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    ...when you combine these miniatures? 1 Mangler Squigs 2 Units of Squig Herders 2 Units of Fanatics I'm going to split the Mangler onto two bases, cut the balls off of the Fanatics weapons, glue Squigs onto the weapons, then glue the Fanatics on top of the Manglers. I'll use the Grot Herder models to the bases to make it look like a parade. What do you guys think? I have to wait till they come in the mail, but after they've arrived I'll piece them together and post some pictures. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone! I post all of this up on Twitter and Facebook, but I figured I might as well start making a paint log of it here as well. All the finished stuff will be on Mengel Miniatures of course. I just started on the Prosecutors from the starter box: The gold is almost done on the first one, I just have the final highlight to go. I already have 5 Liberators, 5 Retributors, and a Lord Castellant done. After these guys I think I may tackle my Celestant on Dracoth or maybe the Relictor before moving on to another unit.
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    Hello! Tim here I run the GW store in Hull!
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    I would say twice only, so can't be used in the same turn. The Varanguard rule says "second time", not "twice", "again", "extra", "additional" etc. which semantically is quite specific. The Slaanesh ability says "twice, instead of only once". Again, other more permissive words aren't used. So if you like, the wording is stating absolutes rather than modifiers. RAW that's the technical interpretation. RAI/your interpretation may be different though. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Same with units inevitably becoming dust collectors again once official points hit. And this will become the defacto way to play when it drops. I am both excited and hesitant in equal amount. But either way, I guess my dream of a FW monster only list is out.
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    Just bought my tickets! Looking forward to it! The other tickets for me are: Tim Davis and Gary Waddingham
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    Greetings TGA! I wanted to share some tips for magnetizing your models. I know this is something many of my group struggle with, but it doesn't have to be hard. A few careful steps and you are good to go. So lets get right into it. First thing is first, and this is an important step it make a small mark with the tip of something sharp like an exacto knife. I am using a seam scraper from micro mark, you can find it here http://www.micromark.com/seam-scraper,7547.html. It is better at removing edges and has a great point. The reason you need to make that initial mark is that you want to get a precise point in the center of where the magnet will go. If you start just by drilling the tip of the drill will shift slightly before it bites in. This might not be a big deal, but you really want it center or the arms (or whatever else you will be magnetizing) will off center, or worse, the hole will cut through the side of the arm making the magnet visible. The next bit is easy. Drill with your smallest bit. This is basically a pilot hole. Don't worry too much about how deep, but you are looking for something a little deeper than the depth of the magnets you are using. Next you need a drill bit the same size as the magnet. My preferred magnet size for this kind of job is 1/8 diameter and 1/16th thick. As you can see I've done some amazingly complex hobby by gluing a 1/8th drill bit into a cork. Advanced tech I know, but I'm sure you can figure something out. Also notice the drill bit and magnets have the same diameter. Look at that! Since we made that initial mark nice and close to center the hole is perfectly aligned. Now the other trick to this is doing it nice and slow without a lot of pressure. You don't want to be forcing out material. If you push too hard it becomes very difficult to control the depth. It is important to make the hole just deep enough so when you press firmly on the magnet it is level with the arm. Nice and flush. Once pushed in you to test depth you can easily get the magnet out with another magnet. Do this before, again BEFORE, gluing. Next lets talk polarity. To get the most out of your magnetizing you need to make sure the polarity is consistent across all your models (heck, I could put space marine bolters on here if I wanted). I have a simple solution. What I've done is glued a magnet to the top of my magnet container. The top side is the one I alway mark with a sharpie. The marked side is the side that shows on the model. The opposite side goes up in the arm. Black out on the model, black in on the arms. Simple. Next, use a tiny amount of glue. If you've followed my steps this far the tolerance is minimal so to much glue will just make a mess. I use the tip of glue applicator to rub it around the inside rim of the hole (that's what she said) then press in the magnet. I will often need to use something to push the magnet in all the way. Don't use anything metal for obvious reasons. My default "tool" for this job is a piece of sprue. Next we do the same thing for the arms. In some cases the arms already have little holes and groves in them. It is just as important here to make a nice deep mark for the initial hole using the same steps as above. Once you've done this you can get a little silly/creative with what arm options you have. Like the big boltstorm crossbow thingy from the Judicator kit for example. Looks great here! So there you have it. Hope this helps you on your quest to magnetize and get the most out of your kits. Keep on hobbying!
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    There are times when a hobby treat is more than just a model. Look at these lovelies: I'll be rolling 'em at our next AoS session. For which I will be running a Tzeentch force.
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    I don't believe there is a "core tax" from what I've heard. Something more like: Heroes War engines Monsters Battleline units. (Read scoring units or Pretty much everything else that's not a single model) Also just to confirm the generals handbook will be leaked by the end of June and in stores by 1st July. Available to preorder on the 16th July I believe.
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    Any word on the Sylvaneth?
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    so the guy I spoke to must have got his 'next week' and 'next month' a bit mixed up, was probably high on paint fumes and glue, apologize if I got anybodies hopes up
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    I just paint stuff I like. I can see the models and rules and I will make it work when points come.
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    Forgot to post these here: You can find the tutorial here: http://www.mengelminiatures.com/2016/06/tutorial-tzaangors.html Thanks!
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    So this time I take two turns of just getting ready to attack tile 4, fending off a few dozen zombies that drop from the cavern ceiling. Then I bravely send forth my surving Magmadroth to reveal that the Lair belongs to Neferata, one of Nagsh's Mortarchs. (My opponent had been sitting with his Nagash conspicuous by his side cackling, but this had turned out to be a ruse) Undead forces deployed: Neferata Vampire Terrorgheist Varghulf 20 Grave Guard Wight King 20 Zombies My remaining forces quickly hammer through the zombies, wights and King, however the counter-attacking double turn from the undead allows Neferata, the Varghulf and the Terrorgheist to scream/bolt/charge me to death. My final turn I have only a solitary Auric Runesmiter left who dies in desperate combat with neferata, only to be turned in to a Vampire Thrall by Neferata's blade. So ended the game. Tile 4 turned out to be a tile too far for my brave Duardin. Neferata's bubble of -1 to hit and the terrorgheist screams were just too much for me. A brilliant game and a battleplan that I heartily recommend to all. Pics attached, the reveal, the fight and the result (vampyr thrall)
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    Hi! Nice to see another player who joined during 4th Edition. They were great days indeed.
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    Great idea Ben, bought! See you all there. Now just got to decide what to bring, probably Sylvaneth.
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