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    Here's my entry: Buzz, Chosen of Nurgle! Had a lot of fun painting this, I began with the Blight Kings painting tutorial from Warhammer TV (substituting colours for similar ones I owned) and went from there. The base was an interesting challenge too, normally I just drybrush some flock and call it a day. Really happy with how this came out and some lovely entries from everyone else. Appropriately there were some flies buzzing around when I went out to take the pictures. I'd love for TGA to hold regular painting competitions like this. Twitter link:
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    Here's my entry and the start of my Bloodbound army. I had so much fun with this model and tried to pull out all the stops. This is the first time I've done snow basing and more importantly I even bought a plinth for this guy! There are some fantastic entries in this thread already. Good luck to everyone! Here's my tweet:
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    Ok Denyon, you better role your save! Kidding. I actually appreciate your point. But I do feel that mine still stands. Though you are correct that there are a lot of minor factions hanging out there, without support, I'm looking at the broader Grand Alliance category. When you look there, you'll begin to see that Death has really been left out in the cold. Some quick numbers, please let me know if I've missed something. Order: 21 total factions / 5 Battletomes Chaos: 21 total factions / 3 Battletomes Destruction: 12 total factions / 3 Battletomes Death: 7 total factions / 1 Battletome I don't have time to really look at it, but this only starts to scrape the surface of the problem with Death's model diversity... I do feel for the players of other currently ignored factions, but I don't think asking that Death gets the next 2 battletomes (only bringing us up to the next lowest GA on the list, Destruction) is too much to ask. A big part of what bothers me, as I mainly paint and get little time to play, is the lack of aesthetic choices. Everything from our army still looks like it belongs with the Vampire Counts. Ok, not everything, Flesh Eaters really do look pretty distinct. But my personal favorite, the Deathrattle faction, still has the bat wing iconography over everything. Granted, I doubt that's going away anytime soon, as I suspect that even with a new release, many of the Deathrattle kits will continue to see service. Also, I want more of the Death fluff. Look how well GW did making Ironjaws and Bonesplitters feel different. They are both Oruks, but they are very different thematically, and in their fluff. I want the faction to move away from everyone being some vampires lackey, or if they choose to keep the vamps as the nobility of the grand alliance, then I want more variety of vampires. Abhorrent Ghoul Kings are a great step in that direction. I'm jealous of the other GA's. They feel diverse, as if they really are a loose confederacy of factions with as many differences as they have commonalities. That mainly they work together, not because they all have the same end goals, but more because they have the have the same fears and enemies. Fyreslayers and Stormcast couldn't have more different reasons for fighting than they do. Whereas death, for the most part, still feels like the soulless mindless minions of Nagash and his Mortarchs. Excepting Flesh Eaters, the one battletome we have. That's what I want. More fully fleshed out, pardon the figure of speech, armies. Armies who have their own motivations, history, and organizations. We are just too bare bones at the moment... Especially with the lost of Tomb Kings. And of course, I would love to have them back as much as anyone. I even have my own pet conspiracy theories about how they could return, but the truth is, I really do believe they are gone forever. Which leaves death feeling a bit one, or two (because of the FEC BT) dimensional at the moment.
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    I imagine if you had undead stuff, it could be Morrchosen.
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    I have a feeling they will get rid of the current Death Factions. They just don't match the current trend in AoS. A skeleton doesn't fight for any single faction (Death Rattle), it all depends on who raised them. Right now, with no new factions it's something easy to help get some synergies for Death. What I expect to see is a Battletome for each Mortarch. Outlining either the alliances they have gained (fellow vampires or a summoned Wight King) and the units they summon etc. GW can then give these units different flavour depending on who summons them, or from the region they are summoned (Neferata summoning from cities around Nulahmia). This will breed fresh life (pun intended) into the Death Alliance without having to bring out lots of new units.
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    Guys, Don't think I'll get time today for game 3, so will persevere next week. Gonna be lagging a bit what with all the tournaments, but will catch up eventually. No game will be missed....if anyone cares!! The new TBS episode came out yesterday, which due to scheduling is just a solo show. You can hear me discussing Ironjawz and my games with them at Brothers of Sigmar and Warlords if you can't be bothered reading the reports. Check out the Podcast section of this forum to find it, or search The Black Sun on iTunes, or visit www.theblacksun.co.uk Wish me luck at Facehammer...catch up with you next week.
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    Well, you're only even exactly 25mm away from the enemy, when you're directly behind the other model in a perfectly straight line with the enemy, if your models are in B2B and in any position other than precisely behind, you're getting closer and closer. The question is, if that 4/10 of a mm doesn't matter, when is it big enough to matter? Are you only in range when you're within 24mm? How about 25mm? No? 24.5mm? How about a 2" reach models on 50mm bases, now we're talking about 8/10 mm, almost a full MM within range, and basically the same concept. All of the models in this diagram are within 1" of the enemy. A is directly behind a friendly model. B is fitting snugly between two models getting as close as possible. C is slightly offset, and obviously closer than A... If 25.4mm is too close to call, when does it stop?
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    Last sneak peak on this guy before final submission. Really liking this fella!
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    "Skulls" by Misfits is pretty great for anything Khorne, and "Ghouls Night Out" for the Flesheaters!
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    Deffo making a Blood Bowl team out of Bloodbound heroes and calling them the Scorechosen.
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    I'm hoping that Nagash and the Mortarchs seem overcosted and unusable at the moment because they are going to have a fat lore of spells to use including buff spells. Also hoping that Nagash gets to know all the spells in the Lore.
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    I would recommend that you watch the warhammer TV videos for painting Blightkings. Duncan uses diluted purple and red shades over a pale flesh scheme if memory serves correctly. MGP
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    oK, I know I'll be doom after my reply... but I have a ring of immrtality on me so I can take the risk as well^^ Sincerly I think we are the less ones in need of new models. Don't misunderstand me: I want new models. Simply I don't find it so urgent. I try to explain it better. Along EoT campaign we have seen finally brand new models to substitute the previous ones and ad to the last release of new models (the combo kit of Terror and ZD, new ghouls and skeletons) with the Morghasts, the Mortarchs,, Nagash, the spirit hosts, the black knights (Alleluja for these ones, I always hated the previous ones). Our army is probably, along the Seraphons (and maybe the Sylvaneth) one of the besr as details and "innovation". Really one of the best estetically. The Blood knights, I've never counted them, as I modified the black knifght so I have done to them, WIh the same amount of money I was able to take individual vampires and personalize them (or take some bitz with the Sanguinary cavalier of the dualkit ZD/T and make them ride some fine horses ). We ha ve lots of models those requires innovation (bats, mounted Whight Knights, Black coach even if I still love this model, and so on), moreover if combined with the Khemri side those have great sprues along with really old ones (skeletons, horse skeletons and so on). But at the same time if I watch to other armies...they received much less attention: dwarfs, DE, HE, Empire, Bretonnia, and so on). There are a lot of factions whose require a lot of attention and we have to even consider that we have split the releases with Wh40k and other minor games. There are Battletomes whose are simply to release, but still they require time to also digest. If GW doesn't create new Khemri models, I doubt they will release a DeathRattle tome, and the other factions too are quite shorts. Ok, seeing how they have multiplied are choices simply adding units with the different head so they had really hit big, at the same time maybe it was also the easiest the FEC Battletome cause it didn't require new models, even compressing them we have: Ghoul king, mounted ghoul king, crypt horrors, grypt flyers, ghouls, varghulf, terogheist and draogn zombie: so a minimum of 8 choices using the multikits. If we see at the other alliances we have much less choices, so they need to be implemented as well. In case of a deadwalking we need much more models (and new zombies? even if they are really an evergreen^^), some meat creations (if not golems at least some giant zombie or some meat ball rolling around), and maybe some specialized necormancer or similar as leaser, in some way anyway we need a lot more choices. Soulblights need new fell bats and swarm bats (the first ones I started to change them with self created flying cskeletons to have different and better models), some more enonomic blood knights, and maybe a new black coach (yes, I think black coach is more suited with them than the nighthaunt). About nighthaunt we need much more models, they are too few. So in the end, we need for some alliances quite a bit of work and for some ones there would be quiite a few of new release necessaries. It has also to say that the ones who have suffered less environment backlasch are us itself. Destruction order and Chaos have had a good amount of theme distortion and re-adjust that has been not small. The order is simply too big for example, and so the caotic (the Chaos as only new Khorne models, but miss all the others). So although I'm too eager to have new material at my hands, I'm not so hungry about it cause I find what I have still quite a lot to try and develop in new ways. Instead I watch to the other armies more impatient to see how the new environment will be developed, the new era that is disclosing in fornt of us. As it has been said: it's only a jear the game is out. There has been quite a lot of releases, but we can't compare it with the more than 30 years of the development of the old fantasy and there is quite a lot of work to be done on it and a lot of material about it. And what I like is that there seem to be something similar to a design in the progression with new armies presented on the development of the history so that we can see the new history being born newly. Sorry, I prolonged my writing more than I should have, but I find the talking quite interesting and I wished to share my sight with you all. And thanks if you have been able to read everything I wrote^^
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    Meet Konok Cindermight. He's a humble, shy young man who enjoys walks in the park, new age music and origami. And here's the link to my Twitter post:
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    Hello, I will be running my first tournament in Aberdeen it's 5 games at 1000pts tickets are available here http://abzgames.co.uk/collections/events/products/vanguard-ticket pack is attached please if any questions don't hesitate to ask I am Limited on space for this one atm there will be 12 spaces available at first if I can arrange more space quantity of spaces could increase Names will be listed below on people that have bought tickets 1. Christian White2. Graeme Davidson3. Kit Wright 4. Jamie Ferguson 5. Niall Campbell 6. Ryan Savage 7. Adam Dawson 8. Stuart 9. Aaron Leitch 10. Lyndon Sinclair 11. Greig Summers 12. Gordon Innes Vanguard.pdf
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    But what is filth? I think Alex put it well when he said "filthy lists deny your opponent a game. Not that your opponent cannot play or not having a chance. Rather, it means that your opponent has to play in a very specific way, or have very specific tools, to stand a chance. It simply isn't fun to play against, at most levels, because it restricts the opponents ability to act to a significant degree." But what are the components for this deadly coctail we call filth? For me it consists the following two components: 1. Units that are too cheap 2. Exploits Units that are to cheap I do not think the rules for a unit is a deciding factor however it contributes to the cocktail or not. Lets take bonesplitterz as an example as it is a hot topic. Would the bonesplitterz kunning rook be considered filth if the arrowboys price would be raised to 250 points? I don't think so. Exploits Things that make you or your opponent loose a game without beeing able to react to it. Theese might be things that the developers might have missed when they wrote the rule/sceanrio etc. The exploits are to my knowledge few and part from Settras kneeling effect I am not sure there are any. Maby teleporting units turn 1 into your oppents backline in the matched play scenario "Escalation" could fit in to this category (this is a stretch). Then we have the "filthy" player who proudly wears the WAAC pin nailed to his/hers shirt. Do you as a player have the responsibility to ask yourself the following question "Will my opponent have fun playing this list?" when you are attending a matched play event? Or can we just accept that some players are there to actaully compete? Me personally can respect a player who is there to compete and I do not see that player as douche. Gamey? Yes Bad person? No.
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    Seems to me there are two methods to gain filth status: All lists are on a theoretical scale with the fluffiest, easiest list to beat at the bottom and the unfluffy, toughest list to beat at the top. If we use 0-100 then the fluffy lists are 0-30, the average army would be between 30-70, tough lists 70-90 and "filth" lists 90-100. The second way is that there is some arbitrary line that you cross by creating your list. It may actually only be in the 60-90 bracket on the above scale but because you have a certain combo or selection of units it is seen to be filth. What I find interesting is that nobody complains if someone takes that 0-10 super fluffy list... The game would be as much of a non-game as taking a filth list, it's just the winner that is different.
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    What a fun topic! It's something I've been thinking about myself, particularly after seeing and hearing about some of the lists at Warlords. On one hand, my gamer side thinks finding these combos is so fun! Way to go! Warp Lightning Cannons are a great way to compliment the close combat abilities of Bloodbound. Using Sayl to alternate flying different totally buffed Skaven units into places your opponent doesn't want them is shivers and hair standing up on arms worthy. Darkening the sky with arrows, absolutely the More is Better Ork way of life! On the other hand...Fluffy Bunny is not particularly convinced that Skaven should be in the Chaos pantheon at all. They feel more like Destruction or their own Allegiance. Would Sayl really even be seen with these rats in public? Wouldn't the Bloodbound turn on the Skaven immediately for being weaklings, and offer up their skulls to Khorne only the be met with a polite 'meh, no thank you'? Orks...shooting...no. Orks get into your face and give you DA CHOPPA!!! Arrers iz fer grotz! On your point of GW not being able to catch everything, this is my favorite and I believe most valid point. I think with all of their recent community involvement GW will be watching closely. I think the GHB may become a yearly updated item, with improvements in mind.
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    I've recently been painting up the new sigmar terrain, looks great when built and really nice to paint-pain to build though, definitely needs some gap filling work. I am tempted by the new dread hold but too many skulls for my liking. But think they can look really cool and be very useful in gaming. I'm currently painting up a garden of morr which is an amazing kit and have found some of the older terrain pieces which are all pretty good that you may be able to pick up on eBay. There are definitely ways to scratch build stuff for cheap but I don't think you'll regret picking up any of the he bits.
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    Orruks are really on the bottom of the list of factions I'm interested in. They taste good with butter, though.
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    That's a good point @Vasshpit, but I think it's important to note who did and didn't get a Start Collecting! box. Who did (and what has happened to them so far): Stormcast - a flagship faction with all-new models. Khorne Bloodbound - a flagship faction with all-new models. Seraphon - a new battletome that uses very nearly all their old models, and definitely uses all the models in the box. Flesh-Eaters - a new battletome that carves out a nice set of models from the old Vampire Counts line, establishing them as a new faction. Sylvaneth - a combination of old and new models for a new faction. Ironjawz - all new models, all new faction. Skaven Pestilens - the only Skaven clan to get a battletome, the only one to get a Start Collecting! box. Malignants - a box for a keyword that isn't yet organized into an actual faction in the General's Handbook. Skeleton Horde - contains all models with the Deathrattle keyword, plus a random mortarch. Daemons of X - old models, no battletome yet. Slaves to Darkness - old models, no battletome yet. Greenskinz - all usable within the Savage Orruk faction, but no battletome yet. Consider all the factions who did not get a Start Collecting! box... Duardin, who have been split into two factions, one new with new models, one old but rumored to be getting new models, the old Aelves who seem to be diversifying into radically new - and exaggerated - versions of themselves (Sylvaneth for Wood Elves, and I predict some sort of light/shadow beings replacing High/Dark Elves). The various Free Peoples who are probably going to either fall by the wayside as backup singers for the Stormcast or get a radical re-imagining at some point. My guess is that the next few battletomes will either clean up and organize factions that do have boxes, but no book (Malignants replacing Nighthaunt, some kind of skeleton book, either an all-daemon book or a set of god-specific daemon books, generic slaves to darkness, and Savage Orruks) or be entirely new lines (steampunk Duardin, weirdo Aelf-critters, etc).
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    Stick a gate for a Head on it, it could be 'Door Chosen'? Too far? Lol
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    This is the first unofficial warscroll for the unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome I am working on. I am working on my own Tomb Herald in chariot conversion and can't decide whether to model with a spear or a flail of skulls, so I figured I would give everyone else the same options. Feedback welcome, as well as recommendations for unofficial points for this guy. Right now I'm thinking 160 just like the king in a chariot. Expect to see the return of more units such as the Hierotitan, Khermic Titan, Necrolith Colossus with bow or shield, and more as unofficial warscrolls in the finished battletome.
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    Thank you very much MyGeekyPersona. I've done a test model while waiting for coats on my Thundertusk to dry and rather happy with the results. Still playing around with my lightbox so pics aren't perfect: Was toying with the idea of doing a less common scheme but in the end decided the classic colours just look too good. Let me know what you think! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Not "in play", but here are some close ups. I also plan to use it as a Star Drake.
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    Great write up, out of curiosity, do you have any close ups of the Carmine Dragon in play. Cheers
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    Sylvaneth get elfy wraiths fused with trees, maybe the new Dark Elves will be shadow spirits of some kind.
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    @Nico as much as I'd love to run the Forgeworld stuff don't think my wallet would appreciate it. Especially after now owning two 30K armies of Forgeworld bliss. Who know's down the line there could be some additions.
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    Using a saw/knife/drill to add a little bit of corrosion effect to armour works wonders too. Plus, it's relatively easy to add Nurgle icons to shields/armour/fore heads with a little green stuff. Have a look at some of the chaos blogs on this forum for inspiration. MGP
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    I prefer small units with the spirit hosts, cause their attack range is limited and in their case I prefer to have more mobility. But I see good also an eventual unit of 6 models as center and the others based on 3 models. I don't think there should be a real rule about i, only personal preferences.
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    Grot Shaman on Wolf (gen) Bruiser BsB Huskard on Thundertusk 3 x Ogors 3 x Ogors 9 x Ogors 4 x Mournfang 1 x Dreadmaw
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    That is one of the few kits that I just have not come to love but yours has a stunning paint job and looks great.
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    Well I'm pleased to say that over the weekend I finished the actual painting of my first Skull Cannon of Khorne! It's taken about a month, but that includes catching up with bits following my Bloodbound marathon for the Seeds of Hope campaign. It's turned out roughly as I had in my head and although I could continue pratting around for ages, I think now is a good point to draw a line. It needs to have a coat of gloss varnish, have textured paint applied (then washed and drybrushed) and be given a coat of matt varnish but happy to call it done. Hopefully it should get it's first outing in a couple of weekends time! For anybody who is thinking about doing one, what I would say is that this is the fiddliest kit I've done, both in terms of assembly and painting. It does suffer from there being no sensible way to hold it, so I ended up having to use vinyl gloves and touch up any points that rubbed away (banding on the top of the cannon, wheel spikes and front horn). I'd also recommend leaving the front wheel and chaps on the back off as sub-assemblies - the chaps on the back aren't glued in place either - they've a magnet in the bottom platform and the nub on the top of the cannon is pretty decent to keep them in place (though you could replace that with a small magnet too. Overall I'm happy with how it's turned out but have enjoyed moving onto my next project (a pair of Slaughterpriests)
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    @thediceabideHave reuploaded as jpgs, let me know if that works better @Braggoth 1k List is going to be: Icebrow Hunter (General) Huskard on Stonehorn (Pelt of Changar) Huskard on Thundertusk 2 units of 2 sabretusks I think I will drop the thundertusk for a unit of yhettees and mournfang once I finish paint stripping them. Not sure where to go for the 2k list. Will probably add run something along the lines of: Huskard on Thundertusk Skal Icebrow Hunter unit of 6 frost sabre units of 2 frost sabre Eurlbad - Huskard on Stonehorn (Pelt of Changar) 2 units of Mournfang with 2 handed weapons Stonehorn 2 units of 2 sabretusks Frost sabre with the Skal offer some flexibility for late turn objective grabbing and can be pretty fast, plus all my characters will get an artefact.
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    I would love an Ogroid unit with a large glaive. Also, some type of elemental ethereal djinn-type unit would be cool.
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    Bloodbound Slaughter Priest Painted by bottle.
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    I managed to finish the Bloodstoker... He's taken me a while to get to a stage where I was happy with him, he's quite a fiddly model, but I really enjoyed adding the line texture to the tentacle whip and blending it up.
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    Q: Where do the aelves stand now? A: Primed and ready to take the central role in the next chapter of Age of Sigmar, now that the Realmgate Wars have concluded. My prediction is that the next chapter will be about aelves and Slaanesh.
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    Okay, I've wanted to start a discussion on FEC tactics for a while now, so hopefully my two cents worth will be of some help to you this weekend. My general take on the Flesh-Eaters are that we are all about that buff, 'bout that buff, more cheddar! Nothing in our books should be considered on their own, but in relations to their various synergies. With that in mind, let's go through the units you've brought up. 1) Ghoul King on big flying murderbeast One of the coolest models we have in my opinion. Both variations can be beasts in combat, but they unfortunately both come with the same disadvantages, namely; 1) they scream TARGET in big flashing neon letters. Given the option of targeting either of them or pretty much anything else of no specific strategic value in our army, you can be sure that they will be on the receiving end of as much shooting as possible. As they get progressively worse in shooting and cc, you want to get them in either cover or into combat as soon as possible. Getting those big beasts into cover is easier said than done, so facing any opponent with any significant amount of shooting, the headfirst charge is probably your best bet. Which brings us to 2) except for summoning Courtiers, or Horrors/Flayers, a ghoul king on foot will do at least as good a job providing the re-roll bubble for ghouls and Horrors, while having as goods a buffing spell, and providing a much smaller target. If you do take one or more kings on murderbeasts, make it your general. There are two simple reasons for that; first that unless we want to summon FEC units, we don't really need a general. Sure, inspiring presence can be nice, but since everything in our army is Bravery 10, in most situations it won't be needed. Second, that means that you can give him Red Fury. Ruler of the night might seem nice, but you WANT your king on murderbeast in combat, and you want him to do as much damage as possible. The chance of attacking again will be worth more to you in combat that the +1 to the save-bubble. For the same reason, give him the cloak of mist and shadow instead of the ring of immortality. It opens up more options than the ring does, and honestly, coming back with d3 wounds on such a big and valuable target is just a quick way to ensure that he'll get killed again. The cloak on the other hand will allow you to get a first turn charge in if you need it, or can be used as a quick escape from combat or to claim objectives later on. If you're using two kings on murderbeasts, pay for a battalion, and use the free additional magic item to give the other king the cloak as well. Having the option of charging on the first turn with both should be enough to bring an evil smirk to any Flesh-Eater generals face. 2) Ghoul King on foot The Ghoul King on foot is a buff hero, and should be used as such. He can't regenerate anything, so it might be tempting to drop him, but he will give both Ghouls and Horrors that all-important re-roll while being a wizard. He's not fantastic in combat, but he can hold his own. That's actually a good thing, as he won't be as high up on your opponents priority list. Use him to cast and dispel, and to provide the re-roll bubble. 3) Courtiers The auto-include buff hero. You NEED courtiers to negate our low saves, just as you need the Ghoul King to negate our high to hit-rolls. They're all rather lack-lustre on their own, but the entire point of them is that they shouldn't be on their own. Take the courtiers you need to support your units choices, and watch your opponents dismay as our troops keep coming back. The Ghast is almost always in my lists to support my ghouls, but I honestly prefer a Varghulf to the Haunter or Infernal, as I won't waste the 2's, 3's and 4's on the regen-rolls, but can pour them into any ghouls nearby instead. 4) Ghouls The work horse of the army. Ideally in units of 30 to maximise the amount of time they can keep their +1 attack and to make them a pain in the neck to wipe out. Within the both the re-roll and regen bubbles, a humble 300 points of ghouls have 3 attacks each, rerolling ones, get the 6+ alliance save, with 5 dead models coming back each turn on average. If you can get the Ghoul King's Black Hunger spell off, kill something with the Ghast, or pay for the Ghoul Patrol battalion, they can get an additional +1 attack each, +1 attack each, and +d6 models back respectively. 5) Horrors Their healing isn't all that good, but getting a wound back each turn isn't all that bad either. Again, keep them within the re-roll and re-gen bubbles and watch them go! The Black hunger spell can be used to give them yet another attack. Don't risk sending them off on their own though. They need the buffs to operate at max capacity. 6) Flayers Rend, flying, and potential mortal wounds. Their main advantage, if you want to call it that, is that they can't be buffed to the same degree that the Horrors can. That means that you can send them to kill vulnerable units and claim objectives outside of a kings re-roll bubble without any loss of efficiency. 7) Unridden flying monsters There are three main reasons why I would take unridden monsters; 1) They look cool. 2) They are expendable, and will help with target saturation when using a ghoul king on murderbeast (Love that description ). 3) Royal Menagerie alpha strike bomb. I'll discuss that one below. Other than that, you get another 5 attacks and a wizard for an additional 80 points, making them sort of useless. 8) Formations I LOVE the Ghoul Patrol battalion. Giving each unit of ghouls their own regen ability means that it is almost impossible to get rid of a large ghoul units as long as it's within a regen bubble. 5 ghouls from a courtier +d6 means that unless you wipe the unit out entirely, it's sticking around for a while. The other reason is that it allows me to take some chances with the Ghast Courtier. Since his regen bubble isn't all that vital anymore I don't mind charging hin into combat to try to activate the Trophy Hunter ability. The other formation worth taking note of is the Royal Menagerie. It is expensive, taking up over half your army 2K, but what you get back is one of the cheesiest glass cannon ploys in our playbook, namely the Royal Menagerie alpha strike bomb. With their initial movement of 14"+12" charge+the free movement form this battalion, you stand a decent chance of propelling three cannonballs of teeth and claws into your opponents lines on turn one, disrupting his tactics, and hopefully giving the rest of your army time to get into position to claim objectives and/or follow up on the charge. I haven't tried this one, and I don't plan to, but I've seen the damage one flying beast can do. Three of them..... Hope that helps some, and good luck this weekend!
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    This made me grin like a madman. Truthfully, my love of Halloween started when I was a kid. To me "American nonsense" is a great way to describe what's happened in the last decade or so. Much like Christmas, Halloween is not just another overblown Holiday used to part consumers from their cash. I liked it better when it was more imagination and less purchasing. But, there I go... Not only have I derailed my own thread, but I also sound like a grumpy old man... "Back in my day we had to walk up 20 miles up hill both ways in a costume our moms made out of garbage bags and gum just to go trick-or-treating. And you know what? WE LIKED IT!!!!! Because it's all we had. Damn kids today don't appreciate how hard we had it."
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    Important clarification: restoring dead MODELS to a unit is free, but unless a summon power specifically recalls a dead unit, having had a unit die doesn't make replacing it fee. So. Using a varghulf to restore models to a unit of ghouls - free. Using a ghoul king on foot to summon a unit of ghouls identical to one I lost earlier in the game - not free. The look on your opponent's face when you add five crypt horrors back to a unit that was reduced to one wounded horror - priceless!
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    Couldn't agree more. It's not that Death is bad from a power level perspective - they're actually quite strong - but many of the models are woefully outdated (looking at you Black Coach and Bat Swarms). I'm still holding out for a Death release before the end of the year. It seems fitting to have one around Halloween right?
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    Yeah I just wouldn't play it due to having 2 of them, I wouldn't want to play against 2 of them so why play with it.
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    I still think there's a statement from GW coming at some point that simply reads "Ah, ****** it. Measure from bases. And use round bases. Yeah, we know. Cry us a river, neckbeards." Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Yeah I love them so much for the yellow I tried a texture adding some spots of brown and dark brown, keeping in mind to highlight the right part of the plates with an ivory the steel armor in made by a stratification of steel colours with many and many blendings made with inks, and adding at the end some colours in the midtones and shadows (fleshy brown and turquoise) the tusks are made simply drawing many lines upon a bone base, from an ochre to the black... nothing particular difficult in theory buy it needs a quite fine hand (and brush) and muuuuch patience it's difficult to say how much time every model took me, because they are the final step of many modifications.. I could say that now, with the precise idea of the colours I have to use and the techniques, one model should take me about 20 hours the one with the axe upon his head is a black orc limited edition the totem bearer and the one with the axe under the face are from Forgeworld catalogue I would thank all of you very much for your appreciation and your comments!
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    Here's my entry, based for WFB as I haven't made the leap to AoS yet. I've been wanting a Khorne champion to lead a unit of marauders in my chaos army. And here's my Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154629186860353&set=a.10154629189250353.1073741827.667240352&type=3&theater
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