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    The Stomp is growing!! People wanted to check out my Mega Gargants and here they are!! I'm not the best painter but I'm damn proud of these lads.
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    Tried to piece together some rumour engines. One thing to note, there is a lot of day and night iconography in the art, which suggests there might be variants of certain models. Could be that the people of Ulfenkarn are cursed during the night or something. Some of the locations also suggest: Gheistgale = Nighthaunt? The Clot = FEC (mentions carrion horrors) Corpse Gardens = Gravekeeper dude Hangmans Copse = mentions bats and Sylvaneth?
  3. 24 points
    Underworld's Vampire: Sauce. Definitely feeling the paint job on this one a lot more. The armour being broken up by the cloth and the more defined hair really makes it pop. Also, Bonesplittaz confirmed for coming after Soulblight:
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    I've put together a list of models that I think we could possibly be seeing for Death, trying to take all the rumour engines and other spoilers into account: Deadwalker hero and zombies: Giant bat or gargoyle Vampire duellists (might be the Underworlds warband) Deathrattle Hero Grant Denasty, the fastest man in Vallachia Foot Vampire knights Necromancer vampire New Deathrattle unit? Centerpiece diorama? The Creature of Ulvenkarn Any thoughts?
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    On the contrary, the reception amongst the Lumineth fanbase seems to have been very positive and I highly doubt GW cares about what a few screeching reactionary grognards think.
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    Ok this are the pictures
  9. 17 points
    My Lumineth Realm-Ladies project is finished ( amazingly brought to life by Studio Erstwood). Its an all female (almost) army inspired by backstory about female army of magical clones. Its also my go-to army for competitive play in 2021.
  10. 16 points
    I thought that was one of the best preview shows for a while, personally.
  11. 15 points
    Looked through the Lumineth video again This seems like the other dual build for the hero we already saw We have a on foot hero A Banner bearer Some kind of bow ballista 2 guys floating on top of each other Greatsword Infantry And another Hero on foot Together with the fully revealed Lord of the Wind and the Hurakan Windchargers seems like a really big update Also doesn't seem like that cloud teaser we got for new years is part of any of them Makes me think if we will already see a new Battletome for them after their Broken Realms book like with Daughter of Khaine? If not they will for sure be one of the first in 3rd edition
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    This is conjecture on my part. That said: I don't think that it is a coincidence that there are four aspects each being very elemental in their nature. Additionally, each can correspond to the classical 4 elements as in Mountain=Earth, Wind=Air, River=Water and Zenith=...fire? Let's take a moment to consider the word Zenith in the context of a faction named off the word illumination from the Realm of Light. Considering those words, I think it's easy to think of Zenith of the Sun or its highest point, often when it is at its brightest. The sun is also basically a ball of fire IRL. So in our context it fits very well with the four classic elements which was a classical Greek and Hindi idea both. Which the Lumineth are at least partly inspired aesthetically. However, Hysh's light can't just be fire since Aqshy exists. It also is more interesting to be more of an esoteric positive energy that polarizes well with Ulgu's negative energy since it can be demonstrated that in the Mortal Realms shadow is not simply the absence of light. So I believe that Zenith is the placeholder for the classic element fire in a universe where light itself is an elemental force of positive energy which also happens to be the fundamental aspect of an entire Mortal Realm in which the very Lumineth are from. And to be a student of this aspect temple be both the most challenging and most regarded as to literally be at the zenith of understanding. This has been my Hyshian scholarly dissertation, I thank you for your time.
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    Yeah, why would they weaken Nagash's control of Shyish? That would make it some sort of Fractured Domain. A Broken Realm if you will. I don't think that's a theme they are going for 😉
  14. 14 points
    I do agree with it working on the old school, Victorian, baroque, corset bound* vampire look. But I found the recent female sculpts to be so refreshing, badass and awesome. this model was the catalyst into stormcast for me. I actually have three now. two saved for conversions, one for the joy of painting. and that Darkoath war queen 😍 she haunts my dreams since release, and I’m still not sure if they are nightmares or not. Ordering that one as painting project at some point fo sho *vampires don’t need to breathe so it checks out.
  15. 13 points
    The problem is simply that people keep paying the prices, complaining, then paying anyway. "GW can you please stop doing that?" "Are you going to stop buying if I do?" "Uh, maybe... probably not..." "Well okay then." [Raises prices again] "I can't believe GW are raising prices again!"
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    With Morathi broken realms we got events in motion that probably lead to the new Slaanesh battletome. Maybe the same thing will ocour here. Teclis assault affect Nagash, which lead us to the Soulblight Gravelords battletome.
  17. 13 points
    Probably not many will hate on this 😃
  18. 12 points
    I guess it makes sense that the Elf themed storyline would be "BROKEN Realms", but no worries the Dawi will fix the mess later :). But yeah your right, with Destruction being so absent in all the recent storylines they have to have something up their sleeves with them. I am thinking that with everyone so focused on Death and Chaos that it will be almost too late when the Orc hordes come barging to the gates.
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    So, 2021 begins with : Battletome Hedonites Of Slaanesh : with Lord Glutos, Sigvald, Shardspeaker, Myrmidesh/Twinsoul, Blissbarb/Seeker, Archers, Slaangors (coming right after the Lord of Pain and Direchasm). Battletome Daughters Of Khaine : with Endless spells (coming right after a new Melusai Heroes coming argonide BR : Morathi) Broken Realms : Teclis : with fox-spirith Sevireth, dual build Vanari Regent, Hurakan windchargers, Bladelords, Bolt thrower, and at least 4 on foot / floaty heroes (Ninja pose, Banner guy, and two others). Aaaaand before June we'll get 6 new Warhammer Underworlds classy warbands, including those Vampires 😍 Later this year we'll also get WARHAMMER QUEST : CURSED CITY (which looks absolutely ding-dong), and a new Vampire Lord for the Soulblight Gravelords faction (new battletome or LoN remplacement ?). .... That's not even counting Warcry. ... I mean, yeah. BRING IT ONNN
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    I don't think Teclis is intending to destroy Nagash; I'm going to place my bet that He intends to split off an Aspect of Death consumed by Nagash in the Age of Myth. Teclis will help bring back one of the Old Gods of Death to rival Nagash and sunder his hold on Shyish. This will open the way for many undead, such as Vampyres, to rebel with a reasonable chance of success. If successful, perhaps more Old Gods will splinter from Nagash as his hold weakens. The Realm of Death is not working as it should and Teclis intends to return it to balance to help stabilise the Realms.
  23. 12 points
    I have accidently been ignoring this thread which is ironic because Fyreslayers were my first Age of Sigmar army. Obviously I am a big fan of Dwarfs in-general and Fyreslayers were a good way to tip my toes in before going all in with Kharadron. Also Slayers were my favorite aspect of the Warhammer Fantasy Universe. PROS - - I like the "Fire" theme of the army. - Feels proper Dwarfish with big axes and beards - Magmadroths are one of my favorite centerpieces CONS - - Too different from traditional Slayers (monster hunting, grudges, honor) - "Horde" Army. When I picture a Slayer army at the start, I pictured a small army of elite fighters, instead I ended up painting close to 50 naked Red Dwarfs. - Do not like the "Ur Gold" background. - Too "samey", not only is it a Horde army, but an Army where everyone looks the same. SUGGESTIONS - - Lore wise, let Grimnir get resurrected and change the theme of the army from mercenary gold finders to a cult of monster killers, each trying to outdo each other by finding a bigger beast to kill. Make them a natural enemy of SoB. - Model wise, just more variety. Smaller mounts, female models (PLEASE), Warmachines. Honestly anything that isn't Naked and Bearded. -Game play wise - Make the army smaller and more elite.
  24. 12 points
    The armour panel, foot and shield are in the same position, the shield design, the tassel on the mounts face and fur colour are different though. Looking highly likely to be a dual kit.
  25. 12 points
    +++ MOD EDIT +++ No leaked pictures please
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    I really liked what we saw in that preview. I do think people need to manage their expectations a bit better; it's a bit disheartening to see people discard the entire preview as disappointing despite all the cool stuff we saw because it wasn't exactly what they wanted. That's not to say it's wrong to complain, it just seems a shame to hype yourself up for something specific and then get disappointed when it isn't specifically what you wanted. Reminds me of the Christmas release when everyone got themselves hyped about vampirates, and then some were dissapointed it was Slaanesh. That said, I would prefer it if GW didn't show things so far in advance. Like @mojojojo101 said, the Slaanesh hype has mostly died and turned into patient waiting, and the Lumineth hype and vampire hype will likely do the same in a few months. It must work money-wise (I can't imagine many will go off these armies in this time), but it obviously drains people. I like the Lumineth stuff but I'm confused why they're getting so much so soon. It rubs me the wrong way, and feels like they're getting a second wave that'll need a new battletome/rulebook when the old one has hardly been used yet. At least the Slaanesh battletome is nearly two years old and very out of date (and not particularly liked).
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    Gate(s) will shatter: Malerion will shatter the gates to everyone's hearts. Earth will tear: Malerion has claws which are good for tearing... Sky eats storm: Malerion can fly and likes to eat storms. serpent's tide: There is a lot of debate of wether Malerion fused with his dragon Seraphon or simply grew wings and still rides the dragon... either way that is clearly the refrence here. The Changer: Malerion's model comes with alternate outfits (explaining most of the non Cirtters and Keys rumour engines). the splitting mirror: Malerion is so good at kung fu that he can karate chop a mirror in half... So despite all of this evidence these prophecies aren't about Malerion, as none of them mention his sick skateboarding skills.
  29. 11 points
    There goes the last lingering thread of my heterosexuality 😳
  30. 11 points
    This isn't my work, but further shows how a different scheme can really change the feel of the sculpt.
  31. 11 points
    Just adding red to the eyes on MS Paint really re-balances the focus of the model where it should be (i.e. the face) IMHO
  32. 11 points
    I m pretty sure at this point the DEAD part refers to the winter faq
  33. 10 points
    Hello all ! I start this thread to show my slowly WIP on some lumineths I get, still waiting for kangaroos ^^. I tried something new with some marble effects on the armours. I would like to represent some really shiny miniatures as they are in their lore. Here mines : Some random closer pictures : Feel free to let me know what do you think about them Cheers and see you soon !
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    On the Preview it states that the Broken Realms books will cover: Lumineth Realm-lords Cities of Sigmar Maggotkin of Nurgle Flesh-eater Courts Ossiarch Bonereapers I have a sneaking suspicion that each Broken Realm book might come with a new set of rules for Cities of Sigmar that will tie into the featured title character. Possibly each one will set up a different city to include new allies. Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part?
  35. 10 points
    I'd just like to say that on a day when so much has been revealed and people will be saying lots of good things - I have run out of likes! The worlds gone mad!
  36. 10 points
    ...What if someone plays WHU? I mean I don't play AoS or 40k anymore but I'm not like "impossible to use these models, 0/10, day ruined".
  37. 10 points
    Don't forget we already know what's coming in February and March is mostly likely fairly solid right now. GW doesn't need to show everything for Lumineth nor Vampires considering that both are likely 3-4 months away right now. They teased yes, because that's the right thing to do several months out otherwise you'd be complaining for the next 3 months at not getting models you've seen You have to remember GW teases and operates in modest blocks - they don't typically blow their next year's worth of releases in one preview event. So we get drip-fed. We know vampires are coming as an army from the info earlier in the week and we've got an awesome looking Underworld group. That's a lot to be excited about and sure its not a full army, but if they showed everything or not you're still going to wait the same length of time. But now you know its coming Same for Lumineth who know have a pretty solid idea that they are a getting a nice chunky second-wave sized release of models.
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    This... am I the only thinking that going after Nagash after he is the only one who dented a bit Chaos in his own territory now that Slaanesh is getting free, Morathi started a civil war and Gordrak is getting ready to invade Azyr is the stupidest thing the God of Illumination could do??? ah sorry we are talking about Teclis...
  41. 10 points
    Swordmasters in video 😮
  42. 10 points
    They sell a model game, not a unrelated pc modding platform, which is was your argument. Without the faq the game is playable for 99.99% of the population. People need to relax, its the winter faq not a GHB, if you aren't waiting to start Serpahon buy your models. I'm waiting just as impatiently, but realistically the there isn't much in the mix for seismic changes, and if you want to play and army the faq won't change that. If anything waiting for an faq with anything faction other than #1-3 is probably just putting you in a position to be wrecked by an battletome or GHB.
  43. 10 points
    Guys, when you take a very close look at the Vampire Lords shield heraldry you might
  44. 10 points
    WARNING A reminder to all with the new Vampire stuff on the horizon if there are any metal/finecast characters from the Legions of Nagash line that you want then you might want to pick them up now. There is no guarantee that GW will keep any of them when the new models start launching. GW has quite a few vampire lord and such models in that grouping and some are quite classic sculpts. They'll certainly stand the test of time well and translate into the new army, but if you want the sculpts best grab them before its too late.
  45. 10 points
    Scandinavian here, this was my first thought as well. Also, a TLDR from this month's White Dwarf: Hrunspuul the Hound of the Cairns is a Godbeast and the progenitor, or so legends claim, of the Vyrkos Vampires. It's lair is hidden somewhere in Shyish.
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    I dream of the day when we move beyond the "positive opinion=zoomer" "negative opinion=boomer grog" dynamic that plagues this fanbase. It is, of course, only a dream.
  48. 9 points
    They are hyping the army they have the most on show with a teaser for the Vampire which won't get lots of attention till the weekend reveal event, where it might well dominate. As for the Kangaroos I'm seeing FAR more liking it than hating it, esp once they calm down and see the running sculpts and realise that they are less roos and more tauntauns
  49. 9 points
    Think it's a bit of a shame they're not a woman - would be nice to have more female generic combat heroes - but ah well.
  50. 9 points
    Already seeing lots of hate posts in the Lumineth FB groups with fans crying and getting furious over the designs of these hybrid Kangaroo/Dinosaur creatures. It's going to be just like the cow pre release all over again lol Hopefully it won't be as toxic as last time. I just adore the high fantasy design direction for these mounts though, the aelf over the top extravagant feel literally captures what High Elves and Lumineth have always been about. I hope the other Wind Temple models are like this in nature too.
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