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    Finally Decided to tackle last year's ironjawz battleforce. The first 5 brutes were a lot of fun to paint. Really great models with lots of detail. After painting hundreds of clanrats and goblins I decided to paint this lower model count army to the best of my abilities. I'll be posting up my progress here to keep myself motivated. Next up: the Megaboss!
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    Finished the undead shadespire warband:
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    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/12/15/the-future-of-faqs-and-chapter-approved-dec-15gw-homepage-post-2/ This is a pretty neat structure and, as I read it, I thought "hey they are so going to do this for AoS". Lo and behold they also added that question in the quick FAQ at the bottom: "What about Warhammer Age of Sigmar It’d make sense if we rolled out a similar process… Check back soon!" So I think that means we can look forward to a similar system - probably with the GHB in the place chapter approved. What kind of changes do we think it'll lead to? Perhaps the timing of certain big events?
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    Hi all. When the GHB2016 dropped, AoS took finally off in my gaming group. But I got sick of flipping through my books the entire time very fast. From the battleplan currently played to the allegiance abilities and forward to the additional rules for Matched Play. And, oh yeah, what was the wording on the Battlebrew again? If you play or know X-Wing, you're probably familiar with cards for, well, everything. I like this approach a lot. But GW failed to provide something similiar. They hadn't even put out warscroll cards yet. I knew I needed a solution, because I was forgetting about a lot of abilities. Doing basically nothing but print design work in InDesign the whole day anyway, I decided I can whip these out myself. So I did. I worked through the GHB2016 and every battletome and re-worked all of them following GHB2017. I posted them in my gaming group forum and on Dakkdakka. As of right now, there are allegiance cards for all allegiances, including a handy card box where you can store your cards. No glue needed. There is also a set for different GHB2017 section that I felt could profit from some cards. When AoS was released, I made markers for buffs/debuffs and the terrain effects. I plan on reworking these soon. I will upload them one after another in the Download section, so head over there. each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Trait(s), Command Traits, Artefacts, the two core spells (Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield) on a single card, sub-faction specific spells card size is 41x63mm (same as X-Wing upgrade cards) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed. First file for testing and formatting: (is there no preview possible in the download section, before posting?) Allegiance Cards: Chaos
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    Ghost Ships, and ghastly raiders from the sea have been a long staple of myths. Not full on Pirates, but Pirates are just short hand these days for the 'age of sail'
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    David Guymer interview is recording tomorrow so it will be up later in this coming week. ?
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    Finished my manticore and that makes my pledge complete.
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    I just posted the beginning of my long time work kharadron Corsair project on my foreign langage forum (I love you all, but t you know... you know.) (plus, my English is potatoes) So i though you'll love to see my Aelf warden which I talked about. It's a scourge based conversion, they are 90% builded I still have to do some work on the fins, piping and bases. Then I would paint. If some of you are interested, tell me, I'll lead you to the forum I posted all my work (if you brave enough to walk thru French frogs) Cheers fellows (and sorry for my English again...)
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    I’ve finished my pledge for this month! As I can’t start the board until I go home for Christmas. I’ve given myself an additional stretch to complete a Skull Cannon as well.
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    I've been giving a bit of thought to the best use of our Allies slot - there are multiple holes to fill, so what can achieve the most within the 400 point cap? I initially went straight to Spear Chukkas, because their long range, heavy rend and multiple damage can be brutally effective. Best of all, because you can out range most shooty armies, you can force them to step forward into the Lion's Den. So far however I have found them very unreliable, and with their low number of attacks, I fear their "diceyness" could be a fundamental flaw. Another unit I really like (though have yet to try) is 30x Arrow Boys. This is the one that I feel will be most effective, for the following reasons: - They fill the "Unit of 20+" slot that is advantageous in 2 of the new missions - They give you the same number of wounds and board control as 30x Arboyz (they are on 32mm bases), at a lower cost (albeit a worse save) - Unlike Ardboyz, because they are ranged, they can do their thing without having to step off an objective. You can actually threaten, while still dominating the spaces you want to dominate - They cover the shooting gap in our army nicely (unlike say a Rogue Idol). Some things (e.g. Blood Warriors) you really want to kill outside of the combat phase, which this allows you to do - Even unbuffed, their volume of shots makes up for their poor To Hit roll. They will put out a similar amount of damage against a 4+ save (at a similar cost) to 10x Judicators, whilst offering the higher number of models and wounds discussed above - Don't forget they have rend -1 against monsters - They synergise well with the Weirdnob Shaman (he works off the Orruk keyword), giving him +2 to cast, and providing a source of cheap wounds to soak up the mortals from casting on a double - For 10 points more than the 30x Ardboyz, you can have 30x Arrow Boys AND a Balewind Vortex. Given that 450 points from the Ardboyz puts you on an odd number, it's probably effectively the same cost in a lot of builds - That now gives you +3 to cast and double range on the WNS, so he is now essentially your artillery, putting out mortal wounds at long range - A WNS on BWV is also now a second tanky hero in Duality of Death. Yes, he can be shot off the BWV, but he always could. At least he is now automatically in cover, and essentially melee proof - It can also give you a cheeky 3" hero phase move, pushing your Brutes etc forward when summoned - It is also 2 more units (WNS on BWV and 30x Arrow Boys) that your opponent probably feels they HAVE to deal with, giving them target saturation and keeping your Brutes alive So all in all, I feel this one unit can cover multiple rolls and synergies simultaneously. Artillery? Mortal Wounds? A 30-strong blob? Damage outside the combat phase? All of the above! How say you?
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    Nice read! And I agree, I think in life we all have to come to the conclusion sooner or later that there will ALWAYS be somebody better than you out there, even if we do become the best painter, there will be other aspects other people will be better at, like swimming, writing, cooking. So to enjoy the process and enjoy self-improvement rather than being "better" than others is the best thing to do. I personally try to enrich my life in anything I do and try to be as fully present as I can. If your goal is to better yourself rather than being better than others, you'll never run out of things to improve^^. In life, love. passion and most importantly, compassion, growth is the key to a brighter future for yourself and others.
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    While I I enjoy build up to things, the fact is that the reveals, are not revealing much Maybe the Heralds, like the Chaos Queen and the Ghost thing can be the new direction that slaves to darkness and Death are taking. But a Death army needs skellies. Nagash himself is a big skellie. Fingers crossed for barbarian slaves to darkness. And for the love of Sigmar let the Order herald be something not stormcasty. Like a regular human, or aelf.
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    Hello again. Well i finished up the manticore and it took some doing playing with colors and trying to get him to look just right for the Lord to sit on and not get lost. Anyways, here he is. I'm not going to painting the bases on these guys till I get the right round bases for them. I'm thinking of doing some sort of cracked ice type of base. Seems fitting for where they come from. And here he is with the lord glued back in his place
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    To me this sounds like a mistake - unless it was the bonus to the freeguild elements only. I'm not sure the Freeguild general has an ability that affects all order. Yeah against ranged they don't do much but I think, entering a tournament for instance, they give you a little something for 100 points. Reaching objectives with them is an interesting one, I'd envision that once they've done their wrap against alpha job they might sit on a near objective instead of reaching a far one?
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    Much like the Rumour engine I'd be more hyped if I knew what was coming. I'm certain it's all going to be very interesting and there'll be a fair few good miniatures and some background to boot. For now "Gibbets and Crows" aren't telling me much, no stormcast or Hammer insignia though is a promising sign of some much needed shared attention. Really hope this advances the story line sufficiently to see some more legendary characters.
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    Close to being done with my second 3 grunta unit. Some last couple of highlights on yellow and darks, as well as finishing up some tassles and skulls. I now know I shouldn't get another 3, as they have been a real pain in my ******, but looking at them now, I SOOOOO WANT TO! Thanks for looking!
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    It took me a couple read-throughs myself to understand, but here is what I believe is the case and how we are doing it in our store campaign. You can only build the Scepter of Flame if you control The Caverns of Fulminax, The Titanworks, and The Black Iron Peninsula. Once you have the Scepter of Flame, you can immediately win the campaign if you control The Caverns of Fluminax, The Infinity Gears, and The Eyes of the Prismatikon. You don't have to control all 5 regions, but you have to control the first 3 to make the scepter and have to control the three strategic ones to win once you have the scepter (even if you don't have The Titanworks or The Black Iron Peninsula anymore). Does that help? The strategic zones are nice because they have a card associated with them, which can help you in the campaign, even if you don't have the Scepter of Flame.
  18. 1 point
    I missed you starting this. Board looks great, well done!
  19. 1 point
    Got the base coats down last night (except the Orc skin) and highlighted the reds. Next up are washes.
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    My list: Bloodsecrator x3 Priests 3x1 Khorgoraths 2x10 Bloodwarriors x40 Bloodreavers Gorepilgrim His List: Lord Aquillor Relictor Latern holding Lord Celestant x3 Palladors 2x5 Hunters x5 Deceminators x5 Protectors x3 Raptors w longstrikes We played Matchplay mission 6, scorched earth ,and I won by 1 point on the last round. The bloodreavers did great popping two objectives on his deployment zone scoring 4 points total. His paladins ate all my warriors. His lord Aquillor did great in the last round by coming up behind me and trying to score a 5-6 on the last round but failed and got only 2 points to not tie. some pics: Those Stormcast are gonna look fantastic once he finally finish painting them...
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    Tnk u for comments and ideas! maybe I will do it , just need to check how much it will take and how much improve the overall look Another little update on the remaining model of this first batch: And a group shot C&C welcomed!
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    Thanks guys for all the feedback and likes! This really helps keeping on the work! @Artobans Ghost Thanks! I'm looking forward to read this book too! And my next ship will be an Orruk/Grot Ironclad! @Kisufisu Unfortunately I did not put the wip fotos os my Cthulhu army on any forum/blog... But I do have some pictures on my mobile: I'm travelling now and when I return home I could post some here... @Mayple Yess, yess, this is a most killy-killy machine! Makes my whiskers twitch! Burning the man-things and green-things and golden-things with warpfire! Yess, yess! @Djoblo Kkkkk, I feel the same when I see a nice conversion here! No shame at all! Loot away! I will be more than happy to see yours! Let's take the skies! Currently I'm in a slow painting process of the frigate, the ballon basecolors are almost done and I blocked some basic colors on the frigate with an airbrush... The main hull will be a true pain to paint, so many details and the crew hanging all around made it not only fiddly to paint but also to hold while painting... Cheer AJ
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    I was very excited by the concept of running some spear chukkas alongside my Ironjawz when I first heard about allies! They are no longer a feature in my list, and heres why. I was running a mixed destruction army for a little while with a Wyvern, 20 Brutes, 2 spear chukkas, 60 grot, some fanatics and a few characters. The theory was that the spear chukkas snipe out key parts of the enemy army while my boyz get across the table and smash em up in a fight. The reality was very very different. Spear Chukkas are hopelessly unreliable. 3s to hit when shooting at heroes is just not solid enough to rely on it, granted you get the re-roll, but then its only 3s to wound. Its just too dicey, especially with the D3 damage (give me 2 damage any day), and in games people were literally ignoring them with no real risk to themselves, and those that did feel like they needed to go down had no trouble at all shutting them down. On paper they look really solid, but when you actually get them on table they are just underwhelming, and thats 240 points of pure disappointment that I think is better spent elsewhere. I think the moonclan shaman is a really solid choice, and I'm actually considering adding a second in my list. A nice cheap caster for mystic shield/arcane bolt without having to deal with the double casting nonsense from the weirdnob just seems like a no brainer. I don't think I'll be adding much else in the way of allies to the Ironjawz if I'm honest, to me some of the other options seem to be adding stuff just because you can!
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    Sister of Selene Many Seraphim of the realm of light have a wide range of magical abilities, Sisters of Selene possess the ability to manipulate light and form it into weapons and armour. Expert assassins, they are tasked with routing out chaos and disposing of it efficiently and completely.
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    Mossblade the Knight of Spades - Crypt Haunter Courtier. Steed galloping over green fields / loping barefoot under the dark bowers. Sun glinting on silvery armour / filthy claws and fetid breath. Lance crashing into the shield of a worthy foe; a fellow knight / skull "helmet" smashing the ribs of a terrified, defenceless victim.