercoat the way to make it more reliable is to add other pigments to it - the two new colours are (brown) White and (grey) White - they will also have colour matched Base pots released at the same time. The new Contrast paints will work over any undercoat, however for the intended effect you want to use a lighter colour (over black just look weird). I can see lots of people achieving some very clever effects over metallic undercoats. Size wise the new pots are a little bigger than the regular paint's (but smaller than Shade paints). The pot of Contrast Medium is the same size as a Shade paint (let's hope we also get Lahmian in that size too!) I did the following in the last five minutes of the event - trying to cram every colour I could get my hands on (they only had 10 available to play with). I was actually very surprised with how far the paint went, so don't feel you're going to need to purchase gallons of the stuff to paint an army. I took very little care over this and with a bit of highlighting wouldn't have an issue playing with or against an army done like this (though using all these colours may give you a migraine or nightmares). Even where the paint has pooled you've not actually lost much detail. Just to address a few comments It's not, they're just new undercoats with more brown/grey in than Corax white. Applying a zenithal highlight with a white should actually improve the effect you get with the Contrast paints however. Far too soon to see if this is actually the case. As somebody who does some competitive painting I feel they will become extra tool in our already impressive repertoire. I actually can't wait to start experimenting with using them in different ways and seeing what other people do. Sort of. A wash doesn't have the vibrancy of colour that the new paints have. I do think there is going to be a learning curve on improving control - when the original washes came out we had exactly the same issues with lack of control, people have now learned how to apply the right amount of wash in the right place which I expect will be the same for these paints. From a practical aspect they're certainly going to help people paint up those massive hordes. I thought the same too, but the new undercoats are basically just slightly different shade whites. They should be a lot more reliable too - part of the testing of the new sprays they had a kettle permanently boiling to increase the humidity of their spray booth. It should skip both the basecoating and washing steps - the piece above was quite genuinely painted in about five minutes using a medium wash brush!
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    Ok, ok. We get it. You don't like the Realmscape rules. Based on the level of hyperbole in your post I think its safe to say that you've never actually tried these rules and this is "Worst-case Scenario" thinking. Its worth pointing out that if, "The different realms abilities range from 'you wanna just not bother?' to 'I guess I just lose then.'" that implies that there is a happy middle ground. There is some combination of armies and Realmscape rules that lead to happy games. So why not try them out. Don't roll, pick one that you and your opponent can agree on and give it a try. It will take a few tries surely, but you'll find it. Or don't. They're all optional, after all. I believe you're talking about Mirrorpool. Now Alarielle, Archaon, and Nagash can already fly so they can charge over screens on their own. Mirrorpool does not grant flying so non-flyers still can't use it to get over screens. But none of that helps those three get past screening units for one simple reason. They all have 6" diameter bases. If the screen is within 5.9" of the target, even if you make the charge roll, you can't place them without them being on top of the screen so the charge fails unless they hit the screening unit alone (just as planned). Even if they roll box cars and fly over the screen, the farthest they can go is 3.1" behind the protected unit (and still fail the charge because their bases are still too large). That would be Fecund Quagmire. The Slaanesh or DoK player can always alter their list or playstyle. Try something new! If they can't because they lack the models or if they refuse to (their choice) then simply pick a different rule. We have 42 to choose from (ok 35, #1 on each table doesn't really count)! Just because one Realmscape feature (probably) makes a game unenjoyable for one army played in one way does not mean the entire suite of rules is "trash". There's that hyperbole again! If they're trying to push Wyldwoods on us, then they've been trying for 3 years (more really). That particular Realmscape Feature was first published in the Time of War: Rotwater Blight rules all the way back in The Quest for Ghal Maraz (the 2nd book ever published for the game). Also yes they are; they would very much like you to give them money for their models. BAM! Hyperbole! Protip: Use it sparingly. Too much hyperbole makes it seem like you don't know what you're talking about. ?
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    I was quoting these to rebut them and then I realised they were all from the same poster. Please don't post like this, you are literally ruining the good vibe that has been cultivated here at tga and making this topic really un-fun and agro
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    First : I AM FRENCH AND I KNOW MY ENGLISH IS BAD, SORRY FOR GRAMMAR AND LANGUAGE MISTAKE The stormcast eternals are right now one of the most popular army in the game, with a very good representation in tournament. However, i think we are in a situation of « the tree hide the forest », and the battletome is not in a really good nor fun state. Notice that i KNOW that many armies (ironjaw, kharadron, flesh eater court) are in a worst state, but hey, i’m here too talk about Stormcast. Only stormcast, no allies, grand alliance or anything else. I don't want to see players of other armies coming to say " yeah, but nurgle/khorne/tzeentch/freeguild/moonaclan don't have X and need Y..." The stormcast problems are not invalidated by the fact that other armies have problem, in the same way that other armies problem are not invalidated by the fact that stormcast have some It's not a crying post "boohoo, stormcast are too weak, please GW, buff them trough the roof " but a post about how could we change the battletome to make it more interesting an not gravitating around 5% of its option Note too that ton of tournament and game happen everywhere, and i suppose that somewhere in the world, someone kick ass with hammer prosecutor. Most of my points are « general », but i think, valid. They are of course, at the end, my opinion, not « the only truth » that i force everyone to accept, but i think many people will agree with me. The point is : how can we make the stormcast more balanced and interesting to play ? I thought about that and wanted to share my ideas about them. And i would love to hear your advices Prepare yourself, it will be long What carried the stormcast in a very good tournament position lately was very obviously one extremely powerful, if not flat-out broken : the vanguard wing. Now that it is corrected, the stormcast don’t have many option to stay viable in a tournament. Except the madman who won a tournament recently with a no-bataillion-14-drop-list, most of the well placed stormcast list are very similar and there is some option more powerful than the rest: - They are a vanguard wing, a hammerstrike force, a skyborne slayers, or an aetherstrike force. Two were nerfed (but are still powerful and used), and one is a very extreme list that can be hard-countered. - Most (if not all) of the armies use Staunch Defender, which is MUCH MORE powerful than the other command trait - Vanguard units are pretty much non existent, except in the aetherstrike force - Most of the list are hero-heavy, with the lord relictor and lord castellant being everywhere - At the item level, most, if not all players take mirroshield, lantern of the tempest and sigmarite armor. Sometime a luckstone on a venator. So we have an army who turn around the same warscroll bataillion, command trait, units and item. The internal balance is quite poor The good : things that are fine: - The army is still the most versatile in the game, with ton of available playstale and orientation - The heroes are all useful, powerful and unique. The biggest strenght of the army - Very good mortal wound output. Stormcast can face pretty much everything and even in a hard match-up, can try to take a draw or minor victory - Prayers are extremely good - Staunch Defenders The bad : things that need to be corrected in the stormcast army : - Vanguard units are too expensive for what they bring to the table, without exception - Prosecutor suffer the same problem. - Most of the units are actually quite average. Liberators, paladins, judicator, are outclassed by several entries (chaos warrior, bloodwarrior, blightking, arkanaut company, skyfires, etc) and none stand as a « holy hell, this ****** is good » choice - The army lack the complex and multiple layer of synergy most of the armies now have, with very direct and simple as well as limited buff (a +1 to hit in melee, reroll 1 to hit at range, etc). Very obvious in comparison to khorne/nurgle/tzeentch/death/fyreslayers who have ton of buff who cover everything. - The bulk of the army is quite slow, and entirely revolve around expensive bataillion and the relictor to move around - Without Staunch Defenders, the army is fragile. Stormcast unit have a BAD wound/save/cost ratio. - Allegiance ability (scions of the storm) is mediocre, and used only in very specific case, because not reliable. In comparison of destiny dices, the 4/5 death abilities, fyreslayers, nurgle and all those global buff, it look lackluster Another stormcast weakness is magic. No invulnerable save (except on one command trait and one item), and one anti-mage who need to be 160 pts to be efficient. The army need LOT of investment to have a passable magic defense, that will have no effect against a magic-focused list like Tzeentch or Sacrament. Some people would argue it’s normal, and actually better that the stormcast have a particular weakness. At a time where nurgle unit can run and charge with a + 5 global move and where tzeentch have one the best melee unit in the game, i think the time of « fluff and specific weakness » is over. What should be done : - Rebalance the units - Stop the over reliance on a few powerful if not broken bataillion - Making the army more resilient globally. Without staunch defenders and lot of castellant, the stormcast don’t « feel » as sturdy they should be. When you think about stormcast, you imagine giant armored men facing ton of opponent and winning against all odds. Not 220 pts retributor with the same resilience as skullreapers or brutes who are 40 pts cheaper. - BUT the army should be less invincible against armies who don’t have ton of high rend or mortal wound output. - The army should be more resilient against mortal wounds. How i think it should be done : Point cost : - Lowering the cost of ALL vanguard units of 20 pts (40 for the aquilor), no exception - Lowering the cost of hammer prosecutor to 70 pts, and javelin prosecutor to 80 - Making the lone gryph hound a different unit than gryph-hound units. Lowering the gryph hound unit cost at 60 pts for 5, without the warning cry and castellant/veritant bonus (making them similar to chaos wounds or dire wolves in their role) - Lowering aetherwing cost to 50 pts - Lowering concussors to 240 pts - Lowering drakesworn templar to 460 (in the same cost range than a vampire lord on zombie dragon, whith more resilience and utility, but less killing power) - Lowering the celestant on stardrake to 500 - Lowering the lord celestant on dracoth to 200 (too expensive when you think that for 40 pts more, you can have a freaking freeguild general on griffon, or for 80 pts less, a mighty lord of khorne on juggernaut) - Lowering the cost of the knight questor to 80 - Increasing the cost of the lord relictor to 120. Right now, he is waaaay too good and one of the best model in the game. - Increasing the cost of the lord castellant to 120 pts Army mechanics Scion of the storm : making the deep strike guaranteed and when the stormcast player want.I t’s the only way to make it reliable. For preventing MAXIMUM CHEESE with full deepstrike, limiting the number of units who can come from the sky to 3 per turn (stormcast usually come by waves in the fluff) A new ability : Inspiring heroes : Every STORMCAST MODEL around 6 " of a STORMCAST HERO gain a 6+ invulnerable save against mortal wound (and only mortal wound). Every STORMCAST UNIT around 6 " gain +1 to bravery as well. Why : Stormcast have one of the few army to not have invulnerable save, and suxx bravery wise (liberators are worse than arboys, bloodwarriors or comparable unit. Even stormcast paladin have only 1 bravery more than brutes, famous for their low bravery). They need a specific hero to not run everywhere, and are VERY fragile against bravery focused attack. I think this new allegiance ability, would encourage stormcast player to play their army around their numerous, charismatic and powerful heroes, marching united, few against many, and not disperse themselves too much. It is close to their fluff. The biggest change : - DELETE STAUNCH DEFENDER - MAKING STAUNCH DEFENDER A BASELINE ABILITY TO LIBERATORS AND PALADINS, AND INCREASING THEIR COST TO 120/220 Why ? because right now, liberators and paladin unit feel « right » only when there is a +1 save (staunch defender) around. They really need this 3+ save to stand out against other units. But staunch defender is too strong, giving a 2+ to all stormcast heroes and a 3+ to their ranged unit, as well as making dracoth and stardrake ridiculously resilient and not fun to play against. With this change the « frontline » unit of the stormcast become what they should be : resilient guys able to hold their own against a numerical superior ennemy, and excellent in defense. In compensation, the stormcast will have more fragile ranged unit. And it stop the army to be « everything or nothing » : invincible when there is staunch defender, frail without it. People will still have trouble against frontline units, but not the whole army. No or low rend army will struggle to kill the liberators/paladin (as it should be), but not the ranged units. For the command trait, i fond them disapointting and without relief. They should show the personnality of the general, and have some synergy with allegiance ability (cf kharadrons who have command ability about their ships and code, tzeentch with many destiny dice shenaningan, or nurgle with some influence over the wheel). Something more sexy than +1 att or other should be the norm. Profile change - Making Neaeve Blacktalon a vanguard unit - Giving the TOTEM keyword to the relictor - Allowing the palladors/aquilor to charge after the use of winds aetheric, but now ending their movement 5 " away of ennemy models. Now, they will really able to harass the ennemy like they should, without being able to slip everywhere as before. Giving them a ability that doesn’t synergize with them is stupid : " hey let's give to this 200 pts melee unit an ability to go everywhere without being able to charge, and only to fire 9 pitiful dmg 1 ranged attacks ! " - Removing the group mechanic of the desolators (more desolators = more attacks) and giving them one similar to the decimators (anti massive unit ability) - While he is « fine », the celestant prime is not really fun. It’s a beautiful and symbolic model that need to stay away of the board during a good chunk of the game, and will likely be removed by the ennemy juste after his arrival. I propose to double his wound cost as well as +1 att on his base profile, but increasing his cost to 600. My goal ? Making him a « legendary/mythic » hero like morathi/archaon/nagash/alarielle, a expensive badass that will wreck ****** (but unlike all of those previously mentionned, don’t bring anything to help his army except his killing power) - Making the lord castellant ward unstackable, and making his ability to ALWAYS heal on a 6, no matter the rend or the stack of armor buff. So the heal won’t disapear if the ennemy have rend, but won’t reach ridiculous levels if you stacked armor buff on him. I would remove his offensive ward ability and give him a new that give a 5+ invulnerable save on the unit against mortal wound. So players will have to choose between « more resilient against basic attacks » and « more resilient against mortal wound ». With his new cost of 120, i twill be a powerful model, but taking lot of him will be quickly expensive. Bataillon Ok, there is waaaaaay too many bataillion to make a rundown of each of them. However, i would change the aetherstrike force so a unit could use marked to death only one time per turn, making it more tactical to play than simply protecting 12 vanguard raptor who wreck everything, and more interesting to face for the opponent Last but not least : removing the stormhost warscroll bataillion, way too expensive and unplayable at 2000, and replace them by a system similar to the Kharadron Overlords spatioport : you choose your stormhost, gain acess to few items, command ability/ ability, with certain condition. I love the skyport system and would love to see it expanded to other armies So... what do you think about it ?
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    In the final days of the Age of Chaos, a fleet of skyfaring vessels, early ancestors of the Kharadron, crashed into the Forest. The few who survived were helped by the fledgling Gharuki and treated like kings. A few eventually repaired their crafts and left for the skys, but there were a few who remained, grateful to their forest brothers. The Endrinmasters shared all that they knew with the Gharuki and they now have a sizeable fleet of of gyrocraft and airborn fighters. Eschewing tradition these Duardin live high in the canopy of the forest and send out squadrons to scour the continent to assist all that they can, remembering how their people were chased from their homeland.
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    Here are my converted Skaven warband: The Skink Starswarm!
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    The icy touch of death is ever increasing in size! Now with more wars and more souls... Can't wait for that black coach to be released and the dreadblade harrows... I so love those new horses.
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    Hey, that's what happens when you have to write a tie-in novel in a month and some change without having access to the product it's ostensibly tied to. Fun times, fun times.
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    Glad they nerfed Dragonlords! Now Order Draconis will stop dominating the competitive scene!
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    The Future of the Masters I love warhammer. I love the community. I love getting together with my mates and playing games, I love meeting new people and having this wonderful hobby in common. I love to see the wide and varied communities from all around the world doing amazing things to do with Warhammer. Tournament gaming is a massive part of this. The ETC is a fantastic example of what is possible, but so are events like Adepticon, Cancon, Gencon, UK Games Expo and even our own UK events like Blood and Glory, SCGT, Facehammer GT, BOBO, Blood tithe and all the way down the local stores running club nights and weekend one dayers. The Masters has always been my way of celebrating the game, and giving a thank you to the community for supporting my podcast, events and hobby. I have a vision for the Masters where it is an amazing weekend of warhammer, with the top players from all across the world getting together to celebrate the game and find the champion. Events like the Crossfit Games and the League of Legends worlds show that amazing and huge live events, for the niche topics can be possible, and if there is enough interest it can be made to happen. If this is the dream of an Age of Sigmar Masters event, what does it look like next year? A full on spectator event in front of a live audience! A knockout tournament where the entrants are seeded by their rankings position, with the final game played between the last players standing to see who takes the title of Age of Sigmar Master! The champion will be crowned in front of a live audience. Next year I will be running the Masters alongside the Bad Dice GT in the summer of 2020. The Masters event itself will be switching from a Swiss style 2 day tournament to a single day 4 round knockout event with the final taking place on the Saturday evening of the infront of a live audience. We have the venue booked already with a theatre hall and tiered seating that can seat the entire field from the GT plus spectators. We have a local company who we can work with to supply huge screens and media walls, and of course the option to live stream the whole event. The current rankings season is going to run for the next 18 months for this season to allow for the date change of the masters. (yes this means that Jan-June event will occur twice in this season, but going forwards will settle back down into a routine) This means the rankings season that started 10th December 2018, will run until the summer of 2020, roughly an extra 6 months. This should put us in line with the traditional GHB and game system updates for future years. The details for this are still in progress, and plans can be made and ironed out over the next 12-18 months. At this stage all that is set in stone is that in 2020 the event is moving to the summer and running alongside the Bad Dice GT. So how can it be the best it can be? I'm looking for feedback, ideas and support from the community to make this the best event possible. I have ideas but I am sure there are things that can be done I haven't even considered and I would love for the entire community to pull together to get behind this. Please let me know what you think, and what you could suggest that might make this the worlds greatest Warhammer Event!
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    Challenge accepted. 240clanrats and 1packmaster. have fun killing all my clanrats while they are camping on the objectives edit: fear the Vermintide, Yes-yes
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    Honestly I can't see the cause for any negativity here. Brayherd players just got the following: Full access to all the units they lost during AoS 1 like Warherds, dragon ogors etc. Their own endless spells A new herdstone and possibly other new minis A revamp of items and allegiance abilities Access to the full range of Tzaangors from the Tzeentch book A strong chance of getting marks, giving them access to a range of really useful allies. Their range back in stores No longer having to buy a separate pack of round bases which added 4-6€ to the price of each unit.
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    Grot-tember, Ork-tober, rogue-vember, angron-cember.....
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    My first kit bash themed around Root-King, heavily inspired by a blog from a brilliant concept artist and conversion dude found here: https://sometimesminis.wordpress.com/2017/12/05/root-king-duardin-concepts/ After centuries without hearth or home the dispossessed clan Dál Riata found themselves in the bountiful lands of Ghyran, finally settling in the Great Glens nestled between the imposing wandering mountains. Unlike most of their cousin duardin the Dál Riata prefer to live in harmony with their surroundings, never leaving a mark on the lands (a trait born of necessity during their nomadic days to keep their location secret). It was here in the Great Glens the Dál Riata we’re approached by the mysterious goddess Nicnevin, or as others know her Alarielle the Everqueen. She had taken a curious liking to these stout few, their cheery disposition brightening her melancholy nature. And so it was, with time, Nicnevin taught the wisest among the clan how to commune with the lands themselves. With heavy hearts they listened to tales of a putrid rotting spreading through the lands in mockery of the natural cycles. These tidings shook even the longest of beards into a fury as grudges were spat and wrath promised on those who would bring harm to the Great Glens. Now bonded in a pact deeper than any Karak, the Treefolk and Dál Riata work in unison, rich soils shift as ancient roots dig deep in search of minerals to deliver to the Runic Druid Lords.
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    Are y'all serious, you all start bi*ching about stormcast. Yes, stormcast are big buff dudes in plate armor. So what, Get over it. Go read a hallowed Knights novel.
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    Finished the first part of my pledge with a Chaos Sorceror and six Chaos Warriors. Matching them to my original Tzeentch scheme, which is definitely not what I would've chosen were I starting afresh... grey skin... First outing for the airbrush as well after a number of false starts. Nice effect on the robe, less good elsewhere and lots of lessons learned!
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    Ok beardlings… sit down and put another log on the fire… The beginning The company that you all know as GW originally was two very distinct businesses working out of Nottingham. Games workshop was a games importer, and Citadel was a miniatures manufacturer. They stayed that way for some time, TSR already had a foothold in the Uk and Dungoens and Dragons was doing well. Gamma world was their stab at sci-fi but it didn’t do as well as their core product. The other big players at the time were Chaosium who were producing Runequest and Call of Cthulhu and miniature wise there were several but the main competitor was Ral Partha and Grenadier. Now, tabletop wargaming at the time was very much confined to the historical gamers. There was nobody really doing a wargame for fantasy gaming at the time. TSR had tried with a product called Chainmail and later Battle System but they didn’t really work very well or integrate with the D&D rulesets at the time. With the model lines rising and with the vision of people like Tony Ackland, Brian Ansell, Rick Priestley and John Blanche, the miniatures and their backgrounds started taking on a character and life of their own. Warhammer came into existence and Harry the hammer was born smashing a skeleton to pieces on the cover of warhammer 1st edition. There was talk back then of doing a game set in the far future called Rogue Trader. But we wouldn’t see that materialise into reality for many many years to come. In the pages of white dwarf we’d find scenarios we could play and storylines to follow, and of course there were the published stuff like Terror of the Lichmaster, Bloodbath and Orc’s drift and MacDeath. This was the age of parody, ripping off ideas in popular culture and having fun- the words IP and lawsuit didn’t exist then - they were far more innocent and different times. Warhammer 2nd edition came, and with it an army book called Ravening hordes not the thing with the goblins on the cover but an amazing piece of art by Chris Achilleos - you lot think nothing of codexes and battletomes now, but back them this was revolutionary - like opening the lost ark. We as players had a structure to build an army, and themed armies. Warhammer third edition landed not long after, and with it Warhammer fantasy role play. At this point we started to see the old world fleshed out and given form. This was the beginning of the warhammer many of you remember. We also saw a new game, Warhammer 40,000 : Rogue Trader. A far cry from the original concept of expeditionary privateers in space, we see the 40k universe unfold. And what a universe it was - a truly unique vision, but to every warhammer player, familiar as all our favourite races were in there with great new twists. There was a fluidity back then, new stuff was announced in white dwarf with rules and fluff and we set about playing to them right away.. Bearing in mind that we didn’t have stores other than local indi stores and WD was available at every newsagents stand. Inevitable small companies grow with success and with that success comes changes. The small company can’t behave as it once did and a more business orientated mindset comes in. Over the years this translates as a tighter grip on the strategy and lines. It’s no longer about guys in a shed having fun. The good ol’ boys are also having to tow the line in a different manner. Times Change Nobody could have foreseen just how popular 40k would become. It was fluid, it was fun it was skirmishy. You could play it with a couple of boxes of RTB01 marines or orks. Fantasy was still strong but was stuck in the world of ranks and flanks, it still stuck fast to the historical war game paradigm. Popular culture was changing as well, fantasy in film and media was falling out of favour and giving way to sci-fi. It would take decades before this balance was addressed. If GW ever had a problem with specialist games it was that of support and continuity. Its two main product lines had emerged and with the limited resources they had, it was obvious specialist games would be a niche affair. Any company at this point in time asks one question - is it making us money? So now we wind the clock on a decade or two. GW is strong. It’s survived huge upheaval in the marketplace. TSR is long dead, but their demise was to echo through the ages and GW almost take on a dark parody of it. Chaosium, Runequest, etc all gone to the dust. There was a new way of doing things, CCG’s, video games, and other new ways of doing thing. Even fantasy had changed in outlook and aesthetic with WoW and their ilk. The new warhammer gamer (both systems) was becoming a competitive animal. A far cry from some guys deciding that if you have that, and I have this, then we’ll play it like this and this is the story. Core differences If fantasy was struggling to attract new blood, to seduce them to swords and sorcery rather than las guns and bolt pistols, then it wasn’t helping itself in the way it was wanting you to do things. Your army in fantasy had to have a minimum amount of it’s army’s points in core troops - the predecessor of battleline if you will. In a 2000 point game that was 500 points. back in 3rd ed, the points cost per model were high, the model count still low. But wind that clock on the 7th / 8th ed and you’re talking eye watering cost - especially if you played a traditionally small point per model army like greenskins or skaven. 20 chaos warriors did you - two boxes, well one and a bit as they contained 16 models - a throwback to 7th ed. But a skaven player would be buying up five or more boxes of slaves to make up his numbers, he’d launched 100 pounds straight away without getting started. By comparison 40k said minimum units, and guess what - a unit was a box of models. great. Little Johnny just buys some marines and he’s good. Age of Kirby. Lots of stuff said about this bloke, and probably held in as much disgust as Matt Ward. If there was one overriding fault that typifies his reign it was xenophobia. No press releases until release, no official information channels other than white dwarf, and eschewing the new media that was web and social media. They did have a forum many years ago, but it got trolled so hard that they thought nuts to this and shut it down. Now remember what I said about TSR? - well that was GW right there. Telling you that it was their way or no way and you should be grateful to buy the same thing twice over with the only difference being a new cover. And it was dying in the same way. I don’t doubt that he tried to pull GW back as best he could, but in reality he didn’t appear to understand this new world. It had given him the tools he needed to make things right but he didn’t know how to use them. They’d also sunk a metric ton of cash in New Line Cinema’s way for the LoTR licence. The return was in fairness quite pitiful. There was no assistance on New Line’s part to market the game for GW, or assist them. But why would they? they were used to dealing with the Mattel and parker of the world, huge commercial corporate entities with their own vast advertising budgets and knowledge of tv commercial slots. GW didn’t have that knowledge or money to make it happen even if they had, not on the global scale that say a batman toy gets pumped across the globe. Giving computer game houses et al. licence to thrill was great, but unfortunately it didn’t have the desired effect of pulling custom the other way as much as GW would have liked. I’d like to see just how many people started to play 40k off the back of Dawn of War for example. By now fantasy on top of everything else had issues whereby it was sitting stagnant in a four yearly cycle. The problem was that with each edition the story never really got advanced, merely re-written or retconned. Armies which didn’t sell got left by the wayside with only loyal followers saving them from (eventual) extinction. this was further compounded by the fact that models were not released quickly enough to support a new release. Beastmen were a prime example. the book came out in 7th ed. It was a full 6 months till the gorghon/cygor came out. By then people had converted giants etc. Sales were poor. Of course they were. And when there was no model to support something, then third parties stepped in and filled the void. End Times 8th edition culminated with end times. The rules were nothing more than rehashed storm of chaos rules but the story was beautiful as were the books. We were all looking to the golden dawn of 9th edition. Rumour was that the starter box would be brets and beasts and I for one was uber excited as I had promised myself a bret army as the next project to sit diametrically opposed to my Warriors of Chaos. It was also noted the aesthetic direction the new models in 8th edition were taking. They had a very different design direction to the previous stuff. It was far more high fantasy than before. A precursor to AoS hidden in plain sight. With the Xenophobia on code red at the mothership, understandably when End times er.. Ended we were all left with a full on WTF. No news. No communication. No nothing. Just blackout. Hastings on Warseer was already talking about combined stats. The forums lit up. All anyone had reference to was the fantasy battle rules. much gnashing of teeth about how broken things would be etc etc. Then news came that brets were going to be like space marines the rules being 4 pages long and the web lit up some more. Still there was silence. Age Of Sigmar. The silence was broken, and the next thing we see is Khorgos Ghul on one side of the window display and a mighty stormcast Prosecutor on the other. There was typical “You will like it” fanfare. but the damage was done. We’d been left in the dark and now what we were given was something none of us knew or could relate too. “We’re a model company first…” I think this will go down in history as one of those comments which probably never came out with the intent that it was meant to. We all heard it, read it and took it the same way, but now standing back, I think what it was trying to say was that it was the models which made the company, not the rules that made the models. We buy into stuff with our eyes and our imagination, not because words on paper are the driving key. We talk of how awesome the models are and then we say yea that’s a great faction, I’ll start that. It’s few people that may look at a faction and say yes, great looks but their scrolls are rubbish. nah, not touching them. It also dawned on the mothership that to protect yourself from third parties essentially you had to do only what you already produced. No model, no rules. simples. "Bring your fake moustache and a cheeky insult while standing on one leg..” When AoS landed, the early faq’s leading up to it said that: Your old army was still playable Your old arrny would no longer be developed or supported New factions would come to the fore and these would be those that were built on - they failed to mention that many of these “no longer supported” models would actually come back with a new name and new lore, thus becoming a new faction. To bridge the gap till the new lore was forged, GW put out the compendiums. Like many we thought some of the stuff in there was a real slap in the face. It was supposed to be light hearted and humorous but in reality it offended people’s sensibilities, especially after the massive long silence that had proceeded it, and now we get this BS. I can understand that perhaps the origins of what was to become known as open play were based on trying to get people to play and enjoy the interaction of just playing for playing sake, but the reality was that was going to work on a very small minority when taken at face value. We old role player long beards were not plentiful anymore. I would never take six nagashes because I could, it made perfect sense to me he was unique, but many didn’t see it that way. The statement also alienated the competitive community, and they needed structure and frameworks to be able to do their thing. There were none, and for a company like GW to allow third party comp to come up with its own ideas was deplorable. Looking back. I genuinely believe that AoS was probably on the cards concurrently with 9th Edition WFB. Only sales figures were going to swing the pendulum in the favour of one or the other. With Fantasy sales low, the decision was made as we know. But I think also we need to look at a different angle. Gameplay was more fluid in the looser 40k style. You had more creative freedom with the models as you didn’t have to worry about ranking up on a movement tray, and story wise, perhaps the old world had grown too small, too quaint to handle the imagination and ambition of the writers and where the developers wanted to take the game and the model lines. The mortal realms allowed the writers to introduce factions and things in new and exciting ways, rather than waiting for the next big armybook update and retconning the lore so that "the new model has always existed, what are you talking about?!” With their plans for the future, its inevitable they looked to the future, and decided to call it a day with certain models and factions. And without this getting to be a war of words about chapterhouse and IP, things like brets died because the early script writers backed them into a corner and nobody knew how to pull them out of it. personally I really think they could have worked as a narnia mashup, and worked as a far more gritty darker aspect of their former selves. But that’s another rant for another thread. The Age of Rowntree If there was one overriding word that typifies his reign it is communication. From being enemy number one, GW transforms itself into our best friend. It’s showing us what’s coming up, asking us what we think, and encouraging us to share our thoughts. It walks the journey with us, asking if it tastes ok, rather than holding us by the throat and telling us we’re going to have to like it. I firmly believe that had Rowntree and his team been in charge at the time of End times, we would have had a very slick and well received roll out of AoS much like the 8th edition 40k rollout. Communication is key. Imagine a malign portents style buildup to get people used to the idea of the mortal realms as the old world was crumbling, and the interplay between them. Imagine just teasing snippet rules such as battleshock to replace morale checks, and changes to running and charging for instance. Sure, lets not mince words, it’s a business that’s there to take your money, and the only good customer is one that keeps spending. They don’t give a frig if you’ve been collecting for twenty years and have ten thousand points of chaos warriors alone - if you’re not spending NOW. You’re not paying their bills or turning their cogs. You’ll still dance to their tune but this time you feel you’re the one deciding and willing to do it rather than being forced. And that’s no different to anyone else. Apple loves you all the while you keep upgrading that iphone and mac. It doesn’t care that your old mac book is still going strong after 10 years. Next year’s software release will sort that out. Then it’s up to you if you’re still up for taking the cookie or want to eat elsewhere. So it is with GW. So…. back to the beginning.. The changes were needed, and the financials spoke for themselves. If damage was done it was the silence, and that damage was greatest insofar that it made people actively look for alternatives and realise that there were great systems and games out there. There was only one man who's head rolled and that was Kirby's. Times had moved and he hadn't moved with it, and was unwilling to see or accept that. He ultimately failed to direct the business in a manner which kept profitability and customer satisfaction high, and as such paid the price. I'm sure the paying his wife's web development company several million pounds for a substandard website didn't help but that's conjecture at this point. Sorry for the ramble. I'll shut up now. The embers are dying low on the fire anyways.
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    It's been a while since I last updated this log. I recently picked up the sculpting after a hiatus and finished the pig guy and some other stuff. It was a pretty big project so it's nice to finally have it finished. Here's a video and some pics of the fat man and his infamous pig. I see him as some kind of arch bishop/lord of Nurgle. I've started posting on instagram if you're interested in seeing more of my stuff. https://www.instagram.com/bipolarapeart/ Lord.mp4
  33. 16 points
    I like having physical copies of my rules. Digital just isnt the same.
  34. 16 points
    It's remarkable how similar these two look.
  35. 16 points
    Celestant Prime is ready to crush some Chaos Scum!
  36. 15 points
    2 new warbands for Warcry coming at some point
  37. 15 points
    Guys could we please stop talking about the prices already. It's pretty easy to make a new thread on the subject of you really want to.
  38. 15 points
    Hi everyone! Next personal project has been started and I am super excited about it. I won't reveal the whole list but there will be some serious nurgle action! I hope you guys like it. There will be more to come very soon, so stay tuned.
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    I see a lot of people in many threads and other forums being generally negative about the new releases. I am curious why? GW has been listening to feed back for awhile now and the sentiment scares me. They heard people want rules for their old models, people want rules for their 1.0 models. If the rumors are true they seem to be delivering on the promise of providing rules to the these factions, this year. What worries me is the me too effect. Lots of people now feel left out that they 'only' got rules. If GW listens to this feedback we would see them planning bigger releases instead of incremental ones. This would lead back to the ways of new rules with new models every 3-5 years at most, or never for armies they don't plant o revamp. I don't want this, at all. I'm just confused around the negativity when the alternative is no new rules, and your faction can use the old broken rules or you can buy a new model line. I thought we were all in consensus that this is generally terrible. If these launches go poorly and drive down public image I am worried GW will stop. Is getting only a new battletome really worse than getting nothing at all?
  40. 15 points
    My mostly assembled Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig. More chains to come. They have been a bit of a pain so far, and offer almost nothing in the way of stability - but they look cool! Sorry for the poor photos. There is a ton going on in this model (It looks more like a diorama than a single model sometimes)and I'm not a photographer. Should have it painted with better pictures in a couple of days or so.
  41. 15 points
    its a skill that we learned back in the dark days when GW never spoke to us save through divine literature published but once a month and often after major events. In those dark days we had to read into any sign that would come forth from them; any little hint as to what the future might hold for us. Armies would shudder in fear as each portent could foretell of their impending doom!
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    Just set up my board in the local gw. Thought it would be nice to have a post where people share entries. Not biggest fan of it being a competition but really like seeing different boards.
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    Fast times at Sigmar High here. He’s HEEEEEERRRREEEEE —— —— AHOMTEP THE GOLDEN VULTURE OF VENGEANCE, HIGH KING OF THE CARRION ISLES, AND EMPEROR OF THE HIGH WINDS. It’s done - it’s done - it’s done! Time to go celebrate!
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    Morning all, Sorry it's been ages since I posted here (or at all on the forums really ). I have a couple of answered posts to reply to and then we'll crack on with some photos of new models! Thanks man. Yeh you've nailed my thoughts on the models there, especially regarding the soft detail. I am 100% adding Sacrosanct units to the army, as you say they should look pretty great in this scheme I reckon. I've already assembled a Knight-Incantor with a couple of small conversions to tie her into the Phoenix Temple a bit more and then there are plenty more units I plan to add, so this thread will definitely continue as the army builds. Thanks a lot! As per above, my initial focus will be around adding more Stormcast to the army, but I may well include more Phoenix Temple units over time. After painting 50 Phoenix Guard to a pretty decent standard over 6 months I am in no rush to paint any more of them haha! So our campaign is now over and everyone has finished their 2,000 point armies. You can search the hashtag #FromEmberToInferno on Twitter to see everyones work. There's a lovely Tzeentch army from @Cowboy Boots Matt, a super cool Spiderfang Grot army by @Paul Buckler and a spooky Pirate Wraithfleet force from @Forestreveries - two of these have already won painting trophies at two day events. The standard was very high across the campaign. I guess I'd be remiss to not mention the fact that my army performed very well across the campaign, winning every game and taking first place with a tonne of Glory points. That said, in the vacuum of our four armies mine did unfortunately end up being a little overpowered, a fact that was exacerbated by some of the bonus items/abilities I got. Still, it was a lot of fun regardless and we will definitely be revisiting the format for a second season next year. The final units I added to the army in month 6 were 10 more Phoenix Guard to bump one of my units up to 30 and a Frostheart Phoenix. For this 3rd Phoenix I decided to have him unridden. My reason for this was twofold; firstly I wanted to reduce the potential power level of the army for the campaign and also I had hoped that AoS 2 would introduce a different points cost for an unridden Phoenix, making it a viable option. Unfortunately this was not the case, so I will be adding an Anointed to the ruins on his base going forwards as there is absolutely not reason not to, which is a shame. Here are the final 10 Phoenix Guard. I do really like these models, but as per above will not be in a rush to paint anymore. That said with there points reductions in the new addition there definitely is a temptation to do some more down the line; And then finally is my third Phoenix. I'm pretty happy with this guy. The paint is mostly pretty nice and all in all I am happy with the pose, although it didn't quite turn out as I envisioned. All 3 Phoenixes have ended up slightly different colours, which I think is ok. The coolest thing for me is the snow spray. When I was originally planning my Phoenix conversions I did some crude drawings in the campaign WhatsApp group and had one of a Phoenix with a vertical wingspan like this shooting through the snow with it spraying up. I wasn't sure how I'd be able to model this, but I'm really very pleased with how it came out eventually (took a long time to build up over a blister pack skeleton). Once again I'm pleased with the icicles as well. Hope you like him! So yeh, that's it for now. Going forward the army does have to undergo some change in the new edition unfortunately. I'm really not a fan of the new restrictions for allies as I think they penalise cool themed armies like this and actually does nothing against power builds. I literally think they were just scared of all Order armies taking 4 Celestar Ballistas, which probably alludes to a different issue other than allies overall haha! This does give me a chance to paint up a bunch of the new Stormcast models in this colour scheme and eventually I can mix and match the units perhaps. Definitely looking forward to converting a Tauralon into more of a Griffon/Hippogryph to better fit the army. Thanks for all the likes and comments in this thread so far. Keep an eye out for what's to come in the future as I am planning on taking this army to at least a couple of events before the year is up. To finish up, here a couple of rubbish photos of the full army in my display cabinets. I would like to do some full army shots on a snow mat or something, but for now it's cool just to see it all laid out. I've also included the Lotann I painted in the same colour scheme for the #BattlerollPaintBattle (where I won Coolest Conversion). Not sure if I posted pics of him on here, but I could if people wanted to see him. Enjoy; Chris x
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    Lets see what i've got in the way of gr oup shots... Some of these aren't the best, since i'm trying to photograph too much at once really. The Lizardmen were my first army, and i've collected them on and off for years. The Tomb Kings are what I was collecting as the End Times struck, and I just managed to complete my collection before they vanished into the mists of time. The Chaos Dwarves are probably the one I'm most proud of, as it took several years to track down the older models, and I got very lucky on a few of them. The Dwarves and Vampire Counts/LoN shots are the most recent ones I have to hand, but those collections have been expanded on a bit since. Alas I don't have time today to set everything up for a more complete photoshoot!
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    Very very interesting. I too started to panic when I heard the shooting changes but then I remembered the golden rule: wait, gather information and see how it plays out before making a judgement.
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  48. 15 points
    Just finish my first warband "the blind change" hope you like it (or dislike i don't know how it's work in this bizzaro dark age)
  49. 15 points
    This is my first Farstrider leader painted. What do you think? I love extreme lights.
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    A few pics of my Hobby room down in Dorset. Recently revamped it this year, adding the modular bases for the boards. Its an old double garage converted to a games room, but you can do similar with those self build cabins you can buy to go in the garden (My brother @Ninja_Badger_Rich has done this) Plenty of space for 4 gaming tables, or a hobby area plus models on shelves.
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