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    I always start by running through my list, giving a fairly to-the-point description of everything. After I'm done, I cheerfully ask what my opponent has, and by that point they are usually happy to share since I just did. A good number of opponents stop me and tell me they want to be surprised by stuff, but they're happy to share what their units do when I ask. An example of how I explain is roughly like this: "Here's my Nomad Prince, he's my general, I took Legendary Fighter and Obstinate Blade. His Command Ability lets other Wanderers reroll hit rolls of 1, and he pumps out damage in close combat while rerolling failed saves. Here's my Waystalker, he stands still and fires 6 shots that can generate more shots. He'll be doing a pretty constant stream of -1 rending wounds. Here are my Glade Guard, they are pretty basic archers but they have a once-per-game ability that makes their shots -3 rend." You get the idea. If they have any questions I pull up the warscroll and run them through all the specifics of the stats and everything else. I don't offer info like "you should focus on these guys first" but I make it pretty clear what everything does. If I have any battalion I explain exactly what it does. I expect roughly the same quick run-through of his army and special stuff! Things like Command Traits and artifacts should be announced before the game starts, it's just good manners imo. I just want to take 5 min tops for my opponent and I to have a friendly chat about the armies so we have a general idea what is going to be on the table. After that, I totally trust my opponent to play everything right, almost never checking on anything unless it seems to violate the way the core rules work. Often I help remind opponents of things they have forgotten to, and appreciate it when they do so for me. Maybe I'm just lucky and have a really friendly group though haha.
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    Beat them with tactics and strategy ( and luck). Not "gotcha"s. I explain everything to the best of my ability. First I say "do you know what it does?" If yes, we move on. If no, I will go into detail.
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    I always take extra time to explain everything to newer players, going through all the rules and combo's etc available. If they are fresh to the game its important to set a standard for them to expect when going into games. I know the others on the podcast make me out to be a villian sometimes, but people are normally pleasently suprised how much information I give away about my army and 9/10 I'll tell them exactly how to beat it!
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    People who are dissapointed with the Dispossed Battle Trait should remember that there they also have a "Grudgebound" battletrait and a d6 Grudges table.
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    This is taken from the FaceHammer tournament pack. The second paragraph describes how people should talk through armies and rules before the game. This is how I've always played it, also explaining how any combos, weird ability interactions etc work. Withholding information when directly asked at this point in my opinion is basically cheating. Can unit A do this thing? No. 5 minutes later unit A does the said thing. You've just cheated your opponent.
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    In matched play, summoning is now a toolbox tactic, a risk vs. reward mechanism that allows you to edit your army mid-game. You don't have to use it. Skirmish & PtG aren't matched play, they are by their nature unbalanced, people shouldn't be playing these expecting a 'fair' game. Death are behind the curve purely because they are a summoning-based faction that has had no rework since the nature of summoning changed. Summoning isn't broken or in need of fixing. The issue here isn't summoning, it's GW's absolute, mystifying and total aversion to configuration control in their products - and that horse bolted a loooong time ago. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Hi Hobbyists, sorry for being incommunicado for so long. Real life had made the last few months a bit hectic. It's great to see so many replies on my thread, although it makes me feel all the guiltier for being away! @Grand Exemplar - glad that my conversions are helping you to realise your Tzeentch army. Re: knight shoulder pads - yes and no. I also use a lot of knight arms, which fit fine. However, if you use the SCE liberator arms then some extra cutting/filing is needed. Re: knight helmets - check old Bret and Empire bits - there might be something that you can use once you've trimmed off the "bling". @J-P you're welcome. I too wanted larger scale chaos warriors - I wanted a real variety in sizes in each unit to make them more "chaotic" looking. I'll be keeping an eye out for your Valnir-lead warband. Re cloaks - I too want to build cloaked liberator conversions. However, as my time is so tight I'm going to avoid doing too much sculpting - my main plan wad to buy third party cloaks / GW cloaks from bits shops - However, Liberators are a too large! My current plan is to use Stormcast Vanguard Hunters as the base model for some new kit bashes. @Kaleb Daark- thanks, I might take you up on that - it's hard to get good detail shots of the older minis. I've got some big banners planned for sure - I'm going to need to glue some coins to my standard bearer bases ? It's not a Stormcast, but here's another cloaked Chaos Warrior conversion w.i.p. that I posted on Twitter a while back - this guy will be a Tzeentch Fatemaster when he's finished. Criticisms and comments welcome as always. MGP
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    The best Miniature of the Death range and the best miniature of the Chaos range both in one nice package
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    Here's my opinion on things: If you want to fix summoning, and keep it in 'theme' of bolstering your army, here's what I think would need to happen. Everything that's not a 'spell' that summons, should be pointed appropriately into the warscroll. If a Phoenix can come back, it should be in the warscroll points, not in reinforcement points. That way you cause a true split between things that 'summon' and things that just replace or revive a model. Now onto magic. Unbinding needs to be more impactful on the game to allow summoning. In previous editions of Warhammer, you could pool your dice to stop a critical spell, or save your dispel scroll. We don't have those mechanics in AoS. Unbinding is critically underwhelming, as you're generally never in range. Overall, there needs to be more ways to stop spells. For summoning, it probably means Unbind range needs to be unlimited to stop first turn summons. It also might mean that if you have multiple wizards in unbind range, you can choose to have them help out and get +1 to dispel for each wizard that helps (But then, they sacrifice the ability to unbind a spell separately). This means you can pool your resources to stop a critical spell. Then, you need to make summoning definitely harder. Getting stuff for 'free' should definitely take a pool of your resources that you aren't doing anything else with. If you're summoning Skeletons, you're not putting some buff somewhere else. You probably shouldn't be able to summon anything harder than a Black Knight in Matched Play. Morghasts don't just lie around all over the world, so why can you summon them no matter where you are? So there needs to be less options on what you can summon, and increase the cost of summoning. Then perhaps, you need to restrict who can summon. If you have 3 spellcasters, first turn, you're probably just gonna try to summon 3 units for free stuff. So this needs to be restricted somehow. Perhaps, a Rule of 1 could be useful here. You could perhaps state you can only attempt to cast a spell that summons a unit once per turn. Even after all of that, summoning might still be too powerful. Quite often with spell ranges, especially early on, you've got nothing better to do than try and summon something because your offensive/debuff spells aren't in range. This is definitely a fault of the fact that spellcasting takes place before movement. But basically, if you don't have to weigh up - do I try a risky summon spell or do I just blast a unit with Arcane Bolt, it makes it hard to balance things appropriately. Also, casters that increase their casting power, can cast multiple spells like Nagash would definitely needs to go up. As Nagash would likely be getting a free unit every turn. Overall, I get the feeling it's a horse that's already bolted though. I don't think GW are gonna change their approach on summoning any time soon. They don't want to see to make large changes to the core rules or warscrolls (Which, all of the above would be making changes to core rules or warscrolls).
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    I play in about a tournament a month (very competitively) on a good year. I've honestly never experienced this. I think it is isolated to more "toxic" groups. Not saying it never happens, but the gamers I play with and get matched up against tend to be respectful and friendly. Maybe I'm just lucky, but that is unlikely.
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    And that's why tournaments tend to be toxic environments full of try-hards.
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    No miniatures to show right now, but that doesn't mean I'm not working on some dark aos stuff! I'm trying to get better at drawing some "realistic" and evocative fantasy stuff, as the artwork is one of the first things that drew me in when I discovered GW. These are not perfect but I want to build up to some very heavy stuff as I get better. Hope you guys like it, and I'm open to cricism if you have any
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    Well to be fair, that changed in Warmahordes. But yeah, and I picked up Warmahordes because I had delusions of having a game where I could, in fact "git gud" and compete in. It didn't work that way in practice, but it was a lofty dream. Never in Warhammer though, because I firmly believe Warhammer is not, never really was, and never really will be meant for competitive play, it's just been shoehorned into that role (poorly). Like and analogy I once gave, about building a shed to house tools and then deciding that you could sleep in it; you could, and it might not even be terrible, but the shed was made for holding tools, not for sleeping in.
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    This thread is dedicated to HEROIC PLAY, a short form style game mode of fast paced combat in AOS skirmish. These rules allow for tighter narratives across 2-3 battles, inspired by clash of wills, my favorite game mode in the general's handbook. In this expansion, i've made some additions to the rules that allow some pretty interesting gameplay options. Featured is the Destined encounter, a new battleplan that is randomly generated each time, meaning new battles each time you roll off! I'm really proud of this and I hope you guys enjoy the latest version, i've been playing this a lot with my club and its been a riot, so far i'm 5 pages in to keep it simple. I'll add more as content is demanded. New Version of HEROIC PLAY. This version adds some fixes to the existing game mode, as well as more information for creating campaigns. There are a few more extra features but I believe my favorite one has to be Malign Portents support! I've included a whole new page specifically fora new guiding portent. I want to see those harbingers hit the table! If you guys can, please let me know if there is any fixes or additions you would suggest. I'd like constructive feedback and suggestions! DOWNLOAD HEROIC PLAY 3.0: https://goo.gl/TKfxBr Update February 14th 2018: heroic play 3.0 - added malign portents support - longform campaign support - named hero support - cleaned up text - Changed sone visual stuff Outdated Content as of 6/6/17 heroicplayforskirmish.pdf
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    Well, seems like GHB17 will manage to blow GHB out of the water - its really great to finally see most of the armies flashed out with battle traits, command traits, artefacts and all (And to believe that those that didnt get new toys, are with new battletomes coming out) Anyways, GW showed of some stuff today, what you thoughts about it? Seraphon - "The Seraphon are one of the most improved armies in the new General’s Handbook, with new allegiance abilities, warlord traits, artefacts and two Warscroll battalions. The most powerful of these is the Lords of Space and Time allegiance ability – which lets you remove a unit and replace it anywhere on the battlefield more than 9″ from the enemy." Wanderers: The Wanderers are a fast-moving ranged army, capable of disappearing off of table edges then reappearing – combine this with Melt Away, and you’ll be able to lead powerful melee units on a merry chase around the tabletop while peppering them with deadly ranged fire. The best way to take advantage of this is with Sisters of the Watch – by forcing the enemy to charge you repeatedly, they’re going to have to deal with multiple attacks from Loose to the Last, which allows the Sisters of the Watch to shoot at incoming units. Dispossessed: If you’re a fan of old-school duardin, the Dispossessed are the army for you. Thanks to Stubborn to the End, Dispossessed units are nearly impossible to shift and you’ll be able to safely take huge units of them. Fyreslayers: If you prefer ur-gold over gromril, now’s a great time to get stuck in with a Fyreslayers army thanks to a host of new rules in the Generals Handbook 2017. During the course of the game, you can activate powerful ur-gold runes to swing events in your favour: Oh, yeah, and always read the small letters: The Darkling Covens and the Free Peoples are also getting some special attention in the Generals Handbook 2017, and we thought they both deserved a closer look, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for our in-depth preview of these factions.
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    You shouldn't overlook how many additional things you may need / want to buy when first getting into the hobby that I suspect more established hobbiests have already purchased and quite possibly overlook. Clippers for getting your models off sprues, the mold line tool for cleaning them up and an xacto knife are almost necessities for me, at which point you'll want a cutting board, possibly some files, some basing materials, non-plastic glue to stick the basing down and on and on. Admittedly you don't have to do all of these things, you could use a hobby knife and a chopping board from the kitchen for most of it, but anything that makes your life a little easier in the early stages and the capacity to make mistakes that you can learn from and then (often financially) correct, has been really important for my own personal growth. Likewise for paint schemes. The more experienced of you can probably pick out a paint scheme and the 10+ colours and washes they'll need to achieve it, I'll probably buy double that and then end up not using half of them (I genuinely thought that Incubi Darkness was purple...). Sure I'll use them in the future (Incubi Darkness is a brilliant colour), but if I was on a very strict budget, then this might be a mistake that I could not afford to make. Not everyone will approach this in the way that I have, but, from my own personal experience and from the spreadsheet where I have literally recorded all of my spending on the hobby, I can tell you that I have spent one third of all of my money, in the first seven months, on things that were not models or paints. I do not say this to put a new hobbiest off, I'm having an absolute blast, I'm just pointing out some slightly hidden expense that I certainly did not anticipate.
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    The High Elf Stuff looks amazing <sobs>
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    I think people shouldn't judge armies just based on these previews. A lot of armies have obviously 2 if not more allegiance abilities (like dispos grudges, flesh eater feeding frenzy and possibly some "relocation" ability for wanderers). Also we haven't even seen basically any points yet. Imagine if unit of 10 gladeguard cost like 80 points. That would make massive difference regardless of allegiance abilities. And finally, seriously ANYTHING is better than order battleshock re-rolls, so excess complaining seems pointless. If you wanted to play high elves (or something else with no allegiance abilities) then you have every right to complain otherwise, just wait for more leaks or the book itself.
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    On the eve of GHB2 it's a tough discussion to have. The core rules could be changing as could warscrolls. I think one of the most simple fixes would be to have summoning points costs that fit the unit you have. Purely hypothetically for the debate let's say half the cost of a standard unit in your army and your reinforcement points are capped at 500 points. Effectively giving you 2500 points of units in a 2000 point game. Another way could be to place things you can summon into tiers. 3 tiers of units and you need the corresponding amount of casters within 18" of one another to summon that unit. For example. If you were to summon Archai, they would be tier 2, requiring you to have two casters within 18" and the unit must come on the board within that bubble. My brother has 6000 points of death and plays them exclusively but always bemoans the lacklustre summoning rules. Summoning feels incredibly underwhelming and gimmicky. At this point it feels like it needs to have a strong rework or be removed as it really is a hangover from a previous edition that doesn't add enough to be fun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ok so I played two games with army I posted earlier (Alarielle with Regrowth, TLA with Verdant Blessing and Moonstone, 2x5 Tree Revs, 2x6 Scythes Kurnoth, 10Dryads) Against Blades of Khorne I wrecked by opponent in Border Patrol this army is nuts with objectives. Big Blocks of Kurnoths are almost unmovable and TLA with Moonstone is also great even with less protection but moonstone can really make a difference and keep opponent on his feet whole game. And I agree that Alarielle should be played more like huge support unit then offensive hammer her abilities are great but without Mystic Shield she is fragile against mortal wounds and many attacks. Second game against SE (3 places of power) was even easier Alarielle and TLA were huge in taking objectives and then you got to put Kurnoths to guard it. Couple points - I didn't miss Gnarlroot (although with Kurnoth going up without any units dropping in points I will use it with 9 Kurnoths) as Deepwood Lore is quite average and especially in latter turns without much place to create woods I don't have enough spells. And I am fine without looking after Branchwych. - I miss shooting with Kurnoths but I am still torn between 2x6 Kurnoths with Scythes as they worked great just without much shooting I got to play differently. I am looking forward to GH2 but I unless Kurnoths are 240 I am fine. I hope they are 220 and TreeRevs and Branchwych are 80.
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    I usually go over the terrain ie "are we counting this as cover? " "can we move over this?" just to make sure we are on a level playing field. Then I explain what my stuff dose including threat ranges and what my items do (I usually hand over my spare copy of the Skull Reapers warscroll as it's hard to understand what they do until you see it happens.).
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    In any wargame, I always give a brief run down the special abilities my dwarfs/spaceships/robots/bunny rabbits/ghosts/superheros have that's fairly outside the ordinary. I don't always go into what everyone can do(depending on the size of the game of course), but when I use and ability that doesn't warrant explanation at the beginning of the game, I'll mention it, and offer to show the rule to my opponent the first time I use it.
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    Use a smaller brush and thin your paint, about 50/50 with water should do. Just don't load up your brush. If you twist the brush, you can make a fine point and get off the excess paint.
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    Taking @WarbossGorbolg 's advice, I changed up the spear to a flag on the boss and have started putting some basic block colours on! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Agree on dispossessed trait. That said i liked the artifacts. Teleport is bonks, But so is the wanderers ability and fureslayer traits.
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    Competitive people are totally fine. Casual people are totally fine, as are narrative people. The problem is when they mix. You can't have fun with people that approachs the game from a different standpoint that you. I'm pretty bad at Starcraft, for example, and I just don't want to play how the game is meant to be played in the high competitive-end. I have tons of fun playing arcade or friendly matches with my friends, building a bit of everything, etc... I entered 2-3 times ranked and... my god. They ripped me another one in the low end of the back! And I'm pretty sure that in general competitive people don't like to have a "easy win". The kind of reasonable competitive people that goes to play agains't other competitive people and don't enter a "Noob friendly scale league" for people to learn to play and if they like the game with a Kunnin Ruk or Sky-fyre spam from day 1.
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    Hopefully his very accurate picture will help you out. If you are just over 3" away you would only need just over 6" to complete this move and tag the unit of warriors.
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    I really hope they don't drop the ball and allow you to bring in Slaves to Darkness for the 4 Gods as an ally - not only does this allow you to then mark them to a different god, but it also lets Sayl and the Hellcannon via the back door. I think you actually can mark Furies.
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    Hello chaps. Just to add my two cents on top of S&Ws thoughts there, on Alarielle. He's covered most of the big points on her. I would say though: Alarielle's healing of every Sylvaneth model is great, each unit of Khunters, the Branchwych, TLA and Alarielle herself (2d3 for her!) healing each turn is great. This also can pretty much give you free damned - put a unit of bows next to damned in your side of the table, if you've got some. Take damned, then heal - can keep doing this all game normally. I take Oaken Armour on the Ancient, because I've found you have to have Mystic Shield up on Alarielle, or else she just goes down too quickly. She's already weak against mortal wounds, need to stop her being weak to mass loads of attacks too. Means sheild is never on Ancient. S&W is right, the beetle is swingy, especially against units under 5 models. But Alarielle's attack can be ace for that. Against small heros or elite units (basically models around 4-7 wounds), doing 1 wound then rolling 2d6 to beat their wounds characteristic can be great. Essentially it's just the big monsters/characters she struggles against - but that's where shooting and spells should be going. Finally, having Throne of Vines on Branchwych also can boost her own spell as well, which can be good fun if you get her hidden near a big combat. She's really great fun to use. You need to be conservative with her, first few games I chucked her forward and she died quickly. But her shooting, healing and magic, is still doing enough even when she is sitting at the back. Then end game she can jump forward and smash things. I've been running that list for a while now and haven't got bored of it.
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    That all seems pretty solid. Personally, I'm not a fan of running the Balewind, especially since sylvaneth are already quite strong, but this is just a personal bias. If you're interested in running Alarielle, I'm a big fan of the attached list from Laurie (@Lhw), who finished 3rd with it at the AoS GT Heat 3 last month. It's also somewhat similar to the Alarielle list that Austin (@AustinTheMan) took to LVO earlier this year (he finished 2nd overall), although Austin wasn't running Gnarlroot Wargrove. As with many sylvaneth lists, it requires careful play and can be unforgiving to many mistakes; but I think it's quite strong overall, and, based on personal experience (I've been playtesting a similar Alarielle build for a while), a lot of fun to play, since it enables you to do a bit of everything. Some notes on the list: A lot of players have been running Branchwych w/ both Acorn of the Ages and Verdant Blessing. In this case, Alarielle has Verdant Blessing. I'm a fan of this for multiple reasons, e.g., let's say you're facing a one-drop army, which finishes deploying before you, then goes first, and then proceeds to take out the Branchwych before she's had a chance to generate a Wyldwood with her Acorn of the Ages. In that case, you've still got a reliable way to generate Wyldwoods -- Alarielle w/ Verdant Blessing. Branchwych w/ Throne of Vines is solid since you can often get her to a spot to hang out for a while (Throne of Vines stays up without recasting as long as the caster doesn't move), and then she can cast 2 spells w/ +D3 to cast. Even if she's moving and then only casting 1 spell w/ +D3 to cast, she gives you a more reliable way to get off Verdurous Harmony for replenishing your Kurnoth Hunters. Oaken Armour is more common for the Ancient, but personally, I'm a fan of Moonstone of the Hidden Ways, since it turns him into an amazing utility piece (Moonstoning the Ancient has helped me win multiple games, and it's just a ton of fun to play). Of course, this makes the Ancient a little less resilient, so there's definitely some tradeoffs to consider. Alarielle's shooting attack, the Ancient's, and the 6 greatbows give you a solid amount of long-range damage potential. This means a lot of armies will have to come to you, which in turn combines well with optimizing your Wyldwoods + the 7 spells you can cast from the list, e.g. for triggering Roused by Magic rolls on those Wyldwoods. You've got some bodies in the 2x10 Dryads for screening off key pieces (e.g. w/ 3 scythes behind one of them swinging over the top), sitting on objectives in cover in a Wyldwood, etc. Definitely be careful about how you use sylvaneth battleline, though, since they can die pretty easily and are easy to waste. You've got some combat punch in the list (Alarielle + 3 scythes especially) to deal real damage. Unfortunately, Alarielle's beetle can sometimes get lazy and not do much for you, and of course gets weaker as she takes damage. @Lhw might have other thoughts, since he has a lot more practice with this Alarielle-list variation.
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    Nah, this isn't Galrauch. It's the ForgeWorld Emperor Chaos Dragon. Similar characteristics;
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    I guess I am not competitive at all . The games I enjoy most are those which both opponents have a chance to throw a good fight till the last dice roll. When this happens I feel content and I hardly remember who won or lost the next day. These games I enjoy the most. On the other hand I am equally disappointed when someone is steamrolled on the table, either that being me or my opponent. Having said that, that is my 40 years old self. Looking back at my 20 years old self, I had picked quite a few fights over arguing about which toy soldiers prevailed over a set of imagined rules. Really embarrassing when you look it from a 20 years perspective...
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    Do they sell these where you are?
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    I would recommend checking out local hobby stores if there are any nearby. Even if there's no Games Workshop store nearby you might be able to set up some sort of tutorial game with a local store owner or just a local avid player (or at least watch a few games while others play). If there are any players in your area, they will probably be excited to teach the game to someone new and grow the local community. If going to a local store to learn isn't feasible there are lots of great resources online from straight up tutorials to battle reports that recap a game and give you a broad idea of how a match might go. Granted, I am unsure how much of these sorts of things are available in Swedish. And kudos to the person who runs this site, they've made some great tutorials that they linked on reddit: http://extrabushybeards.blogspot.fi/2017/06/basics-for-beardlings.html http://extrabushybeards.blogspot.fi/2017/06/units-for-beardlings.html http://extrabushybeards.blogspot.fi/2017/07/heroes-for-beardlings.html There are also lots of tutorials on youtube that may be worth a look. Hope this helps! Edit: If the issue was a language barrier (and maybe I'm misunderstanding and it wasn't!) here's a link to where you can download a pdf of the rules in Swedish for free from the Games Workshop website (it's linked in tiny print way at the bottom of their site so you may have missed it): https://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Warhammer-Age-of-Sigmar-Rules
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    Hey guys, Just a quick post. Hopefully I'll be back properly soon. Had an enjoyable weekend at EGGS this past weekend. In the lead up to the event I finally finished off my second Gore-grunta unit. Some typically awful photos that don't depict them accurately, but I'm really really happy how these came out;
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    I agree with you guys, but, then again, how much is fair? how much is too much? 2 morghasts? 4? Its not a line easily drawn.
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    Hey guys, I'm a new AoS player. Have been playing Warhammer since 5th edition and with the drop of AoS I moved onto Bolt Action and Kings of War, both of which are great games. But with points in AoS I'm keen to give it a spin and start a new army rather than recycling one of my old WHFB ones. So I thought I'd start a Soulblight army for a couple of reasons: - low model count - I'm keen on having to not do too much painting as I'm learning the game and seeing if I like it. Although I've not played yet I get the sense that it can be tough to play to time when you have huge model counts in this game. - I've never done undead before, so it's good to try something new - I had Empire and Bretonnians in WHFB. In KoW I went for something non-human and did a monstrous Nightstalker army and it was good fun. If GW were to release some nice human faction minis I'm pretty sure my wallet would scream out in horror, but for now I'll do another non-human army before I inevitably swing back in the future. I am a bit apprehensive about starting this army because its not an 'updated' faction. It worries me that a new book and minis may drop that would change how I approach it, but I guess that is the risk you take if you don't want to do one of the few new/updated factions. I'm going to try and keep the army pure-Soulblight; except for sometimes maybe summoning some Dire Wolves when I have odd points left over when putting a list together. The units Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon - He'll be low down on the painting schedule but I'll do one eventually. He looks like a total wrecking ball when you pop red Fury on him. Been rolling some dice in theoretical combats (hope I'm not the only one who does this :-) ) and he looks capable of putting Greater Daemons down in a single round of combat. I'm sure he would be a shooting magnet so that could make him tricky to use. Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror - I'll have to find an alternative mini to use for him as he is now out of production and I'd not be keen on picking up the original off eBay as it looks pretty pants (anyone have any ideas on a good alternative?). His spell looks completely ridiculous so I definitely want one soon :-) Vampire Lord - Looks like a nice, solid and relatively cheap character. His spell is good so is hard to see a list without one in it. I imagine he will always be on a steed or will have wings and carrying a chalice. With not having to pay for these upgrades I don't see why anyone would use one on foot. Am I missing something? Coven Throne - Is an interesting one. Fantastic model, good damage output against low defence units and really fast. Its spell would make it great on a flank I think to get in some one on one engagements and grind down the enemy behind the safety of Beguile. I think its command ability is great and could swing games in your favour at the right time, but when running it as the general I don't think I'd want it on the flank or in an isolated part of the board, so that sits at odds with its combat utility I think. I'll paint one up at some point to give it a run to put theory into practice. Count Mannfred - Looks very useful and a good upgrade on a regular mounted Vampire Lord. If there were spare points floating around I think making that upgrade would make sense. Vlad , Isabella and Konrad - In a super fast army, the slowest thing is 10", I don't really see a place for these guys. Bat Swarms - I think I'll be trying to get in at least one unit of these in every list due to their nice ability to disrupt shooting, which seems to be so strong in AoS. Fell Bats - Same points costs as the Bat Swarms but with a better damage output. I could see the point of these guys if it weren't for the Vargheists. Where I have the option of taking 3 Vargheists or 6 Fell Bats for the same points, it seems like a no-brainer as the damage output of the Vargs is much better. I could see a place for the Fell Bats as chaff and blockers. I've converted some models for these so I'll probably run them in non-competitive lists. Vargheists - I'm keen to paint 6 of these I think with the intent of running them sometimes in units of 3. I see them as good light-character hunters and clearing out light units. They look very vulnerable so I'd think that I would have to be careful about when to commit them to combat as I think I'd be wanting to prioritise their combat over others before they get smacked down. Blood Knights - I'm super exited about these guys and they look like a hard as nails Battleline unit. Never mind being battleine, they'll put down the enemy elite without breaking their stride. They look like they will excel at demolishing nil-Rend units as they have a 3+ save, which I could boost to 2+, getting wounds back, reviving slain models and ripping through the enemy on the charge. Overall I think the army is going to require careful use of charges and selection of which combats to fight first. I think that the best option sometimes will not be to throw everything into combat in a single turn, but to stage the charges over multiple turns, particularly if more than one Rending enemy unit needs to be fought in the same turn. Painting So to get started I've painted up four Bat Swarms and 12 converted Fell Bats. I think this will be all the bats I'll ever need. Currently on the painting table is a couple of Vampire Lords mounted on steeds. I'm aiming to finish these this weekend.
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    Thanks! Don't wanna these guys are evil to the bones and that's why after much dilibiration the champion got the claw, to tie it in with the deamonic elements of the army And, yeah to be fair, when I saw the Duncan conversion I was one part happy that we had the same idea, one part annoyed that my original idea seamed... well less original. But oh well
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    Hello all, Time for a bit of an update. Today I am going to try and do a bit of an accumulation of lore from the sparse library that we Fimir fanatics have access to. I am also going to be adding my own interpretations, assumptions and home brew lore to help flesh it out. The recent slew of homebrew battletomes being released on the forums has inspired me to try my hand at a collection of literature relating to the Fimm, with a view to turning it into a battletome/supplement project. For now however expect me to ramble here. I must put a bit of a warning here. Some of the origins and reproduction of Fimir are fairly distasteful so if you are easily offended by such things its probably best to not carry on reading. So initially 1D4Chan have a very good writeup of the known lore which can be found here: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Fimir I am mostly going to be using and building on the information found there to bring them into the AoS setting. If you would like to join in, feel free to add, contest or critique anything posted here, I wont be offended. The aim is to flesh out an under appreciated race that deserve some love. The Fimir - Characteristics Fimir are a seldom seen race often thought of as creatures of myth within the Mortal Realms due to their nomadic nature and limited population. They are a humanoid species with reptilian characteristics, standing between five and seven feet tall when standing straight. Their face is characterised by a cyclopian eye with no pupil, small holes in place of ears, tusks and a beak. Fimir also have a scorpion like tail, usually ending with a boney mace like protrusion that can serve as a makeshift weapon. Skin colour is varied among the race, however the most common pigments range from yellowy brown through to green. The majority of Fimir are born hairless, save for the rarely born female of the race, a Meargh. Meargh are born sterile and cannot produce offspring and are characterised by lank hair and horns. The Fimir are a naturally stocky race who pride themselves on strength and size. A large gut is also a respected aspect, as it is within Ogre culture ( if there is such a thing!). Their long limbs end with three thick claws. Fimir lack depth perception due to their single eye and have no sense of smell, however they make up for this with a keen sense of taste and hearing, both of which are used to detect prey and to aid navigation. Fimir are fond of tattoos both to denote social status, ritual iconography and merely for ones own pleasure. Clothing is usually an indicator of rank ( Nobles are often seen wearing capes for instance) and barring a few exceptions is rarely worn without a practical need for it. Due to the Fimir women (the Meargh) being infertile, the race has to resort to enslaving human women to birth their offspring. While regarded as slaves most of these captured females are treated sternly but gently. Should they resign themselves to their fate bearing Fimir children they are treated well as befits such an important role within the clan and are allowed to travel ( with escorts) within the settlement. There has been occasions where women have come to a clan willingly to trade their life giving abililties for arcane knowledge. Those who resist however are bound, raped and spend the entire gestation period chained up inside a Fimir dwelling. The mortality rate of the human host is usually low with the care of the clans Meargh and shearls, however if a Meargh is born, the mother is usually assured to die within childbirth due to horns of the creature. More to be added to this and I will attempt to keep different aspects to separate posts
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    But a headswap will remove the sweet bone/spine-beard the new model has. ....unless you intend for him to swap the new head on to the old body, at which point I'm fairly certain the General's handbook law of ones states that it's perfectly legal in matched play. But he has to be taken on a square base.
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    Here's a photo of my first game legal unit - 14 marauders with the mark of Nurgle. I want my chaos force to look like a collection of individual war bands for the most part. Hence, this unit is a mixture of different minis to give it the feel of a rabble rather than a well-drilled military unit. I'm planning 7 more models for this unit, but first I'll work on getting some of my other units up to a game legal size. For those of you who play in tournaments - is this unit sufficiently WYSIWYG for gaming purposes? I'll post some detail pics in the next few days. Comments welcome. MGP Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I'm really glad that GW released the Stormcast Eternals. Not because I want to make an army of them, but because I'd been searching for some good quality 28 mm heroic scale foot knights for conversion work for an age. Here's the first of my Liberator to chaos warrior conversions - hand weapon and shield, undivided. I had thought that he was complete, but looking at the photo, I need to add something between the right shoulder pad and the breast plate - probably a little chain mail. The plan is to eventually have 10 sword and board, undivided chaos warriors, each a different model. They'll be painted classic black and metallic and should tie in visually with Varanguard. Comments welcome. MGP Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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