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    Having got them to a playable point for Slaughter, I’m trying to finish my massive pile of lizards while already planning the next army. Efforts so far......Sunblood and some Krox
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    Not a great pic, but figured I'd share some progress! It's going to be a sprint to finish by Saturday - I've got the Skullcrusher riders, four Warriors and my kitbashed Slaughterpriest to paint. I don't know if I'll finish on time, but hopefully I'll be done by Monday. I managed to finish a Darkoath Chieftain in the same span of time, however. He'll be joining my Malign Portents force along with the Warqueen.
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    For some time a wanted to present my Ironjawz to you. Now that there was armies on parade I took the chance to take some pictures and post them here. The Palefacez come from the Realm of Ghur. Their name comes from their uncommon pale skin tone. The clan is lead by the Megabosses Slog and Lob Paleface. Slog is accepted to be the superior boss, and demonstrates his superiority as he rides on his Maw Krusha into battle. Maybe Lob is just a bit more kunnin' and leaves the posturing to his "brotha". He himself bears the title "Da Gargant Killa", as he has hunted down a tribe of Gargants with just a handfull of Brutes. The Palefacez grew in strenght and number especially as they raided some Chaos Fortresses infested by the servants of the Chaos god Tzeentch. At one occasion, Lob and his Brutes slew a Lord of Change who underestimated the ferocity of the pale green warrior. The servants of the god of change therefore bear a grudge against this particfular Ironjawz tribe.
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    Hi all, I've been playing about creating some warscrolls after a couple of guys from the club I attend encouraged me to give it a go. Being a big fan of a lot of the Dogs of War models, I decided I would try for those guys, to balance them in some way to hopefully get them on the table again in Age of Sigmar. Would love to hear your feedback on the warscrolls I have done up to yet. Are they any good? Balanced? Ridiculous? Should I not bother with anymore? Do it for the rest of the Dogs of War army? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    I mean, I'm not going to get them finished to their final state but I found that after I did the basing they felt a lot more done. Now it's just going back and doing highlights. Plus, my fiancé brought me out snacks and wine to help we get through my late night painting binge (a good cheddar and some pickled onions go a long way).
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    All joints filled. Time to start adding some Seraphon flavour to this big hunk of lovely Dread!
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    If it's at the end of movement phase, then the time for movement has already ended.
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    Hello out there.... So in between getting very distracted by thoughts of Inq28 and Necromunda and Blood Bowl, as well as a slight urge to paint at least one Primaris Astartes, I got my dryads undercoated the other day and spent a few hours over the weekend working on the scheme tester. And here she is: Now, I haven't painted in over 18 months, so I'm pretty happy with the end result. Its got a lovely loose Blanchitsu feel, a bleak and washed out scheme with a dead and spectral look. So pretty much exactly what I wanted. And it was quick to do as well, this tester took about an hour and a half start to finish. Already started rolling on with the rest of the unit. Also ordered a chunk of bits for use on my Ogroid/branchwych/were-stag conversion - they should be here soon. Once the dryads are done though I need to crack on with some Tree Revs and Mother Aldwynter herself. Would love to hear your thoughts on the scheme and things so far chaps. Cheers, Knave
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    Edit: Now there are complete allegiance abilities for all things green. Check out this post further down. That being said, the original Greenskinz allegiance abilities are also around for those who want to peruse those. Hi fellas, So I enjoy coming up with rules in my free time, and have particular love for the old world factions that have wallowed a bit in the muck for a while. I wrote some Free Peoples allegiance abilities a while ago that I never quite fully got out to the public (Apart from the battle trait part), in large part due to the work involved in 'prettyfying' them up. So I've taken a different approach, in a more mundane and boring document without all the prettiness that comes with official GW documents. So anyway, my most recent finished work is on the Greenskinz! I think it's a super shame that Destruction didn't get more allegiance abilities in the GHB2017, I think there are certainly a few candidate factions that easily have enough depth to have their own allegiance abilities. Hopefully that means they're coming soon! But for now, I've tackled the Greenskinz. This mainly is because I have an old 8th edition army that never really saw much play, and I loved the old 'Orcs and Goblins' look. Not Savage Orruks and Moonclan Grots, or Spiderfang Grots, but plain old Orruks and Grots. They never really took off for me, and certainly, I have thought about selling the army, but for some reason... every week I open up Warscroll Builder and write up some Greenskinz lists. Anyway, enough fluff. In the link below you'll find completely untested and 100% fanmade allegiance abilities and warscroll battalions for the Greenskinz. You'll find battle traits for clobbering your enemies, command traits to bulk up your Warboss, magical artefacts to help slay your foes, spells to make your enemies brains burst open with the power of the waaagh, and some warscroll battalions to make the greenskinz even tougher and meaner than before. Overall, please use them if you enjoy them. Feedback is 100% appreciated. Most numbers are pulled out of thin air (or similar warscrolls if I found them). The descriptions will likely be ******, English and creative writing were certainly not my favourite subjects at school. It is unlikely that I'll get to playtest them anytime soon, but who knows, maybe Greenskinz are on my painting horizon. Enough prattling, here's the link, go check it out and look forward to more homemade allegiance rules in future. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NFxA98rO0g2xPS08y1f1BCHcWwGAj-a5HvlBeDo-gkY/edit?usp=sharing
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    I started creating this because my gaming group wanted to explore the Realm Master idea from the Hinterlands expansion from @bottle (Thank you dude!). The only reason I formalized it into a shareable ruleset, is because my gaming group doesn't want to play anything else but this (and a bit of shadespire). If it's good enough to get 5 busy dads to set aside a late late night every month for the last 8 months, then I hope it's good enough for you. Thank you to @Pjschard, @Red_Zeke, Aaron and Kenny for the many fun hours of rolling dice. This is from us to you! Renown Or Ruin RPG Campaign Expansion Download Four heroes take their first step towards their own legends, each shadowed by a small group of followers. Together they journey into the spired city to unlock the challenges and riches that have been entombed within. It's not gold they seek, but Relics and Artefacts of old, but even those are a means towards something greater. Even great battles will suffice in transforming them from just another fighter in armies of their homelands into great leaders whose names resonate throughout the Mortal Realms. The only path suitable to reach great Renown crosses over the pit to terrible Ruin. Renown or Ruin is run by a Realm Master (RM) who leads 1-4 players and their warbands through a setting using battleplans and roleplay, to weave stories of legend. Shape their world and challenge them to overcome Battleplan Objectives, find Relics and Artefacts, take on Quests, and make decisions faithful to the character of their Hero. Between excursions into the city of Shadespire, give them places of Respite where their followers drink, eat, share stories about the Heroes they follow, and their legend grows. When a Hero grows in Renown, more people seek to follow them. But fail in the objectives and quests you've set before them, and their followers lose faith and find someone else to believe in. Features: Warbands increase and decrease in Renown which allows the Hero to gain and lose followers. Explore a city full of ruins through simple skirmish battleplans that are instantly more fun with 3-5 people around the table. A Simple Relic hunting mechanic that gives warbands a choice to aid their party or seek treasure for themselves. Heroes and followers can wield relics and artefacts to give them buffs and abilities. Use a Warband Journal to track your player's journey of Renown 6 steps to getting your first game started without any fear! Dusk Plains Skirmish Battleplan for your first night. Master Relic Hunter Skirmish Battleplan for interesting plot hooks. Grim Exchange Respite sheet to serve as your party's first base camp. 8 Sessions, 24 hours of playtesting by 5 devoted gamers with half decent intelligence. There are so many interesting and cool expansions available for playing Skirmish in more rich and interesting ways. Renown and Ruin brings something a little bit different that I hope is worth you trying out with your gaming group. We've had a good amount of time to play and think about improving this. We need your help to make it better!
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    Last Tuesday I played my first two games using the AoS (skirmish) rules, and it got me inspired to work on my Warband. The plan is to spend some extra time building and painting them, and than using them as characters or unit leaders in the army I'm rebuilding. So I started piecing the first two guys together over the past two days, using bits I had laying around in my bitzbox. They still need some filling and minor greenstuff work, but I like how they are coming together. Warband Leader: My first idea was to build a dreadlord on foot, but he has a bit of 'mage' like feel to him, so tomorrow I'll probably take of his head, and replace it with a hood like the model below. Rules wise I'm thinking of using him as a Loremaster. It seems like a well rounded leader for a warband, and I might aswell start embracing the new alliances (Dreadspear) Lordling: The shield isn't attached yet as I still need to fill out the sleeves a bit more, and I'llprobably shorten the top bottom killy end of the spear a bit and add the lengthen the other end a bit.
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    I'm gutted I'm not gonna have my Doomwheel finished but I've managed more than ever before and with that plus the fact that I'm gonna have caught up by the next deadline consoles me. @Lord Panther damn son, my good lady ain't ever brought me an orange juice while I'm painting, let alone wine ? Envious!
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    This makes me ponder the strengths of Hexwraiths and Black Knights. Both are summonable, have 2 wounds, and have 2 attacks with their weapons now, and have 12" move. Hexwraiths at first, seem like the superior choice, boasting Fly, Rend, Ethereal, MW damage through their ability and through their weapon. But the problem is their synergy with the rest of the book; which is pretty basic. Infact, there is hardly any Nighthaunt support at all, meaning they can only get buffed by generic Death buffs. Deathknights are much better supported due to their nature as Deathrattle. That means they can get buffs like Lord of Nagashizzar, or the Crown save. Than, we have to look at the fact that they get D2 on the charge, and hit on a 3+ naturally now, and have 3+ to wound on the charge. And don't forget the fact that Hexwraiths lack both a banner and a Horn Blower, so no guranteed charges, and no -1 bravery. Ethereal is also now a draw back as well, meaning they can't ever change their 4+ save. Meanwhile, Black Knights are totally capable of getting Mystic Shield, The Bait rule, and Terrain. Plus, the Hexwraiths Spectral hunter rule is super tricky to pull off on bigger units; remember, your gonna have to fly at least 6" clear to make it to the other side. I feel like Black Knights will do a lot better when up against squishy hordes or units like Liberators, where their D2 can even out the loss of a rend. Hexwraiths instead do a lot better when it comes to dealing with tougher units that would rend away the BK's save or have a much higher Save, but I still feel like the Black Knights are far more solid, while Hexwraiths need some working around to be effecient.
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    That's true, but then the whole RW were from Sigmar's perspective as his project. Other stories feature other heroes and villains, so you can be safe here. Yes, although i personally would more compare it to the MtG where all the characters and sides get their thematic addons. Actually ogres in WHFB were stupid hilarious morons. Nothing like today version of them, in any case. Definitely.
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    Fair enough, I'm just trying to see pictures in the clouds like mostly everyone else in this thread!
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    So with the new Death stuff coming I splurged on the big guy. So let's see Nagash in all his forms I am sure there are better painters than me on here so show him off
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    Story on the table top? Or just story? The novels have been excellent, if a bit rapid fire which makes keeping up challenging. My problem with the campaign books was fatigue from End Times; too much too fast. I’m excited for Malign Portents for both the story and the models.
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    I do like the ambushing TGheist idea. Even ambushing a unit of Harbingers would work well due to their 3 charge dice. That would be one spendy elite list thou
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    Having gone through LoN...eh. It's not bad, it's an upgrade on what's currently available, but it also doesn't do much to address things that were underperforming and is restrictive in really odd ways. It's better than beastclaw raiders but worse than sylvaneth. After a fairly tremendous nurgle book there's no real argument that LoN isn't a step backwards. It's so hard to gauge with GW. DoT comes out and is bonkers, SCE comes out and outside of invincible stardrakes and poorly written battalion rules is actually really really dull, then Kharadron comes out looking good until it gets Faqed into a single monobuild, then GHB makes Seraphon and Fyreslayers TOO good while not really adding a whole lot to the other allegiances. Then Nurgle comes out fantastic. DoK could honestly run the entire gamut of 'I'll just stick to generic Order traits thanks' to 'It's turn 2, where'd my changehost go?'
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    The realmgate wars was at least 80+ pages of story in each book. The entire Malign Portents is what 80 pages for everything. That is not even close to as much story. For me, the golden age was the realmgate wars. You had novels/audiobooks/campaign books. Now we have a handful of short stories, a few novels, and a short campaign book. Maybe this new approach is closer to WHFB, but I never played that, so for me GW's narrative was the realmgate wars and this change is an unwelcome one to me. I'll continue to see what happens though and give them a chance.
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    I think there should be an "All of above"option, because with this book it's really hard to decide(at least for me). I'm excited for both lore and battleplans, but if i have to choose, then skirmish expansion is the most interesting. Maybe it wil bea able to breathe new life into this part of game.
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    Even though it would make the army stronger, I hope we don't get lots of saving throws. However there are so many armies out there that are massively resilient that they may feel its needed to make the army competitive. I think witch aelves will get a 6+ armour save - just because everything that used to have save "-" has been getting 6+ if they get updated. I would love to see poison weapons become a big feature of the army's weaponry - so the whole shift to snakes and stuff in the aesthetic is encouraging from this respect. Witch aelves used to be considered fast with a 7" move and a dice re-roll on the charge (from musician) but now everything can teleport by various mechanics they seem slow. Hopefully they will just modify the standard move by giving us some spells/prayers, artefacts and abilities that improve movement. So I hope they make the army faster and deadlier but leave it quite fragile. The nurgle book was so well done that they have set the bar pretty high. I hope they can keep up that standard. getting the legions of Nagash book tomorrow so hopefully it will give an indicator of the consitency. Not worried about crushed expectations - I've enjoyed all my games over the last year without a battletome so having one will be great whatever its like! Yeah I don't think we can make any definitive statements about Slaanesh until they publish something that lets us know where he fits into the Mortal Realms. We have dwarfs flying around with balloons strapped to their backs so nothing should be ruled out and everything is possible - even if it seems unlikely.
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    I even found the perfect base for my fellow death style. just have to paint him ^^'
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    Lol, most of my Khorne models are like it - but Khorne cares not I'm looking forward to running them skirmish level, should make some really enjoyable games using them. Not a problem! Keep meaning to rework the interface but other things keep getting in the way. Was originally intended to allow me to re-create existing warscrolls at a more sensible size, but worked out that it's better for creating homebrew warscrolls
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    This right here has to be Death players new mentality if they want to win events. Death doesnt win through brute strength or op casting or movement shenanigans. Death will win by playing the long game. Victory through battle manipulation and attrition. I think LoN was designed to break up the game, smash the meta. Blood and Night are more aggressive of course but i think the key to victory will be to change it up and build lists that just stand there like a immovable wall against all the MW spamming and deep striking. Hit debuffs, attack debuffs, movement debuffs...those involve actual strategy unlike lol derpstrike 30 libs in your face or I R Khorne...charge!
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    but it is the same as for any other army: sylvaneth in the woods, stormcasts in azyr... there is no such thing as a 0 drop army. the minimum is 1 when you have anything within a battalion and drop it at once. the only real thread would be a double turn in the 2nd round, but then you can still reduce the impact by good placement. however, if you fear a double turn in general... why not let the enemy begin each turn even if you win initiative? sure you would loose a double turn yourself, but you would not miss a turn of resurrection inbetween. and then the pressure is on the enemy to decide whether you get a double turn if he wins the roll
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    Thanks, everybody. As it's turned out, the store manager was really helpful. He even pointed out a SoBD in the display case that he'd done, which had a lovely green scales and purple wing membrane colour scheme. We also looked over the box and he suggested some good paints for a blue-ish grey effect. He even showed me something on the painting app which I didn't know about before, but apparently you can use your phone camera to take pictures and if you tap on an area of colour, it'll recommend paints to get that shade. All very handy!
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    Then Nagash's master plan will probably be foiled by skavens. Again.
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    Lagt till följande i första posten: House rules Balewinds får inte deployas på objektiv Scenarion Vi kommer spela ett slumpmässigt valt scenario från ”Matched play”- delen av Generals Handbook II varje match. Vi kommer inte spela samma scenario två gånger. Förutom detta kommer vi också använda oss av ”secondary scenarios”. Inför varje match, efter att du sett vad din motståndare spelar men innan ni valt sida och börjat deploya, ska du dolt välja ett av nedanstående möjliga sekundära scenarion. Scenariot kommer innehålla någon- några delmål som du ska uppnå under matchens gång. Alla secondary scenarios som kräver att en "unit" gör något/uppfyller ett mål, kan bara genomföras med en unit som startar matchen på spelplanen. Med andra ord, du kan aldrig uppfylla ett secondary objective med en enhet som har summonats, re-surrectats eller som deployat via t.ex "realmroots" Breakthrough En unit, som inte har fly ability och som från början består av minst 5 modeller, ska i någon av dina movement-faser göra ett move så att den lämnar spelplanen längs med motståndarens långsida. När enheten gjort detta kan den inte längre delta i spelet (men räknas inte som en casualty). Markera på scenariokortet vilken enhet du valt. Det räcker med att någon modeller ur enheten kommer i kontakt med bordskanten för att enheten ska ha uppnått detta. Assassin Välj en karaktär i din motståndares armé. Om du dödar karaktären i close combat (sista woundet räknas) klarar du ditt scenario. Skriv tydligt upp vilken karaktär du valt. Go to ground Välj en terrängbit på din motståndares planhalva, och en på din egen. Om du kontrollerar båda dessa i slutet på din runda 4 har du klarat ditt scenario. Du kontrollerar en terrängbit genom att ha flest modeller inom 6" räknat från terrängdelens mittpunkt (råder någon oklarhet, kom överens med din motståndare om vad som räknas innan matchen börjar). Terrängdelar som på något sätt ingår i din armé (sylvaneth wildwoods, realmgates osv) kan inte användas för detta scenario Headhunt Döda 75% (avrunda uppåt) av din motståndares karaktärer innan slutet på battleround 4. (Exempelvis; motståndaren har 5 karaktärer; du måste döda 4 av dessa för att klara ditt scenario). Protect the king Om din general lever i slutet av matchen har du klarat ditt scenario. Kill the king Om din general dör i close combat innan battle turn 4 har du klarat ditt scenario. Väljer du detta scenario kan motståndaren inte välja att inte slå på din general i närstrid. För att förtydliga; enligt GW FAQ kan en enhet i Close combat välja att inte genomföra sina attacker. Det är inte möjligt att välja detta alternativ för din motståndare om denne har enheter i närstrid med din general. Kidnap Skriv (dolt) ned en av dina enheter och (dolt) en av motståndarens enheter (kan ej vara en karaktär). Om din enhet är i närstrid med den enhet du valt ut, och du väljer retreat vid nästa möjliga tillfälle, tar du med dig en av motståndarens modeller (addera den till din enhet - du väljer vilken modell, t.ex. om du vill plocka med dig musiker eller champion. Modellen är inte en del av din enhet i övrigt dvs du får inga eventuella benefits av modellen, som enbart fungerar som en marker). Din motståndare kan få tillbaka sin modell under spelets gång genom att förstöra din enhet. Motståndarens modell adderas då åter till sin ursprungsenhet, eller, om denna inte finns kvar, utgör modellen en egen enhet och står kvar där den står. Om din enhet når sin deployment zone med den kidnappade modellen innan runda 5 börjar har du klarat ditt scenario. (Vilka enheter du valt avslöjas först när du väljer att göra retreat). Control the field Om du avslutar matchen med minst fem modeller (kan vara från olika enheter) i varje ”fjärdedel” av spelplanen klarar du ditt scenario. En enhet kan inte kontrollera mer än en fjärdedel åt gången. Gamble Motståndarens scenario är värt dubbla antalet BP, dvs om motståndaren klarar sitt scenario får hen 6 BP, om du hindrar motståndaren får du 6 BP. Om båda väljer samma scenario måste ni välja om och kan inte ta samma igen denna match Poäng I varje match spelar du och din motståndare om sammanlagt 20 BP. Om du får en major victory i enlighet med vad som framgår av scenariot i GH, får du 14 BP. Om du får en minor victory, får du 10 BP och din motståndare (som alltså får en ”minor loss”) får 4 BP. Den teoretiska möjligheten att matchen slutar helt lika (”draw”) ger er båda 7 BP. Om du klarar ditt secondary scenario får du 3 BP. Om du hindrar motståndaren från att klara sitt secondary får du ytterligare 3 BP. Exempel Daniel och Mikael spelar och Daniel vinner en major victory i scenariot. Han får då 14 BP. Daniel har klarat att uppfylla sitt secondary, men det har Mikael också. De får då båda 3 BP var då de var och en klarat sitt secondary. Matchen slutar 17-3 till Daniel.
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    What if... Nagash wants all these armies to try and stop him in Shyish - it's part of his plan to bolster his legions of undead even further and the other Grand Alliances are simply playing his tune
  31. 2 points
    Tell me your general weaknesses you disgusting pieces of filth.
  32. 2 points
    You can hide fanatics unit in another fanatics unit (there need to be at least 5 moonclan grots), so it is possible to release all 3 units from one hopper unit.
  33. 2 points
    Exactly, it is a risk worth taking, either because they don't really see the downside or because they think they're better than it. And if that's with regular mortals imagine how it would be with aelves, a race know for its arrogance. I think that the cult of Slaanesh still has a place in the mortal realms. @DantePQ: aelves might think that by following Slaanesh they can avoid that fate, or maybe think that it is unavoidable anyways as I don't think there is a soul stone equivalent in AoS. Anyways, the relation between Slaanesh and Morathi still isn't clear, nor really the place of Slaanesh in the Mortal Realms, as he's basically missing, we still need more information.
  34. 2 points
    I think it's list like "Hei ppl's! You can play grots like this!" and nothing more
  35. 2 points
    @Odiamh ... this pack is incredible! I've been following it on Twitter and love the combined thought leadership from the US Community.
  36. 2 points
    Luckily, Foot of Gork doesn't require LOS. And even more luckily, GW is releasing a gigantic LOS-blocking piece of terrain. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/02/08/warscryer-citadel-3-ways-to-include-itgw-homepage-post-4/ "3 ways to include it"...I think they missed out "Stamp the bejeezus out of your opponent's army".
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    This is awesome, great work bud! I love the piggy battalion. Chariots and boarboys are my favorite part of the Greenskin army. Definitely printing out and giving to the destruction players in my area. Lots of people complaining about how crappily they've been handled since the End Times. Thanks for your work!
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    Not aos but fun stuff none the less. Bail sharr of the charcarodon astra.
  39. 2 points
    Now I’ve done it. I’ve made them, now I have to paint em!
  40. 2 points
    The lists at Cancon this year were an interesting mix. A mix of things you expected to see (3 Vanguard wings with 30 liberators, Tzeentch with at least 6 skyfires and LOC, Fyreslayers with units of 30 Vulkites) but, as you can see in the top 10 lists there was also some variation that, in the hands of good generals did well. Dispossessed at #7, the Nurgle List at #2 being run by the current Oz Master, The Lizards at #3 even the MSU Stormcast list at #1 were all different takes on what perhaps could be expected to be seen to dominate a tournament. It demonstrates the Australian Hobby scene is strong and that it contains plenty of good players who dont just parrot what they read or hear about in other communities but craft and develop individual lists which, in the hands of a skilled general get results.
  41. 2 points
    I love the models, but I am so turned off by the vulgar, offensive, and frankly childish, "violence and profanity" approach to their marketing that I find myself unwilling to support the project. If the game succeeds and the models one day become available, I might purchase it for the models. But I couldn't bring myself to support the creation of this product.
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    I played against him with my Free Peoples in round 4 in Total Conquest. Was pretty rough for me as he had a few lower drops, so got to choose to go second (with his runelord + irondrakes safely away in the back corner far out of reach of my hellstorm rocket battery). I also made the mistake of having my Hellstorm + Freeguild General + Battlemage within around 4-5" of each other. So it didn't end up being much of a fight, as his Celestant Prime came down turn 1 (unexpected by me) and promptly took off all 3 of those pieces after a double turn (first turn took out the Hellstorm crew changing the D3 to a 3). I did luckily manage to one-shot his vanilla Runelord with the Hellstorm Rocket battery though. I also had my Crossbowmen within 16" range of the Irondrakes, so when they popped up they and the Quarrellers basically obliterated half the Crossbows. The fact that I lost my supporting crew really put me on the back foot from turn 2 in the game and I had to take some gambles with mystical terrain, which sadly did not pay off on my most important piece (The Griffon). Because my Griffon mysticalled on turn 3, I had to hold up the Prime with my Swordsmen and misplayed my Archers holding my weak objective. So in his turn, his combined shooting smashed off the Swordsmen and he rolled well enough to get into the Archers with the Prime. The Prime then didn't fail his 2 attacks, swatted 6 Archers from the field who also failed battleshock and fled, leaving him with the objective. My Demigryphs at this point going after his weak objective had decided to install rubber lances and beaks and couldn't kill a single Dwarf Warrior. Turn 4 was him just mopping up a few units, but my Greatswords took out the Prime (just) after being out of the game for the first 3 turns and the Griffon passed his mystical, but we didn't get to see how many Irondrakes he'd kill as we were told dice down. So I think in the end he got a pretty easy victory. That being said I think both our armies were pretty evenly matched and if I had played a bit better, the game would've been a lot closer than it actually was. It'd be interesting for sure to have a rematch in the future now knowing the Celestant Prime can come down turn 1 (I of course, knew this, but was not really something I expected). I also believe he played the Nurgle list that came in 2nd at some point during the tournament (and lost to that I believe). I think his list is maybe as strong as Dispossessed can get in the game at the moment. Although I personally think the Quarrellers only being 20 strong is perhaps the weak link (Something I tried to exploit, but my 2 snipers couldn't quite find their mark turn 1). Just like Freeguild Xbows, they drop a hefty amount in power once they can't double shot. That being said the list is pretty tuned, it'd be hard to find the points in there to up them up to 30. You'd probably need to compromise the Ironbreakers down to 20, which starts detracting heavily from their tankability. Interestingly enough when we were chatting during game, he did mention he tends to teleport the Ironbreakers more often. I've always tended to think the Drakes are what you swing around as they're so good double shotting + extra rend. But perhaps being able to put a wall of Duardin muscle which ignores rend 1 and can get a 6++ save tends to work out better.
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    My list is 1000pts: Lord Relictor 2x5 Liberators 3 Prosecutors 5 Protetors 5 Decimators Hammerstrike force I am about to finish up my third liberator this weekend and start the next one next week.
  44. 1 point
    Resemblance is uncarry. Cannot unsee it now
  45. 1 point
    Definitely. Such a vital battalion.
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    Some time ago I made a poll for my next model and Blood warrior won. I had fun painting gold, red and silver, but after that I kinda lost my motivation. Nonetheless here is the result and I'm glad to jump onto next project.
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    These percentages are nearly similar, this doesn't convince me at all.
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    The prime reason for that is that even now, Legions of Nagash does not have cheap relevant units. Compair some 100 point Stormcast options to 140 and 110 point LoN options and suddenly see that even their support that will not see the melee combat daylight isn't cheap. There are some cheap units but these too crumble with relative ease. What I think is that Battalion rules should be baked into Stratagems. It's the easiest way to do it. 1. Pick all Battalion abilities and attach a Command Point cost to them. (Which differs from Matched play points). 2. As a secondary effect remove all the one-drop/low-drop things that are attached to them. 3. Make the same Artefact Stratagem we see in 40K, 1 CP obtains you one additional Artefact, 3 CP obtain you two additional Artefacts. Put a Command Point system in place that is: - You start the game with 3 CP - obtain 3 CP for every 1000 points played What you end up with is a very simpel system that catches so many of the current oddities with Battalions, adds a whole slew of tactical depth and also removes the walls that armies need to be build in because of Battalions. I for one am 100% certain the game would drastically improve with that and obtain new interest akin to that of Gh2016. Because you can also adress weaker units with more potent Stratagems to obtain interest for all units. I personally dislike Battalions for the variety they remove. The way the army works isn't because of the Battalion but the ability obtained into it. These abilities can work as a seperate system very well. But have a peek at Malign Portents to test it out The thing is really that I don't see Battalions as a great way to alter army composition. What was so very well highlighted in GH2016 is that the armies with the most relevant Battalions where always top dog. This will not change with just point costs alterations because Games Workshop has not developed a particular policy for their Battalion designs. The fact that Stormcasts have a load of cool lists that are different because of those many relevant Battaliosn is nice and all but most factions can only work with 1 to 2 Battalions that are remotely close and as such are a huge rarity. As above, I can only say, look into what Stratagems do for 40K. Detach Battalion abilities from costs. See how it allows for builds to be up to the player and decide buffs that are available to particular builds only because they target units/seek for units in the same way as Battalions.
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    So after doing some tournaments and generally playing games/analysing stuff I split the game/armies into a two/three different segments, depending on how you look at it. These armies are broken, they abuse some/multiple forms of mechanic to generally avoid playing the game. That's the key bit, they DON'T play the game, they play their own special version where some of the rules don't apply to them. This is the balanced armies who actually play the game, Ironjawz are in this bracket. You have good options, solid stats, aren't overcosted and are thematic. Finally we have the armies who play the game but do it badly, their options suck and they are overcosted. Big difference between T2 and T3 is that a great player with god like rolling using a T3 army will still lose to the broken armies. Once you make that divide, specifically the T1 vs everyone else divide, suddenly the game makes a bunch more sense. Things like tzeentch, stormcast or seraphon (especially with prenerf engine of the gods). They avoid having to deal with movement, they avoid having to deal with losing units, they avoid having to care about properly setting up, they avoid having to care about armour saves or wound rolls. Those armies aren't actually playing the same game that the rest of us are, if a seraphon player gets spectacularly out manoeuvred then he can just teleport away without a care in the world and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it. They are simply not playing the same game as the rest of us and it results in games feeling like you just don't have the tools to fight them. Tzeentch has cheap tarpits which just render them basically immune to melee armies when played properly all while they sit and output an obscene number of mortal wounds that don't care how many points your armour save costs. Then you have the rest of the armies who form a much more traditional tier list of which Ironjawz are definitely near the top.
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