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    Let's avoid this kind of talk here. Thanks.
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    The "#Metoo" comment is inappropriate. It turns the sexual assault and rape of literally millions of women into a joke. Please remove it.
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    I knew it! It's all set in Wales
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    So, I've been working out some ranges. With this tree and a guo, without any battalions I belive we can do some incredible charges. Blightkings move 4" nurgle wheel adds 2", guo with bell adds 3" the tree allows us to run and charge so d6+1 and 2d6+1. So that's. 4"+2"+3"+d6+1"+2d6+1" max = 29". Going off averages that is a 9" move + 5" run plus 8" charge. 22" total, if you high roll the run, you should be within range to declare a charge if deployed on the line Chaos knights move 10" these can most definately threaten a first turn charge. Nurgle is no longer super slow
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    One leads to the other really
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    I made a new Hobby Bingo card to help inspire & motivate people to work on more projects. Track your progress over the course of 2018 and score 5-in-a-row. Or try to fill in the whole card! ! I discuss the categories in more depth here: https://robhawkinshobby.blogspot.com/2017/12/wargame-hobby-bingo-2018.html Happy New Year everyone!
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    Awesome work everyone, really fun to see everyone's take on these fantastic models and some really inspiring warbands in this thread! (I might do my Sepulchral Guard with glowing eyes too now. They look so cool! @Turragor) Here are my Garrek's Reavers. I went for a fairly standard paint scheme but made new bases for them to suit their dynamic poses (leaping off rocks).
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    They are probably aiming for us to have some fun with out toy soldiers
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    Basing work started to give context to the environment from which the Trees of Death march forth, everything in the realm of death is tied to the very cycle of life unto death. Those who perish in the realm are left at the forests edge so that the plants may feast upon that which they no longer require, rivers of blood permeate the dirt of the forest, crimson weeds springing up around them.
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    OK guys, I am gonna be a GW wannabe and tease you all my Giant that will be posted in two weeks. Thank you all for looking!
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    I’ve been trying to figure out colours for my Dark Elves for about five years. I think I’m finally satisfied. The highest ranking characters in my army can be recognized by their incessant need to point. It’s just an odd character tic.
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    the best unit is any unit that contains skaven.
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    Can't really go wrong with plaguebearers anyway, and they are a nice kit, good looking unit. @Killax Good shout there! Make the spines rusty metal, would look awesome. Might just do that, I'd love a corrupted nurgle board. I feel like hopefully one gnarlmaw could be carved up and added to normal trees kit for a nurgle forest.
  14. 2 points
    1. Acquire more lizards. 2. Paint lizards. 3. Kill with lizards. 4. Return to step 1.
  15. 2 points
    It's reaaally hard to wait though haha I've had the paints I need and a box of Plaguebearers on my online shopping cart for a while now and it's tempting to just buy them and not wait
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    I think it's likely you will see the updates for them too but I still do not think it will be a 'ton' of new models. Again they also don't need it but I do think Dark Elves former know as (basically) will get their update. I deem it very likely that the spoilers we saw are some actually new witches for the 'Malerion faction'. Next to that I think the Shadespire Warbands will now not be two a month but one for every month. So I expect the Skaven to appear in January, Fyreslayers for February, Stormcast for May and Bloodbound for April. It's also possible that the latter two will be combined into another starter set with new tiles. What was very cool to hear in the very recent MiniWarGamers interview with Shadespires lead designer is that he confirmed a lot more Shadespire is comming. For the game size it's also a succes, 10K+ followers on Facebook and Youtube reviews most certainly havn't been as critical to it as say with Necromunda. It's within the next releases of Shadespire that I do expect the Pestigors to show up and indeed quite likely an Elven Warband too. That however will likely follow the same patron as the original release end of September. So I think there will be a half year break between Shadespires. Due to the books and all I think the second Warhammer Underworlds expansion will be in Shadespire too. Otherwise it wouldn't make a ton of sence to create this much narrative for it. I think Shadespire will play a minor role in narrative development for Malign Portents too. That's my thake on it too. The battle between Slaanesh trying to escape and Elven preventing this from happening would be a very cool event. I think it will be here when we see High Elves getting their updates. Assumming no machines will break down for production Well I think it's much more important to understand that sculpts are many and really Games Workshop should at this point have hundreds of them ready to use for both 40K and Age of Sigmar. The reason why not everything will see print is as simple as any other creative process. Sometimes (for whatever reason) things do not get used. What we do know is that Bloodbound as a line was produced in 2014, before Age of Sigmar. I personally believe that Khorgos Khul was likely to be intended as a returned Arbaal the Undefeated and the whole other designs initially must have been developed with WFB in mind at the start. As there really is no other way to design that much that quickly. In that same vein we also have confirmation that Shadespire Warbands where actually picked from designs not used for the specific unit and that initially they where designed as a character unit upgrade instead (which quite frankly I hoped they would do for AoS still but didn't). Due to the Fyreslayers production time and Kharadron Overlords (and even initial Stormcast) I think that quite a lot of what we've seen in 2016-2017 was indeed designed with new WFB in mind at the start. It's not even impossible that the logo of AoS changed due to every upcomming design was designed with AoS in mind. In quite some ways we see this too with the ultra dynamic Nurgle Heralds and GUO that would have been impossible to fit on any logical WFB base.
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    Hello Friends! A group of buddies and I kept seeing people asking for a Shadespire Podcast so we decided to make one ourselves! I found out that some people here started a podcast too which is awesome! So far we have recorded 5 episodes which will be coming out over the holidays. In our first episodes, we cover; 1 - Who we are and why you should get into Shadespire. (something to send your friends) 2 - Blood Reavers - The Dangle Bros 3 - Orks! Dice For The Dice God 4 - Sepulchral Guard (releasing in December) 5 - Tournament Report (releasing in December) 6 - Steelheart (releasing in January) Claim The City Podcast Facebook Claim The City Website We are new to producing podcasts and would love your feedback and suggestions for topics! What can we do better? What do you like! What did we miss? Also if you are doing something cool in the community are grinding out a lot of tournaments and would like to be a guest on the show shoot me a message! =) Thank you and hope you enjoy! Kallen
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    I think it’s a real possibility that a new aelven faction comes in towards the later stages of the nagash narrative, and are crucial in nagash not succeeding. This would then flow nicely into slannesh reappaearing early 2019.
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    Updated to be more relevant to the battletome.
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    Not so much, the newest designs do not show something completely different. In fact I'd say it keeps mayor design elements that are unique to GW and befitting for Age of Sigmar. Duaradin Fyreslayers look 80% like WFB's Slayers, just amped to 11. Amongst Kharadron Overlords there are actually several designs that match that of Dispossessed too, basically amping things up to 11, best example is Irondrakes and the Dwarf Engineer designs. Based on what we've seen amongst several armies there are only two real requirements needed for a unit to stay. Which seem to be: 1. They fit the epic fantasy styled design of their 'new' faction. In certain cases there is a lot of overlap (mostly seen in Chaos, Death and Destruction) and in others there is less, Order. 2. They need to fit the dynamic designs seen troughout AoS. Sometimes this even means that 'newest' WFB designes are scrapped if they do not fit that base visual look. Again many examples are given. Based on that an indication of what's kept and what's more or less left would very much leave the following amongst regular AoS armies (even for the nearby future): In essence I believe that GW's plans for Dark Elves are to focus on the Corsairs and Witches, where for High Elves a lot more changes will be applied but eventually that likely ends up being focused around Eagles, Phoenix and Smoke Sorcerers. We also are likely to see Darkoath before Slaanesh for Chaos and I deem it very possible that the Chaos Marauder kit will be updated but the Chaos Marauder Horsemen will not. There is a lot of time between these two boxes and the vibes both visually put out are actually very different too. Cheers,
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    Probably a Realmgate Wars style series of campaign and fiction releases, timed to coincide with the release of new Death stuff.
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    PAID LIST (82/100) - Updated 31/12/17 Aaron Mcleod Adam Bajjada Adam Bajjada Adam Burt Adam Mcaninly Akeem Wallace Alex Sobiecki Alexander Morris Alistair Webster Andrew Macdivitt Anthony Magro Ashley Mcewan Ben Liekefett Ben Zagami Benjamin Spinetti Blake Kerwick Braiden Graw Brod Mcmurdo Brogan Clark Chris Welfare Christopher Stratford Christopher Tot Colin Green Corey Beilharz Corey Ford Craig Miller Dalton Copeland Dan Brewer Dan Saye David Buras David Hurley David Keegan Dean Matthews Eric Caramancion Fued One Glen Egerton Hayden Walker James Maybury James Sharman Jason Harris Jesse Perkins Jett Griffiths Joel Mcgrath John Dickie Josh Best Joshua Foster Joshua Maher Kameron Ritchie Kyle Brown Lachlan Clark Liam Burnett-Blue Liam Whelan Luke Taylor Mathew Tyrrell Mathew Weiss Matt Campbell Matt Edwards Matt Gammie Matthew Campi Matthew Paolacci Michael Beven Michael Healy Michael Thomson Mitchell Hamilton Nathan Princi Patrick Murray Paul Jackson Peter Atkinson Peter Bickford Robert Reimers Samuel O'Neill Samuel Wylie Scott Norwood Scott Ryan Shaun Ratcliffe Timothy Macdivitt Tom Watson Travis Cooper Zac Wilson Zachary Sindelar Zeke White Zenith Mills-Shorter
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    Updated the title to reflect the update to Nurgle. Welcome to to the Maggotkin family. papa Nurgle welcomes all
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    "If only they knew. All their purity and nobility, and for what? Only the faithful they cry. But to whom do they owe their faith? If only they knew, that their great Sigmar, was a lie...." Work begins on the Shephard of Raven's hollow. The daemon prince of Malal.
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    Depending on how new to the hobby you are, I recommend a long term approach. Thunertusks are too fragile and hyper-specialized, stonehorn are worse than mournfang. But after ghb18 that will probably be different and you have months of fun building and painting ahead of you with a gorgeous and characterful army. So build what you think it's the coolest, and magnetize if you want to be safe. If you're asking from a competitive standpoint and your plan is to rush to tabletop to get serious games in asap, avoid bcr entirely for the time being. (If you're stubborn like me then make a huskard on stonehorn that can count as a frostlord in a pinch, then go on a 6 month tactical journey of learning and 90% major losses, and proxy stuff to see how it plays). So i guess my vote is huskard on stonehorn that can work as a frostlord is the safest long term choice.
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    @Soulsmith yeah if you want them to be very daemonic metal is certainly possible. In addition for those who don't like the size of the Blight Tree you could also consider branching out with the Spines. What makes the kit very interesting overall is that the pieces come seperate so you can use it for all kinds of ends. I tend to think that they would act very well as some Daemonic and evil looking Nurgle graden roots. More detail on the pieces: - Like the Blight Tree the branches include skulls. Pieces come seperate and look really Nurglesque to me: - Add some bells and it's done!
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see those releases paired up and come out even faster at least for this first phase just to get enough variety out there to have a competitive scene that's not to stale.
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    The concept is awesome but I think the throne with treelord head is just too large and makes the model unbalanced looking. If you can incorporate the branches lower on the model, I think it would look a bit more realistic as the throne will not be so vertical.
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    I think it will be more clear with the last Malign portents herald. If it where Stormcast, we would already have it. But being the last one... I assume it is something spectacular and/or expected for a long time. So my guess is a redesigned elf faction
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    I'm going to paint 2 dracothian guard and 2 mournfang and assemble some nurgley goodness later in the month. 3 alliances on the go! /Edit - the nurgley goodness is going to be 10 plaguebearers if I can find the time.
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    While I was the local game shop today, I decided to get a little jump start on my coming Nurgle army with a Daemon Prince that tried to convert to be a bit more Nurgley with some bits from the Start Collecting Nurgle box I got a few weeks ago. I used a head from the plague drone with a horn from one of the normal daemon heads stuck on asymmetrically. Cut the end of the tail off and replaced it with one of those long mouth things from the plague drone and stuck the end of the tail on to the leg where it will be painted as a tentacle. Use a piece of one of the banners from from I believe the the plague bearers as his "loin cloth". And then of course there are the obligatory nurglings. Probably still got some filing/shaving on some of the rough edges and maybe figure out how green stuff works, but I think it turned out okay for one of my first "real" conversions beyond a simple head swap.
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    Since you're not super competitive, I would lean towards Dispossessed with Ironweld, Free People, Stormcast, etc allies.
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    Still a thing. Still around. They got a new named unit the other year. Actually, Fyreslayers and Kharadron are just as expensive, if not more than the FW counterparts.
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    Thank you for the kind words! The palette is going to explode a bit once the bright blue warpaint and autumn colours on the bases get added!
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    Theres really something about skaven that makes you want to keep buying more haha.
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    Hi Jimbo thanks for the note. We don’t have a date finalised as yet, as we are tying to fit around events like GW and the other bigger AoS ones.. As soon as we have finalised them (hopefully early Jan), I’ll repost mate?? Cheers, Matthew
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    Alright first five ardboyz are done! Got a little light box for Christmas so here’s some pics!
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    With a grain of salt: when my wife went to a GW store to offer me some skellies for Christmas (I was telling her about the Shadespire skeletons over and over and as she did not quite listened to me, now I am the happy owner of the skeleton horde SC \o/ ), so... between attempts to sell her Nagash (to start an army, really?!), he told her that there will be Death related releases in March.
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    My WIP Wanderer Themed Frostheart Phoenix...
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    Measuring base to base means literally that in real life, so it would factor in vertical height, just as climbing terrain counts vertical height.
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    anyone notice that one of the seldom-used fanatic heads has mushrooms growing from his scalp? This portents good So after initially doing pretty well with grots (6 wins, 2 losses), I've now been brutally crushed a few times, mainly through silly mistakes that I've learned from, but also due to many grot units simply being unreliable, including: Fanatics rolling terribly, even 6 of them together. Failing charge rolls (2s, 3s inch rolls), terrible wounds even after rolling 18 attacks! spiders doing very few mortal wounds even when buffed to do them on 5s to hit spiders being squishy in combat, seldom achieving that desired super-strike that slaughters a unit and gets no hits back after. shaman rolling 1 on his mushroom and doing nothing for a turn arachnarok getting befuddled on mystical terrain (he is so big its not always easy to not be near it) Bravery. oh my christ bravery. EVERYTHING is awful bravery, even after buffing with Bellowing Tyrant. Death armies wreck goblins (and even the arachnarok) with bravery shenanigins, battleshock is brutal most rounds, especially for my precious spider riders (expensive, squishy, bravery 4 ) Squishiness across the board, with the army getting wiped out in a turn if I don't position right. Destruction allegiance move ability seldom works Gutstomper allegiance is unreliable, and opponents are sometimes adamant that its not allowed in matched play when it is. On the plus side, these guys have been reliable after many games of experimentation: Grot netters - they just always perform well, and cannot die til the unit dies. they even hit pretty well, suprisingly. They stop some nasty attacks getting my dudes too, and seem to irritate enemies most games. Arachnarok is good versus everything basically, and the only somewhat tanky unit grots have. When I'm not messing up positioning he is great, frequently. Grots being sneaky and avoiding combat are great for objectives, and just getting enemy front lines and netting them. The spider general. Tough little dude, sits back mostly handing out buffs (that don't require rolls) So basically I would love some advice, as grot players yourself, or as opponents who have fought them - what changes should I make as I work my way up to 2000pts? My current plan, given the above issues, is to build on the strengths, and just be careful with positioning and risk generally to mitigate the weaknesses: Add another arachnarok, because why not, I lack tanky reliability, and they deliver it in spades, as well as crowding out the table to protect the lame goblins behind them. Adds another roll to Destruction allegiance move. Add a load more grots, because a unit of 60 will become brave (most likely a bravery of 9 after it gets whacked, this would be amazing), and gives more MVP netters, and even more damage (which will be novel for those guys, compared to 20 of them), and won't be squishy and die in a turn. Keep the fanatic to a minimum (3), treating them as a bonus unit that might do some damage, but don't rely on it, plus can sometimes heroically sacrifice itself when i get charged by something particularly scary. Add a shaman as a throw-away caster that will probably die but I won't rely on him. Adds another roll to Destruction allegiance move. Something else? List I'm aiming for is: Spiderfang general 2x arachnarok with shamen 1 moonclan shaman 10 spider riders 15 spider riders 60 moonclan grots 20 moonclan grots 20 moonclan grots 3 fanatics (in the 60) Feedback appreciated!
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    The triangles could also refer to the Corpse Geometries which have been out-of-whack thanks to Sigmar and his thievery. Assuming that the theme of this is that Nagash has figured out how Sigmar creates free-thinking undead, what is his response? I can't see him investing anyone with a portion of his power; unless we take 'Nagash is all' literally.
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    Got my test model done over the Christmas and am hoping to make a move on the errand questor over the weekend. Now I'm old and no fun, NYE is a time for hobby and not hangovers.
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    Some obvious minor cleanups but here is one with most details in.
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    20 Boyz, 10 Maniaks, Boss. It's boring, but it's core items you need and upping the Maniaks from 5 to 10 makes it sufficiently in line with the savings from other kits. The big sales point would be the access to the Boss across counter though, not just through mail order.
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