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    l'm sure there's going to be a number of podcast episodes and reviews from the people who finished in the top quarter of the results table, so I thought I'd do a little report from someone who finished in the bottom quarter. Someone who hadn't played a matched play game at all and who has only played a very limited open games at about half the size. Also one of the fellas who was rocking up alone the their first big tournament. First off this is my Army list. My command trait was Great Destroyer. For Artifacts my general had a Chaos Talisman and my slaughter priest had the Crown of Command for the first three games and a Daemon Weapon for the next 3 (not that it matter I never used the Crown or Daemon Weapon) General: Mighty Lord of Khorne - 140pts Bloodsecrator - 120pts Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrathhammer -100pts Dark Feast Battalion - 100pts Slaughterpriest - 100pts Bloodstoker- 80pts 20 Bloodreavers, Reaverblades, Chieftan, hornblower, Icon bearer - 120pts 20 Bloodreavers, Meatripper axes, Chieftan, Hornblower, Icon Bearer - 120pts 20 Bloodreavers, Meatripper axes, Chieftan, Hornblower, Icon Bearer - 120pts 10 Blood Warriors, Goreaxe and Gorefist, Champion with Goreglaive, Icon Bearer - 200pts 3 Mighty Skullcrushers, Bllodglaives, Skull Hunter, Hornblower, Standard Bearer - 160pts Khorgorath - 80pts Khorgorath - 80pts Khorgorath - 80pts 5 Chaos Knights, Chaos Glaives, Doomknight, Hornblower, Standard bearer - 200pts 10 Marauder Horsemen, Marauder Javelins, Horsemaster, Hornblower, Icon Bearer (Damned Icon) - 200pts. I certainly didn't face anything I didn't think the list could've handled and the games I played were very much decided by Generalship rather than just list writing. Which pleased me greatly. I arrived with the objective of winning one game. Expectations on that front weren't high but I felt that was achievable. I did find out that the event pack was a little misleading and didn't mention that one needed bring your own dice, tape measure and apparently a shirt with your name, nickname and podcast affiliation on it. Luckily GW was on hand to sell the dice and tape measure, while the event staff had name badges ready to go. Disaster averted and it was game one against the Sylvaneth and Gifts from the heavens. This saw me charging vast numbers of Bloodbound at my enemy who was hiding in carnivorous wood (regrettably not a coniferous wood that would have much easier). This had the side effect of contesting his objective for a turn which actually gave me the lead. Which I would have maintained if I'd stuck a couple more models on mine or remembered some of the carefully planned synergies of my army. What actually happened is a couple of Tree Revenants managed to survive being eaten by a Khorgarath long enough to contest mine a turn later giving him the major win, still my casualties provided plenty of skulls and blood. Massed casualties are essential, them being the enemy's is merely preferable. Game two Blood and Glory against a Death Army with a general who had clearly had a bit of an episode (or come up against someone in a personalised shirt, they seemed to know what they were doing) in game one because he was far too good to on table 42. To be fair I did see him on table 9 at the end. Very well painted army which was nice because pretty much all of it stayed on the board all the way to the end of the game. He rather sportingly left his incredibly pretty Zombie Dragon conversion in combat with me at the end so I killed something more impressive than a solitary Cairn Wraith and a brace of Spirit Hosts. Nice bloke and to be fair quite a good game but I didn't have the tactical stones to be able to compete in it. Game three. Slyveneth again but it was Escalation which meant dividing your army up into waves and charging them at the centreline. Right up my strasse. Let's see them hide in their woods now. Alarielle' doesn't hide in the woods though she charges right at you and that bloody damage 5 beetle makes you remove a unit a turn until you stop her. It was all going very nicely when on the last turn my opponent grew a wood teleported some spieces of walking tree out of it a nicked a poorly defended objective. I know once is unfortunate, twice smacks of carelessness. Luckily it only tied us up on vps. So it went to units killed and it turns out Gods riding Giant beetles are worth a lot more than Blood crazy bodybuilders. So I'd managed a minor victory. Seriously though the wood growing, teleporting thing was an epic move, loved it. End of day one and I was knackered, I'd got up at 0630 to fit in the 2 and a half hour drive to WHW in the morning and 7 1/2 hours of AoS had wiped me out. I'm well impressed others managed to hit the fleshpots of Nottingham. I managed a mixed grill and climbed in my pit. Day two begins well lots a good humoured smiles and greetings as people arrive. Game four and it's the classic matchup Stormcast Eternals. Fair slice of Judicators but no Starsoul Maces on the Retributors. It's Boarder War and my opponent castles up in his territory over the objective. I go for a a three pronged attack cavalry and Khorgoraths down the flanks and waves of Bloodreavers down the middle. Each wave is wiped off the face of the planet by the Stormcast but not before they control each of the objectives on my turn resulting in a major win for me, which is nice. Game Five. Two wins on the bounce has got me to the lofty nights of table 33 in the shadow of table 1. Literally as it happens as table one was on a raised platform. Nurgle daemons and Three places of power. I was impressed with both how incompetently I played and how patient my opponent was with my all too frequent pee breaks during the game. I was so bad I let the really slow moving defensive army beat me to the objectives. A loss and well deserved it was to. I was feeling just a little fatigued at this point. It was during this game however I overheard, on the table next door, the hilarious comment "so that's 120 shots from my Savage Orruk Arrowboys" ouch. The thought of calling it a day flashed through my mind, I was tired and had a long journey home. But a man who makes sure his Khorne army is divisible by eight isn't the sort to miss a battle (it would have been bloody rude as well). I'm glad I stayed because game 6 was the best by a country mile and it had stiff competition (it was also in the more comfortable position of Table 40). It was Stromcast again and Take and Hold. It looked like an expanded version of the game from the starter set and felt like one of the initial stories released for AoS. Once the dust had settled after five turns of absolute slaughter and a handful of survivors on each side my opponent had managed to secure a minor victory by 100 pts. Top stuff. I'd started my tournament on table 41 and finished on table 40 with 1 major and 1 minor victory and 4 loses. I'd had a great time and finally managed to get a decent number of matched play games. I couldn't fault my opponents who were all Gents. WHW puts on a great event and even had the great touch of having an at gaming table drinks service. It really struck me how even in a tournament the soul of the game remained and each of the armies I faced really felt like their fluff. Everyone who I bumped into was friendly and up for a chat. A few of my bottom table colleagues and I even took a moment to share our distaste that some over competitive lunatic had dared to object to some Prosecutors being slightly more Han an inch away form each other "but what about the wings!!". We were outraged, outraged I tell you ?. I suggest that anyone thinking of going to a similar event stop thinking and just book a ticket you won't be sorry. Although if you've got a bit a travelling to do I'd suggest you have a think about making a long weekend of it. Remember to bring your dice and tape measure and now I know why the Knights of Ni wanted a shrubbery the foliage can be lethal. I hope everyone else at the bottom end had as good a time a me. Its great these event cater so well for a range of abilities and gaming approaches. (I've not put in the names of my opponents because I don't know if they want to credited or not but I'll certainly add their name's if they wish)
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    Hi Boyz! After some months passed twitsing my mind about what kind of greenskinz will fight for me in the new fantasy made in GW my choice is done! I've decided to mix together the "old-dark-middle-age-style" with the new "high-fantasy-ultracolored-age". I've chosen to follow the guideline of yellow armour, but with my personal interpretation: some little spots of yellow in a dark iron armor! (not rusty or dirty... just dark) My goal is to paint a list of 1000pt of ironjawz, and these are the first 5 brutes! hope you like them!
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    I thought it would be interesting to have a bit of a blog thread showing how I'm putting my army together for Clash of Swords which will be run at Firestorm Games at the end of October. Hopefully it will show some of my thinking behind choosing what I'm taking and how I go about making an army. Wots Clash? Clash of Swords is an event run by the very lovely Mo at Firestorm Games in Cardiff (that's in Wales for you international types) and it's a very, very good event. It's well run and a good group of players turn out for the event, which usually means that Mo doesn't have many admin issues in running it so can go around abusing/banter people. It creates a fantastic atmosphere and a great weekend away playing toy soldiers. I was luckily enough to go to the first Clash of Swords but due to scheduling clashes (aka my wife or work), I not been able to make one since. So I was a bit gutted when Mo announced this would be his last one (not 100% sure if this is the case now) and I had intended to go and pick up a ticket but got distracted by the birth of my son. Somehow though, life sort of returned to normal and I was able to sneak onto the guest list for the event, but what to take. Da Plan My approach to collecting, assembling and painting an army is very similar to a lot of peoples - I tend to act all magpie like, getting excited over the next shiney thing and then somehow have an army at the end of it which bears no resemblance to what cool idea I had at the start. This time is a bit different. I had originally intended to collect an Ogre Kingdoms army during the last year or so of 8th edition's life before the End Times hit, so had amassed the start of an Ogre army. As usual, I got distracted and before I knew it, Age of Sigmar happened! Again, didn't think too much about things thanks to work and the forthcoming birth of my clone (seriously, my son is like a clone of me!) and I carried on getting the odd game here and there while I waited for a chance to have a new army. So with my name on the guest list for Clash, I had a very firm idea what I wanted to take - Ogors! This list has only changed a little bit over the last three/four months as I had a very clear idea what I wanted to take. I wanted a small model count army and something fairly simple to use. So with a few suggestions from people I came up with the following, which after the Generals Handbook is right up my street. Leaders Frostlord on Stonehorn - General - Trait: Ravager - Artefact: Talisman of Protection Huskard on Stonehorn Huskard on Stonehorn Units Ogors x 6 Ogors x 6 Ogors x 6 Total: 1940/2000 So the army is very simple. Lots of Ogors to run around hitting things, capturing objectives and being cool with three Stonehorns running around hitting things, capturing objectives (not at Clash though) and being cool. What makes the army awesome is I don't need to remember a lot of things, it uses the fantastic Destruction traits and abilities and it runs around hitting things. So with this in mind, I went to start on the army..... ... but I didn't. For the last few years, I have been snowed under by work and having a newborn baby meant any spare time I had didn't go towards anything hobby related (usually sleep). So last weekend, where I had a bit of spare time from work and my wife very kindly offering me to have a Saturday to myself. So I had a great time watching the coverage of the GW Warlords event, while assembling lots and lots of Ogors. The fruits of my labour can be seen below. I even had time to convert up a Butcher out of some spare parts I had! Wot now? So the plan for this weekend is to assemble the Stonehorns and if I get time get everything undercoated. Then I intend to spend a few hours each week getting the army painted but I have accepted I may have to bring out the tin of Army Painter. Army Painter is a fantastic product but I would like to try and avoid using it this time. Thanks for Reading, more soon....
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    So I spent the last few weeks hobby time mostly painting & getting ready for Warlords. I had a lot of deliberation over what list to take, I have about 2.5k of Pestilens and can make any of the existing formations, but haven't playtested all of them yet. I mostly played up to now with 2 Plagueclaws in previous games , but I wanted to use the Foulrain this time and that meant I had less real estate to play with points wise as it's 700 points, so I found it hard to shoehorn in the rest of what I needed and that also meant I had to paint extra as I kept changing my mind. In the end I had to drop a Plague Furnace and some Censer Bearers to fit it all in. Not everything is finished but I got enough done to have it useable. I didn't finish my basing but I will work on that later and keep going with it once I hit NZ. Warlords was a huge adventure for me. I only came back to the UK temporarily in April to help my Mom get through a life changing operation. While I was back here I wanted to learn to play AOS so I picked up an army and got it painted and learned AOS from scratch in the space of about 3 months or so by playing games at my local gaming clubs. Warlords was the culmination of my time here in the UK and I am meant to fly out on Thursday back to work in New Zealand. My main aim was to be able to go up to Warlords and just be able to play fluidly without too much stop starting and rule reading, to use what I'd learned the last few months in my practice games and to make as good an opponent as possible and try to be competitive whilst still having fun and enjoying the weekend. I had no idea what to expect really as I've never been to a tourney before or played wargames much before, it's all new to me. I played a few games in the early 90s with friends and family but that's about it. I knew my army wasn't great in competitive terms but it is all I have painted and is what I have learned to play Sigmar with at my local games club, and feel most comfortable with, so I wanted to just take that and at the same time turn up for Pestilens and represent! It was my first competitive tournament, and the most AOS I've ever played before in one weekend. my list in the end was Verminlord Corruptor , Lord of War, Crown of Conquest, General 240pts Lord Skrolk 100pts Plague Priest with Plague Censer 80pts, Crown of Conquest Plague Furnace 220pts, Crown of Conquest 30 P. Monks, foetid blades 210pts 30 P.Monks, woe staves 210pts 20 P.Monks fofetid blades 140pts 5 Censer bearers 60pts Plagueclaw 180pts Plagueclaw 180pts Plagueclaw 180pts Pestilent Clawpack Foulrain Congregation 1980pts Game 1 Game 1 was against Aidi McWater who placed 2nd overall eventually. I finished setting up first and gave him the first turn. He was running a death list with Vampires and a Mourngul and Mortis Engines. He put Hellish Vigour on his Zombie Dragon and it moved 28 inches in the movement phase and ended its move about 3inches from all my Plagueclaws. So that was a big mistake of mine not to screen them off or take first turn myself and try to shoot him off the table. By the end of the round though I had counter charged and killed his Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon General with a nice charge by 20 plague monks and nearly taken out one Mortis Engine with my P.Claws, and at that point I should've kept pushing them forwards into the engines but instead I was too conservative with them and held them back, unsure of how much damage the dual Mortis A-Bomb would cause when it detonated. But then all his stuff just healed itself and came back to life when he detonated them. I made another mistake with my movement where I needlessly sacrificed the screener unit of 5 censer bearers which then left a unit of 30 monks open to a Bloodknight charge and were wiped out. So I really lost this game with poor movement choices, but also had never played against a lot of these units before. Didn't know the Mourngul gave -2 to hit in a bubble around it, and once it got up into my units it just mitigated all my combat offense. In the end it was headed towards a tabling so I think I conceded early by about turn 3 or 4. Game 2 I thought my 2nd game would get a bit easier but I got to one of the bottom tables and there was Dan Heelan waiting for me. Dan had said something on his last podcast about how he would never be one of those guys who would take a weak list to a competitive setting like Moonclan Grots and happily just turn up to make up the numbers and probably loose 5 games in a row, and then run around the gaming hall telling everybody how proud he was when he win's that one game. So erm yeah, you can imagine my glaring red faced embarrassment as I walked up to table 47 and he asked what I had brought with me and I unpacked my leftfield fluffy non-competitive Pestilens army out infront of him and explained I was pretty new to AOS. Once I had swallowed my initial pride and put those comments (and my humiliation!) to the back of my throat, we just got on with it and had a pretty good game in the end. To be fair as well Dan's eyes lit up a little bit when he saw those Skaven! I think he liked seeing something different. I wish I could've given him a better/closer game but I did my best! I tried my best to make it a good game for him and I think he enjoyed it but it ended far too easily on Turn 3. I managed to kill quite a bit of his stuff but then I moved off an objective and he teleported his Chameleon Skinks onto the objective and it was game over. Again I had lost it in the movement phase. I had also targetted his General with my shooting when I should've been aiming at his objective scoring units ie Temple Guard. Game 3 After my loss on table 47 I slipped further down to 48 (of 50) and played Escalation against @Arnie , we both ran similar Skaven lists, he had Skreech Verminking and a Bell and 6 Stormfiends, 10 Stormvermin and some Clan rats. His Stormfiends popped up on my flank and mullered me and I didn't have many answers to them. I finally got some combats off and whittled them down a bit but again I lost this one with my poor movement choices and not picking the right targets with my Plagueclaws. Game 4 Border War This was a grudge match against an old Dwarven adversary I have faced off against before when I visited AOS open day a few weeks ago. He won the last game so this was a chance at revenge! He ran compendium Dwarves with 3 organ guns, Thorgrimm, a Runelord and Unigrim . All his characters and Engineer gave crazy buffs to all his shooting. I rolled 3x 1's in a row turn one and then 3x 2's in a row for all my running moves and again I lost the game based on poor movement, hampered by poor deployment choices and deservedly lost on VP's. The highlight of this game for me came as we pondered over what a Skaven might eat for breakfast, as I cursed my rotten running rolls. I think we settled on the gnawed carcasses of dwarven women and children Game 5, 3 Places of Power This was a weird game, the guy I played wasn't interested in talking at all , didn't really seem like he wanted to be there, didn't want to talk to me or speak or anything. He had an army of Mangler Squigs, Black Orcs, Savage Orks, some Brutes and some Grots. I tried to engage a bit and be friendly and he was quite aggressive and short tempered and the game was about as fun as rubbing chillis into my eyes. In the end I was in the ascendancy and looking like I would get the win, and the guy just said he didn't want to play anymore and shook my hand and walked off to Bugmans. I'm not sure what was wrong but I think there was something majorly up going on behind the scenes, because he had done the same to @Theslowcentury in their game previously, so I tried to fill out our score cards as best I could and put the disappointment behind me of having my one victory of the weekend taken away from me. I hope whatever went wrong for that guy wasn't too bad, and he gets over it. Would suck if someone had died or something bad had happened, you just don't know what's going on behind the scenes sometimes and after all, there's a lot more important things going on out there in our personal lives than pushing toy soldiers around all weekend. Game 6 Take and Hold Game 6 Turned out to be against my old Dwarven adversary again. I had to have a pint of Guiness with this one and it was a nice way to finish the weekend. I'm not even sure if it's legal to play the same guy twice, but after my last experience I just wanted a friendly game against someone who wouldn't shout at me or look at me like he wanted to punch me, so I gratefully took up arms again against Thorgrimm and Unigrim and the Throng. By this point I had been nicknamed "13" by the Dwarven stunties and we battled out our final grudge match to end the day on a high note. Again my movement choices were poor and I lost the game based on my movement. I learned a lot about how to deal with this type of army in future though and am confident next time I face something similar in how to deal with it. I also found out that a thick heavy dwarven book of grudges exists, penned by the general of this very army that dates back through the ages of every major tournament and event this old Longbeard has attended through the ages , and that I had been immortalized and had made it in there from the Seeds of Hope/AOS open day event. I think this was possibly my favorite moment of the whole weekend and look forward to some more legendary battles in future if I ever make it back to the UK or any more events at WHW. So looking back overall, that was a great way to bring the curtain down on my time back home in the UK. In the space of 5 months I have managed to get my Mom through a life changing operation and help make her better, I set up a painting station and learned the basics of airbrushing, built, painted and learned to play various lists with approx 2.5k of pure Clan Pestilens down at Rygas and Exmouth IWG, and learned to play the rules of AOS competently to the point where I didn't need to constantly check the books or warscrolls , and was able to get a couple games off and learn from some of the best players out there at the home of GW in the first ever AOS competitive matched play event! How awesome is that?! That brings a close to my chapter with this blog. I will probably start a new one when I reach New Zealand and start back work at Weta, but for now I have to go get a new apartment, wheels, start a new job etc and get relocated to Middle Earth for a year. I have Guardcon coming up in Auckland in 2 weeks time with @Tronhammer NZ. I hear there are numerous dudes all called James turning up so we might change the name to JamesCon which would be pretty cool! Laters, and thanks to everyone I met along the way, it's been awesome and I kind of wish I lived back in the UK! James McP. (the thirteenth James)
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    So here's Grombrindal unchained, fully green stuffed, blu tac'd together before being split into sub-assemblies and primed (other duardin next to him for scale). If you've got any particularly glaring criticism/feedback, please let me know in the next couple of hours before I spray him!
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    I watched the entire weekend! With only a 30 minute break to get food (but I did switch to Audio Only and listened on my phone while I was food shopping). Coverage was amazing, the chat was good most the weekend, a few trolls that were easy to ignore with Twitch interface. They've taken a lot of feedback and they will be back next time with a few more camera angles. Here's my feedback. A few more Camera angles A dedicated dice cam/separate small table for dice rolling Mic up the contestants and give the commentators access to (not live stream as I imagine lots of people swear) but it could help commentators guess at whats happening Overlays, add a few with current score etc Tablet and pen to allow them to better describe whats happening, like NFL coverage, circle units, draw arrows etc. Will help when they are trying to describe the location of units they want to talk about. ("that unit in the top right, next to the piece of scenery...the one with only 3 models left...." vs "This circled unit") More Duncan.... Super impressed by the coverage though. After the feed was turned off I was sort of lost with what to do. I just wanted more!
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    The passage of text in the General's handbook is talking about instances like a Skaven BSB stabbing your old general in the back, or the attacker being able to pick a new general if their original general is killed in the battleplan The Ritual from the AoS BRB. Anyone interpreting the allegiance rules creatively enough to get a second general out of the deal has missed their calling in life and needs to get a job as a claims attorney stat.
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    Great write up! I was the Sylvaneth player from game three and it was a really fun game and a well deserved victory for you. You got my best game vote! Looking forward to hitting the bottom ten tables at an event again soon!
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    Sounds like you had a marvellous first tournament experience including all the classics like the opponent who really shouldn't be on the bottom tables. I see you exceeded your gaming expectations too. Well done. For future events, lots of water, rest where you can, keep fed. Nut bad snacks or fruit instead of sugary snacks. Beer after the event not during.
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    Sounds a lot like my usual tournament experience, right down to the final results! Glad you had a good time
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    What does everyone think of brutes with throwing axes for a ranged unit?? I agree that javelins wouldn't suit the theme. Big gnarly spears of throwing axes might work well though?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Great read and nice to see Warlords from the "everyman" perspective. I would have been down having a ball of a time with you on the "bottom tables" too! Watching the live feed of the top tables made me feel a bit like a WWI fighter ace watching an F-18 go in for an attack run. Things like the hundreds of Bonespliterz bow shots made my head spin.
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    Well now I just feel inadequate.
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    How does a Wight King with Black Axe garrison a building when there's already an enemy unit inside?
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    Prologue: Dust and Water As a scholar of the Freeguild's of Azyr, the opportunity presented to me was something unlike any other had yet had the chance to do. This could land me in the history books, my published work in libraries among the Mortal Realms. Alternatively, this could lead to a swift return to Sigmar's embrace. I, Gerber Lichter, have been charged by my betters in the colleges with research of a most peculiar and unknown facet of one of the most terrifying races known to man. In short, I am to discover the intricacies of Greenskin society, their economic systems and those of hierarchy. An astronomically reckless task, all told. Despite what you might think, the college had, through contacts in Sigmar's cities of Ghur, actually discovered a large tribe of the creatures who maintain trade with other species of the Realm of Beasts. So it came to be that I am here, travelling towards the city of the Bloody Fang. Even the name compounds the enormity of this task. After travelling through the gate to the realm of Ghur, me and my apprentice scribe, Nicolai, were introduced to our guides to the city. They were hulking men, of dark skin and piercing eyes. They wore skins, though I saw they also carried talismans of the twin-tailed comet of Sigmar. Despite my protests, they would allow no guards from the freeguilds to join us. I reluctantly agreed after they stated simply that the presence of any more outsiders may cause a stir in the Greenskins, and if that were to happen they would leave us to our fate as fast as they could. We mounted our steeds and joined them, making our way out into the wilds of the plane of Beasts. What struck me first and foremost was the emptiness. Azyr is a golden wonder, with spires and bastions everywhere, thoroughfares and places of learning. Ghur, or at least this part of the realm, was dusty and empty. The land was of sand and stone, all a dusty yellow. Bushes pocked the landscape alongside pitiful trees and boulders. Our guides stated simply that we follow the wide, fast river that flowed near the city of Sigmar, and it would take us to their city – apparently named “The Bonefall Ruins”. I would tell you all the varied creatures we saw, but that is not the purpose of this account and much better scholars than eye have covered the animals of the realm than I. The first sign of the settlement was on the horizon, when a colossal mountain rose out of the plains. It was of similar dusty stone, with veins of darker oranges, browns, and greys. The plateau had more green than I had seen so far, though it was only with squinting it was visible. When I could hear the roar did I realise that the “fall” part of the name was quite literal – something common among greenskins. The river must have fallen from the top of this wide mountaintop, which explained why it was so much more vibrant up there. It was at this point I saw my first true orruk. One of our guides grunted, and gestured to a figure partially obscured by bushes a mile or so away. It was a humanoid figure atop a large, tough, vicious looking boar. I couldn't make out much else, for it soon dug in it's heels and the boar darted away. Approaching the city, I could feel eyes watching us from the brush at all times since our encounter with the orruk. The closer we got, the more I could make out. The mountain's cliffs stretched to both sides of the horizon, a huge natural wall, a rift in the land. This jutted inwards where the river had clearly carved it's way into the stone over time. The waterfall was spectacular. All manner of colours darted in the constant spray. It landed atop a shelf some forty feet above the city. Now the city's name made even more sense. The bones of a gigantic creature laid splayed atop this shelf. It lay as if it had fallen, the skull upside down, with ribs stabbing into the sky. I made out pieces of vertebrae in the falls themselves, creating the spray. One claw curled into the cliff's, as if meekly attempting to climb back to where it fell. It was only nearer that I spotted a second river, which fell also from atop the mountain to the left of the city. I surmised it must disappear into the ground close to the city, as it did not make an appearance whilst we travelled. The city itself was hard to describe. It was of stone and wood, all dusty and unkempt. The stone buildings were often low, or otherwise had been built up further in wood. The stonework was seemingly too uniform, too precise for such creatures to construct. It did not seem like anything I had seen created by the artificers and masons of Sigmar. The woodwork was chaotic. Planks and panels were everywhere, often shaped into fangs or other brutal shapes. Spikes were common. There were tents, flags, and other more grisly trophies. These spread away from the ruins, and as we drew closer and closer I saw so many things I thought I would only read of. There were other men, camped further from other beings, some nodding at our guides. We saw darting, small figures in long, dusty, sand-coloured robes. I caught sight of one's face, and saw a long, hooked nose, and a vicious fanged mouth. It had cunning, mean eyes that seemed to glow red. I knew from my studies that this creature was known as a grot – one of the smaller, diminutive greenskin species. We also saw more orruks. Closer, I could see that they seemed to have different groups. Some wore even less than our guides, more paint than clothing. They carried rough stone tools and weapons. There orruks in leather and metal. These ranged in size greatly, from the same as their unclothed cousins, to huge beasts as large as the next group of creatures we saw. Like the grot, these had skin coloured green, a rich deep colour, like that of grass. All orruks were impossibly muscular, and the implications of strength were terrifying. There was one group of large humanoid figures, all gathered around one massive horned beast. They were Ogors. Their skin matched our guides, though seemed to have tinges of grey, reminding us of their differences with us. As if their size wasn't enough. We made our way into the streets of the city. I say streets, but truly it was madness. Brutish figures walked all around us, carrying anything from lumps of metal to raw flesh. A common motif I spotted was two red fangs, no doubt the tribe's sigil. The smell, of the smell. It assaulted you constantly, worse than any sewer. We drew some attention, and before long our guides stopped us inside an ancient square surrounded by ruined stone buildings, crowded in greenskin woodwork. A figure approached us. Chapter 1: The Beast in the Skull Our guides had bid us farewell with little more than a nod and a shove at the grot who approached us. He also wore a sand coloured robe, but it's hood was red. It had a few bags and a vicious knife at it's belt, and carried a staff of gnarled wood, topped with a skull. An evidently human skull. It was not the first we saw in the city, or the last. It seemed that our visit had been somehow arranged, that somehow the greenskins wanted us here. It was impossible to comprehend. The creature looked us over, snorted, and beckoned with one clawed finger that we should follow. It led us through a building, which was full of all manner of scraps of a real society. Through a broken wall, we came into a tunnel which led uphill. The air was stuffy and torches sputtered from the walls. Before I could work out where we were, we came out into the open. The sun blinded me for a moment before I spotted it. The upside down skull of the great creature which had crashed from above. The roar of the waterfall was so much louder than it had been in the streets below, and made the air cooler. We walked a little, the grot giving us no time to observe the city from this vantage. Bridges of rough-hewn wood carried us over the many rivulets that ran from the waterfalls and continued to flow to the side of the city. There were skulls of all creatures mounted on poles as we approached, stacks of ruined, rusty weapons. Offerings. The grot stopped, and cleared it's throat, before pointing his staff at the red cloth covered the opening of the rough wooden structure created in the giant monster's skull. We stepped between the front fangs of this great beast into the darkness of the tent. Inside, there were so many things. Dried herbs and meats hung from the ceiling. Braziers burned everywhere. Cloths covered the floors and walls, a riot of colours dulled with dust and sand. There was rough furniture of wood and bone, and what could be called a bed – furs and straw atop a frame of wood. There was a step, and we were led by the grot onto a platform further up. We faced an orruk. For it sat on something like a throne, low to the floor, with many bones and tusks jutting from behind. To the left a staff balanced against it. It seemed to be made of wood and bone, with a large, heavy-browed skull topping it. Light poured in through a hole in the wall, and I realised the throne sat in front of the orbit of the giant skull the tent was made inside. For the first time, the grot spoke. “Dis is Grukk, da Dominata, da link to Gorkamorka!” The grot's voice was high-pitched and gravely, like it had spent it's life screaming and shouting. The orruk shifted as it's title was listed to us, and my eyes adjusted to the room. It seemed to be wearing a large hooded robe of black fabric, and a brown skirt. The black robe had red flames painted upon it, and many human skull and shards of metal and stone were attached to it's edges. Two long curved horns were tied next to the creature's face. It looked at us with beady red eyes that seemed to glow with some fell magic, and finally said something. It had felt like we were waiting staring at each other for minutes. “Welcum to da city, humies.” I felt it only proper that we show respect and I bowed. It grunted something of a laugh and continued. “It's da will of Gorkamorka dat you stinkin' weaklings know da troof of the strength of our boyz. I shall show you da tribe, and what strength we 'ave. I iz da great shaman of da god, and I tell dem what he finks. Der are two uvas: Wugnot tells da wild boyz wot gorkamorka finks, and Gitter” he pointed at the grot “tells dem grots what sneaky stuff dey should do. My boyz are the toughest, strongest, and meanest.” I knew that these are recorded as referring to themselves as “Ironjawz”, due to the tendency for their armour to have jaw-like plates. This meant Grukk was not only possessing strange greenskin magic, but he also had the natural strength that came with his size. “Follow me humie, I'll show you da city and da boyz. Den you can run back to ya stinking shiney city and tell 'em 'ow tuff we are!” He roared the last bit and laughed as we quivered. He grabbed the staff, and stomped to the tent entrance. So there we go, an introduction to my destruction forces, the clans of tribe Bloody Fang. They are spiritually led by a triumvirate of shamans. Today I finally finished the first - Grukk da Dominata. So named for the weird look people get when they look into his eyes. Often shortly before head's pop. Somewhat special as he is a gift from my better half for my birthday, so really wanted to get him done. Helps that the model is really beautiful! Unfortunately it is currently not a good time of day for light but I'll give you some photographs anyway. I am very pleased with it, and the base too (which has since been given the final coat on the edge). i will take pictures in better light tomorrow, unfortunately a lot seems to wash out in these, so if you have any questions on the process for any colours don't hesitate! C&C is always welcome, and I hope you enjoy.
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    I'm working on another blog post and intend to post some more WIP skellies and Necromancer soon. But, Since it's been a bit, I figured I'd drop some picks of another of my favorite armies. I'm on and off with Tomb Kings.... I wanted to make an army of them for WHFB, but had problems staying motivated for a number of reasons. Among which were the rules bloat, balance issuse, the number of models needed to play, and not having the time to play... Once AoS hit, I still wanted to finish my army, but I find it difficult. There are still units I need, but the expense of purchasing them has gotten ridiculous. So, again I find it hard to get motivated to paint my Tomb Kings... I'm sure I'll finish them up someday, but I'm not so sure they will ever really see the table, which is a damn shame.
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    I would be surprised by a new release of blue horrors since they're already plastic. They're also nice models that fit the theme of the army. I think the LoC is a definite because they would take it from finecast to plastic. Games workshop love their big models at the moment as well. Aside from that; I might be in the minority here but I am more interested in the rules/battletome to go with any Tzeentch release than any new models. Everyone recognizes that the rules of 1 destroyed Tzeentch demons' spell casting abilities; a battle tome that gives us additional spells, formations and items would go a long way to making Tzeentch a multi-dimensional army.
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    It's only units with "Sylvaneth" & "Wizard" that get access to the spells and artefacts etc. The formation allows you to keep the Sylvaneth Keyword for your allegiance, and doesn't change the keywords on scrolls.
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    @Ollie Grimwood - Thanks for the fantastic post!
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    Took a bit of a break from... well... everything but now that Im back I set to work trying to work over a paint theme for my kurnoth hunters. Really wanted to set this mini apart from the others. He has been the last man standing in several battles. In 3 different battles he has killed the general. Once as he was the last man on a hill he launched an arrow through some trees killing the general. Second time he was also the last man standing on a hill when he got charged by a Freeguild General with a -3 great weapon. He withstood most of the wounds and was left with one. He brought the general down to 1 as well. Then using the stomp ability smashed him in the face killing him.
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    Eh. It's a corporate decision-making culture thing. It can take a while for those sorts of things to change, and sometimes they backslide. I've been very impressed with their changes up till now, and one backward step isn't going to change that.
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    I thought this had been confirmed. I find it strange that GW were so up front with the General's Handbook, and let us know it was coming way in advance, yet they make us wait for everything else. I'd love to see transparency when it comes to the release schedule. Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
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    That said, the ward save is pretty nutso in Flesh Eaters. You can easily have a situation where a unit has its native save, then an irreducible 5+, then another irreducible 5+ (if you give your ghoul king on terrorgheist the command trait that improves units near him's save, then also have him cast his spell). Add to that the fact that everything in the Flesh Eaters regenerates wounds and/or models (or can do so with support from the right hero), and you've got a pretty insane situation. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Flesh Eaters get when this "Alliances of the Realms" book comes out (supposedly later in September? Maybe?) and we see their unique command traits/artifacts/lores! Anyway, the main thing I wanted to post about - but got distracted - is that the Flesh Eaters are also fun. No new models, sure, but as a Flesh Eaters player, I can tell you that the army is full of cool tricks. It's a little bit one-note, but then, almost all the subfactions are. It plays really well on its own, and I can see how its pieces will play very well as part of a Death Allegiance-level army (ie. a ghoul squad and ghast courtier is a pretty good independent module that can run up the field and contest objectives or generally make itself a pain in the butt).