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    Event Title: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament Event Author: Marc Wilson Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 03/03/2018 12:00 AM to 03/04/2018 12:00 AM Update Pack 2.0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvl7t1wilv68464/Blood_Tithe2.0.docx?dl=0 ##NEW : Shadespire @ Blood Tithe - Friday March 2nd### Open Gaming 15:00 onwards Registration: 17:45-18:30Games 1 & 2: 18:45-19:45Dinner: 19:45-20:15Games 3 & 4: 20:15-21:15Break 21:15-21:25Game 5: 21:25-21:55Awards: 21:55-22:15 You will play 5 games in total. 2 against each of two opponents and a final sudden death game. Total Glory will be the sole scoring factor in placings. Least Glory conceded will be the tie-breaker. Entry is a stellar £15 inclusive of food and drinks - paypal.me/marcjwilson ################################# Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament London Gatwick March 2-4th 2018 In association with The South London Legion I am delighted to announce the inaugural AoS International Team Tournament – Blood Tithe. The event will be staged at the Arora Hotel, London Gatwick – March 2-4th 2018. The event will be a 5 game, 2000 points, 4 man team, GHB2 matched play tournament with additional gaming opportunities on the Friday night, and arranged activities on the Saturday night TBC. We have space for 20 teams/80 players. The cost Team of 4, inc all gaming and lunch both days is £180 (£45.00 PP). How to Enter and key dates: A deposit of £60 per team, payable via paypal friends and family to: marcjwilson@gmail.com - with the balance due by Oct 31st. Limited places are available for domestic teams. 50% of the places are reserved for International teams. These places will be held until 30th September where after they will be incrementally opened up to the general community. Please list your team name and captain and on the Paypal payment. Refunds can be given up until 1st Jan where after they can only be given should other teams fill the space. Entrants Team USA USA Arthur Treitl Justin Schenck Phillip Ball Anthony Sweat Paris Peacocks FRA Pierre-Gilles Stehr Romain "Eretz" Bdlt François Tassaint Rémi Heraud Team Norn NIR Andy Kane David Neagle Colin Cochrane John Dorrian South London Leftovers ENG Craig Bowles John Burgess Declan Wynne Alex Clark Team Carry Jones - Aberdeen SCO Ryhs Inglis Scott Gray Mark Tootill Ruairidh Jones Cursed With Years ENG Paul Whitehead Adrian McWalter Simon Eccles Max Halford SLL B-team ENG Leo Rautonen Rob Bradley Ben Savva Ben Murphy Only the Filthful ENG Nicholas Ruesink-Brown Ben Raven James Grant Tom Lambert Ninja Badgers ENG Paul Buckler Richard Buckler Lauire Hugget Wilde Richard Morley Winners' (?) ENG Jack Armstrong Craig Navmar Chris Myhill Mark Wildman Crown of Champions GER Alexander Zwißler Dietmar Zwißler Andreas Steckmeier Charles Fryer The Spoons / Sweden ENG William Crankshaw Jonatan Edlund Andy Hughes Graham Dane Team Norway NOR Alexander Nygård Christiam Sundvor TBC TBC Team Hydra ENG Greg Dann Dan Comeau Joe McGough Mike Wills Marauders ENG Tony Moore Tom Mawdsley Nigel Chorlton Mark Busby Team Rocksteady ENG John Southgate Tomasz Namielski Jamie Field Johnny Armstrong La Gauntinière FRA Guillaume Garnier Christophe Salemi Antoine Parrain Simon Blais Team Wales WAL Tom Loyn TBC TBC TBC Angel ENG Owyn Abrams Donal Taylor Matt Hinton Adam Cunis I am Brucus ENG Rob Symes Ric Myhill Dan Bradshaw Darren Watson Location: Gatwick is 15 minutes from the M25, easily accessible by public transport from London and not least the cheap short haul hub of Europe and beyond. This surely presents our European (and other!) cousins with a viable opportunity to compete against other domestic and International teams. Once arrived there will be very little extra travel to factor in, unless you combine it with a trip to Central London, which is 30 minutes away by regular train (London Victoria). Venue: The Arora hotel is part of the Sofitel chain and has a dedicated conference space which we will use for gaming (complete with it’s own bar). It is adjacent to the railway system – an 8 minute hop to Gatwick. Crawley town centre, with myriad eating and drinking spots a 2 minute walk away. Lunch will be provided by the hotel both days. The hotel has twin rooms from @£65 per night at time of writing. We have separated out accommodation from the ticket cost to leave it up to individual teams to decide where they stay (lunch, to repeat, is included). The hotel website has comprehensive details about airport transfers: http://Gatwick.arorahotels.com Please note hotel parking is £10 for 24 hours, there is however an alternative open air car park 100m away which is £2.50 for 24 hours. The Tournament: This will be a 5 game , 4-man team tournament, using a “Swiss Pairings” method for determining opponents from Round 2 onwards. Pairings will be used (details in pack). Lists will be publicised two weeks before the event. Where possible in the first round International Teams will be drawn against Domestic Teams, thereafter the draw will be open. List Submission and Draw Lists must be submitted by 23.59 Sat Feb 17th. Once verified they will be published w/c 19th Feb. The 1st round Draw will take place Monday 26th Feb. Living House Rules Now in pack.
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    Hi people, I'm a very lazy painter and an avid buyer, and my girlfriend is getting sick of finding hidden boxes in unsuspected places, so I've decided to get serious and start painting in a consistent basis, 1 hour each day. Posting it here, i think, it will help me beat my prochrastination issues therefore I hope you find something interesting or any criticism would be appreciated. Sorry for my english... Let's go... Case 1 : Unit of bloodreaver from the starter set, I've just assembled them and will go for a pinting récipe as shown in warhammer TV
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    Would love to see France finally represented in an international event. I'll spread the word and try to form at least a team.
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    So why would you want to grudge them, if indeed your plan is to teach them a lesson? Unless the lesson is how to most efficiently take your models off the battlefield?
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    Hi! Today I started actually painting, I followed the warhammer TV recipe but although is not quite a good looking paintjob I think I can make it better with more practise and a good Paint brush too see you pals edit : I still have to finish details (and buy black Paint for the boots and axe pole)
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    This is my favourite post on the forum. Thought exactly that when I read @Carnelian's post haha! As for Shadespire, I was totally hyped when it was first "revealed", but we've had next to nothing for months. It's a bit of a buzz kill. Looking forward to it still though...
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    Hi all. Last couple of months I have been collecting and building a smallish wood elf army. These guys have been really fun to paint and play with so far. I just wanted to share what i have done so far and track my progress.
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    Hello everybody, I have started a new Death army and planning to build it with an eastern theme. Originally I planned to make a samurai deathrattle army, but with the fact that most skeletons wear a shield of some sort it was becoming far too historically inaccurate to make it work. Instead I have now decided to simply make a blend of most asian historical warrior classes, mainly aiming at Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Mongolian and a bit of Indian styles mashed together into something that looks nice on the table and is still legal to play. Unfortunately I do not own a dry brush, so a lot of OSL effects take time to build up Some of my work in progress: Necromancer: Counts-as wight king or tomb king (depending on list): Counts-as Tomb Herald: #1 #2 Counts as Dire wolves: Skeleton warriors (shields not attached yet):
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    Hopefully we can get a team or two across from Northen Ireland. 6 Nations was a lot of fun so this sounds great.
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    I'm pretty sure i can raise a 4 player team from members of the Dorset Doggers (i live in Crawley). We just posted on their chat to see if any of them are interested.
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    I'll be sure to get a team (join a team) for this. Looks great.
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    This is my favourite AoS piece.
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    People don't want it to stack so they misinterpret the wording to suit their goals. Mental gymnastics.
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    One of the things that I have wanted to make ever since the South Coast Grand Tournament was my very own Silver Tower as the centrepiece terrain feature or my Tzeentch table. I wasn't sure what to use as the start of the model though, until I came across this cheap (£6.99) lighthouse from The Range. I thought with a bit of tweaking it would work as the base for the model. The first thing that I did was remove all of the shells and nautical decoration. It had al been attached with a glue gun so a quick go at it with the hobby knife allowed me to remove a lot of the detail and then I could sand down some bits that were a little rough. However the lighthouse now needed to be AoS'd a little bit. To start with I designed a Tzeentch pattern that I got from the floor tiles from the silver tower game. I scaled them so they were larger at the bottom than the top and then I cut them out carefully. I needed three patterns to go round the tower as well as a couple of extra bits to hide the window and door openings. Once they were cut out I used spray glue to attach them to the lighthouse. I had to go round some of the designs with superglue to get them to stick securely. The next step was to cut away the central pillar at the top. I drilled two holes in the top section and the main piece that could be joined by some wooden dowel. I then drilled a hole through a table tennis ball which was going to act as the eye of Tzeentch. I then used the laser cutter to cut out the nine Tzeentch spikes that would go round the top section. For final decoration I glued on some of the bits and pieces left over from the Lord of Change kits to add some more flavour to the design. I I then made a new Tzeentch disc style base which I attached to the original wooden base. I drilled a 20mm hole into the bottom using a Forstner bit and glued a piece of clear acrylic tube into it. To make it look magically powered I used expending phone around the bottom and stuck a load of the spare Lord of Change heads into it. At this point I also made a base from MDF and lots of filler to give it some weight. I covered the pole with masking tape so that could paint the base. With all the building now finished I was able to get on with painting the model. I painted it in four sections - the base, the tower, the base of the tower, and the eye. The base was painted brown and grey, then dry brushed and flocked. I used a lot of blue and white spray paint to paint the magical cloud at the bottom, then sprayed the top silver. Some of the silver went onto the blue but I really wasn't concerned by this as it added to the mystical appearance. I then gloss varnished the cloud. I also edge highlighted all the silver parts as well. The eye was sprayed with shades of blue and then I quickly picked out a nebula pattern with white on the eye. Again this was given a glossy finish. I sprayed the tower with leadbelcher and then hit it with a silver spray to pick out details. I used the light blue to do the lighting effects on the tower. I used a little bit of gold on the top just for some contrast. Everything was then glued together using mitre adhesive. All I need to do now is to create some exciting game rules to go along with the piece....
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    I need to start doing this as well. So an inspiring start (literally in that you've inspired me to join you). When I've painted regularly in the past, i've found a wet pallete is helpful. Like sometimes you can come back the next day and the paint is still wet and just needs to be mixed around a bit to redistribute the pigment.
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    I thought I'd share what I have completed of my Disciples of Tzeentch army. I started it when it was Tzeentch Arcanates, a lot of the army is still grey plastic, I have had restricted gaming and painting time over the last year or so, so this army has been a start and stop project. I still haven't had a chance to play with the Lord of Change and Galrauch yet. First up the Usual Suspects, these are all based with Silver Tower in mind so the bases reflect that game. The Ogroid Thermaturge is painted like a classic Minotaur as I never really liked him being blue. I really should have painted the Gaunt Summoner blue, but I was a bit bored of painting blue at the time. He looks ok orange, but I was never that happy with him. Next up are the Pink Horrors, Flamers and Familiars. I never really liked the GW paint scheme for the flamers so I went with a black and fire scheme. The next set are of my Daemon Prince and The Khorgorath. The daemon prince is an older model I had for 40k with my Chaos Space Marines, I love the Khorgorath in game, I tried him blue and orange, at the time he was pretty much the prototype for the army colour scheme; blue, orange, and gold. I bought the starter set as a Christmas Present to myself, I really didn't know what to do with it afterwards, I had a plan for the Khorne to be all rusty, I painted the Bloodreavers in this style, they are not included here, I then started painting the Blood Warriors like this too, I abandoned them halfway through for a repaint into the Tzeentch scheme. When I play with them I use them as Chosen, I know they have big Khorne Symbols on them, but hey. And last are the big guys. I'd been putting off buying the old Lord of Change for ages hoping a new plastic kit would come out. I loved the new one as soon as I saw it. I really thought it looked like a Macaw, so I copied the Scarlet Macaw for his paint scheme. I'm really happy with how he turned out. This is my Galrauch Stardrake conversion, I had a separate post about this a while ago, it was my first go at green stuff, and after a sketchy start I think he turned out really well. His colour scheme really goes with the rest of the army too. Left to paint are about 20 Tzaangors, 20 Kairic Acolytes, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Knights, Blue Horrors and a Chariot. I will get round to them at some point.
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    Thanks mate! The blood reavers are done, just had not taken pics of them yet... but here you go Thinking of revisiting some of them eventually (some are a bit shiny thanks to the satin varnish), but I consider them done anyway.\ Let the meat grinder grind on..
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    So, hear me out. Here are the save rules: The last sentence says that re-rolls happen before modifiers are applied (positive or negative). So what this means is that every time a save is rolled, the following steps occur: Roll dice. Determine if a reroll happens. Add modifiers. Determine final results. So, when you don't have re-rolls, the calculation is very straightforward. Rerolls seem to be a different beast. So, for example, lets take a Disk Lord that re-rolls 1's and has a +2 to his save. He would: Roll a save dice. If the result is a 1 on a dice, he rerolls it. If not, move on to step 3. +2 is added to the dice result. Determine if the dice result is 4 or higher to see if he succeeded. Fairly straightforward. Now, lets give that same Disk Lord a re-roll to all saves. Rolls a save dice. If the result is a 1-3 on a dice, he rerolls it (wording will determine if units must re-roll failed saves, or "may" re-roll failed saves). If not, move on to step 3. +2 is added to the dice result. Determine if the dice result is 4 or higher to see if he succeeded. Still fairly straightforward. Now, lets take the Tzeentch item that grants the Disk Lord an additional +2 on saves but says he must re-roll successes. Now he: Rolls a save dice. If the result is a 1-3 on a dice, move on to step 3. If a 4+, which would be a success, he must re-roll it. +4 is added to the dice result (+2 from his normal ability, +2 from the Tzeentch Paradoxical shield item). Determine if the dice result is 4 or higher to see if he succeeded. What this seems to imply is that, with no rerolls, the Disk Lord fails on a 1, succeeds on a 2 and 3, and must re-roll on a 4+. On the reroll, he will succeed on 2+. If this Lord has re-roll 1s, then he re-rolls 1s and 4-6s, and is just successful on 2s and 3s. This is obviously important for any rerolls, including hits and wounds, because this means that more of these dice may need to be rerolled (which would be good if you are fishing for higher numbers to trigger abilities). Is this correct? Edit: So, it seems any time you have bonuses to a roll and re-roll all failed rolls coupled with an ability to activate on a 6+ that things really get interesting. Here is an example where this might be significant and used for an advantage. Take for example a Plague Monks that wound one 4+ with their Foetid Blades. Imagine that the Plague Monk is getting +2 to Wound from nearby Plague Priests, has reroll all wounds from a Plague Furnace , and is in the Pestilent Clawpack battalion that says on a Wound of 6+ they do double damage. Normally, we would consider reroll failed wounds would only apply on natural 1s since you have +2 to wound (thus successfully wounding on a 2+ effectively) and you would trigger the double damage on 4+ of the die roll. Under this insight, I could opt to still reroll 2s and 3s, even though they would be successes with modifiers, to fish for more 4+s which will do double damage since rerolls are determined to occur before the modifiers are applied. All of my rerolls would still land on 2+ but rerolling 2s and 3s gives me another bite at that double damage I get from die results of 4+. This is just one implication of how this would work. It would work similarly for Stormcast effected by a nearby Lord Castellant's Lantern who are wanting to fish for healing on save rolls and anyone else with a reroll all ability, bonuses, and a triggering ability. Hope this is a bit clearer than my original example.
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    That's a really good point. Can't change it at this point per tournament requirements I don't think, but if I can then I will!
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    Oh and I forgot to mention.. work on the mighty lord of Khorne has also started: I'm doing him the same way as the Blood Warriors. First a coat of Brassy Brass, then an all over wash of Agrax. After that, a dry brush of Auric armor gold. Here I am filling in the red with Khorne red, right after the gold dry brush. Painting in the remaining base colours: Screamer Pink (claw), PP's Battlefield Brown (Cape), Zandri Dust (Bone) and Celestra grey (belly). And finally some washes: nun oil for the red armor and the claw, some reikland flesh on the gold, and agrax on the bone parts. I started work on the dog some time ago: a quick airbrush of Tamiya's Desert Sand on its belly. Let the meat grinder grind on..
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    Sure I can get a team together team event was awesome last time I tried it
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    I started that post chuckling at your reactions to the god's various attributes, and then it got really dark at the end...
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    Ok then! Here is the story of the birth of Moldek... First I rolled some d100 and d1000(!) to get a description of the dude : starting body, already we're in pretty creepy territory : giant leech + dog (front legs) then you roll a number of times on the huge Chaos Attributes table (keep in mind that some attributes can take the form of d3 more rolls on this or another table) : bestial face - dog / well he does already have dog legs spits acid / always useful right? beaked / Beaked leech-dog, sure manic fighter / Probably pissed off about only having front legs cloud of flies / A classic mood setter for your DIY chaos deity crossbreed snail (snail shell) / Snail leech doggy! vampire / makes sense, he is a quarter leech after all tail / at this point why not? I think this part is from a different, demonic attributes table, probably Chaos Rewards : mouth captive / just some dude trapped in its mouth vents (holes blowing steam) / more dramatic! reborn / he keeps dying and being reborn, like the most fucked-up phoenix you've ever seen familiars - snails & leeches / Probably chose that one myself to go with the theme weapons : knives, length of chain, wooden club / nooot a lot of hands to use them with but what do I know? I'm not a Chaos God So my god, Moldek, can be described as a huge leech whose body extends into a serpentine tail, dragging himself around with a mangy's dog front legs. His head also looks like a dog's but curves into a rapacious beak, dripping with acid. One can sometimes hear a muffled scream or catch a glimpse of creatures trapped inside the beak, slowly drained of their blood, at least until he swallows... On his back is a huge, ancient, worn out snail shell, with creeks and holes that cloud him in a foul fog, where carrion insects buzz endlessly. Small leech-snails crawl over and around him, feeding off any blood they can find, including their master's. His skin is slowly shrivelling up, hair falling and limbs getting shaky. As he seems to reach his dying point, unable to carry his own shell, he drags his dried-out husk inside the shell with a raspy sigh. After a short while, a slightly different, but still oddly similar creature emerges, fresh skin and sharp claws, and starts crawling... I tried to imagine what kind of worshippers he would attract, what human emotion he could feed off, and came up with this : Moldek is the god of preys and parasites, cowards and runaways, pariahs and scavengers. He is the one people turn to when they are lost and running for their lives, when their mind is urging them to find a dark hole and crawl into it. A minor chaos deity, Moldek draws his power from weakness and vulnerability. He does not aim to submit great warriors or mighty wizards. His worshippers are the gangly thief scheduled for hanging, feverishly trying to dislodge a stone from his damp cell's wall, or the terrified farm girl, trembling inside a dead tree after abandonning her baby to the wolves. I also generated his various demons and his table of rewards to his followers and wrote some more fluff, I'll post it if anyone is interested, but right now I need a break from writing...
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    7 spots left! Payments can be sent to mikcallaghan@yahoo.co.uk Since no one wants to be playing GHB1 when GHB2017 is out I'm pretty much decided that even if the it only drops on the 14th of September then we will go ahead and use the updated version. There will be no list deadline in this case, you will be able to submit on the day or in advance to give you maximum time to get your head around new points etc. It might be a bit wild west on the day but it'll likely be more fun than using the old version.
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    So cool! Great work so far, look forward to more! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Ah, I see the change in wording now. Thanks for your help! Looks like it doesn't stack because a unit is either affected or not by Rage of Khorne, its a binary relationship. The previous wording didn't make this distinction.
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    Moving stuff over to this thread
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    I've always thought it stacked could be in the FAQ, but rules as written I would argue it stacks Of course the counter argument could be can a unit be affected by the rage of khorne rule more than once; you could also ask can a unit be buffed by a kharadron overlords chemist more than once Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow, I love this. Very excited to see where this goes!
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    Death is a pretty decent counter to us in general. We don't have a lot of high level "grindy" armies. Hammerstrike, Aetherstrike, Skyborne, old Warrior Brotherhood - all built around blasting things down quickly. Death, especially their big characters, can soak that burst and then hit back. For comparison, I can guarantee you that the Aetherstrike will kill 1-2 Thundertusks per turn. 12 wounds through a 4+, unless they roll hot or take the Talisman of Protection, is cake. But VLoZD or the Mortarchs have extra saves, heals, lots of wounds, better saves... it's a lot rougher.
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    I'd wager it's a conversion.
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    For new collectors of IJ I think that it is worth mentioning that GHB2 should be out "soon" and that Gore Gruntas recently received a pretty large points discount under the Skirmish system. I think that everyone collecting right now should look to the rule of cool as no one knows where the updated points will leave us anyway.
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    So I was sifting through some of my older collection yesterday and realized I had a ton of the old style dire wolves. (The ones that were basically just normal wolves with a metal head replacement for the leader) along with a decent number of fel bats and bat swarms and I got to thinking that an alternate list themed around classic "creatures of the night" might be fun. (Though not overly competitive). Its a bummer that Dire Wolves aren't battleline so I had to squeeze some skeletons in but this is what I came up with: Neferata Mortarch Of Blood (440) - General (Mannfred would fit better thematically, but I built mine as Neferata and am not planning to buy another ) Varghulf Courtier (160) - Artefact: Cursed Book - Basically a big giant bat. Also Cursed book + Neferata command ability + his healing makes for an incredibly tough 160pt monster Heinrich Kemmler, The Lichemaster (160) - Just feels "right", is an old school classic guy that I could see summoning this sort of army, Plus his spell is good for keeping all the bats alive. Necromancer (120) - Can't leave home without one. 3 x Fell Bats (80) 3 x Fell Bats (80) 2 x Bat Swarms (80) 2 x Bat Swarms (80) 2 x Bat Swarms (80) 2 x Bat Swarms (80) 10 x Dire Wolves (120) 10 x Dire Wolves (120) 20 x Skeleton Warriors (160) 20 x Skeleton Warriors (160) 10 x Skeleton Warriors (80) Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas? I figure this list would do quite well against any shooting focused army as it gets in your face pretty fast while stacking -1 to hit bonuses thanks to Neferata and the Swarms. Where it will struggle I feel is against lists that are more resilient such as BCR or armies that have big mobs of infantry. I'd like to summon some of the bat swarms but since the summoning spell gives you 3 bases of them that doesn't work very well considering their minimum unit size is 2 so I'd have to "pay" for 4 when I summon them.
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    Part 2: Lost in the Dark Woods! (Breakthrough battleplan from Age of Sigmar) The Ogresuns Kaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss Dredger Zug - Orruk Boss Dubloon Dreg - Orruk Fetch - Orruk Blackspot - Orruk Nastyface - Orruk Stormy Trug - Grot The Ordeshal Host The Whyte Lady - Vampire Lord Lyrd Radclyffe's Riders - 2 Hex Wraiths Noisy William - Deadwalker Noisemaker +++ The forest was dark and foreboding, there was malice in its sullen ambiance. Dredger Zug’s eyes flickered over the thick, dark trunks of the trees that rose steadily into the sky, branches interlocking with their neighbours overhead. The trees were densely packed together, leaving only just enough space to allow someone to move through. He pressed his palm against rough bark and breathed deeply, trying to catch his breath, almost overwhelmed by the stink of the forest. The musty smells of fallen leaves, of graveyard-soil packed down by scurrying creatures, of once-living things in different stages of decay and rot: the stench of death. The forest was choked by it. After a moment he started running again when the sound of the Ogresuns nearby, crashing through the undergrowth, told him that the others had caught up with him. After they passed a rocky hill, the Ogresuns burst into a clearing illuminated by the roiling energies of a Baleful Realmgate. The Orruk Pirates slowed their pace as Kaptain Salty Ogbad held up a warning hand. He had spotted the spirits of the Ordeshal Host - either the Nighthaunts had somehow overtaken them... or the Orruks were even more lost that they thought! Either way the Dead were trying to cut off their route back to the sky-cutter! Kaptain Ogbad shouted "On my Ladz, run! Make for da Charybdis Occulum!" and the Orruk Pirates started stormed forward. The Realmgate burst into life and it's sorcerous fires engulfed the Whyte Lady for a long moment as she let out a soul-chilling scream and seemed to contort in rage. The Realmgate's power subsided and it looked like the Soulblight Vampire survived through the sheer force of her anger! The Orruks split into two groups - Ogbad and Dubloon Dreg cut left to go round the Realmgate while the rest followed first mate Dredger Zug toward the Occulum. Salty Ogbad and the Whyte Lady clashed and the Orruk Kaptain wounded her! Lyrd Radclyffe swept through Nastyface and cut down the unfortunate Orruk where he stood. The Whyte Lady cut down Ogbad in a heartbeat; her spirit-possessed blade drank deep and the Orruk dropped like a stone. With so many of the pirate Orruks cut down in just a few moments, most significantly the Kap'n, the remaining three Ogresuns turned and fled back the way they came, into the woods. They scrambled through the trees, stumbling over roots, cold autumn ground underfoot, charcoal clouds chased them from above. The howling screams of the Nighthaunts ringing in their ears... +++ After game: Loss: (+3 Renown) = Bad Hook (Orruk) and Walker Plank (Grot) added to the Warband. Triumph: Warding Glyph (Salty Ogbad gets a 5+ save vs. Mortal Wounds for the next game.)
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    They seem to have done well enough out of it so far this century. Its never going to change while they are a traded (shares) company. Unknown long term gain at certain short term loss (or less profit than possible) is a gamble no-one is ever going to take. Its not even worth discussing unless you can afford enough shares in GW to influence it, but then you wont as it will be your money at risk LOL!
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    Personally I'm trying to come up with some head-fluff to base my skirmish forces on, though it's hard as I am new enough to the game that I only have some Stormcast so far, and have not read any of the printed material, only what we talk about online. I'm thinking of going with a kingdom set in the Realm of Life, as with the time that has passed since the initial push against Chaos, it's the realm that to me would be the most likely to have settled spots that resemble a Old World-esque fantasy world that can be grounded in standard fantasy tropes to be more relatable-but with a more fantastical angle that would be out of place in the Old World. Like how about this for a reclaimed human kingdom in the Realm of Life, where now Stormcast chambers function more like Orders of Paladins, rather than the frontline troops of war? A place where everything doesn't necessarily always have to be "Yarrrgggg, CHAOS+BLOOD+CANNIBALISM"! Chamon or Aqshy probably have their own earth-like spots where normal folk can settle and fight over forests and lakes, just with wonderful mind-destroying stuff like this, which would probably be their version of Ghyran's floating landmasses:
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    These are my other three Liberators. I wish my pics hadn't lost all my work with washes though. These are the first batch of figures I have done solely by using just the Army Painter Dark and Strong tones to bring out all the detail after simple basecoats, rather than layering and drybrushing, which used to take me ages to do. It really improved my faces.
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    My Nurgle table for Warhammer Achievements is coming along nicely. So far I have done some large slimy line of sight blocking terrain, a polluted Shimmerfalls, some Fetid Swamps, and a floating Island. All that is left is a diseased river which is currently under construction. The Bloated Growths I used expanding foam to make these, which makes for very quick terrain. I laid out a large sheet of grease proof paper and then squirted an entire can into piles of various sizes. I then left these to fully expand and cure, which takes about 24 hours. Once they were fully cured I ran them through the bandsaw to get a flat bottom and then glued them onto hardboard bases. I used PVA glue for this and then left the to dry with elastic bands around them to hold them firmly onto the bases. Once these had set I sanded the edges before base coating the slime with some random paint from a tester pot. Once this was dry they were spray painted Caliban green and then highlighted with a really bright green and some white followed by a coat of gloss varnish. The edges were painted brown and then dry brushed with Terminatus Stone. Finishing touches were done with Aquarium plants and some tufts just to add some interest. The Pollution of the Shimmerfalls. This was one of the cool images that are on the maps in one of the first Realm Gate Wars books. To make the Shimmerfalls I got a piece of 12mm MDF (could have been less thick in hindsight) and this was detailed with playback and air drying clay and then sanded. To make the falls themselves I took a sheet of perspex and cut it to the length I wanted, then I line bent the two ends. One end was screwed into the MDF base and the other was where I planned to put the pox cloud that was polluting the water. Once this was all attached I poured clear casting resin mixed with some Athonian Camo shade in to the pool. The waterfall itself was created using clear shower sealant that i piped on with a gun, and then textured with cocktail sticks to drag all the sealant down. I started putting the expanding foam on. This time i did it in layers, adding cocktail sticks to the foam so that the new layers had something to adhere to. Once this was dry I painted the whole thing with blue tester pot paint before spray painting it all the same a s the Bloated Growths above. To finish the piece off I painted a Plague Drone and stuck it on the top to show how the waterfall had gotten polluted.
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    I was the ironjawz player who was on table 1 vs the squigs in the last game of the weekend =) My list was Allegiance: Destruction Heroes Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (520) - General - Command Trait : Ravager - Artefact : Talisman of Protection Orruk Megaboss (140) - Artefact : Battle Brew Orruk Warchanter (80) Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) Units 20 x Orruk Ardboys (360) - 10 x Choppa or Smasha & Shields - 10 x Big Choppas 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) - 10 x Choppa or Smasha & Shields 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) - 1 x Gore Choppas 6 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (360) Battalions Ironfist (60) Total: 2000/ 2000 Heroes: 4/6 Battlelines: 4 (3+) Behemoths: 1/4 Artillery: 0/4 Sadly I lost in the final which bumped me down to 10th but it felt amazing getting to the top table with ironjawz =) I can't wait for the finals in October! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Finished some Blightkings so took the opportunity for group shot for all the nurgle so far. Phoenix wanted to be in last photo battling against the evil chaos ? !
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    Squeezed out a few waywatchers this week. Quick and fun to paint.
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    Thorgrim Grudgebearer - 220 pts 4 attacks (5 with his buff) at 3/3 with -2 rend and 3 damage. 4+ re rollable save. Great command ability. Plus his thronebearers attack too.
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    Alright fellow dark passengers, as promised some pictures Snagged the old Canon camera from my girlfriend and took some better pics of the finished Stormcast. Eternals. Must say the set was a blast to paint, with the Lord Celestant and the Relictor as my favorites. The only tiresome part were the wings on the prosecutors.. after a failed attempt doing it Duncan Rhodes style, I just got the airbrush and finished them the easy way.
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