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    LOL. You ever met one? Miserable ****** never happier than when they’re whining about one thing or another. Right now there’s large sections of the 40k community throwing a ******-fit because the intro text (all the blah blah blah emperor sits on his carrion throne blah blah blah) has been slightly modified and because they’ve been told that if they’re racists they might not be nice people. It’ll take more than a few community articles tickling their bellies to put a smile on their faces.
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    I think it speaks a lot to the spirit of Blood Bowl that not only do they have official art of a gor cheerleader (who appeared previously in one of the BB magazines) but the artist also traced the expression from the high goat out of that one meme. We are all of us richer for Blood Bowl existing.
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    Nighthaunt, as a faction and in a competitive sense, is not that bad. We're called "trash-tier" by, mainly, those that don't want to take the time to really learn the tricks and tactics needed for a legitimately "hard mode" faction. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that if you insist on playing Nighthaunt you're playing the Dark Souls of AoS (yes, truly, let's compare the two) and that should be a sense of pride. It is for me, for sure. I've learned so much sticking to Nighthaunt. But, if you give those who call us "trash tier" a listen, they sometimes come up with some pretty good points. One in particular is how we have no reliable answer for a hard-hitting shooting or magic phase. No single army in AoS is so perfectly balanced that they can take on every other army with the exact same chances of winning. That's not possible, nor should we lie to ourselves that it's a goal we should strive for. But, most armies have enough tricks or are centered around abilities that give them tools to answer as many potential outcomes as needed against most armies. An army with a hugely strong hero phase will also generally mean a strong unbinding ability. Armies with strong shooting phases usually mean enhanced potency if they stay and fight it out. Armies with strong combat phases usually mean they can reliably count on their combat effectiveness. And, lastly, armies with strong movement usually get their movement through actionable abilities. Any one of those strong phases usually means weaker other phases for balance, and that makes sense. We don't have this balance. This is why we're hard mode. I have a rant below. I wrote it, deleted it, and then wrote it out again. I'm going to hide it under the spoiler tag so you don't have to read it. And you probably shouldn't. But I'll make this point here even if you don't: I have tried to stay positive about NH for over a year now, doing my absolute best to get both community and GW feedback on how to excel with the faction only to be constantly ridiculed and literally laughed at for it. I have put together a guide so that others can benefit from the work I put in. And now? Now I think I need to take a break and step away from it all. This FAQ was just the last straw for me. Maybe I'll chime in again if they start talking about a new book or something, but after this I don't have a lot of faith. Tomb Kings became OBR, if we're being real. If we have to wait as long for NH to become something, I think I'm done with the game. I just can't keep fighting this brick wall. I need a break. See ya around.
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    Necro team seems to be coming for Blood Bowl too.
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    I started at the beginning of AoS, and while I have owned minis on square bases I've never played Fantasy. I can say that at the beginning of the lore and for quite a long way through it I much preferred Fantasy's world and themes, and in a way I still do - but not quite as much and there are some things I really appreciate in AoS. A lot of the things I really like in AoS didn't become apparent until starting a roleplaying game using the WHFB system but in the AoS world (it translates over relatively well for a low magic campaign if you're willing to make corresponding gods and places for the dead ones). What I once saw as the biggest downside to AoS (the open world where events struggle to feel impactful) became a massive boon when creating characters, cities, and stories; there was a much greater scope to make unique factions that could fit into the lore, and things were impactful in the scope of the story. While I have no doubt roleplaying in the Fantasy world is a lot of fun, you have a limit of what you can do that fits in with the setting, and a limit to the cultures you can create while still fitting in with the lore. If a city falls in AoS, maybe it doesn't mean much to the setting as a whole, but so long as the city's story was compelling then that shouldn't matter. For example, I wouldn't say Shawshank Redemption had a bad scope because what happened in that story had no impact on the world at large - the characters and their personal struggles were what mattered. From playing the roleplaying game I could get attached to the made up cities and characters and care about what happened to them; of course, GW (or anyone else outside of the game) doesn't know or care, but that's fine as the freeform setting lets you create something you personally can invest yourself in and do whatever you want with. At the end of the day, if someone was to ask me to read a book series in Fantasy or AoS, I'd probably choose Fantasy due to the more structured setting and the fact that I have no creative freedom over the characters in that book and so one of AoS's biggest strengths (room for personal creativity) isn't there. If someone was to ask me if I wanted to play a roleplaying game or create a narrative army in one of the two games, I'd nearly always go with AoS. At the end of the day, as the main point of AoS is to be a tabletop game, I think AoS's narrative is better suited to the medium than Fantasy. While structured deep lore is really fun and interesting to read, as soon as the lore becomes restrictive you limit the creativity of an inherently creative medium. This isn't always a bad thing, but I have recently found fewer restrictions more enjoyable.
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    Monsters are cool. True. Not every game is cut throat. Also true. Neither of these is an argument against monsters being made to actually act like monsters in the game. Wouldn't monsters be cooler, even in casual games (which I exclusively play), if they were actually scary? Why does making monsters good make them less cool?
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    Legion of Grief: - You can show everyone how filthy rich you are, because Legion of Grief has the most expensive rules per page money-wise. Only Defenders of Lethis can compete on this level of swag! - It's easy to build an army. You don't even have to bother about battalions. - Nobody plays it, so your enemy doesn't know what's coming. Is it Nighthaunt? Is it Legion of Nagash? No one knows. Your TO couldn't even ask GW for clarification. - GW forgot that this faction exists so it can't be nerfed. - You never have to read salty threads about how overpowered Legion of Grief is. - Your army can stop being legal at tournaments as soon as Forbidden Powers leaves the webstore, so you feel a constant tingly excitement thinking about it. Then it vanishes suddenly and you become one of this mysterious Legion of Grief players of yore. - Mortis Engine
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    Funnily enough was discussing this, in a roundabout way, yesterday and saying how the multiple load outs and options for units is one of the things that puts me off 40K. Which is odd because before I'd got into AoS I probably would have said the exact opposite, indeed I remember as a kid spending hours going through various weapon options and trying to decide on how to load out my little men. I think the apotheosis of this was when they published the Confrontation rules in White Dwarf over several issues and the equipment lists, and info on different gangs, came out about 6 months before any rules did. 6 beautiful months of just playing virtual quartermaster without having to even bother thinking about playing a game, bliss. Which would be better if the game was set up so that you built your army list at the table. But since people either just run up to games with one list in mind, or if it's a tournament have to submit their lists well before the game even started you're not actually tailoring your list to counter either your opponent or with the scenario in mind. It's why I don't really give list building as much respect as others seem to. You're not showing tactical acumen by responding to the situation at hand you're just going for what is, generally, the most one-dimensionally powerful build and in most cases that's pretty obvious or easy to look up (this is for tournament style play here, of course, not the far superior narrative form of the game). If the world finally bowed to the inevitable logic and made me the benevolent dictator I was born to be then I'd institute a pre-game round. Each player must reveal, say, the first 1000 pts of their army and then they can fill up the back half in secret and in response to the new info. Of course I'd then take it a step further and include special rules that allow you to do things like scout the enemy so as to see more of his army composition but at this point we might as well just play 3rd edition and start including outflanking forces and the like. Basically this is a very long winded way of saying I've bought some 40K models and I'm paralysed trying to decide how to build the bloody things and it's annoying me (and no I'm not magnetising anything, get real).
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    For me, AoS is the most flexible game system out there, and the lore has improved from the dark days of the first core book which was all over the place IMHO. I haven't played a better tabletop figures game which can be effortlessly played either as an epic confrontation with hundreds of miniatures, or just a dungeon crawler using Skirmish rules and one bit of homebrew looting. Sure the balance isn't there yet (will it ever be?), pricing is the same (a bit all over the place TBH), and GW do complicate things for themselves. But I've never felt so motivated to buy into a hobby like this, and I was a WFB player back in the day, I also played Epic 40k, Dystopian Wars, D&D and other role-playing games. I love my SF and Fantasy and Horror... but AoS is for me is the one game that has kept my interest (and my sanity during Lockdown). (Mostly) the minis are the best around, and the rules ARE simple and straightforward. What isn't is so simple, is the debate around the nuances of the factions/warscroll/allegiance abilities. They are complicated as heck 😄. But you know, I reckon AoS wouldn't be as interesting without them.
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    Just want to note that we get things wrong most often when we consider single changes out of context. Undoubtedly if GW decides to reduce or remove battleshock immunity it will have a large impact, but assertions that it will make certain units "unplayable" just don't make sense when we have no idea what other rules changes might be coming as well. As a brief aside, the reason why I am so strident about this point (and you've seen me raise it again and again on this forum and in this thread) is that I've studied thinking and decision making quite a bit. Human thought is both aided by and plagued by systematic heuristics and biases. We do better at reaching an accurate analysis if we understand those heuristics and biases and then actively try to account for them in our thinking. One such heuristic is the "Anchoring and Adjustment" heuristic, in which we tend to "anchor" on an initial idea and then "adjust" from that anchor point. Where your anchor is placed really limits the likelihood that you will sufficiently adjust for new information if the initial anchor point is incorrect. By trying to analyze things with limited information we are willfully setting our anchor in the context of incomplete information, therefore increasing the likelihood that we will insufficiently adjust in the future when our information is more complete. TL;DR: You're much more likely to reach a quality conclusion if your first impression is also high quality, so try not to make a first impression when you know your information is incomplete.
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    So I disagree at bit on the problem with monsters. The core of the issue isn't necessarily the monsters themselves. Most consider degrading statlines to be a good thing for the game. The current problems plaguing monsters is more to do with the battleshock phase being broken. If battleshock was truly something to worry about, then monsters would be functioning as intended. Because while they do degrade in output as they take damage just like infantry would, they are exempt from any followup consequences. Right now battleshock immunity is too easily accessible to the armies where it matters most. If I had to truly worry about losing an additional 7 infantry after taking 10 wounds, then monsters would become A LOT more appealing. Yea I might take 10 wounds in the fight, but I don't have to worry about running away! I think there is hope on this front though. Notice that in 40K battleshock was completely overhauled and the auto-pass ability was limited to once per game. When AOS 3.0 drops I imagine it will be a copy and paste.
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    Happy to be wrong! So happy! *** MOD EDIT *** Sorry, no leaked pics please
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    Two very different things, with very different ethical and legal considerations: 1) Loot crate for $80 with an amount of random stuff in it worth $160 (and maybe even the box is always the same so the first time someone buys one and posts online you know exactly what's in it). 2) Loot crate for $80 with an amount of random stuff in it that could vary from $40 to $4,000 based on increasingly unlikely odds. 1) is fine. 2) is very questionable.
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    Let's play spot the shareholder... 😜
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    I thinks these are looking like Chaos Warrior Halberts.
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    Don't worry everyone. Additional FAQ has been released that clears up everything
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    Not every game is a cut throat tournament game. Sometimes you take cool stuff and your opponent does as well. Cuz they look neat. Monsters are cool.
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    ~ I've got that Old Black Magic rolling in ~ Old School Arkhan conversion is done! Not the cleanest paint job ever, but I'm none the less very proud of this guy. Very much what I was aiming for. Arkhan’s really a corner stone of my collection, since the same dude can lead my Legions of Nagash, Ossiarch Bonereapers, and Tomb Kings, so I’m really pleased to have him done. I don’t really have a lot to say about him now that he is done, though. Process was a pain, especially redoing significant portions due to spray varnish frosting. Definitely need a better set up for taking these pictures. As for what armies he'll be leading, I'm working on a few small lists, including: Null Myriad EDIT: I wrote a bit about the other two lists, so might as well say my piece with these as well. Obviously before the Petrifex nerf I would have wanted to run Arkhan with them, and I'm honestly kind of kicking myself that I didn't have this model done for the OBR release. I started the project more than a year ago, it could have been ready by then, and then I would have had the chance to play Arkhan during a brief period when he wasn't just kind of bad. Oh, well. I guess you could still run team up Katakros/Arkhan lists in mortis praetorians, though I was always skeptical of that many points sunk into heroes, and in any event I don't own Katakros and probably won't for a while. So anyway, yeah, with the petrifex nerfed, if I'm going to be a filthy casual and run Arkhan at all it might as well be in his persional legion the Null Myriad. As for the list, after Arkhan and some Morteks and Kavalos to fill battleline there's points left over for exactly one of the OBR's many roughly 200 point special units. A Liege, Crawler, or Harvester would probably be the best choice, but I went with a unit of Immortis to deploy next to Arkhan in the hopes that they might help him survive the first turn. Their recent points decrease leaves the list with 20 points spare, but nothing really to spend it on. I suppose I could pick up the carrion endless spell, but I'm skeptical of casting bound spells with arkhan - they eat into his casting bonus, which is one of the main reasons to field him at all. So instead the list just sits on the 20 point deficit and hopes to pick up a triumph out of it. On the other hand, my Liege is more painted than my Immortis squad are, so I might waffle on this one a bit. ... Grand Host of Nagash EDIT: Legion of Sacrament EDIT: Obviously Arkhan, like any of the three classic mortarchs, is better off in a Grand Host army, where they don't have to be your general, and originally this post had such a list. But honestly, I'm so proud of this conversion that I don't care. He's the centerpiece of my army, he deserves to be the general even if it's a bad idea, and deserves to be leading his own personal legion. I don't play often enough to care about winning or losing anyway, especially during covid, so yeah, here's a revised list that uses the Sacrament rules and runs a Necromancer on a Balewind and a second unit of 5 dire wolves instead of the original list's wight king and 5 black knights. I already have the necromancer and balewind painted, and the second squad of dire wolves are closer to completion than any of my black knights, so this is a list that can be finished sooner, too. ... Tomb Kings (Grand Alliance: Death) I could technically run Arkhan /as/ Arkhan in the tomb king list, since it's a generic Death army, but 'arkhan on chariot' has officially counted as Settra/TKoEC in AoS since the compendium days, and Arkhan doesn't work so great outside of OBR lately, so yeah, exalted chariot it is. That said, TKoEC doesn't exactly work properly in 2e AoS either, but whatever. Short of a homebrew TK battletome, which I don't have the energy to write right now, there's no fixing it. I know Mengel Miniatures put a very nice homebrew tome together, but that was also never updated for 2e AoS, so, shrug. TK rules are awkward right now, but they've got a bunch of cool unique units so I still like to run them every once in a while. EDIT: As an interesting alternative to the above list, I could ditch the prince and the legionnaires to pick up another three chariots plus three necropolis knights, for a weird, fast, high recursion sort of list. That could be cool, but it would lack objective grabbing ability and board presence, and would feel pretty lopsided. Plus, while I have the parts to put together my necropolis knight conversions, actually making them would take /ages/, where as the legionnaires can pull double shifts in this and the legions of nagash list, which makes this list a lot more attainable. ... Maybe I'll throw together a proper project blog to work on one of the above lists. I haven't messed with that functionality of this site yet, would be a good excuse.
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    I've recently been getting back into AoS and while I've mostly had a good time, there has been one thing nagging me above all others - that is, the battleshock phase. Or, perhaps better said as the lack of a battleshock phase in most armies. The current discussions about monsters on the rumour thread has reminded me of this issue and I want to gather other people's opinions. Personally, I think battleshock immunity is too easy to get. It's a universal command ability (inspiring presence), often an passive effect (e.g. herdstone, Daughters of Khaine allegiance, Ossiarch Bonereapers allegiance, Slaves to Darkness unidivided mark, Archaon's Host of the Everchosen, Loonshrine), and often a command ability that improves upon inspiring presence (e.g. verminlord warpseer, Syll'eske, auric runefather on magmadroth, lord celestant, Nagash, exalted deathbringer). These are off the top of my head, and while maybe not a trouble on their own, there are at least 12 ways to get battleshock immunity for a huge potion of your army, and always a way for any army to get battleshock immunity to some degree. And that's not to mention the armies that just have very high bravery and rarely need to take battleshock. This means in many cases battleshock has no baring on the game - the most it tends to do is cause a command point to be spent. Don't get me wrong, it can be devastating, but I think I've seen a large amount of models die to battleshock once in the last two years of playing. I personally don't find it engaging to have a part of the game that can, in many cases, just be ignored. Not only does it make bravery reducing abilities feel worthless (which reduces build variation as bravery bombs are beaten by a hero and a command point), but it removes what was meant to be a key weakness of hordes compared to elites and monsters. I personally think that the aura abilities should change bravery to the hero's bravery (e.g. all skaven in the warpseer's bubble change their base bravery to 10), or add a sizable amount to the number (e.g. the herdstone adds 5 to bravery). I think inspiring presence should add 10 to the bravery of the one unit. I feel these changes would keep these abilities relevant without the current issue of them shutting down an entire phase of the game. With that said: Do you think a lack of impactful battleshock is an issue? If so, what would you do to fix it? If not (whether you don't think it's an issue or you think battleshock is impactful), why?
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    I read this whole thread and I am going to say that you seem to be arguing for the sake of arguing like it’s a high school debate class. You can’t just keep referring to how you outline arguments when you never outline them in the first place. I know being cooped up at home makes coming back over and over easier but just give it a rest. It’s 10 pages now of you making these cyclical arguments about a fantasy setting. They become cyclical because it is just that; fantasy. please stop picking top talking points that people have complained about before and acting like you have made these eye opening claims. Sometimes it’s better to just admit that you might not be convincing people to your side of the argument and cut your losses. I felt like I was watching the talking heads on 24 hour news with the ‘I’m right because I am and you are wrong because of what I just said above’ nonsense. what makes this game and it’s setting so great is that it is a constantly developing series. Much like LotR it wasn’t a complete and coherent thought from the get go and that is what makes it fun For me to read the new background they come out with. Very few of the battle times were wholly written by the same person with different writers putting different things together in the finishEd product. Hell in the last 5 years I have seen more story development out of AoS than I did in 10 years of reading fantasy army books and novels. Though I suppose this whole post will be moot in the end as it makes assumptions based on what ‘I’ have read and doesn’t Make direct quotes for assemble and structure d argument. Which is off topic in the extreme I’m sure we can all agree.
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    Finally started on my first Lumineth models and man, I think I've found my paint calling in life! Definitely not the best lumineth painter, but I find these guys waaay more fun to paint than my Idoneth lol. Here are my warriors of Ymetrica, who are currently being depicted as being out on campaign for the last several decades. I still definitely have some clean up to do on the Warden Commander.
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    A "Bretonnia but Vampires" army would be so very cool. Led, of course, by a mysterious knight in black armor, his arms sable a serpent or tongued gules. Though honestly, you can make a pretty decent proxy list for Bretonnia in general with FEC. Esp if you embrace Parravon's Flying Circus as your background
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    How does everyone feel about Age of Sigmar? Good question, but as I can only speak for myself I would say that I have no special feelings about it. For me it’s a mixed back. The main selling point for me is the miniatures and not much more. I like some parts of the background, others not so much. For me it’s a sunday morning cartoon world where everything is possible, which can be both a boon and a curse. Fun to watch (Rerolling Ones makes really good battle reports), but not good enough to invest to much spare time in it. The rules have forced me to not involve anymore in gaming, as they devolved to cater first and foremost the tournament crowd (nothing against tournament players!), which is not in the slightest my cup of tea. Also the rules are written in such a bad manor that they need to be revised two weeks after release. As this is clearly just a vehicle to sell more toys makes the game for me even less appealing (“stir the hopes of gamers that next time all will be better” is something I really dislike). In contrast to GW I don’t see their books as collector’s items and therefore it both baffles and pains me to pay a premium for a rushed product. The background story is not good enough/engaging for me to buy the books just for a read anymore. I’m aware that there is the app for the warscrolls, but it does not solve the problem of the half backed rules. All in all I enjoy the miniatures and will continue to buy one or two per year, but the “Game” has lost me. But this is just me and I can use my toys for different gaming systems without annoying all the people who enjoy AoS as what it is – a really respectably hobby with many different facets. Stay healthy!
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    This complicates things for no communicated or foreseeable reason. House rules? In order to stand a competitive chance we have to convince our opponent we need the pity? We have to wait for some non-existent tournament to set the standard? Suppose that's not too hard to convince a friend we need help, right? I'm sure through all the snickering from the local tablemoths at the game store (that we can't gather at) they'll let the battalions though... This doesn't feel right. I want to be hopeful that something is coming for us so that all of this make sense, but I haven't seen anything from GW to get the hype up for anything new. This feels like a gut punch, and as we're reeling I'm wondering why they hit us. Let alone so hard.
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    I'm hoping for an August/September release, if not it could end up being November, Christmas. At the end of the day the safety of staff and people in general is far more important than our toy soldiers. If we enter another Lockdown I'm all for GW closing shop again.
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    I set myself a 4 month window to finish my stormcast project to the point it’s at least a functional 2K army. This is my halfway progress:
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    And three edition later we’re playing with flank charges, ranks and a rulebook that takes a masters degree to understand On a serious note I do understand most cav is in a weird place right now. But I rather they take a step back and just fix it on the warscrolls. Even if all cav has the same line of text. but it could definitely do with being a keyword.
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    I'll like to see battlefield roles expanded a little. Things like: Infantry: always counts as more models for claiming an objective if the enemy is a non infantry. Calvery: blanket does more damage on the charge, gives enemy infanty a minus on their bravery if the cav charge the infantry. Monsters: give them back thunderstomp and a - 1 to wound vs infantry and non charging calvery. Give each a battlefield role. Infanty to hold the line and objectives, cav as the shook troops and monsters as killing machines.
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    Watching western political behaviors of late I can't tell joke from reality.
  32. 5 points
    Apparently you didn't read back where I did a more in depth review of knights and their weapon loadouts. Here is it for a fresh review. Looking at just the weapons (separating the ponies damage out, because that is going to be the same across loadouts), without buffs a unit of knights will do the following: Ensorcelled Weapons: 7.11 damage to a 6+ save, 4.74 damage to a 4+ save Lances (charging): 7.33 damage to a 6+ save, 6.11 damage to a 4+ save Lances (no charge): 3.06 damage to a 6+ save, 1.83 damage to a 4+ save. Ponies (all): 2.08 damage to a 6+ save, 1.25 to a 4+ This means that before we start counting bonuses, ensorcelled weapons do almost as much damage to 6+ save chaff as lances, while doing 1.37 damage less to a 4+ save. However, as soon as you are stuck in combat for more than a round, we can see that the ensorcelled weapons jump FAR ahead - especially against tougher units. Additionally, there is one last point that REALLY stands out. If you add up all the damage, neither loadout will allow a unit of knights to go through a 10 wound block of infantry on average. But wait, you say - BUFFS! Well, lets look at those. However, first, a word of caution. After 4 months of playing with Knights (would be more, but the virus has kind of halted my gaming...), I will say that unless you are being VERY selective, you really, REALLY need an 18" aura to get that mark of chaos buff consistently. Otherwise the knights have a tendency to charge out of your 12" bubble due to their enormous bases. But numbers, we want numbers. Khorne General Aura: Ensorcelled Weapons: 10.37 damage to a 6+ save, 6.91 damage to a 4+ save Lances (charging): 10.69 damage to a 6+ save, 8.91 damage to a 4+ save Lances (no charge): 4.46 damage to a 6+ save, 2.67 damage to a 4+ save. Ponies (all): 3.24 damage to a 6+ save, 1.94 to a 4+ Here we can see that with a set of buffs, we can finally go through a 10 wound infantry squad on the charge. Yay knights! Ok, if they are a 4+ save squad, there will be 1 guy left on average with the ensorcelled weapons. Of course, if its a 20 man squad, the ensorcelled weapons can go through them in 2 rounds of combat, while the lances will do a lot of damage on the first attack and then take another 2 rounds after that to finish off the squad. Yay. Of course, you could have a chaos lord on foot nearby to allow them to pile in and attack twice, but slaves are so CP starved that you can't do this regularly - and you probably have better units to use it on (if he's even in range to do it). Also, doing that precludes putting the Karkadrak buff on them as well. Speaking of which, lets add that karkadrak buff: Khorne General Aura + Karkadrak buff: Ensorcelled Weapons: 12.96 damage to a 6+ save, 8.64 damage to a 4+ save Lances (charging): 14.26 damage to a 6+ save, 11.88 damage to a 4+ save Lances (no charge): 5.94 damage to a 6+ save, 3.56 damage to a 4+ save. Ponies (all): 4.32 damage to a 6+ save, 2.59 to a 4+ Yay, we can now go through a 10 wound squad of infantry with a 4+ save. For a 6+ save, lances can almost go through a 20 wound squad (~18.5 wounds on average). Course, against a 4+ save, the ensorcelled weapons can get through it in 2 rounds of combat, while the lances are going to be 1/2 a point of damage short on average. Overall, if you can consistently get a charge off every single one of your turns, the lances MIGHT be worth bringing, as long as you have all the buffs. Without the buffs, the lances are too pillow-fisted to actually go through a target though, so you can't really recommend them. However, this is assuming that you can get a charge off consistently. From my own playing with them, this seems unlikely, because their 10" move makes them really, really slow for a cav unit. Unless of course you have a Khorne Daemon Prince about who is making it hard for your opponent to charge, in which case the charges get much easier. Of course, that is CP's spent on that though, which means that you aren't really going to be able to do that AND provide Karkadrak buffs.
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    Well, how does I feel about AoS. First of, my last Game was actually 2017 (so I actually never prayed the Second Edition Rules) and I have only played three times in the old Edition. And still I like the game. I feel like a historian (or Sigmars Librarian) when I read the lore of Battletomes or Stories and try to find the connections (in fact that is the point why I put so much work into a german Fandom Wiki to give others the chance to find a way into the lore). And I like tree amount of creative choices I have in that lore (like the Brotherhood of Korhil, the Faithful of Eloni (including the Maiden Guard and the Tribefollowers of Alarielle) or the Shadow Guild). All those would basicly never had room in WHFB.
  34. 5 points
    I've said it before, I'll say it again, a sort of re imagined Not!Bretonnia in vein (heh) of heavily armoured, shock cavalry vampires supported by a chaff of mortal infantry would be my dream. Stick Abhorash in there to complete the theme.
  35. 5 points
    Please be Vampires, please be Vampires, please be Vampires. 🤞
  36. 5 points
    Really cool models, Freeguild females, wohoo. Think this will be my first bb buy. 😊
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    Soooo...about my painting for August. I painted up a flock of chickens! I just never told anyone about it. I guess I figured I was not participating in an online, communal painting and hobbying group on TGA. But I've realized my mistake. It turns out that I AM participating in an online, communal painting and hobby group on TGA! So for August I'ma paint these Ungors and their fluffy kitty!
  38. 5 points
    Cleaned up the Warden Commander! Another Warden is drying and in line for highlights. I think at this point, I'm ready to begin assembly line painting the Wardens.
  39. 5 points
    That is perfect for me. I am a rather shy and non-competitive person that much prefers friendly games with people I know. I was dragged to a tournament once when I was a kid during WHFB days and had a massive anxiety attack. Luckily, I have a good group of friends that I mostly introduced to the hobby. I think that Gloomspite Gitz seem to balance fun, cool models and interesting mechanics and goblins are pretty easy to bring into other game systems like tabletop RPGs. I have been holding off on them as I keep hearing rumours about Grotbag Scuttlers and I am secretly hoping for Pirate themed sky grots.
  40. 5 points
    @Grdaat you Are aware though that OFFICIALLY AoS is the continuation of WHF? You make a lot of claims that are plainly untrue or badly researched (there‘s an explanation how the winds of magic turned into the 8 realms, there is no disconnect just a continuation). making the Argument that it is totally different because it evolved while denying that it is a continuation is a contradiction. this will be my last word on it since debating about given facts is nonsense.
  41. 5 points
    I think that nobody can't deny that AoS is the continuation of Fantasy. Of course AoS is really diferent form the Old World but that's a plus, it would be hard for me (as a fan of the Old World) to be a simple copy. If we want to look just for the diference and why they are diferent, that's fine, but in my opinion, it's a bit pointless. About AoS characters, I think that there isn't any carbon-copy from Fantasy: Some were addapted because they had miniatures and the lore just shoehorned them. Others are just a link to the past and they were used with that in mind. Others are completely new and they didn't have any type of release in Fantasy. Others are an evolution (or had a new development than before if you prefer or you are just salty and don't accept AoS As an evolution). etc... You get the point.
  42. 5 points
    I like AoS and WHFB for different reasons. Lore and setting wise I liken Age of Sigmar to the Greek Myths and WHFB to a Homeric epic.
  43. 5 points
    The "everything can damage everything" theme works better in aos due to combat phase turn priorities. The Knight vs 60 grots that can barely touch it is fine in 40k. In AoS, everything should be a threat, and how you decide to use your activations should matter. Should I activate my zombie dragon first to wipe out as much chaff as possible or do I take 2nd priority, try to win the other combat knowing my dragon might get bogged down by grots and reverse snowball to an early death because he took too many wounds too fast and was too weak to take them out efficiently? The other reason chaff needs to be competent in this game is because we lack the unit variety of 40k, where it's okay if the grots can't damage the Knight because i can shoot rockets at it with my other units and maneuver some power claws to close in as it clears out the chaf. In AOS, a lot of armies are 100% infantry. If i can't damage your hero with anything other than my hero we have a pretty silly game.
  44. 5 points
    So after my quite lengthy mid-month update, I ran out of steam and was only able to paint one more Slaughterpreist, so here he is. So as usual, I went a *little* overboard on the Blood for the Blood God application, but I think he looks pretty decent overall. It's a little messy but rule of cool and all that. I'm going to have 3 Slaughterpriests in my army, so to get a little variety I converted on a different axe head from some Skullreaper bits I had. I pinned it on and used Superglue to get it together. (If you want Khorne bits I suggest getting a box of Skullreapers/Wrathmongers) Here's a group photo of some of the models I've done in the past plus the newly finished Slaughterpriest. I'll be entering this photo in the Best Fantasy Squad Category in Goonhammers Annual Painting Contest. I don't think I'll take home a prize or anything but I would like to measure myself against other painters. Anyway, until next month!
  45. 4 points
    ~ I got that Old Black Magic, rolling in ~ More Pics: Work in Progress: After a year of mostly not working on it, I've finally finished painting my old school Arkhan on flying chariot conversion. I'm honestly really quite happy with it. Now I just need an army for him to lead. I'm not lacking the models for it, I’ve got like 20,000 points of warhammer undead in varying states of assembly & painting, but shamefully I only have exactly 5 fully painted models. ~ behold, the entirety of my collection, if you only count the stuff I've finished painting ~ Every couple years I’d throw together a ‘manageable starter army’ from the shame pile and pretend like I’m going to get it painted. And I'll make some progress, but never actually finish anything, and that’s probably how things are going to go this time too, after all it’s not like I don’t have four or five other projects waiting on hold, but w/e, finishing my Arkhan conversion has me feeling motivated, so I’m ready to try again. This blog seems a good enough way to track my progress.
  46. 4 points
    Soulblight(could be vampirates)/flesh-eater courts in the same vein as the underworlds warband.
  47. 4 points
    Preaching to the Hashutian Choir brother.
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    Thanks guys Lots of stuff here. The more I think about it, the more sold I am on Sylvaneth. I borred a friends battletome and core rules book and did some reading and then popped over the the order sub-forum and threw together an army list and will see what people say. After sitting on it for a while, I am moving away from Gitz. While I do want to learn new things, Gitz is a bit too far out of my ability range when it comes to painting for my perfectionism to allow. Plus I dont have the space for hundreds of models. Seraphon were an initial draw after getting really into lizard men in Total War a couple years ago. I got disheartened when I saw their range dramatically decrease with AoS, but then new things seem to be added fairly often. They certainly seem to be current GW favourites and I am probably looking at some easy wins against my friends if I went with them - especially with coalesced. But... there is just something not sitting right with me. And I dont know what that is. Almost like a part of me is rebelling against the idea that I SHOULD want to be Seraphon, and I SHOULD want easy wins. And they can do everything that Sylvaneth can do, but better. And yet, the idea of teleporting and summoning tree folk excites me, while teleporting and summoning sentient lizards does not. I will continue to think.
  49. 4 points
    If anyone needs cheering up, know I just had 3 Fellwater Troggoths beat 40 fully buffed Chaos Marauders.
  50. 4 points
    I think battleshock immunity should just go away entirely, except for in extremely conditional circumstances. Such as a Sylvaneth being near Alarielle in a forest in the realm of Ghyran lol. But seriously, let support characters offer modifiers and rerolls. Never immunity. Note in that 40K battleshock is actually LESS important because the meta power armies generally run smaller squads. And they cracked down HARD on battleshock immunity in 9th. So this just leads me to believe that AOS 3.0 will be the same. And with the insanely fast turnaround time of 8th to 9th I imagine AOS 3.0 isn't that far away. I know that there is a bit of a cultural difference but most 40k players I know are great dudes and fun opponents. And in general they are even more involved in the fluff than AOS players are. Don't let a minority of whiners on the internet ruin your opinion of 40k players in general! But I will say this. 40k has a larger community than AOS because 40k players show up to events. Or at least they did Pre Covid. Its easy to pick on them because of their passion. But if AOS players got out of their hobby rooms more often we wouldn't have to worry about being overshadowed by 40k so much!
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