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    Cheers for the likes guys. Got more painting done today on my day off - finished another 6 grots, a second witch aelf (thin ponytail) and nearly completed the sorceror. He just needs the top of the staff and staff gems painted. Pretty pleased how his eyes came out as I highlighted his pupils.
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    Figured I could start a painting plog to chronicle what I've been painting recently, mostly for Malign Portents. From the Malign Portents painting thread these have already been seen - I've been slowly chipping away at the mass of grots, since I need to have 20 finished by the end of month three. 12 are finished so far, with another 6 close behind - After these all I need to paint per se are the standard bearer and musician, as well as the Harbinger. So, not too far left to go. The other project I'll have on the go are aelf soup - mostly focused on the Daughters of Khaine with allies and general Order Aelves, such as kitbashed Executioners from Sisters of Silence, Vanguard-Palladors with Aelf riders and so on. I still need to work out what to make with the largely spare unit of Shadow Warriors I have, since I got them mostly for the helmets for the Executioners - I have a single test model finished for the Witch Aelves which'll get a picture tomorrow when I pop down to the store, and the army will mostly be focused on browns, greens and creams for an almost wood elf aesthetic. On the grot side of things I do have over 150 more grots available should a Moonclan battletome come out, as well as a pair of Arachnaroks and some spear chukkas that need some paint on them. All in all, a pretty hefty amount to get on with.
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    I paint A LOT of bruised flesh. My general recipe is: rakarth flesh base layer over all the rakarth with kislev flesh shade with reikland flesh shade layer over that with screaming skull avoiding the areas where the shade is the darkest 1:1 druchii violet shade and medium directly in the recesses. Fine highlight of pallid whych flesh if you like. Here is the result of this recipe on my bloab rotspawned model. Alternatively, just base rakarth, heavy brush of screaming skull, light shade of druchii, maybe some sephia in some areas to add a bit of yellowing to some bruised areas then light drybrush screaming skull. For any scheme I would highly advise to prime white.
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    Evening gents, I was sent to this forum by a friend. Thought i'd share my recent project, the Undead Shadespire skeletons! I am working on some 40k stuff next, but after that it will be the Knight of Shrouds!
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    Nothing GW its self isnt guilty of, if not worse. FW resin is far better than fine cast, gw prices are just as high ($99 U.S. for 5 fine cast blood knights?), and until they started bringing in play testers from the community gw put out rules that were just as bad or worse. I never understood the irrational hate forge world gets some times, as GW is just as bad. Forge World for the most part puts out novelty items that are either fluffy or apocalypse level. Sure in 40k they put out malific lords and they were abused. GW put out brimstones, which were just as broken. To me its a wash.
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    Been working on my Warboss today!
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    Basically all the problems boil down to a small core of issues. Teleporting, there is to much of it, its to easy and there's no counter. This is the "does your faction have to care about the movement phase/rules" problem. Save stacking, this comes in two forms but both are problems. First is getting up to a 1+ save with rerolls and effects on succesful saves otherwise known as "The stormcast problem" best example is the unkillable stardrake which has a 1+ rerollable, heals on a 4+ and inflicts mortal wounds on successful rerolls. More save stacking. Second is the endless saves, best expressed as "Death doesn't die" they get 3/4 different save attempts against any wounds they take only one of which is actually an armour save, worst example of this irronically is fyreslayers. On a 6+ to hit inflict mortal wounds. This and the previous are an incestuous pair who serve to hide and exacerbate each other. The only reason the save stacking is allowed to exist is because you have armies which just ignore them with their normal attacks, while this is only allowed to exist because otherwise stardrakes would be immortal. "Bloodletters" is both the best name and archetypal example of this. There are a whole bunch of ways I could explain why each of these are a problem, counter examples of the mechanic done in a none problematic way. For example, if we look at the seaphon teleport then compare it to the destruction move its hilarious how overpowered and unbalenced it is. One gives 6" of movement on a 6 while the other is a map range teleport on a 2+ which on a 6 doesnt even stop you moving. Even if it said "on a 6+ your unit may teleport otherwise nothing happens" it would STILL be stronger and that's a massive nerf even before you consider all the destruction move restrictions. Needless to say I can easily show, using examples, logic and things which gw has said/done, why each of the above is not only overpowered but bad for the long term health of the game. The extention of this then becomes how do we fix the problems, some have elegant solutions while others just need to be massively regulated. Teleporting This is one of those things which just needs to be regulated. There is to much of it at the moment, that's unquestionable, and more importantly it turns up in places where it isnt costed for. Vanguard wing is a good example of a teleport which isnt properly regulated, it should require that the unit be wholey within 10/16" or some such distance, this retains the intent behind the teleport while stopping the shenanigans it's used for at the moment. All the stormcast teleports require a similar restriction and the game as a whole needs to have a 3" deployment blocker around enemy units. Seaphon are the otherside of this scenario where the units are just not costed to include a mapwide teleport. This means you get situations like kroak teleporting before summoning a balewind vortex, artillery pieces and the like doing unavoidable and unblockable teleport snipes. The solution to this is that any teleport which isnt able to be costed for, so a warscroll or batalion, needs to be very restrictive. So in the case of seraphon removing the 2+/6+ reult so that the unit is essentially mysticalled until the end of their turn. Save Stacking There are actually a couple of changes which form a really elegant solution to this. The first is to change all "reroll failed saves" to "reroll saves of 1", this just cuts down the quantity of rerolls happening and means that even without rend the majority of units where this occurs will be leaking damage at a much higher rate. The second change though is the key one which provides the elegance. This is an extension to the current rule of one for saves. "A roll of a 1 on a save is always a fail, if an attack has rend then it increases the automatic fail equal to the amount of rend. For example a save automatically fails on a 1 or a 2 if the attack has rend -1 while an attack with rend -3 would cause the save to automatically fail on a 1, 2 3 or 4. This stops the most egregious forms of save stacking while also causing rend to act as the natural counter to armour saves it's supposed to be. Mortal Wounds on 6+ This is rather simple with the changes to rend made, simply altering them to say "on a 6+ to hit increase the rend of this attack to - 3" this means they still need to roll to wound and saves are still possible which does a ton to bring them in line. The only other change needed is to change all"on a roll of" to require that result BEFORE MODIFIERS so that a roll of 6+ is no longer altered by +/- to hit which allows those units to be costed far more easily and be much more robust with regards to changes going on around the unit. For example a +1 to hit for daemons aura at the moment would either be overcosted for 99% of armies or broken as all hell with bloodletters. This being an amazing example of how the health is negatively impacted by the current state of affairs. That model couldnt exist in slaneesh because khorne could get it, thus it's either restricted to slaneesh demons thus ensuring it sucks for ga:chaos or it becomes mandatory in khorne. Sorry for the wall of text I kinda went off on one again.
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    Afternoon all, Just a super quick one from me, mostly to prove I'm not dead (yet!). I've been pretty absent from these forums of late and apologise for not responding to a number of mentions/messages, I will get around to all of these in time. Basically I have been unwell and have an (unrelated) operation scheduled for just after Christmas. Hopefully by mid January things will be back to normal and I'll have the time and desire to post more frequently once again. I have been able to get some hobby in during this time at least. Besides assembling more Orks for 40K and playing Shadespire, I've also been investing a lot of time into painting Archaon as a Christmas present for @Drakira's son. I'm just following the WHTV videos, but it's been a really fun project. Will share photos of that on these forums when finished. This (finally) brings me onto the subject of this topic, my Phoenix Temple army. I've had this sat around in boxes for nearly 3/4 of the year as I got most of it as birthday presents back in March. Whilst it's an army I thought would be super cool (having previously had a 4 Frostheart army back in 8th ed), I have to admit it didn't really get the juices flowing in terms of gameplay due to the limited options available. The General's Handbook 2017 really helped with my motivation here, as the allies system really allows for some diverse options that open up army list writing and hopefully makes it pretty fun on the table. The icing on the cake was the Firestorm campaign supplement. I instantly knew that this would be a great opportunity to get the army painted and after chatting with some friends, we decided on an escalation variant of this which I aptly named From Ember to Inferno. Kudos if you get the musical reference (I'm not sure if that's less or more so than if you got the one in the title of this topic!). This campaign will mostly be covered through the Pro Painted podcast and you can find out information on exactly what we are doing as well as blog posts from the entrants over on their website (I'll probably get Matt to repost my entries here over there) - http://www.propaintedpodcast.co.uk/ So handily enough we ended up with the four of us all picking a different Grand Alliance. We have; Aaron Bailey @Forestreveries - Death (Wraith Fleet) Matt Lyons @Cowboy Boots Matt - Chaos (Disciples of Tzeentch) Paul Buckler @Paul Buckler - Destruction (Spiderfang Grots) Me! - Order (Phoenix Temple) I do urge you to check out the other guys stuff as it all looks super awesome with a lot more effort put in than me! We are starting out with 400 points in the first month (building up to 2,000 over 6 months). Being that we have to fit a legal matched play army into this allowance, there was zero choice for me, my listed was to be fixed as; Anointed 10x Phoenix Guard 10x Phoenix Guard Originally my plan for the army was to do it all in cold icy colours, with every colour highlighted with P3 Frostbite to really tie it all in and reinforce the theme. Blues and greys would've been dominant here, with cold golden armour. I then noticed that the Army of the Phoenicium within the Firestorm book was actually gold and purple, not gold and blue. Bit of a shame. I started to paint a tester model with a purple cloak, but had my reservations. I did actually start a High Elf army back in 6th edition WFB that was gold, purple and cream but never got very far. These are then colours that I used a lot on my Dark Elf army that was my pride and joy between 6th-8th ed. However, I was aware that Russ Veal has a High Elf army with purple/cream cloth and a purple Phoenix (which I was also considering at this moment in time). Whilst gold would've been a much more prominent colour for me, it was still a bit close for comfort, especially as my plan for the basing was to include some paving. Yesterday I had a bit of a breakthrough after painting the Tzeentch head on Dorghar. The WHTV video uses a really good colour combination (Stegadon Scale Green > Coelia Greenshade > Sotek Green > Temple Guard Blue). Weirdly this actually comes out a lot like the turquoise on my Ironjawz, but for far less effort. Not mixing paints is new to me, but the larger my Citadel paint collection gets, the more I am able to do this to a reasonable standard...though for my higher end work I still think mixing is important. Anyway, I decided to use this exact colour scheme on the cloaks of my Phoenix Guard. I considered adding Frostbite to the Temple Guard Blue for a top highlight and tbh this would help raise the standard. However I am content with a reasonable gaming standard for these given the time and effort invested. Especially as I have like 60 of them to paint. I went with a cold grey trim to the cloth and following suggestions from Aaron and Matt went with purple/pink gemstones, just to cement this as a classic Chris Tomlin colour scheme! The basing remained as intended from inception, cold grey flagstones and gravel, with a copious covering of snow, slushy in places. All in all, the entire colour scheme actually ended up being pretty close to what I originally envisaged for the army anyway, so pretty happy. The guys may well let me use it as an army of the Phoenicium (still has gold and purple!) but tbh I do kinda get that arguably the snow and ice theme of the army may not suite Firestorm!! I will just say that the Frostheart Phoenixes have frozen over the place. If anyone has a problem they should probably just let it go.... Overall I am satisfied with how this turned out for a quicker standard (you'll have to excuse his bent weapon and sloppy highlights). 19 more and an Anointed to go by the end of January. Let me know what you think, Chris
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    Age of Sigmar på Lincon 2018, 11-12 Maj Plats: Som vanligt arrangeras Lincon på Linköpings universitet och vi kommer att hålla till i samlingssal U3 (baksidan mot kolonilotterna). Det finns kartor och folk att fråga på plats. . Anmälan: Min rekommendation är att du skapar ett konto på Lincon's hemsida(https://www.lincon.se/anmalning/public/index.php) och köper ett konventspass online. Det kostar 250 kr och räcker för hela konventet. För att få biljetten för detta pris behöver ni köpa den senast 30/4 2018. Det går även att köpa biljett på plats, dock kostar det lite mer. Det andra ni behöver göra är att Swisha 100 kr till 0708650298 (Jonatan Edlund). Dessa är pengar kommer att gå till priser utöver de pokaler konventet tillhandahåller. Pengar som "swishas" kommer inte att återfås vid avanmälan. Swish-meddelandet ska innehålla namnet/namnen på de som ska delta. Swish = Anmäld Spelformat: Vi kommer att spela 2000 poäng, matched play. Vi kommer använda oss utav reglerna som finns i General's Handbook 2017 och figurerna ska stå på runda baser. 5 utav de 6 missions som finns i Generals Handbook 2017 kommer att slumpas fram. Inget kommer att spelas mer än en gång. Arméer släppta efter 4 Maj är inte tillåten på Lincon 2018. Målning och basning: Vi gillar att spela med målade och basade arméer och betalar man för att åka på turnering ska man slippa spela mot grå plast. Tidigare så har uttrycket "3 colors" varit använt. Dock är det inte något som håller måttet idag, 3 färger räcker inte. Alla vet vad målade och basade arméer innebär men är du osäker så ta bilder och skicka dem till AOSLINCON@GMAIL.COM. Omålade/Obasade modeller kommer plockas bort ifrån spelplanen. Konverteringar är helt ok men ur ett spelmekaniskt perspektiv så ser modellen ut som orginalmodellen (senast släppta modell). Man kan alltså inte ställa Rotigus på ett litet berg och förvänta sig att han ska se allt på hela spelplanen. Regeländringar och tillägg: 1. Initiativslag. Vi kommer att slå en tärning om vilken spelare som väljer vem som får första turen. Detta slag slås efter båda spelarna har deployat sina arméer. Den som är färdig att deploya sina enheter först för +1 på detta slag. 2. Balewind Vortex är inte tillåten. 3. Mystical är det första tärningslaget man slår i sin Hero phase. Damned är det sista tärningsslag ni slår i eran hero phase. 4. Starstrike: Tar du en "komet" som motståndaren håller får du 1 extrapoäng utöver de andra poäng du normal skulle scoreat (rundan man tar den). Scorched Earth: Man kan inte bränna sin motståndares objektiv runda 1. 5. Man ser in och ut ur skogar. Men inte igenom dem. Detta gäller inte för Sylvaneth Wildwoods. 6. Mystical-test är det första man gör i Hero phase och Damned är det sista man gör. 7. Vi spelar med runda baser och mäter bas till bas. Scoring: Totalt tävlar man om 20 poäng. Major Victory ger 10 poäng. Minor Victory ger 8 poäng Minor Loss ger 2 poäng Major Loss ger 0 poäng. Avklarat sidoobjektiv ger 4 poäng. Misslyckas motståndaren med sitt sidoobjektiv 4 poäng. Breaching the peace 2 poäng. Armélista inskickad i tid ger 20 poäng. Sidoobjektiv: Innan matchens början så kommer du och din motståndare välja ett objektiv ifrån listan nedan. Varje objektiv får bara väljas en gång. Det objektivnummer (och eventuell enhet som ska utföra uppdraget) du väljer skriver du ned på en lapp (som vi tillhandahåller) och håller den hemlig. Objektivet ska avslöjas så fort det uppfylls eller direkt vid matchens s.lut om man inte lyckas med det. Innan matchens början så ska du redovisa för din motståndare vilka objektiv du redan har förbrukat. Det är bara enheter som börjar på spelplanen som kan klara sidoobjektiv (ni kan andas ut Kharadron). Breach of peace: Breach of peace kommer att vara ett permanent sidoobjektiv i samtliga matcher. Den spelare som först förlorar en enhet vinner detta objektiv. Armélista: Din armélista ska skickas till AOSLINCON@GMAIL.COM senast den 4 Maj 24:00. Dessa kommer sedan att publiceras i denna tråd och då skulle jag som arrangör uppskatta om vi tillsammans kan hjälpas åt att rätta dem. Jag rekommenderar att ni använder följande sida när ni skapar era listor: Scrollbuilder. Spara era listor genom att trycka på pilen uppe till vänster på sidan. Glöm inte bort att skriva namn då ni döper listan. Sidoobjektiv: 1. Exhalted leader! - Din general ska överleva tills matchen är ******. Har du flera generaler (tittar på dig slaanesh) så behöver motståndaren döda samtliga generaler. 2. Steal their tents! - En utav dina enheter ska springa av på motståndarens planhalva. Skriv upp vilken. Denna enhet får inte "teleporteras" under resans gång, utan måste springa hela vägen. 3. Sigmar is great! - En utav dina egna enheter ska dö. Skriv upp vilken enhet det är. Har du flera val utav samma enhet är det viktigt att du skriver vilken utav dem det är. 4. The Lincon Syndrome! - I din movement phase så kan en utav dina enheter göra en retreat. När enheten gör retreat så kidnappar den en modell ifrån din motståndarens enhet, motståndaren väljer vilken. Lyckas din ta sig till din deployment zone (utan att "teleportera") så lyckas du med objektivet. Man kan inte kidnappa hjältar eller enheter som har keyword "monster". Detta objektiv visas så fort man kidnappat en modell. Enheter som har keyword "fly" får inte utföra kidnappningen. Dödar motståndaren enheten/modellen som har kidnappat så återfår hen modellen till den enhet den blev kidnappad ifrån. Är det en enhet som består utav en modell så ställs den upp inom 3" ifrån den enhet som kidnappade den. 5. Deliver the insult! - En utav dina enheter ska leverera ett meddelande till motståndarens general. Om den enheten/modellen någon gång kommer inom 3" från motståndarens general så lyckas objektivet. Skriv upp vilken enhet det är som har meddelandet. Du kan även skriva upp en insult. 6. That soldier needs a high-five. In the face. With a Axe! - En modell i motståndarens armé ska dö. Det kan vara en modell i en enhet. Skriv upp vilken. 7. Nice hill, I'll take it! - Håll en terrängbit som befinner sig i (within) motståndarens deploymentzone (inte territory). För att hålla terrängbiten behöver du ha fler modeller inom 1" ifrån terrängbiten än vad din motstånadre har. Skriv upp vilken. 8. Offence is the best defence! - Du ska ha fler enheter på helt inne (wholly within) motståndarens planhalva vid slutet av runda 3 (endast vid slutet på runda 3, inte innan och inte efter). 9. Quantity is NOT a quality! - Döda fler modeller än din motståndare (räkna hur många modeller som är döda när matchen är ******). Modeller som aldrig dyker upp på spelplanen räknas som döda. Summoning pool räknas som en modell för var 10:de poäng man har kvar. Hur vinner man saker? Vi kommer att dela ut priser till följande saker: Best general - Mest inspelade poäng, Tiebreaker är kill points. Best in show Sportsmanship Det du behöver ha med dig: Din målade och basade Armé. Tärningar. Eventuella markörer för buffar. Måttband. Samtliga regler för din armé. Digital form är helt ok! Glatt humör! Objektivmarkörer. Råkar det vara så att man glömt något av dessa så finns det butiker på plats. Om det är så att du har egen terräng som du gjort som passar din armé så är det helt ok att ta med den. Dock ska det vara utav estetiska skäl och inte för att du ska kunna gömma din armé bakom en stor mur. Spelschema: Spelschema: Fredagen den 11 maj: 09:00 Registrering 10:00 Match 1 13:00 Lunch & Best in show bedömning 14:30 Match 2 17:30 Rast 18:00 Match 3 21:00 ****** dag 1 Lördag den 12 maj: 09:30 Match 4 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Match 5 16:30 Prisutdelning Anmälda: 1. Alfred Granberg 2. Jonatan Edlund 3. Stefan Hedberg 4. Lillen Svennson 5. Johan Börjesson 6. Daniel Krewer 7. Magnus Nedfors 8. Karl Åkman 9. Gustav Åkman 10. Patrik Andersson 11. Jakob Takanen 12. Markus Takanen 13. Folke Byfors 14. Ulf Erling 15. Kennie Henriksson 16. Mikael Magnusson 17. Jonas Rådemar 18. Ulf Törnqvist 19. Daneil Terdell 20. Jonas Fredriksson 21. Bubba Carlefred 22. Fredrik Olausson 23. Wiktor Wadsten Mattisson 24. Jakob Ekenkrantz 25. Fredrik Andersson FAQ: Sylvaneth wildwoods/Terräng: Vi följer den FAQ som gäller för dessa. Inte stå i hål men man kan klättra upp på dem. Detta gäller även de "wildwoods" som står på bordet (som inte sylvaneth spelare har tagit med). De skogar som inte är wildwoods utan egensnickrade vill jag att spelarna kommer överens hur ni spelar. Detta bestäms innan matchen. Vill ni olika slår ni en D6, högst resultat väljer. LISTOR: Några spelare har glömt att skriva vilka böner/magier man har tänkt att använda. Skicka dessa omgående till AOSLINCON@Gmail.com. Ulf Erling: Jakob Takkkkkkkanen: Gustav Åkman: Lennart Svensson: Mikael Magnusson: Patrik Andersson: Barak-Zilfin Ulf Törnqvist: Allegiance: Destruction Daniel Krewer: Daniel Terdell: Jonas Fredriksson: Johan Börjesson: Jonas Rådemar: Fredrik Andersson: Karl Åkman: Alfred Granberg: Markus Takanen: Folke Byfors: Fredrik Olausson: Magnus Nedfors: Oskar Carlefred: Jacob Ekenkrantz: Wiktor Wadsten Matsson: Kennie Kroak: ARR: Stefan Hedström ARR: Jonatan Edlund
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    I like this! I’ve been playing around with a maxed out Weirdfist for awhile. Something like: -Megaboss -Weirdknob -Warchanter -30 x Ardboyz -10 x Brutes -3 x Gore Gruntas -Rogue Idol -Weirdfist -Balewind 1990 pts You get a +4 to cast - as long as you bunker your weirdknob with the Ardboyz and golem - meaning Foot of Gork Goes off over 72% of the time! A bit of a one trick pony but The Foot is a really fun spell and puts the fear of Gork (or is it Mork) into your opponent.
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    The big power of the Moonclan mushroom is when you have 2 wizards, if you fail to eat the shroom its before you try to cast mystic shield so then the second wizard can still attempt the cast.
  13. 2 points
    Just a word of caution here bud, the mushroom isn't as big a freebie as it first looks! Beat a 2+ and then virtually auto cast? I can do that, easy! When you do the maths it's a lot more marginal than it seems. The chance of popping that 1 almost wipes out the gains...you end up casting Mystic Shield 76% of the time instead of 72% If you're near Arcane terrain, you're actually worse off eating the mushroom...you'll succeed 81% of the time with the mushroom, 83% of the time without it. That 1 in 6 chance of autofailing burns! On the other hand, the new guy has a 92% chance of casting Mystic Shield with his reroll (once per game). So the one time you absolutely must cast it - he's your best shot. And you get the second cast for "free". If you have access to Arcane terrain - you are better off without the mushroom anyway. And in all other cases, the benefit of the mushroom is very marginal. So given the above, plus extra survivability, and let's be honest the fact that he's a shiny new thing, I'd be taking the Cave Shaman and using him as such rather than as a Moonclan Shaman!
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    I played against him with my Free Peoples in round 4 in Total Conquest. Was pretty rough for me as he had a few lower drops, so got to choose to go second (with his runelord + irondrakes safely away in the back corner far out of reach of my hellstorm rocket battery). I also made the mistake of having my Hellstorm + Freeguild General + Battlemage within around 4-5" of each other. So it didn't end up being much of a fight, as his Celestant Prime came down turn 1 (unexpected by me) and promptly took off all 3 of those pieces after a double turn (first turn took out the Hellstorm crew changing the D3 to a 3). I did luckily manage to one-shot his vanilla Runelord with the Hellstorm Rocket battery though. I also had my Crossbowmen within 16" range of the Irondrakes, so when they popped up they and the Quarrellers basically obliterated half the Crossbows. The fact that I lost my supporting crew really put me on the back foot from turn 2 in the game and I had to take some gambles with mystical terrain, which sadly did not pay off on my most important piece (The Griffon). Because my Griffon mysticalled on turn 3, I had to hold up the Prime with my Swordsmen and misplayed my Archers holding my weak objective. So in his turn, his combined shooting smashed off the Swordsmen and he rolled well enough to get into the Archers with the Prime. The Prime then didn't fail his 2 attacks, swatted 6 Archers from the field who also failed battleshock and fled, leaving him with the objective. My Demigryphs at this point going after his weak objective had decided to install rubber lances and beaks and couldn't kill a single Dwarf Warrior. Turn 4 was him just mopping up a few units, but my Greatswords took out the Prime (just) after being out of the game for the first 3 turns and the Griffon passed his mystical, but we didn't get to see how many Irondrakes he'd kill as we were told dice down. So I think in the end he got a pretty easy victory. That being said I think both our armies were pretty evenly matched and if I had played a bit better, the game would've been a lot closer than it actually was. It'd be interesting for sure to have a rematch in the future now knowing the Celestant Prime can come down turn 1 (I of course, knew this, but was not really something I expected). I also believe he played the Nurgle list that came in 2nd at some point during the tournament (and lost to that I believe). I think his list is maybe as strong as Dispossessed can get in the game at the moment. Although I personally think the Quarrellers only being 20 strong is perhaps the weak link (Something I tried to exploit, but my 2 snipers couldn't quite find their mark turn 1). Just like Freeguild Xbows, they drop a hefty amount in power once they can't double shot. That being said the list is pretty tuned, it'd be hard to find the points in there to up them up to 30. You'd probably need to compromise the Ironbreakers down to 20, which starts detracting heavily from their tankability. Interestingly enough when we were chatting during game, he did mention he tends to teleport the Ironbreakers more often. I've always tended to think the Drakes are what you swing around as they're so good double shotting + extra rend. But perhaps being able to put a wall of Duardin muscle which ignores rend 1 and can get a 6++ save tends to work out better.
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    Ok cool, definitely want a weirdnob in there just for the mortal wound output. Think of most of your games then just imagine turn 1 you put 9 GG's into the enemies face. Sounds cool till you realise you are paying 220 points for the privilege and that they will then have a turn or two against the entire enemy army with no support. Realistically what you are doing is dividing your army into 2 for the opponent to deal with piecemeal. Small units of GG's like you're using are probably best deployed as flanking/harasment forces and you can get 3 GG's plus an allied shaman (220 points) for the same as the gorefist. Aye you will be slow, to be honest I'm not 100% sure the Brutefist is going to be better. That said everything about your list is off the wall and the free mortal wounds are never to be sniffed at. That said the only time you would want to MSU brutes is if you are running a Brutefist, literally everything else in the allegiance works better if you stack up larger units rather than MSU so it's more of a case of in for a penny in for a pound. As an example, if you have 5 units of 5 brutes and 3 warchanters then only 15 of your brutes will get the +1 to hit. if you have 1 unit of 10 and 1 unit of 15 then you have 10 brutes with +1 and 15 brutes with +2 to hit. Moreover you not only have a better chance of triggering smashing and bashing but when you do it's far more effective and giving you combat priority on a much larger portion of your army. So it's not that I think the Brutefist will be better but if you aren't going for the Brutefist then you should consolidate your army into a smaller number large units rather than MSU. If you can fit him in he's worth it, he's way tankier (+2 wounds and a better save) and Foot of Gork is a fantastic tool to have around even if you never use it. There will be games where you have basically lost that you just say "****** it foot of gork" then it goes off, decimates your opponents army and you win. If you are on a budget then yes go for a grot shaman, the new Fungoid Cave Shaman looks AMAZING for that role. If you want something off the wall, I'd recommend a weirdfist list, it's silly and random but can be hilarious. If you want MSU go for a Brutefist list. If you want no Megaboss but potentially competitive then I'd probably go for something close to your original list but with only the Ironfist and the Brutes consolidated into 3 units of 10. Really depends where you want to go with it.
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    Update #4 Lore So, just got back from LA and started painting immediately, as two weeks with no hobby time hurt me. I basically started and finished my Frost Spider (counts as Thundertusk) all in one day, and I'm really really happy with the result. It took a while and a few layers to work out the ideal mix, but I think its finished. I started with just a white base paint before going over the armoured bits with a blue glaze. After that, I started doing some detailing and filled in the eyes, which are possibly the highlights of the model for me. Following that, I did ore drybrushing and filled in the underarmour and fleshy bits off the spider, as well adding black to the spines and fangs, before more drybrushing. I also did a more work on my Thundertusk, which is coming along smoothly.
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    This was very much a fun little aside from painting models. It goes together fast and you can have a lot of fun with bright colours, washing and drybrushing. My next task is to come up with some variants on this. I played my first game with the Maggotkin Battletome yesterday and I got plenty of trees out. I'm not sure you need any more than 3 or 4, but it would be nice to have some variation. I think I can afford one more of the official model which I can convert with some Sylvaneth parts, and then use a couple of sylvaneth trees which can be put on a same size base and then modded with mouths, pustules and bells to represent a Gnarlmaw.
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    Got a batch of five gors and my ungor shaman in progress. Basecoats and washes done, will probably start layering and highlighting tonight. Need to repaint the banner though, it'll be XV-88 instead of Rakarth Flesh.
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    Thanks Sam! Hey All, I'm finally ready to share the 1.0 of Renown or Ruin. I'll be appearing on Warhammer Weekly with Vince and Tom to share more about it. And I have some videos explaining the concept here. The PDF will be available on TGA on Friday and I hope to host some more discussions here on TGA as well. Really hope you all like it. Sam's Hinterlands were a huge inspiration for me and my crew. We're having our 8th session prior to the review and I can hardly get them to play anything else but this. Here's hoping that this resonates with all of you as well!
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    I'm amazed at a lot of this negativity. I've been negative for a long time - mostly about the fact that they could fix most of the problems with death with one book. This book could have come out any time over the last 3 years, but they were holding it in their pocket for Malign Portents. Of course it doesn't just "fix everything", but for the first time Death feels like a legitimate army and not an afterthought, so most of my complaints, and all of my biggest complaints are fixed with this release. As @kozokus points out, this is a straight up upgrade with no downside or point increase for Death. Sniping Heroes Yes of course death is heavily reliant on Heroes - this has been the theme since Death began. You expect reanimated zombies and skeletons to function on their own? Yes, we live in a time where shooting and magic is too good and heroes die too fast. So what can we do about it? Zap a unit with Overwhelming Dread. Now the unit is -1/-2 to hit. Kunnin Rukk is not overly scary when they are hitting on 6s only. Zap a unit of Skyfires, and they cannot get mortals and have a hard time hitting you at all. This spell kicks the Vanguard-Raptor list hard. Take Neferata, play her aggressively and give anything that is going to kill your heroes as much as -3 to hit. With a balewind, you are going to have zero problems shutting down any unit right away. With all the pluses that you can get in death, the chances of you failing the spell (or the balewind) are extremely low. Zap a unit with Prison of Grief. This could make them stumble with their ranges. This one is probably going to want Arkhan and cast on a Balewind. This could trip up some shooting lists from getting into range, or Tzeentch from getting into range with spells. Spectral Grasp also works well but is less reliable. Vile Transference can now be used to heal any heroes provided they are within 6" of an enemy unit. If it goes off twice its 2D3 heals! This goes a long way to helping our chars stay alive now. Necromancers basically have a 4+++, which is one of the best hero protections in all of AoS. The book is packed with hero-saving artifacts - at least one in every host (most notably the -2 to shoot in Sacrament) Death already has 6++ on all the heroes, and most of them have healing capabilities most heroes could only dream of Really great artifacts to shut down magic now (my favorite is Oubliette Arcana) Most issues with hero sniping is that the whole army is resting on one hero. Kill the Orruk Big Boss and gimp Kunnin Rukk ... kill the general and start forcing Fyreslayers to take battleshock, etc. The complaint here is that we need the Heroes for Deathly Invocation now. Well with gravesites and heroes any one hero is coming back at 10D3 models per turn. If you are a good conga-liner (something very easy with all these models coming back) its not going to be hard to get your units to constantly get in range of lots of things at once. So if your opponent focuses and snipes down a hero you now have 9D3 healing capabilities - not exactly breaking our army. Even when all the chars are dead, our large blocks can conga line over our gravesites for 4D3 healing. There is a misunderstanding here that heroes have to be near the units; in contrast, the units have to be near the Heroes. If you have been playing death since GH:2017 - you are very familiar with trying to stay within the 6" for the 6++. All you have to do is take a few models and conga line them back into your heroes. The big heroes should be in the muck with your army, and the Necromancers should be moving forward and using their 4+++ protection. Even so its fairly easy to stay as far as 20" back with your heroes with conga-lining. Invocation does not require LoS so you can hide behind scenery to provide all the buffs while fully hidden. This is not usually a good tactic at the start, but once you are into the game and have most of your enemies army pinned down, you can just hide from their sight knowing they can't move much to try and see you. Also - unbinding requires LoS, while most spells do not - so finding a nice hiding spot can really pay off. Gravesites Summoning is currently extremely good free 18"+ move which negates one of the main limitations in a death army - slow movement. The main problem with summoning before is you are confined to summoning a useless unit of 10 zombies or other chaff, with just a few notable cases (spirit hosts and morghast) where it could be used to good effect. The other issue is you had to throw away one of your precious spells, and it could be countered. All of this is fixed now. You can summon entire units 9" from the enemy. The main argument against this is that your opponent can "block out the gravesite". Sure that's a limitation, but I don't think you are understanding what the board is going to look like: The "I'm going first" In this example, there are two central cites in your territory used for moving up right away and easily ambushing within 9" of your opponents deployment zone. Failing that, the majority of the center of the board is dominated with gravesite areas, so your opponent would have to spread out his whole army to fully block you out. If you are going first, this gives you plenty of room to take full board control and protect your gravesites while getting a lot of your army within 9" of the opponent. The "I just want to heal" In this example, you don't expect to summon anything, so you just create a huge block of condensed super-healing. Any units which can get at least one model in the center of the board are healing 4D3 every turn. Depending on the battleplan, you might have this in the center or move this to one side to dominate one half of the board. The "Protect my butt" In this example, you have some room to summon but you also have space to bring your units in the back of the board in case all your plans fall through. You would have models on the bottom gravesite, so your opponent cannot block you out. You can simply move forward to create space and summon behind you. The "I'm not going anywhere" In this example, you know that your opponent is going to take board control and there is nothing you can do about it, so you use the gravesites defensively. You can summon behind, but your best bet may be to deploy everything defensively. There are tons more examples. You are not committed to any one concept and can change it up depending on what you expect from your opponent and what you need to accomplish. Grave sites are an awesome new free tool combining great offence (ambush) and mobility (summon on an objective) with defense (healing). No matter whats going on you should be able to get something out of your gravesites. Remember, depending on what you are up against, you are never committed to summoning anything. You can simply choose not to summon if your opponent is in your face. In this case the gravesites just become a spot on the board that heals all your core units every hero phase. Not really a bad situation.
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    Warlock-Engineer Warpheart (aptly named due to the shard of warpstone sticking out of his chest) plots and schemes. With his newly assembled weapons of death and destruction (and doom!) there is nothing that can stand in his way of rising to the position of Arch-Warlock. The current Arch-Warlock, a certain chainsaw-armed menace, is really only a small bump in the road on the highway that is Warpheart's ambitions.
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    The split is deliberate and for practical reasons If the split wasn't there, then the release cycles would have to be sychronised, as it'd make no sense for a company to release off theme options. The GW stores, which primarily exisit to attract and support new players, would now be having to spend much more time dealing with people who bought more complex resin kits. This'd harm their primary function and force them away from the successful one man store approach. Postage at FW is higher for a reason, a percentage of items break or are mismoulded and to offer top notch customer service whereby they'll often send out a whole replacement model costs more money. Therefore the P&P includes a measure of the value of the contents, and quite possibly insurance that FW can claim if required. Finally, the biggest reason for the split? The brand was spun off at the very start so they could be marketed to a different audience, the veteran gamer who wanted to spend £450 on a metal Thunderhawk model
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    I think so but in my case it was about unique look colorwise and whole army was inspired by GameofThrones wraights. I was thinking about doing the same with Daughters of Khaine but I will just use Microart possessed bases.
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    So after doing some tournaments and generally playing games/analysing stuff I split the game/armies into a two/three different segments, depending on how you look at it. These armies are broken, they abuse some/multiple forms of mechanic to generally avoid playing the game. That's the key bit, they DON'T play the game, they play their own special version where some of the rules don't apply to them. This is the balanced armies who actually play the game, Ironjawz are in this bracket. You have good options, solid stats, aren't overcosted and are thematic. Finally we have the armies who play the game but do it badly, their options suck and they are overcosted. Big difference between T2 and T3 is that a great player with god like rolling using a T3 army will still lose to the broken armies. Once you make that divide, specifically the T1 vs everyone else divide, suddenly the game makes a bunch more sense. Things like tzeentch, stormcast or seraphon (especially with prenerf engine of the gods). They avoid having to deal with movement, they avoid having to deal with losing units, they avoid having to care about properly setting up, they avoid having to care about armour saves or wound rolls. Those armies aren't actually playing the same game that the rest of us are, if a seraphon player gets spectacularly out manoeuvred then he can just teleport away without a care in the world and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it. They are simply not playing the same game as the rest of us and it results in games feeling like you just don't have the tools to fight them. Tzeentch has cheap tarpits which just render them basically immune to melee armies when played properly all while they sit and output an obscene number of mortal wounds that don't care how many points your armour save costs. Then you have the rest of the armies who form a much more traditional tier list of which Ironjawz are definitely near the top.
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    I don't see why so many tournament players would complain. Sure, there might be a small advantage during pile ins, but chances are that the square based player is playing a legacy army without access to a battletome and with weaker units. If you are playing a streamlined tournament list, the player's army should be destroyed due to their inferior rules, regardless of their base sizes. Also, what about the fact that your units have to be more bunched up to stay in coherency, and as a result they can't zone as well? It seems like the disadvantages outway the single advantage.