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    I think the battleline units are too limiting across most of the alliances. Unfortunately I foresee a lot of people taking minimum 3x10 units to meet the requirement but have nothing to do with the theme of their army. I think they might have missed the ball on that one. One thing Death can do I assume is 3 units of 10 Zombies and then combine them into one useful unit of 30 with their special rule.
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    My bloodbound force will be known as Apoclypse Inc: a division of murder industries. "We bring the apocalypse to you!!!"
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    I've got my Tomb King's fluff here and some of my Stormcast's fluff here, and here.
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    My army fluff is pretty much a human sigmarite kingdom corrupted by mannfred von carstein to bend to his will(mainly) and nagash's will. I am planning to develop it more.
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    Send help. Bought these for less than half price off a guy! Such an amazing score. This brings my TK horde up to 50 Tomb Guard 15 Chariots and a bucketload of other stuff. I'm a little awestruck ATM. Just wanted to share. Looks like I'm shelving a lot of other projects for a while...
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    Added the Shield and a few skulls. Megaboss Gobwhag of the Irontoofs is done!
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    Just taking a quick break from my Orruks and couldn't resist the urge to buy some iron breakers. Here is my first test mini
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    Now that the General's Handbook have been spoiled, I was looking at creating some Matched Play lists, but I am in doubt on what to do about battleline units. I am primarily interested in Deathrattle, but going for Allegiance: Deathrattle does not seem feasible. So I am wondering if taking just 3 units of Skeleton Warriors is a good choice? I have read other comments saying that 10 skeleton warriors are too small a unit, and that you need to take them in groups of 20. But if you need 3 battleline units, 60 skeletons seems a little excessive. What do you think?
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    Throughout the mortal realms the legends of the Silver Tower are recounted with awe and admiration. Tales of disparate champions good and evil, brought together by naught more than fate, battling against sanity-shredding horrors in the ever-shifting domain of the Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch.. I bought The Silver Tower on release and I have been quietly obsessing over the models and rules for a few weeks now. I’ve only had a few practice games so far, just playing on my own, but can’t wait to get the Hobgoblin Club round for a proper session.. once I’ve got the rules learnt and (hopefully) most of the miniatures painted! Being able to use whichever mini you like in the Silver Tower is a great way of getting some of those neglected minis out of the cabinet/carry case/shoebox and into a bang up-to-date adventure! The Heroes that come with the box set are incredible, but I’ll still want to use my own. It’ll be great fun to see how the characters from my fantasy armies handle the madness of The Tower. I was using Shazza (my Chaos Sorcerer) in a game, using the Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord hero card, which is all well and good, but decided to make a new one featuring his own image. Shazza Hero Card I also created one for my all time favorite mini Nazgob! EDIT: Just realised that I paid for this card so shouldn't share the details, hence the redaction! Sorry! It took a fair bit of work, so I decided, even though all the stats were the same I might as well take it back to basics so I have a template to make a card for any other characters I want to use in the future.. and what’s the point of going to all that trouble unless you’re willing to share it? The ones I’ve made here are just using equivalent rules for a similar model, but using the template you can create your own heroes from scratch! Be warned though, I’ve created this in Photoshop, so if you don’t have it, you might not be able to open it, or at least not with all the levels pre-made to enter your own stats and text. Sorry. If you don’t have Photoshop, maybe another program will open it.. but honestly.. you’re probably more tech savvy than me! If you don’t have Photoshop (or a way of using the file another way) I’ve included a blank card which you can print out and write on (with a pen!) or to faff around with digitally if you like. Blank Hero Card Here’s the link to a DropBox folder with the files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/md9n6jbp... The greatest champions, those who grow in strength over time as they solve the Silver Tower's secrets, even they may fall at this hurdle - yet the riches, power and freedom they could gain drive them ever forward. But for every tale that ends in glory, another falls short, bringing only madness and despair... Good luck! g
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    Well, Well, well, well...well. The dust has now settled following our first AoS night at the Croydon Conference Centre, and what an amazing night it was. Great fun was had by all, we had 4 people down (2 tables - ONE WHOLE table more than Derby Wargamers on their first AoS night, mwaha), even the local GW store manager popped into support us. We're planning to hold these AoS specific evenings once a month, last Wednesday of the month, if you're based in London please come down and play some Age of Sigmaaaar!! I think a little write up of each game wouldn't go amiss. We had Rob vs Tom in a classic Nurgle/Khorne clash on one table, with Nic playing Ben's monster mash Death army with his filthy Warriors on the other. First up what I'm calling RAGE AGAINST THE DISEASE...probably really sad, it's a Sunday afternoon, bear with me. RAGE AGAINST THE DISEASE We played SCGT comp which can be found here for those interested. Rolled up scenario 4 which basically involves capturing table quarters, end of every battle round you calculate who has the most scoring units in each. Rob had (disclaimer, I made up all the names 'cos Rob is too boring for that sort of thing): Ursula the Unclean One Epidemus Be'lakor Dobby the Daemon Prince (Nurgle of course) Angus the Arch-Warlock 40 Plaguebearers (20 & 2x10) 6 Drones Cameron the Chimera Summoning pool: 3 Drones 6 flamers And facing them in the Robotic Legion of Khorne: Arnold the WRATH OF KHORNE Blood Thirster ('cos he's a robot...Terminator...and stuff...guys?) Be'lakor (yep there's 2 of him!!) Barry the Bloodsecrator Boris the Bloodstoker Winston the Wizard (Chaos Sorcerer) Steve the Sorcerer 15 Wrathbros (3x5 in a Bloodstorm) 10 Warriors with Halberds 30 Bloodletters (one big BOMB - yep I've never played Epidemus...or Nurgle...SKILLZ) Summoning Pool: Khorne laughs at magic...except for chaos sorcerers 'cos they're good...oh and Be'lakor cos he's also well good. THE GAME I'm not going to go through the whole thing blow-by-blow because that's boring, but I'll cover the highlights. We certainly had a blast with some great moments! I finished deploying first and took turn 1. Sending the massive Letter bomb straight at Rob's centre...failed the charge, YAY! Suffice to say by the end of turn 2 Rob had come and killed 20 of them, Epidimus up on max tally and Arnold snared by Be'lakor (he gets to pick a unit at the beginning of the game and control it with his evil machinations - one battle round you declare and the opponent has to roll a 4+ every time they want to do pretty much anything! - he went for Arnold, I went Ursula), and the Goretide generally flailing around like a cat that's fallen in the bath. Meanwhile the Nurgle army was quietly camping shedloads of plaguebearers in all the corners and clinically taking out all the Khorne scoring units. So I did what any good Khorne general would do, through tactics to the winds and CHAARRRGED! Creating some epic show downs. EPIC MOMENT 1: The Be'lakor duel. Throughout the game we were joking about Be'lakor basically being The Flash and having to run from one side of the battlefield to the other, eventually we engineered him to fight!!! ...himself. My Be'lakor charged and did an outrageous amount of damage, pinging off 6 wounds!! Then Rob's Be'lakor attacked and did...6 wounds! Both of us having no right to inflict that amount of damage but loving it...well I didn't since he had priority next combat round and went first killing me. I cried great big, immune-to-rend tears. EPIC MOMENT 2: Boris vs Epidemus So, Boris (the Bloodstoker - you know, 'cos we all know he gets up to some kinky whipping etc with the Bullingdon Club) finally does something good for Britain. HE KILLED EPIDEMUS. I really should have tried to kill that guy earlier, learning curve. But Epidemus did finally go down pretty late in the game to some good old whipping and poking from Boris. Dobby could only stand and watch. EPIC SHOWDOWN 3: Arnold vs Ursula Yeah, so I failed to get a pic of this, but I finally managed to get an unwounded Arnold the Wrath of Khorne Thirster into Ursula the Unclean One. Needless to say he did a shedload of damage All-in-all a fantastic game against a true gentlemen (I'm sure Rob would agree ;)). I definitely learnt what not to do against Nurgle, now to just figure out what TO do... Next up, Ben vs Nic. I don't have a name for this...sorry... CHAOS VS DEATH Nico kindly wrote up a report for this, so PSB Armies Nic used the Fatesworn Warband from the Everchosen Battletome - taking the generic (i.e. stunningly average) Slaves to Darkness units (Marauders, Marauder Cavalry, Warriors and Knights) and giving them -1 rend on all attacks, ward saves of 6+ and an arcane bolt for each hero. The other advantage of the formation is that it could be used to reduce the number of drops to 2, itself and the Changeling. Ben tried out the new Royal Menagerie formation - 2 Terrorgheists, 1 Zombie Dragon and a Ghoul King on a Zombie Dragon. Irritatingly this requires the general to be the GKoZD, such that the command ability is a summoning one that he couldn't use. Even with 4 flappy monsters, this left space for two units of 5 Blood Knights. Dire wolves and hexwraiths were included to hold objectives. Battleplan - SCGT - Scenario 2 - 6 Objectives - Nagash zapping stuff from turn 2 Deployment Nic deployed 10 units all at once with a heavy concentration on his left, comprising knights with marauder cavalry and warriors backing them up. The Warshrine, Tzeentch Lord on Disk and Warshrine formed the core, while 27 marauders held the centre objective and formed a wall around the Curseling. Unfotunately a large mystical terrain piece sat in the middle of the deployment zone. A chaos spawn was on the right objective. Nic was overly cautious with the Changling, putting it just inside Ben's half, so it couldn't be surrounded with subsequent deployments. Ben responded in kind with all 4 flappy monsters on his right. Chaff units held his objectives and the Blood Knights held the middle and backed up the flappies. Battleround 1 Nic gambled for the double turn and so Ben began. The GKoZD cast its reroll wounds aura spell (which is immensely strong). The Royal Menagerie formation gives the flappies a free move of 6 inches in the hero phase. This meant that both Terrorgheists were in shooting range and did some damage to the high bravery chaos units. They followed up by easily charging into the end of the unit of 9 knights. Alpha strike! This meant they were contesting the objective as well. Ben started a habit of always rolling a 6 on his wound rolls for the jaws attack without fail - dealing 6 mortal wounds each time. Nic had two 6+ ward saves against these (from the formation and the warshrine), but only remembered the chaos runeshields in Battleround 3. 3 Knights bit the dust and their comrades inflicted some wounds back on one of the flappies. Nic's turn began, the marauders failed the mystical terrain test, blocking themselves and locking in the Cuseling out of range of anything useful. The Warshrine failed to give the Knights rerollable armour saves. The Disk Lord got a 2 for his reroll number. The Chaos Sorceror cast daemonic power on the Knights. The Curseling cast mystic shield on the Knights. Extra arcane bolts zapped away some wounds from the Terrorgheists. The warriors moved up to engage the left Terrorgheist. The marauder cavalry readied their -1 rend javelins and fired away - dealing heavy damage. Overconfident with this, they charged in along with the warriors (this mistake cost Nic the game). The Knights (on big oval bases) piled in, but failed to get all the models into combat (after having piled in twice). They got the right Terrorgheist down to 4 wounds remaining. Unfortunately, the other Terrorgheist attacked the marauder cavalry and wiped them out (another 6 on the wound roll for the jaws). The warriors inflicted some damage on the left Terrorgheist, then the right one swallowed 2 more Knights. Ben held 3 objectives and contested one, so he won a point. Battleround 2 Nic won the initiative. Nagash did little (which continued all game). Nic took the double turn. More arcane bolts whittled down the right Terrorgheist, but it clung on. The Warshrine failed to buff the Knights again. The Changeling forgot to cast a spell and was out of range for slowing purposes. This time the marauders moved forward, hoping to make a longish charge into the Blood Knights (to prevent their devastating charge buff). The Curseling got into offensive range. The Warshrine moved up to make a charge into the Terrorgheist. Crucially, the marauders failed their charge. The Changeling charged Ben's GKoZD and went first, knocking a mere 3 wounds off with the jaw attack. The Terrorheists killed off the Knights, before the Warshrine killed one of them. The Changeling died. Ben's turn - the Blood Knights wheeled left towards the marauders. The GKoZD and ZD flew onto the objective where the Knights stood previously. They did further damage with their ranged attacks. The Blood Knights charged the marauders, while the flappies attacked the Disklord and the Warshrine. The 5 Blood Knights butchered 17 marauders (with 6+, 6+ ward saves) - the remaining 10 fled. The Disklord did some decent damage to the GKoZD before dying. The Warshrine did some damage too (the rend is very nice). The warriors killed off the second Terrorgheist. Again Ben picked up a point. Battleround 3 Nic won the initiative and went first. The Curseling fired off two arcane bolts at the GKoZD. The Warshrine managed to buff itself and with mystic shield was on a 3+ rerollable save with a 6+ ward. The unblooded warriors on the right moved up to charge the central blood knights unit. The warriors attacked the GKoZD and killed him. The Zombie Dragon smacked away at the Warshrine. The warriors killed off 2 Blood knights and lost 2 models in return. One Bloodknight came back to life. The Vampire Lord on steed arcane bolted the Curseling who failed to unbind it. The ZD and Blood Knights killed off the Warshrine easily. The Vampire Lord on steed chased down the Curseling. The warriors killed another two Blood Knights. The Curseling did 3 wounds to the Vampire Lord, before dying. Battleround 4 Ben won the initiative and Nic conceded and shook hands. Observations Knowledge of the alpha strike possibility would have led Nic to deploy a complete line of marauders rather than having the knights exposed at the front, or to have taken the first turn just to ensure that combat didn't take place on one of his objectives. Remembering abilities is vital - derp. Now Nic does a physical shield impression to remember his runeshields. The GKoZD's spell is amazing, especially in combination with the 6s cause 6 mortal wounds ability of the Terrorgheist. Attacking the end of a unit in a line can drastically reduce its ability to fight back - monsters and Concussors excel at this. The Fatesworn Warband is useful, but lacks concentrated punch. It turns the deeply mediocre (Liberator level) Slaves to Darkness units into good and resilient combat units, but not worldbeaters. Tzeentch really need some new units with special rules; however instead they're going to get crushed by the rules of one (Fatesworn Warband losing all the bonus arcane bolts; and RIP triple Gateway) and summoning restrictions.... Nic needed to attack the Terrorgheist with the Changeling. 6 mortal wounds on it plus an arcane bolt would have been a good start. Me again...I hope you enjoyed that report of the first AoS night at SLL. You'll be able to find details of future nights in this forum, but it will be every last Wednesday of the month and the Croydon Conference Centre. Hope to see you all there, let's make AoS in London EPIC
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    The involvement of GW complicates it for some.
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    Stormfiends are 300 points regardless of how you model them, so I don't see your point. You may be building an army with a lot of troops and so you want to keep stormfiends back and so, you would want to make them ratling cannons for gaming purposes, however you think they would look cooler with doomfists - well this is nothing new with the generals handbook or warhammer in general. I do complex magnetizing so that I can get around this issue. What the points are doing is charging you more for the obvious "best" weapon option, and this is amazing. For example Retributors are more expensive than Protectors or Decimators. This is amazing and actually gives you a choice - If you think Protectors are the coolest - well now youre even saving points. With the nicely balanced point system you can really take whatever you want, but some lists are always going to be stronger than others. If you were taking a "weak" list before, now you should be able to take a lot more than you had before and if you were taking a really strong list, you likely have to make some sacrifices. You have to make a decision based on what you think is cool, what is affordable and what will be effective. This is the point of the matched play. If that bothers you and you just want to take whatever you like and not worry about it, that is what open play is for.
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    Don't take this question as a negative. It's cool to see so much effort going into the hobby. I have a genuine question though, especially now that the General's Handbook is looming. Why all the concern over base size in a game that quite deliberately encourages you to use whatever base you like? I understand that certain events might want to make some rules based on bases, but it just seems an awfully tough pill to swallow to be told your army is not valid for that event (or from one event to the next if they use different base size rules) when the game itself tells you do put models on what you like. -Joe
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    Im actually planning on starting a Sylvaneth force, since the Ironjaws release is a bit narrow at the moment. So no worrys.
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    Cool. Hopefully we can all get together some time, it seems like AOS is growing, in Denmark, at the moment.
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    I'm too weak, switch me over to Sylvaneth, please. I've placed my first month's already already :'(
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    Got my ticket, raring to go.
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    Hey fellow servants of the great necromancer, I've been working on some fluff for my vampire list. Hope you like! Harkon wiped the sweat from his brow, the humidity in this accursed desert was stifling. Nearly a dozen of his warband had collapsed. They had been left to die of course, only the strong survived. They had been traveling through the brass hills enroute to a meeting with a rival warlord when suddenly a realm gate appeared, open and unguarded in front of them. Seizing an opportunity to further his own standing in the sight of his master the dread Grand Marshall himself, Harkon had managed to get his sorcerers to inscribe magical runes upon the structure of the realm gate. It would be hidden from sight to all except those loyal to him. That decision had seemed like a foolish one now, 2 weeks march through a desert with no land marks in sight, no shade from the oppressive red sun. Suddenly Harkon froze, he could sense a presence. "Blood Bound to the fore" he muttered, and the gore soaked warriors of Khorne stamped forward. "Tsar-lar take your disc and your chosen of the great magician and scout wide to our left" "As you wish" came the reply A voice whispered in Harkons ear "There can be no victory here, the dead are claimed by another, you cannot win" Harkon spun around his heavy blade swung in a decapitating arc. He braced for an impact that didn't arrive and nearly lost his footing. He staggered momentarily and looked down. "The desert is made of bones" he whispered to himself. How had he not seen this before he wondered? He shook himself out of his reflection. They stayed in battle ready formation for almost 4 hours and nothing. Harkon was just about to issue the order to March when Tsar-lar appeared looking battle scarred. "Report?" Commanded Harkon "The dead are claimed by another" was all Tsar-lar managed before collapsing to the ground. It was then that Harkon saw them, in the distance he could make out a group of Knights, motionless. He looked back to Tsar-lars body and saw a skull winged motif carved into his forehead. "You will pay in blood for this sacrilege" Harkon bellowed at the distant Knights. "You will die" came the rasping reply Almost instantly there was a legion of undead warriors surrounding his position. Perfectly motionless, rank upon rank of immobile warriors, the rusty weapons and pockmarked armour barely looked worth carrying. Harkon had fought the undead countless times before, the skeletons arrayed against him would crumble beneath his warbands swords. He needed to find the undead lord that commanded them. As if he was reading his very thoughts the vampire appeared. "I am Mes'en Dracul Senef" it said then nodded it's head and raised its sword in salute to Harkon. The combat had initially been heavily in Harkons warbands favour but the endless ranks of skeletons were slowly taking their toll. Suddenly the ranks of Skeletons parted and a unit of Knights could be seen charging. Harkon screamed at his personal guard to about face. The Knights charge hit home like a blow from Khorne himself. Harkons personal guard were decimated yet none of the undead Knights approached him, they just bared their fangs and sneered. A shadow formed over head, which despite himself, Harkon found unnerving. He looked up and saw the remains of a dragon flying awkwardly down towards him. Harkon screamed his praise to the dark gods and charged before the monster had landed. The monster was powerful and resisted his attacks. Suddenly a lance struck Harkon in the throat and he collapsed, chocking on his own blood. "The dead belong to another" came the words as Mes'en dismounted. "The dark gods have no power here, and your soul belongs to Nagash now" Mes'en smiled as he watched the life blood drain away from the chaos champion. "Your body, however, now belongs to me" Harkon tried to scream but death had come for him =========================== Mes'en Dracul Senef had been born into a noble family in one of the city states once ruled by Settra the great. When the great King had marched upon Nagash he had fought as all soldiers loyal to the throne must do, their duty. During these trying times Mes'en had commanded a Demi legion of his own and had won great renown. Yet a single battle would change his life forever. He had been issued orders to take his warriors to blunt an attack from one of Nagashs generals. Now he had heard rumours of these 'once men' and their supposed fantastical abilities but had never faced one in battle before. During the battle he had managed to fight his way towards the opposing general, a 'once man' of terrible power and ability. Mes'en was a skilled warrior but was no match for the immortal undead. Yet the vampire saw something in Mes'en and during the fighting time seemed to slow and Mes'en was given a simple choice: die here and now or join us and live forever. Mes'en didn't hesitate "I wish to live forever" "Very well, I am Aborash and hence forth you shall obey my will" the warrior whispered then bared his fangs and bit Years later Mes'en had vowed to emulate his sires feats of martial prowess and had bested a dragon and cured himself of the thirst. He hadn't ignored his innate control of the necromantic arts and could summon and maintain a legion of warriors with very little effort. His memory of those ancient days was crystal clear despite the aeons of time that had passed. Yet there were 3 things that fuelled him, 3 things that would sustain him in his eternal undeath. The first was his shame at fleeing when the great necromancer had requested their aid The second was his shame that Walach, his friend, had fallen to Khorne during the cataclysmic events that had destroyed the world that was And the third was the forgiveness he had had to earn from Nagash himself after he had been summoned to an audience with the great necromancer. "Forgiveness" he smiled to himself. He had become to full of pride, he had failed Nagash and the price of failure was terrible indeed. Nagash has summoned Mes'en and had stripped away his immortality and his enhanced abilities. "You are to live a mortal life time as penance for your failure. If you die then you die. To regain my favour you must complete these 2 tasks. 1) As a blood dragon bloodline you must defeat a dragon in combat and 2) you must sacrifice a champion of each of the races from across the 9 realms to me. Then and only then shall you regain my favour" Mes'en burst into laughter. He had learnt his lessons well, his arrogance and pride had been painfully torn from him. He now served Nagash completely He was now fulfilled, purpose driven and had aeons of battle experience. He despised the schemes of his brothers. All he needed was to serve Nagash, all he needed was to remember one thing "The dead belong to another" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The FAQ doesn't care if you decide to houserule measuring bases. As far as the rules are concerned, bases do not exist, therefore 'being able to fit through gaps' likewise doesn't care about the base, whether you like to call it "tipping the base on the side" or "seeing if the model sans base can get through" doesn't matter. It does make/force/allow you to 'pyramid' your models as you mentioned earlier. Now the house-rule where bases DO matter on the other hand, you won't be able to fit through, because the base is part of the model. It's also generally understood that the base the model comes with or an approximate size is required for this system to work - i.e. nobody bringing 5 foot bases. You can't use a FAQ for a game that doesn't care about bases and apply logic to a house rule that does - to justify boosting weapon ranges. Now I think your system is a perfectly fine HOUSERULE but I don't think you will be able to push it to the community at large. This thread is a pretty clear indicator several people do not like arbitrarily increasing some models attack range. Whether you care about the math or no behind it, it removes tactical depth of the game where positioning and pile-ins become moot - because you reach anyway.
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    Wow. That looks awesome, Nixon. Very impressive work. Some of the best worn metal I've seen around here on that axe head. And that shoulder skull is top notch. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
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    I also live in Stockholm. And I have two kids (3y and 1y) so time isn't my friend either. ? But I have found that painting is a great way to relax when every else is finally sleeping and if I get one game in a month its great. One thing that would really help me get more games in is if any one know (or want to start) a gaming club with a recurring gaming night and a set venue so I would have something to plan around and try to find time for.
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    Once again, a partial slow update. Staff is done finally and attached, so by tomorrow he should be finished. The magic smoke effect I wanted to look like the magic in total war, so it goes from a very yellow green to an emerald green. Enjoy.
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    With the impending release of the new Sylvaneth models, and a long held desire to collect and paint Sylvaneth models, I've taken the plunge and ordered one of the Branchwraith models. Loving Warhammer Quest, I decided to create a homebrew character card and will be trying her out in the weeks to come.
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    Hey guys, check this out. Found those pictures on twitter from a Chinese/Japanese twitter ( @asnailspace2016 ) Seems official stuff..!
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    Agreed, the one thing I don't like about AoS is this encouragement to stack bases - I'm not a master sculptor by any means, but I intend to put some care and attention into my bases to tie the army together and I don't want people stacking anything on top of them. Hopefully common sense will prevail throughout - most in the community seem to be for measuring base to base so once the competition scene really kicks off I'm sure that's the way it'll gravitate, maybe with the addition of some house rules for attacking through other models to save on so much fiddly measurements. This kind of fiddlyness is what really puts me off running a horde army - in theory, I love the idea of running horde upon horde of skeletons and zombies, but I think I'll save that for a rank and file game in the future. For now, small units and big monsters are really drawing my attention, that's one of the many things over the last few days that has pulled me over to the Order GA
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    Here once again is my slow contribution! Couldn't get any progress done at the weekend as I went to see some pro counter strike, but otherwise the main body is finished, so it's time for the staff, cloak and gubbinz! The bottom of the staff would be hard to paint attached due to the robe, so I am doing that then gluing it on to finish painting the head of it. Also the sword needs some more blending work.
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    It might not be the most satisfyingly fast blog ever, but did some more work. His lower tunic/skirt is now finished, as are the fang shaped things on his belt. I saw these as being some kind of ritualistic implements or simply some gubbinz the shaman feels are importantly linked to gorkamorka. two red in the fron and back reminded me of fangs, thus the symmetry. He also has one in stone, one in rusty iron, and one in bronze. Not too sure on the stone yet, but we shall see.
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    Today's update. Maximum Grimwrath! Three of them, tried using the new technical waystone green to make a glass axe effect. Like it enough to leave it. Bored yet? Still got two Magmadroth characters, 10 more Hearthguard berserkers, runeson, three doomseekers and 10 more vulkites to go. Only 12 of those models needed for my preferred 100 points of scgt though.
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    This is amazing for Protectors to castrate monsters on a 5+.
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    Wow... starting to think that just calling my Stormcast army "The Hammerbro's" might not cut it here.
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