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    Hi gang, attached are the initial results of the Ironjawz points feedback experiment. The consensus points values are in the far right column ("Rd 1"), which reflects the mean of the feedback received per unit. Regarding the consensus values with an asterisk in the "Rd 1" column: Megaboss on Maw-Krusha: The total average was 472pts. In cases where the average was within -2 or +2 between two valid values (in this case, 460pts and 480pts), I took the mean of the five "high experience" players, which in this case was 452pts. Rounding toward the closest valid value resulted in 460pts. Ardboys: The total average was 172pts. I repeated #1 above, which resulted in 172pts, which became 180pts after rounding toward the closest valid value. Ironfist: The total average was 71pts. After repeating #1 above, the result was 76pts, which became 80pts after rounding toward the closest valid value. Note that "NA" in the "Rd 1" column entails not enough feedback was received to warrant a consensus value. In addition to the attached results, please see the accompanying feedback from each participant, here: AoS Points Feedback: Ironjawz Overall, I'd love to hear your thoughts/impressions. In particular: What are your impressions of the points feedback? Do you think this effort is sound? How could it be improved? Thanks so much to everyone who submitted feedback, including: ChrisT (Chris Tomlin) DavidG (David Griffin) Dez (Dez Burke) ElricE (Elric Edge) KieranH (Kieran Harper) NathanW (Nathan Watson) Nico PaulB (Paul Buckler) PaulC (Paul Conti) PaulJ (Paul Jarzecki) Finally, here's a few personal reflections, which haven't been shared until now (no personal views were expressed during the experiment): A common view among participants was Ironjawz are mid-tier in power and could use a bump. In that regard, I think a useful next step would be looking at the consensus values in the context of actual Ironjawz lists, and seeing if those new values enable a meaningful bump. Within the context of general-purpose competitive play, Gordrakk and the Megaboss on Maw-Krusha appear to be the primary inefficiencies in the faction at the moment. The consensus values from the experiment for them seem reasonably close toward enabling a meaningful bump, but personally I would bring both Gordrakk down another 40pts and the Megaboss on Maw-Krusha down another 20 points, so 580pts and 440pts respectively. I think they're substantially overcosted in the General's Handbook, which creates an anchoring bias in the consensus feedback toward that original overcosted value; but that's a personal view. With Gordrakk at 580pts, you could add an extra Shaman, or a Warchanter (with 40pts left over), which would qualify as a meaningful bump. He's still expensive at 580pts, since you could take 15 Brutes alternatively (45 wounds worth), with 40pts to spare; but I'd at least look at him for general-purpose competitive play, whereas at 700pts he seems like an automatic pass. The other consensus value that seems a little off is the Gore-Gruntas, which still don't seem sufficiently viable at 160pts. Personally I'd bring them down another 20pts. After looking at a couple Maw-Krusha lists, there's a real difference in the viability of Gore-Gruntas at 140pts vs 160pts, especially with Gordrakk. Here's one list example, a comparison between an existing Ironjawz list from the General's Handbook vs an Ironjawz list reflecting the consensus values from the experiment, along with a third list reflecting the consensus values and my modifications to the Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (440pts) and Gore-Gruntas (140pts). General's Handbook – 1960pts: Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (520) Megaboss (140) Warchanter (80) Warchanter (80) 10 Ardboys (180) 10 Ardboys (180) 10 Brutes (360) 5 Brutes (180) 3 Gore-Gruntas (180) Ironfist Battalion (60) Consensus – 1980pts (added extra Warchanter): Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) Megaboss (140) Warchanter (80) Warchanter (80) Warchanter (80) 10 Ardboys (180) 10 Ardboys (180) 10 Brutes (360) 5 Brutes (180) 3 Gore-Gruntas (160) Ironfist Battalion (80) Consensus w/ Modifications – 2000pts (replaced extra Warchanter with extra 3 Gore-Gruntas): Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (440) Megaboss (140) Warchanter (80) Warchanter (80) 10 Ardboys (180) 10 Ardboys (180) 10 Brutes (360) 5 Brutes (180) 3 Gore-Gruntas (140) 3 Gore-Gruntas (140) Ironfist Battalion (80) The latter in particular seems reflective of a meaningful bump for an Ironjawz list with the Megaboss on Maw-Krusha. cc: @Chris Tomlin, @David Griffin, @Dez, @Elric, @Sangfroid, @N_Watson, @Nico, @Paul Buckler, @Paul Conti, @PJetski
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    Check out the Sylvaneth Wyldwood warscroll. It specifies 1 Wyldwood consists of up to 3 citadel wood bases, placed within 1" of each other. If you're non-Sylvaneth and want to use a Sylvaneth Wyldwood in a Pitched Battle, they're 40 pts, so that's 40 pts for up to 3 citadel wood bases. If you're Sylvaneth allegiance, they're still 0 pts.
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    I think we need to consider the source of this before we proceed further. The originator of the Balewind crisis, a man by his own (unrepentant) admission who is too gamey for the Facehammer GT, in fact a man recently labelled by the Facehammer podcast as the current number one hobby villain. A man who has gone on record to inform us of his vendetta against the Death Grand Alliance. None other than the Dark Master of these very forums @Ben himself. I urge caution Brothers and sisters you delve into matters of such gaminess that they exist beyond the ken of common hobbyists. Turn back and embrace the narrative before it's too late ???
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    Some quick shots of my sylvaneth so far... i know the base for my spirit of durthu is to small, but I don't paint for gaming, so I guess it doesn't matter
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    Work has ramped up now and things are getting busy at Weta so I am finding myself with less time on my hands over the coming months. I went to the final tournament of the year this weekend, but I injured my arm in the run up to it so I only got to play a couple games before withdrawing which was disappointing. I felt like all the elements have been against me a bit recently so have decided to call time on gaming with my Pestilens army for now, and maybe hope to get the odd casual game in on a Sunday. I'll start a new blog next year when my next army is getting going, but for now thanks to everyone for the games we've played and for contributing and reading and giving me somewhere to share my progress throughout 2016!
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    I've finally finished the conversion work on my Megaboss, now he's ready for paint! Wielding a pair of maces tipped with living magma, wrought in enchanted iron. They're a pair of trophies, ripped from the body of a mighty fire elemental who, upon being slain by the megaboss, cursed him and his tribe to be imbued with his essence (which is why my orruks have red skin and glowing eyes). EDIT: Re-uploaded images, not sure why they disappeared.
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    Great thread so far. Took a look at Fyreslayers. Here's a few initial impressions (no playtesting...just based on battletome + GH): Magmadroths seem quite overpriced. I think Monsters are often inefficient choices in GH. It looks like the most efficiency comes from infantry only. Runesmiter + Battlesmith seem highest value Heroes-wise since they provide key buffs for infantry. I'd probably take x2 Runesmiter and x2 Battlesmith. The former gives a lot of deployment flexibility and latter gives two area bubbles for save re-rolls, ensuring all or most of the army is re-rolling saves at any time, along with giving two locations for None Shall Defile the Icon. Runefather on foot looks good for General due to his 4+ "Look Out, Sir!" equiv to help keep him alive + having him on foot makes it easier to prevent LOS to him. One block of 30 Vulkite Berzerkers, strung out in a line, is tempting, although I'd be tempted to look at x2 @ 15 each for more flexibility, despite the reduced save. Anyone looked at the math on Vulkite Berzerkers w/ picks/shields vs Hearthguard Berzerkers w/ broadaxes? I'd be tempted to take x2 Hearthguard units of 10 and keep them in range of Heroes for their 4+ ignore roll and ideally keeping them back a bit to counter-charge. Forge Brethren battalion looks like the best option, by far, as long as the +1 save can be done per Auric Hearthguard unit, rather than only one unit. At first glance, the following 2K looks interesting, potentially swapping Hearthguard Berzerkers for more Vulkite Berzerkers and/or an extra 5 Auric Hearthguard, along w/ potentially doing 30 Vulkite Berzerkers x1 instead of 15 Vulkite Berzerkers x2: Runefather, Runesmiter x2, Battlesmith x2, 15 Vulkite Berzerkers x2 (picks/shields), 10 Hearthguard Berzerkers x2 (broadaxes), 5 Auric Hearthguard x2, 15 Auric Hearthguard, and Forge Brethren battalion. That's 80 models @ 103 wounds w/ multiple synergies from the Forge Brethren, Runesmiters, Battlesmiths. I'd probably do Runic Blade (extra -1 rend) for Runefather + Strategic Genius so he can do his command ability + Inspiring Presence on a key unit. Not sure re: second artefact (via battalion) for a Runesmiter or Battlesmith. In general, Fyreslayers seem designed to function as a molten-rock-solid wall: let the opponent hit you, take their best punch, and then counter-punch. And then of course they have add. flexibility via the Runesmiter's Magmic Tunneling, although I'd be tempted to only use that when absolutely necessary, since the priority seems to be forming that molten-rock wall and making it as buffed and resilient as possible and then counter-punching.
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    So I had to re-upload all the pictures to get them visible again. Lets hope the I don't have to do the same with all the other treads So, I've been slaving away on the Ogors, if not exactly hard at work. I got them primed, under-shaded, and inked during the weekend. Turns out that was a mistake. After looking up the instruction video again, it turned out I was supposed to use very thinned out Sepia. I did not catch the thinned out part. Mistake number one. Now, since I've decided to push my painting on this project, I decided against just dry brushing it up again. Instead I would go over the middle layer parts again with white. Mistake number two. I had COMPLETELY forgotten how much I got for free with the under-shading & glazing technique I've been using for the last year. I have no brush control at all anymore, and to make things worse I now have to recreate the variations I erased with the layer of white. Done is done, but I have A LOT of work ahead of me. But I decided to forge ahead, and try out the inks anyways. Now the three base coats on the pants, and skin are more or less in place, and I can begin shading and highlighting until I'm satisfied Didn't really intend the Swedish vibes to be so strong. I had intended on a mercenary-bretonnian feel, but now I might have to make a few of them blonde......
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    "Dong...Dong... Dong, the alarm bells sounded, in quiet slow question rather than full on panic, suggesting that the position on the ground was not exactly clear. As always, the true warriors of the realm had gone off to war and so who knew whether this was a full on onslaught, or the stragglers of a defeated advance force, still with energy yet to rape, pillage and burn.... And so Yelrom Drakir drew his sword from the straw mattress, pulled on his armour, and went outside to direct the little Free People as they came out of their houses. A shadow had fallen over the land, that was clear, hindering (severely! glad I am in this for the narrative and not the win!) the watchmens' 30 crossbows, muminarks laser shot, and the priests spells, but he knew if he could get his guard onto the ramparts of Mitzmanheim in time, they would better spy their enemy who would have no place to hide. "Damn this fog" Yelrom swore, to no one in particular, it swirled everywhere, hell, you could barely distinguish friend from foe until the last minute....# if anyone fancies grudging a shooting army in a place where shooting is hindered (but with a chance of not being) in a realm where my base scheme lends itself to city fighting, throw your glove into the ring
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    Here is my tester skellie! Tried a bit of light sponging in areas to add some grime but was keen to keep the paintjob fairly clean! Fairly pleased but feel it will look better in a unit. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    I picked up the Hero Bases to have a look at at the weekend. I made three of them up. Generally they come in two or three pieces and there are no instructions, but its pretty easy to assemble them based on the pictures on the back of the box. For my order force I went with the three most generic ones. There is a fairly broad range - some of the bases would definitely look better with chaos models on (luckily I have a few of those knocking around...). The detail is generally better than the shattered dominion base sets - its more defined and the fact that it is made up of multiple parts seems to give a better finish. As usual they paint up well too. I think if you are after an introduction to scenic bases for characters you could do a lot worse than these. They also make excellent starting points to add extra details too. I added skulls to these, and am also going to add tufts and snow to match my army.
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    It has been far too long since I've posted last. I've been working to get our local AoS community on its feet. As part of this, we have a local Armies on Parade event coming up, and I've been hard at work trying to get my Beastclaw to a tabletop standard for it. Once this is finished I'll be fancying things up for Waaaghpaca! I am super excited to play and hang out with a load of new people. Maybe I'll bring my camera along and do a few reports if anyone would be interested. Anyway, this is the stuff I'm currently speed painting. Here's a close up of one of the riders. And all of them together, waiting for their mounts to be finished. 8x Mournfang base coated and getting details tomorrow night. 1x mount for a Huskard 1x mount for beastriders Heads and tails magnetized. I should have really magnetized the saddles and weapons of the riders too, but I just got hit with a case of the lazies. I'll probably regret it down the road. And the board that I am building for them. This is my first time doing anything like this, so I made quite a few mistakes. In the end it turned out okay though. After the 26th I will also be revisiting the board to add some more fun stuff!
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    Sylvaneth Wyldwood is a warscroll, Citadel Wood is a model kit. A Sylvaneth Wyldwood warscroll consists of 1-3 Citadel Wood models. It is no different than a Unit of Blood Warriors consists of 5 or more Blood Warrior models. You cannot ignore the Min/Max # of models, just because it is scenery. But as scrubyandwells said, nothing is stopping you from taking multiple Sylvaneth Warscrolls, but each one in a Match Play game "should" only contain a single Citadel Wood model.
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    My only thought with centigors is that they aren't much faster than gors with a brayshaman nearby. Since you can run them if you also have a beastlord's command ability then they will move 11+d6. If you aren't running a brayherd then the centigors could be pretty good as chaff. When I expand maybe ill grab some.
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    Repaint of my treelord ancient. The previous paintjob, was too much going on. Too many different colors etc. so I tried to tone it down a bit as I think the Sylvaneth has so much detail on the models that overdoing it in colors just makes it "too much"
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    PS - gondor figures don't come with a halberd option in case anyone thinks i've been completely lazy! nor crossbows for that matter!
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    Ah yes, that's just Big Boss number 2. Thought it would be boring with two identical bosses, so I decided to do some alterations on the original model. And of course he's going to be part of the slightly more competitive version of my 2K list (double kunning rukk boi!). Anyways he's about done and ready for priming now.
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    It's in the hints and tips section of the various books available so the controlling player can choose when to use each special ability.
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    Disappointingly I've decided to lock this topic. Arguments were clearly going to persist/escalate. Warnings have been issued. TGA is a fantastic forum. I was just commenting yesterday that we've had very few threads of this nature. Please could all users just think before they post. AoS is only a game. We all love it, but it's only a game. There's no need for things to get so heated. Steve.
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    Good question, I have done really well against lists that are heavily focused on combat. I purposely try to keep my heroes away from any shooting distance or to avoid being in combat. With the formation it allows me to deploy 9" away, 6" from table edge. That gives me a chance of rolling a 9 to charge, now the risk of course is that you didn't get all the buffs. So you have to see what works. The loss of heroes is vulnerable in my list because it needs to do extra things to make them more valuable, the ring of immortality certainly helps that a little with the two heroes. I really try to take advantage of the Ruler of the Night ability, which helps. And people forget the Necromancer can deflect wounds to other death units too. I have lost heroes, but not really anything devastating to where the ring didn't help. I think the hardest battle is the pitched one where you increase your army in thirds every turn. You just try to bring back as many ghouls so that you don't lose the entire unit. If no one was able to shoot in combat like 40k, then this list certainly would be even better! I do need some more losses to identify what the list needs. I have tested with both Aborghant on Terrorgheist and Zombie at the same time and the list really didn't need that. So the 400 points to free up other things was great. I may even cut the zombie and just go more heroes... I can only run max to 6 in 2k though. I appreciate the open discussion and your opinion. And that goes for everyone - thanks! I hope to see more suggestions to a revised list/ideas that I am trying to do instead of showing weaknesses.... no list is perfect.
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    For range as I hear moonclan grots aren't so good with the bows and I am severely lacking any range. The list however is very open for debate as I am by no means a tournament guy. I have been thinking of putting in a Dread Maw (the forgeworld snake thing) purely because I have always loved the model and it actually seems to fit thematically!
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    Morning all, Hope you had good weekends...mine was super productive! I will try to follow up on last week by going through my games at the Cheltenham Warchiefs GT each day this week. As previously advised, I managed to get TBS XCVIII out this weekend...it's been about 6 weeks since the last episode, but never fear there is literally 6 weeks worth of content here as it is 3 shows in 1! The first section covers the event I am going to be discussing this week so you can listen to that if you want more coverage. Check the podcast out at www.theblacksun.co.uk or on iTunes. It's NSFW / kids. The Warchiefs GT was another 5 game event, However they had made their own narrative and battleplans which was pretty cool. I think there was about 32 players in attendance - not bad at all for the weekend after FHGT. I think they were clever in that games 1-4 used the basis of General's Handbook battleplans with their own twist, theming each around one of the 4 Chaos Gods, before bringing it all together for a super unique game round 5. There was a couple of other things going on, namely the Monster Hunter challenge (collecting badges for each monster you killed) and the Chaos emblems you obtained (physical, metal counters!) for your victories which could come into play round5. The venue was awesome, with gaming mats on all the tables. It was BYOB but had quite a chilled up vibe, being literally the weekend after FHGT I was certainly taking it easy! I had travelled up with @Paul Buckler, making us the only two men who had attended The Warlords, Facehammer and this event. 3 two dayers in 4 weekends!! Mental hardcore!! I'll chuck up a link to the pack as it'll be worth you having a read over the battleplans before checking out my reports; https://www.dropbox.com/s/3tr4xw7okxcfgp0/Tournament%20Pack%20v11.pptx?dl=0 List wise, I was using the same as Warlords and FHGT so you should be pretty familiar with that by now. However, just in case; Megaboss Krunk - Ravager, Battle Brew Pig Benis, The Warmaster, Fist of Krunk on Red Cabbage* Da Ardnob (Slaughter-choppa) Da Kurlzz Ironfist 10 Brutes (Jagged Gore-hackas) 5 Brutes (Choppas) 5 Brutes (Choppas) 10 Ardboyz (9 'Uge Choppas, 1 Shield) 3 Gore-gruntas (Choppas) *It was a two list format with fixed artefacts etc. Therefore my two lists were identical with the exception of the Cabbage, which had Battle Brew on one list and the Talisman of Protection on the other. So, lets go... Game 23 - Warchiefs GT - Round One vs @Russ Ward (Chaos) After a bit of confusion with my grudge (me grudging and being grudged my multiple people!!) I finally settled on Russ; he's a top bloke and we had fun playing back in 8th edition (although his dice clearly hated him that game...think I made a TBS dice sale off the back of it!) so I was looking forward to a game of AoS vs him. As ever, Russ was rocking his Chaos and his list was something like; Bloodthirster, Sayl, Nurgle Herald, Khorne Herald, 20 Bloodletters, 6 Plague Toads, 6 Plague Drones, 10 Plaguebearers, 10 Horrors. I think that was about it. As you'll see from the link above, this battleplan was a variant on Take and Hold, with terrain offering -1 save instead of +1 save, due to the game being played in the Garden of Nurgle. I thought this was a bit harsh on all Russ' Nurgle marked units...alas, the Gods are fickle!! Take and Hold as a battleplan seems to be one people aren't overly keen on and tbh, I get that. It's not the best. However, it does let Ironjawz play in the most basic of ways for the most part as you can pretty much go all out offense (providing a good match up and you can sweep the enemy as you go!). I left my Ardboyz at the back to hold onto my objective and spread everything else as per usual. I let Russ go first because I'm nice, however it turns out he is nicer as he failed to cast any spells whatsoever (spoiler; he did this turn 2 as well). Because of this he moved up a little more cautiously than he perhaps would've otherwise I suspect. In my turn I moved forward aggressively, looking for the double turn and to put this to bed early doors. I used the Gore-gruntas in quite an interesting fashion in this game, I managed to used their large bases to fill a gap between two bits of solid terrain that essentially walled off a couple of his units...of course if he could actually cast Traitor's Mist then he'd be able to alleviate this somewhat. I chucked 5 Brutes and the Cabbage straight into the Plague Toads, having no clue what they did at all. I have to say I was reasonably impressed by their resilience as he made a bunch of saves and I think I killed one maybe. The 10 Brutes ran up centrally with Krunk and Da Ardnob, they had the Drones and Plaguebearers to get through, with the Horrors guarding his objective. The other 5 Brutes stayed off centre, hedging their bets a little as I was unsure at this moment which way they'd need to go. I didn't win the priority roll, which wasn't ideal. As I mentioned before he again failed his spells, which meant the Bloodletters were walled off by the Gore-gruntas and in combat could only bring 6 to bear, failing to kill a pig and locking us in. The Drones went into the Brutes and the Bloodthirster went into the Cabbage. I can't recall which variant he had, but suffice to say it diced the Cabbage, taking it clean off. Ouch! The Drones did really poorly against the Brutes and lost a couple in return. I should note that he also charged the Herald in, which was a mistake IMO as I was able to take it off and deny him free mortal wounds. In my T2 I used the Warchanter to instead buff the 5 Brutes who were chilling and chucked them into the Bloodthirster. Thought they'd do a bunch of damage and cripple the thing so I could finish it off next turn, but I got the rub of the green with rolls in that combat and took the thing straight off. Nice! That pretty much swang it as those Brutes were now free to go other and assist their bros in taking out the Toads, and subsequently put some pain on the Bloodletters when they could get into the fight. In the centre, Krunk and his Nobz smashed all before them and marched up onto the objective, securing me the win and taking away most of Russ' toys in the process. A fairly routine performance from the Ironjawz, probably made possible by a fortunate match up and yet again more bad luck on Russ' part...I'm sure next time we play it'll all come back on me and I'll deserve it! Great game and an awesome way to start the event. Result - Major Victory I should also quickly mention that there was an interesting situation right at the end where he had a battleshock on the remaining couple of Bloodletters. Had he popped a 1 and then rolled well for the number returned, he could've snaked them around to actually contest his objective again putting me down to a Minor Victory. In hindsight I should've just not attacked. Interesting though. Anyway, that's all for now. Need to crack on today, leaving early for the dentist! Chris
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    The Jabberslyth is good, but the problem is if too many people say how good it is it will become much less effective. Don't give away your tactics and most powerful units just for forum kudos! Your most powerful unit is the element of surprise!
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    The only concern I have with ITC (or similar systems), is when it becomes the adopted normality and we get into a bitter arms race. Personally, I enjoy being competitive but not when it stagnates things and everybody is basically playing the same kill everything scenario.
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    Thanks @Chris Tomlin for the kind words but we both know the King of destruction (currently) isn't me, but I'll be back bigger and stronger next time ;-) ive been on the case all day (slow day at work) and come up with a few basic ideas (just competitive ironjaws) that I Reckon can be used as a base some caveats this is because I'm going to the facehammer GT and if I'm not using ironjaws need to make a paint plan for something else! 1) ironjaws do not like shooty opponents but have the toughness to weather some damage its going to be swingy if you get double turned. But if you can get across and in to their grills you should be able to fight thru most things at 2000pts. This is because the shooty lists won't have the space to really have a decent combat element (generally) 2) our tactics are more nuanced that charge and fight (having looked at the scenarios like Chris said) I think we have a couple of routes to go down which then decides what units are used particularly the formations (formations make us competitive) 3) our anti army is teleporting opponents as we need them to stay still so we can bash them 4) all of our units cost the same, have the same volume of attacks roughly but are different essentially on these lines ardboyz have the most wounds, have the most reliable charge (+2 musician) and have the best bravery once into combat (standard) a mixture of rend/no rend and to hit across the board 4+ gorgruntas are the fastest, are all but immune to a normal battleshock test, similar damage output to ardboyz but can get lucky and do a lot better. Have to be totally wiped out to stop them from capturing objectives (at least in scgt pools) and if armed with choppas as I think these guys should be they work best as 3 model units brutes have the best damage output rend across the board but suffer terribly if pressured into battleshock tests. Also they are the one unit that actually benefits from a megaboss with them which further adds to their role as damage dealers as a megaboss with 6a 2s/2s/-1/2 stats (thanks to battle brew magic item) is frankly nails So effectively the brutes need to be deployed into combats they can kill enough enemy not to be really hurt in return and we will always want to activate them first where possible (even maybe over a character in some situations). The ardboyz are the tanks they can be thrown at the units we want to pin in place, they are there to die if needs be but will actually still give the enemy a bashing in the process. Goregruntas are similar to ardboyz but they are the flankers and objective capture units or the yolo alpha strike to disrupt the enemy, especially taking the flank to pin a unit who then can't pile in Properley only to be assaulted by brutes. so with that in mind I've been thinking of how we can deal with different enemies and I reckon for us it revolves around these Double Turn: we absolutely want the double turn first turn every time however we need ways to mitigate our being exposed if we don't get it. Simply put there is 3 ways to do this 1) gorefist formation deploy back so the enemy can't really do anything to you first turn, they are worried about the goregruntas alpha strike so take first turn to buff up and brace for impact you then pop gordrakks command ability on the goregruntas (ideally increase their hit by +1) and with the d6+15+9 move plus 3d6 charge you are striking exactly where you want to and with 16 a 2/3/-1/1 and 15a 3/4/-/1 (never take the risk of the 8" charge here btw) X3 you should really maul the enemy especially as they now only,have one mystic shield. Move the rest of the army up and if you get the Double turn great your right in their face, if not they either try to attack your approaching army or try to finish off the goregruntas either way you will go next and your army can get in and do its stuff (with the chance for a double turn going into T3) if they don't give you first turn then just charge the goregruntas in as above and move the army up 2) Ardfist formation, screen your whole army with ardboyz units and push forwards at maximum speed, ideally you have your tougher units up close to the ardboyz bases so can pile in thru the gaps if you don't get the double turn. it doesn't matter if they all die as you have kept your warchanter safe and then when it's your turn you bring them back on. This second wave is now your objective capture units while the rest of you army pushes into the enemy 3) ardboyz in a ironfist formation, screen as before but now you have more movement and potentially with Gordrakk and good rolls as well as enemy going first these may actually make it into combat turn one almost surely turn 2! Its scenario/opposing army dependent so ideally you want all of this in you army list Teleporting opponents: our nemesis as they negate one of our strengths (speed) I think all we can do is ardfist formation models and surround your army with expendable ardboyz, key here is of course keeping the warchanter alive past the initial alpha strike against you. If they don't come down early we just move the whole army to objectives and screen and wait against these opponents I'd also not bother with mawcrusha pieces either to hard to screen and keep safe. Wrecking ball: basically the mawcrusha (or Gordrakk) as most scenarios require units to score we have a great piece that isn't very useful at that but is very useful at smashing. A viable tactic is really to shield him up buff to hit (if not Gordrakk) and launch him to his death and probably a bunch of the enemies too meanwhile whole your enemy is dealing with him your army can use its speed (ironfists) to get a better position to swamp objectives and sit and wait and hopefully hold out or,close the gap,and charge in themselves. The new hammer blade magic item on a megaboss on mawcrusha could be disgusting (every MODEL within 3" of base rolls a dice and takes a mortal wound on a 5+) destructive bulk good attacks anyway and that is savage. A brute fist also makes a good wrecking ball too but the bigman does it a lot better! Putting it together will depend on enemy and scenario but will generally follow these lines 1) Gordrakk 1 formation and 1 character (then units to fill any gaps most likely brutes) 2) mawcrusha 2 megaboss 2 formations 3) or 2 mega boss 2/3 formations and units to fill gaps so your 3000pt side board (please let this stay) should look something like this...... mawcrusha or Gordrakk 520/700 2 X mega boss 280 2 warchanters 160 3 X ardboyz 480 3 X brutes 480 3 X goregruntas 480 = 2400/2580 formations Ardfist 40 2 ironfist 120pts gorefist 120 brutefist 80 =400 so 2760/2940 Total a little flex in there if you don't take Gordrakk but either way I reckon that contains all the combos needed to make us competitive as we can be against any army, practice and luck play a part of course and some armies we won't be able to deal with well but hey can't have it all! We do have Gordrakk!
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